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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

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No. 74677

I know some vocafags are still out there, so let's have some nice, general vocaloid discussion here! There's a Western Vocaloid Community thread on /w/: >>71172 , but there isn't a thread for general vocaloid discussion as far as I'm aware so I hope this is okay.

>Who are your favourite composers?

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
>Any songs you'd like to share?

No. 74678

I'm a dumbass who doesn't know how to link correctly, Western Vocaloid Community thread here: >>>/w/74677

No. 74732

>Who are your favourite composers?
I always come back to Okame-P and Yuyoyuppe, I'm a sucker for angsty songs with vague but heartful lyrics that allude to tragedy. I used to like Utsu-P and I listen to a lot of other genres but things like Palette and Leia are my staple.

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?

I used to like the Kagamine twins back in the day, Rin especially because she tends to sound bright and sharp, but I was never one of those people who disliked Miku for being #1. Can't really say I remember any Vocaloid past 2012, there's just too many of them now and they didn't have enough of the same meme magic and intricate story PVs that made the previous characters memorable.

>Any songs you'd like to share?

"Existence" ft. LOLA by shu-t, found it while looking for proof LOLA and LEON could sound good. The GTA font and the fact LOLA's face looks like she came out of an Ace Attorney game makes me laugh.

No. 76127

>Who are your favourite composers?(+ songs)
takamatt(Tokio Funka, Fight for Pride)
Yunosuke(PaIII.Sensation, Scale Blaster(vid related)
emon(shake it!, Spinning & Turning)
nulut(Fixer, Proto Disco)
Harumaki Gohan(Melty Land Nightmare, This earth, for you)
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
v_flower, Kagamine Rin, SeeU, Gumi, Meiko i'm a wholoid fucker i like all of them even the irrelevant ones
>Any songs you'd like to share?
see above

No. 76130

File: 1582224200005.jpg (8.09 KB, 231x242, aefed45b1359c9bf410eb7cb5652be…)

Why do I only see this word when people are talking about loids who are sort of popular, but just don't get good merch or concerts?
Not hating, it just throws me off when there are actual no-content loids like Chika and Unity-chan that people in certain circles would pretend to like to look cool.

No. 76137

>Who are your favourite composers?
I love Jin, ishifuro, otetsu, pinocchio-p, deco*27 most

>Who are your favourite vocaloids?

IA, One, Luka, and Gumi!

>Any songs you'd like to share?

so many

No. 76138

No. 76139

but I'll stop at 3

No. 76144

I haven't been into Vocaloid anymore for many years, but every once in a while I come back to this song. It's so beautiful, I love it.

No. 76151

I live for fully/mostly animated vocaloid song PVs. You guys know any?

No. 76152

No. 76153

I agree with you! I dont think loids like Gumi/Meiko/Rin/Flower are whos either like some fans lol. Thing is I do like those irrelevant contentless loids, I like Rana more than Unity though cuz they're basically the same voice. Chika and Kokone are too generic/Gumi-like for even a wholoid fucker like me
Even SeeU was liked for a little. I wish there were more Korean loids

No. 76154

favorite producers will always be hachi and pinocchioP (mushroom mother and common world domination are TOP TIER). miku always has the catchiest songs imo, but i like luka and gumi's voice banks best.

sage for blogpost but happy synthesizer weirdly makes me sad because it is basically the entirety of ninth grade for me. reminds me of when i used to cosplay as vocaloid characters at cons and do the dances, including this one which still have embedded in muscle memory. and this song makes me miss when the nnd dance videos would get uploaded to yt without being taken down! even though it was the same 5 or 6 dances i loved seeing everyone's outfits and the locations. apricot was my favorite uploader

No. 76156

oh my god, the 踊ってみた community brings back so many memories. i love apricot too, she always had the best fashion sense. i still watch every single one of miume's videos even if they're blogs that i don't understand because she's just so inspirational.

i miss being into learning the weeb dance covers because they were actually really good exercise!!

No. 76169

>Who are your favourite composers
>Who are your favourite vocaloids?
Kaito and Meiko, also dig Gakupo, Luka and the Kagamines guess I just like the adultloids in general lol
>Any songs you'd like to share?
This is probably my favourite use of Kaito ever

No. 76198

>Who are your favorite producers
Longtime fan of AVTechnO!, ATOLS, recently really started appreciating Pinocchio-P.
>Who are your favorite Vocaloids
IA, Luka, Gakupo's a big favorite but it's hard to find decent usage of him, especially lately.
>Any songs you'd like to share?
I rediscovered this song a while back. Something about the music video is captivating.

No. 76312

PinocchioP is by far my favorite. Even if I don't like the music I love his lyrics, it's always so…. I don't know how to explain it but it's a mix of nostalgia/sadness/hopefulness ? The lyrics for Zero are probably my fave. I love Mei Mei, Apple dot com, What's inside and Nobody Makes Sense.

Kikuo is really hit or miss but it's always an….. interesting song. Recently I really liked Batsu Neko.

Overall my favorite vocaloid song is Mozaik Role but it's the only Deco27 song I like with Ghost rule. I also usually like CrusherP and her remix of Ghost Rule is superior.

>Fav vocaloid

probably Gumi ? I don't really care to be fair it depends on the tuning. But Rin's voice is sometimes too high / shrilling for me.

>song recommendation

Trash and trash by Kurage P ! Really fun and upbeat song with that angsty vocaloid touch at the end. Not super popular and I really like Rin in this one.

No. 76320

>it's the only Deco27 song I like

No. 76322

No. 76390

anon I really tried ! I've listened to a lot of his songs but nothing really stood out.

Oh and I completely forgot to talk about something that's really interesting in the vocaloid community imo.
On youtube there are some songs you can only find if they are recommended to you since they don't have a title or anything. The songs are in the same style as Koronba (A Sardine Grows from the Soil for example) and I think it's for respect for him that the videos have no name or producer since he completely disappeared a few years ago.
Anyways, I really like this style, the song I linked is a little different because it has a producer with a channel and a twitter account but usually you really can't find who made the song.

No. 76798

Holy shit why has cosmo@busou P's stuff been so garbage lately? It sounds like mid 2000s incomprehensible noise.

No. 76910

>anything other than 2000s incomprensible noise since ever
that's literally his style anon. but yeah i don't literally understand how he has got a following imo his music is really hard to listen to.

No. 76912

he made one good song in like 2010, and the rest is history.
definitely not the worst shit i've ever heard, but it feels like his skill with vocaloid hasn't improved much despite being in the business for a while.

No. 76980

I thought his Halloween song was pretty alright. Not something I'd listen to a lot, but it at least had some kind of structure.

It's almost embarrassing how stagnate he is. Especially considering he seems to take this pretty seriously. At least other artists improve their sound, not just their budget.

No. 77090

Speaking of noise, does anyone actually LIKE Omoi? This tuning is more grating on my ears than anything Ryo ever made… And it's half as charming. Don't get me started on the song he made for Magical Mirai.

No. 77099

I kind of like Show me your Everything! but that song's tuning is even worse, lol(especially Gumi)

No. 77236

Fucking yikes, IA and Gumi do not benefit at all from singing at that register. They all sound like they're about to pass out.

No. 77261

>pass out
i hate faggots like you.

No. 77310

Care to explain, baby man, or are you upset that somebody doesn't like these screechy-voiced anime girls?

No. 77339

Do you have any advice on what to do if the English subtitles on an artist's videos are wrong/full of mistakes? They've already been submitted and accepted, but the artist doesn't seem to know English very well.

Should I contact them and offer to redo them? Or should I just post my translation in the comments?

(I'm not looking for any kind of clout or recognition. I just want to help their work be appreciated for the actual lyrics they intended.)

No. 77458

>Who are your favourite composers?
>Any songs you'd like to share?
Inaba Kumori has a really strong first album, and their latest song "Secret Elementary School Student" is probably one of my favorites of all time. Would recommend to anyone.

Agreed, that song is a nightmare

Maybe contact Damesukekun? He usually has jurisdiction on that sort of stuff https://vocaloid.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Damesukekun/Song_Translating_and_Mistranslating

No. 77460

>site is for women
no it's just particularly cringy when people act like voice banks are people.

No. 77483

Wow, so cringy to compare the quality and tuning of a synthesized human voice to an actual human voice. It's not like one is designed to be the substitute for the other.
What a bizarrely specific thing to get so fucking uptight about. I can assure you nobody here is so retarded as you as to think we're talking about real people and not a program.

No. 77493

Taking things way too literally is a sign of autism

No. 77516

damesukekun left the fandom last year so no dice. just try messaging the producer and see what they say >>77339

No. 77554


Thank you! I'll message the producer on twitter and see if they want to do anything about it or just leave it as is.

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