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File: 1468445264416.jpg (326.88 KB, 1500x1000, Milklim-Harajuku-Kawaii-Fashio…)

No. 102826

It was announced today that Milklim, along with 2 other stores, has closed its store and going exclusively online. Whilst nothing has been heard from the japanese side of harajuku fashion, the western comm is in panic. Mainly for they've clocked on the might have had a hand in it.
Harajuku meanwhile has been losing its edge for a while. Many boutique's and stores have been closing due to either no sales/ tourism becoming too much/Tokyo rent rising. The Harajuku kids are slowly disappearing as gormless tourists move in along with the white girls wanting a fashion snap.

So whats your opinion on this /b? I dont trust cgl with this one(why trust them with anything?), do you think Harajuku will die off? Did we foreigners ruin it?

No. 102828

Eventually yeah

No. 102843

>along with the white girls wanting a fashion snap.

There is no way mentally ill weebs constitute any sort of significant market for these people. They can probably be counted in the hundreds.

It's good that "j-fashion" is dying anyway, look at the sorts of fucked up, cretinous people it has helped cultivate. Just look at /snow/ or /pt/ and tell me these are sound people.

No. 102852


J-fashion and all the weebs have increased over the years.

- Venus

- Kota

- Kaka

- Himezawa

- Mira

- Sere

ect ect they all have emotional baggage or drama. So many other people to count in too.

No. 102857

expect for yknow
the people who want to take part in that fashion who are actually japanese.

No. 102861

h. Naoto is closing down, too. Very sad.
I don't think westerners have that much to do with it or that the scene itself is actually dying, it's just that consumers are losing interest, fashion-wise. A lot of Jfash has been heavily rehashed and repeated, and not all brands/scenes last forever.
I like to think of it as the start of an evolution in alt fashion. Something new will appear.

No. 102862

Japanese fashion has been moving out of Harajuku for a while. There are still plenty of other brands that are doing well in other parts of Tokyo. It seems however that the flashier side of Japanese fashion is dying. The brands that are doing well are larme brands, himekaji brands, Otome kawaii and onee brands, etc, all relatively toned down styles compared to something like fairy kei. Fairy kei itself is getting toned down and moving more into yume kawaii or peco kei.

No. 102863


Yeah. Larme is nice but I worry about the cunts who will end up trashing it and bringing assholes into play. Once a trend starts you always have some fucker who wants to ruin it.

No. 102866

I doubt it's dying, just changing. I remember hearing about how people freakee out cause they thought Lolita fashion was dying but it's still around. I don't care about fairy kei toning down at all cause I kinda hate it tbh. It night look a little better that way.

Watch people on tumblr get a hold of it and some prominent figure on there trash it. They'll find some reason to turn it all about some movement or act like an ass cause it makes them special.

No. 102871

What is going to replace it? What is the new style / "thing"?

No. 102873

Could this have anything to do with Japan's declining birthrates?

No. 102875

I agree. I think it's just an adapting taste and the whole OTT fashion thing falling out of style. Globally that whole neutrals/street/edge wear is what is really big, so now high fashion is like.. Sneakers with a sweater, leggings and a baseball cap.

If you look at the states it's similar. While we didn't have as many sub fashions, in the 2000s emo and scene kids were around and they were pretty alternative while now edgy kids just kind of emulate 90s wear for the most part.

We just have to wait a few years for the next thing to come up (though by that point we'll probably be too old to wear it, lel)

No. 102885

Most likely in the long run yeah. it's not like the foreigners can keep these brands afloat.

No. 102905

I think the fact that Milklim and h.Naoto have had to go online just shows what happens when you don't evolve with time.

You can see brands like Candy Stripper, Liz Lisa, Katie etc who have evolved with the trends of the years really well to keep their sales strong.
Catering to a niche is fine as long as you aknowledge whats popular and in fashion and sell to that too because at the end of the day its about profit.

No. 102926

Fuck if I am too old to wear it by then. I like having fun with fashion even if it means being a tacky twenty six yo in a few years

No. 102941

This is why I play dress up games.

No. 102950

I like dressup games but have a need for shopping. If only there was a fashion simulation that had the latest alternative trends. I really like covet but it's super normalfag

No. 102966

I know it's a trend on here to hate on older women but older women are just as attractive and capable of wearing any fashion (including cute fashion) as younger girls are. Don't give in to media obsessed with prepubescence or to cultures that attempt to desexualize older women; wear the fuck outta fashion regardless of your age. Sorry if that reads as like SJW bullshit, it just gets to me when I see fellow women shit on themselves needlessly because of imaginary age-related issues. Also unless you're born wealthy who can afford to be their ideal fashionable self until they're like at least 25 anyway?

No. 103037

Oh please, people only start wearing the clothes they want in their mid twenties because that's when they have money anyway. Most lolitas are in their mid twenties for example.

No. 103047

When I first visited Harajuku there were barely any cosplayers and only some in alternative fashion. But there was quite some diversity in stores on Taleshita. I went last year, and it's all tourists, 5M crêpe stores and other mainstream bs. Super boring. But there'll be another alternative neighbourhood or it will all just move even further away from the station. Not too worried.

No. 103140

I actually think it's the rise of k-fashion and idols taking over. Korean style is just super tame comparatively, and most Asian countries are following suit. Honestly, I'm kind of glad it's dying. I'm tired of seeing grown-ass women dress like children.

No. 103144

Isnt K-fashion just ghetto dress up? Honestly I would rather something original than K-fashion/K-pop which is constantly pulling the race card when it comes to the influence of their subcultures.

No. 103145

Pretty much this.

No. 103297

File: 1468677644207.jpg (30.02 KB, 619x407, takenokozoku.jpg)

I'm kind of worried that there won't be such a big scene for street fashion for a long time to come though. With internet shopping, irl pilgrimages don't need to happen, and social media allows people to move their experimentation online.
I guess music venues will always be a place for youth to hang out and be wacky in.

I'm just salty because I wanted to live the weaboo dream and move there for a bit and be an embarassing gaijin, but it's sort of too late to do that now.

No. 103298

File: 1468680535245.jpeg (92.02 KB, 640x739, image.jpeg)

This tho. Kfash is basically pale Asian girls' attempt at looking "gangsta" and ghetto. That's why gun motifs, baseball caps, clothes with random English/Latin letters, and bandannas are so popular in kfash.

I went to Harajuku recently and I've noticed that more shops are beginning to carry Taobao shit and less original designs. It's all emo Disney characters shit now like pic related.

No. 103302

Yes its 99% to do with rent rising in tokyo, because of tourism and multiculturism

so yes it is to do with foreigners, but not us. unless you are the kind of person who can afford to buy an apartment in tokyo for 2 million? lol

the same thing is happening here in toronto/NYC, i dont know about the west coast. but asian people - china, japan and korea - are coming over here in DROVES and driving the market prices up, making it impossible for ordinary people to live in city centers…

No. 103303

vancouver has a ridiculous cost of living with no real industry to support it and its bc of asian (mainly chinese) investors coming in and snatching up properties but not really investing back into the city

No. 103307

h.naoto has notoriously bad quality for their prices as well. probably why he's making a desperate route around the con circuit in the U.S. before he throws in the towel

No. 103323

Its sad these subcultures are disappearing. Its the same here with London and Camden, which is awful now.

No. 103325


v v true

No. 103384

h.naoto literally puts out unhemmed pieces for hundreds of dollars and claims that the fraying is how it's supposed to look like. If I wanted a deteriorating skirt, I'd make it myself out of cheap material instead of spending $300 on it.

No. 103400

That's the main issue I always had with their clothing. It's so CHEAP and ripped/torn. I can do that shit myself.

No. 103405

File: 1468721411341.jpg (89.71 KB, 750x1125, kfash.jpg)

Mainstream Kfashion is not ghetto at all. It's generic cutesy clothes, normie shit you would find at forever 21. Lots of minimalistic looks with baggy t-shirts paired with jeans or shorts.

Most photos you see on aliexpress or ebay shops are stolen from Korean fashions stores.

No. 103407

what's the point of calling it kfash if it's just plain normie clothes? at least jfash has a distinct style.

imo it looks and feels like they cheaped out on construction costs. i get that deconstructed garments on a thing but deconstructed clothes look and feel like it's on purpose. h.naoto's "deconstructed" clothes just look like they didn't feel like paying 10 cents extra per piece to get them finished.

No. 103454

File: 1468751335516.jpeg (120.23 KB, 1024x601, Peco Style.jpeg)

I think this article is relevant.


Tumblr must be happy since one of the new styles is genderless and the other is described to have a "Tumblr bad-girl attitude".

No. 103456

I mostly see Koreaboos and weebs calling normie clothes from Korea K-fashion. It's obvious why.

No. 103497

Feel sorry for Tokyo Fashion as the my must feel slightly responsible with bring this much attention to jfashion. Glad to see them hating on the recent tourist boom with the "harajuku zoo".
In the recent Chelsea lately thing on harjuku(spot the tourist was fun to play), Elleanor came across so pissed off at the new direction it's taking and the spark disappearing.

No. 103500

What the fuck. Is genderless kei a thing or made up by tumblrtards?

No. 103508

File: 1468789576552.jpg (69.34 KB, 373x280, tumblrareactuallyaliens.jpg)

This might surprise you anon, don't freak out, but there's been this top secret thing called androgyny for a while now.
It's really underground but there are even ancient legends of men that dress in a genderless way; prophecies foretell of a prince and some kind of mana from the heavens made from the dust of stars. It is said that when all three parts of the prophecy come to be true, men of the world will begin to moisturise, signifying the end of days.

(Yeah it's actually a thing)

No. 103509

I was born in the 80s, I know what actual androgyny is, however genderless kei sounds straight up tumblr. I'm surprised it's a legit subculture in Japanese fashion now.

No. 103510


Eleanor is a straight up miserable bitch I heard.

No. 103529

The international popularity growth must have been good in some way, no? I think that once the general public gets used to crazier fashion styles (which they're already beginning to, see mobs of tumblr people with colored hair) we'll be able to have a place to hang out with other wackos without it turning into a zoo.
Maybe I'm too optimistic.
Either way, it's silly to "blame" this on any one person, every relevant avant-garde place eventually implodes, see Paris and New York.

>ACTUAL ANDROGYNY is nothing like this!

No. 103531

I'm curious, what was keeping the industry up in the first place? Was it just teens and 20-somethings with a huge allowance or what? I don't see how people my age can afford the style

No. 103534

Personally, I've felt like Harajuku fashion has become somewhat contrived over the past decade or so. I've never actually been there/am not Japanese so correct me if I'm wrong, but the feeling I'd always had was that it was a meeting place for people in alternative subcultures. Nowadays, people just cover themselves in the weirdest shit they can find and go there hoping to be discovered and get popular like Kyary, Minori, etc.

As I said, I have no idea how it actually is there, but this is how it came across to me as the street snaps became less creative and more like "Bunka fashion student who glued bear plushies to their sweater."

No. 113341

h. Naoto has been derivative hot topic crap for ages though.

No. 113342

On tumblr it's made up because you need to be slim to look androgynous. In Japan it's a thing, though not terribly exciting either. The Tokyo fashion IG is boring and contrived, and fashion leaders like Genking are just hopping on everything that sells.

No. 113534

I have seen many harajuku kids come to my city to study at University, I've seen 2/3 lolitas and several fairy kei asians around.
I know most are Japanese because I often notice them walking past and they'll often be talking.
I feel like the Japanese Harajuku kids have become older and taken the trend with them. Just like any other trend that older generations grew up with.

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