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No. 108097

This was talked about briefly on the Autumn Asphodel thread (>>>/snow/22923)
and i was hoping to have a discussion because the disorder has always interested me because of how many fucking tumblr fakes there are out there, what with their 'headmates' and 'fictives' but idk does anyone have experience seeing it irl or do you think it's all bullshit? let's talk about it

No. 108098

I think it's all a big steaming pile of crap.

No. 108102

why? i feel like i've seen some instances where it definitely seems real.

No. 108103

There's plenty of evidence for it existing as far as research done on the topic, which is why it's still in the DSM, but sadly it's been subjected to tumblr shit and the public idea of it is this ridiculous version that doesn't at all represent the real disorder. Though this is true for pretty much all of them, from depression to schizophrenia, people self diagnose with it and then pretend to have the hollywood versions, this one is rarer than those though, so people just assume it only exists in that situation.

What else is there to be said really?

No. 108181

where is the evidence for DID?

do you know that there were virtually no cases before the book Sybil was published? and Sybil was faking having the disorder


>Rates of diagnosed DID were increasing, reaching a peak of approximately 40,000 cases by the end of the 20th century, up from less than 200 before 1970.


even with a diagnosis i'm skeptical people actually have it

No. 108183


here is a good article about the controversy with DID. read the linked article too


No. 108185

The evidence for DID is likely in psych journals, so stuck behind a paywall.

If they didn't think it existed, it wouldn't be in there at this point, but as it is, that means there's more evidence towards it existing than not.

The whole Sybil thing is kind of pointless too, one patient malingering doesn't mean that all of them are, even if most are, because it is rare.

Same with the point about rates diagnosed increasing. That doesn't mean there's more of it, just that we're now better at detecting and diagnosing it, while before people may have been ignored or labelled with other disorders.

No. 108196

here's another article on DID skepticism


if you're going to ignore all evidence and just say look at journals, idk. at the very least, i don't believe most people who have DID even when diagnosed by a professional

No. 108198

>if you're going to ignore all evidence and just say look at journals, idk.

But I'm not ignoring evidence, I'm saying that the fact it's currently in the DSM, and wasn't removed between the IV and V is proof that there's more evidence for it existing than not, from a proper research perspective.

And did you read that article? Because it doesn't at all go DID doesn't exist, it says there's an issue with how we view it and that it's a disorder that historically has been subject to a lot of therapists seemingly influencing their patients into having it, but ignores that you can't just influence anyone into thinking they have alters (honestly at least, people like to RP it), which is a sign of an issue itself. And it even outright says this at the end
>It is possible, of course, that some cases of MPD emerge spontaneously without input from the MPD community, while other cases–perhaps most cases–of MPD have been created by therapists with the cooperation of their patients who have been influenced by authors and film makers. In either case, the suffering of the person with MPD is equally pitiable and deserving of our understanding, not derision.

I agree that most people who claim it don't really have it, but I guess that's true for a lot of disorders. More people claim to be super depressed than actually have severe MDD, more claim to be schizophrenic (at young ages at least) than actually have it, lots of stuff. It's probably worse for DID, though I don't have exact numbers, and it would probably be prohibitively hard to ever get those numbers.

No. 108204

Same. Totally and utterly fake. People just use it as an excuse to get out of responsibility and to be 'special' snowflakes. There is no evidence to suggest that it even really exists.

No. 108257

Have you heard of the Nocebo Effect?

The fact that most self-admittedly form after MPD community input tells me that even if the "victim" truly believes themselves to have the condition, the symptoms, while real, are not caused by actually having multiple personalities, but by the belief that they have multiple personalities, and they in fact only have 1 personality.

No. 108276

Can you source that? Because I'm not seeing anything that supports the idea it's some sort of irrational belief. Though admittedly from my understanding it's not actually supposed to be "multiple" personalities as such, more one that's got several presentations that often cannot remember actions done while in other presentations, hence it being dissociative identity instead of multiple personality.

No. 112631

My husband has it due to being beaten regularly as a child, it's really hard to deal with even when he's on seroquel.

No. 112633

There actually is proof. In people with DID there are differences in their amygdala and hippocampus that can be observed physically.

No. 112642

That sounds interesting, do you have a source?

The most you see in most mental illness is a difference in brain activity, but that's not exactly proof of illness, a sad person normally would have that, so it's interesting that this one in particular has physical differences. Do you know why it's not considered to be neurological in that case?

No. 112661

>No cases before the book
wrong. Go Look Pierre Janet up. He lived from 1859-1947

No. 112663

Sorry for samefagging. I actually know someone with DID.
And it's true most people who claim to have it (Tumblr like) don't.
Because DID has a HIDDEN presantation, only experienced therapists can diagnose it.
Nothing Special snowflakey about it either. It's the worst feeling, to have no identity, different or conflicting ideas/needs constantly.
There arent actually different people inside of this person but it's One person who thinks they are different people. Because of the very early childhood Trauma they've experienced. Nothing Else Can Cause DID.
I personally think people won't acknowledge DID because of the fucked up things that Cause it.

No. 112665

Samefagging is when you pretend to be two different people, not just a double post.

And I think it's just because it's the disorder of choice for special snowflakes after depression, but it's so much rarer than depression, so people assume it's only a thing for Tumblr sorts to pretend to have, and not something that really happens.

No. 112667

I get really pissed off when people say DID isn't real for some reason.

No. 112680

Thanks i didn't know this.
It's really frustrating with those Tumblr idiots. But they will eventually grow Out of it. If not, then they have at least some Kind of mental disorder.

No. 112682

This is an extremely hard disorder to diagnose.

So there is a chance everyone who says they have this in internet are lying. Same with the multiple personality edgelords.

No. 112684

Yeah, it's the same with any of those younger people who diagnose themselves with mental disorders. It's fucking annoying, but pretty much all of them grow out of it, whether they're from /r9k/ or Tumblr.

It's an issue when they cause people to take away from what the disorder actually is though, or not believe in it. Which is why it's so annoying that DID became the one to latch onto, because people only really ever see it in them.

No. 112685

I'm not the anon youre replying to but i have a source on this.

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