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File: 1468150467808.jpg (132.93 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 01 […)

No. 101949

Can we have an anime thread? I can't find the other one for some reason, what are you watching this season? I really missed this Ariaesque atmosphere in SoL anime and really enjoyed the first episode of Amanchu.

No. 101950

File: 1468150620222.jpg (80.12 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 01 […)

So calming and cute

No. 101957

Some recommendations for this season?? I ran out of stuff to watch

No. 101963


Watching Amanchu, Tales of Zestiria, Handa-kun, Amaama to Inazuma, 91 days this season. All of them are pretty good.

No. 101979

File: 1468160525503.jpg (161.58 KB, 1280x720, asdfafas (5).jpg)

I can't stop watching Fairy Tail, it's just too funny and cool.

No. 102528

File: 1468323116679.jpg (126.98 KB, 1280x720, 1468322112730.jpg)

This is just too cute.

No. 102617

File: 1468329507847.jpg (234.58 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's mentioned a whole lot in my anime culture class, so I finally picked up and just finished the original Space Battleship Yamato and now I'm starting 2199 and rewatching it all in the beauty that is modern anime has me so fucking giddy.

I'm also watching Shonen Maid on the side and plan to finish up Sakamoto desu ga? and Rose of Versailles eventually. A lot of my friends are watching BNHA but it's so over hyped in my friend group that it turns me off of it…

No. 102619

File: 1468330158940.jpg (37.33 KB, 774x236, _20160618_230658.JPG)

No. 102620


Yamato is one of my favorites both the old and the new one, the music is superb.

No. 102625

I fucking live for the OP song omg.

Sci-fi isn't really my thing so I basically had to force myself through old Yamato (partly because scifi and partly because old anime), but I genuinely love 2199. Maybe because it's so cool to see shit redone with modern anime techniques and whatever? I really love it now though lol.

No. 102627


Yeah, most scenes are in CGI but still looks great.

No. 102628


Also if you loved Yamato try this one next.

No. 102650

File: 1468344040541.png (112 KB, 319x346, 1468342698505.png)



No. 102651

File: 1468344078226.png (165.36 KB, 637x350, 1468343316894.png)

No. 102747

Where is this from?

No. 102748


Amaama to inazuma.

No. 102842

File: 1468448156763.png (42.8 KB, 705x498, Screenshot_253.png)

Probably the highest count among other seasons which also means it's gonna be a pain in the ass once I skip one or two weeks which I really love doing that even though I'm a shitty NEET. Adding to that, I don't drop shows.

Have been paused Scared Rider Xechs for a long time, just 10 minutes away from the end of ep2. Opinion? Boring and awkward. If I can survive through BroCon, then I can do this, or else I'll just watch it with my little sister to lessen the boredom.

Unexpectedly liking Cheer Danshi. Nice variety of boys, wish that more otoge will do that. Just hoping that it won't have QUALITY episodes.

AOTS is Bananya. I'm not being ironic here.

Also included Battery, 7taizai, DR Zetsubou-hen. What a busy season.

No. 102957

>super comfy
>tasty food
OMG I can't fucking wait to watch this show, for some reason it just resonates very deeply inside of me. Downloading it right now.

No. 102958

File: 1468526206686.jpg (103.1 KB, 763x621, Capture.JPG)


Hello darkness my old friend.


Do it and read the manga too, art is great and fluffy.

No. 103075

Holy fuck I just started reading Orange because it was in the "related manga" section of my app and it's SO FUCKING GOOD, I'm only on chapter 14 but I can't believe there's an anime adaption. I was just thinking about it as I was reading haha

I love the story so much already, I can't wait to watch the anime and possibly get my heart ripped out. I'm gonna finish the manga in a few hours and probably cry myself to bed…

No. 103123

just saw the first episode and was not disappointed

No. 103128


I missed Aria-like anime, there was Flying Witch last season but it didn't scratched my itch quite right.

No. 103151

ARIA. Fuck, that was a great one. Slice of life is probably my favorite genre. Sketchbook ~full colors~ had a nice vibe, even if the animation wasn't the best.

No. 103156

Recently I've been down to watch some SoL/comfy anime since it's easy listening while working. Here's some stuff I've seen in that general area, anyone have some recommendations?
I loved Aria, Cardcaptors, Mushishi, Shirokuma Cafe, Tsuritama, Fruits Basket (mostly nostalgia speaking here), and Non Non Biyori.

Barakamon was alright. Nice atmosphere but really underdeveloped characters. Kuma Miko could have been nice if the loli wasn't sexualized in every ep.

No. 103161

Maybe A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Sketchbook, or Hanamaru Kindergarten? They're all pretty comfy, cute and relaxing.

No. 103173

>Rose of Versailles
I've finally gotten around to this and it's fucking amazing. No surprises there though.

I'm also watching Twelve Kingdoms which is excellent, both series have such great female characters so I'm feeling spoiled right now.

No. 103174

I find Chinese/Japanese aesthetics really boring and unrelateable in history, but that's just me. I'm sure to Asians it's very relateable.

No. 103178

File: 1468622601750.gif (394.84 KB, 245x280, d8f7426d-6748-433e-a615-2391be…)

No. 103180

Anyone feel like recommending a good psychological thriller anime? Preferably something in a modern-day setting without giant robots or any elements of sci-fi. I love the animation style, but usually hate or am uninterested in the plot lines of 90% of all anime.

No. 103243

Thanks I'll check them out!

No. 103269

I'm not asian either but I don't see why you have to relate to a setting, that limits your enjoyment of fiction to an absurd extent. But you don't have to like it either if it's just not to your taste.

Personally I really like Asian settings though, especially Kyoto or Edo period etc. It's not some extreme form of weeaboo-ism though, I just think Japanese people write what they know best.

No. 103289

epic reaction image xD

I'm not really sure how to explain it, as it's a really intangible, emotionally driven thing. European-themed settings just feel a lot more… comfy, if that makes any sense?

No. 103475

Pikari's genkiness reminds me so much of Ponyo it's too cute.

No. 103481

File: 1468772617567.jpg (103.38 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amanchu! - 02 […)


She's just too cute.


Start watching amaama to inazuma it just started, try kino no tabi another masterpiece.

No. 103541


Flowers of Evil. You're welcome.

No. 103719

Can anyone recommend me somthing to watch? Scenery porn or cyberpunk.

Currently I'm watching Psycho Pass 2

No. 103722

fate prismya illya season one build up to the 4th season

No. 103742

Un-Go. Well, there are also GiTS, Texhnolyze & Lain.

No. 103759

Anything >>103742 listed, Lain is one of my favorite anime's of all time.
Gantz, Armitage, Akira, Ergo Proxy, and Parasite Dolls are good too. It's not technically cyberpunk, but the anime version of Metropolis is beautiful and kind of has that vibe.

No. 103799

File: 1468973308288.jpg (262.08 KB, 998x596, dungeon meshi.jpg)

Damn I'm loving this manga lately.

No. 103813


Makoto Shinkai's works have gorgeous scenery shots. He mostly makes movies. My personal favorite is Garden of Words.
Also airing this season is Orange. Excellent story, and great art direction.

No. 104829

File: 1469562679453.jpg (118.7 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)

This show is just so cute.

No. 104830

File: 1469562726590.jpg (86.78 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)


S M U G, this show is triggering my paternal instincts.

No. 104831

File: 1469562804650.jpg (123.11 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)

No. 104832

File: 1469563020576.jpg (127.06 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)


>tfw flood

No. 104835

Can someone recommend me some comedy anime that isn't just dirty jokes or over-the-top expressions/reactions?

getting real sick of

>nosebleed guy makes pervy comment

>girl FREAKS OUT, omg BAKAAAA!!!11

No. 104836

U should try osomatsu san, its pretty funny but the only thing is that they look more like muppets than anything

No. 104837

oh I'm already a big matsu fan, so if you know anything similar that would be great.

( I think they're cute )

No. 104840

File: 1469564502446.png (212.83 KB, 410x406, Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 16.3…)

I'm catching up on summer anime, so far have liked AmaInazuma, 91 Days and Amanchu. Besides Mob Psycho 100, what else can someone recommend me for this season?

No. 104844

File: 1469566610578.jpg (115.86 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)


Saiki kusuo no psi-nan is pretty good, I love Cromartie High School but it can be a bit over the top, Junrui wa suitai shimashita is a pretty good dark comedy if you like it.


Tales of Zestria is pretty good, Handa-kun is fun, Danganronpa if you liked the games.

No. 104845

Plastic Neesan

No. 104846

File: 1469567442859.gif (1.36 MB, 500x206, 79f03b4a-80bb-47f5-b8b0-e99f1e…)

So fluffy
So summery
So cute

No. 104849

File: 1469571216335.jpg (22.55 KB, 463x463, 1468606826829.jpg)

I can't stop reading/watching shitty battle harems, someone please save me from this hell

No. 104891

Nichijou, prison school, school rumble, ouran, etc. Those are pretty fun to watch

No. 104911

>Arakawa Under the Bridge
>Cromartie High School
>Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
>Detroit Metal City
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun
>Gugure Kokkuri san
>Hoozuki no Reitetsu
>Osomatsu san

No. 104914

Gakkou Gurashi is probably my top to recommend but I heavily advise not looking up anything about it

No. 105232

Gakkou gurashi was fine, but c'mon "top to recommend"?

That adaptation was one of those adaptations that are just a promotional tool for people to read the source manga.

No. 105233

is that a grill or just your average girly elf anon?

No. 105240


It's a grill

No. 105733

File: 1470085655840.jpg (96.67 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazu…)

God damn it this show heals my heart every week.

No. 106616

File: 1470429467879.jpg (150.07 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Planetarian - 0…)

I didn't asked for these feels.

No. 106617

File: 1470429519167.jpg (111.5 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Planetarian - 0…)

No. 106680

anime sucks

No. 106695

File: 1470483187995.png (1.54 MB, 1600x900, 3cKAyxi.png)

the anime i've been most excited for this season is mob psycho 100. the animation is amazing. i loved the manga (OPM too) so both having anime adaptions makes me feel spoiled.

i'm also watching orange, which i've enjoyed so far.
the DR3 animes have been alright; i'm enjoying the despair arc more because SDR2 was my favourite of all the games, and i don't really like the majority of the new adult characters.

i need to catch up on and start some other anime but those are the ones i'm currently adamant on following this season.

No. 106697

File: 1470486410511.jpg (113.27 KB, 1280x544, [Sephirotic] Kizumonogatari I …)

>tfw no hanekawa gf

No. 119089

File: 1480250139894.jpg (238.18 KB, 1254x629, main_image.jpg)

I can't believe they actually announced a season 3. This is going to ruin fucking everything.

No. 119111

File: 1480268595903.jpg (15.7 KB, 500x350, 424234.jpg)

Was this even good after season 1? I remember watching it with /a/ and laughed my ass off the whole way through but still watched it all. I never got around to seeing any more of it though.

No. 119117

Can anyone recommend something similar to Subete ga F ni Naru - The Perfect Insider (Everything Becomes F)?
I don't watch much anime but this one caught my attention a while back because I'm super interested in murder-mystery type stuff.
I've since found Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation which I'm a few episodes into and am digging it so far, but would love some more recommendations if anyone has any.

No. 119120

There was a season 3 already no? But with different characters.
I used to be a HUGE weaboo but stopped watching anime for 5 years until now.
Code Geass was one of the 2 anime I re-watched after all those years (plus Lucky Star….dont judge)
I tried to watch the 'season 3' but it just wasnt the same without the main characters so Im hoping this time they will actually have Lulu in them

No. 119157

File: 1480286175150.png (67.61 KB, 840x290, JUST.png)

Akito was a midquel.

This time they announced an actual sequel and shat on the ending of r2 while they're at it by bringing lelouch back to life.

No. 119442

File: 1480427442174.jpeg (62.41 KB, 225x325, image.jpeg)

I used to be a massive weeb but now I have a really difficult time finding animes that can pull me in. The last animes that I truly enjoyed were Kuragehime and Superlovers.

No. 119446

File: 1480430029828.gif (157.41 KB, 500x281, SPINZAKUKICK.gif)

The ending was perfect imo so I don't know what they're thinking. Welp, I guess it's a reason to start using dead Code Geass memes now. Spinzaku and the pleasure fish are making a comeback.




Please no. Time to see what's gonna happen with this messed up stuff.

No. 119447

Lelouch never died you dumbasses, it was all part of the keikaku

No. 119494

It's literally called resurrection

No. 119870

Just caught up with Grand Blue, god damn it why didn't I read this before. My stomach still hurts from laughing too much.

No. 119961


Every work this guy creates is a fucking masterpiece.

No. 297696

File: 1537386719103.gif (1.03 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ophuscfczb1qg9t1lo1_500…)

This seems to be as good a thread as any to necro.

I'm looking for some new recs. I just finished Kabukibu! and Made In Abyss before that. Tried watching Banana Fish because of all the hype, but I really couldn't get into it at all.

No. 297699

File: 1537387002601.gif (2.76 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

Give us a few genres or themes ylu like first, anon.
Personally this season I'm enjoying Revue Starlight.

No. 297704

I love slice of life the most. Does anyone just have a website with lists of seasonal anime stretching back a couple years? I'm not very active with watching, so I know there's been a lot I've missed because it's not popular or whatever.

No. 297726

It's not necroing. It's in the catalog for a reason.

No. 297770

I'll always wonder what it was…

Was thinking about Miyazaki movies today. Man likes his flight. Wondering if the upcoming one will be any good.

No. 297784

Started watching Baki last weekend and I was honestly not expecting it to be so.. all over the place? That anime is such a trip, but I'm so grossed out and it's honestly so thrilling (wich is weird for an anime) that it keeps me interested every second since episode 1.

Now I have to watch the first series since I'm with ZERO context but still enjoyable even if you have no idea wtf is going on or why is Baki so strong or why are the body and muscle proportions are so fucked up in this anime

No. 297787

File: 1537399072842.jpg (70.92 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Planet With - 1…)

The only thing I'm watching this season is Planet With. It isn't bad but not as amazing as most people watching it claim to be. I think Mizukami should just stick to doing manga, he's much better at that.
There hasn't been much anime I've been interested in for a while, maybe Winter will revive my interest, most seasonal stuff I like airs then.

No. 298256

File: 1537483987386.jpg (85.53 KB, 825x464, maquia-will-it-ever-end.jpg)

I watch Maquia at my local movie theatre recently,the main reason i watches it is because i love Akihiko Yoshidas work so much so i wouldnt miss it for the world.The animation is beautiful,well-written characters but if you pay attention there are plot holes and leave more question than it answers,im looking forward for an anime adaption but judging by the anime industry now and bomshell titles releases in the following years Maquia is harder to stand out and actract viewers eventhough id watch it…

No. 298311

I'm glad Mari Okada's first feature as a director is getting good reviews, love her work.
Funny how the best Japanese media is always, in my humble opinion, made by women.

No. 298446

What exactly do you like about her work? I have seen just some stuff by her but so far she seems like queen of emotionally manipulative teenage dramu clichestorm.

No. 298451


Check livechart.me. Share your recommendations anon, I love slice of life too and I'm always on the look for hidden gems.

No. 298492

Well, she can be melodramatic some times but I really enjoyed "Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda" for the teenage strugle with social anxiety framed from a female character and subversion of the prince character trope.
Ano Hana can be kind of manipulative but I like it for the characters, I feel she really takes her time with each character backstory and motivations.
Nagi no Asakura is fun and has some hilarious soap opera twists but in a fantasy-ish setting.
Mostly I enjoy her character arcs, stay away from Kiznaiver though, and how her female characters are not just overused moe stereotypes like in so many other series.

No. 300240

why am I jealous. This is the life I want to live https://myanimelist.net/news/55806388

No. 300250

Asano is so handsome, can't believe trannies tried to claim him as one of them lol
His fiance looks straight out of his manga. What a lovely pair. Wonder if her comics are good?

No. 300253

Sensei No Shiroi Uso is being scanlated right now. I think it's a fairly interesting (and depressing) look at sexual trauma and gender inequality, but I'm not really sure if I like the direction it's taking.

No. 300282

File: 1537927890007.png (407.3 KB, 1016x552, desaparecido12x2.png)

Been watching Boku No Hero Academia but I found myself skipping parts through the episodes because they were very cliche.

Also watched pic related. Loved it although it felt like they smushed most of the important events in the end but this was an emotional roller coaster for me. That scene where the girl wakes up to a warm breakfast really made me cry and made my heart pound in tense moments.

No. 300285

Gonna post the warm breakfast scene just because

No. 300766

Anybody unironically liked school days? Having an edgy ending was just the thing that I needed.

No. 300786

I like both but My hero academia feels like the kiddie version of Onepunch man.

Lately I've been finding it hard to really get into new manga/anime

No. 300790

I like BnHA , is very cliche but nice to watch

But I got really annoyed when I started watching because the theme is soooooo similar to Tiger&Bunny

But is a fun show to watch, but doesn't bring anything new to the table eh

No. 300824

Fucking love it. Even played the original vn.
It really did feel like a deconstruction of a story of a typical spineless harem protag that keeps playing with the girls' feelings just cause he can.
Seeing the depravity spin out of control was extremely satisfying, and the ending was a cherry on a top.
I really disliked Setsuna and Sekai, Kotonoha was really relatable and her breakdown was heartbreaking

No. 300905

Actually yeah, it surprised me to see so many hated it but I was looking for a yandere anime so it was satisfying for me.

No. 300922

File: 1538030786563.jpg (61.61 KB, 323x448, nanako.jpg)

Anyone got comfort or seasonal anime they like to watch?
Generally Studio Ghibli's films do it for me for comfort especially when I'm feeling depressed/anxious about the future (esp. Kiki's Delivery Service)

Since it's turning to fall I'm going to binge watch all of Oniisama E since that's when I first watched the series so it's tradition now

I mostly just watch a lot of old or nostalgic anime. I hardly ever watch any new anime unless I see it being raved about elsewhere (like on /a/ over at 4chan). It was fun to join them on the craze for Yuri on Ice, Mahou Tsukai no Yome and Osomatsu-San even if it gets cringey sometimes

No. 300980

File: 1538040031558.png (44.39 KB, 365x273, 53BD4BAA-6F54-4D89-BAE3-31FE93…)

Have any of you guys watched Paranoia Agent? I’ve been thinking of watching it but I’m worried it’s too bleak and since I already struggle with depression and anxiety IRL, that’s the stuff I want to get /away/ from.

No. 301277

File: 1538066980815.gif (321.14 KB, 500x273, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAkClKZ4gof…)


I watched it multiple times and I really loved it!
I also suffer from anxiety and it's a little dark but it's kind of abstract and didn't faze me much.

I think it's very worth to try to watch for the characters!

No. 301320

The most recent anime I've watched and liked were Tiger&Bunny, AOT, JJBA4, BNHA (but didn't finish because of all the fanservice…so offputting), Pop Team Epic, Aggretsuko and Megalo Box. I just finished college so I'm ready to start something new, any suggestions? Haven't watched anything girly in a long time and would be open to anything that's not really cliché.

No. 301374

Satoshi Kon is a genius and I loved this series so much!

No. 301408

I thought bnha had a lot less fanservice than usual animes

I kinda want to start reading One Piece, just cuz its the most popular and I never really gave it a chance but it seems too big now. So is it even worth it?

No. 301411

It doesnt really have any fanservice, so not sure what anon is going on about.

No. 301538

Been trying to get into it for a while. I think I did 70% of it but can't figure out all the routes. It takes so long with the video. Did you try any of the sequels?

Yeah exactly. It makes me think all the haters are men who just want to see philanders and male-sluts get away with it and not see any of the negative repercussions of hurting people.

No. 301586

File: 1538086606261.jpg (88.98 KB, 520x636, chm8srr0xsve8.jpg)

I'm gonna give this one a shot, Rose of Versailles is my favorite anime so I think I will like this too since it's the same creator. I urge anyone with an interest in older anime to give Rose of Versailles a shot, its set in pre-revolutionary France about a noble-born girl raised male who becomes head of the Palace Guard and confidante of Marie Antoinette.

posting Best Girl

No. 301607

File: 1538089018192.jpg (32.47 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It started off really interesting but if I'd known it would have just turned into a cliché, slice-of-life I would never have started it. The last season had barely any plot and was littered with cringey scenes sexualising the female characters that added nothing to the plot. Pic related plus the swimsuit episode, the episode where they're all naked in an onsen, the lame excuse that some characters wear tight or skimpy clothes because "it's part of their brand!" or "they need to for their quirk!" and countless zoom-ins on female characters' tits and ass. It just felt gross to me because most of the characters are minors. It's probably easy to filter out if you watch a lot of slice-of-life anime but that's not usually the kind of anime I watch. I'd just rather the story focus on Deku and pushing his plot forward than shoving the female characters into as many fetish costumes as possible and calling it a day.

No. 301613

Ugh so pretty

No. 301620

a store near me has the makeup with the rose of versailles characters on it, tempted to buy…

No. 301633

I wanted to give this anime a shot but the constant sexualization of these kids is putting me off. Hate to bring up Naruto of all things, but it's completely possible to have an interesting cast of teenagers without having to sexualize them

No. 301634

I got a bunch of 300 yen RoV shirts from Uniqlo when I was on holidays in Japan, it was awesome. It's cool that merch is still being made for such an old series.

No. 301640


No. 301643

300 yen? The ones I got at Uniqlo in London cost like £18 iirc, goddamn. Still really cool though.

No. 301644

File: 1538094832773.jpg (10.2 KB, 500x281, i_wanna_kill_this_thing.jpg)

Yeah this was one of the cliches I hated in the show
I legit felt so disgusted by this little perv especially with him breathing in the acid girl's room saying "Plus Ultra" (also hate that phrase)

No. 301645

whoops sorry it was acid girl but invisible girl

No. 301648

*it wasn't
Gah I swear I only had one drink officer

No. 301653

I agree but…
I ironically actaully semi-like the grape kid ONLY becuase he shows how hypocritical everyone is. Bnha fans are always shitting on him becuase he is a pervert AND unattractive, but would be shilling him if he actaully look decent/attractive and had the same pervy attitude.

But anyway, Bnha was semi interesting in the first season, I only watched it due to complete boredom. Its honestly pretty average at best, but the annoying fans make it worse. The latest season out is a bunch annoying fanservice that whole pool shit was extremely unessisary for the FIRST episode of the the lastest season. I think the show is a let down because the actaully interesting characters bearly get screen time and the annoying ones are constantly in the limelight. The girls are shilled as interesting and revolutionary by fans but honestly, they arnt actaully taken seriously as the boy characters are when you watch the show. They are kinda just THERE…. its just too much to many drawbacks. As previous anon said, just watch One Punch Man.

No. 301739

File: 1538116202796.jpg (166.13 KB, 665x1100, 0pGqiKu.jpg)

anon u srs?

No. 301742

File: 1538116639756.jpg (164 KB, 979x750, 16-17.jpg)

urgh I hate it when anime does this. I would've gladly continue reading/watching Air Gear if it wasn't filled with pervy shit
>that scene where Ringo is forced to wear some kind of fetish costume because Simca stole her clothes.
In fact, they constantly find reasons to have her wear pervy clothes while she really hates it wich makes it feel kind of rapey.

No. 301744

Oh! Great also made a manga where a dude rapes his sister (but she totally likes it) so that's not surprising sadly.

No. 301766

I was hoping they'd kill him off.

No. 301767

"I want to die"
Why do men get off to humiliation? To anyone who has an ounce of empathy this is really sad, not sexually exciting.

Maybe more suggestions of anime that don't cater to the male eye would be nice.

No. 301798

No. 301800

Im a little annoyed at which characters get development, like we know more about todorokis home life than dekus, the main character, or bakugou. Ochakos devepoment stopped at the tournament, yaoyorozu isnt interesting at all, i want to know whT hagakure looks like and what her quirk relly is but she was never an important character.

Opm's new season cant come any sooner… im a bit worried at tgem changing studios tho

No. 301822

why? she's right. You don't see any of this happening to men in manga unless they're cool with being (half-)naked
Ringo is also the most shy and innocent girl of them all. So ofcourse it constantly happens to her.

No. 301824

Do you (or anyone on here) know of any manga that features male fanservice like that?
The humiliation kind, I mean.

No. 301839

Fuck all shounen turn out like this. What are the best action shoujo?

No. 301881

fucking watch souleater. the only sexualized character in that show is only sexualized to illustrate the female main characters insecurities that she gets through during the show.

No. 301885

File: 1538153055285.jpeg (54.28 KB, 960x600, 6372475-0397485581-latest.jpeg)

I like soul eater (or at least I did when I was in middle school), but literally every girl that isn't maka gets sexualized and every guy is a pervert

shout out to my OG husbando tho

No. 301902

>every girl that isn't maka
>there are 3 other main girls
>one of them is dumb


No. 301910

The most disgusting thing is that they made a figure of her in this scene. The only good thing I can say about it is that at least she looks pretty confident. As someone who never read the manga, I assumed that she is the seductress character. But fear note, they added the head bag accessory so that the creeps can imagine her being humiliated like in the manga!

Why is this disgusting porn shit in manga for 15 y/o in the first place?

The whole shonen genre is trash tbh

No. 301911

File: 1538155567911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.79 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

dropped my pic

No. 301912

There are more characters featured than just the main characters, you know. Pretty much every other female character in the anime is sexed up.

No. 301914

meh, not really, even less so in the manga.

No. 301917

The only female characters other than the main girls I can remember are the cat witch, frog girl and the arrow villain

Souleater is one of the first animes I watched so I want to keep it a nice nostalgic memory lol

It always confused me how its okay to have so much sexual stuff in shonen, I mean wouldnt that be more apropriate for seinen?

No. 301920

NTA but what?

The only characters I can think of that are sexualized are Blair (which OP was talking about) and Tsubaki and the spider demon lady. Maybe the rat girl? I really don't get where you are coming from.

No. 301922

I actually disagree that all of them are sexualized. Medusa and Marie are two other important main characters/villains and they aren't sexualized at all.

No. 301923

When was the last time you watched soul eater? Like, did you just forget about liz and patty and the scenes of dtk groping their tits?

No. 301976

I mostly watch older anime too. Just watched wicked city and goku midnight eye. Probably gonna try gundam 0083 next. I usually do something shorter because if it’s super long it takes me months to finish since I work a lot. So those are some suggestions that you can watch in a day.

But since you might like more cutesy or lighthearted stuff maybe gunbuster, patlabor or macross do you remember love would be good

No. 303188

get lost! There's already one obvious example and this is not your source for your shitty kink porn.

No. 303243

anon she's asking if there are any anime that have dudes being sexualize.

ffs get your finger off the trigger.

No. 303244

Are you okay?

No. 303250

>when women misread other women's posts and then accidentally kinkshame them because they think they are men

gross anon. go to bed.

No. 306628

No offense but I just finished Gurren Lagann and while I liked the first half I found the second half insanely boring and I think it's overhyped. I was looking forward to it because I remember the hype around the series when it was airing and I'm really disappointed.

No. 306632

I find all Trigger series overrated tbh it feels like lame cartoon network stuff I would have changed channel on as a kid, but mixed in with OTTness to force hype

No. 306635

Actually I feel like it's the kind of stuff I would have enjoyed a lot as a kid. But now, not so much. I say that but there are anime I watched as a kid that I still like a lot like YYH or Slayers even though my tastes changed with time, so Gurren Lagann just isn't that good. I can't speak for other Trigger shows and I like KLK just fine, it was also fun for the first episodes and the second half was meh.

No. 306637

GL wasn't trigger, it was gainax. some of the people who made GL don't work for trigger.

No. 306640

Oh yeah you're right, I sometimes forget because I follow Sushio on twitter and sometimes he posts about the show.

No. 306657

File: 1539035568261.gif (201.52 KB, 220x293, tenor (1).gif)

I just watched the new My Hero Academia movie a couple of days ago and it was pretty good. I guess this is a bit of an unpopular in this thread, but I actually really enjoy the show a lot haha.

No. 306661

np fam! tbh i personally think trigger kind of culminated the worst of gainax.

i love little witch academia though, i just think that their more serious(ish) works end up falling short. they should stick to cute comfy shows.

No. 306690

Uma Musume is finally out and I'm seriously thinking about giving it a try.. kinda ashamed of myself tbh but anything for the cheap shojo ai

No. 306703

I'm kinda ashamed of you too.

No. 310619

This thread is so dead. What are some decent anime discussion communities that's not /a/?

No. 310621

No. 310650

File: 1539707073443.jpg (166.96 KB, 1024x576, eb88d2bfa59725fb1d6627ae79460b…)

It's hard to find something that isn't meant to appeal to degenerate otaku wankers or kids.

It seems the big talk of the season is Goblin Slayer which starts of with violent rape, and if someone doesn't enjoy that there are plenty of dweebs online ready to tell you that you are actually a prude SJW. I am reminded how crap the anime community is.

Well, trying to watch Jojo part 5, the costumes are ridiculous though.

No. 310670

goblin slayer is a shit berserk rip off, that's the only reason it has rape in it. the people who made it are just edgy tryhards wanting to copy some other edgy tryhard.

No. 310671

I completely forgot it's actually airing now so thanks for reminding me. The ridiculous part 5 fashion is part of what actually drew me to JJBA tbh.

No. 310681

Gotta say, the ending theme was a real surprise…
Can't wait for this to start playing after certain tragic events.

No. 310694

I fucking died when I first heard it.

Really excited for all the amputation. It's entirely possible that there won't be a single episode where someone doesn't get a part of their body cut off. Happens in almost every fight, it's even one of bruno's main strats.

No. 310984

Anyone care about Attack on Titan? The manga for that is so good now.

No. 311054

I stopped reading the manga years ago, but if it's good now, I'll get back into it. It's been a while though.

Only saw the first season of the anime but loved the manga. I got pretty far into it. Much further than where they are at in season 3 (i glimpsed at the last 2 episodes)

No. 311058

File: 1539743721440.png (299.16 KB, 350x453, young_joseph_joestar_anime.png)

Never heard of Goblin slayer, but i cant stand anything that starts off with a violent rape, as if they is going to affect some narrative of a story. They could have just as easily dont without or had it heavily implied. it sounds like absolute lazy ass writing.

I am watching stardust crusadors at the moment. I had to get the uncensored versions because Crunchyroll has it all heavily censored (wtf.)

I am excited to catch up to the new season. Bruno looks really interesting.

(Season 2 was so good though. Joseph joestar is my favorite so far)

No. 311073

Are you after basement? The arc both leading up to it and after it are really good. If you’re not post basement imo that arc is amazing. However there are 3 “slow” development chapters 95 to 98 that some people thought were boring before getting back into action. I feel for the monthly releases ppl but reading it binged was just perfect.

No. 311077

The basement actually exists?? there was so much talk about it leading into chapter 40, but then nothing came from it. I'll def hope back into it. I'm not tooo far behind, so there will be binging on my day off thursday. Thanks, anon.

No. 311421

Yes, looking forward to your impressions.

No. 311492

Pretty sad season 3 of attack on Titan decided to pull a 6 month hiatus out of its ass right before the big battle in shinganshina

No. 311503

File: 1539793852681.jpg (100.37 KB, 1280x720, joseph.jpg)

YES I also like Joseph the most. The burly and fabulous combo is v. tasty.

No. 311515

I tried watching the GS episode and it was disgusting. It's just typical pedobait and the only purpose of the rape scene is so that they can advertise the anime on porn sites. To anyone who hasn't seen it, don't waste your time.

>the costumes are ridiculous though.

Don't you like them? lol I love them, I think it makes the characters really unique and memorable. It's just a fun series and I'm excited to see some scenes from Italy.

No. 311529

File: 1539795013611.gif (2.49 MB, 498x311, josukepose.gif)

I enjoy general Jojo fabulousness (like Josuke here and his weird hair)
but the part 5 designs are so relentlessly out there, well maybe Giorno's cake hair, big boob window and random lady bug decorations will grow on me.

No. 311564

File: 1539796480155.gif (2.92 MB, 480x270, tumblr_oulp64YSbb1slwgd0o1_500…)

I really dislike Josuke and the Part 4 in general. It's all like a really big filler to the series and Josuke just doesn't have the charisma Joseph or Jonathan had.
Also that short character's (forgot his name) stand with the words and all was ridiculous.
Killer Queen was amazing and I get that but there were some parts I almost felt like reading a parody of a manga, like the arc with that one guy who could collect coins and lottery tickets.
I was so offput by it that I ended up dropping the manga before reading part 5 which was the reason why I even started reading it. I really was looking forward to Narancia but I don't know it it's even worth reading it anymore. Blows.

No. 311607

File: 1539802021122.png (13.75 KB, 290x174, mista.png)

Finally watched and yeah… I lol'd

Didn't care for DIU anything except Rohan (I love smug assholes). Part 5 is very entertaining imo, it's fast-paced with lots of violence, plus the gangstars are overall great. Love the setting too. You might find Giorno boring tho.

No. 311634

Has anyone read jojo past part 6?
Im a little salty araki basically deleted everything lol

No. 311665

File: 1539807395044.png (252.99 KB, 540x309, tumblr_pfbky7tBMJ1tsfksg_540.p…)

I love Vento Aureo and I can't wait to see the VA fights animated, since I don't seem to be able to understand Araki's fights on paper, kek

Me. I'm proud of Isayama tbh, he managed to turn the story around and make even someone like Eren interesting eventually. I remember when in the beginning AoT was considered "pleb tier" and "just another shonen", oh how tables have turned.

I've read until the beginning of Jojolion. SBR was good but yeah, I'm also a little bit mad about the Reset lol

No. 311670

File: 1539807564651.png (227.92 KB, 545x306, yaois.PNG)

started watching Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san, the 1st episode (at least) was quite funny, real tbt to being an obnoxious yaoi weeb back in 2009

oh my god am i struggling w this post, 1st posted shit image then posted in the wrong thread why god

No. 311671

Yeah, I read part 7, which I liked a lot more than I expected. I'm a bit salty too about part 6, which I loved so much, but at the same time I feel like it's for the best. It gave me a sense of closure once I was done reading part 6 because at least the story is over in a way, and what comes next is more of a really huge bonus. The ending itself isn't bad, I'm just conflicted about the consequences of the reset and the fact that part 7 is more or less a reboot/retelling of earlier parts. I don't think I would have been able to handle waiting for the next chapters of a linear story all the time, I already gave up on reading Jojolion because I couldn't wait for the next chapters all the time when the story introduced Jobin. I either read everything available or I completely give up because I'm bored and forget about chapter releases. Now I stopped bothering even more because batoto disappeared.

No. 311672

haha I was just wondering where your post went in the fanfic thread

No. 311678

tbf it is sorta relevant to the fanfic thread kek but i just posted in the wrong tab without looking ;_;

No. 311683

Was AoT really pleb-tier?
I remember it being THE anime when it came out, but the hype died down between seasons

Apparently 4th season of Bnha is coming in spring, they're really pumping it out fast. I wonder what will happen when they catch up with the manga

No. 311685

TBH I don't usually get most of Jojo as a manga. It's so much better and more understandable when animated!

No. 311688

It is?? Oh I'm excited

No. 311694

Yeah, it was pretty popular but wasn't held to high standards. The three protagonists were shit, the story seemed another "man vs monster-good vs bad" manga/anime, which made it look very casual. While nowadays it's way more complex and interesting, even at the cost of its popularity

No. 311697

File: 1539809513052.png (360.25 KB, 1040x350, dvmi3lfvo9nx.png)

This hurts
Guts was such a hottie around vol 27

I love seeing mangakas improve through the story (AoT for example), but the opposite hurts.

I also really liked my hero academia's style in the first chapters, i kinda hate how small some faces look now

No. 311706

File: 1539809914031.png (165.09 KB, 635x533, 2D841B5B-253A-44C0-94BE-10CBDF…)

Yeah, it’s fantastic, especially the part where Hoboren wrecks Marley and eats the warhammer titan. I caught up only quite recently after not having read it for a year and a bit. On the downside, I’ve become a massive EHfag as a result.

The manga has always been very engaging (apart from during Uprising, I guess).

No. 311707

File: 1539809972390.jpg (100.94 KB, 497x418, tumblr_mohsy7S2HH1qf36jfo1_500…)

Nothing will make me feel as bad as Natsuki Takaya's art style in the last volumes of Fruits Basket compared to the first volumes. Her characters look way more similar to each other as they used to and they're less expressinve now. Though tbh her art style in the last volumes of her Tsubasa series and the first volumes of Fruits Basket reminds me of other manga from the late 90s/early 2000s so I'm biased because it makes me nostalgic, and her style got worse because at some point her left hand was injured and it required surgery so she has a good excuse at least. I just don't understand why so many people praised her for her improvement when she actually regressed.

No. 311711

What the fuck
>eyes enlarged
>smaller, rounder face
>smaller nose
>longer lashes
When you play Idolm@ster too much and start drawing even manly men as kawaii uguu fairies

No. 311712

File: 1539810131968.jpg (87.93 KB, 600x422, fruits_basket_another_810465.j…)

As opposed to this.

No. 311718

File: 1539810496562.jpg (149.04 KB, 1024x613, oVGUvL3DsE5YMA4is8wndT9hgTKk3F…)

Guts is so freakin ideal on the left panel.

Miura fucked himself over hard. He used to be one of my favorite artists ever until he gave up and lived the id0lmaster life.

Same thing with Griffith. I absolutely hated how he looked in the newer movies vs the 90s anime and manga.

He looks so feminine now– like straight up a woman.

No. 311720

File: 1539810730381.jpg (103.8 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nxgf2xdzdM1up3cj8o1_r1_…)

Miura draws Griffith really odd now imo

No. 311726

File: 1539811132463.jpg (33.7 KB, 400x309, 288780_3JNJ1CJEI836UBYQYTX4YJW…)

Your post made me feel so nostalgic. I really disliked the art in the last volumes too, especially the noses. I get why Takaya did it, but Rin's redesign was a tragedy.

No. 311727

Speaking of manga styles regressing, did anyone keep up with Tokyo Ghoul:re in its last three arcs? It was pretty incredible how quickly it went down the shitter, both stylistically and in terms of plot progression.

No. 311738

I'm so mad at Tokyo ghoul because i became so massively invested in the manga and waiting forever for it to finish. When it finally did, it was an extremely unsatisfying 'ending.'

But the mangaka is the worst mainly because it's obvious he started TG Re and TG Jack in the middle of the main story and it went nowhere.

I really cant stand RE, even though I tried really hard to get into it.

No. 311743

File: 1539812451666.jpg (14.32 KB, 155x241, Gutsface23.jpg)

I can't find a bigger pic but this is my personal Guts fav

I really dislike Berserks choice of character colors, i thought it would be better with normal colors

No. 311746

File: 1539812559235.jpg (127.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I wanted to like Josuke. Don't get me wrong– Diamonds is unbreakable is decent arc, however i could not STAND Koichi as a character. His shrill voice and annoying better than he really is attitude almost turned me away from that arc. Jotaro legit just stood there half the time.

Only Josuke and his BFF were hilarious and I loved the restaurant episode with that Stand.

The only thing that made up for that arc was the showdown with KIRA. Fantastic.

No. 311747

>Also that short character's (forgot his name) stand with the words and all was ridiculous.

Koichi! He was legit the worst character in that entire arc, and I'm massively bummed he's already in the next season.

No. 311751

Is he though? I thought it was just the beginning.

Yes I dislike him too. I don't get why the pretty yandere girl cared about him.

No. 311752

File: 1539812839593.jpg (91.83 KB, 360x538, Earthian_608701.jpg)

Speaking of horrible art regression. I was a really big fan of 80s and 90s anime when i started watching in the early 2000s. I remember Earthian being one of my favorite stories. Yun Kouga did the art and story, but never finished it.

Then years later, she made another series called Loveless, which was absolute SHITE. And even worse than that, her art somehow got worse. Here's Earthian art

No. 311754

Griffith looks better with the new style imo, the whole point of his character appeal is that he looks like a girl

No. 311755

File: 1539812965328.jpg (620.58 KB, 1500x2250, cvr9781421549910_9781421549910…)

And here's Loveless, which was just pandering shota shit. It's awful

No. 311756

Got any decent EH links or fanfics?

No. 311757

Josuke's life story is pretty weird
Idk Joseph cheating on his wife with some random japanese college girl?

No. 311759

Yeah, I wasn't into it. It made me feel annoyed, since the whole thing with Suzie Q was so amusing and Joseph didn't seem like the type to randomly freakin cheat with someone so much younger. But story reasons, i guess??

No. 311760

>Griffith looks better with the new style imo, the whole point of his character appeal is that he looks like a girl

No, it's not. Griffith was always supposed to be more feminine in that world, especially compared to a lot of the main dudes, like Guts, but he wasn't meant to look like a straight up woman.

have you read the manga? Cuz his entire complex was that he wasnt taken seriously as a fighter and has to fight from the ground up to end up in his position. Not to mention, he was sexually abused as a kid but this man in higher power who was obsessed with beautiful shota boys. Griffith used him to gain a war chest, but had to sleep with him or at least sexually entertain him.

No. 311762

I started reading Berserk in the late 90s when i was a teen and i remember Guts being the ideal manly man that i didn't see too often in anime/manga. Miura, what did you do.

No. 311763

Damn, Ymir/Historia was a main reason why I read AoT. Is she really dead?

No. 311778

File: 1539815256647.jpg (69.28 KB, 400x768, 12234929_10206945176901250_255…)

Yes, I've read the manga and I remember Guts pointing out how he looks "almost like a girl". Plus in the old artstyle he still looked feminine. With manga art there's only so much you can do. Small head, sloped nose and long hair will look girly, how do you differentiate a feminine looking boy from a straight out girl, face wise?

Yes, her titan was inherited by a Marleyan soldier. Even though plot-wise I can see why Isayama killed her, I'm still salty because she was my favorite girl. When will the Bury Your Gays trope end?

No. 311784

I suppose i can't argue with that, anon. Griffith was also very feminine looking, but I suppose I just dislike Miura's recent style of drawing him.

No. 311790

Looks like shit. I stopped reading years ago and only watched the 90s anime.

I'm scared to ask what has happened to Caska lately since last I saw she was in a videogame and still being objectified.

No. 311800

back around February she finally got her memories back after 19 years of retardation but it ended at a cliffhanger and Miura hasn't progressed the story since. But she hasn't really been objectified since… conviction arc? It's been a long time.

No. 311805

File: 1539820126962.jpg (13.19 KB, 364x480, Casca-bathing-berserkmusou.jpg)

A cliffhanger since February? I'm so glad I haven't been reading now.

I don't know what arc the game was but basically there was DLC in her post-rape clothes and the trailer sensationalized the rape scene.

No. 311807

More cliffhangers? Why does Miura hate his fans so much? That manga really is never going to end.

>I don't know what arc the game was but basically there was DLC in her post-rape clothes and the trailer sensationalized the rape scene.

The PS4 game? Havent played it cuz it looked horrible, but I was really furious at the Eclipse scene in the last movie where they made the rape scene look like hentai and it was harder to watch that shit in full animation than reading the graphic manga version years ago.

No. 311808

They finally got off the boat and I wept.

No. 311972

File: 1539855756671.jpg (131.86 KB, 736x921, eabd6df13999ae4ef583ca3684ac75…)

I'm in denial because she was an important character for a while and then that? No big dramatic scene, either?
Interest: lost.

No. 311976

File: 1539856704678.jpeg (276.36 KB, 428x750, 39CEAC51-A412-4678-9A8E-DAF38D…)

As far as fanfiction goes, none unfortunately. It’s not a particularly popular ship in JP and Attack on Titan’s popularity has died down a lot since 2013 - 14. It has less than 50 fics on AO3.

As for links in general, I’d recommend browsing the holy Japanese EH trio @_ebimayo_mayo, @erina_yuyu and @enkumo (her account is locked right now though unfortunately).

erehis.tumblr.com is decent for theories and speculation centred around EH. I enjoy his responses to anons. And if you can tolerate the autism, /snk/ tends to be the epicentre of EH shipping in the Western community and they produce some pretty funny OC (though the threads take a huge nosedive in quality when there’s no new spoilers to discuss).

No. 311987

File: 1539858040861.jpeg (60.68 KB, 526x700, EB864F87-7252-4C0F-9B97-D40CD8…)

If you’re comfortable with NSFW content, then these two doujins are decent;

1) you and someone else’s night https://nhentai.net/g/246504 This is plot-focused and very vanilla

2) a slave loses his virginity to a goddess https://nhentai.net/g/240873/ Very filthy, but hot - contains theme of dubcon (this doujin takes place in the Uprising arc when Eren is tied up) and some incest, usually I skip those pages

Hope you enjoy, EHbro

No. 312050

I'm all for Christa x Amir Christa x Reiner and Christa X Eren fuck it Christa should just be with everyone

No. 312060

File: 1539872507449.png (1.9 MB, 1364x1544, 707663cdb5d6a166c9ebe9cbe1991c…)

Yeah, she dies offscreen and is barely mentioned at all. Historia's reaction was also pretty cold and she didn't seem to give a shit, disappointing.

Even though I think that Historia is just an unlikeable tool, I kind of like her with Mikasa. There have been some nice interactions between them lately, both in the manga and the anime… hmmmmm

Too bad Historia's baby is 100% Eren's

No. 312086

File: 1539876363497.jpeg (565.38 KB, 626x896, FF41E90F-C675-401E-845E-AC448C…)

To be honest, Isayama is pretty terrible at depicting the aftermath of deaths in general. Once a character dies, very little consideration is given to them - see Erwin, for instance. The only character whose death was offered any degree of narrative importance was Sasha and even then, this is only because it’s necessary to exacerbate the schism between Eren and the rest of the 104th.

>Historia’s reaction was also pretty cold and she didn’t seem to give a shit

She did cry upon reading Ymir’s letter and Ymir’s words to her are referenced multiple times within the Uprising arc. But yeah, I always got the impression that Ymir was much more in love with Historia than what was reciprocated.

No. 312091

File: 1539876946886.gif (2.44 MB, 500x231, c5a65098ab5af20f676cba64808109…)

Ah, I don't remember too vividly since I read those chapters years ago when they came out, but I remember Historia's reaction being very underwhelming.
On one thing we can all agree though, Ymir deserved better.

Also, I suspect that Annie's coming back.

No. 312108

I know there's nothing you can do about it now, but next time, can you spoiler a character death?

No. 312192

Anons, can some of you reccomend me a few anime preferably shoujo and josei from the 90s and early 2000's? I don't really like the modern ones I'm watching Sailor Moon Crystal and GOD I REALLY dislike it, I'm only watching it because I can't find the original anywhere, sobs

No. 312198


Mermaid Melody is shallow as hell and pads its runtime by recycling song scenes every damn episode, but fun and cute.

No. 312215

Back in the days I really liked Pretty Cure (only the first season though, the one with the two girls), or if you want non-magical girl stuff, Super Gals. It was about three gyarus and you could see other subcultures that were popular back then (there were even the ganguro girls)

No. 312227

I would recommend Nana, even though that's a bit harsh since it will never end properly.

The anime is good and so is the first live action movie. Someone also mentioned Parakiss up here as well. Those are the only two off the top of my head.

No. 312233

Speaking of which, Ai Yazawa has been quite active on Instagram lately, and according to rumors she might finally work on Nana again

No. 312263

File: 1539889314477.jpg (86.75 KB, 473x473, snoop-lion-literally.jpg)

I've been burned too many times, fellow anon. I won't believe she'll work on the manga until I see it actually happening. I'm both a NANA and a Berserk fan, so my life is true suffering of just hiatuses.

No. 312293

What is Nana about?

I have heard a lot about iz but never enough to get interested

No. 312340

A lesbian couple who's not a lesbian couple yet

No. 312382

Speaking of Berserk and hiatus, what the fuck happened to Bastard!!, is it still on hiatus because the mangaka wanted to redraw everything but with actual porn instead of fanservice scenes or is it officially dead and buried? Will Yoko and DS ever fuck?

I remember considering watching this just because Konishi Katsuyuki voices the dude with the glasses. I never actually read or watched it, a friend just told me it was crap.

Are you ok with manga as well? I loved Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex, Otomen. I was recommended Switch Girl and Skip Beat but I never got the opportunity to read them. From the author of Fruits Basket I liked her Tsubasa something manga if you can find scans, but I couldn't get into Twinkle stars, it was too depressing and slow for me for some reason. There one I loved but I can't find scans, I read the volumes thanks to my local public library, it's Mirai no Utena, it's supernatural mystery stuff and dates from the 90s. You have the author's comments that describe how she hated the two last episodes of NGE when they just aired or how she's interested in Maya Sakamoto's career, which just stared with Jurassic Park and Escaflowne, it's part of the fun. Not really a shojo but I liked Fujoshi Rumi, that shit's hilarious. I wanted to add that if you end up reading Nana and Paradise Kiss as suggested you should read Gokinjo Monogatari, since ParaKiss is a sequel. Princess Jellyfish is pretty nice but I only watched the anime and read the first volumes so idk much about it, and it's more recent as well. I'm trying to see if there are other nice ones

I only read Mermaid Melody but I was put off by the art, and the fact that the main antagonist is Gackt but not really reallys cracks me up.

I want to believe, but at the same time I kind of gave up on this series. I can't believe I'm older than both Nanas when they met. Fuck I feel nostalgic now.

No. 312394

I'm animeonly, but fuck I was mad when Hachi just ditched Nana to chase dick. Yeah yeah responsibilities and all, but it pretty much implied she never saw her again after having a kid which is super shitty

No. 312673

Personally, it made me kind of sad because it translates to real life quite well.
You're young, happy and think you're going to be friends forever, but then shit like marriage and children happen and you drift apart. I feel like it's not the same for guys, they're not as "restricted" by these things as we are… Also, being in a band was always my dream as well lol

No. 312836

Nana is a generic-ish albeit well written drama and not a mystery/clickbait show. I never felt the burning desire to have to know something about those characters. Following them for a few years of their life was enough for me.

Never understood the love for berserk. It was always a low tier seiner for me. I guess people like the buff macho dude vs androgynous deep tortured villain theme?

No. 312839

I started berserk cuz it looked edgy and i was edgy but stayed cuz im interested to see how guts will defeat griffith (if he ever does)

I will say the rape scenes became pretty tiring after a while. Overusing them made then lose their effect

I also loved the past art style

No. 312841

Berserk used to be really good, until the Conviction Arc imho. Then it went downhill.
I stopped reading it a couple of years ago, when I realized that not only the quality had taken a nosedive, but also that Miura clearly wants out and the story isn't progressing at all. You get two chapters, a cliffhanger, then radio silence for a year. Then it comes back with a new chapter that dissolves the cliffhanger into something underwhelming, rinse and repeat. He wants to end it asap but doesn't know how, he knows that giving proper closure will take at least 50 chapters, is not invested in the story anymore, and this put him in a spiral he doesn't know how to escape from.
Sorry for the Miura mini-sperg

No. 312843

>>Not up to date on AOT
>>Come into this thread with spoilers
>> whyme.jpg

No. 312846

All you need to watch is the AoT anime first season. The manga and season 2 of the anime blew ass.

No. 312877

File: 1539967056056.png (196.54 KB, 642x1000, Q18.png)

I liked the past artstyle too, but I kinda wondered about Miura's mental state when it was just gore and rape time all the time.
In fact I wonder why even shounen manga often have to be so graphic and gory? Jojo's mangaka even parodied himself and how psycho it can come across with Rohan.

No. 312887

I feel so sorry for you, I tried so hard in my initial posts to not give anything away but selfish people just has to ruin everything.

Only if you're a pure actionfag. Season 2 is great for character development and expanding the mystery. Season 3 is the denouement. Part 1 already explained how Eren got his power and Part 2 will give us the full story. Can't wait.

I hate to say it, but if you don't like it, then you're probably just too dumb to get it.

No. 312903

Miura was depressed at that time, that's why it was so dark

No. 312908

Yes to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Attack on Titan.

No. 313004

No high iq needed. Just that some people engage with TV as a series of pretty pictures and don't mentally actualize the content, mystery, characters, etc so whenever the series does development it feels like no progress. I understand that perspective just fine because I do the same whenever I'm more concerned about relaxing into entertainment than actually taking it in.

No. 313008

it's a meme, autist.

No. 313035

Since when did not liking an anime mean that you're intellectually inferior? Death Note is a "smart" anime and not everyone likes it, opinions are obviously sujective and definitely doesn't have anything to do with being "dumb" or "smart"

No. 313056

kek it doesn't. that anon's just a weaboo.

No. 313057

You’re missing out on so, so much by not reading the manga desu.

No. 313058

Anon clearly didn't watch enough Rick and Morty

No. 313059

The Tower of Conviction Arc was horrible!! It was like basically a manga version of the spanish inquisition, with graphic torture and rape. I don't know why people give Miura such a huge pass for a lot of the stuff he draws when it isn't necessary.

No. 313061


Berserk was quite different when it came out and there was nothing else like it. The golden age was probably the best, followed by Lost children, but i cant defend much after that. I can understand why it had so much love in the 90s and early 2000s, but now it's so bad. And the movies made it worse somehow.

Also, bets on Miura dying way before it's finish. All he has to do is write up Guts vs Griffith and end it all, but he won't.

No. 313062

>Speaking of Berserk and hiatus, what the fuck happened to Bastard!!, is it still on hiatus because the mangaka wanted to redraw everything but with actual porn instead of fanservice scenes or is it officially dead and buried? Will Yoko and DS ever fuck?

jfc. I forgot about Bastard! I loved those comics way back when and had no idea the mangaka planned to redraw it all.

No. 313068

Follow the context, I thought death note was horrible for what it's worth. It's not about liking or disliking AoT it's about liking season 1 but not liking season 2 because it spent slightly more time world building instead of killing things all the time.

No. 313099

Yes it was very graphic, to the point that some days I just had to stop reading at some point (and I'm not exactly a scaredy cat)… but it had that dark atmosphere that stuck with me for a while.
Nowadays' chapters make me feel nothing.

No. 313107

He won't because he doesn't know how to end it. He made Griffith too OP and he doesn't know how to kill him… not in a credible way that would result in a happy ending, at least.
There would actually be a plausible way (some fans theorized that Miura initially planned on making Guts sacrifice Caska to become a god himself and one up Griffith somehow) but Miura just wants that happy ending so much

No. 313117

>miura wants a happy ending

Really? I didn't know he wanted a happy ending at all. I guess i just wanted to be realistic, since the series hasn't been happy since the start, even before the Eclipse.

Miura sounds crazy to want a happy ending with everything that has happened in that universe.

No. 313122

He said in an interview that he doesnt want such a dark story to have a sad ending

Anyone here read Onepunch man?
I read both the redraw and webcomic
One is adding a lot of new stuff before Garou's final battle

No. 313366

Whatever ending it is, I hope it's satisfying. Maybe that's what he means by happy. There are so many things that happened that can't be undone, so it can't be happy imo.

No. 314469

I did read the manga. I encourage everyone else to do so too since there's going to be a long wait til april.

No. 314502

File: 1540173837805.png (172.23 KB, 640x640, 51cf8d89a69e9853ae8da8c116ea4a…)

Another shit season the only two shows I haven't dropped yet are Goblin Slayer and Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san
I don't get why people are so upset at Goblin Slayer, the rape isn't graphic or onscreen and it's not like it's pointless it establishes the world and the dangers of goblins pretty well, I don't find it gratuitous at all. It's a dumb fun fantasy anime and while I admit I probably wouldn't watch it if there were a plethora of shows I was interested in this season I do enjoy it.
Honda-san is really funny, unfortunately almost no one will talk about it because comedy anime that aren't moe tend to get ignored.
It's another backlog season for me and I've been watching through Astro Boy 1963. It's awesome and holds up really well. I ended up buying the boxsets from rightstuf I loved it so much. I don't even think it's particularly dated, sure the animation isn't the best but it makes up for it in it's fun stories, interesting messages on acceptance and racism that isn't to in-your-face, and memorable characters. I highly recommend it if you've never checked it out. The English dub is also really good. While there are changes to the Japanese scripts (as to be expected in translating an anime aimed at children not to mention the year it was released) but none of the changes I've seen yet have horribly impeaded or butchered the source material.
After Astro Boy 1963 I intend to watch either the original Kimba or Golden Boy, probably Golden Boy since it looks hilarious and it's much shorter and I need a break from long running series.

No. 314589

>goblin slayer
Oof. Well, I have my own trash, you have your trash but if you read the manga you'll see how several rape scenes are drawn for fanservice.
>always young girls
>they are good looking, drawn with appealing proportions
>angle and pose always focuses on showing as much of the girls naked body
>no ugly bruises and wounds

There's no use denying that it's fetishistic, the mangaka could have drawn the rape scenes terrifying or more subtle. I didn't read the LN and I know the lore explanation for the rape, but it doesn't undo these specific choices to make it more appealing and fetishistic rather than portay it as scary.

I don't care if people watch it but the horde of guys who defend it as if it's good writing and how rape is no big deal annoy me, Berserk's style and tone made it serious, this is ridiculous.

No. 314591

I wish I could enjoy Goblin Slayer because the gobbo autism seems hilarious. I just saw a bit from the LN and lost my shit this dialogue of a girl trying to ask him out
>do you have any plans?
>I mean… any non goblin plans?

But yeah, I can't get past the rape and only managed a few chapters. I'm not particularly fragile about rape scenes (I love Berserk), but I'm just so fucking sick of them being used to titillate the male audience.

No. 314623

So, Jojo part 5 ep 3 was pretty interesting, that was some creative character design with the huge guy. When will MC meet his posse though? There will be piss in teacup scene. That's all I know.

No. 314721

You're implying I'd care if the rape in the anime adaption was fetishy. I'm a huge believer in fiction does not does not translate to reality.
Let people get off what they want to get off on, as long as it's not real-life CP, snuff, or some footage of a rape I see no problem.
It's also important to remember that just because somebody gets off to something doesn't mean that they support it in real life. Rape is one of the most common fantasies for women and is featured in plenty of female aimed media like erotica novels, yaoi anime, and smutty fanfiction all pieces of media predominantly written by women. However, I and most women would agree that, despite reading stuff with rape in it, even erotic stuff we would never actually want to be raped. Same goes for men I'm sure that a vast majority of men getting off on rape would never actually go out and rape a women, and the men that would arn't doing so because they watched some rape hentai, they already had problems in the first place.
I'm not saying you can't be uncomfortable with rape in media, but I am saying that you shoudn't shame those who get off on it. I also havn't read Goblin Slayer's manga or light novel but I stand by the fact that the anime wasn't gratudious and that the scene was important for world building. I do think that people are blowing this scene out of purpotion, and I feel that there are plenty worst scenes in anime that nobody makes a stink about.

No. 314727

Go away male.

No. 314729

Are you the BDSM sperg from the unpopular opinions thread? You stick out like a sore thumb.
Go back to tumblr.

It's going to be a wild ride. I love part 5 so much, damn

No. 314734


You sound like one of those women who says it's her fault if her husband cheats on her because she didn't put out enough.

No. 314755

my issue with goblin slayer is that the rape isn't designed so the audience can see how it impacts the characters, but instead, it's to spoonfeed the us to make sure we know that goblins are totes evil and that goblin slayer himself is righteous and justified.

in things like berserk or other media with some rape, it impacts the characters in some way, in goblin slayer it doesn't. full stop.

i feel like the anime is drawn like hentai what with the weird lips and color palettes and would make more sense if it was just a hentai.

No. 314763

I was pretty unphazed by it but the more I think the more that THE thing that really irks me is the fact that the girl character didn't get raped.
It gives off this "welp, lucky you, you didn't get raped and got carted off like all those soiled-now-useless pieces of meat". Yuck.

No. 314766


Yeah, I feel the same. Like women are just damaged goods once they're raped, and the heroine is too good for that. But the artist will still make sure we get lots and lots of scenes where nameless women get "ruined" to drool over though.

No. 314769

Neck yourself, creep

No. 314770

Probably episode 5? Black sabbath will certainly take up all of episode 4.

No. 314794

Actually he tried to redraw the first volumes, kind of gave up by just tracing his own shit instead of actually redrawing the volumes with his new artstyle, added porn instead of just fanservice, and never really went very far with that because he was also drawing the new chapters very slowly.

No. 314810

I'm actually a straight, 19 year old, female.
>Are you the BDSM sperg
Nope, I'm not a fan of S&M or any of the like. Like I said I'm just a huge believer in letting people watch whatever they want without judgment. I also don't have a Tumblr account and the only reason I go on the site is to get fanart.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 314812

Yeah, so, you're a teenager in your 'just let people be themselves'.
Do you know what actually happen when you let people be their 'true selves' ? You get 60 years old trannies coming out as little girls.

No. 314822

Creating more rape fetish anime in a country where sexual harassment is so bad that there are seperate trains for women is so obviously not a good idea.

No. 314824

Are there really? This sounds so ridiculous.
How do crime statistics weeaboos even defend this?

No. 314839

I agree, anon

No. 314874

Kid, you're not unique for being edgy and not caring about fetishistic rape being aired on a TV channel in a foreign country. I personally ignore it when these things are in their own niche for porn, but when you see how widely accepting and excited the anime community is about it and calls people who think the rape is bad pussies, you just know what pieces of shit they are.
>rape is ome of the most common fantasies for women
Oh it's a guy,that explains it. No woman wants to have sex with a guy she doesn't like and putting it in raw hurts like fuck and won't arouse you, try showing a dildo up your ass without lube. If you really are a teenie girl, you won't fit in with the guys or seem more unique because you're so "open-minded" and trash on women.

No. 314880

Pretty much this, there's no recovery or redemption for them, they're "used goods". It's just a creepy power fantasy.

No. 314883

>I am a female
Either an incel or some poor sod that got brainwashed by reddit/4chan to call women females and men stay men.

No. 314894

I loved the first three arcs so damn much. Not so much Diamonds is Unbreakable, but i'm hoping Part 5 will be fantastic. Loving both Giorno and Bruno already as characters.

No. 314899

Normalizing rape is a huge thing in a lot of media and it's honestly a massive problem. Whenever a mangaka or anime glorifies rape or uses it as a plot device to further a male's arc, it's disgusting.

I've always seen rape used as a device to make a male character stronger. Even then, to see so many female characters getting raped in media is very discouraging. Also, people that tend to enjoy rape very much in fiction/media arent that far off from being creeps irl tbh.

>I'm not saying you can't be uncomfortable with rape in media, but I am saying that you shoudn't shame those who get off on it

Nah, people should shame them

>I feel that there are plenty worst scenes in anime that nobody makes a stink about

Which scenes?

There is so much media where this is an issue. How many female characters get raped just to 'please' the male audience? Look at how good of a character Caska was becoming right before the Eclipse and she basically was just a tool for Guts' development after a while. A toy for him and Griffith to fight over. It's awful. Female rape is always treated so trivial.

No. 314916

On this topic I find it interesting and refreshing how the Banana Fish manga portrays rape
>it's offscreen, the anime actually added more short fetishistic scenes
>victim blaming is mentioned
>points out how it's done out of the wish to control and overpower rather than just out of lust
Sorry if this changes later on though because I only recently started it.

No. 314923

Bananafish was written in the early 90s, wasnt it? I've only seen 3 episodes so far, but very much enjoyed how it's been handling various issues that are usually brushed under the rug in most, if not all anime.

No. 314940

File: 1540242735543.jpg (104.97 KB, 726x408, DRn-NpTV4AArUXt.jpg)

Anyone here read Golden Kamuy?
It's a really fun read, sugimoto is so precious

I love the manga, but the anime really turned me off with crap cgi

No. 314989

I want to see the otter meat scene animated, has it been done yet?

No. 314990

This thread finally pushed me to watch Goblin Slayer and it’s honestly pretty entertaining.

No. 315025

I'm >>312192, sorry for the very late reply. I've watched and readed Nana and Parakiss already but will definitely take a look at the reccomendations, thank you all very much

No. 315046

I dont think so, the 2nd season just started with the taxidermy dude

No. 315078

But apart from the rape there's literally nothing in it that's any different from any of the isekais from the past 3 years?

No. 315109

Don't bother. The CG isn't even the worst thing about the anime. I'm so upset that such a fantastic story is getting such shit treatment.

No. 315564

One of Dio's original voice actors passed away recently. Just wanted to share since he did a few roles i remember growing up with in the 90s/early 2000s


No. 315757

it's not an isekai just a fantasy.

No. 315777

Yeah, it's not an isekai just a modern bottom of the barrel trash fantasy that utilizes game logic/mechanics- in this case based on DnD.

No. 315786

File: 1540392829727.jpg (1.27 MB, 2620x2085, 67865389_p5.jpg)

Anyone into Gundam? Started getting into it recently and finishing Zeta now, but I'd like to hear some opinions from other gals because I've only seen opinions from guys so far.

Talking specifically about Tomino UC: I like that the characters are much more flawed so the atmosphere is kinda refreshing even though it has so much outdated stuff that was a product of its time. It's also nice that the enemy soldiers get some moments where it shows they're just human and that the protagonists aren't ideal heroes either.

My main complaint about Zeta so far is that the love at first sight trope is executed just as bad as in the original and that the way emotions are handled is so stiff and a downgrade from the original. I won't spoil anything but there were several scenes from the original that hit hard, but Zeta gets praised so much yet there's a lot of unnatural storyboard choices and stiff expression overall.

No. 315831

tomino's UC stuff has only taught me that he has no fucking idea how humans or their emotions work.

No. 317898

File: 1540852717289.jpg (86.94 KB, 700x583, 1540843378737.jpg)

EA is the best.

No. 330267

File: 1543269047841.png (965.97 KB, 1364x768, naruto is life fuck off honda.…)

Still watching Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san and it is v comfy! also picked up Bloom Into You but I'm having sorta mixed feelings about it. Better than Citrus imo at least

No. 335724

Anyone knows good original (or not based on manga at least) anime from last 4-5 years? I want to get back into watching anime but it's so hard finding interesting series! I decided to watch Re:Creators and while the series is very disappointing, at least it's low on moe/fanservice bullshit (except for one episode) so it made me want to watch more animu.

If you know a great series that is based on a manga, I would prefer to read manga instead…

Asking farmers cause I know that many of us do not tolerate loli/shota bullshit which gets ignored in many anime communities

(I decided to give Made in Abyss manga a chance after hearing how brilliant the show is and ended dropping it as soon as I saw the loli bondage in the first chapter).

No. 335797

I'm still watching it too! its funny

No. 335811

I enjoyed Yuri on Ice, there is fujo fanservice though but it also end up treating the gay theme more seriously.
The reason I enjoyed it was the fun iceskating competitions. Lots of varied characters from different countries and nice songs.

No. 335820

File: 1544219938709.jpg (279.18 KB, 780x1147, cmoBfv7a81134YGZ5O9eTQ7fQ04.jp…)

i'm rewatching Ojamajo Doremi.

i loved it as a kid, but grew up with the 4kids dub, so only really saw the first 50 episodes or so. it's really wholesome and adorable. i know everyone hates Pop, but she has always been my favorite. i'm almost done with the first season, and i'm excited to watch more. all the stressful studying that comes with college makes it nice to come home and watch a few eps to make me feel a little better. i highly recommend this show if you're looking for something wholesome to brighten your day. this show isn't so much focused on the magic itself, but it goes into stories about family members or classmates of the majo, and really illustrates to children that people are the way they are for a reason.

No. 335889

There's a new fruits basket reboot coming out yay.

No. 335894

This show brings back a lot of memories. It actually holds up really well for adult audiences, I remember trying to rewatch Shugo Chara but not being able to get into it at all anymore. The individual struggles all of them face feel really real.
I never hated Pop but I remember hating Hana for taking up so much screentime in Dokkan.

No. 335926

File: 1544242463329.jpg (166.84 KB, 1024x750, 121.jpg)

Utau x Kukai is the only good thing that came from Shugo Chara.

No. 336151

File: 1544287793012.gif (3.84 MB, 360x270, Ca-aiko.gif)

aaah same anon !
Doremi was very popular in France bc it was aired on a big channel when I grew up ! Rewatching them now too and loving it!
It's so wholesome. They try their best to help everyone, I love it. The only downside is that I'm watching them in the French dub and the voices are super high. (+ the fact that they "Frenchified" the names, but that makes it hilarious like every random character is named shit like Sylvain, Philippe etc which are quite old sounding names and very rare and unpopular nowadays)
So if anyone has a link to a JP or EN dub that'd be very nice

No. 336190

File: 1544291487861.png (800.18 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pjdohvpLC21sh11j9o3_r1_…)

As a long time Vento Aureo lover I can't believe the quality we're getting served from Davidpro. They're doing so great. Bless 'em.

No. 336204

File: 1544292729874.png (58.15 KB, 480x640, 1373180452061575.png)

What? I've thought the quality was abysmal so far. I still like it because it's VA, but everything looks rushed and lazy as hell. Disguised Trish was adorable though.

Very low expectations for the cioccolata/secco fight, hopefully doppio/risotto, ghiaccio, and the dorururus won't disappoint.

No. 336468

There are JP with sub torrents available on nyaa.

No. 336976

File: 1544388941452.jpg (13.18 KB, 180x280, index.jpg)

Aw man, I loved this as well, so friggin cute.

Does anyone know where to find Lady Oscar (Rose of Versailles), JP with subs or German dub?

No. 337117

JP with subs is also on nyaa, any anime streaming site if you don't want to download it.

No. 337126

One of my favorite old school series ever. I was really immersed in the story.

No. 341110

Is Gintama that worth watching? I've tried so many times over the years but end up dropping the series each time around only a few episodes in. Is there a point where it gets interesting or is it just not for me? I even used finding husbandos as a motivation for watching it at one point but all the characters seemed too trope-y.

No. 341116

It's notorious for having a slow start, especially the first few eps. I often see people say it gets good at ep 25, I remember it really clicking with me at ep 34 specifically. But I actually skipped 25-30 eps and just read the manga because I knew what to expect and manga is way quicker.

So short answer: yes, it's worth it, some of the funniest tv I've ever seen and the boys are great. But it is hundreds of episodes long, it has plenty of crap episodes and only you can decide what is worth your time.

No. 341118

File: 1545178739702.jpg (36.81 KB, 446x332, 3cb82662af4350e26d4a5dc1dd5f76…)

It's probably one of the best series out there. It's received a cult following for a reason. It actually is a pretty fun parody series and gets funnier is you know about meiji era history and the animes they are mocking.

No. 341122

File: 1545179032201.jpg (1.59 MB, 1000x1168, 64495076_p0.jpg)

I'm so excited about Mob Psycho 100 season two.
It's so surreal we will get to see the bullying Mogami arc and the Reigen media disaster arc animated.

No. 341129

Alright, thanks anons. I'll give it another shot and properly this time. I remember it did give me a few laughs.

No. 341452

Are there female anitubers like digibro that cover fujoshi-related stuff / make essays for a female audience?

No. 341460

Saiki is the superior Jump comedy though. Gintama is too hit or miss, the episodes are not consistent in humor.

No. 341479


Watch it already you dingus.

No. 341492

Saiki is definitely amazing, a lot more consistent. I was really shocked when some random ass series aired and it turned out to be one of my top comedies of all time. But Gintama is still worth it for a huge volume of funny episodes and the superior husbandos.

No. 341512

>like digibro

No. 341603

Is he really bad? I've never seen a video but it's the only one I can think of as an example.

No. 351965

File: 1547101957390.jpg (36.61 KB, 220x313, 220px-The_Rising_of_the_Shield…)

Anyone seen the first episode of shield hero? It's basically "crybaby incel propaganda: the anime".

First episode goes like
>MC is a loser incel but we're supposed to like him anyways just because he's a "nice guy"
>gets transported to the most generic boring fantasy world
>first thing that happens is he meets a girl that starts getting close to him and flirting
>turns out she was just trying to rob him, then she lies to the king about him raping her to get him in trouble and cover her tracks, which everyone instantly believes and turns against the poor little MC
>now MC is a woman hatind edgelord
>buys a loli sex slave right at the end of the episode, once again just to cement how "nice" he is

No. 351971

What the fuck? Sounds greasy. I will watch it myself and report back.

No. 351974

An anime adaptation of a great manga!
Episode one is out!

No. 351989

Zeta gets so much praise because of Quattro and Haman, two of the best characters in the entire series. Try After War X Gundam series next. The setting is much darker but the MC is an adorable runt.

No. 351992

I read the (web?) novel a few years ago. Everyone's kinda scummy in the story except the MC and his slaves (and random villagers) apparently. Dropped it at some point bc they were too OP.

No. 351994

I'm back. You were basically right, anon.
>"This society is a matriarchy"
>run by a king
>enslaves women and children of different races
Sure, Jan.
The writers are so useless. They seem to use the "muh matriarchy" thing to justify the weak point of literally everybody automatically believing the woman, which never happens in reality. The MC has no interesting points, but that's par for the course for isekai, I guess. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and read about the girl, Raphtalia:
>First purchased by nobleman, she is physically & emotionally tortured out of resentment towards Demi-humans and left a shell of her former self.
They really wanted to downplay the frequency and egregiousness of rape so much that they couldn't even bear to write a character who would almost invariably actually be raped in such a situation. I guess having to write something like an actual rape victim working through her trauma, only to find out her only companion (twisted as it is, her owner) is an accused rapist and deal with the interpersonal baggage/eventual resolution of that would be too mature/character development-y for your average otaku incel faggot. Not to mention they need her to be a pure, virginal waifu.
>Able to see past Naofumi's cynical nature, she falls in love with him and does her best to help him overcome his resentment towards others & losing himself to the Shield of Wrath, even volunteering to have her slave curse re-applied after it is forcibly removed as a sign of devotion.
>a slave falling in love with her master and helping him overcome his resentment
This is just romanticized Stockholm Syndrome stupidity blended with the whole "A gf who is basically or literally a slave can change your whole life :^)" meme. Nothing to even pick apart unless you're an incel looking for an argument. We all know how that goes.
The only good point is that the girl's not actually a sex slave, and does age (but her mind stays the same, which is creepy):
>Technically a 10 year old girl, being a demi-human, her body is able to age to that of a young women as her levels increase.
The current state of anime is fucking sad.

No. 351995

I love this manga so much, I'm a little over 100 chapters in and I'm so so so glad the anime it so out. I have a feeling it's gonna end up getting a lot of hate since it's so popular though kek. I really liked what they did with the first episode. Spoilers: Although, I wish they would've gave a little more screen time to showing mama before the whole reveal. But I understand they have a limited amount of time per episode so I'm okay with how they handled it. ALSO the way they animated the reveal scene was awesome, I love how expressive Emma and Norman were when they were under the wagon. I am kinda sad that we won't be seeing any Yuugo though.. I loved the op as well, I'm just so excited to see the first arc animated! I'm usually not into these types of anime (I watch 99% shoujo/josei) but this just pulled me right in.

No. 352003

And the majority of the anime community is defensive over this, saying how we don't need SJW propaganda and imposing western values on Japan. Lol, you can unironically see people saying that on twitter and reddit.

I just want to throw toxic people like that out of my life and chill while watching Mob Psycho, Neverland and Dororo but it feels so wrong letting those people be and not doing anything.

No. 352005

What the fuck lmao. I wanted to check this anime out because I like the character designs ngl, I'm kinda bummed out.

No. 352023

That sounds terrible enough that I might watch it just for a laugh.

No. 352024

That sounds terrible enough that I might watch it just for a laugh.

No. 352051

The fuck? I saw crunchyroll trying to advertise this show as a "normal" fantasy anime and I planned on watching this, I'm glad I haven't watched this show. The only decent "isekai" are Escaflowne and The 12 Kingdoms I guess. We really need more anime that are actual fantasy like Slayers or Lodoss or whatever.

No. 352082

File: 1547126716486.jpg (101.55 KB, 546x676, IMG_20181211_065214.jpg)

Aside from the Loli elves, That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime is pretty good. Though they ruined best boy's design.

No. 352084

The interesting thing about this is I saw a bunch of fanboys claiming the novel it's based on is written by a woman so that makes it all OK.

Looked it up.

It's written by someone using a very obviously fake name (the equivalent of calling yourself Big Sister Fakename) who admits it's a pen name and says they don't want to confirm their gender. Wonder why!

No. 352109

The absolute state of anime

No. 352353

File: 1547152978535.jpg (329.88 KB, 1199x781, Screenshot_20190110-213840_Twi…)

It gets better kek

No. 352355

Who do some people want women to watch a male power fantasy? Is it so we can internalize whatever it is they want us to?

No. 352798

I want to like animefeminist.com but the fact that some of its writers are biological men are ruining it for me.

No. 352812

lmao why do anime fans are so stupid, " well is a daker version uwu you need to at last read the manga" like???? is a male prower fantasie and if i gued my self for what anon sayd is a INCEL fansay so is extra gross lmao anime is shit now days

No. 352813

There's a bit in Rising of a Shield Hero where the hero is made king or whatever, and gets to legally change the name of the woman who falsely accused him of rape. So he changes her legal name to Bitch.

I'm not joking, it really is that retarded.

No. 352819

Is that in the dark version webnovel or also in the manga?

No. 352826

Good to see Japan still doesn't give a single fuck. Don't like it, don't buy it.

No. 352832

Jumping on the Shield Hero bandwagon, is there any female power fantasy out there? Be it manga, anime or light novel?
I would love a heroin cutting some dicks off.

No. 352833

Go to bed handmaiden.

No. 352834

No need to worry, it hasn't had a single penny off me. I buy stuff that's good.

No. 352841

>t. inceloid weeb

No. 352848

This, I want shameless heroines. Mobile games can have some fun characters but you never see them as protagonists because it's "unappealing and not submissive". There's a LN that's getting an anime soon (I can't remember the name) where the female MC becomes a villain in a dating game and amasses a harem.

There's the game Drag on Dragoon 3 where (to put it spoiler free), the main lady is on the mission to kill her sisters and she basically takes their partners into her harem, the game has good banter. Then there's a version of Cinderella in a mobile game that I liked, where Cinderella uses the prince to get power and takes revenge on her sisters and stepmother.

Fujiko Mine is an interesting character too, but she was primarily created as a fanservice side-character, but I heard the anime focusing on her is good.

Here's the thing though, most confident female characters like that are portrayed as evil, manipulative, selfish etc. They aren't anywhere near being self inserts, while male self insert characters are usually average to ugly dudes that did nothing wrong. Shoujo manga might have something but I've mostly stuck to josei in the recent years and can't remember anything interesting.

No. 352849

We're not buying it. Thankfully, talking about how it's shit is always free of charge. Seethe.

No. 352852

File: 1547222491671.png (2.62 MB, 1080x1552, 1510377525228.png)

I remembered the LN, it's Bakarina/Destruction Flag Otome/How I got reincarnated as a villainess… Or whatever the translation would be

No. 352853

>I would love a heroin cutting some dicks off.
This would be the ideal anime.

No. 352859

File: 1547223741961.jpg (166.7 KB, 471x1230, 41ad980d317037f4c99125b8d095a4…)

Claymore. It's good. Non sexualized women warriors, the bond between them is beautiful, there's some implied, well made les romance, they get to cut some men heads, nobody steps on them.

No. 352876

I don't get why they published that article by Frog-kun that just says
>uwu you shouldn't assume Aneko Yusagi's gender also I find this girl from shield hero cute so don't hate me otaku
And before that he tweeted how he'll get soooo much drama for that article and posts oreimo pics on his twitter, yup, seems male.

No. 352877

While I agree in general and most of the story is about the women the backsetting still has a bunch of men in charge of everything. That's annoying. There has to be some manga that doesn't have this problem.

No. 352886

i get what you mean, but the men in charge were shown as being evil and the boy (raki? or whatever his name was) was only there to draw parallels between clare and theresa and was pretty unneccesary imo.

i think claymore is one of my favourite mangas, it reminds me of attack on titan but with all women, and with more complex bonds between the characters.

No. 352890

File: 1547229323139.png (227.42 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6rryf0yms1s9av9qo4_500…)

Not in the manga. I'm trying not to spoiler, so take my word on that.
In case you've read the manga, the entire final arc is about the women warriors uprising together and killing off all the men "in charge".
It's still surprising to me that to write such a story it was a man. It's very feminist for a manga.
I would add, this is the manga that made me realize I wasn't straight. The whole moral of the story about how powerful and amazing women can be, and how beautiful is the bond between women, really got to me and made me think a lot.
So yeah, go for it.

No. 352892

nta but the style of this always weirded me out (dead eyes kinda look)but after your comment I want to try reading it again.

No. 352896

I read the entire thing and I like it. I think it's good for a shounen and does well by its female characters, but in the context of the earlier conversation about a female power fantasy etc this doesn't hit the mark. The warriors were never shown to be superior to the male ones and it's not exactly a matriarchy. It's a fun story but not something I would push onto my daughter for political/empowerment media. This is about the limit of pro-women that male writers can come up with.

I agree with the anon earlier that I want a real women oriented power wank, probably written by a woman. A story where the protagonist girl takes political power, where all the men eventually fall at her feet, where she uses and abuses people but they end up thinking that it was an honor to be of use to her because of her greatness. Something like this.

No. 352902

>A story where the protagonist girl takes political power, where all the men eventually fall at her feet, where she uses and abuses people but they end up thinking that it was an honor to be of use to her because of her greatness.

There's elements of this to Akatsuki no Yona, but it fails at the last hurdle because Yona becomes more of a nice person as the story goes along, rather than getting to act like a dbag and be loved for it anyway. It does have the bit about a young woman who seizes political power and gets to call most of the shots though. Plus she gets an adoring harem who just trail around doing her bidding.

Which is a shame, because I'd totally read something like what you described.

No. 352913

Honestly Zero is probably the most savage, too bad only 2 guys in the game are cute.
>I kill my sisters, I take their men. Wash yourself front AND rear and meet me tonight.

No. 352917

It's still a male fantasy sadly. I'd like a hack and slash game where you work together with other women and wear proper armour, and your male sidekicks are actually cute and pleasant (towards you at least).

No. 352920

File: 1547237632976.jpg (98.66 KB, 640x800, TokikoR3.jpg)

Agreed, that's what made me appreciate the director less lately, he even wrote some joke about hating cute guys for new years recently and it's visible.

It's disappointing when such characters are written by men for men, like idolm@ster has an idol that believes she's a saint and has an army of brainwashed fans who she calls pigs, or a 30 year old lady that keeps getting wasted with you for days, or the obvious dom character- but it ends in pandering or softening the story for the fans. Yeah those characters are ridiculous but they're be fun because of that and I'd like to read more about them for a change.

But things that upset the status quo are quickly shut down, like that house husband manga that triggered people.

No. 352931

>that house husband manga that triggered people

Which manga was that?

No. 352935

File: 1547239504977.jpg (312.5 KB, 640x919, 134935e02136c5b0e1c7ddeab1c990…)

No. 352939

File: 1547240588232.jpg (53.04 KB, 990x758, 1469997931479.jpg)

Watch Slayers, it's actually fantasy and not isekai, the heroine is a powerful magician who only struggles in the most serious arcs. It's pretty funny too, but it's from the 90s so the animation can be weird sometimes and some of the gags are old-fashioned.

If we're speaking of video games I'm sure Bayonetta is a good exemple. She was meant to be sexy and cool and the character designer basically designed her to be a mary sue, but in a good way.

No. 352941

Good god. Men making themselves actually useful at home is degrading?
Meanwhile this househusband manga has won an award: https://mangadex.org/title/23569/gokushufudou-the-way-of-the-house-husband

No. 352947

It’s been a few years since Higashimura’s manga was released, so maybe things have gotten a bit better for househusbands? Although I’ve never read the manga and have no idea how honest that Washington post article is being. I found a different take on the issue that suggests that the actual Japanese critisim was more about the manga mocking househusbands.


Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a western publication twisting or mistranslating drama tbh.

No. 352952

The thing is that her most famous work mocked fujos and otaku women in the start but made the characters grow later, so I'm taking that part with a grain of salt. You still can't ignore the topic of sexism when there are plenty of manga insulting to women being published.

No. 352954

Like for example World's End harem that got published in Shounen Jump+
>Since only a select few knew how to operate the Super Computers, and most of those people were men, the women who survived found themselves incapable of maintaining civilization at its previous level.

No. 353894

No. 353913

>get just as angry and offended about everything as I do or you're a traitor!

No. 354601

The western anime fanbase is depressing. Trash like Franxx and Goblin Slayer didn't even have good sales in Japan but they were the shows everyone talked about in the west because they were "controversial".

I love edgy shows, but the moment they include unoriginal self-insert powerfantasy pandering they're shit.

No. 354609

In Japan idol moe is the most popular, not sure I prefer that taste.

No. 354613

No? They sell a lot of BDs, but if you look at the best selling anime of all time you'll see much more variety. It's not comparable due to how widespread that pop culture is.

No. 354614

I'm not sure I understand your argument. You talk about how the 2 series didn't sell a lot of dvds but then say idol anime isn't the top taste in japan despite selling a lot of dvds. So are sales important or not?

Tbh japan is the same as the west when you get into the subculture. There's clear hugely popular series that everyone talks about despite being trash. As the other anon said, it's usually moe anime or shitty issekai. The west has a lot of variety in likes as well it's just we have loud af anitubers who push the trash to the front.

No. 354622

I wish Western anime fandom would just grow up and own that 99% of anime is wish fulfilment pandering for kids and teens. No, your shitty isekai harem is not a "deconstruction" because sometimes the hero gets sad or someone died. It's a dumb power fantasy that's very very very marginally more realistic than all the other dumb power fantasies you watch. Just own it.

No. 354624


I pointed out that those anime sold so low because of their popularity, most people didn't find them worth buying despite them being so discussed, not only in the west.

I specifically pointed out the variety in top selling titles in Japan because saying idols represent the taste there is the same as saying mecha does, based on profits. Look at which anime sold above 10k in the past 3 years and you'll find a lot more variety.

Years ago I would jump on the "Japan has trash taste" train, but since fansubbing died the change in recent years is tangible. There are lots of series that go under the radar in the west because they aren't on Crunchy or Netflix now. Certain shows are definitely pushed more by companies in the west and some that were HUGE in Japan got more or less ignored here.

I don't want everyone to have the same taste, but with so much great shit this season it's disappointing that Shield Hero is getting attention because people want to be edgelords.

No. 354650

File: 1547563613621.jpg (82.28 KB, 489x800, sac.jpg)

I think it's so fucking weird how no one subs the OPs and EDs anymore. Or gives translator notes, or really, any effort at all.
Sometimes you did get one or two goofy subgroups, but you usually had a choice.
Crunchyroll is so fucking basic and lazy, but somehow they've convinced people that they're "helping" the anime community and the anime directors (when in fact they give nothing back and instead line their own pockets).
It's mindboggling.

No. 354655

crunchyroll sucks, used to steal subs and operate illegally, but technically they are paying licenses and stuff. there are other subgroups that will always be better though.

No. 354666

The licensing fees are going to the investors, not the directors or the actual animation studio/animators.
There's really no defending them, to be honest.
They take other people's work, pay a paltry fee, and instead of supporting the actual people making anime, they shit out some CalArts student project.
It's extremely rare to see actual subgroups nowadays.

No. 354693

Not only that, they also miss out on a lot of stuff like foregin words or names. Last year they butchered Pop Team Epic's first episode because they somehow messed the audio up and translated the jokes and references literally. Hldive did a better job, but Crunchyroll's version did its damage.

No. 354702

>Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband

This is actually adorable, thanks for sharing

No. 355937

File: 1547863178241.png (8.66 KB, 266x189, images.png)

Strange request but can any of you guys recommend an anime that makes you want to clean your house?

No. 355938

Howl's Moving Castle does this to me, as does some other Ghibli movies with homey montages.

No. 355966

Welcome to the NHK, I've heard, has gotten people into the "improve your life" mood after watching it. There was also a manga a little while back about just that. Here's a link if you wanna read it.
"The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up"

No. 355985

I heard that anime has a pedo in it so I've been avoiding it. Thanks for the manga dl though!

No. 355990

Nta but the main character is a junkie lolicon/pedophile disgrace who iirc takes creepy pics of elementary schoolers.

No. 355991

samefag, I'm also pretty sure the author said he based him on himself (which adds up. I haven't thought about him or nhk in years but I remember he dated aminyan, joined a cult, and embarassed himself on television by gushing over how great the eva masturbation scene was. quite a cow.) so make of that what you will.

No. 356561

Did not realize he dated aminyan. But I read NHK and liked it as a novel but obviously the main character was an absolute garbage human being.

No. 356769

I see a lot of active Fatefags in various cow threads who keep getting shooed from sperging out about the franchise so how many of you are there?

No. 356791

I am one but I never post in snow or pt. Is this about the Shinji stan kek?

No. 356817

I'm one but I've never talked about it on lolcow.

No. 356899

What the fuck? That never happens. Yamazaki, his friend, is a pedophile who looks at junior idols in the novel, but that's the closest thing (and it gets cut out in the anime).
It's problematic, but no need to make shit up, ffs.

No. 356902

What are you talking about lol

No. 356953

Is this supposed to be funny and relatable or what?

No. 356956

…He's trying to do things he himself finds disgusting and reprehensible while his friend takes photos of him doing said things to put him in a self-hatred spiral to make himself change. He himself is not a pedophile, lmao. Were you only half-watching the show?

No. 356960

I watched this too and remember him doing "hyper self-pleasure" to photos of young girls.

No. 356965

They weren't kids, though, a lot of them had tits (and nowhere was it stated that they were "loli" or whatever).
Pedo shit was in the original novel, but not the show.

No. 356977

Have you even read the manga?

No. 357022

No, it's meant to be fucked up and the protagonist reaching a new low.
There is a quick shot of Satou's fap folder and one of them is LOLI

No. 357447

File: 1548024942743.gif (1.96 MB, 500x278, 24c8b3a8e13c298fc435a749762c3c…)

Anyone there watched Kaiba?
It feels extremly unknown to most people and underrated. It's Yuasa's anime from 2008 with an Astroboy artstyle.
Basically it takes place in the future (?), where people can put their memories into chips and move to another body once they die.
I love it and I wish there could be more fanarts and talk about it overall.

No. 357540

>a lot of them had tits
hello, male
just because they have boobs doesn't mean they're not children

No. 357572

I wanted to love it because it seemed up my alley but ended up being really bored and unimpressed. I only saw like 4 episodes max and could not force myself to keep going. The characters felt too strange for strangeness' sake and unrelatable. Such a shame cause I adore artsy fartsy anime.

No. 357580

This is honestly the only anime I really like. I found it extraordinarily touching and I adore the art style. I just wish there were more episodes since the second half of the show wasn’t as good as the first and could’ve used more development.

No. 357609

Loved it, one of the top 3 anime to make me cry the most.

The only thing I was disappointed with was Neiro as a character, she had a lot of build up but I didn't find the part with her interesting. Hyo hyo deserved better.

No. 357611

File: 1548053286386.jpg (92.63 KB, 756x1300, IMG_20190119_125240.jpg)

What are you watching this season? My top 3 are Dororo, Promised Neverland and Kaguya-sama

No. 357655

>anyone who doesn't automatically assume all women in anime are underage, even when sexually mature, must be a male
Are you retarded? Do you assume every porn star must be underage, too?
>>357022 actually makes a good point, I didn't recognize the "loli" folder. You'd think if they were underage, they'd be in that folder, or it'd openly be pointed out, lol.

No. 357660

NTA but why are you even arguing about this? What do you get out of trying to defend some anime guy's pedo honor? Stop.
I am considering Dororo since it's a classic. What do you like about those 3, anon?

No. 357678

I just don't like being called a male for stupid reasons.

No. 357680

ngl I had the same experiences anon. I wanted to like it, I was thrilled to start watching it when it came out in 2008 but it was just… greatly underwhelming. I never finished it because it seemed to rely too much on the niche art style and overall strangeness.

No. 357682

Isn't this supposed to showcase how pathetic he is? It's not glorifying him being a lolicon at all, I could understand people being disgusted if it was played as something to adore him for but it's the complete opposite of that. The overreacting moralfags need to gtfo.

No. 357698

The only overreaction is the one defending him from being a pedo in the anime. Anons simply pointed out that he is one.

No. 357699

10 bucks it's the same sperg(s) who were saying we mustn't use anime reaction images on Lolcow, but 80s anime is okay because reasons.

No. 357700

No one's defending him being a pedo, you just used 100% retard logic because you didn't watch the show but still wanted to jump in.

No. 357704

File: 1548074226728.jpg (411.11 KB, 1199x651, Screenshot_20190121-133117_Twi…)

>what do you like about those 3


I really like tragic set ups that sound like from an old legend, the duo of Dororo and Hyakkimaru is fun because of their contrast and how Dororo tries to communicate with him is really cute.
I find Emma's emotional and compassionate side really interesting since she's the female protagonist of a shounen manga. Her friends have a practical and logical approach but she loves and wants to save everyone and I find that interesting and wonder how it'll develop.
It's really fun, they're my types of characters and some things are too relatable.

Forgot to mention Mob Psycho 100 season 2 but I didn't start it yet.

No. 357712

Yeah it seems we have some underage tumblrite(s) in /ot/ who thinks 99% of mainstream anime is centered around pedophilia and is obsessed with calling people out for it, even when the anime is condemning them.

>inb4 anime reaction images are a sign of /pol/tard pedophile!!!!!!

No. 357731

The most times I saw that is when people post "lol ironic loli ahegao xD" tier images.

No. 357906

File: 1548106509580.jpg (64.41 KB, 767x672, mob.jpg)

> I remember he dated aminyan

what? source please?

This season I am enjoying Mob Psycho, Boogiepop, Promised Neverland, Jojo (ranked highest to lower)

I tried watching kaguya-sama since it has been so incredibly hyped up the ever since its announcement but unfortunately I just found it to be just that - hyped. Too edgy and immature for me.

No. 357933

anybody got any reccomendations for edo period/yokai type anime or manga? I've enjoyed Kamisama Kiss, Nurarihyon no mago and Inuyasha but can't seem to find much else i'd like

No. 357936


No. 357949

TIL women can’t be depressed.
fuck outta here.

No. 357952

Yeah they can't be. They can't be lonely either. Nearly all of NHKs core themes are lost on women.

No. 357958

Now that I think about it, the only people I've seen with boners for NHK were shitty r9k losers who learned nothing from it as our little robot friend demonstrated just now. Getting NHK in response to asking someone what their favorite animus/mangos are has sort of become a red flag to me, especially if it's paired with a fanservicey trash animu. My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness was better in every way imo and the mangaka wasn't a cringy retard who got involved with a cult and thirsted over aminyan for years.

No. 357982

eh, i disagree as someone who liked it as a window into japanese society and male otaku culture. but that's all it is, it's not a cute love story or something by any stretch. it was pretty realistic though. most people in japan have shit self esteem, especially women. and equally many male otaku are exactly like what the show depicted.

No. 357996

Glad you can understand that women live on easy mode and are thus immune to every problem in NHK.

No. 357998

Mods, please ban this scrote.

No. 358004

I still think too many male fans of NHK act just like that and have no intention to change because they don't see anything wrong with being such a useless loser. They treat it like a self pity circle jerk. It's popular amongst robots and other incels for a reason.

No. 358024

It plays into that "unfulfilled potential" scenerio that a lot of do-nothings fall into. It shows someone that's like them (but drawn semi-normal) getting better, so they think "oh yeah I could totally get better if I wanted to, just not right now!" They get the same feeling of having achieved a goal through seeing it in another character without actually doing it themselves, so there's no point in doing it themselves.

No. 358147

Check out the Mononoke tv-series for a real trip, Natsume's book of friends for modern yokai stuff and Mushishi for supernatural stuff going on in the historical countryside of Japan.

No. 358148

Oof, what a spot on assessment.
Isekai are even worse for that, since the pathetic, loser character dies and becomes "reborn" into a world where people actually give a shit about them.

No. 358186

This is exactly why women can't understand NHK you know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 358276

i'd agree there, my only male friends aren't disgusting loafing robots and they like it for the same reasons i do.

No. 358278

File: 1548172575489.jpg (397.64 KB, 1511x1511, 9de3d006c2d92732.jpg)

+1 for Mononoke, I was going to recommend it actually but I checked the time period and it's a little before the Edo period. Either way it's 10/10.

Mushishi as well but I really love Mononoke in particular.

No. 358364

Thanks anons! The art style for Mononoke looks stunning, i'm excited to watch it

No. 359037

File: 1548286765209.jpg (89.02 KB, 500x320, MichikoToHatchin.jpg)

There is some shows what i have liked the most over the years:

Hachimitsu to Clover
Hanasaku Iroha
Michiko to Hatchin
Sakamichi no Apollon
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

I wish that they make some new anime with similar main character than Michiko Malandro. That lady was true badass and drop dead gorgeous in the same time.

No. 359062


Michiko to Hatchin is a fucking masterpiece and the only reason it's not widely hailed as such is because 80% of the audience was female and Sayo Yamamoto (wonderfully) did not give a shit about pleasing anyone but them. I fucking love it and I hope Yuri on Ice's popularity means she'll get to make more stuff like this.

Not to spoil, but the last scene makes me cry. I love their bond.

No. 359070

Anyone got some recommendations? Currently looking for some anime/manga that portrays lesbian relationships in a less fetishized/more mature way.
Anime without any romance is also appreciated.

No. 359214

People are saying that Bloom into You is pretty good.

No. 360388

Thanks anon, I'll check it out in a few days!

No. 365236

I have watched the first 4 eps of Dororo now and it is very good. I like the historical/supernatural plot. It lacks the fanservice bullshit of modern anime too.

No. 369575

wait theres a modern version of dororo? when was this released? the original manga is one of my favourites tbh, is it the same plot?

No. 369595

I liked Hana and Hina Afterschool (written by a woman) but it is about a high school relationship so it might not be as mature as you want.

No. 369618

Kaguya-sama Love is War (or something like that) is a simulcast that I've been enjoying. It's a twist on the "they both can't confess feelings" because the reason they won't confess is they're both awful people that think admitting feelings for the other person is beneath them. You get to watch them play 5d chess to bait a confession and hear their narcissistic inner monologues which are pretty funny.

Normally hate romance but this one has a fun little twist to the genre.

No. 369629

Sage for doublepost
My favorite anime series/short/film list that I'd recommend to people, in no particular order. My taste favors comfy, absurdist, and visually distinct works. There are no true spoilers, just a small snippet of themes mentioned going forward.

Mushishi - My favorite yokai/supernatural type anime. The theme song is very sweet and makes me get very relaxed. Character designs are simple but interesting, especially the protag's traveling merchant type backpack that he pulls cool stuff out of. Slow paced, comfy, mysterious.

Cromartie High School - This one's sub and dub both go hard. It's an absurdist comedy show set in a delinquent high school of sorts. Freddie Mercury, a gorilla, robots, hilarious stoic faces, this show has it all.

Serial Experiments Lain - This show captured the nihilism and darkness of the internet and our lives on social media before it ever happened. It's pretty heavy in allegory though it's possible to purely digest the visuals as pretty visuals as well.

Tatami Galaxy - If you can't read fast, you will probably be unable to watch this show bc the subs are lengthy and change quite fast. First of all visually unique and captivating. It's one of those "repeat the same day" shows but the structure isn't literally repeating the same day. The protag explores different life paths for himself at the start of his university life (which he has built up as a major event that will fix his life in his head), trying many different ways to be and finding out the ugly truth that he is still the same downer that he is no matter what superficial thing he changes about himself. It also isn't really a school show or anything. It's even more of a backdrop than most shows that also use a school as a setting. Plus it's university so that is already a huge difference imo.

Planetes - A show about garbage collectors in space. The juxtaposition of a mundane (even demeaning) job in the most outlandish setting is truly fascinating to me. The structure and tone changes a bit throughout the episodes, I'd say it matures into its themes as it goes. Highly recommended.

Cat Soup - A surreal short film about two cats. I don't want to say anything else, as the visuals are allegorical and I could not accurately describe the actual experience without oversimplifying it with the tangible details. The "plot" is simple and not important.

Angel’s Egg - Feels odd recommending this because I had a hard time getting through it in the many, many instances I've sat down to watch it. Still would say it's worth the watch especially if you like abstract things and Dark Souls. Yeah, really.

Golden Boy English Dub - The subject matter (humble plain spaghetti ass young boy has pussy thrown at him because he's inexplicably great at everything he does) has aged terribly and the English dub is absolutely atrocious BUT that is precisely the reason I want everyone to see this. It's a great "hatewatch", if you will.

Ponyo & Totoro - Lumping these together because they do the same thing for me. It's pure childlike nostalgia. These two manage to capture life through the eyes of children in comfy rural settings.

Also read the Berserk and Jojo manga.

No. 377294

File: 1550748857130.jpg (46.22 KB, 600x338, ichigo_marshmallow02.jpg)

i've been rewatching/getting back into purely comfort shows recently, like strawberry marshmallow, k-on, tamako market and yokohama kaidashi kikou. makes me feel happy and nostalgic. any reccs? minimal fanservice as possible please

No. 377297

First season of gochiusa

No. 378864

Just started watching Domestic Girlfriend. Anyone have any opinions on this?

It's a shounen/seinen-romance drama but since it has a female mangaka it's not too male pandering.

I really like the OP.

No. 378871

Non Non Biyori is one of the most wholesome and comforting anime I have ever watched

No. 378880

Isn't it about a guy who has a crush on his sister and stepmom? ?

No. 379021

It got kinda weird by season 2 imo. I got turned off bc the show seemed to be more pandering to lolicons than me who watched it for comfy countryside slice of life.

No. 379155

File: 1551106338912.jpg (164.83 KB, 640x906, d43866c2bb076c0121e3f6ac34b371…)

Close, it's 2 step sisters, the step mom is just a parent. He only has crush on one of the sisters. When I posted this last night I only saw the first 2 episodes, but now I've caught up to all 7 episodes of the anime and is starting the manga.

It's a massive 200+ chapter manga so this premise is too simple.

Here's what I really liked about the anime and why I found it so engaging:

> You can really tell that a woman wrote this, there's no overfocus on the internal development of the male character and instead all the characters, including characters that you usually don't see get developed such as the parents, get their own time to shine.

> Compared to the manga the anime is more serious and dramatic. Many of the jokes and ecchi moments in the manga are left out which gives it a more realistic feel.
> Has themes that are usually verboten in shounen like female promiscuity and early sex.
> Treats weak or vulnerable women with respect. Most shounens writes them off as losers or doormats or damsels in distress but this show really goes into the vulnerability and tries to contextualize it.
> The anime is well executed. I've started and dropped the manga numerous times over the past 3 years and never managed to actually get into reading it. But the acting, the music, the production etc really sold me.

Other thoughts:

> Sometimes compared with scum's wish but this is much better written from what I've seen so far.

> Really gets into the melodrama soapy feel with all the unusual circumstances.
> Very low ratings is sad. But usually my favs (my absolute fav is From the new world) have low ratings.

No. 379156

I'm interested in it but I'm waiting to see whether he ends up with the older woman or not yet. If he ends up with the other girl I'm not really interested.

No. 379172

Damn really? That's really disappointing. I only watched season 1 so I had no idea.

For other wholesome comfy farming anime I'd recommend Gin No Saji (silver spoon). Also Omoide Poroporo, it's a movie but it's so amazing.

No. 379191

File: 1551114412603.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1800x2100, AE415A71-5291-429C-9045-12F34D…)

I wish there were more shows like Yuri on Ice, and I wish it’s huge cringey fanbase didn’t obscure the fact that it’s actually good as fuck.

>made by women for women

>plot is realistic
>nobody is sexualized against their will / no rape and voyeuristic or pedo shit
>characters act like humans with flaws, not fetish archetypes
>characters of different races have different faces and features but they aren’t shitty racist stereotypes
>sweet love story without ridiculous plot twists

Also the fact that all the competitors are friendly at the core and root for each other really warms my heart. Too bad season 2 / movie/ preview won’t come out until the audience has stopped giving a shit.

No. 379201

disagree here.

No. 379203

>plot is realistic
I would definitely disagree with that. To me it felt more like a woman's fantasy to have a main homosexual character whose idol turns out to also be gay and even more obsessed with him.

No. 379204


nice try anon

No. 379207

>all the competitors just love love love eachother and are sugoi nice!!!

No. 379208

> characters act like humans with flaws, not fetish archetypes

"realistic" humans with flaws is my fetish

No. 379210

I like it too, it's a feel good story and the skating scenes are nice.

A pity that it seemed to go beyond fujo bait into something more serious with Yuuri and Viktor but still ended up reduced to fujo anime status because of the fandom.

No. 379213

What is "fujo anime status" and how is it bad? It seems to me that it obtained the highest level of recognition possible without going mainstream mainstream like One Piece or something. It has a primary demographic like every show but unless you're looking for guys to like it it's already a success.

No. 379217

I agree anon, I really enjoyed it. Could've been better without all the fujo bait but eh, I guess Yamamoto had to secure a bigger audience so I don't really complain about it.

No. 379220

probably when fujos run an anime so far into the ground it will never be seen as anything other than just another fujo pandering anime that makes you roll your eyes every time you see the characters.

No. 379223

Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

No. 379225

Do you mean fujo production staff or fujo fandom. Cause I don't agree with this at all. If you only talk to fujos then sure you're going to get a lot of fujo content but among the broader fanbase it has plenty of recognition for just being a good show.

No. 379235

>girls liking stuff is bad guise
Maybe you should examine why you're so embarrassed of a series having the reputation for female fans/a homo couple. What's wrong with women being into a couple that panders to us for once AND is actually from a good series? Why does a couple suddenly become eyeroll worthy if they're not straight, is there some special standard they have to meet to prove themselves as srs business romance?

No. 379241

Stop conflating fujoshi with all women.

No. 379264

Personally I want to see more sexualized men. Women are already overly sexualized and objectified in every form of media that we deserve to get some back to pander to us. The only shitty thing I see in fujobaiting series is that they never have an endgame to satisfy the viewer.

That being said, the anons shitting on Yuri on Ice and completely ignoring the character dynamics, the story of Yuuri growing his talent and finding his second half with a lot of touching scenes need to fuck off and go back watching their ecchi harem isekai and romcom bullshit for more good girl points. The cringy fujo strawman won't hurt you or "actual gay men" no matter how much you wish it did.

No. 379265

File: 1551127640461.jpg (47.42 KB, 704x396, XxKs5TP.jpg)

I feel like Minami-ke is from the same "era" as strawberry marshmellow. Very wholesome series and no fan-service except for this funny guy

No. 379269

It's the same thing with things like boy bands and young adult novels, if only young women and girls like it, it must be cringeworthy and straigjt out embarrassing. If men also like it, then it's serious entertainment and worthy of praise. Girl idol franchises only get lighthearted sameface memes made out of it, but nowhere near the absolute blind hatred most series centered around serving the female gaze do. Something like Free is treated as joke but if it had a sizable male audience, it would be celebrated. It's depressing to see so many fellow women buy into the meme and police other females for liking ~le icky gay fetishization rape shows~ but letting a lot of male demographic shows get away with whatever bottom of the barrel pandering the creators throw at the wall.

No. 379272

this is all just strawmen, projection, and assumption coming from angry fujos upset that their silly anime got insulted.

No. 379291

>Personally I want to see more sexualized men.

Same, and I want them to be straight/the love interest not gay coded, in a show aimed at women. Anyone know any characters like that?

No. 379293

>why do you guise let menz do gross stuff but not us women?!

this shit again. no one is talking about men, and no one is even defending (or mentioning) men and their shitty pandering crap.

the other part of this argument that gets me is you seem to think that since this crap is being pushed on women it's somehow a positive thing. yea, no. companies that shit out this garbage aren't suddenly seeing women as some kind of respectable demographic, they're just realizing women are as stupid as men and lap this crap up just as much when it's marketed towards them instead. that's why every romance show is either some flash in the pan otoge style plot with a plain-jane MC and the same 4 or 5 interchangeable anime male personalities. or it's just a generic pseudo-shounen ai with or without an unimportant female lead who's just around to give the audience a more personal front row seat to all the boy blushies. in the end all this """market representation""" has done for anyone is make it more acceptable for studios to shit out the same garbage for women as they do for men.

No. 379330

Ha, ain't that the truth. Anime is in a sad state.

No. 379332

There is nothing wrong with this lmao.

Anyway read up to about chapter 40 out of 200 now. Wow somewhere along the way it lost the "realism". Now we've got stuff like


> false rape accusations

> attempted rape
> forgiven for attempted rape because the friend of the rapist asked nicely that the rapist be forgiven

Last one is particularly inexcusable and makes me want to drop the whole thing.

No. 379360

use the spoiler function newfag.

No. 379507

I.. I really don't see the problem where big studios realize that women are a sizable audience and start pandering to them and their sexuality. What the fuck? I would've been so happy as a teenager to have something like that. Are you a scrote?

No. 379542

Nta but my problem with the stuff anon wrote about is how low quality those shows are. It is good that the anime industry is pandering to the female audience but what they actually produce isn't very good.

No. 380138

Moved to >>>/m/3894.

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