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No. 112086

how do you feel when you see really thin hot guys dating cows three times their weight?

No. 112087

Why would you date thin guys? Ew. Muscular is more useful, healthier and more attractive.

No. 112088

>>112086 The same way when I see a beautiful woman with a fat fuck man; why?

No. 112091

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, personality.

No. 112093

Don't really care.
And i think the only girls that do care are the type of girls who feel like every guy should want her and her alone and "omg how could that guy be with a fatty instead of looking at meeeeeeeeeeee."

Really why else would anyone in their right mind give a damn? If no one is forced into the relationship and they are happy.. well then good luck.
Not my cup of tea but i have better shit to worry about then someone else their taste in partners.

No. 112097

No. 112099

No. 112103

probably has a fat fetish
you can't choose what you're attracted to so sucks for him

No. 112104

dont give a damn. i have no interest in the guy who is just a stranger.

No. 112111

This. I like athletic men who are on the fuller side

Unless the thin guy is athletic and real sexy himself

No. 112113

Agree. I'm just baffled when the unattractive half is known to also have an awful, awful personality.

Miss Piggy from OP's image is a good example.

No. 112123

>Fat is evil, the website

Chill out, people like what they like

No. 112248

I like fat dudes.

No. 112249

File: 1476175544652.png (918.03 KB, 2130x1073, paprika.png)

When I see threads like these I wonder why nobody ever gives landwhale dudes shit about dating attractive girls?

This trope is damn everywhere too. Are actual attractive guys just too busy with their relationships to worry about who the fat franks are porking, as opposed to average girls who constantly compare themselves to others and take it as a personal insult when they're not desired by all men?

No. 112251

I don't give a shit because I'm not insecure enough to care who random strangers are dating.

No. 112253


are you me?

No. 112271

shut up fat ass. at least learn to type up a meme correctly.

No. 112408

People do similar for fat guys with attractive girls, you see it on sites like /r9k/ sometimes, where they go on about how retarded women are for it, or how they're such sad hopeless special snowflakes that they can't even beat a fat person.

It's just young insecure people who wish all the attention was on them instead of on the other person, same as the OP is.

They're right though, who gives a shit? People like who they like, it's not like you sit down with a list of criteria that someone must meet before you can develop feelings for them, and if they don't tick a box, then you don't care or something.

You can choose to ignore feelings if it's obviously retarded like getting feelings for someone who'll obviously make you unhappy long term, but it's not like them being fat will do that.

Chill out.

No. 112429

I'm in a pretty dramatically mixed weight relationship and if anyone's upset by it, they've never let us know. But my boyfriend (he's the big one) is convinced people talk about it behind our backs a lot.

No. 112437

shut up, fatass. learn not to respond to shitposts seriously

No. 112439


Same. Fat, or chubby dudes are the best.
My boyf has a belly and skinny legs like a cute, tall, frog.

No. 112445

Skinny boys are not hot.
Chubby, or fit are good.

I don't really care who people date.
Me not liking obese people has nothing to do with who they date or who chooses to date them.

No. 112447

You are one of the young insecure people that post talked about, huh.

No. 112456

dey do.
of course they do.


>my bitches

No. 112468

you are one of the fatasses that post talked about huh

No. 112474

So that's a yes then?

No. 112488

I honestly don't give a damn. I have to deal with extremely 'opinionated' people and their busybody gossip all the time, would rather not contribute to the problem.

No. 112500

Wow, you sound upset. Don't take it personally, dude, I'm just sharing my thoughts.
btw, when I say 'vapid' I don't mean they did poorly in school, I mean that I literally only ever heard them actively discuss local gossip, reality tv and celebrities…oh, and Twilight. That's the only time they ever showed an interest in 'literature' outside of a class. I'm sure some of them got good grades because the private school that I attended would be a helluva waste of money if they didn't, but there were also more than a few who dropped out to go somewhere 'easier', and are basically living the desperate housewife lifestyle that they always wanted as we speak. Not exactly the intellectuals you're trying to portray them as. Even the ones who did bother to study ended up staying in-state for their higher education rather than get out and explore their opportunities, so I still see them as being kind of…dumb in that regard. But you know, their daddies were lawyers who took care of them until they found husbands to leech off of and they could fit into size 0 jeans until their first pregnancy, and that's what's really important in life.
Btw, our school had a uniform, so I'm not sure where you get the idea that I dressed 'sloppily' since we were all literally wearing the exact same thing. Even so, I got bullied horribly for looking like a 'dyke' because my hair was chin-length instead of halfway down my back, and a 'geek girl' because I was always reading or drawing instead of gossiping and attending football games. Reaaal stellar personalities that you're attempting to defend there, anon. Let me guess, you saw yourself as one of those ~pretty, popular girls~ in high school, too? Are you naturally this stupid?

No. 112502

It's the "everyone in my school was pregnant by age 12" copypasta a girl. Someone find that copypasta kek

No. 112521

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.
kek. keep telling yourself how 'mad' I am. Life is great.

No. 112540

Yeah, no. Pics or stfu.

No. 112541

You're replying to a copypasta, anon.

No. 112544

>projecting this hard
Well, someone's bothered.
I don't really care whether you believe me or not, all I'm stating is that if you make your appearance your #1 priority then you are inevitably going to miss out on otherwise valuable personal development during your formative years.
If that offends you enough that you feel the need to make offensive conclusions about my character, w/e. I'm out having a great Friday night while you're online bitching. Says way more about you than Me.

No. 112546

Kek I remember when this was first posted

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