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File: 1601573286846.png (343.97 KB, 500x563, tumblr_ou6ejhNWPx1uvl5nqo1_500…)

No. 109651

Your waifu is shit. Your husbando is trash. Unleash all of your hate towards the worst of fictional characters in this thread.

No. 109652

previous thread: >>>/m/90146

No. 109680

I have no idea who’s that in the thread pic but I already hate his face, so good choice I guess

No. 109695

All Dragon Age characters are often ugly and sort of dirty looking but the elves are a special level of ugly.

No. 109949

File: 1601824480731.jpg (20.06 KB, 360x450, faggot.jpg)

I hate Jung from Cheese in the Trap. He's creepy, boring, and doesn't have chemistry with the protagonist. Inho all the way but then again he deserves better than Seol

No. 109951

File: 1601824895402.jpg (59.36 KB, 1024x683, Community-Annie-Alison-Brie-10…)

Words can't describe how much I loathe this default sims face simp

No. 109954

File: 1601830054765.png (377.97 KB, 500x495, ironbull.png)

On the subject of DA characters we hate…

This absolutely insufferable witch-nosed, saggy-tittied 2edgy degenerate with a frat-boy personality. I feel like Bioware realized how many people wanted to fuck the Qunari characters in previous games and this was the shitty replacement goldfish they decided to offer.

No. 109957

Yey, I'm not the only who hates Bull!
I really hate his "dude bro" personality. Also, Zevran and Isabela.

No. 109964

perfect choice for the thread pic. I hate Solas with every inch of my body. Stupid egg-headed mother fucker

No. 109966

I don't like Solas either but for me the one true bitchass is Anders. He's kinda funny in Awakening but absolutely unbearable in DA2, what a downgrade

No. 109968

Allison Brie is extremely hot to me idk

No. 109992

File: 1601857780074.jpeg (29 KB, 270x485, fucker.jpeg)

I don't think anyone who reads this manga likes her after the twist but cairngorm from HNK.

No. 109996

Repulsive. Prince's voice acting was fuckawful too, which only added to it.

No. 110009

File: 1601872250822.gif (72.86 KB, 500x264, tumblr_n9b4zh8mh51tfes1so1_500…)

Speaking about Dragon Age, every.fucking.DAII.character (except Varric, I will never forgive Bioware for not making him a romanceable option) especially Fenris and Carver, annoying pos urgh. Sera from inquisition and Solas if you don't play as a female elf. Love eve

No. 110021

oh no she really does look like a default sim jfc anon

…but I do love bull I'm sorry

I jumped from origins to inquisition then back to II and I truly had such a hard time choosing who to romance in II, never a problem in the others. simply because I just didn't really like… any of them. I thought I would like Fenris but I play mages and he practically hates them by default lol. Varric is the dream, but I think I ended up with Isabela because she was least insufferable, also boobs

No. 110052

File: 1601902848499.png (818.44 KB, 720x900, Jacob_Character_Box.png)

Forgot to mention Jacob

I know exactly what you mean. I liked everyone in origins and even though I had my favourites there was no one I wanted to get rid of. The party banter was fun and I even enjoyed the rivalry between characters (Morrigan and Alistair hating each other was my guilty pleasure). I had high expectations for DA2 and was quite disappointed when all the characters turned out to be dislikable. Merrill was infuriatingly retarded, I wanted to punch whenever we had to do anything related to her character arc. Anders I had a soft spot for because of Awakening but he went downhill pretty fast (I ended up romancing him because as a mage we seemed to agree on a few things at the very least). Fenris was a fucking asshole and never quite redeems himself, a waste of an amazing VA, all that brooding was too much. Isabella was fine if only they didn't insist so much on "SEE HOW EMPOWERED SHE IS? She is always talking about sex because that's female empowerment amiright?!

No. 110053

Jacob's entire story was so messed and i couldnt stand his ass by the beginning of it all. I just wanted to kick him out of an air lock into space.

No. 110054

god I hate that him and kaidan were so fucking hot. the human crewmates were so hot but so damn boring. but good on bioware I guess for having the guts to have a romanceable character that cheats on you

No. 110056

File: 1601904380137.jpg (5.69 KB, 345x146, D_sy4mwW4AEIAq5.jpg)

I know he was meant to dislikeable but Its hard to understate how much I have grown to hate him more and more, like he's the ultimate nice guy Incel villain, Hal believed that he was the "nice guy" who would get the girl if he were only a superhero, and when he is, he acts as if the girl of his dreams is supposed to love him. He drops the act when she doesn't she's fallen in love with some normie and he throws a bitch fit

No. 110057

same. it's actually impressive that a dreamworks movie called out nice guy/incel behaviour in 2010,
years before it became part of internet culture.

No. 110059

It existed on the internet in 2010 anon.

No. 110069

File: 1601912007920.jpg (916.18 KB, 1200x650, britta.jpg)

Screw you anon Annie is one of the best characters on the show. If we were talking about the worst characters on Community Britta would definitely be up there. Annoying, bratty, suck-up and whiney as shit

No. 110073

I refuse to dislike any female characters written by community era dan harmon.

That being said I think community had no terribly dislikable characters except those teens that kept saying doyyy or whatever

No. 110087

He got so fucking obnoxious during the Moon arc, becoming extremely condescending towards other gems and especially Phos just because the Prince is grooming him. By the way, I'm starting to feel like this for the entirety of team Moon, who completely ignored Phos despite being the one who brought them there. I'm def on team Earth for this.

No. 110095

She was flanderized

No. 110104

File: 1601930862411.png (301.64 KB, 600x694, 7bcc3a9f4d169dd23034e40c906d92…)

This. I tried to romance Anders in my first DA2 playthrough cause I really liked his quirky "uwu cute cat" personnality on Awakening but ended up being super disappointed.
So now, my way to go is no romance with anyone. I prefer to be happily single in my big ass mansion with my mabari.

No. 110150


I honestly couldn’t stand her ass even before then

No. 110151

but she was written to have flaws, not be a sexy schoolgirl suck up with a mediocre rack

No. 110164

File: 1601962178064.jpg (98.15 KB, 1200x800, Winter_Soldier.0.jpg)

so tired of seeing this potato-head actor being thirsted over. so tired of the fangirls turning him into a retarded puppy who wants nothing more in life than to be fucked by steve rogers.

No. 110165


The actor is actually from my country, but I don't really see women drooling over him over here for some reason, even among the capeshit fans. Why do yanks find him so attractive?

No. 110166

I'm meh about the character but the actor was so cute like 10 years ago. He got typecast as a messy sad gay twink in a couple of mediocre tv series and it really suited him but he aged like milk, so disappointing.

No. 110169

Why are you spamming this everywhere? We get it, you think he's ugly, Christ. Also it's clearly not the character you hate, it's the actor and his fans.

No. 110171


If you're talking about the /g/ post, then we're not the same anon. I posted him there just so this thread would stay just about the characters and not get too off-topic, my bad.

No. 110185


No. 110186

Annie should've been written less sexualised but she was still a super fun character. Especially with Troy and Abed. Surprising to no one because she was sexualised a lot less with them.

No. 110189


I don't know anything about this game and at first I literally thought anon was talking about Prince the singer. No, it's actually Freddie Prinze Jr.

No. 110190

God I wish I were so young that I refer to FPJ as Prince

No. 110215

I was trying to shorthand it, but looking back it doesn't work since he's a Jr.
As much as I wish I could claim youth, I can only claim stupidity here. I still remember seeing the music video for Prince's "Kiss" on MTV, anon.

No. 110238

you realize seb stan is a massively popular actor and also a lot of people are tired of him, right? autist.

No. 110239

File: 1602017402700.jpg (61.86 KB, 1280x720, cassie skins.jpg)

No. 110309

File: 1602082832517.jpg (61.73 KB, 767x588, external-content.duckduckgo-3.…)

spencer reid. i think that criminal minds is a ridiculous show as it is but his character makes it so much more insufferable. don't get me wrong matthew gray gubler is a great actor, but jesus fucking christ every single line he says is so absurd it makes me angry. "autistic detective who's good at remembering/noticing details" has been done better so it's not even an original idea. it seems like they only use his character to move the plot along, since he always magically discovers important information that NO HUMAN BEING would ever deduce from the evidence presented. they use the exact same punchline over and over, "teehee he said something weird and everyone else is confused!" it's not fucking funny. they just try /so hard/ to make him this quirky, tragic, genius character, but i find him incredibly annoying, pathetic, and a windbag. every character on this show is so smug but it's the way spencer is written like "isn't it crazy that this awkward guy actually has a superhuman ability to pull bullshit out of thin air?" that makes me turn the TV off

No. 110315

The b&w gifs of "I didn't eat for 3 days so I could be lovely" on tumblr made me hate her.

No. 110322

File: 1602091236365.jpeg (49.83 KB, 512x459, E627183D-0E62-4BAB-B9D2-8DF8EA…)

this bitch is worse

No. 110337

File: 1602102454516.png (156.77 KB, 334x298, Franky_Fitzgerald.png)


Let's be real here…

No. 110338

If this mf were real he would have a KF thread

No. 110348

but anon effie is The Blueprint!

fr fuck this retarded bitch

No. 110361

Tall, dark, and brooding probably. Pretty much the Byronic hero archetype that has been popular since the early 19th century
It pissed me off how Steve kept it a secret from everyone that Bucky was the one who killed Tony’s parents. Tony had every right to be pissed. I hate how MCU fujoshits baby him.

No. 110367

Her presence was unbearable, it’s like the show writers saw how popular Cassie and Effy were on tumblr so they tried to make another tumblr certified mentally ill female character, only this time with gender nonconformity.

No. 110368

I don't even get what she was supposed to be… nonbinary?

No. 111052

File: 1602232295931.jpg (42.54 KB, 598x388, Kōtarō_Bokuto.jpg)

This annoying, ugly as sin attention whore. Why did he even pick a team sport, just go play tennis or something bitch, your team doesn't deserve to deal with your shitty tantrums

No. 111340

File: 1602441711853.jpg (618.7 KB, 612x430, 6cinpmZ.jpg)

I'm generally forgiving when it comes to long term shows that should of ended seasons ago can just rewatch what I liked. But I hated this bitch from the second Supernatural dropped her in. They killed off probably the best tv depiction of Death and gave us stoic sometimes sassy woman who does nothing of value just vomits exposition then fucks off for a ratings twist that failed miserably. She was so badly received combined with the change completely fucking with canon the writers put out some half assed "Death is a mantle!!" plotline. Doesn't help the actress just looks bored throughout any take, like if you're gonna tank your already struggling show with a bad plot twist at least get someone interested?

No. 111462

File: 1602515160082.jpg (346.79 KB, 1080x1080, EZCQMcUX0AAbNiX.jpg)

don't so much hate the character but the writing. probably because I see myself in her. I get that she was meant to be this insufferable, whiny, weak and annoying snowflake but it was kind of a let-down for me personally that the show didn't have an at least somewhat redeemable softie.

No. 111463

File: 1602515606247.jpg (43.03 KB, 768x574, 010woa028joj.jpg)

pic related kinda pissed me off. idk why. so manly and aggressive and witty but no depth or charm.

No. 111531

I wish they just did something more, I think they wanted her to challenge carolyn but carolyn is a chad so it just didn't work.

She was good comedy,but it was clear she wasn't gonna be going into the next season alive

No. 111549

File: 1602558928647.jpg (70.43 KB, 540x960, tumblr_c141ea68b0bc7db3f3f8f4a…)

bakugou is a whiny faggot and all his fans are dumb simps

No. 111557

File: 1602562004765.jpeg (210.15 KB, 1108x720, D9A60A8D-C007-41E9-8090-A2CA17…)

Speaking of disgusting annoying bnha characters. Deku. I want to beat the ever living life out of this green haired freckled twink fuck, holy shit. He deserves death and nothing more he is such a disgusting excuse of a protagonist. How anyone can watch this show and stand his little smug uwu i’m so baby face is beyond me. If i was in a room with Hitler, Mao, and Deku and i had a gun with three bullets i’d shoot him thrice and then ask the other two to help me beat him. I’m normally a very nonviolent person but this thing (he doesn’t even deserve the title of person, he is nothing he’s not even an animal he is below dirt) solicits such a reaction from me…He doesn’t deserve his power he doesn’t deserve anything except a life of suffering which I guess is what he’s getting because if I had to look at myself in the mirror and I was him and I had to be Deku the only option would be to kill myself, over the life of agony knowing i’m the absolute worst thing to ever exist. I have never hated a real life person as much as I hate this this absolute waste of ink. The poor trees that had to be killed so this fuck could exist should be considered a crime.I feel so bad for the animators who have to come into work and animate him being insufferable, i’d rather be unemployed and homeless. I just want to wipe that retarded look off his face so bad.

No. 111560

is it wrong that i'd still fuck them/watch them fuck each other

No. 111563

Yes and you should feel ashamed of yourself for having awful taste

No. 111566

at least it's not naruto

No. 111567

File: 1602565918939.jpeg (39.44 KB, 472x472, E200A453-3D4E-45ED-8DF4-28F2A5…)

I like dogs, except this empty canine shell. she is not cute. I would replicate to her what Dio did to danny in jjba. I saw a meme about that when she was added to smash and laughed heartily. attack me as you will

No. 111568

yes. shit pairing.

No. 111569

the only characters i ever cared about when i was reading mha were the villains. just like naruto. wow!

No. 111595

My fucking sides anon. I completely lost it to your post. From now on I'll hate deku in your honor.

No. 111617

Anin i just wanted to post her. Every time i start ACNH i wanna stab her

No. 111640

I hate seeing their damn faces so much,how can an art style be so irritating to see?I hate this damn anime too I wish it was never popular (excuse my sperging but I had to say it)

No. 111647

waifubait piece of shit ditz, hate her.

No. 111653

tbh it's not bad for a popular fad anime/manga, despite the main chars being total shit. there's so many characters that there's someone for everyone.

No. 111658

all flavor of the week shonen anime are shit

No. 111871

This would make good copypasta, ngl

No. 111883

Bakugou wrote this

No. 111919

File: 1602845201925.png (6.56 MB, 3170x1737, emily.PNG)

Emily of Emily in Paris; becomes friends with the girl that helps her out one day; turns out she's a girlfriend of a guy Emily has a crush on, Emily continues flirting and making out with the guy while meeting up with said girl who considers her a friend and lying to her face. I thought that show was supposed to be wholesome and main character likeable and relatable, idk maybe american girls are like this and it's what USA considers wholesome and relatable. No idea why couldn't they just write a story about her meeting someone single. why does it have to be about backstabbing and cheating?

No. 111923

>Assuming a netflix show has any basis in reality

Are all eurofags this inbred

No. 111929

Fun fact, it was already in /ot/'s copypasta thread within the day it was posted here.

No. 111943

Cause everything on TV is real anon duh

No. 111949

Nice copypasta

No. 112004

The old lady from Schitts Creek looks so gross and the memes about her are always cringey, I hate that she's become popular on the normie internet because her face literally upsets me

Schitts Creek in general is the least funny shit ever and it feels like they showed a bunch of autists a few episodes of Arrested Development and told them to remake it for a group project at the assisted living facility

No. 112006

?? It's a thread about hating fictional characters and i'm complaining about a fictional character, what are you two on bringing up "this is not real life"?

But sure, while we are at it, let's also pretend like the way romance is written in popculture has not influenced the way people perceive romance IRL.

No. 112040

You were fine until you suggested that American girls are prone to cheat that because you saw an American character in a TV show doing it. Which is, frankly, retarded. Just admit that it was a dumb take.

No. 112046

Anon, I hate Schitt's Creek too (someone told Eugene Levy's son he was funny and we all have to suffer) but that's Catherine O'Hara in the overused memes. Don't do her like that.

No. 112315

File: 1603139830912.jpg (413.32 KB, 1280x720, Osomatsu-san.jpg)

I've never watched this anime but their designs piss me off, they remind me of Jon Arbuckle for some reason. Also their fanbase is creepy as fuck.

No. 112379

File: 1603184873802.jpeg (34.05 KB, 300x385, 7182F898-9C28-48EA-9051-A956CD…)

This abusive piece of shit and his autistic fangirls. He has literally no character or personality besides breathing down Oscar’s neck and throwing tantrums when she won’t touch his dick, and making her feel guilty for said tantrums.

I don’t remember hating him as much in the anime but the manga version really just pissed me off. Maybe he’s appealing to desperate het women but I just can’t fucking stand him as someone who’s dealt with annoying male orbiters.

No. 112380

he has fans???

No. 112381

File: 1603185772610.jpeg (255.78 KB, 750x483, 1EFBD26D-7030-4EFF-A274-8D636F…)

Yes kek. Say anything bad about him or ship Oscar with someone else and expect spergouts like pic related

No. 112401

Lol I love the show but the fans can be really weird especially with the body pillows… idk why but the show attracts “denko” like fans.

No. 112432

That's literally every fandom tbf. I think it only seems "weird" now because of the art style.

No. 112456

I feel the same anon, don’t worry about it.

No. 112526

What the fuck anons?! This explains why I hate the character with a slightly more burning intensity than the others. I am astounded someone actually had the idea of casting FPJ as his voice actor. Pure evil.

No. 112529

File: 1603250763241.jpg (127.54 KB, 1920x813, Braveheart 063.jpg)

I just finished watching Braveheart for the first time (ik). They kill the main character's wife, he starts this war, then later on becomes infatuated and has a baby with this princess. For some reason it made me upset, like he cheated on her, even though she's dead. This affair was completely fictional, and didn't happen historically, so with that in mind it makes me even more upset because they went out of their way to add an affair in there. It's just so weird and makes me sad, but I feel crazy for feeling this way.

I don't hate princess Isabelle btw, just what they did with her character.

No. 112568

File: 1603282840387.jpg (58.06 KB, 960x540, ffs.jpg)

So it just came out that Sesshomaru did in fact end up banging Rin and she had his twins (pic attached). What in the onision hell is this shit! I am so angry, dude saved her when she ws like what 8, she was his ward! And he was my husband too I even posted him in the husbando thread omg so now I guess I hate him for being a groomer

No. 112570

I personally don't mind because it's not real (also saw it coming), but I don't blame people for being weirded out

No. 112584

Oh wtf!

No. 112601

It feels very out of character for Sesshomaru too, I think. Maybe I just like him too much to think of him as a groomer but I just don't see it hapening if japanese fans weren't fucked up and wanted it so much.

No. 112604

kek i have never seen anyone go so hard for rose of versailles before

No. 112638

Damn. Didn't know he was that bad in the manga. Just bought the first tome of the 5 special ones (if you haven't seen them look them up, the books are beautiful but huge). Cant wait to read this shit! (Oscar+ Girodelle 4ever btw. Even Fehrsen too)

wtf indeed. Its been like a day since I found out but I'm still pissed.

I didnt think Rumiko would have the balls to do this shit esp after all the pedo scandals that have been going on with mangakas over here, but here we are

No. 112670

It'd not be her It'd be the morons at Sunrise peddling this pedo shit. She didn't like the CD drama and made it a point to have the gang disgusted with Miroku for using his line on a kid. She was only brought in for character design so its not her vision. TBH I think they're just baiting it and gonna toss it out. If they're so comfortable with this pedo ship why not just say it? Because it's gonna be a bait n switch to keep a loud minority sated and leave the door open for Rumiko to make her own shit if she wants.

No. 112700

File: 1603391252444.jpeg (75.25 KB, 226x300, 8F7AB359-6D1F-40BC-BBB8-A15C5C…)

Forgot to mention I hate this scumbag as well kek. Alain forced himself on Oscar and threatened her with gang rape and we’re just meant to forgive and forget it.

Maybe my hatred for Andre is a bit overblown because I had only heard good things about him before I got into the series, then I actually read it and he sexually assaults and tries to murder Oscar over incel shit and also apparently slept with prostitutes while crying over her breathing near another man. And I’m meant to believe he loves her and they’re a perfect match. LMAO.

Fersen gets way too much hate for a character whose worst crime is being a womanizer. Girodelle too I guess.

No. 113072

File: 1603758506062.png (125.15 KB, 200x400, 799A1FC5-BC85-46A7-8E3C-17D787…)

Don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I hate her but she’s a bland, overused gimmick character who I’m sick of seeing shoved into fucking everything. Literally just Reimu but if she was a milquetoast reddit user.

No. 113073

File: 1603758894567.jpg (23.24 KB, 400x400, ciel_phantomhive_3757.jpg)

Even during my yaoi phase I couldn't stand this little shit. I think Kuroshitsuji is actually a very bad manga with dumb characters who are just stereotypes, but this smug fucker takes the cake. I never could stand the art syle of the manga either, it looks so condescending, and now with Twisted Wonderland being super popular, I have to see Toboso's bishies everywhere.

No. 113086

>I never could stand the art syle of the manga either, it looks so condescending
I literally lol'ed at this. Please share how the art looks condescending? Honestly curious how art conveys disdain.

No. 113090

I hated this little fucker too. I eventually stopped reading the manga because I couldn't stand watching him continue to be alive. Middle school me would go on huge weeb rants against him lol.
However I always thought the art was really high quality, that's the main reason I read for as long as I did in the first place.

No. 113101

>it looks so condescending
Huh? Typo or are you ESL? I'm not gonna die on any hills over Kuroshit but the manga art is lovely imo, I enjoy her costume/character design.

No. 113108

I've hated him since I watched and read the series in my teens. Didn't like Alois either. They both felt like such shitty yaoi fodder, and as an adult the fact that the author knowingly intended to include shotacon undertones makes me want to puke. I can never rewatch or retread the series knowing that Yana's into shota shit, what a gross bitch. I actually liked badass butlers Sebastian and Claude and many of the other characters, but Ciel was garbage, and honestly so was Alois, and now knowing the author's gross fujocoomer fetish it all makes sense as to why I was uncomfortable with the kid characters

No. 113122

ESL-chan indeed, I didn't really know how to express what I wanted to say. I think everyone in the manga looks super haughty, even the tertiary characters, which I guess is to convey that pseudo Victorian setting (which is an aesthetic I never liked). Same with Twisted Wonderland, everybody looks so fucking smug there, if I see those morays one more time I will break my phone.
Grell is the second worst character of the manga, mostly for being an over the top okama stereotype, and troons put him on some kind of pedestal by assuming he is trans.

I don't really care for the shota undertones, but when I last checked the manga (a year ago or so), there was a flashback on how there were originally twin Phantomhives who were forced into brutal orgies by some kind of satanic cult, I thought Toboso really overdid it on the torture porn, it went beyond the "look at how shocking this is" edge factor.

No. 113146

Cheeky bastards making the canon anime Ciel live forever as a demon
The only way to make it sting less is to read fics where Sebastian treats Ciel like shi because he's stuck with him

No. 113148

>that spoiler
stop it, soren only can get so wet.
No wonder she loves Ciel.

No. 113163

File: 1603823295282.jpg (184.96 KB, 1223x1280, IMG_20201027_192507_175.jpg)

I really don't like this cold bitch. I don't get why everyone loved her so much

No. 113171

Because "UwU she did nothing wrong~"

But seriously, I didn't like her either when I watched Madoka Magica, her edgelord personality didn't go well with me even after finding out her backstory, and the twist on Rebellion didn't made her anymore likeable to be honest

And on a personal note, an ex-friend of mine kinned her, so I kinda have bad memories attached to her, kek

No. 113175

She’s kind of scary, imagine hanging out with someone for a few months and then being caught in a loop for the rest of eternity suffering just because that person got attached to you.

No. 113176

Bruh, my ex-friend made me watch this anime years ago. She self inserted as Madoka and imagined me as Homura. I had to pretend that I liked her. Makes me cringe now

No. 113177

File: 1603827193704.png (402.14 KB, 490x514, 5d0fbd743b37bb852ce4798ba797f0…)

Sayaka's edginess was more annoying, along with her justice obsession. Can't stand "muh justice" characters in general tbh. Also Mami's barely a character and is only liked for her tits.

No. 113180

It's been a very long time since I've watched the anime, but I remember not understanding why she was so obsessed with the fact that her soul is now in a soul gem. What was up with that?

No. 113183

I don't remember either, I think it was something about her crush, not being able to be with him because she couldn't properly love him without her soul in her body?

No. 113239

File: 1603845195124.jpg (167.26 KB, 689x920, Christmas Crol new costume.jpg)

This reckless, selfish asshole who used and endangered everyone around him so he'd be mildly entertained for a short while. 11th is completely out of character from what the previous seasons established the Doctor to be, and on top of that he is so smug, egotistical, needy, petty, childish and absolutely worthless that you can't even laugh at the trainwreck. I remember loving the show but had to abandon it due to him. Season after season of this retarded soulless asshole? No thanks. Why he's so beloved is beyond me.

No. 113279

I never watched Doctor Who but I remember everyone being obsessed with him on Tumblr and saying he was super hot, which I never got, he looks like a sperg.

No. 113284

He has one of those faces which looks nice from two specific angles every leap year but the rest of the time, it's like his parents were Windsor siblings.

No. 113294

12th Doctor was a bit similar, but the actor was very good. Sad that writers would give him boring stories and arcs. I personally dropped dr who when 13th doctor got released. I was excited for female doctor but her writers are complete morons, I could barely handle 3 episodes. I dont care about their push of wokeness with 0 good white characters, but these idiots broke the canon and universe completely just to get money going.

No. 113296

yeah and it was absolutely retarded I absolutely hated her, from the obsession with some retard that didn't give a fuck to the muh justice uwu stuff. I was so mad she made her wish for that retard. She signed off her life and didn't even get anything out of it. Retard

No. 113303

I'm here for this loathing of 11. Could not stand him, and I dislike the actor too. I find this particular Doctor really cringy, "lolrandom", fake deep/interesting, and just not very Doctor-y at all. Boo.

No. 113525

File: 1604048113735.png (555.88 KB, 1280x720, D2D48DD3-0C33-4B6B-9E69-366D0D…)

He was fine at first but after a while he just became so stupid and annoying. I guess possible spoilers incoming: I hate how the characters praise him for doing nothing. In the White Whale fight the green hair girl praises him even though Wilhelm did most of the work. Rem changes from wanting to murder him multiple times to completely loving him and having a complete character change over nothing really, incredibly unrealistic character, no wonder why she's so popular. Emilia has to deal with him being an annoying orbiter who actually makes things worse for her by feeling entitled to her affection just because she took the time out of her day to help him once, which she doesn't even remember. He uses his skill shittily and is an obvious self-insert to delusional, annoying NEETs. Rem has NO reason to love him as much as she does. Emilia has every reason to mistrust him and not want to be his girlfriend. Obviously dying multiple times would be traumatic for anyone, but even he seems like such a whiny crybaby. He takes so long to figure things out and he leads poor yet pathetic Rem on so much.

>hey Rem let's run away together

>ok Subaru I thought of that I really love you
>lol sorry I love Emilia
>but I'm still going to pull you into a hug after rejecting you and ask things from you

No. 113526

I hated him in the very first seconds of this shitty anime, he has an awful design and he is fucking unbearable. Rem and Emilia are also shitty characters but for different reasons.

No. 113527

File: 1604048642933.png (17.63 KB, 176x286, BA4F7585-19F9-4295-B616-4F1985…)

The show sucks but this motherfucker was the worst part.

No. 113531

>Steven universe bad XD am I cool yet??
Do you dumb sluts who frequent this site have any kind of taste or personality outside of constantly repeating the same shit you hear from popular Youtubers echochamber? These kind of arguments have become just so repetitive.

The show is far from a masterpiece but if the hatedom wasn't a thing I bet most of these people either wouldn't care or would even like it.

No. 113534

Calm down Rebecca

No. 113537

Steven won't fuck you..

No. 113538

>These kind of arguments have become just so repetitive.
nta but this can easily apply to other characters posted ITT, some which were already discussed a million times in the previous thread or were already disliked to begin with. Why single out Steven?
Anyway I can't stand how he sucks the tension out of everything. Someone's about to die? No big deal cause Steven will always bring them back. An enemy shows up? Doesn't matter cause Steven's feelings fix everything. It's so fucking predictable. Plus his voice is grating.

No. 113568


No. 113570

Imagine getting this ass blasted in a thread made about characters people hate. Steven Universe was a absolute shit show of random anime references and absolute garbage storytelling. Cry about it on tumblr

No. 113594

>or would even like it.

Naaaah. Steven is one of the ugliest, most obnoxious characters in existence. The widespread hate isn’t people trying to be cool.
I hated it from the first time i heard him say “liiiOoon licker’”

No. 113600

File: 1604086681917.jpg (117.02 KB, 225x350, asshole.jpg)

he isn't really that bad i guess, i just can't fucking stand him.

No. 113622

>I am a Japanese man
>I'll now eat with chopsticks
I loved his autistic detective shenanigans.

No. 113625

AYT and Bitch can you shut the fuck up? God bitches like you are so fucking annoying. I watched the show and no offence but Steven was the worst part because he was an annoying little shit who had to be in the forefront of more interesting characters.

No. 113627

I used to be scared of him but now I love him because he's like inspector Javert with a less sad ending

No. 113660

File: 1604131181634.jpg (195.94 KB, 844x1200, 1.jpg)

This fucker.

No. 113662

>dumb sluts
holy cringe

No. 113664

Lol same, I can't stand his autistic ass, I don't get his popularity.

No. 113668

File: 1604138855477.png (147.55 KB, 476x351, 907e028be4e220ae817a499f92923f…)

Thank you, I always get an itch to skip scenes that include her.
I hate her stans who're all "but but she's so deep and realistic!!! so tragic!!! yuri with kyoko!!!"
The only good thing about her is that at the end of the anime series she realizes how dumb her wish was and how the boy she had a crush on wasn't shit. And for killing those dudes in the train.
I hate that she's shipped with Kyoko out of nowhere. They had absolutely nothing incommon outside of the fact they both made a wish to help someone else. They have no chemistry and Sayaka is an annoying, self-righteous, justice spouting sperg.

Also my contribution. I hate all of Penny's friends but she's by far the fakest and flakiest. And I hate how in that party episode Penny was just supposed to forgive them for making her cry and not coming to her party.

No. 113674

i hated her so MUCH there was nothing i liked until the very end when she realizes her wish was a mistake and that's hardly enough to redeem her annoying behaviour. the most self-righteous character, i skipped through her scenes/go on my phone half the time

No. 113679

File: 1604158885544.png (358.52 KB, 485x741, The-rebellion-story-official-s…)

Speaking of PMMM, I absolutely hate the whiny, retarded mc.

No. 113681

I had shitty friends like Dijonay in elementary school, that picture just really gives me flashbacks.

No. 113682

Tbh I feel everyone have had a shitty friend like Dijonay. Which is why it's dumb the show basically taught kids that they should just forgive and forget whatever shitty fake thing she and others like her did.

No. 113734

>I don't get his popularity
Personally I don't hate it (that much). I even like his strange design. But it's very easy to know why it's popular: Tragic past + "cold" personality + uwu moments = tough character that really isn't tough. Something like Bakufuck or the Columbine shooters.

No. 113801

File: 1604254309507.jpg (48.96 KB, 841x533, baby_yoda_mandalorian.jpg)

I've never watched the show, but I hate everything Baby Yoda represents.

No. 113802

File: 1604255891030.jpg (65.73 KB, 500x500, artworks-000203931798-bhgefe-t…)

No. 113807

Me and my $15 3D print Baby Yoda feet say fuck you

No. 113815

File: 1604265320543.jpg (43.86 KB, 1000x491, h65mgzn.jpg)

Took me a day and a half to watch this shit because of how many breaks I needed. But these 4 are insufferable terribly written characters who screech about 50% of the runtime.

No. 113818

File: 1604270412486.jpg (36.02 KB, 647x707, Yong-suk.jpg)

This guy from Train to Busan. I remember watching the movie for the first time and I was filled with hatred. If you have seen the movie you will know why.

No. 113834

File: 1604277384450.gif (3.14 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 113835

I'm with you anon. He's so transparently a marketing ploy, I can't believe how many people fell for it. Are people really so predictable that they'll like something solely because it's a baby version of a highly recognizable character? Baby Yoda is peak consoomer culture.

No. 113836

File: 1604278702288.png (308.76 KB, 533x400, proxy-image-4.png)

It's not even cute.

No. 113843

Big ol' eyes; Big head and small body… Literally your average animu gurl. Lol.

No. 113853

File: 1604294654649.jpg (24.23 KB, 563x394, a4d984eb8b7caee2b650a579dba850…)

No. 113873

File: 1604319753003.jpg (29.74 KB, 313x470, bf3349fa6c1887a844328e1a04bc68…)

Leave autismo german Javert alone. Damn, Monster really is the best anime I ever watch ngl

Saw people talking about Ciel, I hated everyone from Black Butler but Grell takes the fucking cake.
Also I swear every woman who cosplayed him was a cringy nutcase

No. 113877

File: 1604323535260.gif (6.13 MB, 800x450, cvt67vc4spnpizc0jy0a.gif)

I just feel those motherly vibes whenever I see babies, baby yoda included

No. 113881

I don't even like or care about children and I adore Baby Yoda. It's true that he's a marketing gimmick, but a really enjoyable character as well. They have really pulled off the adorable creature thing with him (and earlier the Porgs), contrary to JarJar.
Just pirate the series and don't buy the merch if you don't want to be caught in the marketing scheme and you will be fine.

No. 113882

Porgs are just shitty Ewoks, who were annoying to begin with. Your defense of this corporate trash makes me think you're also the kind of people who own/collect Funko Pops. It's amazing that all it takes for people to cape for a piece of cynical marketing is a large head and giant eyeballs. Stop buying into the garbage massive companies come up with to shill plastic junk to retarded children.

No. 113883

File: 1604329267605.png (1.15 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 16.00…)

>Porgs are just shitty Ewoks, who were annoying to begin with.
Porgs were only in the movie since it was impossible to mask the wildlife. So how are they comparable to ewoks, who take a prominent amount of screentime and exist only to sell merch? There were hardly any Porg scenes or merch. Plus the Ewoks are ugly as fuck. Don't do porgs dirty like this.
>Your defense of this corporate trash makes me think you're also the kind of people who own/collect Funko Pops.
Ew, Funko? They are for filthy casuals and people with zero taste. If you want to buy an useless aesthetic object, at least get one that's pleasant to look at!
I'm not saying that you have to love Baby Yoda. Hell, it's cool if you don't. The cynical character marketing doesn't work on you, great! But if someone enjoys the character, they shouldn't be guilted into stopping just because cOnSuMeRiSm. Face it, literally every media you like was made to make money. Star Wars have always been commercial as fuck. What's wrong with enjoying a character while not giving the giant company money? Life is too short to deny yourself harmless pleasure in order to live up to someone's impossible standards of ethical purity. You don't have to completely abstain or go full retard like pic related.

No. 113885

File: 1604330537375.jpg (52.8 KB, 500x561, tumblr_f449faa6e9df3ad00e6ff39…)

Policing others on what they want to do with their money is very annoying anon, and it turns abusive if you try to argue things on a milquetoast moral standpoint

Plus, as far as I'm concerned, The Mandalorian was thought to be a flop from the start so nobody made merch in advance when it was released. It was months after it blew up that people actually concidered making merch of baby yoda, because it was everywhere and everyone loved him. Not the other way around. They really thought it wouldn't stick.

Not everything you see on twitter is real, I'm not even a star wars and have never watched a single episode or movie with yoda in it fan and I can still find the character adorable, because he just is designed to be an adorable baby, end of story lol

Plus, why make such a big deal out of this? Hello Kitty is also designed to sell because she's adorable and comes from a big corporation, but I see no e-girls or zoomers that are so quote on quote anti-capitalists complaining on twitter about it, they keep shilling it into oblivion

No. 113886

kek why are you so pressed? you think anyone will be swayed by the weird level of anger you're displaying?

No. 113887

I agree with you so much except for:
>The Mandalorian was thought to be a flop from the start so nobody made merch in advance when it was released. It was months after it blew up that people actually concidered making merch of baby yoda, because it was everywhere and everyone loved him.

No Yoda merch was made in order to not leak his existence before the show premiers, as it happened in the past with SW merch.

>"The Mandalorian" creator Jon Favreau has said that Disney wanted to keep the existence of Baby Yoda under wraps so as to not spoil the series. Some manufacturers were provided promotional materials ahead of the launch of Disney Plus, but none of it featured Baby Yoda, CNBC reported.

>"The way the cat usually gets out of the bag with that stuff is merchandising and toy catalogues and things like that," he said.

No. 113888

>To mask wildlife

Anon do you honestly think they couldn't completely cgi those ugly creatures out of a movie that was 80% cgi? Explain those cringy reaction shots. Pls stop falling for corporate pr

No. 113894

I can imagine it was more trouble than it was worth. Like with Daniel Radcliffe's blue eyes in Harry Potter.
Even if you don't believe the wildlife excuse… the porgs scenes took only like 3 minutes out of an entire movie. They never were presented as the main dish, like the ewoks (or yes, The Child). They added to the liveliness of Ahch-To and to the movie.

No. 113896

>Policing others on what they want to do with their money is very annoying anon, and it turns abusive if you try to argue things on a milquetoast moral standpoint
are you kidding me

No. 113902

>ew funko!!!!
my good bitch, baby yoda's design itself literally looks like a funko pop
>vacant void eyes
>chibi proportions
>neutral pose
but ok.

No. 113905

it worked for the anti-deku anon

No. 113906

File: 1604339922855.jpeg (126.82 KB, 1280x720, bbyoda-1575303784.jpeg)

This is the most pointless take, but I will bite:
>vacant eyes
Bitch, where?
The problem with funkos are not their proportions (though I'm not a fan of chibis in general), but their poor quality and lack of details. Look at all the wrinkles and hairs on The Child. He's like the opposite of the simplified form of funko pops.
Chibis existed before Funko pops and tbh Japanese do it way better.
Also an actual child=/= chibi.

No. 113956

Didn't you get the memo, anon? Judging grown-ass adults for wasting money on cheap plastic toys from China is ~aboose~ now.

No. 114009

Hana from 7seeds. She's a gigantic Mary Sue, her survival broke suspension of disbelief several times, and her romance with Arashi was trash.

There's some stuff that's lost in translation - in the abrahamic faiths, the real you is your soul, and the body is basically just a shell. But for buddhist cultures it's different - you need both the soul and body to retain your 'self'. So by removing her soul from the body, Kyubey turned Sayaka into a twisted mockery of a human being.

No. 114020

ok based retard now look at all the toys they make of him and tell me it captures even the slightest bit of what he looks like in that screenshot of yours.

No. 114041

File: 1604461748866.jpg (228.75 KB, 1280x1275, 9fdbcfa0533d6a2a18647c36ab73dc…)

I don't like these four ….

No. 114043

File: 1604461848912.jpg (113.86 KB, 1399x1080, mztj733qvi251.jpg)

…. I literally can't watch a scene with Donna in it anymore. I just mute it and look away during the thousandth melodramatic kissing scene

No. 114049

File: 1604465691817.jpg (16.34 KB, 360x360, faggot.jpg)

This faggot. Inho deserved better.

No. 114051

are we talking The Child or his merch? I thought the comparison was that the character itself has soulless eyes and looks like a funko pop.
And yes, a lot of his merch keeps the colors of his eyes instead of making them a black void. You cannot seriously expect a toy for a couple of dollars to look the same as a CGI/puppet from a high budget tv series. Some liberties have to be taken. Funkos still are the worst. You can get a crazy detailed figure if you are insane enough to shell out a lot. I do not see how all of this is important to the discussion though.
hard agree, they are unbearable
hard disagree especially in Bobby's case. I've always liked him even though I'm usually not a fan of jock characters, but he had a range and the scene where he talks with his father about the future is the sweetest. Have you seen season 3 though? I'm wondering because Bobby is really likable in it and it puts his past in a new light, sort of. It broke my heart and infuriated me to see Shelly go out with some scumbag again, especially in Bobby's presence

No. 114053

I'm still on season 2, so I'm skipping your spoiler thanks. The diner scene with his dad was really sweet, you're right. To me he seems cocky, childish and annoyingly angry. Maybe I'll give him another chance.

No. 114055

Well the character was definitely designed with merch in mind, as Disney is extremely on top of its game in that regard. They don't come up with cute characters without planning the shit they're gonna sell after it airs. I'd say the design is connected to how the merch looks.

No. 114219

File: 1604638601187.jpg (32.96 KB, 500x350, 009ab6c1eb02ea173f917905c63753…)

All of them. Why do I keep watching????

No. 114236

Noooo…I love them but I hate Ted… he is the r/niceguy who hopes for pixie manic girl

No. 114244

File: 1604660309943.jpeg (513.15 KB, 2048x2048, 197A8914-2E24-4895-ACFF-2B944A…)

Hate this bitch so much. She’s useless and her character design us so ugly and uncreative. We live in the 21st century and you seriously put out a character that looks lazy as this? What’s with her weird jacket and those grey hearts in her hair??

No. 114246

lol you beat me to it. I hate this whole show in general and all the characters but especially ted

No. 114264

tbh this could apply to all animu character designs, including the "good" ones

No. 114282

anime is retarded

No. 114286

All human female characters in pokemon look the same to me,also lots of their designs are just plain ugly and slutty

No. 114287

because all animu characters have grey hearts in hair

No. 114295

Holy shit thank you anon. Thought I was going insane bc he’s so popular in the fandom. I don’t like hate ships, so I really get annoyed by him being shipped up the ass with Sugimoto and vasily (and everyone tbh)

No. 114996

File: 1605221477434.jpeg (6.85 KB, 251x201, pobrane (3).jpeg)

I have found out about this parasocial shell of a cunt 5 (five) minutes ago and I already want to bash her face in

No. 114999

I fucking hate how uwu she is, I already hated KDA and their shitty overplayed music video, she is the worst waifubait.

No. 115002

File: 1605223254148.jpeg (47.92 KB, 500x352, 19E70D18-2CAC-4CDC-BB72-22FF69…)

Life imitates art.

No. 115003

>I fucking hate how uwu she is,
same, not to mention the mental health bullshit lmfao

No. 115054

File: 1605274902276.jpeg (123.7 KB, 1280x720, 217F1CF2-BDBC-494F-ABB8-902FE0…)

No. 115101

File: 1605307944633.png (3.24 MB, 1739x2910, Link_Artwork_2_(Twilight_Princ…)

Boring,mute generic pretty boy hero both femboys and trannies idolize,Zelda and Ganondorf are so much better

No. 115116

THE MOST 1D TYPE OF BITCH MAN, he was the talented one yet got no true moments to shine except for cabaret still thought he was cute

No. 115118

File: 1605320645392.png (157.55 KB, 500x374, jhrw4xkoo8hfsds.png)

I'm glad Arthur punched her.

No. 115127

File: 1605333216771.jpg (23.63 KB, 540x576, udy3mPi.jpg)

Decided to watch Shiki and finally cross it off my backlog but dear god is the high school main a fucking prick who deserved to be killed off right away. All he does is bitch in the emo cool anime guy way so everyone likes him. He kills the mystery plot building cause "waah the girl I was an ass too in life wants to bite me" I doubt I can finish since he becomes more and more the main character apparently.

No. 115129

Yes. I watched several episodes of this and it got progressively more awful. It was a few years ago, but the ghoulish human guy with dark hair and tard face sperging out constantly killed it. I just wanted him to die.

No. 115135

I hate her but she made the show so much better

No. 115155

Natsuo for me was the only character besides the Nurse and Tohru that was likable imo. I dunno. I think his reactions were pretty spot on to what was happening around him. I think his father was a much worse character.

No. 115175

That's what pissed me off the most. Tard incel is punished for his childish superiority complex, but fuck boy is rewarded with everyone simping for him. Like even their ace of "But but Megumi was spyyying on himmmmmmm" Was horribly done. When she was alive it was shyly peeking at him thinking he couldn't see her. All they had to do was show him rejecting her outright, but nooo he's too cool for that. He has to reject her letter at her funeral cause "I barely knew her stop assigning a role to me." Like dude just take it and toss it at home.And his constant bitching about his parents naming him something he didn't like/hating living out there. He was just the incel guy with a pretty face so that meant he was justified.

No. 115190

File: 1605381189718.jpg (37.35 KB, 612x611, adf.jpg)

>He was just the incel guy with a pretty face so that meant he was justified.
>tfw you realize this is 90% of emo/brooding/bad boy characters
I wish this archetype would die tbh. Zuko's the only okay one.

No. 115192

Zuko worked because he wasn't 100% brooding and emo. He responded to Iroh's concerns even in the first season. He was a brat sure, but his true character shined enough that those moments were understood from an audience point. That even before we saw how he got his scar we knew he was a wounded kind person with the scar on his face to show. Characters like Sasuke and natsu i don't like my name fuck boy never are given anything to show that being a brat is a result of pain. Its just im a brat and pretty so everyone sucks my dick for it.

No. 115433

Ah yes, the uwu canon tranny

No. 115549

wait that nonsense was canon? I thought he was just girly

No. 115786

File: 1605883227507.jpg (17.17 KB, 340x340, fuckthisbitch.jpg)

Zoomer Asuka.

No. 115787

File: 1605885933630.jpg (76.06 KB, 1280x720, how_to_get_the_biker_boy_troph…)

She better stay dead

No. 115789

Me too, I thought he was just a stereotypical "I'm a real woman" okama and the whole tranny shit came from the kweer fans (especially since the manga was released well before the troon infestation), did the author come forward to say he was a true and honest trans woman?

No. 115790

File: 1605888106579.png (559.05 KB, 381x637, pathetic.png)

He deserves all the hate for being the definition of scrote.

No. 115796

Everyone did, in the French translation of the manga the translator's note after the Jack the Ripper reveal is that he uses female pronouns. In one of the guidebooks Yana Toboso and then Grell himself say that he's an okama but in an exaggerated way. So it's ambiguous, Yana Toboso treats him like he's one of the girls but also not really, depending one the scenes. This shit got conveniently mistranslated by fans because they think Japanese people are so stupid and close-minded that transwomen are the same thing as gay men, even though that's the truth.

Western teenage fujoshi recently sperged about it and wouldn't stop saying it's confirmation he's a tranny but in a good way, like he's positive representation, even though he is a serial killer who killed many prostitutes who got abortions out of jealousy, he sexually harasses some of the male characters just because and since he's a shinigami it's implied the reason why he became one was because he killed himself because he couldn't get pregnant and be a real woman, no idea if it's legit mental illness or just the trauma from being a flaming faggot from Victorian England. No idea how anyone would see him as positive representation.

No. 115797

File: 1605891096400.png (53.7 KB, 178x616, 7mqlbnf6q2g31.png)

nnooooo I love joshu I mean I love him and I hate him and I understand why everyone would hate him but he makes everything just much more interesting. And I can't help but feel bad for him, imagine a stranger appearing one day, blinding you, the girl you like falling in love with him instantly, and the stranger is taken in by your family, takes your place in the family and everyone likes him better than you. I hope and I really think he is going to become best friends with Josuke by the end, I hope he will grow and see he has no reason to act like a jerk, maybe people will like him too if he can act civilized for once. Also he saved best girl Yasuho's life I will forgive his jerk actions for that alone
I hate this uncanny art style she looks like momokun shoops

No. 115801

JoJolion is fucking shit, I don't get how people encourage to skip the early parts and then read this with a straight face. The only saving grace is Yasuho, this manga doesn't deserve her.

Old school fujos still see him as a flamboyant gay man because of muh yaoi, it's the fakeboi fujos who latched onto him as some kind of trans icon, I don't think MtFs care about Kuroshit. The whole including the gay man with the girls thing is very common in anime, as some kind of "haha he's not a real guy" gag. Grell is so obviously an okama, the people who claim he is a trans woman have zero knowledge of japanese culture. I know the okama stereotype has been decried a lot in recent years, so maybe Grell has been retconned into a tranny now.

No. 115807

File: 1605895266464.jpg (155.05 KB, 750x1000, pmlokiujyhtgf.jpg)

That's what I meant by teenage fujoshi, the younger ones are fakebois who see trans shit where it doesn't exist, and the ones who read the manga when it started being published or who watched the first season one the anime when it was airing never tried to argue that he's a ~real woman~. It was funny seeing older Black Butler fans just minding their businesses and calling their gay fanfics and doujins with Grell and other guys "yaoi" and watching the fabois seethe because Grell being MTF means it's not yaoi. The thing is, in the guidebook, Toboso calls him an okama but there's a bit where Grell himself talks about himself and says he's a proper lady and should be treated as such, so he's just being in character in that "scene", not sure if I worded it properly this time. It's this guidebook iirc.

No. 115809

File: 1605895465298.jpg (129.93 KB, 1500x1500, zerosuit_samus.jpg)

Loved by both e-sluts and coomers
The most worthless nintendo character ever.she has no personality,no character development,there's nothing remotely special about her,she's only eye candy.how can anyone like her?

No. 115810

tbf most videogame protagonists have no personality or development. but she was a little cooler in the older games.

No. 115811

Same. I'm all for thirsty female characters who make men uncomfortable, but she was so over the top I couldn't stand her. Also that breastplate looks stupid.

No. 115829

File: 1605902142668.jpg (229.91 KB, 525x331, 6nSIUTC.jpg)

Watching Demon Slayer and this is probably is more of a nitpick so gonna be saged. But these two kids are so fucking stupid. They see a body get thrown from this creepy building but oh no! The box made scratching noises we must go in to be safe!

No. 115846

File: 1605912459959.png (207.17 KB, 284x293, 473027407472423.png)

I think the other anon is right in that she's just a blank slate protagonist like many other early gaming characters, nbd but it was cool to have a nonsexualized woman killing monsters and getting things done for a change. The fact they released this version of her is such a slap in the face, like because she's a woman they have to reassure everyone by saying, "Yeah she's tough but also fuckable, don't worry we prioritize your peen!" No male character has been treated like this, I imagine someone like Master Chief from Halo unmasked and stuck in a sexy catsuit and what a massive fucking joke that would be. Not to mention all the impotent scrote rage it would stir up. They can hardly even bear the fact that pretty boy Final Fantasy heroes exist and now even that has been taken away with the fugly recent trailers.

No. 116064

File: 1606090016768.jpeg (165.76 KB, 1275x1500, 1AEC4013-CD4B-4F96-A97D-7F822A…)

ugly, smug, annoying piece of shit. his stans are the worst too. the story should've ended with him fucking off eternally and bella staying with long-haired jake.

No. 116067

jacob was such a fuck though? the real ship is bella/inpatient admission

No. 116071

Jacob was written into pedodom for some reason so endgame is Bella and Benidorm, like get out there and have a break

No. 116072

you're right anon. long haired jacob was so pretty

No. 116083

Damn I’m that anon I don’t actually know lol I remember watching the main anime as a freshman in high school and didn’t like it and then a few years later everyone was saying on tumblr that he was canon trans not a ott fag and figured the mangaka was pandering

No. 116109

No way she's pandering to them, no character treats him as a woman, him being an obnoxious yandere okama who wants to suck Sebastian's dick is always treated like a joke and he is or was a serial killer who targeted prostitutes because he was jealous of them having female reproductive organs and having abortions instead of having kids with their clients. As I said earlier, it's implied he committed suicide because he couldnt openly have a bf/husband as a turbo twink and carry children, which is why he's a shinigami, and that's considered a punishment for the sin of committing suicide. If he were real he's be talked about in the MTF thread on /snow/. I dont even dislike him but he's like 99% of the characters in Black Butler, canonically a more or less entertaining piece of shit.

No. 116132

>If he were real he's be talked about in the MTF thread on /snow/.
KEK I audibly chuckled at this mental image

No. 116155

File: 1606183145833.jpg (200.58 KB, 1070x1266, IsabellaFull.JPG.jpg)

I've always hated this annoying,bland,pink-wearing mary sue and her constantly simping over dorito head ever since I was little
How does she even have any fans?I hate her stupid catchphrase too
Come to think of it was there any young girl characters on phineas and ferb who wore pants other than Vanessa?

No. 116158

File: 1606188217764.jpg (188.2 KB, 2152x1080, dzzdbt5v21my.jpg)

i hate the asari. all of them. ugly, shitty design, terrible lore clearly written to appeal to straight nerdy permavirgins. hate hate hate

No. 116168

File: 1606204088757.jpg (47.18 KB, 580x334, 6709837095743.jpg)

Yesss, I hate all-female (or the general equivalent of them) species that are solely designed to appeal to scrotes' lesbian fantasies/being the only man in the midst of hot ladiez. The viera from FF are my absolute biggest annoyance, not only are they all supermodel bunny women but they literally just wear lingerie around as everyday apparel. Whatever men designed them didn't even remotely try to disguise the fact that they were creating their ultimate hentai animal girl harem. It's the cringiest shit.

No. 116184

File: 1606235841808.png (30 KB, 216x320, 137CEC2B-2F7E-4D52-BD44-53DDE6…)

a lot of the girls were in their girl scouts thing, so makes sense why they were in skirts. also how could you forget the GOAT?

No. 116189

This is so much.

No. 116191

*omit is

No. 116197

more women need to be in video game writing to purge it of this shit or at least equal it out. give me an all-male race that are totally gay with each other (but willing to make and do mpreg or something but still end up looking like sexy young models after the fact.

No. 116295

Nta but you have no idea how much I need handsome guys or bishonens being super gay and in skimpy clothes or revealing armour. There's so much fanservice for male coomers, I want some fanservice too!!!

No. 116532

That's an insult to Asuka.

No. 119049

File: 1608482386219.png (197.35 KB, 340x665, Yoosung_info.png)

I'm thankful for Cheritz at least making him legal AND not look like a 10 year old, but Yoosung is still the worst husbando. As far as I see, his route consists of you mothering him and reminding him that you are not his dead cousin. IDK how all that emotional labour toward a retarded child that can only play vidya and cry is supposed to be a fun romance experience. I like emotional prettyboys but dating Yoosung is legit like MC having a son figure that she will eventually fuck. JUST NO. I'm tempted to get all his bad ending first, because they seem much more interesting than a happy one with this limp noodle.

No. 119072

I would have liked him if his route wasn't just being cucked. Jumin is alright. I didn't really like any of the boys.

No. 119103

>I didn't really like any of the boys
Not even Seven? He is like the best part of the game for me though the deep lore with Rika's sect and his twin is sort of exhausting if you just want to enjoy a simple romance story
Anyway have you played other Cheritz games? I'm curious how the LI compare to those in MysMes, are they more attractive and interesting?
NGL, Jumin annoys me too but maybe his route will redeem him in my eyes. Oh, fuck Jaehee tho! This bitch is so annoying. The combination of a snarky superior that side-eyes you constantly and an obsessed fangirl is unbearable. I don't give a single fuck about her life problems. Just shut up ughh

No. 119188

File: 1608611545148.png (286.73 KB, 700x393, 0pKnFwq.png)

Fucking hated that season. Hopefully Warren Ellis gets fired after being outed as a creep that he is…

No. 119259

File: 1608677676757.jpg (51.68 KB, 1024x576, 054376fcc9d87a429b25a3a8b3ae44…)

I didn't like him for the same reasons, but I hated his character design as well. I remember when the art book came out and I thought his concept design was cuter, though I guess it was more generic which was why they changed it.

No. 119284

I tried to play this but he was kind of annoying kek. Honestly, I still don't undertand how people get into mystic messenger. I'm literally a NEET but I can't fathom waking up in the middle of the night to read the chat logs, and paying to read missed logs is retarded. Like I'd rather play the game at my own pace

No. 119308

File: 1608720326151.jpg (135.64 KB, 1080x1401, 6bqo9mol2kk31.jpg)

Apparently it's a popular opinion that his original design was much better. Frankly, I think so too. But beyond it being generic, he is also too handsome. He cannot be in the same league as Zen if we are supposed to believe that Zen is this MEGA hot actor.
You can farm tons of hourglasses very easily if you buy the X-mas DLC, you just need to do it at 19:20 or so.

No. 119311

Hmm unless something has changed the game respects your timezone and you shouldnt have anything waking you up at night? I never had to pay for anything but remember frantically scrolling through the chats while at work though which I guess is not that convenient too. I kina like the "realistic" pace, it's good for immersion.

No. 119312

There is a single chat happening everyday around 2:00-3:00 but you can still read it if you wake up at like 7 AM or something

No. 119356

File: 1608767126781.jpg (44.74 KB, 750x920, this asshole.jpg)

Nothing about this guy is likeable, he's a walking bishounen stereotype with cardboard for a personality. I hate that his relationship motivations turned out to be because he was looking for a replacement mommy. The Sohma family in general is extremely unlikeable, but this smug bitch that everyone worshiped is the worst for me. I don't even know how I was able to sit through this series as a kid, considering that I hated or were indifferent towards most of the characters.

No. 119479

File: 1608924994591.png (147.26 KB, 300x300, CatlinA.png)

I didn't like watching 6teen that much but she made the show so unbearable to watch,she is so useless,annoying and immature
I don't know why the others even accepted her in the group it's just mind boggling the show could have been better without her also I didn't like Jude either

No. 119569

File: 1608998057351.gif (3.66 MB, 480x270, 2C69F3B1-CE74-444C-A938-CE7549…)

This motherfucking bitch ass hoe bastard. I fucking hate her, I usually love the love interests more than the bland ass main character of mecha anime, but not only the anime goes to shit, this fucker becomes the most annoying bastard in the whole fucking series and even in the comics and such she’s an asshole because she’s uwu so puur and noice and koind
>but anon! She’s not that bad!
She is that bad, not only she was unable to understand that Slaine loves because even after everything is over, he loves her ass, but she also managed to be so autistic that she didn’t give a fuck about Inahoe nor anyone else.
>just go live in a cottage or something you weirdos, I got shit to pretend I do.
Is what she basically said.
Lemrina was definitely superior and I’m mad she didn’t get more screen time, she deserved being on the spotlight more than asshoe.

No. 119571

Agreed anon

No. 119615

Every mage character in Dragon Age except for Vivienne, Dorian, Morrigan and Wynne on account of all of them being extremely annoying.
"Wehhh I'm oppressed because the templars are mean" bitch you can set a whole village on fire with your magic you're not oppressed for it. If it weren't for templars existing your average villager would be fucked trying to deal with your whiny entitled asses. Screw the whole possession and demon summoning arguments, it's like someone born with a gun on their arm claiming they're being oppressed because people are naturally scared of the guy with a fucking gun in his arm!

No. 120905

File: 1609602591432.jpg (268.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Every single character in this game just because they are a trifecta of things I hate (bishounens, Black Butler and Disney).

No. 120916

I hate it just because now, Toboso is really busy so we have 10 page long chapters a month for Black Butler and I just want it to be over so I can know how it'll end and if Undertaker really is Cedric

No. 120917

That's kinda lame, can't they just leave her to chara design only and hire other artists good enough to replicate her style like every other gacha game, or even people with different styles to bring more variety in the art department? From what I understood she draws literally everything, isn't it overkill?

No. 120928

why do you hate bishonens? It's like saying you hate pretty girls. Do you hate weeb shit or men in general?

No. 120932

File: 1609613862868.jpg (141.47 KB, 1920x1080, Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Palmer Ro…)

I don't know what it is but she just annoys me

No. 120933

Yeah it's pretty unusual, and she's also working on a new original anime right now and since last year iirc, it's about ice skating I think.

No. 120934

Sera wrote this

No. 120936

Nta, no it's not like saying you hate pretty girls. It's like saying you hate moe anime girls, and also I agree with anon.

No. 120940

It's just an archetype I don't like, maybe one of the reasons why I was never drawn to shoujo manga or otome games in the first place. There are other kind of anime men I like though.

No. 120954

I see. I am wondering what makes an anime character a bishounen? Is it effeminate looks or shoujo drawing style? I remember when bishounen used to mean an attractive (though androgyne) male character

No. 121083

File: 1609746321503.jpeg (432.1 KB, 2160x1920, 94807F6D-D57B-40E6-BA0D-65AC0A…)

I wish Kacchon let her ass drown fr

No. 121088

I think they're kinda silly but the designs are nice. Not sure about the actual characters though, I haven't played the game.

So she really just got tired of BB.

I know everyone loves her but she's annoying to me too. I guess coomers really like that type of tough girl. And the fact that her ass and tits are on focus 90% of the time.

No. 121119

File: 1609777883892.jpg (1.68 MB, 1280x824, 1598171235097.jpg)

idk if she was posted here or not

No. 121122

rumiko is from another time
and japan, which is also another time
I fucking hate it

No. 121127

Any character that's iconic among troons and e-girls is an instant dislike for me.

No. 121130

File: 1609786474355.png (96.02 KB, 230x345, E8F86C56-3B27-4E8C-BF1B-6B7C3E…)

I know many love her but I can’t get why. She’s so boring, and characterless. Just another coomer and pick me idol.

No. 121131

I have to agree. While I have nothing against Yoko, I feel like she doesn't do anything to advance the plot other than helping the main characters defeat the beastman/anti spirals and be a love interest to two guys that die after kissing her

No. 121172

I don't hate her (I actually liked her since the first trailers where she appeared and hoped she'd be romanceable with female V), but all the incessant memeing and waifuposting on every Cyberpunk related page makes me feel… a bit tired of seeing her. I have yet to meet her ingame, I hope the writing will make me appreciate her

No. 122136

File: 1610704248901.jpg (79.72 KB, 1280x720, uzFLyET.jpg)

Blatant waifu bait

No. 122139

I hate that she's such a big doormat for Subaru that she proposes him fucking both her and Emilia just so he gives her dick at all

No. 122141

File: 1610705263049.gif (1.54 MB, 500x281, rembeingcool.gif)

she was cooler when she was commiting murder…but then they just kind of forgot that she murdered subaru at least twice…

also i know that show is waifu, self-inserting scrote shit in general but i can't help but feel upset over how they did my girl crusch dirty in s2 with the amnesia plot that made no sense

No. 122421

File: 1610829000965.png (362.41 KB, 640x835, piGXA60.png)

cute artstyle but why is she so ugly?

No. 122425

She’d be cuter without those ugly twin tails

No. 122428

Her clothes are so off to me… it's like they're trying to be detailed yet so simplistic, if that makes sense. Her hair and eyes are also kind of off as well. Maybe the color scheme?

No. 122431

Agreed and I kept hoping he would be killed off in season 2. This character is fucking stupid.

No. 122432

File: 1610832035302.png (1.86 MB, 1351x920, Hinata_Hyuga.png)

No. 122437

File: 1610833350620.jpg (28.12 KB, 500x294, 1593552285968.jpg)

Hinatards seething #SakuraSupremacy

No. 122458

File: 1610851055894.gif (1.42 MB, 540x304, v2BU5rz.gif)

They confirmed it so here he is where he belongs.

No. 122459

I didn’t know I would ever agree with such an opinion. But this pedo groomer bastard deserves to stay in this thread.
he gets extra hate because he used to be my husbando when I was a kid

No. 122463

I put him here because I was the clown believing they were tripping up the pedo shippers for ratings with the mystery bit. Not hiding it because they knew the moment they revealed it it'd cause an uproar. So had to put him where he needed to be. Fully accepting my L.

No. 122670

Next time try to turn off 2x speed when you watch it. Subaru has a bunch of flaws but the stuff you listed are far from them and you sound like someone who's just bitter at a show not pandering to you.

No. 122690

The only thing that keeps me from hating him is that Takahashi isn't involved in the planning, apparently all she did was the character designs, so I can write it of as official(?) fanon.

No. 122705

Unless Rumiko says otherwise, I'm able to separate OG Sesshoumaru from Sunrise's Bad Writing Sesshoumaru. Please don't be terrible Rumiko, please don't make me a liar I'm begging you.

No. 122765

File: 1611046801787.jpg (229.6 KB, 1215x717, Seraphine_0.jpg)

I really do not get why people even play this shit champion. Shes nothing but a ripoff of Sona, just with little tweaks and design changes (see it for yourself). She was only made for marketing purposes so riot could shit her out and make money, they even made a twitter for her which is just fucking weird.

I played this champ just to see whats the hype and, i really fucking cant stand her. Her voice just makes me want to rip my ears off. Also did you know shes a murderer? yeah the little speaker thingies are actually Skarners folk, so she basically killed them so she can perform her music, makes me wanna feel sorry for skarner.

No. 122769

This image should be in the bad art thread, she looks like an elongated twig, why are lol artists not bothered with poor anatomy

No. 122781

I can’t help but feel annoyed at how obvious it was that she was designed to sell skins first, and to actually fit the lore second. She looks so out of place, especially when you look at her in the champions list where her splash art is bright pink

No. 122784

File: 1611053933345.jpeg (63.69 KB, 308x560, 29EDBC15-0C59-4015-A10E-14015A…)

I’m learning to accept that I’m not the target audience when it comes to the way the female champion skins look

No. 122785

This character truly was made for nothing but K-pop hype and skins, they couldnt even come up with abilities before her release, turning her into skillshot Sona. It's just a pure e-thot champion for casuals who play support.

IMO the design is shit in release because of how basic she looks like, when concept arts actually had creativity and charm, yet they still decided to turn it into 'basic bitch anime oc. OH SHES CHINESE BTW! XD'. She is so basic that people think she was based off Belle Delphine and some retard is still trying to sue riot throughout this day that 'they made a character based off MEE!'.

No. 122788

Recent champs have just been weeb bait with poor kits, just created to sell skins and shoehorn into their comics so lorefags can hype them.
Sett is obviously a JJBA rip-off, Samira is DMC inspired and now Seraphine to really drive home the "we don't care about the game anymore, just buy our shit" knowing whales will pay top dollar and people will play the game anyway kek

No. 122795

File: 1611065045139.jpeg (71.46 KB, 765x720, A2E30625-2019-436F-AACF-CA6443…)

FUCK this annoying smug smartass bitch. Glad playing Artemy gives you many chances to tell him to fuck off. To be fair though I think most of my distaste comes from the utter cringe that the fandom sometimes is. If I wasn’t constantly exposed to people boiling his character down to “uwu smol” and “uwu twink”, and if people stopped thirsting over him and flanderizing him, I would actually seethe less.

No. 122797

File: 1611065926166.jpg (33.77 KB, 225x350, 284122.jpg)

Self sacrificial cunt whose only personality is commiting genocide but later got flanderized for Kishi who became autistically obsessed with him till the point that he would rather make him a dead boyfriend with absolutely no plot relevancy whatsoever than develop any other character from the konoha 11. Stanned by an army of incels and fangirls as uwu the hero of the village and best brother uwu despite the genocide and the torture. I swear this mf is Kishi's husbando

No. 122799

WTF. I haven't finished any of the Pathologic games (the first one wore me out, even though it was amazing) so I am shocked to find out that the fandom is crazy. Are there any other common tropes/narratives about Pathologic characters, or ships? I'm not afraid of spoilers btw.

No. 122811

File: 1611074297889.jpeg (71.39 KB, 474x750, B7CC5D43-78F1-4983-9E89-A81CFC…)

Ok anon, I have to admit: I’m really REALLY autistic about this game, so my rage is quite probably blown out of proportion. The fandom has incredibly talented people, don’t get me wrong, the art in particular is beyond stunning. BUT the way Dankovsky is portrayed by fucking everyone - tho I find his actual canon character unbearable too, don’t get me wrong - and the THIRST everyone displays for him makes me wanna kms. Like - this game is so fucking beautiful, but everyone in the whole fandom just gets fixated on his stupid fucking ass because he’s pale, dark haired, pretentious, and sNaRkY. THERE IS A TUMBLR SEXYMEN ENTRY ON HIM, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. It’s 2021, the Onceler treatment should be punished by permanent loss of access to the world wide web. Each time I see a drawing turning him into a skinny twink with tight pants on I lose a year off my lifespan. (I may or may not die very soon.)
Oh yeah and everyone loves their Artemy/Daniil yaois, of course. Plays into the flanderization of Daniil’s character so he fits into the sassy bottom stereotype. Artemy is just turned into a dumb harmless big bear dad who collects children. (I mean, there is an undeniable theme of Artemy confronting Love and becoming his own version of his deceased father - but again, the way it’s flanderized, jfc) The portrayal of changeling - one that is painfully common and grinds my gears to dust - is XD gremlin comic relief:Dddd omg I ship Burakhsky so much they are so gay:33333
There is SO much to this game and it’s incredibly personal to me due to my heritage among the other things - I’m a Russian living abroad and I relate to many themes of the game and I do acknowledge that my oPiNiOnS are just dumb sperging and gatekeeping, in a way, but holy fuck how much does it hurt to see the game reduced to this by most fanbase.
Thanks so much for giving me an excuse to channel my autism. My chest legit feels lighter now.
Pic unfortunately related.

No. 122813

thank you for writing all this stuff! I enjoy fandom drama and meta, ngl. I somehow missed the signs of Bachelor being tumblr sweetheart but that's probably cause even the Polish translation of Pathologic was absolutely butchered (you would think they would do better since our languages have common root)… and he didn't look that hot in that game tbh. Mostly because of poor graphics quality.
How popular is Peter? He was my fave in 1 and I am looking forward to seeing him in 2.
I really feel what you mean about flanderization being unbearable, especially when it comes to USAfags shitting up the few fandoms from your country just look at the Witcher
BTW, where can I find the tumblr sexymen entry? I have only found a link to a tv tropes style wiki in a google doc (??? - here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CIesjzUruMHQaAYeDgIR3XrDRNSYyXiXUDvrD7uNJHI/edit#heading=h.2avb5p8yzfae) but it's missing Dankovsky kek.
BTW I had no idea that this phenomenon was so thorougly described, I kind of love it kek

No. 122815

File: 1611077555527.jpeg (388.19 KB, 1500x1883, D072CF7E-6DF8-4B60-B9F8-9B23D0…)

LMAO thank you from prompting me, actually. I’m glad my REEEs entertained you and even proved educational. You have no idea how comforted it makes me feel that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Never thought Witcher and Pathologic could experience solidarity, yet here we are.
Both Stamatin brothers are popular, and not in the bad way… aside from occasional XD ALCOHOLIC HAVING ADDICTION IS SO FUNNY Peter is usually portrayed very well imo, and that’s saying something, since I’m terribly nitpicky. Peter is based, I love his design and character a lot. You’ve got great taste, anon.
I’m strangely overprotective and even possessive of things (media in particular) that come from my country - if I like said things, that is. I understand it may be unreasonable, but I can’t really do anything about it. Again - it’s comforting to know someone out there gets me, so thanks, anon.
Here’s the link, it’s so fucking cursed. The concept is exquisite however, that I must agree with.

No. 122818

File: 1611078082496.jpg (49.64 KB, 745x500, Z4faJSk.jpg)


I thought Sasuke was Kishi's husbando. The way the Uchihas got hyped up in Naruto makes me seethe. Remember when the Hyugas were on their level? Remember when every clan's kekkei genkai was dangerous? The most annoying group of characters.

The only credit I'll give to Itachi is preventing anymore annoying Uchiha characters popping up in Naruto.

No. 122821

I hate the Uchihas, they are so uninteresting compared to other clans and factions, the way they've overshadowed everything in the story was so obnoxious. The only one I like is Madara but only to ship him with Hashirama.

No. 122823

>Remember when the Hyugas were on their level? Remember when every clan's kekkei genkai was dangerous?
They even specifically stated that Sharingan had descended from Byakugan and Byakugan was the OG glowy eye power in the leaf village. The Hyuga's were made out to be such a huge deal only for the whole 3 of the Uchihas to outshadow literally the entire Hyuga clan (main and branch family). We could have seen more Neji, but no.>>122818

No. 122852

God damn I'd still let every single of one of them breed me

No. 122903

File: 1611118601419.png (766.58 KB, 576x836, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 10.5…)


TBH this is mostly because of Jameela Jamil being the most annoying celebrity dumbass on the planet. Somehow she has managed to be a ridiculous parody of her own character, who was already a shallow narcissistic airhead.

No. 122916

Sakura itt

No. 122989

Tobirama did NOTHING wrong

No. 123144

File: 1611279612619.jpg (274.65 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20210122_023802.jpg)

I'm late af to the show but I fucking loathe this bitch, she deserved all her suffering. I also stan titiba and would 100% love her back but that's for another thread.

No. 123176

My favourite AMV is still up and it’s almost 15 years old nowwwwwww

No. 123197

File: 1611311093114.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x1365, DARK_Still_105_-_Hannah.jpg)

Worst character in the show imo, she was so annoying and only cared about herself. Her storyline is still interesting but I can't stand the character.

No. 123210

This. I also disliked Martha a lot.

No. 123213

Aw Salem, what a blast from the past. Her character was annoying but she was so cute

No. 123480

How date you anon. He was the only character that I could stand besides Tohru. That freak Masao tho. Oh my fucking god I hated that autistic shit, I actually had to skip a couple scenes he was in bc he was so annoying and weird.

No. 124048

File: 1611751252553.png (972.57 KB, 1071x1071, 0e139145c9c5804a717105eb5f16d5…)

he wants what sangwoo has

No. 124050

god i hate this man so fucking much . just the sight of his face pisses me off . in an odd way i kinda prefer sangwoo . at least he was a piece of shit through and through and was funny about it . this man is absolute trash and he doesn’t deserve nakyum

No. 124053

i agree tbh they're both garbage but for some reason sangwoo is better than him. he really finds a way to make sangwoo look somehow better and that's very telling lmao

No. 124067

My god, his espressions look like shit and for some reason everyone sucks his dick, despite the fact that he isn't the only lord. And everyone is scared of him for what reason exactly? Because he makes scary faces and fucks a lot? Sangwoo's character and story made sense at least.
And I hate Nakyum too. Literally the helpless, spineless uke who comes to love his rapist trope combed with the kpop looks. Yoon bum was kinda interesting as opposed to Sangwoo because he wasn't a pretty boy, tried to escape and he was a stalker.

No. 124069

10/10 anon
it's really funny how nakyum is really rocking that kpop idol haircut and face while they're living in a historical era where everyone looks way different and he's the only one who has hair like that too. gotta look like the biggest uwu twink in the whole country who's just TOO irresistible to not rape while also having a complete doormat of a personality. they're both just so awful. seungho really has nothing interesting to offer when you look past his rapist and daddy dom traits

No. 124176

File: 1611787688252.png (143.46 KB, 442x432, 5437894372487320.png)

>everyone is scared of him for what… Because he makes scary faces and fucks a lot?
Kek this is good

No. 124217

even though he has a doormat personality he’s so pretty especially when he cries

No. 124218

I honestly don't know what this character has to with Sangwoo or Killing Stalking in general but can someone tell me why

No. 124221

i think it’s because killing stalking and painter of the night are two popular korean webcomics which both have quite sadistic tops . i know ks isn’t supposed to be a bl but painter of the night is and it contains multiple graphic rape scenes. i think it’s a popular comic because the art and colouring is quite beautiful but the main couple is literally atrocious .

rape is kinda a staple of the genre so these comics aren’t exceptional by any means but i’ve noticed a lot of people comparing the two lately

No. 124222

thank you for telling me anon

No. 124223

also seungho from potn has a tendency to lash out violently to nakyum at the smallest provocation and if i remember correctly he straight up murdered a man at the beginning of the comic because he thought that man gave him incorrect information about the identity of an erotic artist he wanted to hire . because it’s a historical bl i think people brush off murder but techicallly he’s just as much of a murderer as sangwoo lol

No. 124251

I don’t think there has been a more hateable bitch then this woman since Walter White’s wife from breaking bad.
Also this was such an amazing show so I’m glad to see it referenced here.

Also Martha sucked too she was boring

No. 124274

Sangwoo is a sexy king compared to this pig

No. 124278

hard agree , there’s just something about his black eye bags

No. 124280

I will never get the Skylar hate

No. 124300

But anon, she didn't completely support her husband in his life of crime that put her entire family in danger! What's not to hate about an evil bitch like that?

Hating Skylar is a massive red flag in men. They resent her for getting in the way of Walt's ambitions and therefore their power fantasies.

No. 124327


She was an insanely well written BPD princess and you have terrible taste


Skylar was based as all hell. Everyone remembers "I am the one who knocks" but forgets that Skylar saw his hubris for what it was and kept his bullshit in check as long as she could. She had a much more strategic mind than Walt and he (and the scrote audience) resented her for it.

No. 124418

I am doing a research on BPD women and I also check fictional portrayals. Do you think it's worth watching the tv series for that sole reason?

No. 124479

>BPD Princess

Is she really though?
I can’t really see it. BPD isn’t an umbrella term for any shitty female trait, it’s a specific set of traits.

No. 124493

Lmao no anon, she doesn't actually act BPD. She just responds how an average woman would respond to finding out her husband is a high-level drug kingpin, first she gets angry and tells him to stop, threatens divorce, and when she realizes she can't exit and can't get through her husband's thick ego she (begrudgingly) does what she can to keep the family safe.

No. 124504

she was unbearable, they did nothing to try to make the audience like her too. Terrible mother, terrible friend, terrible adult, terrible person.

No. 124505

anon was referring to Hannah from Dark with the BPD comments, not Skylar

No. 124540

Yes! I know nothing about Dark so I haven't even noticed the other anon described Skylar. Lol
So what about Hannah, is she BPD for real or not?

No. 124617

Sangwoo when he got his haircut was super hot, but then near the end he got a ‘JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP’ cut.

No. 124921

File: 1612088370524.jpeg (211.99 KB, 1280x957, 1_eSQ_wIkilgTbDzf9-hMFIA.jpeg)

Any time I see a scrote write a FFVII retrospective/essay/whateverthefuck and immediately talk about Tifa while ignoring Aerith aka one of the three most important characters in the game (along with Cloud and Sephiroth), I know that he is a coomer fapping to submissive asian waifu hentai.
I didn't mind Tifa in the remake, I think they amped her personality in a really lovely way and her friendship with Aerith was adorable. Finally Tifa was fun, flirty and able to stand her ground and I liked her so much! In the original FFVII though she was a desperate doormat for Cloud and I couldn't help but hate her for that. It was uncomfortable as fuck how she kept making passes at a man that clearly didn't give a fuck and that she rejected in the past in the first place I was shocked to see how much nicer Cloud was to her in the remake, but I enjoyed it since it made their relationship much healthier and less cringe. No wonder they had to remove a lot of scenes in the original story, like pic related.
It would be one thing if Tifa had any other side to her personality, but the whole game she was a depressed/jealous pick me. Embarassing and unsufferable. Funny how many people confuse her being a martial artist for being a stron woman when she spends the whole game crying and begging Cloud to fuck her.

No. 124959

File: 1612108399691.jpeg (9.79 KB, 340x326, asshole.jpeg)

fucking hate this asshole and how he treated kotoko throughout the entire anime. Always mocking her and treating like shit to the point she almost left him but didn't because muh love. He only realized that he was an asshole 10 years later at the end of the show when she gave birth. I also hate how the girl kept excusing his shit behavior by being like "oh i guess i am stupid hahaha" its so annoying and sad and i hate how this anime portrays such a relationship in a light manner even though any woman with an ounce of respect would've already suffocated this guy with a pillow.
Fuck i wish she married the nurse guy instead

No. 124973

File: 1612118930025.jpeg (122.67 KB, 780x1103, JQoxP.jpeg)

I hate his storyline and how he's an all around dick to everyone cept Citra because he wanna fuck her. Vaas even states that he's just a white boy with jungle fever. But the plot plays it up like this silver spoon fuck just falls into playing mercenary, but killed off his military trained brother in the first 15 minutes. He even beats the shit out of his brother to stay undercover when he's suppose to be saving him and they attempt him 'waking' up from the bloodlust. Like no you still beat the shit out of your younger brother with little to no consequence. Doesn't help the entire metaphor of him turning into what Vaas was is lost entirely on the fujoshis who run rampant in the fandom. I can't discuss anything without at least a dozen claiming he and Vaas are just two bottoms battling it out.

No. 124974

pretty much all far cry protagonists are lame and forgettable tbh. even ubisoft knows this so they always put the villains on the cover

No. 124977

File: 1612119665336.jpg (264.6 KB, 2382x1341, a3f.jpg)

Fucking thank you. I'll hold the og FFVII forever in my heart and I can't make myself hate any of the characters, but… I strongly dislike Tifa exactly for all the reasons you mentioned. Couldn't even warm up to her in the remake.

No. 125072

I used to a fujo in the fandom but after playing Far Cry 5 I now ship myself with Joseph Creed

No. 125089

File: 1612152638932.png (374.79 KB, 469x513, Profile_-_Gosalyn_Mallard.png)

She was so mean to Drake and for what? He was so sweet and caring, i wish I had a dad like that. Ungrateful brat.

No. 125092

File: 1612153123831.png (717.75 KB, 688x1613, ea9a9e39aa504e1392ebd1dbd4df0a…)

His voice and attitude are absolutely insufferable. Also his design is an eyesore.

No. 125095

File: 1612155196474.jpg (26.46 KB, 540x405, 635899377487267342-MBY-TRL-886…)

Words can describe how much of a trashbag he is, i hate him so much. He's not even an asshole because his disability stresses him he was a cunt even before that so nope, he's so pretentious and genuinely mean. I felt really bad for the protagonist, specially knowing what happened to her, he was preying on a mentally stunted girl, gross. He totally deserved what happened to him, son of a bitch.

No. 125096

Samefag but i couldn't really understand how the protagonist maintained her happy actitud even when he was always mocking her and ruining her every reason to smile. This movie was so manipulative and tried it hardest to make you feel bad over that asshole, ironic because the only thing that actually made me cry was how badly she was treated. I really fear encountering someone like him irl.

No. 125097

File: 1612155814140.jpg (29.8 KB, 600x600, depositphotos_195433356-stock-…)

Boo! Get off the stage!

No. 125106

wait wasn't he like literally paralyzed though, like I'm sure no deserves that

No. 125108

This movie tried to be handmaiden propaganda but is actually hoe pill kek
>I totally love your …personality and how ~cultured~ u r babe
>doesn't even have to fuck him
She got her bag so get rekt.
Manipulative and abusive scrotes deserve that. At least now he can't rape you or beat you.

No. 125110

Thank you for your incoherent ramblings, anon. You're braver than the troops, honestly.

No. 125112

I mean If I was paralyzed I'd be an asshole to, or just try to find someway kill myself from that point on

No. 125123

File: 1612181343830.jpeg (136.08 KB, 600x776, 07D6188C-7BA4-43D9-A03C-F9FC9A…)

I don’t hate any Hannibal character, but the fandom has really killed it for me. The amount of smooth brain shit just kills my experience. At this point the fandom shit should just be considered oc.

No. 125128

i despise you for making me look at this

No. 125141

May i remember you guys that he's a character not a real person and is obvious he was written as a disabled person so his behavior wouldn't be called out and y'all falling for it, he's literally the stereotypical romcom shitty guy but disabled. Y'all purposely avoiding the fact that he was a pseudo-psychopathic business man with no regard to anyone but himself (and that did even change that much afterwards). It's sad because lots of disabled people including my dad hated this character to guts exactly because he's a fucking prick and bad rep, being disabled doesn't excuse you from being a cunt.

No. 125144

Nah. I just went back to some old tweets I made while watching it and I made sure to gush about how cute I thought the story was in between sobbing. Call it letting them pull the wool over my eyes, but I'm standing firm that it was a cute movie. I've heard people say before it was poor representation for those with physical disabilities, which I can respect, but I still enjoyed Sam Claflin's character. Sorry, anon.

No. 125145

>Cute movie
Well that's on you anon, at least someone enjoyed…whatever that movie was.

Oh God I just remembered he also mocked epilepsies goddamn i got such a second-hand embarrassment from that wtf i was watching that shit with my family and everyone just went quite, oof.

No. 125149

File: 1612202707768.jpg (127.26 KB, 1080x1350, C5AG6V2NWJFJJM4B6WJTLILS5A.jpg)

I was actually interested in this project but something about her and the way she's marketed seems so…wrong, it's not even the fact she's somewhat in the uncanny valley but the way she "mimicks" and tries so hard to relate to teens nowadays, it's just strange.

No. 125161

OP here, but now that I think about it…He was obviously mentally unstable, toxic and was just in a very bad mental state, nobody is criticizing his suffering but the fact he projected it onto someone who's innocent, if he was a responsible person he should have at least tried to not to engage if he knew he was prone to this behavior…that wasn't fair at all, she didn't deserve it. He needed a fucking psychiatrist not a girlfriend, the movie tried to act like it's the same thing but it was obvious she couldn't help him.

No. 125183

Who's that?

No. 125211

File: 1612230245048.jpg (20.47 KB, 236x712, c8802c5cafb94193b840a822b2fd63…)

I'm rewatching Code Lyoko after 10+ years. I hate this dude so much. I didn't remember him being this annoying. His crush on Aelita feels gross, he's so possessive and smug. On top of that he's a complete douche to other Lyoko kids sometimes and I can't believe he even considered not bringing Yumi back over Aelita and got mad at Ulrich for helping Yumi so she wouldn't have to move on the other side of the globe.
On top of that his english voice is so dumb. It's like his voice actress tried to badly imitate Goofy.

And it's annoying I can't even say this in some places because people think I ship Odd and Aelita and that I'm just butthurt for my ship. I don't ship those two, I just think he's an annoying douchebag.
Even Sissi is more tolerable.

No. 125212

I think he's called William Traynor?? It's hard to remember some details since I tried to suppress his existence from my mind.

No. 125225

I hated this faggot too, you're totally right.

No. 125299

Aren’t the nerdy guys supposed to be sweet and sympathetic? I last watched this show in 7th grade, which has been a long time ago now, so I really don’t remember much about him. He was really forgettable to me as a kid, I guess.

No. 125304

>Aren’t the nerdy guys supposed to be sweet and sympathetic
That's how they want to be seen/how authors see them, but not how they actually are, both in fiction and irl.

No. 125387

Based Oddita shipper, me too bitch.

No. 125477

literally looks and acts like half of /pol/ posters irl

No. 125489

File: 1612338891131.png (816.29 KB, 1514x971, fuck this.png)

She said that Yashahime is canon tho. So yeah.

fuck, he was my 2d husbando as a kid and still is, I'm just going to act like this shit has never happened.

I don't know WHO had the idea of making "adult and just gave birth" Rin look EXACTLY like she did when she was little. WHY.Funny how they are making Sesshomaru look "younger" so it won't look as bad.

pic related, sorry for the quality but that's all I could find on google and I don't feel like going into IG to see this shit again

No. 125691

File: 1612379778510.jpg (61.96 KB, 1280x720, hpcringe.jpg)

Yikes, didn't realise reapersun started drawing this kind of shit. Disappointing as hell.

For me, I despise Ginny Weasley. Mary Sue character who wasn't relevant since the 2nd book, and then suddenly became so talented at magic and incredibly pretty to the point where Slytherins fancied her. Her being paired with Harry feels so contrived, and the "monster in Harry's chest" bullshit made me cringe when I read HBP for the first time.

The depiction of her and Harry's relationship in the films doesn't help either. The shoelace scene is probably the worst offender.

No. 125699

File: 1612382440732.jpg (98 KB, 864x576, sky castle.jpg)

Manchild of a father who refuses to take responsibility for anything and runs to his mother (or has his wife do it) whenever he slips up because he can't contain himself. Not done with the series yet, but I hope he offs himself the same way Youngjae-mom and Hyena did. I also can't believe how people started to say "It's tearing at my heart how he cares for Hyena and the fact that he, as a 50 year old doctor, is just as lost as teens are because of his mothers expectations of him 🥺🥺🥺".
First of all, motherfucker only started to care about Hyena when he found out that she's his daughter, before that he didn't even bother showing up at her funeral. This just goes to show that he isn't mourning her, he's mourning his last reminder of her mother, his first (only?) love. Then there's the muh expectationss :(( part. Sure, it's shitty he felt like he had to become a doctor to appease his mother and still only does so at almost 50, but he recognizes this is bad, no? At some point you have to take responsibility for yourself, you can't expect people to coddle you all your life. You've been an adult longer than you've been a child, you're a father, you're a doctor, goddamn, learn to look out for yourself. And then he has the audacity to bitch at Seojin because she didn't tell him Hyena was his daughter. Brother, you impregnated Hyena-mom, you left her alone, you didn't bother to confirm anything. You don't bother raising your own children either, but still live vicariously through them when your stupid dick-measurement contest with Wuju-dad shows you your weiner is the smaller one and throw a temper tantrum at your wife whenever something doesn't go your way even though everyone already is high up your ass, kys.

Winter Sonata Kang Junsang >>>>>>>>>>>>> Sky Castle Kang Junsang

No. 125720

Thank you! I was so confused trying to read that passage thinking he was being possessed only to have him go over and make out with the girl we've barely heard about for 4 books.

No. 125742

Yeah, he was actually the worst and most annoying piece of shit in the entire show. I didn't buy his "character development" for a second.

No. 125753

File: 1612396372814.jpeg (107.83 KB, 1200x711, 189BE9B5-D55D-43EB-BD59-27B037…)

I hated this show and everyone in it, but it really does take some talent to write a protagonist completely devoid of likable traits and endearing attributes, who comes off as less sympathetic than literally everyone else in the entire show. It’s like the narrative had to work overtime to convince you he was supposed to be important and loved, the ultimate tell, not show. No wonder people cared so much more about the (frankly overrated) cops and the pedophilish older brother character.

Honestly, I’d have rather watched the inane adventures of Sara and Keppi over this flaming douche canoe and the drama surrounding him. Sarazanmai was the biggest disappointment ikuhara ever made.

No. 125758

File: 1612397100426.jpeg (130.75 KB, 718x710, 565E644A-1B97-41E2-8ECA-AFE9E9…)

I don’t know why (maybe because I found her whiny or just boring) but I couldn’t stand Alanna and I hate Bryan Fuller even more for killing off my girl Beverly

Katz x Graham superiority.

No. 125822

You’re absolutely right, it’s sad how the music and the visuals were so nice and pretty just to get wasted on those shitty characters, I wish the series could have been about the gay cops and Sara, it would’ve been 10 times better.

No. 125899

When it "purred" at the thought of Harry kissing Ginny, I put the book down for a couple minutes. No idea what JK was smoking when she wrote that shit, haha.

No. 126000

Did you need to "stretch your legs" after that?

No. 126185

Jesus Christ, the shoelace scene. I never cringed so hard in my life

No. 126462

Lol, I was literally just watching this last night thinking "who the fuck just bends down and ties someone else's shoelace?" and wondering if that was really something that people have ever done, and in a romantic way
Harry Potter and Ginny are a shitty pairing but Hermione and Ron are even worse, and it makes it doubly worse that Hermione was the unrequited pursuer. Didn't JK even say that she kind of regretted pairing them?

No. 126488

She did it was in an interview years later. She said some shit that she wanted to keep the friends together. I believe she also said the reason she paired Ginny and Harry was so Ron and Harry could be 'brothers' because you know fuck bonds built over time gotta have that shit in writing. Fuck even Draco/Hermione would of been more sense than Ron and her. Ron spent like 5 books disbelieving she was a fucking girl half the time. When I was a kid I was head over heels for the idea of Harry and Luna since they were both outsiders and he was the first to treat her as something other than Loony Luna.

No. 126498

Even Harry x Cho Chang made more sense than Harry x Ginny.

No. 126501

File: 1612688956193.jpg (453.49 KB, 975x1552, IMG_20210207_100833.jpg)

>Lol, I was literally just watching this last night thinking "who the fuck just bends down and ties someone else's shoelace?" and wondering if that was really something that people have ever done, and in a romantic way
literally gimpgirl, it's peak romance according to her. I'm legit dead.
Whoever came up with that scene must have read the same mommy dom book as gimp girl lmfao

No. 126730

File: 1612810976097.jpg (318.2 KB, 1079x879, Screenshot_20210208-193432_Duc…)

I never hated a character more than this child. In all my years alive of consuming media noone came even close to the burning hatred I feel for Chris.

This mary sue character even pissed me off as a child myself and it was a pain with him to watch through the series. He contributed nothing and was whiny as hell.

I was looking forward to Sonic X and this kid ruined it for me.

No. 126794

God I agree, and it hurts because there were so many other options for a love interest for Harry that would have been better in every conceivable way than this bland, cardboard character.

No. 126800

I feel like one of the few people who are okay with her (though harry x Luna would have been so much better)

If they had kept her in focus and developed her character (and the budding romance?), it would have been interesting to see how she went from a shy and awkward girl to a confident and popular one. It just came out of nowhere

Don’t know why Rowling shit on Cho either toward the end, she was a sweet and reasonable character, dealing with some clearly unaddressed trauma. Annoying but no worse than other characters.

Hated Draco and hated the nonsense wish fulfillment fandom version of him too. He was a cowardly bullying little asshole from the beginning to the end.

No. 126806

File: 1612833453964.jpg (332.76 KB, 746x475, e68b758a8b3a6a4beae0e6597b6198…)

Literally all of them

No. 126810

File: 1612837830399.png (852.86 KB, 667x432, shitty bald retard.PNG)

No. 126813

File: 1612838761335.png (2.36 MB, 2400x1600, D7A0855E-1B5F-4EDF-AF1A-290F91…)

The OG fucking ugly baby.

Also pic related

No. 126841

I think he’s cute in itself but this motherfucker is the new Minions

No. 126843

File: 1612844855835.jpg (65.55 KB, 600x858, 1932f6143ddd0103b46e0747445b79…)

Yess this so much
I can't compare Grogu with that dinosaur baby either cause Grogu doesn't speak and it's not annoying in general, the problem is the crazy "baby yoda moms" that it has spawned
I feel kinda bad for these women but it's kinda grating

No. 126850

File: 1612853802439.jpg (1002.1 KB, 2198x3277, tiafga.jpg)

I don't even dislike tsunderes that much I just hated how this bitch would do whatever she wanted and all the bad things she did were just written off as "kawaii

No. 126860

>shitty bald retard
don't talk shit about my stepson bitch I will fucking kill you

No. 126904

File: 1612903479483.jpg (31.11 KB, 536x467, kirino.jpg)

>do whatever she wanted and all the bad things she did were just written off as "kawaii"
That's like 90% of tsunderes tbh

No. 128062

File: 1613420560601.png (232.69 KB, 502x237, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.47…)

Let me tell you about the horrid bitch that is Isabella Thorpe. The queen of the gold digging pick mes. She's your friend, to your face. Says men are nothing to her but constantly talks about what they want and like. Are tou into something? Oh, she's been into it for ages, how cute you're just now being clued into such things.

No. 129218

File: 1614090706590.png (91.42 KB, 498x819, shit.png)

Cringy and annoying waifubait

No. 129219

File: 1614091153094.jpg (155.52 KB, 876x1000, 5e98c00bcd61e8ffac3844ff5cd3ad…)

I don't necessarily dislike Stephanie as a character– she's a generic Sassy Girl but I don't mind her. My issue is that I fucking hate her current superhero identity. "Spoiler" is a retarded name for a superhero and her costume makes her look like a character from a cheap Mortal Kombat ripoff. Just have her be Batgirl, ffs.

She's also one of those character everyone else pressures you into liking. They assume if you dislike her you must be a misogynistic fujoshi.

No. 129220

nlogs always dress like that

No. 129222

File: 1614091414732.png (306.06 KB, 500x1109, aa3daf199fdb85b4ff3fee863d8865…)

No. 129513

File: 1614274233753.jpeg (Spoiler Image,651.59 KB, 1094x1023, 1DB74F42-FACB-4713-B24C-4EF67F…)

I hate gross “just like me except a cute underage anime girl and not a sweaty otaku / shut in loser” characters. Gross. Die.

No. 129515

I can sometimes enjoy them but on the other hand I agree with you cause I hate the pandering to gross males

No. 129518

File: 1614275960409.jpg (31.84 KB, 500x494, umaru.jpg)

No. 129520

File: 1614276259154.jpeg (43.24 KB, 704x396, 29EDE352-C0DD-4645-B031-6DA07C…)

I hate her mom’s design.
>uwu j-just short mom

No. 129524

File: 1614277661946.png (206.62 KB, 740x426, Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 19.25…)

apparently the father is literally a pedophile. Seen the anime years ago so I forgot about that

No. 129526

bruh disgusting lmfao

ban males 2021

No. 129527

Lucky Star was just some “uwu lolicon is kawaii pedophiwia is cute when it comes from anime girls mouth uwuwuwu” shit
Otaku get the guillotine

No. 129534

They’re literally just what every creepy otaku wants to be, a cute anime girl with tons of friends for no reason.

No. 129550

File: 1614288824338.gif (1.35 MB, 400x364, 4cef1e958612854a6f00bae4e97144…)


Middle school me loved Lucky Star because Konata was so relatable, into otaku male-orientated hobbies. But looking back on it…her dad was very cringe and gross. I loved Kagami though and shipped the two together. I think Kyoani in general gets more tolerance from me even though it's moe otakubait trash just because their shows are written by women.

No. 129658

This entire game is edgy cringe

No. 129906

File: 1614482857932.gif (915.23 KB, 500x500, die.gif)

This insufferable, boring, completely useless character. This whole series is full of gross fetish bait but I actually think some of the other girls are really interesting on their own accord like Hanekawa and Senjougahara and it's a shame they are saddled with a perverted loli and incest ridden series and protag. But anyways this character made me want to kms she was just there for fetish fuel exclusively. Like a whiny irritating knockoff Hanekawa. All of the scrotes saying "actually she acted just like a normal young girl in love" drove me extra nuts.

No. 129910

How dare you compare her to Hanekawa… and I completely agree, the pedobait stuff makes me bummed because the series has some good characters.

No. 129915

It pained me to type that out, lol. Hanekawa best girl. I felt like that's what they were going for though. Another girl with unrequited love who appears meek but has "hidden pain and depths" but it utterly failed because she's trash and has no depths lol. When the girls are on their own or interacting with side characters is when I liked the show the best usually. I loved the stuff between Hanekawa and Senjougahara. When she found her in the abandoned cram school and slapped her and cried because she was so worried I was like "oh, why can't they just be lesbians?" The stuff between Senjougahara and Kaiki when they made a secret deal was hilarious.

No. 129932

File: 1614494691839.png (2.09 MB, 920x1418, Kishou_Arima.png)

I hated so many characters in Tokyo Ghoul re: when the author decided to add a trillion characters that nobody gave a damn about. But from the beginning of the manga I especially hated this overpowered psychopath. Not into super flawless and aloof characters in general, they get boring. For some reason everyone had a boner for him- including the martyr protaganist despite being tortured and mindfucked by him for years. I found the final reveal of "he did all the abuse so Kaneki would be strong enough for what would come" really lame and not particularly justified by the plot. And we didn't even get the satisfaction of him getting wrecked. He got to opt out by suicide. I really really hope that glaucoma hurt like hell, bitch.

No. 129937

Say it louder for the ones in the back! Dude i hated tedious self insert mcbadass too. I never said it out loud cause the fujos would skin me alive.

No. 129939

Ugh, thank you! I rolled my eyes into the back of my skull whenever he showed up. I said it whenever I could and I got descended upon by enraged fans lol. Apparently I didn't understand that he was Kaneki's father figure and it was very beautiful (or the fujos who wanted them to fuck like you said lmao). Literally the sickest and most deranged Dad figure ever, no thank you please. I wanted one of the female characters, preferably Hinami, to curb stomp him to death until his shitty eyes popped out. Alas, I never got my wish.

No. 129942

Let's be honest fujos really have worst tastes then het shippers when it comes to shipping and yeah they do get super butthurt about it

No. 129961

File: 1614513343651.png (171.45 KB, 824x674, trueromance.png)

If we aren't talking about hetero scrote shippers, then yes. Not to paint them all with the same brush but it's because the abusive ships are super popular. Like the more abusive the better. They will see a man brutally torture a guy psychologically and physically until he has a complete mental break and loses all of his memories and sense of self and be like "is this true love?" (Damn it really does get me still that Arima got such a cop out ending after all the heinous shit he did. And the author expected us to be okay with it because Kaneki forgave him and loved him uwu.)

No. 129986

I mean het ships that women/girls like arenat worst painfully boring and cliche, with fujos the worst is near scrote-tier and there defense is also scrote-tier

>"Its 2D and fictional, why are you getting so offended"

No. 129989

I mean het ships that women/girls like are at worst painfully boring and cliche, with fujos the worst is near scrote-tier and their defense is also scrote-tier

>"Its 2D and fictional, why are you getting so offended over it"

No. 130011

Fwiw I'm a fujo and I never liked Tokyo Ghoul. Tried to get into it, but I just didn't like any of the characters.

Not a problem exclusive to fujos. There are just a lot of weird straight women who fixate on the idea of rape/stalking/abuse fantasies (hence the popularity of shit like Fifty Shades.)

No. 130014

File: 1614540587906.jpg (205.73 KB, 960x844, true wuv.jpg)

Plenty of het ships have abusive aspects anons.

No. 130016

File: 1614543029993.png (2.18 MB, 1192x1186, shoujo.png)

samefag but I have to add this. Also the entirety of Diabolik Lovers.

No. 130017

As if scrotes would ever know what a normal young girl in love would act like.

Monogatari was too gross and up its own ass for me. Like, do you have to be both pretentious as fuck with all the pedoshit and fanservice? It's just another gary stu haremshit with decent animation that wants to be ~intelligent~ so bad.

No. 130018

>Konata was so relatable
No offense nonny, but the word you're looking for is aspirational. There isn't a person alive who manages to be both a hardcore otaku, beautiful, a good athlete, and popular all in one go. Especially not with an open pedophile for a father. The 'lovable loser' trope isn't reality. It's a product of wishful thinking. People who loved Konata wanted to be like her. They weren't her.

No. 130022

File: 1614548286775.jpg (636.21 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20210228_223453_com…)

Fuck this guy and the entire fucking movie, I am honestly more scared than horror movies usually manage to make me, I hate this hat-wearing fucker!

No. 130024

nta but I honestly didn't even notice she was supposed to be attractive (wasn't that Miyuki?), athletic (she was skinny, I don't remember her being athletic, but you may be right - it wasn't important to me) or popular (was she??? she just had a bunch of friends in high school, not unrealistic). She was a teenage girl into galge and other male audienced weeb shit and that was all I saw. So she was relatable.

No. 130025

File: 1614549763848.jpeg (48.23 KB, 704x396, 00C0091F-A7DF-4A49-AF46-8C8DAC…)

Canonically, Konata is a fast runner and good at volleyball without practicing or exerting much effort.

No. 130029

I see. I don't think that anyone related to her (or saw her as goals) because she was a cool loser. Those unrealistic parts were sort of minor in comparison to the ~representation~ she provided.
At the same time NGL, I don't wanna revisit Lucky Star ever.

No. 130030

Representation of what? Annoying otakus? But she's not fat and stinky.

No. 130032

Nvm, he can be defeated by getting mad and insulting him, I could just call him worhless and he'd go sulk in his basement for weeks as long as I bring him mommy's wormies. Weak ass scrote.

No. 130034

learn to read
>She was a teenage girl into galge and other male audienced weeb shit and that was all I saw. So she was relatable.

No. 130046

Lol, right? Well apparently a normal young girl in love is severely mentally ill and murderous.

Yeah it's a shame because I found the animation quite beautiful, and a lot of the girls likeable. Even some of the guys who weren't the protag. The pedo and incest shit really just kept going too. Farther than I expected, so uncomfortable. If they removed all of that and went the pretentious philosophical route I would have been all for it tbh. But you can't go between that and a shot of an 8 year old slowly removing her leggings and almost revealing her underwear to blindfold an 18 year old guy. Stooop. I hate the "all of these interesting girls like this boring/and or perverted main character for no explicable reason whatsoever trope". Loathe it.

No. 130048

File: 1614556291412.png (304.39 KB, 640x594, toorumutsuki.png)

In regards to Tokyo Ghoul I don't blame you. The anime sucks and whatever good points the manga may have had totally evaporated for me. In my opinion the sequel sucked hard aside from the art. It had loads of completely loathsome characters since we are itt. Hated this tumblr favourite uwu smol bean psycho character and all the trans sperging she introduced.

Don't want to dump on fujos. There are great bl authors. The only thing the bothers me is when some of them straight up try to justify really nasty abuse, especially in the context of the original work, not even a porn doujin or anything.

No. 130063

You really can't ever admit it can you, your argument is always some form of whataboutism or scrote-tier logic

No. 130066

I love Mutsuki as a character but I hate all the genderspecial ~discourse~ that her arc brought. Honestly, what weirded out me the most is that this is not even a case like Arashi, Chihiro or Naoto where I can see why they like them and are fan favorites but at the same time attract all the attention of the woke side of the fandom, because it seems like the "Possibly trans but not really" aspect is the only thing they like about her; aside from they/thems throwing tantrums over calling Mutsuki a girl, she seems a rather hated character among everyone and even then, they mostly re-writte her character as an UwU did nothing wrong bean UwU.

Ngl, for some reason it's kind of creepy how their "UwU twans boi" is a rapist

No. 130067

Pointing out that it happens in het ships too isn't the same as supporting it in gay ships. They're both bad. And what scrote logic is in those posts?

No. 130076

God, I hated the genderspecial discourse. It was so obvious that her issues were related to sexual trauma and abuse. It was so irritating to see all the sperging about how she was a real boy and meltdowns over misgendering. Well, I respect your opinion anon. She's not in my tier of "if you like them we can't be friends", lol. I think the she did nothing wrong stuff soured me on her a lot, because she obviously did. Like that stuff with almost getting Yoriko executed near the end was awful. I was also pretty irritated by the yandere "I love you and hate you Kanekiiii" stuff. Just irked me.

Lol yeah pretty bad choice for uwu sweetie trans rep.

No. 130077

If you disagree with someone's opinions on this site they're obviously a scrote, duh

No. 130088

You said only one group does something, and I pointed out that more than one group does it. That's not whataboutism, it's literally the sensible response to your retarded statement.

People have rape fetishes because they're degenerates who need therapy. Some of them are fujoshis, some are scrotes, and some are just regular old pickmes. I'm not personally accountable for their retardation just because I like pictures of boys kissing.

Are you the hockey autist from the shipping threads?

No. 130091

Are there any characters you hated anon? I'm curious. I feel like this series has a lot, lol. Including potentially the protagonist, as is the case with most seinen and shounen series. I had a lot of problems with re:. One of them being the addition of so many characters that I felt ultimately contributed nothing and were just tedious.

No. 130151

File: 1614598979329.jpg (202.87 KB, 617x975, makima.jpg)

This heinous bitch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she's a bad character. She did her job as an excellent villian. I just hated her guts after it was revealed how immensely cruel she was to characters I was soft for. Setting up Aki (nooo!), and Power, as family for Denji just to yank them away to destroy him mentally was so brutal. Those panels of her laughing her ass off while he sits there in shock still spattered with Power's blood (the day before his birthday no less) were just so cruel. Kind of annoyed Denji still felt love for her despite everything. Even if he forgave her for what she did to him at least feel some rage for your friends, man. At least she got chainsawed and eaten in a multi course meal.

No. 130154

anon don't even tell me. it's like the even author doesn't know where this all is going. maybe i'm just salty, but this is one of the worst mangas i've ever read. i hate mc too.

No. 130159

File: 1614600811504.jpg (12.67 KB, 259x194, Download.jpg)

hate this fag, have always hated him
got worse tho when ppl suddenly expected you to call him a woman

No. 130160

Jesus put some spoilers on at least please, I only read the local releases and don't follow the scans at all.

No. 130162

I'm just really really sad about Aki. That was high grade traumatic and frankly sadistic. Well the author openly stated he was into abusive women as a fetish so.. uh oh. I just don't want a high school arc.

No. 130163

File: 1614601544513.jpg (5.74 KB, 299x168, Download (1).jpg)

heres a deepcut for you guys
amazing that they made him a totally different character in the comics and hes still insufferable like just fuck your dad and get over it jesus

No. 130165

File: 1614602594683.png (24.32 KB, 890x1049, 4071AC33-CE05-4BB5-B01C-51FC32…)

This bitch. She was made to be selfish as fuck and then to get somehow redeemed for some reason without even changing the slightest. I just wanted to know more about the triangle bitch demon, but no! We need some quirks around here! What will Mabel do today in Mabel’s show? They should’ve made the show either focused on Mabel or focused on whatever weird things were happening in gravity falls, they did a bad job mixing both.

No. 130168

File: 1614603298830.png (101.67 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_20210301-175252.png)

Im ashamed to admit that I really used to like him when I was younger, Sebastian X Grell was my first mxm ship and as someone who used to love Grell it hurts much more for me to see woketards try to claim that he's a brave and stunning twanswoman

No. 130174

which manga is this from?

No. 130175

Chainsaw Man. It's getting the anime treatment.

No. 130181

>comfort character
Isn't he literally a cruel serial killer who targeted women because he was jealous of their vagina? They really telling on themselves like that

No. 130182

These arent even MTF troons, these are girls and in some cases adult women
Somehow makes it worse IMO

No. 130187

they just glossed over the big details. they just gush over how sad grell was for being 'trans' and all that. i'm not surprised if some of them don't watch the show or read the manga, and just started 'kinning' (i really hate kinnie or kins, weren't they made of years ago? how did they get revived and worse, used by many) grell after reading a blog post or some shitty article that grell was trans in the first place.

No. 130188

uwu my soft trans daughter buffalo bill

No. 130194

He's literally based on Jack the Ripper.

No. 130215

I think it started cause the author said something about how he had the brain of a woman was which euphemism lost in translation about being an effeminate gay man, either way when I was in the fandom a couple years literally every knew Grell was gay and liked shipping him cause he was the fictional fun type of crazy

No. 130216

More precisely, Madame Red kills her patients who come in for abortions because she lost the ability to get pregnant and her husband died in an accident, and Grell is also jealous that women who get pregnant get abortions because HE can't either since he's a guy. It's said that shinigamis are former humans who get punished for committing suicide so it's 99.999% likely he committed suicide because he couldn't troon out in Victorian England for obvious reasons.

He has all the same dangerous flaws that actual real life troons that these fakebois say are not real, and use these flaws to say he's a tranny. Their lack of self-awareness is amazing, you'd think they'd find a literal gay sexist serial killer would be offensive representation. I don't dislike him at all but I can't stand his more recent fangirls

No. 130218

>It's said that shinigamis are former humans who get punished for committing suicide
That was a retcon added in like 9 Years into the series run

>so it's 99.999% likely he committed suicide because he couldn't troon out in Victorian England for obvious reasons.

This is a woke fan interpretation

Grell was never that deep of a character, he's an edgy gay guy who likes violence and his reasons for helping madame red with her murders was cause he was bored and he liked seeing her killer energy, that's it, the new generation of woketards are ruining him

No. 130226

Nta but we don't know if it's retconned or not unless Tana says it is. The jealousy part of his character was there from the start and the theory anon mentioned is very likely seeing how things are in the manga. Many of the characters in Kuroshitsuji start out as flat clichés and then get deeper as the story progresses or their arc comes up.
Why are you even calling it a woke interpretation when it's nothing of the short and basically canon?

No. 130231

No, it was a misinterpretation of the word 'okama' which has no real 1-to-1 equivalent in English. It's a very loaded word (akin to drag queen, crossdresser, faggot) but most importantly it does not refer to transexuals/transgender people which Japanese has another word/other slang for.

No. 130241

From the latest arc, it's easy to guess the mangaka planned everything well in advance, even if she feels the need to explain one thing with 9820295025 flashbacks. Honestly given the hints about Undertaker I'm guessing it's been a while since she had that backstory for all the shinigami. She planned enough shit that the first season of the anime used her ideas before she could reveal some of the characters' backstories because she told them what she planned.

>Grell was never that deep of a character

Like the vast majority of the cast.

No. 130250

Lucky star in reality

No. 130330

this is probably somewhat realistic, but there do exist people (including teenage girls) that are a 100% well-adjusted normie except they have nerdy hobbies. Because they are very outgoing, have great social skills and know how to connect with others their weird nerd shit is considered endearing or just a fun quirk. This goes double for hot girls, but I had a middle school friend who was an extraverted nerd and loved by everyone despite not looking like a Stacy. And that was like 15 years ago, when liking anime or comic books immediately made you a bullying target.
Of course IDK how it is in Japan (or how it when Lucky Star was being aired), but I don't think it's completely impossible for Konata to have a group of friends despite being a weeb. The fact that she is supposedly athletic… yeah, that's not possible. But I don't think irl she would have to be the bullied outsider… That would be Kuroki Tomoko, who was portrayed brilliantly lmfao.

No. 130333

The mental gymastics in this character's description
>he is not into children, he is into neoteny
>he can be attracted to adult women but also to underage ones but he is totally not a pedophile
>he has lolicon on his pc and stalks schoolgirls totally not a pedophile though

No. 130798

File: 1614908604858.jpeg (87.84 KB, 1280x720, 01655885-5E7C-4935-9C3A-6671EE…)

This bitch. I haven’t seen the show and tbh it’s probably the fact that so many comers cream over her that makes me hate her

Her whole design is just so… ugly. The weird fang tooth thing, the bowl cut and her massive norgs. Alone these things are fine it just looks so weird

No. 130801

File: 1614909506762.gif (154.57 KB, 220x220, buggyeyelookinass.gif)

her eyes are atrocious jfc

No. 130804

File: 1614910760216.jpg (125.81 KB, 1920x1080, frankenbitch.jpg)

Mihito from Jujutsu Kaisen. I never liked the psychopathic man child trope. Or in this case maybe psychopathic child in man's body. Even his teehee cutesy voice gets on my nerves. So many fans find him hot and I just find him aggravating. I also think he has unwarranted plot armour.The series big bad gives him two warnings and says there won't be a second time. On the second time he severely injures him (satisfying) and says he doesn't care who he kills but he inexplicably lives anyways. Annoying. Anyways can't wait until this dickhead finally gets crushed.

No. 130812

Characters that seem to exist solely as coomer/waifu bait raise my hackles and repel me from a show faster than anything. Also she looks like a toddler with giant bolt ons, wtf.

No. 130825

She's literally a manic pixie dream girl who looks like a little boy with massive honkers. She only exists to make the MCs boring life better and more exciting. God I hate coomer waifu series.

No. 130858

File: 1614950728612.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x1200, toddalquist.jpg)

Samefagging but I can think of only one example of this trope that didn't make me want to pull my hair out: Todd Alquist from Breaking Bad. Probably because he didn't have any of the over the top "teehee I'm such a sadist but in a cute way" antics. It felt natural. Like a pleasant child with parts of his soul missing. One of the scariest people in the show. All the BB villains were golden actually, even if they were loathsome.

No. 130878

Look at that face and tell me his annoying ass doesn’t deserve plot armor

No. 130922

I prefer my mass murderers stoic tbh or deranged in a decidedly uncute way. Are you caught up on the manga? Because after what he does all he deserves is being tied up and eaten alive by cursed hamsters. Slowly. 1# on my shit list right now.

No. 130942

Honestly I think the best version of this tope is when the mass murderer/Hitman is just a regular man who happens to just kill people for a living, though I don't think I've seen a female hitman character who falls into this trope sadly

No. 130951

File: 1615001130765.jpg (102.46 KB, 658x350, diefasterandbrutally.jpg)

I find those characters interesting too but they are very different than the psychopathic man child/ psychopathic woman child trope.The trope we are talking about has childish characteristics mixed with their psychopathy and/or sadism. Often they act extremely maliciously in a joyful and cheerful way. Like a child breaking toys but the toys are people. I think Todd Alquist is the exception to me getting annoyed because it's as if he doesn't comprehend what he's doing is wrong, like a small child with underdeveloped morality, and doesn't take any pleasure in it. Yes the women are usually super horny for killing or psychopathic woman children. Maybe you'd like Quanxi from Chainsaw Man. Practical, straight shooter, just seems to be into her job.

No. 130955

>The trope we are talking about has childish characteristics mixed with their psychopathy and/or sadism. Often they act extremely maliciously in a joyful and cheerful way. Like a child breaking toys but the toys are peopl
It seems to be more common of a trope manga/anime then western stuff

No. 130957

File: 1615003713185.gif (1.06 MB, 268x150, villanelle.gif)

It definitely is because generally emotions and personality traits are exaggerated in manga and anime but it exists in western media. Villanelle/Oxana in Killing Eve is basically a female version.

No. 130967

File: 1615010929988.gif (1.13 MB, 500x281, ramsay.gif)

Another western example very suited to this thread. Ramsay Bolton from ASOIAF book series and GOT television series. Absolutely detestable, even worse in the books. Almost never drops the juvenile attitude of playing a fun game when raping women, torturing people, or killing children. The actor really played this up in the show, he rarely drops the grin. I can only hope his death in the books is vicious.

No. 130979

Villanelle is so charming and entertaining, anime characters could never

No. 130981

File: 1615021516418.gif (3.75 MB, 500x269, villanelle.gif)

I get why some people hate her or have a love/hate relationship. But you're right, it's because she has multitudes. When they do this trope in anime the character is stuck in one mode 100% of the time and it gets annoying really fast. But I feel like people forgot that Villanelle is a stone cold bitch who will kill kids without hesitation, lol. She gets woobified. She is the perfect psychopathic woman child.

No. 130983

I really do think that a lesser quality actress might not be able to do villanelle right, so props to Jodie Comer

No. 131157

The only relevant characters from kuroshit that I hate are Grell (overhyped okama joke character by fujos and sjwtards) and Lizzy (spoiled, selfish brat, the only reason why people like her now is because it's been revealed that se can fight lmao that doesn't change the fact that she's self-centred and has never cared for Ciel as a person. BTW no, I don't support SebCiel, fuck off.)

No. 131158

I don't care about some literally who ecelebs, I hate this show for its ugly character designs and what it stands for.

No. 131159

oh shit meant for >>113531

No. 131189

File: 1615171238168.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 959x1662, thatmisogynytho.png)

Speaking of Jujutsu Kaisen again. I can't believe Naoya Zen'in has stans because people think his design is hot. He's only been in like 3 or 4 chapters and everything about him is repulsive and shitty. Probably the worst character introduction ever. Right off of the bat just a gigantic asshole. If you can say anything for the major villains at least they don't seem to hold any special animus for women. Like ancient evil villains are more progressive about women, lmao. Hope he gets beat to death by his sisters. Although there seemed to be some translation choices in the anime that changed statements to imply the main villain is a rapist instead of a brutal murderer(not that that's a kindness or something)

No. 131207

Cousins, sorry. I hope his cousins beat him to death. Maybe shoot him too. His nephew can get some hits in for good measure. Their family tree is so weird.

No. 131213

File: 1615190552609.png (192.79 KB, 494x532, MGSOtaconPP.png)

The hate I harbour for this gary stu motherfucker is beyond words. His whole personality is computers and anime and yet I'm supposed to believe every woman in the franchise wants to fuck him? He's so self absorbed with his 'woe is me, every woman I come into contact with dies' Making everything about himself, in true entitled nerd scrote fashion. Kojima didn't even try to be subtle with this self-insert affront to god of a character. Huey gets a lot of well-deserved hate, but I think Octagon is a way worse offender. Also, no hate for Christopher Randolph, but his voice is so grating too.

Big agree to everything you said. The thing that pisses me off the most about Lizzy is her acting like a ditzy retard just to appeal to Ciel. It's probably not unusual for the time period but her lack of self respect bothers me kek

No. 131217

File: 1615192550628.jpeg (26.56 KB, 502x611, images (1).jpeg)

I know he sucks but I really loved him in MGS4, they made him cute and I loved him and snakes relationship and also loved shipping them

No. 131218

>Gary Stu
He's a big mental fuck up that was statutory raped by his stepmother and fell in stockholm syndrome with Sniper Wolf. I guess there is a self-insert part of him being an self-proclaimed otaku, geek, whatever… but I think it's mostly Kojima poking fun at this type of person (and himself). He starts out pathetic and out of his depth in MGS and gets kinda better, but I still cannot see him as Gary Stu. He is likable (to me, and mostly past MGS) despite his flaws.
If I have anything against him… I wish Kojima didn't reenact Kana Little Sister with him and E.E. But it's mostly on Emma, ngl.
How many women did he fuck, anyway? I think it was only Naomi, and at the time he got handsome and AFAIR she didn't love him or anything (maybe I misremember). Pretty pathetic for a Gary Stu.
TLDR your opinion is valid, here's mine. lol
also this. Wish he didn't fuck Naomi, though then we wouldn't see Snake jealous/pissed at him for that lmfao.

No. 131219

forgot that I guess you can count in his stepmother and Emma (as in "wanted to fuck him", not that she actually did), but both advances were unwanted and fucked up Otacon.
Beyond Naomi, no hot and reasonable woman wanted to fuck him (and she was kinda scheming, so idk).

No. 131221

They literally raised an adopted daughter together and canonically Snake spent the last years of his life with Otacon as his companion

No. 131222

I love the drama of these threads because the salt and rage is usually spot on and therefore delicious but so is the occasional impassioned defense. (Also gay AND European)

No. 131225

The anon wasn't even insulting the ship, she didn't even mention it, she was insulting the character and fujos still got mad, I mean the only reason their defending an otaku weeb is cause they like shipping him with the fictional soldier

No. 131228

Oh, I don't even care about the franchise being discussed because I think Kojima is overrated and has the worst justifications for things when he gets criticism. I just like drama. Watch out for shippers, they will go for the throat. I'm not going to pretend I'm above getting triggered over people trash talking my faves though.

No. 131230

Literally where do you see fujos going mad? Is that lolcow's newest boogeyman after radfems and driverfags?
Neither I was mad when arguing about Otacon not being Gary Stu nor the shipping anon came as such.
I thought it's fine to disagree and discuss even if there is no consensus reached?

No. 131264

>gary sty
Don't you know the rule? If everyone is a mary sue then nobody is.

No. 131266

I hate this gif it reminds me of when I collected a bunch of red leaves in the park and put them in my phone case around my neck and a girl passing by took them out like that and they scattered everywhere

No. 131268

File: 1615215898075.gif (1.39 MB, 480x270, bus.gif)

Aw, I'm sorry anon. Comer is hot as hell and charming and Villanelle is loved by a lot of people but she really is the worst. Just imagine being on the receiving end. No fun. Great character but monstrous.

No. 131275

File: 1615217400312.png (1.26 MB, 764x1200, Mitsuri_colored_body.png)

everything about her, from her annoying personality to her god awful ugly design. everyone else in this series has a great design so what the fuck happened here??

No. 131315

File: 1615244350232.jpg (79.36 KB, 566x671, Profile_-_Aurora.jpg)

Bland and basic and useless
She has fans because she's a blonde and wears pretty dresses,that's literally it.

No. 131317

Pure fanservice, pandering to male fans. Her personality too. No way her boobs aren't popping out during a fight. Does she tape them in?

No. 131322

I never saw Sleeping Beauty but saw the other princesses. My child brain always assumed she was a total cunt b/c of her eyeliner style… wonder what put that idea in my head

No. 131328

but why the hair??? it's so ugly and offensive to my eyes and not at all what I'd consider for a fanservice character. truly awful

No. 131336

File: 1615252857077.jpg (63.71 KB, 600x600, C07285-Sour-Neon-Worms-4.5g.jp…)

Lol idk. The mangaka obviously wanted all of the characters to stand out with their colour combos and/or patterns but hers is a swing and a miss. Reminds me of gummy worms or something. Her ultra cutesy personality and bursting at the seams cleavage are clearly for the worst kind of male fan though. I actually find the main villain's design to be more distracting tbh. I know the Michael Jackson thing became a huge meme but where is the lie?

No. 131364

I like her hair shape most of all, so poofy. She's also not as pale as the other blondes. Idk she cute.

No. 131517

She still sucks though

No. 131518

Watched first episode of this anime. Found her too annoying. Dropped for life. Selfish bitch.

No. 131519

She's not anywhere near beautiful and not portrayed to be so either. I also don't remember her being that popular in the anime.

No. 131548

File: 1615355676915.png (593.65 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n1h6zxUw5C1rp56wyo3_128…)

I thought we were supposed to hate her? She's the epitome of every cute girl whose sole purpose is to attract the main lead, but since she fails she tries to reinvent herself in a very extreme way. It's a meta-critique about cute girls in anime.

I actually like Monogatari (esp. Bakemonogatari and Monogatari: Second Season) but the later seasons are just bad and boring. Bakemonogatari had this awareness about all the dumb shit that happens in anime but added its' quirky spin on those trope. I don't know, I felt that it was one of the few times that I felt like the fan service didn't distract me from the show. Then the director left and was switched with one who does hentai, then that self-awareness was replaced with boring stories, less quality art, and two of the worst characters on this show (picrel).

They're the same as Nadeko but serve zero purpose in the plot except being coomer, sis-con bait.

No. 131552

Perhaps, but that's counting on the audience having a brain. Obviously a lot of the coomer scrote fanbase doesn't because I continually see Nadeko referred to as the best girl. Writhing around and panting in school swimsuits and such for extended sequences was hardly necessary.
Yes, Monogatari falls into the trap of perpetuating the things it claims to be satirizing or critiquing. I enjoy some of the characters and art so it's a shame. The incest, loli (it's okay she's actually a 400 year old vampire or 20 something year old ghost!), and characters like Nadeko are a huge drag.

No. 131562

File: 1615363721660.jpg (30.28 KB, 350x490, yozora-mikazuki-25168.jpg)

Yozora Mikazuki. She is a pathetic, disgusting bully. I literally had to skip a lot of the scenes since she is such a woman hating asshole. A true, abusive pick me for the very boring male protagonist. I dropped the anime since the other characters were all tropes and almost as insufferable and bystanders who encouraged, excused or ignored the bullying. I hate her so much that I laughed out loud when her hair burned off. Serves that bitch right. I'm so glad that she didn't "get picked" by the uwu male protag in the end. I really want to see her suffer the same bullying she did to others since she never faces real lasting consequences for her dumb behaviour.

No. 131656

File: 1615419710772.jpeg (76.61 KB, 315x584, 8~2.jpeg)

I loved Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru but I found Marjorie so grating, granted it's not her fault (does she have autism or something?) but I didn't get what she added to the story, most of her scenes consist of her uwuing over Jeremy, being a load and not much else. Poor Nadia got shafted hard when the narrative focused more on her sister.

No. 131760

>She has fans because she's a blonde and wears pretty dresses,that's literally it.
ngl that was the reason why she was my favorite princess in kindergarten even though I haven't even watched the movie

No. 131795

File: 1615497087925.gif (1.31 MB, 726x448, ADA528CE-C45A-43E4-84B0-261B72…)

Salubra from Hollow Knight because of her voice from the game (which can be found on YT btw) as well as pic related are the reasons why I hate her. It’s also impossible to get her blessing to shut the
fuck up every time you sit on a bench after you obtained it but at least it gives you free soul lol

No. 131851

I genuinely thought it was a troon when I heard its voice lol, it reminded me of the Magypsies from Mother 3 who are okama parodies.

No. 131894

File: 1615585898160.jpg (16.15 KB, 364x396, TakadaKiyomi.jpg)

I hate Kiyomi SO MUCH. At least Misa had the excuse of being stupid, Kiyomi is meant to be intelligent but still acts like a brain dead twat where Light is concerned

No. 131906

What the fuck do you expect from a manga written by a Japanese scrote

No. 131970

Yeah she was a stupid pickme

No. 132027

File: 1615676809929.jpeg (48.39 KB, 640x426, 53A00756-0985-4726-8326-A17A9C…)

This stupid piece of shit is a fucking loser, a stalker and a gaslighter. Nobody gives a shit if your mom emotionally abused you when as a result you become a fucking war criminal. There is no difference between Namaari and real life rich kids who run over a baby while drunk driving and are like “I didn’t mean to!!!” and mommy and daddy fix their problems for them. Someone should have broken her mom’s stone statue so she couldn’t be revived at the end. And Namaari had the gal to tell Raya they were equally responsible for Sisu’s death, when Namaari was the one who pointed the fucking crossbow at their god in the first place. And Disney had the fucking mind to make the overarching story for this character “she just needed somebody to trust and believe in her so she would stop being vile” what the fuck Disney it’s literally her fault the world went to ruin in the whole fucking movie. She had 3 different opportunities for redemption until the final act of the movie. She never apologized for anything, and at the final moment where she “redeems” herself it’s only because all the other characters who rightfully hate her give up and let her have another chance as a LAST FUCKING RESORT. This is so retarded. She’s from a family of war criminals who only wanted to save their own people while basically destroying the entire world, and only at the end do they marginally suffer the result of their actions. But then she fucking kills their god. But she’s the one who needed people to believe in her? With no substantial reparations for those who suffered from any of her actions? Besides her completing the task the other main characters set out to do, despite her attempting to stop them from undoing what she did almost the entire fucking movie. What the fuck. fuck namaari and fuck disney. I hope there is a sequel where this character dies.

No. 132051

She really was the most useless and least memorable character in that show. Less memorable than Mello even. I wanted to like her because Hashtag Girlboss or whatever, but fuck. She was boring and did nothing but blush and teehee over her high school bf.

No. 132057

kek you sound like my bf after watching

No. 132080

Mello was my favorite…

No. 132081

Everyone thought he was hot but he showed up for 10 minutes just to die.

No. 132967

File: 1616267276092.jpeg (28.57 KB, 319x499, C4C48710-F257-41A8-B77B-FBD92E…)

The main character in this short story was an insufferable cunt
>Has smug, negative opinions of anyone that isn’t a black woman
>”Americans are so materialistic! Back in Nigeria, our gifts mean something! she says while ignoring her Nigerian relatives who keep asking her to get the most capitalistic American shit
>Eventually pity fucks some creepy dude.
>Meets creepy dude said parents. She likes them despite them being white. Boyfriend says they’re not actually all that great. She automatically assumes he’s lying because SHE likes them.

I get this story was supposed to be about the isolation some immigrants feel when coming to the U.S, but the message falls flat because the protagonist is such an narcissistic, holier than thou twat.

No. 132996

File: 1616279076723.png (1.88 KB, 253x255, Abigail-Portrait_192px.png)

Manic Pixie Autistic Dream Girl

No. 132998

I don't like any of the characters in that game except Shane but only because he likes chickens. Maybe I didn't play it for long enough but I didn't care about any of them

No. 133014

File: 1616284365978.png (104.95 KB, 255x256, Harvey-Portrait_192px.png)

blocks your path

No. 133224

File: 1616422193356.png (3.02 KB, 256x257, Leah-Portrait_192px.png)

This absolute retard.

No. 133232

Damn, I thought I was crazy. I like the idea of having a partner in a game like that but everyone in Stardew is annoying or bland as hell. I wish there was a way to have a no friendship/no romance route, or at least one that put less emphasis on using 60% of my waking hours, every single day of the year, keeping up relations with some whiny bitch that doesn’t like my beautiful starfruit gift plus the entire rest of the god damn town.

No. 133265

i think the biggest crime is the fact they're all fucking ugly. if they were boring that would be one thing but boring AND ugly? it should be illegal. i feel like it's also trying to copy really hard off the romance options in harvest moon/story of seasons, but they're (for the most part) usually very cute and at least a little more interesting? maybe i'm biased bc witch princess was 8 year old me's bi awakening but i don't think so

No. 133270

I think there’s mods to change the portrait art but the art style of this game is what really stopped me from buying it. Esp in comparison with the cute animu harvest moon characters kek

No. 134086

gonna track down and read this book now cause whatever going on in it got u heated enough to rant about it in a thread of people sperging about anime and vidya

No. 134146

Heh sorry. I’m a English Lit major who had to read it for a class over a year ago. I’ve mostly forgotten about it until a show I watched recently made a reference to it and it it all came back to me. I would’ve posted this in the “Fiction you hate” thread but I was too lazy to necro.

I’ll return to Vidya character sperging soon enough.

No. 134160

File: 1617004720386.jpeg (37.98 KB, 340x394, D8CFB34C-4DBF-4A41-87E9-714C3C…)

I hate Chekov! He’s so dumb and annoying and I hate his ugly hair. Ironically though he’s one of the few things I like about the reboot though. RIP Anton Yelchin

No. 134191

This thread is for ANY character you hate, retard. Weebs learn 2 read

No. 134195

Seriously, it's right in the original post- all hate and saltiness is welcome here.

No. 134262

No I know it can go here no worries anon I just thought it was funny to see

No. 134275

File: 1617067090956.gif (1.23 MB, 600x397, source.gif)

I agree anon. One of the few times I can think of that the reboot version of something was better. Just watched Thoroughbreds again, made me really sad.

No. 134862

File: 1617470575149.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 1433800002_3.jpg)

Angela Baker
Homicidal, psychotic tranny (mtf) who kills teens in often gruesome ways only because they "deserved it" it's infuriating how she gets away with killing them and how no one couldn't stop her,I like the first one but the sequels are god awful they shouldn't have been made unless of course someone would have killed finally Angela but no she gets away with killing more people just because they were doing drugs or being total perverts or doing something they weren't supposed to do.in the second sequel he went to get gender reassignment surgery and took all kinds of medications,and still Angela kills which makes no goddamn sense to me I mean I shouldn't take it seriously but who even likes the sequels or Angela?just watch the first movie instead.

No. 135306

File: 1617680866286.jpg (25.73 KB, 640x480, Roberto_Monster.jpg)

Lol same, so autistic. Plus I wasn't nervous for him encountering Johan like I was with all the other characters. He was great the last few episodes. That gun under the chair move was baller. Now Roberto, I really hated that bitch. It was mentally scarring to find out he used to be the little boy who loved cocoa and wouldn't even kill insects though.

No. 135602

File: 1617799383261.png (479.44 KB, 602x1023, FDE08A5B-C427-4D58-A2FD-360E7D…)

I fucking despise this piece of shit it’s unreal. I’ tried to force myself to like her but I just can’t. I want to see her face smeared across the sidewalk. There is nothing cute about this monster. Every single thing about her is terrible. Her fans are horrible as well. Fuck Isabele

No. 135607

Lol, isn't it just a dog that farms?

No. 135609

What movie is this?

No. 135610

What is your problem with her? Have you played New Leaf or New Horizons only? She's really annoying in the second one, I give you that

No. 135612

Me Before You

No. 135618

I played new leaf only because my friend gave it to me. But every single thing about her bothers me and honestly idk why. Maybe it’s her face, design, I just can’t really say

No. 135827

File: 1617877049556.png (15.47 KB, 93x119, 1909D638-6527-49ED-A818-F9785D…)

I played both and I agree with anon, Isabelle is fucking annoying should be put down.
>Her fans are horrible as well

Seriously their need to gush over and infantilize nintendo dog is insane. She’s not even one of the cuter villagers. I used to internally death note the fuck out of this villager back when New Leaf came out because I couldn’t get him to leave my town for fucking forever and he had the worst personality and style of all my villagers and randomly moved in on top of my pink rose garden! FUCK.

No. 135999

File: 1617918984691.jpeg (93.13 KB, 540x540, 628F4B07-1787-4C1F-99C0-D8309B…)

Fuck this fugly half-baked piece of shit. What a sad excuse for a contender to anyone’s legacy. An absolute joke and could never be a hero, or a protagonist. Subplot deserving fourth tier antagonist at best, he couldn’t have been written any worse. He should have been potato chip’d the very chapter he was introduced. The only “near” that should be acceptable in anyone’s book as far as DN is concerned is near death on arrival.

No. 136017

God, I hated him. Light was a piece of shit but I wanted him to win solely to spite this guy.

No. 136053

File: 1617944009750.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x720, 10c78a3c813223aa0c78747a85940b…)

This bitch. She gives condescending and fake vibes seems like the typa birch that would be gentle to you then absolutely destroy as soon as you turn your back. I sincerely just hoped she would get bonked in the head and obliterated everytime her putrid bug eyed annoying fake face was in the screen

No. 136064

Lol, not saying you shouldn't feel that way but she's deliberately written that way. Are you anime only? The reason she acts like this makes more sense in the manga when you get all of her background. Again, not saying you have to like her. She does have a very off-putting and unsettling way about her.

No. 136081

I get that she is supposed to give those vibes bc of her trauma with her sister but I just really dislike her character. The fakeness just bothers me, any character with a personality like that grates my nerves. I feel sympathy for her but jesus fuck she's annoying

No. 136085

Totally fair. The fact that you actually understand her character is making me laugh at your diss even more now. I can see how the soft voice and smiley thing paired with the "don't worry I'm just going to kill you really quick" could be annoying as hell. Also that "nobody likes you stuff" was rude and uncalled for. I personally get insanely triggered by smug sadistic and unaffected characters. Even worse if they are overpowered. So I think I know what you mean.

No. 136438

File: 1618055427537.gif (1.75 MB, 499x277, mf2.gif)

This scumbag. It actually sucks that he was written as a very nice, wholesome and kind character that added flavour to the sitcom, just for the writers (and actor included) end fucking him up.

Big spoilers for Modern Family if anyone's watching it.
They decided to throw him as Haley's love interest even though he already has (a shitty, but Still) girlfriend, just for him to end up going back and fourth with his feelings, because Haley kept wanting them to be together, so in the end when he willingly proposed to his gf, he ended up cheating on her later and cancelling the wedding. Like, what the fuck is this shit? They wanted him to be Haley's endgame for whatever reason but the actor told that he doesn't want to be in the show for too long. So retarded, they should not have turned him into a cheater and just let him be as a "pure goofball" background character he was before this useless arc.

I do not understand how everyone in community loved him after everything either, even loved him being together with her, when both of them turned out to be horrible cheaters.

No. 136441

File: 1618055941797.png (133.71 KB, 350x350, Sasha_Braus_Anime_-_850.png)

I never liked her just because of the infamous potato scene, I thought it was cringy and obnoxious but for some reason everybody thought it was funny as shit and began worshipping her.

No. 136522

File: 1618097899829.png (128.2 KB, 219x499, Clawdeen_Wolf?.png)

I like strong characters, but she's sometimes too rude and aggressive for no reason, very annoying. Her fans starting shit and calling you "homophobic" for even disliking her isn't helping, blocking clawdeen pfps unironically helped me avoiding some bullets.

I cannot help but associate her with stupid, lgbt related drama and call outs, what a pity.

No. 136523

File: 1618099639101.png (197.96 KB, 360x450, Ghoulia_Yelps.png)

Also her, i know I'm going to get shit for this but she's literally a plot device and is so frustrating, conflicts get automatically resolved just because she happened to be there and it's just so lazy.

No. 136525

Potato meme was done to death. But I thought people liked her because she was the relief in baby's first grimdark anime. She actually develops a bit beyond comic relief clown character but then dies to make way for a super annoying character and an annoying hamfisted forgiveness is always the answer plot

No. 136526

File: 1618100225256.jpg (83.34 KB, 1200x900, ZPQBC3SPMNDL7K3T3CKIMUALBM.jpg)

I don't understand the appeal and never will, he has next to no charisma and is a 6/10 at best, literally just some dude.

No. 136527

File: 1618100611529.jpg (74.25 KB, 441x606, 81fo4YAvZoL._AC_SY606_.jpg)


No. 136532

>Also her, i know I'm going to get shit for this
Brave of you to assume anyone cares about MH characters on lolcow.
Anyway all I know about Ghoulia is that she was literally retarded in the first, horrible wepisodes so sadly cannot judge more

No. 136562

File: 1618116266835.jpeg (254.92 KB, 2560x1438, E980E38A-6ED1-4859-8EC3-C61126…)

This despicable cunt.

No. 136569

She was created by a pedophile pornographer so par for the course.

No. 136826

File: 1618178458977.jpg (720.33 KB, 1920x1080, c7fEoc9Hyp7SDG7PHi4nPY.jpg)

No. 136829

what? i was undesr the impresion it was juts some coomer manga wow

No. 136832

I hate how detailed the skin rendering is, it's a little uncanny

No. 136838

He made straight up degen hentai before going to coomer mainstream stuff.

No. 136843

File: 1618189911261.gif (1.3 MB, 225x350, sNcC4aH.gif)

This dumb screaming in walmart cause parents aren't giving her a toy brat. I am a extremely casual watcher aka only ever catch the dub when working late on the computer because I have basic cable still. I don't have the attachment to Sasha that regular fans do so I'm not bias in that regard. But what bit I caught was brutal, she's screaming in the most irritating voice ever about how they're all devils and Sasha is a she devil and they'll all burn or whatever. While her friend is unconscious and bleeding from the head. and I'm expected to not point out how self absorbed she is? Her friend risked himself to save her and she's STILL screeching like a banshee

TLDR Terribly written character is a complete waste of time and honestly shoulda been killed off rather than given more of a role.

No. 136846

Lmao, yes she's godawful. Everyone justifies her being obnoxious because she's a child soldier but so were most of the main cast? Smirking and bragging about killing someone every chance she gets with no caution whatsoever and then being shocked when some people react badly. And like you said never learning when her more prudent friend always suffers for her bratty actions. Don't read this if you don't want series end spoilers anon but the fact the she gets a super super happy consequence free kumbaya ending enrages me.

No. 136848

Naw I could care less I watched like half the first season then didn't really care and really? That's super lame, I think I know what he was trying to do, represent a redeemable asshole that is a product of the society. However he doesn't have any grasp whatsoever of that needed character arc to bring her there. He's far too focused on "Ooooo so bad but pity her she's a child soldier brainwasheeed." But as a casual fan my introduction to her was her bragging about all she'd done in their first battle. And she's yet from what little interaction I have with the show grown from this. Shit even Joffery was at least entertaining and he was killed off rightfully so because there WAS no redeeming him.

No. 136849

She ends up with her simp friend who takes multiple beatings on her behalf. And hanging around Levi of all people, who seems like he would be the most annoyed by her personality- but then again he is somehow totally okay with Annie murdering his entire squadron with 0 remorse so… I felt it was a waste of Sasha's character to do the ham-fisted forgiveness is always da answer and people can change plotline because honestly she remains obnoxious and doesn't really show sufficient remorse for enacting and embracing psychotic genocidal ideals. Plus she's just goddamn annoying as hell. I was rooting for her to be tossed out the airship. Lol you're right she does kind of have that psycho child tyrant Joffrey vibe going on

No. 136853

Oh for sure Sasha is wasted And was likely killed off as a gotcha to boost interest rather than an actual plot as there's no way after establishing Eren's rage over his mother's killer. Would readers/watchers not expect the same from Sasha's family listening to this screeching psychotic child all but bragging over their daughter's death. But I'm to believe they forgive her? When I a person who has no attachment to the character death wants to drop kick her into a tiger pit?

No. 136873

Yeah I get that we got the contrast with Sasha's boyfriend and little sister wanting to shank her to death, and I was on their team but I felt like it was put on way too thick with her parents. Yes, people forgive murderers of loved ones but they instantly forgave this smirking little gremlin who was gloating over her murder at every opportunity. She becomes a big character and player in the narrative and I felt like the author was really forcing her down our throats. Could never figure out the appeal for Falco, her much more decent friend who kept trying to save her either. Imagine having a crush on that little psycho lol. I was so disappointed she never got eaten.

No. 136921

File: 1618231209521.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.23 KB, 640x637, diegabi.jpg)

Me every single time Gabi was on the page or screen.

No. 136928

Game isn't even out yet and I'm already sick of seeing her everywhere.

No. 137705

File: 1618583449192.jpg (54.61 KB, 570x570, PenelopeFeatherington.jpg)

She's a horrible person and friend. The only reason why people sympathize with her is because she's fat. I hate her so much

No. 137707

I thought she was very human, I don't know if I'd just happily give my blessing to a new friend who gets a love of a boy I was crushing on for years too.

No. 137709

File: 1618586234894.png (292.38 KB, 706x1082, Img_character-0.png)

i ended up reading bnha weeks ago and i really, really hate twice. he's so annoying and his backstory is basically woe is me when it's his fault in the first place. he also acts like deadpool and i hate his fucking friendship with toga who i also find annoying but not as much as i have for him.

it makes me so fucking mad that hawks was hesitant in killing him, saying twice is a good guy and is redeemable or some shet like that. when its stated that he's dangerous if left alive and could duplicate himself and turn into nomus, and while that's a scary threat, his quirk is also meh. if his doubles ends up multiplying, they ended up weaker each time. i guess hori is hesitant in killing toga but the other members of lov weren't memorable, the lizard dude has a useless quirk and barely has any screen time and that magician only gets a panel to show off that he's handsome and ends up getting caught

No. 137713

yeah but thats the thing, she had been crushing on him for years she had all the time in the world to confess to him. If she really liked him that much she should have told him that she loved him, she had no right to be that salty and how was her new friend supposed to know that she was crushing on him? She stepped out of line and this makes her seem like an insecure fat bitch.

No. 137737

File: 1618598629507.jpg (5.8 KB, 139x111, 1616183990578.jpg)

I've been thinking about Au Bonheur des Dames, I had to read this novel for high school and while I liked it a lot overall I sometimes couldn't stand Mouret. He was such a disgusting manwhore. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a shitty shojo manga parody whenever he showed up in front of Denise because she became socking wet as soon as she saw this guy. Meanwhile he was fucking all his employees and acting like a tsundere piece of shit towards her just because. Maybe I should read the prequel to know why exactly since the MC in this one is his late wife.

I couldn't stand anyone in the Wuthering Heights or whatever it's called in English. I also had to read it for high school and it was the biggest waste of my time because we never talked about it in class. Why were Catherine senior and Heathcliff stupid bitches? I hoped near the end of the novel that Catherine junior would murder Heathcliff at some point but of course she didn't. Catherine senior's husband was such a stupid cuck I even forgot his name.

Don't even get me started on Pauline. Fuck this entire novel, everyone was boring as fuck but Pauline herself was a literal cardboard waifu with tuberculosis.

I's been years, I need to try reading again as a hobby.

No. 137742

File: 1618599917096.jpeg (32.27 KB, 554x554, images (57).jpeg)

Piece of shit

No. 137746


No. 137747

I mean yeah she was an insecure bitch. That is part of her character. Your fixation on her weight is telling though.

No. 137936

The reason why i am fixating on her weight is because her character is litteraly the stereotypical insecure fat girl that the audience is supposed to relate to. In my opinion she is a horrible person who enjoys degrading and making fun of other women including the ones she is supposedly friends with and did nothing wrong to her because of her jealousy and insecurity. I think she still is an insecure and horrible person.

No. 138057

File: 1618746526346.png (176.48 KB, 399x600, kei nagai.png)

I hate this kid, "I'm such a 9000 iq badass who has no empathy for others and will do whatever it takes to win. Except I'm not.

No. 138058

Didn't writers change during the process? Hence the weird whiplash of him suddenly being psychopathic.

No. 138066

I didn't know that, but it makes sense how the entire tone changed so quickly after the first few chapters. It reminds me of The Climber manga, it changed from shounen climbing manga to materialized depression after the writer changed. Rip

No. 138067

File: 1618753827830.jpg (649.19 KB, 1142x1511, Sato.jpg)

It bothered me too. Like they started with one character in mind and then switched to another right in the middle, so confusing. The art, visuals, and some concepts were cool but the writing was lacking. Sato was unironically less annoying despite being unabashedly evil because he was so entertaining.

No. 138068

Yeah I love Sato. His backstory was so underwhelming though, I thought it was going to be something really cool… whatever, I'm here for the explosions and shootings anyway

No. 138071

Buildup and letdown. But he brought the chaos and I was just revelling in it. How often do you get a badass grandpa villain in a newsboy cap, armed to the teeth? He was hilarious. Especially when the gov agents were so annoying.

No. 138092

Honestly barely remember him except that he was pedo for Toga, which means I didn't like him

No. 138098

File: 1618777288825.jpg (13.58 KB, 250x250, lady tonarre.jpg)

Hate this bitch. Anyone who's ever seen Ouran High School Host Club will know who she is.

No. 138101

File: 1618778466452.gif (314.25 KB, 220x220, DB72F407-AAC1-4E13-97B6-379D6F…)

Omg anon me too. Thank fuck that stupid himbo Tamaki got a clue before he went back to France with her lmao. Can’t wait to see the reboot

No. 138102

Reboot??? Sauce?? Please don't be joshing me bitch I've been waiting FOURTEEN YEARS.

No. 138103

File: 1618779050055.gif (2.55 MB, 500x370, 40d80c66952bb4f0f766d0c392e823…)

I truly despise this mf. She made me feel depressed while I'm not. Like bitch get grip of your life and stop forcing yourself on tge otger chick.

No. 138105

Exactly, lol gif is what I wanted to do to Eclair. Tamaki can truly be an idiot, throwing away his feelings for Haruhi and his friends before he ever got a chance to confess his love, all because some French thot walked up to him and said "hey, you shouldn't like her, follow me to France."
And also, I'm gonna need the sauce too. If there is a reboot, I can finally sleep peacefully at night.

No. 138117

File: 1618785117950.png (342.41 KB, 784x531, onisama15-01.png)

I hate the bitch in pic related, she was constantly manipulating Rei Asaka so that she could never get over her. Miya wanted to fuck over literally everyone because a boy didn't love her when she was 13. What the fuck

No. 138124

Npw that I think of it anon, I think I hated every character in the anime lol

No. 138126

File: 1618786889488.jpg (18.96 KB, 300x300, Barbara_Holland.jpg)

This do-nothing bitch. The only reason the internet latched onto her is because she's a dumpy loser. She doesn't do anything interesting or say anything funny. She just dies. And the actress is terrible, she was on Riverdale and even those lowered expectations couldn't help her. No one noticed she was a bad actress on Stranger Things because to reiterate, she does nothing.

No. 138127

File: 1618787064226.jpeg (45.86 KB, 225x350, 4214A6E3-860A-4013-95DE-8BC8A1…)

Stop. Fuckin. SCREAMING.

No. 138128

File: 1618787277600.png (704.92 KB, 1255x703, 0_Xz-_cHSO6txphvHt.png)

Ohhhh the hatred I have for this character. Idk why he's portrayed like the smart logical one! He's fucking annoying

No. 138129

It's so funny to me she was literally no one in Stranger things and because of this weird fan love her character got she got a main role in that super shitty netflix movie, Sierra Burges is a Loser, I guess good for her to get paid, but at the same time I feel like she'd be better off if she didn't have this movie in her portfolio, it's so bad.

No. 138154

Almost all Glee characters, why everyone was so fucking mean and unlikeable? I mean I know most of them got issues but that doesn't justify it, they were all so disappointing besides few exceptions, i used to have nightmares about going to that highschool and having to interact with them.

No. 138158

He's just a dumb simp who thinks he's above the shit job he does indeed actually deserve. People only like him because he's in the romance plotline and looks decent.

No. 138169

I don’t understand why so many people like this broad.

No. 138181

BiG mOmMy MiLkERs bIg LaDy PLz cRuSh mE.

Something about the type of people who like that era of clothing in general just bothers me. Not the era itself. The type of people that obsess over it.

No. 138197

File: 1618818220967.jpg (55.17 KB, 500x543, C-NX10PXsAMLUtT.jpg)

The only good character in Glee is pic related. She was mean in an entertaining way and disproportionately hilarious for such an otherwise mediocre series.

No. 138244

True, also her rare nice moments feel the most real and genuine somehow, esp her relationship with her sister and with Becky

No. 138259

Really? Even Kaoru no Kimi? She was pretty based. Tomoko and Nanako also were okay (well, I could see someone being annoyed with how closeted and naive Nanako was).
Personally I loved Mariko for being an entertaining BPD mess

No. 138285

Absolutely true

No. 138365

File: 1618889956741.png (3.21 MB, 1930x1309, fuck this bitch.PNG)


On the subject of Ouran High School Host Club, can I protest my absolute hatred for this character as well?
Being the source of childhood trauma is NOT okay.
This detestable bitch.

No. 138367

File: 1618891682256.png (339.16 KB, 299x441, BTCG-Reincarnated_Griffith-OI.…)

stupid faggot

No. 138368

Everyone who says he did nothing wrong makes my blood boil.

No. 138369

He did nothing wrong. But yeah I wonder if he'll ever have a comeuppance.

No. 138370

They are usually just memeing/trolling, though

No. 138371

griffith has a lot of retarded fangirls who like him solely because ~pretty boi~ and they want to ship him with guts

No. 138372

That's the same energy for how I feel about people who say Dio Brando did nothing wrong.

No. 138373

only managed to read like the first couple chapters of jojo where it was a young dio and joeseph and I hated him. He was such an asshole. I think the overall dick sucking of dio turned me off reading more.

No. 138375

The manga is pretty graphic, but I highly recommend watching the anime.
You see, in order to happily watch/read Jojo, you need to completely deafen your ears to the fanbase. Their autistic screeching and fangirling is sure to put anyone off, but once you completely shut yourself off from the fandom and just watch JoJo for yourself, it's a pretty enjoyable experience.

No. 138379

Yeah but 'Griffith did nothing wrong' is a literal word for word meme that originated on /a/, not his female fans

No. 138384

Yeah but I have seen female fans say the exact same thing. So same end point.

No. 138385

Usually, and they are pretty obvious, but I have come across some serious ones. Lunatics.

No. 138397

I'm going to sound like a boring hipster but the Jojo anime was a fucking mistake, I really miss the days of the fanbase before 2012, when the memes were just shit like Duwang and the old fighting game. Now we just have a bunch of kinnies competing to see who can transition to Narancia the fastest.

No. 138399

I love JJBA, anime is doing amazing work adapting the manga original, popularity of it is well deserved and spawned so many amazing fanarts and memes I honestly can't complain. I have zero interest in hanging out in jojo circles, just going through pinterest tags and r/ShitPostCrusaders/ is enough for fandom interaction and keeps me away from any kinny circles. A+ experience, would recommend.

Also Dio is a huge bitch but damn so you got your first impression right >>138373, but he's hot af in Stardust Crusaders which makes him immensely enjoyable of a character

No. 138402

File: 1618913808033.gif (790.29 KB, 350x210, lisa.gif)

shut up.

No. 138407

File: 1618914986600.jpeg (230.37 KB, 750x901, 5F538F3D-8662-4D68-9FA0-3D11F9…)

No. 138408

Didn’t he rape Casca?

No. 138410

File: 1618915467776.gif (1.24 MB, 500x271, twelve-1.gif)

I find 12 to be more at fault, and therefore more annoying, for dragging her into it.

No. 138411

Yes, but he's widely considered to have a homoerotic fixation on Guts. Idk if that anon meant it in the literal sense or not though.

No. 138544

you can be a faggot without being gay, duh

No. 138560

File: 1618975383264.jpeg (18 KB, 570x402, images (4).jpeg)

I know it's a children's program, I'm the first to know. But damn, this character is the worst of all. She never did anything on the show(yes, I've watched this thing in its entirety and she only did something like twice, and that's a lot.) and she was always fawning over the rest of her partners like an instagram simp. what are you good for!

No. 138568

File: 1618978137450.jpg (28.25 KB, 720x540, Peterpan-disneyscreencaps-2817…)

feels like she exists to groom little girls into being mothers to their male partners

No. 138569

absolutely oh my god

No. 138605

it's so creepy. all the boys get to have fun and be youthful forever while the girl is weirdly happy to care for them and act motherly and then has to grow up eventually and just… euuuuugh

No. 138638

File: 1619023055218.gif (640.55 KB, 500x230, 1gUy.gif)

For some reason, I used to be obsessed with Wendy when I was 3 years old. I quickly grew out of it, though. When I read the book a few years later, I was totally team Tinkerbell. I was so fucking angry for Peter Pan not appreciating her (and yes, I know that she was extremely borderline in her behavior, but I felt for her and found her so much cuter and more interesting than Wendy). I guess there is some message in there: you can be a completely devoted pick me/yandere for your guy, and he may still drop your ass for some boring hoe that came out of nowhere. Anyway Peter was obviously shit as well, so I wish Tink would drop his ass and get some canon fairy boyfriend.

No. 138644

I don’t mind her as a character but her role in the story is super weird now that you mention it.

No. 138647

girl why the fuck are you watching this shit?

No. 138649

Probably with a child she's responsible for

No. 138651

Wasn't that kinda the point? I don't think being team Wendy vs team Tinkerbell make sense, because Peter Pan wasn't looking for a girlfriend, he was looking for a mother.

And she was mature enough to realize that, and at the end of the story she decided to go home, grow up like amy other child and find a partner that is equal to her.

No. 138655

You may be totally right! As a child, I was totally obsessed with the idea of a romantic love so Wendy being Peter's replacement mother and not a love interest thing completely went over my head.

No. 138656

File: 1619032148493.png (162.52 KB, 258x456, Annalise_NH.png)

this racist horse
her catchphrase is nipper

No. 138666

Lol you reminded me of this happening to a villager in a beta release of CF

No. 138674

File: 1619040017927.jpg (324.92 KB, 1440x1080, Peter-pan-disneyscreencaps.com…)

I was obsessed with the mermaids as a kid, even though they were Peter Pan groupies. But I guess literally every female character was one, he's the original self insert for manchildren.

No. 138675

i fucking hate disney's peter pan. absolutely despise it, it's such a mean spirited, misogynist piece of shit movie. all other girls are bunch of bitchy sluts who are trying to steal peter from sweet madonna like wendy, or they're some ugly old hags.

No. 138678

tbf it was made in the 50s

No. 138679

File: 1619043430040.jpg (69.03 KB, 1366x768, freddie.jpg)

i found this dude annoying when i watched skins. cook and jj were more likeable to me at the time although it's been years so who knows who i'd like and dislike now

No. 138686

yeah i don't necessarily hate wendy herself i just hate what she stands for. she could have been a lot more. i know old disney women/girls aren't great representatives of things but still

No. 138690

File: 1619048299921.jpg (27.73 KB, 562x562, original-grid-image-24572-1485…)

At least he's pretty

Posting worst Skins boy who didn't deserve Maxxie

No. 138696

File: 1619049853457.png (465.57 KB, 620x759, E519FAC6-5349-4987-A0A3-D12B19…)

This insecure, selfish, sore-loser, backstabbing freak is worse than the actual main antagonist. Her redemption was lazy and beyond unjustified. Funnily enough, insane children look reasonable when they made online petitions to have her character killed/canceled. The writing is shit and viewers deserve catharsis for having to deal with her. Also when I was searching images of her, there was straight up porn in the first few results. This is a children’s cartoon on disney. What the fuck is wrong with google?

No. 138697

>there was straight up porn in the first few results.

welcome to the internet.

No. 138698

I don't know why this piss poor show even has fans,it doesn't even feel like a Disney show at all.
Also she's really ugly,why is her chin so pointy?I loathe the character designs from the show

No. 138701

He just seems bland at worst. I found cook more annoying tbh.

No. 138706

GOOD GOD ANON SAME,i love the horses in ac,almost all of them but i cannot stand Annalise.Her overall design being very plain and the fact her catchphrase is so close to a literal slur.The kinda fucker who believes the 15/30 meme and calls black people thugs for just existing.She sucks so much cock,racist ass woman,fuck her.

No. 138711

>twitter the person
nigga chill

No. 138712

google tells me this is a middle-aged woman. she looks 16

No. 138713

good, dont complain about the men lusting after of age women finally

No. 138717

I was obviously joshing,nonette.

No. 138725

File: 1619056615472.jpeg (19.7 KB, 625x366, D9BFE718-FB04-494E-AA99-594EFE…)

Little sociopathic shotacon gnat.

No. 138729

is it just me or are all women who love tinkerbell fucking psychopaths? same with tweety lovers

No. 138730

peter isn't a shota. he's a boy who never grew up which implies he had the opportunity to grow up but chose not to because being a kid is fun. he is adult coded.

No. 138755

I’m sure you’d be bitchy too if you where 3 inches tall and couldn’t speak!

No. 138758

File: 1619074258992.jpeg (43.79 KB, 490x493, 673EBBC9-DA99-42AA-B3CF-C1C12D…)

>but officer, he’s really 300 years old

No. 138759

They are the same women who became Harley Quinn stans at 14.

No. 138767

nta I never found him adult-coded. He didn't grow up, and he never matured enough to act like an adult. Sure, sometimes he's like a father figure to the Lost Boys, and there's also the fact that he's very manipulative, but that's can adult's and kid's characteristics.
He's gets easily annoyed, he's full of himself and is literally a little prick and any girl should never be stuck with him.

Tinkerbell have weird fixation on him which is the strangest thing in whole book for me (also, she attempted 2 murders for that reason so go figure).

If we want to act like Peter Pan is more adult than a shota, then we should be more concerned about the fact that he keeps coming back to Wendy to steal her famale descendants.

No. 138769

File: 1619084009404.png (7.76 KB, 606x105, shota.PNG)

He's coded like a boy because it's a story for children, but he's not a shota, stop being a fucking weeb and using terminology that just doesn't apply

No. 138775

Still a kid

No. 138791

he didn't grow up cause he can't barrie based him off kids he knew and wrote that the mechanism that makes him stay forever a boy is forgetting things as soon as they're over with just like ya know, young kids do. I wouldn't say any of that is adult coded

he just wants a mommy anon

No. 138800

kid =/= shota and you know it

No. 138801

File: 1619096346958.png (2.18 MB, 800x1148, qa04anvjw8751.png)

I don't 'hate' them, but I really did not enjoy those kids. Yesterday I have managed to finally get through Cardcaptor Sakura manga for the first time (it was one of the classic Clamp titles that I failed to read). It was fucking boring due to the monster of the week format and Sakura being a weak, cutesy protagonist. The gay characters were the only thing interesting in the story, and it took like half of the chapters before they became relevant.
I do not understand why Clamp (and the readers) loved Sakura and Syaoran enough to make them a centre of the Tsubasa story AND to release a CCS sequel manga.

No. 138802

File: 1619096915891.jpg (32.92 KB, 350x490, SM_N.jpg)


No. 138804

File: 1619098109599.png (976.56 KB, 1920x1080, in jail where she belongs.png)

No. 138815

I don't know much about Tsubasa and I read CCS as a kid and thought the ending was conclusive, so I got really pissed off when CCS and Tsubasa got sequels while better things like X or Drug and Drop arent even over yet. I know CLAMP can't help the issued they have with publishers but at least they could do something knew instead of more manga about the eaxct same pairing.

No. 138817

No. 138819

The anime is more entertaining tbh. Also I hated Tsubasa they really made Sakura a hated character in it with Fai and Kurogane being the best.

No. 138820

Your waifu is shit. She only got likable during magia record and the English server is dead.

No. 138821

I don't disagree with what you said, anon, but it's literally a children's show. The cutesy monster of the week format is there because it mostly appeals to little girls. I'm sure Tsubasa was their attempt at making their beloved franchise more marketable towards an older audience but it was kind of shit, so.

No. 138823

File: 1619105097448.jpg (9.33 KB, 166x217, Frank_Fontaine.jpeg.jpg)

Frank Fontaine. I will never forgive Bioshock for making me believe the beautiful lie that was Atlas. He sounded hot through the radio, only to figure out he was some New York accent ugly ass

No. 138829

>I don't disagree with what you said, anon, but it's literally a children's show
It's a Clamp's manga supposedly for kids, yes. Which sadly includes romanticized portrayal of child grooming, among other things, so you know… you can expect anything out of it. Anyway, I still enjoy some magical girl comics (like Sailor Moon or W.I.T.C.H) so it's not fair to assume that just cause it's for kids, the protagonist must be boring and uninteresting. FWIW, I enjoyed Angelic Layer (Clamp's other attempt at making a manga for children based on a popular concept, with battle of a week formula) much more. Not that Misaki was particularly fascinating protagonist, but she was more fun to read about than Sakura. She's just too cutesy! I liked Tomoyo more and kinda wished she was the main character instead. Sidenote, but I felt really weird when Yukito told Sakura that one day she will find that special someone who will love her back… because there are at least two characters in the very same manga who never found 'the right person' after seeing their loved ones sweeped of their feet by scrotes (and Yukito's words seemed like some kind of Universal Statement).
I wanted to reread TRC after CCS cause I don't remember anything except loving KuroFai… but I read like two chapters and for now I cannot stand spending any more time with Syaoran and Sakura.
I pray for X getting re-released and continued on 30th anniversary (which would be… May 2022, according to wikipedia). I still believe, even though it doesn't make much sense anymore. I feel like it's either then or never when it comes to X. The Clamp ladies aren't getting younger… BTW I just started reading Legal Drug and I'm prepared to be pissed with you for the sequel series still not ending as well. Love it so far.

No. 138836

File: 1619108604964.jpg (25.65 KB, 739x415, annoyingmofo.jpg)

Worst FF character

No. 138837

Hands down. SE should had the common sense to unplug Nomura when that atrocity happened

No. 138839

Amen bitch.

No. 138859

I hope Nomura could at least ask Gackt's autograph after that.

No. 138866

you're just a useless nihilist with no moral calling of your own and seeing someone have morals and act on them makes you feel guilty

No. 138873

I actually love her, and her song theme is the best theme in madomagi.

No. 138898

nta but sayaka is way too spergy about it

No. 139001

File: 1619188303459.png (108.96 KB, 203x241, 1609100350645.png)

I thought it was Delamain at a first glance

No. 139029

He's pretty bland in the books and films, but I blame Draco Trilogy for making him a snarky bad boy love interest for generations of fans to come. It still fucks me up that 90% of his stans probably never heard of it, yet still bought this meme.

No. 139169

File: 1619287935028.jpeg (244.83 KB, 2560x1589, 39B89CDA-B8ED-48A7-8ABD-A71D7E…)

Die. Normally I love characters who persevere but Leah acts like an actual caged wild animal who goes about literally every single thing wrong.

No. 139187

File: 1619297244584.png (229.16 KB, 392x814, Miko_GT_Suit_-_Profile.png)

This annoying brat never shuts up,honestly the show wouldn't be so different without her,Zahra would have been a more mature and suitable protagonist than her anyway.a lot of scrotes watch this show because they find her attractive (she's 16)which obviously makes her a fan favorite she's still unlikable and she's awfully obnoxious which ruins the show for me.

No. 139208

File: 1619305132723.png (638.73 KB, 698x1280, Cathy_ESPESC.png)

She acts so mechanical and mary sue-ish i just don't like her vibes at all. I don't register her as an actual character and seeing her everywhere in coomer fanart isn't helping.

I haven't seen the series yet i just hated her by her design only. Her being annoying on top of that just makes it worse.

No. 139394

File: 1619419625308.jpeg (8.61 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

While she's my third favorite girl in the lineup, I'm gonna have to agree with you. At times Sayaka can really piss you off with her attitude. The shitty way she treats Homura (even before Homura became a stoic badass when she was just Moemura). Her decision to become a magical girl all because of a stupid crush, even after seeing Mami die. Making Madoka constantly worry about her because she chose to act so recklessly and stupidly and not properly take care of herself. The way she pussied out of telling Kyousuke her feelings for him even though she was given time to tell him. And sometimes it's just her all around self-righteous voice that can be really grating to hear.

No. 139395

I mean… She is a 14 year old… What else do you want to expect from a kid?

No. 139405

>The shitty way she treats Homura
Homura is a way bigger cunt to Sayaka than Sayaka is to her. I like all the Madoka girls but Homura is a huge yandere bitch.

No. 139406

This. The worst Sayaka to Homura was doubt her when she was trying to warn her about Kyubey and maybe in that one timeline where she bitched about Homura being inexperienced (which she was). Homura told Sayaka she gave 0 fucks what happens to her and the only reason she was helping her was because of Madoka.

No. 139407

File: 1619436518427.png (562.52 KB, 512x724, S005_Stage1.png)

This fucking whore.

No. 139408

File: 1619437246207.png (Spoiler Image,698.47 KB, 902x821, PLCCC.png)

Oh God, I Agree. She is so overrated. I think the only popular characters that I liked were Musashi.

I generally can't stand over how horrible and coomer pandering the characters design is in this game, and genuinely can't understand how anyone can enjoy it when it's nothing but a boring, flashy gacha game. I also recall that the fandom itself is full of drama.

No. 139411

>Homura is a huge yandere bitch.
She kinda has the right to be after everything she went through completely alone.

No. 139415

>Homura kinda has a right to be
The psp game kinda soured me on Homura. If she wasn't so hyperfixated on Madoka, she could've genuinely fought for a better end for the other girls as well, and had a fighting chance against walpurgisnacht.

No. 139422

Oh, I had no idea the PSP game has been translated. Is it good and considered canon to the TV series? Kinda would like to play it on an emulator (my psp suddenly died, such a shame)

No. 139427

Could you elaborate? I haven't seen the series but i liked her because her design is very nice, apparently a lot of people hate her tho

No. 139450

>Homura told Sayaka she gave 0 fucks what happens to her and the only reason she was helping her was because of Madoka.
Based. Fuck Sayaka

No. 139509

File: 1619501466428.png (214.53 KB, 360x450, 346B0BB0-EFF7-417F-ABC5-342248…)

this motherfucker from kengan ashura. a lot of characters from kengan can get really insufferable but this guy takes the cake and his retarded girlfriend he was supposed to kill. i can't explain to you the rage that filled my body watching him fight and having to read his backstory about how STRONG and undefeatable he is only to get his ass handed to him later . happy he isn't in omega. by far one of my least favorites, and there's a lot of characters to hate from this manga

No. 139520

I haven't played the original game where she appears in, so I can't say for her original characterization (she's apparently pretty good though), but in Fate/Grand Order she's this self centered idiot that everybody loves and admires for no discernable reasons, even the people who should hate her. She's also constantly shoved in your face by the makers of the game, appearing in a lot of events (even had her own dedicated event previously), having two other variants and three costumes, and she's apparently going to get another big role in the story in the future. The latest affront was in the newest JP event where she got yet another costume (by far the ugliest of the batch) when other characters still have zero. Also, personal pet peeves but her voice is super grating, fucking unbearable.

No. 139523

she was an annoying mary sue even before this tbh

No. 139533

> tfw i tried finding more people who dislike her on forums, just to end up reading PAGES of people whiteknighting Nero to death
Her "fanbase" alone is complete shit full of weirdos, who can't accept that some people just don't like how forced she is and many more.

No. 139546

>tfw i tried finding more people who dislike her on forums
relieved I'm not the only weirdo who does that

No. 139787

File: 1619632429616.jpg (102.39 KB, 1080x1920, annoying cocksucker.jpg)

his bitchass is insufferable my god

No. 139804

I didn't particularly dislike him but he is a gary stu

No. 139820

Sorry for late reply, someone is translating the psp game but they've only really made it up to Madoka and Mami's routes. Kyoko, Sayaka, and Homura's routes are still in progress. I'll admit, it gets pretty fanfiction-ey, especially in the good end where the girls all live after homura busts her ass to help them all, that way the holy quintet can fight walpurgis together, but this can only be done after you go through all of the other girls routes first where they all die or fail to stop walpurgis You can consider it canon, since Urobuchi did write it but, I just consider good end a what-if, and the others basically bad timelines Homura went through pre-anime.

No. 139887

File: 1619670641394.jpeg (9.54 KB, 279x207, 407A084C-EB34-4015-A357-3B9DAD…)

Shame on you.

No. 139950

File: 1619721747286.jpeg (64.77 KB, 1280x720, F352BB16-3661-406A-82BF-516A6D…)

she has no personality & literally exists as a plot device for campbell to lie to snake in 1, and has no reason to be in 4. the fact that the canon ending is the ending where she survives in 1 is absurd specifically because she doesn’t even stay with snake after that, worthless jailbait coomerbait character with an ugly design

No. 139959

File: 1619723974023.png (60.17 KB, 203x302, Shantae_hgh.png)

I don't even have to explain why

No. 139991

I shamefully enjoy Kojima's games but his handling and presentation of female characters is abominable.

No. 140035

To be fair literally nobody had any reason to be in MGS4. MGS4 shouldn't exist, it's shit and retroactively shits all over what made the previous games fun, especially with all the weird, paranormal stuff explained with nanomachines. I also don't like her but that's because she felt useless in MGS1 and the button mashing minigame you need to beat to save her is a pain in the ass.

No. 140041

Like in every game made by a snarky japanese otaku man ever.

No. 140042

I cannot dislike Meryl because she's been done dirty by Kojima. There was a real potential in her bond with Snake, daddy issues etc. if she wasn't sexualized and made to be a teen waifu for Snake. It would be so much better if she had an innocent crush on Snake who would gently rebuff her and be a mentor instead. I kinda liked her in MGS4 (except for the Sasaki romance), but I played it just once. I need to do it again. I remember being strangely touched by the scene in which she meets Snake again agter many years, and he's literally falling apart.

No. 140044

File: 1619783366469.png (198.83 KB, 226x348, emilyko.PNG)

The manga's cute and all but she's just a mary sue. Of course she's cheerful and special and can make friends with everyone. She's like Emma from The Promised Neverland 2.0

No. 140046

File: 1619791236194.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1080, Mikasa_Ackerman_(anime).png)

To put it simply her concept, role and personality just doesn't do it for me, she feels like some kind of doll and not an actual person. And her relationship with Eren is…very weird.

No. 140047

don't get me started, anon,she started as strong character but ended up being abandoned wife crying under a tree

No. 140049

Now that the manga is complete I think it's safe to say that every female character was a mess and Isayama shouldn't be praised so much just because he didn't have their tits out.

No. 140050

I had high hopes for her when Eren went on his own path, but Isayama managed to shit on her character even more. A real shame.

No. 140053

Same as Meryl, she deserved better and I kinda cannot hold it against her that her author is an idiot. I'm neutral toward both ladies.

No. 140066

I've always held onto the belief that Eren should have died in the beginning when he got eaten and Mikasa should have become the MC, even back when the manga was still considered good. It should have stayed a horror manga, no titan pilot, no PATH bullshit or whatever.

No. 140068

That entire show makes me angry with how bad it is.

No. 140072

I remember when the anime literally just started and everyone was praising the female characters. How things have changed…

No. 140074

That would be based as fuck. Eren is a retard who deserves to be eaten

No. 140121

File: 1619817807919.jpg (59.36 KB, 747x620, 72675244_2755067477870881_5736…)

i despise everything this cunt represents. i hate how there exists people who invented her. i loathe the fact that there's a market and a place for this absolute scum.

i did not want to remember her but this is what my stupid ass gets for scrolling a shit character thread. the extent of rage i experience for seraphine is extremely autistic considering the fact that i haven't even played the game in like 5 years.

No. 140142

Face kinda like bjork

No. 140143

File: 1619825963136.jpg (150.84 KB, 1080x1350, seraphine-lol.jpg)

Ikr? There's something so off-putting and disturbing about her entire existence.

No. 140145

>she feels like some kind of doll and not an actual person
Perfectly said. It reminded me of Rei in NGE, who is a well-written character whose conflict (which had intentionality and depth) shows the problem of what the SNK creator did to Mikasa. Sadly that's pretty common with female anime characters. They are used as dolls for the creator and fans so they can have empty shell waifus. Big shame since with tweaking she would've had potential to be written really well

No. 140149

File: 1619828556058.jpg (146.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The two worst characters in Dragon Age imo. I stopped bringing them along because I couldn't stand what an entitled condescending self-important bitch Vivienne was towards everyone and everything. And Sera is also infuriatingly closed minded and self-centered. It's not even her grating dialogue that bothers me but her immature attitude and adamant fixation on hurting/killing people rather than actually helping those she claims to care about.

No. 140162

God I fucking hated Sera too, every time I replay DA I never put her on my team lmao. I don't understand how anyone could like her

No. 140165

I think that's because she is nothing but a character creates by a company in order to sell shit for people. They just took all the hype shit and created a basic e-girl with a pinch of "woke points" so people would buy it more. Her in Game abilities are cloned from a different character, including her getting an old ability of pre reworked Karma. This girl was meant to be for nothing but skins and screams from casual fans.

No. 140168

Lol yeah just shelving them like Historia/Krista, giving them lame deaths, that horrendous actually Ymir loved her torturer/murderer/rapist all along, Annie going from throwing herself into the sadism of her task and saying she would do it again to becoming a sweetie waifu who doesn't have to face any consequences lmao

No. 140171

It doesn't help her introduction is in the worst manner possible. She kills the guy you're tracking down and gives an annoying quip before shooting him in the face. Whatever information he has? Gone because she's a insufferable bitch who has to always have the last word.

No. 140179

For real, these fuckers saw Evangelion and Rei's conflicts but didn't learn shit from it besides "ooooooh a cold, mindless waifu!!". So many scrotes have tried copy her concept but they won't understand she was more than a doll, ugh.

No. 140222

Man, Annie's character assassination is absolutely enraging. She was my favorite, I was so hyped when she was finally freed from the crystal. Then the pie scene happened, and everything went downhill from there

No. 140297

File: 1619932931052.gif (963.24 KB, 500x250, annielaugh.gif)

I genuinely don't understand how she reached that end point like, she's healed from the sadistic human yo-yo stuff and Marco nightmares because she got her Dad back so everything is a ok now? I also think it's bullshit that Levi went berserk on Zeke but let her off completely. Ugh the pie. I am not a fan of her and Armin. Am I supposed to find it cute that he probably absorbed Bert's feelings by eating him? Because it's just creepy. But whatever.

No. 140974

File: 1620482434789.jpg (178.36 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_inline_nucwlmZSUI1rj2f8…)

This guy isn't a tsundere, he's just an emotionally constipated asshole. I have legit enjoyed the unhinged yandere character because at least he was polite - plus, it's a game completely removed from reality, so I don't have to worry about the implications of his insane behavior. Doing his route was pain. Hope that the rest of the guys are more fun. Seriously, fuck Shin. Of course he's also downright rapey with all the retarded 'How can you sleep with a man in one room???', 'Don't you know what man are like' etc. comments, but I'm not gonna hold that against him since it's more on the writer being retarded than the character.
I'm triggered because Shin is rude to the heroine for 95% of the game, yet I could only find cherry picked screenshots of his ~rabu rabu~ moments

No. 141091

File: 1620583238088.jpeg (87.84 KB, 672x960, d76dae6855008d4dd7b21964706e5f…)

Both are annoying

No. 141099

God, I hated this guy so much. He's a huge entitled brat with a chip on his shoulder. Idk what he thinks is so beneficial about being an unapologetic dick to the girl he likes. I really liked Kent's route though, his route made the game worth it imo

No. 141103

File: 1620588501988.jpg (122.71 KB, 600x450, tumblr_inline_p50fbcMfjU1s2al6…)

every.single.character. I expect nothing of otomes exept for pretty boys and cute romances but damn did Ozmafia let me down. Incredibly stupid story, unbearable characters. urgh why did I buy this shit

No. 141104

I'm happy I bought it few years ago with 80% off. I bought it because I love the artists work, but idk what I expected from a person who drew for Diabloik Lovers.

No. 141106

Sounds like 90% of otome games lol

No. 141127

File: 1620609913298.jpg (227.42 KB, 1048x1288, 3d38defb7e9958b245bf91b43d8fad…)

While we're at it, add the king of incels to this thread. Though even before the ending he was always an obnoxious and retarded character from the start. I'm almost kind of glad the ending was a disaster so people can stop shilling him and this god awful series once and for all.

No. 141141

Tell me what's so bad about it. I've been waiting for the game to be on sale but now I'm not sure anymore.

No. 141149

nta and I didn't finish the game bc it was way too boring but there were tons of things that bothered me: you know that thing visual novels and sometimes even animes will do that they will sort of stick to a theme and have the setting/characters based on that theme? like a pretty common one is Alice in Wonderland and then like the characters and setting are all references to that body of work? Ozmafia does that thing but like with tons of shit that just seem random?? Like, going into it I assumed it would be sort of a Wizard of Oz retelling but it's not really that there's tons of random fairy tale characters, and then like Oscar Wilde characters??? It's sort of a nitpick but that bothered me so much and seeing Dorian Grey interact with Little Red Riding Hood just threw me for a loop. It makes the "tone" of the story an absolute mess, like the writers had no idea what they wanted to do with it.
there's also WAY too many characters, the cast of characters is gigantic and there's 10 routes you can play. that usually wouldn't really be an issue except the game (with all the extras) is 30ish hours long! so that means that each route is actually pretty short and all the characters end up feeling super shallow and way too simple
in comparison, a game like Amnesia (known for being on the shorter end) that has 5 routes is 20ish hours long with all the extras.
The plot is also pretty boring and just relies on characters making dumb choices and/or constant plot devices. I'd say to only go for It if you're really desperate for an otome game otherwise just play Collar X Malice or Cafe Enchante

No. 141169

I would kill millions for a partner like Mikasa with no guilt or hesitation. I adore her.

No. 141177

Okay but what a waste if you not only die, but traumatize her by forcing her to kill you personally

No. 141206

same tbh, I love her cool, stereotypically masculine 'who hurt you? I will fuck their shit up!' vibe. I just wish we were shown more of her personality AND for her to at least orbit someone worthwhile or appreciating her. Eren is a fucking retard. Really hoped that Historia would chomp down on him, even though I knew it's impossible since there are still like 1,5 seasons to go
Oh yes, thank you for saying that for me
Is it similar to Diabolik Lovers? I've heard it's retarded and full of men that would be considered abusive IRL. I kinda like ridiculous trash in otomes, so I would be tempted to get Ozmafia if it's similar (to be fair, I neither watched DL anime or played the game, since it's still not emulable on PC). Or are they awful like Shin from Amnesia Memories (>>140974)? That's not fun at all
Oh yes, Kent was golden! I'm 100% sure he's an aspie though kek. I laughed so hard through the first half of his route when he was acting like an alien attempting to follow human mating conventions. His friendship with Ikki was charming too (I also liked Ikki more than I though I would, since I'm not keen on the ~playboy~ character type).

No. 141223

Well now I'm curious but for all the wrong reasons. I don't think I've seen a demo for Ozmafia so I'll just wait until it's super cheap on Steam. I have both Hakuoki games and Amnesia in my backlog and I have a few more otome games in my wishlist so I don't feel like I should buy and play Ozmafia asap anyway.

No. 141224

Amnesia is really fun, especially since it doesn't waste your time with common route

No. 141226

Ozmafia is….not worth it. I feel like I need to tell you to play Taisho x Alice instead. It's funnier and actually good and still has that fairytale theme.

No. 141228

File: 1620670161790.jpg (37.87 KB, 695x391, pokemon-sumo-salandit.jpg)

I don't know why but I hate their faces so much,they don't even look like Pokemon.

No. 141233

I don't care about Pokemon but I hate the one on the right because infamous tranny Kevin Gibes uses it for porn shit.

No. 141258

It's been a while now since pokemon designs changed. I don't know how to explain it because it's obvious when showing examples but the first gens' pokemon were often less round and more "monster" like unless they were specifically meant to look cute, while now even the more threatening pokemon look less like monsters and more like mascots. I guess it has to do with character designers' changes through the years and the fact that with technology advancing the designers have more freedoms and can add more details than before.

No. 141288

I don't even like Pokemon but honestly a lot of modern pokemon look out of place and bad,really bad.I also hate is Sobble and hatterene

No. 141292

She reminds me Belle Delphine. Dunno why.

No. 141298

File: 1620706576975.png (619.23 KB, 808x1440, Nozomi_SMTIV_Final.png)

I would not label it as hate. It's more like disdain:In SMT IV she's a character with a good build and an acceptable arc for a npc we won't see in our lives, but in IV:A she takes center stage alongside butterfingers girl and starts to drill our heads with the idea of the "power of friendship" (partly because Dagda's mom possesses her…). I don't regret allying with ow the edge endgame.

No. 141305

Nonnie, Ozmafia is not similar to Diabolik Lovers, no!! Most of the love interests treat the main heroine pretty well and there's nothing close to that damn cage sequence in Amnesia (literally what is wrong with japanese women). The worst it has going for it is how boring it can get.
Anyway, if you like Kent, you'll probably like Axel in Ozmafia! He's the same quiet cool brooding type with a heart of golf

No. 141327

File: 1620736707646.jpg (36.39 KB, 350x490, tohru-honda-2106.jpg)

I've tried so hard to like her and I just can't manage it

No. 141328

I hope you die. anyone that hates tohru or tanjiro literally are evil people.

No. 141334

>a good build in SMT4 vanilla
She's worse than Walter against the Minotaur in terms of uncooperative AIs. Won't stop shooting enemies that null or absorb gun attacks. I like her but I disliked her new English voice in Apocalypse. And she says the weirdest shit ever, I'll never understand what she meant her banana slice cake line.

You disgust me.

No. 141339

lmao at the other anons but I agree. I hate this archetype in general, "pure" characters are either extremely annoying or extremely boring. Plus her face creeps me out (mainly in the original)

No. 141352


God yes i hate her and her rabieted fans like: >>141334 >>141327 as if you couldn't hate her because she is fucking boring and a mary sue, i don't get why this anime/manga is so popular i try to watch it got bored in the first 6 episodes

No. 141360

I tolerated her in the manga (which is one of my favourites) and the original anime but her new voice is just SO grating and the more modern art style just makes it even more obvious how this kind of character is just really bland

I wish I could get into the remake anime but I just can't, I don't want to face how badly this series has aged LOL

No. 141362

File: 1620756314385.png (168.95 KB, 360x360, Tatsuo_Shinada_Profile.png)

A broke retarded manchild that refused to get over his dumbass baseball-dream and added nothing of value to the game.

No. 141364

File: 1620756593860.jpg (75.95 KB, 430x600, original.jpg)

If you want to buy it, my advice is do it when it's on sale. Amnesia and Hakuoki are fun games, I wouldn't say the stories are innovative or anything but it's exactly what you expect from an otome: cute guys, doki doki moments, maybe some interesting plot twist. Ozmafia on the other hand is a borefest and I hate how much I love the art because that's mainly why I bought it.

Like >>141149 said, there's tons of characters but none is developed enough so you just end up with a story that feels incomplete. Half of the time you're being explained shit or being told about this made up world but it's nothing interesting so you end up skipping over lots of dialogue. When I completed Caramia's story it was so underwhelming and boring that I thought I got the normal ending or some shit but no, that was it. There wasn't even a peak moment for the romance, it just happened and one second later the game was over. AND THE STORY, don't even get me started, thought it was going to be a retelling of the wizard of oz but nope, it was a clusterfuck of really lame story choices and uninteresting world building. Also wait until you meet the mc, I mean all mcs are blank slates but this one is on another level.

I just found out about diabolok lovers and now I'm on the same boat, what was I expecting

No. 141371

I would have agreed with you on the mary sue part if she were transplanted in another manga but everyone else is also a mary sue. If everyone is a mary sue then nobody is.

Just read the manga and if you don't like it, you'll just know you'll dislike the adaptations anyway.

No. 141379

I never mentioned that his skills are good(in fact, she competes with Gaston and Toki in seeing who is the most useless companion), I said that, her character build and arc is acceptable in the base game. Speaking of Apocalypse… that's where it devolves. And if you make the mistake of choosing "positive" responses in combat, be prepared to swallow a motivational speech about friendship and human determination. Like the writers wanted to make Persona Q3 and they were sent to make an SMT game.

No. 141380

*Character development. My bad, build is about stats, not writing.

No. 141382

Ok yeah the word "build" made me think you were talking about gameplay. I thought she was interesting in SMT4 and was very happy to see her again in Apocalypse, I do agree that she's overdoing the whole "power of friendship speech" thing but it's far more reasonable than in Persona and the main group goes through a lot of conflicts so I get why she'd try to encourage everyone to get along. I love it when Hallelujah punched Gaston in the face though, that worked better than anything Nozomi did. And she's ready to shoot Nanashi in the face if he turns into an edgelord so she's not completely retarded either.

No. 141393

I feel like the thing that tips me over the edge from mild annoyance to dislike is the fact that she's portrayed as inhumanly selfless and has never felt angry or disliked anyone in her life. she's entirely one-dimensional and built to fill the angsty void of every other character and it's ridiculous. the other characters are annoying too but I can forgive it because they are at least shown to be a bit more multifaceted for the most part and not so uwu ~precious wholesome baby~. even kisa displays anger by biting tohru initially.

No. 141534

File: 1620837691506.jpeg (139.51 KB, 759x1000, 6C0C3F83-BEE2-4EE3-924F-9143C5…)

Cute design, but I find her so arrogant and annoying. Her fallen angel joke got old quick and she doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself. Chuunis are very hit or miss for me.

No. 141550

You read the manga or you just watched the first anime that stopped right before anything actually happens? We learn a lot more about her in some flashbacks and basically she was treated like absolute trash but her entire family since birth, her mom nearly committed suicide after her father's sudden death and she was bullied a lot so she's actively trying to seem this way. She seems like a total weirdo instead of a pure and innocent maiden to many characters because of how forced her attitude is.

No. 141569

File: 1620855003495.png (500.16 KB, 800x543, MIsaAmane.png)

I feel like im channeling every 14 year old girl in 2007 by saying this but

No. 141572

>14 year old girl in 2007
Literally me kek, and I couldn't stand her, but I couldn't stand anybody in Death Note anyway.

No. 141574

>heart of golf

my sides

No. 141584

I hated her clothes the moment I saw actually cute Lolita coords.

No. 141588

Isn't she basically just the Harley Quinn of anime?

No. 141605

File: 1620883972892.jpg (17.72 KB, 450x450, 51DB M-d1lL._AC_SS450_.jpg)

No. 141616

I still think she was actually done better than Nico, her persona STAYS a persona unlike Nico who just have a shit self-centered personality (and she's my best girl, ironically)

No. 141672

File: 1620932407816.jpg (30.38 KB, 639x365, Disenos-Nagatoro-5.jpg)

Senpai from Nagatoro. He makes me physically angry

No. 141735

File: 1620975535653.jpeg (78.14 KB, 676x671, DBB4BA70-6353-40DD-B948-961E9B…)

this autistic shota bait faggot Lee Hooni, the mc in Suicide Boy. Holy shit what a weak, wimpass beta male. What a worthless and annoying person, he should kill himself already. The manwha is called SUICIDE boy after all. Why tf do you think I’m still reading this worthless shit I want to see him DIE! Nobody wanna see this looser garbage get a better life and mental health I wanna see him fall back in to the spiral of grim shit again and kill himself like the weakling he is. I was so relived when I saw him cutting himself, it was so funny seeing this faggot suffer like he deserves.

No. 141737

No. 141742

he is a qt. too bad he's a FAKE shota *spits

No. 141754

File: 1620989954943.png (Spoiler Image,477.79 KB, 834x1171, whoareyoucallingtrash.png)

Naoya Zen'in has already been been posted but he somehow manages to get worse with every appearance. My seethe is intense. Of course he has male fans who think he's a based misogynist but him having female stans is just sad… It felt inevitable that he would be a woman beater when he first appeared and promptly lusted over his cousin's boobs and said women who aren't submissive to men should get murdered but now he's confirmed to have beaten Maki probably repeatedly. I wouldn't be surprised if he molested or raped both her and Mai too. Please die painfully. I would prefer for one of the women to do it but if he gets the Sukuna head chop for going after Megumi that's fine. Just get bent. So can her Dad for beating Mai until she can't even move and attempting to disembowel Maki, vowing to slaughter both his daughters. These people are trying to outdo the major villains in being completely demented.

No. 141755

File: 1620990190397.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1198x1718, doitmore.png)

Coping with fanart of him suffering. Gege please stop dunking on my faves for like 5 minutes holy shit

No. 141763

Is there are lot of fanart of him getting beaten up by women already? Because that would be excellent.

No. 141764

Lol yes, lots of art of him being beat up and bullied on twitter and pixiv. I think he triggers non-scrote fans more than any antagonist so far. Also art of him being violently fucked and terrorized by Toji for some reason

No. 141765

Samefagging to add that he isn't explicitly being stomped by women in most of them sadly, because that's the content I crave. It's either ambiguous or by guys (pretty sure that's Yuta's shoe crushing his dick in the art upthread lol)

No. 141769

File: 1621002891865.jpg (326.17 KB, 960x720, g2.jpg)

every single one of them.

No. 141771

Yes I want to see the misogynist get his ass kicked by women specifically. Hope it happens in the manga.

No. 141776

File: 1621008292639.jpg (160.55 KB, 1275x1650, goddess.jpg)

Please Gege. I think Mai might save Maki by gunning down their garbage father so hopefully she shoots Naoya and he chokes on his blood. Would be hilarious since she's his ideal woman. He has shit plebe taste because Maki looked so hot this chapter. But honestly he seemed kind of thirsty for her attention with his desperate " say something! answer me!" stuff.

No. 141820

File: 1621035420153.jpg (25.25 KB, 225x350, 370360.jpg)

I know this whore has been posted before but he is such an obvious Gary Stu. I am supposed to think this 100 lbs faggot can beat up easily even professional soldiers and also he has an 500 IQ kek

He's entire personality is sucking cock

No. 141850

This shows animation style is so fucking ugly

No. 141853

File: 1621053352342.jpg (31.02 KB, 350x490, Dr-meredith-147429.jpg)

couldn't agree more anon, everyone looks related

No. 141856

File: 1621056299192.png (81.9 KB, 200x227, 492344EB-5D35-45D5-9864-968131…)

I'm not even into anime anymore but in all my years of watching media no character has irritated me more, the "popularity" of said character has never baffled me more… than this guy. There's way worse out there, he's just the one who's lingered with me all these years as the epitome of overrated badness. Nothing compelling about him, no backstory to explain his behavior, no interesting traits, shitty design, and serves as yaoi fangirl fodder

I cannot explain why I hate him much more than far more hatable characters relatively. He's not a good example of an "antagonistic" force, especially by anime standards? I like my villains to be bad boys, not like this pussy ass bitch. So many smaller time villains within the series itself who were better than him with far less exposure, screentime, and fans. Sucks.

No. 141859

File: 1621062972026.jpg (103.05 KB, 1122x633, this show is a 4.jpg)

i hate both the show and this character. insufferable

No. 141860

File: 1621064210170.jpg (38.26 KB, 400x400, ciel_phantomhive.jpg)

Just shut the fuck up already you insufferable, arrogant bitch boy.

No. 141862

One of the baddest male bitches in anime history I think

No. 141863

ur so right queen

No. 141864

I hated both the show and the entire cast (except maybe the soccer friend because there was less focus on him), it's the same shit with Clannad where you're supposed to cry but everybody is retarded and the sad events don't make sense.

No. 141868

File: 1621072668096.jpg (31.72 KB, 225x350, 1385996958.jpg)

Not as much of a bad bitch as this little motherfucker I still like Alois though I'm sorry

No. 141873

I hated him too. These super smug above it all antagonistic characters really only work for me if they get the shit kicked out of them at least a few times or get their plans completely derailed a little bit but he never really did and it's just insufferable to watch after a while.

No. 141915

He got the shit kicked out of him enough physically, but it never really deterred him. I read after the finale of the first series he got paralyzed when someone finally gave him a wound he can't walk away from, this was after I stopped reading because I hated the initial series finale. Then apparently the author made a light novel ABOUT HIM. Good lord was it his edgy self insert or what. It's boring if there's no obstacles and he's constantly smug all the time. The best crazy characters are the ones who, and it may sound cliche, have reasoning behind their actions and backstory. Izaya had none of it, plus his design was ugly and he was annoying. In some quantity I don't mind smug or sarcastic, I love sarcasm and I like smug… in well developed, witty or funny characters, none of which he is. His character was akin to a mosquito for me, he was more of an annoyance who kept constantly popping up. I wanted to swat him and turn him into a nice round blood spatter. At first I tolerated him, as the plot advanced I kept wondering why he was depicted as this "smart mastermind"? He is a badly developed character and a bad villain on an objective level, which wouldn't be a problem if the author weren't trying to shill him as the "main antagonist".

No. 142031

I guess so but not in the way I mean because it never did any real damage. He just sprang back up and skipped off each time. The best he got that I can recall was that unexpected punch that gave him a black eye, and that's basically nothing. Lol I don't know but a lot of them seem to be in love with their edgy unstoppable antagonists it's really annoying. I can appreciate a villain who is just an evil piece of shit without a complex motive because people can be like that but I agree. The best villains for me are the ones I actually like a little. You can understand their perspective even if it's warped or excessive. I find them to be pretty rare though.

I get triggered by smug male characters tbh. But if they are going to be smug they better be able to back it up and I don't feel he could. He was boring and the "because I love humans" shit got old. Like, oh he means the opposite is that supposed to be clever? Ogata from Golden Kamuy is a good example of a smug antagonist but he can actually back up his smugness with skills and there is a lot more to him than being just a smug asshole or it would be so boring plus he gets put through the ringer multiple times and has his sniper skills threatened by losing one of his eyes. His shooting being the very thing he is so smug about. Yeah a mosquito or a flea. I wanted him to get crushed but it never happened. Nitpick but I really hated his coat, lol.

No. 142053

File: 1621178611635.png (875.93 KB, 696x1050, Ancestral_Adversity_9.png)

Narsis Dren. That's all you need to know.

No. 142084

Amen to all that sister, it sucks because I wasted a long time developing a minor antagonist from that same series in my own canon, but never really pursued it. I felt like I wasted years in that series fandom for no one to really "get me". Fun fact: the character also hated Izaya, probably just me projecting, but it makes sense. It sucks because if you were an outlier who liked the more minor characters, especially if you weren't a fujo, you tended to feel very alone, and my prime userbase was tumblr, which meant it was even worse if you hated Izaya. I think a lot of drrrr was good for a series with an ensemble cast, but I definitely would've opted to develop the minor characters more and focus less on the boring popular ones or shitty ones (Mikado, Izaya, and Shizuo were all my least favorites). There were so many interesting characters lacking a storyline who had the potential to be fleshed out, and they were left to the wayside. Such is the case in ensemble casts…

No. 142348

File: 1621302571842.jpg (381.03 KB, 720x1000, fuckhimup.jpg)

Nonita, I found a blessed art of Maki wrecking him. Let's hope he gets this and worse in canon.

No. 142353

Dont be sorry Alois was based I like him too.

No. 142428

File: 1621351762915.png (1.71 MB, 1919x1079, 11391mvy4i511.png)

I want to kick him in the balls

No. 142440

I want to kick him in the balls but in the sexy mean way

No. 142495

I wish he had died instead of Ishimaru or Sakura, so fucking obnoxious.

No. 142711

Jannies pls delete this blasphemous post

No. 142860

File: 1621458408178.jpg (79.11 KB, 874x1024, Jayna-874x1024.jpg)

Jayna from Vampires Dawn. I know her life kind of got messed up and I do feel bad for her in that respect but she turned out to be an awful person regardless.
Also I don't want to dislike Asgar, I think he's funny and charming in his own way but his edgelord fans kind of ruin him for me.
(So excited to play the third game but I can't yet since I'm waiting on the English release.)

No. 142878

How can you like what I don't like!?

No. 143534

File: 1621616147666.jpg (124.4 KB, 1280x720, Hiyoko_Introduction.jpg)

Continuing my adventures with Danganronpa: I wish all Hiyokos reading this a very pleasant neck yourself

No. 143570

jesus anons what's your damage, you should both be banned

No. 143657

Cry more. Byakuya is a smug bitch who is rude to people for no reason, pulls the retarded shit with Chihiro for funsies I guess and stresses everyone that he is planning to commit the perfect murder (which maybe is a valid strategy, but doesn't earn him any points with me). Plus he's an insufferable rich boy who looks down on the plebs. Having finished the game, I can appreciate that he hasn't killed anyone whatsoever, either in the heat of the moment or as a premeditated murder but it doesn't change the fact that he's fucking insufferable. His looks are the only defense, and it's not really working on me.
I guess I should mention that I also hated Hifumi, but he was easier to ignore since he's not a vital character through most of the game. The perverted chef from DR2 is worse, I hope he dies soon. Fuck that turd. The entire trope is shit.

No. 143692

Bad taste, Togami is best DR1 boy.

No. 143710

File: 1621707363065.jpg (46.3 KB, 799x1024, EHlnfAcXYAAz31R.jpg)

>t. Toko/Genocide Jill

No. 148377

File: 1623782425535.png (207.26 KB, 500x473, MCzA6njVoV11zZjCNzg1Xz2bh4n7hY…)

fuck this hoe

No. 148435

File: 1623811300881.png (327.72 KB, 1024x745, no.png)

You're right. Her extreme shift in personality after her dungeon showed how little they cared about making her consistent anyway. But Kasumi might be even more obnoxious waifubait than her.

No. 148466

I mean, the sudden shift in behaviour makes sense in the story. She's still annoying though.

No. 148843

File: 1623993406519.png (174.37 KB, 810x469, 67ab01ddccdc1cf7ec6c10a5ca6588…)

hachi is bpd

No. 148897

File: 1624024669749.jpg (190.43 KB, 700x1000, Sera-Dragon-Age-Inquisition-vi…)

>Quirky random XD personality
>A literal elven pickme
>Hates her own people so much that playing as an elf will be handicapping for her romance
>Will hate you if your Inquisitor is an elf who's midly interrested in elven culture
>The devs tried to push the "not like the other elfs" narrative so much for her that she is the only elven woman with a human body
>Disgusting haircut

No. 148899

Elf pickme, that is spot on

No. 148943

Finally someone who hates her as much as I do. She's annoying af, I always kick her out

No. 148949

File: 1624042234054.gif (1.94 MB, 500x350, c7f6898784f621ac182df1cc260cf1…)

I fucking LOATHE Sera. I thought most of the Inquisition cast was weak af but fucking Sera man, I don't think I've ever disliked a character as much as I disliked her unfunny pickme ass. The moment I was able to get rid of her I did.

No. 148957

IDK anything about her but she even looks like Hoelly Brown's Mass Effect cosplay

No. 148962

File: 1624046830080.jpg (20.71 KB, 260x317, 2bhKpNjkINV61ngM71ZrKg.jpg)

Couldn't stand re reading the manga because of Hachi, she is such a naive and Ill womanchild. Ever since the first chapter I kept wanting to slap some life inside her face.

I wouldn't be able to be around such idiot. No wonder she keeps getting fucked over.

I used to know a friend who was 30yo, never had any education or a job and kept trying to leech off men who would kick her out after half of a year of living with them. She unironically been "kinning" Hachi for many years. Last time I talked to her she lives at her mother basement, without a job or anything, because she claims that it's an unfeminine thing to do.

No. 148979

Never liked her but upon re-reading as an adult I have more sympathy for her than before. I still find her frustrating but she grew on me. Ren on the other hand completely fell out of favor for me. What a hollow, vacant fuckboy Ren was.

No. 148981


Based tbh. Nana O deserves better than a vapid junkie who only seems to care about being a ~*punk musician*~.


I think what makes Hachi a great character is that she's so realistic, a lot of us know someone like her or relate to her ourselves. The fact that she goes through development and starts to realize how fucked up her life has become will hopefully make her fully realize she's bi and raise her kids with Nana lol

No. 148983

That green text is terrifying nonny
I like Hachi, she’s retarded but she’s also really young (like 22 at the most by the last chapter?) and naive

No. 148992

File: 1624062456954.jpg (121.07 KB, 1000x757, 2q7YMca.jpg)

since w.i.t.c.h. is mid-re-release (and "new" releases) in english ive been buying the graphic novels as an adult because i loved the series SO MUCH as a kid, and it's still pretty good to me. i'm on the 4th ("trial of the oracle" arc, and
1. irma is seriously annoying, had no idea why i loved her as an elementary schooler, she is constantly being rude
2. hay lin is still my favorite, best girl
3. will is cool to me now, very relatable, as a kid i didnt care much for her for some reason?
4. taranee is still boring
5. cornelia i like a lot more, as a kid i thought she was kinda a bitch but i get her more now
6. elyon is still one of my favorites too

No. 148993

also matt is best boy, what a hottie

No. 149045

File: 1624100716288.jpeg (37.84 KB, 500x281, CC4682EB-4104-4EA7-B088-837B30…)

I like Hachi, agree on Ren but my absolute worse was this pedo uwu wallflower so perfect everyone loves here uwu
She brings out the worst on people but being so holier than thou. Yikes.

No. 149047

Can you please explain?

No. 149050

I reread W.I.T.C.H a few years ago (like 2 or 3) and still loved Irma, so I disagree on that. But…
>3. will is cool to me now, very relatable, as a kid i didnt care much for her for some reason?
I get you, I liked her a bit as a kid but she was bland for me. I imagine she must have been a lot more important to kid with divorced parents.
>4. taranee is still boring
Agree lmfao, sorry but she always was the worst W.I.T.C.H for me. Cornelia was insufferable but her friendship with Elyon was lovely, and the Caleb drama interesting.
>5. cornelia i like a lot more, as a kid i thought she was kinda a bitch but i get her more now
Maybe I should re-read once more since I've always considered her a bitch. Maybe I can warm up to her now? I didn't like when she became a stereotypical fAsHiOnAbLe girl in much later episodes (like Teach2BeWitch or something), but the comic was shit then anyway.
>6. elyon is still one of my favorites too
Based, same about you liking Hay-Lin. She was my second fave after Irma when I was a kid (Elyon was always first, but she's technically not W.I.T.C.H, so)

No. 149052

Ahh every time I see a WITCH image posted I'm reminded of how much I loved it when I was young. I also considered purchasing the graphic novels for nostalgia reasons
>2. hay lin is still my favorite, best girl
FACT. I also loved Elyon

No. 149058

I agree with you on every point (Hay Lin best girl, and by a long shot) even though I like Irma, I think she's a realistic portrayal of a teenager. Sometimes kids don't realize how dumb/rude they sound, and she usually gets called out on her behavior early on in the series iirc (especially by Cornelia, I love their dynamic), but she does become more and more annoying as the story goes on.
Taranee is definitely the weakest main character and it's clear the writers didn't know what to do with her. She had potential as the soft-spoken nerd with a hidden wild side she started off as, but then then she suddenly becomes a sporty tomboy for no reason halfway through the series, just why?
Anyways, I am now reminded of the arc in which Cedric and Orube fall in love. I thought that was very sweet and a decent redemption arc for snek boi.

No. 149073

I loved Cedric and strongly identified with Elyon, so I was sad to see their relationship go nowhere. Guess who got groomed by an adult teen lmfao. I agree that Cedric and Orube's relationship was a good story, even though I didn't like the arc it was in (found Ludmoore and the book shenanigans boring).
>Taranee is definitely the weakest main character and it's clear the writers didn't know what to do with her. She had potential as the soft-spoken nerd with a hidden wild side she started off as, but then then she suddenly becomes a sporty tomboy for no reason halfway through the series, just why?
I also didn't like her family arc with her mother being strict, Taranee being adopted or something etc. It was all so boring! Even later on she gets obsessed with dancing and breaks up with a boyfriend because of it (arguably, it could have been a good decision, but she seems so flaky to me). Even her rebellion agains Kandrakar didn't to it for me.

No. 149113

File: 1624144852491.jpg (23.07 KB, 360x450, Orube_human.jpg)

aww i'm happy rn, as a kid i tried to get my friends into w.i.t.c.h. but nobody was as obsessed as me. just finished the 4th arc last night in the bath, very relaxing. i forgot to mention, i LOVE orube. idk why but i imagine she has a russian accent haha.

4th arc was just ok, i think the first three were great though. as a kid i only really read the ones Hyperion published as graphic novels (only got partway through nerissa arc, arc 2). i have never read the book of elements arc but i know that it deals with cedric. im looking forward to Ragorlang because i thought that arc was cool as a kid (read scans online) but new power and teach 2b have been published… ill buy and read them but idk if i will like them. reading the wiki the last arcs (witch vs ladies and sovereign or something) look…. kinda shitty.

is there a proper thread in /m/ for this discussion, i dont really go on /m/. would love to discuss characters and arcs.

No. 149130

I've only played some of the game so far, but I'm really disappointed that Cassandra can't be the lesbian option instead.
Also I have no idea why they thought that hairstyle was a good choice for her.

No. 149165

File: 1624187281591.jpg (21.89 KB, 500x319, stupid fucking nerd.jpg)

He's about two years shy of getting radicalised on /tttt/ and skinwalking Max.

No. 149183

>is there a proper thread in /m/ for this discussion, i dont really go on /m/. would love to discuss characters and arcs.
Closest thing I can think of is the characters you love thread, but if you want to discuss the series, its arcs and themes specifically without going ot, you could make a childhood/older media thread or something of the sort (there's already a childhood cartoons thread up but I'm not really sure if w.i.t.c.h. counts)

No. 149202

absolutely this, down to the dynamics between him, brooke and nax lmfao. I feel like creators tried to make him likeable and not like an incel, but nah

No. 149213

I always felt like he was going to attempt a school shooting because the ladies didn’t like him enough but he’d only manage to injure a few people and when he tried to off himself afterwards he’d botch that so he’d just turn into a vegetable and further burden his family for the rest of his life.

No. 149221

Idk how there's people that ship him with Max when he literally photoshopped her into a pic with him that he keeps in his gym locker. The writers fucking up his character is one thing, but certain fans dedication to retconning him as harmless and charming is stunning.

School shooter or troon are the only realistic conclusions for Warren tbh. I remember when people compared Warren to Eliot in Before the Storm and his fans were like "nooo he's not that creepy and stalky!" like nah, he's just slightly better at hiding it is all. Him peering at Max's dorm window at the start of episode 2 still freaks me out. That boy ain't right.

No. 149325

File: 1624296850470.jpg (849.66 KB, 1279x720, danganronpa-decadence-collecti…)

im sorry anons i know im gonna get hate for this but i cant keep it to myself anymore: i really dislike komaeda

when i played dr2 a few years ago i went into it convinced i was gonna love him, but despite my best efforts he is just. such a complete bastard. and my opinion of him has only gotten worse over time, especially after having played drv3 (ouma plays the role of antagonist so much better imo)
i cant believe the absolute lengths people go to defend this man, and his 'interesting character development' really means nothing seeing as he's insufferable anytime he makes an appearance

No. 149335

Looks like SOMEONE is lacking HOPE!

No. 149337

I was neutral at worst and wanted to like him. I ended up disliking him for being the writer's mouthpiece of the retarded "hOpE aNd DeSpAiR" theme. Jesus fucking christ, I enjoyed Danganronpa, even though the blabbing about muh power of friendship and hope, but DR2 completely jumped the shark in that department. Maybe it's my fault for playing an animu game for teenagers with underdeveloped brains, but the way the scenario thinks that having a theme means hammering buzzwords in character dialogue is abysmal. It reminds me of Kingdom Hearts (especially 2 onword) where characters just couldn't shut up about hearts, light and ddarkness in order to have a conversation like regular people for once. DR2 was such a step down from one I'm not even sure that I want to continue with SDG, DR3 and DRV3. Thanks, Komaeda, for ruining everything with your obnoxious ass.
Is the Island mode worth playing or will I have to listen to more bullshit and manage resources like in the DR bonus mode that I didn't play?

No. 149345

ayrt, you put it into words so well holy shit. ive been finding the dr3 anime eyeroll-worthy bc the whole hope and despair thing is just… bland and overdone by now, and komaeda's whole hope shtick just makes him even more annoying because of this.
i cant speak too well for island mode, iirc theres the mode where you build up the report cards like a dating sim (which i always enjoy) and then theres another resource one which i didnt bother too much with. but i will say that i loved drv3!! it improved upon a lot of the problems i had with 2 and returned to the school setting of 1, which i liked a lot, and overall it was really fun (despite the many problems people have with it, understandably)
sageing bc very ot

No. 149378

do explain why ouma is the better choice

No. 149387

I smell a hopephobe here

No. 149398

his hair looks like a cat died on his head

No. 149406

File: 1624363924296.jpg (22.85 KB, 308x400, s-l400 (1).jpg)

No, i would say that it looks exctly like those cheapskate BJD fur wigs. If someone makes a doll based on Komaeda, they should not be allowed to give him any other wig than those monstrosities.

No. 149419

for me it comes down to mostly my opinion and what my expectations were coming into the game. i actually thought i was gonna hate ouma because i assumed he'd be a brattier version of komaeda, but i found him to be refreshing. i get why people find him annoying but imo the whole lying thing was 100x less grating than komaedas constant self deprication and grandstanding about hope. i also liked how things played out with him in the end, ouma played his role really interestingly imo.
at the end of the day ouma doesn't make me want to roll my eyes and/or strangle myself every 5 minutes so that's why he makes a better antagonist in my opinion, but i definitely get why people dislike him

this is true but hinatas hair manages to bother me even more, he looks like a hedgehog. i just can't take him seriously as a protagonist due to his shitty hair and sprite. him and hope boy deserve eachother i guess

No. 149442

File: 1624388975735.png (205.22 KB, 425x428, 1500778879615.png)

I agree about Irma, I didn't mind her as a kid but now she comes across as "the classic school toxic friend" to me. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I hate her but she's defo not my favorite
As a child my fav was Cornelia and Willow, reread the whole thing recently and yes I love Elyon too.

No. 149445

I do like Komaeda's design but he's always been annoying as hell to me. Ouma was definitely an upgrade.
Hard disagree on that last part, Hinata doesn't deserve to be stuck with that soft serve head

No. 149449

They so should have dropped that longass retarded ahoge on Hinatas hair, it looked out of place.

No. 149623

File: 1624505145532.png (4.92 MB, 2147x4831, 7EB12EDE-44AC-467A-BC12-D471F3…)

This smug fuck, I hate him and I hate the overdone memes of him.

No. 149637

File: 1624511549622.jpg (234.17 KB, 1204x1204, 82d2ae7a190d4e403d38e1db79a990…)

i hate this fucking faggot

extremely feminine anime males are disgusting, and this one is constantly presented as a poor sad boy you're supposed to pity, but also he's super badass and strong and powerful and never loses and everyone thinks he's cute/sexy/cool

it's like he's designed to piss me off as much as possible

No. 149643

when i found out that was not a woman…i was so disappointed

No. 149645

he is cute

No. 149654

I never understood his purpose. He came out of nowhere and had no plot relevance. I only watched the first two seasons, so maybe more will be explained, but so far I agree, he's shit.

No. 149674

I really disliked the anime even more than the manga and didn't watch it. But having finished the manga it seemed like the creator was going in the direction of how fucked the CCG was for using a psychologically deranged and unstable child soldier. But got captivated and distracted by his own badass and edgy character and veered off and ended up doing mostly the opposite. Pretty much ended up sucking their collective dick for being cool instead.

No. 149679

File: 1624539293758.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.35 KB, 540x540, 2a5945a1804db09bc5369a066323.j…)

No. 149680

exactly this. i read the manga, juuzou definitely became basically a gary stu or whatever the more relevant and modern phrase for that is. he's completely pointless beyond what the other anon said, trying to show how fucked up the organization was, and he far overstayed his welcome

No. 149681

File: 1624540054232.jpg (11.05 KB, 132x280, speakingofcharactersyouhate.jp…)

I thought Ishida was actually going to explore that but nah, just showed off his unstoppable moves until the very end (and that whole cross dressing bit because why not) and introduced a trillion other annoying CCG characters that I was also supposed to think were cool.

No. 149689

File: 1624542896142.png (54.87 KB, 300x307, Bigmadamghoul.png)

Also he's canonically a eunuch, like it never gets brought up as a plot point in the series, there's just a flashback to him getting castrated as a young boy by his transvestite ghoul owner and I think it was the "explanation" of why he looked so young even though he was actually in his 20's

No. 149692

What chapter?

No. 149693

I don't remember but it was during the auction arc, why do you want to know ?

No. 149722

Komaeda’s the better written character but I like Ouma’s personality+design more so I prefer him.
However this video sums up why I love Komaeda and think he’s probably the best written character in DR. The main problem with Komaeda imo is that he’s in a cast of a bunch of mediocre to shitty characters (Souda, Chiaki, Akane, Nidai, Mikan, Saionji, Teruteru Ibuki, etc all being pretty hot garbage) so he steals the spotlight and the game is pretty much just worth playing for him alone at least in my opinion.

No. 149737

If I disagree that Komaeda is well written, does it mean I will hate Ouma even more or like him? For the reference, I think I found Twogami and Gundham to be best characters (after thinking, I'm not crazy impressed with anyone in DR so far and especially DR2)

No. 149780

it was around the part where kaneki is tortured by yamori, juuzou shows up somewhere and there's a flashback

No. 149798

File: 1624604454740.jpg (329.15 KB, 1280x1920, jack-lost.jpg)

I read somewhere they initially planned to kill him off in the first season but then decided against it.

No. 149876

File: 1624637669948.jpeg (34.89 KB, 414x414, 60807F53-3084-475A-89B1-41A49E…)

Found out this wasn’t a women and now i despise him.

No. 149895

File: 1624643845542.jpg (140.27 KB, 1280x720, ash-lynx-banana-fish-eiji-okum…)

if only underage twitter users hadn't taken over the fandom, then maybe I would have had a different opinion on them

No. 149900

File: 1624644708330.jpg (306.9 KB, 800x1073, d9fkfbp-c49a63c4-d2c0-46c3-856…)

everyone in this show

No. 149915

File: 1624649217022.jpg (40.08 KB, 600x300, 481ff67613ca70496efa292666c1e0…)

I hate her and everyone who likes her, she's such a fucking libfem character
nothing more then peak capitalist bourgeois neo-liberal feminism, "you can totes be a feminist while conforming to patriarchal standards of beauty, In fact its more feminist to dress like a fuck doll then act like a working professional" "working in the Fashion Industry filled is also equal to being a doctor or lawyer"
Germaine Greer tried to warn us

No. 149921

I read the manga a few years before the anime and even then I was let down by the hype. It’s very overrated.

No. 149930

File: 1624653588074.png (531.04 KB, 800x445, Promare.png)

Lmao, I had the same experience with Lio in Promare. The movie was fine, but taking in all the promo material under the assumption that it was going to be Kamina vs. Cool Princely Shockingly Non-Sexualized Girl meant that I was sooooo let down by the actual character. Still mad tbh, though I'm happy for the fujos

No. 149951

oh my god anon me too!! Same happened with Yuri on ice where I thought it was going to be about ice skating lesbians lmao.

No. 149956

pathetic, all of you. i'm assuming so many nasty things in my head about you right now hehehe… keep seething

No. 149962

Anon you're replying to here and LOLLLLL I also did that with YoI! God, I was so excited – I loooove Sayo Yamamoto, and like, the idea of the woman who made Michiko to Hatchin doing an anime about women in the insanely charged world of female figure skating….I was so hyped, so immediately. I enjoyed YoI, but it definitely lives in the shadow of what I assumed it would be about, lol. Here's hoping we get our complex princely lesbian animes soon, anonita

No. 149967

best thing about illumi is that he’s an androgynous goddess zoomers and men won’t touch

No. 149974

Honestly I get it, it would have been nice to see representation of a GNC non-sexualized girl paired with a dreamboat guy, I don't think I've ever seen this type of pairing in mainstream media, is that too much ask
WTF is your problem

No. 149975

What the fuck did I do anon,I just wanted a creepy looking anime woman

No. 149983

It's probably the same anon in /ot/ who said yumejoshis are homophobic because they are not interested in m/m content, ignore her.

No. 149986

i don't go on /ot/. that board is fucking crazy in the least funny way. fujoshi and coomer men will continue to shit on your dreams forever

No. 149992

I mainly liked promare because fujo (actual plot didn’t do much for me) but holy shit I’d love to see a movie like what you described. Even when you see similar shit it’s always through the cool girl lenses (where’s it’s just a guy with boobs) as opposed to a GNC female character with some feminine aspects.

No. 150001

>associating with coomer men

No. 150008

File: 1624710902472.jpg (90.45 KB, 1000x563, sadlynotabutchgirl.jpg)

I understand you anon, I thought the mc of the new Megaten game was a cool girl with an androgynous style and was so disappointed when it was yet another boy.

No. 150009

makes me think that they made him look like that in a remake as a bait, people keep wanting to have fem mcs in smt /persona again

No. 150011

File: 1624713174586.jpeg (31.76 KB, 390x600, EEE9FB11-150D-4B25-8F54-ACC284…)

worse than mr big in my opinion, miranda deserved better

No. 150015

YES. I used to think Steve was great, but rewatching it like…I hate how much of his build-up with Miranda is him condescending to her and criticizing her? I know that it's supposed to be like, he gets her to chill out a little and become more flexible, which she does need, but also: fuck you Steve, Miranda has worked her ass off to become the incredibly impressive person she is, maybe bother to compliment her once in a while? Maybe it's b/c I/m older now and have known so many irl Steve/Mirandas where the woman is so blatantly out of the dude's league and he doesn't realize it, but the whole thing falls flat for me now, especially since he cheats on her. Miranda deals w/ pressures as a woman he could never imagine and he's just always lumbering in there to be like UHHHH MIRANDA WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE FLEXIBLLEEE LIKE MEEEE

Tbh Smith is the only truly great man in the bunch. I like Harry, but I gdit man stop watching the Mets game when Charlotte spent all day braiding challah.

No. 150023

hard agree on smith being the only truly great guy on the show. i was so fucking disappointed with samantha's ending, it was really weird and unexpected honestly. she ended up with the only guy who understood her and treated her right and then she just breaks up with him to fuck some guy because? what? they threw her character development out the window just to have something happen to her in the movies. still love her though.

No. 150159

What's worse is how characters in-story side with him. Like, oh miranda is a neurotic man hater so she's probably not being honest about her troubles, she's being too uncompromising. The man broke up with her for being too successful with her money and career and she was the one crying thinking she was an asshole when she avoided him after. Hounded her for a child a few weeks into the relationship. They were an endearing couple towards the end but the foundation layed for the viewer did it no favors. He's a manchild who demands all attention lest you be evilly unflexable. Somehow he's a longtime fan favorite.

No. 150189

File: 1624817263530.png (570.88 KB, 675x1048, finn-lis2.png)

This useless fucking stoner who thought it was ok to endanger a 10 y/o boy by taking him up against armed drug dealers because "b-b-but we can totally take the money before they notice bro!" I'm so glad this fucker died on my playthrough. The fandom only go nuts for him because he's "pansexual" (because no, he can't be a normie bisexual, he has to be on the high horse of "hearts not parts") and a canon optional love interest for Sean.

No. 150191

what game is this from??

No. 150192

please start reading filenames, anon

No. 150193

oh god im so stupid lmao thnx for pointing that out

No. 150197

Reese deserved better

No. 150198

I can only imagine how bad the new game is going to be.

No. 150205

Probably awful but I love narrative driven games and especially point-and-click type ones, so I'll still buy it. Dangling Steph from Before the Storm in front of older fans was a smart marketing move imo. But I'm still seething about the character trailer calling her queer.

No. 150224

Nail on the head here, anon. I like all 4 mains but I've always had a major soft spot for Miranda, and rewatching the series recently….I cannot believe how much Steve left me cold this time around. That fucking baby hounding, and the way he's introduced with the "say please" shit. Idk about the rest of you, but I first watched SATC at 13-16ish, and there is such a huge difference in how I responded to her arc then and how I do now as an adult. There are a lot of flights of fancy the show takes that I'm okay with, but I'm just way too aware now of how absolutely fucking awful Steve types are irl, and how totally justified Miranda's harder edges are. She should have ended up with the hot Knicks doctor or alone. Miranda is someone who could absolutely be happy by herself with her ESPN, British soaps, and giant political biographies.

No. 150239

great argument, but counterpoint he's hot and skinny and has tattoos

No. 150285

Anon I can smell him through the screen.

No. 151104

File: 1625425945531.jpg (45.83 KB, 476x595, lea.jpg)

such an obnoxious manic pixie character

No. 151130

I finished watching the show a few days ago and I couldn’t believe how awful it was. The entire time I was watching I kept thinking “maybe I should have just rewatched little witch academia instead”.

No. 151253

File: 1625510382513.png (149.74 KB, 253x395, ChloePriceLifeIsStrange.png)

BPD: The Character

No. 151295

File: 1625528670028.jpg (694.57 KB, 1102x1666, 2021-07-05_06-31-27.jpg)

Near was unbearable to watch for some reason

No. 151296