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No. 110498

So I have been hate-watching these morons after I randomly stumbled on their vlogs. So here's the rundown on GeneandJulio:

>Gene and her boyfriend Julio got pregnant at age 14 with her son Eden (2 years old now, featured in all of their vlogs)

>Quit high school, moved into Julie's parent's house so they can help take care of Eden
>Gets pregnant again at 16
>Gene claims she was on birth control, and was using the pull out method so it was just one of those freak things
>Bought a stupid 2-door sports car with their YouTube money instead of something suited for kids like a minivan
>All 3 of them (and soon to be 4) live in a crammed prison-esque room complete with brick industrial walls
>They're planning on getting an apartment in February
>Super defensive of any criticism on their channel
>Insists Julio makes a lot of money at a landscaping company his dad manages
>Has a legion of underaged girls who look up to them and it's uncomfortable

No. 110505

>freaky birth control odds

Yeah, trust me thats almost never the case. Most of the time its the girl not even giving a fuck if she gets pregnant anyways.

No. 110506

Oh yeah I was attempting to be sarcastic haha. It's like a .01% birth control pills will fail. She most likely wasn't taking them on time everyday, if at all.

No. 110518

She claims to have been taking the pill at the same time everyday in addition to using the pull out method. That seems highly unlikely lol! I don't know how accurate this is but here's a source I found on combined birth control methods:

No. 110539

I don't know that channel but I'm with you on hate-watching teen parents. I saw a video the other day of some girl who got pregnant when she was 14 (not this girl) and bragging about it, I couldn't believe it.

No. 110540

She is probably just lying about being perfect with birth control in order to avoid further criticism. Sure it could be possible that she just has insanely horrendous luck but given the odds I really doubt it. Every girl I know who got pregnant in high school was just a fuck-up, not a victim of incredible chance.

No. 110541

I fucking love the comments which are way more entertaining than the video.

No. 110553

No. 110557

>moved into Julie's parent's house so they can help take care of Eden
This is the problem right here. Gene can be a stupid bitch all she wants because she's a teenager, it's what they do. Her fucking parents are the ones who enabled this behavior. Can't believe a parent of a teen mom would allow the indoctrination of their daughter for her to think it's acceptable to get pregnant (twice) and drop out of school to do fuck all. I remember my mom threatening to kick me out if I ever decided I was going to birth a child and keep it under her house.
With all the working single women out there who find a balance between taking care of their kids and pulling 40+ hours a week (w/ college sometimes too), there's no excuse to not finish high school besides excuse-making.

I don't really care how the bitches got pregnant. I'm so for abortion that I wouldn't care if they even got pregnant on purpose. I find all criticism about birth control absolutely moot. What I do care about is how they pick up the pieces of their mess afterward. If they become responsible human beings then fine. However, this girl is nothing but a human-incubator and leech, it's disgusting.
>teehee I don't have to work or get an education bc I ride on the coattails of my family + bf
Let me guess, she's religious too?

No. 110575

Yeah Mexican and religious. Some type of hardcore branch of Catholicism. It pisses me off cuz people already hate Mexicans, and here she is proving the stereotypes right.

No. 110580

It's funny because she's always going on about having to 'grow up fast' because she got pregnant and her family spoiling her and doing everything for her is actually holding her back from having a real adult experience

No. 111676

The thumbnail Gene used is fucking gross. You can see her vag. Way to publish cp and exploit your child

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