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File: 1570723241992.jpg (70.73 KB, 800x600, 1570719602697.jpg)

No. 55821

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

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No. 55832

there was tough competition for that thread picture and I’m only disappointed because I’m tired of seeing bts’ dumb faces. You did ur best anon.

No. 55846

File: 1570727553419.png (309.57 KB, 540x710, taeyeon.png)

legit thought this was taylor swift wtf

No. 55847

agreed. i wanted to volunteer a pic of the SuperM guys looking like even more lesbian Gackt and Sparkly Onision, and a really humiliating picture of both as an before and after, lol.

The whole genuine friendship I see in BP is Rose's and Lisa's. Those two seem to care about each other.
Jisoo as other anons mentioned, while kind, doesn't have a backbone and is Jennie's follower. She also is vanity obssessed and isn't as down to earth because of the 'visual positioning'.
Lisa is Thai in a xenophobic culture, the only person that seems to treat her kindly and looks past that, is Rose due to being Aussie(was Asian in a white country, that's an 'island' and has a lot more diversity).
Lisa came to YG speaking only Thai and English, didn't know shit about Korean and everyone was forced to only speak Korean to her, or they would get punished.

No. 55848

Come on anon bts again?
There were so much thread worthy pics in that thread and you chose this..
oh well lemme me guess bts pic will be in the nest thread too and in the next next next thread after…

No. 55849

(same fag)
or even that anon(s) comments on all of BTS and other boy groups, a hommage/collage to it as a meme or gif of sorts, lol.
here they are>>>>


No. 55851

Gackt when he isnt impersonating a drag queen, looks like David Bowie in a way, lol.

No. 55852

i dont know much about lisa's backstory but did she use to be a kboo before debuting?

No. 55853

nta but how about instead of complaining you step up and make the thread next time then? simple solution and doesnt clog up a fresh thread with whining.

No. 55854

File: 1570729085156.png (3.05 MB, 1156x1436, taeunnie.png)

I havent been following snsd in a long time.
So when i saw how taeyeon looks like she has a new face i was surprised.
It looks like she is obsessed with plastic surgery just like her (ex)boyfriend.

No. 55855

File: 1570729157932.jpg (15.53 KB, 292x345, med_gallery_41322_1720_147507-…)

This is how she looked when she only had minor surgery,before she want overboard with it.

No. 55856

ot/meta but should we start using “/s” a la Reddit for the unsupervised 12 year olds in these threads who take the most off the wall jokes at face value? Or just continue to mock them

No. 55857

hands down the saddest plastic surgery mistake for me
most newer idols get the surgeries immediately after debuting, but taeyeon held out for a long time and was considered one of the most naturally attractive idols so it made it more shocking when she started with the fillers and then she just kept going

No. 55858

Just continue to mock them lmao

No. 55859

File: 1570729687029.jpg (92.04 KB, 1024x768, MuOkHPL.jpg)

Tats be real?

No. 55860

I vote for mock, so long as it doesnt cause clutter and derailing

No. 55861

how many times are yall going to post the same exact pictures? pay attention

No. 55862

File: 1570729880802.gif (1.89 MB, 268x345, original.gif)

Its kind of sad how she ruined her face,now she looks weird when she laughs
This was posted a couple of times in the previous thread,stop spamming.

No. 55863

>>55862 Taeyeon has bunny lines for someone so young. You can tell if someone is a frequent Botox user if they get crinkly nose wrinkles that appear as a side effect of paralyzing their face with Botox.


No. 55864

nta, i can't do it due to an inability issue. so i wanted to contribute in the ways i can.

the way her face contorts when laughing, reminds me of a hyena, or lemur from the ice age.

No. 55865

File: 1570730928577.jpg (18.68 KB, 300x300, vcirBzN.jpg)


It's a telltale sign of Botox usage

No. 55867

please tell me that can happen naturally, because I find that actually really hot

No. 55868

nose crinkles are very rare naturally

No. 55871

I blame looney toons for making Lola Bunny so hot…
how old is she?

No. 55872

30 i think

No. 55873

she was pretty, even before the plastic surgery…

No. 55875

She is 30
Nose crinkles and bunny lines are more common than you think, ive had them since i was 10.
But yeah there is a difference between ones caused by botox/fillers and ones that we naturally have.

Also i dont know why you are all focused on bunny lines when her whole face looks different.

No. 55877

File: 1570731808514.jpg (984.38 KB, 245x245, ObnDe30.jpg)

>>55867 Taeyeon didn't use to have them when smiling so it's prob not a natural wrinkle line caused by longterm smiling

No. 55878

File: 1570731906007.gif (488.96 KB, 250x219, fItYi.gif)

she was one of my first idol girl crushes back in the day but thats long gone now :/

it really sucks that plastic surgery feels almost mandatory in the entertainment industry so much that even people who are perfectly pretty or cute before cant let themselves age normally

No. 55879

slimmed out the jawline for a more 'eggshape', the lower lip is I think the same, upper lip slimmed for a heart-like shape. nose slimmed and contoured protruding. eyes opened and pinched at the ends for a more alluring shape, eyebrows maybe not fixed with surgery to be defined. but definitely bleached and plucked to a certain shape.
and some more makeup for the 'finished look'. alongside the typical skin bleaching with either mercury or glutamine pills, maybe.

No. 55880

It happens to everyone in the idol industry that they gotta fix flaws or be called old because their target audience are tweens and teens who cant relate to anyone who looks or acts over 30.

No. 55881

everything looks accurate, but the second picture below shows she actually made her lips plumped up.

No. 55882

>>55879 Mercury pills for skin bleaching? Doesnt that kill you or your future kids lmao

No. 55884

nearly every single skin bleaching product has unsafe amounts of mercury, and yes, it kills the person using it and their kids, slowly.

No. 55885

I doubt that they use mercury in Korean skincare. India maybe but Koreans just do a vitamin C IV drip (they do IV drips in Korea even when they arent sick) or stuff like azelaic acid, hydroquinone or vitamin c serum?

No. 55886

File: 1570732531482.jpg (247.12 KB, 571x417, cinderella-whitening-injection…)

There are alot of skin whitening brand in korea and they even add some skin whitening ingredients in skincare.
I highly doubt all of it is toxic, since alot of people are using it.

Still bad since it promotes colorism and a false idea of a person being lighter than they actually are.

No. 55887

they do. I meant to refer to those who don't have that luxury, such as start up companies not part of the big 3/4.

No. 55888

>>55884 How come no Kpop star has died of mercury poisoning yet? It takes a very very small amount.

No. 55889

rumors say, it might have happened to those missing Momoland girls and a few trainees who didn't debut.

No. 55890

>>55889 lmao what a load of horseshit. You're saying Daisy and Taeha died?

Most mercury tainted products are from India or Philippines where people are poor as fuck but worship light skin.

No. 55891

kek anon

No. 55892

it's just rumors. even then, their company hasnt released a statement in 8 months that one of their mothers had to go online about it. so I doubt their in contact with their family, but that's all just speculation

No. 55893

>>55890 it's likelier that Daisy got pregnant with that Winner or Ikon boyband member she dated kek nobody cares so she shouldve just quit like Yulhee

The worse bit was that her company confirmed the dating news and YG denied it making her/them look like fools.

No. 55894

Anon stop with your conspiracy theories.
They sell whitening creams at almost every drugstore, an all of them are safe.

There are also injections,which im sure idols do from time to time if they have a really noticeable tan.

No. 55895

what about the other girl? the likely hood of them getting pregnant at the same time is slim, and I never really paid attention to Momoland.

No. 55896

File: 1570733622507.jpg (77.32 KB, 620x350, ikons-yunhyeong-daisy-momoland…)

She is dating Ikon Yunhyeong.


Since 99% of their fanbase is male maybe her company put her on hiatus as punishment or maybe they kicked her out.

No. 55897

No. 55898

you're right; koreans tends to use vitamin c along with kojic acid and lactic acid. mercury is more commonly found in sea skin lighting products. it sad that they are pumping their veins full of crap and using so many serums to become lighter when fansites already shoop them to be paper pale.

No. 55900

>>55896 Nancy was dating another boyband member too so it cant be just a dating punishment m Momoland's mgmt seem bad and authoritarian, I think the group has flopped in Korea so they are sent to promote in Phillipines now? This is gonna end up a tragedy.

No. 55901

the numbers of harassment idols go through…
i remember reading an article where a 'fangirl' when they were at the airport. kept squeezing GD's ass and he didn't even flinch.

No. 55902

I think their company cut Daisy and Taeha because they are the least popular and least attractive members.

No. 55903

im definitely interested in knowing what happened to daisy, since her mom is being hysterical all over the internet recently

taeha not so much because shes posting selfies and shit like everythings fine even though she looks really ana now

No. 55904

I saw the footage of it a while back, cant find it right now though. I think she gave it a good smack too…gross asf…

No. 55906

these molestor fangirls should be dropped on a planet with pervy old dudes away from the rest of society.

No. 55907

Maybe they forced her to get her ears pinned back and it was botched. Seriously tho it's funny how plastic surgery is uber common in Kpop but Daisy didn't get an otoplasty.

No. 55908

lol for real? i remember her being the heaviest one

No. 55909

daisys mom deleted her instagram this week too so now theres no way of knowing anything so some fans are freaking out lmao
what a mess glad i wasnt a fan

No. 55910

i thought it was Taeyeon who got molested at the airport(she obviously still does), but she was crying and apologizing to her 'fans' for her 'dating scandel'
i think it was an actress who broke down crying due to the harassment, the next time an article was made, she was seen with 5 or so bodyguards as a human shield.

No. 55911

File: 1570735881881.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 05.gif)

Jk was even bowing, I guess he's extra careful and polite now.

Kudos to everybody who doesn't freak at getting touched everywhere by random strangers

That video of her is hard to watch, she was without a bodyguard and panicking hard. She even fell because they behaved like absolute animals.

No. 55912

Apparently the one who took this video is a major stalker but it’s not like she's the only one.

No. 55914

Jk and that woman…I hate those 'fans' so much…
and dont get me started on that fan who threw fan letters at Jennie the moment she sat in the car, it almost hit her in the face, even if Jennie's a bitch. just, wtf…

No. 55916

Ex sm trainee Stella Kim who almost debuted with SNSD talks about how:
-Every week they had profile filming's where they would tell you at what angles you look ugly.
-They would scale weigh them and the ''heavier'' girls would be humiliated in-front of everybody.
-Her dermatologist kept recommending her plastic surgery and fillers.
-Felt pressured because other girls were getting procedures done.
-Developed a eating disorder.
-Says her friends who are still in the kpop industry have self image issues.

and then you all wonder why taeyeon had so much plastic surgery….

No. 55917

^^ Ex yg trainee to add onto anon

MAYDON had entered YG Entertainment during its first stages, meaning that she had a lot of juniors. She brings up one specific trainee who would never greet her, so she decided to take the initiative and greet her first. Yang Hyun Suk was not happy with this and asked her,

How can you be the first to approach and greet them?

She recalls a time when she was 16 and was put by the company to stay at a hotel with senior artists. Even though she was a minor, they had no problem drinking in front of her the entire night. She recalls that one of the artists said to her,

I wish you can grow up already so that you can go clubbing with us.

She also claims that her older sister had auditioned for YG Entertainment as well. Yang Hyun Suk had told her that her sister was prettier and more talented than her and recruited her as a trainee. When she started training, however, he would constantly ignore her despite how energetically she greeted him. Their mother begged Yang Hyun Suk to return the greeting, but he pretended to be clueless.

MAYDONI also reveals that YG treats trainees who come from rich families differently. Rich parents would send gifts to YG and in turn, he would treat them differently. He would give them additional training and lessons and overall treat them better.

She says that knowing this was going on, she couldn’t hold on anymore. Her chances of debuting as 2NE1 member were high, but she says she doesn’t regret leaving YG Entertainment.


(Jennie, was definately favored because of her rich mother.)

No. 55918

wasnt stella kind of a cow who used to be an attention whore with a podcast where she made up stuff all the time?
or am i thinking about somebody else who was a trainee with the snsd girls around that time

No. 55919

File: 1570736568396.jpeg (48.36 KB, 750x322, 0A132DAA-F0F3-4338-A748-EFDC94…)


>[Jessica] is currently preparing to publish her first YA fiction novel 'Shine' based on her experiences as a K-pop star.

> Shine is also set to go on screen with the help of director Matt Kaplan, who worked on 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'.

In theory this could be milky but it’s probably just a feel good YA novel with a ghost writer. Korea is sue happy so it can’t be anything negative.

No. 55920

nothing wrong with a ghost writer though. she probably just gave the writer all her past experiences and asked to write a book on it. if anything, the ghost writer is a better option and it's not like they'll have the fake on them. plus, all Jessica most likely has in her head is just singing and dancing routines due to how strict those contracts are.

Like how AOA seolhyun and jimin were treated…

No. 55921

Man they should make all Kpop fans watch this before they claim their faves are natural. Even BTS look super Botoxed and fillered but their fans will deny everything. Fillers stretch your skin out and cause it to sag prematurely so think of what years of fillers will do.

No. 55922

You are probably thinking of somebody else.
There was 4+ girls who almost debuted with snsd.
Do you know that one of the t-ara members also was a snsd trainee? Shocking i know.

No. 55923

i know we shit a lot on ikon’s looks in these threads but wow how could he stoop so low

she legit looks deformed

No. 55924

whats the tea on those two? i knew that the managers treated chanmi really badly and thats why shes ana now but i didnt know about jimin and seolhyun

yes soyeon
man i wish lolcow was a thing back when t-ara was at their height of fame
2011-2013 were INSANE with them and it was fun keeping up with it but unfortunately i was on 4chan at the time because nobody else was going as in depth talking about it and watching it all burn down

No. 55925

She's pretty her ears just stick out

No. 55926

I think so. There definitely was one girl who wouldn't shut up about "almost" making it into SNSD…

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but as much as the harsh dieting and ps is bad, I don't think being heavier and natural is better for idol's mental health. At least most SM idols (minus Suju) don't get shit on for for their looks, meanwhile e.g. 2ne1 was bullied (also by YG himself) for being fat and ugly throuhout their career. Or that one girl in Itzy who get's called hideous 24/7, she will also bend to the pressure of her "fans" bullying and get her face redone.

In the end there hasn't been a single idol who didn't end up losing any excess weight they had and getting ps, no matter whether their company enforces it or not.

No. 55927

she looks like a horny chimp and an offspring of king kong

No. 55928

File: 1570737539870.jpeg (614.46 KB, 1280x1920, 7E4F81A6-5210-415C-A6BB-FD40BC…)

No. 55929

she looks like irenes basement sister

No. 55930

well shit.
Blackpink's Rose and her definitely share the same plastic surgeon

No. 55931

kek don’t do rose that dirty, she’s still kind of pretty in a plastic/barbie kind of way

daisy just looks like a deformed chimp

No. 55932

I was thinking this too.. isn't one of her eyes 1 inch higher than the other? Ive always noticed it but idk if anyone else did

No. 55933

that's because Rose saved up a shit ton of money from group promos to go to the same surgeon as Jennie's, lol.
Her original face was so beautiful.

No. 55934

File: 1570738040382.jpg (13.48 KB, 236x354, bLUu8Dr.jpg)

Pls Momoland have a worse member who looks like Jungkook's emo gf

No. 55935

File: 1570738156459.jpg (105.36 KB, 250x250, CE4RXmJ.jpg)

No. 55936

File: 1570738165013.jpeg (201.91 KB, 1600x1200, 642DA81B-0ED7-4826-85E5-09C72A…)

no one looks worse than daisy

No. 55937

those high cheekbones and eyes give off GD nuances

No. 55938

that face and hair, modern-day female 'Toyotomi Hideyoshi'=Gorilla-girl.

No. 55939

>>55936 She needs an otoplasty as a matter of human rights. Her fans should start a gofundme

No. 55940

her left eye is like 1 cm higher than the other and that can't happen from botched plastic surgery, so she was probably just born like that

No. 55941

calm down uggo, she looks good

No. 55942

File: 1570738383155.jpg (73.87 KB, 612x612, 8724273234_e357cc78ca_z.jpg)

she looks like panic pete

No. 55943

File: 1570738418837.jpg (76.52 KB, 640x640, 52578705_120852579017314_81002…)

Imo nobody beats those two

No. 55944

Calm down Jungkook kek

No. 55945

the one on the left is pretty bad by idol standards, but the one on the right seems ok to me

No. 55948

well, her face is permanently stuck like that due to all the plastic.

Left looks like a Chinese knockoff, right looks like the advertisement.

there's a reason the right ended up in super pretty diamonds and tiara Izone.

No. 55949

File: 1570738725828.jpg (82.83 KB, 1200x1200, D0IsksIVYAAIWFV.jpg)

That's because of the filter, she looks honestly bad

No. 55950

File: 1570738780308.gif (1.89 MB, 268x300, original.gif)

I wish yg was not a sexist company who only forced female idols to get surgery because Bobby is in some serious need of plastic surgery.
It also doesnt help that he has a douchebag personality with a punch-able face

No. 55951

looks like a genuine beauty like predebut Rose, rip.

No. 55952

I would be surprised if the Chae sisters didn't get any surgery within 5 years with all the criticism they get from Knetz and Inetz

No. 55953

idk she just has a unique look to me shrugs
she definitely doesnt fit korean idol standards though so it makes sense she gets crapped on for her looks bnut i think its a hyoyeon type situation
shes not deformed or completely hideos or anything

No. 55955

no amount of surgery will fix a punch-able ratmon face.


No. 55956

Exactly. Bobby also doesn't need surgery he's a rapper. Why do people want Kpop idols to look the same as each other.

No. 55957

Omg she does! Better skin and styling cause she’s an idol but still

No. 55958

the girl is in the exact middle, pretty enough to be an idol, ugly enough to make average people annoyed.
poor girl is stuck in a paradox.

No. 55959

(same fag)
like of like Hyuna's face, even after the plastic she had shoved in there that was polluting the ocean. excluding her being very sexual.

No. 55960

trust me. we know you're a samefag. learn to sage.

No. 55962

the chae sisters have already gotten surgery, if you've followed them since their first reality show then you'd see. They both got eye surgery and nose surgery.

No. 55963

File: 1570739492088.jpg (69.05 KB, 750x750, e2e965369e907aa585eb9d8315c9c2…)

Lmao bobby is in a idol group, you are acting like he is some talented underground rapper.
If oppar doesnt want to be criticized he shouldn't have joined a idol group. And the sides you've probably criticized another kpop idol here too making you a hypocrite.
Girls like Yeji (pictured) who are unique looking are considered in that paradox, not Chearyeong or Lia who are considered ugly by the general public.

No. 55964

>>55962 lost cause kek

No. 55965

No. 55966

good point. she reminds me of bratz doll 8 year old 'i'm not like other girls' rip the heads off of.

No. 55968

yejis "uniqueness" is literally just that she has fucking monolids which is NORMAL in the korean phenotype, kek

No. 55969


I hope most kpop fans and people in general arent defending this mindset. "respecting the culture" is not the same as telling women from another country, esp staff to cover up because they're going to an assbackwards place. BTS really sucks even more now that they are playing there.

No. 55970

He looks like a serious piece of shit who you can tell has no respect for women and uses them for his own gain.

No. 55971

the korean public forgets that being normal=being unique.

No. 55972

i’ve never seen any mean comments directed at yeji, only praise. kind of like seulgi, they both have that androgynous girl crush vibe. unique enough to garner positive attention but not experimental enough to cause backlash.

No. 55973

have knets actually discussed about how she was "kinda ugly"? All i ever read from farmers is how they like her unique lewk me too and hope she doesnt get surgery, but i havent seen actual comments from knets saying her face is unfortunate looking

No. 55974

No, they like her a lot

No. 55975

I know this is kpop crit and i dont consider myself a ratmy, but i do like BTS' songs from time to time. Is it really so hard to treat them like human beings and be respectful of someone's personal space? It boggles my mind to see people who treat idols (male or female) like objects and pieces of meat.

Damn, that's freakin awful. I dont even like GD , but no one deserves to be treated like that.

No. 55976

yes, exactly like seulgi.
pretty enough by idol standards, sincere/normal enough to attract attention from guys and girls, and good dance moves too.
I think on idol room, her dancing was compared to Kai.

'Chaeyeon' is like the daesung of the group.

No. 55977

File: 1570740169202.jpg (560.19 KB, 3072x3072, rtos2dpn9yd31.jpg)

If there is ever a korean remake of Cinderella and they need cast for the ugly step-sisters they always know who to call…

No. 55978

yup, happens all the time too.

No. 55980

im more concerned with the botched eyelid surgery on the one on the right ugh
she might have been a lot prettier without that shitty hack job

No. 55981

>>55970 Did Bobby do smth to women or is this one of those "physiognomy is a science" takes?

No. 55982

File: 1570740382745.jpg (69.35 KB, 640x960, b0c846fe9b58bcf7648991cd15a915…)

I'm the same age as Johnny, but god, he looks like a pedo next to the other members. Who thought that a group with such insane age differences was a good idea? A grownass man with a bunch of little boys is bound to look weird af…

No. 55984

or even the 3 witches in Macbeth

he has yhs eyes…take them out of his yhs mouth…

No. 55985

this was actually a tactic western groups used to use to appeal to pedos
having boys of different ages in one group especially using brothers etc
back in the 70s and 80s they would do that so they could cover all the bases for the preferred age groups to make more money

No. 55986

before you know it, he's gonna dress up in a purple dinosaur costume and take everyone on a 'playdate'

No. 55988

This is so creepy

No. 55990

Someone made a similar comment abt Suga several threads back and tbh I’m waiting on that milk still.

No. 55992

She said that he ''LOOKS'' like someone that would do that,NOT that he did that.
Learn how to read anons.

No. 55993

File: 1570740961457.jpeg (65.82 KB, 564x752, E96483F0-8EB0-4CAF-B757-17FFD9…)

someone in the last thread mentioned jennie as the third one

No. 55994

My comment regarding suga chan still stands, retard.

No. 55995

Ok dyslexic retard.

No. 55996

that would be this anon
does anyone want to take a tally on who would be part of that 3?

No. 55997

Tbh i hate it when Koreans go PhYsIoGnOmY iS sCiEnCe because scum like Yoochun, Kim Hyun Joong or Clara never get called out for their shit because they are conventionally attractive. Also because it started as racist scientific studies to say blacks had lower IQ and resemble gorillas

No. 55998

no this isn't a kpg circlejerk

No. 55999

Her makeup makes her look creepy as hell.

No. 56000

koreans just want to continue to be delulu, not surprising

No. 56001

File: 1570741663547.jpg (60.76 KB, 720x378, unnamed.jpg)

Anon are you ok? Yoochun is ugly and the last time he was considered good looking was 10 years ago. Also who is Clara?

No. 56002

Isn't that the same as saying Bobby looks like someone who uses women Inetz lmao… I don't give a fuck about YG groups but Inetz aren't so woke too

No. 56003

>>56001 Before Yoochun became a druggie he was considered handsome enough to make the jump into acting and his dramas were more successful than other idols which is why nobody suspected how messed up he was. He pissed it all away.

No. 56004

not everyone can always be full of big dick energy, it has to go flaccid like a jellyfish sometimes anon

he pissed it into his mouth and the wrong people, he better go to prison, where he will most likely be epstein-ed :/

No. 56005

can we run through what he did? i’m kind of out of the loop with this drama

No. 56006

File: 1570741990242.jpg (52.59 KB, 1000x586, Kim-Hyun-Joong.jpg)

Samefag here, Kim hyun joong also looks like shit these past years so this is more of a case of double standard sexism and how people are more forgiving towards men and blame the female victims. There are still women defending seungri.

No. 56007

Clara is the "actress"/sexy It girl who made up a lie and sued her CEO sexually harrassing her but it turned out she sent the CEO bikini pics and heart emojis kek



No. 56008

he was part of the Burning Sun, and the golden phone chat. You can fill in the blanks, since he was outed for being stupid.

rumored to be cocaine based on the condition of his calves at the time and balding head.

on a funnier note, he looks like 'Balloony' from Phineas and Ferb. Shove him into a jail cell before he files away~

No. 56009

Clara is one of those IG baddies who literally fashioned a career out of a sexy baseball first pitch throw. She can't sing or act but she's famous for being hot. Koreans fawn over how pretty she is even though she's been revealed as a huge bitch.

No. 56010

I checked out her insta and she only gets 4k-10k likes on her posts despite having over a million followers.
I guess she buys her followers lol because there are people with 100k followers who have more likes than her.

No. 56011

she had everything but the momager kim-k has, just a head full of Chanel.

No. 56012

Jesus Yoochun should be the face of Korean anti-drug campaigns. Did he do meth he looks so gone

No. 56013

File: 1570743589980.jpg (37.12 KB, 750x360, 4yiula0.jpg)

>>56008 Do people inject drugs into calves?! Wtf

No. 56014

He looks 65

No. 56015

omg spoiler this shit anon

No. 56016

File: 1570743824901.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.2 KB, 352x550, 143779665-352-k586546.jpg)

it was karma showing up as 'The Pratchett Couples Syndrome'.

as i said, he's stupid.


No. 56017

No. 56018

yup, he was already outed, so there was no point in hiding his legs at that point.

No. 56019

I feel bad for some of the x1 members.

Theres no hope for the ones in up10tion,viction,and uniq.
Theyll still be nugu groups even with an X1 member.

Atleast they get to experience actual idol fame for a few years.

Like…i wouldnt even want to go back to my original entertainment or group.The kpop industry moves fast af,and some other trending idol will replace you.

No. 56020

People tend to forget he sexually assaulted women. One of them was a prostitute who he tried to fuck in a toilet for free because he didn't want to pay for her services. Scum

No. 56021


Does anyone know if BY9 is actually going to be a thing? Last i heard all of the proposed members’ companies agreed except one?

No. 56022

Up10tion is such a dumb name kek

No. 56026

i'm not surprised…but i didn't know he tried to fuck a person in the bathroom.
now, i know korea likes toilet humor, but i was mostly pissed about jyp the other day, since molkas are common in public bathrooms…and he was shamelessly using that cultural humor as coverup to be part of his 'wacky uncle' persona…

No. 56030

Anon you posted the same thing three times and you've been doing the same thing in previous threads. Learn how to delete

No. 56031

No. 56032


why do so many incels have a bathroom fetish and are incels? jfc…
i want my magic satchel full of bleach back…pass it to me…

No. 56033

File: 1570745903043.jpg (414.65 KB, 886x1732, 20191010_181534.jpg)

They decided to cancel by9 even with all the hype.But apparantly theyre still discussing it?Idek.
I doubt it will happen.

Now fans are just trying to get the companies attention.Its kinda sad and dumb lol.

No. 56034

I think it's more internal company pressure than outside pressure. Most of the time when you see interviews on variety shows, idols will often say their company has been pressuring for this or that procedure. I imagine its the same for actors.

No. 56035

chae sister in itzy wouldnt do anything drastic because their sister group is known for being quite natural/fillers and botox. If she did anything more to her nose it would be so obvious right away. both of them already got minor nose surgeries after Sixteen.

No. 56036

that's what they said about blackpink
anything drqastic done is gonna be told off as puberty as weight loss, like always.

No. 56038

veins are veins

No. 56039

History always repeats itself kek. Which BTS, GOT7 or EXO member do you lot think will be the Yoochun, Seungri or KHJ of 3rd gen idols?

Fame and wealth change people..

No. 56041

>>56039 Ratmon is a huge perv. Watch a lot of porn, phone addict, wannabe fuckboi rap lyrics etc

No. 56042

No. 56043

I think they’ll disappear before the do anything controversial. Might finally enjoy a normal life

No. 56044

Sadly none of those groups you mentioned will ever get exposed because they are from big companies. All these people who you see getting exposed are nobodies who dont have someone to back them up (seungri being the rare exception)
This seems like some femcel shit,all male idols watch porn.

No. 56045

All men watch porn

No. 56046

File: 1570749183768.gif (2.77 MB, 500x430, f8Yftx3.gif)

If the suju members havent been exposed despite half of them being creeps then no one in sm will sadly. Seems like sm has alot of power to silence people and silence.
Leeteuk is a creep who went after underage girls, and im pretty sure that he took advantage of some vulnerable girls by using his status.

And notice how the chanyeol,zico thing has completely died down..? Strange right,it was a uproar for a couple of days and people started questioning chanyeols relationship with Jung Joon-young and then suddenly it stooped.

No. 56047

Apparently she's dating S.Coups.

No. 56048

Chanyeol def gives off scummy vibes

No. 56049

don't forget about yhs, not just 'The Great Seunscumfag'.
i think it's already a given, but jyp most definitely ratted out the rat.

most likely, since sm was once held at gunpoint by interpol as an anon mentioned.

sm wanted to be famous in the west, jyp famous in the east. and then there's bighit who's the wildflower. sm and jyp are tolerating each other because their priorities at at different angles currently. like the relationship between a wolf and crow. sm was dominating japan(east-boa, etc-), when jyp was trying to hit america(west-wondergirls)

No. 56050

File: 1570749557888.jpg (181.06 KB, 675x1200, DcezqU9VwAA50pa.jpg)

Its funny because before Jung Joon-young got exposed in that metoo scandal exo'ls used to talk about how they are best friends but now that Jung Joon-young has been outed exo'l are pretending that chanyeol and Jung Joon-young barely know each other LOL

No. 56051

oh, and if i remember correctly, jyp was once a sm trainee.

i want his dick up his own ass where it belongs instead of other peoples, little fucker.

No. 56052

I hope that he's just very dumb and not actually part of this

No. 56053

All men watch it, I do too, but he's gotta be addicted to porn if BTS members outed him for downloading porn on Yaman TV. When Seungri was outed for Burning Sun people dug up old footage of Bigbang calling out his porn consumption and Ikon saying that they found an extensively curated porn hard drive in the dorms labelled "Seungri" on Knowing Bros lmao

No. 56055

File: 1570749815594.jpg (173.38 KB, 534x712, FB_IMG_15707493553698817.jpg)

They already had stuff done

No. 56056

then there's the possibility of a new big three, being:
RBW/WA, Bighit, and Source Music
there's a really big power struggle going on, since there's also groups like Dreamcatcher, Loona, and G-Idol

No. 56058

It's always the ones with the most punchable faces. And Seungri and his 2 TB of molka porn, yikes. If Yoochun likes bathrooms, tf is Ratmon into?

god dammit.

No. 56059

File: 1570750154968.jpg (32.78 KB, 500x351, zico.jpg)

When this burning scandal came up i thought this ugly rat zico was going down with all of them but he ended up getting lucky i guess. Especially with how bribed the police was.
Anon you are reaching so badly,seungri being exposed over a hundred of times for that is not comparable to the rat attic ratmon once mentioning porn especially since they were talking about 18+ stuff the whole show.

No. 56060

Normal rappers constantly talk about fucking women, saying he loves porn is the most "badass" thing that ratmon can brag about

>Dreamcatcher, Loona
They're completely irrelevant anon. Jyp and sm will always be part of the big 3, and yg has already been replaced by bighit

My (unrealistic) dream would be seolhyun exposing him. Her career suffered so much because of him and god knows what she witnessed

No. 56061

Loona, G-idle (i always see idle like wtf lazybums), Dreamcatcher are never gonna hit it big no matter how much fake hype they get.

Loona is hyperedited and look ugly/plastic irl. Their main producer quit and they look a mess.

Dreamcatcher has no Korean fanbase.

G-idle is the worst. They suck on Queendom and the girls look clueless apart from Soyeon who looks like an iljin. She talks over everyone in that group so they just let her decide everything.

No. 56062

>>56042 You mean V? Wew imagine the hell if V ever sexually or physically assaulted someone

I think Jimincel or Jhorse is likelier

No. 56063

While I don't remember the title, Ratmon once spoke about how he got off to this novel of a black woman getting abused/raped. An excerpt of the book was shared on one of these threads and it was quite explicit and degrading.

No. 56064


No. 56065

File: 1570751247776.jpg (536.51 KB, 2000x3000, 006e1c39d0f1a15c65500cb70be1c6…)

I couldn't remember what Taeha looked like and I finally understand what people mean when they talk about ahjumma looking idols. She's 21 but looks like a kindly mother of 3.

No. 56068

i'd like to hear more, like where he mentioned it

No. 56069

>>56068 come on it's made up as fuck, as if any idol would ever talk publicly about what gets them off.

No. 56071

Lol I remember when Taehyung noticed a fan's cut off sleeves and told her to cover up saying it was a bit too racy.

No. 56072

Taehyung? Aw, is he your bias?

And so what, maybe she looked horrible and he wanted to protect her from a bad fashion choice

No. 56073

why would she badmouth her bias if so lol

No. 56074

People are so desperate when it comes to talking about their bias that they’d rather badmouth them, just to get to mention them.

No. 56075

It was discussed in one of these threads a while back with screencaps, I just don't remember what thread it was. And as far as I remember, he didn't say it explicitly like "I masturbated to the fact she got raped" but more along the lines of "it was very stimulating.

No. 56077

File: 1570752381407.jpg (26.57 KB, 159x275, ratmon being pervy.jpg)


He discussed is on a show called 'problematic men' here are the screencaps.

No. 56079

>>56077 He was talking about Almost Transparent Blue by Murakami. Lmao what black woman rape???



No. 56080

File: 1570753201612.jpg (1.01 MB, 2730x4096, evilfelineyeji.jpg)

An old thread someone mentioned how these girls have "old school" Korean beauty & that's why they're often treated similarly/spoken about similarly. Yeji, Seulgi, Dahyun, some others
I guess I'm a yejifag bc she legit looks like a cat to me & it's wild
She's interesting to look at

Sure that's not a female Suga? Oof

Why does Chaeryoung look like Shrek, serious question, I can't explain it

It's not that anyone needs surgery per se. I think I speak for these anons when I say the standards just seem totally random. Certain ppl get so much surgery for NO fucking reason, then we have ppl like JYP who actually legitimately would benefit from implants for his flat ass skull & face, but it seems he gives no fucks. Double standards exist in all industries all across the world, obv, but it's still annoying

Does Hanson count? kek

No. 56081

No. 56082

intl fans wont forget about zico being scum be he recently released new music and is pretending to be all holy and stuff like he wasnt involved in burning sun. its sad these people can still have careers

No. 56083

This gave me such bad 2nd hand awkwardness, i cringed so hard my face hurt
But then again, these guys have the $$ to take a private plane & come in/out thru the back, so aren't they kind of asking for it?
Serious question
Why does all this drama come out of airport footage if you consider they don't HAVE to go thru that way…

No. 56084

ikr.. i always got that from her face

No. 56085

no one likes loona outside of stan twitter. actually a lot of stan twitter hates them for problematic things they've done. they aren't really talented but get female fans off to being the female version of BTS' woke storyline. I also dont know anyone who likes dreamcatcher outside if kpop reddit. G-idle is hated by almost everyone except people who love listening to "ethnic" kpop music

No. 56086

You sound all around batshit insane.

No. 56087

literally whats the difference between this and posting multiple comments. at least she's not taking up space.

No. 56088

Yeji's a cheeta, Jennie's a puma
yes, she's cosplaying as suga, those damn chinese people

with how much RM demands to be respected by BigHit and has an ego to match, he's no better than Seungri

like jihyo from twice, the ajuma effect

mah 'ethnic hip' you nigga puta pepe

No. 56089

What problematic things did Loona do?

No. 56090

This makes no sense

No. 56091

i'm making a joke

No. 56092

it failed

No. 56093

I'm talking about her comment that randos should get "skull and face implants". Not the first time she comes here to talk about how disgusting she finds people who don't straight up look like webtoon characters either lolz

No. 56094

>>55919 I bet she got bullied out of SNSdD by Taeyeon

No. 56095

no more derailing.

No. 56096

First that'd rich of someone who doesn't know how to integrate to call for non detailing.
Second what the fuck? This thread has reached a pathetic new low. Talking about how young barely adult girls look like Shrek and evil step sisters while denouncing abusive kpop men. Do morals and justice only apply to women who are beautiful enough? You all are extremely shallow, misogynistic, hypocritical and you also barely hide your obsession with kpop boys. You guys know about personal readings of kpop idols and shit but you aren't ~fans~.
I'll gladly take my ban, just wanted to express how even more miserable this thread somehow became.

No. 56097

>>56095 at the risk of minimodding, stop namefagging and derailing. This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 56100

Where’s the source for this?? Don’t make shit up. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised. S Coups has a face that you’d expect to see on someone with dwarfism so he could only date an ugly nugu flop irrelevant gg member like Jeongyeon copypaste Huening.

No. 56101


No. 56102

File: 1570758136251.gif (5.28 MB, 439x439, 908366894_sYBPrjEu_5e73f16bb52…)

apparently she's mean to all the members

No. 56105

ya but jisoo doesnt care as long as shes in her group, she will be treated good

No. 56106

i noticed this shit to lmao, people pretend to not stan half these people but are like "____ read this book with this line in it" or "____ went on this specific show in 201X and said this" kek

No. 56110

Ah yes, remembered this GDA performance from said gif where it shows yg's blatant favoritism between the four of them. Imagine the padding needed for Jennie's dress lmao. the other three are basically wearing the same Baggy dress with belt combo.

No. 56112

the whole VCR is Jennie too as if there aren't any other members lol. and yeah, there's fancams of boy groups staring at Jennie's dress, they padded them so big

No. 56114

samefag youre replying to but i found it hilarious when the vcr shows rose only to be cut off immediately. nta found it cringy and hilarious

No. 56115

Any another anons here that speak Korean and can read lips? Lmao I wanna know what she said.

No. 56120

there's a good chance she could have spoken in english tbh.

No. 56125

thinking about how different chanmi's career could have been is depressing. she had so many false starts.

it's so weird seeing natural (negative!) body language from them.

No. 56127

looks like she's saying "I don't care what you're talking about!" in English lol

No. 56128

I got that impression too. but whatever she said, she was being a bully, like usual.

it's because she's too kind for the industry.
jennie is really something, in the worst way possible.

No. 56130

File: 1570762157209.jpg (173.04 KB, 1396x1000, that paint job.jpg)

looks like bighit managed to create an even worse album design. amazing

No. 56132

Oops my bad for contributing to the conversation instead of minimodding & posting about the posters you don't like (?) At this point we need a meta/ot thread just so buzzkills like you can complain about the people who complain in the threads you like to complain about. Sit the fuck down.

Not a jenniefag whatsoever, she's an insufferable twat but there's no reason to think she was "yelling" @ Jisoo or w/e, she has permanent RBF & always looks like she just walked into a rank smelling toilet stall anyway

The plus sign for the "t" is really, really awful

No. 56133

tbf I’m sure there are a lot of “spurned” stans and fangirls who are here because they were originally invested in a group. Esp with ARMY, there are some hoes with eerily encyclopedic knowledge. Getting de-programmed isn’t gonna erase all of that.

Saged for a tangent but I’d love a meta thread just because I wanna hear everyone’s “peak kpop” stories on how they snapped out of it.

No. 56134

Ehh i dont think so, she was definitely being snappy

No. 56135

>>56132 why the fuck are you still here trying to act sassy after namefagging and spewing out pointless shit, you absolute fucking autist?

>>56130 I wonder if someone did actually get payed for designing this.

No. 56136

especially since jisoo's face afterwards looks shocked/upset

No. 56139

yeah its only the jenniefags who still somehow support her that would think shes not yelling at Jisoo in this clip

No. 56140

can someone make one? (i'm the anon with the 'inability issue' from earlier.)

No. 56141

ok wow as the person who made the now-thread pic I want to say a few words: 1) thank you to the one person who thought it was worthy (OP); and 2) I’m sorry to the rest of you who hate having to look at V’s smarmy face every time you want to nitpick a nasolabial fold or two

No. 56142

please tell me that's a joke…
actually now i can't wait for armies on twitter to go make up stories of how their "computer graphics" friend saw it and gasped because it looked so good and omg aren't bts so amazing at everything

No. 56144

it's for txt's new album, not bts kek

No. 56145

lol my bad, i'm a dumbass

No. 56146

8 tracks damn. they gonna have more tracks than blackpink in less than a year kek. jennie prob doesnt ask yg for comebacks because she's too lazy to perform these days. she knows she's making bank my just standing with her resting bitch face so why split the income with 3 other members. jisoo needs to man up and side with rose and lisa if she wants income

No. 56147

File: 1570768161461.png (282.94 KB, 533x597, Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.22…)

Superm begging people on Twitter to buy albums because charting ends in 2 hours. Apparently they might be projected to get a #1 on the Billboard Albums Chart this week..the position that western artists fight over. They've given out albums at all their events this week, bundled them with ticket sales, and also gave each person download codes to get 10 free copies of the album digitally. The album also has 7 versions, and they've started a challenge on Instagram to post a picture of all 7 albums.

Holy shit western media will rip them up if they really get #1 on that chart.

No. 56148

File: 1570768399129.jpg (177.42 KB, 540x534, Screenshot_20191011-052239-1.j…)

delusion at its finest

No. 56149

File: 1570768516624.png (264.57 KB, 463x581, Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.33…)

idk who this singer is but I've seen people talking about her album all week and didn't realize shes competing against Superm

No. 56156

They posted that on the yt community tab as well. I've personally never seen a kpop group or company e-beg like this, they're desperate

No. 56157

they're doing what yg has been doing

No. 56159

>>56147 kek SM are really trying to make "SuperM assemble" a thing, they want to manufacture a BTS Army (the gold standard when it comes to crazy fandoms) for the group but unorganically, as if screaming at fans to buy stuff or stream albums will get them on top of US charts.

No. 56160

Everyone in BP would be better off if they gained 30-40kg jesus

No. 56161

Lmao I thought it's bedtime for fat Amerifags? BP as an 80kg girl group topkek

No. 56162

uh being 85 lbs which is what Rose is rumored to be is ED material. gaining that much would barely put her at a healthy bmi

No. 56163

File: 1570777611030.jpg (161.96 KB, 1280x720, KpNMQ8u.jpg)

No. 56164

85lbs+30-40kg would put them in an obese category, they need to be normal, not swap one health problem for another.

No. 56165

>>56162 Her BMI if she gained 30-40kg at 1.68m will be 26-28.5. That's close to obese. Lmao theyll be laughed out of Korea pls stop projecting your own obesity

No. 56166

Based on this fat pic test Jisoo is indeed the prettiest. The rest look weird with a fat face esp Jennie

No. 56168

Even at 80kg they’ll look a lot better than they do now lol

No. 56169

first of all my bmi is under 18 so im fine, stop thinking bones looks better than 160 lbs, which is what most women end up being when they get pregnant. its normal weirdos, 85 lbs for an adult woman is NOT. also I thought that person meant pounds, but kg is okay too!(no1curr)

No. 56170

people aren't born pregnant…

No. 56171

were they just born? they are grown women not kids

No. 56172

>>56169 Fat/preggo fetishization is gross. You must be 160lbs if you think that looks better lel(autism)

No. 56173

Jennie looks like the matchmaker in Mulan

No. 56174

It’s honestly not that heavy it’s slim thicc

No. 56175

this thread is boring when the americans are asleep…

No. 56176

most of the thicc celeb girls in America are around 130/140, and even thiccer girls than them get more appreciation these days. but i guess people rather have sticks kek

No. 56177

you're in the middle, but should also be comfortable with being and wanting to be in the best shape for yourself if it doesn't hurt you.

No. 56178

It's obese in Asia and slim thicc in Fatmerica

No. 56179

I’m now realizing those thicc girls could beat up most kpop men

No. 56180

please pitch that to the korean Ryan Seacrest

No. 56181

She looks like a thicc lisa I mean she can dance just as well as her too

No. 56182

Lisa was weighed on Real Men and weighed 44 kg with a BMI of 16. It was a military check up and she was marked as severely underweight, with heart failure risk at that BMI.

This was also using the Asian BMI system too, which adjusts our BMI system for their smaller builds. So in our standards she would be in the lowest category, where the EDs are. Her gaining 40 kg would literally be doubling her weight.

No. 56183

TOPKEK so true, anons
Also really helped me understand what's off about Rose – she often has a total deer-in-headlights stare, just like bts Jin, esp when mouth is open

No. 56184

that's how you know she's thinking about being more ana every second she can, that's a tell tale sign.

No. 56185

File: 1570782032141.jpg (99.06 KB, 1015x1024, 92EZlD7.jpg)

>>often has a total deer-in-headlights stare, just like bts Jin, esp when mouth is open

No. 56186

No. 56187

File: 1570782326875.jpg (65.67 KB, 606x674, RT6AWtG.jpg)

I reckon fat EXO looks better but that's because I cant recognise half of them.

No. 56188

JK kinda looks like Shindong here

No. 56189

File: 1570783329391.png (47.03 KB, 502x211, Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 08.23…)

the saudi concert should be interesting, no abs or fanservice… how are they going to distract the ratmies from their awful singing

No. 56190

omfg he does.
i know we just got started but NEXT THREAD PIC WINNER. put your hands down, no further nominations will be accepted.. it's been decided

No. 56191

Actually will be interesting to see how they'll entertai ratmies without fanservice (including member homoerotic-ish interactions). What could they possibly do to entertain?

Also, i love seeing ratmies being hyped up, thinking their faves will make a difference in this country and change a bit of the mentality there but they're actually conforming and probably thought of not being too vocal about their whole speak/love yourself shtick.

No. 56192

please no. its retarded. lets take a break from the lame bts op pics.

No. 56193

i mean, it's not as bad as we make it out to be, lol

No. 56194

File: 1570786046364.jpeg (301.56 KB, 1218x1840, A4366583-B3B3-4BAC-AA02-03E449…)

Jungkooks long hair looks uncomfortable af

Long hair blocking/poking his eyes it can’t be good if he’s wearing contacts

No. 56196

is this edited? his face looks swollen af

No. 56197

binge and purge maybe? idk

and too much bts, no one answered >>56089

No. 56205

File: 1570788183302.jpg (167.56 KB, 1080x991, IMG_20191011_115818.jpg)

>out of respect
Respect for whom? I thought this is for their fans? And those are used to seeing them act sexy, so why would they need to change it up? Could it be that in the end they really are only little puppets doing everything if the price is right? So pathetic
I'm sure they say something along the lines of "love yourselves guys!" and that's it.
Pic related, I thought the prosecution of homosexuals in SA wasn't real…? Or did ratmy lie about that? Why else forbid that?

No. 56206

Bc Loona has been covered ad nauseum in previous threads
And ultimately no one gives a shit about Loona
Just like all the nugu post-ioi groups, most soloists, Dreamcatcher, Somi, most of fx, Got7/Jackson…no one really loves them or hates them, they're just kind of there

This makes zero sense, go home anon youre drunk

No. 56207


You can get persecuted for cross dressing in SA lmao, the delusion is real if they think being homo in SA is perfectly legal.

King Luxy (a SA insta celeb or whatever) was arrested for…looking to feminine….so I guess that puts it into perspective of their ‘non homo’ views. That alone makes it hilarious that bts and other kpop groups are going there alone.

No. 56208

I feel sorry for the female staff who "got educated"… We all know that means they had no choice.
But many korean men probably even enjoy those gender dynamics and western neckbeards talk about liking "obedient" muslim girls too, so maybe bts does so as well…wouldn't surprise me at least. Anybody who pays for that expensive as hell livestream is a complete moron.

No. 56209

About BTS concert in SA. So they're muslims and according to their religion BTS are sinners in many aspects. So why would they even listen to them if that mean they will watch unbelievers committing sinning?
That makes those muslims the biggest hypocrites. So according to their religion, sinners have to go to hell, right? So their viewpoint is "We can watch unbelievers sinning cuz that entertain us and secretly we support that. But I'm a Muslism and will go to heaven". So you can play around and later be excused and be the good human going to heaven but people like BTS will perish. It doesn't make any sense!!!(Derail)

No. 56210

a lil early but i vote the next thread pic will be a comparison pic with >>56163 jennie next to the matchmaker from mulan like >>56173 said.

No. 56215

File: 1570798674147.png (1.27 MB, 1780x1000, jennierubyjane.png)

I hate myself

No. 56216

lol Jennies face looks like some hateful 50 year olds with that expression.

No. 56217

Where are her eyebrows? Wtf

No. 56219

This was definitely made in Ms paint.

No. 56220

ily the most in the world anon and i will fight for this to become next thread pic

No. 56222

File: 1570801781713.jpg (74.51 KB, 736x1104, db30b49e08bd39b96c0fe3afd7f018…)

I found it so funny how sones tried to pass of jessica as this cold ice queen, when all jessica did was be a honest person? From what ive seen Taeyeon fits the ice queen role really good considering how fake,condescending,two-faced she is and she always has to make fun of someone. Taeyeon's botched plastic surgery's are karma.
Wow this is so embarrassing,yikes lol. Superm is so desperate.

No. 56224

File: 1570802677254.jpg (398.38 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (1).jpg)

The man who blew the whistle for the burning sun scandal, is now being harassed by the police and threatened to not say anything else or expose anyone.

Now i know why more people have not been exposed, thats because the police is silencing the victims and are barely investigating.


No. 56225

Anyone with similar ears know if it hurts to sleep on your side if they are not pinned back?

No. 56228

how do you think things have always been kept quiet? The people with money pay people off and the witnesses are encouraged to keep quiet.

Even in America with Jeffery Epstein, he mysteriously "died" by "suicide" in jail. And now the entire case has been dropped. How convenient for everyone connected to him.

No. 56229

File: 1570804778321.gif (5.52 MB, 480x270, blackp.gif)

I was just listening to BP before and realized, their songs don't really stand up well over time.

Then I was watching the video and was like wait, those aren't backup dancers!

No. 56230

notice how jennie is missing. can't have her treated as a back-up dancer or anything less than the star of the show ever, even for 1 sec in a music video

No. 56241

god jennie is such a fucking bitch lmao cant wait for her downfall

No. 56245

File: 1570806200776.jpg (185.35 KB, 854x847, yang.jpg)

Yeah pretty much anyone who keeps up on the news knows.

>mentioned Yang Hyun Suk and said, "Sajangnim put extra care into it. I received text messages from him every day. He would coldly tell me, 'I think you should do this,' 'This is not that great,' for even every outfit."

>The agency was informed of a rampant rumor on messaging apps involving Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. It has spread to the online community since then.

>Although the actual piece of malicious rumor was not addressed, netizens suspect it to refer to the rumor accusing Yang Hyun Suk of having an affair with Jennie.

I you check Yangs instagram, she's the only one he used a personal photo of a Blackpink member to wish them Happy Birthday, and them when they were a child as well.

No. 56247

ugh how the hell does she still have fans

No. 56248


>mentioned Yang Hyun Suk and said, "Sajangnim put extra care into it. I received text messages from him every day. He would coldly tell me, 'I think you should do this,' 'This is not that great,' for even every outfit."

>The agency was informed of a rampant rumor on messaging apps involving Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. It has spread to the online community since then.

>Although the actual piece of malicious rumor was not addressed, netizens suspect it to refer to the rumor accusing Yang Hyun Suk of having an affair with Jennie.


No. 56249

Basic Asian mean girls love her

No. 56251

It wouldn't be surprising, it's exactly the same way he met his wife.

>Yang HyunSuk stated that he was interested in Lee EunJu long before they began officially dating. He caught a glimpse of her washing the dishes on TV when Lee JaeJin was giving a tour around his house. At the time, Lee Eun Ju was in her second year of middle school.

>In March 2010, Yang revealed that he had been dating former Swi.T member, Lee Eun-ju, who is 12 years Yang's junior, for nine years. Lee Eun-ju is the younger sister of Lee Jai-jin of Sechs Kies.

No. 56252

> At the time, Lee Eun Ju was in her second year of middle school.

fucking hell
cancel all men

No. 56253

File: 1570807307787.png (375.62 KB, 720x378, unnamed.png)

>On July 14, Yang Hyun Suk posted a screenshot of a news article about SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won on Instagram. The article bore the headline: “Eun Ji Won, a tsundere older brother who gives away the correct answer on ‘Unexpected Q’! He relinquishes the correct answer to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo!”

>In the caption, Yang Hyun Suk wrote, “This is what the real, everyday Eun Ji Won looks like. I like people who are the same inside and out.”

>He then added, “We need to start recording [SECHSKIES’s new album] soon…”

>The next day, CL commented directly on Yang Hyun Suk’s post, writing, “What about me, boss?” She added as a hashtag, “Please respond to my text messages.”

No. 56255


one of the photos in this article are of him smiling at a cheerleader pic of her.. disgusting

No. 56256

“The camera caught her briefly. About 3 seconds? I saw this little kiddo doing the dishes and I went, ‘huh?'” — Yang Hyun Suk

A LITERAL fucking predator my god.

No. 56257

File: 1570807898317.jpg (146.51 KB, 622x839, bobby.jpg)

2014 seemed like such a simpler time…

No. 56259

does anyone else find Hueningkai's face really off putting? he just looks so white.. everytime I seea group pic of TXT he just looks like a koreaboo

No. 56260

File: 1570810948997.jpg (88.05 KB, 640x941, txt-huening-kai-father-5.jpg)

Everyone except fans find him scary.
And he will age worse than the other members too.
Just look at his dad.

Not everything mixed is good looking lol.

No. 56261

is… is he trying to do aegyo?

No. 56263

File: 1570811245552.jpg (57.04 KB, 401x417, IMG_20191004_170030-1.jpg)

He looks like skz bangchan

No. 56264

Fuck,i found a video of his dad singing,i cant stop laughing lmaoo.

No. 56265

The rich girl from Itzy is already receiving criticism for being "lazy"… Jennie 2.0

No. 56266

Wannabe cool youth pastor after he does a mission trip abroad.

No. 56267

He's the ugliest male idol there is, imo. His face creeps me the fuck out, I'll take a botched Jhope or Bom anytime instead of that kid

No. 56268

it's a good thing bp don't do relay dances, jennie would make them look ridiculous with her laziness and dead stare.

No. 56269

Why do all these white yellow fever stage dads look the same,this dude looks like he could be the brother of somis dad.

No. 56270

Her dancing might be lazy but she doesn’t look like she’s bored to death like Jennie.

No. 56271

I think he’s ok, Bom scares me personally. Has this guy done anything already though? How old is he anyway?

No. 56273

File: 1570813389831.jpg (118.74 KB, 1124x1775, ca73d86d2878db06b224ad5ef5769c…)

he's 17, heres a baby pic (he looks like a childhood friend of mine here and im from a slav country lol)

No. 56274

File: 1570813486977.jpg (89.89 KB, 1080x1350, 4b3866f8cb2795c7d12e617fc23da4…)

>>56273 he looked less creepy as a child but still very similar

No. 56276

i wouldn't consider lia lazy she just lacks dancing skills

No. 56277

she doesn't seem to have a shit personality like jennie and honestly seems more insecure in her dancing skills than lazy

No. 56278

she trained for like 4 years yet still can't dance decently?? lmao. at least she tries to look happy/not bored to death

No. 56280

File: 1570814187623.jpeg (261.65 KB, 1125x929, 04B2A44E-ADE5-41F8-9FD3-AE737B…)

We’re all fed up with all that bts shit but i’m following carefully that whole SA discourse and just look at this: https://twitter.com/poem4lilthings/status/1182685125039083526

Ratmies are celebrating they’re ‘right’, thinking the Riyadh stadium was completely full but apparently it was filled with people who were given tickets for free and if you really look at that video you’ll see how half-full it is. Just look at that floor. It has more space than any of their other tour and they call it sold out? When even ticketmaster was stating it wasn’t some days ago?

No. 56281

They always seem to have a lot of open space at the floor though, i noticed it in other concerts as well. It’s weird, they could have more floor blocks and sell more VIP tickets. Are they scared people won’t buy them in western countries?

No. 56282

it appeared as sold out on Ticketmaster 4 days ago saw it on twitter

No. 56283

apparently Jimin tried to dance sexily and he stopped himself when he realised lol

No. 56284

Because they downsized it.

No. 56285


Jimincel must've been told it's Haram and got scared Allah fanatics will stone him to death.

Allah fans > Army

No. 56286

Idk i saw some footage of their other concerts to compare fair and square… spaces are way more apparent here. Ofc you’ll get some space for security and to assure safety for the people attending the concert there but they tried to make it appear full by showing less space between the seat zones.

No. 56288

Maybe you’re right, they should have gone to Dubai or something, westerners would have gone too. I saw people saying they wanted to go but their country wasn’t eligible for a visa

No. 56289

If i was a Saudi girl I wouldn't go even if it's free. KSA govt and religious police may be keeping tabs on female citizens who are fans of foreign boybands as evidence that they are not pious Muslimfags, then theyll be sent to reformative training aka jail.

This is a country where apotasy is punishable and females live under male guardianship. My Saudi friend doesn't upload any of her photos on social media because they can charge you with a crime if another man has your photos.

No. 56290

they seem awkward or is it just me? they barely sing at each other

No. 56291

The girls are there alone? Don’t they have a guardian if they’re younger than 25?

No. 56292

Are you new to kpop?
You really think they the puppets have the CHOICE to go and perform where they want. Its their company who makes the rules and commands what they do.
Korea and saudia have also signed a co-operation pact, so not only is this bighits choice but its also the goverments choice especially with how much the korean goverment loves getting idols involved in politics.

No. 56293

He looks like he's wearing another person's face as a mask, he makes my skin crawl. He has tiny beady eyes. I don't think he's done anything bad tho

No. 56294

I meant the company, when I say them I always mean the companies haha

No. 56295

Heuning Kai looks weird because he's a white guy styled to look like an Asian Kpopfag. Bowl cuts, cutesy outfits, kpop makeup suit Asian dudes because Asians have neotenous features. But he looks more white than Asian. White people can't pull off Kpop styling without looking cringe AF, see Lana.

He'd look normal or handsome if he styled himself like a regular Western teen with a fade haircut instead of bangs. Rn he looks like that white plasticfag who wants to look like Jimin.

No. 56296

File: 1570816548630.gif (2.29 MB, 480x305, 2C606537-99E0-462C-BCC3-FA5B1B…)

Exactly… in their debut mv I cringed every time I saw him act cutesey for the camera

No. 56297

there were so many hints that seungri was a disgusting piece of shit but people were too naive

-in 2012 Seungris rough sex scandal

-in 2016 a hostess who used to date seungri shared how he would hang around prostitutes all the time,would get drunk and cheat on his girlfriend.

there are also little hints, like how everyone in yg used to joke about him being a pervert and his extensive porn use.
Oh and this infamous clip of seungri looking at cl's legs.

Seungri should have been cancelled a long time ago.

No. 56298

The pic of him that's been posted before with the triple eyelids is vom worthy. Sorry I sound like a sperg lol but he actually makes me nauseous

No. 56299


Ratmies are still screaming it’s not a gov sponsored concert and justify this mess. What a royal soundcheck isn’t it

No. 56300

File: 1570816752857.jpeg (402.48 KB, 830x1106, 98BBC005-CDD0-4A22-B51C-D6C72F…)

sorry for samefag but honestly just cant get over how gross his hair looks

No. 56301

I feel like he’s so full of himself just by looking at his debut preview video.

No. 56302

I remember all of those and all the fellow bigbangfags just took it as a joke or pitied their poor oppa. I decided to unstan after the prostitute incident

No. 56303

Bigshit is sucking up hard to Saudi Arabia. I'm guessing that the SK government instructed them to make the SA experience extra special. Wonder what they were promised in return. The whole thing is a corrupt fucking mess.

No. 56304

yeah.. i think the other members are cute and better looking in a plasticky way, but he just sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 56305

File: 1570817001640.jpg (13.73 KB, 236x354, SbUZoHY.jpg)

>>56295 Vernon is just better looking

No. 56306

agreed, the visual looks like an anime boy but not in a disturbing way like taeyong

speaking of taeyong, is it true he’s hated by the gp?

No. 56307

kek haechan clearly does at least

No. 56308

File: 1570817177455.jpg (2 MB, 245x310, f9Yz9lX.jpg)

Heuning Kai has too feminine features lmao

No. 56310

yeah ig, but being better looking than hueningkai is not much of an achievement, that guy is f u g l y

No. 56312

File: 1570817395352.png (294.03 KB, 534x646, Huening_Kai_going_to_a_Music_B…)

Huening actually looks asian in non-edited pictures. But these ones that whitewash him make him look like a koreaboo.
The skin bleach and surgerys too look white also make him look like a koreaboo considering he is half white.
Yes its true he is the most hated nct member in korea.

I stopped being a bigbang fan in like 2014 because their music changed too much. I always got bad vibes from seungri so he was my least liked member even when i was a fan. Sometimes i would forget seungri even was a part of bigbang when i was a fan lol.

No. 56314

File: 1570817464890.jpg (77.32 KB, 960x720, 4c3e0dc9eb8d7133aac1655a197ee6…)

its like hueningkai had a reverse glow up

No. 56316

Not hated but NCT will never get popular because of Scamyong. Even Charles Manson had fans.

No. 56318

File: 1570817635808.jpeg (17.71 KB, 201x251, 04742684-8DD6-482A-9958-188EC7…)

aw that pic is actually pretty cute
too bad he looks like this now

(Sorry its so grainy)

No. 56319

if not for Kpop i bet he'd be one of those Ellliot Rodger types on r/hapas railing at how they werent born female and seen as cute, but instead born male and seen as an Asian girlyboy

No. 56320

>>56318 Bighit need to lay off the lipstick he looks gay

No. 56321

File: 1570818040967.jpg (165.86 KB, 540x676, Screenshot_20191011-183252-1.j…)

A gift hmmm

No. 56322

The only people who stan taeyong are international underage fans who spam fancams on twitter and change their fave group every 2 years.
Thats stupid because all kpop boys wear lipstick,lipstick doesnt make you gay.
Just say he is ugly.

No. 56323

File: 1570818406392.jpeg (106.3 KB, 608x608, 7A20981F-930F-46F9-95EC-FC4C3B…)

saged for extreme tinfoil

Jennie’s a lurker and she changed her prof pic to this to prove to us she has a side profile.

No. 56324

Did someone discuss Exo kai's ethnicity here before and how him and all his siblings look like they are part south east asian?
Yeah anon that a extreme tinfoil lol,most people dont even know lolcoe exists.

No. 56325

Well she ain't proving anything kek

No. 56327

jennie looks extremely dumpy to me but i can’t put my finger on what it is exactly… it’s like her face is weirdly doughy?

no one should be able to make designer clothes look so much cheaper

No. 56328

File: 1570819099443.jpeg (290.97 KB, 1080x1350, B80C15CB-EFD8-47A3-9AE3-57CC58…)

Jennie delete this shit you look like an a grandma and papa YG hates women older than 24

No. 56329

why does people being slightly tanned and not having plastic surgery to conform to unrealistic korean beauty standards equate to looking south east asian lol

No. 56330

it’s the huge cheeks on top of an ana body. she needs to get them reduced because her head jsut looks like ○

No. 56331

File: 1570819511772.jpg (94.5 KB, 480x640, yoon-mirae.jpg)

No its the fact that he looks exactly like yoon mi rae who is part black which makes people question his ethnicity,he also looks similar to her son too.
Also lol at you for being naive at thinking he hasnt had plastic surgery,he had his nose and eyes done.

No. 56332

File: 1570819815378.jpeg (165.23 KB, 1029x964, F26A874C-7570-48B8-8C88-0C9997…)

No. 56333

I dont think bighit or bts care how much they sell considering they have been send by the korean goverment to perform there.
I dont understand why korea didnt send exo instead since exo is more popular in saudia? But i havent followed exo in a long time so i may be wrong.

No. 56334

He should not wear red or orange lipstick. Too bad TxT aren't styled to be manly.

No. 56335

Girl is 23 and should NOT touch her cheeks. People think that lack of buccal fat padding is all nice and angular looking until you get to 30 and look 55. Then they backtrack quick and top up with fillers and look like the Cat Lady

No. 56337

Idk but maybe they didn’t want to send exo because some members were busy with sperm and it would have been an even worse mess? But ksa probably wanted bts for how international they are. There’s no doubt bts is the better choice for tourism. They just happened to have worked with hyundai, which will have some advertising event in ksa (letting bts ride them, having ads all over riyadh), so it’s definitely because of a lot of factors, economical and because of their international higher status in the kpop industry, that bts was chosen over exo.

On other news, i found out Jungcock has other ugly tattoos. https://twitter.com/snowberry_kook/status/1182716177102979072?s=21

No. 56338

vernon looks like literally any white guy I could've gone to school with. he is uglier than huening. seventeenfag needs to fuck off and stop samefagging.

No. 56339

File: 1570822129013.gif (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 268x370, tripleeyedfuck.gif)

Me too anon. I hate to shit on some 17yo kid but he just looks fucking gross

No. 56340

the fuck is goingon with jimincel’s singing??

his voice is so frail and unsupported..
my pubescent little brother could do better


No. 56341

exactly.. i dont understand why hes so popular in txt

No. 56342

wtf happened to his eyelids? theres like 3 fold(?)

No. 56343

this is what happens when you fuck with a halfie’s double eyelids

No. 56344

What i want to know is why you spent 5 minutes searching and looking at a video of him singing from a jikook account….hmmmmm
Yeah looks like a botched eyelid job in a attempt to make him look even more western.

No. 56345

the anon here, lol i didnt i searched up “bts saudi arabia” and it was the third result and i saw that he was singing solo in the concert and was immediately like “..this is going to be a train wreck” and i was right kek

No. 56346

File: 1570823253967.png (385.64 KB, 574x669, fff.png)

Anons im getting sick ant tired of these articles and delulu fans talking about ''natural'' ''no makeup'' idols because whenever i click its always some idol wearing light makeup like bb tinted cream,lip gloss,mascara,light eyeshadow and a bit of concealer..but because they are not wearing 10 tons of makeup then suddenly its natural.

No. 56347

File: 1570823364713.jpg (140 KB, 675x1200, EB3EUILVUAYZW7k.jpg)

Knowing he also collects plushies and his dad makes weird cult music just makes me fucking grossed out by this dude in general

No. 56348

yall really got a hate boner on for a fucking teenager. and if he was plastic as fuck it also wouldnt suit yall i bet. leave the kid alone seriously, he looks average as fuck. call me a whatever the fuck txt stans are called i really dont care.

No. 56349

also the fact that he tries to use kpop boy cutesy expressions but it just looks freaky cuz hes so fucking white

No. 56350

Yeah i kind of agree,not because whiteknighting but because it gets boring after a while because the first 2 posts making fun of him were funny but now its boring because its over 10+ POSTS dragging it along when we could be talking about another topic reminds me when nctfag/exofag anons here used to drag out about 50+ bts posts.
sage since him being ugly has been discussed atleast ten times by now and now it adds nothing to the discussion.

No. 56351

No. 56352

File: 1570823956714.jpg (249.75 KB, 445x451, RjdiIZl.jpg)


He looks like a girl group member.

Some armys are saying he got full arm sleeves which is why he was wearing long shirts in the unbearable heat lmao I can't wait to see what his ladyboi gf gave him

No. 56353

Is gfriend still relevant?

No. 56354

>man has slightly longer hair so that means he is female even with that adam apple
congrats retard.
No which is so weird because i thought they would be in the top 3 big girl groups but their popularity faded.

No. 56355

File: 1570824367747.jpg (67.15 KB, 676x960, Xnu1vB2.jpg)


Think it says SHINE on Jungkooks arm

Emofag has tats of tween girl mottos.

No. 56356

Jungkook ratmy solo stans can fuck off to the general thread. The fact that you do so much research on him and ''armys say this that'' You are not fooling anyone ratmys

No. 56357

File: 1570825055816.jpg (59.06 KB, 503x727, c14137a5e66a2777172b0a14de4099…)


No. 56359

This… I’m sorry that your boy has bad taste in women, I truly am, it’s not our fault though, so kindly leave us alone.

No. 56360

what ???? where did you hear that from

No. 56361

File: 1570825764989.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

+OMORROW X +OGETHER…graphic design i

No. 56362

They could pass as a couple


Are we not allowed to make fun of JK's bad tattoo decisions. IRL it's fucking funny when people get their exes name tattoed

No. 56363

File: 1570826123552.jpg (55.39 KB, 720x405, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Jeongyeon and chaeyeong looks like a lesbian couple without hair extensions lol

No. 56364

File: 1570826155325.jpg (151.59 KB, 313x452, dJmGpeL.jpg)

No. 56365

it wouldn't be surprising if some of the ppl in the concert got in for free tbh. bc admit it… the majority of the general population in SA don't give a single fuck about kpop BOYS performing, so them getting free tickets to fill out empty space? its more likely. it reminds me of when song joongki came to the middle east to do promotion for werewolf boy, and i got in the fansign (i dont even rmbr what the event was but he did really came out) for free lol

No. 56366

Thats taemin lol.
No thats allowed but most of them are jungkook stans who have been spamming about him these past threads.

….AND you see what i meant when i said about jungkook stans spamming yup while i was writing this a jungfag had to post a blurry pic of him. >>56364

No. 56367

Chaeyoung looks like Jungkook and Jungyeon looks like Scamyong kek

No. 56368

File: 1570826388727.jpeg (88.93 KB, 1087x1087, 475EF989-7ABC-4231-9417-F3833D…)

a whole sleeve

No. 56369

>>56363 whats wrong with that?

No. 56370

do you want to get banned ratmy?

No. 56371

chaeyong gives me power bottom vibes

No. 56372

Maybe she’s not his ex and I hope he dates her just to spite people like you, who bash her on twitter and keep complaining about his tattoos.
How do you even know they’re ugly, where are the pictures of his sleeve?

No. 56373

they weren’t complimenting jungcocks tats

No. 56374

You sound like an angry ratmy

All of us here are laughing at JK's tats and dating scandal because ratmies want to bury it in case it affects oppas popularity etc

No. 56375

File: 1570826966084.jpeg (107.12 KB, 950x1086, 66D43061-A097-4607-BF78-A6687E…)

Poor Jimin doesn’t get it

No. 56376

I'm going to be there with the popcorn when Jennie is thrown to the curb as soon as a younger replacement comes along.

They probably are.

No. 56377


Except people here are only pretending to be laughing and they’re using it as an excuse to bring him up. Maybe it wasn’t you but it has been happening for a few days now

No. 56379

Mandatory stoning for homosex

You sound like a ratmy who doesn't want her beloved BTS getting flamed on Kpop crit. Nobody is pretend laughing OK? Jungcocks arm tats are new info so why do you have a problem with lolfags bringing it up unless you are a BTS fan trying to bury negative news?

No. 56380

You know jeongyeon has a really good voice,its a shame she gets so little lines just because she is ugly.

No. 56381


They're already getting lined up. Apparently YG Treasurebox girl version is slated for next year. Some of the girls are literally a decade younger than Jennie.

The Kpop Cycle.

No. 56382

See that’s the thing that confuses me, why is it negative? A dude got some tattoos, they’re possibly cool, so what? He didn’t tattoo anything controversial, right? People here have been posting about him all day long and not about his tattoos at all, about everything. Go a few posts up, someone posted a blurry pic of his head with no context. What is this about if not his own hurt fans coming here to vent because they can’t do it on twitter?

No. 56383

i really don’t think she’s as ugly as people make her out to be. she got the short end of the stick styling-wise but her features are interesting imo. especially given twice has uggos like nayeon and dahyun.

No. 56385

Im the other anon who also complained earlier
I dont know if you know but if you looked at the previous threads there were alot of ratmys just spamming random images of jungkook.
No one is trying to bury the news but anon talking about jungkooks sleeves and clothes are supposed to be some groundbreaking news???
she is probably one of those hurt fans kek

No. 56386

she's so obviously wearing lipstick too. Nothing wrong with light makeup, but why are they acting like they arent wearing bb cream and lipgloss/lip tint

No. 56387

it's weird that they even debuted her. she sticks out like a sore thumb in twice. her voice doesn't match their pedobait songs or their new sexy concept songs.

No. 56388

This is disgusting, but expected. I really hope there is justice for those women…

No. 56390

File: 1570829027717.png (3.88 MB, 1612x1264, EW.png)

This is how idols really look like when they are not wearing makeup.

No. 56391

The gag is ITT any of these anons will be accused of being a ratmy just for mentioning jk. Kek

No. 56392

>you live a dorm life, right?


i feel bad for whoever is his room mate

No. 56393

I mean, the book kinda sucks, but i wouldnt call it problematic. Is he that sad that he's getting off to badly written sex scenes in a japanese novel?

No. 56394

File: 1570829991273.png (336.32 KB, 750x750, EGnrCraWkAMla5w.png)

Am i the only one that finds everyone accusing each other of being bts or nct fans funny?

Like its legit something i look forward to anytime theyre posted LMAO.

No. 56395

Seungri is disgusting

No. 56396

As someone here previously said some people here just want to talk about their bias even if its in a bad way.
That was just a edgy novel book but fanfic-chan lied about how he was reading some rape erotica…when that its farther from the truth.

No. 56397

whatever they did to her eyes is TERRIFYING. like bottom left wouldn't look too bad if her eyes weren't bulging out of her goddamn head. And I have no words for bottom middle. Actually kind of gross.

No. 56398

rofl what the actual fuck is he doing?? I keep waiting to hear 'skrrrrt' thrown in there.

No. 56399

top middle looks like jhope’s aunt

No. 56400

Sorry to bring up the tattoos again but I thought bighit was keeping them on a tight leash? Are they more progressive than we thought? I’m perplexed, i thought they were barely allowed to breathe and now he was a ton of visible tattoos??

No. 56401

I mean, are they real though or temporary tattoos? because i feel like big shit would actually shit themselves if he went and get a full sleeve of shitty tattoos.

No. 56404

Maybe that's why they had to cancel the rest of their vacation lol To beat some sense into their golden boy

No. 56405

Even if they aren’t real he’s making a statement and Korean fans are confused haha

No. 56406

because westerners are only used to east asians that look like the ones they see in kpop and kdramas. in korea and japan, there's a whole population of much darker skinned people with "Southeast asian" looks lol. to kpop fans anybody tanned + non ideal korean look = south east asian

No. 56407

ikr, vernon has always creeped me out, he looks like a white guy i'd see at school cosplaying as an asian. hueningkai actually looks asian

No. 56408

I think the show they filmed in Australia they film every year so it was probably already organised, it must be expensive as a production.

No. 56411

this is so funny kek it stems from the fact that a lot of guys don't know that minimal/natural makeup is actually a lot of makeup applied in thin layers to look "natural". what they dont realize is what girls actually look like without all the layers of concealer and color on their lips/cheeks. idols would look like corpses if they didnt apply those red orange tints all over their face

No. 56412

that Ella kid is already Jennie' replacement, this time YG went out to find a little girl that looks exactly like her. When she turns 15 in 4 years, Blackpinks contract will be over and she will be in the new girlgroup while Blackpink is forced to disband.

Jennie already knows this, thats why she has a bitchy face in every picture she's taken with the girl while the rest of the members are smiling nicely. shes not ready for the cold hard truth

No. 56413

i love the fights on here tbh nctfag gtfo

No. 56414

File: 1570833670072.gif (5.06 MB, 600x338, ezgif-1-7979d19f535d.gif)

After this I'm sure jimin is the most reckless and dumbest member.
He kept trying to do fan service with everyone especially with taehyung and jungkook IN SAUDI ARABIA.
Jungkook though had some common sense and knew that fanservice is bad in Saudi.

No. 56415

File: 1570833814921.jpg (72.19 KB, 680x547, VyRf4HZ.jpg)


Celebrating a job well done shucking for a genocidal kingdom

Bighit seems confident enough with this SA concert to broadcast it on vlive maybe they know Western reporters won't care.

No. 56416

They look like a bunch of morons.
Also, JungKook definitely did something to his chin. He's looking way more feminine and it's not the hair.

No. 56417

File: 1570834506141.png (997.28 KB, 840x760, 2E5680CA-2830-403B-8A19-F9C111…)

It’s like he doesn’t realise where he is, it’s kind of sad though, friends do shit like that, it doesn’t have to be gay

No. 56418

I genuinely think jimin didnt know Saudi's culture and thats why he was behaving way more different than the other members….kind of shitty for the other members to not educate jimin though.

No. 56419

Maybe they tried but it was beyond what his Korean centric brain was able to understand. Considering he was the one that also wore that Atomic bomb t-shirt he doesn't seem to be very smart about adapting to other cultures.

No. 56420

How is a teenager collecting plushies creepy? It's completely harmless. Of all the things to hate on someone for.

No. 56422

Do you know men who carry around stuffed animals? Unless they're adult babies that's not normal

No. 56423

you're a grown woman who likes to speculate about barely legal teens' personal lives on malaysian imageboards kek. not much better

No. 56424

So are you saying if it were a girl, that'd be okay? Also I don't know this guy so I have no idea if he carries them around all the time like you say, but even if he does, it doesn't mean he's crazy or an adult baby. Get over yourself, lol. There's bigger problems in the industry besides a teenage boy liking stuffed animals.

No. 56425

File: 1570836203290.gif (3.7 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

i feel sorry for the clc girls.
They know that no matter how hard they try they will always be flops.
Cube has also given clc really bad songs so now the general public dont want to listen to them or give them a chance no matter what they put out.
Its a shame, what a potential lost.
The girls also have good visuals so they would have made it big if cube marketed them a different way.

No. 56426

I mean, are they criticizing the fanservice or the fact that SA is a shitty place with anti gay policies?


>Also, JungKook definitely did something to his chin. He's looking way more feminine and it's not the hair.

He def looks different and not in a good way. He was the most masculine looking member. i wish he'd give up that cute 'aegyo' bs because he looked the most natural and could have aged well into his mid 20s and 30s

No. 56427

Personally the latter, it’s just that he seems to not understand the position their company put them in

No. 56428

wait isn't he the one that got stupid drunk kek. i'm getting intoxicated vibes from his stage behavior

No. 56429

Well most Korean men are very misogynistic, so I guess they have some sympathy for SA putting evil women in their place.

No. 56430

Men who like stuffed animals are more likely to have a scat fetish

I read it somewhere I swear it’s tru

No. 56431

File: 1570837332700.jpg (6.77 KB, 259x194, yGhlSf6.jpg)


They seemed to be picking up steam with "No" and "Me" but they were too unstable a group in terms of concept and member changes. Not to mention the scandal they had where a bunch of BTOB fans accused them of being "rude to their oppas" over some video where one of the members rolled a bottle of water, and then the IOI "scandal" of one of the more popular girls in Produce Season 1 being pulled out purposefully to join CLC mid-season. That and Cube's awful promotion and fandom building. But they do have better visuals than a lot of girl groups and some talented members. Shame Cube had no idea what to do with them.


It is shocking the RM came out better in the picture than some of the more popular members considered visuals or at least "cute". Shocking. I am … disgusted. Jhope is beyond saving.

One thing about following Kpop is you realize that very few idols actually age well. All the procedures, botox, fillers, touch ups, dieting, pills, etc. etc. Gets to them and they inevitably end up looking weird asf or plastic asf by the time they hit their 30s for sure. Basically never get too attached to idols' faces. Look at UEE. Or some Super Junior members. Or Taeyeon. etc. etc. It's both vanity, insecurity and trying to keep up with the competition. I think only the ones who are genuinely naturally beautiful and are monitored closely by their companies to be kept that way will age well. Like Suzy will likely age well because she probably has a team making sure she keeps her basic face as is.


Scary but true. Ella is definitely being groomed to be the face of whatever new YG group they'll debut once BP is kicked to the curb. It's weird because I think BP had more potential if they'd been treated more seriously and if the group wasn't so focused around Jennie. More members in the group might have balanced out the scales and dynamics a little bit more.

No. 56432

File: 1570837427238.jpg (46.38 KB, 733x545, wendy2.jpg)

Lol at people trying to defend kpop idols here.
Most commentors are just being exaggerating when they talk shit. I doubt anyone actually hates any idol posted here.

This isnt r/kpop,just ignore it.

No. 56434

About JK his face looks rounder, thus more feminine. Fillers?

No. 56435

File: 1570838531342.jpg (73.02 KB, 638x960, 1522_original.jpg)

ClC are basically the female BAP, except that bap atleast had their 5 minutes of fame meanwhile clc always were nobodies.
I think of the reasons why they cant have a stable fanbase is because they change their concepts way to fast like a couple of months they are cute then they are sexy then they are badass then they are girl crush then they are innocent.

No. 56436

I dont think you know what fillers are.

No. 56437

from penis head to moon face

No. 56438

'this dude' LMAO its just some 15yo white boy. are you a jealous ratmy threatened by txt or something? pathetic

No. 56439

Isnt it mostly people here who shit on txt, bts haters though,im guessing since they are from the same company they decide to shit on txt too.

No. 56440

File: 1570839433214.gif (1.84 MB, 275x275, 1562782703175.gif)

Nah when bts or any idols act like babies it's also fucking gross

No. 56441

This is kpop critical not Kpop general. We’re here to criticise Kpop not discuss how bad you feel for flop groups with “good visuals”.

No. 56442

Well anons posting random pics of idols when they were fat, having a serious discussion about plushies,posting blurry pics of idols isnt exactly fitting here but out of all of that you chose to criticize that.

No. 56444

Why is he wearing that hat?? it's disturbing. Even he looks like he's suffering

No. 56445

Thats because kpop idols are slaves to what their fans tell them to do.

No. 56446

File: 1570840301857.jpg (104.7 KB, 640x640, 68889003_189712015366779_40493…)

You have to be 18 to post here. >>56425
Their music is just 4minute rejects but I feel kinda bad they're overshadowed by an uglier group with an "ethnic hip" concept. I prefer generic girl crush to shitty chola cosplay any day

No. 56447

File: 1570840456400.png (884.83 KB, 600x650, rrrrr.png)


No. 56448

File: 1570841207406.jpg (65.8 KB, 880x399, rwkMS3e.jpg)


They really look like morons, especially now that they've been officially called out by the Human Rights Foundation.


No. 56449

File: 1570842099627.png (9.47 KB, 776x118, eo.png)

No. 56450

wait there were other groups who also performed on saudi arabia?

No. 56451

I should send this to my friends who know nothing about k-pop to confuse them.

No. 56452

File: 1570842191243.png (13.44 KB, 634x124, oooooo.png)

No. 56453

Lol most of the replies are "you shouldve said this sooner" cause they cant come up with anything else.Some of them actually think they went because of the fans.

No. 56454

Oh shit! I'm glad they are being called out though. They are massive hypocrites for preforming in Saudi

No. 56455

This person really saying 'god hates gays' in the same sentence as 'but i love you BTS' ?? wow

No. 56457

I mean, they should have posted this sooner, but BTS are in their early to mid 20s now and shouldnt be absolute knobs about Saudi being a shithole and violating human rights, esp for women and gay people. Then again… RM's IQ is 300, so who am i to judge?

No. 56458

File: 1570842876784.jpeg (132.16 KB, 696x386, 9DA080D9-8768-4FA5-9C01-6A1131…)


No. 56460

Imagine being this dense.

No. 56461

arab kpop fans are so funny.

No. 56462

Theyre right.
LGBT community is definitely being executed in SK.

No. 56463



and all this on national coming out day

No. 56465

File: 1570843752850.jpg (86.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Naeun looks like a plastic monster. Yes she used to be cute but now she has the typical ganganm unnie face.

No. 56466

File: 1570843840414.jpg (294.22 KB, 1600x1111, unnamed (2).jpg)

Another apink member who had plastic surgery except this one is tragic her nose is botched

No. 56468

No. 56469

Well yeah because shitting on weird and ugly idols is more fitting of Kpop “critical” no matter how petty it is, than feeling bad for nugus because anons think they’re pretty.

No. 56470

File: 1570844959395.jpg (120.49 KB, 540x688, Screenshot_20191011-185827-1.j…)

No. 56471

File: 1570845114772.png (120.63 KB, 596x282, tttttttttttttttt.png)

Arab armys can lie all they want but the reason why there was so much males at this concert was because of male guardianship over women that happens in Saudi Arabia.

Which makes the fact that bts were doing fanservice even more dangerous.

No. 56472

It’s not even true, shippers made it up apparently

No. 56473

The funniest thing is that arab kpop fans are stalking the #btsdontgo hashtag replying to almost everything.
should have known

No. 56475

lol @ tiffany hiring lady gaga's old producer and badly ripping off her old music. Also why does the mixing on her songs always sound so amateurish?

No. 56476

File: 1570846205445.png (13.7 KB, 862x138, rrrrrrrr.png)

No. 56477

File: 1570846262537.png (8.13 KB, 840x82, rtttttttt.png)


No. 56478

i remember the comments on omonatheydidnt when those scandals hit
i keep it bookmarked because the majority of the comments were

and i like to have it to compare usernames with posts where people try to be woke

No. 56479

i kinda liked them their first year or so and then they started the switching member shit so nah
thats one way to make me(and the general kpop consuming public) completely uninterested in a group

No. 56481

These bitches are somehow more insane than regular ratmys

No. 56482

File: 1570848078335.jpg (243.8 KB, 1280x1280, thumbnail_20191012_041732.jpg)

I've heard in sk they call him a doppelganger

No. 56483

Is this about his chin?

No. 56484

File: 1570848382728.png (232.72 KB, 380x438, eeeee.png)

Jungkook avoiding all fan service and even fliching when jimin touched him and taehyung looking dead is so funny. I love how armys are lying saying taehyung felt ''itchy and hot'' when bts tours all the time and taehyung has never looked so dead and out of it.
Oh great jungkook-spam anon is back. His chin looks the same. Are you still mad that he has a girlfriend?
tbh all arab kpop stans are insane

No. 56485

ratmys say he gained weight, but he fucked with his jawline

No. 56486

It's his jawline. Are you fucking blind anon?
>tfw Jungokook gets Paul's dead tier conspiracy theory
At least one cool thing came out of bts this year.

No. 56487

I'm a different one lol. Just noticed today what happened to his face.

No. 56488

It actually looks different wtf

No. 56489

File: 1570848626120.jpg (38.41 KB, 356x566, jawbone-art.jpg)

it looks different because they completely remove/reshape the damn bones

No. 56490

Oh boy oh boy! Who has enough time & interest to creep around Vigilant Citizen & report back? Im sure they're all over it

Will also need one of those autistic ppl who analyze ears to prove all the paul-is-dead type shit

No. 56492

Yeah thanks. It's so obvious. Makes his cheeks look really puffy. He just can't get enough body modification lol

No. 56493

Rip BTS last real jawline lmao
We need redline comparisons! Someone make a youtube video with a compilation of autistic anon drawings, photoshopped fansite pics and a sassy robotic voice!

No. 56494

Why the hell do they do those things when they’re already popular and desired?

No. 56495

File: 1570848847573.jpg (208.54 KB, 1824x1368, jawbonefrenchfries.jpg)

Amateur, anon, that's been posted a million times already
I kinda like this one, it hasn't been done to death + looks exactly like in-n-out fries kek

No. 56496

V still has a jaw. For now

No. 56497

Meeting all those fangirls probably turns you off women forever lol.

No. 56498

Ngl I’m inside all weekend from the flu and I just might be fucked up enough on codeine to do this for fun because I am petty.

No. 56499

I don’t get it, is this turning them on? Are they doing it to humiliate him?

No. 56500

File: 1570849239338.jpg (46.39 KB, 576x1024, cc0612c15b08394f1262a8d9425467…)

And Ratmon too, technically as he never had any jaw to start.

No. 56501

I hope its just that photo and he really didn't fuck up his jaw since he looks slightly more normal in other photos.
You still think only these type of jaw surgeries are done huh? no wonder why so many foreigners end up getting botched and duped in korea.
There actually were conspiracy theories about jungkook and how the new jungkook is a doppelganger and the old jungkook is never to be heard of again

No. 56502

never eating fries again anon thanks this was what i needed to really get back on my diet

No. 56503

Nta but as if the pic you posted hasn't also been posted itts a dozen times

No. 56505

I'm that anon & I actually keep a VC bts thread open in one of my browsers thinking one day I'll sit & really read thru it all, but it's literally 100s of pages long. The furthest i ever got was some discussion of their new/present day logo looking like the shape of some pair of illuminati buildings in LA (??) jobless anons could do us a great service by compiling all the highlights for us, hint hint…

99% of shit in kpop is staged, fake. Yet whenever this gif pops up, ppl seem so convinced he's showing us his true feelings? Why? Everything they do is calculated, dumbasses. You don't deserve the internet

No. 56506

This gif gave me the heartiest kek

No. 56507

Nta but it would actually be more nutritious and good for surgery recovery if people would just keep their cut off chin pieces and eat them as bone soup or made conserved in vinegar. What a waste of good calcium and potassium.

No. 56509

Anon what the fuck

No. 56511

Anon if you have a account there please spread the conspiracy theory there that jungkook is a clone, the people there are stupid and believe everything.
Wow i bet you felt all edgy writing that. What are you 13?

No. 56512

i actually looked at it a bit while unemployed, and no one is missing anything. it was a bunch of "i was brainwashed but now I am not because…" and "God told me they are evil" with very few actual info in between some alleged very clear Illuminati symbols.

No. 56513

File: 1570849908576.jpeg (135.47 KB, 682x1024, 3E9A65AA-BD13-4E79-8C29-2A160D…)

Another pic from SA concert for comparison

No. 56514


he had the best jaw. this is a disaster. It made him look masculine too. fuck sk and their obsession with plastics and shaving jaws

No. 56515

kek anon and the serious replies to your post

No. 56516

those other anons need a sense of humor that was worth a moderate lel

No. 56517

Ok so his jaw still almost looks exactly the same, so if he had the surgery it wasnt that severe like how i thought it was.

No. 56518

I love you, anon

fucking noooo

No. 56519

Ok so i wasnt crazy for thinking the "magnetic moon" mv looked like a mash-up of 10 or so past lady gaga ideas? The outfits, the dancers, the moon, the hair, did anyone else think so? I dont know enough about lady gaga but it all seemed very ripped off
And ya the mixing is garbage, not as bad as that Lana chick's debut song (i could have done better than that even w/ a 20-yr-old laptop & expired protools) but ya tiffany's new stuff feels low quality & unfinished

It hasn't been. i spent almost a year reading thru every past kpop thread on here, literally, before i started posting myself lol

No. 56520

Okay I’m codeine anon this weekend I guess and girls. I have never been in Vigilant Citizen ever in my life. This shit is absolutely hilarious. These bitches are crazy as fuck but they’re funny? Calling Suga Splenda and Jimin Jamal?

There’s so much oh my god, has the BTS VC thread been summed up in previous threads? I’m kind of motivated to actually comb this thread for the sake of lolcow.

> To me there's def some ritualistic message on those tattoos that is why he hasn't shown those off yet. Everybody I know personally is super eager to show off a fresh new tattoo, and as an artist he has not done so yet because there's a double meaning to them.

Jungcock’s doppelgänger being a satanic plant is my new fav thing.

No. 56521

File: 1570850377518.jpg (39.91 KB, 625x352, Mr-Burns-evil-grin.jpg)

Yes anon please share it to those retards that jungkook is some clone of a Illuminati ritual or some shit.


No. 56522

Ok but can you all post more crazy arab army screenshots.

No. 56523

I'm "spent a year lurking kpop critical" anon & no VC content has rly been analyzed here, just occasional mentions of general ideas
The VC site interface is not user-friendly esp when i switch to using my phone. so i think that's why i powered thru reading everything on lolcow, and stopped w/ vc bc of frustration n lack of time.
No account but codeine anon has our backs <3 kek

No. 56524

>>56440 topkek borderline child abuse. Man if only gifs could be banners.

No. 56525

>>56524 You can literally see his soul die inside. Pretty obvious why Jung Kook started cutting himself

No. 56526

I thought psfags get a revision if the results are bad, is she stuck with that nose forever? Sad.

No. 56527

File: 1570851514081.jpg (134.04 KB, 254x451, ppEt87w.jpg)


a pic of his snake tattoo. I guess he'll be wearing sleeves for the next 7 years of his contract

No. 56528

Do it anon! Put that codeine to good use.
Make a timeline including the baby gif and other precursors for the disappearance of the real Jungkook, or might I say elimination, and rise of the satanic tattooed chinless Kook.

No. 56529

What. the fuck.
this tiffany song sounds LITERALLY like an unused filler track from the gaga album that had "monster," "bad romance" etc
they didn't even try to conceal it? i'm…i'm speechless

And tiffany is way too basic to pull off edgy or artistic so idk who told her this was a good idea

No. 56530

File: 1570851746689.jpg (28.86 KB, 375x311, g5L1MNP.jpg)

Speaking of vigilante citizen back in 2016 insane exofags used to spend time there talking about how the reason why bts is famous is because of illuminati and satanism (and they genuinely believed what they were saying unlike anons here who are trolling)

Exofags will forver be the most insane fandom and no one will beat them.

No. 56531

File: 1570851848819.jpg (186.33 KB, 254x451, cXIweZP.jpg)


Idk he doesn't look right he must have done something


Not surprising about V. He's been visibly over BTS for a long time. Don't blame him

No. 56532

File: 1570851849987.png (499.08 KB, 1141x914, vigilant-koreaboos.png)

Wtf is a humiliation ritual?
I love how these people can be even crazier than the Muslim armies.

No. 56533

Ok so im on their last page and i saw this and i busted out laughing
quote: ''Depressed splenda is happy and sporting a possible sacrifice shirt''

No. 56534

Yeah i noticed that half pf the posts there were trolling the moment i saw someone calling jungkook ''junglebook'' considering there was a sepcific anon here that used to call him that too.

No. 56535

>Depressed splenda is happy and sporting a possible sacrifice shirt
>Rapmon is a one-eyed monster as usual
>Jamal is the one going up the stairs
>He is also the one Weverse giving his fans attitude lately, wonder if he knows his time is soon up!
>JK, Candyman and Jamal
> I heard there was a full moon today in Riyadh, and today is coming out day.
Wtf, I love conspiracy theorists now.

No. 56536

Ok wtf? cuz ppl in this thread questioned this too. But what is there to analyze? His cuticle was dry & cracked. It happens to everyone. Not super attractive in a close-up photo, sure, but i dont think it has some hidden meaing, nor is it worth criticizing…?
his nail was dry, the end.
now, jk alleged self harm scars or v alleged urticaria…theres something to actually discuss there

No. 56537

i remember suju fans doing the same thing to EXO though
i remember all these bloggers that were CONVINCED that mama was their ~illuminati advertisement~ video

No. 56538

File: 1570852592216.png (15.96 KB, 1010x92, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.png)


No. 56539

File: 1570852595354.jpeg (41.59 KB, 457x672, images (13).jpeg)

Junglebook doesnt have a jawline naturally. He started having fillers when Big Hit decided he could have a more manly image. That's why his face is always different. There's a photo someone posted here once in which he has this super squarey jawline that was never to be seen again, clearly he just had recently done his face. He probably hasn't retouched his fillers since the beginning of this year or earlier + put up weight

Sage cause there are enough photos of him in this thread already

No. 56540

Holy, he's got shitty friends.

No. 56541

File: 1570852650989.jpg (93.21 KB, 1080x763, original (1).jpg)

I just looked up Ella for the first time, She's got multiple contracts under childrens modelling with Vogue and others. She even does lingerie themed shoots.

Her parents have already sold her to the highest bidder. Probably YG in this case.

No. 56542

You belong on vigilante citizen anon. lol

No. 56543

I though jungkook cared about bts's career, does he know how much this will ruin their reputation in south korea.

No. 56544

Nah hes probably counting the days till he can finally leave.

No. 56546

She's American and thriving as a child model already. Why would they settle for kpop? Yg got nothing on hollywood or american/european fashion industry. He wished he was anywhere near that.

No. 56549

Forget about him, what about his company? Personally I like tattoos but if it’s such a big taboo as people say over there…

No. 56550

Right? He chose wisely lol

No. 56551

File: 1570852921363.png (12.25 KB, 1142x455, absolutelyharam.png)

Oh I understand now, so that's where they go to handle their cognitive dissonance.

No. 56552

For saying he has fillers jkfag? He had an egg face that's just facts

No. 56553

anon two of your comments were posted twice and you didnt sage

No. 56554

File: 1570853360740.jpg (139.95 KB, 983x458, ella.jpg)

Getting her into Kpop is far easier than the hoops you'd probably have to jump through to get her famous in America. Just offer up your child to the CEO's no questions asked and watch the money roll in.

The parents want money and fame out of her and this would be the fastest way. It's the type of parents these people are, you see it all the time.

At least she'll learn fast how the world really works.

No. 56555

I can’t wait for “go away vcfag” to start happening

No. 56556

File: 1570853448582.jpg (67.77 KB, 544x518, ba1.JPG)

Multiple posts threatening to sue the Human Rights Foundation. Keeping it classy assholes. Also shout out to the moron claiming that this call out is "deformation of character" and the one who has apparently taken one undergrad law course and calling it libel.
pic very fucking related.

No. 56557


This is giving me Brooke Shields Pretty Baby vibes. I hope she'll be alright in the end.

No. 56558

Lmao you literally have a account there but what ever you say @truthteller

No. 56559

Let us enjoy ourselves while it lasts anon.
>The car is born, a representation of human bodies. And as they are turned, in a system of spirituality, the vehicle of light, soul, bodily energy. Moreover, people falling in Mic Drop, vehicles, falling into the trailer of Kai SuperM is the same scene.

No. 56560

Ella might end up being an idol but if it's under yg she's going to be horribly mismanaged and probably out of the industry in a few years just like kyla who was a child model and got hate just for going through puberty and not looking the same anymore

No. 56561

you're brave saving this to your pc anon kek

No. 56562

File: 1570854200548.jpeg (25.75 KB, 452x678, images (14).jpeg)

This one? Kek yea clearly he had just left the doctor's office

No. 56563

File: 1570854538222.jpg (62.88 KB, 630x420, Terminator-2-Edward-Furlong.jp…)

Depends on the type of person she is. Some child actors/model accept it, some child actors turn into drug addled wrecks, some just kill themselves when they realize the things they were told to do by the old men, when they were younger.

No. 56564


Same reason why Somi's dad brought her to YG after IOI ended instead of trying to get her on some FreeForm show. The competition is tougher in America and they likely would have been eaten alive. But being a 'pretty halfie' in Korea can open doors pretty quickly. Long lasting career? Don't know about that.

No. 56565

File: 1570854988796.png (11.42 KB, 611x117, really.png)

Don't forget this one, anon.
That whole Twitter thread gave me cancer. Too many delusional fangirls saying BTS "only came for the fans," that it's okay because "their fans were saved because of this concert" and "it's not BTS's job to comment on these issues." Well then maybe they should think twice about becoming literal human rights ambassadors.

No. 56566

What urticaria, anon pls explain

No. 56567

He said himself he has cholinergic allergy

No. 56568

Ngl jamal is absolutely sending me

No. 56569

So jungkook is really gonna pull a 1D and get ugly unplanned tats huh

No. 56570

File: 1570855724389.jpg (297.88 KB, 964x1250, 1274877.jpg)

i get that he's the first out gay idol of this generation and what not, but im more concerned by the fact that he looks ana af

No. 56571

Hmm i might be missing something because idk somi or ella much but afaik somi never had any connections with the american entmt industry or with the country itself? Does she even speak english fluently? Ella on the other hand lives in the US and her imdb tells me she has been on some netflix series and was casted in a star trek series to premiere in 2020? Idk for her sake i hope her parents are not that dumb to settle for YG, specially now that they're going thru these scandals and lost their big 3 status

No. 56573

Somi's dad is canadian and she speaks english but she only grew up in korea.
Ella definitely sounds like she should just focus on acting in america. YG is a shithole and I don't think idols make that much money outside of CFs and sponsorships

No. 56574

seriously will never understand how these older armys exist in the world like you could be reading your cases but instead you're tweeting about how criticising bts is defamation

No. 56575

you can't sue for defamation unless you're lying kek I know that and I don't even study law

No. 56576

File: 1570858860871.jpg (83.07 KB, 540x406, Screenshot_20191011-200838-1.j…)

No. 56577

File: 1570859146307.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.33 KB, 1024x682, IMG_20191012_073741.jpg)

i have to admit i see nothing particularly different about the shape of his jaw, im inclined to agree with the anon that said he just gained weight during the vacation and that impacts how the lighting hits his jawline. his jawline has looked pretty consistent over the years, even before this pic that anon claims to be a 'before' >>56539). lets just wait for bighit to overwork and starve them again so we can see his jawline properly again and then decide if its surgically altered or not.

spoiler cause theres seriously too many pictures of him in this thread and im tired.

No. 56579

Yep, a lot of hapas enter Asian entertainment industries because it’s easy money. Asian American actors have talked about how hard it is to get roles due to their race and there are no popular Asian pop stars that aren’t Filipino or half Black.

also lmao @ Ella being technically under The Black Label just like Somi

No. 56580

tiffany was always the biggest attention whore in snsd and also the dumbest member. it's both sad and amusing that she's flopping so hard. she went from a blatant ariana grande rip off to a blatant lady gaga rip off. waiting for her crazy in love remake lol.

No. 56581

This thread should be named Jungkook critical #37

No. 56582

Agree lol.

But i really am curious who leaked the tattoo pic. He's got some good organized sasaengs.

No. 56583

i feel like this is because he’s had to self fund all his comebacks so he’s probably been living on a diet of ramen

No. 56584

so apparently taeyong admitted to the bullying scandal and met with the kid in person…kek this has to be a stunt to bring attention

No. 56585

>why didn't you tell them before?!
Because they're adults who should be able to use their brains themselves?
Because you threatened and got everybody who dared to complain about it suspended from twitter?

>wanting (or really planning?) to sue the human rights foundation
I can't even…
>at this concert thousands of women, men and children were singing together, the women there could finally speak themselves
Yeah right…
I feel sick reading this, when will this end?

No. 56587

So we're at the point where Jin is the last one to look somewhat human in the face. Can't wait to see how he fucks it up too.

No. 56588

maybe weight gain + fillers making his face look abnormally swollen? but he gained weight in that hawaii trip and looked nothing like this. tgere’s something really off and odd

No. 56589

this person looks like a malnourished V what with his faux-artsy get up, too

No. 56590

I mean V is like 120 lbs

No. 56591

>a blogger mom was sued for makig the other feel invisible
what the fuck is bighit walking on egg shells

No. 56592

I love how (underage) newfags/stans - like >>56588 - write posts without responding to anyone, without mentioning any names and just assume that we know which of their oppars they're talking about… Please at least try to integrate, it makes this thread difficult to read.

No. 56593

this whole thread is about jungkook, pls its not that hard

No. 56594

get off your high horse. it wasn’t particularly a reply to anyone and a general comment because multiple people have been discussing JK plastic face. those who have a clue will know, if you don’t just move on. it was saged regardless, don’t you know how to filter?

No. 56595

its blowing up on reddit but fans on twitter are commenting on every article "ok thanks moving on! stream jopping!" SM literally confirmed the homophobic comments were true, and our woke kpoppies are defending him? this is a first I've seen, usually every idol is cancelled for shit like this.

he also fatshamed a girl for many years, imagine how she feels, seeing her bully fawned over by dumbasses thinking he's a baby uwu. all those other rumors + members of nct themselves calling him a bully were true then kek.

No. 56596

“woke” kpoppies is a paradox in itself after all

No. 56597

File: 1570867206779.jpeg (166.24 KB, 750x725, 73639FFF-8C7D-4EAB-B1FC-69AEBA…)

The bullying must have been bad if she cried for an HOUR before she could talk to him. Also having reporters there takes away any sincerity.

No. 56598

this guy is such a fucking scumbag

No. 56599

why is he talking about himself and victimizing himself still when the victim is in front of him probably waiting for a damn apology. did SM really fly him all the way to Korea just for this apology? since Superm is still promoting in America this week. must've been that important since they addressed it

No. 56600

Nice mediaplay and memorized text by SM public relations…
Still baffeling - but also kinda funny - that the stupid fans are fawning over him for this fake apology and the - dare I say it… - fans who haven´t lost all their braincells are still trying to shut this incident down.

No. 56601

So he is confirmed to be a homophobic shitbag after all. Yup, nct will not get anywhere with a leader like that. He is and has always been the number one reason why the group is a failure.

No. 56602

Superm aren't promoting in America at all this week afaik, Kai and Baekhyun have exo concerts in Japan.

No. 56603

Damn hope SM paid her off
generously behind the scenes to arrange this meeting. Can't be worth turning up to hear an insincere apology meant to help the career of your bully instead of give you closure.

No. 56604

>>56582 Didn't a couple of Jungkook sasaengs turn against him? Headliner is one of them but she must have found out some juicy shit if she turned around and started badmouthing him online. Reminds me of Sullis fansite turning against her when she started dating Choiza.

No. 56605

Why aren't they promoting the new Sperm album? EXO is half enlisted anyway

No. 56606

what happened to headliner? does she still stalk him or did she completely dip after she got exposed?

No. 56607

They already did for like a week

No. 56608

not to defend him here but that they have bigger issues than than lol

No. 56609

then that*

No. 56610

>tfw no jawshave bf to make you cronchy soup from his bones
why live

No. 56611

File: 1570871509321.jpg (44.43 KB, 720x378, ezgif-2-d83604657bbb.jpg)

Jessica's face looks so plastic nowadays (no age-shaming)

No. 56612

>she broke into tears when she first saw him
Damn, if that alone triggers her so much after all these years, how bad must it have been back then…
>"my old friends"
What? I hate how koreans always call all of their classmates their friends, that's not friendship you ass.
Entire nct seems shady af and fans continue to shield it. Like calling an already underweight guy continously fat and then having your army of worshippers write it off as "teehee friends tease each other, he's totally cool with it!" How would you know that? At first I also thought well he was just a dumb kid trying to make money with his scams, but appearantly the bullying was severe enough that this girl (and possibly others too) is still hurting a lot today. I wonder how other idols think about him, imagine having to pretend to like a guy who you knew did shit like this.
Nctfags, there's no way he doesn't think of you as disgusting and fat as well.

No. 56613

honestly people use the term friends loosely these days

No. 56614

i mean nct has like about 20 members now? Thats a lot and the chances of some of them being complete assholes is higher. Really makes you think tho, how taeyong keeps getting away with things like that.

No. 56615


Scamyong doesn't need friends when he has crazy fangirls to do his bidding and clear the search bars. BTS fans did this during Jungcocks scandal too jeez

No. 56616

File: 1570873645862.jpg (44.35 KB, 768x877, fh4Em7p.jpg)

No. 56618

I don't think it matters how late the whole thing is here. Chances are, an actual Human Rights foundation will care far more about other issues than some kpop celebrities most people outside of the fanbase don't give a shit about.
Their own fans will gloss over it soon anyway, all that needs to happen is the concert and then they will find some random thing to pull out their ass to say 'look how they defied these rules! they're so pro-x or y!!'

I'm a bit late so I won't be surprised if this is already happening lmaoo, but very few of their fanbase will straight up boycot them to make a point.

No. 56619

Knowing yg's creepy tendencies and his obsessions with grooming young girls I feel quite uneasy thinking about this girl's future. Not to mention all these other questionable ppl and druggies being with her in the same company…why do children have to be put into these adult places …

No. 56620

Dont they know that these tweets are a dead giveaway their idol is involved in a scandal? Kek

No. 56621

File: 1570874987559.png (151.46 KB, 625x719, Skærmbillede 2019-10-12 kl. 12…)

It already sounds like a fucking fanfiction kek

No. 56622

jessica seems like she writes those gay wattpad fanfics lol

No. 56623

Talking about fan fiction am I the only one who finds ff written about real kpop idols disturbing as hell? Even the sjw fans partake in it.

No. 56624

File: 1570876235165.jpg (45.01 KB, 588x371, B1seoRnIYAAb3KL.jpg large.jpg)

What do you mean anon?

No. 56625

yeah they should stick to yaoi honestly super junior read a fanfic on a show once and it was cringe

No. 56626

Cant wait to see the anime adaption

No. 56627

Who in the fuck is in charge MBK. Whoever it is they must be 100 years old.

"Hey lets use these 1989 samples in our song woot!"

You could give them the best singer/dancer/rapper in the world and they'd screw up their career.

No. 56628

most stereotypical kpop song ever

No. 56629

File: 1570878749850.gif (10.02 MB, 960x790, 1570851860-ce7164a9-9555-4f2c-…)

Ratmy are dense af. Who besides them and bts' haters care about their concert in SA? Why would some normie randomly come across pics or videos of them and decide to tweet about it? And any sane foreigner's reaction to some artist performing there is thinking that they're immoral sell-outs.
>BTS did it again. Jin snatching Saudi locals on Twitter
>“The one with the green headphones i see n i continue “, “The one with the green mic and headphones whats his name too?”, “Whats the name of the one with the green mic? I loved him”, “Girls what’s the name of the one with the green mic and golden mic?”
That's the most retarded one so far, who notices and remembers the colour of a mic?
All these are from allkpop, they're shilling bts so hard.
And V also looks like he got shit done…

No. 56630

he looks so dead inside…

No. 56631

Wtf he looks like jin now

No. 56632

He looks so over it

No. 56633

At first I also thought it's Jin. Maybe lip injections?

No. 56635

What a waste. I dont care about tattoos, but it's obvious this is some dumb ass rebellion. Ugly and random tattoos will ruin him and his career. His bandmates dont give a shit about him. Make sme think he's planning to leave BTS soon

I know most kpop fans are idiots but they have no idea how defamation works.

It's like kpop idols are opening being more pieces of shits now without shame

No. 56637

I had to do a double take. Wtf, they're all getting lip injections and looking very same face now

No. 56640

Is blanc & eclare even making now that the hype has died down? Heard they shut the soho store down. This novel is def a project to generate extra money/recognition.

No. 56641

bp member got caught meeting a sponsor tonight by their sasaeng fan

No. 56642

>>56641 post proof idiot

No. 56643

in normal situations, you're right but Korea is kinda notorious for suing everyone who harshly criticizes anyone, even if it's the truth.
a part of me really wants to believe this is just her autobiography masked as fiction so she won't get attacked but I don't have high hopes

No. 56645

I won't give out which member specifically but a clue is to find out what they did after their fansign today.

Once you realize who it could be, go to twitter, contact one of their fansites and try to convince them to sell you the footage. There are 2 specific ones that are actually anti fans of the member, hope that you're lucky and you contact them because they are more willing to share what they have for the right price.

Sponsor is someone from Tencent apparently.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 56646

i didnt even realize it was v for a sec wtf i thought it was a txt member. anons say he got his lips done, but he couldve had more work than that.

No. 56650

Again, give proof. Nobody on here is gonna go through thick and thin just to find out footage of a bp member that might not exist.

No. 56651

when will mods ban retards like you.

No. 56652

No one is going to post something on an open platform for free when they could go to Dispatch and get paid. You have to do some work to get the tea.

No. 56655

lmao I want to read this shit

No. 56658

Go and get paid then

No. 56659

File: 1570887649082.jpeg (64.38 KB, 862x862, 72363AE6-87E9-43C2-AD9F-373172…)

His lips look the same size, he was probably wearing gloss or some plumping product

No. 56663

Again this bpfag talking in riddles??? Can we permanently ban this retarded?

No. 56664

tinfoil but jason = a tvxq member (jaejoong?) so she's talking about real experiences and we are getting the real reason why she got kicked out of snsd in this book
can a mod please ban them? all they do is say vague ass baiting

No. 56665

Hard fucking same. I mentioned real people fiction was unsettling to me and that’s how I found out a girl I know writes jimin fanfiction. She’s 33 and married. Barf.

OT but relevant to this topic, I had a girl justify it to me by saying she only wrote it about two celebrities she thinks are a real couple. She’s also in her 30s and she writes about two 1D dudes.

No. 56666

This OG koreaboo made a “short film” about fanfiction and the dude was named Jason Kimberly inspired by Kim Jaejoong. Lol. So even if it’s not true it’s a funny thought.

The new jack swing shit was fine the first time, and Shinee had 1of1. But now it sounds dated. Also Bruno Mars ruined it for me, idk how popular his shit was in Korea tho.

No. 56667

Ok I know everyone is hanging up on you right now but could you share more info and hints?

No. 56668

File: 1570893498346.jpg (76.93 KB, 597x622, IMG_20191012_071348.jpg)

He really acts like a sheltered kid that once hits their 20s starts acting like a teen. He wasn't able to express himself for so long that now he wants to act like a rebellious emo prepubescent at a time in which he just looks ridiculous. His emotional and personal growth is so stunt lmaoo I wonder what goes down his head and all the mental health problems

No. 56669

“If they love me, they can look past it” That actually makes me sad…

No. 56670

What I want to know is why you all constantly talk about him and only him as if the other members don't exist. Can you all be less obvious especially with your "wonder what goes on in his head".
Also tattoos and hair have nothing to do with rebelling and if you think that it is then you're retarded or born into a strict religious home.

No. 56671

he didn't only get tattoos but he got the ugliest tattoos possible on his most visible parts. suga must be seething

No. 56673

In case you didn't noticed yet half of the anons here are conservative SEAs who think tatoos are only for criminals and not for the good young men from good familes, that they enjoy to write fanfics about being sodomized as cow hybrids.

No. 56674

Someone anyone pls explain this to me, its come up before and i still dont understand
Why do armys do this? Pretend to be normies/locals & ask questions about kpop groups. like i rly dont understand. who are they hoping will read it? cuz im pretty sure only armys will read it? (er, ratmys* sorry lol)

No. 56676

On Lolcow, there are ratmys who pose as BTS haters because they love talking about ''their boys'' so much.

No. 56677

I think it's meant to increase the idols mentions on social media and get the attention of main-stream media outlets, thus increasing their fame or something.
Like how they try to spam the twitter timeline to cover scandals, it's so weird how they feel responsible for the idols success.

No. 56678

Pretty sure it's just to give their own egos a boost and make them look less crazy.

No. 56679

Suga himself scolds him for wanting to get tattoos and I'm sure he isn't a conservative SEA girl.

No. 56680

You should try to cover better your power level Army-chan.
>conservative SEA girl
He's a work mate in the same fucked up industry and with the same antiquated and conservative views about tats.

No. 56681

Can all the ratmy solo stans please be banned.
Honestly there are way worse things to talk about idols I can't believe these bitches are tripping over tattoos, they are just as worse as those conservative arab ratmys who talked about how kpop is satanic and Haram.

No. 56683

We're back at "ur a ratmy!!" "no u!!" again? What I said was posted literally like 10 posts ago. No one thinks JK is a thug for getting hand tats, people are saying it might affect his image because it's seen badly in Korea

No. 56684

File: 1570895647570.jpg (64.3 KB, 540x540, go.jpg)

>mentally disabled (?) woman
I hate to agree but her make up and oversized bow is making her look slightly retarded.

No. 56685

jimin's had a tattoo for almost a year and I don't think it's really affected his image

No. 56686

You do realize that netizenbuzz chosses the most negative comments, right?
Why do you care if his image is affected?

No. 56691

lol even if this ISNT based on her time as an idol, people are gonna speculate like crazy and start making comparisons and come up with all sorts of theories

im here for it tbh

No. 56692

Is there anything stopping the ratmies from just making a bts critical thread? If they want a place to bitch without being threatened for “deformation” I don’t blame them.

No. 56693

Imagine getting bullied by taeyong of all people…

No. 56699

spit it out or fuck off faggot

I am sick of these 12 year olds.

No. 56700

I'm seriously thinking there needs to be a permaban on bts shit, I don't care positive or negative because they derail and post gay shit about how skinny they are or tatoos or spaming gay pics. Or maybe a ban on speaking about gaypop (boy groups) in general.

When ANY boy group is talked about the thread goes haywire everytime because the stans come out.

But whatever, I'll go back to lurking while called a stan of x-retard group / femcel

No. 56701

'ban talking about most popular groups reeeeee'

No. 56703

prime suspect #1

No. 56704

I think talking about bts is a big part of kpop crit. there's no reason not to talk about other groups too, but no other anons are bringing them up? You can complain or just bring up other topics for us to discuss. I hope i dont sound mean btw. I am just trying to point out the issues

No. 56707

/kpc/ would be dead if it weren't for the neverending bts and bp sperging because they're more popular than everyone else in kpop combined nonnie

No. 56708

File: 1570902139525.png (375.92 KB, 718x553, delulu.png)

No. 56709

this is literally "i have black friends" tier

No. 56711

Are these anons retarded? Of course it's rebellious, these people don't live in your first world countries but in fucking South Korea. Perhaps stop being so self-centered lmaoo

And we talk about him because he is the only one being milky lately, the fuck are we suppose to talk about JHope botched surgery and botox for the billion time again or how ratmom masturbated from a book 4 years ago? Retards

No. 56712

Worse because at least you choose your friends, you don't choose your relatives lol.

No. 56713

And then we will only have spam about how every female idol is so ugly and fat, sounds like better content

No. 56715

>bullies classmate for being gay
>"b-but he has a gay uncle!!"

No. 56716

Fake tattoos or whatever BTS or other repetitive group discussions are also 100000x preferable to baiting people with "work a little to find tea" like this >>56645

Who in lolcow would wanna spend money on possibly fake, non-existent, blurry BP footage?? lol

No. 56719

sooo rebellious even though twice's chaeyoung has multiple visible tattoos but neither domestic or international fans seem to give a fuck. anons are right to call out the weird fascination with jk's tattoos, its really not that serious

No. 56721

In that vein, if you mention less popular idols you’re met with “who tf are these nugus are you self posting faggot”

No. 56722

i mean, his tattoos are interesting as his fans seem to project a creepy "uwu baby boi" persona onto him. jungkook's physical transformation to wannabee soundcloud rapper is entertaining to witness considering how rigid and conservative the expectations to kpop artists' appearance and behaviour are.

it seems like he is having a delayed rebellious teenage phase, which will produce milk if we are lucky.

No. 56724

File: 1570905623190.jpg (62.11 KB, 636x421, Taeyang-of-Big-Bang-june-2017-…)

Do you think Taeyang is the the only innocent bigbang member or do you think he was involved in something too?
G-dragon's letter to Daesung shows that he knew what illegal stuff was going on but chose to keep quiet,Daesung also knew what was going on but also kept quiet and is speculated to also be involved in some illegal stuff too.
Do you think Taeyang had no idea to what was going on or do you think he knew or kept quiet? Do you also think he has some hidden scandal?

No. 56725

File: 1570905759889.png (614.61 KB, 538x820, 44444.png)

seems like you are too retarded to have understood anons comment.

No. 56727

Honestly I think that if he plays this right he can look like a sexy bad boy, a rebel. Fans would love it eventually

No. 56728

Nah k-netz are hating it lol https://www.knetizen.com/bts-jungkooks-tattoo-henna-is-receiving-divided-opinions/

If I was Jungkook I would get a face tattoo just to spite them. Ratmys really are the wold's jobless and creepiest creatures. Who the hell steal a bottle of dirty water and boast about it?

No. 56729

I´m pretty convinced he also knew what was going on. To what extent, I don´t know, but I feel like Seungri tried to involve anyone from BB.
I can't imagine him being involved with that kind of stuff, because to me he always was like… quite dumb and naiv. He could be involved through someone else tho…

No. 56730

Foreign fans will love it though and eventually Koreans will either accept it or move on. There’s no turning back now, he has to play it up

No. 56731

What im more interested in is how you follow these amry accounts and find posts from army account with less than 1k likes…hmmmmm

Quote:''3. There are many idols who have tattoos, but why are you annoyed with Jungkook?''
''10. There are so many idols who have tattoos, but why are people only interested in Jungkook?''

No. 56732

Islam is an abrahamic religion, so there’s gotta be a no idolatry thing right? I know when jonghyun died a lot of SEA Muslims were criticizing the reactions from fans for idolizing a celebrity. Has this been criticized in the ME too and I just haven’t seen it since I’m not a huge kpop fag? This shit is embarrassing and if people are gonna call kpop/BTS haram, surely they’re condemning this behavior…

No. 56733

No. 56734

Prior to her suicide in 2009, Jang Ja Yeon had told one of her friends that wanted to kill her CEO. She was preparing a lawsuit against her agency at the time of her death. During the investigation of her death, much of the CCTV evidence ended up disposed of, prompting the question of whether it was purposefully destroyed by police. During the investigations, the police also discovered her notebook, containing a list of high-profile industry executives that she stated she was forced to have sex with. However the police have suppressed this full list from being revealed.

No. 56735

U:NEE and Jeong Da Bin both committed suicide in 2007. They were both also in the same agency as Choi Jin Shil and Jang Ja Yeon. Jeong Da Bin left her final message to the world on her Cyworld page, but no suicide note was discovered for any of the 4 celebrities. This raises concerns how all 4 celebrities, who were in the same agency, did not leave a suicide note.

Jang Ja Yeon’s agency was The Contents Entertainment. Choi Jin Sil and Jeong Da Bin were in Stars Entertainment. U:NEE was signed under Olive Nine. In reality, The Contents Entertainment was the managing body overseeing Stars Entertainment while Olive Nine was merged with The Contents Entertainment. They were essentially all in the same agency.

No. 56736

>not knowing how to greentext

No. 56737

>hurdurhur greentext
I know how to green text i was just copy and pasting i forgot no big deal. But these types of conversations are too complicated for you to understand anyways so go back to talking about jungkooks tattoos 24/7.

No. 56738

>not knowing how to sage
you're supposed to lurk a minimum of 2 years before posting ya know, dumbcunt.

No. 56739

Chanyeol did do a good job of being uwu big baby giant of exo that the tattoos had people dissecting the meanings instead of being mad at it. The fandom tattoo was a good idea for extra points with the fans.

No. 56740

File: 1570910697037.jpg (58.02 KB, 639x747, CMX5SuYWgAAOgzL.jpg)

Ah so when your fave chanyolk oppar gets tattoos then it is meaningful but when other oppar gets tattoos then its a sin.
Also didnt junglecock oppar also get tattoos of his fandom on his hand. Weak excuse eggs.

No. 56741

as someone who has that same issue, it's more evolving from 'peter pan syndrome'. not that it's a bad thing, but how you manage it is. not sure if that young man knows however, and physical objects like that often stunts development like alcoholism :/

it feels more like they were marketed so that they would make money, but not be burdened by being so famous. I think that's kind of what the girls wanted, all of them have a stellar job resume and connection

ratmon probably knows nothing can save his face, he's the Jennie and Justin Beiber of the group. he bullied the fuck out of V predebut before the lineup, and is rumored to be the kid who didn't invite V when they were younger.

Jennie will get peace, eventually

someone, anyone, link this, wtf.

reminds me of those 'battered woman syndrome' testimonies

sunmi & hyuna. city pop, retro-future. IU's always liked retro anyways.

No. 56742

File: 1570911294461.gif (183.49 KB, 268x323, 0FA8C2ED-5265-4D62-81DB-B01807…)

Lol this

The nerve of these exol

No. 56743

i wonder if these fanfiction-fantasy-allegedly books will top 50shadesofhamilton.

Hello Counselor is a good show for how tone-deaf koreans are to mental illness, it's been brought up a few times.

No. 56744


BTS wanted to disband in 2018 but they insinuated that some people didn't want it all to end so they couldn't just step away. I truly believe V was one of the ones who wanted to leave BTS. He's been over the group and performing for a while and spends all his free time with his actor friends. But they're locked in to another 7 years so….guess that's that.


JK has always been favored as the Golden Maknae of bighit. Maybe the other members are watching him crash and burn so they can take his place who knows. Kpop is competitive even after you debut and get to the top.


All the Big Bang members would have known what Seungri was doing. They've dropped hints about Seungri being trash so either they tried to have an intervention while he was just getting started and failed or they just didn't care. I watched their competition reality show years ago and it seemed like none of them wanted him in the group so it could be they're willing to let each other sink.

I hope he doesn't have his own hidden scandal though otherwise I Would feel sorry for his wife. She seems nice.


I'll bet it less the tattoo and more that he's actually associating with/dating people working in a dirty tattoo shop (who Koreans consider to be degenerates). If he just showed up with a tattoo that would be that, I'm sure people would be pissed. But that he seems to be deep in their gang is probably freaking some of his fans out.

That said the people here who scream about JK being brought up and mocked seem more like they're trying to protect him but they're pretending they're "tired of hearing about Jungkook all the time.

No. 56745

Yeesh, not fave.
More like JK could get away with his tattoos like Chanyeol did, unlike the people sperging like its apocalypse rebellion.
get the damn tattoos, who cares

No. 56746

Not that anon but to answer your questions: the other idols are not part of the most popular an successful group from the last 2 years. Stop playing hard mental gymnastics to comprehend such a simple fact.

No. 56747

there's a few female idols with tattoos and get away with it, depends on what your image was before and how you're seen by the gp. you'll get away with A LOT if the public likes you.
Taeyeon, Hyuna (even pre-Edawn), Suzy, Hwasa. anyone thrown tomatoes at them yet?

No. 56748

>stellar job and clc in the same sentence
Last year clc prepared 150 lunch boxes and only 12 fans showed up lol.
And anon you forgot to add ''tinfoil theory'' before claiming ratmon bullies your fave without any proof. Solo stan.

No. 56749

Is that Sulli?

“If they love me, they can look past it” #1 excuse problematic badboys use to lead on women who fall for them despite their scummy ways. Maknae wants to be a badboy kek

No. 56750

don't for get that Twice girl who dyed her hair neon blond in Fancy

i don't stan any of them tbh, it's just fun to read, i thought the 'tinfoil theory' was a given since we're on 'critical kpop'.
and everyone likes the underdog/nugu story. if anything, they're very impressive despite accomplishing everything but being more famous.

No. 56752

>ratmon probably knows nothing can save his face, he's the Jennie and Justin Beiber of the group. he bullied the fuck out of V predebut before the lineup, and is rumored to be the kid who didn't invite V when they were younger. Jennie will get peace, eventually

What the fuck are you talking about? Unsure if i should even bother in case you're drunk or otherwise just totally out of it

No. 56753

I just hope clc are not forced to lick old man musty balls like most irrelevant flop girl groups.

No. 56754

File: 1570913544816.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x795, 26f1520f0818cbeb2341d4de49835f…)

woke stan twitter be like:

No. 56755

wait what letter to daesung?

No. 56756

Idk man, SK gp did flip their shit when she red a book. Kek. She makes the wrong expression and netizens will be hypothesizing that she’s a closeted lesbian next.

No. 56757

No. 56758

>BTS wanted to disband in 2018 but they insinuated that some people didn't want it all to end so they couldn't just step away. I truly believe V was one of the ones who wanted to leave BTS. He's been over the group and performing for a while and spends all his free time with his actor friends. But they're locked in to another 7 years so….guess that's that.

You people are permanently wasted or you're all 12 yrs old. Why do you believe a single thing these bleached waxed ladymen say? They are ACTING. They have ASSIGNED ROLES in their group & they DO & SAY THINGS TO FULFILL THE PURPOSE OF THAT ROLE. Of course they pretended they were on the verge of breaking up, 'cause hella sympathy points & asspats. Or if it was at all real, it was exaggerated for maximum uwu-soft-sad-kpopboi sympathy points. When the cameras are off they probably laugh their asses off @ how gullible their fans are, how does that make you feel?

I expect this kind of thing pretty much everywhere else on the big wide interwebs, but I thought lolcow users were slightly more evolved. But this is worse than when I'm trying to explain to my mom that all her fave reality shows are scripted. Oh my goodness gracious…this thread is in far worse shape than I thought. RIP

No. 56759

I remember some youtube comment saying that they were near t.o.p at some type of event or movie shoot(idk),and he seemed pissed when he wasnt getting any attention compared to the other celebrities as around him.

This was something i saw a few years ago,i remember screenshotting it on my old phone,but idk if i saved it somewhere.

No. 56760

File: 1570914745173.jpg (306.98 KB, 1781x1234, WclSasyPLJTR.jpg)

Taeyang liked then unliked this post during his scandal.

No. 56761

>>56747 Success attracts haters hence why nobody hates on BAP or Monsta X for tats. Many non-Koreans lowkey cant stand Kpop but are exposed to Blackpink and BTS because they are the most successful Kpop acts in the West. Koreans think BTS can do no wrong and it's annoying. Many folks think BTS are selling a fake woke & manufactured wholesome image to naive tweens amd lonely women so shit like dating scandals or plastic surgery shows they aren't scandal-free or real about loving yourself.

No. 56762

File: 1570915646064.jpg (52.98 KB, 600x600, unnamed (3).jpg)

So all of them are trash.
Bigtrash with the members P.O.T,Gdruggin,Seungreed,DaeSuing,Toolyang.

lmao give it a rest already. Most knetizens arent even hating on the tattoos, most of them are complaining how ugly the tattoos are. Alot of other successful groups get tatt0os too.

No. 56763

Nta, but you don't need to be an exofan to acknowledge that getting a few small and neatly done tattoos over the course of a long time is different from what Jk did (if they're real). The placement is ugly (knuckles…), the lines are super messy, he makes soundcloud rappers look classy. If he really got tattoos on his entire arm, then that means he must have gotten them during that one month of vacation they got, he will regret that big time. If he got some small army tattoo similar to what chanyeol did then only really weird conservative fans would have had a problem with it, the rest would have found it cute.
I wonder if his entire style right now is because he idolizes Justin Bieber who dresses similarly messy, has nasty overgrown hair and random tattoos all over his body.

I agree, but on the other hand: would it really be so strange for a late 20s women to be fed up with this kind of job and the people who she's surrounded with?

All of bigbang always openly commented on seungri doing shady shit that might get him in trouble, so it's safe to say they knew at least to some extent and choose to stay quiet.

No. 56764

File: 1570916172869.jpg (17.41 KB, 306x306, 179177ec2e55a2cf0923a8ca382b78…)

So in burning sun and other nightclubs they were filming snuff films of women….
https://twitter.com/pannatic/status/1120486806301106176 nightclubs sure seem dangerous in korea and its so funny how stupid koreaboos constantly go clubbing in korea putting themself in danger.
>uses ''exofan'' unironically
Ok exofag your autistic oppar is great.

No. 56766

>All of bigbang always openly commented on seungri doing shady shit that might get him in trouble, so it's safe to say they knew at least to some extent and choose to stay quiet.

Of course they knew, most of the big groups probably know or are involved, and the people who don't really want to be involved just try to keep their heads down so their careers aren't destroyed.

No. 56767

File: 1570916873498.jpg (59.63 KB, 600x825, 7014999a3d9eab9e2cfe72470536f7…)

How is Sowon gfriend's visual?

No. 56769

from what i’ve seen they’re constantly shit on for being uggos and not having a single real visual in the group

yerin is hideous inside out

No. 56770

File: 1570917633599.jpeg (329.94 KB, 1216x999, A03B0AFD-D6B9-43AB-B0E1-1AF345…)

i mean.. isn’t gfriend known as an ”ugly” group (at least in knetz’ opinion). idk what member would suit the visual role better.

No. 56772

Seventeen were only really relevant from 2016-2017 now no one really cares about them.

No. 56773

>everybody who says that somebody has better tats than jk must be a fan ugh i mean fag!
Anon please, he fucked up big time

No. 56774

Nothing will happen to him, their fans are like a cult

No. 56775

What are dbsk doing nowadays (besides toilet oppar)? I know that Junsu had that hotel scandal but what happened afterwards? And the others?
Yunho and Changmin seem to have a really good image in Korea but I remember that a farmer wrote that the latter said a lot of misogynistic stuff, does anybody know more about that? Would be a shame, imo he's one of the only idols who aged well.

Of course not, but it looks like shit.

No. 56776

Well junsu got discharged from the military in 2018.
Jaejoon despite being forgotten by korean and international fans is still super famous in japan, and has his japan fandom backing him up. He is still getting tv appearances and was on the top 10 united world charts thanks to japanese fans.

Yunho and changmin do occasional concerts and varieties but thats its.

i also thought the dbsk members were old but their age range is 31-33 wtf so that means they are younger than super junior.

No. 56778

File: 1570920646906.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.2 KB, 1080x1071, 20191011_153329.jpg)

Looking like a junkie

No. 56780

And yet you still want him

No. 56781

Nah, i'd be scared to catch smth from him

No. 56782

You know what? This pic actually makes me go onboard with the doppelganger theory.

No. 56783

You are thinking about jungbook oppar too much, Are you still mad about his gf?

No. 56785

Probably happy instead, now she thinks she has a chance since gracious JK isn’t into pretty babes

No. 56786

He reminds me of somi's dad.

No. 56787

File: 1570921220065.jpeg (112.79 KB, 1024x945, FD74FE61-2C03-494C-B0BB-79D9E7…)

JK and Jimin, in Saudi Arabia of all places, is that considered gay or it is ok?

No. 56788

Unless you watch the actual show (don't even bother), you can't just believe all the subs you see on twitter/tumblr

No. 56789

Thats taehyung you fucking autist.

No. 56790

Huening kai's dad gives me "how do you do fellow kids?" vibe.

No. 56791

I see it.

No. 56792

more like plastic

No. 56793

You think so?

No. 56794


Seventeen just recently sold around 700K to 800K albums on Hanteo so I guess their fans have never been stronger but aside from their A-Teen hit last year they've struggled to get an actual hit with the public. That's normal from boy groups, only a handful of bgs get actual public hits, but Seventeen tried to go to angsty and loud too fast. People liked them when they were "refreshing" and now they're screaming and wearing black and whatever else so I can see that turning some people off. Their songs have zero melody in them.


Not having a visual probably saved the group. There doesn't seem to be any favoritism and they can continue to make some cash and do various projects on the downlo without having success-crazed stans shrieking and making a fool out of them. As far as I can tell. But honestly I have no idea what they're doing now and days aside from being in the BBC documentary coming out soon. It's like they've dropped off the face of the Earth…maybe they're promoting in Japan.

No. 56795

He looks like Jihoon from 90 day fiance

No. 56796

2nd gen kpoppie here and a former yg stan.
The level of brainwashing yg did in the past to give off the illusion of yg being a happy company where everyone likes each other was crazy.
The way everything was orchestrated painting yg as this cool older brother to everyone else who always wants to help them. As a former yg stan i can see and understand why other yg stans who are still in denial keep on denying their oppars crimes, thats because they been brainwashed by what yg used to put out about yg groups being the best,talented,sweetest etc.

You can aslo see yg commenting on 2ne1 weight on the end of the video.

No. 56797

File: 1570921917598.png (132.86 KB, 196x507, Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 7.10.…)

is this botox or something causing her smile to look weird? It looks off somehow.
Umji actually had good ps, benefits of being rich I guess. She looks good these days, I wonder why she didn't do it before debuting though.

No. 56798

File: 1570921949939.jpg (438.43 KB, 895x571, DaDiBlQ.jpg)

Looks like more human rights groups are picking up on the Saudi Arabia concert.



…..BTS really brings out the crazy in everyone I see.

No. 56799

Yeah, haha. In reality nobody gives a shit though. Look at how little likes and retweets those articles get. This won't evolve into a huge deal.

No. 56800

[BTS Jungkook's tattoo is receiving divided opinions Not sure if it’s henna or tattoo

original post: theqoo

1. To be honest, I think Jungkook has something different after his vacation.

2. Maybe he was famous enough and he made a lot of money. So he wants to get tattoos and do things he wants to do.

3. There are many idols who have tattoos, but why are you annoyed with Jungkook?

4. Whether it’s tattoos or not, it’s not really beautiful.

5. The company shouldn’t give him a vacation.

6. Jungkook is the center of Bangtan, and celebrities are living and earning money thanks to their image. Bangtan’s image should not have tattoos.

7. He will tattoo his body. Beautiful and not beautiful, why is it important? Should he do what he wants to do while considering other people’s opinions? There are many strange children.

8. I don’t care if he has tattoos or not, but the tattoo on his hand doesn’t look good and messy.

9. He was really strange after his vacation..ㅋ…… I know it’s his body, but I want him to stop now….

10. There are so many idols who have tattoos, but why are people only interested in Jungkook?

11. How does a person change like this?

12. Wow Jungkook, what is this?

13. Maybe he’s addicted to tattoos…](stop, this is cringe)

No. 56801

Lmao i love how you all complain how anons only talk about certain things here and then go and just talk about bts and jungkook shit while ignoring other posts.

No. 56802


I feel like the whole "family" vibe/marketing from the Big 3 companies burst apart in the third generation because younger fans were antsier about their oppas and unnies interacting. And of course, with more social media comes more awareness as to what shit's really like. All the scandals from 2009 got buried eventually until 2014 when Kris/Luhan leaving EXO and Jessica getting kicked out of SNSD reminded people about the unfair contracts, the fake 'brother/sister' relationships and so on. Plus knew idols mostly keep to themselves and create their own variety shows and tour a bunch so they're sooo isolated.

So now instead of people being brainwashed into stanning a company family they're mostly encouraged to be brainwashed into devoting themselves entirely to one group. But company stans still exist and can't let go of the family fantasy.


Yeah if Ella Gross is already at the point of being cast in a legitimate network American tv show she should dip from YG unless she and her family desperately want her to become an idol some day.

What is Somi even doing these days? Does YG give her jobs?

No. 56803

Bts tea is hot right now. You can complain all you want, there's big changes coming. Let them have their time lol, or make another thread.

No. 56804


This clip also makes clear the chemistry and charisma of 2NE1 is just on another level than BlackPink. Which is bizarre because their age gap was so weird in this group and yet they all seemed to work well together and have a good vibe. Blackpink are all close in age and on top of being stale and boring, they seem they can barely stand each other.

YG Family was a farce but 2NE1 was a good girl group.

No. 56805

>>56787 The lady is so pretty they make BTS look spergy

No. 56806

is this the kind of autistic tea you are talking about >>56805

No. 56807

Is it hot tho? I haven't seen anything noteworthy from you lot this week, just nonstop speculation from ratmy spergs who really expect a non-stan to pay some rando on twitter for sUpEr sEcReT hOt tEa bOuT uR oPpAzzz <3

No. 56808

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 56809

>>56802 Can we stop talking about Ella Gross it's gross to talk about literal kids who have yet to debut. I highly doubt she has the time to learn skills like dancing or singing for 8 hours a day when she could be making bank modelling so I really doubt she will debut in a group (her parents will never accept a group role) and unless she's decent at song or dance she cant be a solo. She could end up acting or just model fulltime instead of being a girl group member and having to start from zero.

No. 56810

>can we stop talking about Ella Gross
>proceeds to discuss Ella Gross

No. 56811

That wasn't even about BTS, it was about Blackpink.

No. 56812

Well, apparently the tattoo shop owner gets blackmailed & bullied by fans/antis and he is whining about it on instagram. Apparently Bigshit doesn't give a flying fuck. He's talking about how bad it got and how depressed he is.

No. 56813

>>56810 Point being it's likely she may never debut so picking on the kid like she's an idol odd. Her parents will prioritize modelling over idol training because they see her as a cash cow.

No. 56814

Who even cares about them to pay for info??

No. 56815

No one, that’s literally why everyone was yelling at that anon.

No. 56816

Right, he even named their company-exclusive collabs project "yg family", while the other sound more generic like "smtown" or "jyp nation

No. 56817

>>56812 BTS deserve every bit of negative attention for their scandals until their fans stop behaving like hired thugs and goons.

No. 56818

Those comments aren't even milky, ratmy. You're just looking for an excuse to talk about him 24/7. Bet you're the same person who posted this degenerate bts meme >>56742 Begone.

No. 56819

You sound like an idiot

No. 56821

>>56816 YG stands for Yakguk Family

No. 56823

I unironically am one of the lolfags who posts about JK because I love throwing shade on BTS and their maknae rebelling and maybe quitting the group would be hilarious. I dont llike hearing BTS on the radio screw em.

No. 56824

>YG stands for Yakguk Family
Are you retarded?
Y -> Yang
G -> gun
Taken from yang hyun suk's nickname. Where did that "family" come from? You know you don't have to reply to each post right? Sigh

Also "yakguk" means "pharmarcy", retard.

No. 56826

>i wuv throwing shade on bts
>i hate hearing bts on the radio
Autist trying so hard to fit in

No. 56827

i think anon was referring to the gp calling them "yakguk family" aka drugstore family back when Top was busted and all that with seohee came out. also wasn't helped by Bom's scandal a few years back

No. 56828

why do you know so much about him then? do you also routinely inform yourself on his whereabouts to ''own the haters''?

No. 56829

It's funny to see blinks call 2ne1 irrelevant hags because bp is gonna get thrown in the trash within a few years and yg is gonna replace jennie with another "princess

No. 56830

NTA, but you need to take that YG stick out of your ass, sheesh. You even know what "yakguk" means, how did you not get that joke?

No. 56831

Lol ok sorry anons

No. 56832

File: 1570928594494.png (1.27 MB, 1682x1046, bom.png)

I physically recoiled when I saw this. Her face looks like it's melting.

No. 56833

File: 1570928712932.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.5 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

No. 56834

There’s like one or two fags in here who take joking posts at face value and they’re embarrassing as fuck. And probably underage.

No. 56835

>>56834 they detect no sarcasm, no jokes and speak moonspeaks? My votes on autistic, underaged koreaboos.

No. 56837

File: 1570929763102.jpg (392.53 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191013-082238_Sam…)

Yeah cause liking starbucks equal to being american

No. 56839

Why did you read this in the first place?

No. 56841

File: 1570930062113.jpeg (53.08 KB, 750x304, FAC6F7FC-A580-4E6A-9573-D0DE3B…)

No. 56843

Eh this question applies to every article/link shared here then

No. 56844

Gross asf

No. 56845

"Equal to being american"? What the hell are you even talking about?

No. 56847

Anon I did not need to see read this. Please keep wherever you find this nasty retarded shit to yourself

No. 56848

There's a lot of underaged Twitter stans who ree about whatever idol they dislike in these threads now. That's why there's so much posting about Jennie being an evil whore who is the most powerful person in YG entertainment and actively harms her other members, or the weird "all male idols are gay" stuff that pops up from time to time and the unhinged yelling about push up bras or all female idols looking ~old~. The posts are more milky than what they are actually talking about most of the time. Take nothing in this thread seriously other than the burning sun scandal , BTS being bigots/idiots per usual and the making kids sexy/ephebophilla nonsense.

No. 56849

Sperm is so desperate for american gp recognition they even publish something as unnecessary as this article. "Hey look we like american beverages teehee, so we deserve ur attention" okay now i sound like an autist.

It was on kpopmap homepage, the question should be: why did you read the website in the first place? Heck why the hell are we even still here?

No. 56850

So much hatred for random nonnies. It's just kpop, chill.

No. 56852

Yeah the framhands have to come in to remind them of that sometimes beacause the infighting and the borderline alogging that happens in this thread gets a lil intense but again I kinda just laugh at it.

For kids pop culture is the main thing on their mind so the inflate little things due to a projection of their own insecurities I.e being upset that someone is wearing a push up bra. It can get dangerous though. There's some Tweets of kids saying they hope Blackpink gets raped because they are upset about the whole bts vs bp thing. And there's tweets of girls wishing for another idol to die because they ~threaten~ their fave. And there has been attempts on idol's lives before by young girls who just couldn't draw the line at reality. Internalized misogyny and an unhinged raging hormones is a bitch.

No. 56854

This is Natty from the JYP show Sixteen that launched Twice. She was praised to the high heavens on the show but kicked out for Momo who'd already been eliminated. Then she went to idol school and didn't make it. But last week or so she was randomly performing at KCon Thailand.

Seems like she got surgery to look more Korean because she definitely looks different now than how she looked on Idol School. I was hoping she'd stay in JYP and join Itzy and get them some Thai coins. When I look at the Thai idols though it makes me pissed at how they're so pressured to change their whole faces and skin colors to look more Korean. You can see it with Sorn and Lisa too.

No. 56855

You don't just sound like an autist, you are one.

No. 56857

BTS, BP, is there even a difference at this point in this thread? Both have terrifying psychotic fans who come in here to shade them while barely hiding they are secret mega stans…then tease "tea" that turns out to be literally 100% pure speculation. Then some ultra special anons have the gall to send us on some fake scam of a scavenger hunt for the sEcReT lOsT bUrIeD tReAsUrE gOsSiP like we don't have jobs, or like we didn't grow up in the era of all the Nigerian princess garbage? I mean really who are you people with this kind of time & money, I'd love to have your life.

Sorry, pumpkins, NO normal fan or normal person, period, knows dates/times of all these inconsequential events, knows every microscopic detail of a tattoo, or knows that someone liked a post BUT THEN IMMEDIATELY UNLIKED IT SO LIKE OMG WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Dude maybe their hand slipped. Maybe their thumb touched it on accident. Maybe they were sitting on the toilet at the time & were not paying attention. I mean, really?

And I think it was the last thread where this girl was certain she knew who Jennie was sexing bc she was following him on insta. I didn't say anything then bc I was about to have a brain aneurysm over the stupidity, but like…really? I mean there are just no words.

No. 56858

has yerin done anything besides not be attractive?
>inside out
makes me think she's a bitch or something, did she do something?

No. 56859

Lmao, calm the fuck down. This is Kpop Critical. There will be people criticising BTS & Blackpink cuz you know why? They're KPOP. Talk about being obsessed lol. Can't get over some people having a laugh over the most popular idols. Pathetic.

No. 56860

I think the pressure doesnt just come from being a kpop idol alone. Even if you want to succeed in thailand as an entertainer you have to be east-asian passing. Most of their local entertainers look east asian

No. 56861

Stop sperging and typing like you were dropped on your head for fucks sake.

No. 56862

& the other GF comments–

GF are kind of an unusual group, they get a lot of crap for not being a "visual" group but theyve done pretty well w/ just having good songs & tightly synced dance. Yerin isn't pretty but she stood out a lot in the early days w/ their innocent schoolgirl kinda image. Shes sort of like Nayeon, like neither of them are pretty but they have that "brightness" that makes ppl look at them or whatever…I'd call it maybe enthusiasm, or energy?

GF concept has been getting gradually more mature and Yerin sorta gets more lost in the crowd w/ each new single, IMO. Like she does fine, she just isn't getting attention anymore IMO

They almost never get brought up here, i think because there's no milk, lol they're as "unproblematic" as u can get for a girl group probably. I think they work well together too and don't hate each other, so we dont get any BP-type drama.

No. 56863

>>56837 In other words SuperM are a bunch of basic pumpkin lattefag bitches

No. 56864

Yeah at least i admit it, and my point still stands

No. 56865

File: 1570934062290.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.93 KB, 480x640, bp20191011.jpg)

just checked n she wrote a long "apology" in her twitter on sep 1, and hasn't posted anything since then.


>Blackpink, are they the 21st century's pretentious aristocrates?
>The fans are still insisting that since their event was at 12:30 and they arrived at 12:15, they weren't technically late [for the event]
>. [+561, -6] Just imagine how they act on a normal basis that the journalists ended up so pissed against them? Usually celebrities who greet the journalists and treat them with manners wouldn't have the journalists that worked up for being late once
> [+475, -5] I bet the journalists were super pissed, just reading about what the commoners had to say about this event, they were talking about the organizers grabbing onto journalists who were leaving and apologizing to them. The journalists all had events they had to attend after this too, what would they do if they arrive this late?
3. [+381, ,-3] Looks like the media united themselves


No. 56866

File: 1570934076304.gif (207.77 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

she literally always looks like this

No. 56867

Yerin is not ugly compared to Yuju, Eunha or Umji. Those 3 look botched and plastic.

No. 56868

File: 1570934255578.jpeg (178.54 KB, 488x516, 41708229-9AD4-45A6-9FF6-D4AA81…)

Everyone complaining about everyone is about to send me to vigilant citizen because that shit at least is funny now.

These threads were fun in the beginning but now everyone just complains. “Who is this nobody.” “Too muck BP/BTS” “You know too much you’re clearly akboo/stan” “why are you even on that site” Because this is fun the same way a telenovela is fun. I literally only know about sperm because my exofag friend is supporting them and tweets about them. Nothing is that deep.

No. 56869

i guess natty isnt so natty anymore

No. 56870

File: 1570934431950.jpg (343.59 KB, 960x1200, 1570464623-i8zsbhu.jpg)

Out of gfriend this girl scares me the most

No. 56871

i feel you anon, i hate dem autists too but how did you get exposed to these kind of tweets in the first place? lmao
>There's some Tweets of kids saying they hope Blackpink gets raped because they are upset about the whole bts vs bp thing. And there's tweets of girls wishing for another idol to die because they ~threaten~ their fave. And there has been attempts on idol's lives before by young girls who just couldn't draw the line at reality. Internalized misogyny and an unhinged raging hormones is a bitch.

and you know the things happening here aren't that bad right? no one is upset because someone is wearing a push bra, we just laugh at idols who get too much padding because on their days off the padding just disappear. it's not like we hate them irl. for someone who just "kinda laugh at it" i think you're too tense.

No. 56872

Whew i couldn't agree more

No. 56873


Reminds me of the Phillipines where half-white stars get ahead. Maybe that's why Nancy from Momoland is starring in a drama there.

No. 56874

Agreed. The people shitting up the thread whining about what is or isnt posted should just be banned themselves.

No. 56875

File: 1570935217667.jpg (49.08 KB, 560x262, 8aRw2GF.jpg)

Presurgery Eunha is in red. Her double eyelid surgery is totally botched. Ive never seen such bad results for eyelid surgery.

No. 56877

Ya so why does Eunha get pushed so hard? Shes the main character of every song/mv, is always center or first on things, and, idk just in general getting so much attention when Yuju is the voice and SinB is the dancer and Sowon is one of the prettiest idols imo (tho untalented, i can admit)
I figured it was bc Koreans like her look. She fits the neoteny ideal, even w/ her crazy triple eyelids (will try to find a pic now lol)

No. 56878

she looks like a cartoon to me

No. 56879

File: 1570935827451.jpg (23.24 KB, 400x600, mV-Vzhpa9vE.jpg)

What a shame, she used to be cute

No. 56880

god, momoland must have really flopped in korea if they’re trying this hard in the phillippines.

shinbi’s nose makes me really uncomfortable

No. 56881

File: 1570935917921.jpg (24.71 KB, 610x319, qJNBobY.jpg)

Trust me Koreans think she looks like a plastic doll esp since she acted in dramas presurgery. Nobody thinks she looks pretty, she looks too unnatural. Her nose looks fake too.

No. 56882

Lmao even yg in the brink of bankruptcy hasnt sent bp to sea yet

No. 56884

File: 1570936558156.jpeg (29.82 KB, 225x400, oufqy1hojM1w7j35bo4_250.jpeg)

dang, I used to think she looked ok back when she looked like this, but in anon's pic she looks older and unrecognizable and both are leagues different from her childhood pics.

No. 56885

File: 1570937222075.jpeg (117.01 KB, 1125x620, CDADD101-8DC9-4A09-BF83-C86BB5…)

What the hell, she used to be so pretty. I remember when she had this bob haircut she pretty much single-handedly cooked up a giant batch of koreaboos who wanted to look exactly like her. She’s always given me mean girl vibes though.

No. 56886

YG going bankrupt would be topkek. Imagine Blackpink Ikon Winner etc etc switching labels or breaking up

No. 56889

>>56885 Eunha already had a ton of plastic surgery in that pic. Her nose and eyelids are permanently swollen.

No. 56890

Ugh he probably fingerbanged someone with a hand full of Army tats

No. 56891

Or himself… Either way best not to think about it

No. 56892

File: 1570940486426.png (744.32 KB, 1276x721, glassbeadeunha.png)

Yep, look at Eunha debut era here. Wild.

I don't think Sowon has had anything done, or Yerin (I feel like she'd be an immediate jaw shave victim if so) Umji to me is kinda like Irene, if she has had some work done it's very expert & subtle. Bc she really does look like herself, just a bit better, hard to place it. Same w/ Yuju, she is looking diff to me lately but I can't tell exactly why. Her weight has dipped really low at times tho & she def loses from her face.

No. 56893

File: 1570940696421.jpg (65.42 KB, 720x378, unnamed.jpg)

nothing about umji's work is subtle lmao obvs some of it is weight loss but she also got herself a whole entire face

No. 56894

File: 1570941254233.jpg (27.18 KB, 404x539, WgPszj5.jpg)


No. 56895


Not mad. This is one of the most successful plastic surgery stories I've seen in kpop.

No. 56896

It is subtle because between the weight loss, the skin lightening & the vastly improved styling, it's not as easy to see, such as w/ Eunha where it's super obvious in ur face.

Weird too that she didn't get anything done until like 1-2 yrs ago, like anon above said ^^^ She's not botched either so i think as long as she doesnt keep messing w/ it, she could actually have an Irene-tier success story LOL

No. 56897

File: 1570942858600.jpg (330.08 KB, 960x1200, 1570464616-pguyne4.jpg)

Yerin's face looks so bloated in their latest teaser. All those botched ps & fillers make them look like a senior group already (eg. Apink). Why they need that much procedure when they're still in early 20s is beyond me.

No. 56898

File: 1570944273363.jpg (62.89 KB, 1024x576, C66lmL8.jpg)

No. 56901

See the link fag, she missed a bunch of official schedules late 2018 and came back with obvious swollen eyes.

No. 56902

anons act like posts and gifs of jungcock's shitty tats and jennie's bitch face are the things clogging up these threads when it's really the incessant finger-pointing and infighting that's doing that

just ignore what you don't want to talk about

No. 56903

File: 1570947133244.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

Mood. There is always a 10+ post witch hunt about who's the autist. Face it. You're pretty much ratmies/bpfags/nctfags, etc. to some degree if you're spending your time discussing this shit.

No. 56905

>>56897 Man that doesnt even look like Yerin at all. Gfriend's CEO seems quite laidback IDK why they need to become the most plastic girl group in SK

No. 56906

>it feels more like they were marketed so that they would make money, but not be burdened by being so famous
They aren't making money though. Their album sales have yet to hit 10k, music show hosting gigs don't pay much, and they have no charting whatsoever. Literally nobody knows who they are outside of a very small section of stan Twitter, and those loud fucks never stream or buy albums anyway. Each comeback costs $50k at the very least and CLC have had 3 this year already with 1 more coming up, that's $200k more trainee debt that they'll really never be able to pay back at this point. Cube is just giving them comebacks to pass the time until their contract is up.

GFriend peaked in 2015-16 and since then have plateaued I think; they used to be competing for the top GG spot alongside Twice and IOI but after Fingertip flopped and AIIYL/Red Flavor became huge hits, Red Velvet and Blackpink overtook them. They're still doing very well considering they're not from a Big 3 company, they're just not the "trend" they once used to be.

No. 56907

it's ironic to say "how do you know this? are you a stan? why do you care?" on an imageboard dedicated to discuss drama and talk shit about internet personalities.

i think these anons are newfags who have never seen the rest of lc. they'd probably go to a cow's thread and be like "why do you cyberbooliez have 40 threads on this weeb cosplayer?? if u hate her don't follow her!!".

most people here are probably ex fans or fans who just like shit talking, what's the big surprise? words on an imageboard isn't going to make your oppa weep. maybe except a certain someone but his english sucks so we're good.

No. 56910

File: 1570955798763.jpg (447.19 KB, 1440x1565, RO62N9m.jpg)


- "I'm trying to use my logic here. I believe mostly fans already forgot this issue, we are busy with many things. However, why did they throw 'play victim' card through this vague statement on this special day?"

- "Why this is always happening on the members birthday or after?!"

As expected goodnatured BTS Ratmies are blaming the owner for "playing victim" and making up lies to spoil Jimincel's birthday lmao the irony is too much

No. 56911

Natty was actually ranked internally as the most skilled. But I think a combination of her Thai looks and her fame hungry persona made her unattractive to a lot of people.

She reminds me a bit of Somi, it's like shes desperate to be the best.

No. 56912

File: 1570958030431.jpg (76.55 KB, 1080x391, IMG_20191013_110750.jpg)

I hate that all their victims always (are forced to?) write that the people harrassing them aren't fans. So whenever somebody tries to have a discussion about the toxicity of the fandom they'll always immediately yell "uhm, those were not real army!" Of course they are. Same with "it was an exo/bp/whatever-fan posing as an army to hurt our reputation". You cause witchhunts on the daily, do you really want to make us believe those are all nonfans with too much freetime?

If somebody reports a random shop to the police, wouldn't the police rather look into what kind of person tried to cause defamation?
The fact the he openly admits that he's in therapy - in a country like s.korea - means that it must be really bad… And good for him for not simply firing her despite all that.
The safest thing to do as a business owner would be to just not allow any of them to even enter anymre. And if idols wouldn't be so selfish they also wouldn't associate with normal people to not risk that they get involved in this kind of drama.
I-fans in the comments seem to unironically agree withpic related…

No. 56913

File: 1570958316021.jpg (106.26 KB, 892x498, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

People keep saying how companies keep a tight control on their idols, but how do some of these idols end up looking like different people then?

Wouldn't that hurt your brand that the idol people are fans of aren't even looking like the same person?

No. 56914

>maybe except a certain someone but his english sucks so we're good.

No. 56916

she ruined a fan’s very expensive gift in front of their face and went on a show and claimed gfriend’s choreography was vastly superior over other ggs only for kai to drag her through hell for it. nothing super milky but she seems like a shit person.

No. 56917

the curb your enthusiasm theme is playing in my mind as i imagine these two incidents

No. 56921

Did she actually say anything in response to the issue though?

No. 56927

poor exo babies. it's not easy being a dancing twink

No. 56928

>>only for kai to drag her through hell for it.

lmao Kai just says their choreo doesnt look that difficult compared to boy group choreo after she did a demo. Taemin was nice enough to say it is harder than it looks.

No. 56932

From T-Boz to Beyoncé: who is the best girl band member of all time?


ft. CL and Lisa kek

No. 56933

So it's not based on discography or relevance… Good picks even Id have gone for Sunmi or Hyuna. Koreans would pick boring ass Yoona

No. 56934

File: 1570974532553.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.49 KB, 720x985, IMG_20191013_164728.jpg)

So he's back to the bowlcut. Lmao I bet he gave in to the pressure

No. 56935

Probably it’s because of an imminent comeback, isn’t it planned for this autumn?

No. 56936

Damage control. Koreans hated his looks & Bigshit made him do it, i tell ya. Now the "scandal" with the tattoo parlor. The company enforces a cleaner images.

No. 56937

The scandal happened last month though why did they allow him to go to Riyadh looking like that? they’re probably preparing a cb

No. 56938

Because Junglebook fucked up big time in his vacation, but still wanted to remain true to his edgy self like a true rebel lol. Now that the tattoo shop stuff blew up, they had to do smth.

No. 56939

File: 1570978914379.jpg (132.42 KB, 1080x1345, Subpost 2 - (;﹏;) (;﹏;) (;﹏;) …)

Didn't he say how he didn't want to cu his hair kek

No. 56940

What does the shop want now though? Are they asking for compensation?

No. 56941

looks way better, why can’t he see it haha

No. 56942

He already looks like he hates having the bowl cut again kekek

No. 56944

Knetizens are appereantly on jungkooks side this time. They said that one of the workers leaked all those photos and the cctv stuff and that they should stop acting like victims.

No. 56945

File: 1570979527167.jpeg (45.11 KB, 750x223, 5790B301-32EB-4423-88B0-7219F6…)

so after constantly getting called fat by the rest of nct kun finally went on some starvation diet

No. 56946

TBH respect to him for not sharing the diet and influencing others. So many other Idols share their starvation diets.
I think the nct members especially Lucas bullying kun was briefly talked about here but you know how this place is filled with nctfags so they kind of started infighting and didn't allow us to talk about oppars bullying each other.

No. 56947

It's a mess. Maybe money/attention, maybe protection.

No. 56953

Whats his excuse for not working out and getting a healthy diet instead of being an ana attention whore? His group is less active than uniq.

No. 56954

>>56945 are there any pics of how he looks now

No. 56955

He most likely starved himself to get abs like most idols do. Fangirls go nuts over malnourished bumps lmao

No. 56958

File: 1570981818340.jpeg (130.11 KB, 643x914, 3FA420C3-0AD7-4508-A9FE-2E5A04…)

there was this photoshoot, but they’re always photoshopped so who knows what he looks like irl. guess he did it for the ”abs”

No. 56961

File: 1570982270221.jpg (266.54 KB, 1406x2048, IMG_20191013_105359.jpg)

He has a pretty bad figure for a guy (short, wider hips, narrow shoulders)

No. 56963

File: 1570982391258.png (15.03 KB, 908x110, ddddddddddd.png)

The fact that nct fans think its funny that someone being made fun of soo much to the point where they cant even take compliments because they think they are being made fun off.

No. 56969

he looks so mad in those pictures lol

No. 56971

bighit made him post this.

No. 56972

Bighit should have protected him earlier, too little too late

No. 56973

hyoyeon effect
she just looks better with any surgery they give her lol

No. 56974

So i know kun gets bullied by all the members but it seems like ten loves bullying him the most. Lmao imagine letting a gay man bully you.

Either way if nct treats kun like that on camera i wonder how they treat him off camera.

No. 56975

unpopular opinion but she was cute before.. now she's just another flavourless gangnam unnie

No. 56977

Tinfoiling but I have half a mind to bet that there’s some heavy shit on the dark web. Like uploaded videos from the burning sun scandal. And people sharing stories without fear of a defamation lawsuit.

No. 56979

can you make it less obvious that you are 12?

No. 56980

File: 1570985301656.jpg (54.73 KB, 799x386, oOrGZCp.jpg)

Suju comeback

No. 56981

there were allegations about them filming snuff, you might be right..

No. 56982

File: 1570985377206.jpg (39.29 KB, 300x206, jT3SjD6.jpg)

No. 56983

good god kek

even donghae(whos the only decent member out of literally any of them) is falling apart

time to put this group in the grave sm
its for the best and would be much less painful

No. 56984

wow i can't even tell who looks the worst

No. 56985

what's "to put lipstick on a pig" in Korean?

No. 56986

sorry for degeneracy but who's the second guy from left? he looks the youngest.

No. 56987

ryeowook, to the right is the youngest

No. 56988

Yeah I really don't get the whole 'they're not fans' argument when most of the fandom is batshit insane. They may not join in harassing of these people, but the amount of stan accounts throughout forums/internet that are on the extreme side is insane.

Ona nother note, Hyuna is having a comeback soon-ish and I'm sort of excited to see how it may differ from her standard comebacks assuming she has mostly free rein over it.

No. 56989

File: 1570986120057.jpeg (50.83 KB, 636x421, 79569AE5-40BF-4BF7-A5D9-601802…)

this young styling just makes them look older. like tvxq looks their age but they don’t get called old all the time cause they’re not doing this pastel hair heavy makeup look in their thirties.

No. 56990

So yg was just invited to kwon damis(Gdragon sisters wedding). Looks all of them support each other and yg. Birds of the same feather

No. 56991

SuJu were formed from DBSK rejects

No. 56992

Well i mean thats not a fair comparison considering tvxq were always considered good-looking compared to super junior who were ugly even when they were young and were still ugly after getting plastic surgery.

So of course tvxq aged better.

Also jaejoong is doing better than super junior lol despite him having zero promotions or not being allowed to perform on music shows.

No. 56993

File: 1570986663280.png (37.47 KB, 104x311, Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 1.10.…)

No. 56994

File: 1570986804762.jpg (63.3 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-183380336-612x612.…)

same energy

No. 56995

theres no way he didnt have some ultra familial connection or suck at least one dick or two to get in the group holy shit

No. 56996

File: 1570987014796.jpg (944.28 KB, 500x386, RNK3sjj.jpg)

Same energy

No. 56997

Never paid attention to this group before, when I first saw this I thought he was one of the producers, and all the guys with colorful hair were the actual group.
I'm shocked they would let any member leave the dungeon looking like… that. How does this even happen?

No. 56998

No. 56999

File: 1570987189615.jpg (10.93 KB, 132x209, 1570985301656.jpg)

Donghae looks like he was electrocuted

No. 57000

You serious anon? Do you even know what a gangnam unnie is? She still looks the same, more like a slimmer version of herself and miles away from looking like a plastic sex doll tf are you on?

No. 57001

File: 1570987526491.png (4.69 KB, 394x64, ccvvvvv.png)

Imagine being this age not only supporting boy idol groups but also supporting a boy idol group who was involved in burning sun and a shitload of other scandals aka bigbang.

No. 57002

File: 1570987677033.png (446.83 KB, 596x733, Capture d’écran 2019-10-13 à…)

Is there anyone who believe this shit ? Even ratmies have to know this can't be real lol

No. 57003

Why is everyone sucking up to their fans this way? It’s embarrassing

No. 57006

>>57002 >>57003
self-posting also sage motherfucker.

No. 57007

It's hopeless with this anon, trust me.

No. 57008

Because it works, since Ratmy are a stupid bunch, who suck up to any westerner slightly saying something nice about BTS.
Looking at her timeline, she posted in september already a GIF of those BTS plushdollthingies. Coincidence maybe, but as a voice actor for also anime and stuff, it's unlikely, she knows nothing about Kpop.

They legit look horrid, what the actual fuck. Not a single person ist attractive and it's 8 people. Even the PS-guy looks old af.

HE looks depressed in the photos. Exactly like someone forced to behave a certain way. One day he will snap for sure.

No. 57009

It's kind of funny to watch, they'll kiss ass of anyone who writes about bts. My friend drew jungkook for someone and got 4k likes lol (and it wasn't even that pretty)

No. 57010

All that plastic surgery might look good when you are in your twenties, but your face will start to fall apart when you turn 30

No. 57011

An idols main job is to look the best he can, let’s be honest. JK didn’t look good with this hair, thus he had to cut it. The rest is irrelevant, their job is to look good, nobody cares about talent.

No. 57012

Not 12, just fucked up on codeine and I’ve been on VC trying to understand what these conspirafags are saying. But it’s a mess, I understand why no one has done it before.

Someone mentioned snuff films in there tho and with all the shit that gets hacked in Hollywood partnered with Korea’s love of abusive technology, I figured someone has to have them leaked somewhere.

No. 57013

not just look good but look the same/adhere to a concept. Everything they wear or look like during official promos and comeback periods is decided by company stylists, you cant have 6 fags rocking a bowl cut and one of them looking like an unwashed Jpop/Jrocker, it totally spoils the group concept. BTS look like Jungkooks back dancers when they all wear suits, he wont be allowed to stand out more. Jin once said Bigshit stylists spent 1 hour discussing his hair color before he was allowed to dye it black, they sign away their right to decide which makes individualists like Junglebook depressed.

No. 57023

apparently momoland became popular in the philippines because nancy is a "look alike" of this actress. is that why their company is pushing her as an actress there? this is just sad lmao

No. 57025

>>56961 his face looks the same tho?

No. 57026

ten is so fucking annoying

No. 57028

tbh they always look like his back up dancers

No. 57031

Wheres the lie, even ratmies admit he's the centre. Which is hilarious if he rebels and wants out.

No. 57032

Ugh SM needs to realize these grown ass men are too old for dyed hair. And are too washed up for a comeback. I can't believe I used to love suju smdh

Leeteuk and Shindong both look like they fiddle little boys

No. 57033

ryeowook looks like the little boy being fiddled

(yes i’m aware he looks old just like the rest of them but he’s so damn tiny next to the others)

No. 57034

File: 1571003959491.jpg (35.9 KB, 480x663, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Where did all of you jungkook solo stans come from? Go to the general thread to talk about how oppar is so important or spam pics of him there.
Jungkooker oppar is sooo popular thats why taehyung and jimincel have more fans than him?

No. 57035

as long as they make enough money to pay the light bill, sm will continue to dye their hair ridiculous colors and publicly embarrass them

No. 57037

File: 1571004369131.jpg (103.7 KB, 715x278, kpopscandalchecklist.jpg)

I'd kill for a reality tv show of international stans being shown their own brain dead disqus comments in front of a live normie korean audience

No. 57038

lol that thicc tae shop

jungkook has the most fans tho i think

No. 57039

File: 1571004814165.jpg (66.9 KB, 915x500, 1571001733-sj.jpg)

leeteuk is starting to look like a damn troon and he's in his 30s

No. 57040

where is shindongs jawline

No. 57041

shindong? have a jawline? good one anon

No. 57042

he ate it

No. 57043

Are you referring to the comments in that screencap or the type of comments they're talking about?

LOL he probably made it some nice bone soup like that anon suggested they should. Most likely threw in some threw in some noodles and a fishcake or two

No. 57044

I love you anon lmao

No. 57045

Does anybody else also know that sleazy plastic af host Roland? Leeteuk looks exactly like him, please tell me I'm not the only one who sees it

No. 57047

File: 1571008346747.jpeg (284.42 KB, 561x581, 1B849939-9682-4A7F-BC9A-A07624…)

i kinda see it too

No. 57048

he's starting to look like gackt, to me

No. 57049

Jkfag samefagging or is this post infested with his solo stans? Really cant understand why wont u make your BTS critical thread and have your akgae wars there

No. 57050

don't think the mods would allow it. there are already too many kpop threads to start with

No. 57052


No. 57053

siwon looks like a pastor

No. 57054

i think his dad is one and siwon himself said he aspired to be one some day

too bad hes a self hating fag in denial

No. 57055

you forgot sowon. she's on wendy-tier level.

No. 57056

Shindong really won the lottery when SM scrapped the rotating boy group concept.

No. 57060

File: 1571013636054.jpg (1.43 MB, 1280x1280, nerve-kpop-spotify-streams-REV…)

Being her lookalike is one thing, but bboombboom was one of the highest streamed songs in the ph during 2018. Must've thought signing a contract with a company there is a good idea, since they barely have any fans left in korea

No. 57069

File: 1571014275817.gif (1.72 MB, 245x214, siwon8.gif)

>hes a self hating fag in denial
He is

No. 57070

damn, she looks like she's wearing a mask now. That's actually sad

No. 57072

Holyshit, they all look like they're in their mid 40s trying to recapture their youth.

No. 57073

File: 1571014666481.jpg (68.95 KB, 704x396, momolandsoberano.jpg)

They dont look that much alike but ppl worship eurasian features there

No. 57075

Fuck this is embarrassing

>SM Entertainment boy group project SuperM, also know as the Avengers of K-Pop, recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

>The group talked opened up about selecting a fandom name and the struggles of finding the perfect one.

>It turns out that the group initially thought of “Assemble” as the fandom name.

>While definitely does have an Avengers-esque ring to it, it was clear that they were embarrassed by their own idea after revealing it to the audience. And hilariously enough, the fans also made it quite clear that it wasn’t an optimal choice of fandom name

No. 57076

What ARE they gonna name their fanbase? SuperM already sounds too much like SPERM. Something related to that? kek

No. 57079

These plasticfags are so bad at acting

No. 57081

especially gangnam oppa and the fugly one

No. 57082

They seem to just be fucking around for the camera to me

No. 57084

No. 57090

Sperm cells is great

No. 57095

Looks like SuperM made it to #1 on billboard, but possibly through shady means.

Ratmies are probably salty af after BTS "paved the way" for kpop.

No. 57096

So that's why #btspavedtheway has been trending.. Even in my europoor country I can't escape them ffs.

It's really funny how sm kept begging people and practically selling the albums for pocket change but bts are just as bad

No. 57099

lol ratmies are so arrogant and act like bts single handedly made kpop international. dbsk, wonder girls, and psy definitely paved the way for bts.

No. 57100

We get it YG stan

No. 57101

File: 1571029336475.png (332.41 KB, 853x635, ylWX3Mo.png)

Can SperM sell these tickets by November 13? Pink = resales

No. 57103

psy was a meme please stop

No. 57104

chart manipulation, shame to the nation" was trending in korea kek. apparently Superm had 60 versions of bundles, every album came with a digital code to redownload the album 10 times to count towards sales, and they also created a credit system for this week only where you can buy albums and pay later without interest. even if you bought merch like a hat, it came with a free album, and 10 free digital downloads.

No. 57105

yeah ratmys were the ones who started the trend

No. 57106

File: 1571031276592.png (142.13 KB, 786x549, superm.png)

SM also shipped all albums bought from Korea to the US, and then shipped it to where ever the buyer was worldwide, to pretend like the albums were bought from the US so they could count towards Billboard sales. Billboard doesnt count sales from outside of America that's why most kpop groups have low sales for Billboard, even BTS only had their sales counted from the albums actually sold in America.

Summer Walker's fans are starting an uproar on faking album sales like this, and honestly I can see Western media come out and write some nasty articles about this shit and kpop in general tomorrow. I wonder if other artists will speak out, like how Ariana did about the Kris Wu thing.

No. 57107

"americans look at kpop like scammers" and we have scamyong oppa still being treated like a soft baby because he apologized for being a nasty bully

No. 57108

why did kill this love even trend there, its not even a good song compared to ddu du

No. 57109

imagine letting someone who is 120 pounds 5'8 bully you

No. 57110


I know lisa has a lot of fans in sea. Ph is one of those counries

No. 57111

im honestly curious and not trying to derail or racebait but do seas know about what some ( emphasis on some ) koreans think of them

No. 57113

For people who like kpop in the philippines, yes, they are aware that koreans look down upon them. But they usually dont care about that info and just like the artist and music in general. They know how vain korean idols are and are also critical and chuckle about things such as ps procedures. (but there are delulu fans evrywhere too dont forget, mostly teens that believe the aLl nAtUrAL~ stint) over all, older casual listeners know how koreans view them, but its just music and they basically dont give a shit bcus its just kpop, its not that deep flipfag here sorry for blogposting/derailing

No. 57121

I'm from indonesia and most people have no idea cause we have random korean youtubers pandering to koreaboos there (cause nobody gives a fuck about them in korea), they even speak indonesian, and some actually moved to indonesia. I can tell you more about it but it might come off as racebait or derailing.

No. 57124

Korea fag reporting, Sulli found dead. People are saying suicide.

No. 57125

Holy shit and I thought she's just a troll… Wasn't she doing better lately, like being more active careerwise?

No. 57127

How many people have to die before something is going to change in that fucked up industry?

No. 57128

Wtf I hope it's not true

No. 57129

>>57125 she had a solo that was about mental health pretty much. looking back it was probably a scream for help.

No. 57130

She still got hate for dating choiza and not wearing bras. A stalker snuck in and harassed her (irl) on ig live so she probably had to deal with incel fucks too.

No. 57131

i know there's no way of telling who wrote what but people were literally mocking her in the threads before even though it was obvious she wasn't well… idols, esp female idols and people who were scouted young, are more than anything victims of the industry

No. 57132

man what the fuck sulli is dead

No. 57133

Watch knetz call her an attention seeker again for this. It really makes me sick to my stomach that people will move on from this in like a week just like they did with jonghyun.

No. 57134

File: 1571043043765.jpeg (160.8 KB, 785x1017, AEC22F10-66B1-4249-AF17-0B382E…)

could it have possibly been the ana chan diet she was following …

No. 57136

File: 1571043939009.jpeg (35.36 KB, 640x480, EG03jBpU0AA7KSs.jpeg)

Fucking hell I got chills when I saw this pic.
I know there's no way any idols would ever find this site but I feel really bad about talking shit.. Atleast I never said anything about her

No. 57137

File: 1571044137211.jpeg (84.15 KB, 480x502, FDFF0A48-1BD1-4D7C-B173-872979…)

sulli got a pretty shit deal. she was a child actress and debuted at 14/15. she got criticism for her “elephant legs” and the hate still came in when she eventually became skelly and had carboxy shots for her legs. people saw her as disgusting after getting caught dating a guy with a history of writing sex songs. dealing with mental health issues while being bullied for ten years of your life takes a toll on you.

No. 57138

holy fuck. I can't believe this

No. 57139

Farmers said that she's nasty for working with a known pedo, but knets shat on her for not wearing bras and dating a guy twice her age when she was like 18, there's a difference.
But watch them act all "this is because you bullied her!" and then go back to business as usual. Happened after Hara's attempt too.
Now that's already number two for SM entertainment…meanwhile people like Seungri are living a comfy life.

No. 57140

Apparently she hung herself..
I saw on twitter people worrying about iu, minho and taeyeon now, they were close to sulli and jonghyun. It's awful

No. 57141

literally a thread or two ago people were making fun of her for her livestream where she had a nip slip but ok. a lot of the things people on here criticise idols for is not that different to knetz

No. 57142

Yup, Sulli is dead.
Current naver trends:

1. Sulli
2. Sulli passed away
3. Sulli death
4. Sullu notice of death

No. 57143


Police confirm her death. Was reported around 3:20 pm local time by her manager. Found on the 2nd floor (of her home, I assume)

No. 57144

i can't believe it either. how upsetting.. god knows what she went through behind the scenes.

there will always be spergs who criticize others for the smallest of things. plz no "a few threads ago you were making fun of her nipples, hypocrites you are !!11!!1!" as if it's the same anons.

No. 57145

Ok, if you feel guilty now and want to quit posting then please do so, nobody's stopping you. But nevertheless celebrities will still have a million other places on the internet there they can read hate comments about themselves - in their native language.

No. 57146

I'm not saying that mean comments online isn't a factor in this, but Sulli obviously had mental problems for quite a while, and while a lot of people were bashing her, her fans were going "YASSSS QUEEEN, slaaay" instead of encouraging her to get help.

No. 57147

Is SM to blame for her death? There is only so much you can do for someone who doesn't want help.

No. 57148

File: 1571046182549.jpg (124.28 KB, 828x1182, stop it.jpg)

No. 57149

File: 1571046238674.jpg (65.01 KB, 828x645, get some help.jpg)

…..and shit comments like this are already popping up. kpoppies don't know how to not be psychotic for three fucking seconds huh

No. 57150

jesus can ratmys go a day without being a tumor

No. 57151

why does the fact that there are other places to be insensitive about mental health mean that people should be allowed to be insensitive on here

No. 57153

File: 1571046834646.jpg (14.58 KB, 235x341, Screenshot_41.jpg)

Okay, so I looked up Sulli to see the news articles for myself and I get this shit? what the fuck

No. 57154

File: 1571046921961.jpg (57.55 KB, 767x564, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Could they be anymore insensitive and tone deaf if they tried? Holy shit, who fucked up this bad?