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File: 1474390246365.jpg (2.84 MB, 3552x2000, WP_20160920_001.jpg)

No. 110728

Lets post our favorite feet and rate other peoples taste in feet.

Personally, I only like 2D feet. I used to like 3D feet but as I got older and started to only like animes and not real people, I only liked the feet of animes too. My dream feet are the feet of animes, especially shiny feet. I wish they made love pillows that were just feet.

No. 110730

File: 1474393027783.jpg (33.25 KB, 480x320, tumblr_nnfxjxinjE1u6kbs9o3_500…)

The only feet I care about.

No. 110731

10/10 i love her

No. 110732

best bean feet I've ever seen

No. 110733

File: 1474396497109.jpg (7.27 KB, 236x176, 80f16a37aa3c1ca2c060ffaaf0ca47…)

This anon has the right idea.

No. 110734

File: 1474397875799.jpg (34.22 KB, 580x423, catpaws_04.jpg)

No. 110737

File: 1474400667507.gif (260.05 KB, 222x204, oie_3052622KmCWMAJE (1).gif)

No. 110740


now I really want a kitten… even though I'm convinced cats are evil.

No. 110741

File: 1474402349154.jpg (25.25 KB, 366x300, pygmy-hedgehogs.jpg)

Hedgehog feet are pretty QT too

No. 110742

File: 1474403861165.jpg (21.05 KB, 500x333, 69a98a883ad26c9e92e331ce37cf88…)

Good find anon!

I'd also like to present puppy feet.

No. 110745

File: 1474405675086.jpg (36.11 KB, 722x722, Ac3EEuY.jpg)

Love me some jelly bean toes!

No. 110746

This thread turned out really well and I'm glad

No. 110763

File: 1474474622010.jpg (149.46 KB, 580x790, bunny-baby-with-very-big-feet-…)

Bunnies tho

No. 110766

File: 1474476801537.jpg (175.58 KB, 644x409, jerboa.jpg)

Jerboa's stilt-feet are a personal favorite.

No. 110789

File: 1474498020903.jpg (206.65 KB, 640x495, 8908246050_122b4f983d_z.jpg)

Tree frog feet are cute. Especially when they sit in a way which makes it seem like they're politely listening to conversation.

No. 110792

He looks so pleasant.

No. 110793

I'd make friends with that frog. That frog is a nice frog.

No. 110806

File: 1474525454866.jpg (273.73 KB, 768x1024, 1463905294450.jpg)

Good thread.

No. 110807

File: 1474525560887.jpg (134.02 KB, 580x415, kitty.jpg)

No. 110824

File: 1474547028077.jpg (7.96 KB, 194x259, images-6.jpg)

These are my favourite kind of feet.

No. 110825

underrated post
that is fucking adorable

No. 110826

File: 1474549722703.jpg (49.67 KB, 736x552, w5325353.jpg)

No. 110995

File: 1474729751330.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.34 KB, 772x888, uA8uszd.jpg)

No. 110996

File: 1474729883586.jpg (87.15 KB, 731x1123, Q5ldtyB.jpg)

No. 110997

File: 1474730010600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.37 KB, 960x1280, GAB8xob.jpg)

Asian girl feet are truly a gift from the Gods

No. 110998

File: 1474730112095.jpg (111.61 KB, 683x1024, e8Wbjk7.jpg)

No. 111001

File: 1474730362362.jpg (98.79 KB, 958x719, q1BGpcJ.jpg)

No. 111003

File: 1474735765604.jpg (36.83 KB, 443x747, 81ba812925011daaf381073c5ed106…)

duck feet are underrated. 10/10 adorable af

No. 111004

File: 1474735814567.jpg (26.13 KB, 500x375, our-bunny-friend.jpg)

No. 111005

I feel like this frog would offer me sound financial advice

jazz hand jelly beans

No. 111006

File: 1474736093908.jpg (11.94 KB, 236x236, fca3547e123eec09918a8c45ddbcb1…)

No. 111008

File: 1474736708797.jpg (11.72 KB, 350x202, Scottish Fold Kitten Revealing…)

No. 111021

more paws please

No. 111029

File: 1474760385032.jpg (20.07 KB, 500x500, ed9ddf9742bcedcb6224911e51b381…)

>why yes, I can advise you on your 401k…

No. 111033

No he doesn't, stop slandering him

No. 111038

File: 1474774189605.jpg (51.64 KB, 470x491, feetz (59).jpg)

>Spend all day reviewing, critiquing, organizing my porn, and porn posted by others.
>I think I'll look at a non-porn board.
>Yare yare daze.
>Pic related, it's more feet because I guess that's what's happening today.

I tend to really enjoy feets with something around the ankle, or legwear that goes up to the toes. I like how vulnerable they look.

Can anyone recommend a good crack cream? Not for me; for a friend.

No. 111042

File: 1474775018842.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.59 KB, 1078x1004, succubus (12).jpg)

>You'll never be a succubus who pegs your victims.

No. 111050

I'm so ashamed of myself that I'm attracted to feet. I'm not a lesbian but some how women's feet turns me on. 0_o I find it gross but can't help it. :(

No. 111074

Id make you like all the mean girls feet. Between their smelly little toes.

No. 111088

Fuck off, you wanker.

No. 111092

i keked

No. 111100

File: 1474837573827.jpg (16.24 KB, 236x314, ec10e528e1397b4b5f5435103bee9f…)

No. 111101

Rabbit feet are gross. They shit and piss on themselves to stop the growth of bacteria.

No. 111102

File: 1474838141998.jpg (38.28 KB, 600x345, 1-Cat-Paws-shutterstock_224014…)

U go grl anon, show those meanie mods just how much better of a user you are than footanon

No. 111103

10/10 would awww again

No. 111108

File: 1474845249473.jpg (103.84 KB, 720x960, Samyie-simpatichnyie-kotyata-4…)

No. 111114

File: 1474849241815.jpeg (234.13 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

Sleeping otters holding hands man

No. 111259

File: 1475061957279.jpg (28.84 KB, 320x213, 9024123_orig.jpg)

this is the content I'm after

No. 111568

File: 1475362852930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.68 KB, 1400x933, feetz (2).jpg)

Not gay, but I'm posting some cute human feet, or cute humans with visible feet.

OK, I might be slightly gay.

No. 111570

File: 1475362961266.png (Spoiler Image, 846.07 KB, 636x608, feetz (5).PNG)

No. 111578

File: 1475368224370.jpg (118.95 KB, 900x900, duckfeeeets.jpg)

How did you so badly miss the genuine point of the thread?

No. 111590

File: 1475392525989.jpg (140.1 KB, 800x1209, clear-peep-toe-heel-booties_tr…)

I will never understand you foot fetishists but I imagine you may enjoy these types of shoes

No. 111637

File: 1475441945232.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 3264x2448, feetz (19).jpg)

I like sandals. Sometimes I like socks.

No. 111640

File: 1475446517507.jpg (76.32 KB, 750x750, kittencalander.jpg)

I like the animal calendars that have kittens rolling around in them. Their little toes are precious!

No. 112522

best feet 15/10, would paddle with.

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