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File: 1479737486102.png (65.97 KB, 652x712, morishimaakikoyuri.png)

No. 134706

We have a fujo thread here in /g/, so I think we need a thread to discuss Yuri (shoujo ai, girls' love~) as well, even though yaoi seems more popular.

Post your favourites animes, mangas, authors and everything related, gurls.

From pink haired Utena to gau gau bears,
Yuri is love. Yuri is life.

No. 134707

File: 1479738356413.jpg (167.25 KB, 869x1203, virgins-empire-77-v04-pic-5.jp…)

I'm gonna start with two of my personal favs: Virgins Empire (pic related) and Bloom Into You.

The art art style is gorgeous and the girls look pretty realistic to me. Lots of couples, funny moments and boobs. When I read this manga's description for the first time I thought I would hate it but it really surpassed my expectations. Some couples are seriously in love and they're not just fooling around. Maka-Maka by the same author is also fantastic (and a bit more grown up).

Bloom Into You has depth too; it's not just another "I saw you for the first time and fell in love with you dokidoki" type of story. A girl falls in love with another who has zero interest in her and makes it clear she will try to win her heart. Cute art style, also.

No. 134709

what manga is that?
and do yuris that are just gay from he start exist? i heared that there's always a "b-but we're both girls" theme at the start of all of them.

No. 134710

Tamen de Gushi starts with one girl asking for another girl's number right away, none of the "What is this feeling" crap. And it's cute.

No. 134711

I don't remember the manga because I grabbed this picture from an old folder, but I remember the mangaka: Morishima Akiko. She only draws girls' love and is pretty popular.

Nope, there are tons of yuri stories that already start yuri without that annoying part

No. 134712

You are welcome, fellow anon

No. 134713

What have you done to me anon, I can't stop reading this. Whyyyyy

No. 134715

Oops, I know the feeling. Wait until you get to Honoka and the silly bubbly twins.
Also, this is irrelevant, but interesting: the mangaka's art style gets prettier as the story progresses. The lines look a little thicker and bolder in the first chapters, and then start to get more delicate and smooth. Just thought about pointing that out because even though I love the story, what first caught my eye was the art

No. 134716

Hey fam, I don't know jack shit about proper weeb terms for mangas etc but I remember a ton of years ago I tried finding a yuri manga that was "mature" with a legit storyline but all I found was porn.

Like no cute shit just a normal realistic story with women finding love or whatever and some tasteful sex scenes, ya feel me?
So if you have some recommendations within these frames that'd be cool beans

No. 134717

File: 1479779237995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.81 KB, 720x1116, _20161121_214210.JPG)

A really cool manga is The Private Report on my lesbian experience with loneliness. Do not let the title scare you.

It's really interesting and not hentai, though one or two chapters show nudity. It's based on the experiences lived by the author, who was basically a depressed NEET in her early 20's. Sadly relatable to many.


No. 134718


I remember some like The Conditions for Paradise, Office Romance: Women's Division, 20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden and Wife and Wife.

Happy picture diary (a 4koma) and Magan & Danai are great. Very fun and show couples in their early to mid twenties.

I know many adult oneshots, but well, they're oneshots. If you're interested in shorter stories I can find something for you.

No. 134719

Oh yeah, Philosophia. Adult and pretty serious, a bit angsty and not cute.

No. 134720

File: 1479790430162.jpg (36.67 KB, 348x342, 1472958497351.jpg)

>roleplay as catgirl online
>get to know a girl in Montreal who also does catgirl RP, and I roleplay as her "catmama" a lot although it can get lewd
>we both love each other lots
>I find out that by sheer coincidence, I'm likely to end up in Montreal next year
>can't seem to gauge how she'd feel about getting closer, even though with RP she doesn't mind I'm a guy IRL

No. 134721

How is this at all related?
And gtf out of /g/

No. 134722

It's a girl-love relationship.

No. 134723

Sounds cute better hope shes bi kek

No. 134724

I relate to everyone who read Virgin's Empire and couldn't stop, I even collect the manga now

This is actually my first time posting on this board after lurking for so long. I'm liking that I haven't heard of some of the yuri stuff being mentioned here! Thank you all for the recs, I have a few myself. My yuri friend really likes Kuzu no Honkai at the moment, I've been getting into yuri manhwas like My Joy, Her Pet, Daily Witch, Pulse, and What does the Fox Say (I thought that was such a good title). There's also the slowburn Fluttering Feelings which is on hiatus atm because of the authors illness, but it's still so good I'd rec it anyway.

Also did anyone watch and enjoy that youtube mini series Lily Fever?

No. 134725

She is.
It would just seem so awkward though, kind of like that "W-well, this is me" tranny comic that gets shitposted.
Hell, I have the same body type as that cartoon tranny, just more muscular but with more fucked-up curves.
Well, I'm trying to hide it with more muscle, but bleh, muscle just feels like pudge to have.(male, underage, blogposting, derailing)

No. 134726

I didn't know about this series, thank you! I will check it out later.

I love fluttering feelings too, too bad it's on hiatus. A series I really loved and got dropped was Flower Flower. It was super slow but i liked it anyways.

I don't get this, are we opening the thread to real life girls love too? If so that is fine, but you're a dude…so…

No. 134727

I stopped reading girls love/yuri stuff a long time ago because it was too overly sexualised but a realistic piece like this revived my interest. Thank you.

No. 134728

File: 1479831184645.jpg (188.71 KB, 720x1076, _20161122_120803.JPG)

You're welcome, anon. This manga is truly wonderful and very realistic. I'd suggest to it anyone, not only yuri lovers, since the main topic is her life and struggles with depression, sadness and ED, not lesbianism or even love.

You can find many series in this thread that are not over sexualized and some don't even have mention sex at all.

No. 134729

Thank you so so much for recommending this piece, anon.

No. 134730

Might as well open the thread for it, what's wrong with real life girl love?

No. 134731

Thank you for this anon. I cried while reading because I could relate with her, especially about eating disorders. I hope that she is well and makes more stuff in the future.

No. 134732

It's fine, I like women myself and I'm sure people wouldn't bother. We can definitely talk about it.

The problem was that the person in question was a dude. Not only a dude, but a dude posting in /g/

No. 134733


You two are welcome! I cried a lot too so I know the feels.

Sage for samefagging

No. 134734

Just also read it thanks to you and I cried a lot; what a compelling and somehow beautiful story… Thank you anon

No. 134735

You're welcome, anon!

No. 134736


No. 134737

would anyone know the name of a manga i read like 2 years ago? it was wonderful, but i've forgotten the name. the plot was about a woman whose husband abuses her, so she asks her childhood friend to kill him and run away with her, because the woman knows that her friend is madly in love with her. if anyone knows, i'd appreciate the name greatly. it's one of the best yuri mangas i've ever seen.

No. 134738

Ohh, I think I know that one. Im going to find it later today when I'm home and come back with the name, anon

No. 134739

File: 1480088957505.jpg (200.32 KB, 705x1070, IMG_20161125_114343.jpg)


Gunjo by Nakamura Ching — Ongoing
Also known as Gunjou

Depressing as fuck
Non-moe art

>The story of a woman who asks the lesbian who is in love with her to kill her husband and their life on the road after the deed is done.

Never mind, no need to wait. I'm almost 100% sure this is the one, can find it on dynasty scans. If this isn't the one I'm sure you will like it anyway

No. 134740

File: 1480106395929.gif (496.34 KB, 500x281, IMG_1240.GIF)

thank you so much, anon, you're a treasure!

No. 134741

does she love her back, or is she just using her tho?

No. 134742

You're welcome! I'm glad it's the right one!

You will only know once you read it but the tags are depressing as fuck, drama and tragedy soooo… Hint hint.

No. 175518

File: 1483555256525.png (255.88 KB, 715x1013, 006.png)

Who /Yuzumori-san/ here?

No. 175529

Man, that manga makes me feel sooo sad because the art is beautiful and super feminine but I wouldn't say I'm a fan because loli in general is something in despise. I've heard it's not your usual loli and i know it doesn't have nudity but I've never really read it
Still the art is A+, I fucking LOVE it

No. 175530

Something I*

No. 175671

File: 1483619862735.jpg (165.03 KB, 640x480, kindredspiritsontheroof2.jpg)

Have any of you played/read Kindred Spirits on the Roof? Even though the premise seems awful, it's actually a really down-to-earth Visual Novel with great characters. Peg's artstyle is also cute. I was honestly impressed when I first played it.

No. 175688

File: 1483626184641.gif (1.1 MB, 500x281, tumblr_niss2tp0qp1tga1sco1_500…)

No but idk what I'm waiting, i totally forgot about it. A friend told me it's really good.

Anyone here likes Yuri Kuma Arashi? I think it's one of the few yuris that become pretty popular, too bad it's not that long

If you don't wanna watch/read it, at least look for the soundtrack…It's beautiful and dreamy imo

No. 175699


i have, and i enjoyed it, but i feel like the amount of symbolism made it a bit confusing. the art and music is beautiful though.

i didn't see it as bad but when i went on dumblr they were all screaming "muh lesbian fetishization!!" and saying shit like ginko was rapey and stalking her love interest like.. can we ever have nice things?
compared to that garbage sakura kiss yuri kuma was innocent.

No. 175700

I've seen it and it is very cute and has some fun moments with the bears. Highly recommend it, but stay away from tumblr like >>175699 said. They just have to shit on everything.

No. 175891

File: 1483730014495.jpg (96.29 KB, 720x891, IMG_20170106_150459.jpg)

Thanks, anons! Eek, true anon.. Sakura kiss can't even compare to Yurikuma, Jesus…

Talking about Tumblr mentality and shit: how do you feel about het in your yuri? Or bi?
I read It Would be Great if you didn't exist today (Korean webcomic; full color - I recommend it) Dynasty Reader today. Pic related.

A bunch of people are flipping out because one of the readers said "I don't like bisexuals in my yuri" or something along those lines, and they're claiming that as biphobia. I mean… I personally don't like bisexuals in my yuri either and I am bi. Not because I hate bisexuals but because that gives more room for a possible disappointment. Back in the day it was relatively common to see lesbians giving up on love and getting married in manga. That isn't that common anymore but oldfags like me tend to feel that way towards yuri with het/bi, I suppose.

What do you think? Seeing so many people upset and screaming biphobia made me kinda upset since I really don't think that's the case.

No. 175905

I didn't expect to feel this so deeply. It's like reading a mirror image of my life and thoughts minus the actual prostitution part (though I've considered it before).

No. 175923

File: 1483745912278.jpg (239.79 KB, 720x1110, IMG_20170106_193619.jpg)

I feel you, anon. This manga is one of the few that has really touched me. I encourage anyone who's struggling with depression, loneliness or an ED to give it a try.
I cry every time I read it again lol. The fact it is a real story just makes everything sadder – and better tbh.

I'm still waiting to read the final chapter.

No. 175927

File: 1483746378558.jpg (33.4 KB, 640x473, daaf09f78f43246c35b2f1fb41353e…)

I'm real sick of Yuri/shoujo ai written for males of the seinen category though I like serious stories of said category.

A Lollipop or a Bullet is a good example of this which isn't skewed for any particular gendered demographic it's just a dramatic shoujo-ai story.

Also loving Virgins empire whoever recommended it, it's probably the first ecchi manga I've ever liked. It's hard to find any manga regardless of genre that reflects real life scenarios or where the girls actually act like real ones like in these manga.

No. 176052

Thanks for the suggestion, anon. I'm going to look for it.

That's true about Virgins Empire. I thought I'd hate it (what attracted me was the art) but no, i think the characters actually behave like girls.

Btw I think the amount of shoujo ai/yuri targeted at women has increased a lot recently. Lots of good stuff on dynasty reader. But unfortunately the few mainstream yuri couples only seem to exist to please men, ugh.

No. 181072

Just wanted to share this beautiful gem with anyone who hasn't heard of it yet: Kuttsukiboshi <3
If the link I posted ever gets deleted, look for it.

I should have posted it before, no idea why I didn't. I cried like a fucking baby watching the final chapter. Give it a try. Seriously. I thought I wouldn't like it even know I knew it was really a romance between girls due to the super powers one/they/someone (trying not to spoil too much) but no, I loved it.
I laughed, cried, raged, cried, laughed, smiled. It is wonderful, a beautiful rollercoaster.

Also, on an unrelated note: I am op and originally made this thread in /g/ if I'm not mistaken (k, just checked the original post and I was right lol). Why is it in /ot/ now? I get the thread was never too popular but it was meant to be a *~girl's only~* thing. Not really complaining, more asking, really.

No. 181073

Even though*

Also, I'm not absolutely requesting that it gets moved back, but I think I'd like it better in /g/ again since we had an incident with a dude before (weird story, huh). Anyway, your choice ppl.

Reminder: watch the thing, everyone. Do it.

No. 181085

File: 1486823241644.png (1.36 MB, 1206x1772, swimming.png)

I'm reading Virgins Empire and I love it. I was kind of surprised to find out that the author is a guy.

No. 181087

I need some yuri with more masculine girls. The only yuri I know is cutesy, young girls. Any suggestions? I want yuri with a character like Integra Hellsing or something.

No. 181095

Same, I like bifauxnen type characters. I rarely see them as much, sadly.

No. 181102

File: 1486851663691.jpg (145.72 KB, 869x1244, asagao-to-kase-san-10-pic-25.j…)

I don't read Yuri a lot but my friend recommended Asagao to Kase-san since I like slice of life and I think it's enjoyable! It's cute and silly :')

No. 181119


does anyone know if chapter 5 is out, and if so, where?

No. 181132

You just taught me a new word.

No. 181139


Aw man, i think this was my first yuri manga. This brings up good memories, thanks anon!

No. 181156

File: 1486953234817.png (228.14 KB, 709x387, gekkan-shoujo-nozaki-kun-kashi…)

have you seen gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun?

No. 181209


Look for tomboy and manly,anon


Oh god, YES. I was so surprised to know he was a man too. Ik VE is ecchi but it's just so nicely done and so perfectly romantic when it has to be that one has to assume the author is female since most Yuri written by males is utter shite, kek. Apparently he's a married guy in his 40's? Info may be incorrect tho.

No. 181210

No and I am desperate for it. If anyone knows where to find if, please share.

No. 181211

File: 1487047734255.png (609.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170214-004626.png)

Also, I forgot to add my suggestion: edible flowers. Yeah, you can definitely find more masculine, butch and more mature yuri in the link I sent but I really like this one; it's tagged as tomboy and age gap so maybe you'd like it.

No. 181236

Do you guys know of any shoujo-ai or yuri manga where the main couple are both women (college aged), not high schoolers?

I feel like reading about a more mature(?) relationship.

No. 181284


No. 181457

File: 1487323799359.jpg (180.99 KB, 720x1280, de12fcf119ec094b2f7f3158fdc54d…)

How about Fluttering Feelings it's set in a college setting with college aged characters.

No. 181464

Damn I forgot this existed. It's so damn good even tho I'm not crazy for the art.
And maka maka is amazing. >>181284

No. 181753

He was very sickly as a child so he spent his time to draw. He started on a boys Love comic recently which is a shocker

No. 186279

This thread has been dead for a while but I just wanna say that The Private Report on my Lesbian Experience with Loneliness was FINALLY updated.

It's the last chapter. Many anons seemed to enjoy it to here ya go:


No. 186283

File: 1491858787768.png (125.93 KB, 729x263, 56456.png)

Thanks, anon. I've been waiting to finish this and was just thinking about it yesterday.

So much of it is so painfully relatable but also somewhat freeing to read all of these private things from someone else that I've felt forever. I hope I can experience her happy ending someday.

No. 186344

you're so welcome. i feel the same way, this manga was extremely relatable. she was so honest.

and the art was simply adorable. as far as i know she is working on new stuff, so hopefully we'll get more from her.

No. 186356

File: 1491930010491.png (58.75 KB, 240x232, Qxj6aBh.png)

thanks from me too anon, I was also waiting for the last update!

No. 186363

youre welcome

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