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File: 1471538931215.png (154.92 KB, 300x300, 1470280703921.png)

No. 107759


But seriously, no Stranger Things thread?

No. 107763

that guy is such a poor mans edward furlong, but without the period of youthful QT-ness, just straight to eye-baggy frog faced ugliness

No. 107766

He is a weird looking fucker isn't he?

I was pleasantly surprised by the show and had no idea what it was even supposed to be about when I started watching it.

Who else liked the Silent Hill atmosphere?

No. 107769

I thought the atmosphere was great! I had no idea what it was about either but I really enjoyed watching it.

No. 107771

I don't consider him beta, just a weirdo.
I hope he rages even harder in Season 2.

He looks damn good in the black t-shirt. I think the 80s tan clothes match his hair/skin too much.

No. 107778

T2 edward will live forever in my heart

No. 107785

>Silent Hill
Some people say it's more like a ripoff of Elfen Lied

No. 108008

Jonathan is a QT and looks like a young Norman Reedus.

No. 108016

File: 1471718937100.jpg (15.59 KB, 620x374, 112751.jpg)

I like how, in the end, he didn't get the girl

No. 108021

Same, they're def saving that for season 2 tho

No. 108022

File: 1471723139659.jpg (76.07 KB, 634x670, article-2050981-0E720DB5000005…)

I believe season 2 will have little to do with the central characters of season 1.

I hope to god they don't fuck it up. They were so spot on with series one; the whole ambiance and how utterly gripping it was will be very difficult to top.

No. 108026

The creator has already said he plans to make each season take place 1 year later, so we can see all the kids grow up. People love these characters, so we'll see lots more of them.

No. 108030

He also has 30 pages of lore he wrote, so it's nice to know there is/was a plan before they started writing.


No. 108157

to me he looks like an odd mix of zac efron and leo dicaprio. I think hes cute

No. 108485

File: 1472261727872.png (1.93 MB, 541x1793, stranger things.png)

I wanted to like him but I couldn't (because of scenes like pic related) but Nancy and Steve staying together and both still being friends with him actually made me cry. I'm so sick of the trope of a girl getting close to a male that isn't her bf so she has to dump her bf to be with the friend. I hope they don't ruin that.

No. 108497

He looks like that creepy kid from 976-Evil.

No. 108498

File: 1472297985192.jpg (120.38 KB, 1200x1698, Stranger-Things-Creature-6_120…)

I've been really conflicted about this series. A friend recommended it to me based on my interest in 80s horror and weird VHS-era stuff, but i felt it constantly left me only halfway there? I really wanted to like it, but it was just sooo full of tropes and came off as just 80s references piled on each other ad infinitum, just for the sake of it. It's obviously riding my generations current nostalgia train, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but fuck they could've done the characters so much more interesting and made a 9/10 series, but it was more like a 5.5/10…
Monster designs were a big dissapointment too. Super generic not spoopy looking, we've seen them a million times already.
Jonathan was a qt tho, i hope to god they don't ruin his friendship with Nancy with the dumb "nerd-guy-gets-cute-gril" trope in s2…

No. 108507

You know they will, anon. All evidence points to it.

No. 108518

I hate the idea of her staying with the first guy she had sex with a lot worse. I'd rather see a dysfunctional relationship where both characters move on from their lives than her remain with him to keel some kind of "chaste" image.

No. 108581

Does anybody do the thing where they identify more with characters when they share a name with someone they know?

My brother's name is Jonathan and I feel like I wanted ST's Jonathan to get the girl even though he's nothing like my little bro.

I also was kinda more willing to forgive some of the creepier character flaws.

I just imagine all the people who hate a Barb IRL being like "Haha I hope pyramid head eats you, bitch."

No. 109717


Yess, she should stay with the guy who covered the movie theater in graffiti about her being a filthy slut, he's so much hotter.

No. 109735

It wasn't him though, he objected to it iirc

No. 109736

The characters in this show felt very believable. It also felt like a mix between silent Hill and elfin lied so baaaad. Especially the whole 'papa' shit for elfin lied side of things. If the creator hasn't seen both of those I'd be very surprised.

No. 109737

No it was his best friend while he stood right there with him and laughed and probably held the ladder.

No. 109738

I don't think she should have ended up with either of them, not from a ~feminism~ standpoint but just because they were both kind of assholes. I guess most teens are so they were really believable and developed characters, but still.

No. 109747


Apparently they first planned that they would get together, they even filmed a kissing scene and everything but they changed it in the end.

No. 109748

File: 1473432573796.gif (1.79 MB, 480x239, giphy.gif)

Who else loved the kids? I loved Dustin aka the toothless kid simply because that smile is weirly cute, he looks like a baby hippo with those teeth lol

and Eleven was such a cool character too, even though usually I'm super tired of the "weird little girl" trope

you know Eleven will come back for 2nd season because that police dude (I'm so bad at names jesus christ) put food for her inside that box in the last episode

No. 109750

I loved all the kids except for Will, kinda feel like I should've cared about him more than I did. Eleven and Dustin were my favourites though.

No. 109758

I loved Dustin so much. I especially loved the part where 11 scares off the bullies at the ravine and he yells "That's our friend! Don't mess with her 'cuz SHE'S CRAZY! AND SHE'LL KILL YOU!" Best part of the show.

No. 109852

I got bored during the fourth episode but I'm glad I finished the lsst half because the "upside down" looks amazing. Reminds me of Silent Hill or whatever. I wish there was a whole season dedicated to being in that world.

No. 111388

File: 1475196307540.jpg (26.46 KB, 480x360, wendigo.jpg)

Yeah, the monster design is straight up Silent Hill, so is the other world atmosphere (which I liked.) I felt as if the story was a bit of a rip off of Until Dawn somehow. (Especially that deer in the woods scene.)

No. 111391

Trash. Tumblr conveniently leaves out what he says afterwards about Nancy. She asked for his perspective. When he calls her a rebelling suburban girl being like every generic suburban girl it was spot on.

No. 111392

Trash. Tumblr conveniently leaves out what he says afterwards about Nancy. She asked for his perspective. When he calls her a rebelling suburban girl being like every generic suburban girl it was spot on.

No. 111393

File: 1475197514906.jpg (392.75 KB, 800x1164, ZjqLuuN.jpg)

I don't believe the monster was inspired by the Ooze in Resident Evil but it definitely reminded me of it in glimpses

No. 111443

That wasn't Steve ALSO from his perspective he has every right to be kinda pissed. He saw what he assumed to be her cheating and blowing him off. Steve wasn't a bad guy and I'm glad they redeemed him.

No. 111585

Steve's kind of a piece of shit imo and he just feels like a total creep that I would have dated in high school so I personally don't like him.

Jonathan's a total autist and weird, but at least he didn't pressure Nancy into sexual situations. I like him better. I hope Stebe gtfo's.

No. 111604

I can't get over how beautiful Nancy was. I'm actually kinda envious of her hair and skin.

No. 111607

She's soooo thin, too. Made me kind of want to cry when I was watching the show with my boyfriend.

No. 111611

Funny you should mention that since my boyfriend told me "I wish you were as thin as her" lol :/

No. 111614

That's a really mean thing for your boyfriend to say, anon! Like very, very insensitive. I hope you know that's no way to treat your partner.

No. 111617

File: 1475429106355.png (287.95 KB, 339x471, NancyWheeler.png)

… are you serious?
She looks like Isabelle Caro, not healthy at all

No. 111631

File: 1475434724451.jpg (61.59 KB, 498x623, R1rBqIB.jpg)


I agree. Her wrists/hands are really gaunt. Poor thing.

No. 111632

I'm pretty certain that actress has an eating disorder. I hope she gets help.

No. 111636

^ I agree, she's a little too skinny.
She is however still beautiful, if only she wasn't so thin.
I really don't want the 2 of them to end up together. I'd prefer them as friends.

No. 111648

No idea if this photo is distorted but fuck man her jaw looks really off, like a damn tumor

No. 111649

No idea if this photo is distorted but fuck man her jaw looks really off, like a damn tumor

No. 111671

Are you kidding me? She's gorgeous.

No. 111710

I looked up pictures of her, no she's really just got that wonky-ass jaw

No. 111715

File: 1475555161959.gif (2 MB, 500x250, tumblr_ob7h97Ov7G1ql59afo7_r1_…)

>talk shit on Nancy
>couldn't get on this eye-fuck level if they tried

Have you even started falling in love yet?

No. 111716

File: 1475557548928.jpg (5.88 KB, 263x200, Oh dog you so silly _f30eb300a…)

Oh ana-chan

No. 111719

I disagree. Her face was fucking weird. I was jelly of her body though

No. 111729

>Mocking the looks of a girl who could steal your boyfriend and husband with a glance


No. 111740

Shes ugly

No. 111743

File: 1475578538542.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.19 KB, 219x250, detail_282_female_robot.jpg)

Can't steal what I don't have

No. 111757

My bf hasn't been into Legos since creche lol

No. 111793

Seriously. I'm pretty sure it's just one lonely robot in this thread who chose her as his new infatuation. She's average at best.

No. 111827

If it's not a robot then we've got more ana-chans sperging about.

Also, I just want to say that I thought Winona Ryder's performance was excellent. I know a lot of people think she was OTT but any parent I know of would be freaking out just as much as that, if not more. Panicked mom 10/10.

No. 111828

Jesus Christ, calm yourself. She's thin, not anorexic. Don't you have a fat acceptance tumblr to be maintaining?

No. 111830

File: 1475676997226.jpg (19.53 KB, 379x364, 191c79_5762907.jpg)

Whatever you say ana-chan.

No. 111837


anorexia is a mental illness. I do think this actress is pretty albeit she looks a bit too thin IMO but that doesn't mean she has an eating disorder

No. 111886

Most of the people aren't mocking her looks, anon. I see a lot of people wishing they were as skinny as her, and some people speculating she may have an eating disorder.

She could be naturally thin of course, but it's not entirely unlikely that she may have an ED. Of course no one knows but her, though.

I'm a big Winona fan and I was really happy to see her in something new. She really did well.

No. 117308

Just finished the series today and I have a lot of mixed feelings on it. I loved it being a callback to 80s movies with kids getting into dangerous, horror movie adventures that were a good blend of entertainment for kids and adults. I can't help it, I fell for the music, the costumes, all the period stuff. I loved the central kids so much, I love that they got to swear and argue and feel so real and charming, it gave me the nostalgia of wanting to have adventures when I was a kid. I loved those kids and their interactions with El.

I think it's nice to have something weird/horror/sci-fi have a lot of creative freedom and popularity, but there was just too much imagery that just felt ripped off from other works. Like people in this thread say, there's a lot of Silent Hill and Elfen Lied, and the imagery of El in the deprivation tank is so similar to Under the Skin. To be fair the creators admitted they were inspired by Elfin Lied and Akira. The monster was so disappointing, the face splitting open into four pieces, I saw that waaay back in Blade 2, and one of the shitty Resident Evil movie sequels. For a cool concept the monster was so boring, I actually thought there was going to be a twist where it was only a minion or an underling.

The show isn't very creative but the characters are great, I teared up at the climax, especially at Joyce, but I don't see how the show could sustain itself for another season when it already borrowed so much. There's 'homages' and rip-offs, you have to come up with your own stuff.

Jonathan is a creepy QT, the kind I always like. I don't see the big deal about Nancy. Don't even really want them to get together as much as I like Jonathan.

Sorry to bump an old thread.

No. 117325

>the period stuff
it's the 1980s, not the 1880s.

No. 117326

The info on the creators' inspirations is much appreciated. I was astounded at how similar Eleven's backstory was to Nana from Elfen Lied, so well that explains that

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