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Can we have a JoJo thread? I noticed people discussing it in some other thread.
Why is David Production being such a tease about Vento Aureo? They post artworks of Giorno and Abbacchio, they leave references in the new DiU opening, all without confirming it yet. As if we don't know they're going to do it anyway

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I don't give 2 single fucks about Part 5, i'm only hoping it'll get animated because 1) I feel like the anime adaptation might make Giorno more personable than he was in the manga, and 2) Parts 6 and 7 are more likely to be animated, and that's where shit gets real.

Good luck in animating King Crimson, though.

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He's not too bad, and both part 5 and 6 share the same art style (which is my fav so far, even though I like all of Araki's art phases except for Phantom Blood's )
They will sure animate all of JoJo series, for two reasons:
1-This was DP's intention from the start
2-The anime has become incredibly popular and loved, so if budget kicks the bucket they could always open a Gofundme or something and fans would donate

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