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No. 103588

How do you sell your weeb fashion, fellow farmers?

I've had these Lolita dresses sitting in my closet for ages and finally want to get rid of them. What's the best way to go about it? EGL Community Sales seems to be dying and I've got no feedback.

No. 103593

you could try depop, that seems to be the most active place right now. also eBay, it might take a long time but you could find that one person who is looking for exactly what you have.

No. 103596

For Lolita go to Lacemarket or 4chan's /cgl/. Or Lolita BST on Facebook.

No. 103598

I'm haven't been keeping up with Lolita fashion so…are people still buying it? I mean, I know that it's always been a niche thing but are the communities shrinking? Anyone in the know?

No. 103602

Been considering ebay but how do I pick a price? No idea what people are willing to pay and I've only got older stuff anyway.

No. 103619

I sell almost exclusively on facebook, best way to get it gone quick. Use your ebay feedbackat first, then when youve sold your first item, set up a feedback page in your sales album.
Ebay is ok but you get lost in the milanoo sellers and ebay has "dodgy" undertone too it. Egl is pretty fucking dead though.

No. 103695

what dresses do you have? I might be interested.

No. 103769

In my current flat I've got:
- Operalia Bouquet in black (AATP)
- Masquerade Theatre Skirt in off-white (AATP)
- 2 older JSKs I don't know the name of (Meta)
- Floral skirt (BTSSB - really early collection)
- Black Skirt with lace edge (MoitiƩ)
and some off-brand/Bodyline shoes

No. 103775

m8 put it up on uk facebook sales

No. 103791

Could you post pics of the Meta JSKs and the BTSSB skirt? I might be interested in those.

Lolita is niche but the secondhand market is bigger than ever imo. Moving sales to Facebook has made it way easier for people to sell and trade.
There's also Closet Child, Wunderwelt, Lolita Desu (a CC scalper but a 2nd hand seller nonetheless), and other businesses built off of buying secondhand dresses and reselling them.

No. 103837

I might be interested in the MoitiƩ skirt, were you thinking about any prices for selling?

No. 103845

I'm from Germany.
Might just put them up on Lace Market. If I post them on here first I'd be concerned for my real address to be associated with this site.
I find it really hard to come up with prices for the things I don't know the names of.

No. 103878

If anyone has vintage (90s-early 2000s) j street fashion items, I may be interested. Things like Hysteric Glamour, SexPot Revenge, etc. Not too interested in lolita stuff. post what you have!

No. 103900

>I'd be concerned for my real address to be associated with this site
it's called making a throwaway specifically for lolcow. plenty of gulls have throwaways specifically for cgl.

No. 104060

Yeah but my home address has to be connected to it, I don't have a PO box. Guess I'm just being paranoid.

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