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No. 11573

self post thread, go!

No. 11574

File: 1435085633474.jpg (187.05 KB, 960x1284, 2015-06-10-17-37-35_photo_1.jp…)

here's a picture of me with no makeup. any suggestions? feel free to rip on me

No. 11579

You guys are stupid as fuck if you post here.

No. 11580


I'd say you should start filling in and shaping your eyebrows.

I do like your hair though.

No. 11581


Hey now, even 4chan has self posts.

No. 11582

I like seeing who posts here, I think recently users have become closer to each other without even knowing who posts what. All in all Lolcow is a decent board and I find peoples posts here funny and entertaining. I like seeing the faces behind the posts.

No. 11583

You're cute, but I deffo think you can benefit from bangs, I think blunt bangs but Idk. Try to fake a couple of them out if you wanna see.

No. 11585


This filter makes it look like you have oily skin. And you look kinda tired too.

No. 11586

I posted in the are you attractive thread

No. 11587


You're her >>11564? Pretty cute then.

No. 11588

I post bad pictures of me because it's more realistic

No. 11594

File: 1435092653148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 469.44 KB, 1080x1920, 2015-05-26-19-09-20-895.jpg)

I'm retarded for doing this since these are exactly the kind of threads I normally hate, but I'm not gonna lie, since I've had my ears modified they've stayed under my hair 24 hours a day almost every day of the week and I didn't pay that much just have them hidden.

M-minna, please validate my purchase by looking at them.


Are you small nose Anon? It's a bretty good nose.

No. 11596

Aw I didn't know you posted here, that's cute.

No. 11597


Here, Staminarose and Maxfag, back when they were up , but I like to stay on the down-low these days.

No. 11598

Is that why everyone on /cgl/ hates you? I left for a bit and that seemed to be when you were relevant.
Anyways, how much did your ears hurt? I've wanted elf ears since I was a kid and love how subtle yours are, you posting them makes it so tempting.

No. 11599

Yeah, I'm small nose anon.
I've always been so insecure about it.
It was really ugly until I hit puberty and now all of a sudden its presentable.
Like it was wide and uneven until I was 12
Also, you're really pretty. Love your eyes

No. 11601

You're so pretty. I love your ears aww.

No. 11604


Holy shiet i was just drawing an elf ears girl, i really like yours

No. 11608

File: 1435096175304.jpg (47.93 KB, 677x213, 2015-02-27-18-31-21-262.jpg)


I would hope not everybody there hated me, but I was pretty infamous around a few boards.

I started posting to /fa/ when I was 15, posting a picture of myself in an WAYWT thread. You know what channers are like for messing with kids and teenagers, and I was encouraged into posting more pictures of myself by people who, at the time, were obviously just making fun of me.

The attention was exciting for me at the time, me being just a dumb, awkward, dumpy teen with no real friends in real life, I kind of ran with it thinking I was making internet friends or some shit, that this was my taste of popularity.

I got a lot of hate and a lot of people pretending to support me and goading me into posting more pics and eventually it turned into a sort of game where people began spamming pictures of me in unrelated threads and making dozens of "spoony" threads daily. At one point it got so bad that almost every thread for around 7 pages was a "spoony" thread, with the board divided into either "pro-spoony" or "anti-spoony", and at the time I thought it was all just hilarious.

One day I found /cgl/ and being interested in cosplay at the time I posted a thread there asking for advice regarding a Morrigan cosplay and attaching to the post pictures of me in a makeshift leotard (cut-up swimsuit) with purple tights.
Somebody from /fa/ recognised me and began spamming my pictures on /cgl/ and it kind of spilled over with people being convinced that it was me spamming them, but I was stubborn and indignant and refused to leave.
Nudes got out, somebody made a fake Facebook profile of me, added everybody on my friend list to it and sent them the nudes. People were trying to locate my parents address to send them hatemail and printed pictures of me nude, and even images of other girls with their faces obscured, saying that they were pictures of me.
I got sent a bouquet of flowers from some creep in Sweden who claimed to have "fallen in love me" who eventually began stalking me hardcore on Facebook, Steam, located all my email addresses, purchased a WoW subscription just to come to my server to harass me in game and told me how he was planning to purchase a ticket to the UK to come meet me in person.
This frightened me since around that time a murder case had recently occurred where a young German man (David Heiss) became infatuated with a girl over the internet after meeting her in a gaming forum, had flown to the UK in secret, stabbed her boyfriend to death before fleeing back to Germany.
I have even had people recognise me in public and post about it 4chan (picture related), and one person who lived in the same city as me threatening to find me and break my knee-caps in, or follow me back to my accommodation and publish my address.

I was a moronic teenager that let it get way, way out of hand.

At the beginning I really enjoyed the attention, but I got way wrapped up in the absurd internet "persona" I'd created for myself to the point where it began invading and taking over my own life.

Sorry for the TL;DR, I try to close up a lot of loose ends these days regarding the situation because I don't think anybody who was around at the time really realised just how bad it got.



No. 11609

I see. Shit happens. You're the victim as far as that goes.

No. 11611


Also I totally forgot to respond to your question regarding my ears.

I was fortunate enough to go to a body modification artist who very discreetly offered me a local anaesthetic.
I say discreetly because he didn't actually have a license to administer lidocaine (what you get at the dentist) but it is safe to administer in small doses and he had been doing body modifications for over 20 years now so he knew exactly what he was doing. Lidocaine also functions in restricting the blood vessels so it reduces blood flow and helps clotting which in turn makes the procedure a hell of a lot easier for the artist.

My procedure took a little over 2 hours and I didn't feel a scratch until towards the end when the anaesthesia began to wear off but at that point it was just a hot, dull, throbbing, kind of like when your ears go painfully numb on a cold Winter's day. I actually almost fell asleep whilst lying on the gurney, it was that painless.

I don't know how common it is for reputable artist to hold a licence to administer local anaesthesia but I imagine most know how to and are willing to give it provided you're willing to remain hush, hush about it. It never hurts to enquire about methods of pain relief over the phone, wink wink.


I was a fool for not nipping it in the bud when I first began to see it turn bad, but I had this retarded notion that I had to "protect" the image I'd made for myself online. At the time it was all I had.
I shouldn't have let myself be taken advantage of like that so I'm at fault for that.

No. 11612


No. 11616

I think that, if we were to have something like this, that it shouldn't be on lolcow itself. Maybe we could do it in the chat or something so that the posts aren't permanent. Lolcows browse here looking for revenge. I'm kind of interested in seeing the type of people who post on lolcow, too, but I don't really think this thread is a good idea.

No. 11617


No. 11618

I'm not really mean to the lolcows, so I don't care about self posting.
This thread should be deleted, but. You know

No. 11619

Probably cuter than you nigga

No. 11620

you're the one who asked for this disgusting little gelfling to be rated and posted his picture to the internet for all to see. can't wait till he grows up and all his baby pics are everywhere for free use.

No. 11623


Here is an old Spoony/Flan thread, for those who were curious about it.

No. 11624

Lmao you're such a snark
:^) I love people like you

No. 11627

What kind of person posts their baby brother to a shitty gossip site populated by people who literally dox others?

No. 11629

who knows how many pedos saved this to their computers already. kids should be left off the internet until they are older.

No. 11630

barely fuckable

No. 11631

Someone should really just delete my posts now

No. 11633


No. 11634

one word: makeup

No. 11661

and that's why it's shit. gtfo faggot

No. 11670

Holy shit, I'm sorry that happened to you.
Thanks for answering my questions about your ears too, that's actually pretty helpful.

No. 11712

File: 1435125590130.jpg (314.19 KB, 1200x1600, hellololcowmyoldfriend.jpg)

Dakota is an ugly has-been. Can you even believe how fake and plain she is?

Don't even get me started on Taylor R.

No. 11747

That's terrible. I'm sorry this happened to you, Spoony. I was mostly a lurker on /cgl/ and I only spoke to you once, asking you about pictures you submitted for a contest that weenus started with some other girl. As creepy as this may sound, you reminded me of my sister and I enjoyed your posts. I'm not into the whole elf look myself, but your ears look adorable.

No. 11756

And you're still self-posting? Didn't you learn anything..?

No. 11758

>a young German man (David Heiss) became infatuated with a girl over the internet after meeting her in a gaming forum, had flown to the UK in secret, stabbed her boyfriend to death before fleeing back to Germany.
I saw a documentary on that!

No. 11765


No see the problem in the first place was never me selfposting, it has never, ever been about me posting pictures of myself.
The problem back then was that I was A. a very naive, very easily manipulated young teen on the internet with no concept of the dangers of posting to an environment crawling with B. malicious adults and potential paedophiles that really should have known better than to take advantage of somebody my age.

Selfposting on the internet is fine and dandy, so long as you have the smarts to keep potential risks at arms length and take the steps to protect any sensitive information about yourself. I've already went about DMCA'ing the shit out of almost all of my shit online.

Hard drives fail, people delete old irrelevant files to clear up space. In a few more years I'll be all but forgotten about and just another rando with a Tumblr, just the way I like it.


Oh god yeah, crazy case huh?

No. 11768

It's good you're keeping such a positive attitude about it

No. 11782

How's it going to be forgotten if you keep bringing it up to score pity points?

You're still a lolcow imo.

No. 11798


Thanks brah'.


Yeah, I do bring it up when people ask me about it, which they did.
I refuse to sweep it under the carpet because a lot of it stemmed from my own stubbornness and bad behaviour, and if I just pretend it never happened then I won't learn anything at all.

>you're still a lolcow imo

I was never a lolcow m8, close but never quite there, but if that's the way you feel then at least grow some balls and go make a thread about me.
That or grow the fuck up and let it go already; your choice.

No. 11809

you kinda were. and you kind of are. you're still milking this shit. you brought up who you were in like two threads now. why do you keep trying to draw attention to yourself? at the very least, you're dwarf-cow.

No. 11812

She just wants someone to make a thread about her because she craves attention. Move along, farmers.

No. 11824

Spoony is a fucking stupid cunt cow attention whore. She used to Tripfag, so I know there was no way that the evil cyber bullies were trying to make her look bad or whatever that was her disgusting as fuck ass doing it the whole time. She would constantly derail thread to gush about herself and shit it was so fucking annoying and no one gave a fuck. Oh and she got her minge pounded at fourteen and thought we should all know about it and was defending a middle aged man who preys on tweens because of it like a stupid cunt. Lol looks like she still wants attention. She's so fucking stupid.

No. 11825

mte. spoony, just pipe down already you cgl oldfag

No. 11834

go away you greatvalue zelda

No. 11840


I don't think you were around whilst I was actually tripfagging because everything you just said was untrue.

No. 11845

Stop. Just stop. I can't handle with level of vicarious embarrassment.

No. 11846

There's some next level tier of mad going on in this thread.

No. 226812


No. 577126

Mmmm…anon caused a bump to reveal a vintage Spoony post, elf ears and all. What a blast from the past.

No. 577772

I equally enjoyed that trip down memory lane anon

No. 577897

>self post thread?
Can I post my most recent youtube video about my time living in Japan?


No. 577898

anon why are you doing this

No. 577899

because its a self post thread.

No. 577903

Im going to stalk your fine ass carlita_x

No. 577907

She's like a budget sophie from the milk club.

No. 577913

What if it's not even herself posting? I dread to think

No. 577915

Honestly wouldn't be surprised because it's not the first time that has happened here either.

No. 577943

my only advice for carlita is to stop filling in your eyebrows so close towards your nose bridge

No. 577979

“Let’s start with…aniMe”

Is really funny to me anon

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