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File: 1466688265796.jpg (42.03 KB, 619x825, CliE64oVEAEhdzI.jpg)

No. 5043

Speedrun/Super Smash Bros streamer who thinks she's hot shit because she's a trans woman. Recently got angry when she wasn't allowed to vlog about her life with just a webcam on a game streaming website and wants Twitch to include "vlogs and napping streams" onto their platform. Apparently gets posted on 4chan regularly.




Current: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-R8ghoWcuny0CUB3hmm9XA


No. 5044

What is it with autist gamers and deciding they want to be women?

There's no statistical possibility that ALL of them have clinical gender dysphoria.

They're the equivalent of the fake Hollywood bisexuals who make a media spectacle about loving women and then shack up with nothing but dudes.

No. 5045

File: 1466691529496.jpg (96.02 KB, 480x288, 2147.jpg)

No. 5046

>mfw OP pic isn't a shoop
Jesus wept.

No. 5047

It's not even interesting…

No. 5048

I feel sad about how things went, I really enjoyed her speedruns when she was Cosmo, and I thought she was pretty cute in a nerdy way

cest la vie

No. 5049

Same, I was fine with her decision to go through the process of/to transition in the sense of "if it makes you happy, you do you", but then this behavior started.

No. 5050

i feel bad for ugly MtFs. Can't get rid of that horse face without going under the knife, and even then…

No. 5051

Oh great, another mentally ill and ugly ass transwoman gamer.

No. 5052

I honestly miss fake bisexuals over trendy trannies. At least bisexuals didn't make an issue about pissing in a bathroom stall or shoving how 'feminine' they are in your face.
So many fake woman want to act like hot shit and how they are biologically better than real women. Transwomen can fuck off. they are more sexist than regular dudes half the time.

No. 5053

idk man fake bisexuals are pretty self-righteous. And they do it for the attention (mostly opposite sex attention, ironically)

I think we all know that girl who bragged about liking other girls just to piss her parents off and impress dudes.

I think we disagree about TS as a legitimate condition, anon.

No. 5054

They feel like they have failed as a man because they are timid NEETs who spend all day posting online. Then they see the attention that girls get in male nerd communities and decide that their life will be much easier if they become a girl. What they forget is that they won't actually become a girl. They'll just be an ugly guy in a wig and people will want even less to do with them than they did before.

Anyway did this guy seriously name himself Narcissa?

No. 5055

Narcissa is pretty wtf. It screams fake tranny like Locria. Then again his name was Cosmo before so…

No. 5056

I looked up to see whatever happened to Adrian (his girlfriend) and turns out she left him right around the time he became Narcissa. Go figure.

No. 5057

I never knew Cosmo had a girlfriend, do you have info on her twitter/tumblr/other social media? would love to find caps of when shit hit the fan

No. 5058

https://twitter.com/0xA101 I'm pretty sure this is her. Narcissa is following this account.

No. 5059

File: 1466738598949.png (99.09 KB, 573x751, ss (2016-06-23 at 07.22.21).pn…)

Despite breaking up they're still on good terms it seems, that's nice

No. 5060

Watching his stream and he seriously blacklisted the word/name cosmo.

No. 5061

I honestly don't blame them, they must've been raided constantly

Just checked out the stream and someone asked if they were a boy/girl
Shit was awkward

No. 5062


Kinda sad that the stream barely gets 100-300 viewers. I remember the view count being in the thousands, but of course that was back when he did speedruns as Cosmo.

No. 5063

Well yeah. If my bf came out as a transwoman I'd nope out of there too. There is no way I'd stay with them when they want to be another gender. That's not what I fell in love with.

No. 5064

Wait, Cosmo is a tranny now?

I'm ready for this trend to die out now, seriously.

No. 5065

Seriously. Trannies are few and far between and all mentality ill. These people suffer from mental illness and decided to jump on the tranny train to be accepted.

No. 5066

I've been saying this since beginning, all the special snowflakes gotta find a way to make themselves stand out but it always backfires.

No. 5067

https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=IHQstxZQe1M (As of right now, he's streaming on YT so he can vlog)
"Narcissa. Narcissa. Narcissa. I'm in your fucking brain" Ugh.

No. 5068

>world's most influential speedrunner returns to the scene

oh boy. She's streaming speedurns again.

No. 5069

nigga lost his WR's in the only two games he was remotely decent at (OoT and Castlevania 64) of course he's gonna go full troon.

gotta rack up the attention somehow.

No. 5070

who beat his time is OoT?

No. 5071


Rank Player Time Platform Date
1st Torje 17m 42s WiiVC 1 month ago
2nd skater82297 17m 45s WiiVC 1 year ago
3rd jodenstone 17m 55s WiiVC 1 year ago

No. 5072

yeah definitely, having pigtails makes you a legit woman. you can trust me, I'm a tumblr gender expert.

No. 5073

I feel so sad, had to stop following him because his streams are just a mess now. Used to love his speedruns but now it's just like watching a burning trainwreck

No. 5074

Don't humour it.k

No. 5075

File: 1471832731491.jpg (298.51 KB, 1200x1600, 1471182708361.jpg)

geez, of all the titles he could've put, that's what he puts. he's really getting desperate.

He's a completely different person now, I don't follow him either anymore. I see he picked up 100% TPHD, but it's just not the same. I just don't understand how things ended up like this, not only the tranny stuff, but the complete personality change too.

No. 5076

File: 1471895685211.jpg (43.34 KB, 620x406, rats-jpg-483123.jpg)

Every. Fucking. Time. I see OP picture.

No. 5077

'Narcissa', yeah no shit, every tranny is ridiculously narcissistic. Over two and a half hours of just talking about yourself.

"I woke up today and was looked in the mirror and was so beautiful, I lost all my selfies, so sad, I was just super beautiful…" Are you insane? Look at yourself. What a fascinating stream of mumbling and stroking fingers through a mop of limp dyed hair. This is so dull yet so uncomfortable at the same time.

No. 5078

(S)he's actually kind of cute when you can't see the teefers.

No. 5079

That's not Narcissa, I don't know why they posted that unrelated pic

No. 5080


It's pretty amazing how any tranny can put as little effort into what they do and see instant benefits from doing it.
This Tumblr thing is just a depressing trainwreck now, I can't even laugh at this crap anymore.

No. 5081

The worst post I came across on there was one which stated that lesbians who say no to transwomen invalidate asexual relationships.

No. 5082


That's the thing. He used to get 500-1k viewers(I think, been a while since i've watched him) but now after he's come out as a tranny and only stream Smash Bros. he's lucky enough to get 300.

No. 5083

i remember one post had a good 20k notes, complaining about how some minor celebrity was transphobic, because she's a lesbian and joked that she "had never seen a penis before"


it's absolutely insane. i feel terrible for young, confused lesbians being told they're bigots if they're not attracted to men in wigs

No. 5084

You know just by the OP picture… sad thing is and after I just went on his YT… he's so hideous but thats the kind, type of face modelling agencies pick out because they're 'ugly n edgy'

No. 5085

File: 1473152848485.png (25.77 KB, 571x187, c33f85cfcdaa5cbfaff1119bde042e…)

A bit late since I don't follow him anymore. He's quit Twitch and has since deleted his account since they won't allow his nap and "all about me" streams. He was streaming on YouTube but with the advertiser friendly guidelines, he might be looking for a new platform again.

No. 5086


Actually Narcissa was banned from twitch, he didn't quit. This video was supposedly the final straw.

No. 5087

File: 1473164902534.png (25.96 KB, 1139x366, 1472607676235.png)

No. 5088

That's weird, for me it says "Page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner" that's why I assumed he just quit. Sounds like Twitch had enough of him.

No. 5633

File: 1518239179729.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x720, cowpoz.webm)

cow pose

No. 7176

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