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File: 1432673648991.jpg (1.34 MB, 1200x2194, enaibi.jpg)

No. 124825

Hey guys, can we have a real BJD thread, since the first one was ruined by gutterface bullshit? I know we have some BJDers lurking around here. How many of us are there? Please, no hugbox shit. The 4chan /toy/ BJD threads are rank with SJW faggotry.

I'll start off with

> tfw enaibi will never release any of her dolls in a way that non-frenchfags can get them

No. 124826

File: 1432673759906.jpg (402.72 KB, 1089x1024, seensomeshit.jpg)


>dem quints


also this can be a general doll thread so DD, MH, Pullips, Blythe, whateverthefucks are welcome

No. 124827


You totally win, anon.

Anyway, I don't want to shit up your thread too much, but I was wondering why people collect these dolls? They are obviously very cute, but I don't understand the appeal (personally.)

Why are you into dolls, farmers?

No. 124828

im into dolls because im one of those creeps who make up "characters" and then want a doll to fit that character. i also enjoy all the extra crafty shit you get into when you fall down the doll rabbit hole. i paint them and have made my own wigs and dioramas for them. i don't own a sewing machine so i haven't tried that shit yet but i would if i knew how.

No. 124829

Whoa, them some demonic shit right there

Anyway, I used to have a porcelain doll collection when I was young but had to downsize tremendously so I only have one left and it is a "fancy" one with its own glass case.

Seeing these types of dolls make me long to get one for myself. Would it be better to commission someone or create my own?

No. 124830

BJDs are kind of a "create your own" type of a thing. all "basic" or "default" dolls are sold naked, wigless, and aren't painted unless you pay the company an extra fee for the default paint job. a lot of people will buy blank dolls then commission artists to paint the faces to their specifications. the eyes and wigs are removable and changeable too. companies will put out limited "fullsets" which come with a special paint job, wig, outfit accessories / the works too.

all my dolls are "customs" in the sense that i painted them the way i wanted, bought wigs and clothes i liked for them, bought eyes etc.

No. 124831

I suppose I'm the same. I like creating little people, then making shit for them.

Well, there was the fuck up at Resin Rose where they booted out a con-goer for suposedly having a recast head to trade. Den of Angels was able to trace the history of the head and offer extra proof it was real.

No. 124832

more recent drama is a doa user named kyoyaxl misrepresented a doll they had for sale, and when the buyer called them out on their shit, they flipped out, and even got their boyfriend to pretend to be a "legal adviser" and email the buyer and harass them. pretty lulzy

No. 124833

Aww yiss BJD thread! Is it cool to talk about what sizes/sculpts we have? I'm curious about what sizes other doll owners have/prefer, how they style their dolls, etc.

I have a French resin MSD Limhwa Mono from 2011, back when their site was still called cyworld. He's my first and so far only doll, I've had him for about a year now and I've only taken him out of his box a handful of times to restring and attempt to dress him. I just hate the feel of French resin so much, which sucks because Mono is my main grail doll, but I'd gladly trade him for a regular resin Mono, or maybe even a Unoa Lusis (my other grail doll).

No. 124834

i have 2 SDs one 65cm and one 70cm, they really are too big for me but i loved the molds so i had to get them. i have 2 MSDs right now, 1 yosd size, which i plan to sell, 3 lati yellow/tiny delf size, and 1 super small realpuki.

i do want an unoa too, but i'm kind of eh on their bodies as i really like my dolls to be super poseable. i have a kid delf that i am considering selling to reshell into a unoa lusis, but im on the fence because i love my kid delfs faceup and if i get a lusis, i'll have to rebuy her wigs because unoa's have smaller heads.

No. 124835

No bjds. Only Blythe here.

No. 124836


Wait, I'm curious what sjw shit are you talking about for BJDs? I'm tentatively into them because I think they're pretty but I don't own one or hang out in the communities

No. 124837

File: 1432755137694.jpg (203.5 KB, 1140x565, sirensubmit_by_roguelively-d6l…)

lol I have a friend who's just like that with her BJDs. Its not for me I do think they're lovely and a lot of work goes into them, but I prefer MH dolls and repainting them.

No. 124838

File: 1432755825764.jpg (726.29 KB, 1278x640, mh_catherine_repaint_commissio…)

No. 124839

File: 1432755878579.jpg (694.04 KB, 1278x640, mh_venus_repaint_by_kamarza-d6…)

No. 124840

File: 1432755928326.jpg (185.34 KB, 1262x632, mh_frankie_repaint_commission_…)

No. 124841

File: 1432759233193.jpg (142.65 KB, 700x627, 005.JPG)

i've also repainted MH girls but I only do it on the side for extra cash as I am not known in the community and my stuff takes a while to sell. This is a recent one I did that actually sold pretty quick, while I have a Venus and a Clawdeen that have been sitting for sale since July.

No. 124842

in the 4chan threads there are lurking sjw who's panties get twisted in a bunch if people are "casually racist" and get butthurt if you say "nigga"

in the bjd community in general (basically just tumblr though) there's a ton of that whole trans/genderfluid/die cisscum bullshit, as well as "WHY ARE THERE NO FAT DOLLS!?!?" and people screaming about racism because "normal" skin tone options are pale/caucasian

No. 124843

File: 1432759662670.jpg (189.41 KB, 800x665, 012.JPG)

here are the three of them together before the honey sold. i think the venus is on par with the honey i did, but clawdeen is admittedly kind of shit, but she is priced $10 less than all the others i've done

No. 124844

I really love her face.
About how much do you charge for a face, and where do you sell yours?

No. 124845

Idk if you would be interested, but there's a Lusis head on a double jointed AOD body on eBay right now, starting bid is $155+$18S&H.

No. 124846

File: 1432760098969.jpg (190.43 KB, 800x563, 002.JPG)

thanks man! i don't do commissions for MH girls, but i charge $60 to do bjds. most of my MH girls sold for about $60 but i've been slowly lowering the prices on them because they just aren't selling. I sell on etsy, but do my BJD thing on den of angels.

here is that particular honey with her "sister." a honey i painted for myself.

i'm not too into MH but there are some molds i quite like, and honey is one of them. i also own a skelita, and robecca. and i have that draculara robecca fusion girl, and the chinese dragon girl i can't remember the name of that i will eventually paint to own because i like those molds. i really love the robots they've come out with, i think there is a new one soon, right? a silver one? might get her one day too.

No. 124847

Does anyone else think Monster High dolls look like black girls no matter what the skin tone?

No. 124848

How do you guys feel about recasts? Personally I would buy a recast of a doll that the company is sold out of and won't restock, or dolls that aren't made anymore, or are just stupidly expensive. I know it can be a hot topic for the community, but it's ard to get everyone's opinions on it on forums where even mentioning recasts gets you an angry warning -cough DOA cough-.

No. 124849

i totally do, lol. honey is very obviously a black girl, same for clawdeen and MANY of the others. only a few look caucasian to me.

No. 124850

i don't like recasts but sometimes i feel sorely tempted when it comes to getting a body in the right color to make a hybrid cheaply. but i've never gone through with it. too much of a shitstorm possible if you get caught depending on who you are. however, if i won the lottery and no longer gave a shit about keeping my name clean in case of needing to sell anything, i'd buy a recast of a certain body because its the only way to get it.

but otherwise, yeah no. i wouldn't do it.

No. 124851

What's everyone's thoughts on Obitsu?

No. 124852

fucking fairyland needs to hurry and release more pics and info about their realfee release so i can get off the fence decide if i want one or not goddamn

No. 124853

I never got the big deal why some collectors would get pissy over it. Its like when when Baby, or Ap will re-release a rare print, and some lolits get their bloomers in a bunch over nothing.
Personally I would buy one.

No. 124854

still man, there is something a little pathetic about it. i mean, does anyone really respect girls who have fake designer purses? i just see it as desperate to either look like you have money, show off how many dolls you can get, or have something to give yourself a persecution complex to get attention over.

No. 124855

File: 1432776686058.jpg (20.93 KB, 236x354, 8a17e4cb3f85ccce576670934e2cc3…)

Oh I thought recasting was the company re-releasing a doll that was no longer made.
(that's why I compared it to brands re-releasing dresses)

No. 124856

ah, nope. recasts are fakes, usually done in china. the recasters get their hands on a legit doll, then cast molds from them to make their own copies which they sell for cheaper prices. sometimes its hard to tell the difference between a real and a fake if its a good fake, so there is a lot of drama when people try to pass off fakes as the real thing, selling them for what the real thing would go for on the second market.

No. 124857

i both agree and disagree. Buying a recast of a doll that is still available from the company just because it's cheaper is stupid and shouldn't be done. But recasts of dolls that are super hard to find, I don't see a problem there. It's like in the Lolita comm back when there was that big stink over bigger girls buying replicas because they couldn't fit into the legits.

Replicas, recasts, and knockoffs will always exist and I don't see the point in getting all twisted up about it for things like clothes, bags, and dolls. they're luxury items anyway.

No. 124858

File: 1432781471428.jpg (241.88 KB, 750x1000, 3590.jpg)

No. 124859

File: 1432782076527.jpg (957.24 KB, 1000x1632, cute.jpg)

No. 124860

>does anyone really respect girls who have fake designer purses?

tbf I don't respect girls who have real designer purses if they work shit jobs and skimp on their bills/responsibilities to buy them. I used to work with a girl who used money her baby daddy gave her to pay for their kid's birthday party to buy a new $500 purse. I couldn't respect someone like that just because it's "legit".

No. 124861

Does anyone know of any good, friendly BJD forums that aren't on FB or DOA? I know there's Castaways, but are there any more left that are active?

No. 124862

Some people who were pro recast have actually switched sides because they were cool with old, out of production dolls being recast but are angry it's all about getting it cheap now. (Posts looking for Resin Soul/ Bobobie recasts pop up. What??)
And artist dolls are getting ripped off, too. A few posts/confessions I've seen have been cool with Volks and Fairyland recasts but bothered by the small time artists being replicated.

No. 124863

I understand getting pissed about that, BBB/RS are hella cheap beginner level dolls, if you're so cheap that you don't want to pay for that then this probs isn't the right hobby for you.

No. 124864

i think people get more upset about it regarding dolls because unlike clothing companies, a lot more time and effort goes into sculpting the dolls, and they aren't big factories pumping them out, just a small group of workers hand casting, assembling and painting each one.

No. 124865


Asella from Noble Dolls was apparently talking about retiring as a sculpter because having her sculpts stolen depressed her. Recast Confessions on Tumblr had a post that was basically "You can't take your ball and go home when we already have a copy of the ball! Now there's no reason not to recast, haha" God, it was gross.

No. 124866

how enaibi has managed not to get recasted yet is a miracle/mystery. she must do fucking background checks or something before handing over the dolls. i do know she does all her sales in person, so maybe that's it.

No. 124867

How do you guys feel about 3D printed bjds?

Personally I think it's a cool idea.

No. 124868

actually a lot of companies these days are doing computer sculpted molds, printing them, then finishing them off by hand (coating and sanding so they'll be smooth) then casting them to make resin version

iplehouse is all computer generated sculpting these days, same with soom, and i think fairyland has started too (due to the fact they now produce the same molds in different scales)

No. 124869

File: 1432867825191.jpg (779.4 KB, 1600x1017, 7379124956_872c198149_h.jpg)

dude, I love everything about BJDs. Ever since I played that korean otome game ~Nameless~, I've been drooling over Crobidolls.


No. 124870

I used to be really into them when I was younger and have been thinking about picking this hobby back up. I was always a MSD person and loved minifees.

Have you guys seen the minifees for sale on aliexpress for ~$100? Are they recasts or something? Do recasts tend to have lesser quality? The sellers have 100% feedback so I'm curious..

No. 124871

anything on aliexpress is obviously a recast anon, i mean really, do you even have to ask?

No. 124872

Wow nice

No. 124873

Does anyone know where to buy a Unoa Sist that isn't in Japanese or require a SS/proxy buyer? I'm really iffy aboit buying from Japanese/other non English sites since the last time I had my cedit card info stolen.

No. 124874

unoas are constantly for sale on the DOA marketplace. there is a pretty high mark up for them though, since preorders from the company are only like a couple times of year if even.

No. 124875

File: 1435729888534.jpg (105.01 KB, 563x1000, tmp_3235-FullSizeRender-351845…)

Bump for BJDs

Do any of you farmers actually have BJDs? I always see "I live/I want a doll" in doll threads and lots of company pics, but hardly anyone ever posts their own.

>my french resin Limhwa Mono in babbys firs outfit&wig back when I first got him

>btw he's for sale because it turns out I hate french resin

No. 124876

>"I live/want a doll"

should be *love, sorry for typo & sage for double post

No. 124877

My life's dream is to just have a huge collection of porcelain dolls, baby dolls, crucifixes or rosaries, stuffed animals and BJDs all over my room. It'd be so beautiful. :(

No. 124878

File: 1435738856540.png (630.49 KB, 500x709, Babette.png)

I do have a BJD, it's an Imda Babette, she's such a cutie pie, I never get tired of watching her and playing with her <3
Pic related, it's a Babette, but it's not mine her customization is not doe yet! I have so many plans for her <3

No. 124879

Ahhhh those dolls are so gorgeous.

I do find bjd's really really beautiful, but I don't own any. I find it hard to justify for the price, honestly. I feel like they'd end up sitting on my desk looking beautiful but not doing anything other than that. But hot damn do I want one of those. Even their generic girl ones look so pretty.

So, what do you do with your bjds then? I mean, dress them up?

No. 124880


They're fun to customize and dress up, but also you can use them as models for photogaphy, or if you're crafty you can make clothes and tiny accessories for them, or if you're a writer you can create stories for them. Some people like to style them after their favorite characters or celebrities, or dress them in styles they think they can't pull off or afford like lolita or whatever the tatted-up and covered in facial piercings with neon hair trend is called. There are so many things to do with them, and if you live in a big city you could maybe even go to a meet and find new friends.

No. 124881

File: 1435788970555.jpg (33.18 KB, 550x413, unoafrankielusis.jpg)

french resin is totally shit i agree, i've painted a few old french resin dolls and they've always been suuuuuuper yellow

i currently own 10, i have one for sale and going to sell another soon so i can buy an unoa. did a mock up today of how i want to paint her, but i cant decide between lusis or sist.

No. 124882


I can only tell when resin is yellowed when it's in a side by side with new tesin, french or regular tbh. But for me it's just the texture, it doesn't feel as smooth as regular resin, augh.

No. 124883

I say go with Lusis is you want a happier looking character, and Sist if you want a more serious, sweet look. I notice those diffetences when conparing the faces.

No. 124884

Oh shit nigga, I didn't even know the farm had its own BJD thread, because I don't usually go on /b/

I have ~15ish dolls and have been in the hobby for a long time. I remember seeing BFB in one of the PT tinychats, so I knew I had a fellow farmer in the hobby, but did not realize there were more.

No. 124885

sup nigga ;D

No. 124886

i think i decided on lusis, as the unoa will be a reshell of another doll i have. she's currently a kid delf winter event head, and she has parted lips with her teeth showing, so since lusis has a similar kind of thing with her mouth and teeth piece, i think she's the better choice.

i wont be able to order for a while though, as im still trying to sell a littlefee of mine and i have a realfee on layaway. i'd also have to sell the kid delf version of the character first. but im pretty happy because of the unoalchemy website opening up, where they will supposedly sell B-grade unoas once a month. now i can get a unoa without a $200+ mark up on the second hand market finally.

No. 124887

>im pretty happy because of the unoalchemy website opening up, where they will supposedly sell B-grade unoas once a month. now i can get a unoa without a $200+ mark up on the second hand market finally.

you can't just say something like tht and not drop a link! are you talking about alchemiclabo?

No. 124888


No. 124889


Ooh, I wonder what's wrong with them//what the catch is.

No. 124890

ugh i want an imda doll so badly. they always seem to pop up when i'm broke and vanish as soon as i get paid.

No. 124891

the flaws don't sound bad at all, slight discoloration or possible specks of dust or bubbles. most of that shit can be sanded away.

they may be B grade, but im sure they are better than second hand unoas. most unoas on the market place are old, yellowed, modded, wacky shitty hybrids, or have "pro" popular artist faceups so they are marked up. most unoas, even the shitty ones, are $600+ on the marketplace. the nice ones with good faceups for ones that come with their original box and two chest pieces, can be marked up to $800-$900, its ridiculous. compared to that shit, B grade is A okay in my opinion.

No. 124892

I have a B-grade unoa from 2014, and I seriously couldn't find the flaw. I'm sure it's there, but I must be missing it.

I know the people who run unoalchemy.com - no catch that I know of. It's a girl in Japan and another one in the USA, and they know Alchemic Labo and set up some way to let people order. I think Alchemic Labo still ships the dolls though, so they're more like a shopping service than anything else.

No. 124893

File: 1436119991852.jpg (50.99 KB, 513x720, 10620751_851505988216051_70070…)


> tfw enaibi will never release any of her dolls in a way that non-frenchfags can get them

It seems like Enaibi will auction things from her FB every now and then. Last April, there was an auction for one of her tiny Carmalynes. I bid $400 on it and didn't win, so I'm wondering how much it ended up going for. It also seems like she's more into making figures and illustrations nowadays, so I'm wondering if I should give up on my dreams of an Enaibi dorru.

No. 124894

Did it come in the box with all the goodies? Maybe by B grade they just mean they were handled previously for photos or something and thus not mint in box.

No. 124895

it says on the unoaalchemy site that they are fresh from the company with minor flaws like tiny bubbles in the resin, uneven seams, possible flecks of dust stuck in the resin, possible uneven/marbling of the resin color and so on. but all very minor.

ive seen someone say that they have a b-grade unoa and its quality is better than fairyland. which i believe as fairyland ships out dolls with mottled, uneven resin, snowflake patterns on the resin, bubbles and uneven shit. i painted tons of fairyland heads any many lately are crappy, particularly the new event heads as those are always rushed jobs.

No. 124896

I normally don't care for BJDs but damn that doll is beautiful.

No. 124897

File: 1436125927940.jpg (480.94 KB, 1024x669, PoupéeEnaibi.jpg)

I'm a big fan of her work… She make me want to try making my own dolls, but it's so much work that i'ts scarring me :/

No. 124898

File: 1436128743924.gif (Spoiler Image, 491.33 KB, 470x353, doll.gif)

No. 124899

Yeah, all B-grade unoas are new in the box. They have a little sticker that says B-grade on the box, and the faceplates have two little dots drilled on the inside so they don't get sold off as A-grade.

Alchemic Labo has been selling them for a while, but they were only available at events, or in the B-grade fest last year when they were getting rid of a bunch. I guess they had enough around to justify opening unoalchemy.

From what I understand, Noppin has the contract on the A grades, so they can't sell those internationally.

No. 124900

>tfw you will never have an Enaibi Satyne

No. 124901

Why are bjds made of resin rather than polymer clay?

No. 124902

they are made of resin because they can be produced in greater quantities that way. they make molds and then just pour the resin into the mold. you can't exactly do that with polymer clay. unless you want to make one doll at a time, sculpting each one by hand. thats a ridiculous idea, honestly, unless you are one of those art doll people who make one doll out of sculpy or similar stuff to sell to other artsy people, who wouldn't be into bjds to begin with.

No. 124903

File: 1436729495043.jpg (182.11 KB, 800x2301, 004.JPG)

in an effort to have something other than the mess thats going on right now to look at, i'll bump the doll thread.

i finally put up my kid delf girl for sale so i can reshell her "character" as a unoa lusis like the mock up i painted. i'm selling her at kind of a high price but i'm hoping she'll still sell. i threw in a bunch of extras for her, basically all my size 7/8 wigs as once she's gone i won't have any dolls with 7/8 sized heads around and i don't plan for any new ones of that size.

i got my fingers crossed.

pic related.

No. 124904

File: 1437092950107.jpg (56.8 KB, 606x400, mikinoxe2.jpg)

come on where my dollfags at? anyone waiting on an order? doll plans you want to share? amusing train wrecks to laugh at?

i want a dust of dolls miki noxe but they're taking their sweet time releasing her. they did their fatty-chan doll not too long ago so maybe there is hope one day.

No. 124905

File: 1437093072055.jpg (59.22 KB, 695x390, zouhspun.jpg)

the fatty they released. miki noxe and this one debuted at the same time, but only this one has had an actual order done for her.

i kind of think the stylized fat body is cute, actually, but the derpy rabbit face isn't for me. she'd probably look better with angry eyebrows.

No. 124906

Im in love.
How much do these go for?

No. 124907

File: 1437107821947.jpg (89.71 KB, 794x796, tmp_22339-Screenshot_2015-07-1…)

Me again!

Still selling this doll, except I was a stupid fucker not paying attention and ended the listing with 350+ views and 13 watchers (I meant to end another one but I was on the bus, couldn't see my phone for shit bc screen glare, just plain stupid, etc.).

I know there'sniway I got that many watchers just from Instagram, so I figured I would drop back in here and repost in case any of you good anons were watching.

BTW, ignore the absurdly high BIN. It wouldn't let me relist it without a BIN price, so I just put 500. I know there's no way he's worth that much.

No. 124908

i'm not sure as the site put the price at 0.00 once she was sold out. there is supposed to be another preorder for her this summer.


No. 124909

File: 1437131772660.gif (449.75 KB, 245x245, leosshattereddreams.gif)

> tfw i just looked at the blog and saw in the comment section that they will never do an order for miki noxe

No. 124910

File: 1437741631876.jpg (111.19 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nrwv5lQjtv1s48tx3o2_540…)

I don't like Blythes but damn, this guy's work…

No. 124911

File: 1437800930181.jpg (26.88 KB, 600x600, doll-chateau-youth-girl-body-y…)

Words can't describe how badly I desire a Doll Chateau BJD.

No. 124912

What is the name of the cord I would buy to string a BJD, I mean what would it be listed as in a hardware store?. I bought my first almost a year ago and haven't had a chance to even string the damn thing.

No. 124913

i dont think there is a especial name for it, most doll companies sell the elastic and will say for what size doll it can be used for. different sized dolls need different strengths of elastic. if you're in the US, junkyspot.com has elastic listed in their supplies section and sells it for MSD and SD (60-70cm) sized dolls. not sure what size doll you're looking to find elastic for.

No. 124914

I'm >>124912 and yeah, I live in the US. The doll I have is a Eden Soom.

No. 124915

File: 1437888986346.jpg (182.09 KB, 600x900, Miso.jpg)

I'm so happy that Miso is back on the market! I thought I could never have her! <3 She's my next doll for sure, so cute and a bit creepy.

No. 124916

so she's between 60cm and 70cm right? the SD elastic kit on junkyspot should work for her.

but did you buy her unassembled? when soom sells their christmas kits im pretty sure they include the elastic.

No. 124917

She is a recast, I don't think they sell her anymore and I really didn't feel like dealing with the BJD second hand market.

No. 124918

I have two of these bodies and they are super addictive to play with. Just… tricky to clothe.

No. 124919

File: 1438025295133.jpg (29.36 KB, 537x802, tumblr_ns0kaawB8I1ux9qgwo1_540…)

I have £2500 in the bank and you have no idea how close I am to splurging on this body from Doll Chateau.

It'd be my first BJD but I'm a mature student so literally living out of my suitcase but still…. I waaaaaant itttttt :(

No. 124920





No. 124921

I got them on eBay from jeeryama. There was a sale or some jazz. It ended up being ~$800ish for both. The wait time is pretty long, though.

No. 124922

File: 1438118792438.jpg (164.69 KB, 480x927, 6203866193_4fe3a4e20c_b.jpg)


Goodness I am jelly.

When you mentioned that you have two bodies, are they two of the same or two different ones?

I am hungering like no fucking other for the Youth Body 04 and Olivia head.

No. 124923

…..how does she make these

No. 124924

just like anyone else? she sculpts them. makes molds. then casts them. everything she does is hand casted by herself, she doesn't use a casting service.

No. 124925

Ok dont hate me but is there anyway I can get one of these for somewhat cheap? Like taobao or something?

No. 124926

this an expensive hobby. even knockoffs cost over $100. and if you want your doll to look even half way decent, even if it was cheap to buy the basic version, you need to set aside AT LEAST $50 for the paint job, $30 for a good wig, and another $100 more or less for a nice outfit (and thats not even including shoes.) and shoes run anywhere between $25-$50 depending on the style and quality.

if you don't have the money don't fucking bother.

No. 124927

There are Bobobie but the dolls start of at $150 and like >>124926 when you add up all the extra stuff still get expensive. Used or recast are going to put you at LEAST $300 in the hole, It's a expensive hobby no matter how you look at it.

Here is the Bobobie site.

No. 124928

File: 1438219720547.jpg (25.46 KB, 600x600, doll-chateau-kid-girl-body-k-b…)

I got two different bodies– I have the Youth 04 body with wings and the newer Kid body.

The Y-04 body's been apart for a while because I was in the middle of restringing and cleaning it. I have mad appreciation for all the joints and stuff, though. It's so awesome.

Also, I am in love with that outfit in your pic.

No. 124929

File: 1438220674612.jpg (89.06 KB, 768x1024, 14415249242_1be0fed97a_b.jpg)


Shit man, I have my eye on the Y-Body-04 from Doll Chateau specifically.

I've found a recast of Doll Chaeteau's Zenobia on Taobao though which has the body w/ wings. I hate the face though and would probably sell it in order to purchase Ingemar's face.
Purchasing it as a recast would legit save me over £200 so I'm tempted to punch in those bank details right now.



Buy a recast.
They're dolls they have been created from the mold of an authentic doll and so because they're recasts they considerably cheaper.
Generally they're identical barring a few discolouration issues with the resin and maybe some loose/tight joints, but the discolouration issue is fixed immediately once you get the thing painted and it can be re-stringed with ease either by yourself or the person you pay to have it painted.

Here's a spreadsheet of all recasted dolls and where to buy them.


No. 124930

Anybody know of any good places to buy wigs and clothes for SD. I haven't had a lot of luck.

No. 124931

Please don't be an asshole and answer my question with a question I genuinely didn't know. I don't know much about these bjds but I assumed most people buy them from big companies not make them themselves.

No. 124932

Well Id like to make outfits myself since I can sew pretty well so Im not worried about that.
Ill def check out these recasts, thanks for the links.

No. 124933

File: 1438297030314.jpg (28.58 KB, 640x427, be39b6102e94ab38fbc024ddfb1503…)

Bear in mind that if you get recasts, there are a bunch of pro-artist people will witch hunt you and you won't be able to be a part of some communities.

I don't have any recasts personally, but they can be pretty tempting.

No. 124934


Yeah, I've heard of those psychos. They're retarded and don't understand that not everybody that wants to participate in the BJD community can afford to drop £300-£400 on a single SD body, fucking snobs.

You still contribute towards the brands by purchasing heads, wigs, eyes and clothes so I don't get what their fucking beef is.

No. 124935

Lmao ik, I search bjd on tumblr once and was spammed with "weh don't buy recasts" posts. Im sure those people are like, the sjw of bjds

No. 124936

haha you sound like one of those fucking tumblr lift cunts. sorry but this is a luxury hobby, if you aren't willing to spend, fuck off. this isnt like buying a knock off coach purse. no matter how much you want to deny it, dolls are art, and there is an artist behind each one. the companies are not big giant faceless cooperation like Mattel, often its just a small handful of people, everything is hand cast and hand sanded and hand painted. dont act like people who want to show appreciation for the companies producing these dolls are morons. if anyone is in the wrong its you people for getting so much sand in your vagina, flagrantly displaying how you feel entitled to everything no matter who it effects.

its one thing to admit "yeah im a cheap cunt i dont feel like paying the price." but its bullshit to act superior about it and put down people who pay for legit dolls.

tl;dr you're a cunt.

No. 124937

and for your information, the pro-recasts people are actually seen as the sjw of the bjd world for how vocal and shitty they can be. buying legit dolls is privilege that needs to be checked and if you own only legit dolls you're an elitist!1121!

the vast majority of the doll community is anti recast, and you'll be looked at as scum and barred from almost everything except for other recast owners. so have fun with that.

No. 124938

Yeah…I'm not much into joining communities anyway. Trying to fit in with other people's expectations is tiring. I brought my doll because I wanted something pretty to practice my photography on.

No. 124939

lmao who gives a fuck

No. 124940

Fuck you. It is an expensive hobby. It's expensive fir the buyer but guess what? Fucking expensive and fucking exhausting for the creator. You are looking a something someone made from head to toe, of course it's going to be expensive. Fuck you you fucking cunt for having no respect for the work of other.

No. 124941


>"wehhhh, wehhhh, we're the keepers to the kingdom, no peasants allowed! Daddy can I have another $800, Dollstown just brought out another limited and I simply MUST purchase it in order to put those proles in their place!"

Fucking kek like your bitch tears are going to stop me from buying those sweet, sweet recasts :^)

No. 124942

Y ou are nothing but a jealous lazy cunt. I have only one small doll and I worked hard for her! Stupid entitled kid…!

No. 124943


Fucking tough.
This is how life is, deal with it.

No. 124944

File: 1438346186198.jpg (90.88 KB, 457x810, tumblr_nrlq8rN7al1uvyhg6o6_540…)

Well… that escalated quickly.

I've seen people on both sides of the recast debate be entitled megacunts or super cool.

No. 124945

I really couldn't justify spending a months rent on a dolll, but if you enjoy it…

No. 124946

Yeah, paying your rent is necessary, but having a doll isn't… So just don't buy one.

No. 124947


Or like, buy a recast.

No. 124948

Or like, stop being a lill' bitch who think she must have everything she want.

No. 124949

She only has one life to live and one chance to be happy. She should be a little bitch and have w.e she wants.. go head girl get dem chinese recasts.

No. 124950

You have a shitty life if your only way to be happy is by getting bjds…

No. 124951

given the nature of your replies its clear you're some bratty 14 year old tumblr kid who just wants dolls to say she has dolls and does not actually like dolls. also you sound too lazy to make your doll, recast OR legit, actually look good. you'll just be another embarrassing cunt flaunting how "rebellious" you are with a shit-show doll with a crappy paint job, ratty wig and ill-fitting rag clothes that are "just as good as those rich bitche's expensive outfits!11!!"

then you'll bitch and moan about how no one is giving you attention for your awesomes13!3 recast and lose interest in the hobby.

No. 124952

If they want to buy something, they should. In every hobby theres always someone whining about offbrand stuff. Pathetic whores going into debt and sucking off old men for a hunk of plastic.

No. 124953

Not everyone make money using your methods… Most people are smart enough to work any job, save money, use it wisely for their needs and spend what's left to spoil themselves…

No. 124954

Or they are actual responsible people with good paying jobs with a stable life and money in the bank to spend on luxury items. Not everyone is some snot nosed kid living pay check to pay check, or living at home with their parents and have to beg mommy and daddy to buy them a doll.

No. 124955

>>i work at mcdonalds and i live at home with my parents. all my paychecks go to bjds because i dont have any bills. im going to reply to you saying im a plastic surgeon though or some kind of fancy ass career with degree n shit.

No. 124956

File: 1438352898603.jpg (73.51 KB, 602x629, disnigga.jpg)

> being this much of a salty jelly cunt

haha wow.

No. 124957

Im jealous that there are people who can live at home and buy w.e they want. Not jealous of the fact that you can play with dolls though, i have no interest in it.

No. 124958

but seriously. i've done faceups for commission and all my regular customers are older women (old enough to be my mother) with lots of money to blow. one always pays me almost double, and the other owns probably 50+ bjds and that is only a rough low estimate because i'm sure that i've painted at least 10 for her, and yet she owns dolls painted by almost every well known artist out there.

you really need to stop assuming the doll hobby is a young teen, weeb hobby only. the real big spenders are all older women with a lifetime of good jobs with decent salary in the bank, or rich husbands.

No. 124959

just because theyre older women doesnt mean they dont live at home or theyre not in debt. they could be like pt. bjd seems like the kind of hobby those type of women would be into…ya know the type who are stil virgins at 35…

No. 124960

Wow you sound incredibly salty and dumb

No. 124961

why is it so hard to believe that there are rich people in the world with money to blow? there are far more people like that than you can even guess.

No. 124962

also when i say older women i mean 50+ though im sure you a 14 year old 30 is suuuper oooldddddd y'know!? like ew ;^P

No. 124963

there are more poor and middle class people than rich. which means there are just as many poor and middle class people buying them as there are rich.

I know of women who own chanel bags but work regular retail jobs.

No. 124964

that doesnt negate the numerous rich people buying luxury items. there will always be sad bitches who want to LOOK rich, but the truly rich are usually quiet about it and likely do no bother to have much presence in the doll community. the majority of people who buy those expensive full set dolls companies put out actually keep the doll as a fullset display piece and never touch or "play" with them.

No. 124965

those are the few though. I think the majority of bjd lovers are not rich but have regular jobs and live at home with their husband or parents and spend all their paychecks on bjds.
I don't think the majority of bjd lovers parents buy them(not even a rich parent would buy their child a bjd) i think they just live at home and spend their pay checks on bjds.

No. 124966

I'm the one who started the recast debate and my situation is that I'm a mature student.
I have no financial backing from parents and as a result have very little cash to spare.

As it so happens I have a little bit of money to spare this month, but not enough to throw £300-£400 at an official doll.
Regardless, I want a BJD.
They're pretty and I want one because I know it would bring me immense joy and its not fleeting in the sense that it's something that can easily last me until the end of my lifetime.

As another Anon mentioned, I only get one shot at life, why shouldn't I do stuff to make myself happy?

Also as a sculptor myself working with sculpey, these dolls are overpriced as fuck. I get that the original artist should be compensated for their design and craftsmanship, but at the price of £300 all the way upto as much as £1000 per doll, that's fucking ridiculous. It would make sense of they were handcrafting each doll individually, but they're not.
It is literally a case of them pouring resin into a mold, which is cheap as fuck by the way, sending it through a buffer and then packaging it. You don't even get free fucking shipping.

No way. Fuck off. That is extortionate.

You snobby witchhunting fuckbuckets need to give me one good reason why I should spend triple the amount on an authentic doll when I can purchase a recast of the same quality and at a quarter of the price. So far nobody has actually given a decent argument, but I guess that's because we all know it basically boils down to elitism.

No. 124967

You get freaking dumber and dumber at each post.

No. 124968

Since im dumb prove to me that the majority of bjd buyers are rich people who support themselves.

No. 124969

you can say the same thing about designer shoes or bags that regular cost the same or far more than a bjd yet are made by machines in sweat shops by people with no skill.

No. 124970

you aren't a sculptor/artist if you're okay with someone copying your work and making money off of it resulting in less people buying from you. so many pro-recast people talk about being "artists" too yet don't care about copying other peoples' work.

No. 124971

I have no idea how I could prove you that. I have no idea how you could prove the contrary.

So many pro recast pretend to be sculptors and artists, total bullshit, but keep on telling yourselfs theese reasurings stories about you not being an entitled cunt.

BJD are not an absolute need in your life, there are no moral reason to buy knock off because you don't have the courage to save money for one year or two just like so many people did…

No. 124972

No. 124973

being pro recast boils down to being entitled, cheap, and lazy. those are the only arguments for it. while wanting to buy legits come from:

>wanting to support companies you like so they'll keep making dolls

> the security of knowing that if there is a mistake or defect in your order you can have them fix it for you

there have been times where recasters just shrug their shoulders and people are left shit out of luck on the quality of what they got
> knowing you are buying from a legit business who have to follow the law and can't run off with your money at any time.
> the good feeling of saving up if you're poor
> having access to info/forums/face up artists/other shit that recast owners are barred from
> moral high road

No. 124974

Theres no way you can prove it, so, how is my opinion dumb?the majority of the population is not rich and it makes sense that not only rich people buy bjds. Plus, bjds arent extremely expensive anyway. Someone working at the mall could buy a bjd and it wouldn't even take that much time to save for it if they dont pay any bills.

No. 124975

You are dumb because you act like it's impossible to support yourself and own dolls. You can have a house, pay rent, buy food and dolls all on your own. If you can't it's just that you have no discipline at all.

No. 124976

you can't look at it as "the majority people in the world are poor!" the majority of people DON'T buy bjds anon. it is a very niche hobby even amongst weeb hobbies.

No. 124977

Are you one of these people?im assuming you arent.

No. 124978

Well you are right and wrong! I am a student and my parents pay half of my rent, I pay for my daily life (food/transport/clothes/everything) I dream of having a big family of dolls but i only have one small doll and a flying head, saving for her body at the moment.

No. 124979

In my mind bjd buyers are older women who are stay at home moms or pt types.
Young people who work im retail amd them there very small group are the rich.

Thats just how i see it.

No. 124980

File: 1438355195745.jpg (64.85 KB, 1108x581, pupuhair.jpg)

anyway, this recast thing can go around in circles forever so back on track

faceup anon here, finishing paying my layaway for my realfee fullset. i think i should be getting it in the next couple of weeks given how speedy fairyland has become. i'll share my mockup ideas for my pupu faceplate

No. 124981

The fact that there is a thriving recast community should tell you elitists how extortionate these dolls are.
They could easily lower the price of their products to combat this but instead they rely on you psychos as their personal army lol

>they do it for free

No. 124982

Exactly. You arent rich, you dont support yourself 100%,you dont own a home and you save the little money you do have for bjds.

Sounds about right.

No. 124983

God I want a pupu so bad.
Really cool concept but I think the face lack contouring? Idk i'm one on those people who adore heavy pink and read all over the face. Eye color is vert nice, I think bright yellow who be very cute too.

No. 124984

When I get my Doll Chateau recast through the mail I'm gonna post pics here and watch the snobs scream and shout about how I'm lazy and entitled all whilst I lay back and enjoy my identical doll that I paid quarter of the price for when they paid full.

No. 124985

faceup anon here. worked retail until recently (just got a bank job) and i pay all utilities and half of the rent i the apartment i share. over the 7 years i've been in the hobby i've slowly acquired 10bjds, all legit. i've also made thousands doing faceups and due to this, i've spent only a fraction of my "real job" money on dolls. the money i make from faceups i use for doll purchases.

i also have saved 30k in the bank. all from only working retail part time since i've started working at age 17. i'm 31 now.

No. 124986

yeah i couldn't do much with the super tiny pics in photoshop. the actual doll with have lots of contour and blushing as thats the style i'm really getting into, though i don't get asked to do that when people hire me, which sucks.

No. 124987

"little money" you have no idea how much money I make. I don't spend everything on dolls, I have a pretty good amount on my bank that I never touch…

But whatever I'm done justifying myself to some raging anon on the internet.

No. 124988


If I were making each item individually and pouring my heart and soul into every one then yeah I'd care of people were ripping me off.

If I made one single item, cut it up with a buzzsaw, casted it and began to mass produce my item with minimal cost of materials and an enormous markup… well I wouldn't do that because I'm not a greedy cunt.

Realistically I could just make my own BJD but I don't know how well they function with a sculpey base, so recasts it is!

No. 124989

You dont need to justify yourself, just like people who want to buy recasts dont. Maybe they dont care about dolls and just want the for photography or something. Get over it.

No. 124990

People who buy recast are actually quite ruining the market and their act prevent other people from getting their hand on particular products…

Why do you think Enaibi (or kinoko juice maker) refuse to sell oversea? She also sell her doll almost only to people she know a little bit and she can track down.

No. 124991

As someone who isnt into bjds ive noticed they look really pretty in pictures but i dont like how they look in real life or in video….

No. 124992

Can I ask you how much you charge a face up?

Did it take you a long time to get good at painting a doll?
I just received my first bjd and I'm so scared to paint her, I have all the material but I nevre start in fear of making an ugly mess.

No. 124993


I am though, I even went to art college (don't go to at college, it's useless if you have natural talent). No amount of you saying I don't have these skills is going to alter this reality.

I'm an artist, I'm just not a cunt and I understand when companies are fleecing their consumers with absurd markups and you idiots are falling for it. I would never do that with my own work.

These BJD's are likely being casted in some Chinese sweatshop hellhole and for some reason you think this justifies hundreds of dollars price tags…how exactly? Do you have any idea how cheap resin is in bulk?

No. 124994


anyway. faceup/pupu anon here again to bitch and moan about the dolls i have for sale not selling yet. i am also the rainbow butterfly unoa mockup anon. i'm waiting for these dolls to sell so i can order the unoa. this hobby is 90% waiting, sometimes its hard to be patient.

the 5thmotif/venitu sculptor says he has a list of everyone he's sold a venitu to. sadly a recaster still got their hands on one. probably bought it from someone selling one on the second hand market and then recast it.

No. 124995

It is so false and such big lie. You have no idea what are the price of all the material you need to create a doll. Please stop lying and STFU.

No. 124996

how much does it cost then?since you know.

No. 124997

File: 1438356147629.jpg (130.12 KB, 518x774, GmnlSCh.jpg)

I adore this sculpt it's the only male bjd that I would want to own one day.

No. 124998


Kek keep altering that reality to suit your fantasy.

>no person with artistic talent and who knows how to sculpt could ever not support enormous markups!


No. 124999

for one mold you have to invest in as much as 250 usd of sillicone. And that's is you manage to make if perfect at the first try.

No. 125000

File: 1438356561292.jpg (208.29 KB, 972x864, faceupprogress.jpg)

currently i charge $60 but i've closed my shop for months due to getting a new job.

it took a long while to get good, you can't expect to be amazing right away. i made a quick collage of my first two faceups compared to my more recent ones.

don't be afraid of making a mess, because as long as you properly sealed the head before painting, nothing will stain and you can just wipe it off and try again. and again. and again.

No. 125001


That it patently untrue.
We had to purchase silicone in batch when we were learning how to cast our own sculptures and it was nowhere near that much, and you forget glad the molds can be used hundreds/often thousands of times before they need to be remade.

No. 125002

File: 1438356628873.jpg (46.89 KB, 960x640, unoa.jpg)

I absolutly dream of an unoa akubi. I want her to be in shade of blue gold and white, and I want her to be super delicate like a little orgasming angel <3

No. 125003

yeah it really can't be used that much or you will end up with the shit that company like fairyland send us, fucking ugly molding line.

No. 125004

youre forgetting that each piece of the doll needs its own mold. dolls are made up of at LEAST 20 pieces

No. 125005

Wow the guy in the upper right is gorgeous you did an amazing job! Thanks for answering :) I'm gonna keep on making my project and i'll have to jump in one day or another!

No. 125006

File: 1438357248274.jpg (132.44 KB, 1143x567, diaprogress.jpg)

thanks! yeah don't be too worried about doing faceups. what helps is watching faceup videos on youtube. look for nicolle's dreams videos and xanthi has good videos too. don't be afraid of paint!! lots of people stick to watercolor pencils due to being too anxious about brushes but really, paint and brush have the best results once you get used to them. use very fine brushes. i use a 20/0 script liner brush and thinned out cheapo $2 acrylics.

here is another comparison. same doll. the first was painted in 2009. the second was painted in 2014.

No. 125007

Wow it really show how much a good face up can give deepness to a doll's expression :)
That's encouraging.

No. 125008

back to add a link to xanthi's blog. she has quite a few very helpful tutorials so check them out. http://jointedlove.blogspot.com/search/label/How%20To

No. 125009

and here is a link to nicolle's dreams youtube. she has lots of videos of her doing faceups. seeing them being done really helps with getting an idea of the process. keep in mind though that between each layer of color/paint, the head is sprayed with a layer of sealant. there are almost no faceup videos that talk about that, but its really important.


No. 125010

Don't care what a bunch of fat middle aged housewives or whoever is this uptight thinks of me lol. I engage in hobbies for myself, not to impress other people.

No. 125011

Its very ironic of you to accuse someone of being a "bratty 14 year old tumblr kid" when you act this way.

Im not even the anon you were arguing with but christ its just a doll. Calm down you are acting ridiculous and like a spoiled child.

No. 125012

> defending this >>125010 behavior.

okay anon.

No. 125013

I'm not defending anyone. It's just hilariously ironic to call someone immature while acting like a toddler.

No. 125014

File: 1438383072272.png (115.02 KB, 346x392, happyfeelsfrogbjd.png)

Legit DC owner here. I'm not going to get all assblasted. What you do with your dolls is your business, anon. The only parts I joined into the debate was to warn you of possible limitations that come with owning a recast and pointing out that there are shitlords on both sides.
If you're not a shitlord about it, I'm okay. Sure, I don't agree with your purchase, but there's literally nothing I can do to stop you and there is likely no amount of bawwwing at you that would change your mind. I find it unnecessary to beat the dead horse for so long.
Anyway, here, have a rare Pepe.

No. 125015

this. i wasn't exactly debating, just pointing out how ridiculous it is to act superior for buying a recast. go ahead and buy them if you want but don't act like you're some edgy hot shit for owning a recast. if you want to buy one for the sake of having a cheaper doll then why do you feel the need to boast about it? isn't it about owning a doll? why tell anyone at all its a recast? the only reason to be vocal about it is for drama or to be seen as rebellious. no different than sjw gender queer unicorn vegans who don't shut up about being oppressed when they go out of their way to antagonize people who otherwise wouldn't notice or care.

buy your recasts and enjoy the doll quietly if you're really buying one to enjoy owning a doll, i don't have a problem with that. making an ass out of yourself for attention/oppression points is what grinds my gears.

No. 125016

File: 1438385098289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.33 KB, 423x500, bigpepe3.jpg)

also here is a rare pepe of another sort

No. 125017

It was said before that some people in the community go apeshit if you have a recast but how can they tell? Its just a doll body or no?

No. 125018

from photos there is no way to tell unless it is cast in a color that the original company does not offer. so if you want to avoid being shat on by people and aren't an obnoxious cunt about owning a recast, just don't mention it and people won't know from pics. but at least be decent and don't pass it off as legit if you sell it and don't post pics of it in places where recasts aren't allowed.

No. 125019


Oh I don't actually care if people want to spend more on a legit model, that's their prerogative.
I'm just being an obnoxious shitlord because I know it gets the elite snobs all riled up.


>and don't post pics of it in places where recasts aren't allowed

This is retarded when they look exactly identical.

No. 125020

yeah but the fallout that happens when caught is pretty extreme but if you want to risk it go ahead

No. 125021


Generally the dolls are identical so there is no way to know, especially after they've been painted.
Some dolls have a makers mark printed on the inside of the skull, but that's only a percentage of them, and nobody's going to be tearing apart random dolls to check for that shit.
Even some earlier models of dolls lack a marking and there was a big fuss some time ago where a Den of Angels user brought her legitimate doll to a BJD convention, was overhead casually mentioning that she personally didn't have a problem with recasts, the person then reported her to staff who had bodyguards come and forcibly eject her and ban her for life on the basis that because she'd mentioned she didn't take issue with recasts, her dolls must have been recast, and because when they told her to show them the dolls marking one of them didn't have it because it was a first edition or something.

She ended up having to contact DoA, where she'd originally bought the doll from in the first place, and ask them to publish details relating to the purchase and therefore proving its authenticity and allowing her to get her convention ticket price refunded and unbanned.

In the end the convention owner didn't even apologise. This is how psychotic people get about recasts, it's insane.

I have even heard a story or two where somebody has sent their doll off to an artist to get a face-up/paintjob, and the artist has suspected the doll of being a recast and declared that they're "confiscating" it. Just outright stole a customers hundred pound doll and refused to return it. They ended up having to get the police involved in order to get it back. They're fucking insane.

No. 125022


We're doing it to annoy you since you fucks always turn up in these threads being abusive and calling people lazy and entitled when they can't afford to drop $$$ on a fucking resin doll.

No. 125023


Pretty extreme, lol, what the fuck are people going to do? They can't do shit apart from ban you from their little secret clubhouses.

I have a account on both DoA and BJDHaven.
I would never sell a recast off as authentic but they have no right to try and dictate what I spend my money on. No right at all.

No. 125024

Hah so people wouldn't even know then. I wouldn't go "hurr durr look at muh recast gais" but I wouldn't try and lie about it being official either.

No. 125025

Has anyone tried to make their own doll?

No. 125026

Holy shit.
In that case I wouldn't want to go back to that con in the first place. Probably release the details, and tell them to fuck right off.

As for keeping the dolls, I would sue them. Why are these dolls so important to people? Especially dolls that arent theirs? Then again, I'll have to ask that for every luxury subculture in here.

No. 125027

I will never understand the psycho anti-recast people. You can be against it, but losing your shit at how other people spend their money is fucking insane. I remember shaking my head at that whole con drama on DoA. I don't own any recasts and probably wouldn't be opposed to buying one, but 4 is enough dolls for me.

No. 125028

File: 1438447862599.gif (689.66 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ng3k9yvTvI1ryukn8o1_500…)

Ayyyy. My favorite Pepe.

No. 125029

Does anyone have any tips on modding a doll? I bought a second hand DC Ada doll and when I got her in the mail, the bar where the s-hook would go in one of her feet was broken. I was thinking of trying to make her moose hooves as a replacement for her feet.

No. 125030

File: 1438462371268.jpg (49.6 KB, 480x480, fairy cradle idoll.jpg)

There are quite a few things you can use. The only ones I can think up off hand right now is Apoxie Sculpt and milliput.
I'm not sure where you live, but I know that Hobby Lobby sells milliput in the US (which helps with the 40% coupon).

No. 125031

Man this is so odd to me.

No. 125032

I was big on monster high for a while but they just kind of don't offer what I'm looking for. What's a good starting point for someone looking to get into BJD's as a hobby?

No. 125033

have you seen the new giant monster high girl? gooliope or something? she has double jointed elbows and knees and a torso joint.

as for bjds, it depends on the look you're going for. dolfie dreams (DD) by volks are anime styled, same for azone and sqlabs. if you like resin bjds with more detailed faces there are shittons to choose from so its hard to say where to start. just look around first and try to find specific dolls you like, then search for the company that makes it. tumblr is shit, but the community on flickr is great and its easy to find owner pics of specific dolls doing a search there.

No. 125034

File: 1438569630932.jpg (379.66 KB, 800x1031, face.jpg)

My boyfriend just gave me one of his dolls, and I made my first attempt at a faceup. What do you guys think?
I'm super excited to have a bjd finally. I wish I could have a practice head or something though.

No. 125035

why does anyone like those hideous dolls? why? im curious what people see in them

No. 125036

File: 1438579990466.jpg (214.54 KB, 800x546, 8754277332_d5c8623f24_c_by_and…)

Repainting and modding them, mostly. It's a fun hobby and people can get pretty creative with it.

No. 125037

File: 1438580094845.jpg (68.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ma6489hn8P1ryztfoo1_500…)

They make a giant draculaura too, with some repainting skills and glass eye replacements she could be very similar to a BJD if you're in to the monster high look.

No. 125038

COOL! looks way better the glass eyes.

No. 125039

I really want a doll because I really love to sew. My mother taught me when I was a little girl, but I don't have time (full time job and school and like, I suppose I should clean my apartment one of these days. Maybe. Probably.) to sew full outfits. I just want a pretty, beautifully crafted doll to sew for. I don't care if it's a repainted monster high doll, as long as the face is beautiful! I just want to sew tiny little dresses while I watch netflix.

No. 125040


ah! you know what you should do? Just go to your local salvation army/ thrift store, or whatever and buy a toy doll. Remove the face with nail polish remover and there you go, perfect practice head! Barely costs a thing, but so helpful!

No. 125041

I haven't kept up with MH recently but I'm deff gonna look into it. I've wanted to try my hand at repainting too since I'm a makeup artist so I have a need to make up everything haha

No. 125042

What's the best painting tools to start with? I've never understood what people use to get that airbrushed look.

No. 125043

I've actually been doing monster high repaints for a while, it's just that bjd heads are a bit different in how they take materials. Thanks for the suggestion though!
The airbrushed look could very well be done with an airbrush, but also a lot of it is done with soft pastels. They're really nice for blush and eyeshadow. For the finer, more detailed areas you'd want watercolor pencils.

No. 125044

wait, how do you get the eyes out??? so confused ): I wanna do this

No. 125045

You have to cut the plastic out, and then remove part of the head to put them in and reglue it. Here's a pretty straightforward tutorial http://fav.me/d5gsmmx

No. 125046

File: 1438613923223.jpg (1.08 MB, 800x3600, mh_eye_opening_walkthrough__up…)

I've had this saved for a while, but haven't tried it yet.

No. 125047

Ayy I'm retarded. But good to see someone else with that tutorial too, haha.>>4045

No. 125048

Hell I might make one of these since I dont wana spend a ton of money on a real doll. People will probs make fun of me tho :'(

No. 125049

File: 1438632727600.jpg (113.53 KB, 538x810, 06custom.jpg)

IDK, you don't have to throw everything out in the public or anything until you're confident enough to show it off. MH are pretty fun mod projects. There are quite a few people in any given demographic into dolls. Heck, I've even encountered some clean and nicely dressed straight men in the hobby.

No. 125050

This doll is so cute.

I'm not really into anime tbh, but I love the anime-style dolls so much.

No. 125051

i think i follow the owner of that doll on instagram. their dolls are so fucking cute. they're the primary reason why i want a dd so badly.

No. 125052

So I was looking at the Dollfie ED page today. Some things that are incorrect, and others that don't have enough sauce.

>linking to an Aimee that isn't the DoA matriarch

>StephG article is about giving her dolls pubes; sperging as if they were real hair, when it's just fucking watercolor pencil
>Cassiel page needs more sauce on the drama, because I'm interested in this…
>lol that spoopy video from KimP

The page needs to be updated soooo bad.

No. 125053

is this a monster high doll?

No. 125054

File: 1438655920157.jpg (93.47 KB, 500x375, 57357021.jpg)

It's a Dollfie Dream 06

No. 125055

idk anything about dolls but i'm trying to get into them lmao sorry it prob sounded bad

i was so excited like 'omg a monster high doll looks this good??? cant wait to buy one to mod'

No. 125056

There's a Spiritdoll for sale on DoA right now and I am so tempted to buy. I have 4 dolls, but they're in storage at my parents house 800 miles away so I've been on the sidelines of the hobby for about a year now. plus I've been wanting an anime style doll for awhile now……..HMMMM….

No. 125057

File: 1438690766865.jpg (68 KB, 400x267, cutiepie.jpg)

I find anime-style dolls so cute. But I couldn't justify having one… I have so many project that only apply to realistic dolls…

But they're so cute, I really want cute small twins dollfie.

No. 125058

File: 1438693961180.jpg (62.23 KB, 400x600, night.jpg)

God I swore I would never buy an SD doll, but I'm so in love with this sculpt… Getting her a body will be a pain in the ass, that's the only thing retraining me from getting her right now.

No. 125059

wtf this doll looks down syndrome

No. 125060

File: 1438703901835.jpg (83.12 KB, 500x750, cutiepiee.jpg)

I could see that… Still I find this head very cute <3

No. 125061

File: 1438705340237.jpg (259.61 KB, 600x900, 10412697805_879d55518f_b.jpg)

It took me a while to realize my error. I was replying to a MH post and posted a DD pic.

If you like the anime style, there are 1/6 scale (Barbie-sized) Azone, Parabox and Obitsu anime-styled dolls that are adorable as fuck.
Pic related is Parabox Ai-chan, and there are quite a few options to work with and customize. I think fullsets are usually released at a little above $100, but you can buy your own pieces.

No. 125062

File: 1438705726555.jpg (157.09 KB, 488x700, parabox_kay.jpg)

Jesus, something is wrong with my brain. The doll in that pic is also a larger one.
>pic related is a 1/6 scale Parabox Kay

Also, if you live in the United States, you can sometimes find Pullips/AiDolls/J-Dolls for cheap at Tuesday Morning.

No. 125063

SDs are a rabbit hole. Once you get one, it's hard to stop. They just have so many more options than MSDs.

No. 125064

I always see people talking about having multiple dolls which I don't understand.
How can you spread your adoration amongst multiple objects as opposed to having a singular companion doll that you can lavish with wigs and eyes and clothing? Having more than one would make them feel less social to me, that and I also like to channel a bit of myself into my BJD.

No. 125065

Idk it would feel weird having only one doll when I have so many inspiration…
It's not realy a social thing to me it's more about having beautiful object. A lot of beautiful objects.

No. 125066

Because addiction. :(

But you're right, it's so much easier and nicer to only have one. Since mine are in storage far away, buying just one to spoil sounds super appealing.

No. 125067

people get multiple dolls because they have multiple looks they want to achieve that wouldn't work if your base doll had a certain kind of faceup/paint job. you can't expect a cool slutty goth outfit to look good on a doll with a sweetly blushing freckled face, or a fluffy pink outfit looking good on a doll with angry shaped eyebrows and dark lipstick and heavy eyeshadow.

also i am one of those types who has characters they like to see in a physical form. i do a lot of writing and its just fun to have doll versions of characters you write about a lot. i completely plan out my dolls looks and style before i buy it.

No. 125068

This is why I'm kinda afraid to get an anime doll. There's only so much you can do with the cutesy uguu outside of school uniforms and Lolita stuff.

No. 125069


Is this a recast store or something? The dolls are way too cheap to be a dealer.

No. 125070

yet it is clearly a recast shop.

No. 125071

if you go in the about us section it has

> Are the dolls you sell recasts?

> Yes.

Do people actually buy things from websites without searching through it for their facts and info sections?

No. 125072

Judging by all the deliriously happy 5 star reviews, yes.

No. 125073

File: 1439097813748.jpg (201.38 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

Is it okay to post our dream dolls? Because I want to, I'll delete if is not okay. I just love BJDs and since I can't find a comm anywhere online that isn't dead, I desperately want this thread to live!

All mine are MSD girls, I'll probably never get that damn Camellia though.

No. 125074

is it safe to buy from there? they have some nice dolls.

No. 125075

I think you can post whatever you want as long as it's about doll.

Why do you think you will have a hard time getting a Camelia? Rosettes are quite easy to buy aren't they? I plan on buying one when they do the unasembled body kit on xmas.

No. 125076


I just want the regular Camellia, but it's never up for sale secondhand anywhere and they've been sold out on the Rosettedoll site since forever (along with pretty much everything).

No. 125077

File: 1439106449184.jpg (106.74 KB, 640x753, image.jpg)


Oh jeez, they have boy versions of the Rosettes now?? Their bodies are kind of crappy looking, though.

No. 125078

File: 1439106584901.jpg (89.06 KB, 640x1010, image.jpg)


The boy bodies. They're too… Straight.

No. 125079

Oh gosh they wheren't soldout a few days/week ago… When they relased the boys dolls pretty much everything was proposed.

No. 125080

I must have the worst timing, then. I've been after a Camellia since the site opened, and iirc they sold out in like a month? After that they've been sold out every time I look. I honestly thought the side was dead for like 3 years.

No. 125081

Yeah, I checkout from time to time Rosette and Angelregion part of soom because you have pretty much no idea / warning of when a doll is going to be available.

No. 125082

For a week or two you had all the new doll and everything was "soldout" then for a week they where available then soldout back again.

No. 125083

Oh gosh I asked a doll artist to calculate the shipping cost to get one of his head in my country and it's very expensive (45 USD).
I'm not sure that I will get this head but that person keep sending me very nice message and asking for precision about my order.

Gosh this is akward.

No. 125084

Don't be a dick, either pay for it or say "sorry, but it's too expensive for me". Ignoring a seller once you've inquired about an item is rude as fuck.

No. 125085


I wish they would send some kind of email newsletter when they restock like some other companies do (even if they are hella annoying when I'm not looking to buy).

No. 125086

File: 1439169163263.jpg (73.16 KB, 700x939, OYFDBXUKEugenia13.jpg)

I ordered from DollZone earlier this year for their new Anita and Eugenia dolls and I'm only just realizing how fucking tiny they're really going to be. MH dolls are 27cm and these guys are only 19.5cm

No. 125087


Jesus, I'd be scared to handle that, I'm hamfisted and clumsy, plus finding clothes for it seems like it would be a bitch and a half if you can't sew.

No. 125088

File: 1439673558071.jpg (79.18 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nsf0g97Y771rlgolto1_540…)

IIRC, they do ordering periods, kinda of like the MechaAngels. They've also had a full choice event for the Rosettes.

I check the news section on DoA daily and they usually post those announcements.

No. 125089


here– did some snooping on DoA and the Waiting Room for Rosettes hasn't been updated since July 2014. I had figured it may have migrated to the Soom WR, but nobody has put up any Rosettes.

I usually check WRs to get an idea of where they stand on what's been shipped and stuff.

No. 125090

File: 1439687501260.png (51.05 KB, 218x159, mini-master-eye-beveler-[2]-68…)

Hey, anyone know where I can find a 6mm beveler like the picture? It seems like all the ones I find are in sets that are $20+ and I'm not really interested in or need the other ones. I'm the loser who order the itty bitty little shits on this post >>125086

Yeah, though I love tiny dolls a lot. I'm planning on making everything for them anyway, so not a huge deal.

No. 125091


Yeah, DOA is pretty dead. It's kind of sad, but at the same time it was inevitable because of how elitist and cliquey it got.

No. 125092

I just ordered a recast bjd and I kind of feel bad about it..?

I'm a lolita and while I can justify spending $400 on a dress, I just can't on a doll. And I hate lolita replicas too. But mainly I hate replicas because if you don't want to spend a ton of money, buy secondhand (TokyoAlice was my go-to as a beginner) or buy Taobao. If you're too big, don't buy it.

I guess part of the problem is that I'm 15 and this is a really expensive hobby. I'm not old enough to work yet so I only make $120 a week by posting for Chinese wholesale shops on Tumblr (BeautifulHalo, etc.). With lolita you wear the dresses out and stuff, but my doll will never see the light of day. I'd post a picture on my Instagram maybe. But recently I've been really weirdly stingy with my money and saving it up for no reason. I guess that's a good habit but I'm used to having $80 in my account as opposed to $800. That was part of the reason why I jumped and bought a recast- it wouldn't affect m balance as much. Is that weird?

One day when I finally get a job (no time soon since I have college classes) I would gladly buy original BJDs.

Is there any hope to resell a recast if the guilt takes over me? I just want a doll to dress up and display on my shelf, but I feel like I'm just like the tacky people who own replicas..

No. 125093

Do whatever makes you happy. There's no price tag on happiness and you might die in your sleep next week. Might as well make the most of life.

No. 125094

Haha, thats true I guess. I'm not planning on posting the doll anywhere anyway except my personal Instagram. I'm really excited to dress her up! One day I will buy a legit one but I can't stand to clear out my bank account right now for something no one will ever see- and then have my mom ask about it too, lol. At least lolita makes sense to her.

No. 125095

File: 1440472978611.jpg (124.14 KB, 600x900, salome.jpg)

Marina Bychkova's Salome doll was sold for $26 700

No. 125096

File: 1440473365869.jpg (422 KB, 1200x1800, cinderella.jpg)

No. 125097

I don't personally approve of recasts, but it's honestly your money and your choice. I'm glad you intend to buy legit dolls in the future, though.

As for reselling, there are definitely places you can probably resell…just don't expect to get much money back for it. Also, be sure to be honest about it being a recast.

No. 125098

just save up for a nicer doll.

No. 125099

You know, in the end you do what you wanna do. But when I was 15, I knew I couldn't aford a doll and that I would have to wait.
20 years old I finaly bought my first doll and it was a YoSD because it was the only size I could afford.
I'm going to be 21 yrs old in a few month and I plan on buying an unoa with my birthday money and some I've gained working in summer.

So little people have patience theese days…

No. 125100

I might sell my CDC OP and buy a legit doll, I just need to find one that I need/like enough. I never wear the dress anyway since it's so OTT but I should just wait until the value goes up more.
>So little people have patience theese days…


No. 125101

No. 125102

No. 125103

No. Jeeryama is a reputable legit seller. I've bought DC bodies from them before.

No. 125104

You have good taste, these are all super cute and beautiful

No. 125105

File: 1440596256369.png (381.49 KB, 539x539, tiny bunny bjd.png)

I didn't even know these existed until a little while ago, but I want one so bad. It's a Depths Dolls Giorria.

No. 125106

this. jeeryama is the ebay rep for many chinese companies. they are legit if they come from jeeryama. just know that if you order from them, you have the same wait time as if you ordered from the company, as jeeryama does not keep the dolls in stock, they order them for you basically, and then send them to you.

No. 125107


Good to know! Maybe for christmas…

No. 125108

File: 1440680490087.jpg (148.63 KB, 500x448, unoa.jpg)

There is an Unoa with two FC (sleeping and open eyes) to sell and I'm feeling really tempted… I only want the sleeping face because I plan on modding it.
She's 500 USD Idk if it's an okay price? Still very expensive for my student budget…

No. 125109

that is a decent price for a unoa definitely. a brand new B grade unoa from unoalchemy costs $430 but has no faceup and only comes with one face

No. 125110

Question about dolls. I've been looking into this, and it seems like they hardly ever come in darker skin tones. Is it possible topaint the entire doll, or will I be better off just finding shops that do sell darker dolls?

No. 125111

File: 1440881324466.jpg (323.33 KB, 675x900, realskinlahela_1a_by_pepstarsw…)

You can go either way. Iplehouse has nice looking ethnic dolls, but at the sacrifice of posability. Other companies have done darker skin, but they were usually limited runs.
Most people cringe at sicktress's mods, but she spraypaints her dolls and they turn out okay when done right.
There's also dying dolls, which sometimes gets mixed results.

No. 125112

File: 1440881474678.jpg (69.9 KB, 500x707, tumblr_inline_nrywkram0P1rdhvg…)

Here's a link to sicktress's spraypainting tutorial:

No. 125113

File: 1440892324419.jpg (86.85 KB, 540x781, tumblr_nt7dttIdnq1rzquhto1_540…)

Anyone know what doll this is? She's adorable. Iplehouse?

No. 125114

Thanks so much, anon!! Why do people cringe? The end result color looked really good to me. Or are they known for other things?

No. 125115

shes an iplehouse JID girl but i am not sure which one. could be tania

No. 125116

back to correct myself. she's an iplehouse nYID girl. found the owners flickr, but I haven't found the actual mold name in her tags


No. 125117

shes an iplehouse rexy

No. 125118

She kinda rushes her projects sometimes and they look awkward.
Here's the flickr album for her odd looking Octoman

No. 125119

I know this hasn't been bumped in months but I just got in my Planetdoll Mini Riz today and I just got a picture of my DC Beatrice from the woman who's doing the faceup and I'm just really excited!

No. 125120

This is such a cool custom. They look 1,000x better without the whore makeup.

No. 125121

That's awesome, anon. Post pics when you can.

No. 125122

Soom is dropping a cute sleepy Fepe at the moment, she make my heart melt, why am I so broke? This hobby is so freaking expensive…

No. 125123

>I guess part of the problem is that I'm 15 and this is a really expensive hobby. I'm not old enough to work yet so I only make $120 a week by posting for Chinese wholesale shops on Tumblr (BeautifulHalo, etc.).

I know this post is from months ago but I'd love to hear how you do this? I could desperately use an extra $120/wk for medical bills!

No. 125124

File: 1446885533016.jpeg (117.28 KB, 266x400, image.jpeg)

Does anyone else remember those Aston Drake vinyl MSD-sized BJDs they made, Delilah Noir? They looked like they were eared in a schoolgirl/gothic Lolita direction, had removable wigs and seemingly endless customization options. Also the faces look a bit Narae-esque IMO. They might be fun to mod, and they're cheap ($150 new, ~$50 on eBay).

No. 125125

File: 1446885595975.jpeg (557.48 KB, 480x497, image.jpeg)

Closeup face pic

No. 125126

How are these heads attached? The face is cute but I'm not a fan of the body.

No. 125127

File: 1449381307509.jpg (220.18 KB, 750x2304, 006 copy.jpg)

havent posted here in forever but i finally got my unoa and gave her a rainbow butterfly faceup

No. 125128

dang, anon, I'm not even into bjd but this is really pretty.
show us more of your work!

No. 125129

That's really nice!! Do you have a tumblr or anything? I'd love to see more of your work!

No. 125130

>tfw I check /g/ one time every 6582482 years
>tfw i still remember your comment
Anyways, thas nice anon!

No. 125131

File: 1449415140647.jpg (239.37 KB, 650x2300, 007.JPG)

thanks guys! i don't have a tumblr because i can't the sjw crowd (the BJD hobby is quite infested with them) but i do have a flickr.

i'm weirdly wary of posting my username outright, but if you look up "unoa wink" and go by date uploaded, my pics will be the first ones.

pic related, a faceup i did on the winking plate i got with my unoa.

if anyone likes unoas, i got mine from unoalchemy.com she is "B" grade, which means she has minor imperfections. even though the site says that you just get the default doll with one faceplate, they included a ton of extras.

i got with lusis:
- default plate
- sleeping plate
- decadent plate
- winking plate
- large bust piece (default is small/flat)
- extra hands (clasping)
- extra feet (chibi sized)
- 2 pairs of high heels that fit the chibi feet (a pink pair and a dark brown pair)
- wig
- eyes and eye mechanism
- pink cat ears
- pink snd white glasses

All that for $430 (shipping is included in the price) is a damn good deal, considering before unoalchemy an old second hand unoa with no extras cost $600+ on the market place.

No. 125132

File: 1449415311479.jpg (291.96 KB, 650x2000, 001.JPG)

* can't deal with the sjw crowd

and since i'm fixing a typo here's another pic of a head i did recently. i've been anonymously shit on lately for cultural appropriation for painting sugar skull faceups (i'm not culur though), haha, but whatfucking ever. i've been trying to sell this one but no one's biting, i'm probably going to have to drop the price a little.

No. 125133

Yeah, the tumblr crowd seems to be really shitty when it comes to bjd. I haven't posted any of mine because of that, but I always forget flickr…
But god, yours are so cute! I wish I could do face ups, I'm horrible at them. I know it's all practice but ugh still.

No. 125134

File: 1449455734018.jpg (147.97 KB, 700x692, 014.JPG)

flickr is honestly great, i've never gotten a shitty comment, and since there is no anon bullshit, no retarded PMs from butthurt sjws. the people who use flickr seemed to be older, and (at least the people i follow) more artistically talented. people only post pictures, no blog-esque rants. if you want to share your pics in a drama free environment, anon, definitely consider flickr.

pic is my rainbow girl (named her Frankie, after Lisa Frank's rainbow vomit art) in a temp wig with my faggy minifee boy. I'm thinking of getting her a blue wig from formydoll.com soon.

No. 125135

Wow Anon, she is gorgeous!

I want a doll as well, and $430 is incredibly cheap considering what you get! The shop will re-open in January, and I am thinking about getting one of the dolls; Sist or Lusis (if they still continue to offer them.

So if you are still around, would you mind answering some absolute newfag questions?
Would you recommend these dolls for a newfag?
Do you think they will still include all the parts you got in the new orders as well?
I know there already have been some helpful tutorials ITT which I already saved, do you have more rcommendations or newfags? I read the 4chan guides but the /toy/ one was meh and I don't care about the colls /jp/ cares for.

Thanks in advance!

No. 125136

thanks anon! i am not quite sure if i recommend unoalchemy for a newfag as even though the dolls you get come put together, they're is still a lot of finishing that needs to be done on them. they come blank, but not only that, all but the default face plate require resin removal, all of the openings (eyes and mouth) will have a thin layer of resin closing them that you will have to carefully cut out with a small exacto knife. the seamlines will be rough on the body. i didn't bother to sand mine though, as i'm lazy. the hands i got also had some extra resin in the seams around the fingers. the dolls are also sent very loosely strung, so there is a good chance you'll have to unstring it to restring it tighter to help with posing. unoas are kind of more akin to garage kit type dolls, i believe the A grade ones are actually shipped as kits you have to completely put together yourself. still, if you aren't afraid of those things, unoas are really pretty dolls and the price is really good for what you get. the wait time was also very short compared to other companies. almost every doll company is a LEAST a 2 month wait to get your doll, some take as long as 6, and a few have actually taken a year. so factor that in when you consider buying a doll from anywhere.

i'm not sure if they will include all the parts i got from unoalchemy but i think the chances are good that they'll send extras. every other person i've seen who's bought from them has gotten extras, maybe not the same ones i got, but still. the doll also comes with a stringing guide (its in japanese though, but the pictures are clear) and a wire to help with stringing, as well as velcro strips stickers to help hold on the wig.

my very first doll was an elf shiwoo minifee back when they used to be sold by LUTS, before fairyland broke off into their own thing. dolls were simpler then, less joints, not as good at posing, etc. things are pretty different now so its hard for my to gauge what would be good for a beginner.

No. 125137

you are literally an autistic loser. a clueless bitch with no friends. these posts are laughably bad and evidence of a deeply fucked up heart and soul. i unironically, without a single shred of hyperbole pity every single person who is forced to interact with you on a daily basis. you're a miserable motherfucker.

No. 125138


Are you okay?

No. 125139

lol hey spookfairy how you doin nigga ;^D

No. 125140

Have you taken your medication today anon?

No. 125141

Thank you so much for your answer!

The stringing part sounds a bit tricky, but if they come with a comprehensible guide and pre-stringed I am sure I can manage. I don't plan to play around too much anyway.
I am actually glad they come completly unpainted. Honestly, doing the face ups are the thing I am mostly interested in. I have no desire to own pre-painted ones, I just want one doll body with interchangeable faces (for now at least). I want to be able to do the face ups myself.
My drawing skills are good but of course since I have never worked on a doll beofre I wouldn't even consider starting with a BJD face up myself. I am reading through tutorials and watching youtube videos, and thought I might start training on the Monster High Dolls, just to get a feeling of what it's like to paint on a doll in general. If I fuck up, it's just a $5-$10 doll I ruined, not a $500 one.

So far my biggest problems are getting the proper materials. Stuff like sealing spray, preparation things, etc. I have a hard time translating the words into my language, and I have no idea how and with what to work on these materials. Many tutorials are from the US or maybe the UK, and I cannot find the same products around here. I'll just need to do more research but it is a little frustrating cause I have no one to ask or talk to but strangers on the internet.

Wow, this is Grade A banner material/copypasta.

No. 125142

you're welcome! the materials will probably be tricky for you to get, given that most countries ban spray cans from airmail.

I used Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat, and I buy it from modelgrade.net, but it says right on the site that they won't ship it internationally. They sometimes have it in stock at plajapan.com but I don't know if they'll ship it internationally so I would email them and ask. Volks sells a comparable spray called ZM Finishing Powder Spray UV-Cut, i used to use it, but i don't think its as good as Mr. Super Clear, its still a good spray though! they sell it on the volks US site, and it does say that they will arrange for alternative shipping methods for international buyers

link to volks spray: https://volksusastore.com/webstores/dollfie/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=362

I don't have experience with any other sprays so I can't really say what would work.

No. 125143

same anon here i just want to add that the volks site sells little pastel sets and everything else you would need for a faceup so it might just be easiest to buy everything you need from them all at once, but i warn you not to buy their paint, i really don't like it (i use their pastels though.) for painting lashes, eyebrow hairs etc, i use cheap craft store acrylic paint, the kind that come in little tubes for $2 or so. i still have the tubes i bought years ago when i first started and still use them to this day.

No. 125144

lmfao what you need to chill

No. 125145

File: 1450212849444.jpg (226.34 KB, 1200x1200, superc-semi_ebay.jpg)

Thanks a lot again! I appreciate that you take the time to answer all my newfag questions.
So far I'v found one ebay seller in my country who stocks Mr. Super Clear. Pic related. Sadly, the UV protection version is nowhere to be found. Guess I'll just nver expose my doll to sunlight then, haha (I planned to avoid UV as much as possible anyway). But it is much cheaper and less of a hassle then having it shipped from America.

I have most of the other tools around already because I'm a drawfag. I own pastels, acrylic paint, brushes, watercolour pencils (is that the right term?) etc. I might need to buy some paint thinner and thinner brushes but that's rather cheap.

Next thing I'll need to look around for are the wigs,clothig, eyes and all the little stuff. But since for now I'll first practice on the MHD anyway I won't buy much expensive things.

I also thought about buying modelig paste, but I have to do more research on this again too.

No. 125146

this shit is fucking weird but you guys are incredibly talented

No. 125147

so I'm getting a Custom House Sia head… Does anyone have any recommendations for the body? Custom House doesn't seem to be a company anymore…

No. 125148

File: 1451458549149.jpeg (589.91 KB, 1636x1827, image.jpeg)

I have a can of MSC matte UV cut that a little less than half full, and a fuckload of this marine shock cord elastic stuff that was given to me to use to restring my doll. It worked nicely but I ended up selling my doll to pay bills and I don't think I'll be buying any more for similar reasons. I'm in the US, would it be worth it to list this stuff on eBay or something?

No. 125149

Haha. /toy/janitor went on a pruning spree. What a niggerfaggot.

Hmm. The cord doesn't look like the typical elastic I've seen in dolls, but it may work. I'm not sure you would get much out of selling it. Do you have any nearby communities that have members that may be willing to buy it? It'd be great for someone starting out and wanting to experiment.

You might also try out facebook groups and see if there's any interest before putting it on jewbay.
Remember to post the width measurement (4mm, etc.) of the cord, since peoples' preferences are different.

No. 125150

It's called marine shock cord, it's stretchy like elastic but not as much? When I restrung my doll with it I didn't have to pull the cord nearly as tight as with regular elastic to get him to pose well, so I used less cord then I would have used elastic. It was cheaper than elastic too iirc.

I'm not really interested in making a profit, I don't have any dolls anymore so it's useless to me. I'd be down to send either of them to whoever is interested as long as they paid shipping.

No. 125151

File: 1451599730437.jpg (34.93 KB, 600x450, buddy-cole-colbert-report.jpg)

are you "but its not child porn if i say it isn't even if everyone else thinks it is!" anon? you seem a bit salty about getting pruned.

No. 125152

Nah, I was the person that called out that anon for being retarded enough to direct tumblrfags to 4chan

No. 125153

good on you, anon. i dont understand how anyone would want tumblrscum infesting the doll general. people aren't nice there, they just (for the most part) don't out of their way to be ultra try hard dicks (save for that one anon.) the tumblr doll community is the absolute worst out of every doll related community, inviting into one of the few places people have some semblance of common sense is going to destroy the place.

No. 125154

File: 1451672331730.jpg (86.55 KB, 650x500, puyo.jpg)

Leekeworld has some sweet deal for their new year event. I think I'm going to get a PuyoPuyo.
I want to give her cute short black hairs, soft eyes and dark raspberry lips.
I wanted a disproportionate doll for a long time to bring to life an old OC.

I just hope that I won't get too much shit from the french community. (at least it's not the mikhaila, but it's still the "stolen" body)

No. 125155

File: 1451686383026.jpg (246.4 KB, 655x983, blank_lillycat_jolie.jpg)

I hope you don't get much shit from them either. Yeah, Leeke made a dick move, but I find their heads more aesthetically pleasing.

At first I didn't care for the pear-shaped girls, but after getting a DC body, I fucking love them despite being tricky to clothe. Waiting on a Lillycat Jolie right now.

It's pretty fucking hilarious that I'm pretty sure pedoanon was asking for a link to this board. Haha, no fam, don't need you bringing retards that don't know how chans work over here either.

Whoever came up with the observation that the /toy/janitor was tumblr scum is not far from the mark, since the thread mysteriously gets mass pruned (even legit not-involved-with-pedoanon posts) when an anon said we'd have to start calling everyone niggerfaggots to scare the tumblr away.

No. 125156

Fuck she's cute. I've been interested in bjds off and on, but damn. I kind of want.

No. 125157

Agreed, this is SO cute. Looks like it's out of stock on the site, though. How often do they get these back in? I really, really want.

No. 125158

She does preorders, but it closed a few months ago for that one. She may rerelease her in another color, since she seemed to be pretty popular (at least I keep seeing people that say that have ordered her!)

No. 125159

File: 1451724887324.jpg (123.46 KB, 427x640, ellana.jpg)

Lillycat's dolls are gorgeous but they are so expensive and hard to get. My personal favorite is the ellana and the Millie choupie.

She really is that kind of artist who make me want to start sculpting.

Even blank, her dolls have such a strong face and personality.

No. 125160

Is the BJD hobby dead?

I used to be way into them when I was a 13-16 year old Gaia weeb, I saved pics of sculpts I wanted from companies, had folders of outfits I wanted to buy for them, names and back stories, etc. but now as an adult with extra income for hobbies I started looking around at some of the companies I liked the most- souldoll, soom, rosettedoll- and every site I go to has almost everything as sold out. I know I shouldn't expect to find all the sculpts I listed after almost 10 years ago, but it's like every site I go to only has a few full sets and limitless and all their basic sets are sold out.

No. 125161

its definitely not dead but the aesthetic has changed considerably. its headed toward realism and advanced posing.

soom now only sells monthly limited dolls, thats why everything is sold out. they make a new doll each month and when the selling period is over, its gone.

artist dolls and heads are becoming big. individual artists have started making small runs of heads, like nabarro and legende de temps.

but yeah, many old companies no longer do basics, they just exist by selling limited fullsets.

No. 125162

That's dumb. My interest in BJDs was always the customization options, buying a full set seems so boring and uncreative.

What companies still offer basics? I was always interested in MSDs until I owned a male one and found out how much of a pain it is to find cool male MSD clothes that aren't childish or tacky, SDs have so many more options across the board for clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes, etc. But I want one that isn't an alien or a bug eyed animu bby, with a realistic face. Sadly I can't remember all the names of companies except a few. I wish there were some kind of list of doll companies.

Also: I came across a website last night called legenddoll.com that has dolls listed from a ton of companies, is it legit or nah?

No. 125163

most likely a recast site, not to be trusted. there are only a few sites that are real legit carriers of multiple companies. denverdoll and fabricfriendsanddolls are good ones who offer layaway and carry many companies.

if you want realistic SD boys, i suggest iplehouse and dollshe. dollshe has been putting some things on hiatus, but they do offer basics, they just do them in random order periods. iplehouse has basics of all their dolls after the limited original releases end.

No. 125164

File: 1454119749849.jpg (17.32 KB, 480x480, ringdoll.jpg)

also ringdoll lately has been stepping up their game. their bodies look pretty nice (dunno how well they pose though) and with a good faceup, their sculpts are decent, particularly their newer ones. K for example is very interesting, definitely not the typical big eyed pretty boy. or maybe im just swayed by the sexy priest look, idk

No. 125165


I'll check those out, thanks! By chance, do you remember the name of the company that used to do SD sized custom heads of celebrities/real people from pics you sent them?

No. 125166

I think it was Doll in Mind that did Minimees, but there are other companies that do them now. They always looked pretty bobbleheaded and awkward on most bodies.

No. 125167

their sculpts still have that "pointy" brooding, bland aesthetic. i liked them before but after a while they're boring.

No. 125168

Do the Unoa Lusis or Sist come in SD sizes? I started in the hobby with MSDs and I want to move on to SDs because they're just easier to style and have soooo many more options and faces that aren't all cutesy and animu.

No. 125169

File: 1456556085126.jpg (191.35 KB, 430x558, Zero-Latia-malion-6.jpg)

no but there is Unoa Zero

No. 125170

Hnng yes those are gorgeous, forget Lusis and Sist! I don't see any of them on unoa alchemy, do they only offer the MSDs in B grade?

No. 125171

File: 1456572914281.jpg (59.18 KB, 500x500, kinoko.jpg)

Do anyone here are member of den of angel? if yes is it a cool place?
I would really like to join but I don't know if it really is that great.

No. 125172

I'm a member and it has a lot of information, but a lot of people don't like how people in discussion groups don't include 'outsiders' and there are a lot of problem transactions due to poor communication.

No. 125173

I've always wanted a Unoa. They're so beautiful.

No. 125174

The registration is closed, so you'll have to get a member to send you an invite code. Then you have to make at least 40 posts before you can access the marketplace.

Aside from that, it does have a ton of really good information, but it's really boring unless you invest a lot of time talking to the more active members and posting in threads. I stopped logging in except to check for updates on releases or to find resin matches. It just got so boring and everyone was just kind of… Closed off and unwelcoming.

No. 125175

File: 1456617451662.jpg (385.3 KB, 898x660, eah.jpg)

So glad to see the thread still has some life in it!
I only recently got interested in dolls, and decided to go practice on some Monster High dolls and see if the hobby is anything for me in general. Pic related is my second try on the Ever After High Cupid doll (the first one was too bad to be share on the Internet). Everything is done with pastel and coloured pencils.
But I will get acrylics, because pencils don't give me the amount of control over pressure and colour/lines that I want, and even though I thought Faber Castell water colour pencils were quality enough, they don't work very well. Which is why the lashes look so terrible.

Any opinions and tips for newfags welcome, because aside from strangers on the Internet I have no one in my life to talk with about dolls ;_;

No. 125176

I don't have any advice about painting or customizing, but there is a pretty good sized community for dolls and customization on Instagram. Just use the shit out of tags like #dollstagram #dollsofinstagram #monsterhigh #toysofinstagram etc., if you do you're bound to gain some followers/find people to follow who share your new hobby!

No. 125177

Is this my only option? I dislike instagram and would rather not use it. I don't even want followers, I'd rather find a place to get advice from first, and from my impression Instagram seems as helpful as tumblr. Especially if you are an absolute nobody like me, who doesn't know anything about or anyone in the community and probably won't get much or any attention…

No. 125178

I would say for now, keep your pencil as sharp as you can. Maybe turn it a bit every second or third lash. Or try not to draw as much next time.

No. 125179

Idk, forums are pretty dead these days. Instagram isn't even that bad, and it's super easy to get followers and find people to follow, and because it's picture based you get a lot less drama/filler posts, plus a lot of people have separate accounts for their personal stuff and for their hobbies.

If you want to meet people who share your interests, social media is the easiest and best option.

No. 125180

check flickr. there aren't many tutorials really, but its where i go to find all sorts of things. its great for resin comparisons. also i find the quality of the photos there are higher than other places (there's still tons of shit but i follow some really awesome people.) i also prefer the commenting system on flickr, tumblr is god awful. i don't use instagram, so i can't give advice about it, other than from what i know of it, its just mostly phone pics, which tend to be shitty quality. so yeah, go to flickr and look around.

No. 125181

File: 1456700291501.jpg (103.27 KB, 800x794, 005.JPG)

i feel like spamming my dolls, i apologize to anons who also frequent 4chan's bjd general, because you've seen me post my shit before.

this is my venitu, i added some more color and texture to his faceup since the last time i posted his pic here. i love this guy.

No. 125182

File: 1456700648228.jpg (121.72 KB, 1300x672, 011.JPG)

i am currently in the process of rehabbing an old elfdoll sooah head to make into a doll version of one of my ORIGINUL CHRACTR DONUT STEALs

the head is 9 years old, so it was quite yellow. it was originally a sleeping head that the original owner awkwardly modded. i had to fix the tear duct area, as they were just carved into the eyes with sharp edges. i opened the eyes a little more and cleaned and sanded the entire head, then blushed it so it'd be less yellow. i can't work on it anymore until the body i ordered comes in, but i'm happy with the progress so far.

the headcap still has the original paint job, i was too lazy to clean it. so here's a comparison with the color of the head now. its pretty amazing. if you're afraid of getting into dolls because they yellow, then don't be, because with some work, you can bring them back to looking decent.

No. 125183

I love that face sculpt! What is it?

No. 125184

its a 5th motif venitu. it used to be sold on dollshecraft.com but their contract is over and they won't be making them anymore. i think the sculptor said he no longer wants to make big SD sized dolls because they're too much work? idk. but you might still be able to find it on the second hand market, as they only recently stopped selling them and some people are still paying their layaways.

No. 125185

He's gorgeous!

No. 125186

It's such a shame that good sculpts like this don't usually stay in production long. I always preferred mature, realistic sculpts myself but they're not very prevalent in the hobby unless they have over exaggerated features like muscles, ridiculous cheekbones, beady dramatic eyes, etc.

No. 125187

How can you tell if a doll is a recast if the owner doesn't say it is or where they bought it? Can you tell just by looking at one?

No. 125188

You can get a knockoff Venitu from bjd-shop for under $300.

No. 125189

> getting a knock off

poorfag please

No. 125190


It has nothing to do with that, it's about gettin the doll you want. If a company wants to keep making money off of a sculpt they can keep selling it. Sculpts that aren't made anymore are fair game. And ultimately it doesn't even matter because, like so many BJD hobbyists like to forget, it's just a doll. The only time botching about recasts is justified is when the original doll is still being made by the company and is still available.

No. 125191

if it's 'just a doll' get a different sculpt and support the people who make good ones instead of the people who flood the market with trash.

No. 125192

> not about money

then explain to me why recast owner's dolls always look like shit? cheap ass shitty faceups, cheap ass shitty wigs, cheap ass shitty clothes…

people who buy recasts don't have the patience or the money to make their dolls look good. if you can't spring for a legit doll, then you aren't going to buy a nice wig, or good urethane eyes, or a high quality faceup.

recast owners want instant gratification. they just want "a doll." they never put the time effort and money into making it perfect and beautiful.

so yeah, sorry but if you resort to recasts then you're a poorfag

No. 125193

>Then explain to me why recast owner's dolls always look like shit?

Elitism is rampant in the BJD community, especially when it comes to the anti-recast debate. Odds are you've seen at least one recast that looked nice and you couldn't even tell. Because really, other than the person who cast the doll, what is the difference?

>People who buy recasts don't have the patience or the money to make their dolls look good.

Usually people with shitty dolls are the ones that rushed into the hobby, grabbed a doll and a pile of clothes/wigs/eyes and started taking pics to show it off. And again, if you know it's a recast and it looks like shit, it's probably not because is a recast but because the owner is a either a newfag or a doll hoarder.

>so yeah, sorry but if you resort to recasts then you're a poorfag

Literally none of your points had anything to do with money, all of them had to do with the person buying the doll. And before you scream "poorfag!" again, let me point out that there are in fact far, far more slapped together ugly impulse buy legit dolls than than recast ones.

TL;DR: buy a recast of you want one. The only people who get butthurt are people who want to feel superior while crying about how their toys are better than yours on the internet.

No. 125194

File: 1456812371082.jpeg (109.64 KB, 640x1117, image.jpeg)

How do you guys transport your dolls? I have a MSD sized carrier from Dollzone that I put a bunch of weeby bullshit anime patches and pins on (I'm trash, I know) and it's seriously amazing. There are 3 inside pockets, 4 outer pickets, double zippers and the carrying strap is super comfy and the whole thing overall is amazingly sturdy. I also modified mine with some hard plastic rectangles sewn into the sides, top and bottom for extra protection but even before I did that I still never worried about my doll when it would get bumped in the case.

I just placed an order for an SD though and I imagine I'll need a carrier for it as well. I was thinking about DZ again but their SD carrier looks soo big, and I'm pretty tiny. Are there any other places that sell good, sturdy carriers with a lot of storage space? I know Dollmore used to sell some cool Rollin luggage type carriers that could fit seated SDs but sadly they don't offer them on their site anymore.

No. 125195

People who buy recast actually hurt the market, especially if they buy recast doll who come from smaller compagnies.
And the artist of the venitu actually tryed really hard to prevent recasting and and recaster still managed to get one of his doll. I think that knowing that, if you really like the work of this artist, you should have a little humility and refuse to give your money to people who steal and spit on someone's work.

Maybe one doll will end up on the market and you will be able to get an original? I really hope you choose to wait and get the real deal.

No. 125196

It's a doll. A luxury hobby. You're not entitled to own a specific kind of doll, and don't have a birthright to acquiring the dolls you want. You will be able to live without the doll, and there are plenty of other doll sculpts out there.

Not to mention, almost every artists is against recasters and they try their hardest to prevent recasters. Which btw results in some Indie-Sculptures making it almost impossible to get a doll because they're afraid people will make a recast. How can you feel comfortable buying the product if the very own creators asks you to please not support recast buisnesses?

People who buy recast actually hurt the market, especially if they buy recast doll who come from smaller companies.
>And the artist of the venitu actually tryed really hard to prevent recasting and and recaster still managed to get one of his doll. I think that knowing that, if you really like the work of this artist, you should have a little humility and refuse to give your money to people who steal and spit on someone's work.
All of this, basically.

Enjoy your moral superiority complex because "i-it's just a doll guys!!! I'm not an elitist like you!!!!" but in the end, you're a shitty impatient person who can't value an artist's work.

No. 125197

My first bjd was a recast, before I knew anything about recasts and all that. I feel kind of bad for getting it too, especially after being in the hobby for awhile. I'm thinking of giving it to my roommate.

No. 125198

its not elitism its just plain fact. when you paid more for something you value it more, you treat it better, you care about the end result because you worked harder to get it. you can have some pride in it.

No. 125199

im really insecure about my "weird creepy" hobbies that i never take my dolls outside. i've never been to a meet or anything

No. 125200

Yeah, I think that's a common problem, unless you live in or near a big city this is a pretty lonely hobby. I bought my MSD carrier as a place to keep my doll and his clothes and shoes when I'm not played h with him, since I don't have a lot of open shelf space. I just keep him in his carrier and slide him under my bed. I have big windows that let in a lot of sunlight so I wouldn't want him on shelf anyway because I'm super paranoid, even with his UV coating.

No. 125201

>Not to mention, almost every artists is against recasters and they try their hardest to prevent recasters. Which btw results in some Indie-Sculptures making it almost impossible to get a doll because they're afraid people will make a recast. How can you feel comfortable buying the product if the very own creators asks you to please not support recast buisnesses?

That kind of dumb, if you make a doll that people are going to want, how is making it hard to get going to prevent it being recasted? Wouldn't making it easier to get be the better option? With the exception of big brands most dolls are consistent in pricing, and obviously if the hobby is still around it means there are people willing to pay for them. I don't understand that logic tbh. Dolls that are harder to get, if they have a good sculpt that a lot of people might want, wouldn't they have more risk of being recast? And how do you even prevent something like that?

No. 125202

a lot of these people aren't purposely trying to make their dolls hard to get just to be dicks. 5th motif is literally ONE guy. i follow his facebook. dollshe cast the dolls for him, but the guy from 5th motif had to cut off the gates, sand, glue in the silicone chunks, string and assemble all the dolls himself. in the beginning he had his brother help him, but then his brother got a new job and couldn't help him anymore. and 5th motif also had another day job, because guess what, making dolls doesn't pay the bills like you think it does. 5th motif had no choice but to stop production because he just couldn't handle the work load anymore.

he does plan to come back with more dolls though, but not big ones. he supposedly has an MSD sized girl doll in the works, that he is going to sell on etsy when it's ready. he said smaller dolls are less work, and other than one more head for the timeless body (venitu/goohwa's body) he won't make another SD.

No. 125203

and in regards to recasting. 5th motif tried to prevent it by keeping a list of everyone he sold a doll to. because his "company" is just himself, he knew who he sold to. naively he hoped that everyone he sold to would KEEP the doll, but he couldn't know who people sold the dolls to afterwards if they decided they didn't want to keep it.

this same thing is what enaibi does. she only sells dolls to people she meets IN PERSON and is extremely careful who she sells to. it seems to have worked for her, because the people she's sold to sure as shit do not sell the dolls to anyone else afterward. i think i've only seen an enaibi doll twice on the second market, ever. she casts all her dolls by hand and sells them personally. and doll making isn't her only job, she is an illustrator and i believe she works for whoever makes the show wakfu.

No. 125204

File: 1456961267508.jpg (34.53 KB, 500x375, toplel.jpg)

I think the only time I would consider a recast is if the company flat out refuses to cast in a skintone I want. I had asked them about it, because it's a company pretty notorious for giving in to adding more options, but they didn't budge on this one. (The doll was tan and I wanted white skin.)

I'm not going to get the recast, but it's so tempting.

It's not always about poorfaggotry, but I do agree that a tremendous chunk of it is.

I got a Soom bag a couple of years ago for my bigger dolls. I fit 2 65cm dolls, an MSD, and a LTF in it this summer. There needs to be some padding in between them of course, but it worked. I do think it needs more reinforcement or padding. I just got my Lillycat Jolie in and the bag she came in was like a motherfucking frilly dufflebag. It's so awesome.

I say that too, but they still recast the fuck out of fairyland.
I think most of that is their high price point and the appeal of their samefaces and newfags not knowing better.
>kek yfw newfags watching Nicolle's Dreams YouTube vids want mnf chloes like hers and are probably unknowingly buying recasts due to being cheaper and not researching beforehand

No. 125205


People think that once a doll has been sculpted it can be replicated perfectly ad infinitum, but that's completely not true.

Molds degrade with each casting. You can get a maximum of 20 copies off of each mold before they start to warp, tear or lose details. Usually less, especially if they're not handled properly, during order rush for example. Not every cast will be acceptable, even with higher-end resin and pressure chamber - it can be a tiniest bubble, but if it's located on an eyelid or forehead, the cast is wasted. Hot and humid weather can make it completely impossible to cast resin. Sometimes the master gets damaged or destroyed in the process of moldmaking, and you can't always use the cast instead, since each copy is slightly smaller and slightly warped and parts may not fit properly anymore.

TL;DR casting a resin doll is hella difficult, especially since most artist don't have even the 1/5 of resources and manpower recasters do.

Plus whoever thinks that artists are making bank just because their dolls are expensive is an ignorant little shit. Check how much Dollshe charges for casting, others aren't significantly cheaper.

No. 125206

>looks up 5th motif

I've never been interested in BJD before but these are literally some of the prettiest I've ever seen. dem hands.

No. 125207

File: 1466164909955.jpg (50.15 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o77pzurUhL1uxdc1go1_500…)

C-can we bring the doll thread back please? I love this thread and it really helped me getting into dolls, so I'd love to see it continue.

So Mattel announce a reboot of the monster High Ghouls with new faces. Pic related is what Draculaura looks, others have been shown as well. The new look is supposed to appeal to a younger audience, as Mattel wants the MHDs to shift and cater to the 6-10 years old audience more. Of course, older fans are enraged, and since MHD fandom tends to be a bit autistic, there are already plenty of hate and change petitions. Personally I think the new faces are cute, they have less of that whore make up - but I can see why people dislike them, as they are more anime/Disney like. Also, Mattel lost the license for Disney dolls in 2016, explaining why they try to push the MHDs onto the younger audiences. Appareantly they will also abandon a lot of former dolls in their new reboot?
Mattel is a shit company anyway, nothing suprising about them about to ruin another doll franchise like they did with Barbie.

Any opinions?
/End of autistic rant, it just didn't fit anywhere and also I want the doll thread back.

No. 125208

File: 1466166179544.jpg (58.38 KB, 426x640, 5f23c48f28d3fd0721304daf2ccf50…)

I just googled Monster High Dolls because I remembered them looking quiet whore-ish and found a bunch of repainted beauties!
I hope you guys will forgive me for a mild pic spam

No. 125209

File: 1466166194308.jpg (53.34 KB, 454x640, 7c32667e065a659d85340a8a5bb919…)

No. 125210

File: 1466166256524.jpg (45.49 KB, 533x800, a289e5eafd4a7e624aa2d9576857be…)

No. 125211

File: 1466166372509.jpg (20.38 KB, 400x266, $_1.JPG)

No. 125212

File: 1466166474847.jpg (245.12 KB, 774x1032, repaint_monster_high_doll___mo…)

No. 125213

File: 1466166500921.jpg (239.88 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 125214

File: 1466166592718.jpg (180.03 KB, 800x600, ebe157fb84513f04f0021be24550bd…)

Last one, I promise!

No. 125215

Monster high are not BJD

No. 125216

Anon pls, read >>124826

No. 125217

File: 1466331138524.jpg (76.99 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nia5q6Xpuq1sbkp9po1_500…)

Yes, skilled people can really do impressive work with them! I love to see how they can get the maximum potential out of these dolls. Endless possibilities! And since they all have different skin tones - some unnatural, some not-, different gimmicks like the mermaid ones >>125211
and interesting different facemolds it is so much fun to work with them.

I'm still salty that Mattel fucked up their spin off, the Ever After Highs. I like the concept, story and the clothes a lot, but sadly they have these gigantic heads and pretty much the same face mold for each doll. Such a disappointment.

Have some more repaints.

No. 125218

File: 1466331198955.jpg (50.01 KB, 500x313, tumblr_nsak8eOZTa1sbkp9po1_500…)

Just a simple repaint, but shows how much a faceup can change the look of the doll!

No. 125219

File: 1466331478424.png (702.27 KB, 751x532, doll.png)

No. 125220

i have a bunch of monster high dolls i havent painted yet and i keep toying with the idea of cutting eye holes in one to use actual glass eyes and shit in but i have a feeling i'd fuck it up

No. 125221

File: 1466384517109.jpg (189.26 KB, 646x2145, 002.JPG)

from what i've heard, not only are they aiming for younger kids and cuteifying the line, but they are also downgrading the quality A LOT. making them more like barbies with no joints in the arms and stuff like that. definitely lame shit.

in other news i'm elfdoll sooah anon from here >>125182

i finally got his body and painted his face. i still need to sand the boobs off the body and im thinking of shortening the neck a little because it seems too long but i don't know if i have the guts. grinding off tits doesn't scare me but fucking up a neck mod and making the body useless is a real fear.

he's vaguely inspired by old school freedom fighters era miyavi, hence the gay ass hair and piercings.

No. 125222

File: 1466384601904.jpg (170.03 KB, 700x1050, 014.JPG)

some more shots. he's been in the works for ages so i'm happy he's really close to being done.

No. 125223

File: 1466384662948.jpg (190.62 KB, 750x1125, 003.JPG)

last one.

No. 125224

Have you painted any dolls at all? I'd love to see them! This thread needs more creators showing their work.
I thought about the eye thing too, but where would you even get glass eyes small enough for MHDs? Most glass eyes I see around are for the bigger BJDs. I have no ideas where and which to get for MHDs.

> downgrading the quality A LOT.

>making them more like barbies with no joints in the arms and stuff like that. definitely lame shit.
That's what I've heard too. Maybe I'm retarded, but I cannot really find any information about the body and what else they're gonna mod? I was only able to find some pictures of the dolls.
I'm a Eurofag and our releases are usually at least one year behind America's, so if the new dolls all turn out to be shit, I guess I'll have to stock up on the old releases as long as we sell them here.

Very cute! I love his facial expression! A mixture of snotty, yet a little cute and a bit vulnerable, at least that's what the pictures so far convey to me.

No. 125225

I was gonna try this. Seems easy enough.

Sitter lost interest in her hole monster high collecting and I get the whole lot.

No. 125226

yes actually i'm the anon who did >>124841 and >>124843 i kind of stopped doing them because they got really hard to sell on etsy, which was the only reason i was painting them, really. but having them sitting around in drawers feels like a waste so i might as well paint the ones i have.

and yes you got his personality pretty much on the nose! he's a character i made up ages ago back when i did online roleplay (which i still kind of do, actually, lol.) and he's kind of like john connor from terminator 2 mixed with one of those small yappy dogs that act like tough shit and starts fights with bigger dogs.

No. 125227

File: 1467031444634.jpg (70.7 KB, 650x650, D157-2.jpg)

Why don't they sell anymore? And how do you sell them in the first place. Just dump them on etsy? Do you need a large following and be well known in the community?

One question, do you use acrylics? I've heard people use paint thinner because for face ups, you cannot thin them with water like you'd regularly do. But no art supply store can tell me what kind of paint thinner to use… They all tell me I can thin acrylic colours with water, and when I explain them why I can't they look at me like I am retarded.

Anyone here who has experience with Pullip dolls? I always loved them and they offer DIY-kits for a reasonable price. Pic related are my weeaboo dream dolls bc I have shit taste and I am not ashamed, but I'd love to get more. I'm just not sure if it is worth it. Any opinions?

No. 125228

File: 1467034617155.jpg (75.25 KB, 650x647, 006.JPG)

i'm not sure, my first few sold within a couple of weeks. but the last few i put up took months and months, almost a year, and one never sold at all so i just didnt renew her on the site.

yeah i think needing a following to sell is my problem. all the popular monster high artists use tumblr and promote themselves there. i have 0 interest in associating with tumblr, so there you go. i only did the monster high stuff for some extra cash, but if they don't sell then there's no point. i still have my few regulars who ask me for bjd commissions so whatevs.

working on this doll right now. using MSC, but luckily i am not having any problems usually associated with tan skin, so yay.

No. 125229

File: 1467035169401.jpg (456.05 KB, 1200x1200, ceramcoat.jpg)

just realized i forgot to answer some questions! yes i use acrylics. and i normally only use water to thin them. sometimes i'll use "golden acrylic flow release" with a little water, but honestly i don't see much of a difference.

i use very cheap acrylics, in fact, i'm still using the same tiny bottles i started off with 7 years ago. they're "delta ceramcoat" acrylics, the little bottles you can get for less than 2 dollars. they're nice and runny already, so you don't need to thin them much. more expensive acrylics seem to be much thicker and plastic-y? i can't use them, they never work out right and always seem to dry shiny. ceramcoat dries matte.

No. 125230

just adding in case you were referring to painting monster high. with monster high i use watercolor pencils. specifically derwent "inktense". i don't really use much actual paint on them at all. just pastel for shading/blushing/makeup and water color pencils for everything else.

No. 125231

Does anyone have tips for restringing?

No. 125232

File: 1467063932878.jpg (92.92 KB, 375x500, 5228700245_287f7d51a9.jpg)

Thinning your paints with water is fine. Not sure who gave you the impression they aren't okay, but it's what I do anyway. Some thinners may not agree with resin or ABS.

I actually own the ChibiMoon and Black Lady Pullips! They're quite cute– honestly, I would rather have Chibi Usa in the dress in your pic rather than their fukus… because the fukus are made of pleather. It's such a bizarre choice. Also their tiaras are a nightmare to put on and look good. But yeah! I like 'em! If you have a Tuesday Morning store nearby (assuming you're in burgerland) check them out, as they surprisingly have a few Pullip/Dal/Taeyang/etc. dolls! They usually cost around $40, but if you want to try one before you buy one, give that a shot if you are able to.

No. 125233

I've only tried it on the Monster Highs so far, and water will not really work there? The sealant seems to repel the water, so that the colours don't stay in place.
I might try again with different colours, or I will just stick to pencils for the MHDs.

Wierdly I disliked Pullips for a long time because of their big heads… But then they slowly warmed their way into my heart, and now I'm in love. I especially like that you can move their eyes and lids, that's my ultimate favourite function and gives sooo much more options in expression!
>fukus made out of pleather
What. I thought about getting the Premium Bandai Sailor Moon who comes in her regular fuku, but she's just too expensive for my taste. So now I'm looking out for the Princess Serenity and Chibi Moon, they have such lovely outfits and rarely and figurines modeled after them so they are a rare piece in my collection in this form.

>assuming I'm in burgerland

No, I'm a Eurofag, sadly. Which means I have to import everything from America or Japan and pay 19-35% taxes on top of everything (item value + shipping costs included!). And shipping from America is so insultingly high, it's usually just easier to get everything from Japan (even with their upped EMS shipping).
We don't have any cool stores here. We're even at least one year behind the recent Monster HighEver After doll releases, and tfw we never get the exclusives. A-at least we have functional healthcare, r-right

No. 125234

It sounds like you may be overthinning your paints. It needs to probably be a little thicker than milk for vinyl faces. I think most people that do MH do pencils anyway.

I would definitely go with Serenity and Small Lady in their Princess dresses. Their fukus are so questionable. Black Lady's dress is alright. Not the most amazing, but still a step up in quality from my Chibi Moon.

No. 125235

File: 1467156101810.png (337.7 KB, 610x261, therestoomanyofyou.png)

> tfw your commission thread is closed and has been closed for over a year yet multiple people all at once start asking you for commissions

fucking stooooopppppp just leave me alooooonnne!!!

No. 125236

Does anyone have any patterns for bjd? I wanna sew for them but I'm not confident enough to make doll sized patterns just yet.

No. 125237

File: 1472002236621.jpeg (717.6 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I really want one of the popovy sisters dolls

No. 125238

File: 1472002354751.jpeg (70.68 KB, 750x716, image.jpeg)

Without the tattoo design

No. 125239


No. 125240

File: 1472006814628.jpg (96.01 KB, 620x930, lindseywixson.jpg)

i think the bodies looked better before they added that creepy neck joint.

yeah some look derp, but they are all clearly based on real models like pic related. the "little owl" sculpt is clearly devon aoki.

No. 125241

File: 1472010441998.jpeg (82.05 KB, 728x743, image.jpeg)


I'm sure that the open mouthed sculpted there is actually "cuckoo" and the closed mouth is "little owl" I think this one looks like lily cole

No. 125242

i wasnt saying the one pictures was little owl. cuckoo is based on lindsey wixson, little own is based on devon aoki, and peewit is based on gemma ward. the others i'm not familiar with enough to figure out who they've been based on. but its pretty obvious with cuckoo, peewit and little owl.

No. 125243

File: 1472045866357.jpg (271.19 KB, 800x1717, popovymodels.jpg)

i did a side by side. the other girls look familiar but i don't know the names of the models they're probably based on.

No. 125244

2nd devon aoki

No. 125245

3rd is Gemma ward

No. 125246

i know, im the one who posted >>125242

i did a side by side of the models i DID know. there are other dolls on the site that i can't figure out.

No. 125247

Can you post pictures of the others? For some reason I can't access the site.

No. 125248

File: 1472331805606.jpg (114.91 KB, 700x1527, popovy.jpg)

No. 125249

first is Lindsey Wixson

No. 125250


bitch can you not read? i know that IM the one who made the comparisons. those three i know who they are based on, if i didnt know, then how the hell did i make the comparisons? holy shit. stop.

No. 125251

File: 1472334176117.jpeg (12.76 KB, 195x259, daphne.jpeg)

magpie looks like daphne groeneveld

No. 125252

i bet you're right! the mouth is really distinct. i honestly wonder why popovy sisters dont get any flack for basing their dolls on actual people without their permission? unless they are just different enough to those made into dolls to do anything about it.

No. 125253

Cherry could be Abbey Lee Kershaw?

No. 209675

File: 1508777960756.png (442.57 KB, 1039x795, bod1.PNG)

Thought I'd necro the doll thread to ask whether some 1/6 azone/obitsu bodies can fit in Licca/Jenny doll clothes. I'm trying to do as much research on this as I can before I buy one but most people with Licca hybrids just take cute photos and never talk about things like the fit of clothes.

I'm getting a doll of Licca's mom and want to pose her with a more articulated body, but since she's an adult I also want her to be slightly curvier than a normal 21cm child-size Licca (hence the anime tiddy variant in the picture) as well as the natural height difference that she'll have in the first place (she's closer in height to Jenny at about 26cm). I know that the Licca clothes will obviously come up shorter/tighter on a bigger doll, but if they at least tolerably fit I'll be happy.

Honestly I'm kinda skeptical of the clothes fitting on that particular one but the pureneemo bodies only really come in flatchested or super busty with not much in between, so if the clothes won't fit that body will they fit on a 25cm Obitsu body with the medium bust?

No. 209676

File: 1508778322016.jpg (18.54 KB, 322x330, together1.jpg)

((Here's a picture of the doll next to a normal Licca just in case anyone is interested, mine hasn't arrived yet so it's a stock photo))

No. 209723

File: 1508837835032.jpeg (229.93 KB, 530x800, hp.jpeg)

Maybe some Farmers can help me, because I've always been interested in BJDs but never known quite where to start. Is there some companies you'd recommend as ones you swear by?

Also, this enaibi Satyne figure has really interested me as well. Would you all know of one similar since they're apparently impossible to get? Maybe one that's got a cute exaggerated pear shape like that or nymphish.

No. 209833


Aren't those elin figures from the Tera game? I think they're probably expensive and rare since they're not commonly produced/popular?

No. 209843

File: 1508952466477.jpg (48.79 KB, 700x1085, cerisedoll--bjd-dolls-bodies.j…)

I was using the Elin as an example for something pear-shaped. Here's along the lines of what I'm looking for in BJD bodies.

No. 209934

When in doubt Den of Angels is the place to go for any questions you might have. It's an entire forum dedicated to BJDs and they have a pretty good secondhand market, but I'm not sure if they still have that invite-only thing going on with registration. Personally, I don't think you should ever settle when it comes to dolls. If you see something you like, go for it. But make sure you do your homework when it comes to care and maintenance.

As for dolls with pear-shaped bodies. The first that come to mind are maybe DollPamm, Dust of Dolls, and Leekeworld's Mikhaila (not sure what the body she comes on is called unfortunately.) It was a huge trend a while back ago, so you probably shouldn't have any problems finding something you like. Hope that sort of helps.

No. 209961

Its still invite only so good luck with that.

No. 260269

File: 1529176467606.png (1.51 MB, 1189x980, a3a5573dd461af2c2054695d8ff8d2…)

More time want a "kinoko juice" doll.
They has a cute stupid :з face. Hah.

No. 260285

God what are those proportions?

No. 260362

File: 1529215402252.jpg (176.21 KB, 750x946, HTB1toWseXkoBKNjSZFEq6zrEVXaS.…)

Has anyone bought bjds from Aliexpress?

No. 260434


Sometime you can find a good stuff, but all aliBJD - bootleg's.

No. 260444

If it's from Aliexpress it's a recast (copy). They use photos of full set dolls from the real companies, not of their actual recasts.
Good companies: Fairyland, Supia, Loongsoul, Iplehouse, Angell Studio. Go to the real company websites and place an order.
On Aliexpress, Taobao, eBay, new dolls are primarily recasts (fakes) with lower quality, resin that yellows faster, less accuracy in the details.

No. 260447

The unpainted dolls don't look different at all. IMHO it's fine to purchase a recast as long as you know what you get into. Though personally I just buy clothes and wigs for my bjd bpught years ago from a small company.

No. 260782

File: 1529347583496.png (54.1 KB, 600x269, stfu.png)

Soo I was just gathering a price range for what some MH/barbie and ect repaints go for and found Hextians Harley Quinn went for 11k. Idk thought it was a bit much for a repaint let alone his skill level sometimes.

No. 260784

File: 1529347655191.jpg (71.11 KB, 634x1188, $_32.jpg)

full picture of the doll

No. 260878

>a bit much
Anon that’s way too much.

No. 260882

This makes BJD prices look a lot more reasonable

No. 260886

I never believe those crazy high bids on dolls. Like anything over 2k is suspicious. Nobody has to pay when they win; if they have a new account they can just take the non-payment error on their account and be on their merry way.

Generally you can expect a repaint/OOAK MH to go for around $50+

No. 260934

11k for something shitty paint job and jaggity edges. This can't be real right

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