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No. 114435

do you ever feel bad that your looks are sub par compared to people being made fun of on these boards?
don't get me wrong, i love to read up on and laugh at kotakoti and kiki and, hell, even BILLIE or whoever else, but at the end of the day i'm just a thumby looking skinny-fat average white girl who can't even do makeup to fix god's mistakes.
anyone else in the same boat? how do you deal? also how the fuck does makeup work? i wish i could just meitu and be happy with it

No. 114441

Nah this place boosts my self-esteem if anything. Look up Vamplette or Momokun. Some ugly ass bitches. Sure there are some beautiful people posted here but there sure are some butt ugly ones.

Watch Kathleenlights and learn how to do makeup OP. Really not that difficult in this day and age there is no excuse

No. 114442

They're shit people who publicly make fools of themselves, it honestly doesn't matter what they look like or how I compare in relation to them. Plenty of attractive women and men became laughingstocks because of their actions and nary were defended on the grounds that "at least the people laughing are ugly." Sounds like something a snowflake would say to make itself feel less ashamed. We all know ugly and fat snowflakes are picked on as well. Looks are irrelevant to idiocy and drama someone can make.

No. 114448

sorry op, you're kind of on your own.

No. 114449

Don't take it too seriously. Usually the people posting stuff like "EW why does her forehead wrinkle when she raises her eyebrows??? disgusting" are hardcore projecting their insecurities.

No. 114451

File: 1477696884922.jpg (173.04 KB, 754x960, taylor.jpg)

There's way more than enough guys that don't care if you're ugly.

Ugly AND a bitchy mean personality though? Better be prepared to settle pretty low.

No. 114455

For me, people are usually posted here because they're shitty people or drama queens. They may be beautiful on the outside, but their personality is ugly, so it makes them ugly. If that makes any sense.

Also I just enjoy being a petty bitch sometimes.

No. 114456

If you don't like something, improve it if it's possible within your power. With how many resources are easily accessible through the internet and the cheap price of drugstore products, there's little valid excuse if you want it enough.

But honestly just in an average day or outing, total strangers give way more of a shit (if they have the energy to care at all) on what you smell like more than what you look like. Wear clean clothes, don't smell bad, and groomed enough and it'll be fine.

No. 114491

I can sort of understand where OP is coming from. Occasionally I see some nitpicking and can't help but think "well, she probably looks better than I would at that angle/style/etc".

There are so many resources online for learning to do make up. Watch a shit ton of tutorials and PRACTICE a shit ton as well. Try as many looks as you can, take pictures/videos and find whats most flattering for your particular features.

It doesn't even have to be extravagant make up. People underestimate what a difference foundation, well groomed brows, and a pair of lashes make. If you aren't comfortable with foundation try a BB cream, and invest in a nice neutral palette.

No. 114493

File: 1477715320918.jpeg (114.49 KB, 750x739, image.jpeg)

It's really not that hard unless you're trying to recreate the shit you see on Instagram

No. 114509

I don't know what world you guys live in but makeup can only do so much. I don't know why people here think acne, dark circles and uneven skintone = ugly, that girl has very nice, symmetrical features.

If you have a crooked nose, bulging eyes, horrible misshapen mouth, big chin, big ears etc makeup can only help a little. I don't know whose koolaid you've been drinking but many people can't afford surgery or fancy makeup because they're up to their ears in student debt.

You're all talking as if everyone has perfectly symmetrical features hiding under a layer of acne and greasy skin as if that's the only form of ugly there is.

No. 114510

Nobody is saying makeup will do a plastic surgery but you look overall better if you got makeup on.

Honestly, if you are really ugly and broken I would advise exercising instead of putting layers of makeup on your face.

No. 114512

But what good will exercising do? You can't fix your face with weightlifting. I'm not even fat, I look really good body-wise.

No. 114517

Because if you have a nice body then your ugly face doesn't matter much

No. 114519

If my face was fucked up I think I would just go with it. Pick a career in STEM and devote my life to it. Or try to be a world renowned chef some shit like that. Then bankroll and get big fake titties cuz everyone loves a butterface

No. 114520

??? Yes it does, otherwise you wouldn't be called ugly? People don't look at your tits when they shake your hand.

No. 114521

File: 1477755302878.jpg (2.45 MB, 4000x6000, zjklnZQ.jpg)

Anon please look at this picture and get back to me. You're welcome

No. 114522

What do you want me to say here? She's hideous.

No. 114524

I honestly feel so bad for her. Like, what do you do when your face is dthat fucke? Especially as a woman you're going to be judged on the way you look, and every time you look in the mirror you get to see god's trainwreck.

No. 114542

Make up can do it's fair share if you learn how to fucking do it correctly. Even if it doesn't fix your hideous face completely it's better than going around looking like an unkempt mess. Some effort is ultimately better than being a self pitying bitch.

Was plastic surgery even brought up? OP mentioned make up, and so it was discussed. An 8-30 dollar foundation every few months isn't that big of a dent in your funds.

No. 114543

Nothing I just wanted to hear your thoughts

No. 114550

Fixing that nose would help her a lot

No. 114551


she should overdraw her lips a little and not highlight that giant nose.

and learn to smile

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