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No. 100773

Thoughts? I frequent a few drama sites and I've skimmed through pull before, like I'm sure many of you have as well but now I'm afraid some will migrate over here and shit up some threads.

Are there any other gossip sites you recommend? I was thinking guru gossip but I'm not a fan of the layout. I like this site a lot more too for /g/

No. 100775

File: 1467861396740.png (457.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160706-213902.png)

Posted this in the Margo thread already, but here's a screen shot of the announcement for reference.

No. 100776

Autoban anyone referred from PULL, imo

No. 100777


not to sound like an anti-sjw, but they really have that tumblr mentality for the most part, which is annoying more than anything.

No. 100785

this tbh. i think 99% of the members are too young or too immature to be here anyways.

No. 100794

Good PULL is cancer.

No. 100795

They should have their threads archived for future reference, though.

No. 100839

Anyone else concerned we're going to get more spamming bullshit now that PULL is closing down? Maybe we can redirect them to kiwi or something.

No. 100842

PULL always seemed to me to be less a case of laughing at fuck-ups like Kanadajin and Venus and more a case of passive aggressively being jealous of them (for what reason I'm not sure, these people are complete losers).

No. 100845

Seconded, is there a way a "outsider" could do it?
I don't think that one of the admins is going to do it tbh

No. 100850

At the moment, all I can think of is posting links to threads here so they can be archived automatically. The problem with that is the volume of pages some of the threads have. We'd basically have to post a link to every single page of each respective threads.
Alternatively, we could collectively read through the threads we'd like to save, sort through "relevant" ones and post links here so they can be archived.
I wonder if there's a site that allows you host a "ghost" version of an entire forum/website for future reference. Or someone could ask the PULL admins if it's feasible to simply lock the site so there are no new posts/posters, rather than take it down entirely.

No. 100986

I joined PULL about 2 years ago and went back on recently to see that announcement. A bit sad about it since it was a good place for archiving photos and screenshots. Especially the shit going down on the Jnig thread for the FITTEA lies.

Not gonna lie, I'm going to miss PULL. I found lolcow over a year ago through it.

No. 101045

The biggest psycho from PULL I'm worried about is Lisa, she has been to known to shit up the Taylor threads before

No. 101047

PULL is full of blogging losers who think they know everything through Google, not actually experiencing life. If they come here it'll be the end.

No. 103517

they're all such tumblrinas over there. Don't dare having some opinion. the wylona topic is the most entertaining though

No. 103520

PULL is staying open. The site has already been handed over to the new admin. Also this topic has already been discussed in the PULL thread.

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