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No. 118724

A thread for anons to ask women questions and get answers from a female point of view. The intent is to broaden perspectives, improve sex, and hopefully reduce autism levels.
> Disrespectful, implying questions: "Why are women so stupid", "why are you all whores", "why do women suck at X"
> Anything related to penis size. There is a whole thread (>>88245) for that. tl;dr: they don't care. Get over yourself.
> Robot bait. It's obvious, you don't need to point it out. The best counter is a real reply to the question.
Daily reminder each reply comes from an individual person. Don't assume that one reply is how an entire gender feels about your issue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118725

pls no

No. 118726

File: 1480022612203.jpg (39.32 KB, 400x333, catholicchurchsign.jpg)

I have a few..

> What are the most hilariously wrong ideas robots have about women? What single thing could they do to fix their >tfw no gf problem?

> What is it like to have half the population constantly thinking about fucking you? I never knew this feel until I moved to SF and started running into a lot of gay dudes that have no qualms about eyefucking. It's actually a pretty disturbing feeling, but I was wondering if girls just get used to it or pretend it's not true. I really hate it when people are nice just so they can get something, so if I were female I feel like I'd always be questioning every man's motives all the time and it would cause severe trust issues.

> How do I tease properly? I always feel like she is bored if I go really slow and gentle because there is absolutely no response. Are you bored? How can I determine boredom versus quiet enjoyment? I can't keep asking "Does that feel good?" every 20 seconds. I feel like it makes me look insecure and ruins the mood. Obviously, I know the good signs like heavier breathing, or legs shifting, or some kind of physical response, but how do you know when you should just give up on trying to tease any longer and move on? Please explain a good teasing scenario. It's very difficult for men to understand it.

> Tinder conversations. What do women want to happen during the initial chat between first contact and asking for phone number? I feel like I'm doing something wrong, because it's like pulling teeth to get information (job, interests, etc) from them and if I stop asking questions, they stop responding. I never mention sex. Should I? I hear enough stories about dudes who send dick pics and get raunchy right away, and they say they don't like it, so I avoid that. I figure that it's pretty obvious already that I'm interested in sex if I'm on a fucking dating app. But I wonder if my lack of direct sexual banter has them confused and wondering about my intentions. I tell them they are cute but I don't ask the color of their panties.

No. 118729

What the fuck is askreddit doing here?

No. 118730

I have no clue, just agreeing that if you have foundation/bb cream on, brushing your teeth seems weird as hell.

Related question, is brushing your teeth/applying makeup in a public bathroom not disgusting as hell? I do my business and then hightail it out of there.

No. 118731

Oh wow, I see you were dying to make this thread.

No. 118732

the guys who make these posts are always under the impression that because they ask on an anon animu board, they are going to get TRUE AND HONEST ANSWERS FROM REAL WOMEN that they wouldn't get irl.

everyone here is an autist, just because they are girls doesn't mean anything.

No. 118744

>implying the poster knows girls "in real life" to ask

No. 118748

>making a thread to attract robots who think their opinions/thoughts/queries are valid or wanted here

No. 118755

File: 1480032638263.jpg (69.5 KB, 600x600, pinup (12).jpg)

1. Please rate these fitness indicators in order from most important to least. And add in any you like: power, (physical) fitness, sense of humor, confidence, status…

2. What goes through your head when a guy, when you first meet him, indicates he wants to date/fuck you before you even get to know him?

3. What's worse: a female slut or a male cuck?

4. Do you think arrogance in a guy is unattractive, or kinda cute/fun/sexy?

No. 118757

exactly…they don't know any girls irl to ask plus they think that answers from female misfits on an imageboard are somehow representative of women in general.

No. 118760

fuck off
if you want to talk to robots just go to /r9k/

No. 118764

this isn't /r9k/, don't post random grills with your comments.

No. 118765

lol. He couldn't have sounded more /r9k/ if he tried.

No. 118770

Lol, "fitness"… 1. niceness/genuine compassion for others and consideration for others, 2. compatibility, like, political opinions, romantic/sexual compatibility, 3. sense of humor, 4. appearance, I don't care about status or confidence and prefer below average confidence in men.

2. Disgusted, but my level of disgust depends on how it's phrased. Maybe 1% of me will be slightly flattered if it's someone I wouldn't expect would want to fuck me, but not enough to speak to them further or exchange numbers or anything like that.

3. Female and male sluts are both disgusting but I'm absolutely sickened by male sluts, honestly. I'm not at all disgusted by the guys you call cucks, or men that are submissive (although I find LITERAL cuckholdry super gross). Most women don't find the men you call cucks especially unattractive. That's just a trope you guys have propped up. Submissive, sweet guys are incredibly hot.

4. Gross. I don't like arrogance at all. I like shy, sweet guys that are humbled and intelligent.

At least he left out the "whores" bits, I guess.

No. 118772

ok, then i have some questions

how many calories do you guys eat daily? and on days where you work out (or even better, when you lift)? pls give height and weight pls.

i'm trying to lift but i feel so fat and disgusting eating more than 1200-1300 cals a day.

No. 118783

tbh I think we're best off bumping the thread off the front page

No. 118785

this, idk why the op was banned but the thread was still up
we don't need more robots here

No. 118792

If you're being legit, come to the fitness thread on /g/ for advice.

No. 118910

How the fuck is op banned but a thread like this isn't on manure? Fuck off to r9k to play the female counselors.

No. 118927

File: 1480152046707.png (239.69 KB, 1920x1080, wall (19).png)


No. 119087

Why are women so ugly internally?

This is a serious question.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119094

What's with the generalisation, though? Be more specific or someone might assume you mean something else entirely different.

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