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File: 1476642899764.jpg (56.19 KB, 400x489, EOR5s8H.jpg)

No. 112710

post your favorite unsolved mysteries, creepypastas, conspiracies etc.

Keep hybristophilia related posts in their respective thread >>>/pt/262979

No. 112727

Semi related but I love browsing the unresolvedmysteries subreddit. Some of the murders have been resolved as time passes and it's been great following up on that. I also like how the majority of the community actively tries to help solve some of the mysteries.

No. 112731

File: 1476647845918.jpg (35.95 KB, 337x499, 34534754.jpg)

Johnny Gosch's disappearance is my favorite unsolved mystery.

I feel bad for his mother, who is still running that creepy site about him, but I feel like she's unreliable as hell about the whole "he came back home 10 years later" thing.

There's another one that I like, but can't remember the name of or much info about except there was a girl driving out in the country and just disappeared. They later found her car crashed into the side of an old barn on the side of the road, but they never got any leads about what happened to her. Anyone remember that one?

No. 112738

No. 112739


I watched a documentary about her missing son and it followed her briefly. I really feel for her. She seemed a lot more collected than I had imagined, but it's obvious she is obsessed with finding her son… but I can't really fault her with that.

No. 112745

File: 1476650281141.jpg (7.97 KB, 275x183, 5565.jpg)

Ah yeah, I remembered it wrong. It was the side of an abandoned house, so it was Brianna Maitland.

I don't know why but something specifically about this disappearance creeps me the hell out.

No. 112753

I love that too. Definitely related! Do you have a favorite case?

That is creepy. Thank you for linking!

No. 112756


I don't have a favorite, but a few that really have followed me are the ONS/EAR, Toynbee tiles (pretty much solved but the doc makers didn't want to disturb the artist who was obviously mentally ill), and the motive behind the James Bulger murder.

The Death Valley Germans was a mystery that wasn't very interesting, but the journey of a man in his quest to find their bodies is pretty interesting (spoiler, he finds them). It gave me a new appreciation for desert environments.

You can read that here.


No. 112758

OP pic makes me so sad, that poor girl. Fuck anti social violent people.

No. 112764

What's the story behind it?

No. 112766


She died.

No. 112769

File: 1476660606641.jpg (149.65 KB, 949x671, Bearbrook_Murders_-_Allenstown…)


The reconstructive pic really creeps me out

No. 112770

I dislike the attitude they have where if something is solved in their opinion aka someone linking to a hypothesis post or an article ,that it must never be talked about again.

No. 112771


Wow, it's kind of shocking that this is still unsolved since three of them related (you would think the family of 3 missing members would file a missing persons report).

I wonder if it has to do with their native American heritage, and the distrust natives have with law enforcement. The estimated date of their death could possibly make police write them off as runaways, as the did frequently at the time.

No. 112772

Probably murdered by the father of the children.

No. 112773

Don't forget the recent explosion of irrelevant comments that say something along the lines of, "cases of missing pocs never make the headlines or get exposure only young white wimmenz do!"

No. 112777

OP here, that's Regina Kay Walters, who was abducted and murdered: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Ben_Rhoades

No. 112778


Guess I never noticed them lol.

One case that I remember from unsolved mysteries that involved a missing black man was George Owens. His case makes me sad because he was probably so scared and lost, but couldn't figure out why. This was the case that made me terrified of amnesia.


No. 112779

No. 112789

Of course it is. That doesn't mean people in the sub have to bitch about it in every thread. It's very irrelevant to the sub and nobody came to hear some angry minority whine about politics. Most of the population in the west is made up of whites, so of course you're going to hear much more cases of missing whites. You're also going to hear more cases about missing females because women are preyed on much more. The fact that they get more coverage from the press isn't coincidence or "in favour" of certain groups. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this. There's nothing for them to bitch about and they're just making a scene for sympathy points because they know no one can say anything about it unless you'll be dubbed racist. Besides, children get noticed the most regardless of gender or colour so the people who keep bringing this shit up are seriously cherry picking for reasons I've already mentioned.

No. 112790

File: 1476676424669.jpg (24.43 KB, 736x503, 1472589372869.jpg)

>Most of the population in the west is made up of whites


No. 112791


Holy fuck please shut up. This thread is not about race politics bullshit.

No. 112804

But she's right. There are still places in the West where your kind are rare. Thank God.

No. 112807

Realistically wouldn't you expect white people to care more about other white people? I mean you wouldn't expect Japanese to care as much about a missing white person would you.

No. 112814

I'm >>112779. All I did was link to a Wikipedia article, didn't expect this much ass-aggravation from >>112789. Oh well, I guess.

No. 112823

Elisa Lam's death was always fucking creepy to me. A lot of people say that her BD and depression explained her bizarre behavior in the video, but I don't really see how. Her body being found in a water tank up on the hotel rooftop is also a mystery. How did she get in there and close it on herself if it was a suicide due to a mental breakdown?


No. 112824

Eh, I've seen people act like that. And if she didn't open the water tank lid all the way, it would have just fallen back into place once she was in the tank. It's not hard to get in one, it's getting out that's the issue, especially if the water level is waaaay beneath the opening.

No. 112825

The weird part is that she was apparently strong enough to open the tank. That sounds suspicious to me.
I honestly believe foul play was at work. Yes, she had a mental breakdown, probably, but this seems unlikely to be suicide.

No. 112827

Her case is what got me into mysteries and disappearances. It creeps me out everytime I hear about the part where she was found in the water tank.

Rob Dyke is a good youtuber to watch for this type of stuff when he doesn't do his comedy things. He covers everything from disappearances to freaky incidents. I recommend his channel for anyone interested in disappearances, murders, and mysteries in general.

No. 112829

What part of that post reads ass-aggravation for you? You sound mad about something bringing up the wiki article at all.

No. 112838

>tl;dr, angry essay in response to a simple wiki link
>"What part of that post reads ass-aggravation for you?"
I'm not angry at all, just resigned. I pointed out that it's an actual thing, and it set anon into hysterics for some reason. Maybe they have a good reason, idk. Either way, I agree the thread isn't about race.

No. 112841


Are there any good documentaries or videos about this case?

No. 112843

No. 112844


Man, I'm also stumped on this. The consensus seems to be that she could've done it on her own and probably was off her meds and did it (the tank lid wasn't as heavy as people think), but it just doesn't seem right to me.

No. 112846

I really enjoyed reading about Mary Flora Bell


No. 112848

I haven't seen many good videos or documentaries on this case. A lot of it is the same story of what she was doing and the question of why she ended up like she did. I found this video and these two people believe drugs may have possibly been in her system causing her erratic behavior. It still feels weird that she would get in a water tank, assuming she did it on her own. Even still, the general consensus is she ended up in that water tank on her own accord somehow.

No. 112850

Oh, sweet! I love threads like this. Does anyone have any more YT channel recs? Another anon brought up Rob Dyke a bit earlier. I'm really liking a lot of the stuff I'm seeing on his channel so maybe something similar to his stuff?

No. 112851


Maybe Last Podcast on the Left might be up your alley. Their humor is extremely crude though, it took me a couple episodes to get into it.

If you're looking for something more cut and dry, Unresolved Podcast is another good one. He did an amazing 3 part cast on the ONS/EAR.

No. 112857

If you like murder "mysteries" (depending on your viewpoint) have you checked out Serial season 1?

No. 112858

>It still feels weird that she would get in a water tank, assuming she did it on her own.

It's possible either drugs/medication or her mental illness prompted her to get in. If she was feeling paranoid, she might have gotten in there to hide. She might have been hallucinating. She looked pretty scared in the elevator, she might have hid in the tank to escape whatever was frightening her.

It could have just been a split second decision that she couldn't go back on. The tank would have been hard to get out of, even if the lid had been open.

The lids aren't as heavy as they look and I'm pretty sure they're on hinges, so a lot of the weight is taken off whoever opens it up. They're heavy enough to fall back into place though. If she only opened it wide enough to slip through (which I think is likely if she did get in there to hide), it would have closed when she dropped into the tank.

No. 112860

What does everybody think about Madeleine Mccann?

No. 112862


It will never be solved. Solving crimes like these that happen in foreign countries (and especially developing countries) are pretty much a crap shoot because the infrastructure and resources to help solve them are usually non-existent or completely inexperienced.

It's why I'll never go on a cruise. A boat full of drunk people traveling the oceans going from one foreign country to another.

The disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley really drives this home how fucked you are if you go missing.

No. 112863

The hotel has had a lot of disgusting murders and deaths that are very out of the norm like this, but hers is the most memorable of them for most because of this video.

The common conspiracy theory is that this is actually some place for government agencies to test mental experiments on unwilling humans or for the elite to pay and off people for fun, sort of dark web style. A lot of people there are overwhelmingly "unwanted", like homeless and very low income. Think old KGB conspiracy style stuff of kidnapping it's own citizens.

"The road on which the hotel stood - Main Street - quickly declined into the area known as Skid Row, with as many as 10,000 homeless people living within a four-mile radius and by the 1950s it had gained a reputation as a residence for transients."

No. 112867

That's viable, the only thing is Elisa was far from "unwanted", though. She was a middle-upper class Asian chick from Vancouver.
Wonder if she got into something bad/drug-related and ended up getting killed off.

No. 112888

Her parents did it. She's as dead and boring as Jon Benet.

No. 112892

>developing country
Amerifat detected

I agree that her parents did it, probably to cover up her accidental death after being sedated.

No. 112900


Lol, didn't intend portugal specifically was a developing country, but the way I wrote it seems to imply that. Sorry it upset you.

Sage for derailing

No. 113162

Shameful display?

No. 113166

Or she was a mentally ill girl who took some drugs, had some kind of bad trip or panic attack, and got into a water tank to cool down or whatever.

No. 113197

Because that's what a "bad trip" and "panic attack" does. They get into water tanks no one should be able to get into alone and drown themselves. She was murdered and the hotel has a history of murders.

No. 113199

You seem like the kind of people who go at schools to tell kids to not use drugs otherwise they will murder their parents and become homosexual.

No. 113314

Do you guys think Steven Avery is innocent or not??

No. 113328

Nope. I think the cops fucked up but it was one of those cases where they got the right guy, they just went about it the wrong way.

No. 113400


I think he's probably guilty but the police defiantly helped convict him by planting evidence. I do feel awful if he is innocent though

No. 113432

A hotel being the hub of some murder and experiment organization sounds way more far-fetched than a person being on drugs and accidentally fucking themselves over or one of their aquaitances murdering them.

No. 114265

Any favourite cryptids, /x/?

No. 114273

Anything that's a lake or sea monster. especially Champ and Ogopogo.

No. 114292

File: 1477605994568.jpg (43.54 KB, 639x362, cecil-hotel-water-tanks.jpg)

Honestly people die doing dumb shit and making mistakes when mentally well and completely sober so I don't know why people are so shocked that mental illness and drugs can make it even more likely.

There was that girl (Jamie? Janie?) and tried to crawl through vents to get into the restaurant, which is where they found her body a few weeks later. Maybe that was just a dumb decision or caused by her bipolar disorder, but either way it was a mistake that killed her. Sadly it's not that rare for people to die from a single strange mistake.

All it would take was an unlocked or unalarmed door (either the main one or one that led to one of the external stairways) or even a window near a fire escape for people to get onto the roof. The tanks aren't hard - they're designed to be opened up easily and the hatches are on hinges so a lot of the weight is taken off the person who opens them up. The only thing that was stopping her was security, which is likely shitty in a sketch hotel. She didn't even need a ladder because there are railings on the roof that you can use to get on top of the tanks.

Bored teens get into stranger places and a lot of urbex people can attest to how often "secure" areas aren't that secure.

No. 114293

Anybody seen the Amanda Knox documentary on netflix?

No. 114295

EAR/ONS is interesting but it's so time consuming when you fall down the rabbit hole. Everybody has theories about it and it's so easy to get drawn into them all.

No. 114297

Yeah. Kind of gave me a new perspective on the case. Like, maybe Amanda Knox actually didn't murder her roommate after all.

No. 114324

She almost certainly didn't. And this is coming from someone who, from a cursory reading of the case, initially thought she did.

Guede was the murderer. He raped and murdered Kercher, or got her so high on something she didn't know what was going on and when she snapped out of it he killed her in a panic.

Niggers in Italy are known for this kind of shit. A few months ago there was a stupid as fuck American girl who got high on coke and went home with an Eritrean asylum seeker (I shit you not, wtf white girls…) who fucked her and then beat her to death when she mentioned he needed to leave because her boyfriend was coming over.

No. 114384

This entire shitshow.
First heard about it on SA around 15 years ago. That's the third iteration of the site and the owner is a hippie whack job who is e-begging for 'donations' to continue his 'research'. He reserves the unreleased police reports and photos for forum members who suck his e-dick or donate money if you want to play that game. The fact that the local sheriffs office let him run off with their case files tells you all you need to know about their competence. Throw in the fact that this guy did it because some other guy stole a bunch of evidence before and he wanted to 'archive it online' and it's a goddamn circus.
I won't bother typing what would be a 100 page synopsis but it boils down to Iran-Contra/CIA drug running, Chicago Mafia, corrupt Sheriff, and 'lost' evidence tapes.

No. 114386

File: 1477640112290.jpg (77.16 KB, 1080x1080, 14706879_1309470735764453_4036…)


this is a decent podcast that covers everything about it, because the creepiest things were the coincidences surrounding the case.
>her asshole was completely fucked up but the police tested her body of every drug except rape drugs
>the invisible light agency
>Aleister Crowley infamously performed a ritual summoning an inter-dimensional entity called LAMB at the hotel in 1919.
>that 2004/5 movie made before her death , dark water, featured coincidences including an Asian women being found in a water tank a top a hotel.

No. 114433

File: 1477677341966.jpg (68.23 KB, 635x473, casey-anthony-cigar-smoking1-e…)

So…what do farmers think?

No. 114437

she prob did it but who cares. sure the kid was better off dead than with her anyway.

No. 114439

I think she did it in the sense that she was neglectful and the kid died on her watch like drowning or something like that. Then she panicked and tried to cover it up.

No. 114440

But Dark Water is a remake, isn't it? I think she just had a manic episode and did some stupid shit

No. 114443

Clearly didn't care about her kid, typical party mom.

Instead of doing the right thing like getting an abortion or signing the kid over to her parents after it was born, she thought she could handle the highroad. However she fucked up, covered up the neglect/accidental death, but then got a taste of the childless single life again. She realized in that moment that she actually didn't feel bad about her child being gone, and what she actually felt bad about was possibly going to jail for it. All along she craved freedom from the responsibilities that she signed for.

Not really spooky to me. Just makes me thankful I made it to adulthood and didn't get stuck with a bad number for a parent.

No. 114446

yeah it's a remake apparently but it was still made before Elisa's death.

too many coincidences, ++++ 43 seconds are missing from the security footage the police won't release, ++++ they didn't test for rape drugs when her a hole was mangled

No. 114490

I think the grandparents had something to do with the murder too.

No. 114523

Copy and pasting this from the unresolvedmysteries subreddit because lazy.

>Disapperance of Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers, two Dutch girls who went missing while on a hike in the Panama jungle. 10 weeks later bone fragments and a backpack were found. These pictures were from a camera in the backpack. What happened to them is a mystery.


>Best theory is they were unprepared for a day hike (very, very unprepared) and were unable to survive the elements.

No. 114530


Yup. I went down that rabbit hole. My guess is one fell and was severely injured, the other either tried to help and injured herself or she stayed because she didn't want to leave her friend. They died of exposure or starvation/dehydration, flashflood, or some other natural cause. Their bodies washed away and made their way down stream.

They used the camera either to fend off what they may have thought were animals, or to try and attract help.

This is why you don't go off trail and always have a game plan of things go the absolute worst possible way. Even then though there are scenarios that no one can prepare 100% for.

No. 114634

I bet somebody killed them and ate their body parts and that's why there's only bone fragments and random pieces of flesh.

No. 114635

White women are too foolhardy sometimes when traveling.

No. 114636

If I ever had daughters I wouldn't want them away from me ever. I'm beginning to understand protective dads.

No. 114648


Shit like this makes my blood boil. Way to make your entire family worried sick just so you can live the Bohemian life. White women travelling to South America think they are invincible. And you know what I really dont feel that bad when something does happen to them. The world isn't your playground

No. 114653

But anon, how else are they going to ~find themselves~?

No. 114677

No. 114706

You sound like a sheltered little shit.

I can't blame you, you probably never left your white-mostly neighbourhood except when going to safe places with your parents or your boyfriend/husband on your family's SUV.

They don't think they are invincible. Anyone going to these places know they are taking risks.

Stop treating women like children. If they want to go, let them go.

No. 114709

Lol. Bitch I'm not white. I wasn't even born in the US.

White women who go to any south american unprepared and uninformed are children. Sorry. Hope u get to have your Eat, Pray Love experience you basic bitch

No. 114710

Where does it say these people went to SA uninformed and unprepared?

Sorry you get to be a bitter bitch that doesn't travel and doesn't want other people to do it.

No. 114712


Top5s on youtube usually has some pretty good videos on stuff like this.


Wendigos are my personal favorite.

No. 114717

if someone goes travelling internationally and doesnt keep in contact then they're either completely heartless or just plain fucking stupid when ppl at home worry when they dont contact

No. 114724


As said in >>112843, take your derailing elsewhere.

No. 114727


White girls treat their dads like shit.

Why not just go to a safe country like Spain or Greece rather than a central American hellhole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114728

What's wrong with sticking to safe destinations?

No. 115701

Videos similar to this? I looked around on youtube a little bit but didn't come across anything nearly as well produced.

No. 115705

There are 2 other Local 58 videos, in case you haven't seen them. The one you linked is probably my favorite of them, though. Gives me the fucking creeps.

Also, did anyone ever watch Lost Tapes? It was this extremely corny found-footage type show dealing with monsters and cryptids. It was really cheesy but once in a while the episodes legitimately spooked/shook me. I remember this one about aliens freaking me out, although I haven't re-watched it.

No. 117507

>There are 2 other Local 58 videos, in case you haven't seen them.
Yeah, I know. But anything else?

No. 117509

Unfortunately I haven't found anything similar, especially nothing as well done.

No. 120128

Cayleigh Elise is my favourite.

No. 120131

South America in general is haunted as shit. All that cartel stuff..
Like that guy who got his face peeled off with a box cutter and hands chopped off. You can't tell me there's no residual energy left over from that. They have certain houses/warehouses they do all their torturing in.

No. 120132

Anyone remember Thelittlefears, she was my favorite creepypasta youtuber. Too bad she really doesn't post anymore

No. 514561

File: 1581622736343.jpg (2.54 MB, 810x9436, 20200213_143732.jpg)

No. 514639

eh i get where i might sound creepy but thos chicks just sound mega malnourished and that guy way too into it.

No. 514781

This just sounds like another day at MPA

No. 514905

I heard stories from Peru,Bolivia and Colombia that there are these evil witches/Satanists black magic practitioners that kidnap people (they live in far away rural area, basically in the middle of nowhere)
They mostly kidnap children or teenagers and use their body parts in these blood rituals for these powerful demons (not just Satan)
Since they workship them,they're souls are also given to them
I felt such an uneasy heavy vibe when I went to this village in Peru

No. 517088

this reads like a creepypasta and everyone knows/of an ana that's gotten dementia.

No. 517602

What do you guys think of the JonBenet Ramsey case? Did the brother do it?

No. 517607

I think the dna findings point to possibly the dad doing some fucked up shit/maybe letting someone else do gucked up shit to him. The actual murder, I think there's a big possibility of it being the brother, he must've been jealous and too rough. What doesn't make sense is the timeline, the goddamn pineapple and the note with their own notepad. A) There was some sexual relations between the dad/some other men they pimped her out to, went in too rough, they freaked out and fabricated the whole note thing. B) The brother did it and the parents tried to cover it up.
I think there was definitely something very disgusting going on and wouldn't be surprised if it was some mix of these two.

No. 517684

Gonna call occam's razor here and say it was the brother. He killed her accidentally in a fit of rage after JonBenet snatched pineapple from his snack bowl and the parents covered it up for him. I don't think there are any shady child prostitution ring things at play with that case. The brother was emotionally disturbed and had hit her before in the head with a golf club, now he hit her with a flashlight and killed her. The autopsy findings support this theory as the cracks on her skull lined up with the flashlight in question. JonBenet was small enough to be killed by a blow to the head even if the brother was only 9 years old. The parents lied about the brother being asleep during the whole ordeal while his voice can be heard in the background of the 911 call. It's the most plausible theory so far.

No. 517722

Either the brother or the mother, I don't think it was a molestation thing either but a fit of rage over xmas gifts/toys (in the case of the brother) or her bedwetting if it was the mother. Either way I think the mother took that secret to the grave with her. She wrote the ransom note.

No. 517728

the podcast true crime garage recently did a like 5 part breakdown of the case that goes extremely in depth and only sticks to facts that were known and it completely changed my opinion on the case (i was originally positive the family was in on it). i highly recommend even if you've watched/listened to other jonbenet coverage.

there were three things that stuck out that changed my mind about the family being involved:

first, while there was evidence of sexual abuse at the time she died, the coroner concluded there was no evidence of long-term or historical sexual abuse. she had no scarring typical with that type of sexual abuse, and the abuse was consistent with digital manipulation but nothing further. this disproved to me the idea that the dad or someone else had been molesting her leading up to her death even though that's a popular theory. the evidence just doesn't support that unless he molested her once and then killed her right after.

second, her head injury came with no blood. there wasnt a puddle of blood when she was found, her hair wasn't matted with blood. this indicates to me that the head injury was inflicted post-mortem to ensure she was dead after she had been suffocated with the garrote. that rules out any rough accident with her brother or her mother throwing her after her bed-wetting, etc.

lastly, there was evidence that when the killer was using the garrote, he was repeatedly loosening and tightening it, presumably to bring jonbenet to the brink of unconsciousness, then let her revive a bit, then do it again. this to me is the behavior of a disgusting, sick pedophile who was getting off on watching her die. say what you want about how weird the ramsey's are, but i dont think any parent who was just covering up an accident would go that far.

a lot of the evidence that is presented as fact and sensationalized is shoddy at best or just plain misreported. the handwriting analysis wasn't as damning as the media wanted to portray. there was no sign she had been continuously sexually abused. some of the police on scene who later claimed sensing something ~sinister~ about john ramsey never indicated that in early interviews. the media circus really incentivized people to act like they had the key to solving this case even when they didn't.

what i think happened was a pedophile was planning to abduct jonbenet, saw an opportunity, and took it. i think maybe he came in before the night of the crime to scope things out and see the layout of the house to plan the abduction. he then returned to act it out, and was successful in getting jonbenet down in the cellar. i dont think he intended to kill her, but wanted to get off on bringing her in and out of consciousness with the thrill of her parents being upstairs because it aroused him. i think his intention was to then put her in the suitcase and leave with her or just carry her out and flee. i think he accidentally took it too far choking her and killed her, and then panicked. this would explain haphazardly using items from around the house to write the note, the note being weirdly long, etc. i think he hit her in the head to insure she was dead before he left so she couldn't be revived and possibly identify him. and that was it. then the investigation was so hopelessly botched and it became a worldwide sensation and at this point i dont think theres any hope for her case to ever be solved.

No. 517732

About the garotte, most people don't understand how long it takes to strangle someone to death, she probably passed out and then they thought she was dead so stopped and when she woke up had to start again.

No. 517749

>this would explain haphazardly using items from around the house to write the note, the note being weirdly long
If you have just murdered someone and are panicking you will not take your time writing a longass note. You will write as concisly as possible. I am not buying it

No. 518034

No. 518106

I used to think it was a random pedo, too, but how did he get into the house? He couldn't have gotten in through the basement window, there was undisturbed spiderweb on it. And there would have been marks on the ground in front of the window as well

No. 518108

this is like that guy who thought that his father killed the Black Dahlia

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