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For the past few years, I’ve started forming an opinion on a male model in Calgary. This clowns pushing 30 years old and just had a mid life crisis. This grown ass man dyed his hair rainbow trynna front like a trashy 6ix9ine with that typical “skinny YYC boy” attitude thinking it would make him FAMOUS.
Anyways, this boney bum boy has the nerve to call his now ex-girlfriend a cheater to all his followers on Instagram when he was cheating on her the entire time, too.
He’s back on dating apps claiming to be a super model even though he’s only 5’8” and photoshops abs on to his photos.
He lost hundreds of followers because him and his hot successful girlfriend broke up.(shit thread, read the rules, no prior post history, IP from Calgary. I wonder whoever could be behind this thread.)

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picture looks like that's his ass and he's bent over about to get buttfucked

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