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No. 106977

AHS has been running for 6 seasons now, and as the new one is coming soon, I thought we could discuss.

Thoughts on old seasons, your opinion, theories for new season, etc.

No. 106978

These are all the teaser trailers linked for the new season. Not really sure what I think of these tbh. Apparently some people thought it was going to be a 'Slenderman' story but (thank fuck) that was debunked.

But hey, HuffPost thinks that this season is going to be all about Charles Manson!


No. 106984

I don't watch the show, but my family does.

No. 106997

New season looks like it has shadow men. If they do it right, looks like it'll be pretty decent!

I love watching AHS but I feel like the same actors play basically the same characters. And Jessica Lange, she's good and everything but everything gets so congested and it feels like everything gets focused solely on her after she pops up in the show.

No. 106998

Tbh I haven't been able to figure out the new season teasers. The first one I saw with the chainsaw noises and the little shitty house made me think Texas Chainsaw. The one with the sunset and shadow figures with white eyes made me think children of the corn. With the info being "children and operatic themes" I can't think of anything that would really fit, but am hoping it's not some twisted backwoods incest.

Jessica Lange was okay tbh. I think the only season I disliked her in was Freak show and tbh that whole season was kinda shit anyway. I'm not sure how I feel about lady Gaga replacing her either. Her role in Hotel wasn't awful, but at the same time it seemed almost true to life, i.e. stuck up fashionista bitch. Idk but she came off as kind of bland.

No. 107004

I kind of liked it but stopped after the 3rd season because it got 3edgy5me

No. 107013

Third season was garbage. Yet again, great example of how they could have done something really dark with the subject matter of the season, but they fucked up instead. It was like if they turned the craft into a really awful tv show with even less likeable cast.

No. 107016

Was Hotel any good? I couldn't get past the first episode and found it kinda annoying. Maybe I should give it another chance.

No. 107018

Naa, it's basically Gaga having constant sex with various people. What narrative arch there is, it's really poor and quite boring.

No. 107022

Honestly, best season was season 2, imo.

No. 107023

I agree, it is by far the best series.

No. 107024

Oh good. I didn't miss anything good then lol. That sounds kinda boring, actually. I was hoping for some Shining esque hotel spooks but I guess not.

No. 107028

I didn't watch much of it. All I can say is that I appreciated hearing Hotel California, even if it's a song I've heard too many times in my life.

No. 107031

The only thing I hated about season 2 is the ending.

No. 107032

The part where Lana got kidnapped by the Ted Bundy copycat and tries to escape only to get into the crazy guy's car and end up right back at the asylum was my favorite part of the whole show imo.

No. 107035

File: 1470761905579.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 500x282, ahs-hotel-episode-1-recap-oyst…)

I only watched Hotel and it was … alright.
Wasn't really scary, I feel like there were too many shitty Plots going on that I just couldn't get myself to care about.
Like, that police officer whos son disappeared? Didn't give two shits about him His wife was turned into a Vampire? whatever. She wants to stay with Gaga and her reappeared son? Cool story brah. And the ending was annoying. Buhu he was the killer all along who would have thought
The music was really great though and Lady Gaga looked hot, I guess

No. 107036

It wasn't scary at all.
The scariest part was the butt rape demon

No. 107037

Charles Manson would be kind of cool if they do it right

No. 107043

I wanted to watch hotel because I work in one. If it's not that good then nvm. To me the first season was the scariest to me. Asylum was good too. I didn't watch coven because too many ~edgy witch fangirls~. Freakshow was an idea that they could've made great, but they didn't and that's disappointing.

No. 107046

File: 1470768475512.gif (39.58 KB, 245x200, image.gif)

My favourite is Coven. It wasn't scary at all but it's really fun and I loved Kathy Bates's character. I think the issue with Coven is that it came after Asylum (my second favourite) - that series is extreme compared to Coven so I can see why some people think Coven is boring.

No. 107048

why? won't it just be glorifying and glamourizing an extremely horrific and real event?

watched sporadic bits of it but:
>lange is cool
>judy baboodie song is cool
>witches are cool
>life on mars episode is cool

But it's one of those super manic shows where they let the plot suffer so they can drown you in shock-value melodrama at every turn.

I think the violence is too much already even though it's been fiction so far. (drowning a down syndrome girl in a bathtub!?! the clown putting kids in cages etc.)

What time of night does it air in the US?

No. 107051

If they do it right, there won't be any glamorization. And I'm not talking about doing a season about the actual Manson Family, just taking inspiration from the cult and stuff.
Although I doubt they know how to do something like this properly, so they should just stick to something less realistic.

No. 107066

I watch every season even though I can be pretty critical of it. The show is fun though, and so many people watch it so it's good for conversation.

Also Ma petiite's death scene lol.

No. 107087

LOVED season 1, hated season 2, LOVED season 3, hated season 4… I liked season 5 but I haven't finished it yet.
So overall I think it's a great show, since many people hated the seasons I loved and vice versa. Lots of variety.

No. 107088

it was okay, I just didn't like all the gorey tortured for eternity shit.
Actually I just didn't like all the torture in it. The moment shows take torture too far, you know they're just doing it to be edgy.

No. 107139

seriously what time dies ahs air in the US and what age group is its audience?

There was nothing this gorey on when I was like 12

No. 107159

rewatching season 3

>cringe stevie nicks wannabe twirling round in her swamp hut

>pedo incestuous mum molesting her resurrected corpse-like son

this show is dumb as hell

No. 107211

Honestly, the show's always been kind of cringe, I assumed that was kind of the point, taking as many different stereotypes as possible and ramming them into the show. Definitely not something to take super seriously.

Though I never get why people say season 3 in particular is edgy, murder house seemed by far to be the most edgy to me, I mean, it had a character who was pretty much just designed to be a columbiner's fantasy. Hell, that whole plot line was, down to her being the self harming depressed but glamorous character. All of the seasons fall apart if you start picking them apart I think.

No. 107213

Asylum was the most "grown up" season, imo. Season 1 had Tate and all his shitty serial killer obsessed fangirls, and season 3 had dialogue written to be made into tumblr gifs. The last seasons have just been boring and forgettable.

No. 107215

It seems to me that it's just the seasons with Taissa in them that have issues with that mainly, or at least ones where she has a major role. Her acting's fine, but they don't seem to be able to write her into any role but "tumblr self insert", which sucks.

No. 107218

>season 3 had dialogue written to be made into tumblr gifs
wouldn't be surprised if they do that now

No. 107305

I'm from Europe so no idea. But when it's on tv here, it's always after 23.00.
But you're right, I don't remember there being such gorey shows or movies when I was a kid, I guess they're running out of ideas. I remember South Park used to be the most edgey show there was and now it's considered tame.

>tfw some of Stevie's songs now remind me of the awful gore

No. 107307

Ya srsly it's gorier than the goriest movie I'd seen as a teenager and airs about 3 hours earlier. + Every character is so casually violent it's like… okay…
>I guess they're running out of ideas.
it's the epitome of contemporary television, everything has been said and done already so they just put everything into a blender and add steroids
>Stevie's songs now remind me of the awful gore
Nooo don't let it be tainted. Oh no I just remembered she actually has a cameo what the fuck…

No. 107408

Everything went downhill after Coven (season 3). I've been watching it since the beginning and would -personally- rate it as
Season 1 > Season 3 > Season 2

I'm not saying the other seasons don't have good moments. I just personally didn't enjoy them and would've dropped them after a few episodes had it been any other show.

The main problem the show fell into was having too much going on at once. Too many characters, too many side-plots, and the most interesting plots/questions getting solved too early. It made the characters flat and gave me zero reason to care about them. The only character I actually enjoyed and remember since Coven was the creepy clown from Freak Show.

I'm hopeful and will watch it but I'm looking more forward to Scream Queens after last season's Hotel.

No. 107433

Same. I thought season 4 was terrible and it felt like a chore getting through each episode. There were good parts but overall it was a mess.

Before watching season 4 i had assumed that the circus freaks would be the killers/maniacs but it turned out that they were pretty decent people and that was really boring

No. 107444

I didn't even watch all of season 4 but from what I did watch it looked like the best? The first epi was good, the two headed woman looked like such a sinister storyline

No. 107445

It wasn't sinister at all, really lame actually hahaa

No. 107475


The sisters are super boring. The character designs are kinda neat but that doesn't matter when none of them have a real personality. Every character comes down to a few words personality wise and it's really disappointing.

And like I said with the creepy clown… He's the best character in that season IMO and his plot is over in just a few episodes. It's not even worth watching from that point on.

Like >>107433 said, it was just a huge mess.

No. 107499

Season 4 definitely starts off pretty well I thought, but it kind of drops off in quality. Isn't completely terrible, as far as a TV show goes it's definitely watchable if you like the style of the series.

I felt like the villain was done interestingly too, but that's just my opinion.

No. 107503

I feel like I'm the only one who really liked freakshow. Dandy was a fricken awesome character.

couldn't get into hotel despite having a massive ladyboner for wes bentley. I guess I might give it another try though.

No. 107504

Hotel was good I think, but it's main issue was that it had too many plotlines that could all be called the main plot, which got annoying. You really need to stick to one main thing, and carry it all the way through with a few supporting stories, you can't have like 5 different independent but equally important stories going on at once in a show.

Plus, Hotel had a bit of a copout of an ending with the characters all just getting over it. Mostly at least, the cop guy had a good resolution to his plot, much more in keeping with the tone of the story. The junkie chick becoming some social media queen was a dumb ending too, what happens in 20 years when she's not aged at all and it just goes back to the same shit? That's not a resolution. Freakshow had a shitty ending too, being "they beat the bad guy and win, hooray!", which absolutely didn't fit the story as it had been put before that (that they couldn't touch dandy because he was so insanely rich and powerful, which seemed to just stop being important randomly).

Dandy was a great character though, the writers for this show tend to be much better at writing interesting villains than anything else.

No. 107522

Coven was good, watched it all. I never made it past the first episode of the other seasons, I found them ridiculously vulgar and the characters were really cliché and bland.

I'm not really sure what the appeal of the series is. Do people like how awful it is in a kind of…ironic way?

No. 107523

I think it was because it was a newer concept when the murder house season premiered. Now there are a ton of gory OTT shows but AHS was unique.

Second season came around and the visuals were pretty interesting. I also loved how the reused the same actors in different roles. That became part of the fun for me in watching the other seasons, what will Evan Peters be this time? Who will Jessica Lange be? etc. Though Asylum just had way too much going on. Demons, human experiments, and aliens…way too much. It felt disjointed by the end.

Coven was Ok, though it wasn't all that spooky to me. I did like that they tried to tackle witches in a more realistic way and that they tied it into the ongoing world with Hotel.

Freak Show messed up when they got rid of the clown, they could've had him going further. But I enjoyed Dandy and all his psychopathy.

I've got to say that Evan Peter's role in Hotel was probably my favorite. He was so delightfully campy, I thought he was fantastic. It really shows his acting prowess.

For the most part I think AHS has become too all over the place to really get you invested in an entire season. I don't know why they suddenly decided to cram in so much side stories in them. You can't really focus on anything and don't become invested in any of the characters.

Tbh, the opening sequences are my favorite parts of the show. They always look more interesting than the actual show itself.

No. 107524

True Blood and The Walking Dead aired before AHS, both very gory and violent at times but in a way that made sense.

The title sequences are cool, they're really creepy but are very misleading. I could understand the appeal to maybe someone who watches b movies and slasher films for a giggle. I really can't see myself watching it for the "plot" or "characters".

No. 107526

Ah yeah, I don't have HBO so I never saw True Blood and I'm not really all that interested in zombies so I ignored Walking Dead.

If only AHS had the charm of a b movie. At least those are somewhat entertaining. AHS has just a few moments but for the most part you it doesn't really sink its hooks into you. I had to force my way through Hotel just because I wanted to get it off my DVR.

No. 107527

Haha I don't have any of the channels because I'm european. I watched them all online. You should give True Blood a chance, it's absolutely wild.

No. 107541

When Murder House came out, I was kind of like, oh cool, lets see what this is all about. Halfway through the season I was kind of done with it. Tate and Violet were super annoying, and the whole gimp suit sex scene, or rape scene, was just laughable to me. I didn't feel like there was anything that fantastic about it.

When the second season came out, I initially ignored it, but eventually ran out of things to watch and decided why not. I'm glad that I did, because I thought that series was amazing. I thought that them jamming all the different crazy stuff in there kind of fit the season (I mean, it's Asylum, it dealt with a bunch of nut bags, so making everything super cray made sense to me), and I thought they wrapped it up pretty well.

Coven was meh. I thought there was a lot of really cool stuff they could have done with the whole witchcraft/magic topic, and it basically came off as a shittier version of that movie 'The Craft'. The Stevie Nicks thing was so confusing and ridiculous, and as another anon mentioned, the whole "mother molesting her now zombie son" thing was just cringe.

Freakshow was just no. I agree that had they kept the clown, they could have done some interesting stuff, but it just turned into a "sometimes the freaks are really the nice guys!" story, and it seemed like a huge letdown. Yet again, that whole freakshow carnival setting could have been done so well, and so much darker, but they just screwed it all imo.

Hotel I was kind of 50/50 about. I did like that they kind of used the H.H.Holmes story (Evan Peters was basically him), and that they had that little weird serial killer dinner, but the whole 'scary vampire' thing, and Gaga basically just wanting to fuck everyone and then kill them or destroy their lives was like, lol ok. Also the use of Hotline Bling when Kathy Bates and the other dude kick the door down and start shooting, pls no.

I really hope that season 6 can be good, because if it's not, then I am basically giving up on the show. If I've only enjoyed 1 season out of the 5 they've run, that's not great odds. At this point, I'd rather just watch American Crime Story.

No. 107542

File: 1471296303118.gif (1014.11 KB, 245x170, tumblr_o006wjsjQY1u6cpzmo1_250…)

>Also the use of Hotline Bling when Kathy Bates and the other dude kick the door down and start shooting, pls no.
It was ridiculous, but I kinda loved it tbh

No. 107543

if anything, zombies are the least important factor in TWD. I mean, they're there, but it's more about the character arches. most seasons are utter shit, but it did get better this last season. I mean if you're looking for something "dark"

on topic though, i've always wondered why people seem to like muder house the most. i thought it was pretty cringe tbh. loved the second season though. agreeing with >>107541 on coven, had it's moments. molestation was gross.
lets not talk about freak show. Loved this last season, loved gaga. sad peters isn't joining the next season.

as for theories it really does look like religious cult/satan meets texas chain saw/wrong turn kinda stuff. i meean, what else haven't they done yet?

true blood is retardet, but pretty addicting, and i adore lafayette

No. 107544

also please ignore all my typos, my fake ass nails are growing out and i can't type lol

No. 107552

AHS has sort of crammed in a bit too much in some seasons. At this point I don't know how much longer it could feasibly go on since they're running out of ideas. And is it just me or has the writing gone to shit in so many ways? There are a few good moments but overall I find myself cringing at what's going on. Also, >>107541 I agree with you on Tate and Violet. Fucking hell, I don't give a shit about emo speshul snowflake teens but everyone creams over them.

No. 107553

>The title sequences are cool, they're really creepy but are very misleading

I got into this show because the promos, teasers and titles were always creepy and well done, but the show never lives up to the promo material for me.

Murder House and Asylum tried to live up to their promo and remain mostly horror, but it turned campy with Coven and everything else outweighed genuinely creepy moments.

>The main problem the show fell into was having too much going on at once

Agreed. I think the writers want to fit too much in and a lot of that stuff is unnecessary and they're only putting it in because it seems cool at the time. Random stuff gets injected into the mix just because it's aesthetically pleasing or popular. All the storylines end up overcomplicated, inconsistent and messy, all for the sake of gif-able moments or a quotable, throwaway comment.

No. 107554

Coven would have been great if they picked a plot and stuck with it. Either focus on rival witch covens or focus on young witches in school developing their powers.

No. 107557

>And is it just me or has the writing gone to shit in so many ways?

It's always been this way honestly, they're only good at writing interesting bad guys, but apart from that it's been kind of cringe in every season.

Tate and Violet were fucking terrible though, she was basically just a character for tumblr sorts to self insert as, and he was just ripped straight from Columbiner fan fics.

No. 107566

haha it's so true, need something new? just make it more extreme and people who don't like it just "don't get it"

Oh yes she does, not just a cameo, she was a pretty big character. The funny thing is she used to hate that people thought she was a wiccan because of her clothes. She even partly changed her wardrobe because of it. Oh well, I do like that she can laugh with it now.
Don't worry Stevie, I still love you.

No. 107579

I got to the Stevie part the other day, it must be the dumbest moment on the show. I guess she did it to boost record sales but I wonder if she knew she was signing up for a scene in which she serenades a character that has literally drowned a girl with down syndrome, in the bath, 4 seconds earlier.

Every episode it has a character needlessly and cruelly murder someone and then tries to get you to deeply empathise with them when they perform a teary eyed pseudo-romantic bullshit monologue 3 seconds later, it's retarded.
>daughter tries to organise mum's death
>sit round drink tea at the kitchen table and lol about the next day

What the fuck is with the ending?
>Jessica Lange trapped for eternity in some cabin by the voodoo god despite the fact she never sold her soul to him anyway ffs

No. 107586

>What the fuck is with the ending?

It's honestly better to just make up your own endings for these shows, they're all complete shit, only good one I can think of is the cop and his family in hotel, that was a pretty inventive ending that actually made sense in the context of the arc without being "Lol everyone's fucked" or "Everything's all sunshine and rainbows".

The whole series I feel like is supposed to be just making as many cliches as possible and shoving them in without being a B grade horror movie though, which explains some of the dumber shit. The name leads me to that conclusion at least, I could be wrong.

No. 107612

She couldn't sell her soul to the voodoo God because she didn't have one, so I think that's why she still went to hell

No. 107620

where the voodoo god is chillin out k

No. 107976

>I got into this show because the promos, teasers and titles were always creepy and well done, but the show never lives up to the promo material for me.
THIS. They totally suckered me into watching, hoping the show would live up to the promo stuff.

The recycling of actors is a great gimmick, because if it was a bunch of unknown-to-me actors, I wouldn't keep watching … but the gimmick is just entertaining enough to keep me viewing.

No. 108104

I feel as if AHS started off interesting in seasons 1 and 2, but got weird and tried to be too much like GoT with really unnecessary violence and sexual crap, –like, all the fucking time.

No. 109544

There's a rumour that season 6 is about the mist. It could be great if done well but I feel like AHS has declined in quality

No. 109555

is gaga satan

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