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No. 1180797

All the old studying threads were dead. Use this thread to discuss anything related to university/college/general study. Self-study and online courses are also allowed.

Topics can include anything related to studying, such as

- Student life
- Studying tips
- What you're studying
- Diaries/planners/journals
- Stationary and tech
- Notes and notetaking
- Helpful resources for studying
- Advice related to studying
- Learning disorders and disabilities while studying
- Good or bad peers/professors/teachers/tutors
- Talking about your campus (just don't dox yourself)

Keep it related to studying, otherwise, take it to the vent or advice threads.

No. 1180800

I graduated a few years ago, I just pray that none of you get as unlucky as I was and have classes from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm with nonsensical 30min breaks everyday.

No. 1180801

File: 1652528200147.png (215.8 KB, 563x797, image_2022-05-14_213624181.png)

I made this thread to keep advice and other topics related to studying contained so other nonnas have a threat to discuss their student-related things while also being a thread for people to view a compiled collection of comments and advice.

Starting off, does anyone have any good suggestions for physical weekly planners? I like pastels or paler/neutral colors.

No. 1180802

I can't believe you had weekend classes, that sounds awful

No. 1180808

that sounds awful.. where are you from? as weekend classes aren't a thing here in the uk?

No. 1180828

>this thread popping up as soon as i open lolcow to procrastinate studying for my finals in 10 days
My previous college was like this (without Saturday) and it was infuriating. Especially when I look at my sister's schedule and she only has 3 days of contact hours with only around 2-3 hours per day

No. 1180843

File: 1652531104236.gif (865.4 KB, 275x207, 2d3d6428a98a044f7ad7ac1130f573…)

Good thread, guys. We could also share useful extentions, apps and websites.

No. 1180846

I feel burnt out from uni I did an access course to get into uni then my undergraduate then did a masters. I'm tired but honestly was worth it for a graduate job. I worked 5 years in a career you didn't need a degree it was shit. You basically do emotionally draining grunt work flat out 5 days a week and do not get compensated fairly for it.

Best advice to anyone at uni is to use some type of planner system. You will feel overwhelmed eventually, especially if you're like me and leave everything to the last minute. You will save yourself so many grey hairs and mental breakdowns of you endeavour to keep on top of your projects and assignments. Do your homework when the material is still fresh and learn to use spider diagrams to retain information.

Spider diagrams saved me from failure during exams. I could never figure out how to cheat. Especially for those long 3 hour exams where you have to write essays, if you can draw out a spider diagram with all the key info you will be flying. You'll think yourself a genius and your confidence will sky rocket.

No. 1180850

professors don’t give a FUCK about summer classes it seems. i’m gonna save all my hard classes for the summer semesters from now on

No. 1180858

France but it's not a normal thing. I had classes from the language faculty, the law faculty and the business faculty, most of the teachers were only teaching as a side job and some of them had health issues, including one who was pregnant on top of that so we had a fucked up schedules and classes were moved to other days and hours at the last minute all the time. I couldn't get a job to go on an exchange program until my last year of masters because of it and my own health issues got way worse as a result of all of this

No. 1180876

I’ve been trying to take classes around my work schedule and my uni has really weird times for everything
>interesting class I want to take: meets three days a week for one hour at noon
>language class: meets one night a week for three hours
>no online classes during regular semesters
So right now I have a $3000 bill for two online summer classes, I checked to see if I could find any equivalents at cheaper community colleges and didn’t find any.

A professor I just had would give us assignments due on Thursday and Sunday. I was okay with that until she changed it to making everything due on Saturday, which she thought made it easier for students working full time. Instead we lost one of our only days off to spending the entire day doing homework.

No. 1180881

thank you nonna!
there's a nice website I like, inmyopinion.site, they go over study tips and different things like that and it looks super cute too, would recommend it if you were the type to keep those pretty aesthetic diaries that you print stuff out for, or if you keep a nice digital diary that you like to put images in.

No. 1180920

File: 1652537758479.jpg (28 KB, 381x382, b51986fd64fef87b8adcd363a3996f…)

Do you manage do to homework and having a part time job?

No. 1180925

i put all my classes into MWF and work TT. That’s the only way I can make it work

No. 1180960

ntayrt, but what's MFW and TT?

No. 1180961

File: 1652540598210.jpg (89.58 KB, 900x600, smartest-cats-adobestock_1-e14…)

I have to study whole weekend, I made time for it but my brain just doesn't seem to start up properly these few days. It's because I'm mentally exhausted but I absolutely have to study anyway. I have trouble concentrating. I read a few questions and my mind wanders off.
Any advice? I tried kratom and it only helps a tiny bit with mood. Coffee doesn't do anything for me. I exercise and eat properly.
I also waste way too much time on lolcow whenever I have a lot to do. I can't turn electronic devices off, I need them to study.
What do you do to concentrate?

No. 1180963

I just wanna add that I have an oral exam every week till the end of June and way too much shit I need to read, memorize and understand for it. At this point I feel like it's not humanely possible. Wish I could implant a memory chip in my brain.
Good luck with your exams nonnies.

No. 1180981

monday Wednesday friday and Tuesday Thursday

No. 1181017

File: 1652543373319.png (91.88 KB, 289x226, image_2022-05-15_014953697.png)

oh… haha duh

No. 1181021

I'm thinking about going to grad school. Is it actually feasible to get a master's in something completely different? Would I have to take extra classes to make up for it or will most schools laugh at me for even trying? When I look online there aren't any definite no's but I want to know what the standard is.

No. 1181152

It depends on what you’re masters will be in but from what I understand it’s completely normal to do a masters that’s unrelated to your bachelors, some people do a masters just to switch jobs.

No. 1181171

File: 1652551338366.jpg (64.9 KB, 430x640, f508cac7db5bc010977163b8413eda…)

I'm currently working on my resume and I realize as much as I love too look at good design I really hate working in that field, I can still see myself in an office job I just don't know WHAT kind of work to do. Has anyone studied art/graphic design to switch to something else? ps: social anxiety doesn't help I keep being afraid of toxic school/work environment

No. 1181237

One more exam then I break for summer, than another year till I graduate! I'm super excited and kinda wanna get into work straight away since i'm planning on emigrating to Finland, and I'd need to become a citizen before pursuing future study due to cost.

What courses are you all on? Biomed here

No. 1181252

Honestly I've always struggled with motivation towards the end of the year, esp after all the Covid bullshit. good luck anon!!

No. 1181284

Anyone else feel like things are different since the pandemic? I was in a community college pre-covid, and it seemed like most students liked talking or asking each other stuff. I just finished my first semester at a normal university and didn’t make a single friend, and during the classes no one would talk unless it was for assignments.

No. 1181302

>no one would talk unless it was for assignments
exactly has been my classes
i'm a covid/postcovid student so i don't know if that's changed.

No. 1181304

I like going to one of those empty cubicle things in a library to do schoolwork, and I use the Freedom app to block websites I waste time on. I have a really hard time getting started on anything for school when I’m at home.

No. 1181388

File: 1652564419043.jpeg (288.18 KB, 828x817, 45D3EA78-C651-464C-A590-61AC2F…)

I’m starting to look into doing a PhD, having finished my masters a few years ago now.
Does anyone have any advice regarding finding a niche in their interest and a theoretical basis? Any advice for filling in proposal forms and finding a supervisor? Part time or full time?

I used a moleskine for my studies, but I’ve seen people have luck with various filofax set ups or day designers. There are quite a few videos on YouTube, it might be worth watching a few and seeing which ones interest you.

No. 1181399

My best friend teaches college classes and she can't get students to say anything in class for the life of her. It's definitely different since COVID started, everyone is just really disengaged.

No. 1181420

My school was like that before covid too

No. 1181442

Yeah I had a gap year so I changed a class to one year lower and the covid class is actually so disengaged and unwelcoming. They for some reason segregated into weird high-school-like groups that badmouth the other groups. Our class is tiny and everyone mostly talks about the assignments anyway so instead of Mean Girls it's like Mean Nerds.
I'm too old, tired and shy for that bullshit. They're also way worse knowledge-wise yet act very iamverysmart (maybe defensively?) and they aren't engaged in the classes at all.
My noncovid class was very social, they organised class get-togethers, girls nights out, movie screenings, made shirts and badges for all of us and tried to engage even the silent introverted people in a nice way. I don't regret the gap year by itself but the covid class is just so much worse and afaik the whole year (other classes too) are socially weird.

No. 1181678

Yeah I just started university and noticed that people literally stay silent when the teacher asks a yes/no question. During a lecture it makes sense cus no one wants to be the only one to yell out in a class of 300 people, but when it's a class of only 20 idgi

No. 1181894

I feel awful for the teachers stuck in this position so I'm always first to participate. What sucks is knowing I can't answer every question, and the ensuing silence that drags out as we all wait for someone else to be "brave". I can't figure out if my classmates are just shy or immature or they don't care, or some mix of all three.

On a different note, I've been trying to get my bachelors for three years, taking a semester off here and there, and this past semester I took only one class. Even that was too much for me— I had to tell my professor that I got sick and couldn't complete the final project. I just can't handle the workload, I guess? Embarrassingly, most of all this was gen ed garbage that would've been easy if I didn't procrastinate. I'm realising more and more that I just hate school, I hate homework, and I really don't know if I can do it anymore.
What do I do nonnies? My family are already disappointed in me and they'll hate me if I don't get a degree. I like to write and would enjoy a career where I can do that, but I struggle to finish anything (including my fucking education kek) and have no portfolio or achievements. I just feel kind of lost and don't know where to start.

No. 1181939

I have an exam first thing tomorrow, it's a viva. Dreading it but we'll see how I do. Can't wait to be done. I have a bit more studying to do today, and then I'm just going to rest my brain.

No. 1181993

I always hate observations like these because it’s like you don’t even understand what people have gone through. People shouldn’t be forced to socialize or participate in the class their financial aid probably didn’t even fully cover. During the pandemic lots of people either lost their jobs or had to work a lot more, have to deal with rising housing costs while juggling tuition, developed mental health issues, etc. the reason why everything feels different is because everyone is a burnt-out mess. Let people live anon jfc, it’s especially hard for college students to be juggling a million things at once

No. 1182008

Anyone here study art in college? What was your experience like?

No. 1182023

File: 1652625098212.jpg (396.64 KB, 2048x1819, b879d50f089e3f3b23eaf5a4f61435…)

i dropped out of grad school to get a full time job and it was the best decision ever. i study something very specific so finding a job was difficult, but i found a company that wanted someone with my exact (bachelor's) degree, so i just applied for it and they gave me a job offer. i've been there for six weeks now and it's going pretty well so far. i miss the free time i had when in grad school, but aside from that i love the money and the feeling of being useful.

so glad i didn't waste another 2 years on grad school only to end up as a secretary.

No. 1182056

I studied graphic design at an art school, not sure if that's what you're looking for though!

No. 1182121

>Let people live anon jfc
nta but they were just making an observation, you need to relax

No. 1182330

Found the girl who refuses to participate in class

No. 1182788

What was that like, do you think you learned anything worthwhile?

No. 1182826

I studied illustration at a private art college. Here are my thoughts on my experience there.

First off, I'd say an art education from a private institution is not worth if you're not rich. Thankfully, my family has some wealth and I also had a scholarship so that helped a lot. If you can actually afford it, I think it can be worthwhile.

My illustration skills did improve a ton thanks to having direct feedback with art professors. However, a lot of it is very dependent on how much work you put into improving your skills. I knew people who just thought that doing the assignments was enough without ever practicing and they often lagged behind in classes. Aside from that, I also learned all sorts of other skills. These are things like learning how to professionally present your work, learning to utilize different digital design programs, and even some 3D skills.

Art professors can run the gamut from being some of the best teachers you've ever had to being unprofessional and poor teachers. They're artists so you're going to run into more distinct personalities in the classroom, for better or for worse.

Something I wished was emphasized more is the importance of social connections and networking in the field. My teachers were a bit too old school when it came to career-related stuff and the way they do things seem outdated. That kind of stuff I had to figure out on my own which was pretty painful.

Feel free to ask about anything else if you're interested.

No. 1183255

This sounds awesome. I wish I was rich so I could go to art school. What do you work as now anon?

No. 1183265

File: 1652701121020.jpg (49.99 KB, 714x652, 20220511_150959.jpg)

How do you read 1500 page digital textbooks? I have a phone and laptop, but sitting at my desk all day isn't comfy.

No. 1183278

Get a cheap 2nd hand ereader, that's what I do. I lie on my bed or outside in the sun and just read.

No. 1183295

I started in graphic design but switched to illustration in my second semester. I mostly developed my skills by learning stuff by myself because there was no incentive to push yourself since there was no constructive feedback other than “wow looks nice!”. A lot of classes and courses were surface level introduction to the subjects (like sequential illustration, character animation, character design, but 5hr classes once per week for 4 months with a class project at the end). It’s not terrible but felt a bit lackluster. A lot of kids in my year tended to be Instagram artist(tm). There is probably one classmate that had very interesting and pleasing to the eye work.
And a lot of art unis seem like diploma mills and I realised mine was like that too but a bit too late. So it’s definitely worth doing extensive research about the uni and the programs. Also what >>1182826 said is very accurate as well.

No. 1183618

Late reply, but I very much agree with >>1182826 . My family isn't rich, but we had decent money saved so that it wasn't a huge burden + scholarships. My graphic design experience was similar to the other anon, except they prepared us with networking stuff pretty well, by the time I graduated I had a portfolio, personal branding, etc. My school is well known in the area, so it definitely helped with jobs. In general, design majors like graphic design, industrial design, and architecture have better luck with jobs than more fine arts majors.

One thing I recommend is starting your basics at a cheaper (but quality) school. I started at a state university with a strong art program for 1.5 years, so that really lessened the financial burden. I do have friends who got their degrees through that state school and have ended up with design careers, so that could be an option too. You have to make sure the school has an adequate art program though, I have a friend who got a BFA from another state school and her work is absolutely awful, like 13 year old anime tier, and not one of her teachers actually taught her.

Generally I would say do your research about all the schools, and don't get blinded by the shiny facilities. Some are definitely just useless diploma mills.

No. 1184402

File: 1652769148633.jpg (114.77 KB, 540x539, bird.jpg)

Is anyone else finding their course to be much easier/relaxing than they anticipated? The only times I stress is when I leave an assignment until the last minute, but overall it's been a breeze. Doesn't help that my uni is quite lax with the exams "due to covid".
I have roughly 4 lessons every week(3 hours each) and my average score is 89. Feels like my brain isn't challenged, which in turn makes me totally disengaged, even if on paper I'm doing good.
Doesn't help that the lockdown caused me to miss out on the social aspect of it, which I've heard is one of the biggest reasons why people go to universities. Connections and all that.
Feels like I'm not getting enough out of the whole uni experience. I'm from UK and the course is IT/law related, maybe that changes something? I've heard that art students are expected to do a lot of work on their own.

No. 1184540

More high school than university. But asian countries, why do you have school for like 10-12 hours a day, when people can only really learn for 3-5 at best?

I'm pretty polymath and self taught. And if you're studying properly your mind starts to wander after hour 3, after hour 5 you basically tap out. You can intermix it with exercise and squeeze some more out, but you reach serious diminishing returns, and from what I gather Asian countries don't really exercise much at school. Certainly not enough to justify the 10-12 hour days like you hear about in Korea.

You can do assignments for 8-12 hours a day, but that's not learning, that's just labour. The same way digging a trench is labour. Actual learning has a pretty clear 3-5 hour limit. When you look at the study habits of the actual cerebral elite, like say Schopenhauer or Mozart, they aren't pushing beyond that 3-5 hour range. They typically do a solid 3 hours, then muddle around with lunch, friends, hobbies, long walks, then do another hour or two.

And your schoolwork doesn't seem that much harder than what's taught here. So for all those lost nights and weekends you're basically no better off than western countries.

No. 1184635

studied illustration to become a mentally ill marxist which enabled me to get into the best art college in the world to study alongside other mentally ill marxists where I trained to be completely unemployable and where I had a total mental breakdown from the crushing pressure and the level of routine abstract scrutiny that your work gets placed under but oh well looks great on my CV. Spent a year trying to get a job. When I finally did it came to an abrupt end when covid hit and the company folded, awesome. I studied a second masters like some masochist where I learnt more in two months than I ever did in two years at the 'best' place. Now I'm working at an award-winning design agency of my dreams but I'm slightly suspicious that even at the top agencies it's not all it's cracked up to be woops there goes my 20s.

No. 1184874

The Asian education system is one of the reasons why I wish I was never born in Asia, honestly. It's almost all rote memorization and there's little room for creative, outcome-based learning. I rarely slept more than 5 hours in high school, too, because of the amount of homework we got plus attending cram school to prepare for college entrance exams. Governments probably think making students stay 10-12 hours in school prevent them from doing delinquent activities and leisuring too much since hobbies can be done with extracurricular activities anyway but school gang fights still happen.

No. 1187149

I've had to request extensions on all my upcoming assignments, a few nights ago I stayed up for 60 hours. I don't think I'm taking the stress very well.

No. 1187159

I also studied art in college and had about the same experience as >>1183618 except I did the opposite, I started at a very well-known art school before transferring to a regular state school with a good design program. I was still able to get a job very quickly after graduating even. If you can, take a look at the actual portfolios of graduates so you don't waste your time. I had a bad time because my art school professors spent too much time coddling the majority of my classmates that just wanted to be at an art school without doing art, and I didn't learn shit.

No. 1187168

This might sound dumb if you’re trying not to waste paper with ebooks but I bought a laser printer and use it to print stuff I need to read.

No. 1187194

Just finished my last semester at a community college where I only did their art programs, but some gen ed because I wasn't sure if I wanted to transfer or not. The CC I went to has a very elaborate arts and printing department for illustration, fine arts, entertainment art, animation, and graphic design so its probably not the typical CC experience. All the pros and cons of going to CC still apply. Pros - cheaper classes, more weekend/night classes available, smaller class sizes, professors are still working professionals and/or also teach the same courses at universities, you can try out more classes to find what's right for you, etc. Cons - hard to make friends, not much campus life, some find it hard to stay motivated, you put in what you get out, etc.
I started with illustration but decided to pursue graphic design and motion graphics instead. I got a job before I even finished school because the coursework had me make my own online portfolio, personal branding, resume, and contracts. I also had to get client experience for independent study credit. The printing classes taught me the much needed pre-press knowledge that many designers coming out of public and maybe even private universities don't get. I put in a lot effort into networking and getting to know my peers/professors because I knew it was necessary. I never had any bad experiences with my peers and pretty much loved every single one of my classes. Most people I know who finished the graphic design program and didn't transfer all have design-related jobs or freelance

No. 1187505

They're shilling AI/machine learning seminars and classes pretty hard out at my community college. I understand the enthusiasm as its the new Avant garde technological thing. But like, isn't that shit well above the level of lowly undergraduates who are for the most part trying to push for a help desk job? Anyone actually involved with cutting edge machine learning research must already have at least a MA, more like a PHD. Anyone looking to get into that stuff must already be studying CompSci, not babby's first bootcamp. People that are failing to hand in their assignments at this level are being recommended to go to these machine learning classes, it seems ludicruous.

I just have an uncanny remembrance for back in the mid 2010s when everyone was about that quantum physics, and every second cerebral narcissist would hard out go on about how much they know about quantum physics. Now nobody gives a fuck and all the glamor and spectacle is off onto AI.

No. 1187796

Does anyone have any experience with satisfactory academic progress appeals? I have legitimate excuses for why I did so shitty and mass withdrew from classes last semester (suicide attempt and trialing different medications for my ADHD) but I'm still scared that I'm never going to make that 67% cumulative credit requirement even if my appeal gets approved because I only have 18 credits out of 46 attempted. For context, I'm also in a two year degree program at a community college and I got all As in my recent semester.

No. 1187891

I got academic dismissal for low GPA my first semester at my first attempt at school. I sent the appeal saying how I suffer from depression, am working on being better with my therapist and how my 2nd semester GPA reflects my improvement. I sent them a copy of my diagnosis and unofficial transcript with my appeal, too. Got it repealed instantly, but I never went back. Do go back if it gets repealed for you though.

No. 1187932

>IT/law related
I've never heard those two being interlinked, what degree nonna?

My course was packed/stressful but my sister does Politics and she says her experience is really relaxed with minimal contact hours and her "exams" were basically just coursework essays to hand-in due to covid. She gets like a week to do them. I'm honestly jealous.

No. 1187936

NTA but what did you do instead of going back? You can ignore more if you don't wanna share

No. 1187988

It's ok I don't mind sharing. I worked a couple part time retail jobs and did temp warehouse work on the weekends. I felt like an absolute loser for dropping out of school for years and years, thought I was too old to go back–which you never are–and believed that this is how my life is going to be. A life full of unpackaging and assembling random junk in a warehouse for 10 hrs a day like all the middle aged ladies around me who told me everyday that I'm too young to be here and to get out of here fast. In the free time I did have, I watched YouTube tutorials for stuff which ended up helping me in the long run, but I did go back to a different school to get some certificates to prove I'm trained. And I got a 4.0 too. But if I would change anything about my life, I would at least complete my general ed and then take a break year or something.

No. 1188009

What did you get trained in and what do you work as now? Sorry for all the questions I'm currently in the same position as you were and I want to go back to college but it's so ridiculously expensive (my own fault for wasting years when it was "free"). Sometimes I wonder if I'm just being stubborn about college and I'd be better off getting certificates to allow me to work in whatever I can get ASAP or if should stick my guns… I dunno. It sucks when you're never really "passionate" about anything.

No. 1188050

It's no worries. I watched YouTube tutorials and went back to school for design. I'm currently a senior designer for an in-house team at a large company. I got this job because one of my design professors recommended me to her colleague. I make boring corporate brochures and flyers but the pay and benefits is so good it makes me cry thinking about it. The company I work at will pay for my degree so I'm still going to pursue my Bachelor's even if that wasn't the case because I don't want to miss out on any promotions or big raises for lack of degree. But I'm still in the certificate camp and think they're a great, quick option and you can always go back to school when you can afford it or get hired somewhere with a sweet benefits package that includes college reimbursement

No. 1188064

Did anyone feel you classes were easier once were in a program while your prerequisites were more difficult? I know in the US the prereqs are meant to cull people and be difficult but i struggled a lot before getting into my program and its now generally easier. I also like the way my program is structured we only have classes for 3-5 hours. also just to mention I've been in my program for a few years and I'm graduating next year so it's not like a new experience

No. 1188070

That sounds incredible anon, I'm glad you were able to flip things around for yourself and you have such a great opportunity now. I've been really down these last few weeks but this gave me some hope, thank you so much! I'll start looking into some schools near me and see what interests me.

No. 1189699

Does anyone get instantly depressed when looking at university applications? The only thing I know won't 100% suck my soul out of my body is art restoration, but I have to start applying in a month and have to learn how to draw a still-life, portrait, abstract, landscape and a sculpture to get into just an art trade school. I'm okay at drawing, but I don't know if I'll be able to master all 5 fucking disciplines in a month. I feel so depressed. I feel like tying a rope around my neck and kicking off a stool. I genuinely feel worthless in the academic climate (not to even mention life in general) right now. Can anybody relate?

No. 1192134

Digital Forensics!
We have at least 1 unit each year that focuses on the law/court aspect of it.
So far my exams have been either reports, actual written exams (open book due to covid lol) or assessments (which involve presenting your findings in court or giving a slideshow to a board of professionals).
>My course was packed/stressful
Now that I think about it, I suppose it's a good thing that I'm complaining about being bored instead of the fact that I'm overworked. Maybe I just need to use all that free time for getting certificates or potentially get a part time job.

No. 1192343

not the same anon, but I'm very interested in forensics myself, can you explain more about what you do? I'm currently studying crim and digital forensics sounds really cool

No. 1194265

File: 1653347341595.jpg (70.44 KB, 850x850, __original_drawn_by_congming33…)

I have a statistics report due in 2 days but I'm struggling so hard. It feels like all of my learning resources haven't covered the information I'm supposed to use. Then again, I was never good at math, so maybe I'm just not seeing how it's supposed to help. This sucks.

No. 1198810

I relate to this so much, I kind of feel like I must be doing something wrong because I am not feeling anything at all. It's going by fine with nothing happening.
>Feels like my brain isn't challenged, which in turn makes me totally disengaged, even if on paper I'm doing good.
So much this. I feel like I'm wasting something… I feel unfullfilled, I guess. Just wanted to say I get what you mean a little.

No. 1199066

This op thread pic is dumb lol makes me think of the consoom thread.

No. 1199379

Anyone doing a Medical Assistant program? Im going to do it through my community college. Want to know your experience if you have

No. 1199388

Late reply but what are you struggling with? Maybe I can help.

No. 1200829

I considered that when making it, but would you have preferred a blank notebook? quit being retarded

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