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Online drama, gossip, and trolling communities tend to contain people who are just as (or more) deranged as the people that they target. However, they are seldom the subject of ridicule or scrutiny because they align themselves with the ones doing the scrutiny.

This is a thread for lolcows in the drama and trolling communities, e.g. Kiwifarms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, the CWC "inner circle", etc.

Pic related: it's what happened to two CWC trolls who got married.

No. 112279

Ah I'm so glad you made a thread for this. A lot of people still give Bluespike shit, there was a poll not too long ago on kiwifarms voting for least favorite troll saga and Bluespike was voted highest by far and all the comments were giving him shit about it. I think of Bluespike as a martyr, he was very influential for the trolling community as an example for what not to do. Before him, there wasn't really a line drawn, anything could qualify as legit trolling while nowadays the general populace wants more refined trolling. If Bluespike hadn't crossed the line like that, someone else would've.

The Kacey/Liquid thing seems made up? I hear it often but I've not heard where the rumor originated. Is there any proof that he drives her around for mickey ds, or that they married?

No. 112293

Anyone got any Encyclopedia Dramatica gossip? I am mildly interested.

No. 112311

I have no definitive proof aside from knowing Kacey personally and I would not put this past her. But everyone should also be aware that Liquid's brother was insanely jealous of Liquid due to gaining a massive following online in such a short period of time. The two had a personal YouTube channel which did alright, but Liquid accidentally tapped into a gold mine on his own. Liquid's brother also hates Kacey, which I'm sure stems from her overbearing nature.

No. 112314


The original owner was a fat cow who sold it, and I somehow got emails from ED even though I haven't touched my old account since like 2010. They had some sort of list, and I'm assuming they emailed people because the website is dying.

No. 112377

Cow status aside, the reason it was sold/taken down was because she was in a lot of debt keeping it up. She wasn't getting enough donations from it.

Source: used to be friends with someone who was good friends with her, who consequently ended up getting an ED page herself.

No. 112409

I miss when ED wasn't full of redirects and ads. RIP old ED.

sage for OT

No. 112523

Don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but there's been a lot of activity in the Manlytears/Britbongreturns threads over on /cow/. It's honestly scary how much britbong himself is shitposting in those threads, attempting to make himself look good.

This is the current one that's going on

No. 112532

Oi thanks, mate.

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If you disable javascript it stops the popups crap.

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>>112409 >>113651
ED still makes me lul. Their posts of the day and trending stuff is always pretty relevant. Their Trump pages are great, too.

I even discovered they had a page for my state the other day and it was fucking hilarious. Anyone who is bored (which, let's be honest, is probably everyone here) should check out their state's page and see how accurate it is.

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