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Hey farmers.
I've been chatting with a guy since a few months ago, but idk why he doesn't wanna tell me where is he from and stuff. I think that's shady so I'm trying to get info from the Internet. So far I found where he studied and his lecture. I used truecaller and I found he lives in CA, but I'd like to know where. He sometimes talks about his fancy lifestyle and I wanna know if he's not lying. I know his name and surname and I haven't found police reports or bad stuff about him, I guess that's good? I remember that someone on the Jennifer GarcĂ­a thread found a lot of info, but I don't know if they used a free site or you have to pay. Recommendations?
I'm not a stalker, I just wanna be safe.

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Have you learned nothing from Catfish?

Seriously though, if he's not going to tell you about himself, why are you even bothering with him? What's the point talking to somebody if you have to use the internet to find stuff out about them?

You say you just wanna be safe, but maybe that's what he's doing? You're obviously suspicious of him, maybe he's also suspicious of you. Or maybe he's a creep. Or maybe he's not interested in you.

If you're meeting up with him and he won't tell you important shit, don't do it because he's shady. If you're not meeting up with him and you don't need this info at all, there's no reason for you to be looking for it.

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>I'm not a stalker
Sounds like something a stalker would say!

No. 103746

leave him alone. he obviously doesn't find you interesting enough to know personal things if you've really been talking for months, and this isn't code for "liking each others pictures and leaving simple comments on instagram a few times a week".
what about his safety? if he's not lying about things for an ego boost or attention, last thing I'm sure he wants is some crazy chick finding his address and showing up at his work. since you're unable to find things easily, I assume he's taken time to protect himself online at least somewhat.

this coming from someone who regularly researches random people's lives for fun based off of just one or two facts.

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Savage Nev is best Nev

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