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File: 1413682338975.jpg (4.43 KB, 554x416, P_TBS_Episode_4-_Pidgeotto_the…)

No. 1305

Are there any archives of Stamina Rose? I wasn't aware of its existence back when it was around.

No. 1312

What are you doing on lolcow? Bored of PULL already?

The closest thing to archives of SR out there are pages saved by wayback machine.


No. 1314

Well, the whole PULL ordeal was some months back now, and I was quite serious when I said I didn't plan on going back. Plus, even if I wanted to, I'm permabanned from the site. That said, I do speak with a few members via Chatango occasionally.

The other thing is that, now that Summer is over, my pals aren't busy. So I'm not overly bored like I was during the Summer.

No. 1317

Hahahaha oh my god you're a literal summerfag

No. 1318

I suppose if PULL were 4chan, then yes, I suppose they might call me that.

Anyhow, I'm going to browse and post on lolcow more, but I'm going to do so anonymously. So excuse me whilst I sink back into the collective unconscious.

No. 1320

Please at least agree you'll lurk first, there's been a lot of thread derailing as it is

No. 1323

Well, I'll lurk /pt/ before posting there if that makes you feel any better.

No. 1326

No need to get pissed, I was just sayin'
There's been a lot of debates about race and ethnicity and shit lately

No. 1327

I getcha. Fair enough.

No. 1334

File: 1413862811807.jpg (7.08 KB, 148x160, tumblr_n8ermmsCqc1rylc8bo1_250…)

No. 1341

You should probs lurk /b/ too, but I can't stop you.

No. 1342

Permabanned my ass. You were told that you're allowed to rejoin the forum with a different username. But you've probably tattooed '''Tharthan'' on your ass, so that's out of question. May I ask? Does your tattoo come with a description of how to pronounce it?

No. 1343

Tharthan you should just get the fuck off the internet. No one wants your special kind of cancer on their forums. You ruined PULL, please spare lolcow.

No. 1344

My username is my username. I'm not going to change it for no reason, especially when it's a username that I've been using since forever.
You are clearly a PULL user yourself. I didn't ruin anything, I just proved (essentially) that PULL's claim that it exposes liars is nonsense. All it is is a place where whiny hussies whinge and moan about people that they don't like.

No. 1345

Took you way too fucking long to realize that. I'm sure that you've been told this countless of times by PULL-users themselves. But if you're so butthurt about that, what brings you here? It's the same shit here, except for the fact that we can straight out call you a faggot.

No. 1346

''proved'' to who? No one gives a fuck about what you have to say. Doubt anyone cares about the proof you have to provide, because no one fucking likes you.

No. 1347

And that people can choose to be anonymous. And that people don't get banned for not having the popular opinion. And that PULL's hogwash isn't appreciated by many here. Need I go on?
I proved it to myself. I thought PULL was better than that. I really did. When I saw what they did to kanadajin, I was like "Wow, these guys expose liars, cheats and frauds? Awesome. What a noble thing to do."

No. 1348

>>1347 Sorry to tell you but many users here, use other forums as well, including PULL. You think "PULL's hogwash isn't appreciated by many here." Well guess what, I think everyone that uses this board prefers PULL over your fucking autistic bullshit.

No. 1349

You mean the high opinion about yourself? Other than that you didn't have much of an opinion, you just derailed threads with your bullshit. Also, perhaps you should worry about your own reputation here before you worry about PULL's.

No. 1350

No, that's not true. You're banned because you did nothing else than derailing threads with offtopic comments people don't care about. Grow up and stop acting like a retard!

No. 1351

If you say so.
I actually don't think very highly of myself. I've explained many things that are wrong with myself and my way of thinking before. But you, of course, wouldn't notice that. All you see is what you want to see.
I don't think I am the retarded one here, considering…

Alright, I'm done with this masquerade. It was pretty funny, though, but I've got to end it some time.

Before I explain the deal, though, let me be completely honest to you: the first time I had ever gone on Lolcow was when I discovered stuff about OrangeCitrus after I had been on PULL for some time. I knew about chans before it, like 2chan and 4chan, but I had never used them nor did they appeal to me whatsoever.

Alright, now I'm going to explain…

First, when I came home from school, I decided to check lolcow quickly. I decided to check back on the PULL thread on lolcow after having gotten back into school and back to hanging out with my friends.

After doing that, I was somewhat curious about how PULL had been after I had left. I decided I would briefly check to see if there were any new topics.

So I went to the main page.

Immediately, I noticed that the chat had come up.

I noticed that it said that I was logged in.

I was like "Oh, shoot. Someone is going to notice this."

So I quickly logged out.

But, unfortunately, someone did notice me. Selenite, if I recall.

So, I decided "Rather than just make a run for it, why don't I have some fun with these rude people?"

And, voila. Everything that followed was me, more or less. Even DilbertHobson.

No. 1352


>Alright, I'm done with this masquerade. It was pretty funny, though, but I've got to end it some time.

Why do you insist on typing like a cartoon villain? You must've been expecting this kind of shitstorm. If you didn't want to draw any attention to yourself you would have posted anonymously from the get-go, but even then your style of typing and derailing fucking everything would've probably got you noticed pretty quickly.

Why does going on PULL after being banned make you any less retarded, anyway?

No. 1353

Disregard that, I suck cocks.

No. 1354

lol omg

No. 1355

File: 1413931650130.gif (438.85 KB, 640x360, 1407256597800.gif)


Never change, lolcow. Never change.

No. 1356

If you think that this is trolling me back, you have failed.

No. 1357


>trolling me back

Who have you actually trolled here? Pretty sure we're all just laughing at you.

No. 1358

You guys are just mad that I played all of you. I'm not dense, you know.

I will admit, though, that the prank actually worked out a bit better than I thought.

No. 1359

Who did you even 'play', though? I'm seriously asking. Are you talking about whatever shitty PULL trolling attempt you supposedly pulled? You realize we're a different website, right??

No. 1360

We're actually just entertained that you have enough time on your hands to make 33 anons to 'lurk' our chat.

Autistic to the max.

No. 1361

What you wanted to achieve? And what "playing"? You just gave some fun and something to do. It's been a while the chat was that active and it's fun.
You wanted to troll and failed.
Good job.

No. 1362

Ladies, please do not be so discontent. It was fair game. Tit for tat, yes?

No. 1363


Can't you take this shit to PULL? I know we're kind of associated, but this is obviously PULL stuff.

Having said that, it's pretty entertaining to see this kind of drama unfold now that The Queen's gone.

No. 1364

Wouldn't call it drama, just tharthan being the usual autistic fuck he is :)

No. 1365

You literally just said that you thought most users here dislike PULL and now you're acting as if we're the same site? I just want you to explain your thought process here, because I'm kinda getting confused?

No. 1366

Haha, I guess so. In his mind I would imagine it's le epin trolling saga XDDD though.

No. 1367

Not to be rude but do you have asperger's or something? You write exactly like someone with asperger's or high functioning autism.

No. 1368

File: 1413935532315.png (99.5 KB, 908x342, thae.png)

Contact this 17 year old ''Linguist, philosopher and game designer'' Here:

No. 1369

You're right about that. I should have avoided going on PULL altogether, considering: 1. I hadn't been on it in months. 2. I had no reason to go to it., but I let my curiosity get the better of me. And then Chatango auto-logging me in messed up my attempt at just taking a quick peek at what had been going on.

But at least I got some laughs from it (and a few people riled up, apparently).

Yeah, my bad for letting it spill over here. I just wanted to get a few laughs out of them.

I was in PULL's chatroom. That's who I was actually talking to in most of those posts that seemed to be addressing lolcow. Sorry for the confusion. You should have been there, though. It was hilarious. They thought some secret unlisted chan was talking smack about them and that they were being observed by tons of people. They even wasted their time looking for the nonexistant chan. Priceless.

>>1367 Obvious troll is obvious. :-)

>>1368 Oi, only I can give out my calling card!

No. 1370

Not even trolling. I have no other way to say it. You type like you have asperger's or something. I'm not trying to insult you.

No. 1371

Why would you bother doing it in the first place? I don't go on PULL, so like, what's your damage with them? I know a lot of them dislike you, but you could easily just talk to them and ask why, etc. A lot of these things can be solved by just being down to earth. I mean, I know it's the internet and all, but if you bothered to make sockpuppets to "troll" them, you could've just signed up under a different username and asked or something.

He almost types like a less crazy version of that one Croatian dude nobody wants to bring up again.

No. 1372

Whatever, man.

I did try to do that actually. It didn't work (partially due to Espurr being thickheaded, partially due to me being an idiot and not realising that I was ticking people off). But I really don't care anymore. This was my last hurrah with the site. I'm done with it now. I've gotten my laughs. Since the site isn't about what I thought it was about, I have no interest in it anymore.

No. 1373

Why do you think anon is trying to troll you by asking you if you have asperger's? If it's too personal a question, that's understandable, but it's not an insult.

No. 1374

When I say "didn't realise I was ticking people off", I mean "didn't realise that, even then at those very moments, I was still ticking people off".

No. 1375

Because I've already explained that I don't have aspbergers/autism/whateverthedevilpeople have attempted to claim that I have. It's a little annoying when people waste their time repeating things like that for no reason. It's like a fool insisting on talking to a brick wall, even after someone else has kindly informed them that brick walls don't talk. It's a stupid waste of time that deserves to get an equally stupid answer.

No. 1376

They probably just haven't seen you explain it.

No. 1377


Fair enough.

No. 1378

>If you think that this is trolling me back, you have failed.
>You guys are just mad that I played all of you. I'm not dense, you know.

This is like when lolichan/dolores thought she was "trolling" on unichan.
IMO any good troll never would try to backpedal and "reveal" their "epic trolling" etc. In other words, if you have to spend more time explaining a joke than actually delivering you should probably give up on comedy.

No. 1379

File: 1413949543860.jpg (48.72 KB, 600x1104, troll.jpg)

No. 1381

Forget this guy. His explanation was that he got tested at the age of 8 for autism and it came out negative. The whole truth is probably that it came out positive but he didn't accept it and decided to live in his own little world where the doctor is apparently a troll. The fact that he got tested for autism should've made him realize that there's something extremly off with him in the first place. But if not, then the fact that each and every single person suspects that he has autism should've made him have second thoughts. But nope. Clearly lives in his own world.

No. 1382

Ah, Dr. Anonymous, how are you today? I'm happy to see that you are still wasting everybody's time spouting your useless theories about me because I get your knickers in a twist.

How's the spouse? The kids?

No. 1383

Furthermore, if what you said were true I highly doubt I would be on lolcow. I'd reckon it would be seen as a "den of meanie haters" in your scenario, no?

Feel free to try again, though. I'm all ears. I'd love to hear your other theories about me and how I'm actually a spy sent from some advertising company to test how chans and similar sites feel about mentally impaired users so that they can make more relevant ads, or that I am the reincarnation of some butthurt banned user from some site from long ago, or that–unbeknownst to anybody else–I am secretly a double agent from PULL dead-set on destroying this site, or whatever else you've made up in your head about me.

Go on, now. Don't be shy.

No. 1384


What are you talking about? Is this your way of trying to troll?

You say you thought PULL was about exposing liars and you got butthurt when you found it wasn't just that (i mean you got upset cause no one wanted to listen to you whine) so you come here instead; an obvious place for bitching?
Hoping to see your own name perhaps?

No. 1385

File: 1413995811232.jpg (175.22 KB, 317x699, 1386214747087.jpg)

>4 days ago
>47 posts and 3 image replies

No. 1386

Don't be such sourpusses anons, shake hands and make a truce.

No. 1395

File: 1413999617934.jpg (32.15 KB, 493x342, retard alert.jpg)

No. 1396

Who the fuck is this retard? What did he do on PULL?

No. 1397

Derailing all topics with making everything about himself.

No. 1398

Since you seem to take everything that I say through some filter to include the words "I'm pompous I'm pompous I'm pompous", I have no reason to talk to you since you will just keep spouting nonsense (and before you say it, random PULL user, "All of your posts are useless nonsense, Tharthan!"; I know, I'm such a waste of time, aren't I?)

Secretly, I'm just an executive file! :o

Thanks for warning us of your presence.

I added my retarded hogwash to all of their stuff until it was so retarded that you'd have to be retarded to bother reading it. Durhurhur!

In all seriousness, though, guys, I'm done responding to whiny hussies from PULL, and I'm done making a spectacle of myself on lolcow and wasting the time of lolcow users (and before you say it, random PULL user: "But, Tharthan, all of your posts are a waste of time!"; I know, aren't I just the dumbest? I'm such a waste of time that it hurts to even breathe!)

A few days ago, I said that I was going to go anon, and that's precisely now what I'm going to do. Any further posts written under the name "Tharthan" on lolcow are without question not by me. I will not be posting under the name "Tharthan" on lolcow ever again. From this point on, I am just another anon.

No. 1399

You don't need to go under the name Tharthan for anyone to be able to pinpoint who you are, since you're autistic as fuck and nobody writes in an annoying way such as yourself<3

No. 1403

Yay welcome to the collective conscious, please enjoy your stay!

No. 1404

Lol u mad. So much sand in your vagina shakira's making a music video in it.

No. 1405

Thanks, but aren't we the collective unconscious? Either way, it is as if we are all merely voices that come out bottomless depths. Or… something like that.

No. 1408

>I have no reason to talk to you since you will just keep spouting nonsense

And yet you keep coming back.

>I'm done responding to whiny hussies

Such impure language!

No. 1491

Ahahahaoh my god, is this real life? This dumbass is actually using this site now?

Thanks for letting us know that whoever posts something super autistic it's you, Tardchan.

No. 1502

Tharthan, you really let your impurities shine through when anon.

No. 1503

That wasn't me, though. Good try. Like I said, I stay classy no matter what I go as. If you don't believe me, we can ask Admin MacDonald.

No. 1521


>I stay classy no matter what I go as

Either this is someone else taking the piss or Tharthan has gone full fedora

No. 1522

Since he requested it…

>>1404 is not him. >>1503 is him.

No. 1523

Fuck, I'll never forgive Mira for bringing this autist to us.

Also, I like that he doesn't realize that the majority of PULL users are on lolcow and vice versa.

No. 1524

All y'all are lolcows, Tardchan included. But at least he seems to understand that he should post sparingly and otherwise lurk moar. You should do the same, and just let this thread die.

No. 1525

What's all the drama in this thread about? Can someone explain?

No. 1528


No. 1534

Oh fuck off. You're probably one of those people that mock PULL for its clique-ness, and yet you're acting as if lolcow is some exclusive forum.

Like, no one uses two or more forums, rite?

No. 1539

PULL is for stupid tryhard cunts. Lolcow is for bitches who don't care that they're bitches.
There's a difference.

No. 1540

Fuck off with that clique shit. ffs, like I said, people can use more than one forum when on the internet. christ

No. 1544

Fuck off PULL.
It's like someone from the shittiest, most annoying subreddit on Reddit trying to fit in on 4chan.

No. 1545

Not the same anon but you know that PULL was created by 4chan users in the first place, right? Just saying.

No. 1546

I do, but its community is pretty much all annoying girls from Tumblr.

No. 1547

File: 1415142190568.png (653.27 KB, 520x1259, 1407509790381.png)

You guys need to all chill and stop being so mean. The world needs more kindness yo. Just be friends.

No. 1549

This could happen to us too someday if the link to here gets posted on the wrong site.

No. 1552

OMG snoopy is lifffee, it's flat head makes me laugh so much.

No. 1553

That isn't shocking, if you take into account that PULL started as a tumblr

No. 1554

I think the anon protects us from the possibility. No one has a reputation to protect, so everyone can be mean, and then faggots would leave after the first mean comment they saw.

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