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File: 1480041318790.jpg (210.93 KB, 900x500, XhRXkUq.jpg)

No. 118773

I heard about this the other day and thought it was nonsense, but then I looked into it and damn.

Also the streisand effect on this is insane,the pizzeria, the owner of reddit and news sites all desperately trying to cover it up. And the more you try to cover up something the more people get curious.

What do you peeps think about this?

No. 118774

File: 1480041352203.jpg (226.15 KB, 720x1200, pizzagate_2bp.jpg)

dumping info

No. 118775

File: 1480041425419.jpg (86.92 KB, 1066x487, CxAv-raUQAAcPuw.jpg)

No. 118776

File: 1480041596663.png (2.45 MB, 1892x1218, JpF4XF.png)

No. 118777

File: 1480041719075.png (747.25 KB, 800x543, PizzaGatePedoFiles_Ascension.p…)

so many coincidences

No. 118778

File: 1480041885246.png (123.84 KB, 678x440, 86mWlT.png)

No. 118781

File: 1480042073887.jpg (110.75 KB, 840x637, pizzaemail.jpg)

Who cares this much about a pizza stained handkerchief?

No. 118782

>streisand effect
Back to 8ch

No. 118784

File: 1480042217736.jpg (42.14 KB, 943x717, pizzagate-4.jpg)

No. 118786

File: 1480042649200.jpg (123.66 KB, 791x1034, CwqEeoCXUAATfoc.jpg)

No. 118787

The e mails are extremely disturbing once you realize these people are communicating in code… like who talks about cheese pizza and walnuts as much as these people do?

No. 118788

File: 1480042884160.png (250.36 KB, 538x516, image9-11.png)

George Soros and Hillary Clinton are donating an insane amount of money to this dumpy little pizza place. Wonder why.

No. 118789

File: 1480043060820.png (656.28 KB, 1024x768, D0jSiHX.png)

I also wonder why on earth obama would frequent this dumpy little ping pong pizza place.

It's out in the open, not conspiracy or anything. Why this one particular pizza place????

No. 118790

File: 1480043250659.jpg (106.46 KB, 1200x734, CxCwHSqUoAArC-0.jpg)

The pizzagate subreddit got shut down. Reddit owners have been taking time out of their day to edit posts about pizzagate on other subreddits. Weird weird weird.

No. 118791

File: 1480043453981.jpg (47.81 KB, 496x650, Cwr6xEsUkAEGdUl.jpg)

according to wiki the term first dates to 2005, way before the invention of 8chan


No. 118794

Oh my god, this is horrific. I have to hide this thread, this is too much but I hope these monsters pay for harming children. This is disgusting!

No. 118795

File: 1480044227020.png (387.44 KB, 930x449, lu0Uf9.png)

No. 118797

File: 1480044450111.jpg (155.53 KB, 1272x793, 1480041457679.jpg)

Public investigation is the only way this stuff can even have a chance of coming to light. I doubt anything legit will come of this, but it just reminds me so much of that jimmy savile bullshit that I can't stop poking.

The more we spread it around the better, the screenshots and such are getting deleted off twitter like crazy

No. 118798

Shameless instagramming real children and references to pedo shit. WTF????

Stuff getting deleted is a fucking joke. If the shoe were on the other political foot, it would be all over HuffPo and NYT in 5 seconds

No. 118799

File: 1480045312625.jpg (180.86 KB, 1274x599, Dk0yPw.jpg)

No. 118800

File: 1480045417899.png (810.9 KB, 934x619, ljC4qF.png)

funny you should mention NYT because I do believe they ran an article about how this is fake news, cyberharrasment and needs to be stopped.

Which is weird, that they should be so taken with a random online event with a random pizzeria not a day after it blew up on wikileaks

No. 118801

File: 1480045942972.png (467.28 KB, 934x598, 2FyXrV.png)

what weirds me out too is why all the pics of kids?

No. 118802

Seriously someone please convince me that there is no collusion going on at the highest levels of government and media, that this is just conspiracists being themselves.

I hope that this is just overhyped rumor drama, I really do. We're fucked otherwise and it's not just about potential trafficking, it's about people who are in bed with the media/D(N)C getting away with what they want.

No. 118803

File: 1480046186916.jpg (80.88 KB, 774x1021, 1478344327cwx8gckxuaahmru.jpg)

No. 118805

File: 1480047180085.png (116.12 KB, 1439x1781, 20161124_200711.png)

Here's some of the decoded words. I know not all of these aren't accurate. Walnut isn't a code word for poc but means an underdeveloped vulva/pre pubescent female genitalia in underground pedophile rings, for example. But just wanted to post this anyway to give people a general idea of what kind of conversations that are being held in these e mails.

No. 118807

File: 1480047779944.png (99.96 KB, 566x690, obama_pizza_hotdogs_stratfor.p…)

obama spent 65k on hotdogs FROM this pizzaplace wtf

this is also official

No. 118809

>that pic
>that caption
>that comment
What the fuck? That's a little too brazen, don't you think? I don't want to believe this is true, but this shit is looking suspicious.

No. 118810

File: 1480048444502.jpg (53.06 KB, 998x462, 2016-11-08_14-47-17.jpg)

to be fair that's a random dude who went there, the most brazen stuff is posted by one of the owners (?) jimmy comet. I wouldn't be surprised if they do legit normal parties there too like any little pizzeria, but then also invite over friggin OBAMA and HILLARY and get donations from SOROS

crazy stuff

making me hungry for pizza tho

No. 118811

A pizza and hotdog party sounds fucking awful btw. Just pick one. Why you gotta have pizza AND hotdogs?? And the most gourmet of pizza/hotdogs wouldn't add up to anything near $65,000. Obama has never really given off strong pedo vibes but Biden on the other hand…

No. 118812

File: 1480048719835.jpg (113.61 KB, 1280x720, John Podesta - 14 Fish.jpg)

and yeah all the podesta emails, he is THE owner

dude in pic related, although the 14 fish thing is really reaching in my opinion kek

No. 118813

File: 1480048785156.png (842.25 KB, 720x1280, bar.png)

;) ey lil gurl would you like a hotdog?

No. 118814

Okay, after checking the random guy's Instagram, it appears that the baby is his actual daughter.
The rest of the things being posted in this thread seem to be holding up, though. Unless someone can come up with some counter-evidence, this probably isn't just wild conspiracy theories gone amok.

No. 118815

holy shit im interested in this. where did you get all this? i need all you got. im interested.

No. 118816

File: 1480050219168.jpg (51.01 KB, 563x850, CwhxaTyVEAAI_8v.jpg)

A lot of the sources that are gathering all this information have claimed that Podesta owns paintings from an atrist named Biljana Djurdjevic who has painted multiple pieces that go along the lines of well… this. These people tend to have evil ass "art" hanging in their homes, like that Christiane Amanpour woman who has a painting of the twin towers set aflame hanging in her dining room. She stated it's her favorite piece in her home.

No. 118817

Most of it was on /pol/ and reddit when emails were being leaked constantly before election. You are slow.
Also you still lack info about that isle and lolita express in this thread.


No. 118819

what the fuck are you even saying? How would i even know it was on pol or reddit if i don't go there. just give me links.

No. 118825

>the owner of reddit and news sites all desperately trying to cover it up
How exactly did he try to cover it up?

I didn't follow the leaks. How do we know if those emails are all legit, rather than fake ones intended to smear their targets?

No. 118827

By deleting the pizzagate subreddit and (weirdest of all) taking time out of their day to ghost edit people's posts about this incident on other subreddits

It's pretty odd

No. 118829

Its that spez is so butthurt over the election results that he's doing everything he can to make Hillary look good/stick it to Trump supporters (he fucked around with some comments and replaced the trump subreddit's mods' names)

Idiotic and childish (no pun intended) but I don't think he's intentionally covering anything up.

No. 118831

The problem is that this confirms that literally anyone can be framed by Reddit mods/admins.
You could say something they don't like or they'd rather not have in the public eye, then have your post edited to death threats, and get "rightfully" banned (or arrested, in the worst case scenario).

No. 118833

He's apparently a cannibal too.

No. 118837

Let's face it, the reddit c-suite has always been a joke

No. 118838

Jfc I was hoping this conspiracy shit wouldn't end up here.

No. 118841

When did story come out? Was this before or after the election? It weirdest me out that this story doesn't seem like it got much traction until a few days ago.
What I really want to know is how reliable this evidence all is? How do we know it hasn't been falsified? There's a ton of evidence on reddit, but is it just coincidence?
Lastly, is law enforcement looking into this?

No. 118842

Wikileaks doesn't even belong to Julian Assange anymore so there is a chance this is all fabricated. Who knows.

No. 118843

iirc it came out at least a few days before the election

if it's fabricated, it still merits investigation because all of this is weird as fuck. including the comet pizza place with the sex references.

No. 118844

What about the video that had Biden in it and they're getting photos taken and he makes the little girl stand in front of him and whispers in her ear shit like "do you know how horny I am standing next to a 13 yr old" and then another video he was rubbing like a little asian girls head posing for photos?
What about the pizza place changing their logo to remove the pedo symbolism? and all the shops around there have the symbolism in the logos? It does sound like a conspiracy theory as we talk lol but these parts are true right?

No. 118845

File: 1480088517840.jpg (353.17 KB, 926x701, nope.jpg)

>J'<3 L'Enfant

No. 118873

Well the cia is on wikileaks so technically the cops are on it

No. 118881

D.C. rife with poverty and pedophiles.

No. 118895

File: 1480122933638.png (322.85 KB, 834x720, 1480012438248.png)

i think this is fake. Its a joke 4chan made. A bad joke. Remember when they framed eggman for a shooting? Only this time they are framing some politician for pedophilia.

No. 118904


Lots of people are excusing him by saying he didn't say horny, but honoured. But like, why should he be honoured to be standing next to a 13 yesr old, makes no sense.

But even if he did say honoured, its still creepy as shit and she was obviously uncomfortable as hell standing next to him

No. 118905

the mother looked creeped out after the whisper. I listened to the video and I swear he says horny. But we will never know now.

No. 118907

File: 1480128638250.jpg (15.27 KB, 300x257, faggotvile.jpg)

>waah waah how dare reddit not let me break their rules and ruin innocent people's lives!
LOL you've gotta be fucking kidding me. The admin deleted the subreddit because it was doxxing and witch hunting anyone they got their hands on, including a random band that happened to play nearby the pizza place once. I don't think you're deluded enough to genuinely believe they're trying to keep you quiet by banning you so cut the crap. You all deserved it and you know it.

>it's another trumptards invade lolcow episode

I didn't look into this pizzagate conspiratard shit at first, but now that it's even all over /b/ I've finally done a bit of digging around. And now I must kindly ask you and everyone else who's posting this crap here to kill yourselves back to /pol/ and don't come back here until you've have anything more substantial than "omg if I just replace some words in an e-mail with 'little boy' and 'sex' and 'orgy' it sounds pedophilic!" and "omg this one guy in the DNC likes creepy drawings", which will be never.

No. 118935


>waaah waaah people aren't allowed to piece information together and discuss it, kill urself go back to /pol/ waah waah

Why does it offend you so much that people discuss this? People among the elite in britain have been involved in paedophile sex trafficking rings, why would it be different in the US? And even if its a load of crap, its not like conspiracy theories are banned.

No. 118938

Because it's triggering.

Don't you know it's 2016? Saying triggering things is trigger warning literally Hitler

No. 118941

Don't believe this shit. Our side won this election; we don't need to go Alex Jones retard level here.

The American Right has reinvented itself much better than this. It's good to see at least 2 people have some brains in this thread, kek.

No. 119060

Where did I say conspiratards offend me? Quit putting words into my mouth.

Now my stop avoiding my actual argument: were you witch hunting and doxxing randoms or not? Did you break reddit's rules or not? Answer these any time. I'll wait.

No. 119090


Lmao I'm not even on reddit, nor am I doxxing anyone or witch hunting.

I just find it fascinating to read and discuss things like these

No. 119096

File: 1480254353912.jpg (35.37 KB, 640x640, 1458877286714.jpg)

>I'm not even on reddit
Yet you came swiftly to the defense of the pizzagate subreddit?

No. 119100

US has a history with the pedo rings, look into the Franklin scandal, it's basically pizzagate but happened in the mid 90's. congress threatened discovery channel to stfu about it, which they did.
with franklin scandal it was republican party members that were guilty yet they still hid news coverage. It's not about what side you're on, it's about kids getting abused by the elite and human trafficking.
I think it's more government threatening people in media to do as they say, which they then do. America and the rest of the world has always known American media and government lies to their citizens faces.

No. 119102

This scares me so much.

Did anyone have any theories about other things the code words could mean instead that could make sense?

No. 119103


I didn't even mention reddit, I just think people should be allowed to talk about this here since it doesn't break any rules.

No. 119114

File: 1480270225068.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)

this is blowing my mind, I can't find any information on it anywhere/decipher the truth because everything is baleeted and banhammered like reddit.

Did Kanye really mention it at a concert for example?!?!

No. 119115

Oh really? So what were you talking about in >>118935?

Please just commit suicide already.

No. 119131

Based on how some people like >>119115 get very assblasted over this whole matter, It sure stirred up a big hornet's nest.

No. 119136

It's interesting to see delusion so close up

No. 119138

File: 1480278981700.jpg (74.78 KB, 200x321, Franklincoverupeditcover200w.j…)

I have the book on The Franklin Coverup. It's informative shit. Have you ever looked into Bill Maloney? He investigates the pedo ring in Britain.

No. 119139

File: 1480279079223.png (516.03 KB, 663x649, wt.png)

It's not like this have never happened before.

No. 119143

I don't wanna eat pizza ever again, this shit is putrid, my fucking god.

Obama has a familily, what if he molests his own daughters in white house.

Fuck this shit, fuck this gay earth.

No. 119145

This stuff doesn't fail to surprise me. Members of our government here in the UK were exposed for being a part of pedophile ring, according to one of the victims children were being run over and killed for fun.

No. 119160


The second part of your post where you flipped out and assumed everyone who are curious about this must come from 4chan and should kill themselves.

No. 119167

I kind of take this back now tbh because I'm reading Clinton's emails on WikiLeaks and it all seems pretty tame.

+ I was panicking about someone saying to her in an email that they were sacrificing a chicken to moloch and now I've just realised that's something I might just casually say tongue-in-cheek to my mom…

No. 119180

File: 1480292561614.gif (1.28 MB, 337x388, elnb.gif)

>>waaah waaah people aren't allowed to piece information together and discuss it
>its not like conspiracy theories are banned.

>i wasn't talking about the banning of pizzagate, I swear!

At least lie about something of which the counterevidence isn't in this fucking thread.

No. 119187

i guess you are saying that people are stupid for believing this because of the sheer ridiculousness of a pizza place acting as a front for an abuse ring at the highest levels of government. but elite abuse coverups have happened in the past so i don't think it's dumb to investigate and consider the possibility.

the banning of pizzagate isn't the only or even the main issue. the reddit ceo also sperged out and messed around with some comments because he has a hateboner for trump. it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with pizzagate but in the greater context it does show that media figures will stoop to sketchy shit when they have political vendettas.

there are a lot of weird things surrounding this comet ping pong pizza place to begin with. if the leaked emails are a russian plant, then i want to know. there are too many questions.

the best situation is that all of this means nothing but until the questions get answered, this is freaky.

sage b/c blog

No. 119248


anyone who believes this probably believed the whole marina joice thing. it ain't that deep, nothing remotely creepy.

No. 119252

….thats ps right???

Like cause if you look closely you can see blond hair

No. 119254


Holy hell I'm talking about you screeching about people talking about this here on lolcow, not about reddit. That it isn't banned to talk about this here, so people should be allowed to talk without being told to kill themselves.

Good god why does this make you so mad?

No. 119266

File: 1480331396932.png (48.15 KB, 629x370, Brietbart.png)

I do love a good conspiracy! I don't really understand why people are making a fuss though. If you're not interested then that's fine, but some of us are.

I usually take this stuff with a pinch of salt and just look into it for fun, but I'm kind of finding myself down the rabbit hole now. There's a lot of coincidences, and even if it's completely blown out of proportion I kind of think there's something dodgy going on.

Andrew Breitbart seemed to be on to something way back in 2011, but it seems that it never went further as he died in 2012. Fishy.

No. 119267

Yeah, there is (probably) no satanic pedo ring, but there is definitely shady shit there going on with the Clintons, etc

Pizzagate killed all chances of the mainstream taking it seriously though.

No. 119297

>Mainstream taking pizzagate seriously

They already take it serious, by calling it a "fake news": new leftist's strategy to censor people and journalists.

No obe in tgeir sound mind in msinstream media will report on pizzagate, it would be treason against their masters, in fact they do their best to supress people's concern with this scandal.

No. 119298

>Holy hell I'm talking about you screeching about people talking about this here on lolcow, not about reddit.
Sue you are.

>without being told to kill themselves.

>free speech is only when I want it!

No. 119310

i would give a shit if the major proponents of this weren't voat (home of /v/preteens), 8chan (home of /pedo/ and /hebe/), 4chan (home of /r9k/ and /b/) and reddit (former home of /r/jailbait)

when i can log onto r9k for one day and NOT see them posting nudes of underaged girls like agatha and erica and eliza, then maybe i will give a shit what they have to say about "global pedo conspiracies". when i can log onto voat and go to /r/all and NOT see questionable pics of "preteens" and "young ladies" then i will give a shit what they have to say. if i can log onto 8chan for one day and not accidentally click and stubble upon what is basically a _real_ child porn sharing board, i will give a shit what they have to say.

really smells to me like a bunch of pedos seeing shit that isn't there. maybe to detract for the own shit that is spewing in their safe spaces? possibly.

No. 119315

this this this this. voat and 8ch tolerate and condone pedophilia so often that it's pretty fucking out-of-character for them to collectively flip their shits this hard over it. Everything about this reeks of another agenda driven conspiracy theory spawned from this election. Including this thread.

No. 119318


maybe i would entertain this conspiracy theory if their own backyard didn't stink.

they should clean up their own fucking garbage pedophile sharing websites before they start "conspiring".

it's funny if you try talking about it on 4chan/reddit/voat/8ch, you get told that you're lying or "conspiring" and that what you're saying is made up… but a bunch of people talking about pizza in a pizza restaurant is apparently not?

i can't go on /r9k/ anymore without seeing child porn. that's how bad it is. every fucking month they are stalking a new underaged girl. five months ago they were posting erica's nudes from when she was 13, then eliza's from when she was 15, etc. etc. now they're posting agatha's, and i dont know how old that girl is but she can't be older than 14. like fuck. they are the ones stalking children on the internet and trying to sexualize/groom them, and i'm supposed to give a shit about this "pizza theory"??? fuck off

No. 119324

Gotta be honest. If they're underage and creating nudes then that's also a real problem. Especially that Eliza, I feel nothing but pity for her. Tempting the sorts of guys who go on that board is asking for trouble.

Sad that Agatha is just as slutty. She seemed to not be more healthy mentally.

No. 119325

Even if you ignore the agenda the entire thing is still total horseshit. There is literally zero evidence. It's just them theorizing possible hidden meanings to random logos and words, and exaggerating/lying about connections (like Silsby and Hastert and some artists).

No. 119327

>Yeah, there is (probably) no satanic pedo ring, but there is definitely shady shit there going on with the Clintons, etc

Well sure, you can read all the emails. But it's just ordinary corruption and nepotism and some cases of debate interviewers feeding questions to Hillary. The pizzagate stuff is retarded.

No. 119328

90% of the time (well, in eliza and agatha's case) they sent them to guys they had crushes on or w/e. then these grown men (usually in their 20s and/or 30s) spam them all over these websites even though they get banned over and over again.

>Tempting the sorts of guys who go on that board is asking for trouble.

how about those guys just stop being fucking pedophiles and stop fucking spreading CP all over the place? its very easy NOT to save cp and then NOT to repost it further. fucks sake.

this pizzagate thing is the result of a bunch of pedos drinking the koolaid a little too much, so they start thinking everyoen aorund them is a pedo too

No. 119329

I just think it's sick and fucked up how normal nudes are these days. Even among 13 year old. Shit is so slutty.

No. 119346

well duh, conspiracy theories are generally like that.

No. 119511

Read podesta emails and then come back

No. 119527

I agree completely. Like if I was presented the "evidence" I'd see it as typical conspiracy bullshit. But once you find out who "cracked the case" I'm like "ya, okay I can think of a way easier way for 4chan to ~save kids from pedos~ just get rid of the cp on their own boards"

The opportunity is there for them to do more than make ms paint info graphics to stop the spread of cp, right now.

No. 119546

Would your mom even get the Moloch reference?

No. 119547

There more seepy on Tumblr than 4chan nowadays.

No. 119572


that shirt grosses me the fuck out

No. 119580

File: 1480518690509.jpg (2.42 MB, 1300x8944, 1480514725675.jpg)

No. 119583

No. 119612


The arguing&…its too painful to watch more than a minute.

No. 119777

Some nutjob actually went to a different city to do an IRL investigation on this shit???? This is so embarrassing.

No. 119778

>camera guy: cheeeese??? Hotdogs??????

It is comment spam come to life

No. 119835

Any time I see "occult" or "satanic rituals" mentioned in a conspiracy theory I have a very hard time taking it seriously.

Does anybody have any summaries? A starting point? There are so many posts, photos etc that it's very confusing. It seems fishy but you can't come to conclusions on something like this without a more cohesive picture and I don't see one. I can't tell if this is a nonsensical clusterfuck or if I'm just retarded. Maybe both.

No. 119843

IKR? even the name of the place sounds like a reference Comet Pingpong= Child P0rn. Fucking disgusting

No. 119860

I remember this old documentary and the man in this that investigates these thing says just what you said. For some reason people wont believe people would do this shit as soon as satanic crap is involved. You dnt have to believe in it but the people that do this stuff DO believe just like muslims murdering people for their stupid religion.

No. 119863

I think it's just because I haven't seen any solid proof yet so I'm cautious about it. I really can't tell fiction vs reality with this shit sometimes, because even the core of the issue (human trafficking & child abuse) is difficult to digest. When you add satanism to the mix it just seems… kind of silly. Like an afterthought. People rape kids because they're depraved and think/know they can get away with it, where does any sort of religion fit in to it? It's different from murder in the name of the gods.

Sadly there is no doubt in my mind of sex trafficking rings among the elite, but the satanic part smells of bullshit to me. People are perfectly capable of being evil to the very core without satan/demons/rituals etc. The freaky ass artwork in this guys house is proof enough to me at the very least that he's a fucking dirty kook. Yet there is never any tangible evidence of satanism/occult practices, unless I'm unaware of something beyond a "firsthand" account, in which case I would love to be pointed in that direction. (No offense to any victims, but people lie about this shit, we know this).

All I'm saying is, this subject needs to be handled with rational and modesty or else nobody is going to take it seriously. And that pains me, the media calling this "fake news" when you could just look at Savile to see this shit actually happens.

Sage for OT sorry

No. 119880

Why is the satanic part bullshit to you? Did you watch the video or….

No. 119902

File: 1480738320802.jpg (2.88 MB, 3240x4320, 1478540328946.jpg)


apparently they found tunnels now…

I dunno you guys, where there's smoke, there's fire. There's just too many coincidences to ignore this shit.

No. 119923

That's a fucking stretch. Did moot's mom also name him after child porn?

It's utter bullshit. And I say this as someone who strongly dislikes Hillary.

There are undoubtedly yet-uncovered sex trafficking rings involving wealthy and connected people somewhere out there, but 1) I doubt most or probably any of them involve satanism, and 2) the entire pizzagate thing is a hoax. There is no conspiracy. There is neither satanism nor child abuse here. It's just people trying to "connect dots" and read into "CP dogwhistles" in emails.

Some people found sewer tunnels in Washington DC, not even that close to the pizza restaurant. Time to call in the National Guard.

The only thing I'm wondering: in a year from now, will most of the pizzagate people just be embarrassed they wasted their time on a wild goose chase, or will they still insist it's a huge cover-up and now the FBI is involved in the cover-up because they refuse to investigate?

Why not spend your time more wisely and read the emails for actual signs of corruption and political and financial misconduct?

No. 120233

Someone just opened fire in that pizza place so well done for helping to spread this dumb ass theory.

No. 120235

Holy shit you aren't kidding.

No. 120242

Well, yeah. It's with kids. The whole "No one will ever believe you." thing is how the get away with it. They're easy to trick and who is gonna take a kid who says they were surrounded by people in black robes and raped by the devil seriously.

No. 120266

File: 1481028096927.jpg (272.91 KB, 1312x886, IMG_20161206_123744.jpg)

Thinking of you nutters

No. 120276


Ahahaha is this legit? Where did this happen?

No. 120277

He was a hired actor. Even this makes the whole thing look more dodgy.

No. 120279

Whether you're on reddit or not, that subreddit should not have been taken down.

No. 120281

past sunday

No. 120283

/pol/ has more tinfoil-hatting going on with this too. They point out that the street camera was "conveniently" facing a wall during the shooting.

No. 120285

File: 1481041600227.png (29.3 KB, 244x241, 1462059250585.png)

Off topic but I have no idea why people think Hillary or her supporters are leftist. Hillary is 100% capitalist and supporting things "progressive" doesn't make you a leftist, could make you a liberal but liberalism can be either left or right. Hillary is not even remotely social democrat (which is the lightest kind of "leftist" you can be). Calling everything you dislike or disagree with you leftist makes you sound politically ignorant.

No. 120290

The man who fired shots was a hired actor?
How do you know?

No. 120291

I don't understand you conspiracy theorists. It's always, "false flag", "paid actor", etc with you guys.

No. 120317

the term conspiracy has ballooned into nothingness; simply put, conspiracies are people plotting together. at some point a decent person would find it easier to write disturbing things off as "conspiracy theories" than to become angry and have to deal with the truth. ie, cognitive dissonance. "this is too awful to be real, so it must be the creation of a crazy conspiritard."

i hope #pizzagate tips the scale of general awareness so that the public can no longer deny the obvious. all the pieces are surfacing. things like this -

>a conspiracy of silence - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ttT6FrMosBk

>the finder's cult - http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ciadrugsabusemurder.shtml
>the mcmartin preschool - https://www.google.com/amp/s/ordinaryevil.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/the-mcmartin-pre-school-case-whats-so-hard-to-believe/amp/?client=safari
>the dutroux affair (this is awful but it's most compelling in its breadth) - https://isgp-studies.com/belgian-x-dossiers-of-the-dutroux-affair

No. 120321

File: 1481060867478.png (146.41 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_ohkr6991v11upq793o1_128…)

No. 120326

He's literally a proven paid actor, but ok.

No. 120331

He was an extra and production assistant in a few shitty movies. And "wrote" a Youtube video.

>At community college, Welch wrote his first screenplay, “Mute,” about a unique boy who meets a unique girl — a nine-minute short that was posted to YouTube and was produced by Holtorf when she was part of the area’s independent film scene. He and Holtorf appeared as victims of vampires in a slasher movie, and he worked as a production assistant on a movie about a small-town sheriff pitted against a bootlegger.

>Holtorf said Welch dabbled but “never wanted to become an actor.” His mother worked for the Locke Volunteer Fire Department on the outskirts of Salisbury, and for a time her son tried that job, too.

Even if you assume he had ulterior motives or was put up to it (which I doubt), I've seen dozens of people on /pol/ post threads saying they want to shoot the place up, and some of the replies looked pretty sincere.

No. 120332

Conspiracies exist. Conspiracy theories stemming from "Internet investigations" are, 99% of the time, complete bullshit. Just like this one.

No. 120336

Whole pizzagate drama is only a evil trolling targeted to conspiracy fanatics. http://www.snopes.com/pizzagate-conspiracy/

No. 120344

We now know the media is propaganda. There is no way to prove anything unless you were there at the time or have physical evidence. At any occurring event, the vast majority of humanity won't be there. Therefore most real things can't be proven to most people.

In the past we got around this by trusting authority. Now that we don't we are unhinged into uncertainty. This is a big problem.

This shows itself on the internet where "TRUE MEDIA" and "FAKE MEDIA" collide because information alone by its nature has no proof attached, it is just data.

What is true? No one knows. Speculation is all that is left (except for the few who were there, witnesses).

No. 120412

Calling it: The whole thing started as a counterattack with the purpose of deflecting attention away from Trump & J.Epstein's Jane Doe suit, but though it has largely outlived its usefulness, would-be provocateurs have invested themselves too fully to do anything other than continue passing around the same crap ad nauseum.

No proof, nothing new beyond speculation and rhetoric in Weeks, outright falsehoods regularly achieving center-stage - the shitty thing is, since you're all Anonymous, you're able to make idiotic accusations however you like without any potential damage to your reputation.
What you might as well try doing is planting physical evidence for once. Without it, all this scrambling is going to lead you nowhere.

No. 120418

What do you think about the weird codes in the emails and the creepy instagram pics?

No. 120435

It's a shill, anon. They're not going to address that.
Take notice that nearly everyone discrediting Pizzagate has nothing to say about the weird fucking e-mails and Instagram posts.

No. 120439


Typed in Comet Ping Pong, got eleven results. The emails take place around the same time. You're going to have to explain the code to me, I don't see it.

His Instagram is private now, but wasn't it proven that the pictures of kids were of his friends' kids, his family, and even himself?

No. 120499

1) sound stupid and all of its a lie
2) I am legit watching Steven Colbert talk about it

No. 120509


thinking Stephen Colbert and mainstream media is unbiased rofl

Child trafficking and abuse is rampant and growing more prevalent. But I get it, it's not a "convenient" cause for you to rally toward.

If you can't facebook a fucking address for a pipeline in 5 seconds to make yourself feel better then it's not worth your time. Your eyebrows need to stay on point.

Thank you, truly, for re-affirming that deep down, most people are shit.

No. 120510

people should live stream and rush in through the back curtains of this place

No. 120520

>steven colbert

not biased at all wow

No. 120591

you're retarded

No. 120599

yeah and everyone of them keep saying satanism is impossible and shit for some reason and ignoring this >>119860 video….people believe in stupid shit and people can be evil. I dont see what's so surprising.

No. 120607

satanists and pedophiles exist, therefore comet ping pong hosts a child sex ring?

No. 120608

Yes, everyone who disagrees with you is paid to do so, or "biased" (meaning what exactly?). Seems totally reasonable.

Yet when someone actually tried to do something about it and went to the pizza place with a gun, you fucktards claimed he was an actor.

>Child trafficking and abuse is rampant and growing more prevalent. But I get it, it's not a "convenient" cause for you to rally toward.

Pizzagate is baseless. You people go searching for any "proof" possible, and twist reality until you find it. That's why so many people don't take it seriously. It's not that we don't care about REAL child trafficking. It's that this ISN'T real.

I keep thinking "Man, it's crazy that this is happening. It's like the satanic panic of the 80s/90s all over again. Didn't we learn anything from that?" And now, holy shit, you're literally using it as proof. Please tell me you realize that at least some of that stuff was made up, right? Kids were subjected to hypnotic regression, which has been PROVEN to do nothing more than implant false memories. Kids claimed to have been raped with knives, tied up, beaten, etc, but they never had any wounds to show for it. There was never ANY evidence other than testimony, and even that was crap evidence, because the stories were contradictory and often described things that could not have possibly happened.

And are you seriously going to use one girl's testimony as PROOF that it's real? So every time someone says they were abused in any way, you absolutely believe it?

I don't know why I'm even making this post. Everyone that believes pizzagate has already proven they don't give one iota of a fuck about critical thinking, or facts, or reality. You want to believe there's this crazy lascivious scandal happening, and you're oh so smart so you figured it out while all the rest of us dumbasses treat MSM like gospel, and bonus point, it involves a bunch of politicians you hate! That's why you've latched onto it, rather than caring about all the REAL, OBVIOUS child trafficking that happens in the world.

Whatever. Feel free to write me off as a shill now. Or wait, what if YOU'RE the shill, meant to make the alt-right and general conspiracy theorists look like wackos?? TBH that's a lot more believable.

No. 120609

anonymous imageboards, for better or worse, are the perfect breeding grounds for conspiracy theories. also the perfect place for paranoid people to accuse everyone in a thread of being a samefag or shill.

we're living in a new era of conspiracy theories and they will only become bigger and more extravagant and more widely believed. 9/11 was one thing, now Sandy Hook and Orlando. it's completely infected politics with Pizzagate and election rigging, and the anti-conspiracy theorists are kind of doing a shitty job and often validating people's fears by being snobbishly dismissive. though usually that'll happen either way. obviously the guy with the gun is an actor shill and Colbert and every news outlet is in on the conspiracy.

the biggest predictor that someone believes in a conspiracy theory is the likelihood that they believe in other conspiracy theories. it's effectively a lifestyle choice. it must be a fearful and depressing existence.

No. 120610

I am very surprised that this conspiracy grew so quickly. Not just because of the irony of it starting on places like 4chan, but the fact that the "news" spread through such loose "evidence". Like, the moment you question anything about pizzagate, you get spammed with pages and pages of ms paint images, covered in arrows…as if that is enough proof of an extremely detailed conspiracy.

No. 120611

A+ post

I agree completely

No. 120612

File: 1481277572331.jpg (53.3 KB, 368x437, deleteme.jpg)

>Pizzagate is baseless

No. 120613

File: 1481279169375.jpg (35.29 KB, 200x200, cozy.jpg)


But I completely agree with her.

No. 120614

You do know most western media outlets are owned by ONE company right?

If your best argument is "it sounds crazy and I'm sure they're crazy and believe other things which I deem baseless" you're on pretty shaky ground.

Lots of things start off as "cospiracy theories" fuck, that's how it was with cholera back in the day. People laughed when snow said it was carried by water.

No. 120615

No. Forget about the media, confirmation biases, whatever. Our best argument was and has always been the fact you cretins have failed again and again at providing a single piece of evidence to support your conjecture.

Now stop being pathetic and bumping this thread every single time it falls of page one.

sage in every field

No. 120617

File: 1481290367087.gif (1.99 MB, 540x268, 0e2f4db5-e2f0-4495-ba5f-a40ee1…)

Dude, if you have such iron clad evidence, then bring it to the cops! Or a lawyer! Like, surely you want these dastardly pizza pedos to be put behind bars. So take your evidence and do something with it (without walking into the pizza shop with a fucking gun).

No. 120631


So much shilling. Also try not to samefag so much, it's really obvious and just looks bad.

When it's all said and done, people like you won't be convinced, I'm sure we both agree. Let's just remind ourselves though that you and like-minded people choose not only to ignore, but outright dismiss grassroots efforts to help innocent children.

Really, at the end of the day some people just want to help people, without someone calling them an idiot for even trying. It's not perfect, far from it, but nothing is.

But you can't of course. Your justice warrior instinct is too strong, your computer too convenient, for you to not let people help. Again, it's easy, it's checks enough of your feel good boxes, and you type away.

You get to choose the causes you support, and the causes you choose not to support. No one's taking that freedom from you. Not here, or your tumblr, or your facebook feed. But we can shine a light on the hypocrisy of spending effort, slight as it is, in spewing shill to hurt a grassroots cause when you could just leave us alone and instead share planned parenthood support posts on fb or or donate to your local homeless shelter.

No. 120636

>Really, at the end of the day some people just want to help people, without someone calling them an idiot for even trying

What have you done besides freaking out online? Have you taken your evidence to the police or a lawyer?

No. 120652

Because a complete nobody is going to go to their local police station and say "Look, very influential people in the US (which is on another continent for a lot of us) are pedos, please do something".
The reason people are gathering on internet forums to discuss this is because except gathering suspicious elements and trying to crack codes, there's nothing we can do. We could gather and march streets, but the media is doing a great job discrediting this whole thing by just repeating "lol people are cuh-razy and also they're racist and sexist so you hate them" and never addressing the fishy shit going on.

Fucking shills, I hate you so much.

No. 120656

Well, since "there's nothing we can do" you could just give up.

Or start a fundraiser, hire an actual investigator, and present your findings to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

There is lots of shit you can do if you think something is really wrong.

No. 120664

Are all police in on this scheme?

Why not go to a lawyer for guidance?

Why not reach out to victim's rights groups, if you don't trust the cops?

Why not reach out to human rights orgs?

No. 120665

File: 1481332020064.png (72.05 KB, 868x557, Jews are at the centre of Pizz…)

Are you saying the cops won't take this seriously????

No. 120667

i'm not saying the media is trustworthy at all. but that doesn't make conspiracy theories real. (also, it's a few big competing companies.)

that's all media is: a MEDIUM of information. you look at the information, not the medium. even if the media is shitty it's still very possible to find original information, especially now that there's so much internet access.

>also the perfect place for paranoid people to accuse everyone in a thread of being a samefag or shill.

>So much shilling. Also try not to samefag so much, it's really obvious and just looks bad.

not replying to me, but lol

No. 120671

Pizzagate is fucking stupid. The place actually has good pizza. Guy Fieri went there to eat one.

No. 120673

That video is bullshit anon. That shit was rampant during the 80s or 70s or whatever that decade was. There was some weird shit about how psychs were basically leading people into believing they had these experiences, although unknowlingly.

No. 120680

File: 1481368759472.jpg (493.32 KB, 3264x2448, 677675.jpg)

I personally believe large scale pedophilia rings exist, but why do you think you can do anything about it? You really think you can take on the elite and stop them? Come on. Just like every other ring or rich pedophile that gets exposed, eventually all of this will just be swept under the rug and forgotten.

No. 120681

Its not bullshit what the hell are you talking about you're a piece of shit

No. 120682

No thats not what I said shill

No. 120684

You are totally right. No one has ever gone to jail for sexually abusing a child.

Like, organize crime rings get busted all the time. Do you think your local police are in on it? Take it to a lawyer and see what they say. Maybe a lawyer could help you figure out who to report it to.

Like, you'd think victim's rights organizations would be frothing at the mouth to help bust a gigantic pedo ring! They have the funds to help assemble the right legal team to figh your case.

There is always a criminal on the bottom rung of the ladder that can be caught and squeezed for more details. Start with small fish, and climb the ladder.

Do something if you really want to help.

No. 120685


Who do you think anon is shilling for??? Pedos??? Satanists???? The FBI????

No. 120686

How many innocent babies have been baked into pizzas while you sat on the evidence that would lock up their abusers?

No. 120688

I honestly don't even care, though I know they exist. I'm just surprised that a lot of people think they can stop it at all.

I definitely think low level pedos can be caught and punished with organized effort, but I think it's pointless and a waste of energy to go against the elite.

Look how many people have tried to bring attention to many corrupt things over the years involving elites. Too many end up dead by mysterious circumstances, discredited by shills, convince the average man that it's "fake news", etc. They have too many resources to be tried and punished. You just can't win.

No. 120689

>Too many end up dead by mysterious circumstances

Lol such as????

I think these pizzgate theorists need to actually try to do something with their info, instead of shitposting their ms paint pictures.

If you believe in pizzagate and you haven't even tried to do anything to help the "victims" then you must be okay with satanic child sacrifice pedo pizzas.

No. 120690

File: 1481373265295.png (481.02 KB, 643x562, 3455.png)

I'm just speaking hypothetically here. Yeah, I believe in large scale pedo rings, but not pizzagate. Why would I when so much evidence are guesses and weird assumptions like pic related?

>you must be okay with satanic child sacrifice pedo pizzas

Like I said, I don't give a shit one way or the other about pedo rings and don't believe in pizzagate. They have always been pedos, always will be, and though it's unfortunate, you can't stop child trafficking and child abuse completely. I don't even think you can slow it down. You can only make a dent in it.

No. 120691

Also, the supposed evidence about people dying around Hillary was in regards to Monica Petersen being found dead in Haiti not long ago. Apparently she was working for a human trafficking organization and died under mysterious circumstances. Somehow Hillary is involved with it.

You can look it up for yourself if you want. That was just one of the examples I've seen of that sort of thing (supposedly) happening more frequently.

No. 120693


By, that's just another conspiracy theory.

>A thread on the r/the_donald section of Reddit collected the "evidence" in an attempt to prove that Clinton was responsible for Peterson's death, including a link to a blog post critical of the Clinton Foundation which Petersen reportedly shared on Facebook (a screenshot of the message shows that it wasn't actually posted by her, but rather it was attributed to her), an alleged message from one of Petersen's friends claiming that she died of suicide, and a Facebook message Petersen allegedly wrote (again, a screenshot of the message shows that it wasn't actually shared by Petersen, but was attributed to her) stating that "Hillary Clinton is just as bad as Donald Trump."

No. 120694

No. 120699


Just off the top of my head

jon adams
james mcdougal
assistant secretary of commece whatever his name was
jeremy boorda
the clinton fundraison from that weird plane crash
gandy baugh

shitload of others

I find it odd that you claim there's no evidence when it's pretty out there in the open. Hillary has an enormous suspicious death bodycount around her

No. 120705

I'm going to need to see some actual evidence before I believe you.

No. 120706

Dude, like a bunch of those names are also from conspiracy theories: http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/bodycount.asp

No. 120708

Bud, like I already said I think it's all bullshit and was speaking hypothetically.

If you wanna debate, go debate on /po/ where they think Snopes is run by a Jew trying to cover everything up. I'm on your side of logic here.

No. 120725

You have to consider the statistics of it. Conspiracy theorists have a terrible understanding of probability.

The Clintons have surrounded themselves with thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of people over the years. Obviously some % would end up dying. The FBI has never found wrongdoing in any of those cases.

Unless you sincerely believe the FBI is simultaneously supporting the Clintons (despite them being run by a Republican, despite them releasing info on Bill [http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/fbi-launches-investigation-twitter-bill-clinton-posts-article-1.2856825] and Hillary a few days before the election, despite numerous reports of anti-Clinton personnel who want to see her jailed) AND IS ALSO COVERING UP FOR A HUGE CHILD SEX RING IN DC, then the one conclusion is that they know it's just Internet "amateur investigators" connecting dots where there are none.

Pizzagaters and others think of it this way: the only reason the FBI is not taking their claims seriously is because they're in on it. Surely it can't be because the FBI took one look at it and realized it's pure bullshit. Surely all of the thousands of independent researchers and reporters out there who've looked at the evidence for all this didn't discard it as paranoid ramblings because they think that, but because they want to fuck kids too.

Oh, and those times the FBI and reporters did make claims about Clinton conspiracies (Lewinsky, fundraiser corruption)? They were just trying to add plausible deniability that they're neutral, of course, to cover up the real stuff.

If you're at the point where you think all national law enforcement, most of the government, and 25% of the Internet is in on these conspiracies, then there's no hope left for you. So many people on 4chan and 8chan and lolcow are like this. Not everything is a fucking conspiracy.

No. 120875

Don't bother, these people will never change. They have nothing going for them so instead - they eat up conspiracy theories because it makes them feel, smarter, so much better than the rest of us sheeple. They have it all figured out despite all evidence to the contrary.

No. 120896

This thread reeks of samefagging
You know, some neckbeard auts redditor actually tried to shoot the place up because of this shit?

Destroy your computer and never go outside.

No. 179678

Not gonna even bother reading the thread, it's all just a conspiracy theory

We the only solid evidence we have is the fake emails, and even then, they're just kinda strange, and don't really prove anything on their own

Don't get me wrong: I believe that pizzagate really did happen as the clintons have a history of doing seedy shit, but there isn't enough USABLE evidence to prove anything either way

No. 180759

You autistic faggots are retarded and the main reason why I support eugenics.

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