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File: 1468515496360.jpg (29.99 KB, 443x332, images.jpg)

No. 102921

I've been stuck in traffic for 2 hours and extremely bored, what do you guys think of Turkey? just wanna pass some time with a qa.

No. 102923

>heavily muslim
>suppresses its journalists for shits and giggles and other run of the mill corrupt shenanigans

One of the best Islamic countries tbh, but that's like calling someone the coolest kid in the special-ed lunch table.

No. 102925

Erdogan is awful, most Daesh fighters pass through Turkey without bother and Turkey buys their oil. Barbaric treatment of the Kurds

No. 102929


Pretty much yeah, our government is a shitshow.


Erdogan is losing power, he is acting more and more like a retard lately and even his most rabid supporters are going lolwut at his shenanigans lately, as for Kurds my brother in law and cousins are Kurds, I only have a bone to pick with the pkk. I lost two friends to them.

No. 102933


Recently I hear his wife (with him?) spent some 20.000 $ on old stuff like antique menorahs over here. Is that normal, I thought Muslims shunned/avoided symbols of other religions? Arabs, at least, can go rabid if they see a cross.

No. 102935


They are meme Muslims, they're just using it for money and political power. If there is hell erdogan and his family sure are going to it. They have so much money now it's probably bigger than Turkey's whole national budget.

No. 102936

There was a Turkish anon who would post beautiful pictures of the beaches and scenery. I think it has lovely gardens and beaches.

No. 102937

File: 1468521246984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.84 MB, 4608x3456, 1.jpg)


Plot twist I'm him.

No. 102938

All Turks I've met were really chill and the country is pretty
Your politicians are pants on head retarded though but that won't deter me from those delicious package holidays though

No. 102939

Also thanks for all those fancy words, they make navigating Istanbul a lot easier

T. Former clay

No. 102940


>won't deter me from those delicious package holidays

Bombs would like to have a word with ya.


Not sure what do you mean.

No. 102942

Fuuuuuck. Honestly I don't know much about Turkey, but your photos made me really interested in the architecture and scenery.

No. 102946

I used to have this Turkish friend I met through r9k and i saw him spamming this board a couple of times + including his pics. Confirmed attention whore.
I cringe each time I suspect its him posting here.
I also wonder if its you.

No. 102949

File: 1468523493076.jpg (164.31 KB, 1280x720, WITNESS ME.jpg)


Nothing wrong with being an attention whore my Polish friend :^)

No. 102951

Idc man, I like the pics. I prefer them to the typical circlejerks that pop up.

No. 102956

fave thing about turkey was when they banned youtube over this video

No. 102963


It was always about forcing Google to open an office here and make them pay taxes, current government doesn't give a shit about this great man.

No. 102969

Oh i don't know where to begin, if they could they would kill all their neighbours, this nation is bloodthursty.

I cringed when erdogan apologised to Russia for his shit.

No. 103020

have enough of those back home mate, they don't scare me.
Former clay = Balkans

No. 103021

Hornyturks always spam me on interpals

No. 103022

Hello butifel woman :)

No. 103025

File: 1468563887161.jpg (15.81 KB, 634x450, 1468515953623.jpg)


>tfw just want to practice my Japanese and get more comfortable with speaking English

>Can't even message people because they all block turkey

Fucking horny badtardos

No. 103026


Damn, how old were you when Yugoslav wars happened? I'm almost out of work because tourism is going to shitters.

No. 103081

Question for OP: why do you spend so much time on a board for catty women?

No. 103086


Tired of 4chan in general, it's always the same fucking stuff. You can't talk about anything without some fucking faggot trying to bait, stupid memes like cuck shit, seriously can't stand it unless I'm on /out/ or some hobby board. Don't know why but I like it here and nobody called me a roach yet.

No. 103087

File: 1468589722385.png (64.49 KB, 386x292, hang_paedos.png)

>At least it's safer than France…

I've noticed roach is a meme word for Turks on 4chan. I've always considered it to be slang for Brits

No. 103124

Cockroaches refers to Brits, but Brits on 4chan pre-empted that by forcing the Turks = roaches meme.

No. 103127


It was some buttblasted Cypriot on 4chan /int/ that forced this.

No. 103157

rip you guys

No. 103158

Government is officially overthrown, martial law declared, military applying curfew. It's been nice knowing you guys, hope to see you later.

No. 103163

what's the probality just the day the anon turk opens a thread to discuss his country a coup d'etat happens there?

Not really trying to say anything weird in here, it's just that, wow.

No. 103171

Omg be safe turk-anon.

No. 103172

File: 1468621163688.jpg (115.08 KB, 1280x960, 1.jpg)

Hearing automatic gunfire and there are tanks on my street right now.

No. 103175

Omfg!!! Dude, I really hope you are safe.

No. 103176


I don't think there are many things as masculine as the military taking over the country.

It's just like "nope, fuck your little games and debates, the real men are here".

No. 103177

the autist had to show up

No. 103179

File: 1468622613403.jpg (100.74 KB, 962x768, FranciscoFrancoPropagandaPoste…)

Mad libtard.

Where are your "inalienable human rights" now?

That's right. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

No. 103182


Wew lad

No. 103183

File: 1468622916400.gif (1.29 MB, 245x292, anigif_original-grid-image-236…)

Pic related

No. 103185

People died in the Nice attacks too, didn't stop the jokes/memes.

In this case, I'm not joking. I'm entirely serious - I think it's fantastic. Liberals need to look at this and realize just how fragile the shit they shriek and scream about, as if it's some sort of quasi-religion ("MUH HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!") actually is.

The only authority that can back itself up in this world is the authority that can project force in a meaningful way. Everything else is just window dressing.

No. 103190

Ya, and I'd post the same sarcastic .gif in response to memes about Nice.

I think anyone who waxes poetic about the ~masculine glory~ of war has probably never seen any IRL violence. When I hear about shit like military coups, my first thought is about the civilians stuck in the middle (like our dear photo-anon).

No. 103191

>I think anyone who waxes poetic about the ~masculine glory~ of war has probably never seen any IRL violence.

Fuck off. War is a duality, it's terrible and it's glorious at the same time. Take your bible-tier, black and white understanding of things elsewhere and read some Homer.

No. 103192

Retard, there are shotguns going on, this could end up in a civil war or even into a bigger scale conflict.

But yeah "MUH MANLEE MEN TELLING THE MEANIES THEIR PLACE" huh? Gah, what else to expect for this shitty r9k taken board.

No. 103193

By the way, Franco? Seriously? Jesus christ, you must be some pol memer sad nationalist spaniard w.

No. 103194

fuck off back to your reddit-tier cuckchan pol already to jerk off to pictures of WWII soldiers, disgrace.

No. 103196

I understand Turkish politics since I spent a good portion of my life in a neighboring country. This is good for them, an Islamist-lite President is being taken out, against the will of most of the retarded people who voted for him, and that's a good thing - just like it was a good thing when Morsi got BTFO'd in Egypt - in spite of most of the people voting for the retarded Muslim Brotherhood.

What's wrong with Franco? Franco's Spain > Contemporary Spain by just about every metric. Cleaner, more peaceful, less immigration, less crime, better living standards etc.


Reddit is an overwhelmingly left-liberal site.

No. 103197

>Take your bible-tier, black and white understanding of things elsewhere and read some Homer.

It is hardly black and white to have empathy for civilians during a fucking military coup. Come on, now.

No. 103198

Ikr! I think he watched Full Metal Jacket a few too many times of whatever the fuck war dramas he jacks off to.

No. 103199

It is black and white to assume conflict and war is this uniformly terrible thing and that it doesn't bring out the best (as well as the worst) in people. That's basically what conflict does, bring out the best and worst in human nature. That's what I meant by a duality. That's why I told you to read Homer, because apparently he understood this 2700 years ago, but your average leftist can't seem to grasp it 2700 years later with their belief in some bizarre "anti war" ideology. How do you even be "anti war" in general anyway? I can understand being opposed to specific wars, but being opposed to war in general makes absolutely no sense.

No. 103200

Thx, but I've done military service in my country of birth.

I'd love to see American Liberals dragged kicking and screaming to do it too to be honest.

No. 103201

There is a firefight going on right now. Can hear automatic gun fire and cannon explosions.

No. 103202

I'm surprised how little support Erdogan has, goes to show a democratic majority doesn't mean anything if people aren't prepared to actually take up arms for it. Has he even got a single brigade? It's probably just die-hard loyalists.

No. 103203

>not uniformly terrible
>brings out the worst in people
>jizzes his pants for Homer

Dude, I didn't say anything about being antiwar. I mocked you for having a boner for war, and praising its ~ultimate masculinity~.

Then I said I have empathy for the regular people who yesterday were just living their lives, and today have tanks rolling down their streets.

Like, I'm sorry that I'm not frothing at the mouth because of a civil war.

No. 103204


Yeah, it was full of people half an hour ago they ran away like flies the moment tanks came. Firefight reached to my street right now, gonna be off for a while.

No. 103205

Omg I bet those tanks are firing. Does it sound like it is moving in any direction? Or is the firefight close?

No. 103207

This shit is getting real. I really hope you're okay and safe.

No. 103208


It's in my street right, there is a tank firing in front of my apartment. Whole building is shaking, I'm on the ground writing from my phone.

No. 103209

Assuming you're the Turk, it's war that guaranteed your independence as a Nation State 90 years ago against us. Similarly, it was War that guaranteed our independence from your Empire 200 years ago. War is not "uniformly terrible", and this won't descend into a civil war. The fact Erdogan is reduced to posting on FaceTime is a good underscore of this.

If you're not the Turk, go fuck off and change your transparent flag picture on Facebook, no one's interested in your shit. Your cunt of a next President created a good portion of the problems in the Near East.

No. 103210

Stay safe neighbor.

No. 103211

>not Turkish or American

Is it really that bad to be worried about civilians?

No. 103212

It's insincere virtue-signaling. It's the same crap that leads people to try and one-up each other in how virtuous they are on social media.

No. 103213

Holy fuck. That's terrifying.

No. 103214

>virtue signaling

Man, I don't know what you want from me here. This isn't Facebook. It is anonymous. Why would I care about ~virtue signaling~ if I can't reap the "rewards"? No one knows who I am!

No. 103217

Your attitude is a 1:1 match of the people I'm describing. You're probably still scratching your head and wondering "why" 90 people were mown down by a truck the other day.

If you're German or French you're even worse.

No. 103222

Look faggot; no one here cares about your opinion. Being right wing doesn't give you perfect understanding of what is happening going to happen at Turkey. Don't come at here and pretend you are the master of memepolitics and you are going to teach us shit. I don't care, we don't care. I'm not going to take seriously a faggot that the first thing he thinks when a war is about to happen is that is so ~romantic~ and ~manly~. Shits like you in the right wing are the direct equivalent of libtards who believe by bringing a bunch of mudslims on their countries they are making a perfect world of pink where everyone will be happy forever. You have a disgusting messias/hero complex you could shove up to your asses.

Like I say before, fuck off to pol if you want to jerk off at romantization of politics and militar figures. I don't look at politics like this. This is not risk, this is not a strategy game, this is real world and while I understand there are things that can only be accomplished by war, I cannot just ignore of all the shit may come with it. Fuck, you have a dude telling us how every X hours he keeps hearing gunshots and explotions in the streets.

To end; to be honest you look pretty much like the biggest pussy having to come here to show off to a bunch of catty bitches who come into this chan to gossip instead of circlejerking with your kind. They have better understanding than us women who care about a war consequences, don't they?

No. 103223

Okay it ended, but shit is going down in Ankara and here. Just heard an explosion outside and it shook the whole building, military has bombed the parliament and pro-erdogan land forces and navy hq alongside with it. I have no idea what's gonna happen in the morning.

No. 103224

Firstly. Stop using the gay ~tildes~.

Secondly and fundamentally: A military coup is a good thing for Turkey and it would be a good thing for most of Europe too, regardless of the bloodshed. That's why I'm supportive of this. I'm tired of seeing elected bullshitters and traitors play games with our safety, all the while hiding behind a myriad of laws and regulations and procedures and so on. Seeing these sorts of people who constantly bleet on about "democratic procedure" (Erdogan constantly does this too since his mandate is, believe it or not, democratic) being laid low is satisfying. I'd like to see the same happen to Merkel, to Valls, to Hollande, to Syriza etc.

>Shits like you in the right wing are the direct equivalent of libtards who believe by bringing a bunch of mudslims on their countries they are making a perfect world of pink where everyone will be happy forever.

And yet the only people who don't believe in bringing millions upon millions of Muslims in are exactly people like me.

>when a war is about to happen

It's a coup you fucking idiot. Turkey has had plenty in the past, the bloodshed hasn't been anything even approaching a civil war.

No. 103228

Not sure if I can trust them but seems like it's failing. I officially lost hope for this country, time to apply for asylum somewhere.

No. 103229

They have air supremacy don't they?

Didn't the plotters have any Air Force elements?

No. 103230

Turk: Have you heard this theory doing the rounds that RTE planned the coup attempt himself to strengthen AKP? False flag basically.

No. 103231


This was my fault from the beginning, it this was a real coup all government officials would be arrested and all key structures would be captured. This was just a false flag to increase his popularity, this was all calculated. From the beginning they called people to go to the airport and what a surprise! He's gonna land on the airport and make a speech now! Such a surprise, fuck this country, fuck people in it, fuck everything, I'm so fucking pissed right now.

No. 103232


*my thought

No. 103233

Well said.

No. 103235

>direct equivalent of libtards who believe by bringing a bunch of mudslims on their countries they are making a perfect world of pink where everyone will be happy forever.

Not even libtards believe this anymore. Valls said white people basically have to suck it up because this is the new normal now. You know your policies are wrecking nations, it's just that at this point you don't give a shit, you're so neck deep in the gasoline you've resigned yourself (and us) to fate.

RTE's entrance to the airport was stage managed, it was designed to look like a returning hero of some kind etc.

Fucking crazy though. I guess the Turkish deep state is basically neutered now.

No. 103237

Wow. I have no words.

No. 103245


How do you know this?

No. 103247

Can someone give me a run down of what happened? I've gone through the thread and

>turkey has muslim/islam leader??

>they're taking him out

Is this the gist of it?

No. 103253


Too tired right now to give a detailed explanation, going to sleep now.


>inb4 reddit

No. 103265

No,Erdogan is far right and has been running a little dictarship ie censoring the media, imprisoning "traitors" ie journalists, denying past genocides and commiting genocide currently against the kurds. Also he has helped Daesh

No. 103267

Also Erdogan blames the Kurds for EVERYTHING, he also likes to blame a Turk living in America frequently including this coup. He puts anyone who "insults2 him in prison.
Erdogan is the only one to blame for this, the west does not support him and it may take a coup to surprisingly restore peace and justice in Turkey

No. 103275


Yeah, everyone always says war is glorious. You believe them, and go, and then you never have a decent night's sleep ever again.


Anyway, stay off the streets till the Kemalists are running the show Turkanon.

Or until erdogan has declared himself sultan or w/e. Just stay safe and take pictures afterward.

No. 103276

Spoken just like a person with zero combat experience.

No. 103287

Pretty sure Ernst Junger had combat experience.

No. 103305


Not who you're replying to, but combat is awful and you're never 100% all right afterward.

You can talk about Homer all you want, but the Illiad and the Oddyssey are about dealing with the effects of crippling PTSD/TBI (well, to be fair the illiad is more about the pants-shittingly terrifying experience that gets you the TBI in the first place), and everyone ends up dead or miserable by the end of it.

Never read Ernst Junger but all I can say is some that people do get addicted to the feeling of cheating death, and Junger is pretty roundly criticised by people smarter than me who have had the same experience.

My point is, attitudes like >>103191 and >>103176 are the reason OP's friends are getting run over by APCs in the street right now instead of out enjoying the stuff he takes pictures of.

Erdogan and people like him run things not because of glory, but because of shit-tier foreign policy decisions and the complicity of people like me in making them happen. War ruins everyone, whether you go to it or it comes to you.

I'd rather hear OP talk about turkish life than put up with hordes of robots spouting The Old Lie. Go make a new thread if you wanna do that.

Also pay attention to subtext when you read classical literature please & thank you.

No. 103308

File: 1468690583065.jpg (4.89 MB, 4608x3456, 2.jpg)

Just got up after sleeping at 8 in the morning, Erdogan's supporters are literally beheading soldiers out in the streets right now, this was the textbook example of a false flag.

>starting the coup while people are going back home from work

>not immediately arresting government officials
>not cutting all communication
>letting civilians overpower them
>bombing the fucking parliament with jets
>some soldiers surrendering without firing a shot by droves to police
>erdogan daring to land of ataturk airport while coup elements are still on the air with f16's
>mosques making announcements telling people to resist the coup elements
>erdogan being all calm and giddy

This all stinks of false flag, he now arrested all of the opposition in constitutional court and have more support than ever. People are walking around shouting "aloha snackbar", beheading and lynching soldiers, chanting "oh great erdogan", it's all over. It's all fucking over, I'm gonna spend all my energy trying to get out of this place right now with my family.

No. 103311

File: 1468693002855.gif (109.43 KB, 1821x707, 1468689645786.gif)


I got goosebumps when I read this last night, if only it has succeeded…

No. 103312

>roundly criticised

By whom? Hardcore leftists dislike him but his work is widely regarded as a classic of war literature by pretty much everyone else.

There's nothing extreme in saying that war brings out the best and worst in people. Get a fucking grip you emotionally driven idiot. Go and offer up your house to rapefugees out of misplaced maternal instinct or something.

No. 103313

>The Old Lie

Aka. "My only experience of war literature is the anti war WW1 poetry we read in school."


LOL. I can actually read classical Greek. You? Homer was not anti war. Because to a person before the disease of post modernity the idea of being anti war made about as much sense as being anti windy weather.

No. 103321


I did two tours and it ruined my life. If I'm an emotionally driven idiot it's because Wilifred Owen was correct.

Another thing I did was help train turkish soldiers because they are NATO members, and all I can really do from here is hope my former colleagues aren't getting beheaded and dumped into the bosphorus right now.

FFS go to /pol/ if you want to sell somebody on the merits of glorious patriotic adventure. I came to this thread because I hate that stuff. I can't tell you whether war made Ernst Junger a manlier man, but I CAN tell you that it turned me from a pretty chill dude into six feet of walking talking 24/7 spaghetti.

make whatever you want out of that.


I've heard a lot of turks saying this, OP. Usually I'd be inclined to dismiss false-flag allegations as tinfoil hat bullshit, but turkey has a coup every decade or so.

So do you think Erdogan actually set this up, or is he just using it to finish purging every Kemalist from any position of power within the military?

No. 103322

Because it ruined your life, you think it ruined everyone else's? Or even if you have PTSD, you think it invalidates the iron-clad bonds it creates between different men, who learn they can rely on one another in a way they never could in their civilian "friendships"?

Btw, the collective self-loathing and anti-war attitude that paralyzed Europe after WW1/WW2 is part of the reason we're in the state we are today. We learned to associate having any sort of strong will or authority with what happened then, and as a result we've become permissive to the point we can't even control our own borders anymore.

That's why this mutual masturbation over anti-war WW1 stuff grinds my gears a bit, it directly contributes to our present predicament, in a roundabout way.

No. 103324


Yep, he's highly capable of doing things like this. He was losing popularity lately with his voter base because of the statements he did about Syrians refugees, he said he was gonna give free apartments to Syrians and give them citizenship also while an average Turk would have to work for all his life to buy an house, then came his wife's shopping spree. There were opposite views even in government sided media about it, then all of a sudden a really incompetent coup attempt happens and it gets supressed in a couple of hours and they do their best to antagonize themselves with firing at civilians, bombing the parliament etc. I mean the guy didn't even dared to set foot on Turkey when Gezi protests happened until they were suppressed and he lands on the airport while the F-16's are on the air? Stop fucking kidding me, this shit was orchestrated as fuck and now everyone forgot about the Syrian, Kurdish and ISIS issue, he's popular as fuck with people again, he managed to clean up his opposition completely, he literally have no one to oppose him right now, he can do whatever he wants. People are marching in my street chanting allahu akbar and singing Ottoman marching band songs right now. I'm seriously fearing for my life and safety because I'm known by people as a huge anti-government and anti-islam guy, have police records from anti-goverment protests, if he wants to do a crackdown I'll be sure to be taken in. Not sure what I'm gonna do, seriously.

No. 103326

>you think it invalidates the iron-clad bonds it creates between different men, who learn they can rely on one another in a way they never could in their civilian "friendships"?

Ya, I am willing to bet that fucking PTSD wasn't a good trade off for anon's bond with his fellow soldiers. He could be struggling with the effects of PTSD for his entire life.

It is so hilarious to me that you are trying to explain the ~glories of war` to a fucking veteran with PTSD, while a different anon is posting his IRL experiences of fearing for his life in turkey.

No. 103332

I already warned you about the tildes bitch. Go shitpost on /r9k/, you're not even here for the milk.

No. 103333

Greeks have taken in some of the coup plotters as asylum seekers. Could try your luck there.

No. 103337


It's hard to imagine Greeks taking in tons of fleeing Turks. Maybe some of the high-level ones but OP is just another outspoken normie (AFAIK).

Greece is certainly no fan of Ataturk, so I doubt their broke govt. would take in the heirs to his dream.

Of course, they dislike Erdogan so there's that. OP is really in a bad spot.

No. 103342


They're returning the plotters.


Yep, I need to find somewhere because if he starts to go full Hitler police would surely come for me. I'm a member of couple of anti-government organizations plus I have couple of police records regarding it.

No. 103346


You have an awesome country OP, and I wish I could tell you exactly what to do,whether you should stay in turkey or flee but I don't know.

All I can really tell you is don't panic; I know that's difficult where you are but panicking will only waste time.

Think. Try to come up with a plan, because Erdogan already has one. If you lose your head, he just gets closer to getting it done.

No. 103348


Thank you, I'm thinking of going to Canada or US. Canada seems a bit less strict about migration, gonna have to do a bit research.

No. 103351


If you're ex-military immigrating to the US is a lot easier; I have a friend that did that after he was finished in the army. He left his qt fiancee in Ankara and married an awful, awful waifu here after a few years.

Or maybe you can get a student visa? Either way, there is a huge turkish diaspora on the east coast here in the states, and there are worse places to live. You'd fit right in.

Can't really speak to Canada, but it might be easier idk. Tim Horton's is kinda awesome.

On the other hand, the more people who don't like Erdogan leave turkey, the more pro-Erdo the country becomes. I can't tell you what to do, but just know that it's people like you that keep turkey from becoming a hardline islamist shitshow.

Good luck.

No. 103352


Well I do have military training because of conscription and only attended one operation against PKK, I'm not the PTSD anon tho. I have family in New York but I'm not sure what to do with my teaching degree there or find a decent job. Hell I'm even up for a min wage job if it means getting the fuck out of here.

No. 103356


I know you're not him, because I'm him. Whatup former conscript buddy? did you make sure to remove the "property of turkish army" stickers from all of your stuff?

Having family here already is a massive advantage, use it.

I don't know a whole lot about the immigration process but I do know that even as a conscript you have a service record from a NATO country, plus an education, plus family ties here.

All of that helps you get a visa. The police records, not so much but you can play it off. Get your relatives to find a lawyer, I've heard that boosts your chances like 90%.

No. 103360


kek, all my stuff was already used before so didn't had to. I didn't even get a G3 or the new 416's, had to use a captured modernized Bulgarian AK. Well I'm talking with my cousin about a working permit visa, let's see what will happen.

No. 103363

Yes, come to Canada!

No. 103368

File: 1468707274785.png (520.4 KB, 857x569, 1468693102739.png)


Do you have any info about the procedure? Maybe I should find someone to marry from here ;^)

No. 103379

Here's a page with links to all kind of immigration info: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/eligibility.asp

All jokes aside, Canada is a pretty awesome country. Obviously it has its problems, but it is pretty welcoming to immigrants and refugees. The place I work at has even been sponsoring all kinds of local charities for new immigrants.

No. 103380

I forgot to add this link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/index.asp

It is a search for all the different kinds of forms that might be needed.

No. 103383

pathetic how you think a country "welcoming to refugees" is something to be proud of.

Turkbro is an exception, not the rule. The vast majority of Maghrebis and Arabs who have come to Europe in the past few years are absolute fucking trash. Zero marketable skills, zero understanding of how to act in our societies. Just worthless welfare drains who have led to a noticeable uptick in crime in most of the places they've settled.

But at least you can feel smug, eh? Fucking Trudeau supporting fag.

No. 103386

Sorry for telling someone who wants to flee to Canada something encouraging? I mean, given the topic, I assumed turk-anon could use a teaspoon of good vibes.

No. 103388

It's good to be welcoming to people who are basically Southern Europeans like him, not so good to be welcoming to scowling hijabi baby factories and nigger-tier Maghrebis.

No. 103389

File: 1468715599458.jpg (39.9 KB, 448x640, 978e4e07-c784-4c64-bb73-2ba4f5…)

The edge

No. 103391

>not wanting Bouhlel and his ilk in your country

Guess I'm edgy then.

No. 103418

File: 1468732185980.jpg (61.58 KB, 1160x600, FB_IMG_1468731936200.jpg)


I'm taking a look at it right now thanks.

>tfw have work the day after a coup attempt

Capitalism ho!

No. 103422

Weird, I got less work at my job than I expected. Expected more people to cancel their hotel booking and shit, guess people love their vacations more than I expected.

No. 103426

Why are you againat the PKK? The world does not consider them terrorist only your right wing cowardly government. The PKK are the main people fighting DAESH, unlike your country.

No. 103428

Turkey isn't European, the E.U has rejected their application as they fail to meet the requirements. Turkey has awful human rights and has been unstable for decades. Even at the Nato summit Erdogan was treated as an outsider.

No. 103435


Both sides are in fault, Turkey for treating Kurds like shit for decades and it's hard to feel symphaty for an organization that killed your friends. Government doesn't show my opinion on Kurds and jihadi nutjobs as I don't support them nor voted for them.


Yep, no idea why people think Turkey is Europe.

No. 103458

They think kurds are dindus because they've never actually had to deal with their primitive shitskin behaviour unfortunately.

No. 103459

>Hijabi baby factories
Where is the fucking lie?

No. 103463


Like I said my cousins are half Kurd, my brother in law is a pure Diyarbakir Kurd and I love the guy, I literally have no bone to pick with them. One I hate are the terrorists, plain and simple and the ones with the primitive traditions. Google how PKK treats their female fighters, they are treated as sex slaves and they get raped if they resist and female genital mutilation is widespread with them also.





No. 103466

RT had a documentary called "Our war" I think which showed young female Kurdish fighters. Pretty fierce women, I have distant Kurd relations and don't understand why in Turkey Erdogan's hatred of the is tolerated.

No. 103472

Pretty sure you're not Ernst Junger, but keep preening your feathers, chickenhawk.

No. 103564

File: 1468838284832.webm (3.16 MB, 854x480, 1468800776673.webm)

No. 103565

File: 1468838348739.webm (3.53 MB, 854x480, 1468800069675.webm)


No. 103671

File: 1468882887134.jpg (781.04 KB, 2560x2035, 1468835914504.jpg)

Some background info on this shitstorm, fuck I hate this country.

No. 103711


Somehow I missed this when you posted it earlier, made me kek b/c memories

>Be me, years ago…

> "Anon, your mission to provide training for Turkish military officers and conscripts. It is part of 'Murrica's commitment to our NATO allies."

> Me: "Conscripts? Like, just people off the street?"

>"Anon these young men are highly motivated, expertly trained, and armed with state-of-the art modern weapons."

>Go overseas, meet officers. "Anon, yuo are greatest ally. come meet conscripts. We have greatest weapons,greatest army, Turkey stronk etc. etc."

>Go meet conscriptbros. Everyone has uniforms/boots that don't fit, and vietnam-era busted-ass soviet AK knockoffs with sights that broke off like 40 years ago

>Me: o.O

They WERE motivated, for sure. There were a couple who always called me effendi and I never knew what to make of that. I guess they were joking?


So what happens now? If the coup was a setup, Tayyip will purge remaining kemalists out of army, courts, press, and politics. Even if it was real, he'll do the same thing so the result is the same. It just makes everything worse. Gezi park kids pack their shit & leave turkey. Nobody with any power still in Ankara gives a fuck about Ataturk anymore, except as a symbol. SJWs in the west complain about turkey's record getting worse, because arrests/press crackdowns.

So next turkey never gets EU membership, and then NATO starts keeping Erdogan at arm's length, and nobody can stop democracy from slipping further away because everyone who cares has already fled to the west. My question is this: How do you make Aloha Snackbars give a shit about what they are trading away? ISIS is literally right at the border, everyone can see how terrible life is under them. Is it really worth ignoring THAT just to keep the kurds/PKK from getting more powerful? What happens now with remaining Gulenists?

No. 103725


Gulenists are gonna get purged, Erdogan is doing everything in his power to prevent himself from getting tried, he's ready to sacrifice a whole country to do that. We might get a slight regime change, not quite Iran tier with sharia and stuff but less secular. Average Turkish people are really dumb so they just go MUH RELIGION MUH ALLAH all the time, they're thinking of changing gun laws to make them easier to get, they want to arm the citizens so they can "resist" if another coup happens. He's just trying to make this country burn to the ground to protect himself.

No. 103727

File: 1468922313074.gif (1.48 MB, 242x270, 1464429220866.gif)

>background info

No. 103755


It can be a decent source of info in happenings, just saiyan

No. 103773

KYS. Stick to jezebel and the graun for cutting edge political analysis.

No. 103779

How censored has Turkish media been over the past decade for this man to have been given so much support and for the Armenian and Kurdish genocide to be denied? I know poor little Erdogan hates social media but it's not banned anymore, surely Turks can just google to see the links between their country and Daesh and what a nutter Erdogan and the gov' is!

No. 103780

Not him, but forget about that shit. You don't know what Kurds are like. And Armenians are whiners. It's absurd to demand a nation collectively apologize to you. It's collective emotional blackmail of the worst kind. Doesn't matter whether it's Armenians, Blacks, Jews or whatever. It's selective outrage at its worst.

No. 103781


You won't see anything of opposite view on news and TV, everyt media corporation and paper are on government payroll, average Turkish person would just say "shame we couldn't kill them all". They don't know internet beyond Facebook and porn sites.

No. 103798


More I read and learn about politics, more I get disgusted.

No. 103814


Purges are starting OP. You might want to GTFO soon.

>3000 judges fired

>15 000 state teachers fired
>21 000 private teachers fired
>1500 University deans fired

No. 103815


/pol/ is generally shit, but the analysis you replied to really isn't a bad synopsis if you don't know what's going on. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 103829

File: 1469011958505.png (322.43 KB, 546x700, back to pol.png)

No. 103865

Looks like we're getting martial law/state of emergency, all constitutional rights will be on hold while it's active. FUCK

No. 103866

Quit shitposting you fucking mongoloid. There's nothing wrong with the analysis the anon referenced in the picture, it is spot on and better than you'll find than in 99% of news media sites. You're just so obsessed with imageboard boogeymen that it triggers you enough to shoot the messenger.

No. 103877


Internet might get cut soon, 3 months of martial law.

No. 103901

Everything about your previous post screams /pol/ cancer. What's wrong with telling /pol/ to go back to /pol/?

>There's nothing wrong with the analysis the anon referenced in the picture, it is spot on and better than you'll find than in 99% of news media sites

>t. exclusively visits huffpo/brietbart tier "news outlet"s
You're the only fucking mongoloid here. How do you even know it's factually sound? What have you verified in that screencap?


No. 103914


Are you gonna leave OP? I have to wonder what happens to a country when it purges its best and brightest. It's like national suicide. Even if chasing the Gulenists out of the positions they're in helps Turkey b/c right now they're misusing power, what is gained if you lose every international friend you have, and can't have a fully functioning society? What's the point of being the king if your kingdom is a whole in the ground?

No. 103915


>somebody who frequents /pol/ getting news from huffpo

No. 103932

Oh, man. I really hope you are able to get out. If you can, print off the forms and shit that you'll need for immigration purposes, in case you can't access the sites again.

Photo-anon you have no idea how much I am rooting for you!

No. 103934

It's not fact, it's speculation based on existing evidence.

It's just a lot more granular and analytical than "there was a coup, the military doesn't like Erdogan. Also something something islamism."

Finally, there isn't some unifying /pol/ ideology anyway you fucking loon. Just about the only thing they all agree on is being opposed to present day immigration systems in western Europe and North America, that's it.

No. 103950

Are you literately impaired?

>"there was a coup, the military doesn't like Erdogan. Also something something islamism."
Reading headlines like that and taking it with a grain of salt is better than Reading and believing an anonymous internet post at face value.

>there isn't some unifying /pol/ ideology anyway you fucking loon

>muh JOOZ
>muh SJWs
>muh degeneracy
Oh sure there isn't. Agree with those nothing happens. Disagreeing guarantees you 1000 buttmad (You)s. Fuck off back to the worst board on 4chan.

No. 103952

The Turkish poster is just echoing what a half decent geopolitical analyst knows by default, e.g. CaspianReport. You're the same kind of idiot who was probably surprised when Russia annexed crimea. When anyone with a cursory knowledge of the geography of Russia knows they'd fight a war for their only warm water port.

It's a simple fact that the kemalists sided with erdogan and that Gulen faction do form, or at least did form a parallel deep by state until recently.

Stick to complaining about white people on tumblr kid. Geopolitics is obviously beyond your cognitive abilities.

No. 103955


I'm just so fucking depressed, now he can pass any laws he wants without the approval of the parliament and police can arrest you without a reason. Got carded 3 times today while coming to work today, I also have to bring my family with me if I am to migrate and I have no idea what the fuck to do.

No. 103956

>STILL couldn't give a single supporting source/means of verification
Simply epic.

No. 103957


>It's a simple fact that the kemalists sided with erdogan and that Gulen faction do form

Gulenists are a bigger threat than the current government, funny thing is RTE himself was the one who put all these guys in these positions. He was all like "we were tricked" when they started to fight amongst themselves. God why can we just have a decent government for fucking once instead of some conservatist islamic shits.

No. 103959

>The Turkish poster is just echoing what a half decent geopolitical analyst knows by default, e.g. CaspianReport
>some random fuck who gives shittons of opinions but hardly any citation/evidence
No wonder you hold some /pol/ shitposts in such high regard. We're going around in circles now.

No. 103962

Come to the Balkans and say you're a refugee
We ain't shit but at least we take good care of our pet Arabs, and there's plenty of Turkaboos around thanks to your historical soap operas

No. 103964

CaspianReport is good entry level geopolitical analysis. His explanation of why Russian growth is hampered by the necessity of European Russia subsidising the interior cities, and how this has been a conscious choice of the central government for centuries is spot on and you can find similar explanations in "respectable" publications like FPJ anyway.

As for the wider point, you're a monolingual, easily triggered leftist tumblrina whose historical knowledge extends to hyperbole about the transatlantic slave trade and noble savage crap about the plains Indians.

Vacate the thread and take your faux outrage with you.

No. 103965

>As for the wider point, you're a monolingual, easily triggered leftist tumblrina whose historical knowledge extends to hyperbole about the transatlantic slave trade and noble savage crap about the plains Indians.
Nice strawman poltard

>this trusted and reliable international paper is full of LIARS! Better go and read the blog of some bitter neckbeard stuck in his mother's basement

No. 103967


I'm half Croatian so probably won't stick out at all.

and for fucks sake stop with the shit flinging already, people can have different opinions no need to fight like a bunch of 10 year olds.

No. 103968

What paper are you talking about? And yes, more generally that's absolutely correct. Academia and journalism are a joke. You have self proclaimed "North Korean experts" in the West working for supposedly reputable think tanks who can't speak a lick of Korean and genuinely believe the old lie that NK is a Marxist Leninist state. Many others who are supposed mid East experts unironically believe that IS has "nothing to do with Islam".

These people are laughable. They're monolingual retards like you. Back to tumblr with you.

No. 103974

Also I'm gonna translate some official statements about these incident and how weird it looks. I mean national intelligence agency got the intel about the coup at 16.00 and literally did nothing about it, high command was at a fucking wedding while tanks and jets were mobilizing, all government building were unguarded as hell. This whole thing stinks.

No. 103976

You say that like it's a bad thing. You're speaking my language right now, don't act so high and mighty. Sorry you were born in an irrelevant wartorn shithole.

No. 103977

Nice change in tone lolberal. A true disciple of Shillary.

No. 103985

Lol say "sheeple" next

No. 103993

Go be histrionic about /pol/ somewhere else.

You don't have the first clue about geopolitics. Why are you even in this thread?

No. 103999

Say it.

No. 104021

>irrelevant wartorn shithole


No. 104081


>Are you literately impaired?

Brownshirts wouldn't voluntarily go anywhere near huffpo, silly anon.

C-Can we stop talking about /pol/ now?

No. 104097

>CaspianReport is good entry level geopolitical analysis
No it isn't.

Yep, you are literately impaired.

>Brownshirts wouldn't voluntarily go anywhere near huffpo, silly anon.

If you understood english you'd know I never said that. You're probably just pretending to be retarded though

No. 104142

No. 107052

File: 1470773761379.jpg (344.43 KB, 800x612, 1470731995441.jpg)

Man shit is getting too weird here.

No. 107568

Could Turk anon shed some light on your new pedo law?

No. 107571


Age of consent was 15 and any sexual activity with a kid younger than that could be jailed for 15 years they changed that. Not sure what age they lowered it to though.

No. 107575

I don't think they did
They downright removed it

No. 107576


Oh yeah, now that I took a close look to it they completely removed it. I just don't know what to fuck to say about this country anymore, can't defend it anymore.

No. 107580

Thinking Turkey would be prioritizing other questions like the military coup, immigration bonanza etc etc it astounds me that this was even on the radar.

I'd expect this from some other extremist country but not turkey, since they got or at least had some major tourists business going on. Who's pushing this shit? Is erdogan just trolling the world just to feed the worlds prejudice against Muslims wanting to plow kiddos

No. 107585

Don't underestimate politicians' stupidity, anon.
That's what we said in the 90s
>nah, we won't go to war, our politicians aren't THAT retarded
>nah, it's just a temporary situation, we'll get back on our feet in a jiffy
Fast forward a few months and it's raining NATO bombs left and right and 16 years later we're poorer than ever

Same with Brexit
>Nah we won't leave the EU, I doubt it
>OH SHIT we're leaving the EU, abandon ship, apply for Irish passports en masse!

No. 107590


This shit goes way back to the founding of the republic. Islamists always had this vendetta going on with the "seculars" in the government, most of the conservatives think they're getting some kind of revenge for the century of "oppression" they had. After the war of independence lots of tribunals were had and they hanged bunch of islamist rebels.


and then there is the coup of 60 which ended with Adnan Menderes getting hanged which actually created the bunch Erdogan belonged to.


Funny thing is Adnan Menderes was a scum like RTE, he did every shit move in the book to prevent himself from getting tried for corruption and embezzlement. Erdogan tries this hard to stay in politics because the moment he loses his political immunity he'll be hit with hundreds of cases and will probably lose all his fortune he and his family amassed while he was in power. Though I don't think this country will ever recover unless the Western part secedes of something, I have no hope for the East of Turkey. Bunch of inbred islamist fucks tbh and it's the breeding ground for Erdogan's voter base.

No. 107595

Meanwhile it's Jews in Israel who constantly run over muslim kids and no one goes to jail or even cares.

No. 108310

>wake up
>we entered syria

this country is so fun, we never have a dull moment.

No. 108315

No. 108789

Oh Paul

Always there to put them in their place

No. 109436

Something else interesting about Turkey I heard as a Sciencefriend – apart from the US, they're one of the few countries in the world that also has an active Creationist movement.

They have the whole brouhaha over Intelligent Design versus Darwinism in school textbooks and everything.

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