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File: 1478224145960.jpg (75.17 KB, 640x480, 1466880669041.jpg)

No. 115685

Opinions on the first ever, the one and only changirl anons? : Cracky

No. 115686

File: 1478224200183.jpg (45.49 KB, 480x640, 1469920240416.jpg)

No. 115687

File: 1478224505274.jpg (131.48 KB, 589x609, 1469402034575.jpg)

No. 115688

Just like any other attention whore.


No. 115691

File: 1478225641868.jpg (130.02 KB, 680x978, 1175797839172.jpg)

She's the Queen of the sky, on her neverending glory. I love her so much.
Well, seriously, it fascinates me how obsessed some are with her to this day. Me included, I must say. I've got a folder full of pics and still hope to stumble on some rare on that werid site (you know the one)

No. 115693

That site is broken now, you can't post anything anymore

No. 115695

File: 1478226251377.jpg (132 KB, 548x409, 1469525763927.jpg)

dental holocaust.

No. 115727

So what's the backstory of this girl? I only knew she posted but I know jackshit of her.

No. 115733

No, some old stalker imageboard.

>half-jew girl with rich parents gets drunk one night in 2005
>selfposts on /b/
>anons everywhere go crazy about her
>mods ban cracky threads
>stalkers make their own imageboards dedicated to her
Cue a decade of social drama between them, weird cultist shit, reclusive loony NEETs forgetting their pills, essentially mentally disabled manchildren flailing.

She is pretty cute and sweet though.

No. 115734

I've read her site on knowyourmeme and I don't get why people were obsessed with her.

No. 115738

It was a simpler time

No. 115740

People consider this remotely cute…? She looks grotesque.

No. 115741

she was pretty much the first 4chan camwhore

No. 115798

Cracky chan because she looks like she's on crack?

No. 115799


There really weren't any standards back then on 4chan. Most internet sluts were scene queens who kept to MySpace or LJ and had no idea what 4chan was. Many of the early chans even werent conventionally cute (creepy chan for example). They were weird and indulged in the same strangeness (memes, shit posting, nerdy geeky things etc…) that /b/tards liked at the time which made them popular with their audience.

No. 115801

Does someone remember the travesty of pear chan?
Holy shit that was hilarious

No. 115802


No. 115804


She's got her own thread on /snow/.

No. 115843

Is there a site with all her none-rare photos collected? I like her creepy aesthetics and want to download those for inspiration.

No. 115848

what 'aesthetic'? wearing cheap weeb accessories?

No. 115850


Apart from being fat I actually thought she was kind of pretty.

No. 115859

File: 1478366291824.jpg (99.64 KB, 640x480, 1393881030675.jpg)

That, or sacrificial bandaged jew queen.

No. 115891

File: 1478384499472.jpg (77.36 KB, 376x409, 1313857697225.jpg)

The whole 'fragile damaged girl' thing. I take pictures of myself like this too.

Why the fuck do you feel the need to bring up her being jewish while snarking? Like there was something wrong with it. STFU

No. 115906

wow some's triggered as fuck lmao

No. 115911

She has some jewish symbolism in some of her pictures, that's what I was referring to. And I wasn't being snarky, you're just way too sensitive to that kind of shit. I hate when people get angry at trivial and innocuous sentences, gives me the impression I'm walking on thin ice with them.

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