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File: 1469311683983.jpg (47.52 KB, 400x240, tumblr_mg9ktogjTm1r494d9o1_400…)

No. 104235

Anyone else feel like Yuri is becoming the new Yaoi of old?

No. 104240

A new wave of homophobes? God give me strength.

No. 104241

No, i didn't noticed anything like that. Actually, i noticed unending growth of lolicon popularity.
Are you not confusing lolies with yuri?

No. 104244

Really? Yaoi has always been more popular due to girls fingering themselves over guys screwing their best mate.

Strawberry Panic was a cute yuri anime but the main character ended up with the wrong girl. ;( was sad

No. 104248

Yaoi is honestly something I will never understand the appeal of. Two hot guys, great. Two hot guys that are gay and not even attracted to your own gender… what is the fun of that. Probably doesn't help that anal is really disgusting to me.

No. 104251

Your reasons for not liking yaoi make a lot of sense. I'm not sure why I like it so much; probably a combination of my age at introduction and the fact that some of my friends were also fans.

No. 104253

A girl I knew liked yaoi because she was raped, and I pressume she liked the idea of a man overpowering another man while still "loving" them. All of the fujoshits I've met were also lesbians or bisexual

No. 104254

The new yaoi in what way? Yuri fans strike me as creepy guys who want to be little girls

I've heard that girls get into yaoi because they're put off by the idea of themselves (as women) being objects of sexual attention likely because they're young and awkward, or as >>104253 said are victims of heterosexual sexual trauma. And if you think about the seme/uke dynamic it's pretty close to a stereotypical het romance a la Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, I guess.

I suppose its the same as dudes jerking off to lesbian porn.

No. 104287

The obsession tumblr has with "yuri" aka lesbian shipping is noticed, as for mainstream anime fans, not so much. Yuri has only become stronger as something made for male otaku, which disappoints me. Then again, I don't want it to become the way it is on tumblr.

No. 104310

I really would like to find a decent yuri love story that's not over sexualized or something spawned within a group of moe blobs.

I tried watching a highly rated "serious" yuri anime recently and it ended up being this yuri fuckfest where every girl and her mother was falling in love with one another. Plus, some weird vague incest. The fuck.

No. 104314

was it yurikuma arashi? I fucking hated that one

No. 104315

Yup, pretty much almost every yuri anime/manga and every f/f couple in anime/manga is just fap material made specifically for straight guys.

I can't remember much since it's been years but I'm pretty sure Sasameki Koto was cute and had way less fanservice than usual. Tons of filler though. Maria-sama ga Miteru and Oniisama e are practically required reading for yuri fans.

No. 104316

I've noticed it. After Love live, Yurikuma, Steven Universe etc. a lot of girls are getting more into yuri and of course bashing anyone who likes yaoi. I've gotten uptight yuri fans walking over my BL pairings and whining about immature fujoshits making hasty assumptions about two guys while doing the exact same thing themselves. And of course the good old "I just don't see the appeal of two guys doing it, ugghh!" shtick to top it off. The more sjw-ish side is into it because of the uwu lesbian goddesses uwu girl power aspect.

Also it's just a snowflake contest tbh. BL has always been "mainstream" with girls so that a lot of girls seem to like the appeal of "not being like the other girls" too. Just like OP's picture there.

>Yup, pretty much almost every yuri anime/manga and every f/f couple in anime/manga is just fap material made specifically for straight guys.

Pretty much, yeah. That's why I personally enjoy yaoi over yuri, yaoi is made for women while yuri is just fap fodder for otaku men with moeblob girls.

No. 104557

I was reading stuff from people like Keiko Takemiya and Moto Hagio who say they drew yaoi/BL as a way for women to explore their sexuality while circumventing heterosexual norms (or something along those lines). Of course, this was in the days when those boys were super androgynous and genitals were just sort of… not there.

Personally, I just really enjoy dick, so the more dick I see the better.

No. 104563

I like some yuri pairings from video games and other stuff, and none of them are canon as far as I know (like Nana/Hachiko or Chie/Yukiko). And honestly I'd rather keep it to myself seeing as these days those who ship yuri pairings are either annoying SJW tryhards, contrarians who just want to show that they're mature and not weaboos (unlike fujoshis, which is funny because most of these people were fujoshis at some point), or straught guys who are into moe blob anime. At least the last category seems more sincere when they say they like yuri.

I never found anything good when it comes to yuri in terms of fanarts, fanfics, etc. and original manga so I guess I'm more into BL because it's easier to find good stuff and I like video games and anime that attract a bunch of other fujoshis.

No. 104573

I swear all yuri fans are just creepy virgin guys who want to be the little girl.
It's literally as bad as the hamplanet balding dykes who drool over yaoi.

No. 104575

1. Vagoos are gross. (Conversely yuri is honestly something I will never understand the appeal of. Moe feels fake as fuck and coupled with the disgusting imagery of insufferable male weebs I've accumulated over the years spent on /a/ I'm completely put off by it)
2. I can't into self insert female MCs as both the characters as well as the scenarios are bland and irritatingly stupid and virtually void of any real chemistry; but I can't into female MCs with actual character either as it feels like I'm getting NTR'd. With two guys you can imagine yourself with both so there are no sour feelings.

Because of the latter reason I stay away from generic yaoi garbage too. I almost exclusively get my fix from fanfiction.

No. 104659

When I stopped reading yaoi I got into a lot of otomen audio dramas. I'm not gonna bash anyone who likes yuri but I couldn't get into it.


Generic yaoi manga are so boring. Honestly you get better stories by reading doujins or one shot manga

No. 104672

You just described EVERY problem i've got with fucking yuri. The scenery is usually dull, bland, no real chemistry or whatsover.

Could had been a great genre, but the last years it got hyper moe-ized to appeal male fans and it feels so plastic and fake it's just insufferable. Kinda the same reason why I cannot deal 90% of heterosexual hentai dous, it feels like diving into the sexual fantasy of some disgusting moe/waifufag and I can't stand that shit. It's so hard for me to find it hot or appealing.

To add I do also HATE generic yaoi crap, but sadly most of yuri I encountered do indeed feel like said generic crap. I really want to like this genre but I just can't.

Also, fucking this. Literally the biggest yurifags I know are 1)an inmature as fuck faggot who's delusional enough to believe he's a girl because he actually believes he understands how being a woman ~feels like~ thanks to hentai and porn and 2) a dumb-ass dyke who feels like she's cool because she behaves like a robot. Ugh, gross.

No. 104673

File: 1469473264023.png (399.21 KB, 395x563, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 19.5…)

Try reading Girlfriends by Milk Morinaga

It's really cute actually and quite realistic. There is no magic bullshit or whatever its just set in Tokyo. A shy lonely girl who is befriended instantly by a girl who wants to be her friend, she makes friends in their group and later she and her date. It's really cute actually because its a slow build!

Lots of ref to Liz lisa, Mr Donut, diets, exams, depression and first kisses. It's really nice! I enjoyed this manga! If you're looking for something cute and a lot to read I recommend this because its quite a long story too :)

No. 104682


this looks adorable actually.

No. 104683

animu… was a mistake.

No. 104708

>The scenery is usually dull, bland, no real chemistry or whatsover.
This. I love yuri but I hate the way some people portray it, and it's not just heterosexual men's fault. A lot of girls on tumblr make yuri out to be so unimaginative and boring. "cute lesbian girlsfriends smooching and holding hands and squishing each others butts uwu" fuck that shit. Give me something interesting I've seen this fluff 1000 times.

Yaoi and hetero ships can be hatesex, enemies-to-lovers and so on but yuri is always cute fluffers moe~. It feels like people are just pretending to like yuri to be "different" and draw boring headcanons just for notes and popularity. It's actually come to the point that it's hard for me to ship anything yuri because everything's either pandering to otaku guys or boring as fuck.

No. 104709

File: 1469487312560.jpg (134.56 KB, 791x1200, 1.jpg)

Going to recommend Hanjuku Joshi for everyone in here that want more sensual/sexual yuri without it being made for men. It's one of my favorites of all time.

No. 104713


It is! Its really cute

No. 104730

You anons described my problem with yuri to a T. I associate yuri with gross robots and waifufags who only care about moeblobs with no personality outside of being uwu a cute lesbian gf uwuwuwuwu. They're not necessarily men either, a lot of women have started acting this way because they want to be ~special~ and unique. Because you know, ALL the other girls only like yaoi and like, they're the ONLY girl who prefers yuri!

A lot of the appeal of yaoi to girls has to do with the fact that the characters often have tons of personality and chemistry. Their feelings are discussed and you empathize with what they're going through because they're written by women. BL mangas also have tons of conflict going on that helps the characters develop more. With yuri it's just the bland ass moe sudden booby grab blushing heehee~ And it's fucking ALWAYS a bubbly girly lesbian girl teasing an awkward kind of shy girl who's secretly a lesbian herself and has a crush on the bubbly girl. ALWAYS. Like every fucking yuri I've ever read is like that. It just feels like its only purpose is to simply be waifu fodder and not really tell a story about two characters and the decisions they make.

But if that's the stuff you like then whatever. Just don't shit on BL from your high horse.

No. 104754

I love BL and GL, GL took longer for me to get into because I realized I needed to hunt for material made by women. I think the only reason I was into BL in the first place was because of all the easily obtainable erotica material written by and aimed at women. Please give GL made by women a chance, if more girls get into it then more GL made by and aimed at women will be made! Girlfriends, the recommendation someone made in an earlier post, is by the woman Milk Morinaga, she has a lot of other yuri series too. For all the homo animus, aim for shit made by women and bam I swear to fucking god y'all will like it more. (I don't dig the moe yuri very much either, it's cringey with a few bearable shows but the characters can be so far from human that it's unrealistic feeling and thus can't get into it, plus it's usually loli which is so fucking weird.)
Yuri is not limited moe shit, they can overlap but they don't have to. It's like how yaoi isn't limited to semes with pea sized heads on broad torsos with monster hands and shota/'are u sure this isn't it a loli??' ukes.
Also I'm so surprised to hear about this trend of 'I'm special I like yuri' but whoever says that has to be a child I refuse to believe any adult woman has that mindset. You're lowkey a fucking loser of society if you like BL or GL just like the grandmas and moms that read 50 cent hetero romance novels, no different than the weirdo guys obsessed with strange porn. If someone thinks having a alternative sexual fetish or interest makes them superior or that's it's something "cool to show off and brag about" they're a goddamn idiot and definitely don't have any good yuri advice or recommendations for you.

No. 104766

File: 1469503884288.jpg (279.94 KB, 750x1093, 1437331162916.jpg)

>Milk Morinaga

No. 104772

BL has gotten amazing lately. The plots and art have really upped the quality. It would be rad if GL followed suit.

Probably would mean women should be writing it. I thought wife and Wife was pretty cute though (for a guy author)

No. 104781

You say yuri is not limited to moe shit and then mention Milk Morinaga being a great yuri mangaka?

This is fucking autistic level.

No. 104782

It's great to know that I wasn't the only one who was noticing this shit. I was trying to get the appeal these insufferable yurifags I know saw but there was no use. Some of the mangas they read weren't just boring, they were straight up bad for manga, storytelling standarts.

This gets me to another point and its how many of these yuri and moe tards shit on fujos and BL for ~ruining anime~ or fandoms or whatsover where fujoshits usually stay in their containment places as long as I know. The ones ruining stuff and that get a lot more pandering are usually them, but whatever.

Yep, this is why I can't deal girlfriends or whatever from this bitch.

>Please give GL made by women a chance, if more girls get into it then more GL made by and aimed at women will be made!

Yeh, dear, that would be great but as long as moefags and special snowflakes monopolize the genre I see this specially difficult… I have several "yuri" (rather femslash) ships I hold dear but the fandom material for them is practically inexistent (for not saying totally inexistent in some cases) and I think that's precisely why enjoy them so much. Because it hasn't been ruined yet.

I truly believe women, girls are able to ship practically anything (hetero, slash, femslash), there isn't a problem with the "no homo xd" faggotry that reigns over males but as long a genre more developed exists (yaoi) and it's aimed to them in contrast with a subdeveloped genre (yuri) dullified for male fanservice, they'll keep getting into yaoi way before than even touching yuri.

No. 104788

File: 1469529125999.png (167.83 KB, 500x708, tumblr_ngfdtk68KN1spuozvo2_r1_…)

When I was younger I tried to get into yaoi since all the other weeb girls were into it but I just couldn't do it, something felt off. Huge fan of yuri though. Moe yuri, serious yuri, erotic yuri. It's all pretty great.

I need more "serious" yuri manga recs though.

No. 104793

File: 1469530719968.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, 1461733188905.gif)

It also has blatant fanservice. All I want is a yuri manga without sex, fanservice, and the "non-sexual" nudity that's always just pure fap material. Maybe I wouldn't mind it every now and then if it was just one sex scene and it was actually even slightly realistic and didn't have giant balloon tits, but you can't find yuri without it. It's legit impossible aside from the two classics everyone knows about it. I don't care if it's super autistic and moe.

I'll even take 3dpd suggestions at this point but it's the same exact thing usually with sjw shit thrown in.

No. 104796

try hanjuku joshi!

No. 104798

File: 1469535699149.jpg (105.48 KB, 800x600, 1462301619265.jpg)

No. 104800


No. 104801

why bait? i really liked it and thought it was different from the other yuris i'd read.

No. 104802

The picture you used to advertise it was a very stereotypical and generic sex scene put in for fanservice. Right down to the balloon tits and the description you put for it. Literally every single time I've followed someone's suggestion with something like that it's always been full of nothing but fanservice with a below average story or none at all. I also asked for no fap material or sex scenes at all.

If it has any substance to it people would take you more seriously if you actually posted it.

No. 104803

File: 1469537568947.jpg (28.01 KB, 860x476, simoun.jpg)

I pretty much love most of what lililicious scanlate, even though it's all pretty old now. Most of it is josei or seinen and unfortunately tends to be depressing, but no moe blobs.

Recommend Simoun for anyone seeking shoujo ai scifi. It came out a while ago and there are going to be a lot of 'problematic' issues for some people (There's all sorts of gender issues, age imbalances etc and the plot can get hammy) but I love it, plus dat Utena colour scheme.

Citrus is my favourite simply because the storyline actually feels girlish with all the attention paid to fashion etc, a bit like Girlfriends. Not a fan of when it turned harem-y though.

No. 104804

What? All the yuri I have seen doesn't HAVE sex scenes and that's one of my problems with it because it's boring as fuck. It's just fluffy cutie uwu booby grabby panty shot uwu crap.

Unless you're straight out talking about hentai which has two balloon-tittied females doing it for not being lesbians but just to look hot. That's really not yuri, it's plain old hentai. It's like calling girly trap hentai yaoi.

No. 104805

Most mangas on the usual manga sites will just have tons of fanservice and non-explicit but nude sex scenes because they "don't want to put outright porn" despite like 70% of the content on the site being softcore porn.

Lilicous has tons of stories + explicit sex scenes if you want them. Josei/Seninen (aimed at adult women/adult men) yuri also always has sex scenes explicit or not, but usually explicit. I try to avoid sex scenes obviously so I can't remember most of the names but there's tons out there.

No. 104807

yuri is…. girl sex
try shoujo ai you idiot. It translates to girls love, it's romance with the innocence.

No. 104809

Almost no one actually categorizes it differently though and when they do shoujo ai means they never become a couple and just hint about it. Lesbian relationships are either non-existent or only hinted at very lightly at most. Not to mention they still have the same exact amount of fanservice.

If you've got any recommendations I'm all ears, I used to search daily for hours back when I was 13. I've bothered less and less since every time I check it's the same thing.

No. 104811


I don't get it? Whats she done?

No. 104812

kek have you read that textwall?

No. 104814


She hates blacks? Lol wot

No. 104815

…. Leave it sweetie. Just leave it.

No. 104816


Tell me then? Im so confused lol

No. 104827

>With two guys you can imagine yourself with both so there are no sour feelings.

I'm sorry I don't agree at all anon. That's not something I can get behind. When it's two guys I feel more like I'm being NTR'd to be honest, there is absolutely no emotional connection for me and I can't stop thinking "neither of these guys would be the tiniest bit attracted to me." Which probably sounds silly because it's FUCKING ANIME, but yeah.

With some very few and rare yuri stories, I do have a connection, but I guess that's because I was head over heels for a girl once. But good yuri is really difficult to find.

Vagoos are gross, anime vagoo is usually just a pink slit though so. kek

No. 104828

The mangaka literally sperged out over an anime character losing her virginity, and started hating her because of it. Autismal as fuck.

No. 104833

She wrote a wall of text sperg-out about Utena (from the anime series) losing her virginity to a DISGUSTING PENIS!!!!!!! and how she at first imagined herself fucking her during the scene, describing it in a pretty cringeworthy way. And now she hates her for it.

No. 104834

I've noticed that I only hate reading yuri manga when it's been written/drawn by a man.

No. 104843



Thats weird

No. 104862

Sometimes shoujo yuri can be good but it's really hard to find and is usually boring or moe blob. I prefer josei yuri even though it tends to be more depressing.

>I can't stop thinking "neither of these guys would be the tiniest bit attracted to me."

That's pretty much how I feel about yaoi too.

No. 104867

I like both BL and yuri for different reasons. In 3D I'm only into women, so I read yuri because it stops me feeling so lonely and I can relate to some of the scenarios as I've been there, I half self insert into one of the main pairing. With BL, I don't like to imagine myself having anything to do with it, I find the couples cute or hot and get emotionally invested but in the way that I am an outsider supporting their love, not in the way of partially self-inserting like I do with yuri.
Men seem to approach it on a more fanservicy level, missing out the more heartfelt or realistic moments. I'm assuming it's because guys have never been a girl in love so they don't know how to properly write it.

No. 104874

Who asked you to agree? I'm just giving my own perspective.

No. 104898

Asagao to kase-san is a big rec of mine. Also I've yet to read a shoujo ai with only implied romance, most of the ones I've read they get together.

No. 104907

I've read that one. Still has lots of fanservice. At least it was a little cute at first. As for the shoujo-ai thing I think it might depend on the site. I've read tons where it's constant fantasizing and teasing about them getting together only for it to not actually happen or only be hinted at in the end. Looking at yuri sites specifically solved that problem for me, but all the others are still left.

No. 118740

File: 1480027589908.png (631.71 KB, 639x887, best pani.png)

Tamaocucks still mad as usual.

No. 119600

I feel like this is the only Yuri I'll ever be invested in because she's so hot.

No. 119669

it's not even about dick. it's about the expression of the a sacred love between two men, why can't anyone understand this.

No. 119672

Sorry didn't know you wants to continue your drooling at OMGGG HOT GUIZE DICKING
Forbidden love my ass.

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