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File: 1474118462975.jpg (155.5 KB, 1000x726, exterior-wall-vent.jpg)

No. 110532

Previous: >>97043

Let's continue the abyss screaming.

No. 110534

I hate to be one of the first posters but someone's gotta do it.
I talked about this in the college thread a day or two ago but oh BOY has it gotten worse. I'm the speech anon.
The teacher waited until 48hrs before the speech was due to give me approval, so I recorded it first thing yesterday when I was at work.
I had to wait until I got home to upload it, but the site I had to upload it to was fucked up and the uploading section was gone. Just completely gone from the website. I emailed her right away but didn't get a response until almost 11 when I was already asleep.
I get on this morning and email her again that the site is broken and I can't upload it. She takes forever to respond so I'm just sitting here trying to find a help desk to call but there's nothing. I was reading her rules again for the speeches and she basically says this:
There's no reason to not upload this, even if the site is down you should have uploaded it before the cutoff date. No retry, no late work accepted.

Except the site's been fucked up for me since yesterday, and you'd only given me approval to record 10hrs before that.

I'm going to go fucking insane with this class. The past few days I've already had 3 or 4 times that I've completely broken down and just started sobbing because I'm so stressed about this shit.

If she doesn't give me a way to fix this I'm going to have to call up to college and file a complaint, because this shit is not about to fuck up my grades and my chance to get into PTK.

No. 110545

What a trash teacher.

Keep a record and evidence of you trying to upload it.

No. 110551

File: 1474140726148.gif (1.98 MB, 500x500, 007c7e1f-a6b6-4040-bd7b-33e226…)

It's not a big issue but I keep getting followed by otherkins, "DID" retards, SJWs and other annoying shit like this. I have no idea how these fuckers even find me or anything considering I run a fitness blog and none of them use the same tags etc. It's been a while since I cringed so much.

(sorry for the big gif & thanks for making a new thread)

No. 110552

So I dropped out of my college after 2 years and after failing my exam(and also subsequently my repeat exam). I was originally supposed to be doing an exchange year abroad but instead I decided to leave my college, and I had informed my major coordinator about it a few months ago but had to do so by email because she's an insufferable cunt that is impossible to get in contact with.

A few days ago a classmate who is currently abroad tells me that the coordinator pulled some strings for me so that I can still go on the exchange, meaning that because of her, I passed my repeat exam and passed the year.

Now I feel like a dickhead because I dropped out already and if she had contacted me directly(she has my number and my email) I could have informed her earlier that I dropped out. I feel guilty because she did this so I could go abroad but I chose not to.

No. 110555

File: 1474149746029.jpg (123.5 KB, 706x513, 1466628010483.jpg)

I'm supposed to be starting masters but i'm too messed up all the time to articulate what I need to plan and do to achieve

No. 110556

File: 1474149622219.jpg (123.5 KB, 706x513, 1466628010483.jpg)

I'm supposed to be starting masters but i'm too messed up all the time to articulate what I need to plan and do to achieve

No. 110562

I'm so scared for my future becuase i don't have anything i want to really do at all professionaly. Since i was little all my dreams were mocked or dismissed by my parents and family so i never pursued anything i liked in life. Now i should be going to university but i just don't know what the fuck to do in there. My mother forced me to take a course in hostelery and i fucking hated it so i dropped out and became miserable and lost 1 year of my life in that shit.
Ever since i was little if wanted to do something my family would tell me it will all be useless and that i would waste my life unless it was a high paying job, so i dropped my dreams one by one and now i have them merely as hobbies. I understand that they are concerned for my future and i appreciate it, but they always made me look for what would bring me more money instead of something i want to do or what i actually liked, they never let me develop any passion past a hobby or "side-dish". So after all these years i'm just a fucking disgusting neet with social anxiety who's future looks as bright as a black hole and i hate every second of it. I just want to have hopeful dreams for my professional(and non-professional) future again but everytime i find something i kinda like i don't tell my family in fear that i will be mocked again so i end up dismissing it or hiding it from the world, and it sucks not being able to be open with what you like. I'm so scared i will die alone, without finished studies and never having done what i like in life. Trying to change everything in my life so that last part is not true, but fuck it's difficult.

No. 110563

I undid all the work I've done this year in 3 weeks, I'm such a piece of shit.

No. 110567

My sister needs to stop bugging me for cigarette money than acting like I'm a horrible human being for not giving her any. It was her choice to smoke and it's her responsibility to be able to afford cigarettes. I do not smoke and never have. I don't have to keep doling out change so she can buy those cheap white trash cigarillos or whatever they are because she can't afford those fancy Newports on zero income.

Our grandmother died of lung cancer. My mom keeps claiming she will quit but still hasn't managed to. My grandmother quit cold turkey. But after 40 years of being a human chimney it was too late. I just can't believe they'd put themselves at risk like this after watching her die.

No. 110586

Need to vent this weird shit. Just woke up at my friend's house after fifty pipe dreams, some were just random and some were sexual. I'm used to inappropriate sex dreams but the one where the dream started with him just jamming a meaty cock into my mouth was really visceral and real and I keep thinking it actually happened. Normally we share all sorts of weird stuff but that would be too much, so I'm just writing it here. Feel so weird.

No. 110594

File: 1474216973164.jpg (49.72 KB, 612x380, YUNG-LEAN.jpg)

I've been insane for the past three years, and the nigger who caused it all thinks the capacity to hold some remote degree of self-justification in their actions as a form of independence they have lacked for their entire lifetime warrants maintaining an attitude which precipitates the entire issue for the both of us.

I wouldn't mind being fucked up if it didn't hurt so fucking much.

It's either suffer and hope to get better or wageslave with a bong for a brain and a lifetime of schizophrenic narcissistic thoughts accompanied by friends who exist to shit on you.

No. 110597

unable to stop talking to a guy because he has given me the best sex I have ever had. He treats me and his ex badly and doesnt want anything but sex from me. All my friends and people who know him keep telling me to be more careful but since I work with him I don't see myself being able to fully ghost him. We never even officially dated. I've never cared so much for a fuckbuddy. I really thought I was better at protecting myself from manipulation. The worst part is I don't think he is even mature enough to know what he is doing is directly hurting people. So I feel bad for him. I have too much patience

No. 110600

Easy there with the thesaurus, edgelord

No. 110601

File: 1474225101834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.09 KB, 600x800, 1463137637323.jpg)

too smart for my own good

No. 110604

I'm afraid you just want his dick in your face.

No. 110639

File: 1474252868849.jpg (72.22 KB, 640x640, 1474249767288.jpg)

Voices are telling me to slit my throat

No. 110642

Assuming that's true and you're not just being edgy, if you feel you're at risk, go to the hospital.

It's better to check yourself in now and be stabilised relatively quickly or at least safe, than it is to end up doing something you'd regret and ending up with either criminal charges, serious injuries or being dead.

But if you are just being edgy, which the meme pic would suggest, then fuck off.

No. 110645

I hung out with my only friends for the first time in months. This is after watching them post up pictures and such on twitter of their times hanging out without inviting me. I've been feeling like we've grown apart and yesterday just proved it. We went out but after an hour or so I just felt drained and I couldn't keep up with their conversations at all. We were supposed to have a sleepover but I bailed because I wasn't interested in watching them get drunk. (I'm of age but hate the taste of alcohol.) I felt bad about not staying but I went home and played Overwatch with my boyfriend and instantly felt better. I guess I'm just upset because they are the only two friends I have left. I don't really mind not going out, but I just feel like I should maybe have friends? Like if I lose them I'm going onto socially inept territory or something.

tbh the main reason I bailed was because they both agreed that we would stay at 1 friend's apartment who has 2 cats but I'm deathly allergic and yet they forgot or something?

No. 110647

I'm pretty much in the same boat except I really have no irl friends anymore. I moved in with my LDR two years ago and that was kind of the end of my social life outside of him but tbh I don't care. We're both pretty introverted and enjoy each other's company the most. Sometimes I'll go out with friends from work but it mostly leaves me feeling exhausted. I just prefer night ins with my bf these days and gaming with people I met online.

I don't think it's an issue as long as you still try to be a functional person otherwise. If staying in with your bf makes you feel good who cares?

No. 110648

I'm in a ldr and our spring breaks don't line up this year. We had sorta been dreaming up going to hawaii together but I guess not. I'm just so bummed out and even if we get to see each other we'll have classes and work eurgh so frustrating

No. 110649

I have a handful casual friends I see maybe once a month each, but all my "good/close" friends I had, for 5-10} years, I can't stand anymore. While it might just be me, they have repeatedly demonstrated just how little of a fuck they give about me unless I am listening to their problems or giving them something. They became beyond inconsiderate and petty adults (all in their 30s) and I don't have the patience for their bs anymore.

Fuck close friends. Having some casuals, either online or irl that you only see/talk to once in a blue moon, is enough. Sure some say it's silly to mainly spend time with your s/o, but honestly I only feel truly happy when I am with mine or my parents. And I think that makes sense. Your s/o is one of the few people who will actually want to work shit out with you to move the relationship further. Most friends don't give a shit in the end.

In terms of a vent, life dealt me a ton of shitty blows lately. More than I ever could have imagined. Death of a loved one, other loved ones incredibly sick, joblessness, broken promises, shitty land lords being assholes, shitty friends taking advantage of me… And I am fed up. Yeah it sounds like I am just whining about life, but this all happened in the span of 5 weeks and it set me off. I have taken it out on my savings and blew roughly $1000 in the last few weeks on useless crap I have always wanted but don't need. I feel like shit about it. Later next year I plan on blowing a ton of money on something too and using my savings. I just don't even fucking care anymore. With how life has shown me how easily everything can become unstable and merciless lately, I have no more care for future stability.

No. 110650

File: 1474271163570.gif (964.92 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)


No. 110652

Or hogging the sheets, or wanting to cuddle when it's hotter than Satan's arsehole, or wanting a good morning kiss when they have ass breath and then get offended when you don't want to kiss them

No. 110659

File: 1474284829396.jpg (59.34 KB, 500x375, 1462572529473.jpg)

>be an awkward, tomboyish, kind of lesbian-seeming thing
>go to help a friend who also happens to be my crush of 4+ years out with his uni projects
>as we work, he enthusiastically shares with me his hopes and dreams of marrying his girlfriend and thanks yours truly for being such a good [male] friend (nouns are gendered in our language) and sticking with him throughout the years
T-thanks bro, I really appreciate it. I realize I've brought this upon myself, but it still pains me to no end. Mercy.

No. 110660

Hang in there guys. You can get used to the moving around eventually, sort of like getting used to loud city noises at night.
And with the sheets thing, having 2 separate blankets so you don't have to deal with the annoyances of sharing is 100% the way to go

No. 110664

I had a dream tonight where my LDR boyfriend started talking in details about his past fwb, how beautiful and good in bed she was, and now I'm really fucking mad at him even though I have no reason lol. (I'm acting normally though, he doesn't know and I wouldn't be a bitch to him for a dream)
Thing is, I know why it bugs me: it's because he's had sex with all his past girlfriends and also had a fwb while I'm a virgin, so I feel ashamed and inferior. From a side the fact that he's experienced is good, but the inferiority complex I didn't even know I had is showing. I've had other boyfriends, but I didn't feel so bad about not having sexual experience as I do now. Maybe it's because he's handsome while I don't really feel beautiful, mixed with the fact that I hit 21. He's fantastic, treats me like a princess, so I don't have any rational reason to be suspicious about him.
I'll deal with my complex myself, and act normal as usual. Last thing I want to do is burden him with my shit

No. 110666

My boyfriend and I sleep in separate rooms for all of these reasons. Honestly, it improved our relationship times 5. Our sex life is even better. Something really erotic about just climbing into his bed unexpectedly sometimes. Also, I LOVE having my own space that I can decorate however I want. When we used to share a room, he wouldn't let me do certain things that were "too girly." That on top of snoring and putting his leg in the air in the middle of the night basically made me say fuck it. Now, I can sleep all night. We've been together for 6 years, sleeping in separate rooms for 2.

No. 110668

(Also, we're getting married in a few months.)
I say all this because I want to give you anons hope. Having two different rooms shouldn't be a taboo in a relationship tbh.

No. 110669

Same fam. My husband and I have been loving together for 7 years, sleeping in separate beds for about 6. I live having my own bedroom because I toss and turn a lot in my sleep and while I do enjoy cuddling right before going to sleep and right after waking up, I hate having anyone touching me while I'm trying to sleep. Also we have very different standards of cleanliness, he likes to just pile his dirty clothes in a 2 foot hill on the floor. We still cuddle plenty and have sex, having 2 different bedrooms was probably the best decision we ever made.

No. 110671

hmm that sounds beautiful but I feel like it's because I'm not in love with him, how do you know?

No. 110673

File: 1474309818099.jpg (36.36 KB, 470x500, b69c9d4dde11f1b6da801265fdbb44…)

I literally lie awake at night filled with resentment when he cuddles up to me in his sleep and wakes me up.

No. 110675

I like my BFs younger brother but I really wish he wouldn't always come with us when we go shopping, especially if we're going to buy stuff for me.
It's awkward to walk into a lingerie store while he's with us or him and my BF waiting in front of the chainging room for me. I also have to keep the inappropriate comments to myself.
I wouldn't be complaining if we weren't in a LDR but this…I hope he doesn't feel uncomfortable when he's with us.

No. 110676

That is a bit odd. Why does he always tag along? Is he unable to be by himself? Is no one around to watch him? I'm sitting here assuming this is just a kid and not an actual adult younger brother (which makes it even weirder).

No. 110678

He's 18. But doesn't have a license yet do he can't drive. So I guess he tags along to see if he can find anything for himself to buy or is just bored. He and my BF are really close so I don't want to say no to him coming with us.

No. 110686

My meds are doing the job of keeping me relatively stable, but I'm still only barely coping. When I have a bad period thinking of better times doesn't help because then those memories get corrupted by the state of my mood. The other night I wanted to slit my wrists in the bath tub and my boyfriend was trying to get me to remember our anniversary we had spent in a hotel a couple nights ago and now I have the image of my bloody corpse in that hotel bathroom with my boyfriend being the first to find it stuck along with those memories. I take my drugs, I go to school, I go to work, I've planned my future, I have a wonderful relationship and friends, but I feel like I'm about five steps from being commited to a mental instutution at any given moment. Any Anons with anxiety or who have made it through depression, can I have some advice please?

No. 110687

Cant he just separate from you if you go to a mall and look for stuff himself? Then you can meet after.

No. 110688

File: 1474330809866.jpg (57.27 KB, 386x371, 1418981972453.jpg)

I just want her to choose me over him. But I know i'm not good enough and it hurts really bad. (les anon here, not male)

No. 110693

I keep having nightmares about this really insane Egyptian guy I used to talk to online last year. It went on for a couple of months until I got tired of his shit and cut contact completely. Unfortunately he kept really obsessing over me showing a part of my body to him out of his "curiosity". What was really annoying was that he would be very rude and mean-hearted to me for no reason and then go back and try to pretend like he was actually a good man and I deserved it. What was really strange is that we weren't dating and I had no romantic or sexual interest in him. The creep would threaten me with blackmail and try to record me on cam and say retarded shit like he would pay CHINESE people to hack into my account and find out where I live.
He was also a Muslim and tried to convert me, lmao. I didn't think of him until now, I keep having these strange dreams about him and I get a very bad feeling inside.. Last time this happened, something ended up coming back to me. RIP

No. 110695

File: 1474349823846.png (572.46 KB, 1024x576, 48748989498189.png)

My parents only really care about themselves and my older sister. She graduated from an Ivy League school and now makes a little under a million a year, meanwhile I'm going to be about two years late finishing college because I took a break due to my anxiety and depression. I go to a community college for now and I hope to transfer to a better school, but I had one bad semester a year ago and now my GPA is pretty fucked. Whenever my parents talk to me they just remind me how disappointed they are of me. During the year off I got a full time job in a field I'm interested in and I finally stepped out of my shell, made friends for the first time in years, and got over so many of my anxieties that were holding me back from being happy, but it's still not good enough.

My mom won't hug me and my dad ignores me for weeks on end. Besides me being a failure in school, they are also really disappointed that I'm dating a non-Jewish guy who just moved across the country from me. They won't let me tell any of their family friends that I'm dating him because it's an embarrassment. I feel like I'm completely alienated from my family and I can't even hug my boyfriend anymore even when I really want to. I really think that I'm always going to be a failure.

No. 110701

Me and my bf do the separate blankets thing. Def a life saver.

After 2 years I still have never gotten used to the snoring though, but luckily he does it pretty rarely and only when he's on his back sometimes. I just shove him over when he snores and he's quiet lolz.

No. 110703

That really sucks for you, but you know you're doing well by working, finding friends and not giving up. You know that you have made improvements that you need to keep reminding yourself of, and that if you stumble again that you will pick yourself back up. Rome…day etc.
It's horrible to have family that don't value your achievements but unfortunately you need to detach their voices from your brain. This will be easier one day if you don't have to live with them, but for now just keep reminding yourself that their opinions are their own. They aren't perfect beings, they can be biased and wrong.

Maybe it has nothing to do with how 'good enough' you are, and it's just the choice she has made. Keep yourself busy until the pain goes away.

No. 110704

File: 1474373707247.jpg (76.4 KB, 640x640, 1471462221303.jpg)

I wish my boyfriend wasn't such a baby sometimes. And I wish he wouldn't masturbate as much, or at least not tell me.
I wish I was dead today. That's how I feel. My cat won't stop meowing at everything and my boyfriend is super passive aggressive all the fucking time about stupid bullshit that doesn't even matter.
Like, if I get up at 4 AM, he expects me to just smoke something and go back to sleep with him or something. Or if I get up, he eventually gets up to see if I'm going to go back to sleep. You can't just leave me alone? Isn't it more comfortable having a whole bed to yourself? Fucking fuck
I just want to die. Not really, I took an upper last night and now I guess that's why I'm angry.
I'm just so sick of everything.

I bet $100 that nothing's going to get done today. My boyfriend promised me last night that he would clean up the house today (just pick things up and clean like, 5 dishes, make the bed) so that he could sleep more. He said it was because he "wants" me to relax before I go to work in the morning, but I know it's just because he wants to sleep. I get it, but he won't let me shut the door to the bedroom so I can clean up a little and make less noise, so I can't even fucking do damage control.
So hopefully he means it and I won't have to when I get home. But most likely that won't be the case and I'll have to clean up. It's not a big fucking deal I guess I'm just ranting about stupid shit because I'm angry.

Fuck, my boyfriend just got up, sat down on the futon with me, and was randomly like "well, I guess I'll go back to bed" WELL THEN FUCKING GO BACK TO BED!
It's my fucking fault for everything, every little problem is because of some stupid decision I make independent of him. If he keeps doing this I'm going to fucking leave him in the dust because I'm tired of feeling back for not being able to sleep or not wanting to fuck in the morning.

No. 110706

Sounds like you're both at fault somewhat.

Your boyfriend should clean up more if he's not doing shit around the house and he's not working, even if he is working, he still needs to be cleaning up, but more so if he's essentially at home all day.

But that being said, you sound like you're being shitty too, getting angry over nothing and then acting like it's his fault. If you get up at 4 in the morning and he comes and checks on you, it's probably because he cares about you and wants to make sure everything's okay, not because of some selfish reason. Same with him saying he's going to go back to bed. There's nothing wrong with that at all, at most he's hinting he wants you to come with him, and if not, you'd be pissed off if he just got up and walked off without saying anything first too.

From what I'm getting though, you're both taking shit, and it sounds like your issues are at least somewhat from that. You're getting that ridiculously easily irritated thing that people who use uppers tend to do (they become those people who scream in supermarkets at people over nothing at all), and he sounds like he's smoking way too much and being lazy about it.

I might be wrong with that part admittedly, that was just a guess, but the rest applies. Either way you probably shouldn't be taking uppers at night unless you're planning on doing something, it's a waste from my experience, and you end up shitty and sleep deprived afterwards.

No. 110708

What is an upper

No. 110710

Slang term for stimulant drugs. Tends to apply to pills though from what I've heard, people who're taking stuff like speed or meth tend to be more specific about it. Plus, you know, no-one takes a meth, whereas you can take a ritalin or one of the million different pills like it.

No. 110711

You all deserve to die.

No. 110719

>Same with him saying he's going to go back to bed.
Based on her post it sounds like he was being passive aggressive with that because he wanted to have sex, which is why he sat next to her, and when she didn't initiate or react to it, he got upset and was like "well then I'll just go back to bed since you're not going to fuck me"

No. 110721


Yeah, you could be right there, but I mean, someone hinting they want sex in a relationship is hardly grounds to get angry at them over, it didn't sound like he was being overtly rude, just that he tried it on, got turned down and then went back to bed. I can see what you're saying, and he might have been being passive aggressive with it, but still, it's pretty minor stuff. And considering she thought that him getting up to check on her was also him being passive aggressive, I'd be hesitant to believe it fully.

Sounds to me like both need to ease up on the drugs though, because it's pretty clearly causing issues.

No. 110724

Idk man, not a yank
They call them benzos or yokes where I live depending on the type of pill

No. 110725

Neither am I, but benzo's are a different thing to what uppers are.

Uppers are things like ritalin or adderall, or anything that has that stimulating effect, you know, makes you feel full of energy, like you can think faster or focus more, like you're more awake than you've ever been before. It's usually some sort of amphetamine, though cocaine and a few others are uppers too. It's not exclusively pills either, but people use that word for pills usually.

Benzo's are benzodiazepine's, a class of medication usually used for seizures and anxiety, that chill people out and make them drowsy usually.

Yokes is ecstasy, right?

No. 110729

I've been having huge problems with procrastination. From what I remember, I always procrastinated a little bit, but after I started going to university, it became bigger and bigger problem. I feel like it has become severe now.

Because of it I failed few subjects I didn't have to fail, made some problems way bigger than they should be. And I can't make myself start solving them normally. I can't make myself move. I feel like I am stuck.

I know I should call a therapist but I am procrastinating on that too.

No. 110735

make lists,
to-do lists in order of priority
keep a diary, bullet pointing things you do during the day: that way you keep track of how much time you waste and you can look back on it like bleurgh and it helps you change

No. 110751

I'm so fucking sick of some parts of the "leftist movement" in my town and my anarchist/socialist friends. These are not the tumblr-kind of leftists, more like working class poor people rooted in the punk movement and actual low class struggle and not snowflake struggle… But some of it is so centered around this shitty 'lifestyle' principles, like you have to live in a pig sty, forget to pay your bills on purpose, let your dishes go unwashed for months, never wash your clothes and let your cat shit wherever it likes.

Just the fact that i vacuum once a week, pick up after me, put my stuff in it's proper place, lock the door to my appartment properly and wash my sheets 2-3 times a month (oh the horror) apparently makes me some bourgeoise OCD-bitch obsessed with cleanliness.. Oh, and the fact that i don't want to skip work and party instead makes me a boring person. Only rich capitalist swine work, and pay their bills on time, i'm 'sucking it up to the man'!!
It doesn't matter that i live paycheck to paycheck, work part time as a cleaner with shit pay, study to make up for my shitty high school grades because of 20yrs of untreated ADD and depression and actively take part in local political movements. I have become "one of them", i'm capitalist swine, and am no longer part of the struggling poor punks, all because i don't let my cat shit in my bed and don't wear the same undergarments for weeks without washing them.

"Trve" leftism is a lifestyle apparently, and you have to live on your parents money and keep up this "kool trashy druggie kid" facade, it's all about seeming cool u kno. Never mind the fact that you buy more useless shit than i, consume more, eat McD every other day and religously adhere to social norms/constructs within your own little made up 'poor anarchist' world.

It's like the whole pretentious fake hippie movement from the 60s all over again that my father always used to tell me about from his youth.

No. 110753

He was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

But socially awkward me had to act cold and uninterested until I completely and absolutely ruined it and now he doesn't even look in my direction.

I hate myself and want to be normal.

No. 110754

I feel like i'm going to be at this job I hate for years to come. You told yourself you'd spend two years top at this job while you working on making your dream job come true. It's been six years. What happened? Time went by so fast and still you aren't even close with doing your dream job for a living. You have no excuse. You been lazy, you've procrastinated and yet when you see others doing better then you, you ask "why?". Get your fucking shit together and stop being weak and lazy, but knowing you you'll be here for another 40 years.

I hate myself

No. 110755

>mfw my car gets stolen in broad daylight
>at my friend's house
>beg her to take me to the police so i can file a report
>friend takes her sweet ass time getting ready
>no money cause wallet in car
>friend doesn't wanna pay for my uber cause she needs money later even though I offered to pay her back lol
>she takes 2 fucking hours getting ready
>2 fucking hours
>cops ask me why I took 2 hours to report this
>cause i have a cunt of a friend lol
>it's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard from the cops so I'm 100% sure my car's gone forever lmao
>first car with sentimental reasons of my dad gone
>feel like it's her fucking fault cause Im bitter af
>insurance wont cover everything I lost in the car which included my school books, laptop, and wallet
>friend tells everyone, including people I don't know, that my car got jacked for a pity party
>doesn't mention how she took 2 hours to get ready when I was paranoid and worried sick
>people parade her as a great friend for taking me to the police lmao
>realize she's a cunt queen
>dropped her fatass from my life

It's been about a month since I dropped our friendship but I am still fuming. I loved that fucking car and the fact that she took 2 fucking hours to get ready without any consolation that I was worried sick for my car, still pisses me off to this day. I really hope karma is real.

No. 110756

WHat AA CUNT i feel you

why let her do that, you unassertive or something

No. 110757

No. 110758

call him

No. 110759

where the fuck do you live? sounds like the whole of italy tbh. come on, it's better than living somewhere where people just shrug if you talk about/challenge the status quo.

No. 110761


this is why you should never be friends with fat people

No. 110765

File: 1474474852547.jpg (4.93 KB, 191x126, 10982921_10200404486150570_917…)

Graduated in June from a cool degree. All friends from uni live in London, I'm the other side of the country. They all have great times together. I say they can come stay with me because my parents are on holiday for 2 months. "Ooh Yeah we'll see about that". Don't get back to me.

That's fine, I'll see my home friends! Finally manage to arrange a BBQ at mine after them bailing repeatedly over the past 3 months I've been free. I live in a tiny village with few buses (last one at 5pm). People still manage to make it and a few do stay in the end. The one's that have been extra-bail-y spend a lot of time drunk together inside the house while everyone else is in the garden. Kinda cements my assumption they want nothing to do with anyone anymore. Haven't seen any of them since. Guessing I was just a venue.

I'm unemployed and poor after uni. I need to learn to drive to get a job out of the village but fail my first lesson after forking out £800, having a mental break down but finally getting hyped for the test itself. Massive anticlimax.

Every job in the village rejects me (museum I was proper qualified for, and several pubs). Get an offer from the fucking fancy JEWELLERS. Slight nepotism as my mum has done stuff for them, and my sister knows a few people who work there proper well. Get two interviews and a trial shift, all of which went excellently. However, because I mentioned I'd like to do a masters eventually, they decide I wouldn't give them the commitment they need. It was a high paying and exciting job and it made me numb this morning.

Feeling pretty defeatist considering the whole 'no friends, no money, no job, no transport' thing. Boyfriend insists I keep applying for stuff. But why, when they'll instantly reject me for not being able to get there? My rational argument is met with "I don't know how long I can keep picking you up for". I know I'm overly negative sometimes but christ, just insinuate a break up while I'm at my lowest. Ask him to think about how that could have hurt. "Yeah it was badly worded but it's true". No apology. That's pissed me off the most. Also he's bailed on me tonight after saying he'd be over later. Plus Friday night. Ugh.

Trying to apply for some apprenticeships now. Because I'm over 19 and have a degree I will have to pay, rather than be paid. They advertised at taking place on the campus I could walk to. But no, apparently I'll have to drive for this too. If they even do a high enough level apprenticeship nearby. A final pathetic gripe is that the application form has no auto-fill, and the way of entering qualifications is vastly unintuitive. And don't carry over to other applications. I've got enough time though I guess i.e. eternity.

No. 110773

So many fucking rude people yesterday. This is why I hardly leave my room.
>know it all in class never shuts the fuck up, corrects me when I'm asking a question to the teacher
>at a meet and greet type of thing, a creepy guy sits with us and calls me stupid when I say I tried to learn more than one language at once
>same guy comments that I have too much free time
>cute blonde girl I'm talking with gives that typical uninterested "look around the room" mid conversation
>later in the library talking with a friend, her friend comes up and starts talking about some school project
>he asks if we want to see, my friend politely declines, and he says, "I'll just show you anyway"
>later I'm talking to him and he pulls his phone out and says, "sorry I got a text" and proceeds to type away

No. 110775

Moved to Netherlands like 6 months ago, still barely understand or speak Dutch, my bf and his family are all "whyyy? There's Syrian refugees who can speak fluently now?? Why can't you???"
I am trying but I suck at learning and what apps I try to use are shit and I've no money to go to a language school and no friends here, I'm pretty much alone all day cause I can't go anywhere or do anything. I'm also incredibly embarrassed and insecure about it all and ugh… Whinge whinge.

No. 110776

I just did too, at about the same time!!! I saw this and was like "when did I post this?!". I suck at learning Dutch also and can't afford classes either but duolingo has helped me a good bit. And yes, I also stay at home alone most of the day and don't go anywhere. If I do it's just up the road to the store.

No. 110778

Quite happy where I'm at. Thanks :)

No. 110779

;) No welfare for you.

No. 110780

Don't need it :D

No. 110781

What's the matter with you?

No. 110782

What is the matter with YOU? ; )

No. 110783

Nice coincidence haha. Its a hard language to learn. I can't go anywhere at all without my bf to drive me and he's more reclusive than I am, I thought i was the super hermit. I tried Duolingo I'll maybe give it a shot again right now I'm trying an app called 6000 words. Things don't wanna sink in.

No. 110784

Beyond depressed and have lost interest in my life completely. I'm a 26 year old loser. I'm halfway through my degree but I have no interest in it anymore. I took this semester off to "rejuvenate" and save up some money, so I got a job. It should be easy as fuck considering it's just retail but I'm fucking up left and right. Every day I get reamed for something new, it's absolutely pathetic. I worked retail at the same place for 3 years when I was younger and it was fine, I don't know why I'm too retarded to do the simplest of tasks now. I feel like my brain has physically detereorated.

Come home after a long shitty shift and the house is a mess because my jobless boyfriend won't do anything. All I asked him to do today was wash the sheets. He didn't even do that. I'm not surprised because never does anything. I'm beyond having the "I work all day so it'd be nice if you could tidy the house" conversation because he always has a meltdown over it. So whatever.

There's just nothing I want to do with my future. There are no hobbies I enjoy anymore. I come home and lie in bed. My meds never work. I've been depressed for 12 years and I'm ready for it to end, I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.

No. 110785

Yeah mine drives me around too but luckily we live close enough to a city center that I can go out if I need to. But I know your frustrations well enough.

No. 110786

>I just want to go to sleep and never wake up


No. 110787

>I just want to go to sleep and never wake up


No. 110788

>I just want to go to sleep and never wake up


No. 110790

Ride a bike.

No. 110795

DHL is the devil. So far I have ordered about 5 items that have been touched by them and NONE OF THEM HAVE ARRIVED TO ME. EVER.A lot of people have problems with them and I just wish they would go out of business. Worst shipping company ever. Stay FAR away.

No. 110797

>be me
>finally moved out of parents house
>living with fiance
>got a decent job
>fuckin doing it, i'm an adult
>fast forward one year later
>gained 15 pounds, almost 200 pounds now
>trying to lose weight but fiance only ever wants to buy already made food or makes weird shit i don't like with a shit ton of cheese. i'm lactose intolerant
>meat is too expensive for him to let me buy but not fucking 9 dollar cheese
>saving money was fucking hard because he never kept track of how much he spends and we always ended up over drafting and that added a 30 dollar fee to our already 700+ bills and living expenses
>working at a fast food joint fucking sucks and even more so when you hate most people there
>hate living here in this city and in this apartment
>can't figure out what to do with my life on top of planning a wedding
>been stressing out so on top of being fat lots of pimples everywhere
>self esteem is literally under rock bottom
>on top of that haven't had sex in who knows how long
>even when i try to initiate he is always either too tired, too stressed or just not in the mood
>feel like shite in all aspects of my life rn

tl;dr fat, sad and stressed.

No. 110801

Stop blaming your fiance, and start exercising.

No. 110802

thanks for the a+ advice.

No. 110804

"But think about the children!"

I've worked steadily in child care, from babysitting at 10, to now working as a nanny, and I think these people need to shut the fuck up and give children more credit.

No. They don't know everything. Nobody knows everything. I think I've had more insightful conversations with 5 year olds than I have grown as adults, because they give fresh and innocent perspectives. Children are not stupid, they just don't harbor the same amount of knowledge. That's not their fault. And the perspective of a child doesn't last forever. It should be cherished to an extent. I sure as hell wish I could have been a kid for longer.

I'm so tired of hearing about this shit every single day. And a lot of the time they're not necessarily referring to "children" as in <10 years old, but pre-teens and teens. These kids are getting their first jobs, having sex, forming their first relationships with people that will last years and if they're lucky a life time. They're taking in a lot of new shit and belittling them only makes them act out more. Christ. Everybody was a child at some point! A stupid, naive, rebellious little shit. And some of you still are.

Random ass rant but I am so sick and tired of dealing with these assholes every single day. Everyone "grows up" and becomes an adult at some point (well, most people). Life is "dangerous". Everybody does stupid shit. Everybody fucks. Everybody dies. Please get the fuck over it. Rant over.

No. 110808

I'm really bored of people wailing about Youtube demonetizing videos. Now they're screeching about Youtube developing this "heroes" moniker which basically incentivizes people to caption, mass-flag, and mod videos in return for "points." It's free labor, but cunning.

Imo, Youtube was never intended as a way for people to base an income from. Monetization happened because advertisers noticed that Youtube videos reached a lot of people and it was a bigger gambit for money and transparency to be had. It was an incentive for popular Youtubers to keep producing ad-laden content. Now the advertisers demand certain stipulations on which videos their adverts are on, and the vloggers are offended? Psh.

I'm actually glad self-righteous, obnoxious cunts like that pewdiepie are finally eating shit.

No. 110814

When I was younger, I was molested by a family friend. My immediate family knew, but nothing was ever really done about it.
I started wearing heavy clothes and long-sleeved shirts daily because I was really disgusted and ashamed. I didn't want people to see me, and I didn't want her to be able to touch me. My excuse was usually "It's cold". My mom would get mad at me for it and call me out a lot. One time she accused me of being "anorexic" because at some point I was light enough to sit on her lap and "always cold" (Ironically, I'm mildly bulimic now and have disordered eating habits), and another time she rolled up my sleeve, saw a scratch on my arm and said "I know why now". I can't really tell if she was trying to convince me or herself that she didn't know the actual reason, or if she was trying to gaslight me into "forgetting" that I was molested or something. It was just odd.
I'm just now realizing how weird all this shit is, too. I'm posting this here because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this without feeling like I'm bothering them and being messy.

No. 110815

Fuck me my girlfriend approached me and asked if I wanted to take a break, an indefinite break because I'm her best friend and she wants a chance to be young and wants me to have that chance too and so I look at her facebook like two fucking days later while we're still living in the same house and she still says i love you in the mornings before work trying to fucking soothe me or something and she's hitting up old guy friends already telling them dont be a stranger and fuck!! I'm fucking super anxious I hate annoying fucking ""nice guys"" as much as anything but the whole chick magnet or likeable or attractive sort of persona doesnt fit me so well either and I've been trying to deal with a horrible fucking premature ejaculation problem lately so she's gunna go off and fuck all these dudes probably fucking military guys and just have sex that im sure she'll love like something out of a movie or one of those fucking pornos where the wife just loves it aftrr all these years and I'm here like a little fucking faggot doing my best with my super sensitive super nervous dick a fucking laughing stock to myself fuck fuck fuck

No. 110817

File: 1474538650145.jpg (34.37 KB, 458x413, 1473280134690.jpg)

Why did you choose a woman like that to begin with?

No. 110818

>wants a chance to be young
Code for slutty

No. 110819

Leave. Don't be friends with her. Either tell her to move out, or move out yourself, then don't talk to her.

No. 110820

>>indefinite break

Nah, bro. She wants to break up. I said that shit once without any intentions of getting back together, just to spare his feelings as much as I could.

No. 110821

Yeah, as >>110819 you should leave, because it's just going to make you miserable to see her acting that way.

Even if she's not going to be sleeping around, you can guarantee she wants to be able to flirt with people and date at the very least, and that's something that no-one really wants to see an ex doing.

No. 110823


Hey just eat they pussy fam chill out some

No. 110839


She's already fucking someone bro, sorry to hear that.

No. 110868

File: 1474577102198.gif (1.6 MB, 637x329, 1474202359746.gif)

>don't give a fuck about my looks and relationships anymore usually
>always freak out once a week about being an ugly loser shit

Like clockwork

No. 110892


find time to exercise.

there is a lot of lactose free stuff out there for you in addition to supplements.

why haven't you actually talked to him about the cheese and premade foods? buying fresh is cheaper.

try to find a different job somewhere you would want to be while continuing to work and only leave when the next job is guaranteed.

>can't figure out what to do with my life on top of planning a wedding

Date to establish trust. Time is actually your friend, not your enemy. Do not ignore ANY red flag you see in a relationship. Examine it for what it is, then determine if it is something you can work through with the other person, or is it something they refuse to acknowledge or deal with? If you're dating someone who is selfish and they refuse to see it, they will not magically become unselfish because you were kind enough to marry them. Red Flags ignored in dating will become the rocks upon which your marriage boat smashes in the coming storms. If there are multiple red flags and they won't talk to you about any of them, walk away. It doesn't matter if you've already moved in, share the bank account, the dog, and a car. Get out now. If they're not willing to work on things that impact the security of a relationship today, you can count on them not working on them after you get married.

No. 110895

I just found out that my bf spent 150 (in our currency, which is a lot) on cam girls. I don't know how to handle this anymore. I caught him before and he said he'd stop but obviously he didn't. I found the videos he recorded on his computer while looking for mine (we're in a LDR). I'm still shaking like a fucking twig in the wind.

We're supposed to go tomorrow to a wedding and I don't know if I'll be able to take it. I really do love him but I don't want to leave him because I don't want to go back to my abusive family. His home and family are the only place where I can stay for a few weeks and feel safe and welcome but now…I don't know. It physically hurts to think about it and my anxiety isn't letting me calm down. God just let me dye already I can't handle this anymore.

No. 110896

Dump him… why do girls always, ALWAYS stay with men who dog them out? How come when a man gets his heart crossed by a girl, he immediately drops her and rest assured, there are always a group of friends (or strangers on the internet) who tell him to just leave her. But no, you girls always have to stay with these filthy, unfaithful men like you don't have the best chances ahead of you..
You really don't need to waste your life on this bugger. There are more men in the world who are more than willing to want you, always more faithful, more loyal, and more loving. Remember that

No. 110898

>How come when a man gets his heart crossed by a girl, he immediately drops her

Have you never actually known a guy in a relationship? Guys forgive shit that girls do all the time, I have no idea how you could get the idea it's exclusively a female thing.

I'm always curious, why is him spending money (his money, you don't seem to live together) on a cam girl any different to say, if he bought porn?

Sure, it's shitty, but I don't understand why it's considered so much worse, is it just that there's interaction with another girl possibly involved? It seems like the same thing to me.

As always though, give it a few days before you make a full decision, a week if you really love him, a big decision like that shouldn't be made in the moment when emotions are running high.

No. 110901

Yea, it's the interaction. And it's live. Porn is usually just acting, this is a random girl streaming from her web cam live. I'd be fine if he was just watching but he's spending money on them. Money that we need to build our own place and car. Sure, he can do with it what he wants, it's his. But he shouldn't bitch at me for spending less than him on stuff that I need (clothing, makeup etc) I already know that he'll pull the "my privacy" card…so he'll end up blaming me somehow…

I know…I won't do any decisions right now.

No. 110902

You said it happened before and he said he would stop but he didn't. I'll give you 1000-1 odds that he does it again. Are you really going to marry this guy? Have his kids? If you stay then this kind of shit will make you miserable.

It's hard though if you're dependent on him a safe place. I don't know how old you are, but do whatever you have to to move away from your family. Then dump him.

No. 110912

He kind of sounds controlling, anon.

No. 110913

File: 1474653295828.jpg (136.58 KB, 1400x1400, 1473950897982.jpg)

>parents want to celebrate my birthday
>typically am poorfag and my bf doesn't give a shit/can't afford to take me anyplace nice if we go out at all
>bf didn't even try to get time off for my birthday oh and our anniversary to boot since it falls on sunday
>my bank account is in the red and my credit card is near max
>oh goody this is my chance to try a restaurant I've been looking at for awhile
>parents said to have the celebration sunday because my birthday falls on a weekday when everyone works
>look up all the nice restaurants
>they're all closed sunday

I know it's a first world problem but shit. The only places that are open are average asian fusion restaurants which would be completely fine if my parents weren't white as snow and didn't have a mistrust for asian cuisine.

No. 110919

I'll commiserate with you anon. My birthday is also in the middle of the week next week and everyone wants to celebrate this weekend. Like you, Sunday is the only optimal day for me. I imagine I'll end up being taken out for dinner to some place that I don't particularly like, just because it's the one of the only options and everyone else is sort of pushing me towards it. Fuck it. I plan on drinking a ton since it'll be on their bill and not mine.

No. 110920

Not really…he likes to play victim. I know all of his little tactics etc. They don't work on me and I sometimes just choose to play along because I don't feel like arguing.

Anyway…I talked to him. We were in bed, so I confronted him. He kept insisting that he hadn't done anything and how he would show me his balance to prove it. He didn't bother to look at me and was calm. He just kept saying how he will stop but he knows how I won't stop invading his privacy anyway. Which isn't true. I'd love to be able not to care about this and just be happy without my anxiety giving me panic attacks. Eventually when I told him that I was scared of losing him and that's why I was doing it in the first place, he laughed. I asked him to promise me he won't do it again and he said: "fine, but we're in a relationsip for so long don't expect it to get written down on paper". No sorry or anything…
We went to sleep, I couldn't keep myself together anymore and I started sobbing/crying. Surprise surprise no reaction from him, even tho he was still awake, he just turned to the other side…

I guess I'll…just stop giving a shit. Treat him more like a FWB, just so I don't have to go home and not mention dumping him. I still love him, but…this is just really painful. I surpressed so many painful memories, might as well do the same with this. I'll drink on tomorrows wedding like it's my last day, it might help. Or I get lucky and get alcohol poisoning or some shit.

No. 110921

My team in online games is always shit.

Have no friends to play with.

Mutilate myself when loose in a video game, because its the only thing I have left.

No. 110923

Ditch him. He doesn't give a shit about you.

No. 110924


I have a flight tomorrow and can't sleep because I feel anxious. I hate flying, take offs makes me have panic attacks. How do I calm myself so I won't have a heart attack or something, it happens all the time.

No. 110925

Stop playing video games and find something else. You can't guarantee you'll win and you hurt yourself when you don't, so playing them in the first place is a terrible idea.

Find something that you can't lose at that brings meaning to your life. Charity work, personal art, friends, family.

No. 110927

But I loose at all of those too…

No. 110928

I booked a nice Japanese restaurant I like just to fuck with my white family. Called my dad just to make sure it was okay, but I was reaching when I said they had a various menu selection.
I even reserved the tatami mat seating, so I'm looking forward to the spectacle of shock on their faces when they're told they have to take off their shoes and squat on the floor. Kek.

I fly a lot anon, I work in the industry. I even flew this past 9/11.
What carrier are you flying with?
Maybe it's best to ask your doc for some sedatives. If not try taking some melatonin or benadryl which can be bought over the counter.

Imo takeoff and landing are the most exciting times of the flight, I love window seats for the fact while listening to my ipod. Takeoff is the most critical moment of the flight and where the pilots truly earn their pay. Just be assured that ground tower and pilots have their upmost attention on the equipment. These guys are professionals and go through every kind of scenario in their training. Even if there's something wrong with the plane, they're so durable. All commercial jets can fly with just one engine and can even withstand lightning strikes.

Also don't let turbulence freak you out. I close my eyes and pretend I'm in an elevator while I laugh inside at everyone else freaking out. It just means the plane is flying and has wind resistance from jet streams. It would be like people freaking out at a car rumbling because the tires are going over a brick road or uneven pavement.

No. 110932


Turkish airlines, it's a short flight around 1 hour but it still makes me u easy. It's either this or a 13 hour bus ride.

No. 110937

Well, do you know if he actually did anything? Him having the videos on his computer doesn't necessarily mean he paid for them, they're available on heaps of free to use sites, he could have just saved them.

I assumed you knew he'd actually spent money on it this time, but if you haven't, then you kind of are jumping to conclusions. Find out if he actually did spend any money on it, because coming from his point of view, if he didn't spend money on it, you've just invaded his privacy, jumped to conclusions and then asked him to stop doing something he isn't doing, then got upset when he said he didn't do it.

Either way though, you really should work on not going through your partners stuff, especially if you're planning on living together. People need some space of their own.

If he can't prove he didn't spend money on it though, I agree with >>110923

No. 110942

File: 1474694725138.jpg (2.53 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20160924_073340.jpg)


Well guess it gone better than I expected.

No. 110945

I found the account because he didn't log out. You can view the transaction history and yes he did buy tokens. You can also see in the video that he's tipping the girl.

So no, it's just not me overreacting etc.

No. 110948

In that case then yeah, I reckon you should end things, because he lied about it too.

It would be understandable if he just didn't get that you thought it was wrong, because it's pretty much just porn, and most people aren't going to get angry over their partner watching porn, but if he lied, and lied about spending the money on it, then I wouldn't trust him.

I wasn't certain if you'd just jumped to the conclusion because you found the videos or something, but it doesn't sound like it.

Did you tell him that you saw the transaction history?

No. 110951

She wasn't jumping to conclusions and most people would actually be upset if their partners were watching interactive cam girls and giving them money. You're obtuse.

No. 110953

Well when he claimed that he could show her proof he hadn't spend money on it, and didn't mention that she actually saw anything but the videos on his computer, of course it would make sense to ask if she actually knew for certain he'd not just saved the videos off some tube site.

And yes, giving them money makes sense, but I don't think most people would give a shit that your partner looks at naked people on the internet, because most people do. You don't have to give those girls money to see them, their videos get saved and put up all over the place.

Don't go off at me for asking about what the situation was when it was kind of uncertain.

No. 110955

It's a vent thread. Nobody should have to prove that kind of inconsequential bullshit to you because you have a hard-on for being a smart ass.

No. 110956

Why are you so hostile? These threads have always been advice threads, and I asked a harmless question because the info seemed to conflict and I wanted to make sure I gave good advice. Chill out.

No. 110957

I don't know of one healthy relationship where a guy is going behind his girlfriend's back to go live chat with porn girls and give them $150.
She explained the difference between the regular porn and interactivity of cam porn and why the latter is painful >>110901. So maybe the reason why anons seem so aggressive with you is because you're seeming to pin blame on her when her reaction to that is perfectly sensible.

No. 110960

But I'm not pinning blame on anyone, I simply asked if she knew he'd bought these videos from the girls, or if he'd just gotten them from a tube site. There's no interactivity if it's just a video, and him offering to prove it, plus her only mentioning she saw the videos meant that it wasn't entirely certain what happened.

I don't see the girl coming back and screaming at me, because it was just a question of if she actually knew he'd done what she thought or not. I don't see why it's such a huge deal.

No. 110965

How could it have gone over your head so hard that you had to question her about it? She said she caught him before doing the same thing. She said she found the videos which from the contents she deemed were from the interactive web sessions.

It's not a big deal, it's just simple and doesn't need questioning. And you questioning it is kind of pretentious tbh.

No. 110971

But she didn't, she just said she found the videos. When he offered proof, I just asked if she actually knew he'd spent money on it or not, because it wouldn't be smart to make any decisions if she wasn't sure. How is that at all pretentious?

You're getting all bothered about something that doesn't matter at all. Even if I was just a retard who missed this obvious thing, why does it matter that I asked about it? She's not here going off at me, who cares? How is it your business to defend her from something you don't even know bothered her? As I said, chill.

No. 110972

So she's too dumb to actually know what she saw? That's why you sound pretentious questioning it because you're acting like none of that had crossed her mind.
If you're the same anon who's arguing over in the brock turner thread I think I know why anons are suspicious of you jumping to defend the guy in this situation.

No. 110973

I didn't say that at all, but if you're denying that anyone could ever see something and just react, and jump to a conclusion, then I don't know what to tell you.

I didn't accuse her of anything, I just asked the question.

And I'm not that other anon, but are you trying to say that rape and watching porn on the internet are the same thing? Or even slightly comparable? I'm not one to call people SJW's, but that's pretty fucking Tumblr.

No. 110975

You didn't have to come out and say anything for the way you word things betray your sense of superiority. I hope the mods check your IP and you grow up a little.

No. 110976

>but are you trying to say that rape and watching porn on the internet are the same thing?

You have a reading comprehension problem, btw.

No. 110977

Alright, well keep up the witch hunt, I kind of doubt the mods are going to ban anyone for disagreeing with you though.

No, I just have no idea what you're trying to say. That thread was about rape, yeah? How is that thread anything like this?

No. 110978

I'm saying you're quick to assume women are being emotional (jumping to conclusions) and men are just happenstance little lambs caught up in female misunderstanding. It had nothing to do with comparing porn to rape jfc hahahaha.

No. 110979

Oh, well I didn't really do that either, I simply asked the question because I wasn't sure if she had proof or had jumped to conclusion, and people do tend to do that when they're hurt by something.

Why are you forcing this Tumblr gender politics crap into this?

No. 110980

>asking mods to out which posts are yours
Not even close.

No. 110981

File: 1474708704728.jpg (119.25 KB, 640x480, 1241316205056.jpg)

Oh man, you're accusing me of tumblr now. You even brought up gender politics, topkek.

Here's my vent
>mfw never even had a tumblr but the people who often scream about their usebase are the ones who tend to have blogs like tumblr
How old are you anon?

No. 110982

Either way, this is an anonymous forum, why would the mods start revealing peoples IP because they disagree with you? It goes against the whole point of the site.

If you want a site with accounts, go to kiwifarms or something.

No. 110983

>why would the mods start revealing peoples IP because they disagree with you?
Usually to stop annoying dumbfucks from arguing and pretending they're different people despite having blatantly obvious samefag tendencies like post tone and sentence structure. You must be new.

No. 110985

I didn't bring up gender politics though, you did when you accused me of thinking women were all impulsive and emotional. Why are you so set on starting arguments?

Not even spoony had her posts revealed, I don't think they're going to just do it because you're on some witch hunt.

Reply if you want, but this is just shitting up the thread, so I won't be anymore.

No. 110986

Regarding Spoony, old admin did reveal her posting percentages and confirmed her samefagging. There'd be way too many posts to list lol.

Have a good night, Turnerchan.

No. 110988

File: 1474717488611.jpg (215.4 KB, 950x634, fietsen-amsterdam.jpg)

Welkom in Nederland!

What pushed you guys to move over here?

No. 110989

Spoony begged the original administrator over chat to get rid of her thread and not expose her information.

No. 110990

Dont pretend they are welcome…

No. 111007

>always the one to contact particular group of friends
>they never tell me anything
>I start wondering whether I'm just annoying
>start to only send them texts on special days or when something big is happening in their lives
>nobody bothers replying
>none of them contact me
>they see me out shopping with a friend from uni
>we greet each other and make smalltalk
>get a super long text that night about how I'm a bitch that ditched my oldest friends
>happens to be the only text they've sent in a long time

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

No. 111009

What the fuck? Call them out on never talking to you.

No. 111011

I just peaced out tbh. I was tempted to screenshot my messages to show they never spoke to me but I'm pretty sure they wrote the long text together and I didn't feel like being petty with an entire group.

I just had to go to bed and wake up to make sure I hadn't dreamt it because it all felt so absurd.

No. 111013

yeah call them out. but also suggest to meet up and smooth things over and if they're not down it's because they've ditched you and are making an excuse to get rid of the guilt

give them the benefit of the doubt before going batshit I say

No. 111016

Just be glad your free of such horrible "friends".

Why even put effort into this?

No. 111091

i am an ugly fat waste of space whos been this way my whole life(no i am not saying this so someone will call me pretty or not fat out of sympathy like those stupid fucking girls 1000+ friends on fb and post 5 selfies a day with over 100 likes on each one) i dont if its all my fault or fucking what but i blame my mother and grandmothers reluctance to take me anywhere or let me do anything as a child, coming home from school just to fucking sit and watch tv every fucking day and my stupid grandmother urging me to finish food when i didnt want to, i have never been to a friends house outside of a birthday party, and even that only happened 3 fucking times. i never learnt to do anything myself and the my stupid mother has the fucking nerve to say how she always helped her mother with everything. i rarely even brushed my hair because i had never formed the habit because someone else always did it for me. i dont know how to cook or clean anything. around grade 6 i was massively struggling with school i didnt know how to do homework or projects or anything myself my father would either help me or do it for me. i basically stopped going to school from the stress. i have missed my whole fucking teenage life and i havent had any proper friends for like 8 years. ive tried alternate schooling, courses, training whatever but i just cant fucking do anything or finish anything, i dont know if im retarded or just lazy. i have no self discipline no doctor has helped no therapist has helped nothing has fucking helped. i want to move out so bad im so tired of this hellhole i thought once i turn 18 i can buy the things ive always wanted but turns out i need money which i dont have. my piece of shit mother talks about how my older sister got a job on the first try, but when i expressed i wanted to get a job i was told 'oh we can just give you money when you ask' what a load of bullshit. sorry if i sound like a whiny spoilt 18 year old with no real problems but with all these years living in my own head with no one i can tell these things, it really eats away at you. i feel tired atm and cant sleep and have nothing to waste my time with. its really hard being a fat kid and getting told 'its just baby fat itll go away when you become a teenager' then becoming a teenager and staying the same, then becoming an 'adult' before feeling like you experienced anything as a teenager. reading back on what i typed is just a mishmash of everything i was thinking and feeling as i was typing so sorry if it doesnt make sense. i think about suicide just about everyday, im not sure how much more of my nonlife i can take

No. 111093

im losing weight but im so tired and im so busy with school and work and i know im gonna burn out

i miss carbs i miss carbs but i still need to lose 10 lbs

No. 111094

I'm an alcoholic and I really need to fucking quit. It's crazy because I'm a health/fitness nut and I go long stretches without drinking these days but the problem is I'm bipolar. A mood episode often triggers alcohol craving (for various reasons) and once I start I can't stop. I let myself believe I'm better and I never am. Currently coming down from a 2 week binge, covered in bruises, feel so unwell. Mentally more than physically. I'm at a loss. Been crying all day. I try so hard to do better but its like sometimes I just…lose it. I'm scared tbh

And I don't want to talk to anyone irl because I'm ashamed

No. 111098

Please seek Professional help. You dont need to be ashamed. Addiction is an illness or a Symptom of your bipolar disorder, but you Can overcome this.

No. 111099

No. 111131

File: 1474874615544.gif (722.56 KB, 424x248, tumblr_inline_mr0tzhxyQl1s1aa3…)

I've been having weird sex dreams about my high school ex. It sucks because I never really got over him in the first place probably because hormones and shit. He's off getting his master's and I'm still sitting in our home town, being a fucking loser NEET. I probably wouldn't want to date him again because of how much of a pretentious pseud he is, but it's annoying that we did have a pretty great sexual relationship. Fuck. I keep hoping that I'll forget about him one day, but it's been 7 years now..

No. 111133

same, if you really love someone you don't get over them they just keep haunting you

No. 111134

drop acid and run away for a week to figure out what you want and how to be free

No. 111146


No. 111148

i hope they drop acid and throw themselves in front of a train. they sound like a prick

No. 111149

Eh, like I said, it's probably more hormones from being a teenager than true love, but it still sucks that I think about him a lot. I just want to never think about him again. Fuck going through puberty.

No. 111150

No. 111152

how old are you

No. 111156


wow anon, we can really tell you had problems in school from that poorly written novel

No. 111166

Did you not read my first post?

No. 111173

I wish vanity sizes for women would just disappear altogether. I'm so sick of seeing media stirring up bad feelings between people. Usually happens when people try shit on, it's either too big or small for the number listed as the company's size, and all sorts of assholes crawl out of the woodwork to negatively comment on it (usually blaming the individual).

Yeah some people are just entitled and expect shit to fit no matter what, but how often do men complain about sizing? Oh right, they don't as often because their pants and formal shirts go by measurements and not phony ass vanity numbers. If vanity sizing were eliminated it would get rid of the shitshow entirely and women would know exactly what they're getting.

No. 111179

this. I've learned to pretty much forgo the size labeled on clothing in stores and just use my better judgement on whether or not it'll fit. 7/10 times, it works. vanity sizing is annoying and so inconsistent and obsolete that you'd think it's more effort than it's worth at this point to manufacturers.

No. 111182

File: 1474963385634.jpeg (88.48 KB, 500x276, image.jpeg)

Sweden is imploding and our politicians are 500% useless hypocritical idiots and now we have a growing racist-homophobic-sexist political party that's gaining a massive following of legal voters because pretty much everyone has given up on the incompetent cucks who are supposed to lead this country.

No. 111184

>>everyone who doesnt want migrants is a sexist, homophobic, white sexist shitlord

Maybe their just.. Y'know, not insane and think logically?

No. 111187

I hate my bfs family dog. He isn't neutered or trained, all because he's a small breed.

He constantly tries to mount the cat, follows her and her two kittens, eats their food first and doesn't eat his while not letting them eat it, jumps on people, pisses on the walls, growls and tries to bite if he doesn't get his way etc. I know it's 100% their fault and they keep avoiding the problem by just locking the animals outside the house. No one plays with them or pays attention. And yet the fucking dog still has special treatment.

I guess the main reason why this is bothering me might be that I'm not a big fan of dogs. I like them but I'll always prefer cats. And seeing the mom and two kittens being partially neglected pisses me off. So I often spend time with them, when I'm here, outside playing or just let them sleep in my lap. I love them but it's making me so damn tired to watch them, especially the fucking dog. Ugh, I hope they'll never again have more than one pet.

No. 111188

The migration problem is what I'm talking about. Just because you want to put reasonable limits to it (that our idiot politicians never will and if they do everyone will cry oppreshun) that doesn't mean you have to support SD. They're a political party filled with shitty, aggressive and blatantly racist, homophobic and sexist individuals. If what Jimmy Åkesson preaches about was actually what they were advocating in practice, that would be a different situation. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

No. 111195

I've been through some sexual trauma in my life. I don't know if I'll ever heal enough to return to a normal sexuality. I'll try to keep this post as concise as possible.
I'm a lesbian. Meaning I don't like dick and love pussy. But I didn't have phallophobia before all this.
I was molested by another girl my age when I was 14. For years I could not be touched without breaking down. I still cannot be hugged from behind.
I was raped at age 18, towards the end of my freshman year in college, by a man who I thought was my friend, after he found out I was a lesbian and I would not date him. The summer afterwards I fell into a deep depression and started being reckless and using drugs, having sex with men for money. I hated every second of it and felt sick to my stomach and sometimes even vomited afterwards. But I needed the money and I think it was a form of self harm, in a way.
Now we fast forward to now, the beginning of my sophomore year.
I'm in a life drawing class. This is the first male model I've drawn.
I can't look at his nude body without wanting to vomit. It reminds me too much of the time I was raped, and of the times I sold my body, of the disgusting taste of the men who purchased me.
I don't even know if I could have sex with a girl (i never have) I'm pretty sure the feeling of someone else's hands touching anywhere close to my genitalia or undressing me would cause me to cry.

No. 111198

Have you seen a therapist about this?

Relatively speaking, your trauma wasn't that long ago and, even if it was, it'd be natural for it to leave lasting effects.

Finding someone to talk to - a friend, a group of survivors, a professional - can really help.


No. 111206

I am seeing a therapist for my depression that started before my trauma. I've been seeing her for about 10 years now. I've considered bringing up the times I sold my body, but would she have to report that to the police (or worse, my parents) because she thought I was hurting myself? I don't know how doctor-patient confidentiality would apply here

No. 111208

No, she wouldn't. The only time a medical professional can tell anyone anything is if they think you need to be put immediately into a hospital because you're a serious risk to yourself or other people. They can't tell the police or your parents anything, especially not as an adult.

People with mental health issues act in self destructive ways, they're there to help you with that, not dob you into the police. No-one would talk to them if that wasn't the case.

You definitely should bring it up with her, it sounds like a really important part of your history, and like it would be important in your recovery.

No. 111209

I'm assuming you're in the US? You can ask your therapist to outline their confidentiality rules - what would they consider as harmful behaviour? What would they have to report?

If selling your body is in your past, then you're not in immediate danger right now. If you're over 18, you could tell her you don't want that info disclosed and the that the lack of immediate danger means there's no need to disclose it anyway.

You're not endangering anyone else either, so I can't see why she'd report it.



No. 111214

Ugh, I'm a really blunt, down-to-the-facts person and this rubs a lot of people the wrong way. I dislike conflict and like good relationships just as much as the other person but it's hard for me to filter out my voice enough for me to only say polite or nice things. I really despise aggression or meanness directed towards me, I mean boy does it get me annoyed. It's probably because I was bullied most of my life and I just let everyone fuck with me until I grew a backbone. Now I can't stand it when someone shit talks me and blatantly disrespects me in front of my face. It gets really tiring reacting but my drive to tell to them to fuck off is stronger.

No. 111222

I feel like I have no room to breathe in my relationship. Nothing is my own. I like having my own vices but every thing is viewed. I can't even keep a journal in my own home. I have no way out, no one to turn to.

No. 111223

File: 1475012262767.gif (1.95 MB, 320x180, tumblr_inline_nnbvf5xYZQ1qikpe…)

Sorry if this ends up being too long but holy shit. I've been working at this small catering company for about six months now and it's owned by a husband and wife. They are honestly the nicest, understanding bosses I've ever had. Well I wasn't getting enough hours so I applied to the local animal shelter and heard back today, and they want to schedule an interview this Friday @ 11, noon, or 1 pm. Well I also heard from my current bosses earlier today that they want me to work front of the house at their restaurant that they're opening…this Friday…10-6.They had talked to me this morning before the animal shelter so I said yes. Fuck, I'm seeing them tomorrow to talk about the kitchen but I don't know what to do anons; I really want to work at the animal shelter (adopted my cat from there, they're no kill, and just nice) but I don't want to ruin my reputation, and look like a flakey asshole to my current bosses.

No. 111225

File: 1475020387752.jpg (31.57 KB, 480x856, 1474200127801.jpg)

>be panic attack free for months
>it pops up out of nowhere
>just before the night of my job interview

Is there really no cure for this hellish disorder? I'm already on efexor xr 75 mg but I get them sometimes, will therapy work for sure?

No. 111227

I hate getting sexual attention from men. Even if i like a guy i will instantly lose interest in him if the first thing he does is acting sexual around me. There's also this huge sudden influx of men being creepy to me rn, and i have no idea why. I've never insinuated i'm an overly sexual person, yet they treat me as if i've already said "yes" to their every desire before i've even opened my mouth. I act like a bitch, i ignore them, i straight up tell them i'm not interested but in their eyes i'm a thirsty slut that just can't wait to get some dick in me and (i quote the exact words of what two guys have told me within this month) "Must have men waiting in line for me!".

I'm very private about my sex life, i don't talk about it with anyone but my partner or close female friends. Is it because i'm single? Or do grown ass men start acting like horny retards as soon as they're above 23?

I'm sick of you, grow the fuck up or stay away from women. Since when do we tell a random girl we just met that "I'm into bondage and sub/dom stuff, if you're okay with that!" I don't give a fuck. And please please please stop sexting me, i hardly even know you.
If i fall in love i don't want to have one of the first memories with my soul mate be a text that says "aw. and then what? ;)"

What more does it take? I'm ugly as sin. I'm as far removed from what constitutes as an attractive girl as you can be. I never shave, have short hair, look like a literal skeleton, no makeup ever, ill fitting jeans and t-shirt every day, showers like twice a week, my tits and curves are non-existant and all i ever talk about is weed and star trek.

I don't want this. I'm afraid to meet my friends and go to parties because there is at least one guy i know that is going to hit on me. It's fucking gross, they probably do this to every girl they meet.

I hate this town. Why can't guys here treat others with respect and act like actual adults.

No. 111228

You're demure and those guys think they have a chance with you of they act aggressive enough.

It's just a numbers game and unfortunately it just so happens the guys in your area have an ego complex where they can't accept basic rejection. I'd say fake seeing somebody to get them to stop orbiting, but usually egoists like those will try to "win" you from the other person, so that could actually make it worse.

Accuse them of harassment. These days it'll send them off the deep end and accuse you of being "SJW," but hey, better that than having to deal with their shit. My condolences, anon.

No. 111229

lmao i'm the opposite. i never get any attention from men.

boo hoo, life is so hard when you're partying so much. you sound like you're humblebragging tbh

No. 111230

Maybe you need to change or up your medicine? Talk to your doctor. I took SSRI and as long as I took it when I was supposed to, my anxiety was 100% gone (I had severe GAD).

No. 111231

>What more does it take? I'm ugly as sin. I'm as far removed from what constitutes as an attractive girl as you can be. I never shave, have short hair, look like a literal skeleton, no makeup ever, ill fitting jeans and t-shirt every day, showers like twice a week, my tits and curves are non-existant and all i ever talk about is weed and star trek.

They probably think that you have no self-esteem (and thus are willing to take whatever you can get) because you're such a slob.

No. 111238

I'm so fucking unbearably horny after a months long period of having zero libido. I woke my roommate up last night at like 4 am while I was fucked up on sleeping meds and asked him if he wanted to fuck and he said he was too tired, so I went back to my room, and then 5 minutes later he came in and we had amazing sex. I don't regret it at all in the light of day because he's hot and it felt great. I'm about to hit him up again when he gets home in 30 but I don't know if feels the same way at all. If he doesn't I'm gonna be bummed but I have a backup plan who has an equally big dick and is great at sex, he just lives almost an hour away so it's inconvenient, but I know he'll be dtf.

Idk where this shit is coming from. I usually have a low libido anyway and have sex very occasionally, and can go very long periods of time without even masturbating and not even care. It's been nonexistent for probably the last 6 months. Now I feel like I'm dying. It sucks. Masturbating doesn't even take the edge off.

No. 111251

It's a vibe you're giving off. Men look for easy sex simple as that. It's more apparent these days too especially with marriage and family being less important. From your physical description you are not attractive but you seem sexually available and vulnerable and that's a turn on for a lot of men.

No. 111253

lol gross

No. 111258

Have you changed meds or something?

lol at your backup plan. geddit sis

No. 111276

File: 1475069423295.png (546.28 KB, 436x586, OldJosephAnime.png)

pissed at roommate already. we havent lived together for that long but she has set high expectations of me to be "healing" and "clownish" to cheer her up and be social in the house. I cant even go out by myself without her getting stupidly pissy and acting up if I even bring up a funny story from seeing other people. "I wasnt there/invited so I dont understand". Did I ask for the bitchiness?
Switch it round, if she goes out, she will definitely show off about it to me. She can act pissy to me or spoilt if Im in a bad mood or want to be left alone. Why arent we beig more social?? Im not here to perform, this is where I now live.
Im at loss what to do, they ignore me if Im acting annoyed/pissed off. If their pissed off they want me to console them and cheer them up. If Im being quiet they ask why Im so quiet/ If their quiet they tell me to go away and need alone time. Now I have to sit in a cold living area if I want to watch tv to "socialise" bitch no, I want to watch it in my room.
Am I being spoilt? Another roommate spends alot of time in her room but shes not pulled up on it, only me. Its just really frustrating.

No. 111291

I fucking hate the new internet. I want the old internet back. Fuck every single social network, every youtuber who acts like their channel is a tv show centered around them, every clickbait and every viral marketing bullshit. Fuck Google, their shitty rules and control fetish and fuck Yahoo for ruining everything they touch. Fuck everyone who made the internet a money machine. They killed everything.

No. 111297

I have been thinking something like >>111231 today
I have a less than average face, but I'm in shape and well presented. I think because I'm ok enough to bone but not pretty enough to be in demand or date means that I seem approachable. Confident or attractive guys never go near me, but the socially awkward or less attractive ones swarm
I just started a new job so I've been polite to everyone and in this first week people that started off normal have openly stared at my ass, touched my back in conversation (not normal here), made a reference about "the general consensus" on how I look and generally been weird. It's subtle stuff so that might not mean anything so I can't call it out but it feels wrong. I feel like it's all my fault for being nice to people, but then how are you meant to be a nice person without being polite? I don't want to go into work tomorrow because I get anxious about how it might be my fault and how to stop it getting any worse. I just feel terrible and on display at all times.

No. 111311

I want to replace my toaster laptop and get a decent desktop do I can play overwatch with my friends but all my money goes to taking care of my family. I almost throw it out of the window in a nerd rage today.

No. 111312

Have you considered you might be a lesbian? I had much of the same feelings before realizing men repulsed me in every way and I love the pussy

No. 111314

You need to draw the line or she(?) will keep fucking with you more and more. Nobody else should make demands on your time or emotions like that, and especially not in such a manipulative way. It's more difficult to handle if you live together, maybe try just being a bland bitch about it
>Oh hey that really sucks that you're sad, I hope that you feel better
then walk away
>Yeah, I guess you wouldn't understand if you weren't there
then end the conversation and walk away
>Yeah, I'll maybe come down and watch tv in a bit
then don't come down

She wont change, the best you can hope for is that she tries to drain somebody else. If it escalates all you can do is try and break down what she's doing as logically as possible without getting eomotional so you can get other people in the house on your side.

No. 111317

My thirsty af ex was texting me a lot these past few weeks and telling me how much he misses being with me and shit and all while acting lovey dovey with his girlfriend of 3 months on Facebook. Like nah dude, don't come to your ex for an easy lay if you are thirsting for pussy that bad.

No. 111319

But the ex is the classic booty call

No. 111322

I want to live in the 80s and 90s so i can go to night clubs and dance my ass off to those sweet beats. seriously tho, 80s and 90s dance music was a lot more intense. now its just lazy nonsense that you either sit down to or do some weird swinging movement with one of your limbs

No. 111323

also i want to get wild but in a discreet way. too much phones these days

No. 111331

Thank you for writing this. I am equally exasperated, disgusted and livid about this shit. SO nostalgic for the bygone years when the net was still free and real…

No. 111347

I feel like old internet was kind of like CB radio communities? Like people had handles and usernames so they could identify each other, instead of a username that becomes like your 'brand' almost. I hate the way social media pushes you to put as much of yourself out there as possible.
I even liked myspace because you could at least customise your page to hell and back. I still remember all the HTML and CSS I learned. And now it's all lost to the ether, thank fuck.

No. 111363

capitalist/competitive culture has turned everyone into their own 'brands', everything just feels like it's being done and photographed just to make others jealous

No. 111366

mimimi the internet was so much better back then!!!


No. 111381

i ate carbs for 2 days and now i have a gigantic stomach ache and am up 2 lbs of what I've lost and i hate myself

No. 111389

wahwahwah i miss my virus filled popups and stolen content

No. 111395

>University starts in under a week after a retarded 3-month holiday (long holidays are always bad for me)
>Have basically been living like a NEET like the last quarter of a year
>Have learned little to nothing, sleep schedule and self-discipline are fucked, not at all ready for second year of university which looks harder
>Need to commute 1h20min every single day from home because I couldn't find anyone to share a place with

I usually feel fine, but now I'm actually really worried

No. 111409

Anon do you eventually live in Germany?

No. 111412

Do men not like baby faces anymore? I see a lot of them using it in a disparaging way about girls they don't like. I'm surprised.. I remember in old movies things like "babyface" or "dollface" was supposed to be a compliment to a woman. Heck even in my area a girl having a round youthful face with full cheeks is considered a good thing.

And I totally get it too.. neoteny is a feminine and attractive trait on a woman. But it's not as favorable as it was, say 40 years ago. Why?

No. 111413

Men like men. It's all about the strong brow and well-defined cheekbones these days.

No. 111414

Does it have to do with the feminization of modern men or somethin
It would explain why tall and muscular chicks are getting more popular also

No. 111416

I've lived in Germany before but I'm in the UK now
Commuting to London

No. 111419

I've spent a year in bed, now I'm doing my post-grad, you'll be fine just read on the train and keep on top of work.

Exorcise if you want to sleep well

No. 111421

My anxiety makes me feel so retarded.
I'm at my inlaws atm. I had to cook some pasta today. But I wasn't sure if it's for all of us or only grandma. So I cooked only for her. Now I'm cooking again for the rest of the family and the pot is too big. I feel so fucking retarded for using a pot that's too big.
All I can think about is how/when to switch it to a smaller pot and I'm praying that my mother in law won't think I'm a fuckinh idiot.

No. 111424

Killing myself soon, but I'm worried about my cat. My dad will kill himself too if I die so he can't take care of her. What if she goes to a bad owner? What if she's euthanized? I can't sleep because I can't sotp thinking about this

No. 111425

Then maybe don't kill yourself until your cat dies first? Or kill her too.

No. 111427

She's only 3 years old so she'll probably live a decade or more, and I've thought about killing her too but I just don't have it in me.

No. 111428

Am i the only one who retardely feels some sadness when they see their favorite character get bashed, particularly their looks?
Maybe because i was bullied severely before but it always stings

No. 111429

How in that story was the fact that he came to you in particular what made him bad instead of the whole "cheating on his girlfriend" part?

Apologies if that sounded retarded.

No. 111430

Curious, but why do you feel you want to die? I'm just asking because it's kind of hard to understand feeling so terrible about your life that you actually want death, while not being overwhelmed by guiltiness. Like, you can still sort of think about the potential negatives to those around you, and I'm just curious what state you'd be in to be able to have both of those?

Is it mental illness based? Or like an external thing, or a terminal illness?

Either way, if you're that worried about your cat, stay alive until you can get it a new home that you know is good, someone you already know or trust. Probably another month after it moves there so you can check up on it and make sure it's a good home.

Feel free to ignore the first part, I was just curious.

No. 111432

I definitely feel guilty. These thoughts are something I've been struggling with since I was a young child. The older I get, the closest people to me die. The more people die the more I feel just done with it all.

I've had suicidal depression and anxiety for over a decade now, I have one friend and my godfather but they don't really want to spend time with me nor do I want to bother them. It's just me, alone, with my thoughts, missing my mother and my sister and my best friends that are gone.

I want to ask my friend if she would take my cat, but I don't want to raise any red flags. I'm just worried because I care a lot about animals and I've had to rehabilitate a lot of abused and neglected animals. It really hurts my heart, and my cat is so great, she especially doesn't deserve something like that. People do sick things to cats.

No. 111433

And I'm also a garbage drug addict so nobody would ever help me anyway.

No. 111434

Huh, that's interesting, I've personally never really been able to think much about consequences in that sort of state, so it's curious that you can to some degree. What do you mean your family's gone, too? Why can't you contact them? Is this particular thing about a loss, by the way? You keep mentioning that people are gone, or that people die around you, did that happen recently?

That's true, but you could just claim that it's because you can't afford to feed it and want to make sure it goes to a good home who can afford to take care of it well.

Yeah, drug addiction can be a bitch, though there's definitely options if you need support for that, every town has an NA group. Could help if that's a major concern.

But yeah, whatever you choose to do, make sure everything's in order first. Write a will, explain what you want done with your body, make sure pets are okay and no-one's relying on you.

Killing yourself's going to hurt people around you no matter what, but you should always make sure you do whatever you can to minimise that.

No. 111435

Well my little sister died 5 years ago, my uncle two years ago, one of my best friends a year ago, my mom a year ago, and my other best friend in may. I have PTSD too which I have asked for help for but people don't really take it seriously, I'm not sure why. If I didn't have PTSD I don't think I would kill myself or have a drug addiction but there's nothing to do to fix it. It's frustrating.

I might try going to an NA meeting but I have a feeling I'd just cry the whole time lol.

No. 111436

Well shit, that's a hell of a lot of grief to have to deal with in a few years, I'm sorry you had to go through that in such a short period of time anon. I'm assuming you're seeing someone if you have PTSD? Like, someone had to diagnose it. Have you brought this up to them?

There's a lot of stuff they can do to help with grief and trauma, a hell of a lot.

As for crying at NA, I think that's kind of the point. It's good to be able to work through your problems in an environment like that.

No. 111437

I was court ordered to see a psych during truancy court (I got too depressed and just stopped going to school). They diagnosed me but nothing else has come of it. That was about 5 years ago. I don't have money so I can't go back sadly. That's why I ended up self medicating. I'll try NA before I off myself though.

No. 111438

It could be worth looking into a public mental health service in your area, as far as I know most places offer one, or have adjustable fees for different income levels at least.

And yeah, it's up to you whether you kill yourself or not, but I think it would be unreasonable to not try everything before you do. It's not like you can take it back if you change your mind.

Good luck anon, I hope it goes well, whatever you choose.

No. 111445

please don't kill yourself anon there's so much you're gonna miss out on

No. 111495

Everyday I tell myself I'm going to sleep early this time, and then I'm still up past midnight

No. 111504


Iktf, it's 5 in the morning and I'm still playing Overwatch. Wish I had some form of discipline.

No. 111548

>Package is delivered from Amazon, my mom picks it up
>It's a scooter
>Ask my mother why she got a scooter
>"It's for our nephew" (Who lives in another country)
>Ask her why she buys so much for him, he has enough toys already
>She gets mad, says I shouldn't care what she buys for her nephew (I guess she's right) and I try to understand why she's doing it when he already has so much to play with
>I push a bit too far with the questions and although we're both mad she's screaming at me
>She says she's not going to do any work in the house anymore (she always says this after big arguments)
>Tell her to not bring this up as an example of some huge argument later because we only talked for like 10 minutes
>Goes into her room and doesn't come out
>Hours later leaves the house, find out later she walked 20min to visit our family friend

I'm guessing she's going to tell her all about what happened and get emotional support or whatever
Then the rest of the family is gonna ask me what I did like I did something horrible

People can get into shouting matches about many other topics in this house and she won't leave the house, I have no idea why she did today

No. 111552

So you're worried about what would happen to your cat if you died but you've also contemplated killing her. Interesting. How about killing yourself first.

No. 111562

Now my mother is staying over at her friends because of the argument
She's never stayed over at friends before

How much is this going to affect home life when she gets back and is still mad, shit

No. 111573

File: 1475365815713.jpg (7.12 KB, 306x273, 1471601476205.jpg)

I feel like I won't be able to make any friends in my current environment because everyone is already so deep into their social groups that I would just be at an arm's length, or that I would just have friends, but not any best/close friends. The former is what I already have anyways, I grew apart form my old childhood friends. And now, to try and be more "social", I ended up with a social group where the only lasting memories we create together is when we go out to party/drink. It doesn't help that we share no interests in common, they're shallow and they're always super judgmental to other people/untrustable. I have a lingering fear that I'll drive my "friends" away anyways because of my personality. It feels like I'm stuck in a cycle with no escape

No. 111574

I pulled her up a bit on it this weekend but then we had an argument over cleaning the kitchen. It resulted in her having a huffy fit, ranting she's the only one who does anything to clean up when the rest of the house is a tip. Argued back and went back to my room. Later on heard her talking to another roommate and she didnt bring up cleaning at all.
We've since sorted it out since it was a petty argument but a friend has warned me its going to get worse in future. Me and roommate hve classes together too so are working around eachother and help in a club which she runs. Im feeling more and more like a punching bag and this happened last year too. Horrible to me at times but nice to other friends.

No. 111575

Anon how old are you? You in college/adult? Sounds daft but clubs,events and even facebook groups are good. If your into something nerdy, attend a meet. Gonna be full of cringe maybe but you'll find connections.

I met all my friends now through one person. It's hard but you can do it.

No. 111597

None of this will make sense if you don't play Overwatch.

I was playing competitive today in a 4 stack with a guy that gets very tilted/critical if we lose. When we get in there's a tank and DPS picked, the other 2 in our group pick support, and the rage guy picks Roadhog. I pick a DPS. We lose, and straight after he asks why we had 2 flankers in team chat. I ask why he didn't say anything earlier, and he said he did over voice chat, which I didn't hear. He gets a card for damage and complains that Roadhog shouldn't be doing that much damage.

If he thought that my pick was bad, then why wait until the end of the fucking match to say something again? If I'd actually heard him I would've switched if I thought his suggestion was reasonable. Maybe if he picked an actual tank we would've been able to get somewhere. I thought of changing to a tank, but then our DPS would've been even lower. I had silver damage. It started getting to the point where we couldn't leave spawn for 10m without getting killed. He and our Reinhardt were getting pocketed, combined with his self-heal, of course you're going to live longer and do more than DPS can.

I feel like there's no winning with this guy. When I play healer, I'm doing a bad job because I'm not pocketing him (hint: I'm not going to fly across the fucking map to heal your sorry ass). Even when our support main is around and I'm healing as well, he'll complain about not being healed enough. I play DPS and apparently make the wrong choice every single time, even with 3~4 medals. I play tank and the cards I get are 'bullshit' and I don't deserve them.

He doesn't play much anymore because the game pisses him off too much, thankfully, but I don't know how to get out of playing with him when he is around. I just can't stand his superiority complex. Good for you, you've been playing video games since you were in diapers and have all this expensive shit to play with. He's such a fucking downer. Whenever he starts his little tantrums the entire chat goes quiet.

This feels really stupid to get upset about but I don't like when people pull this kind of shit on me. I'm not unreasonable, I'm open to criticism. Just don't fucking do it after the game when I can't do anything about it.

No. 111605

People get ridiculous about any competitive game honestly, or even any game where you can consider it competitive (people chucking shitfits about team comp in casual or quickplay modes are the worst), I don't think people who blame everyone but themselves for their teams failures (or even their own failures) are that uncommon, but why play with him?

He's always just going to bitch and be miserable if you don't win, so just cut him off if he's just some stranger. Don't join games he's in.

No. 111606

Why do you even play with this guy? :/
He sounds toxic as fuck.
Honestly just keep away from people like that, try to find other people to play with. There's no winning, calling him out will just make him mad as fuck.

No. 111608

Overwatch is a team game. You can only win if everyone (or mostly everyone) is on the same page. It sounds like he's actually playing against the other team as well as his own. In other words, he's the problem, though he likes to blame you or someone else. I'd block the guy. Fuck him. The gaming community is filled with enough toxicity.

No. 111609

File: 1475424185229.jpg (46.26 KB, 212x320, 1390940.jpg)

>Try on S clothes from junior section
>Too fucking big

Please end my suffering.

No. 111615

I'm just going to rant here because I don't have anyone to talk to. I'm sorry guys, this is kind of my first time doing this. No one has to respond to me and I'm sorry if this is tl;dr.

I'm 21, in my sophomore year of college (started late to gain work experience) and I'm an utter mess. I have trouble going to school and procrastinating homework and other important things, I hate every job I work to the point of tears, I don't know if I'm just really anxious or really lazy, I'm bad with money, and I struggle to accomplish the most menial of tasks because I just can't focus on ANYTHING.

I missed three weeks of class this past month because I was horribly sick with the worst case of strep I've ever had and then I had to get surgery, and recovering from that was so hard I just barely got off Vicodin for the pain. I have to email my teachers to apologize for my absence and ask for an extension on my assignments but the thought of that makes my stomach churn so bad I think I may throw up! I feel like a total failure for being so, so behind on absolutely everything and having such a hard time communicating and asking for help. I'm crying right now just thinking about it.

I wish I was better at communicating and focusing and doing important things and doing well in school and not hating my jobs and basically being perfect, and I really do try to improve. But I have so, so much trouble and it feels like I have nowhere to turn and no one to talk to.

I've lost about 15 pounds being so sick and unable to eat but it's not enough to assauge my feelings of self hate. I still think I'm horribly, horribly ugly and fat and disgusting, even though I'm thinner than 3/4 of my girl friends of the same age. But my face is so ugly and I don't want to go outside some days because I hate so, so much everything about the way I look.

Can anyone help me get some motivation on how to talk to my teachers? Should I see a therapist? I know I have horrible anxiety but maybe I have ADD too. I'm sorry, this isn't even the worst problems going on with me right now but I don't want to give myself away more than I already have. Thank you to anyone who read this.

No. 111618

The answer to "should I get a therapist" is always "yes, if something impedes your ability to function, talk to the appropriate medical professional about it".

And as for the teacher thing, I mean, put yourself in their shoes. They have to mark what, 50 at least assignments all within a set period, right? That's a lot of work, and teachers often end up late trying to handle marking alongside class planning, normal life, all that shit.

Would you be annoyed if a student asked you if you could mark theirs a bit later, so you could get to sleep a bit earlier one night?

You've got a legit reason, and they have to stress a bit less, why would they be annoyed?

No. 111619

Oh, and I meant to add, you don't need to have some super serious mental illness to see a therapist. You don't even need a mental illness, in fact, most people who talk to one don't have a mental illness, let alone a serious one.

It is very easy to assume that you do if you see one though, lots of people misinterpret "Yeah, you sound depressed/anxious" as "You have clinical MDD/an anxiety disorder", which is a bit silly.

My point was that talking to someone about something that's bothering you isn't a big deal, and most people will do it at some point in their lives.

No. 111626

that's pretty easy to understand as long as you game in general. overwatch is only good for trolling bc the userbase has the attitude equivalent of cod players such as your friend there. your first mistake was playing overwatch half a year after release when all the kids have gotten ahold of it and the only people who didnt get tired of the extremely repetitive gameplay let the "competition" get to their heads.

No. 111635

File: 1475439072839.gif (1.07 MB, 500x292, tumblr_o3spl5qP0Y1qza1vto1_500…)

Holy shit anon, are u me? No but I would definitely recommend seeing a therapist for this. Having someone help you bounce your ideas and stress off of really goes a long way. As for your teachers, I would be completely honest with them; they often deal with stuff similar to this every year and the worst they can do is say no (which will unlikely happen). I'm rooting for you, and just know you're not alone with this!

No. 111686

I should have looked up my professor before enrolling in his class. I am such a fool for not doing it. I was looking them up for fun, found out he has a 1.2 rating.
Read the reviews, though "oh well, it's too late now I'm already in the class. just do the work and it'll be okay"
WRONG. There were several complaints about him taking 30-40 points off an assignment for no reason, even after you've done it to his strict rules, and he won't explain why. I thought they were just lazy, but no. It's true.
Pray for me pls, I have a 70 right now on every assignment with no explanation

No. 111688


Hey anon, sorry about the shit professor. Know what that's like.

I can give you (and anyone else who's in college) some advice for future classes. It's a bit of work but if you set some time aside a few weeks (even the day before) before registration, you can get the best classes you can enroll in when your time comes.

This really only works if you register online and if they have the quick registration via CRN. Most do though.

1. Figure out what you want to take, keep a few backup classes incase one or all of the ones you want fill up before/while you register. Be sure to take info on professors, times, and CRNs for these as well.

2. Research the professors, and list the classes (with times that work) and make note of then. I would keep track of a few classes if you notice there's more than one good professor.

3. List the classes and CRN of each section, with the prof, in the order you want for each subject (ENG 203 for example). Remember list these for your backups too.

4. 30 min before registration opens for you, check to see which if any classes you want have filled up or have limited spaces left. Keep track of time via your school website, it might not be the same as your computer's. This is important t because you don't want to submit your registration request before or long after your time starts. 10 min before registration opens, fill out the quick CRN register (for the classes you want). Once your registration time opens click submit and see what you were able to register for. If there are any classes that filled up before you got in, do a quick CRN register for one of your backups.

This gives you an advantage because you can register for the classes you want all at once.

Doing this really made school life so much easier for me, because i was able to get 95% of the classes I wanted. I was an idiot my first year and registered for classes one at a time!! But with the CRN registration it made things a breeze. It is a bit of work, but it really pays off in the end.

Anon, I wish you luck with your current situation! Keep your chin up, I'm rooting for you.

No. 111696

A long time ago I knew this bitch and she decided she didn't like me for some retarded reason so she said any and everything to destroy my self esteem and confidence. On the outside, I show no proof that it ever worked but on the inside I always feel torn up as hell. I'm well aware I'm not any of the bullshit she said I was and many have told me that but sometimes I can't help but wonder. I completely cut her out of my life which is good but sometimes I just feel like crap. I have a new group of friends I've been with for awhile which helps.

I'm doing much better at building walls so things said now don't bother me nearly as much. The stuff the one chick said though stills bother me at times because during that time I didn't really have the walls up I do now and I was just emerging from a weird depression I had going. I wanna distract my thoughts of these things and find ways to prove the woman wrong but sometimes I'm just so discouraged. I feel like if I give up/cry or whatever I'll be showing her she was right and I can't do that.

No. 111704

File: 1475548389523.png (181.79 KB, 1758x956, Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.3…)

i ate over 1800 calories today and im tryin to lose weight :(

No. 111711

Drink more water. It'll fill you up and has 0 calories. It really helped me stop snacking. (Just don't get all pro-ana about it)

No. 111713

You aren't the only one anon. I do that sometimes too and it makes me feel like trash. What I do is set aside a snack or something that I know I shouldn't eat and indulge in it once every week or two. Also try walking to places more often instead of driving if you are able to. That helped me a bunch. Just drink tons of water and don't spend too much of your time being idle. A lot of times people will eat when they have nothing to do and they aren't even hungry at all.

No. 111718

I'm staying at my aunts house, and I think her little dogs anal glads have ruptured, and the poor thing has had blood and pus (a small amount) leaking out for the past 24 hours. He looks so uncomfortable and is constantly sitting upright and hasn't slept or eaten properly. I keep telling my aunt to take him to the vet, but she is worried because she basically just rescued him from her MIL who never look after him properly and never took him to get shots or anything (he's 10 for fucks sake) and she's worried that they will think she's neglectful or some stupid shit like that. I want to take the dog myself, but I dont have a car or any money. Fuck, it's so painful to see this dog be so aggravated by this.

No. 111724

I've been with my BF for almost 2 years. He gave me an STD. We haven't had sex in almost a year. I've never cheated on anyone but good god I'm getting close.
He doesn't work and I do pretty much everything. I don't want a son, I want a man. Every day I imagine packing up and disappearing. I'm too young for this.

No. 111725

why doesn't she just say she found him a few days ago or something.

She's being neglectful by being too afraid of someone THINKING she's neglectful.

No. 111726

if you havn't had sex in a year it's time to leave…

No. 111730

i'm sick, can't sleep. if i stop blowing my nose it starts flowing through my throat or something, idk but basically my throat hurts so much i can't sleep lol. couldn't get any sleep because of this last night either. i know i'm a baby but i really just want to rest. as it is i'm trying to bide my time with the new wikileaks stream

No. 111731

Why are you still with him? He sounds like a baby, just dump him.

No. 111732

How the fuck do women move on so quickly? I'm trying so hard to hate her because it's all I can do to feel better and she's already fucking someone else.

No. 111733

Odds are she didn't have any feelings left by the end of the relationship, whereas you did.

And some people just move on easier than others, it's not a gender thing.

Hate is a pretty pointless emotion though, she's not going to care if you hate her or not, and you'll just make yourself miserable by obsessing. Grieve for the relationship, but don't hang onto things that aren't there anymore.

No. 111734

cause she stopped loving you before she left you. for her, leaving you was that final moment where she finally didn't give a shit. for you, the moment she left you was only the beginning of you getting over your feelings

No. 111735


Does she have to show case the whole fucking thing over every bit of social media? I blocked her but it's fucking humiliating I can't even go into town without seeing her with some different cunt every night why does she have to rub this in my face

No. 111736

I mean, it is her social media, and it's not really rubbing it in your face if it's in town.

That being said, she should probably be a bit more tactful, give it a few weeks before she starts meeting other people, out of respect for you or what she felt at some point at least.

No. 111737

>I can't even go into town without seeing her with some different cunt every night why does she have to rub this in my face

best you stop caring cause right now you sound pathetic. you aren't dating anymore, she can do what she wants, you can do what you want too. she's not a part of your life anymore so it doesn't matter who she's dating. the quicker you get over it the more grief you'll save yourself

No. 111738

File: 1475576685944.jpg (100.16 KB, 746x1029, IMG_0682.JPG)

>been living with my dad in his house since the beginning of september
>have to move all my shit to his place
>we talk and plan on doing stuff together, ie going to the gym together, going to museums on the weekend, bonding n shit
>get really excited
>finally all of my things have been moved to his house
>"lol bai"
>goes on multiple 3-5 day buisness trips, leaving me all alone during the week/weekends
>tfw i'm being emotionally neglected by my dad because his job and new wife takes priority over his own child
doesn't help that i've been constantly smoking and drinking coffee to surpress my apetite for food. and i'll be causing even more problems because when he's back i'll be really pissed off/hostile at him. this isn't the first time he's done shit like this to my family, but all I want is a family member who I can reach and isn't away/occupied all the time

No. 111739

You Sound underage

No. 111742

>business trips

You realize your dad busting his ass is the reason you're able to enjoy such a comfortable life right?

Show him some love when he gets back instead of resenting him. He does all that to keep his little girl safe and secure after all (I imagine, virtually all dads care about their daughters I think).

No. 111745

Anyone noticed what guys on the internet and what the ones in real life like are…. different? I noticed there's more guys on the internet saying they want innocent shy girls to be their gfs but in real life all the girls guys are most attracted to are the feisty, passionate ones

i know its a different group but the disparity is funny

No. 111746

It's partially that the people online are saying they want an archetype. They want a gf who can be exactly who they want, when they want, not someone who's shy and quiet and innocent all the time.

There's also an element of insecurity, depending on where you ask. A partner that is shy and naive is one that people think won't judge them for not being "good enough", whereas because they see themselves as worse than other guys, they assume that one who is more extroverted and is passionate about things will realise their supposed flaws, and dump them.

No. 111747

Yeah I felt that for both parts. For the latter one you mentioned (insecurity) I noticed this type of thinking is extremely common in video game or anime communities. You always get the male fans infatuated with shy female characters and for some reason, many of them are very fond of very tall women or powerful almost goddess like women. This is another disparity in real life I've noticed, where most of the guys tell me they like short girls

I dont know if they just sit in their house all the time their mind gets caught in fantasy so much that they lose it

No. 111748

Yep, and that's because a lot of the people who withdraw to forums for introverted hobbies like that, tend to be insecure. It's just as common on fitness communities too, because people who tend to gravitate to those tend to be people who want to fix their insecurity, or at least make it so that other people constantly reassure them.

I think a big part of the second stuff is that it's fantasy, too. People fantasise about all sorts of crap they don't really want, not necessarily partners. But because there's a definite idealisation of relationships in those communities (or at least certain sorts of relationships), the fantasies tend to be related to it.

No. 111749

Could be madonna-whore complex too or something?

No. 111760

So you're upset she left you, that is understandable. Completely understandable.
You're mad that she's posting on her SM her new flings. Not understandable. You've blocked her but evidently you keep checking her SM accounts. Stop.
She's not going out of her way to seek you out and go "Hey ex how do you like my new bf? His dick's SO huge and he's SO rich, unlike you." She's just living her life and you're upset so you're trying to find things to be upset about and be victimized for.

No. 111764

My coworkers dont like me because im to shy to say hi : (

No. 111766

>business trips
right so your rich and comfortable. It's hard and you obviously idolize your dad a lot. I get that. However he has a life too, he's working to give you this cushy life. How about offering him coffee/tea/making a dinner when he returns home. It'll make him want to do stuff with you. Unless he's doing dodgy shit abroad then calm down.

No. 111784

I've seen a similar example, too. A lot of guys on the internet, especially ones with less experience like most robots, say they'd like to have a "qt clingy gf". They don't know how emotionally draining it must be and idealize it. I think it's because they have been lonely for so long that they think someone wanting to be with you all the time is a good thing: "At least it's better than being alone".

I prefer shy girls because I'm an introvert myself. Maybe that's the reason you found this difference. Guys on the internet, especially on places like imageboards (which, I imagine, is the demography you were referring to) tend to be more introverted. I know being shy doesn't mean you can't be extroverted, but that's probably at least part of the reason.

No. 111787

I finally broke up with my boyfriend of two years. We were doing just fine yesterday morning but then last night he started acting like an asshole (as usual for him) and started making fun of me because I can't speak his native language fluently. He started saying shit like "lol you can't even place an order and always make me speak to the employees, why do you even try?" and so I told him that its not that I can't do it, it just makes me super fucking anxious to do it all of the time and the one or two times I meet you a week I like to take a break from ordering/communicating/using this language and just let him take over because it honestly just gets the job faster. Then he started going on and on about how he 'fucking hates shy/timid people with a passion' and that he 'would never be friends with a person who was shy'. And even started criticizing his best friend because he was the same way until he made him 'change' his personality for him.

He then suddenly started berating me because "You don't even fucking try to not be shy!" Like what the fuck does he even know about how much I 'try'? I'm not one of those people who just stays indoors all day and tries to hide because of social anxiety or something. Living in a foreign country and using a foreign language, EVERY DAY IS TRYING. Not to mention, he doesn't even have a job, so everytime I've asked him to at least take the order for us, I've been the one paying. I'm so sorry your girlfriend wanted you to go and order after she bought you a meal.

Seriously fuck you, you emotionally abusive piece of shit. I'm so glad I'm going to be free of the constant nagging and bitching because I don't wear my hair the exact way you want it, or that I don't wear fucking yoga pants and exercise wear 24/7 because "Thats what looks sexy", or getting bitched at for wearing glasses in public because they look ugly whenever I have legit eye infections. Done done done, I'm never going back to him.

No. 111788

Wow, he sounded like a superficial, controlling, stereotypical ass. Good for you, anon! Never put up with someone like that. They'll never change.

No. 111794

What is his native language?

No. 111795

Mandarin Chinese

No. 111796

You dated a Chinese guy and you expected anything else?

That's where yellow fever will land you, every time.

No. 111797


I'm a Chinese speaking foreigner too and to be honest I kind of expected your reply. They can be exceptionally cruel about language, westerners can too but I think that's more something associated with kids than adults.

No. 111798

My period is late a whole day. We had sex 2 weeks ago, in the morning before I took my pill. I'm also feeling nauseus right now but it's probably because I'm tired.

I guess my anxiety is blowing all of this out of proportion because tomorrow I'm expecting a really portant call to see if I'll get a job that I need so desperately.

I just want the stress to end already.

No. 111799

Can I rant about how much my bestie not being over her ex bothers me SO MUCH? Seriously, it is out of control for something that doesn't matter at all.

My bestie's ex was a hipster intellectual philosophy bro who loves Frantz Fanon and Julia Kristeva. But he was also really tall and pretty hot, I guess.

Meanwhile her new bf is this school teacher from bumfuck Alabama who is also a "MMA fighter". And he is a Donald Trump fan. Ummm so complete 180.

And I'm like "How are you still mad at your ex? You realize you have nothing in common right???" Besides both being hot.

Idk I think I am bitter because her ex liked her because she was hot.

No. 111800

He has major problems. When someone angrily obsesses over something petty and acts condescending about it (language, being shy), that's a huge red flag. Very childish. Those are things that sometimes, people just can't even help and he sounds like he genuinely doesn't understand that.

No. 111803

One day isn't a big deal, anon. Take a deep breath and don't panic yet

No. 111805

There are pregnancy tests sensitive enough to tell at this time, you should get one to ease your mind.

1 day is nothing to worry about…and if you've been taking the pill at the same time every day, you are always protected. It's not like the pill runs out completely over 24 hours right before taking a new one.

No. 111807

I left my hometown and job behind and moved to Colorado and I hate it so much. Nobody will hire me and I regret everything.

No. 111812

oof, I had the feeling he was Chinese when I read your post. I'm sorry that happened to you, but that situation is extremely stereotypical and commonplace re: dating traditional cn…

No. 111819


Psshhhhh man I get it, 7 years is a long time seeing her now it just makes me feel so existential almost, what's worth anything? Nothing I know but I'm prone to this sorta hopeless thinking just a sort of shitty cocktail mix of jealousy, heartbreak and the existential nausea

No. 111820

>tfw hurricane matthew is headed my way and my county has declared a state of emergency
I don't have anywhere to go but my school is forcing evacuations

No. 111821

Are you Chinese?

No. 111823

I think I've seen you mention your situation before. Living in China and dating some Chinese dude with wealthy parents or something? I can't quite recall the details but anyway…

If he doesn't have a job, what are you doing with him in the first place?

Why are you even in the PRC long-term if you're not on a skilled work visa of some kind? (Assuming you aren't). Even Shanghai is ultimately just a poor man's Hong Kong.

Long-term expats and fempats have a reputation for being unhappy, depressed, grumpy people for a good reason, because living as one of the the only white people in a sea of yellow isn't particularly enjoyable after the novelty value wears off.

Get out while you can.

No. 111824

I'm torn and have no idea what to do.

I applied for an internship thing that would last a year, minimum wage and it's in my field. However, I have no idea how much longer I'll have to wait for them to actually hire me. Could be a month, could be 6 more.

Tomorrow I can apply for my old job. I got good chances of getting it because I worked there before. However, we have no breaks, work 6 hours straight standing, 3 shifts and it's not my field. It's also competitive. The more you work and preform better than the rest the more money you get. The reason why I lost the job in the first place was that I couldn't keep up with the workers that were there longer. So I'm sure I'd only manage to stay for just a few months.

But if I apply for this job I'll lose the internship, and after losing the job I'll have to wait half a year before applying again. If a position opens up again.

Money is tight right now and my relationship has been put under a lot of strain because of this. I don't know how long he'll be able to wait. He has goals and plans but with me not working I'm a burden for him. He has to look after himself after all and creat his own life, but he can't do all the work by himself.

No. 111826

Sounds like a stressful situation anon. If I were you I'd go for the internship though. You'd be getting paid, even if it's not the same amount as your old job, and you'll be gaining experience. Hopefully the company will hire you sooner rather than later but even if they don't having experience in your field will possibly open up new avenues for you. I think even having a minimum wage job will alleviate some of the burden on your boyfriend too. Good luck anon!

No. 111831

I live with my sister and our single mother who's kind of mentally damaged, depressed, childish and always complaining, even small things seem to bring her on the verge of a mental breakdown and it's always been like this. She occasionally says that "I want to die, but what about you and your sister? You would be lost without me, go through hell" etc.
This morning she stopped in front of my room, stared at me and deadly serious said "Let's just all kill ourselves, you, your sister and me, this is the only way for us to stop suffering". Later I talked with my sister when she got back home from school, and she said "Yeah she said this exact thing to me this morning". So I'm kind of scared, I don't know, I feel this isn't normal. If something happens, ie her mother, our grandma, dies (they don't talk to each other anymore for a fight but my mother fears that she could die while they're in this situation), I feel like she's going to explode, kill us and then kill herself

No. 111832

This just makes me feel pity for single mother families in general.

That shit can't be easy. I realize the mom usually should have been more careful in who she had kids with, but it still makes me feel sad.

No. 111834

I feel sorry for her, but I don't know what to do to help. Her family is shit, she has no friends, we're broke so we can't afford a therapist and I'm just a college student. Maybe the only thing I can do is trying to make money, since a therapist is the only one who can actually help her.
We talk to our father anyway, but he's not really always there for us, he lives with his girlfriend and her kids.
In my teenage raging rants I wondered why in the world did they have babies, knowing their relationship was already shit, their families are shit, and they're broke. If anything, this experience teached me a lot about "when you really shouldn't start a family" and "gtfo of your small town and go search for better work opportunities"

No. 111879

Feels good to see a self hating white woman get what she deserves. Go on worshipping Asian men and see where it gets you. Kek.

No. 111894

I hate online communities.. Just why?

No. 111900

I'm salty because I come from a lower-middle class immigrant family and I'm watching how my recently graduated friends are all off to Thailand/Japan/Europe because their parents can afford to pay for their gap year adventures along with university tuition, meanwhile I'm trying to find a minimum wage job so I don't have to eat ramen every day.

No. 111905

i also come from lower-middle class family so i know your pain
my friends go out without me because i have no money lmao

No. 111919

Same, anon, same.
Just that mine don't go traveling, but still can afford college.

No. 111948

Yes, parents immigrated when I was 4.


No. 111951

I wish my family could get our cats fixed with a much faster process. I mentioned this in the last vent thread when we had the neighbor's dog running loose and attacking any and everything, including our cats(it's gone and taken care of now) but we take care of the "community cats" to kind of help animal control not put as many cats to sleep or have shelters overflow more than they already have. Nice program really but the organization that does all this stuff is really backed up and understaffed.

We have to get them fixed with a special organization designated for these "feral" cats and we got put on the waiting list. The list is so long and backed up that we'll basically only be able to get them fixed whenever they get to us. In the meantime, we have at least three cats that pop babies like crazy so we're getting more and more cats. We love the cats but in no way is all that healthy for them so we have started raising hell trying to get them in as soon as possible. The amount of cats is still very manageable but I worry it might get to a point where it will become unworkable.

I'm considering just scrounging up money somehow and grabbing the three kitten factory cats and getting them fixed at a regular vet. It's gonna be way more expensive but it's better than waiting around until there is a massive population explosion from every single female cat having kittens. We'll still be able to get them registered with the feral organization but the cost for getting them fixed via a regular vet is going to be outrageous. I might look around to find how many vets there are that work with the group to see if maybe a discount or something is possible.

No. 112003

Anon, 100% look into starting an instagram for your colony. Reach out to other TNR colony volunteer instagrams, try to find people near you to help. The colony instagram community is super helpful and can definitely give you the resources to help the cats.

No. 112008

This, also if there are other shelters in your area reach out to them and explain your predicament. They might be able to help direct you to a vet who will spay at a reduced cost. I know a shelter in my area does a mobile spay/neuter for super cheap.

No. 112018

I know that feel bro, I'm currently sleeping in my car because my town had a mandatory evacuation and there are no vacant hotels anywhere :/

No. 112030


I'll look into both these options, thanks anons. I'll make sure to prioritize the baby factory cats and the kittens who will be close to the age for mating soon first. Kitten explosions are cute but in the long run they're more and more work and multiple litters at once is kinda hell.

No. 112039

I wish I could stop obsessing over things that don't matter.

No. 112047

Found out tonight that all but one of my friends are shit. Why do I even bother…

No. 112054

File: 1475925302958.jpg (71.74 KB, 599x404, 1461736819458.jpg)

>come home from stressful day at work dealing with people caught up in Hurricane Matthew
>bf is plopped on the couch like usual watching tv
>nothing has been done aside from having bought a bag of ice like I asked him to and some canned ravioli for himself
>go to get my bag of chocolate
>he's eaten the rest of the bag
>slightly pissy
>tell my bf to turn off tv since I need to talk
>probably didn't sound like a sweetie asking but w/e
>mutual friend asked me a favor while I was at work
>tell him he should talk with our mutual friend's boyfriend regarding halloween party
>mutual friend asked us to talk some sense into him
>tl;dr her bf is an abusive manchild and still isn't allowing another friend of ours to come to their place for the party over a spat that happened 6 months ago
>she's very depressed about not being able to see certain friends
>I don't have the manchild on fb so it will look suspicious af if I try talking to him plus his type doesn't tend to listen to women's opinions
>my bf has him on fb and so it would make more sense
>bf immediately goes on the defensive and says he probably won't go to the party anyway so why should he have to talk to manchild about anything?
>drives me crazy that he's being such a coward and can't just give me a straight 'no' if he doesn't want to
>try to withhold internal monologue but can't out of sheer frustration
>"How can you be so lazy? It's important to our friend."
>proceeds to exit apartment
>repeat that he is lazy and in addition can't handle any form of confrontation or criticism
>leaves for a solid two hours while I clean apartment
>know he's talking shit on his phone bc he always demonizes me as some bitch to his friends whenever we get into a minor argument
>later on and he's asleep
>open his phone
>lo and behold he's telling people I "viscously bit his head off" and that I probably made a public post about him on fb that he can't see
>speculates I am bc I made a passive aggressive post about him about a year ago and he found out through a "friend" aka a spy that I have since deleted
>ironically I didn't make a fb about this incident at all and he's the one talking shit to all his friends

Cheeky fucker.
I just got done typing an ultimatum to the bastard. It's been a long time coming. I'm in such a loveless relationship. He's turning 25 this month but still doesn't have his license or car even after living with my parents for a year rent-free just to save. Instead, he plans to go to a LARP event up north at the end of the month.

Maybe I'm also dating a manchild.

No. 112055

I thought I could finally get my permanent residency card and finally get some benefits to help me survive but turns out you have to wait 5 month to know if they let you get it.
Maybe I should just kill myself, I'm drowning already.

No. 112056

Some background info: my salary is 2.5k (which is minimum wage) and my BF's is around 3.2k

He's expecting me to put aside 1k, which is almost half. It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to pay him 600 (phone bill and some money I owe him) + other crap like BC/health care/pay rent to my parents etc. which is like 500…This leaves me with more or less 400 for the entire month. And I still need to eat, buy groceries and pet food.

It wouldn't be a problem if that money wasn't for a fucking car. Yes, we need a car. But we're in a LDR, so I won't use that car for like, 4 years while not being able to buy anything for myself. While he will probably still buy himself other shit because he has a bigger salary.

And he wonders why I'm somewhat mad. God I really need to sit him down and talk to him.

No. 112059

>maybe I'm also dating a manchild
You're 100% dating a manchild.

No. 112065

I just feel really isolated since I've moved back to my home country, and it's been worse lately. I don't feel like I can even talk to my boyfriend about it.
i had a couple close friends here, but one moved out of state with his girlfriend he met less than a year ago, and the other thinks I've got a huge gay crush on her just because I like girls and she's somewhat attractive.
Most of my friends are in the country I attended uni in, but I had to leave. Two got married today, and I'm not there, and i'm happy for them but depressed at the same time. Another got a cat together and is taking a trip to the US with his girlfriend. And my boyfriend has been sitting around doing nothing since he completed his course in May.
I want to take trips together. I want him to come visit my family. I want to get a flat and a dog and all that together, but he won't get off his ass. I've got money saved up to visit but I'm not using it because I've already visited twice and if we stayed together would ultimately be the one to relocate, and it's massively unfair on me that I have to keep making the trip. He won't even get a job. Seems to believe most part-time jobs are beneath him tbh, so he won't even look while shops are hiring. Will claim depression, but keeps making it worse by having nothing to do all day, and at this point is choosing to live like this. Will talk about needing to do more work on his art portfolio so he can get the job he studied for in college, but has done nothing towards it, and tbh if he's not working towards it he needs to do something else. And also he's of the mindset, like a lot of people our age, that if one doesn't want to work they shouldn't be made to. And i'm tired of being the one to make all the effort, and I'm tired of stagnating like this while everyone we know in relationships is doing better. But I can't say any of that because then i'm "comparing relationships" ant that's bad. So I just don't want to talk to him, and I feel like a jerk for that, but I don't even care anymore. I'm exhausted. I've been working fulltime and I've been ill for the past month with a flu that just won't go away, sos all I've done is work and go home basically, and I'm tired and depressed and have no one.

No. 112066

The fuck, dump that trash

No. 112067

He wants you to put money towards a car you won't even be able to use for at least a couple years? That's really selfish of him.

No. 112069

He will drive and you won't = his car = he shouldn't be even asking for your help.

No. 112071

My boyfriend's family fucking sucks and are the main reason I don't want to marry him. I love him so much, but they're such toxic people. He can't let them go because muh blood relations. Idk, I think I might have to leave him for him to understand how serious of a situation this is. They're violent and prone to just snapping. Not to mention, his brother hates me. I'm honestly not sure what might happen around him. He's an asshole and my boyfriend is a doormat.

No. 112096

If you're not happy, you should tell him, because that's the only way it'll ever improve. If he gets shitty with you for trying to talk to him, well, that's a good sign that he's not interested in making it work out.

And as for him claiming depression, that's bullshit. Unless he's on disability or has a carer, there's no reason he can't work with it.

Every lazy person who just doesn't want to do shit uses being depressed as an excuse to not have to do anything, and you shouldn't just fall for it.

That being said, probably wait until your flu goes away to make the decision.

No. 112112

File: 1476001254561.jpg (217.5 KB, 352x1316, ham sandwich .jpg)

My ultimatum must've scared the shit out of him.

I slept in today because I had the day off, so I didn't wake up well into the afternoon. I half expected him to still be pissy with me, but nope. I woke up to a chicken dinner and then he showed me some car searches he found. We went out exploring in the hurricane and then came back to watch a movie.

I did notice he put password protection on his phone though. Which I mean, I also expected because I pretty much fessed to going through his phone. Oh well. I think he got the point. We'll see how long it lasts.

No. 112127

I don't know if I'm more pissed at my BF's parents or myself.

I'm an introverted person and socially awkward. But I can talk normally to people to an extent. I'm trying to be talkative, approchable etc. but the second I notice that someone isn't interested in the convo, feels uncomfortable I shut down. Or If I'm not in a good mood.

I really wish I was one of those loud/talkative/quirky girls, but I hate not being in control and possibly make an idiot out of myself and possibly make someone else hate/dislike me somehow.

I guess my BFs parents never met someone like me. My BFs exes were all extroverted and literally couldn't shut up. But at the same time I'm pissed at them because it's ALWAYS the same fucking type of conversation with them:

the mom: replies with one word or doesn't ask any question back so I run out of questions or she replies with one fucking word.

the dad: tries to lecture me about EVERYTHINNG and I just end up nodding and saying yes. Dude I was trying to have a casual convo with you but you just somehow manage to turn it into a fucking life lesson and make it all awkward.

I like them, I really really do but it's so difficult because they don't know how to treat me. I would like to tell them that I have depression and anxiety but it would probably just make things more awkward for them. I don't feel like they treat me like an equal to others. They don't dare to ask me to do stuff for them (eg bring x from downstairs), argue or talk directly to me. They always bitch to my BF about what they dislike anout me, INSTED OF TALKING TO ME.

At this point I'd want to sit them down and bluntly ask them wtf is wrong. Should I do it? Because it's ruining my relationship. If they don't like me my BF might end up leaving. And how the fuck to I become more talkative? God I have so much to google

No. 112130

>have to buy an outfit for a wedding
>see an a-line dress that looks nice
>mom says it probably wouldn't look good with my body type
>pick out three other dresses to try on that make my legs look horrible
>grab the first dress to try it on because why not and turns out it's perfect

I think I'm pear shaped or something? I can't wear dresses that are long and tight-fitted, they make my hips look absolutely ridiculous. Being a womanlet probably doesn't help either.

No. 112133

I don't know why language learning communities (especially Anglos learning French) attract obnoxious smartasses so much but they make me wanna shit myself sometimes, god damn they're so annoying.

Whenever someone says something not 100% correct or accurate they always jump in and go 'UM ACTUALLY you ~uncultured pleb~, it's LeviOsa not LeviosA'. I get it. You speak French so that means you think you're class or something because you managed to learn a single foreign language in your lifetime, lmao. Get over yourself, jfc.

I've seen it with Japanese too, and the people who feel the need to nitpick and correct others usually speak shit French/Japanese themselves. Or people who complain that everyone else who speaks X language is never ~as fluent as them~.

No. 112135

Hate to say that but he won't change ever and you are just wasting your time with a man that won't act like one.

No. 112140

I have a feeling he's only going to change temporarily. Good luck, anon. I hope he does change his shit lifestyle for you.

No. 112158

Good on you for giving this to him, anon.

No. 112161

I'm only 26 but I'm practically an orphan (dead mother, father indefinitely jailed)
It depressed me and I'm worried about being alone.

No. 112178

I hate my life. I'm so fucking awkward around people and I get anxious AF for no reason at all. Making decisions kills me and i would stare into space looking worried just to decide if I want rice or McDonald's. My grades in school has dropped so much and I have no time to pull it up now. In fact, I think it would drop even more after this semester because I can't seem to get shit done. I swear shitty things happen to me all the time and even though some might be insignificant things, it still affects me a lot. I think I am quite full of myself but I'm also insecure as fuck. I'd compare Myself to people and think I'm better than them but then I would feel depressed when I look at myself and see that I'm actually ugly and dumb. I sound like such a brat with insignificant issues.

No. 112187

You're 26 years old? I hope you don't actually need parents around to raise you anymore. It's nice having them around when you're an adult, but not necessary tbh. You'll be just fine.

No. 112205

I don't think it has much to do with being raised.

No. 112212

I hate my teeth and they are in need of fixing but I don't have dental insurance and the procedures I need are going to cost an upward of €900 per procedure, I wish I was born with good teeth.

No. 112216

I started university three weeks ago. It's fine, the course is okay so far and I've had some nice times but I'm also miserable.
My parents won't let me move out even though I already have university accommodation and paid for it, no matter how many times I've tried they won't let me fucking leave. If I leave, my dad says, he threatens to leave the family.
I go to clubs/societies that I signed up to and my dad gets angry when he picks me up to drive me home because they finish late (8pm, but he says that's the middle of the night and I should be home by 5pm every day.)
I want to do what other students get to do.
I constantly see pictures on social media of other people having so much freedom and fun at uni, and I feel so limited and helpless and boring.
I haven't even made new friends, all I achieve is small talk. I haven't been invited out, I haven't bonded with my flatmates because I haven't fucking started living there yet. I try to talk to others in the class but they've already made their own friends.
And now I'm getting shouted at again for "coming home late"… I finished the society at 8pm. I understand it's dark and dangerous to be out in the evening but come on.
There's a university trip abroad to Germany in March, and I told my dad I'm intending to go, and he's not letting me again.
When I get a job he probably won't even let me go to that.
I just want to move out. I want to have freedom.
There's no point in talking to a uni counsellor. They won't magically give me friends, or freedom, or the ability to just leave my house and live in university accommodation. It's too complicated and I'm tired, I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of trying to make these things work.

Fuck. This is not how I was expecting university to start. It's not fair.

No. 112221

File: 1476139013646.png (228.25 KB, 484x469, pepe.png)

>I already have university accommodation and paid for it
fucking get out of there
>If I leave, my dad says, he threatens to leave the family.
does he love you in an inappropriate manner?
>he won't let you leave but gets angry picking you up…
wtf typical gay parents

Don't get paranoid you've 'missed the boat' or anything because you can't judge situations, people can be in big groups of mates and still feel alone and be waiting for someone new to come along they actually connect with. But also get in your flat ASAP ffs

Can't you just move yourself in? + if your Dad knows the dorm number ask to transfer and don't tell him where

No. 112228

Glad there's a rant thread I've been meaning to tell someone but I don't know how it will sound to other friends.
>been platonically obsessed with my friend/now and then best friend since freshmen year of high school (So for 10 years)
>wanted to be her best friend so bad( she was Asian master race and I'm a fucking weeb) and were/are we've been through a lot together, have went on two or three trips, lived together, had our fights etc.
>I'm in a LTR/LDR and plan to move to them in a few months, I struggle with doubts do lately I've been joking with friend about back Up plans. My boyfriend is from upper middle class, Has a good paying job because of his master degree and his country doesn't give out visas like Oprah would. I'm just finishing up my art degree with no real plans.
>best friend is in shit dead end relationships but can't afford to leave him. She has same degree as me but she's working and makes as much as a friend of mine who works a marketing job with a degree. (Still hardly liveabel for here)
>at dinner with her, she jokes about running away wth me to NYC and getting married
>"hahahaha no Is it even legal there"
>she continues to go on about our life together like going to the btssb store often, Disney world for vacations, Christmas in NYC
>recalling we joke about being gay for each other all the time
>I know she was joking but I'm secretly worried she's serious. As much as I love her platonically and was obsessed with her in high school, I would never find her sexually attractive but I also could never talk about sex around her just in general.
>but we would have the weebiest wedding, cutest apartment And all the cute cats

No. 112231

You have to move out. You don't need their permission. Hire a guy with a van or something to sneak all your shit out while your parents are at work. Tell the uni accommodation that you don't give your parents permission to access your accommodation.

They're being unbelievably controlling and preventing you from living your life. You are an adult and nobody has the right to control your choices. There might be a lot of drama, but it's their fault for putting you in that position.

No. 112232

Uh no, I live independently? It just sucks having no parents to visit at Christmas/bring future grandkids to see/etc

No. 112236

File: 1476156637026.jpg (6 KB, 150x137, 1442335275065.jpg)

I am an extremely anxious person and I feel like it's pushing my boyfriend away.

No. 112240

are you south or west asian (ethnicity)?

No. 112244

that just doesn't even sound like a problem if you don't even find her attractive wtf stfu.

wow you have a great best friend and a rich boyfriend, good for you

try being in love with your best friend that doesn't want you… that's where I thought that was going

No. 112245

chill out, smoke tiny spliffs and watch ghibli

No. 112254

I just started an MA in a new city. I was one of the best from my undergrad degree in a small former polytechnic so I got a bit ambitious and went for a postgrad degree at a really good university, and got a place.

But now I'm here I don't understand anything at all on my course, I don't have any friends and I am crying every day. I just want to give up and go home and work in a coffee shop. I'm only three weeks in and already I want to quit. I messaged my tutor saying I have no clue what I'm doing and he was nice but ultimately unhelpful - can't teach a fish to climb a tree etc.

Have any of you been in this position? How did you deal?

No. 112255


try loosing a parent and see how you feel

No. 112260

i feel you anon
i found it helps a little bit to just be really nice to people, smile at ppl if u can. even if you are awkward. People are going to be more forgiving if you are nice and helpful and it gives yourself a good feeling, too

No. 112261

just move out and if ur dad really leaves them there were problems in ur family anyway

No. 112265

File: 1476198348236.png (139.75 KB, 301x343, Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 16.3…)

are you sure you're not just paranoid? I'm at a really top MA college and was nervous I would be out of my depth but 50% of my peers are actually retarded so meh. I didn't understand any of my initial essays at first but if you study hard, you scale the learning curb and it's fine.

Why can't you make friends? There are tonnes of desperate socially anxious people it's so easy if you have no snobby standards, lolcow is testament to that, every other post is like 'wahh i'm socially awkward', as if everyone isn't.

I totally feel the wanting to go home and work and retail and have a simple life, but the reality is you'd hate it within a week your entire life just dissolves into meaninglessness, you have to work toward something.

You should get help from your tutors but don't let them know you're completely bewildered or it'll affect how they mark you, like they'll assume you're no good even if you work really hard. (they're retarded too everyone is, everyone's just playing a big awful game)

No. 112266

File: 1476198740817.png (16.1 KB, 174x231, 1444451132418.png)

This is the 3rd time this year I get severely sick. Two months ago I had pneumonia now I have kidney stones. Next friday I'm going to psychiatrist because of depression but that's not so bad.

All I wanted was being able to study. Fuck.

No. 112267

My supposedly best friend has been giving me some distance for quite some time and made a post on FB yesterday about how much she is so happy for the love/friendship of the following tagged people and how she feels they are essentially her non-blood family, including some she is blatantly not close with since she constantly bitched and moaned at me about them for years and told me how little they mean to her. She didn't include me on this list, which I usually don't give a fuck about however I am confused.

I don't know what to make of this…? She always went on about how we are best friends (almost 10) and I had felt the same. She used to always include me in posts like that, as silly as I find them. I have been a very supportive friend and I have been there for her during our entire friendship. She needed me a lot emotionally and we were also really close. Yet recently she started ignoring me for no particular reason and now is doing shit like this, which I think means something since she is not the type to forget when doing her "YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME" posts. Facebook is her entire life.

She hasn't been there for me in recent years and this was kind of the last straw. In fact, whenever I was going through something she would barely acknowledge it before going on about her life or would ignore me entirely. Yeah I haven't had a lot of time to be her ventbox and constant emotional support as usual for some time because my life got super crazy but I was always there for her as I could be and never did anything to her. Also she is not the type to handle conflicts with people well (she thinks she is always right) and also I don't feel it's my responsibility to ask her if she is mad at me or if hurt her feelings since we are both adults and she should tell me if something is wrong.

Is this list basically telling me passive aggressively that I am not her friend anymore? Is it trying to bait me to talk to her? Or should I just ignore it? I just want to figure that out. I find this kind of shit really stupid (especially at our age, she is over 30) so I just want to understand and move on.

This is mainly a vent but if anyone has any insight I am all ears.

No. 112276

She honestly just sounds really immature, and like the sort of person who assumes that your life must revolve around them, from what you're saying.

If she didn't include you on the list, it was probably a passive aggressive comment, yes, but I wouldn't think too much of it. If she's only interested in being your friend when you're able to be there 100%, she's not worth it.

Just move on anon, keep in contact somewhat, but you shouldn't have to constantly suck up to someone for them to value you.

No. 112290

I'm >>110895 and thought I'd just give an update on the situation? Idk

Things have gone to a bit normal state and I'vr found a job (I just don't know yet when I start). But I feel like he's less interested in me now, tired or angry. And I'm the emotional punching bag. At least I think I am or my anxiety is blowing it out of proportion again.

I'm back home and our conversations range from funny to normal to none. I'm clingy so the whole thing is confusing and painful. We might have been together for more than 5 years but I still love to hold his hand or just act like we're still in the honeymoon phase. He said that would change once I start working. Idk how true that is or how much affection the average couple shows to each other, but I'm positive it won't change for me. I just really love that dumb motherfucker.

Part of me made peace with thenworst case scenario so it shouldn't hit too hard if it happens, it'll just be hard to find a replacement for certain things.

No. 112291

Ah, I used to get kidney stones. I know that severe pain all too much. You'll be okay. I hope everything goes well and gets better for you soon.

No. 112292

File: 1476214071513.jpg (204.45 KB, 870x801, F4GKttQ.jpg)

Thanks for the kind reply, anon.

Re: paranoia - maybe it is. Though there's an equally good chance I'm one of the retards of which you speak.

But you struggled initially too? Not to be a dick, but that's comforting. What do you study btw?
I'm really trying with this shit but it gets to the point where the reading is just a blur and it stops making sense. At that point the learning curve flatlines. Does that sound familiar?

It's not so much that I'm snobby, but really shy/anxious which can seem like the same thing. Have been making an effort to chat to everyone on the course (there are only six of us lol) but I always get tongue-tied and say the wrong thing. Again maybe it's paranoia but it feels like I'm the cringey weird girl of the class and that everyone feels awkward around me so I try not to overstay my welcome.

You're right - a simple job isn't really all that great (or that easy to come by anymore) in reality. But it would be nice to have a home/work divide like that again.

That's good advice, thank you. I'll try not to come off completely incompetent in front of tutors! It really does feel like a game right now.

No. 112298

Nvm, I'm pretty sure we're gonna break up soon. We just talked and unless I fix my relationship with his parents it's over. Basically, as a social retard, I'm fucked 100%. It was nice as long as it lasted.

No. 112315

>tfw my fingerprint scanner on my phone doesn't work because I have bad dermatophagia and keep chewing my fingers.

God fucking damnit.

No. 112376

The last month or so I've noticed something happening in my life and I don't know what to think of it/wish I can just ignore it. When I walk on the street I see a lot of people outright staring at me. Ok, I'm female, not ugly and I think I'm kinda cute sometimes, and I get people (guys) catcalling me and offering rides and such like nearly every other girl, but this I felt is different. But maybe not? I don't know. Point is I see people just practically drilling their eyes onto my person. It makes me nervous, is my outfit really bad? Am I walking funny? Did a pigeon shit on my head? Am I wearing a "Trump 4 Prez" shirt and not realizing it? Do I have a third boob? Arm? Like, why is this dude intently staring at me and following me with his eyes/head when I walk by?

But also, which is even more puzzling to me, people are actually WAVING at me. People that I 100% am sure I have never seen before. I'm not in a tight-knit suburban community, I'm not in the American South, I'm in the middle of a city. The very default of the city is you ignore everyone around you that you don't know, and even then you might ignore them.

At this point I'm starting to think maybe there's some sort of celebrity I don't know about that looks like me, and people are trying to figure out if I'm her. I can't comprehend this, and I don't think it's because of my looks or anything. I'm overweight, my face has been full of acne since I turned 22, my hair likes to frizz and the wind is not its friend, some days my double chin is more prominent, I dress better than I did a few years ago but I still look like a college student or something. There's been maybe four or five times now where a woman either walking past or at the crosswalk with me will look me over and make a bitchy face, which makes me want to die right there because I don't know what it means. Do I look like shit?!?! Tell me! I'm so much more self-conscious when it comes to that, a girl looking at me rather than some guy, maybe the innate desire for approval from peers? Idk.

I'm starting to get paranoid, like I'm in a reality show and don't know about it. Or like that old "saying" that makes rounds every few years about how "maybe you are retarded and the rest of the world is just humoring you". Like I feel pretty stupid even thinking this, but I don't get it!

Now reading this through I feel like this might be taken as some sort of humble-brag, but it is not. I am not used to attention like this at all and I don't particularly like it. I've always been the invisible and I usually like it like that. And I'm not even used to attention from guys, genuine attention, not bullshit like catcalling.
It/this whole thing makes me nervous, and I just needed to put this somewhere. Maybe get a response or two because I don't get it. Especially the waving thing.

No. 112385

omg i feel the same way, I keep feeling like people are looking at me but I'm afraid that it's because I'm looking scary or angry or something. i keep feeling like i'm intimidating people and i'm not an intimidating person and i'm not really ugly either. i'm so weirded out.

No. 112392

Girls just get to move on it's bullshit, any hint of heartbreak or loneliness they just have to put out a call or wear something nice or deign to speak to a guy and they can take him home and not have to think about shit.

I have to go out every weekend looking like a stupid mother fucker and fucking desperate cause that's basically what I am getting fucking no where and go home and think I am a fucking loser while she gets to be validated over and over again. Fuck this bullshit.

No. 112394


Why do you look like a stupid mother fucker though? Having no chill is also bad…you're literally too mad to get laid right now.

No. 112395

Yeah, I don't think heartbreak or loneliness will get fixed by having someone come over, fuck you and then leave anon.

Take some time to grieve, don't go out and try to get laid while you're still upset over your last relationship, move on from that first.

No. 112397

File: 1476328564886.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, smash that mf like button.webm)

I went to go visit my mother, and I saw that yet again she let her cousins live with her. It pisses me the fuck off knowing that she doesn't realize that they're basically leeching off of her and taking advantage of her. They're fucking freeloaders.

Not to mention that the child cousin's mother is being irresponsible and letting her eat garbage. FFS she went to the doctor and got diagnosed with high blood pressure, seeing parents treat their kids like that gets my blood boiling. They're eating every fucking thing in the house not to mention the mother cooks up heart attacks so I wouldn't be too surprised.

No. 112398

When you get dumped it's nice to be reminded that you're seen as desirable by the people you desire

No. 112406

Sure, but then they'd leave, and you're just alone and would think "No-one actually cares about me". Casual sex doesn't cure loneliness, at all.

And there could be any amount of people out there who find you desirable, but are leaving you alone because you're clearly still dealing with the break up, which is the respectful thing to do, don't just jump in as soon as someones available, let them grieve and cope with it, and then talk to them.

No. 112460

File: 1476403988553.png (678.55 KB, 540x797, sadbitch.png)

so Ive got a sad bitch of a friend, none of my friend group likes her and find her annoying. She's a rude asshole to the girl who introduced her to the group and is ALWAYS latching onto me. If we are in small groups she plays up her SLIGHT case of autism, emphasis on slight. We have friends worse than her and have normal lives and want to call her out for it. I've seen her creeping around friends backs to be on the side of exes to spite the group. Also she idolises this friend ring of girls who are all well paid, go out on lavish trips for food and all wear designer clothing. Meanwhile we wear cheap vintage clothes and would rather go MaccyD's. She want's this rich kid friend group and is disappointed shes ended up with us.

However I feel sorry for her because she has no friends outside of us, her parents are rich but shit and she's failed getting into university. She doesn't have a life but doesn't seem tobe working so she can HAVE a life and remain a dumb teenager. I've had good times with her but I'm losing the will to live and being constantly lumped with her. Im at a loss at what to do, let it just fizzle out at its own pace?

No. 112461

Anon I would talk to her about her behavior. I knew a girl like her and except she was mean as shit to me. I tried talking to her but she had someone who sided with her and kissed her ass all the time so she was a lost cause. I put up with her shit and ultimately had to ditch that entire group of friends cause of her.

Don't do that. Talk to her and if she doesn't understand and change her attitude then get rid of her. If she wants rich friends she can go talk to them instead. If you don't get rid of her and if no one else stands up to her, someone may end up no longer associating with you to avoid her ass. Just be direct and don't take anymore shit. Don't let her drag you down cause that stuff is not fun at all.

No. 112462

Thank you, anon, have a great week and God bless you.

No. 112526

File: 1476488254550.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1445237187459.png)

My boyfriend doesn't turn me on very often. How do I go about changing this? I literally only get turned on by sucking his dick and that's because of some fucked up shit I would never bring up to him. He doesn't do foreplay very well, I've brought it up to him before that I would enjoy more foreplay, but ugh. His comments don't turn me on, they make me roll my eyes. I want to have sex in the dark. I've more often than not just "had sex" because realistically we'd have sex once a week (or less) if I followed my head. I need to work myself up to prepare for sex.

No. 112533

I'm pretty poor and am saving up to visit my boyfriend who lives on the other half of the world next summer. It's very difficult finding a second job and I'm getting frustrated because it's hard enough to save money with the one job I have…

No. 112588

A foreigner keeps calling me from another country. They don't seem to speak or understand English and the connection is very bad. It sounds like it's coming in from Mars or something. Since I can't communicate with this person I can't get them to understand it is the wrong number. The connection cuts off so quick that I'm not even sure if they can hear me say anything at all. So I am getting nowhere.

It could be Indian or some kind of Middle Eastern accent. I just want them to get the message that they have the wrong number and to stop calling me. They've left multiple garbled message.s The only thing English they seem to say is "Hello". But that might just be common in their country too.

I feel bad because I don't want to be rude. Maybe I should call the phone company and ask them where it is coming from if I get any more calls.

No. 112599

How's your relationship aside from sex? Are you intellectually, emotionally, and physically attracted to him? Any elephants in the room you don't get to discuss?

No. 112601

i've been in an online relationship for four years with somebody who won't show me their face or voice.

they're really caring, clever, treat me really nicely, sends gifts and spends all their free time online with me but like they just don't want me to know who they are.

i'm happy if i don't think about it but when i do i feel like something is really deeply wrong. i want them here in the flesh, four years is such a long time.

No. 112603

You need to gtfo asap. Stop wasting your time with someone who is most likely hideous or fat and has serious mental issues.

Even if they did end up showing you their face, would you really want to be with someone who had no problem lying to you for 4 years?

No. 112604

>somebody who won't show me their face or voice

Do they tell you why? Normally if they won't do that it's a red flag of a possible catfish. Have you shown them what you look like?

Honestly, he sounds really fishy. Perhaps there is an individual he lives with that he isn't telling you about and he can't let them know about you. Personally, I would leave him and find someone else because the way you describe him just makes him sound like a shifty creep. Gifts or not he's hiding something.

No. 112605

File: 1476564793928.gif (1.62 MB, 500x281, 2a52da40-f3ae-0133-e702-0a315d…)

Tell them to show their face or end things. You'll never have a successful relationship with someone who can't even trust you to look at them.

Best case scenario is that they're a moron that thinks they can continue a relationship with all these secrets. Worst case scenario is they're a complete freak that's stringing you along.

No. 112606

File: 1476564828197.jpeg (114.02 KB, 546x546, 5675675.jpeg)

I'm so fucking sexually frustrated. I'm in a LT relationship with someone who has no interest in me sexually anymore and I'm not the cheating type, so fucking someone on the side isn't an option.

I just want some god damn dick and to feel wanted and desired for once. I don't even care who it is anymore. I'd literally fuck anyone at this point.

No. 112607

Have you considered sex toys? If you want to stay in that relationship without cheating, you're gonna have to get yourself off.

Have you discused it? What did your partner say about it all?

No. 112610

God, I've spent so much money on sex toys, and while I enjoy them, nothing beats actual sex and exploring fetishes and stuff.

Yeah, we've talked it into the ground. He's depressed and has low libido, masturbation is just easier, etc. I get it, so I try to be understanding. At the very least though, I asked if he could just compliment me or dirty talk over text or something, but he's not even interested in that.

No. 112611

Is he seeing anybody about his depression? If he's on any medication, is there any possibility of taking a different type?

He might have low libido, but the unwillingness to even compliment you seems a little bit strange.

No. 112612

the thing is i don't massively mind looks. i'm def no prize myself.

it's true that the omission really bothers me though.

he says it's his problem and not mine but isn't specific about it. i suspect if it's anything it's his ocd. dude does have a lot of personal stuff going on but rarely tells me anything.
also he's implied that i can't be trusted because he thinks i'm a whore/trashy behind his back, but straight up i'm basically a nun.
yeah we skype all the time but he keeps his mic/cam switched off.
speaking completely honestly he just doesn't read as a creep, i've dealt with many. he's really kind but i want to build a life with somebody soon and it feels like it's on hold.

i tried many times but i always felt horrible and apologised, and now they're not all that bothered if i throw ultimatums. colour me spineless lol.
logically it's the right thing to do but they're my best (and nearly my only) friend too. can't really picture life anymore without them.

thanks for your replies anons. sry to be pathetic. any recommendations for tracing him though? i thought i was close using one of those emails that tells you where it's opened, but he uses a proxy for everything.

No. 112613

He's seeing a psychiatrist, who is trying to get him on some medication, but he doesn't have insurance in the country where he's living, so it's been a struggle.

I give him credit for recently making some healthy changes in terms of diet and weight loss, and awhile he seems happier about being healthier, his libido hasn't changed at all.

Yeah, I don't get the compliments thing. It really pisses me off honestly. I give him loads of compliments, so where the fuck are mine?

No. 112614

>he's implied that i can't be trusted because he thinks i'm a whore/trashy behind his back
>they're not all that bothered if i throw ultimatums
>he uses a proxy for everything

This is going to sound harsh and I'm sorry, but this guy does not care about you at all. Leave him in the dust.

You seem to have a low opinion of yourself but that doesn't mean you have to stick with a guy that makes you feel like your opinion is fact. You're worth more than some shady guy and you need to dump his ass and find someone who knows your worth tbh.

He might not seem like a creep to you but he sounds like one from what you've written. What kind of person uses proxies for a chit chat with somebody they're in a relarionship with? What kind of partner makes you feel like you can't be trusted?

It doesn't sound like he puts any value in your relationship at all. It sounds like he knows you'll stick around no matter what. Yes, he's nice to you in some ways, but every douchebag with any knowledge of social skills can play nice for a while. There are guys that can seem like Prince Charming while being complete abusive assholes. Anyway, is he really that nice if he's treating you this way?

>i want to build a life with somebody soon and it feels like it's on hold

Go for it. Find somebody else that's worth your time and build your life with them.

No. 112615

If he isn't willing to show his voice or even let you hear his voice dump his ass. If he think's you're whoring around then don't get involved with him any further because that's not something he should be thinking about you.

>they're my best (and nearly my only) friend too. can't really picture life anymore without them.

It may sound hard but if it's online you can make other friends or find other relationships. Don't worry. But I'm sorry anon, no matter what his excuses are he doesn't sound like someone you can build a life with.

No. 112616

Sorry about the situation with the insurance. It's a shame it's so hard to get real help sometimes.

Talk to him again about the compliments thing. I know a lot of people with depression and none of them seem to find it difficult to throw out out a "hey, you like nice today". I know everybody's depression is different but they seem like an easy way to help repair your relationship and it seems like he ain't even trying. Tell him it's hurtful that he doesn't reciprocate.

Honestly, if it continues like this, you might need to talk about whether the relationship is worthwhile. The libido thing is a struggle and that by itself might be something you could work through, but the lack of attention to you will be damaging in the long run, especially if you're giving attention to him. The relationship will essentially be unequal and resentment could build because of that.

It sucks when mental illness is involved because you end up feeling like a dick for being unsatisfied, but you can't sacrifice your own emotional wellbeing for someone else's. You could still be there for him as a friend while recognising that the romantic relationship is harmful to you.

Also, for the sexual aspect, try small acts without the expectation of them leading to bigger stuff. For example, let him know that a bit of touching doesn't necessarily have to lead to penetration. For guys, it can be difficult going from no sex to lots of sex and they end up feeling emasculated when they're faced with the fact that they're finding it hard, which makes it even harder. Normalise the small stuff and build up. A good idea might be for one of you to be present while the other masturbates. It's a sexual situation but without much pressure since you dont have to get the other person off. If that's too difficult, start with general physical affection, like kisses and hand holding or even just sitting close together. Physical affection might make you feel more desired too.

No. 112619

Thanks for the advice. We've really discussed this whole topic to death, and at this point, I know it's not going to do anything. We've even tried the 'no expectations' thing but he doesn't even want to try small things. I'm already resentful as hell, and the only reason I keep sticking around is because what if medication does work?

No. 112624

How long will it take before he can finally get medication? Would it be worth taking a break from the relationship and hooking back up if you both want to continue it when he's feeling better?

No. 112625

So you're in a platonic relationship, which is what he wants but you don't, and he wont/can't compromise? Explain to him that you're a regular person with normal sexual needs that have to be filled by someone, and if says he can't then tell him you're going to get some side dick.

Read r/deadbedrooms for a bit and see into your future.

No. 112640

Yeah, I don't think that a harsh approach is the way to go if his issues are because he feels depressed, and threatening cheating is a fucking shit thing to do.

As >>112624 said though, if he can get the medication or the episodes only last a certain amount of time (they usually do, depression isn't a constant thing that just stays on forever, and episodes that last longer than a year are really quite rare), then you should consider if you're able to stick around through that.

Have you spoken to him about it from the compliment point of view? Like, ignore the sex for now, and tried to talk to him about how you feel as a result of him never complimenting you?

That might be more productive than trying to convince someone with depression to be turned on, for now at least.

No. 112666

Yeah, it sucks that he's depressed. I used to be depressed and I know it's hard to make changes to your life when you're in that situation.

But this is a relationship where one person has removed all sexual contact and wont even give out compliments, and can't or won't compromise. You don't need to be in a relationship to care for somebody and support them through a mental illness, and this situation is very clearly deeply affecting the OP emotionally which is a totally normal response. If physical affection is something that you need, and your partner is unwilling/unable to provide that and doesn't want you to get it from somebody else, then only option left is to leave.

This isn't some short term thing. Dealing with depression takes a long time, especially if getting medication might not happen. And then maybe the low libido isn't even to do with depression, maybe he just genuinely has a low libido or isn't attracted to OP? The compliments thing is also weird. Maybe after committing to the long haul with a relationship that hurts her, OP will find out that it wont get any better after all.

It sounds harsh and uncaring, but this kind of relationship messes people up. There's nothing wrong with acting out of self-preservation.

No. 112669

Yeah, don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily agree that they should stay if they're unhappy and the guy is refusing to make any effort to improve the situation (depression doesn't make you a dick, you can still compliment and love a partner with even severe cases) or even as you said to compromise by showing their affection in another way, then yeah, she's not at all obligated to stay with him.

And you're right, if he's jerking off (I'm getting the impression he is from what she said), it sounds like it's less libido, and just that he isn't that interested in her at that point in time.

I just think that if you're going to leave someone, do it gently in any situation they haven't fucked you over somehow, let alone when it's because of something sensitive.

And I also don't think that going "you aren't fulfilling my needs, and if you don't I'm going to go fuck someone else behind your back" is ever a good choice. Cheating's bad enough, let alone using cheating to try to coerce him into acting better, that's a fucking terrible thing to do to anyone.

No. 112671

I agree that if things aren't working out, especially if there's a medical issue involved, there's no need to be savage about the break up.

I didn't really mean the side dick thing as a threat; I worded it badly. I meant more like, if sexual intimacy is the core problem and your partner is unable/unwilling to provide it, then either having an open relationship or breaking up are the only real options left.

No. 112673

Oh, well then yeah, I agree, if it's an issue you can't get past, then those really are the only two options.

It's just probably better to tell him that it's a serious concern, and that you're not happy in the relationship with no sex or affection of any kind.

And fair enough, I thought you were wording it like holding it over him, which would be really crappy to anyone.

No. 112688

Why do guys eat toilet paper? That must be what it is that they're doing, as it's the only legitimate reason as for why my roommates have gone through eight rolls of toilet paper in seventeen days.
I thought my sisters were bad, with one roll lasting at very best a week. But, this…this is something else entirely.

No. 112689

Is the depression a newer thing? Is it possible he was sexually assaulted?

No. 112703

We're not sure yet. His psychiatrist keeps having to jump through all these hoops with the mental health system, and I don't even think he knows himself how long it'll take.

I thought about taking a break, but I think it'll make things worse somehow.

I've explained all that to hell and back, but his reasoning is basically, "I have a mental illness. I'm doing what I can do. Complaining is just making it worse. So try to be patient until something is sorted out." I wouldn't hold the whole side dick thing over him, because it's not my thing. If it came to that, I'd rather just break up.

Yeah, I'm all too familiar with /r/deadbedrooms. Have been for over 2 years now unfortunately.

I've tried to approach it from that angle a few times. Just forget about the sex and make me feel wanted in other ways, but the change only lasts a week at best before it's back to square one. He says he just forgets because he has ADHD and has too much shit going on.

You guessed right. He still jerks off, but says it's mostly for stress relief. He told me in our last big argument about it that it's hard for him to get into the mood now or say sexual things to me because he immediately starts to think about our arguments, how he feels I'm being pushy and not understanding enough, and it just makes him not want to do anything sexual at all.

No, it's definitely not new. Shitty childhood and all that has led to depression for most of his life, along with anxiety and ADHD. It's all kind of meshed in together though and tends to just manifest as lethargy and irritability.

No. 112717

What game? I'll play with you if I have it

No. 112721

i'm really fucking depressed but no one knows it (i don't think). it's all in my head. i'm not crying, i'm not over sleeping or suffering insomnia, i'm not gaining or losing weight, i'm not obviously depressed but my mind is in such a dark place.
i keep myself busy with work and studying. in fact i have to keep myself busy every second or else the depressing thought start to creep in.
i just… can't believe this is life.
i just can't let myself feel truly happy.

No. 112749

File: 1476651935891.gif (941.79 KB, 268x268, sametbh.gif)

I want to get better at my art but fuck its so hard to motivate myself to actually sit down and draw . My art style is so inconsistent and I'm obsessed with trying to get my style to look like someone elses, its pathetic

Ngl I just want to be a good artist with a large supporting fanbase that obsesses over my art and make cool shit with my art on it that sells well.

No. 112752

right so kid, you gotta not just WANT fame with your art. Sounds like youve just got an ego issue.
Take small things from artists you like to experiment, try out different mediums, get a decent tablet/scanner and put in the work. I know its frustrating to see artists with alot of followers but theyve worked hard at this. Ocean-tan for one isnt the best artist but has been selling at cons/art markets for about 10 years now. Milkbbi has been on the internet for about the same time, building their fanbase and making their style appealing. Omocat owes her fame to the rise of aesthetic and tumblr, jumping on that wagon quickly. May not like her but fuck me is she smart.
You cant EXPECT this to all come to you, you need to get into fanbases, draw your ass off, youll ain a small following. Art is about luck, pure fucking luck and merch is alot of money. NGL Im jealous of these kids who suddenly gain popularity but thats because people find them interesting, they talk to fan and are appealing. If your only drawin so you can gain fame then
son have I got bad news for you.

No. 112754

>My art style is so inconsistent and I'm obsessed with trying to get my style to look like someone elses, its pathetic

Fuck, this sounds exactly like my situation right now.
I will start getting a constant art style, be content and gain confidence, and suddenly i read a manga or see some art on twitter/pixivx and i think "this is better and more interesting than my style, i better take notes from this" but i fuck up and change my style and start to hate my art because it doesn't feel mine anymore, then stop drawing completly, let pass time, decide to draw, realize i have a style again… and rinse and repeat. This is a never ending round-and-around.
Distancing myself from the internet/art scene helps me a little bit but as soon as i see anything, i just start to worry about why my art doesn't look as interesting/intrincate, why am i not as creative… and end up changing parts of my style again until it no longer feels mine.
I keep watching videos on "how to find your personal style" but they are constantly the same "keep practising and you'll eventually find your style uguu" fake-positive bullshit, when the problem is not my technique or how many hours i put in it, since i've been doing art since i have conscience, is my confidence in it and my need to constantlty compare how interesting/creativeit is in relation to other artists out there.
I just feel non creative and uninteresting eventhough i think my techinique is okay.
This all started happening after starting doing digital art this year. I guess the need to see tutorials on how to use the different programs and tools kinda fucked with my head. Stopped using it, but now i compare my traditional art too, which i never did before, so i feel scared that i'll never get my style back again.
I don't really care about gaining money/fame with my art since it's more of a hobby for me, but i still want to feel confident with it you know.
I just want to have a style that feels mine and personal.

No. 112755


Its always been about timing anon.

From Dakota Rose and Venus with that doll shit, from Omocat and that other scamming piece of shit on tumblr with their art ect. Its always about timing. Tumblr is the platform to be on though, you need to have in order to gain some besties who have shit tons of followers, a niche for yourself and own all the stuff you need in order to 'make it'.


Anon if I was you buy a tablet, make a tumblr, get into fandoms (sadly thats how it works these days) and start developing a style. Start hopping on trends even if you hate them DO IT. Thats how it works.

You have to bullshit your way to get to the top. Fakeness is pretty much everything over talent these days.

No. 112759

File: 1476657034322.png (12.93 MB, 3988x3701, Kaiami-Birduyen.png)

> If your only drawin so you can gain fame then
son have I got bad news for you.

I know I know, It's super easy to get sucked into the superficial part of it
Its going to take alot of hard work and sometimes not even then its not guaranteed you'll get far
its more me trying to just be a decent artist and thinking efame = success(it's dumb but not necessarily untrue)

thanks for keeping me in check anon


>I will start getting a constant art style, be content and gain confidence, and suddenly i read a manga or see some art on twitter/pixivx and i think "this is better and more interesting than my style, i better take notes from this" but i fuck up and change my style and start to hate my art because it doesn't feel mine anymore, then stop drawing completly, let pass time, decide to draw, realize i have a style again… and rinse and repeat. This is a never ending round-and-around.

Holy fucking shit anon, are you me???
I absolutely hate the fact that I do this, and I've seen other people who take it one step further and sell their copy cat artstyle(pic related) - it makes me realize I need to stop this copycat shit now because its tacky and embarrassing
I really hope you find an artstyle you can call your own anon!

>You have to bullshit your way to get to the top. Fakeness is pretty much everything over talent these days.

I hate how true that is, especially on tumblr

No. 112761

If youre worried about forming your own style thats unique, look at older art work. There are a lot of styles, elements, and motifs that can make your art unique because no one uses them anymore. But if you put your own twist on them, you can bring something new, fresh, and hopefully appealing.

One thing you might want to think about is WHY the current styles are so successful and appealing. Use your knowledge of design principles (or any art principles), and take some time to analyze the work instead of just copying it to see what fits with you. This makes the appropriation of style elements a little more personal and purposeful.

No. 112763

thnx for taking critique on bored and not being snarky back, gotten some shitty replies when trying to give advice before.

fuckin ew at that SU copycat, has no emotion of love in it at all. The AC pic seems so much more natural, each chibi has line depth and have some personality. The SU is copy paste garbage and rly playing it safe.

What I will say about the fandoms thing, please, PLEASE get into fandoms you enjoy. Flashbacks to MLP when it was big and new, so many artists used it as a new cash cow, same with Undertale rn. You have to be smart but dont be seen as fake. Ive seen so many artists jumping about to other fandoms to make a shitty buck and people see through it. They love a bit of sentimentalness with it all too.

No. 112780

NOOOOOOOO that is such a red flag. I understand it might be hard after four years but there is a real, serious reason they haven't shown you their face and it can't be good at all.

No. 112782

>I have a mental illness. I'm doing what I can do. Complaining is just making it worse. So try to be patient until something is sorted out.

Yeah, that's a load of shit. There's no reason depression stops you complimenting people, coming from someone who's has diagnosed severe MDD. Even in your worst moments, it's not hard to say someone's being sweet, or that they look nice, and the way he acted like it's your fault instead of getting withdrawn and guilty shows he's probably not that bad.

>He says he just forgets because he has ADHD and has too much shit going on.

So he's using another mental illness as an excuse? That's kind of looking like a parttern.

>He still jerks off, but says it's mostly for stress relief. He told me in our last big argument about it that it's hard for him to get into the mood now or say sexual things to me because he immediately starts to think about our arguments, how he feels I'm being pushy and not understanding enough, and it just makes him not want to do anything sexual at all.

Yeah, that sounds like a load of shit. Like, you can have low libido and still masturbate sometimes, obviously, but it sounds like he's now trying to blame his issues on you, or whatever else he can shift them off onto so he's not the bad guy, which is really immature.

Even down to the mental illness, whether it's there or not, he sounds like he's fucking with you and being manipulative with it.

Another bit to support this is that SSRI's are incredibly easy to get. Like, so easy that most GP's hand them out if it's clear your issues are depression. It's easier to get a script for fucking Xanax than how he's making it out to be for anti-depressants, and Xanax is one of the most restricted medications that they're still allowed to give you scripts for in my country short of like morphine. And as for cost, even off insurance, a month of SSRI's is like $30 dollars, $60 at most. I'm sure he could manage that much if he actually was interested in recovering.

This is just me guessing from the sidelines, but it sounds like he's just completely full of shit, and using it to get away with not doing whatever. You should talk to him about it. I could be getting it wrong, but if it comes across that way, there's probably some elements of it, or you're absolutely not happy with him.

Comes down to if you want to stay in that sort of relationship really.

No. 112783

Sometimes, it's hard for me to understand from his perspective because I've got MDD and ADHD too (among BPD and other things) and still find ways to make sure he doesn't feel overlooked. I do what I can and always check up on him to see if there's anything I can do.

When I bring this up in arguments though, he reminds me that not everyone deals with mental illness the same way or is affected the same way, which makes me feel like a huge, demanding bitch. I do think his ADHD is pretty bad because I've seen him struggle with it a lot but, like you said with the compliments and stuff, I wonder why he can't find a way to remind himself? Put up a sticky note or something if you have to. There are plenty of resources online to help with that, so why not look it up?

The medication thing isn't bullshit though. He's living in a European country without citizenship right now, so that's why it's been such a struggle to get meds. Overall, it seems this country is kind of shit when it comes to therapy anyway. Even his expensive school barely had any mental health stuff to offer.

I honestly don't know what to do and I know I sound like a pussy about it. I want to be there for him and see if the medication will help once he gets it (he's convinced it will), but I feel my own mental health declining more and more because my needs aren't being met. I'm scared to walk away, I guess.

No. 112785

>Sometimes, it's hard for me to understand from his perspective because I've got MDD and ADHD too (among BPD and other things) and still find ways to make sure he doesn't feel overlooked.

Yeah, if he's well enough he can be safe in the community, he's well enough to give you some attention sometimes. If anything people with depression tend to be the opposite, ignore their own issues and hide them.

>When I bring this up in arguments though, he reminds me that not everyone deals with mental illness the same way or is affected the same way, which makes me feel like a huge, demanding bitch.

Yeah, no, that's a bullshit excuse. Sure, it impacts people differently, but it's never an excuse for being a dick. He's absolutely being manipulative with that, and if I were you, I'd doubt that he even has it. He's using it in the same way robots who come over here sometimes do, not as an illness to recover from and attempt to stop letting it cause issues, but an excuse and something to avoid responsibility.

>I wonder why he can't find a way to remind himself? Put up a sticky note or something if you have to. There are plenty of resources online to help with that, so why not look it up?

Not only that, but he hasn't got dementia or something, I don't see why he'd be incapable of remembering because of ADHD, or once again, why that's an excuse even if I just don't understand the disorder. Like, to use the dementia example, people with that disorder find ways to remind themselves of stuff, why couldn't he?

>The medication thing isn't bullshit though. He's living in a European country without citizenship right now, so that's why it's been such a struggle to get meds.

Well, Europe's a big place, but I'm only talking about places we consider to be part of the west, and how does citizenship impact it at all? If he can see a doctor, he can get a script, and you already said he's been seeing a doctor.

Even with depression though, an episode doesn't last forever. Is he being more caring when he's not in the middle of an episode, or is he trying to pass it off as he's depressed 100% of the time?

>I honestly don't know what to do and I know I sound like a pussy about it.

Not at all, it's a good thing you're not just giving up as soon as it gets hard. But that being said, if you're unhappy, and he's being manipulative (illness or not he is) with no set end in sight for it, you shouldn't stay.

It might feel shit, but what option is there if he refuses to make any effort?

No. 112788

Abort. Red flags all around

No. 112803


Honestly, Anon, it might be easier to let him go. You deserve better than this. It might be hard to walk away and you're probably going to pretty upset after but, in the long run, it's gonna be better for you.

No. 112835


thank you for taking the time anons. i'm trying to take it on board.

i don't really know how to get out now. or how to meet new people so that i don't get sucked back into it.

not suggesting you guys have the answers. just realising it's difficult to disentangle yourself from someone when they're the only person that gives a shit.

No. 112837

samefagging but bless you anon. needed to read this.

No. 112845

So I have to vent about on of my friends.

We are friends for a few years now and I really do like her. We like a lot of similar things etc etc etc. BUT around over a year so she started to date one of my coworkers (she used to work at same place where I still work, anyways) I never really talked to him or know him but yeah she really fell in love with this dude and apparently he too.

At first it looked like a nice romance, because she finally got her crush and everything could be really nice. But since a few moths or even a year they both kind of turned into a never ending on/off-couple. And every time it's the same shit. He said something that made her angry, she found something on facebook that made her think that he cheats, he has not the same interests like her and she gets pissed when he buys the wrong flowers AND SUCH SMALL things (she even hits him - just sayin). It's always the same pattern. Now I couldn't care less because it's her relationship or whatever it is but of course she likes to vent about him by calling me or texting about most recent events that happened between them.

Me as a friend I want always the best thing for her and that's why I gave her advice or my opinion about this. So a long time ago I already told her that when she sees that it doesn't work out, she should let him go and just move the fuck on. Because at this point they broke up every week at least once.

So she didn't talked about him for a while and I thought she finally dumped him but nope. Last week a female co-worker asked me why my friend stalks her on facebook. The co-worker showed me the chat and my friend was super unfriendly to herbecause apparently her now-again-boyfriend talked to her on facebook like a half-year ago.

The same evening I had a phone call and told her that it's just damn stupid. She said ok and ended the phone call.

Now today the co-worker came to me again because my friend harassed her again because she asked the dude why my friend asked her about him.

So long story short. I have no idea anymore what to say about this because it's just so damn stupid and such fuckery that she still continues this "relationship" with all this fight. I mean she is actually a really pretty girl and she could get such a better guy (because he is this lazy white fuckboy kind of dude) but noo.

it's just so frustrating and it honestly starts to ruin the friendship in a way since she can't stop getting me in this entire thing. Welp. She has such serious issues jesus christ.

No. 112855

It's better to be alone than around someone who doesn't care about you. Trust me on this. I've been in situations where it's putting up with bag treatment VS being alone. Being alone is the better option.

You can take some time to feel more confident in yourself and then get out there to find new friends and relationships. Join some clubs, visit some places, talk to more coworkers, volunteer somewhere, chat to your neighbours, etc etc. You can meet new people that are better than him.

Don't put up with his shit anymore, anon. There's better out there.

No. 112861

File: 1476743068788.gif (335.84 KB, 450x338, tumblr_mov63nwrBi1r2daiko1_500…)

Every time I ovulate I get super maternal, but not towards babies or kids or anything, but to grown ass men lmfao all I've been thinking about is giving cuddles to several of my fuck buddies while he sucks him thumb or 'breastfeeds' or drinks from a bottle while I pet his hair and pat his little butt.

One of the guys would totally be cool with it too, since he's pretty open like that but he's out of town and I'm just sitting here like a freak imagining these poor innocent guys like this. Lord help me and my ovaries.

No. 112864

>several of my fuck buddies


No. 112865

File: 1476743829633.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

get therapy, you're no better than those daddy dom freaks on tumblr

No. 112870

damn thats annoying. i could never understand those people that are constantly on again off again

No. 112871

i dont know you or your partner or your situation or anything, but dont necessarily assume its something you did wrong or that he's not attracted or something.
sex drive can be affected by all kinds of things, hormones, stress etc.

No. 112873

Thanks again for the advice, guys. This has been such an ongoing issue that I don't even know what to do or say about it anymore. Sometimes, I just need to vent and get some perspective instead of mulling it over in my head a million times.

Yeah, you're right. I can't help but assume sometimes that I'm doing something wrong because he's not pursuing me anymore, but I can objectively understand how libido is affected by shit. I've got depression too and have noticed a shift in my own over the past few years.

No. 112884

I've always been kinda socially stunted and only had 1 or 2 really close friends at a time, but for the most part that was fine by me because I'm also an introvert.

I really miss what friendship was like when I was younger though. I feel like back then you can hang out in someone's room and talk about random shit, cuddle up and watch some dumb anime, sleep in the same bed, spend the day at home chilling, etc. Just have some super casual but intimate hang out sessions. I feel like now it's seen as kinda seen as 'childish' to just chill at home with friends, and now that we're adults with jobs we should want to go out all the time. I enjoy going out sometimes, but I'd like it if I could have some casual chill time with friends. My friends seem to like me because even if I don't initiate contact they'll reach out frequently, but the most casual thing they want to do is get coffee together at some fancy cafe. I offer to cook them a meal at home, but they usually make excuses or just generally don't seem to enjoy hanging out at my place/their place. Fuck one chick I met had some similar interests to me, so I figured we'd hang out a couple of times and see if we click, but she HAD to make it a big ole thing each time. I tried to set up simple little hang outs like 'hey, let's get a beer at this bar I know is walking distance from both of us" but she always wanted to go to fancy places you had to get all made up for and then she'd go and buy a new dress for the occasion. Fuck, that is too much effort for me to hang out with a girl I just met. She asked me to hang out a few times, but we ended up never hangout outside of bumping into each other at group stuff.

No. 112885

I found loli pics on my bf's Macbook

No. 112886

This is why you should never date weebs. They are always pedophiles.

No. 112895

Jump ship, anon. :\ Yuck.

No. 112898

so i've been dating my bf/gf (MTF trans) for 2 years. he's not going by female pronouns yet so i'll refer to them using male ones even tho it feels weird.

anyway hes got a real shitty habit of jerking off w dudes on cam (i'm a girl) and swapping pictures with festy old men on craigslist. the first time i found out about it i had come home from work (he was staying at my house while i was busting my ass 12 hr shift hospitality) and then i realise that there were some really sus links to varous gay cam sites. anyway, i was distraught, but managed to talk to him about it a few days after, he was remorseful, cried a bit, told me it wasn't a sex thing and that it was a self hate thing. and i fully believe him. anyway, i believe that he's managed to stop for the most part but i still occasionally find out that he's going on cam sites.

so for like the past 1.5 years it's really worn me down. i get worried that he's more into dudes than he's into me, and i feel that cos he's attracted to me i must be masculine in some way. and it's made me really weirdly grossed out by gay dudes and gay culture which i feel guilty about.

i'm also really paranoid about it happening all the time, and i get really jealous and snarky often which makes me feel pathetic.

i feel pathetic cos the first time i found out i knew that it wouldn't stop happening and i would have to a) accept it and not let it bother me or b) leave him. and i've done neither and i'm in this doubtful self hating limbo and i'm angry at myself for being so spineless.

also had a break with reality 3 days ago where i thought i was psychic, was convinced i had broken into another plane of existence where all of humanity was laid before me, and i could feel everyone in the world channeling their psychic energies into me. i was convinced i was chosen to heal the world or something. boyfriend was with me at the time and was like 'yes you are psychic' which fucked me up even more but like he was just talking about how im intuitive or some shit not how im a fucking messiah which i took it to mean

came out of that ok but now just mega depressed, on my period, suicidal rumination, feel gross about myself cos im so self absorbed at the moment

No. 112903

>tranny turns out to be a sex-crazed degenerate who doesn't give a fuck about actual women
what a surprise

No. 112904

Leave and get some therapy. Being with a tranny is only going to exacerbate your mental issues because they're incredibly sick themselves. He's also been just straight up cheating on you for a year and you've sat there and taken it. He doesn't give a fuck about you.

No. 112905

girl leave him NOW.

No. 112906


You're letting them get away with cheating. Just leave them. He obviously doesnt give a fuck.

No. 112907

it's not your fault. it's nothing to do with you. it's entirely his problem - he literally cares more about wanking than anything else in his life (ie. you) and it's his issue. he'd probably be like this with any other person who was unfortunate enough to date him, if not worse.

i know it's really hard to leave when you've been together for so long, there are obviously feelings there for you, but you deserve so much better.

No. 112910

God, unfortunately I really understand some of your feelings, like wondering if he's into dudes more than you, or if it's into you because you're masculine. I'm not in the exact same situation but it's a kinda similar. I know how unwanted you probably feel, if you're anything like me.

Listen, it doesn't matter what his problem is, he straight up cheated on you, lied about why, and now you can't even trust him. Relationships are built on trust, communication, and love - none of which he's giving to you because he'd rather sit there and jerk off to creepy old guys on Craigslist.

Leave his faggot ass and get into therapy for your depression and shit. You deserve to have a happy life and this guy shouldn't be a part of it.

No. 112916

File: 1476805132783.jpg (77.62 KB, 775x525, 1476354898553.jpg)

>my personal preference for relationships is having a companion to share life with closely and cuddle, not much sex (maybe every now and again)
>gf is a sex fiend wanting sex almost every night
>find it a chore to do but can't tell her that because she'd think I find her unattractive or some other spin on that topic
>can't leave her because she's literally the only girl that actually likes me for who I am

No. 112917

Tell her you're sex drive just doesn't match hers but that doesn't mean you aren't attracted to her. Or say you're tired from work or studies or something. Buy her a good vibrator as an apology.

No. 112918

Leave the relationship.

No. 112919

to anyone dating a lolicon, be wary.

At first, stupidly thought lolicon meant he liked cute characters so I didn't mind.

I later noticed would only fap to lolis which kind of weirded me out. He would spend a lot more time masturbating than having sex or doing sex things with me. he would fuck me for 2 minutes till he finished then pass out. never would touch me and would act like a chore when he did.

The only time he would take more than 2 minutes with me was when I called him oniichan and acted all "cute".

I throw up thinking about this now, so gross and I was so dumb and oblivious to his child fetish back then.

No. 112926

oral. gets her off, and all you have to do is sit there. you don't even have to be turned on.

whenever either my bf or I don't want to have sex, but the other one does, we just get the other off quickly and cuddle. idk if that's weird or not, blowjobs are fun even when I'm not in the mood.

No. 112927

My bf and I do this too. His sex drive is lower than mine due to antidepressants but he never hesitates to get me off even if he's not in the mood.

No. 112928

Good idea. I enjoy oral from her and like doing it to her too when she's into it, but outright sex is exhausting. I'll try it more often.

No. 112931

File: 1476826803466.png (95.56 KB, 469x351, sorrow.png)

I just had to withdraw from a class for the 2nd time in a row because there is no way to salvage my grade.

No. 112937

Really worried over the stuff going on between russia and usa right now.
I have really bad anxiety and I wish I never read all the news about what is happening but I can't even sleep thinking about a nuclear war breaking out and have gone as far as to daily study in my free time how to survive In the wilderness should bullshit get really bad at any point.
Yes I know I'm completely insane most likely, but i really can't tell myself to not worry my anxiety gets the best of me literally any time I get wind of something to worry about, and basically what could be scarier and worse than 2 huge countries with nukes going against each other all over some shithole in the middle east.
My husband doesn't make it any easier as when I manage to calm myself down for a period of time he tells me new news he heard or details about russian military might and things like that and I instantly go back to shutting myself off reading survival guides.

No. 112946

Don't worry. I live next to Russia and we've honestly been fine for the past 60 years. If they wanted to they'd have attacked the West a long time ago, but good job believing in the Russian boogeyman stories invented by the American/UK media.

They're sitting on a shitload of oil and have great relations with China. If anyone was to attack it would be the US.

No. 112947

Thanks anon, even just hearing this from a complete anonymous stranger helps at least settle me a bit.
I really hate how media take the smallest thing and run with it to blow it into a huge out of proportion story so much as to have thousands of brits tweet at the russian embassy begging them not to start a war.
It's just crazy but i totally feel for those people I understand getting wind of all these stories and not knowing what to believe and getting worked up over the possibilities.

No. 112949

It feels like my closest friend I've known for years is trying to distant herself from me and it's really stressing me out. I hope I'm just being paranoid but I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 112952

The other night I had squeezing chest pains and my left arm to my jaw started to feel like a fucking elephant was just sitting on me. It hurt so bad but I'm young so I thought it'd go away.
Lo and behold, still having the pains and try to stick it out for work but can't because I'm scared I may be having a heart attack.
Go to the ER for the first time in 10+ years. They do the usual heart attack tests and there's nothing wrong on that end. I met with so many doctors today and all of them were nice except one.
side note
I have a history of asthma and recently it's been acting up. Like one night when I was on the phone with my boyfriend I couldn't breathe or talk, my chest was tight, etc. Typical asthma symptoms. I honestly don't know how I got through the night. Even at work the next day my coworkers kept telling me to go to the hospital because I sounded like I was dying.
Going to the ER is expensive even WITH insurance and I am in so much debt I don't need medical bills on top of it so I ignored it. Every night since then I've had trouble breathing.
Anyway all of the doctors stated it was an asthma related pain/issue. Was given a respiratory treatment after my xrays and everyone treated me well.
But then the final doctor came in before discharge and was like "You're fine, you imagined everything." After I told him about my asthma symptoms he laughed when I said I ignored them. I then asked him if I could have a new prescription for an inhaler and he said "Unless you're wheezing right at this moment, I'm not giving you an inhaler because you probably don't have asthma. The symptoms you had mustn't have been so bad if you didn't come to the ER for it."
I just could not take him seriously after that. I had literally just told him that I have asthma and had to go to that same hospital for it as a kid. And I don't think he realizes that poor as fuck families can't afford to go to the ER unless someone is on the brink of death.
What an asshole. I honestly wouldn't have minded if he had said something along the lines of "We can only give you it when you exhibit symptoms at that moment so make sure to come in next time." But this doctor was a patronizing asshole that it pissed me off. I'm probably never going to the ER again even if I'm dying.

My left arm to jaw still feels extremely sore/heavy. Still getting those squeezing chest pains. It's probably just my imagination though.

No. 112958

I'm not sure if i'm being a bad roommate or if my roommate is just awful. We've been living with each other and once she has not gone to her job in five days because it was stressing her out (I fucking hate mine, but I don't chance it to get fired) lucky she didn't get fired.

We agreed on splitting the bills and paying our respective half, but one day she though I was going to pay a whole bill? Which put us in the red (We share a joint account for our rent to come out) because she didn't put her half in. She ended up paying the overdraft.

Had a guy come over (she let me know), but didn't tell me he was staying the night. I found out in the morning, got pissed and left the house. She claimed her phone wasn't charged and that's the reason she didn't text me. Before we even moved in together we told each other "if we have ANYONE come over let the other know."

Cooks dinner and gives it to her coworkers. This pisses me off the most. We go half on groceries for the house. I'd appreciate if she didn't use the food I bough to feed her coworkers, who have jobs and can buy their own food.

Besides all of this she is a sweet nice person, but I feel sometimes she does not have basic common sense.

Now I know i'm probably not the perfect roommate either. I like to keep to myself and draw, so I spend most of my time in my room drawing/chatting with friends. I'm an introvert and she's a extrovert to the max, so she feels a bit clingy to me always hanging out in my room when i'm drawing or trying to chill. I do my best to come out of my room and spend time with her, but man.

I just wanna know is this how it usually is with roommates? Are we both being shitty roommates? Is it just me fussing over small shit? I'm not sure if I want to share another lease with her when the current one is up. Or look for an affordable one bedroom)

No. 112960

I don't actually mind. I love lolis myself, it's just that the ones he has saved on his computer are of absolutely shit taste.

No. 112961

Then fuck off suck your pedo bf dick, why did you even post about it then?

No. 112962

She's definitely not a good match for you, try finding someone else.

No. 112964

My bf has no dick.

No. 112969

Then it's a gf, fuck off to Tumblr.

No. 112985

I have a friend and she's really nice but she has bad anxiety and it's starting to wear on me. Every time I go out to make friends with someone, she'll say it's okay in a really weird way "I'll be sad but yeah it's okay don't worry" and then turn around a day later and say how she's trying not to be upset I found a new friend. Then she'll go back the next day and start crying that I'm abandoning her for this new person even though I'm not.
I don't want to be mean because of her anxiety but I wish she'd grow up and realize that I can have other friends too without throwing her away. I want to tell her to stop her dramatics but I don't want to send her into a massive anxiety attack.

No. 112986

On one hand I understand how your friends feel, on the other hand you have every right to do what you want without considering others, it's your life after all.

You can always try to talk to her and reassure her that you won't abandon her. She's the one that has to deal with the rest and her feelings. She's not your responsebility


I think I need a break from browsing the tags. There's so much thinspo and pro ana stuff in the tags and it's actually a bit triggering. (I hate using that word)

Every time I see an image of an emaciated girl or see someones unhealthy goal weight or amount of calories my instant thought is "I was smaller than this"/ "I was eating/can eat less than this".

Obviously, I now know better and don't give in to any possible urges or whatever. But my mind is subconsciously trying to compete to be sick and knowing I could be "the sickest" is tempting. Which is, in all honesty, so pathetic.

I'm an adult I got better things to do than compete with kids on social media. My brain better pull it's shit together, it's becoming frustrating. Ugh

No. 112994

She sounds like she's being a shitty roommate. I think maybe looking for a new roommate or finding a one bedroom would be better for you.

No. 113014

File: 1476907714274.jpg (263.12 KB, 710x1292, elliotrogerdoor.jpg)

All women want Chad and it's such an injustice

No. 113015

I'd be into that. Also
>several of my fuck buddies

How common is having a fuck buddy, or more than one? I have no idea.

No. 113016

Not the anon you're addressing, but I don't know many people at all with fuck buddies.

The few who've had multiple on the go have always been going through a sad patch. Fun side story, my ex-flatmate ended up catching and spreading genital warts to half the city through her fuck buddies after she broke up with her childhood sweetheart. Literal plaguebearer.

Sage for blog post lol

No. 113017

Do you know how she met her fuck buddies?

No. 113018

ER people can be fucking dicks. Sorry you had to put up with their shit behavior.

I had an episode when I was 22 when a friend gave me some "pills" to help with a headache, and apparently he thought it was funny to give me molly instead and not tell me until later via text when I started to feel nasty. Except the molly was actually some kind of methadone drug. I was home by myself unable to think and kept seeing my limbs turning blue. I felt like I would pass out at any moment. I was scared shitless and too poor to call an ambulance.
The next morning when I was coherent enough to drive I went to the ER because I thought I started pissing blood too. No patients were in the ER. I was sobbing to myself having no idea what the fuck was happening to me, and was met with the most unempathetic ER nurse in the world. She came in to check my vitals and jeered "Why are you crying?" as if she was so annoyed by my presence.

So clearly they thought I was some nut who was wasting their time and not someone who had a legitimate concern. They didn't test for the drug I told them I ingested, instead they scolded me for some THC that was found in my system from a few days prior. The blood I found out was actually from stressing myself into a fucking period. So the doc naturally thought I smoked a doob, had a little freakout, and was wasting their time.

I refuse to go to the ER unless I'm bleeding out or having a seizure. They don't give a flying fuck otherwise. Like even my mom who's in her 50s was having terrible chest pains one time and went to the ER, they made her wait an hour in agony before they admitted her. Again, because it was a bumpkin hospital no other patients were there, some ERs literally don't give a shit.

No. 113021

Usually they were lonely/socially awkward guys on dating sites - she used POF the most, though I saw her on Tinder too.

Her secret was to lower her standards and try to sleep with anyone who was a 4/10 or over. Turns out men are pretty easy.

She also went after the man-slags too since they were pretty safe bets for a shag but not a commitment. Think it helped that she worked in nightlife - there was usually someone at work who would get in an arrangement with her.

Why? Are you looking? No judgement.

No. 113024

I think her anxiety is rather annoying and I hate that I think that. It's just that any time there's any kind of conflict she just falls apart. She barely takes care of herself, you have to force her out of the house for air or to clean her room. there's grimy old plates and bowls and dirty clothes everywhere. It honestly disgusts me, and it does get to me that if one of us wants to have a new friend she can't handle it but she needs everyone to take care of her because she's such a delicate little baby.

No. 113033

My boyfriends family are mainly basic as fuck people, like I don't HATE em', but sometimes I just want to stand up and ReeEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cause of how fucking obnoxious boring people they are.

Example, they make silly faces and take photos then upload to fb or whatevs n be like "were not the normal fam ha ha;)" they're "quirky" like that.

Then they do small things that pisses me off like barging my bf for money & favors constantly like he's the only real sensible adult. Especially his brother who buys new computers and shit then comes to us for gas money and train tickets not to mention how he's a damn moocher in every aspect.

ALL of this is incredibly petty of me, I know. The rustle is very VERY real and I can't for the gods help it.

No. 113034

hahaha i know that feel

I hate when I hate someone but don't have any real reason to other than "they annoy me"

No. 113036

My pizza's 30 minutes late and I'm fucking starving. It's a wednesday night, what the hell?

No. 113086

File: 1476978991659.jpg (101.07 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Ha…)

I want a good computer so I can play stuff with my friends but I have no money to spare for it. My 7 year old toaster laptop is driving me insane.

No. 113117

File: 1477001045220.png (691.22 KB, 964x593, Screen shot 2016-10-20 at 6.11…)

Today I realized that my face looks way better when I have a little extra weight on me, but my body looks great when I'm super thin because it's more balanced. So now I'm sitting here trapped in this awkward skinnyfat hell and I'm not sure which asset to give up :(

No. 113119

lose weight, build muscle. you can have a thin face but muscular chest, buttocks, etc.

No. 113120

That really sucks. Maybe look into getting fat transferred to your face? It's really expensive, but the results look great.

No. 113121

disregard this post I misread >>113117

No. 113122

Why is plastic surgery everyone's answer to everything on this website? Fake bitches everywhere

No. 113145

In other news, Robbie Rotten's actor has cancer so have another downer on your day.

ugly ass bitches and trend threads are mainly on how much plastic surgery and the instagram models all have it but claim to be natural. Your face naturally goes gaunt if theres no fat to fill out your cheeks. Surgery will make you look like a chipmunk if you put the weight back on later in life too.

No. 113163

Living with my best friend has not been as fun as I thought it would be. She is way too tired from work to do anything, and then all she wants to do is watch Mad Men/talk with her boring boyfriend, and then she complains when I want to use the living room tv to play video games because it's "her" spot. I'm a little disappointed because I thought we would be doing more stuff together.

However, I've tried to be nice to her and support her despite her financial troubles. My parents pay for pretty much everything, so it's not a huge deal for me to help with groceries.

But ugh she's so annoying and condescending sometimes.

Today I was trying to make some macaroni for us, when somehow, the stove caught on fire and there was a huge flame. I was freaking out, calling 911, and later the house was filled with smoke. I was seriously afraid the house was going to burn down. When my best friend got home, she started complaining about the smoke.

Then she said she didn't want to stay at home because of the smoke and asked to use my car to go return something because her car was having troubles. Ok, not a big deal with me. In the car, I'm trying to talk with her about how I want to visit a friend so I can talk with him about how he found his job after graduation. Then she's condescendingly goes, "Uhhh but you need a degree for that."

Bitch, I know!!!!

She is so bitchy about me not completing college on time and "wasting my time" while I was forced to take another year off of school. (even though I have a decent paying nannying position that pays more than her job per hour and I am also starting an official volunteering thing at a medical clinic that I think is pretty good). I try to ask her what I should do instead, and she's like "Idk lol." My GPA and resume aren't the best, of course I'm not going to find something better than what I find now.

Ok, I guess I'm a trust fund baby or whatever. WHO CARES. Ok, I can't be as good of a person as you because you work so hard and your parents cut you off. Just because I didn't graduate college in 4 years and find some mediocre job doesn't mean I need to turn my life around for your whims. I've had some health/mental problems, so no, I'm not going to be a super achiever like you.

She says she is just saying what "everyone is thinking" and acts like she's a badass bitch for trying to chew me out. But idk why she acts like she is so high and mighty when her advice is complete shite. She acts like she's "saving" me from being "enabled" because my parents are ok with my situation for now.

I'm fine with my situation, my parents are fine too. Just stop being so bitter about your problems you need to take it out on me and constantly offer shit advice.

No. 113164

Don't talk to her about your problems anymore. If she doesn't want to give up her "spot" just say you are paying rent as much as her. If she implies you are a loser, imply her boyfriend cucks her or something. She burns you, you need to burn her back.

No. 113165

Yeah lol I'm not going to talk to her about my problems anymore. She is too "stressed" and my problems are too trivial. Whatever.

idk I'm not paying rent, but actually she is renting from my parents. They were reluctant to rent out to her but I insisted because I thought it'd be good for me. But like I said, she doesn't want to do anything than talk with her boyfriend or play with her phone.

No. 113167

Also after complaining about me today I dissed her job. It pays $12 / hour. lol bitch that is literally Walmart manager wage. And she is convinced that she is making such a "difference" or something. No, you're a faceless cog in the machine. Or alienated labor if you bothered to learn some basic terms with your college degree.

Yeah I guess you have to pay for everything and it sucks, but who's idea was it to spend $100 on professional hair dying not just once but twice? Who's idea is it to eat out all the time even though I help out a lot with the groceries? Who's idea was it to try to find a job at the last minute after you didn't get into med school? idk just a lot of bad decisions.

Yeah idk you're not interested in listening to my problems so i'm not going to be interested either.

No. 113168

Sounds like she feels you did something to her so now she's being passive aggressive and is low key annoyed with you whenever she has to be around you. If it were just some roommate I'd say have at it, but since she's a friend maybe it's best to yield and just give her the space for now. Is it possible to save for a personal tv? I still think the next time she claims something as her spot you should politely remind her that you pay rent as well and would just like some time with the tv.

Lifestyle comparisons aside you should really tell her the truth. And I don't mean like tell her she's a condescending bitch. I mean tell her how much you miss spending time doing stuff together and how when she talks about your life, it puts you in a vulnerable place because you know you need to improve but it would help to hear more supportive things than critical things.

But yeah idk what's with roommates getting so touchy about the main living area and chores. I roomed with two undergrad bruhs during my first year of grad and they were condescending to me in the same ways as well, even though we were chill for the first few months. I made the mistake of telling them how easy and sometimes pointless my first grad courses were and from that point onward they used this as ammo against me to try to manipulate me into being their personal apartment maid ie. "Your courses are easy and you barely go to work, why don't you do up the dishes?" ←- they'd say that as I'd have a cup amongst their sink full of dishes they expected me to clean. They'd get high and cook on ridiculous food binges and leave pots, plates, and silverware just stacked. Oh and most of the dishes WERE MINE. They actually broke all of my glass hand-me-down dishes because they'd just stack them on top of each other when they used them, and when they were forced to clean them when I wouldn't they'd break them on purpose low key as a way to "punish" me by insinuating I should have just did their dishes if I wanted my glasses saved….lmao.
After I chewed them out for breaking my shit the shared living room space was next. They had a PS3 I would use to play Final Fantasy on, and a couple nights I accidentally fell asleep on the couch (which was the landlord's). This made them irrationally pissy and they'd ask me why I had fell asleep there like it was a big ass deal. I felt so alienated I spent most of the time in my room, which made me even more pissed because even though I wasn't in the living areas and kitchen as often they'd still expect me to clean after them and get annoyed whenever I was in the same room.
They were such uppity fucks for druggie business majors, lol.

No. 113169


Yep definitely sounds like she is jealous of you and low key being passive aggressive about it.

The fact that she has financial problems and your parents seem to pay for you stuff feels like the root of her passive aggressiveness.

As for the living room bit. She can fuck off. You pay the rent just like she does.

No. 113170

I've been in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for a year and some months now. She lives in another country and in the future we'd like to live together. This is shitty of me, but i'm terrified she may loose interest in me over time. We chat everyday on Skype and talk to each other whenever we can, but i'm just scared.

My other concern is how difficult it can be for someone to get into the US and marry. I'm afraid when the time comes she will be denied entry. She also hasn't told her parents that we're dating and i'm terrified of their reaction.

I wish I had some folks irl to rant too, but the stigma of dating someone in another country is never good. "Long distance relationships never work". Its a scary though. I just hope in the end it we can be happy and make it work.

No. 113175

They do work out, plenty, it's just people notice more when they fail because they're pretty rare compared to normal relationships.

Losing interest can happen anywhere too. Distance makes it harder, but you guys have been together a long time, I doubt she's going to find the distance an issue at this point, it's not new.

She should probably tell her parents if it's been a year though.

No. 113177

Have faith anon. I was in a guild on Maple Story over 10 years ago and there was a couple there, one of them was from America and the other from the U.K. One day I got curious and looked them up again and lo and behold! They were happily married. :)

No. 113178

My husband is from another continent and we are doing great, anon. We have been together for 2 years. You both just have to be really patient and mature. Patience takes you really far in pretty much anywhere in life.

No. 113179

No. 113181

No. 113182

File: 1477035541873.png (29.21 KB, 640x394, smug.png)


No. 113183

File: 1477035690592.png (93.1 KB, 347x415, 1417445181224.png)

Take your salty vendetta somewhere else, if you think I am someone you know or I am married to a japanese you are wrong.

No. 113184

>married to a Korean/Chinese
>thinks we're salty about that

PenusAngelic fan detected.

No. 113198

Not even asian, get a life.

No. 113214

as a group, me and a couple of other girls from my course have a decent dynamic. but if you get me on my own with any of them i always end up telling stupid stories out of nervousness.

yesterday i was trying to chat with one of them and ended up chatting about how one of my friends from home had diagnosed herself with penis envy and bought a gun to make herself feel better, this poor bitch was like "o-okay…" but i couldn't shut up once i got going.

how does one recover from that aaaaghh

No. 113220

Some people just aren't smart enough to understand humor like that. It's one thing if she doesn't find it funny, but that response sounds like she just didn't understand it and did the "eww creepy" response that girls do to guys.

No. 113223

Wow I deal with the same shit. I constantly find myself talking way too damn much if my anxiety is high or I'm sleep deprived. I havent found a way to totally stop it (outside if being medicated but I'm not always on my meds) so Im just honest about it like

"sorry sometimes I just talk too much.. how's work at wherever been?"

"Haha sorry I just realized how weird/uninteresting this story is. Long story short my friend bought a gun."

When I tell stupid stories and realize halfway through how uninteresting they are I always just attributed it to my adhd :/

No. 113225

Im in the same boat anon and trying to think of ways to fix it without moving. My roommate takes advantage of everything i have but never shares her own things with me. Gives the sameshitty comebacks when talking or just stupidly dense when it comes to some questions.
Im an introvert too but I can be loud and about when I wanna but I feel like shes too used to that side of me. She recently told me to be more social around when guests are at the house BITCH IM NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN YOUR ASS.

Idk she aint a good match but dont feel bad for not rooming with her again.

No. 113229


thanks anon. you're right - it was like that.
i never thought about it as a difference in humour thing though. just sort of just assumed that i was a social retard.


thank god i'm not alone lol.

that sounds like a good way to be. it's like, once you've started telling a story, it feels like you're committed to it and you have to try and make it work.
it would be nice not to start on the inane story track in the first place but honesty is probably the second best way to deal with it.

oh god talking about this reminds me of another awkward moment. the other week i ended up telling this story about how i got iatrogenically addicted to diazepam and fucked up my chances at uni first time around, but how it worked out in the end because i was more ready for uni the next time around. the silence afterwards was excruciating.
i could have just gone with "yeah so i messed up uni the first time around but i was better prepared when i returned" or something but shit. stupid.

No. 113230

Anti-feminists on Youtube make me sick.

Every anti-feminist I've seen looks like some iteration of an average looking SJW but with more cakey makeup and tattoos. Girls saying they're "anti-feminist" is like the new "I'm bisexual, don't hit on me silly boys!" or "I'm not like those other girls!" It's all for male attention. They're just bastardizing what's popular and throwing other women under the bus to try to impress guys for being edgy.
Can't believe these bimbos seriously swing around on the internet in their underwear, covered in shitty tattoos, with their foul personalities, and proclaim to be sex workers all while naively thinking they owe nothing to any feminist movements. Cause like all this tacky shit women gained the CHOICE to do with themselves would have just naturally materialized starting from the 1900s if feminism never existed. Yeah, okay. I suppose we'll also have to entertain that fantasy.
And of course because bitches like these never did shit while they were feminists, they automatically assume everyone else must also be a keyboard warrior because they're projecting. Just because they sat around and did nothing but scowl about feminists on tumblr and Jezebel, it doesn't mean nobody else was out in the real word making a difference.
And they always gotta bring up just how annoyed they were with every feminist liek evar. "Weh feminists always used to tell me how I should be treated as a sex worker WELL FUCK YOU I LIKE MISOGYNISTIC MUSIC!" Haha serious. What did this bitch ever do for another woman to make herself feel so high and mighty? Like wow honey, you let people call yourself a fucking whore…well, congratulations on that triumph. How dare women want to see you get treated with respect while you want to treat yourself like a living fleshlight. Clearly this broad knows how to live.

And you know I'm completely fine with people not liking modern feminism and having a lot of critique about how it's stagnated. But there are other feminist movements not happening in the West that we need to care about. It's such bullshit how because girls like these live in isolated internet bubbles, they see no need for feminism because "tumblr is annoying." Fucking hell.
Feminism has never been perfect. Even during first wave when women were trying to secure suffrage, prohibition happened not long after and that was a disaster. But lasting change and privileges came of it.

It's gross and hypocritical how she spoils in the freedoms brought by feminism but just trashes it through the mud. The fuck is wrong with these idiots.

No. 113232


I agree 100%.

I don't care if someone says they are a feminist or not exactly, but I automatically think idiot when someone says they are "anti-feminist" particularly especially a woman.

Like ok, I know that SJW's suck, it's not cool to literally hate all men (or women), but most "feminists" I've met IRL have just been moderates who care about gender equality.

Like wow, you're so cool! not like any of those other stuck of girls amirite ;))

Idubs's new GF is exactly this type. The one who panders to men and is constantly talking to them about how feminism is horrible, how it "scares her" (wtf lmao) and hows "she's not offended by anythin!!1 ;) edgy and cool am i rite".

I want to add that I also think feminism or any gender equality movement should still be in the west, I find it so funny when people say it's not needed. I live in South America and trust me, feminism is very much still needed here. Women are 100% second class citizens here. Just because we can vote doesn't mean we have equality in the eyes of our society sadly.

No. 113233

I regret opening that link, even more scrolling down and reading those disgusting comments.

Yeah, there's a huge wave of women calling themselves to be anti-feminists and your sentiments are exactly how I feel about it. It's just another form of attention whoring by bunch of low self-esteem women that want to be treated like garbage and meninists or whatever they are called, idiots as they are, swallow the bait. Just ignore them as there is nothing to be done.

No. 113235


I think it's more of just a ploy to make income. Almost all of these anti-feminist youtuber chicks have links to patreon or their PayPal donation page. I think they ham it up most of the time because the like the attention/pedestal treatment and see it as easy revenue.

It's especially fun when it ends up back firing in their face. Shoe0nhead had make some critical twitter posts about trump's pussy grabbing comments (I think thats what it was) and a lot of her fan base turned on her in the replies. LOL. More like Egg0nFace amirite?

Anyways, I just find it hilarious that these beta dudes are sucking the toes of the women who are literally taking advantage of them. Just a prime example of how retarded these guys really are.

No. 113237

preach it

No. 113238

> I think they ham it up most of the time because the like the attention/pedestal treatment and see it as easy revenue.

Even so, what they are doing is utterly pathetic to say the least. You really need to be the slimmiest woman to say something against feminism which fought for the rights we have today. I don't recall ever needing to profess myself as a feminist but I know that the rights I have today is because a lot of women went through a lot so I could build a better future for myself. What those women are doing is despicable.

And there are so many other ways to earn money, does she and the likes of her need to stoop that low for a few pennies?

> Just a prime example of how retarded these guys really are.

I wanted to bleach my eyes after reading some of their comments, christ they are stupid. As long as they stay in their mum's basement, it's all fine I guess. Low life gullible idiots, all of them.

No. 113240


I don't think they know/care about or understand the history of feminism. They may know the basics, but not much. And they don't really need to, because their audience rejects it or doesn't care for it. Additionally their goal is just to make money/attention so it's not relevant to their game plan.

I agree that they are terrible people, but it's easy money, and desperate attention starved people don't have standards when it comes to making money. Because it's such a easy way to make money (literally people giving you money to parrot their thoughts), it's no surprise they're gonna keep doing it.

This isn't really anything new, Ann Coulter comes to mind… it's that people have caught on that it's an untapped market that's easy to play, and has lots of money making potential. And with youtube being such a large and public platform, anyone can do it now.

No. 113241


Robot pls go

Keep thinking that every "western" country is a glorious utopia of gender equality. Why don't you come visit us in the shithole that is central and south america?


It's pretty crazy how much money some of these twitch/youtube women make, and how hard they get whiteknighted by these idiots. Funny considering how often it's the same idiots complaining about people being "whiteknights" when that's exactly what they are.

No. 113242


Well I don't think critical thinking is terribly prevalent with those types of people. It's why they're willing to throw money at the actual thing they hate, thinking they're undermining their 'opponents'.

I wonder how long it will take them to step back actually see the anti-fem female commentators for what they really are.

No. 113244

The "West" refers to continents or destinations located in the Western Hemisphere. There's no argument about it, it means what it means. Europe and Australia are located in the "East" meaning the Eastern hemisphere.
This is geography 101.

No. 113245


This isnt about geography, this is about culture.


No. 113246

>the west
>western culture
Two completely different terms. Very clear from the original post that it was referencing geographic location and not the blanket term for European culture.

No. 113247


> literally people giving you money to parrot their thoughts

The funniest part is that most of these women look like carriers of multiple veneral diseases, sort of the type that those neckbeards would dismiss as sluts, but since they parrot their thoughts, they are suddenly waifu material. Good riddance, feminism doesn't need whores like her anyway.

One day it will backfire at them. In any case I just rather not think about it anymore.

No. 113248

(I am not >>113245)

I wish I could be dumb enough to think "the West" literally meant the western hemisphere.


> There are many accepted definitions about what they all have in common.

>The term originally had a literal geographic meaning. It contrasted Europe with the cultures and civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the remote Far East, which early-modern Europeans saw as the East. In the contemporary cultural meaning, the phrase Western world includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with substantial European ancestral populations in the Americas and Oceania

No. 113249

File: 1477080252638.png (57.82 KB, 1265x625, Clash_of_Civilizations_map.png)


But the person they were replying to said

>"western" country

So I'm under the impression that they were implying their country follows western culture, and thus are a 'western' country.

Here is a map that shows which areas follow western cultures. Post-1990 Huntington's major civilizations (Western is colored dark blue).

Central and South America are not western countries.

No. 113251

Do you read your own wiki articles?
>In the contemporary cultural meaning, the phrase Western world includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with substantial European ancestral populations in the Americas and Oceania
>ancestral populations in the Americas
>in the Americas

No. 113252


Huntington's map is really bad.

Why on earth would he place the Philippines or Papua New Guinea in the Western World, but not Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Romania or Greece ?

Why would he lump all Europeans together except the Orthodox without any regard for linguistic groups, genetics or culture ?

Why isn't Japan in the same category as Korea and China ?

What do Malaysia and Indonesia have in common with the Middle East and North Africa as civilisations besides having lots of Muslims ?

No. 113253

You're still wrong even with the other meaning applied >>113251. It says "the western world" includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with substantial European ancestral populations in the Americas.

But anyway, speaking of that map >>113249, did you notice for "the west" it included the Philippines and New Guinea? These are not champions of women's rights.

No. 113254

Do you have the reading comprehension to understand what you just pasted?

Just because a country, '''with substantial European ancestral populations''' may exist in South America, does not mean the entirety of Central/South America is "the West".

For example French Guiana might be considered "the West" under '''some''' definitions, for example on this map: >>113249

You can sit here and argue over the non-precise and several definitions of "the West".

When people say feminism is not needed in "the West", they are not including Central/South America.

No. 113255

Please just stop posting, you're so dumb you thought "the West" referred literally to the western hemisphere.

You literally said this:

>Europe and Australia are located in the "East" meaning the Eastern hemisphere. (And then ignored the inclusion of Oceania in the same statement you pasted)

Please stop embarrassing yourself, there's no need to continue this.

No. 113256

Catholicism, one of the biggest cultural beacons of the Americas, came directly from European colonization. There are many European (Spaniards) ancestors in the Americas. It's dumb to say the Americas are not part of the West. In that dumb map you posted the Philippines are all the way out in the East, but are considered part of the West because of the colonization and integration of European Catholicism.
You're giving me secondhand embarrassment. Just admit you were wrong, it's not even a big deal.


And then you posted your wiki article that literally contradicted your own point.

No. 113259

I kind of consider my country to be part of the west. I don't really understand why not (I guess because we are considered too "poor" or not "white"? although some "western" countries are this way too). If we aren't "western" then ok, I take what I said here >>113232 partially back but my main point is that a lot of countries still need gender equality movements.

We are mostly catholic/christian, have a large European/white population, and have the same "rights" as north Americans or in other western countries.

I really just trying to say that just because "basic rights" for women are written in paper (for the most part, things like abortion are not allowed though) doesn't mean that those people wouldn't benefit from a gender equality movement (whether or not you want to call it "feminism" I don't really care).

I have also been in the United States and yeah, there is still gender inequality here (although a different kind and to a different degree that is in my home country) . Gender inequality though doesn't mean that "omg men are so privileged and their lives are perfect i'm such a poor victim of a woman :(". It just means things aren't really equal in the way men and women are viewed or treated in society. Whether it's a small thing or a bigger one I think they both suck and I'm totally ok with everyone being respected equally.

ESL anon here so sorry for mistakes

No. 113274

My mom thinks I am a borderline anorexic… but that's not true because I have a consistent weight that only ever fluctuates +/-5 pounds because of hormones (I'm typically around 107ish at 5'3, so underweight a bit but not by a whole lot). She claims I don't eat right, when for breakfast I usually have eggs, toast (two slices with butter) or waffles, at lunch one of those salad bowls you can buy at the grocery store for a couple bucks, and eat whatever she cooks for dinner (I'm working on moving out. I've recently been bumped from 'paid intern' to full-time worker at my job, so that increased my pay by 40%, so that's cool) plus alcohol, which adds at least 200-300 calories a night. She thinks I eat around 1000 calories daily and that's not right at all, considering the things I know calories for (breakfast, lunch, and alcohol) account for at least 700.

I don't know what makes her think this, but the only reason she brought that up is me mentioning I might go get a thyroid test done to check my levels since I have a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (fatigue, coarse hair, dry/pale skin, depression, memory loss, irritability, getting cold easily, low sex drive). Its like she doesn't want me to check and see if things are okay with myself. She constantly says my diet is shit and always has, but I know it's better than a lot of people's. I don't eat a lot of junk food or candies, rarely drink soda… so I honestly don't understand why she thinks this when she is the one providing the food I've eaten for most of my life.

No. 113290

That's kind of odd, since 105-110 is pretty much the average for someone that height. Do you know if she's ever had any eating issues of her own?

No. 113294

Westerner de facto means European or of European descent. Which is how it should be, no need to muddy identity further - look at the national identities of the western world: Their endless inclusivity has made them completely meaningless - An Islamist from Pakistan who blows himself up on public transport is supposedly "just as British/French" as their respective national heroes, provided his travel documents are all in order, lol.

A fifth column Chinaman claiming he was a 西方人 in China would be laughed at or called a 走狗

No. 113302

I think anon is from eastern Europe though. Which is not often included in the definition of the West.

No. 113409

One of my best friends (A) just confessed that he wants to be with me.
I have had a boyfriend since before I met him, and our relationship is still going strong.
But when I met A and we started talking, he didn't really care that I was in a relationship and flirted with me.
I took it lightly and told him to stop. He apologised and did stop. He became friends with both my boyfriend and me, and became like a part of our group.
Four years later, and I meet him again today. Him, my boyfriend and I spent the day in the city we all used to live in.
After my boyfriend left to go to his house, I was walking home in the same direction as A.
He held my hand.
And said nothing.
I should have stopped it there. But all I said was "should I be asking you whats going on?" and he told me not to, to please just go with it.
He put his arm around me a lot, and looked at me a lot.
Even though I often thought he was just being really friendly, I've known since we first started talking that something was going on despite me telling A to stop. I hadn't expected this though.
When we got close to my apartment, I confronted him.
He said I just looked beautiful tonight. And that if things were different, if I hadn't met my boyfriend, he imagines that I'd be with him. He said he's always felt that, and always misses me, but it didn't become a problem until today.

I'm very happy being with my boyfriend and wouldn't leave him. I told A I'm sorry that it didn't go how he wanted. He promised he'd be okay, that he might be feeling emotional because of a recent breakup, and that we'd still be friends.
I got home soon after that.

Was it right that I tried to be gentle?
I don't know how to deal with this since this has never happened to me before.
I've been hit on, but A is a very good friend. I've never been the receiver of this kind of unreciprocated romantic feelings. I didn't want to hurt him.

Tl;dr Best friend confessed he had romantic feelings, but I have a boyfriend I'm very happy with. How would you have dealt with this?

No. 113410

I think you were fine in this situation. If he still continues to do stuff like that, then yeah, that's not a good sign.

No. 113424

I'd say you handled this well but if he continues then it is no longer innocent and completely disrespectful to you and your boyfriend and i would honestly cut ties with him at that point.

i've been in a similar situation with an ex who told me she still was in love with me and wanted to stay friends after i started dating my boyfriend and she was respectful at first but then overstepped her boundaries by continuing to attempt convincing me to leave him for her and even kissing me against my will. i have since cut ties with her.

No. 113430


Psh mann, I wish my girlfriend could have acted like you.

No. 113433

I'm just not so sure I can share parts of my self with the girls I date.

I'm not sure if it's just a cultural thing - here in Australia I notice there's been a real push lately for men to "speak out" and sort of cut ties with the whole image of the stoic, masculine figure.

But my most recent relationship ended and I really sense that it was due to my opening up. I confessed to her that I'm really insecure about my own ability to succeed, I grew up in a poor household and my father who I admire has always encouraged and supported me to do well and I just have this invasive paranoia that I will end up being just as unsuccesful, poor, unsatisfied and just beaten down like my Dad.

After sharing this I didn't receive support I noticed instead a distinct reduction in her attraction to me. We're over now but I'm worried that's the only way things will be, I live in a regional more sort of traditional region of Australia so I think that girls have all grown up with Dads who embody the whole image I spoke about earlier.

I'm just not sure… I can keep these things to myself and have done so for my whole life but at some point I'd like to be able to confide in someone truthfully and I'm just sort of really concerned that it's not going to happen. I might have to move to like a really liberal part of the country to get rid of the weight on my chest but tbh that just feels like changing the stakes and running away to somewhere easier for the sake of a potentially nice girl and what a waste that would likely be.

No. 113434

I'm just not so sure I can share parts of my self with the girls I date.

I'm not sure if it's just a cultural thing - here in Australia I notice there's been a real push lately for men to "speak out" and sort of cut ties with the whole image of the stoic, masculine figure.

But my most recent relationship ended and I really sense that it was due to my opening up. I confessed to her that I'm really insecure about my own ability to succeed, I grew up in a poor household and my father who I admire has always encouraged and supported me to do well and I just have this invasive paranoia that I will end up being just as unsuccesful, poor, unsatisfied and just beaten down like my Dad.

After sharing this I didn't receive support I noticed instead a distinct reduction in her attraction to me. We're over now but I'm worried that's the only way things will be, I live in a regional more sort of traditional region of Australia so I think that girls have all grown up with Dads who embody the whole image I spoke about earlier.

I'm just not sure… I can keep these things to myself and have done so for my whole life but at some point I'd like to be able to confide in someone truthfully and I'm just sort of really concerned that it's not going to happen. I might have to move to like a really liberal part of the country to get rid of the weight on my chest but tbh that just feels like changing the stakes and running away to somewhere easier for the sake of a potentially nice girl and what a waste that would likely be.

No. 113472

I got talked into being a first time DM for a Vampire the Masquerade game. I haven't even finished thinking up the campaign and I have one player who is getting mad because I won't allow his OP character. He's supposed to be a newish vampire under 100; he's not going to have a fucking militia with a herd of vassals and a nightlcub. I even tried compromising with him and saying that he should be taking backgrounds that give him some clan prestige and favors with his sire but he doesn't want to. His goddamn history doesn't even make sense for a military vamp, he was as street thug before he turned. Really makes me wish I didn't agree to this.

No. 113474

This is rather heartbreaking to read, for both you and him. (I understand what it's like to be in both positions.)

You did everything absolutely correctly and I commend you for being firm about it, even if it was gentle. He is probably feeling emotional because of what you said and just wanted some gentle physical contact that is soothing from someone who makes him happy. During hard times, I have craved to hold hands with/embrace my close friends with no sexual intention, although I understand he is also attracted to you which is why it's a bit iffy in this case.

He should have asked permission from you and your boyfriend if that kind of behavior is okay, yes, so that was wrong on his part, but he is obviously trying to cope when he really loves you a lot too.

It sounds like you might be feeling guilty and want to tell your boyfriend which is why this is bugging you? If you feel that not telling him is hiding something, mention that you didn't think it was a big deal at first but it has been bothering you after all and tell him what happened. If your boyfriend feels uncomfortable about it, agree on a solution with him (giving your friend space if need be or whatever). Tell your friend if you talk to your boyfriend about it too, so you are all on the same page. Unless your best friend has crossed the lines many times, it should all blow over, but communicating stuff like this as much as you can prevents any chance of misunderstandings.

No. 113475

my mom's gonna be moving to a different city from us because there's like no fucking work here and we're in a major recession. i feel i should be happy cause it's the city i really wanted to go (it's gorgeous there and a nice climate), and if she settles in successfully me and my dad will come there too, but at the same time i know the housing prices there are fucking wack and wages are pretty low. it's like, i hate this city but i'm really scared and stressed at the prospect of moving too so i hate the other city too lol. this country's housing situation is absolutely fucked. i know i'm a child about it though

you should let your boyfriend know though. if your boyfriend is a sensible guy he'll appreciate the open communication, and it's best he knows what's going on. you never know what rejected people can do in revenge, best cover your bases.

No. 113476

Not that's she's stated, no… aside from growing up very poor.
But she frequently brags about how small she was when she was prgenant with me/after birth and how doctors or nurses at the hospital didn't think she was my mom during the after birth period because she wasn't overly big or anything.

I mean, I would understand some concern if I went through a massive weight loss, but I've always been on the smaller end of the weight spectrum…. and I still try to maintain it because it makes me feel okay as a person. I don't know. It's bizarre. She'll pick the weirdest thing to judge me about so I try my best to shrug it off but it gets hard sometimes, you know? Like, I'll get a couple zits because of my period or maybe I won't keep my toenails impeccably painted when I wear open-toed shoes and my mother will always be there to comment harshly on them. It's like.. I know I have a zit or two. give it a week. they'll be gone. I know my roots have grown out a little. I need a free weekend to fix it. It's a massive pain because she does it under the guise of "No one cared what I did when I was growing up so I'm going to care 3000% about everything that you do" and I honestly wish she didn't.

No. 113481

If you being open and vulnerable is a turn off to the women you date, then you need to get higher standards.

No. 113491

Currently I feel like my life is really boring and I'm kind of falling into a depression maybe. I work part time and even though its part time they give me long shifts that tire me. But I need to work because I have to pay for gas food etc. although I still live with my mom. I'm in my second year of college but I'm taking classes online. I literally only have one friend at the moment and my boyfriend who I've been with for almost three years. Literally all I do is hang out once in a while with that one friend, work, and eat shit all day with my bf. We love each other but we don't do much. About 9 months ago his best friend died in a car crash. So I feel like he is still dealing with that and it's been affecting me as well. He never wants to go out and has trouble sleeping every night. We both want to move out of the city we are in, but I'm trying to get my degree first which is going to take another year. I feel really lost and don't know what to do with my time while I'm still here. I also don't know how to go about my bf's emotions. We got into a fight because he planned on moving away before me because he isn't happy here. I told him I think he is in a deep depression and he started crying. I've never seen him cry before. I've also gained 10 pounds and I've been trying to exercise, I've never put on weight in my life so its really shocking to me. I literally have a phobia of gaining weight. I want to go out more but no friends to go out with and my bf doesn't want to leave the house. I feel like I'm rotting away.

No. 113496

All I really want in this life is to have one genuine connection with someone. Just one.

No. 113505

I have to call our fucking mayor to get an job interview appointment. Thank god for anxiety AAAAAÀAAHhh fucking hell fuck damn I have to call him, in like, 10 minutes ffs

No. 113507

Has anybody ever experienced running away from home?

I'm 20 years old and still live with my family but my family life is really taking a toll on me and everyday I think about suicide, I feel as if I have no other options but to just leave.

No. 113510

Breathing exercises can help with anxiety when dealing with spontaneous situations. Hope your call goes well.

What's going on at home anon?

No. 113514

Do you have any money saved, or plans on where you're going to go?

No. 113523

I'm fucking tired of being a miserable little shit but I don't see the point in trying to ~get better~. All I want to do is move to some weird small town in the middle of Fuck Off, Nowhere and be sad and alone in peace instead of being sad and alone in a huge city watching every in my life have their shit together.

No. 113536

check youth shelters in your area, sometimes they cover help for people up to 21 or 22. it might be a kinder environment than going to a homeless shelter

No. 113580

File: 1477339619207.jpg (13.01 KB, 172x232, 1436967604638.jpg)

I was mercilessly bullied for my 'horrible accent' in primary school so now I talk differently in front of different people and I'm really self-conscious about it. I don't do it consciously, but I'm scared people will notice and think I'm putting on a fake accent or something.

I don't even know why it happens, but when I'm around a certain kind of British people I start rounding my R's and exaggerating my accent. In front of everyone else I sound vaguely American except I pronounce 't' sounds differently so it often sounds a lot like 'sh'.

It gets especially bad in front of one Scottish teacher who terrifies the shite out of me and I feel like people think I'm a phony or something.

No. 113587

File: 1477342242693.jpg (31.17 KB, 634x359, 2CBD578E00000578-3248474-image…)


are…are you anon from Miss Victoria Murder's thread?

No. 113602

Who? I come here for Margo, Chrischan and /g/.

No. 113603

File: 1477347821000.jpg (56.13 KB, 800x676, 09f0e00314dded0c700f6a706700b4…)

nvm wrong person, still like you tho

No. 113619

File: 1477351726143.jpeg (52.81 KB, 487x309, image.jpeg)


Hai Putin ( ° ʖ °)

Oh also I came in here to vent about how IMGUR IS ALWAYS FUCKIN' OVER CAPACITY

No. 113620

File: 1477351867158.jpeg (12.28 KB, 272x185, image.jpeg)


BTW I'm not that person you're thinking of. Just wanted to say hai.
( ° ʖ °)

No. 113637

OP anon here, the putin pictures are surprisingly relevant since I'm a slav (who emigrated as a kid, explaining the 'horrible accent')

No. 113638

File: 1477355964988.jpeg (52.11 KB, 400x327, image.jpeg)

What do people over there generally think of Putin? Just curious and don't want to assume. I know you've emigrated since, but still probably know more about it than others here.

Also, stupid question, but you've seen Slavs squatting on Reddit right? Lol

No. 113641

Idk, where I'm from we don't have much to do with Russia or the Soviet union. Poles and others who got fucked up during the Cold War probably don't have a very positive opinion of him, but where I'm from he's kind of like Slav Trump in that people find him amusing and funny but don't really care at the end of the day since it doesn't concern them.

And yeah, I get teased a lot about the whole Slav squatting thing but I've embraced it since it beats being called a dumb, dirty eastern european whose parents are 'probably' terrorists or drug dealers.

No. 113642

File: 1477357741453.jpeg (23.9 KB, 236x343, image.jpeg)

>He's kind of like the Slav Trump.
Lol! I can see that. Especially after him trying to pretend he dove in he the ocean and found some, like, ancient jewels? Only to have to end up admitting that his PR team planted them. I also remember John Oliver running a really hilarious clip in which he talks in circles about whether or not a man should buy his wife a new dog? Anyone know what I'm talking about here? I'm looking at you, Putin pic collector.

And re: Slavs squatting, that's not a stereotype I'm familiar with. Unless…well, unless Chechneya counts as being Slavic in which I'm not sure, the Boston bombers definitely fucked that up for you if so. But I hope you don't face that type of bullshit often. One of my best friends (if we still are, haven't talked to her in forever) is Russian and I fucking love her, she's hilarious. Did the Slavs squatting thing at her wedding recently.

No. 113643

Lol most Russians don't like me for some reason actually. I'm from former Yugoslavia.

Nowadays it's fine, most people don't really know where my country is so w/e and English is pretty much my native language since I've never really used my actual native language much and don't speak it as well. I just have a fairly ambiguous accent, really.

It used to be much worse, I remember when I first went to creche I asked some girls if I could play with them, they said no, I pleaded and they said 'well alright, you can be the dog'. Things were so weird then, even a famous tennis player from my country (now American) received death threats and got stabbed because she happened to be born where I was born.

We weren't even Muslim or particularly brown or had a backwards culture so I don't really get why we were so hated and now it's all good as if nothing had happened.

As a consequence I kinda avoid Brits now and don't like associating with them unless I really have to. Worked out p well in the end, thanks Brexit and good riddance.

No. 113645

Aren't awkward childhood/tween times the best? Lol

Also, just assumed you emigrated to America. But once you mentioned the Brits, I realize you could be in any English-speaking place. My b.

No. 113647

Has anybody here ever turned their head too quickly to one side and felt like they pulled a muscle?

Did that earlier today and it sucked.

No. 113649

File: 1477359824762.jpeg (33.39 KB, 636x358, image.jpeg)

Ya, I hate dat shit. Part of the life of extreme internets and coughing. True life: I Can't Get Comfortable While Using My iPad.

Sage for extreme shit posting.

No. 113724

Im a pretty 'popular' sfw artist (60k follows) who wants to start creating nsfw stories. Id give no fucks and start drawing porn, but what scares me is the backlash id recievr, having my sfw art looked down upon and peers questioning me.

No. 113726

>but what scares me is the backlash id recievr, having my sfw art looked down upon and peers questioning me.
well, if you needed confirmation or something, yes that will happen

No. 113754

Just start doing it under an alias.

No. 113785

I've had chronic knee pain since thirteen. I told my dad, who is a doctor about it and he says to just exercise it off. But it's so bad some days I can't even move. Can't ride a bike. Can't stand for that long. I've been to doctors, had MRI, x-rays, etc. They always say nothing g is wrong but a 24 year old.should be feeling that kind d of pain. That it inhibits their life. I just don't understand what it could be and it frustrates me to no end because it seems these "professionals" don't take me seriously. I hold my pain in for the most part, but I'm tired of not being able to function like a human being. I KNOW hurting so much isn't normal. I just don't undertand…

No. 113823

It might be a psychological issue. Seeing a therapist wouldn't be a bad idea. Obviously you're not having any luck finding the physical source of the problem, so you might as well explore the possibility that it's a mental problem.

I hope this isn't coming off as dismissive or insulting.

No. 113858

>Start doing squats to have a cuter booty
>After one week knees feel weak and hurt during squats, legs tremble while standing on tiptoes
Is it even normal?

No. 113885

Some exercises are bad for your joints, either because of their nature of because they're done incorrectly. Squats can be bad for your knees. Check you're doing them right and, if you are and the pain continues, maybe it's not the exercise for you.

Try swapping out squats for hip bridges or donkey kicks now and again just to work your body in a different way.

No. 113891

I literally have no friends, not even one because I pushed all of them away when muh depression went into overdrive. I'm stupidly shy and have social anxiety, so making new friends is hard. I can't talk to anyone without coming off like a flaming moron. I am going to be alone for the rest of my life and it's all my fault. I'm having a great time.

No. 114157

Still having problems with my roomie as seen here >>113163

Now she freaked out over me making fun of her bf drinking Bud Light and me thinking he might be stupid.

Uhhh ok, Bud Light is a basic bitch beer and it's pretty normal to make fun of people who like it, especially when it's that person's favorite beer. My roomie accused me of being a "bougie bitch" which makes no sense as we're from the exact same socioeconomic class, and it's not that expensive to buy nicer beer. Literally every supermarket, no matter how trashy, sells a huge variety of beers these days. So yeah, drinking Bud Light comes off as a little poorly to people with taste.

As for me thinking her boyfriend is stupid, idk about his academic capability, but he definitely did not come off as an intellectually curious to me. Apparently he is going to a PhD program? Well then if so, idk why my opinion matters so much, especially if I'm such a ~loser~. If he's such a ~genius~, idk why he is a high school teacher right now. (Not saying that teachers can't be smart, it just seems unlikely) And good luck with his peers with him being a Trump supporter lmao

Idk I'm tired of her freaking out on me. I can see now why her other friends mostly consist of her bf and some girl she met literally in the last year. I feel like she burns a lot of bridges because she's too busy trying to tell it ~like it is~. I tried to apologize, and I guess it wasn't the best apology ever, but she wouldn't have any of it.

I have no idea what she wants. I helped her find a place to live, helped her a TON with groceries (including eating food I got for myself), and just bought her a couple of random things in general. She should be damn glad that I'm spoiled and I'm not in school, because none of the rest would be possible if this wasn't the case.

Oh yeah, she had the gall to criticize my macaroni cooking when her cooking fucking sucks. Because I ended up smoking up the house, she insisted that next time I cook macaroni and cheese, I should not make a roux, and that it wasn't necessary. But she ended up cooking a bunch of macaroni, dumped shredded cheese straight on top of the pasta, and then was surprised when it ended up like shit. Uh yeah, people make a roux for a fucking reason. Did I mention that the pasta and cheese were all stuff I bought? But she dumped it all out anyways.

Also today, she's been sick with strep throat. I've been offering to help her out by getting water and stuff for her. But the only way she's responded is by acting annoyed when I was checking to see if she was home this morning (since she said last night she would go to work regardless). I don't think my favors deserve unquestioned loyalty, but I don't feel like she's been very grateful at all. And don't bite the hand that feeds you.

This shit is really stressing me out. I can't wait until she leaves next month. It's all making me reconsider whether I want to be best friends with her. Haha that's kind of petty.

No. 114159

No, that is not normal and you should stop doing squats immediately. If you keep overusing your legs you might get serious injuries and then you probably won't even be able to do a single squat in weeks.

No. 114161

No. 114169


Why would you want to remain best friends with her after all this shit? I feel like it's obvious she doesn't like you and doesn't want to be around you.

Also stop trying to be nice to her and buy her things. She obviously does not give a fuck.

No. 114173

You sound like a colossal bitch.

No. 114179

maybe stop arguing about meaningless shit like someone's favourite "basic bitch" beer. you're the only person i've witnessed to have such a strong opinion on something so small when in the end, even you know that taste is subjective and not something anyone can control. kinda autistic. you like what you like, simple and pure. many of your problems would diminish greatly if you kept certain opinions to yourself especially if they're negative. current year's favourite buzzword isn't going to help you connect with your peers.

No. 114180

Girl, it's not worth making a shitstorm for such small things, stop making fun of trivial shit like this, be the mature one and observe your own behaviour. If she keeps acting like a bitch then you can call her out on it.

No. 114190

You kind of sound like you're both at fault honestly.

You're being a bitch about stuff (seriously, why the fuck does whether her boyfriend is smart or not matter? You're not dating him), and arguing about stupid shit like beer (no-one cares if it's good or not, it's a cheap beer that people drink to get drunk, not because they want to indulge their high brow tastes).

She's being shitty too though, like getting annoyed over everything.

It doesn't sound like either of you are at all compatible with the other really, you should probably just try to move.

No. 114193

I'm suspecting i have some early symptoms of schizophrenia/psychosis onset, but i don't know how to communicate this information to my psychiatrist and for them to take it seriously.
It could just be symptoms of my ADD, which i'm now in group therapy for but have had severe problems with since childhood (i'm currently 24), but i need to know for sure.

I have an insanely hard time forming coherent thoughts both in writing and speech, and it's only getting worse. It takes me hours to write simple messages, and essays in school that are supposed to take 1hr takes me 4-5hrs to write and the teacher can barely make sense of my abstract bullshit rambling. I don't know where the line is drawn between comprehensible conveying of thoughts and unrelated abstract gibberish.

It feels like my mind is fumbling in space, and that the train of thought will forever be unreachable or lost. I can barely translate information into knowledge and to then express it.

It's like the world stopped making sense and that existence and life is at it's core alien to me.

No. 114194

You tell them exactly that, but leave out the part about thinking it's schizophrenia, let him decide that.

It could very well just be a symptom of your ADD though.

No. 114197

My dad came home and let his folder on the counter. There was a piece of paper lying on top with the websites of 2 escorts. Neither of them are in our city, and he won't be going to the city they're based in. This isn't actually the first time I've caught him with escort details. I feel really naive right now and I don't know what to do with this information. My parents seem fine together, but what do I know?

I can feel myself starting to freak out now

No. 114200

>She's being shitty too though, like getting annoyed over everything.

I'd be annoyed too if I lived with such a snarky bitch.

No. 114206

Now apparently she is bitching on the phone with her mom after she claims she hates her. Ummm ok wtf???? She's kept talking about cutting off contact with her mom, and I've tried to support her about her complaining about her mom and her saying her mom is such an awful person all the time. I admit I'm nosy and I'd like to hear more about what's going on. Idk apparently she wants to end everything over this.

I'm just hoping this person isn't her mom. Because I've helped her out so much more than her mom has. It's 9:00 in the morning so idk who it is.

Also she's complaining about feeling sick about strep, and leaves out how I've offered to help her.

I was making fun of it when I was on the phone with someone else, and I was being loud. And I apologized. I know I can be judgey sometimes. Also this site is based off of constantly judging people for the smallest shit so it's not that surprising.

But it's not like she's a perfect saint either. For example, I told her about an artist I met and liked, but said I didn't want to be so financially insecure when I was his age. She said that it wasn't ok to have a lifestyle like that, and she didn't get why I was upset. I've mentioned some of her friends, and she has said flat out, "I don't like so and so." She called my friend an asshole after I was having some problems getting in contact with him, even though he's had emotional problems.

Thanks for the feedback.

There's some other stuff that I don't want to. Obvs this is just the very worst of it.

Also my roommate doesn't really hang out with anyone else besides her boyfriend, and their relationship is pretty new so it makes sense.

I should stop buying her stuff though. My parents wanted me to control my grocery spending for now, so I'm just going to not bother buying groceries anymore.

I apologized for making fun of things. But I was also making fun of it on the phone to someone else.

We weren't arguing, I was talking on the phone with someone else.

We're on lolcow.farm, snark central. Are you surprised? I'm just really pissed right now.

No. 114210


lolcow is where you come to be a judgy bitch, you don't do that shit irl unless you want to be that bitch.

at first I felt bad for you, but now you kind of seem like an insufferable cunt. seriously? loudly making fun of your "best friend's" boyfriend because of the beer he drinks.

Don't get me wrong, your friend also seems like a bitch, but the more you comment the less I like you.

No. 114212

Keep digging that hole and blaming other people. Or take a long hard look at yourself, but we all know you're going to do the former.

No. 114213


Youre both acting like cunts, but you come off a bit too 'holier then thou'.

No. 114219

Ok I was being bitchy, and I apologized, what else am I supposed to do?

I admit I was out of line

How so?

No. 114232

Blackmail him into being burando for you, the only plausible option besides telling your mom he's a cheater.

No. 114233


I meant buying

No. 114254

File: 1477593736485.gif (621.67 KB, 500x336, 23049891.gif)

>read a story about downs syndrome tot constantly pooping itself at a preschool
>school suspends the tot
>schools are known to suspend children who have a lot of accidents until they get properly trained
>the parents are suing school for failure to provide accommodations
>also say other tots had accidents but of course their precious downs child is being targeted in particular
>aka they want the teachers who get paid minimum wage to clean up their child's feces and piss for no extra pay
>make a comment about how the school is in the right and nobody should teach a child to use the toilet whenever it defecates itself
>immediately get attacked by angry mom brigade
>one mom said how dare I call children an "it" even though I was using it as a grammatically neutral term
>another said I shouldn't be a parent and then proceeded to stalk my facebook
>another implied I must not know anything about handicapped children's needs even though I had an uncle with downs (who never was accepted into any form of public system bc of his needs)

This is why I hate modern parents. They demand the world take care of their kids and push them through systems where they can't thrive. Then when things don't work out they get aggressive at anybody who says they may have to do some work themselves since their child isn't average and needs extra care.

No. 114256


you're the type of person that says some rude shit, gives a half apology when people call you out on your shit. and then get mad when they're still angry aren't you?

No. 114258

Perspective: Drinking a certain beer isn't a big deal and wasn't worth potentially driving your friendship deeper into the mud by insulting her bf.

Just be cordial and try to keep your opinions on her bf and other aspects of her life to yourself. She seems like she's bothered by you checking up on her so stop doing that as well. Keep your distance, and just buy groceries mostly for yourself. You only have one month left.

No. 114287

: ( tfw lonely

and after a certain age its hard to make friends because all circles are already established and trying to conquer a new space in an already formed group is fucking impossible.

No. 114300

Why do you call her your friend if your whole relationship is just you feeling superior to her?

She's not the insufferable cunt here anon. You sound awful to live with.

No. 114307

File: 1477613181459.jpg (12.09 KB, 236x231, 663713d6828b1b62df1b4daa0f0d1c…)

Semi-related, and piggybacking off of your post sorry, but I saw a post on FB about a preschool teacher in South America with down syndrome. Anybody who dared to question the credentials of this woman was made out to be some even devil who was responsible for the oppression of people with Down Syndrome. Some even went as far to say that this woman was MORE qualified than other non-mentally disabled teachers to teach, because she "understood the level of the children better." If that's the case, then why not just employ fucking children to teach the class?

No. 114359

The chimera ant arc is fucking dogshit and ruined the entire fucking show and anyone who liked it has to be a retarded 13 year old.

Fuck I knew I was going to hate it the first few seconds into it. Why didn't I fucking drop it whyyyyyyyyyyyyy FUCK

No. 114410

drink away your sorrows thats what i do

No. 114412

I don't indulge in EGL, but I'm going to endeavour to spend as much as I can. Maybe he won't have enough to waste on fucking hookers.

No. 114419

>Why do people (cough women) equate intelligence with someone's level of academic/financial success?
>implying most 4chan neckbeards don't brag about their 'intelligence' and careers in STEM and put others down for studying art because they won't make '100k starting'

You're literally retarded

No. 114421

Except they do it all the time. Whenever people post which college they go to, they usually get called retarded if it's not a 'good' college.

No. 114422

>Why do people (cough women) equate intelligence with someone's level of academic/financial success?

because living comfortably well is an important aspect of life, and it does take some intelligence to achieve it. on the other hand, i understand you can have all of this season's new anime and manga titles and plots memorized, and while it can be a sign of good intelligence (working memory, at least), it's just not relevant enough to anything. sorry.

No. 114426

>"You think I'm not smart? I have a masters degree, what do you have?"
Yes, because everyone and their dog has a masters degree nowadays.

I've heard plenty of men brag about getting their master's from Harvard though, just like women.

Anyway, you're obviously just being a condescending troll and whatever we say you're just gonna respond with 'women this, women that'.

No. 114428

Backpedaling much?
>Bragging about a degree still isn't the same thing.
Yes it is.

>I'm talking about people measuring intelligence by academic success, or proclaiming that they're smart because of their academic success.

That is always implied when you brag about your degree though? I've literally never heard of a single woman saying she's smarter than anyone for getting a master's degree unless she's comparing herself to a SAHM which is fair since her prospects for the future are much better in comparison. There aren't even statistics to back your argument up, you just sound like a bitter /r9k/ loser

You're literally going in circles now. I'm sorry your only measure of intelligence is how much anime you've seen.

No. 114445

As someone who has an arts degree and considered becoming a teacher, that statement didn't exactly put me on booty-blast even though my degree is constantly put down because I didn't choose to go into STEM. That sentence was just someone's opinion likely exaggerated because of the subject (a bf whom she doesn't approve).

You seem like you're overcompensating for something.
Also sorry to burst your bubble, but someone will always think a person is more motivated and smarter than someone else who actively chose not to obtain a degree because they "didn't need one to prove they're smart." Such a copout. And men are just as guilty of it.
Stupid ass robot.

No. 114452

Kek, why do you sound like one of the retards from /sci/ who just go on and on about their IQ with nothing to show for it?

IQ tests aren't meant to be an indicator for how smart you are, either. They're a tool used to measure your ability to solve puzzles. It's a diagnostic tool.

Do you think that doing some online quiz for depression is measuring how happy you are too?

No. 114482

I'm really sick of trying to lose weight, giving up, and feeling gross because I eat gross. Every time I try, I get into it for a day or a week, tops but then it falls apart because I don't know what to do as far as eating and going to the gym. I have no idea where to start at the gym. What kind of exercises I should be doing. Everyone makes it look easy online, but it's not. Fuck. And if you try to ask for advice, it's really, really stupid shit like "count your cals, cut your portions, and focus on where you want to lose weight." Okay, but what the fuck do I eat? I need recipes, meal plans, something. What machines do I use at the gym? What fucking sets/reps do I do? Does yoga do anything?

Why is being healthy so fucking hard? I'm not even fat but I might just give up now and let myself get fat because it seems way easier.

No. 114484

As much as /fit/ is a shit board, you should really read their sticky over there. It's super useful for people trying to get into fitness, and covers most of the basics.

And it's not easy for anyone really, it's a big change to make, and requires commitment to stick with it. People like to pretend it's super easy for them and they're super fit model tier people, but not many are.

Counting calories helps heaps though, and there's lots of apps for it. I use Myfitnesspal, and it's generally pretty good. You don't want to be eating particular recipes I find either, just try to incorporate foods with less salt and sugar in them into your diet over time. The app will help with that, because it says what the values are of those items. If you eat crappy food all the time, you'd be surprised by how easy it is to go easily 8 times over the recommended intake of salt for a day.

But yeah, go have a look at the sticky over there, read the links, it should answer a lot of your questions. The rest of the board sucks though.

Yoga is really good for developing flexibility and strength in your stabilising muscles, too, I'd say it's worth doing if you're interested in it.

Also, what are you looking to get out of fitness? Better cardio? Better body? More flexible?

No. 114486


This is by far the most helpful thing I've seen, so thank you. I'll check out the sticky!

Right now, I'm really just looking to drop a bunch of weight. I'm a girl, 5'4, 128 lbs. Not obese, but not skinny. I'd like to at least get down to somewhere between 110-115, and maybe build up light muscle once I get down to the weight I want.

No. 114488

>This is by far the most helpful thing I've seen, so thank you. I'll check out the sticky!

All good, I hope it helps. Oh, and fair warning, the myfitnesspal app gets shit wrong sometimes, so if something says it's like 2000 kcal for a serve, it's probably not. If you're unsure, just check the side of the container whatever you're eating comes in.

Oh, and invest in a cheap kitchen scale if you don't have one already, they're really worth it and important for this sort of stuff.

>Right now, I'm really just looking to drop a bunch of weight

Well, that's going to be mainly dietary, but you can definitely help that along by doing cardio, just be sure to try to add that in when you do do it, because it does impact how many calories you end up having eaten.

And as for muscle, you should try to start that now instead of then. I usually recommend using free weights, it's just way more efficient than machines, and you're not going to end up muscle bound unless you really want to, it takes people years of conscious effort to end up that way.

There's lots of beginners routines out there that are a good way to start off for anyone interested in this sort of stuff I find, and they work the same for men or women, just chuck in accessories later on when you notice things you want to work on more. Machines work too, just are harder to use, and less efficient.

And most importantly, don't make sudden huge changes. There's a reason most people don't stick to fad diets, and why you should just week to week try to eat a bit healthier, while making sure you stick to your goals for the day.

It sounds complex, but it's really not, you just need to find a good guide for it, and invest the time to do a bit of reading first.

No. 114494

Intermittent fasting is a quick way to lose weight. You eat nothing (0 calories) for a day, then eat a moderate amount the next, and continue as needed.

You don't need to count calories, you just need common sense.

Unless they care about strength for practical reasons, girls shouldn't be lifting weights if you ask me. Just do cardio.

No. 114495

No, you absolutely need to count calories. People who don't know how many calories are in an item of food can't just eyeball it and effectively lose weight, not without losing it way too quickly and looking shit. Skinnyfat is a thing that applies to both genders.

And weights training makes anyone look better, no-one asked you though. If all you do is cardio, you'll be able to run well, but you won't end up with a great body.

And intermittent fasting is one of those huge changes I warned against, because people start it, do it for a week and then just drop it, because it's way too much, way too quick. Look at stuff like that once you're used to eating in an ordered way.

No. 114500


Is there something to help lose weight besides cardio? Cardio is the one thing I can't stand to do. I really hate running. I'll do it if it's basically the only thing that'll help, but I want to avoid it if I can.

No. 114501

Any activity that's more cardio than anything else will help really. So, bike riding, swimming, sprints, whatever really.

But you don't need that to lose weight, the most important thing to do is to count calories. Use a TDEE calculator (the app has one built in), and try to stick to what it says you should eat per day.

If you do that, you'll lose weight. Cardio helps if you want to be able to eat a bit more, because it increases your TDEE, but it's not vital. Smart if you're looking to be more fit though, cardiovascular health is vital to that at least.

I'm pushing for calorie counting instead of something like intermittent fasting like the other person said because it's much, much easier to stick to. You don't need to make any drastic changes to count calories, you just weigh your food before you eat it. You could eat ice cream all day, and if you were sure to keep your calories in lower than your calories out, you would still lose weight. Wouldn't be healthy, but you could do it.

If you just eyeball it, you're likely to be off by at least a significant amount. Don't have a source on me, but I've seen a study linked showing that people easily can be off by nearly 1000 calories when they just guess how much it probably is. Which is normal, foods can be deceiving as far as how much energy they contain.

You want to gradually change your lifestyle over a period of months if not years, don't just try to do it all at once.

No. 114605

So two years ago I made an internet friend. I had no other friends at the time except my bf, I literally didn't talk to anyone besides anonymously to strangers on image boards. We got along really well, she was going through some really tough relationship issues and I was the only person there for her so we bonded really fast. She was suicidal, but I was always there for her. We messaged each other every day multiple times an hour. She was an emotional wreck, but I didn't mind. I tried my very best to make things better, to stop the suicidal thoughts, to be a good friend and cheer her up. Fast forward a year in the future, she moves, gets a job, and now has IRL friends. I still don't have any friends, or a job. I'm pretty lonely, she stops sending me messages, I only get one MAYBE once a week and it's at most 4 sentences. This is still going on. I've basically accepted her and I aren't really friends anymore, as it seems she doesn't want anything to do with me. I'm not really sure how to move on, I just wanted to ask, how much of a bitch am I? In a way, I kinda miss when she had no friends and was jobless and poor, because I had my friend. I feel used. I dunno, it's hard to describe everything in a short post. Like, I gave my best to be a good friend to her in her worst moments of her life, and then she gets new friends and just disposes of me.

No. 114614

I'm sorry anon, that sucks. To play devils advocate for a second, i'm willing to bet that the reason she is pushing you away is that you remind her of bad times, and probably guilt. It doesn't make her selfish actions any less shitty. Thing is, there probably isn't much to do. You could send her a short message explaining your feelings, and then you should probably try to move on and make a new friend. All the best to you anon!

No. 114620

I've tried confronting her about it a few times over the last year, the response is usually something like 'well I'm just so busy im not ACTUALLY ignoring you' but then she always talks about how much time she spends with her friends and her new boyfriend. I tried not being jealous but after a while it really felt like she was rubbing it in my face almost. For example, if someone is going through a breakup, you don't talk about how amazing your boyfriend is. Just like how when someone is lonely and has no other friends than you, you don't talk about how much you love your friends and how much fun you have with them and then ignore the person you said this to. I'll try confronting her about maybe me being associated with bad times, maybe doing that will help things? I'm not sure, probably not. But I appreciate your response. As for making new friends, well, I'm not too great that. I'm pretty scared of internet friends now, but I don't really get out much so getting an IRL friend isn't realistic.

No. 114641

You said it yourself, she got irl friends and a job. All of the real responsibilities got mitigated to the top while virtual relationships got pushed towards the bottom. She grew up, essentially.

I'm sure she values the relationship you both had and wouldn't take it back or not consider you a friend still. In some relationships, people move on for reasons and it's not because they never cared.

Focusing on you for a glance: You should definitely work on making more friends or finding a hobby to do in your spare time so you're not so dependent on one person. It's not healthy, and is actually a good way to breed resentment and bitterness the second your only friend doesn't have time for you.

No. 114713

I fucking hate Halloween. My bf bought five pounds of candy to pass out but he's working today. It'll just be me at home having to keep our dogs from going nuts at the door bell every five minutes and passing out candy to the little shits. The really young kids are cute but we always get a bunch of teens that don't even try to dress up. I'm thinking of just pretending no one is home and give away the candy at work tomorrow.

No. 114714

File: 1477937758972.jpg (189.67 KB, 693x693, 1446509548847.jpg)

You realize that if you don't want to give out candy you just turn your front lights out and usually no one will knock.

I live in increasingly black/hispanic neighborhood that has been heavily effected by white flight. There's no one raising white kids around here anymore or anyone who wants to bring their kids around trick-or-treating, so we get little to no trick or treaters.

The white towns surrounding us have the streets filled with kids on Halloween.

No. 114715

Yeah that's what I intend on doing. Just wish the bf didn't waste so much money on all this candy. I live in a fairly good neighborhood but it's just a nuisance, I don't care about this holiday at all.

No. 114716

Just put it in a cauldron out on your porch steps with a "take one" message.
You don't have to deal with kids, and the greedy fucks will clear out the candy in like 5 minutes.
Bonus points on setting up a hidden camera and laughing at the adults who'll take handfuls for themselves.

No. 114718


omg my vampire waifu.
I'm so excited to see idolmaster fans here

No. 114719


omg my vampire waifu.
I'm so excited to see idolmaster fans here

No. 114721

I'm recovering from Anorexia and today a man dressed as death(bc Halloween) grabbed my shoulder and told me 'You have to eat or I will shortly come to get you'
At first I was like 'rude…' but he's right tho lol
I thought I looked to be at a more normal weight now (I think I look fat but I know I can't trust me)
I just want this to end and be normal

No. 114742

how do you stop talking to them when you know they're just so, so bad for you but you love them and miss them so much?

No. 114747

Just watched first episode ever of black mirror and had a mental breakdown, mhmmmmmm

No. 114749

by the time I finished the first season I was a wreck

No. 115290

I just wanna get this off my chest and vent to the entire internet: Yesterday I found out that my ex who cheated on me two years ago now has herpes and got it from the same girl he cheated on me with. i feel bad for him because that is really fucking sad, but I'm also rejoicing and I lol whenever I think about it. He deserves it. Honestly I don't even think about the cheating anymore unless he shows up to talk to me, but it hurt me a lot back then and he left me in a cesspool of sadness and betrayal. He brought her to his apartment and she wouldn't fucking leave so she let her stay.
Maybe karma is really real.

No. 115292

File: 1477978208828.gif (493.67 KB, 500x200, FC869A44-03FB-4837-9911-AA607C…)

Nice, anon. Idk how I managed to steer clear of herpes, but somehow I managed. It seems like everyone has it.

Hey, speaking of herpes, I'll join you anon. My bitch of my supposed former best friend completely ditched me every time I truly needed her. More than once. But in true fashion, decided to totally drop me as a friend when I needed her most. She also has herpes. I remember the day she told me. She was a fucking mess. Of course I was there for her and talked her through it. Tried to make her feel better about it.

Well now you fucking deserve it, you bitch. I hope you break out every time you try to get intimate with someone you really like. Because hah, you have it on your fucking vagina, you cunt. Maybe try being a better person to the one person who has been there for all of your nervous breakdowns. I fucking hate you now and just stew over how much you've fucked me over and tried to call yourself my best friend.

I really connected to you. You cunt, you just dropped me when I truly needed you. Idk what to say to you next but you deserve any shit that you're currently going through. FUCK YOU

No. 115309

Roommate cooks 24/7. I hate cooking, but decide to get off my ass and cook a few meals here and there too. She never eats the meals I cook. Why do I even bother?

I know my meals arent that terrible since I cook for my parents sometimes (and mom is a professional cook who never complains about my cooking.)

I also cook meals she's made before, so I know its something she eats, but idk. I dont think i'll try and cook again when she's around.

No. 115310

>Maybe karma is really real.
Or maybe STDs like herpes and HPV remain asymptomatic while being highly contagious thus allowing unsuspecting people to catch it when their partners aren't aware of being carriers or purposefully don't tell.
Bad juju doesn't exist, just a pile of convenient circumstances and it's shitty either way because he's likely to pass that on to someone else he dates who had nothing to do with your past.

No. 115312

Yeah, this. Like 96% of people have some form of it, odds are almost everyone in this thread does too.

As you said, it's most of the time asymptomatic, even the forms that do cause symptoms usually just show up if you're sick or really stressed, so your immune system is compromised.

No. 115313

Yeah, you're both correct actually. I'm the second anon who bitched about her friend getting genital herpes. I just felt like raging out, but pretty much everything you just said is what I told her in attempts to calm her down while we were still friends. I mean, fucking sucks that she got it on her vag instead of the more common form people get on their lips, but at one point she actually said she preffered that since that way, others can't openly see it/tell from her face. To each their own, I guess.

But yeah, as much as I would've freaked out if I had gotten it, soooo many ppl have it. Which is why I was surprised after ~30 sexual partners I lucked out and didn't get it. One time I had a false positive test for it and I freaked, even though I had never shown a symptom.

With all that said, I did have HPV despite getting those fucking shots when I was like 14. I had an exam and it showed some scary issues, straight out of when Hannah got it in girls, lol. I had never had any symptoms of genital warts, except one time I felt a weird bump down there but it went away and I attributed it to some weird condom lube. So I was quite concerned about the pre-cancerous part as anyone would be, because those abmormal cells were showing up as some "high grade lesion(s)" bullshit on my Pap smears :/

So needless to say, I was quite worried because if it was the issue they were worried about, I would've needed to get this awful procedure down there.

Luckily, I was able to avoid that and just had to get some follow-ups. After my original doctor leaving the state and some procrastination, I wasn't able to get a follow up for another two years. Luckily HPV Issues, especially with someone in their twenties, are apparently very slow moving. The result? I was completely clear and everything is fine now. No more lesions, and no more HPV! Maybe this means I'm technically still a carrier, but who isn't? They said it was completely cleared up. Gone. Which is apparently what happens in 98% of casss anyways, especially when you are young enough for your immune system to handle it. Idk what weird fucking strain I got since apparently those painful shots are supposed to cover you for nearly everything, but it's luckily behind me now.

I just wanted to add that for any decent anons who are reading these STD rage posts who may have HPV or genital/oral herpes. You may have one or both and not even know, just from having a few sexual partners or even none and may have caught herpes from kissing or oral (more likely from oral). It doesn't ruin your life, no, you don't have to tell everyone you get with that you have it, and yes, it can clear up on its own if you are symptomatic to the point where you will completely forgot you ever had it!

No. 115315

File: 1477987754932.jpg (8.79 KB, 250x206, 1477856067329s.jpg)

Being a stripper is really weird sometimes. Most of the men I deal with are gross/stupid/not my type at all, but occasionally someone comes in who I really am attracted to.

I give the guys who like me a lot my number, so I can text them to come in when I'm working. There's this man who I met a few weeks ago, L, and he's attractive, in his late 30s, rich, and the kind of devious I really love because I'm a complete pervert myself. We've been texting and he wants to take me out to this really, really nice resturant.

The thing is, I have a boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, and I love my boyfriend to bits even though we're not that compatible anymore. My boyfriend is broke, unemployed, and lives with his parents. I never really minded, except when I have to pick up the bill and now it's kind of like I do pick it up most of the time. I am pretty generous, but it does start to wear on me, especially because I'm a student with loans and I have to support myself. He's also way too old to be where he is, but I can't blame him because he has pretty severe mental illnesses.

Basically I've been fantasising of being taken out by L, who I'm so attracted to, and being lavished with amazing food and a shopping spree, and then having sex with him, and I feel so bad because my boyfriend has been there with me through a lot and our sex life sucks and I'm not really attracted to him sexually anymore. I just want to be spoilt for once and I feel so guilty for having thoughts.

No. 115316

Yeah HPV is a pretty common one, unfortunately those vaccines only cover a few certain strains of HPV and not most. To boot it affects penises hardly at all.
>inb4 some robot comes in here and shits the bed bc we're talking about STDs
HPV was my first and I didn't have it properly diagnosed until this past year because my pap smears always came out negative. Although three or four years ago I distinctly remember having these wart-like bumps on my taint, so I shocked them out with apple cider vinegar and they went away. It was only until my last pap smear they said I tested positive for HPV and had to get a pap smear twice a year instead of once. Whoop de doo I guess, it's nothing I wasn't used to already anyway. But I think it's a combination of my immune system being shitty due to stress/shitty diet/bc/stress is why it's cropping up now.

It's not a life ruiner by any means but I would have preferred to not have the weight on my conscience.

No. 115317

Wow OP, that's all quite interesting. GL with your boyfriend, and unless he is completely lazy, try not to be too hard in him for where he is. Guys don't really have the option of doing something like stripping, and I'm sure you make a shit ton of money doing that,much more than you would in a desk job, though I have no idea what your background is.

Does your boyfriend know you strip? If so, how does it not bother him?

I'm also curious if it's true that many organized crime ppl are involved in strip clubs. Do you get that kind of sketchy vibe, or is it a very legit place?

Also, and of course, only answer what you feel comfortable with but, are the private dances/rooms in strip clubs basically just a place to fuck/give oral? Do you feel pressure to do that? Do a lot of the girls double as prostiues with some of their customers? Also, I know you have a boyfriend, but do you engage in any type of sexual favors for money?

Also, I had a friend that worked as a "massage girl" at a strip club…lol, I'm not even going to try and figure out what she meant by that, but whatever. Anyways, I've frequently heard that it's a big no-no to exchange numbers with customers or see them outside of work?

No. 115318

Does your boyfriend not know you're fucking and dating the clients on the side? Why on earth would it guilt you when he knows you're a stripper and that's pretty much what every stripper does to build a base and make money…

No. 115320

Same anon you replied to here, but ya, like you said, it really doesn't effect guys at all unless they are getting warts. Soooo many of them are carriers without even knowing it. I always lol'd at guys who tried to tell me that they got the vaccine, too, so they were "okay," because lol, my doctor at the time who I really trusted and was smart as fuck told me that's highly unlikely and uncommon. Maybe they do it now (which they should if it would work, since that would help get rid of the problem if they can), but they definitely did not back then since it had just come out for girls.

Given everything you said, and I said about how it effects guys, why do you say you feel it >weighs on your conscience< ? It's not like you need to tell them. There's nothing they can do about it, it's on no way in par with the other kinds of STIs/STDs you could transfer, like chlamydia for example, or the more serious HIV. That's the kind of shit that needs to be seriously discussed, but not something like HPV, which really only effects you and is something a guy can't even TEST for, AFAIK.

Reading that reminded me I am long overdue for a gyno visit and a pap. I'm in a similar situation with my immune system since my spleen was removed, but when I told them that after being diagnosed with HPV, oddly enough they said that wasn't really a factor and that your vagina is a "different" sort of immune system…not quite sure what that means, but interesting nonetheless.

Who knows, maybe it coud pop back up for me, but as long as I'm not getting warts or worrying abt cancer, then I'm just a carrier like just about everyone else out there, so who really cares?

No. 115321

Damn anon, let's not make assumptions and wait and see if she answers some of my questions. Maybe she doesn't want to be doing this and shit is hard, especially if OP's boyfriend isn't making any money.

It's not fair to assume all strippers do that. It really depends on the place and where she is and what she's doing. It's not like she said she was a prostitue.

No. 115322


Hey, thank you. Yeah, he's a really smart dude, but like some really smart people, he's a bit of a eccentric and he's quite manic which can make it hard for him to stick to something (like a job.) He's definitely been getting better since we've started dating, though, which makes me happy. I try to be a good influence.

He knows I'm a stripper and he's semi-okay with it, I think. I've only been stripping for 3 months. He does not like me talking about lap dances or men specifically though, he gets quite uncomfortable, but he'll listen to silly anecdotes about the dumb things people did at the club that week. I wouldn't want him to be completely comfortable honestly - that means he cares a lot about me and who I'm with.

The strip club I'm working for is reputable, but the other 2 in my city (I live in a small country) are run by two brothers that have a bad reputation. They actually made my strip club lose its liquor license to gain the monopoly over the city, but my club has got it back now. It's rumoured they are hiding here, because if they went back to China they'd be murdered. I don't know if that's true, but they're pretty gross. I hear a lot from other girls at my club how they encourage girls to do drugs.

The lapdances are as clean as the dancer wants it. I find dancing boring (I'm pretty new and unskilled at it) so I usually just grind on the guy for ages and dirty talk, maybe kiss his neck etc. I have had a guy come on my chest before, and I've given a few handjobs for a few minutes (never to completion). That's just because I feel like it, but other girls, especially the ones who have been doing it for ages, are more strict. It depends. I would get fired if I had sex in the room and it was found out, though. I have been offered a lot of money for sex a few times (and sometimes for laughable amounts like $100) but I've never gone there.

There's no massage at my club but I have a friend who does erotic massage, it's basically naked massage with a handjob at the end and maybe a shower. I was looking into it because I'm open to all sex work that doesn't involve penetration I guess.

My boss is fine with me exchanging numbers and told me to text regulars to come in on quiet nights. I only have 1 regular so far, and he's awesome. A lot of men I've exchanged numbers with get the wrong idea (my fault) and think I want to have sex. I'm still learning how to hustle.

Actually being a stripper doesn't involve fucking and dating at all, but I understand girls who do that. It's just not going to make a client base for the club, which is the point. Using the club as a place to kick off your escorting (hooking) is a different thing.

No. 115324


Meant to tag >>115318, sorry.

No. 115325

It weighs on my conscience because now there's a possibility that I could develop cervical cancer, or have flareups that can cause my vagina to do all sorts of fucky things. I'm in a pretty serious long-term relationship atm and my bf basically admitted that it was likely he that gave me the HPV and possibly herpes, so it's not the explaining that bothers me necessarily. It's just wishing I had the peace of mind back about knowing I was completely clean at one point. If it makes sense.

Sorry, I don't know much about stripping if it wasn't obvious. Maybe you could try talking to your bf since you feel a bit underappreciated and wouldn't mind a couple dates during the month to light up the romance. Any reasonable guy would understand that, I think.

No. 115326


As long as I don't have to pay, haha.
No, that sounds nice, anon. Thank you. We've talked about going for a day trip within the country to look at the gardens and the museum there and have a picnic.

No. 115328

Thanks for answering my questions, anon. If you're guy is that cool with all of that, while maintain the appropriate amounts of jealousy and is supportive, from what little I know about him, he sounds like a keeper. But idk, if he knows about that cumming stuff and the HJs, that sounds like cheating to me even if it is work, so a lot of the other stuff you mentioned could be a bad sign on your end. But regardless, I hope you guys can work things out. Idk how old you are but 2 1/2 years is a while. Definitely worth trying some therapy maybe or talking through your issues before just calling it quits.

Also, my bad for just assuming you were in the US. Things are a bit different over here in regards to stripping and sex work. Especially in Nevada, where prostitution is legal. I wasn't sure if you misspelled "county" as "country," but then you mentioned China so you must definitely not be in the US. Care to mention where you are?

That makes sense, and is how I felt when I first discovered I had HPV as well. I was on my way to work when I got the call, and I talked to the nurse for like 20 minutes before I even felt slightly better. Even though we have the internet and everything, if you haven't talked to a medical professional about your case specifically, please do. It could give you a lot of peace of mind.

Also, I didn't realize you had both. I'm sorry. But like I said, one day you could easily get to the point where one or both are totally cleared up and you're asymptomatic. I hope you get there, anon. :)

No. 115330

It's fine. I don't have visible symptoms of herpes like those red sores, but I did have a lump underneath my tongue a few weeks ago. I showed my doc when I had an appointment for an unrelated thing and she said it was most likely a herp. It went away. Can't confirm the herpes since I haven't been officially tested, but if my bf has it then I probably do. Just dormant.

It doesn't cause me huge amounts of anxiety or anything, I just wish it could have been avoided.

No. 115333

Yeah, I haven't told him about the "extras". If I suddenly feel like I need to tell him I will, but for now I think I won't. If I ever had sex or gave a blowjob I probably would though, because he should know about possible STDs.

I live in New Zealand. It appears a lot of US states don't allow alcohol at strip clubs, which is really weird to me.

No. 115336


Also prostitution is legal in New Zealand, and my strip club is the only one in my city that doesn't have a brothel attached (my boss wants to add that, and a sauna, soon, ech)

No. 115338

I see anon. Yeah, you probably do have it. It sucks because I heard herpes tends to act up in extreme or higher-than-normal times of stress or anxiety. Which sucks because that would be the worst time to have to deal with that shit, regardless of where it is. Just adds to all of the anxiety and stress, obviously.

I also heard it's very painful, the sores. Mostly in genitals but also the oral form? Gl anon, but like we were saying, it's nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. Whatever the state of your immune system, if people do have a breakout and it's not totally dormant, many just have that first one. And if not, I've read that the first is usually the worst and most severe breakout, and that each subsequent one tends to be less and less severe. GL again, OP.

Ohhh interesting. And no, that's not true at all. Strip clubs in the US absolutely have bars/liquor licenses, haven't you ever heard a rap song? ;)

And yeah, I wouldn't tell him. I mean, personally idk wtf I would do because it would absolutely be cheating, but it sounds like you guys are going through some stuff and that would really fan the flames. If you guys are able to get through it and you end up getting married or something, maybe tell him at some point to clear your conscience.

I know your fantasizing right now, but for the sake of your relationship, acting on these things whether you tell him or not will certainly effect your relationship one way or another. I wish you both the best of luck and just hope you end up happy, in whatever situation feels right for you :)

And lastly, don't forget the type of clientele a stop club attracts. He may just be giving off the appearance of wealth, because after all, you are a stripper lol. Don't blow it with your boyfriend over someone you barely know!

No. 115520

I get really irrationally jealous/angry with my friend. She's obsessed with her "nordic" heritage, dyes her hair white blonde and always talks about how much she loves her white hair. It just really annoys me because whenever we're out she always gets so much attention. It's because she's tall and blonde and overshadows me cause I'm quite short and brunette. I weigh less than her but I feel like her weight is better distributed? I dunno. It just upsets me bc I've always been pretty insecure about how I look and it doesn't help that she's always getting all the attention. This is so petty but I can't help it.

No. 115521

She sounds really annoying and possibly like a bad friend from what little I can gather. Idk how apparent you make your insecurities, though.

But she sounds like the kind of girl who would be all about having a "girl's night out" with you, possibly in honor of something you accomplished or for some other reason for you like to make you feel better about something, and then completely ditch at the first sight of a guy giving her attention.

Yet if you did that to her, she'd be totally pissed.

How close am I?

No. 115529

>muh heritage
Barf. She sounds like a headcase.

No. 115530

She sounds like she's up her own ass. Is she an okay person otherwise?

No. 115531

Ask her if she went to Norway or Sweden, she thinks they would accept her as a citizen.

No. 115534

Whaaaaaat. I absolutely disagree. You're telling her that she should wait until AFTER they're married to tell him about giving strangers handjobs at her job? No, sorry, that's not something you tell AFTER you get married, that's definitely something he should know beforehand. He has the right to know that kinda stuff before he makes a decision to marry someone, and keeping it secret is just scummy.

No. 115540

My boyfriend and I met online. We have a seven hour time difference, and it's driving me nuts. I'm always falling asleep when we're supposed to be talking or watching stuff together, and he says it's okay, but I feel like an asshole. I hate leaving him so I can be awake for school the next day, and it sucks that when the school day is over for me, it literally just began for him.

No. 115550

But is she actually a bad friend to you?
>getting attention from unimportant dudes and being proud of one's past is enough to make a person a threat these days

No. 115553

You know what's bullshit?
The fact that I'm 5'2 and most things I try on in store are too big or long on me. The petites section (if there indeed is one) always has the same boring shitty black trousers and flimsy polyester shirts. Yet fatties get entire STORES for themselves and almost every retailer nowadays has a plus size section.

Why are they being catered to so much when they can just lose weight? I can't grow out my arms and legs.

No. 115554

I feel your pain anon. I'm 4'11" and almost everything in store is too big or long for me. I gave up wearing pants years ago because of it and stick to skirts and dresses now. I hate going shopping for clothes at some stores cause their smalls could fit like a large. A lot of times the shirts might as well be dresses for me and the pants will serve no purpose because they end up being WAY too long and big.

I think they cater to fatties so much to make more money I guess. Also, it could be they don't want to hear about how clothing makes fatasses feel bad about themselves so they make sizes bigger than what they actually are. It's supposed to make them feel oh so good about their size I assume.

No. 115571

>Yet fatties get entire STORES for themselves and almost every retailer nowadays has a plus size section.

Erm, that's for tall fatties anon. Short fatties are still shit out of luck.

No. 115572

I really dislike posting personal stuff publicly but I just need somewhere to vent. Apologies in advance if this reads as a jumbled mess.

I'm so fucking sick of my friend constantly being a cunt to me and especially strangers. She starts arguments with people and labels it as "debating" and it usually begins with her roasting people for no reason or generally being an ass all around. I get secondhand embarrassment being around her whenever this happens. She has this weird, narcissistic complex and believes that she's so much smarter and better than everyone else which gets on my nerves a lot. She constantly owns up to being an asshole herself but she gets offended if someone else calls her out on it. Oh, and God forbid she be wrong about anything or she will not stop trying to defend herself! I've learned not to correct her on shit long ago just for the sake of keeping the peace. You wouldn't believe how hard it is for her to just say, "Oh, sorry, you're right. My bad!"

She lies to me and exaggerates the hell out of her stories and whining. She won't stop shitting on the area I live in which was funny at first and didn't bother me one bit. I know I live in a plain area, but it's been years and she won't stop beating the dead horse. I've grown up here and love it. She shits on every little thing about this place constantly and exaggerates how bad it is. All of this combined, is a recipe for being downright insulting. It doesn't help that she plays up the area where she lives and compares it to mine. I don't get this because where she lives, really isn't different at all. She acts like everyone there is hoity toity and like I'm in the fucking dumps.

She acts like she's a fashion queen and shits on the way people dress when she isn't well versed in fashion at all. She doesn't know brands, doesn't know how fitting or cuts work, and has worn men's video games t shirts all her life. Now, there's nothing wrong with any of this. Just don't shit on other people's styles and claim you're such a fashion Goddess when other people can see right through you. She's being a hypocrite and making a fool of herself. She laughed and bitched about people wearing striped t-shirts and claimed that striped clothing in her area is outdated and that you'd be shunned. This is incredibly ignorant because afaik, striped patterns are timeless and a classic. There are tons of brands/people in her area that sell and wear stripes. Don't tell me everyone is so petty enough to laugh about someone wearing striped clothing. Again, exaggerating and whining about something meaningless. For what? I don't know.

If I have anything positive to say to her at all, it's usually followed up with "ok", a bitchy "cool/nice", or "you have fun with that". This irks me the most because she says these SO often. Whenever she bitches to me about stuff, I'm always there for her giving support and listening. When I bitch about something in my life, I'm either flat out ignored, given a snarky response, or always held in suspicion that I'm the one in the wrong. The older I get, the more I start to feel like she doesn't care about me and I start wishing I had new friends. It's truly a shame because she was the only person in my life I enjoyed being with and now I can see it slowly disintegrating.

No. 115591

Honestly to me she just sounds deeply insecure. Usually when people like that take issue with everything it says a whole lot about them.

No. 115594

Damn anon. Cut that out of your life, you can do much better. No 'friend' should be giving you this much grievance, and in fact it should be the opposite.

No. 115599


Anon, that's what is called a psycho bitch. Best thing to do is to get rid of her by slowly fading away. Don't cut her cold turkey or she'll get 'revenge' on you.

Sorry you have to deal with someone like that. If it helps, most people don't think you're bad via association. For example… I was sitting at a cafe the other day and behind me these two women were talking. One completely dominated the conversation complaining non stop about all the things in her life and generally talking stink about people. Her friend could hardly get in a word, I felt bad she was hanging out with a dumb bitch.

No. 115601

No. 115604

>My boyfriend and I met online. We have a seven hour time difference


No. 115614

Been there done that. Get rid of her or she'll destroy you in some type of way. Friends are going to annoy every now and then but not that extent. If she's causing you this many problems leave her and find some new friends because you don't need this girl's bullshit.

No. 115621

Haha sorry, you're right. I didn't mean "after," what I really meant to say was it could be overload to make it a priority now with everything that's going on, especially since anon is having second thoughts. I meant to say see if you stay together, and if things improve and it looks like you guys could get more serious down the line, find a good time to tell him. Especially if anon can frame it like "okay, so this was a whiiillee ago but…I did this" etc.

Ugh I know. Luckily some stores will also have pants in size whatever "S" for short. It's weird, though, because it's not really obvious. But I remember Abercrombie & Fitch did that when I used to shop there, so other stores definitely do, too. You just have to look. Definitely beats needing to get your jeans and pants hemmed LOL amirite -_-

No. 115622

Seriously…why would you bump your own confession…awkward.

No. 115629

Wat. I'm >>115540 and I haven't checked this thread until just now.
Also, I'm pretty sure there are no (You)s on Lolcow.

No. 115630

No, but it was just obvious you were samefagging…

No. 115636

But I wasn't. Either the anon that linked to my post meant to respond to someone else and accidentally quoted me, but got too lazy to delete it, or they meant to respond to me but somehow forgot to make an actual post and then didn't delete it.
What even is there to samefag over? It's a vent thread.

No. 115643

I am bad at making friends with not shit people, and great at making friends with abusive turds without realizing it. It's because of how I was raised, I'm working on it, yadda yadda, but none of that stuff helps me now. I'm so lonely, and over the past few nights I had vivid dreams about some of the shitty people I was friends with but cut contact with. I can't tell if I'm missing them or just missing friendship (hopefully the later), but it's really bumming me out.

No. 115645

File: 1478184987765.jpg (608.52 KB, 1600x1200, spiral-George-Redgrave.jpg)

>stress because too much work
>have seizure because of stress
>stay a few days home from work to recover from seizure
>go back to work
>have even more work because I wasn't there for a few days
>more stress

No. 115649

Sorry to hear that, anon. I don't know if you mean psychogenic seizures or not, but regardless, I know how you feel. I've had 2 seizures myself this week from stress. Shit sucks.

Do you have anything you normally do at home/outside of work to de-stress? Maybe take a bath, treat yourself to something nice, or take a walk somewhere?

No. 115652

I used to be like this too, but then I realised there was something all these spastics had in common: they're charming and fearless, and usually very outgoing. They don't care what someone thinks of them so they shit-talk and complain all the time, but they're 'fun' (read: irresponsible and impulsive) and nice to people to their faces so they get away with it. They just don't give a shit about anyone other than themselves, which makes them 'cool' at first. Then when you don't want to do as they say they turn on you and then you really see how good of a friend they are to you.

In contrast, my nicer friends are usually 'boring' and 'lame', treat everyone nicely and don't like confrontation (so they don't command power in the same way the other ones do) so I used to ignore them all the time whilst trying to impress the 'cool kids', yet whenever the 'cool kids' ripped me a new one (and told me it was my fault for being an idiot) it was my boring friends who would listen to me and make me feel better.

Now that I'm older I've become super picky about whom I befriend to the point where I'm the 'boring' one for having a friend group with no drama. And honestly it feels great.

No. 115653

>have seizure because of stress
Holy shit that's horrifying. Do you take any medication? Do you sort of "wake up" after having a seizure or are you conscious of it throughout?

Tbh the only comfort I get from seizure stories is of the victims saying they don't recall having them, they just sort of go into a trance and wake up sometime later.

No. 115657

Not OP, but I have seizures from stress as well. I take Xanax as needed, when I feel like I'm going to have a bad day, but other than that, it's just about finding ways to manage stress and anxiety. Some people are given anti-depressants/anxiety, but personally I can't take them, so I stick to Xanax.

I'm fully aware of my seizures from beginning to end, which is the scary part, because I'm "trapped" inside my head during the whole thing. I honestly feel possessed because I just lose control of my own body. It's as though someone else is taking over. Unlike epileptic seizures, I don't always shake uncontrollably. Sometimes, my arms and legs just start doing random shit like repeated movements or curling up into awkward positions and becoming paralyzed. On a bad day, they can last for 20-30 minutes.

Right before and after, I start to become nonverbal, but thanks to an app I found, it opens up a warning prompt that lets someone know I'm going to have one and allows us to type back and forth until I actually do. I've had to use it a few times when I've unexpectedly had a seizure in public and everyone around me is panicking.

Shit sucks and I feel bad for anyone who has them, because I've met a lot of medical professionals who treat me like shit or think I'm faking it for a prescription. I wish there was more support and awareness out there for people that have them.

No. 115660

I get what you're saying. I've gotten better at spotting bad relationships, hence me cutting people out, but I am so awkward I can't make friends with nice people though, even though I'm better at recognizing them now.

Personally for me it all stems from a very bad understanding of what affection is, and not being able to tell apart 'affection' and 'controlling behavior' and being super conditioned to please other people (which creeps out normal people but is super attractive to abusive people), and my family straight up sabotaging my childhood friendships, thus crippling my development. I've tried to tone it down my needy personality, and I've made some progress in that respect, but I'm still too weird on the whole to socialize normally. I feel like when you're in 20's and so socially stunted it's just impossible to catch up, I can't interpret basic social cues at all or keep up with the flow of a conversation.

I would love to have some chill, boring friendships.

No. 115663

File: 1478207362151.gif (677.9 KB, 352x261, internalscreaming.gif)

I'm in so much pain right now from tooth problems. There's one in the back that's giving me fits and it feels so awful I can hardly eat anything and any food that's super sugary sets it off even worse.

In a LDR and I had plans to see someone but hell I'm not rich so I'm gonna spend it on the dentist instead since silly old insurance doesn't cover everything. If the guy gets mad I'm sorry but I can't sit in pain to the point that I can barely eat anything. My dad had bad tooth problems once and I learned not to fuck around if you're teeth are in pain so this has to take priority. I just feel kinda bad about it.

I'm really hungry because I can't eat a whole lot. Who has any recommendation for really soft stuff that isn't sugary besides soup? I wanna eat something besides soup so fucking bad right now.

No. 115665

How old are you exactly?

No. 115666

Can you eat pasta maybe? You can cook the noodles really soft.

No. 115667


I might try that. With a little bit of seasoning I'm sure they'll be good. I go to the dentist in a couple days so this will get me by until then. Thanks anon!

No. 115668

I've been with a girl for about 6 months and she often asks can she come for dinner and my parents often ask why I haven't brought her around.

Last night my Dad asked me, half-jokingly "are you ashamed of us or something?"

I'm not ashamed of my family I'm actually really proud of them, they're living proof that there are people strong enough to maintain their integrity despite just about every misfortune. I'm actually just really protective of them, I don't want people to judge them or look down on them, I hate seeing it, my parents are some of the wisest people I know but I see them face disrespect on a daily basis.

I like the girl I'm with but I've seen her family, I've seen their friends, I don't respect them much and her I do but I am suspicious about what prejudices she may have beneath her exterior, she may also just be putting on a fakeness to impress me, like how everyone sort of pretends a bit in the early stages of a relationship nothing sinister.

Anyone ever been in this situation? How can you know to trust the girl?

No. 115669


Forgive me, I don't know how to properly link on mobile, but the above address has a pretty sizeable list that might be helpful to you. Good luck with your appointment, anon.

No. 115675

I know what you're saying and can relate to the feeling of being protective of people, but I don't have any good advice besides take it at your own pace.

No. 115676

Maybe have them first meet somewhere neutral, like at a restaurant for lunch. Somewhere casual but public.

No. 115699

It linked ok so no worries. In the event that the tooth has to be pulled this list will come in handy for awhile so thank you. I'm kind of scared of getting the tooth pulled out but if it does, it'll be better in the long run so I have high hopes I'll be ok!

No. 115714

I'm becoming more and more attracted to woman each day. However, I don't know how to tell my current boyfriend. I just don't get the same rush of energy when I think about men. It just..doesn't feel right. When I close my eyes, I see myself with a woman.

If I tell him, I risk having nowhere to go…

If I don't tell him..I risk being unhappy for the rest of my life…I need help.

No. 115715

I'm so annoyed. There's a girl who's such a fucking edgelord, pretending to be 'evil' and a 'succubus' and whores herself out for money to 40 year old dudes and thinks it's edgey and cool that she's getting retards to fall in love with her and using them. When people call her out on her behavior she goes "HEE HEE WELL I'M EVIL, it's OKAY for me to be a total cunt to everyone around me since I worship CHAOS."

I already really hate edgelords because they're so cringe and attention seeking. The best part is that I know ALL these INSANE secrets about her from her previous ex's with proof, nudes, and other crap. And I REALLY want to like tell everyone everything including her parents (who would flip out) but I promised her ex's I wouldn't tell anyone and 'hurt her' because those retards are still in love with her.

Damn it I HATE attention whores.

No. 115716

You don't have enough money to sustain yourself? You should probably start working on that. Immediately. Don't string him along if you've lost feeling for him. You're wasting your own time, you're wasting his time.

No. 115717

Her initials? I think I might know this bitch lol

No. 115719

There's some chick on Tumblr who keeps hitting on me, sending me her post-workout pictures and calls me a "fellow lesbian". Like ???

I post almost daily about my boyfriend and I'm bisexual. I always feel awkward in situations like these, thank god I don't know her IRL/it didn't happen in person.

No. 115720

I only have 3 hours to sleep for a long ass shift tomorrow.

Somebody please just end me.

No. 115721

that depends? Where are you from?

No. 115723

File: 1478261377312.jpg (766.54 KB, 1432x1088, Trumplette Spergs.jpg)

Personal family lolcow story time. Pic heavily related.

>my dad and mom attend Trump rally
>witness people getting into a brawl fight
>dad makes generic post linking event and said how the people fighting were acting like brainless morons

Enter my aunt's sister, Tammy (red). A former (current?) alcoholic RN who apparently thinks she's hot shit bc her son is a cop, ooooo. For some reason she takes my dad's post about the brawlers super personal, like it applies to all Trump supporters. Immediately starts bragging about her son being a cop, second son being a volunteer on election day (lol who brags about THAT?), and apparently her fat husband changed someone's car tire the other day so…Murrica? Immediately starts calling him a libtard even though at that hour he's asleep and isn't responding anyway. Then condescending asks what he's contributed to society.

She replies to the thread again because my aunt saw her posts and told her to fucking delete them because they were embarrassing and unnecessarily hostile. Trashy Tammy doesn't wanna, seems proud to be a psychotic cunt.

I step in and defend my dad because fuck this whore, amirite? Instead of acting like a 50 year old adult and shutting the fuck up, she swipes a candid picture of my dad holding a vodka bottle when my aunt and uncle were over visiting during the week a hurricane knocked out their power. My parents NEVER drink, it was literally just the only thing to do. She bashes the fuck out of my dad, despite her having a history of alcoholism. I point that out.

She then proceeds to make some inbred statement about my cousins not finding me physically "appealing." She also started calling me "downs syndrome" a few times but she deleted these comments before I could capture them. She also deleted this cousin comment after realizing that she was wrong and said something pretty suggestive. Even though we're not biologically related they're still technically MY COUSINS. Tapdancin' christ, lady.
Called her a methhead, because that's what years of alcoholism and partying did to her, this rustled the jimbobs.

Of course since I'm defending my dad she finally says I'm a "libtard" and calls us all crazy because literally nobody is agreeing with her. She blocks me, doesn't delete any of the major comments she wrote. Just took back the more disgusting, cousin-fucking ones. I had an old tab open which is the only reason I got a cap of the cousin shit before she bawleeted it.

Probably shouldn't have responded to her when she posted the pic of my dad, but that really set me off.

I want to fucking ruin her, we've never done SHIT to her up until this point so this just proves the entire time she's been a two-faced shithead to us.
And not that she ever delivers babies by herself, but I wish I could write to that hospital and tell them that their employee has a tendency to discriminate against "special" needs and NICU babies.>>115721

No. 115724

File: 1478261621904.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1432x1088, Trumlette spergs it.png)

Yeesh, that quality. Better version.

No. 115731

File: 1478267019343.jpg (75.58 KB, 640x606, 1458428888791.jpg)

Fucking white people.

No. 115735


Jeezus fuck that's some pure white trash right there.

Is that really her mug shot? Did her son arrest her huehuehue.

No. 115737

As the snow, anon.

Talked to my family this morning and they basically confirmed everything for me
>Tammy is legit psychotic; involuntarily institutionalized at least twice and once for driving her car through her own home
>she was drunk last night
>only reason her son is a cop is because hubbo is, and reason why hubbo is bc his father was a cop, backwater nepotism
>her husband is a creep and used to be caught grinding on my first cousin but apparently that was some family bullshit they kept secret
>would explain why my young appearance threatens Tammy so much since she confessed my cousins and her husband ogle me whenever they can…

My whole family knew she was psychotic except for me, that's why they never talked to her. So I'm basically the catalyst for giving this bitch a first class ejection from our side of the family. My cousin from my aunt texted me and said she was glad I gave it to her. My aunt has been up all night crying because Tammy embarrassed her. Mom laughed that I called her a meth head. Everyone is super pissed at her right now, probably wouldn't have believed me unless I saved the captions so I'm glad I did.

Nah, I just googled "meth head" and I picked the first greasy-bangs, hollow cheeks, no jaw, witch nosed asshole I found. I photoshopped that in after I was done capping, though I really should have posted before she blocked me just to trigger her a bit more. Kek.

No. 115745

>HA! Your cousins will never see you as sexy as me!

Good? I hope they don't find their own cousin hot.

Also German flag themed censor bars.

No. 115746

Does she have enough gold to warrant a lolcow or ED page? I need more.

No. 115751

If only it were that easy anon. I'm working part time while going to school. I don't have any connections. No local friends to room with. It would take me months to save up enough for just renting a room.

I don't want to string him along…I've tried to talk to him before but he won't let go.

No. 115752

File: 1478278159182.jpg (79.22 KB, 959x960, tammy and diddler.jpg)

She's confirmed psychotic so who knows what they actually think. It could be her warped mind just projecting. But I will say they look like douchey thumbs and they acted like complete brats to me once they reached teenage years, probably thanks to Momma Tammy and the State Trooper Kid Diddler.

They say she's mentally ill but she's actually very crafty when it comes to shaping her online persona. I think she's a narcissist, complete with overblown thoughts of grandeur.

I am literally the first person in decades to tell her to cut her shit, so other than that, the rational side of our family bit their tongues to never trigger her to keep peace. And on her social media she's surrounded by her political echo chamber so there's not much milk to be had.

Ever since 2013, she stopped practically all pictures of herself, and now whenever she does take pictures it's only when she's gussied up for an event, under heavy blur filters, or with one of her cute dogs to amplify her likes. Because she's a hideous old bird otherwise.

No. 115754

File: 1478278517878.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.97 KB, 665x665, diddles clan.jpg)

And in case someone's curious about the looks of these oh so ravishing boys and husband of hers who don't find me appealing, pic related.
>left to right
>Child Predator, Douchebag, Meth Head, Ugga Big Head
Furthest right looks like down syndrome to me, since he looks nothing like his parents and has a giant head, but w/e.

No. 115755

You don't have to go by what others say. She IS mentally ill. That behavior literally doesn't occur to healthy minds. You don't need a degree to know that.

They look sane in this pic but knowing how they are ruins it for me.

Having careers and finances doesn't make them successful. That's a strawman argument. (thinking back to what she said before about them being police officers) Plenty of cops I know are tards who don't know the law even when I pull out documentation showing they're not properly following procedure then they bitch at me for lecturing someone with authority. They are just enforcers of the law, they don't legislate shit.

No. 115756

I want to add that what you do with your careers and finances is what makes you a winrar, not just having them

No. 115757

Not to mention these are troopers in a rural area county. They're not in an inner city police force.

These are the kind of dudes who pull people over on the interstate for going 40mph in a 35 zone, or getting called to kick out drunks from the bar at closing time. They're really not well off, and her being an RN she makes pennies. They just like to pretend they are because they want people to think they're successful. Which is why they feel the need to boast over the tiniest things like Fivehead volunteering at the ballot boxes.

No. 115758

File: 1478279264319.jpg (29.83 KB, 480x420, cdd.jpg)


my dad was cheated out of his pay by an ex employer and wants to start a claim with the labor court (he's a goddamn immigrant, he doesn't speak english well, i'll have to do like all of it probably even though i'm pretty sure THE BITCH WILL CHEAT HIM OUT OF IT ANYWAY), my mother's working in a different city cause there's no work here and drones on the phone on and on about the bad weather and wanting to move to a different rental apartment there (even though she doesn't drive so how is she even gonna move her shit?) and she can't even use the fucking google maps on her phone. god fucking damnit i want to hit my head against the wall why can't anything go right? there's always some shit coming up jesus fuckng christ god forbid shit actually goes well NOoOoOoOoOO

No. 115759

Why can't you be successful and normal like them and date your downsy cousin?

No. 115760

File: 1478279535914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.58 KB, 617x616, easy diddler.jpg)

I just can't keep up with their high fashion I guess!

No. 115761

File: 1478279788397.jpg (51.58 KB, 400x252, FAS Facefini.jpg)

He's looks like the kid on the fetal alcohol syndrome chart all grown up.

No. 115762

Arguing with them is useless. Just let them brew in their own stew of stupidity with their own low quality circle of friends and hang out with actual successful people. These people will never understand and are destined to be on the bottom rung of society as long as they are arrogant.

I moved to another city with higher income to get away from such white trash. Big difference, made quality friends. I know I said finances don't define success or mental health but there is some correlation.

There is some truth to why some people can hold better jobs than others but some of it is just dumb luck. Policeman/woman is a common job full of people who made it past mental screening somehow. tell me what he actually does while on the job rather than thinking the job itself is somehow a huge accomplishment.

No. 115763

Is that a motorbike? Why do old fat men and their dowdy wives like motorbikes?

No. 115766

Honestly though, posting all this shit about your trashy family is pretty retardes

No. 115767


No. 115769

Not biologically related, plus it's a vent thread. So.

No. 115771

California, I met her in a mental ward

No. 115773

bipolar disorder here. i feel so hopeless and out of control. when i feel happy, i'm too happy. i'm overwhelming and smothering and chatty and spend and fuck and do all the drugs….typical manic traits i guess. i can't stop crying today because in a brief moment of clarity, it feels like this cycle from mania to depression is just increasing in severity and there's really only one way out. i'm being evicted, my indoor cat has fleas, my bf is my only friend, my back always hurts, and my head always aches from the meds.
i'll probably snap out of it in a week or so and even if my ass is homeless i'll find a way to smile but right now i feel like the only way to get my thoughts out and not be embarrassed is anonymously.

No. 115774

Retarded or not it's great and I need more.

No. 115780

File: 1478288889548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.84 KB, 960x720, token black friend.jpg)

Don't know what other anon's on about calling it retarded when it's clearly much better to vent about retarded people anonymously than to risk further upsetting people on social media.

I'm not white trash or crazy like she is and I live five states away in a city. Just thought I'd share in some cringe. One last pic for you anon, I'll let you know if she comes back to sperg out again but there's no more content for now.

No. 115782

She's a living stereotype and likes it omg.

No. 115786

This is the prime result of inbreeding. Sasuga, rural 'merica, I guess.

No. 115790

Oh no, this girl isn't in the states.

No. 115795

Maybe all fatties should quit whining and fix themselves if they want to wear nice clothes so badly. I'm so fucking sick of obese fucks crying over the top of anyone with a real problem because every single store, airline, chair manufacturer, and/or clothing designer doesn't cater specifically to their gross bodies. Fat people make themselves fat and then have the audacity to call themselves oppressed because normal humans don't want to fuck, dress, and feed them. It's such a pathetic, selfish thing to complain about. "Weh wehhh nobody makes hot pants for a 97 inch waist. I can't fit in planes or cars or chairs, I'm more oppressed than black gay Jews weh".
If people don't want to better themselves they should shut up and fuck off, not demand better people fix their fee fees.

No. 115800

>Maybe all fatties should quit whining and fix themselves

How do you propose they fix their heights? Since that was the only point the post you responded to made. Short fatties have the same problems with finding pants that they don't have to hem and awkward blouse lengths as well. That's quite a diatribe.

No. 115803

fix themselves = lose weight

No. 115805

No shit, the post you responded to wasn't justifying anything about their weight it was saying that short fatties have the same problems with height fixes as average shorties do. Damn you're dense.

No. 115806

Lose weight, shop petite like other short women. Get your pants hemmed or spend 15 minutes learning how to do it yourself.

It's a vent thread. Of course there's gonna be a diatribe.

No. 115807

>shop petite like other short women

>most things I try on in store are too big or long on me. The petites section (if there indeed is one) always has the same boring shitty black trousers and flimsy polyester shirts

Don't make it personal and imply I'm complaining, I'm just pointing out how you can't read.

No. 115808

It's a general response to the complaints made by short-and-chubby-chans. I still don't get why you're bitching. Short fat women can easily access clothes designed for short women by not being fat. It's a rant thread, of all the places to come nitpicking. I went on a tangent, cry harder.

No. 115809

Who's bitching? I'm just stating that the original post was precisely about petite short women having trouble with clothes, so no, the grass doesn't appear to be greener on the other side for short people in general. Didn't mean to marginalize your fees, but perhaps calm down a tad.

No. 115810

So fat anon should lose weight so she can encounter the exact same pitfalls as >>115553? What even is your point?

No. 115811

What part of venting is it you're having trouble with anon?

I responded to a post that said
>, that's for tall fatties anon. Short fatties are still shit out of luck.
And said fuck fatties lose weight and there's clothes everywhere for you as well as some other ranty shit.

In a thread for specifically that.

Why are you still whinging?

No. 115812

What are online stores?
What is taking in a hem?

No. 115813

It's pretty shitty that short people have to do extra work to have clothes that don't look awkward on them, which was the entire point of that post.
Even if she lost weight, there still wouldn't be clothes "everywhere" for her.

No. 115814

It takes 10 minutes to hem a pair of pants. Online shopping takes no effort whatsoever.
Maybe she couldn't shop in every regular store but it would open up a lot more options if she lost the extra weight.

No. 115815

I'm small as hell so I just hem my clothes or buy from shops in asia online. Works out fine for me. I say give it a shot. If I go to a store and end up with a dress or skirt that's way too long for my height I hem it. It doesn't take long to learn trust me.

No. 115816

You're exceedingly butthurt about this.

Then maybe you should go rant at petite anon too who can't hem a pair of pants.

No. 115817

Weight wasn't relative to the point they were making about it being a pain in the ass to shop for height and then having to modify clothes. You look stupid quoting something not even relevant to your rant.

No. 115818

File: 1478325087876.jpeg (20.47 KB, 330x250, image.jpeg)

I quoted the post I responded to. How is that irrelevant to my initial post?
I'm not the one getting their panties in a twist over a tangential rant.

I understand that venting and ranting are incredibly difficult concepts to understand but plz try to keep up.

No. 115820

File: 1478326988825.jpg (15.82 KB, 351x329, image.jpg)

>How is that irrelevant to my initial post?

Sorry I can't help you any further, you've had it spelled out to you thrice.
>mfw dumb motherfuckers have to reach to rant about fatties all the time here instead of finding a nice HAES hate subreddit to occupy

No. 115821

There's literally a fat people thread two scrolls down and you pick someone complaining about being short to go off on a tangent about fatties. Lazy or retarded, pick both.

No. 115824

File: 1478328525227.jpeg (18.16 KB, 508x290, image.jpeg)

No. 115826

Exactly how I'd describe you tbh famalam

No. 115831

File: 1478340834282.png (113.13 KB, 321x313, boxxy.png)

Anyone else loathe this crooked tooth, cock panderer boxxy knockoff? She's widely known for being ~anti-feminist~ but she's actually just a basic bitch who can't do her eyeliner evenly and steals her arguments from everyone else.


Making up a bunch of strawman arguments based on one feminazi article she scrounged up saying that all feminists are against male bc. Implying most weren't actually furious when the studies were halted.

Now, I can understand that the contraception is just in a TRIAL phase, so it makes sense why they'd stop the study at the drop of a pin. But it is frustrating. It's frustrating to know hormonal female contraceptions had the same incidences of depression, suicidal thoughts, and physical maladies that were overlooked and pushed onto women anyway bc they were told it was for the greater good if their health suffered as long as pregnancy was prevented.
So it's frustrating to hear this bitch downplay the very REAL side effects of FDA approved women's birth control. As if because it has that label it's as safe as this clinical trial male contraception. As much as she wants to act like a cunt and go reeeeeee it does make it look like a double standard.

As an example, anyone remember Yaz/Yasmin? Well, I remember in late-2000s people were flipping shit over Yaz because women were developing blood clots and other renal failures from taking these fucking pills with drospirenone. To this day, it's still FDA approved. But, FDA had to conduct studies because women were filing lawsuits against the company Bayer for it. Women were dropping dead from pulmonary embolisms or developing severe injuries from clots.

Out of 800,000 medical records they found:
The risk of venous thrombembolic events which includes dangerous and potentially fatal blood clots, was 93% higher for women who had been taking oral contraceptives made with drospirenone for only 3 months or less and 290% higher for women taking drospirenone oral contraceptives for 7–12 months, compared to women taking other types of oral contraceptives.

In 2012 Bayer had to tell their stockholders that there were more than 12,000 lawsuits relating to this birth control, so far they've only settled 1,977 cases for $402.6 million while setting aside $610.5 million to settle others.

Yasmin is still on the market. FDA put a warning label on it and therefore wiped their hands clean. This bc wasn't pulled despite the proven risks.

Another super fun FDA approved bc? Depo-provera. Doesn't carry as many acute lethal side effects like pulmonary embolism, but it has been proven to cause bone loss (settled many lawsuits over osteoporosis), cancer, and up until recently depression–because another fun fact about birth control is that they rarely do studies on how they influence mood. That's a VERY recent gain for women's contraceptives. There have only ever been four since 2003, and they're usually population-based on the entire census of bc users, and don't look at specific types of bc or demographics of women. Last one was in 2013 and it was garbage.

In any event, in the US the FDA makes you sign a consent form stating that you've been advised of the black box warning by your provider. If you want this bc then you have no choice but to waive your rights to file suit because, hey, they told you about the risks.

Will Yaz or Depo ever be pulled from the markets to be improved? Fuck no. They were working experiments when they were approved, and they're still experiments in action now.

No. 115832

Just looks wise, I can't stand how close together her eyes are and she makes it worse the way she does her eyeliner. She looks like an emo chipmunk.

No. 115833

I kind of like sh0e because she can do her skits well, but she is trying to copy boxxy lookwise. I think there's better informed "anti-feminist/anti-SJW" types on Youtube. She's generally okay.

For everything you just mentioned, I'm really tired of awful side effects in birth control being some kind of "feminist" or now "anti-feminist" issue. The issue is these companies are incredibly powerful and just push for this garbage to be on the market. You should read up on how they actually make profit. They'll put out a product, make more money than they get in lawsuits, then go to the next new thing because people are dumb enough to try it without research. Now they're doing the same for men which is just even more of a headache for everyone, because like you said, nothing with womens birth control has ever been solved. This is how they jump around in the market.

There was some company trying to get a really, really sketchy "womens libido pill" named Addyi passed off recently and it thankfully got shut down. What did the company do? It tried to ride the uninformed feminist wave and make it out to be a womens issue. On the surface it might seem like that, but ironically the pill was making women pass out, so it was almost like taking a date rape drug before sex.


Just be careful with what you get for birth control or prescriptions in general and do your research.

No. 115835

Her video quality is like she's using her laptop webcam to record her videos, so I don't even bother watching her. I do hear annoying things about her though.

No. 115836

Shes a bit too extreme in my opinion, almost all anti feminist channels are too extreme and just as bad as the feminazis they are trying to dismantle. TL;DR is probably the only feminist critical channel I can take on YT due to his rigorous objectivity, it's an over-saturated market. I like Sh0e but she can get invasive sometimes with her arguments and they are a little too crass and candid in my opinion, she presents herself on social media platforms quite sloppily as well(i'm sure there's milk to dig up) getting into petty arguments with randoms, she seems to be an attention whore like many others thriving off dismantling asinine, extremist arguments rather than criticizing the harder stuff.

No. 115837


>The issue is these companies are incredibly powerful and just push for this garbage to be on the market.

Pretty much this. The drug companies and even a lot of the doctors who prescribe the medications are making bank on these drugs.

And it shouldn't be a feminist issue because lax FDA regulations effects all types of medications. I always laugh at medication commercials for mental or physical health issues because at the end there's always a 5 - 10 second block of super fast speech listing all the terrible side effects or possible risks. Which is then followed up with some bullshit one liner of 'take back control of your life' while some elderly person plays with their dog or grandkid in the background.

No. 115852

File: 1478360538888.png (61.7 KB, 275x150, 1471385971124.png)

>Used to chat with this artsy guy that lives near me
>Stopped talking to him because too obnoxious, fuckboy and clingy and I wasn't even that attracted to him
>Months later he gets a girlfriend
>They seem really in love, he posts professional photographs of her, he draws her, they always take "sexy" pictures together when naked in bed (this was cringy tho)
>Today he DMs me again
>I quickly take a look on his profile
>They're not together anymore
These fuckboys are so predictable.

Is she hot at least?

No. 115853

File: 1478360942044.jpg (60.81 KB, 720x543, 1462569505657.jpg)


>anon mentions being short and fat and still finding it hard shopping in stores for fat people


Why don't you hem pants from normal store too then? Damn, girl, you need some chill.

No. 115857

I hate not being able to find my bra size in stores. Makes me feel even worse about myself, tbh.

No. 115861

What's your bra size anon? I know there are some shops who make bras for people who have trouble with finding the right sizes. Try looking around town or even online to see if you can find a specialized shop.

No. 115862

Nope. She's just average/plain.

Same. Even underware store don't carry my size.

If you're from the US it might be worth checking online

No. 115864

Most people can't find a bra that fits in both size and shape in store, especially if you're not in an urban area.
Until people stop thinking only A-D cups exist, it will not change.

No. 115866

I'm the OP of the petite post and I wasn't the one QQing about fatties.

I don't mind fatties, and being short+fat is probably pretty shit, but I hate how all of a sudden you're only a 'real womyn' if you're an obeast.

The thing I hate the most is this:
>BAWW Abercrombie is sizeist! But stores like Torrid are OK!
>I'm so oppressed, I can't find clothes that fit me!
>another person agrees and complains about being too short/tall for regular sizing
>lol just make ur own clothes then!

No. 115869


>you're only a 'real womyn' if you're an obeast.

Only the hams themselves believe this. You need to chill out, hams do this as a mental self defence mechanism to keep their self esteem high. The market is just echoing this retarded logic because they know they can make a lot of money off of it. If it seriously has an effect on your self esteem you may want to see a therapist.

Yeah it sucks that hams get a greater cut of the market now, but that's because there's a large (huehuehue) market for it now.

Where do you normally shop for clothes?

No. 115874


I'm a 28 B. The only bra I own that fits amazingly is that size, anyway. Ordered from TheLittleBraCompany. I've been told a 24 D would probably fit me better, but that size is unheard of even from online specialty stores. Seems it's harder to find small sizes than even the outrageously big ones.

No. 115877

Thanks, I'll check out the site!

I'm 32/34 AA or something like that. I have an athletic build so my chest is somewhat big but my breasts are small. So standard A bras are fine in band size but the cup is way too big, even with padding, it has to be one of these extreme push ups to fit normally.

No. 115881

I understand. My breasts are shallow. Wouldn't fill a cup that wasn't padded, probably. I don't think The Little Bra Company has AA, but you might fit a sister size? They're Victoria's Secret prices, but better quality than them, imo.

No. 115883

it's a good possibility that your band is too big and the cups too narrow and deep, rather than too big. guarantee you're shallow and need bras that are for for that shape.

No. 115884

How do you stop willfully being an unbearable little faggot?

No. 115885

Honestly where I live there aren't many places that cater to petite folk. I've had luck ordering from Gap, and Anthropologie had some nice petite stuff on clearance that I managed to snag, all online. Uniqlo has nice things but they don't have free returns so if it doesn't fit you're fucked.

I've managed to find a great pair of jeans from Mango that I hemmed + altered the waistband, now they fit alright. Thrifting is out of the question unless it's stuff like scarves and bags.

You can find nice things in the H&M kids section sometimes if they're not covered in glitter, otherwise I don't buy much. I'm still wearing the same kids boots I used to wear in year 9, and I'm 23.

No. 115908

File: 1478392273719.jpg (11.78 KB, 275x275, 1461173522656.jpg)

anyone else in a constant state of confusion about what hierarchy of value one should subscribe to in life? I've worked really hard. I oscillate between feeling like my goals and the things that I work for in life are more 'authentic', 'true', or have a 'legitimate' point, than the shallow hierarchy of value presented by every other wanker on social media; to allowing the latter to get to me and feeling like the only way I will be satisfied is to have the perfect body, 10k followers and to go out every night. All this to then feeling like I should put effort into neither because we're all gonna die and forget anyway, and I should just melt into my sofa, smoking weed whilst watching speedruns of my favorite games.

Obviously everyone knows social media whoring and making out your life is such a perfect aesthetic on Instagram is an illusion, but sometimes it feels like you have to join in just to feel sane these days.

No. 115910

File: 1478393232446.gif (1013.31 KB, 245x251, raven.gif)

>being this mad fatties get what they look for in the market

Consider getting treatment. You are offended because fat people get clothes. Seriously.

No. 115918

>I oscillate between feeling like my goals and the things that I work for in life are more 'authentic', 'true', or have a 'legitimate' point, than the shallow hierarchy of value presented by every other wanker on social media.
This ^^

My goal is to contribute something, anything to humanity, I wan't to contribute something objectively beneficial rather than some shitty piece of po-mo art I want to contribute something to fields of science like gerontology or bioremediation, but while i'm still very young I want to live up my years of hedonism and youth ergo be vain as shit, and obsess over my body and image. It feels pretty clusterfuck but I wouldn't be able to live without ultimately contributing something of value, I hope after undergraduate level I become less affected by superficial shit and more centered on the deep stuff I want to be concentrated on.

>All this to then feeling like I should put effort into neither because we're all gonna die and forget anyway, and I should just melt into my sofa, smoking weed whilst watching speedruns of my favorite games.

You're free to do what makes you happy anon, if gaming and watching game related shit while blazing it is your go to wind down than you stick with it but don't let it become your entire life ya'll know this. If you contribute something you'll never be forgotten, it doesn't matter how small or token.

>Obviously everyone knows social media whoring and making out your life is such a perfect aesthetic on Instagram is an illusion, but sometimes it feels like you have to join in just to feel sane these days.

I really couldn't agree more anon it's all part of social assimilation, we all have to conform to this by some standard to get by, it's a hierarchical bullshit pyramid scheme of vanity isn't it? Modern day sexual selection. It saddens me to see my friends and family finally compromising themselves to fit into it, but it's entirely understandable. I hardly use social media except for steam but i'm still vain as fuck it's the easier route of being female.

Keep trucking on anon don't let the superficial shallow shit consume you, but bask in it now that you can, you only get one chance to live up this time of your life.

No. 115921

I feel like you are 2 IQ points short of a monkey.
I'm not offended because fat people get clothes, I'm offended because short and tall people don't, as in people who can't do anything about their size, unlike fatties.

No. 115923

Not the person you're replying to, but you have no place calling other people stupid when you literally took anon pointing out how short fatties had the same problem about hemming pants and used that as a tirade to go off on anon about fatties. Because you thought anon was being fat accept-y somehow.

Stop chimping out.

No. 115924

I literally said, in the comment the reply was to, that I wasn't the one chimping out about short fatties. My only comments were the first one and >>115866


No. 115929

The more you keep dragging this out the more I doubt you aren't the same person. Instead of whining about fatties getting what they demand of the market, maybe you should step up and demand representation like they did.

No. 115935

File: 1478403021137.jpg (110.25 KB, 500x374, 1447004246022.jpg)

>post a video that I half agree with while explaining my views and why I don't agree with all of it but some of it is valid
>it's not an extreme enough stance to please people who agree thoroughly with video
>don't denounce video hard enough for people who disagree thoroughly with video
>get people who just see the video and don't read what I wrote
>comment on shit that I literally covered
>had anybody bothered to read what I fucking said in the first place before reacting
>shut the fuck up when I reply repeating what I said initially bc they realize I'm not disagreeing with anything they're saying

Holy shit.

No. 115940

File: 1478404518967.png (475.81 KB, 550x771, scrawl_tabacco.png)

My co-worker is driving me nuts. Everything was fine at our workplace until they were hired last year (out of pity to help them out) and since then it's been nothing but their white trash drama causing chaos. The worst part is that we've all gone out of our way to try to help her but she's so fucking irresponsible it's made no difference.

My boss (manager) is pretty much done and tried to have a talk about how she's seriously at the edge of losing her job, but instead of bothering to take it seriously she just went on about suing the company if she's fired and getting mummy to chew out the manager. It's an at-will employment business so I'm almost looking forward to see what's going to happen within the next couple weeks.

No. 115975

I bet that anon is just really mad cuz she's a femlet that will never develop into a grown woman. I hope she enjoys being hit on by pedos only until she's 45.

No. 115982

File: 1478447173657.gif (486.59 KB, 500x333, snowwhite.gif)

TFW when you missed out on auctioning off your A++ ass to the highest bidder because you didn't perceive social media simply as modern day sexual selection and felt you were too 'real' for it.

No. 115993

File: 1478454778435.png (19.7 KB, 450x420, 1457720603334.png)

I have to take a break from school again because I got fired because of "downsizing" from my job. I already lost two years because of this shit and thought I could finally finish it this year. I already started late because of money problems, at this rate I'll be graduating at like 29 and probably won't ever find a decent job. Just end my existence already.

No. 115994

I feel like shit because my crush's boyfriend just told me they had sex last night, just to mortify me.

He added me on Steam a couple of months ago when she introduced him to me as a friend. We played some vidya together, the three of us, and I met him in person a couple of times. He seemed a cool guy. Of course I didn't know they'd end up in a relationship, but hey, shit happens, I had to deal with it, although I'm not talking to the girl as much as before because it hurts and I'm having the shittiest time of my life for several other reasons.
This morning the boyfriend adds me on a fake Steam account (I guess he wanted to cover it up in case I wanted to tell his girlfriend) and says "guess what? I fucked [name of the girl] last night. I know you have a crush on her and you're all jealous and that's why you stopped talking to her you piece of shit." Then he proceeded to tell me how they did it and how good it felt and I was like: dude, why the fuck are you telling me this? I barely even know you, what the hell did I do to you? "You deserve this because you made her feel like shit, you know that?" I honestly don't understand what he meant by that. I've been always in good terms and close to her even after I told her I love her, just we didn't talked too much these past weeks, but I didn't act rude or anything. I thought maybe she told him a lie just to fuck me up, but what does that accomplish is beyond me, and that's not like her. I asked him what did I do, "oh, you know what, you're a piece of shit"

Hell, I didn't even know this guy knew I was attracted to her, she obviously told him.

I haven't blocked him on Facebook or Steam yet, and haven't spoke to him since that last conversation, just his fake account

I've never felt this confused, angry and depressed in my life. I don't want to tell my friend either. I don't know what to do anymore.

No. 115997

Poison comes in small bottles innit
Keep h8in though

No. 116001

Comparing yourself to poison is a really nice way to delude yourself into thinking you are worth something.

No. 116008

That's fucked up, anon.
I would fire back with something like "No, I really don't. But you know what? The fact that you'd resort to making a fake account in a lame attempt to make me feel bad with your cringy sex story, and then refuse to even explain your reasoning tells me exactly what kind of person you are. "You know what you did"? Really? Fucking pathetic. It's a good thing I cut you both off."
Then block him on both the fake account and his real one, then her. Or leave them unblocked if you want to see how they'll respond.

No. 116009

And make sure you take screencaps of all your interactions just in case. You never really know how drama will go down.

No. 116013

Femlet omfg
I'm the original angry-at-fatties anon. I dropped it days ago how are you still crying about this?
What is a femlet? A small woman? do you think I didn't reach puberty because I'm not a 200lb grot?
Enjoy your bitterness. My husband and I find the creeps who hit on me hilarious tho.

It would be great to be a fly on the wall the day she gets sacked. What industry are you guys in?

No. 116014

I'd cap the whole conversation and send it to the girl. I doubt she'd be okay with the guy telling you the exact details of how they fucked.

No. 116016

Seconded. I'd be mortified.

No. 116017

She deserves to knows he's such an asshole. I'm really sorry this happened to you anon, you don't deserve that shit.

No. 116028


I know this is the most logical course of action, but I'm paranoid as fuck, to be honest. I have this constant fear that maybe both of them agreed to this, and they want me to take the bait and humiliate me even more. Besides, I have no proof at all since I was so full of rage I didn't even took the time to save the conversation; I blocked him almost immediately. I'm so fucking stupid, omg.

He doesn't even live in the same town as ours, and I've never been in his place. In fact, the only interaction we had (besides the last time we saw each other face to face) was him liking some random memes I posted on Facebook.

I'll update if something else comes up.

No. 116031

That's understandable. I'd worry she was in in it too. Fuck 'em. You can get way better friends than them.

No. 116037

I've posted here before about my super extroverted roommate and I'm back again.

This is the second time she's let a guy over without texting me first. I honestly believe my roommate has a nut for a brain. I want to move out so bad when our lease is up because she does stupid shit, but i'm too chicken shit to move out and live on my own. And in this town I rather not take my chance with a complete stranger.

We get along, but when she does stupid shit like this it just makes me so angry and confused. The first time this happened I woke up hearing a random dude in our house. She apologized for not telling me. The second time this happened I come home to the door locked and her excuse this time was that she though she sent the text message. Which I believe is bullshit because this is someone who has their phone on them 24/7. So i'm pretty sure she just forgot like the first time. Honestly I don't care when she brings a guy over to fuck, but just let me know so i'm not surprised when I wake up/come home.

I just keep telling myself to just hide my anger, stick to my studies, work hard and hopefully I can make enough one day to live by myself in a nice apartment with my new cat.

No. 116041


No. 116064

Wtf talk to her first don't just go straight to pretending there's no problem.

Straight up say to her 'hey I know it's not always easy to remember but we agreed that there would be warning before visitors come over here.' Confrontation isn't always bad if you can communicate well. If you ignore it it will only get worse and that's when people end up doing something passive aggressive.

You gotta face problems head on if you ever wanna be able to be independent and move away from this girl anon.

No. 116120

>panic attack out of nowhere

Don't you just love life sometimes?

No. 116143

It's just a small retail shop, we thought it'd be alright because she originally lived down the street and said she'd walk or be able to bike down to work. And then she and her psychotic junkie mother were evicted from the apartment they were bumming in and it snowballed into a bunch of shit ranging from them living in a motel to squatting in a foreclosed house that was being rented out to bums by a heroin addict to multiple car accidents and god knows what else.

No. 116144

Isn't that the definition of panic syndrome? You should go to a doctor anon

No. 116147

Im at my bf birthday, its almost 12 in the night, and all his friends are here. I dont know what the fuck happened but I got a panic attack FROM NOTHING, I feel like shit bc I know he want me to be with him and his friends but I feel so uncomfortable like they talk to each other and since no one talks with me besides my bf being there is like ¿¿¿¿¿
Also Im a little shy piece of shit so that doesnt help
Fuck Im in his fucking room writing this so I dont have to deal there, Im trash and I know it

No. 116150

Hey woah there anon
You're not trash or shit for having anxiety or panic attacks. A misfire in your brain that tells your entire body 'we're gonna fuckin die right now go go go' isn't easy to deal with and I really hope you can stop beating yourself up over it.
What has helped you to calm down when you've felt like this before? Can you do any of those things right now?

It's okay to have this happen to you. What's not okay is having to suffer without support or tools that can be used to manage it.

No. 116152

Anons can you reassure me that the majority of men don't hate or resent or at the very least, want to hurt women? every interaction I observe from men on the internet more and more men think this way and it alarms and scares me. There's a sub reddit going around tumblr sjws at the moment and it's about how to rape escorts etc and put them in pain on purpose. I just don't understand why so many men hate women, 'whores', etc. I am dating a great guy but even he has some fucked up fetishes and I am scared as fuck of men basically (this is not related to my bf.) someone reassure me that the new generation of men actually don't want to kill me

No. 116171

Being on tumblr ensures that you're being delivered an endless supply of the worst of the worst so that you can complain about it and feed your insecurity. It's like going on some MRA/MTGOW and being surprised that everything is full of terrible stories about how women are the most soulless gold diggers and they are completely willing to fuck anyone over anytime.
What is being highlighted to you is about as bad as it gets and not really indicative of the majority in any way.
Even among the minority who do actually have a problem with women in general, most will recognize that whatever they have a problem with doesn't apply literally to every single female out there. You'll easily find posts in various places saying otherwise, but people are just being edgy and often post things online that they don't really practice IRL.

No. 116172

Men overwhelmingly want to protect women. If you were teleported into a sealed room with villainous assailant and 1000 random men were cycled into the room one by one, 997 of them would protect you from the bad guy, 2 would be afraid, and 1 might join him. Action movie heros are they way they are because that's what most guys want to be, protecting women and vanquishing easily defined visible evil. There wouldn't be a market for them otherwise.

No. 116175

kind of tmi

But I have a perineal tear…again. it's small af, but just big enough to burn during sex or anything that involves touching the area.

I don't notice it tears until after sex. And no amount of lube helps with this. Guess my boyfriend might be too big or rough…or both. Fml

No. 116176

Most men I come into contact with on a daily basis are normal guys who behave like normal well adjusted adults.

I've only once met a potential robot and he was a deeply insecure sperg who tried to neg me. And I've met several wankers but they are in the minority.

No. 116179

The guys you consider normal are just socially adept enough to hide their real personality. Practically all men are misogynists. They pretend not to be to manipulate you into fucking them. This applies to "male feminists" too.

No. 116186

File: 1478608478629.jpeg (40.53 KB, 275x208, image.jpeg)

No. 116191

Nice proofs

No. 116193

back to /r9k/

No. 116201

>requiring evidence for bold claims like 'men are all misogynists' means you're a robot


No. 116202

I have a problem: I blush randomly. For real, sometimes I blush without ANY reason (I feel relaxed and it literally happens in the middle of nothing) and someone asks me "Why are you blushing?"
It's fucking embarassing and now I'm erythrophobic. Fine.

No. 116203

Is human trafficking and human exploiting in pornography enough for you?

No. 116210

Only a male would need evidence for that.
Women know it through experience.

No. 116221

>all men are directly involved in human trafficking
>women can read men's minds
I'm sorry who had a shitty dad, anon.

No. 116222

>all men are directly involved in human trafficking
Practically all men watch porn, so yeah. They support and encourage it.

No. 116235

Most pornstars would be insulted by you implying they're being taken advantage of.

No. 116236

omg same
like I feel literally going hot in the face and I'm like wth I'm relaxed what is this

No. 116237

Yeah, I know right, men always know what's best for women, including porn stars and trafficked prostitutes, duh. How dumb of me to think many of these people have no other options but to keep being paid to have sex with strangers.

No. 116242

>men always know what's best for women

I'm saying the exact opposite actually, that women who chose that line of work would be insulted by what you're saying.

If you told most pornstars, strippers, or legal prostitutes (and many illegal ones even), that they didn't make the decision themselves and they're being taken advantage of, they would be insulted.

By far most sex workers are doing it by choice, not forced into it.

No. 116243

>By far most sex workers are doing it by choice

t. expert

No. 116244

I can tell you want to take it to an argument about capitalism.

Is a minimum-wage fast food worker who would otherwise be homeless doing their job by choice?

If anyone is being exploited by (professional) porn, it's undoubtedly the men who pay for it.

No. 116249

Yup, because every single person is paying for a PornHub subscription.

Are you reading yourself?

No. 116250

> every single person is paying for a PornHub subscription.

That's not even close to what I said.

No. 116251

So where does the money go? To people who buy a subscription of a porn site just to download everything and 100 other people pirate it? What's your point? That men are explored because they buy subscriptions of porn sites? They should be given for free when most of these people make pennies unless they are porn celebrities and/or eat shit and puke and lick toilets? So you are basically saying men are entitled to do everything they want with women for free?

Seriously, what the fuck are you implying? The more you try to defend porn, the more miserable you sound. Just kill yourself, you shitty robot.

No. 116252

I'm thinking of killing myself. I'm a complete mess, I do see a therapist but it doesn't help me at all.

No. 116255

>That pornstars do their job by choice

But that's simply wrong. You haven't showed a single proof of that statement. However there's a lot of proof of otherwise.

>Boo hoo, the porn industry isn't as profitable now so I should feel bad for them?

Interestingly enough sex industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world but women working on it are the ones earning the most pathetic amount. :^)

I won't spoonfeed you, do your research before claiming such things.

No. 116256

>pornstars are victims of human trafficking


No. 116257

Did I say that, you dumb shit?

No. 116260

Anything but committed monogamy disgusts me. I hate pornography, I hate hook-up culture and casual sex. I hate "open" relationships and polyamory. The world would be a better place if everyone was autistic like me and serial monogamy was as kinky as things got.

No. 116265

File: 1478640790158.png (4.14 KB, 543x72, Knipsel.PNG)

No. 116266

>The world would be a better place if everyone was autistic like me and serial monogamy was as kinky as things got.


No. 116268

You must be fucking retard.

>prostitutes are often used to do pornography

>many of them are trafficked
>not all of porn women are trafficked but many are

Do I have to draw it for you?

No. 116269

Wow I'm so glad enlightened feminists act like they get to choose for me just because they think they know what we all want and think.
Telling other women how they feel about men makes you as fucking sexist as people saying women are too stupid to choose for themselves. I'm a woman and I love men. You psychos need to stop screeching over the top of other women. You're hurting the cause you pretend you're fighting for and it's pathetic.

No. 116270

You gonna provide some proof instead of just demanding it from others?

No. 116271

No. 116272

File: 1478641989291.jpg (81.11 KB, 600x400, powerpuff-girls-criminals-cost…)

No. 116273

I love eating junk food but I don't claim it's 100% healthy, you know? You can still like men realizing they are very flawed.

No. 116275

Do you honestly not see how retarded it is to decide for other women how to feel? do you think that I'm too stupid to make my own decisions about how I've been treated by men? You're doing exactly what misogynists do by reducing every single individual male to one or two stereotypes and then you pat yourself on the back for apparently dismantling sexism. You're part of the reason the feminazi meme exists, you're part of the reason why people dismiss feminism as a bunch of screechy witches who don't want to be equal, they want to be dominant as a gender.

I've never had a man tell me my opinions or feelings are worthless but there's a fucking lot of women like you out there saying it to me daily.

No. 116276

>boohoo muh feelings

Meanwhile in your safe realm you are not being harassed, abused, raped, murdered, sold or trafficked :^)

No. 116280

Of course I'm not, I live in Australia. I'm not saying rape and trafficking don't happen, I'm saying you're spouting shit and trying to force your opinion of every single make ever onto people who know better.

If you actually gave a shit about victims of trafficking, rape, 'honour crimes' etc you'd be contributing something to their assistance and support not crying about guys on a little image board. You can't even say you're 'spreading awareness' because you're just applying what some criminals do to the entire male population like an idiot, and providing no supporting evidence for your wild claims.

Claiming I'm a man is just proving that I'm right in saying that you're just as sexist as ammisogynist because you can't accept that women might have differing ideas and opinions.

Your high horse is disgusted with you at this point.

No. 116281

At first you said you didn't claim that pornstars were trafficked, then, when confronted with evidence to the contrary, you started providing 'evidence' for your original claim (that pornstars aer indeed trafficked)

No. 116283

God, all of you have the same speech. Boohoo, if you actually cared, boohoo, you are forcing your opinion. If you don't want to have your opinion changed, then just don't give yours. Nobody ever asked for it.

No. 116286

Looks like the samefag is in this thread too…

No. 116288

>everyone who disagrees with me is a samefag

Nice meme

No. 116291

File: 1478646178037.png (3.49 KB, 272x174, image.png)

>if you don't want your opinion changed don't share yours!!!

oh my god you're literally retarded. Seriously misandry-chan, that's the most bizarre, childish mindset I've ever encountered and I just came from the incel thread.
Keep up the fake activism though.

No. 116309

I wish these stupid robots pretending to be girls were banned as it should be, and I wish if there really are women that actually spouts rubish like >>116269

> I'm a woman and I love men.

fucked off to sucking dicks like they do on internet.

No. 116312

Thanks anon, I always beat myself till I start crying I don't know how to deal with that type of situation tbh, but again thanks for trying to help me <3

No. 116313

File: 1478658243589.jpg (54.41 KB, 500x500, Rc9hobB.jpg)

>oh look, lots of posts
>open thread
>it's some dude getting triggery diggery'd