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No. 105038

What happened to Guru Gossip? It's been sucking recently and I want to hop sites. Here's great, but it's focused on different people. What do you frequent besides lolcow?

No. 105041

YouTalkTrash is full of a-logs and autism but it's pretty much the same as GG, except functional.

No. 105043

YTT is functional now? Because it used to be down a fucking lot, and weens from there would go to the foreverkailyn reddit to bitch about their precious little treehouse being down.
Also YTT is ween af and "full of a-logs and autism", and that seems reason enough to stay away.

No. 105045

GG has been shit since the person who originally owned it died and ownership went to Morgan or whatever his name is.It's constantly down because he uses a shit hosting website instead of paying money to get on something that can actually handle the load.

No. 105046

It's pretty consistently up now, yeah. I wouldn't say it's any worse than GG in terms of users, though. GG was also full of concentrated autism.

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