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Farmers I require your help, I'm visiting London for a week in December; this is my first time in Europe and sadly my budget is quite low.
Can you recommend me cheap places to eat over central London if I don't eat much junk food and i can't eat seafood
(I would like to not buy a loaf of bread and billy slices everyday)

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Uh oh

No. 113272

lots of nice markets, brixton and borough. if you're staying somewhere that has cooking facilities grab a bit fresh fruit/veg, cheese, artisan bread etc while you're adventuring.
also, im sure theres plenty of curry or kebab places where you can get a cheap and dirty feed.

i believe its better to spend more money on good food and eat less because holy shit there is some amazing fucking food over there.

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c h e e k y n a n d o s

No. 113295

Where are you originally from and what kind of cuisine are you interested in?

Do you want to go to restaurants, market or something else?

Someone has already brought up Borough market, which is well worth a visit. Alternatively there are various other, smaller markets - some seasonal, that pop up here and there.

Chinese: Ba Shan, Bar Shu, Royal China (nr Victoria).
Japanese: Asakusa (Camden).
English: Mews (expensive), Hawksmoor (slightly less expensive).
English (For breakfast): Various places in Islington or the Renaissance Hotel.
Italian: Boca di Lupo.
French: Bar Boulud, Clos Maggiore.

Also, Asian bread is fucking horrible (I'm guessing that's what OP's pic is?).

No. 113298

That's ham, not bread.
Fun fun yum yum

No. 113299

Looks absolutely disgusting fam.

No. 113316

go get yourself a cheeky nandos with the lads

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