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File: 1568295735914.png (50.32 KB, 316x316, 233FA1A7-E9A4-4270-98E8-1E4828…)

No. 49285

Need to rant/rave about a webtoon?

What are you reading at the moment?

No. 49303

I really like true beauty even though it's really cliche. but I read spoilers for the later chapters and I thought suho/jugyeong was going to be the end pairing but idek anymore. I get him going back to japan because of his dad's coma but not contacting her for years makes no sense. honestly I don't want to sit through Jugyeong and Seojun getting together just for Suho to return and all that other drama.

No. 49339

Is it me or is Webtoons pool of 'comedy' comics really bad? I think it's more that they're not my taste, but webtoon comedy is just 4 types. The 'daily doodles of a funny artist', the 'romance/action/sci-fi that added comedy as a sub tag for some reason', 'funny concept that just gets dragged to eternity with the only joke being 'hey funny idea", and the '1-shot updated daily comic that's crossposted onto reddit'. You don't see a, I dunno?, clever comics? Comics with good writing. Something you think could see being televised.
Any how I'm suprised "hey I'm gay" and "nerd and jock" are still going. After comic no.50 you'd think they run out of ideas, but somehow they're still going?

No. 49433

True Beauty is one of my least favorite webtoons tbh. It's so cliche that I couldn't get past the chapters where the black haired ~goddessu~ was bullying the main girl. It's also weird that the main girl is the author's self-insert mary sue.

I've never read a comic from their comedy section that I found enjoyable. Your post is spot on.

No. 49442

File: 1568353669648.jpeg (394.09 KB, 1125x1697, F85B52DC-759C-494F-815F-0AA121…)

The only good comedy webtoon atm is love advice from the duke of hell

No. 49444

File: 1568353946393.jpeg (394.65 KB, 1536x2046, 2B84C6B2-04E9-4368-8E94-1F4EE7…)

Talking about Mary Sue self inserts

Lore Olympus is the worst I’ve seen.

It’s literally 50 shades of gray PG for teens

No. 49459

File: 1568367577584.jpg (25 KB, 224x325, 57921_130764_4555.jpg)

I liked the webtoon "Your Letter"

I found it cute and really enjoyed the art.

No. 49461

Can someone explain why webtoons have huge amounts of whitespace between panels that take a long time to scroll past? That's the #1 reason why I can't stand webtoons.

No. 49489

I agree with it's being so cliche but I read it anyways since I like the art. however I can't relate to jugyeong like most readers do, she seems so shallow and obsessed with appearance so much. like, you really don't need a layer of foundation and lipstick even for a short visit to the market.

No. 49521

File: 1568397948460.jpg (369.16 KB, 500x706, hellphone.jpg)

One of my favourites is Hell Phone, especially the art. It's quite different from most I see on Webtoon. Unfortunately it updates rarely.

No. 49522

I liked Love Advice initially but every chapter ends with the same joke every. time.

No. 49523

File: 1568398512685.jpg (285.4 KB, 691x938, hclww.jpg)

I also love Hardcore Levelling Warrior. I love that the protagonist is an arrogant, unapologetic selfish ass and the world- and character building is fantastic. The second season so far has been a little slow though.

No. 49525

File: 1568398905512.jpg (474 KB, 575x719, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY2…)

Metaphorical Her, takes "show don't tell" very literally. The characters aren't your typical perfectly gorgeous characters. Really unique webtoon imo, definitely worth a read

No. 49526

??? I tried to read this, literally nothing happens for 30 minutes.

No. 49533

File: 1568400212959.png (742.88 KB, 828x825, 484B9DEE-9FCD-40D7-9682-7ACFE6…)

It’s cringy that girls in their 20’s are still making self insert Mary Sues and it’s even more embarrassing that they’re putting their fantasies out there for everyone to see. True beauty’s author even gave the main character a name similar to hers (Lim Jukyung vs. Lim Jugyeong) and shoops herself to look like Jugyeong.

Yeah this. Iirc her initial infatuation with Suho was based only on his appearance as well.

No. 49538

To be fair Korean society does have really bad lookism, so it's not that unrealistic(any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7)

No. 49547

File: 1568404066739.jpg (229.11 KB, 800x1116, 0001_fc052fb4-a041-4790-9394-d…)

Vampire boyfriend is pretty cute.

No. 49550

File: 1568405116839.png (699.03 KB, 900x900, 39976723_1280430428830114_4213…)

I really like Hooky, love me a a time skip. It's gonna end soon so it's almost a complete story.

No. 49553

I was kinda disappointed with the last True Beauty chapter, it felt rushed?

No. 49555

File: 1568406896838.png (395.5 KB, 500x500, rhtjyhgfdsaefrestyrtjfhgfdsfer…)

this webtoon is such a SJW webtoon I had to stop reading it.

No. 49556

I mean not to judge a book by its cover, but holy shit, you can just tell by that one pic alone

No. 49580

this, why would you start reading it in the first place kek

No. 49595

I liked True Beauty better when it focused on….. being ugly instead of this boring love triangle where everyone is always getting hit by cars

No. 49596

>the goth kids are short, have bad skin, fat and are ugly
Lol, what's up with the hate for last gen "not like the other kids" crew.

No. 49599

Let me guess, the main character with the rainbow hair is a troon.

No. 49601

I really dislike how Lore Olympus looks. I couldn’t get past the wonky art to read too far in… is it just that the writing is that good? I sincerely don’t get it, not to knock it at all though.

This one is sincerely adorable. I really liked how this one flows.

No. 49637

File: 1568446005341.png (944.48 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20190914-092534~2.p…)


No. 49638

File: 1568446160790.png (747.21 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20190914-092657~2.p…)


No. 49642

File: 1568447898827.jpeg (806.98 KB, 1125x2161, E6A5F7EE-BDC9-4B8B-9968-56B60C…)


Everyone loves true beauty and lore Olympus when this masterpiece gets ignored

No. 49653

File: 1568454725867.jpg (116.5 KB, 675x1024, ch3-cover-675x1024.jpg)

So many of my fav webtoons have just kind of stopped updating or are taking moooonths to relaunch after getting featured. I really hope things will pick up again now that the summer is over

No. 49654

What does everyone think of Ghost Wife? It's kind of cheesy but I can't help but always look forward for the next chapter

No. 49658

God I hate yuumei

No. 49659

File: 1568460315064.jpeg (160.02 KB, 960x640, 6AB53A47-6FDD-4952-9C8C-DBED61…)

I like I Love Yoo,though her average girl tomboy personality who says whatever she wants got annoying real fast

No. 49660

Does anyone find it kind of weird how they keep translating Korean names to like Daniel and Eugene and stuff like that? I feel like if you’re searching out Korean comics in the first place you can handle the different names

No. 49678


yes, I find it weird too, I recently started to read spirit fingers and later I continued to read it on another app since there are more chapters available there. the names were korean, but in the webtoon version it's english.

No. 49679


I loved it so much about a year ago but got bored and dropped it. and reread it, loved again but that huge break happened. when the new chapter released few weeks ago I read it but it just lost the spark for me, I can't enjoy it anymore

No. 49682

File: 1568474662730.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 86EAF4A2-5BF5-496A-8594-6AD79E…)

I really love Choco Latte, the author doesnt use any dialogue (besides a few text messages) and its really cute. The art style is really pure too

No. 49683

I love Hell Phone too!! Can't believe Webtoon paid for the authors other comic Lorna but not Hell Phone.

Lorna just sucked.

No. 49684

Nah that's a dude who runs a fashion blog. I dont think the author has any intention of making him trans.

However, the black girl in the back is trans.

No. 49686

They're ugly siblings together, but I think the little fat one is gonna become hotter with time.

No. 49688

I really enjoy Ghost Wife despite how cheesy it is. Tho I would like if the main character girl would just be less goody too shoes

No. 49689

I think it just makes it easier for American readers to remember their names and expand their viewer base to not just Koreaboos

No. 49692

File: 1568477435676.png (811.96 KB, 720x1440, Ekran görüntüleri_20190914-190…)

I really love Drugs&Wires from discover. The settings give the feel of a 90's cartoon. Too bad the updates are not regular.

No. 49694

I didn't know that! I liked Lorna but not as much as Hell Phone

No. 49715

Why anon? I don't know anything about them

No. 49722

I cannot STAND Lore olympus. Kore or poresephone or whatever is the biggest Mary Sue character. She's perfect in every way. and a lot of her art is really inconsistent with the curviness/weight. It's so bad.

No. 49723

Art looks nice! I'm gonna check it out

No. 49724

The art is the only thing i like about it. The story is really awful. It tries to build up the main female character, but she's such an obvious self insert. Hades being infatuated with her is just some lonely girl's dream

No. 49728

That’s because she has like 4 different people working for her and you can tell who drew what

No. 49731

I actually didn't know that. you can definitely tell. it's steven universe levels of bad and inconsistent art

No. 49734

What pusses me off the most is that even with all that help there’s little to no development in the story because she’s so fucking lazy

No. 49735

File: 1568487243612.jpg (70.21 KB, 500x680, tumblr_p23f2ug5GN1w2b9b7o1_500…)

dream constellation, this webtoon is so wholesome!! totally check it out if you want to read something cute and easy

No. 49736

File: 1568487326420.jpg (92.96 KB, 500x680, tumblr_p5s1uvgK9p1w2b9b7o7_r2_…)

No. 49753

File: 1568492632018.png (1.75 MB, 2416x1124, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 1.20…)

I like Lookism a lot. The story was boring and flat at first but there's some character development and obvious improvement to the art over time. I will admit that I find the fight scenes boring because they're so kdrama over the top and are super drawn out (like minimum a whole chapter).

I knew that she had an assistant but I didn't know that she actually has 4 people working for her. >>49734's post is even more ridiculous now because the webtoon is constantly on long hiatuses.
I also see people lauding it as well written and calling Persephone a cute and interesting character, but it's literally just uwu soft babby moves to a new town where the hottest man around is infatuated with her and she gets bullied by a super hot chick that likes the hot man. Super cliche and overused plot.

No. 49760

whoever recommended hell phone thank you so much! it's so good, expecially the art. I like the clothes of the characters and the contrast between colorful art and horror genre is surprising

No. 49767

I really liked Lookism but I feel like the story has been progressing at snail's pace. It lost me at the runaway fam, that was kinda gross. (spoiler) I just wanna know what's up with the body switching stuff at this point.

No. 49769

I honestly really like Lookism too and despite this slow ass pace, it's still really interesting. Character development is good too. The art was wonky at first but it's gotten pretty clean over time. But sometimes it gets too into the gang themes though.

She reminds of the black haired girl body wise, can't remember her name, instead. Since in the story the mc is considered average flat and shapeless.

I think True Beauty is becoming a kdrama in the future too?

No. 49785

I enjoyed reading Freaking Romance but the author is such a snowflake that it's hard for me to not remember his rants on instagram.

No. 49793

nta but I used to like Yuumei's art when I was younger, but now I see that it's samey and over-produced. Style over substance I guess. Plus, she has an smug, preachy attitude ugh. her reddit account if you wanna get a taste of her arrogant personality: https://www.reddit.com/user/Fish-IP/

No. 49833

She’s probably flat/average irl. The picture is heavily shooped (you can see it in the difference between her arm widths and her ridiculous stick legs).

No. 49842

File: 1568533856416.jpeg (514.94 KB, 1536x2046, 38F1EB3A-0469-4C8A-8ACB-008E7D…)

This two panels were next to eachother

No. 49843

The fight scenes in lookism made me drop it. There was a time when every week the god dog or dog god whatever episodes are released. They are sooo boring but I wonder does the story get any better ?

No. 49845

I enjoy FR aswell. Tbh I just don't follow any webtoon artists on social media, saves you from being conflicted.

No. 49846

I don't really follow/get Lookism's story anymore. There's so much going on, so many characters and fights and sometimes it takes so long for the story to get back to Daniel it's got me confused and lost. I'm still reading it but I feel like I'll have to read it from the start again to really get what's going on.

No. 49886

File: 1568555676683.png (321.87 KB, 857x503, KoS.png)

I'm conflicted about Knights of Ashera. On one hand there sometimes are very well-rendered panels (that the creator obviously did as stand-alone illustrations at first, then inserted into the comic) but on the other hand you get these lazy panels where she just copies and pastes stuff around. Almost every panel is just "single character seen from the shoulders up faces the viewer directly and talks", too.

No. 49926

File: 1568572195005.png (358.7 KB, 678x442, Screenshot_2019-09-15-14-21-40…)

Do any of you like this?

No. 49931

Oh I remember reading that a long time ago but didn't get through more than a few chapters. I didn't think it was that funny

No. 49938

i'm still obsessed with "out of control/never understand" by bbong. that shit hurted … and now i find out there's like a another side story too???? "incorrigible" with like a redemption arc and the main couple showing up as well???
i think i've reread it so many times and the art does get better as you go along. or maybe it's just me who has a weakness for ugly characters huh.

No. 49946

File: 1568579580620.jpg (70.75 KB, 700x513, 2019032801387_0.jpg)

lol she looks uncanny, like a weird alien. Here's her IG for anyone curious. So much horrible shooping. https://www.instagram.com/meow91__/?utm_source=ig_embed

I remember reading True Beauty but I honestly can't remember a single thing that happened. I love a good josei with drama and wish fulfillment but this webtoon was a snoozefest.

No. 49948

I thought that comic was about absurd beauty obsession and beauty standards the author noticed around her. I read it but the plot never went anywhere interesting. So it wasn't actually meant to be critique of k-beauty standards?

No. 49979

File: 1568591770243.jpeg (259.8 KB, 828x819, 1437E4E1-3077-4E6D-83CB-DD8733…)

Did we read the same Webtoon? I went back and re-read the prologue and first chapter and it clearly states in the first chapter that she started doing makeup because she got rejected by a guy. The author herself is crazy obsessed with looking perfect too but she ends up in uncanny valley territory.
>pic related she shopped herself almost as tall as the door
>bonus: compare her body shoop in this pic to the body shoop here >>49533

No. 50076

It blows my mind that the author herself actually has that obsession irl and that the comic was unironic. Yes, I thought it was based on her past experiences and she was shining a light on it.

No. 50105

God I hate Hades’s nose

No. 50110

You can have a problem and still call out the problem, like me and social media addiction. I tell everyone to limit their screentime but I'm probably the worst at it.

No. 50126

OT but god yes me too. Thanks anon I'm going to block this site and others for a week so I can get shit done.

No. 50478

The new Lore Olympus chapter is just Minthe walking up to Hades and yelling at him. What on earth are the author and her 4 assistants doing all week?

No. 50483

Nothing, and as soon as you complain about it she tells you to not read it she’s suuuuper sensitivitie about criticism.

No. 50879

It's crazy though she makes like roughly 4k on every weekly chapter

No. 50884

I used to love ''Lookism" with how consistent they were with their updates. But now it feels like the updates are too long, like I even forget what the comic was about before they update. 7days for the next chapter,14 for the next next and 27 for the nextnextnext.

No. 50885

Thank you for recommending this anon! It suprised me in a positive way.

No. 50905

I enjoy several titles but the majority of webtoons are garbage. What’s with all the lazy art with literally no effort in drawing backgrounds, coloring and shading? Can’t even start on the super bland plots. I guess it’s dumping ground for reject cartoonist/mangaka wannabees after all.

No. 50937

Lookism moves so damn slow. 2 years and 250 long ass chapters in the making and we still know next to nothing as to what's really going on with Daniel

No. 50938

Is anyone reading LUFF? There's something about it's art that I find irritating

No. 51013

Same!! I think it cause it just looks like a diverse version of Studio Trigger style. Like i thought they were tracing kill la kill but was wayyy too lazy to prove it

No. 51055

File: 1568990954531.png (544 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20190920-164803_1.p…)

I literally can't believe how some titles like Miss Abott and the Doctor manage to get serialized and paid by Webtoon themselves. It's literally just scanned paper sketches.

And if you think LUFF's art is bad then check out the artist's earlier title, it's so bad I almost thought it was ironic

No. 51173

Ive never been more afraid. Is the story just as generic?

No. 51229

it's like the art gets worse the closer you are to the finale.

No. 51230

she is, which is the worst thing to be when you are trying to do a weekly comic. The worst part are her 12 year old fans who think Kore can do no wrong and dont see she is a self insert/mary sue. The comments are always 'DONT SAY THAT' about such and such. Only character that gets hate is apollo and that stupid ass no reason rape scene is never gonna get resolved.

No. 51249

File: 1569078957477.jpeg (424.11 KB, 750x905, 0B4EEF26-FD83-40A3-8DC3-FCCDB5…)

herbivore high school is SO cute, i'm in love. the art is simple and sweet, and the characters are so interesting.

i tried reading lore olympus because my friends are obsessed with it but i found it very samey. got bored real fast.

No. 51340

File: 1569103909414.jpg (204.51 KB, 878x982, 009-e1438849493245.jpg)

Spirit Fingers is such a nice and sweet webtoon imo, I'm glad that it updates often even though you can find up to 76 chapters in English (the whole completed series is in Korean)
I would also recommend Odd Girl Out and Honey Lemon, HL is kinda hit or miss when it comes to the art style, it can be wonky most of the time but I would still recommend it

No. 51353

>Odd Girl Out
I recommend it too, the art isn't amazing but a webtoon about girls actually being friends is nice. It also manages to discuss lookism without falling into the whole "MC becomes beautiful and makes all other women suffer" revenge fantasy trash.

No. 51381

Nta but i've followed yuumei for a long time and i liked her until she started releasing comics, especially fisheye placebo.

In that comic she goes from making a ridiculous cringey graffiti superhero character (playing down sooo bad what is actually like to do something like that in china), to then making cheap tear jerker scenes as if you should take that comic seriously.

It's not like i don't think a comic can be out there ridiculous and still be great. The problem is that she's completely unaware of how dumb her stuff is and at the same time she takes herself sooo seriously.

Also her characters dress like fucking sparkle dogs, it's like she's stuck on her 2007 teenage phase, no evolution whatsoever.

Also didn't she scam a bunch of people with the fundraiser for her ugly ass axent wear headphones?

No. 51399

yes I like Odd girl out aswell!

Thoughts on Gourmet Hound?

No. 51400

File: 1569147523645.jpeg (496.81 KB, 774x973, 4DC4AFC4-6415-4713-9934-A94C91…)

I’ve been reading Love Me Nice for years. I wish she updated more regularly though

No. 51418


I've lost interest since Jacobi joined, I don't dislike him and I think his backstory brought something interesting. But I missed so many episodes after he took Lucy to his hometown and eventually dropped it. Sometimes I want to read it again though, because I liked the art and most characters.

No. 51519

She's so pretentious about fisheye placebo but the whole comic is just shallow "wokeness" and eye-straining colors. She's the type who preaches about ~corrupt politicians~ and ~environmentalism~ but didn't see a problem with calling her plant by its outdated colloquial name "wandering jew".

Yuumei's work is just so boring and immature, with no subtlety at all. She has a massive ego and small worldview, and it shows in her comics.

Pretty sure she held off on production for the headphones for 2 years because the manufacturers weren't up to her standards, and when the headphones finally came out they were bulky and shit quality kek

No. 51644

File: 1569229395396.jpg (197.54 KB, 800x1734, tape_it_back_together_by_yuume…)

I am the original Yuumei hate anon and while I agree about everything said about Fisheye Placebo (I especially hate the sparkledogs clothes and retarded animu humor), I've hated Yuumei ever since she posted pic related with the description:

>My family has a complicated history of separation, immigration, divorce, and remarriage. I won't go into the details but my mom often said to me "It's my life, my choice, I do what I want. You have no right to judge me."

>I'm 18, but as a 9 year old child at the time, I couldn't repeat what she said. I could only wonder "Your choice in life affects me too."

>Divorce is such a fad these days. Half the people I know have divorced parents, and most of them aren't happy about it. I understand in some situations divorce is the only way, but when your choice affects more than just you, think of the consequences and choose wisely.

I felt (and still feel) that she sounds incredibly cunty and self-obsessed. Obviously I don't know her situation but the overly uwu angsty doodle with that comment make her sound just as selfish as her mother. Not to mention she made a whole comic on the topic which also feels incredibly self-pitying.

No. 51837

to be fair, for the amount of free content I don't mind the bad ones. I just sub to a couple comics I really enjoy and get to read a few new chapters almost every day. Not bad for free content.

No. 51875

lol anon that is the perfect way to describe her character designs. It makes it hard for me to believe it's supposed to be a serious story when they look like shounen protagonists. I forgot what the setting is like but they're so colourful it's at odds with the fact they live in a dystopia (or do they? I stopped following this years ago). And why is the comic quality to low compared to her illustrations? She's one of those artists who look objectively 'good' but that comic has that vibe where it looks like the person had to have relied on a crutch to draw that well, I'm not going to accuse her of plagiarism but her lines there are so sketchy, the rendering looks half assed and there's the obvious reliance on filtered photos. Like what is she drawing over? It has to come from somewhere.

No. 51882

She uses 3D models, and she has a whole team behind her doing most of the work. I remember her looking to hire artists a few years ago.

No. 51889

I tried reading Lore Olympics but god, the art is so inconsistent and absolutely hideous. I see so many people gush over it and I just can't.

No. 51892

ugh, that nose on that dude is so bloated and awful though

No. 51893

The only people who gush over Lore Olympus are sad people who also self insert as Prosephone.

No. 51896

Am I legit the only one who likes the art(style)? I admit it's inconsistent af but the art style itself is 100% what drew me into reading it.

No. 51942

Wow, really? Hearing that she has a team doing it feels disappointing somehow. When it comes to independent artists I always assumed works under their name were mostly if not entirely done by themselves, it's different to finding the works of a big name producer. I ended up moving onto shilin's work, I haven't read her comic Carciphona but her art is nicer though there's something about the way she draws faces.

No. 52100

THIS, she forces dumb simple minded messages so hard, hurr durr government bad, hurr durr yuumei sad woe me my life so hard, hurr durr water is wet.

Her comics are so shallow and stereotyped in the way they portray china that you could tell me the autor has never set foot on asia and i would believe you.

She's just preaching the obvious, it's neither interesting nor does it teach you anything new, but she still acts like it's sOooOo dEep.

No. 52124

Yesss Drugs&Wires is my shit! Only Patreon I've ever donated to.

No. 52266

File: 1569449069919.jpg (101.62 KB, 1024x1336, cc473a1e33d90bd693c8b771a57dd6…)

Does ero webtoons count?
I love Sweet Guy/he does a body good and never got over it, even though the story was kinda stupid. I feel like the author wanted to do more with it but it had to be rushed due to the artist's illness/injuries, which is understandable, but a shame.

I tried reading Ghost Love, but neither the art nor the story were engaging enough for me to keep going nor the porn itself either.
Fatal Woman felt like it was written by a woman (which is good) and the story was interesting, but had so much cucking that it was obvious it was the writer's fetish. Pretty meh in that regard.

No. 52267

File: 1569449307185.jpg (77.93 KB, 900x900, 9c046ab62352166627485e062de7a9…)


Saged samefag to add:

As for non adult webtoons, I really love The Last and her Butler, although their chemistry was arguably better before they both got officially together, at least imo
I hope it turns into a kdrama, although I highly doubt it.

I love webtoons that are office centered instead of high school centered. Does anyone have any recommendations for this kind of setting?

No. 52272

File: 1569457328689.png (409.12 KB, 1046x516, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.22…)

I really got into Bad Boss. It's on Lezhin comics. It even got a movie adaptation.

No. 52514

samefag, okay I know I complained about Love Advice from the great duke of hell before but the last two chapters have actually been great

No. 53222

File: 1569870083320.jpg (84.93 KB, 1080x1053, 45271ab94a2f0827b7ffff997d4de8…)

Edith, the art's so cute!!

No. 53280

I tried the first couple of chapters but it comes off as really Mary Sue. Does it get better?

No. 53315

Should I watch the movie instead?

No. 53328

Nta but the protagonist is really insecure about her past and it shows in her present relationships and life. It doesn't feel really mary sueish at all to me, just because she's pretty it doesn't mean she's a mary sue

No. 53361

File: 1569949637293.jpg (47.89 KB, 804x420, socute.jpg)

I just started reading Hell phone because it was recommended here. I love the art and the two main girls already.

No. 54255

Late, but I agree with >>53328, I don't think she's a Mary Sue. Now if you didn't enjoy the first few chapters I'm not sure if you'll enjoy it further on (and that's okay) but the story line does get more interesting a few chapters in imo.

> the protagonist is really insecure about her past and it shows in her present relationships and life.

this is what I really enjoy about the story

No. 55625

Anyone read any of these

No. 56066

File: 1570751293006.jpeg (394.17 KB, 1125x1490, 7EA6D424-0C5B-42A6-9B2D-058971…)

ugh. definitely not worth becoming anything more than a webcomic

No. 56070

hope the art is more consistent, lol

No. 56076

Ugh kill me now

No. 56272

File: 1570813115996.jpeg (379.56 KB, 1125x635, CBD1540D-C151-45BF-A012-62F2E3…)

>write shitty fanfic of 50 shades of gray with a Mary Sue self insert that has her haircut and has a UwU personality

> make £€¥$

No. 56336

of course she looks like a ugly fakeboi

No. 56402

It really boggles me how some shitty fanfic gets so much attention. This never pulled anything original or interesting. Why does it get so much praise??

No. 56480

Greek/Egyptian myths are becoming re-popular as a whole again thanks to Internet for some reason and Lore Olympics fills that niche

No. 56657

>some shitty fanfic gets so much attention. This never pulled anything original or interesting. Why does it get so much praise??
You live in a world where the Nasuverse/Fate series is a billion dollar franchise. People like things that are unoriginal.

No. 56698

At least Fate is fun to go autistic about. I tried getting into Lore Olympus and it was so boring, my middle school fantasies about greek gods were more engaging.

No. 56718

>middle school fantasies about greek gods were more engaging.
Pretty much lore Olympics in a nutshell

No. 56720

no reason to go after her appearance

No. 56820

There are no subs and they took some major key factors out.

No. 56959

In Fate the main difference is that they're figures taken away from their original time periods/settings and interacting with each other and modern mages, not just the 100th retelling of a generic Greek tale we have heard a million times by now.

Also the art of Lore Olympus looks like generic illustrations from a magazine article, not a comic. Does someone actually read this?

No. 56962

>In Fate the main difference is that they're figures taken away from their original time periods/settings and interacting with each other and modern mages, not just the 100th retelling of a generic Greek tale we have heard a million times by now.

Are you really sure that is a pro point on Fate rather on Lore Olympus? Fate doesn't even sticks to actual personalities and history, character are just turned into lolis or any other manga stereotype as the writer pleases with no history research but a wikipedia page? Not to talk about the trashiness levels FGO reaches.
I am not saying LO is anything better, but they sure stay on the same level to me.

No. 56968

I'm saying that it's a pro point because it's not directly just retelling an old tale, it's making a new one with old characters which, as you said, are revamped to be almost unrecognizable. The point was about originality as in just taking an overused fable and rehashing it. They really can't be compared, but for some reason anon thought "they both have characters from historical tales, thus they're in the same framework".

No. 58072

File: 1571291260176.jpeg (204.8 KB, 828x1049, 0A8C3806-E9BF-4E0F-86BA-7CED9C…)

Anyone else read Ghost Teller? I love the art style and the pacing is decent, but I can’t really stand the story. It’s so anti-climactic and “we live in a society” that it’s really not enjoyable. I know it’s supposed to be about revealing the dark side of humans but there’s really no twist and the stories are fake deep.

No. 58374

I started reading this because you mentioned it here. Does it just go on like that, ghosts telling short stories? I'm 10 chapters in and kind of bored

No. 58391

I love cursed princess club. It's a little young for me but the jokes are quite cute.

Samson + Ava has excellent art but is very slow to update.

Other than that I have a hard time finding things that I enjoy on webtoon. It seems difficult for alot of authors to avoid the pitfalls of amateur characterization and writing.

No. 58402

File: 1571500240308.jpg (268 KB, 1200x1200, EBNhpj6U4AAez99.jpg)

I haaaaate the art of cursed princess club but the story's cute

No. 58404

File: 1571500705180.jpg (132.43 KB, 690x1600, 8.jpg)


on the topic of webtoon art I hate: ghost wife.

but I can't stop reading

No. 58425

File: 1571510523306.jpg (50.2 KB, 670x377, XT-8h8H2KTpz7jXO.jpg)

ntayrt but I can confirm you it's just that. Season 2 just started and it's the same thing but with a new set of characters

To me Ghost Teller is just like Lalin's Curse: all style and no substance. At least Ghost Teller doesn't have such an annoying fandom though

No. 58439

File: 1571521220407.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191019_173204645.j…)

How do you guys feel about Merryweatherey's comics? The only one I kind of like is Clinic of Horrors. Outside of that, I don't think he's a good writer and he relies too much on beating anime tropes to death (Stalker x Stalker is basically a YanSim fanfic) and drooling over big tiddy high school girls and lolis (literally all his comics). I brushed the latter off as weeb fanservice but then I remembered that several of his male protags are self inserts. Guess he found a way to date his waifus lol.

No. 58520

He absolutely relies on picking whatever is popular with weebs at the moment, quickly churning out a script for it and hiring artists that can keep up with several updates a week. It works well for WEBTOON's demographic and format, it favours updating a lot (even if the updates are short) and having more than one comic.

Unrelated to the "quality" of his writing but I used to be in a server with him and always thought he was a teenager, based on his typing style and dumb arguments he'd get into. I was floored when I found out he was an actual adult with popular webtoons.

No. 58557

ok fuck, I know this post is old, but I want to bitch a little. I kind of liked the premise when I first started reading it, but goddamn it's obnoxious how much she hammers the "fight 4 justice" and ~symbolism~ shit. Besides that, ever since she started using 3D models, her comics have been looking so goddamn uncanny and ugly, which makes me sad since I genuinely enjoyed the art before. Releases are also so goddamn slow. It makes it hard to follow the series whatsoever. Overall, I guess I'm just really disappointed with the direction everything about this has gone when I really initially liked the idea. The other anon is right. Yuumei is fucking annoying. I wonder what the series would look like if it had been done by someone more competent and who's not an ass-deep SJW who thinks edgy punk and sUpEr dEeP shit is cool.

No. 58564

I don't follow a lot of webtoons, but the ones I do follow, I kind of hate and I'm not quite sure why I haven't dropped them. My biggest problem with most of them is the pacing. Almost everything I read has dozens of chapters, yet has barely progressed whatsoever. Every time I read a new chapter, I'm hoping/looking forward to some small progress, but instead I get handed a pile of dogshit. Anyway, I'll leave some individual opinions on the ones I'm following.

My Deepest Secret, I dislike it, but also still enjoy it. The art is mediocre, I don't understand Elios's weird character design when everyone else looks so normal, and I feel like the story progression is too slow. The plot is also a bit eh, though, not terrible so far. I'm hoping it'll improve as it goes along.
Cursed Princess Club is pretty fucking terrible. Gwen is absolutely hideous and ~uwu~ soft sm0l bean who's quirky. The plot progression has been absolutely nonexistent as well and the art is incredibly awful. It feels like the creator can't even be arsed to use a less disgusting brush. The whole feelsgoody asspatting premise is painfully obnoxious and shittily done. By far the worst part of it all has to be the fanbase. They all talk about how beautiful Gwen is and demonize the prince for being unable to be attracted to a character who literally looks like a witch. It's all disgustingly disingenuous.

Candilanderz is obscure, but nonetheless awful. The creator has awful art, the characters are all obnoxious, and the pacing feels jarring. The premise feels about as terrible as its characters, too. I don't know why, but it seems to have been put on hiatus for months now. The thing is, the creator has been releasing shitty animatics of the characters in the meantime and has made multiple speedpaints where she talks in depth about the characters history instead of showing it through the comic.

True Beauty, once again, has terrible pacing. Almost nothing has fucking happened. Every time we get close to something happening, it stops on a cliffhanger that ends anticlimactically and doesn't progress anything. I can count on one hand the number of significant things that has occurred. Honestly, I would much rather she not bait something is going to happen. It actually pisses me off the amount of times this has occurred with the exact same results. The art is pretty stiff, which I think is related to how many times the artist redraws it. Her process seems to be make a sketch, line the sketch with a sketch, line that sketch with another sketch, and then finally do lineart with airbrushed pillow shading.

Finally, Lore Olympus. Like everyone has been saying, the art is terrible and so are the characters. Nothing has happened for about 60 chapters, either. It's only everyone thinking Persephone is an ~uwu~ cute sm0l bean. The story gets sidetracked so much as well. It keeps introducing all these character subplots and then never touches on them again. Other things, things the should be more significant, have also been grossly neglected. Persephone got raped somewhere around chapter 20. Considering a huge part of the story seems to be the virgin goddess shit, how is it this has been ignored for so long? It's also been 70 chapters of "they like each other OwO" and nothing has happened with that either. It's beyond the point of slow bullshit that even the shittiest of shoujo manga would consider pulling. I could say a lot more, but it'd be too long for something that's just a regurgitation of what other anons have been saying.

No. 58567

samefag, but I just want to add Super Secret is really good imo. Probably the only thing I've read so far that I don't want to complain about. The art was really good and I actually liked all the characters. It initially seemed like it was going to be a stupid love triangle, but that ended pretty quickly while still holding a small amount of relevance in later chapters.

No. 58659

super secret is cute!! I really enjoyed it.

No. 58741

File: 1571710536251.jpg (105.32 KB, 1242x884, IMG_20191012_073039.jpg)

I was wondering if any of you anona might have some lgb webtoons to recommend? I have enjoyed long exposure because it's not all about uwu gays but the style isn't my most favorite. I enjoy more of darker yet kinda light stuff with good art but i am open to anything but lgb main characters would be a definite plus!

No. 58786

Their Story/Tamen de Gushi is a must read.

Also I don't follow it but people say 91 Days is good.

No. 58863

>>58786 thank you for the recs, will check them out this week!

No. 58869

Is Tamen de Gushi on webtoons? I can't seem to find it. I used to read it a long time ago but not on webtoons and totally forgot about it.

No. 58872

File: 1571775286629.jpeg (568.91 KB, 750x889, 66D102C1-4EB0-403E-A820-85D46B…)

For anons who liked hellphone which seems to be on infinite hiatus, I'd recommend reading the authors other webcomic, Lorna

it's a short-ish read but it's good

No. 58873

Appreciate it, anon! I love Hell phone, but i feel like it will never continue at this point.

No. 58955

nah but you can find it on Mangadex

No. 59023

I'm not 100% sure but going by the author's latest post on instagram she seems to have her hand and wrist injured and can't draw right now.

No. 59504

Am I shallow for hating that the protag has pimples all over her face. Whyyyyy

No. 59519

File: 1572166888484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,67.66 KB, 453x584, images (7).jpeg)

There was a few webtoons I followed back in the day. One was featured on a blogsite called "Stuff You Will Hate" and it was based around a scene kid and making fun of the subculture it is. Can't find it for the life of me.The other was the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi featured on Snafu. Something about their drawing style got me addicted.

No. 59522

nah not necessarily but I kind of find it endearing that she's got physical flaws. plus some of the spots on her face are freckles.

there's a chapter where lornas friend tries to give her a makeover and she hates it lmao

damn that sucks, i hope she recovers well, i love her webtoons and art and I'd hate for her to have to stop drawing for too long

No. 59547

File: 1572180670275.jpeg (67.62 KB, 348x464, 025985C7-E0F9-4AC6-A2AB-F7BA06…)

This is a cute comic so far, just a simple romance story but the art is nice and the characters are likeable, only problem is the pacing (which is an issue with most webtoons imo) but it’s not too bad.

No. 59582

I really liked that about Lorna. It's a nice break from all the perfect and gorgeous protagonists that star most webtoons.

No. 59587

Imperfect like big nose or fat or whatever I don't mind, but I find acne disgusting to look at. I like the comic and I try to pretend they're all freckles lol

No. 59677

odd girl out, unordinary, hooky, cheese in the trap, and boyfriend of the dead are the ones i genuinely look forward to every week. great pacing, great characters, and unique story ideas. odd girl out and boyfriend of the dead don't have the best art in the world, but it makes it more authentic imo. their passion shows.

least favs are definitely lore olympus, luff, age matters, and sweet home. lore olympus is the only one i still follow at this point bc i'm curious about the apollo plotline. mary sue, unoriginal characters. luff and age matters are boring af, and sweet home is mad edgy. i also tried following let's play in the beginning but if you wanna talk about mary sues, THAT is a shitshow.

siren's lament and freaking romance are just kind of okay. siren's lament got boring and as another anon said, freaking romance's creator is fucking annoying. i love yoo is super interesting, but shin-ae gets super grating. she's such a stereotype. i actually enjoy true beauty but i totally see the critiques about pacing and story, i'm just in it for the love triangle at this point. ghost teller was better in season one.

and for completed ones, oh holy, refund high school, and your letter were fantastic.

(also not official webtoon but it's on webtoon: read satan and me. it's so fucking good.)

No. 59724

I just read about 55 chapters and i dont think i can get through it. Lorna is really insufferable. I thought she was kinda fun, but she's like an autist who gets away with everything. Her friend Norma (?) is better, but she isnt the focus. I dunno, it's a hard pass. Hell phone did the characters better.

No. 60238

is cheese in the trap still worth reading? I saw it's nearing 300 chapters at this point. I used to read it but for some reason thought it ended wtf

No. 60257

Anybody reads Devil Number 4? The art is cute, I wonder how the story will develop too. But still can't like the characters, each of them has an irrtating side. Especially the Devil and Joon Lee. Hanna is kinda ok but she's not an interesting character, same vibes with Sam of Let's Play.

No. 60345

I'm up to date with it and I say pass on it. Better read another romance webtoon, I think all the leads in Cheese in the Trap have turned extremely unlikable and sadly I believe I Love Yoo is going the same way, the hiatus didn't do the story any favours

No. 60839

I hate the pacing too, but still enjoy them from time to time. I think a lot of them have horrible pacing because it seems to be the norm to milk one series for all its worth. Or you have the webtoon that has been going on forever and they literally just dissolve into repetitive slice of life villain of the week shit.

For both I blame the editors. They don't usually want their money magnet to stop.

No. 60881

Do y’all have or have ever seen any decent lesbian webtoons? Decent ones are literally non-existent.

Even lesbian creators make shit for gay men on webtoon and it makes my brain hurt. I’m sick of reading straight and gay webtoons ugh but they’re the only decent ones.

No. 61335


That’s because the gay ones are more popular and always are over lesbian stories. Girls want to fantasise about men showing feels with each other

No. 61482

I want to bingeread a long webtoon, something with 100+ chapters or so. Doesn't have to be ongoing. Any recommendations? Any genre but horror/slice of life/humor is fine.

No. 61875

Check the lesbian media thread.

No. 62086

Don't make me remember Bleedman
I wonder if his profile pic is still him being creepy with a pin that says "do not let around kids" or something

No. 62152

please tell me someone here has read the latest Ghost Teller story it was so awful i need to share it with someone…

I binge read Super Secret tho and it was nice in case that anon that wanted long webtoon recs is still around here

No. 62534

The Stories of Those Around Me was cute and bittersweet. Decent read.

Checked in on True Beauty and my God this webcomic is shit. This story is hot garbage as well as the dialog, especially for the male leads

No. 62557

Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates the art for Let’s Play? Something about it is so off putting. Not to mention the story is just so cringe

No. 62861

File: 1573938558136.png (381.33 KB, 800x498, letsplaybg.png)

Not a fan either. I don't think the art is necessarily bad but it's just so stiff. Like someone posed wooden mannequin dolls and traced over them. Story-wise…I'm not even sure what it's about anymore. Most featured webtoons seem to go like that, 80+ episodes with a bunch of useless dialogue, tangents, little character development and no direct or engaging plot. Stopped reading I Love Yoo around chapter 60 because of this.

Also, does anyone else abhor the 3D backgrounds some webtoons use?

I would honestly much rather see artists draw their own backgrounds even if they do look wonky. The 3D backgrounds just look so devoid of life/personality and so unflatteringly detached from the characters - pic related.

No. 62911

File: 1574047125951.jpg (219.67 KB, 789x573, 1538944534074.jpg)

Remember the time mandy did 9/11 and caused the Iraq and Afghanistan wars so she could fuck Grim?

No. 62995

I've seen some webtoon artists at least trace the 3D backgrounds with clean lines and a few flat colours, which isn't impressive but is a lot less jarring. I don't know why it's not as common as just inserting the 3D backgrounds directly, it's not like tracing takes much time.

No. 63293

File: 1574244287873.png (186.4 KB, 334x450, Untitled.png)

saw an ad for this and even tho pretty simple,i like how cute it is.it also gave me feels

also pic related is mood

No. 63518

Kinda tired of Age Matters acting like 29 years old is ancient. It's a little contrived.

No. 63769

Talk to Me is pretty cute! From what I have read so far, the main couple have a healthy relationship and there is NO NTR or dubcon (which runs rampant in ero webtoons). The only drama is the heroine's inner conflict of the Madonna Whore complex regarding herself, which does lessen as she talks and has sex with her bf. I have not read it recently since it is pretty hard to find translations of it.

I like the art of Narae's Fantasy, but the plot is pretty meh and I feel like it drags on at times imo. I have stopped in the middle of it because it is hard to find translations. Women focused ero webtoons really don't get that much love in translations compared to the typical male MC titles.

No. 64022


>Narae's Fantasy

>I have stopped in the middle of it because it is hard to find translations

You can read it here if you like.the whole thing is translated


it was ok but it went too fast after some point and ended ubruptly imo

No. 65106

My god, I wasn't one to complain about Lore Olympic's art before but it has gone completely haywire now. It looks nothing like it originally did.

No. 69896

File: 1577666428033.jpg (161.06 KB, 1080x767, IMG_20191230_083258.jpg)

Yuumei used to have a comic called Knite about these kids who would fly kites with LED lights to mimick stars and it was meant to be a commentary on the pollution in China but then she introduced the villain in the story, who went on to explain that the lights and batteries and kites were causing even more pollution and honestly made much more sense. After that, she stopped updating because she probably couldn't justify her heroes anymore

Tbh Yuumei isn't bad but it's her attitude that makes things worse. It's like she thinks she's the next Harper Lee or Nelson Mandela, pic related

No. 73483

Lore Olympus it's getting more annoying with each chapter, the mary-suism of Persephone is getting hella strong lately and the fact than the author keeps using her "innocence" and "naitivy" to prolongue every single problem in the plot is absurd, and when things starts to get too boring (more than the usual) she remembers to use the sexual abuse card again to keep some interest in their readers that take the bait over and over again.

No. 73484


Her other webcomic, Placebo, it's laugable talking about 3rd world problems and the issue about the massive control of media and comunication inchina at the same time. I'm from a 3rd world country where there's also almost absolute control over information, but the way that she portrays the actitude of the people that lives under that kind of regime is so shallow, like everything must be reduced to cartoon villains.

No. 73658

It feels like the same page over and over. Hades and Kore have dumb tension that can be easily resolved. Throw in minthe or whatever to 'hate' for readers. it's all garbage. And the art is so bad

No. 73750

Should I read Ghost Wife? All everybody ever says is that it's cheesy but impossible to put down. Is it really as good as it's made out to be?

No. 73757

I used to really like Lore Olympus’ story even though I found it a bit cringe but the last 50 or so chapters have been such an incredible disappointment. The story has such lazy writing and poor development, to this day I still don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Persephone. Apparently it’s only been a week in the story since the rape happened but it was written like a year ago. The story has seriously been reduced to pandering the author’s sjw shit.

No. 73764

I wouldn't call it very good, but I really liked that the story never deviated from its intended tone and purpose and followed through until the end. It's not intense or anything, but it's satisfying.

No. 73765

I don't really see the SJW stuff in the comic, maybe I'm overly distracted by everyone acting like Hades pulling out another man's eye in revenge (and then giving it back) is totally cute and quirky. I haven't even seen comments calling that out as being off-putting.
I think the rape is handled in the same way, it doesn't have proper, long-lasting consequences. It's only there to flip a switch from comedy to ~totally mature deep storytelling~ when needed.

No. 73807

It's not a masterpiece but it's a cute story. I've dropped a lot of webtoons but this one I'm still reading. I 100% agree with "cheesy but impossible to put down" lol. I'd say read a few chapters and see how you like it.

No. 73860

Tfw you realize that the chapter right after Hades giving the eye back is a whole chapter dedicated to showing how turned on Persephone is.

No. 74232

Pet peeve but I'm so annoyed by most female romance protagonists because the author always builds her up to be ~so special~ and unique because she shuns the stereotypically girly image of the shoujo protagonist from decades ago.

She's always brutally honest, or #relatable, or feminist icon while still needing the male leads to take care of her problems.

No. 74620

the headphones were delayed because her partner who did all the work was sick of yuumei's shit and left.

they were college friends and yuumei drew the design of the headphone and her friend did Every Single Thing herself. Marketing, Engineering, finding production companies etc. The money was split 50/50 but the amount of work was unbalanced.

Yuumei is completely useless in real life and relies on her groupies to do everything for her.

No. 74955

What would you guys suggest to be tired clichés prominent in Webtoons? I've only recently started binging some major titles and for some reason the male love interest always has a shirtless ab scene.

No. 75028

It seems that Lore Olympus is back with the theme of the Apollo abuse, I was hoping that maybe, and finally, we were gonna be able to discover what kind of bad guy is apollo, I was aiming for a kinda real depiction of how an abuser can be dangerous and manipulative in a position of power (maybe take advantage of the fact that persephone CAN'T MENTION TO ANYONE that is not a virgin anymore) but that was too much for ask.

He's just a caricature of a teen drama douchbag and nothing else, a joke.

No. 75060

They’re always modeled after a kpop idol (freaking romance)

No. 75062

reading outside of the romance genre filters out a lot of that crap

No. 75064

You should try reading Yumi's Cells, I really like the romance that happen there and honestly I learned a lot about relationships there

No. 75079

When is Love advice from the great duke of hell coming back for season 2? Anyone know?

No. 76366

Lore Olympus has been so disappointing. I hate every single character. But Persephone is especially atrocious. She's painfully mary sue-ish. Hades is also getting on my nerves with the dog daddy shit. I honestly hate them as a couple. All of the other the characters are 'quirky' and boring as all fuck. It feels like its trying to be a comedy with the way the characters act, but I haven't laughed a single time. I'm so bored of the series. The Apollo rape plot is only finally getting addressed after 80 fucking chapters. Something that should significantly affect all aspects of the main story has almost fuckall to do with it. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the nature of TGOEM, but I thought part of it all was maintaining your virginity. Shouldn't Persephone be more worried about that aspect of it all? Two other gods (Hera and Eros iirc) have been able to pick up on the fact something happened. I've only ever seen it address her being worried whether or not she'll join it/be able to get out. I don't think I've ever seen her think about about what if she will join/she can't get out of it even though she's no longer a virgin.

No. 76379


I don't know how this plot works anymore either, the TGOEM thing is complete nonsense, they are godesses, they should percieve at least SOMETHING wrong with Persephone since the rape happened (NOT EVEN FUCKING ARTEMIS WHO LIVES WITH HER), but the only one that is able to know is Hera bcs she "feels" things but it's unable to know the whole truth, because we have to stretch that plot the most as posible.

She's more worry about being found fooling around with Hades that the fact that she no longer virgin and able to belong in the TGOEM.

And the filler chapter are eternal at this point.

No. 76429

Just drop Lore Olympus already people.

No. 76431

File: 1582396379696.jpg (154.31 KB, 766x1200, EQNzxSaUYAAbKzl.jpg)

I started reading Gremoryland. This is my first time consuming any horror media and I like it so far.

No. 76465

Seriously. The entire comic is shit and I have gripes with pretty every single aspect of the series, but I think the TGOEM shit is the one bothering me the most. How is it that not once since the rape has it been addressed she can't be a TGOEM member now. There's all this fucking drama centered around whether or not she'll be able to get out, but that shouldn't be the drama in the slightest since her joining literally cannot fucking happen anymore. Even 80 chapters of her stressing the fuck out over how she'll deal with the situation of not being able to belong to it would have been better than this shit that makes absolutely no sense.

No. 77677

File: 1583243955289.jpeg (43.78 KB, 554x554, images (3).jpeg)

I liked edith up until


Edit and philip got together tbh,it was interesting at first with edith dealing with her flaws and insecurities but when they became a thing it became basic

plus with the addition of a slight style change, its not drastic but i really dont like it, i miss how the earlier chapters looked. Another critique is the art itself, alot of times it just got lazier, practically all of it arent colored in properly wonky anatomy even in the first chapters it was a problem

The lack of backgrounds and its pretty obvious that swansgarden sucks at it too, texts on buildings or books looks so cheap she took it straight out of the fonts section and chooses the most basic and looking fonts that doesnt even look good and not even aligned properly to the perspective

No. 77750

The shipping in the fandom is absolutely atrocious. I like Jack's character, but the moment he shows the slightest bit of concern for Edith, the entire Webtoon comment section is just bashing on him and how Philip is so much hotter and all. Magnolia's character is interesting as well, but people sideline her for the sake of their precious uwu ship.

No. 77775

cheese seasons 1 and 2 were really good but season 4 is a dumpster fire. plus the ending was super unsatisying. i feel like seol didn't get to full develop as a character because inho bailed and then she bailed on inha. and she worked herself to the bone and didn't even get into jung's dad's company…like is the rest of her life gonna be working at a second-rate company and seeing jung only ever so often? she's really passionless outside of studying. i liked jung's character a lot though.
i think devil no. 4 is good, art is nice and the past lives stuff is cool. i wish hana was less bland tho
yumi's cells is probably one of the most well-written and developed webtoons tbh. so many feels and it's so realistic and mature.

No. 77778

Ikr! The fandom just pisses me off tbh their fucking toxic people are starting to complain about it

No. 77781

I never kept up with Edith, but I remember reading the chapters when it first came out and really liking how soft and delicate the colouring/lines were, it kinda reminded me of old french illustrations-esque. It was really charming, it made up for the wonky anatomy and faces.
Your comment made me look up the recent chapters and man, I can’t say anything in terms of the story, but the style really has changed. It’s lost that initial softness that really suited it, it looks like it’s downgraded. She probably had to adapt to a quicker style to keep up with the chapters but it looks well rushed and not as appealing.

No. 77793

File: 1583289895776.jpeg (27.27 KB, 738x415, images (3).jpeg)

Version day and night is getting featured

At first i liked it but overtime im kind off disliking it. I like the artsyle alot its very expressive but hate the lazy ass 3d backgrounds its so off putting and lazy af, if your gonna use that just trace over it atleast. i dunno if i'll drop it or not. The pacing is wierd sometimes i dont like it when it dedicates a chapter in another characters perspective with the same events that happened prior

The main female lead Candy is different for sure but does get annoying at times. She acts wierd and unapologetically detached and nonchalant its starting to get on my nerves

Especially jean, at first i liked him i like his design. Hes a very socially awkward guy, it was cute at first but now i find it insufferable, i rlly hate this one scene with him when he doesnt shut up about an assumption jfc…alot about him is just cringe but i guess thats the point but i cant deal with it anymore

The other guy who cant remember the name of i dont much to say about him other than he acts like a beta male around candy. I cant really fully criticize this comic because its fairly new so i'll give it a pass but i will not look forward in reading it again

No. 79350

Just read this and the other series the creator has, and they’re both the only horror webcomics that have truly unsettled me

No. 79366

I just started reading this & it's great!!

No. 79453

Edith feels very self-insert/Mary Sue at times. Not as self-insert/Mary Sue as Lore Olympus or True Beauty, but there's still that "I was once an awkward nerd but now I'm hot and two hot men are fighting over me, heehee!" element.

No. 79506

File: 1584545949923.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, FC3FC03C-A15C-48CD-8B7B-E212FD…)

I wish lost in translation wasn’t constantly spammed at me. It’s hideous and the writing of characters and story is just as ugly

No. 79508

Oh god what is wrong with this man? What is his expression even trying to convey? Why is he squinting like that?

No. 79510

File: 1584547317656.png (664.49 KB, 1242x2208, 6685B1E6-2770-47AE-9FF4-1838EB…)

This isn’t even the worst of the art, sadly. Every character can’t properly emote so they just all look weird as fuck. The side profiles make me laugh the most

No. 79511

File: 1584547661765.png (1.03 MB, 999x760, 3252656.PNG)

Reading Hellbound and it's ehh. The comic art ranges from decent to 'off'. It's been going for one year, but the author only got the plot going these last few weeks. They main couple only met a few weeks ago and they still hate each other, but that didn't stop the author from drawing fan art of them together. I'm only reading the comic because I misread the plot synopsis and i'm to deep in to drop it.

Anyhow I came into this thread because I want to try and make a webcomic. How hard is it to get popular on webtoon if you have mid tier art (no gigantic perspective or proportion mistakes, but gets muddled in small anatomical details and not the best style) and basic writing skills. Is it hard to get big or is it more an update semi often thing? I can post art examples
Those lips

No. 79512

Do you guys think its worth getting into webtoons or is it better to independently develop your comic? It seems like the competition and schedule is fierce.

No. 79513

It looks like the average botched idol with the wrong foundation I think it's accurate

No. 79517

I went to look at it yesterday after seeing this post and I finished Melvina's Therapy and caught up with Gremoryland.
I like how the author tries to explain things, but i am not sure if i really like it or not.

No. 79522

You're free into making your own comics,on paper or digitally,I mean I make them for fun and post it on Facebook with my friends and family

No. 79530

if you were to make a webtoon I think it would be best to plan out and draw lots of chapters beforehand so you can post consistently without the quality going super downhill

No. 79532

I binged Melvina's therapy in a few hours ands loved it. Not gonna lie, i'm sad the creator wasn't a woman, however the horror references were fun and i liked the little commentary at the end. Looking forward to more of his work

No. 79551

Ha, ha, yes, that was me yesterday clicking on next chapter. I kind of knew it was done by a guy, but I don't remember why I thought that. I really liked how he interacts with fans and is not afraid of explaining his reasoning more in depth. I really like the art style, it suits the atmosphere pretty good. After hearing how some webtoon creators go lazy on it, I am happy to see his is pretty consistent and even getting somewhat better. Like he is not cutting corners, and is going as far as collaborating with other artist to make it even better. I will be sure to keep an eye on his future works for sure.

No. 79564

Fucking thank you! I brought up how Mary Sue it seemed Edith was and the first thing someone said was some nonsense about just because she's attractive doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue. I didn't bother with an argument since I could see where it would go.

No. 79572

File: 1584598361740.png (568.73 KB, 650x975, 1569.png)

Was going to post this in a bad art thread, but realized here it may be more on topic…
This online comic will be 20 years old in August and it still looks like this. Sameface characters that make reading difficult, moomin faces everywhere, no backgrounds unless absolutely necessary (and the creator is an architect), no contrast whatsoever making the comic pages looking smudged… There has been no improvement since 10 years at least kek.
I can't believe I looked up to Fred Gallagher as a weeb teen. He is like a proto Yanderedev of webcomics. Poor skills, prone to drama (in the past) and unable to finish anything he starts.
>$2,000 - reached! per month
I will replace two pencil and color illustrations I am currently doing per month with two Megatokyo comics to produce a minimum of four Megatokyo comics per month - more if I can.
It's a joke, right? How can you be such a lazy turd when the comic has been your (presumably) main source of income for years and people are paying you. Or is he afraid of losing paypigs when Megatokyo is done and that's why he is stretching the convoluted mess forever? Anyway I am not surprised that it went from one of the most popular webcomics on the net to a forgotten mess that only the biggest psychofans continue to read .

No. 79615

Damn I used to read this shit back in like…2006. The art looks exactly the same.

No. 79619

I love his style of work. It's such a nice breath of fresh air from anime /how to draw manga 101 shit. It reminds me of Michael turner from dc comics, but with better anatomy. I really get a nice 90s vibe from his work and hope A.Rasen keeps going. Gremory park is great so far.

No. 79620

I remember this shit! holyfuck. How does one not improve at all in 20 years?

No. 79642


Wtf this shit is still ongoing….looking like THAT?

Your post made me check his website and comparing the art to the first chapter he published back in 2000. Not only the art is worse, it's also depressing how the comic is basically an ugly walking corpse of early 00 weeb nostalgia.

No. 79656

File: 1584642469705.gif (63.72 KB, 650x650, 0048.gif)

Sameanon but, I decided to go through his old comics and this shit is sus as fuck.

No. 79669

Oh I know anon! Especially since the beta male protagonist is based on Fred (except not as fat). The angel is based on his wife (also much skinnier). I've always wondered how must she felt when her husband turned her into the only thing standing between him and fucking teenage waifus. In the newest pages the teenage-looking robot Ping is trying to become a prostitute to take place of her friend Junko. Seriously what the fuck.
When I was 13, I didn't see what a loser the main character was (cause he was ~in touch with his emotions~) and I didn't find it weird that a 20-something guy is lusting over teenage girls. Cause I was so mature, right? I'm disgusted by all this shit now.
I really loved the character of Miho (and her trainwreck of a relationship with Piro aka the self-insert), but part has also gone to shitter.

No. 79694

>taking advantage of tsubasa
>but anime and vidja made me lust for underage girls. not my fault!!

I also never realized how creepy this shit is

No. 79715

the Tsubasa in question is a male friend who let him couch surf "for a moment" (Piro kept playing video games and buying shit instead of doing anything to gtfo).
But yeah…

No. 80031

File: 1584906656428.png (142.57 KB, 300x300, DJR-bdF4_400x400.png)

Is anyone reading the wolfman of wulvershire?

the way this artist puts a stark highlight behind the nose in almost every single panel is so fucking distracting and makes the faces look warped a lot of the times.

I wish I could find a better example on google, the app won't let me take a screenshot.

No. 80622

The main character of let's play is a annoying Mary Sue and even though I like the others characters I can't get into the comic because of her

No. 80674

Only weebtons I actually like a lot are SWEET HOME, GREMORY LAND and CURSED PRINCESS CLUB.

Dropped True Beauty a long time ago, thought it was kinda cute at first but if you really think about it… I just hate the double standard. The main character is an ugly girl surrounded by handsome guys chasing after her (cliche, boring and predictable i know). Idk if the comic's supposed to teach "beauty isn't everything" but it's teaching exactly the opposite. It's very shallow and superficial and it's made for ppl who daydream about dating kpop bois. Also, the author is actually a pretty korean girl so she can't relate to her work but knows ugly and insecure girls'd fall for it.

I think the art in Lore Olympus is pretty even if it's inconsistent. TBH if the comic wasn't about greek mythology I wouldn't even read it - it's my weak spot. But the 'Hades-Persephone' romance is so annoying and she's just a boring character with no personality. Also hate how the author and ppl in the comments try to act all PC with greek gods and myths, wtf. BTW, there's a lot of greek myths about love between men and gods but I don't see any gay couple at all. Seems like the author isn't inclusive at all lol

Never read it but damn now they're self inserting tomboy girls in cheesy love triangles too? Leave my niche alone

No. 80706

> Also hate how the author and ppl in the comments try to act all PC with greek gods and myths, wtf. BTW, there's a lot of greek myths about love between men and gods but I don't see any gay couple at all. Seems like the author isn't inclusive at all lol

Zeus was always going around kidnapping both women and men to fuck against their will. Not to mention, greek gods in general are absolute assholes. I love Greek myths, but this one is so poorly done. Not to mention the plot is going NOWHERE. What is even the end game for this comic?

No. 80741

Dunno but agree about the rest.
I really LOVE greek mythology so if anons have any recommendations pls let me know about it.

PS: I hate how dirty they did Apollo in this comic, compared to other gods he's actually pretty nice and has shown true love in a lot of myths.
He never raped Persephone or anyone that I know of so it's not just the art that's inconsistent but the historical accuracy as well.

No. 80769

end game is Kore marrying Hades, and since she's a goddess of fertility, probably curing him of his infertility and having kids.
Before that we'll probably get Hades finally learning about the rape and torturing Appolo, Kore standing up to her mom, and a redemption arc for Minthe where she'll graciously let Kore and Hades get together (or die tragically, maybe because of what her comically evil friend is up to).
So nothing related to the actual myths and characters at all.

No. 80787

I agree. Another one that i kept getting recommended by webtoon was "It hurts" and yikes. I don't know if it's because i was sick and in the hospital a lot when i was younger but i find the story gross.

No. 80789

File: 1585330763459.jpg (156.64 KB, 720x1108, tumblr_psu7f5yvoA1u7yvmo_1280.…)

When you put it like that it really is a boring and predictable story.
I have endless complaints about this comic too, look at the way the author portrayed Athena like what the fuck is that?
Looks like silver Hades LOL she's supposed to be a beautiful godess

No. 80796

wait true beauty is supposed to teach beauty isn't everything? how? where?

No. 80814

I recently read King's Maker and I ended up liking it a lot. It's a BL so it may not be for everyone, but at least for the first season the romance isn't exactly the focus and I find the majority of the art gorgeous, it surprised and inspired me as someone who would like to make a comic.

Also I haven't seen it being mentioned yet, but I'm sure someone knows of Killing Stalking? Besides the awful following I really didn't understand what it was trying to tell. It has some well done horror scenes but a lot of it is gross in my opinion, and it was very popular at some point.

No. 80819


I haven't read Lore Olympus yet, so I swear, if anon hadn't mentioned that the character in the picture is meant to be Athena I wouldn't had guess that was a female on the first place!

No. 80822

a strong woman can't look feminine.

No. 80823

I legit thought this was a Hades recolor. This bitch is so talentless. How is Lore Olympus so popular??

No. 80826

god what an idiot. not even very masculine women look like this. this is a straight up male skull, and a manly one at that.

No. 80833

The original plot of true beauty was supposed to be that the main girl’s personality was what made her attractive and that the main guy fell in love with her even after seeing her without makeup. But now each chapter is basically just a tutorial on how the main girl puts on makeup and huge illustrations of her outfit with some panels showing an idealized relationship with a kpop oppa in between.

A lot of webtoons skew so far from the original plot that it feels like the author completely forgot what the story was supposed to be about in the first place. Lookism also has this problem where the plot was really supposed to be about the main guy realizing his self worth but now it’s just about gang warfare.

LO’s fans are pretty much all girls who wish they were uwu soft smol beans like Kore and want to self-insert as the mpdg who will cure all of Hades’ problems.

No. 80835

Jungyeong's personality is not that great. I'm not saying she's downright unpleasant but she's so look-obsessed and selfish, alway looking for validation. The two guys are literally "the perfect boyfriend", always telling her the right things, everything a girl would want to hear. It's not realistic imo, they're flat and one-dimentional. It bothers me. She can have all these flaws but Suho and Seojun are perfect both physically and personality-wise.

No. 80839

File: 1585355974236.jpg (217.81 KB, 740x930, 71CB0438-28D4-4BAE-B3DA-224AEF…)

I think so but the author got lost along the way and now it became a "girls can be ugly but guys cannot" cringefest.

You're on point about True Beauty. I'm yet so see what makes the main character's personality so "endearing".
Reminds me of fat girls thinking they're entitled to date a fit handsome model or incels wanting the perfect waifu, it's pathetic.

Maybe this comic attracts Percy Jackson fans and Twilight fans with the shitty romance and bland heroine idk

Only thing I know is that I love shitting on this comic
like imagine having a character that's literally a GOD OF SUN AND LIGHT and making him purple.

No. 80851


Always thought Apollo was purple to make sure he looks exactly like Artemis but male

No. 80882

>Lookism is supposed to be about the main guy realizing his self worth but now it’s just about gang warfare.

can we just take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous this sounds lmfao but also how accurate it is. Webtoons are gold.

No. 80893

I find a bit hypocrictical that little Daniel in the last chapters became taller and less unattractive.

No. 80894

File: 1585412401815.png (90.6 KB, 950x894, muted.png)

I think she's hot and hope she's gay lmao i keep hoping that she will appear again.

Honestly LO is pretty midtier in terms of narrative like… typical soap opera shit, but the art is kinda nice. I think mostly teenage girls hype it up bc it's Greek myth (the new hot trend) and clichey and sugarcoated enough even though it tries to appear mature, so they feel like they're reading the real grownup stuff. Tbh i quite enjoy it as entertainment, and i think the series (idk if it will be animated or live action) might do quite well since the writer clearly knows how to follow a predictable formula to success much like a discount Meg Cabot. I only hope actual classicists and/or greek myth enthusiasts don't have a stroke reading/watching it bc holy cow is it inaccurate from the whole Apollo-Persephone thing to, like anon said, comically evil Thetis, you know, the woman that took care of Hera's defect baby.

On that topic, i actually haven't read a single webtoon that is NOT soap opera shit, so either i have shit luck/taste in picking what to read next or it's just really what gets people's attention.
Pic related, at least the protagonist is gay and about to get it on with two cuties. My wish fulfillment shall be sated.

No. 80896

>Greek myth
I always hated this type of story/aesthetic in web comics. Idk why but it's off-putting.

No. 80905

IMO it’s kind of juvenile because (where I am) Greek mythology is something taught in middle school so most people into it are kind of like Harry Potter fans that got imprinted when they were 11-12 years old and never let go

No. 80921

I love this art style but I'm more of a tv show person than a comic person.

No. 80922

i think that's true in a lot of places. what annoys me is that there's plenty of more obscure details about greek myths that were too inappropriate or esoteric for our middle school classes, but these creators rarely go there and instead just do the same old simple story where the only twist is aesthetic.

No. 80923

I hate Apollo's design, overall. Like. They killed people for saying he looked femme and Artemis looked butch but in her "interpretation" Artemis looks femme af and he just looks like a jock? I get everyone can interpret myth and lore but with each decision it's obvious she wanted an easy cash out but why do the actual research when you can use "my version" and exclude anything inclusive?

No. 80979

Cursed Princess Club reached the end of season 2 recently and is on hiatus until June. I like CPC, but it's still getting on my fucking nerves with how hugboxy it is. I'm sort of glad for the reality check Gwen got in the latest chapters, but it's an absolute fucking shame nothing will come of it. I hope season 3 actually goes somewhere. I'm so goddamn tired of being baited with "Is Gwen actually cursed??????" crap. The comments of CPC are atrocious as well with the constant spewing that gwen is a precious smol bean and beautiful in her own special way.

No. 81061

File: 1585537642846.png (1.08 MB, 1020x972, wtf.png)

Does this bother anyone else or am i being nitpicky? It feels just lazy, i skimmed the latest episodes and about 80% of the mouths were like these. If they weren't drawn like that, they were closed, or, if you're lucky, they're open.
I don't have any beef with Let's play or Mongie, but, come on, have some variety…

No. 81069

File: 1585540723689.jpg (37.13 KB, 500x358, tumblr_pd6fxzehuG1soylobo1_500…)

Never read it but found this after a quick search on google… did the art get worse?
Tbh nothing about it makes me wanna read the story

No. 81085

I liked the old style better, and mouths bother me too, not gonna lie.

No. 81132

The old art is so much better. what a sad watered down version 2018 is

No. 81301

File: 1585718841720.jpg (54.07 KB, 828x825, eD2C0a56MsIG6KPZaX9Rc8J5YomtUm…)

Isn't it supposed to be like little Daniel is becoming more similar to perfect Daniel because perfect Daniel is who he could be all along? It doesn't make much sense though since Crystal also has another body but her unattractive body isn't morphing to be like her attractive body.

The author of True Beauty is also super vain and materialistic and Jugyeong is supposed to be her, so she's definitely written to be shallow on purpose.
>pic related. look at her arms.

CPC has a good concept but it's starting to get caught up in the loop of just feeding the fans what they want and not actually progressing with the story.
So many webtoons get lost in this and circle around what fans want to see instead of progressing with a narrative.
CPC's art is also atrocious and the author really needs to work on improving her art. It's been out for a year and the art hasn't gotten better.

No. 81363

im pretty sure the first drawing was for the animation promo.

No. 81364

The art may be less detailed but it's objectively better. The lines are crisper and smoother (they're extremely wobbly and uneven in the original version) and her shading is more dynamic and confident. People always think detail or realism equals better but that's not always true.

No. 81367

I'm looking at it with unbiased eyes and the art looks much better before, 90% of ppl'd say the same… dc about art analysis crap

No. 81370

File: 1585760180031.jpeg (52.5 KB, 780x390, 310CBD8F-9180-43AC-981B-02AC66…)

Did Yaongyi delete her instagram? I used to lol at her Gangnam unnie surgeries and shoops but can’t find it anymore.
Lookism is literally unreadable now. I don’t think that authors should cave to whatever fans want in a series, but like 99% of the audience are bored and just want more slice of life school episodes. I was a fan since the beginning and unsubscribed about a month ago.

No. 81378

No. 81390

0/10 pic, that should be his face after finding out she's been hiding her fugly self behind makeup

No. 81395

Ew lol, how did she not notice. Why do people do this
I just read the last chapter and i feel like it's just getting worse and worse, both the art and the story

No. 81948

File: 1586126942569.png (777 KB, 1004x772, killstagram.png)

The sight of a weird anime 12yo girl face paired with a grown woman's body kind of disturbs me

No. 81957

That comic must be satire, the art and the characters are extremely bad.

No. 81958


Ohh… #Killstagram.

I honestly thought the same thing about the art, is not the worst but it doesn't look natural to me.

Like anon said, the face looks too young for the body, but I think that it wouldn't look that weird if the features were placed better, like the mouth, is too small.

The premise sounded interesting at least, I'll try to give it the benefit of the doubt, maybe the art would get better as the story goes, or at least the story is enough to keep interest.

So, once I finish with a few chapters I will come back to give my first impressions.

No. 81961

in the korean webtoon he sees her real face but he didn't care.

No. 81965

File: 1586138005255.png (369.92 KB, 661x780, idk.png)

And that was one of the good looking panels…

No. 81966

of course, because that's an accurate representation of a korean man's reaction to knowing his beautiful gf looks like an ogre kek

this comic is pure cringe

No. 82062

File: 1586232991384.jpg (295.79 KB, 1080x1346, IMG_20200407_121058.jpg)

Popular Instagram artist uploaded their Webtoon. Got hyped for it at first because she had strong character design skills but ended up ultimately disappointed by a discount Lore Olympus

No. 82716

I dont have high expectations for this. Her previous comic kinda sucks ass but then again it was only a few chapters and was discontinued

No. 82725

what is this comic called? the art looks cool

No. 82726

Light Years Away. Tbh the only good thing about it is the art, and even that is mediocre

No. 82748

What the fuck. It looks EXACTLY the same as Lore Olympus, what's the plot about?

No. 82754

From the artist's instagram it seems to be about planet beings acting as gods of their respective planets and they're accusing the Earth god lady chick of causing mayhem or something

remember to sage

No. 82762

I don't see how it looks anything like Lore Olympus? The only vague resemblance are the face shape and features?

No. 82772

File: 1586374455597.jpg (55.61 KB, 640x640, 83163632_102755791241766_67123…)

Is anyone reading Swimming lessons for a mermaid? I'm not normally into manga but the art is so pleasant lol. The story so far isn't bad either, a bit cheesy maybe.

No. 82810

Is the next chapter going to be like her bf telling her she’s perfect no matter what and then he and Suho fight over her in a super dramatic scene like when two guys fight over a chick in a kdrama? I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 82820

No it doesnt clean out your eyes

No. 82866

The most recent episode of TB was particularly heavy on that Mary Sue/self insert garb. I didn’t mind the unrealistic ness when I first starting reading the comic because it’s just teen fiction and not supposed to be that serious, but the author is being careless now. Like it’s not even fun to read anymore. Good stories require real conflicts, not just cliffhangers that get resolved early in the next episode.

No. 83100

So, so annoying. Basically the equivalent of the guys who want the passive soft spoken girl who just fuels their ego and never complains about anything they do. The opposite side of the same coin.

No. 83247

Anyone reading Home Sweet Home? it's a horror monster one that I just really enjoy. The arts good, monster designs inventive and based on the desires of the one that turned.

But on worse, I'm thinking of dropping one called Phantom Paradise. Art is very well done, but the author's yaoi obsession kills the story dead. Like I get it pretty bois fucking, can we go back to the decent world building? The discord edits she reposts on her insta and it's just more rabid yaoi fangirls pissing themselves over the two guys fucking.

No. 83275


I have Home sweet home on my list to watch! I got really excited to read it because it is from the same people who worked on Bastard and I loved that story, so I have high hopes for it.

No. 83296

is this a self post?

if this screencap is the best the comic can be, it looks like complete horse shit.

No. 83466

I haven't started it since I'm still working my way through Bastard (pretty close to finishing it), but I'm excited for when I do. I really love the artist

No. 83651

Fellas have y’all notice that the gods from Lore Olympus look kinda like the Gods from Disney’s Hercules.(namefag)

No. 83687

all i've noticed is the inconsistent art styles and obvious character insert of the artist

No. 83689

huh no, it´s just a random screenshot I grabbed from google images since I couldn´t screenshot in-app. There wasn't a lot to choose from.

Idk what to look for in good or bad art, just saying that the art is pleasant to look at, to me at least.

No. 83706

I guess it could be argued with Hades? But not really, if anything the thing it reminds me the most of is soap operas

No. 83742

File: 1586999402795.jpg (54.37 KB, 240x254, 11_EC8DB8EB84A4EC9DBC_mobile.j…)

Can any anon explain why they like Home Sweet Home or Bastard? Maybe its just not my cup of tea, but both are really irritating to read for me. I think I read 30+ chapters before giving up
Home Sweet Home is worse, because the main character is a complete asshole and only becomes a "caring/changed" man when the plot needs him to be. It just felt forced and I cant get into the comic without hating the main guy tbh

No. 83745

File: 1587002717388.jpg (103.78 KB, 833x981, Zeus_Hercules_97.jpg)

Not really… I mean, in the comics Zeus is a young long-haired purple guy

Maybe cuz they want to see his character development and don't want the same goody two-shoes characters all the time? The plot is interesting and better than almost anything on Weebton rn, period.

No. 83754

File: 1587008539112.jpeg (1.59 MB, 725x2097, 19DF9CAE-CF86-4A0B-BBB8-00BDD3…)

You guys are sleeping on the best webtoon rn

> strong female characters

> the art is amazing
> it’s actually a compelling story

I wish wolfsbane got more traction but everyone just wants to read shitty love triangles

No. 83761

He was never an asshole he was apathetic from the trauma and turmoil in his life. Something he had to fight to rise above given the world he's living in currently. God you must be a real treat to be around if you take "traumatic event happen to character making them shun others" as being an asshole.

No. 83772

wtf is this a bait or vendettaposting?

No. 83777

None, just complaining about 90% of popular webtoons that aren’t slice of life.

Not aimed at anyone individually

No. 83803

File: 1587046079173.jpg (31.53 KB, 600x600, f7e4d5681100a43a05118bbdc12d3c…)

That character's face looks like pic related

No. 83828

File: 1587057110937.png (642.4 KB, 1080x2270, Screenshot_20200416-141041.png)

Whats about Red Moth? It's so underrated. The art's amazing AND the history too

No. 83879

>the art is amazing

Gonna be a hard disagree on that, anon

No. 83952

I think it's cool they're doing a comic in watercolors (assuming it's traditional) but I agree, it doesn't look that good.

No. 84043

Nah mate I’ have trauma shit behind me too, and while I understand trauma makes everyone react in every different ways, doesnt mean I gotta like this character or get mad at the way he reacted at his families funeral.

The plot is good, I’ll give it that. I’m also tired of good two shoes characters too, like horror is my favorite genre bc we get more intriguing characters but I still just can’t like the MC bc he’s shown to be a guy that’s a shut in who can’t stand people and wants to die until suddenly he wants to live and help others in the same chapter like I dunno, just feels like he’s only motivated by plot purposes to me

No. 84165

Naw you really have no reading comprehension whatsoever anon. Even in the prologue he's breaking down from the trauma of losing his family. His tough fuck the world and my family act is just that an act. And his entire hating his family thing is because of what happened at his school and how he had been a decent kid and never wanted to be the way he was. You just want a reason to hate the character.

No. 85980

So True Beauty is confirmed making a drama and Cha Eun Woo is considering the offer to play Suho (shocker…). I like the art but there's like hardly a plot to the story, so wtf are they going to do when scripting the drama?
Is there a chance that the drama could be better than the webtoon? Probably not very likely.

I'm 99% sure the author wrote the character FOR Cha Eun Woo so he kind of has to take this role. I'm also p sure that the author is going to use this opportunity of making a drama to social climb with idols bc she's clearly obsessed with them.

News about Eun Woo here:

No. 86002

File: 1587699243087.jpg (122.25 KB, 1200x630, unnamed (1).jpg)

they're turning this shitshow into a drama series. and cha eunwoo has been cast as the dude in pic related and has yet to accept the offer. these korean netizens are savage and i totally agree with them.

>6. [+56, -0] No but what are they wishing to accomplish with True Beauty as a drama? What's the potential in it…? To be honest, I don't even understand what depth of plot it has. It's basically just a basic girl who turns into a goddess with some makeup on, but the truth is that even her natural face is enough to sway men's hearts. Even when you look at idols who have bare face, you can tell they're pretty so I don't understand why plots are this are being made into dramas? Are they that desperate to get fame? The plot might be about Jookyung trying to pursue her dreams, but the reality is that all she does is putting on makeup

No. 86020

perfect casting imo. certainly the best among the most popular idol visuals. his looks fits the role to a T. plus he can barely act which does justice to this fanfic grade show. i only wish his ears didnt stick out like dumbo's.

No. 86042

I cant believe such a pathetic mary sue type comic is getting a live action. This is really shit. The worst part is some women and young girls will watch this in hopes they too can transform with the power of make up. Such great messages for women

No. 86053

I can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but he's seriously ugly for a character that's supposed to be so handsome

maybe I'm just not seeing it because I don't consume korean media that isn't a webtoon

No. 86056

File: 1587759300835.jpg (106.37 KB, 540x841, 201907171414541810_1.jpg)

The criticism in regards to how her body is drawn is also valid. It's super unrealistic and sexual for a high schooler and will only make the little girls watching it feel like shit.

Nta but atm he's pretty much considered the most handsome idol (and actor) to Koreans.
Just as an example, all comments on all articles on him are like that
>1. [+1,361, -62] Eunwoo is really dominating everyone
>2. [+1,241, -96] Cha Eunwoo looks prettier;;
>3. [+957, -61] Idol killer Cha Eunwoo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
>4. [+112, -3] I used to think Shin Se Kyung had amazing beauty but she looks average next to Cha Eunwoo…
>5. [+98, -5] I'm a man and all I see is Cha Eunwoo in this picture
>1. [+1,192, -48] What kind of hater would call a face like this ugly ㅋㅋㅋ
>2. [+876, -41] His face is like a sculpture, what an impressive face
>3. [+772, -36] He doesn't seem human…
But he's also know to be super bad at acting lol

No. 86057

what is it with koreans and seeing some normal looking dude standing there and going OMG HES NOT EVEN HUMAN(kpopfag derail)

No. 86120

File: 1587831638258.png (322.92 KB, 720x378, m2.thumb.png.1562d21db9041df7a…)

It's very bizarre that the author of a webtoon with the themes of self acceptance and looks-aren't-everything is so heavy handed with the photoshop and ps.

No. 86130

perhaps she's just trying to convince herself

No. 86136

How are we so sure True Beauty is supposed to be about self acceptance and inner beauty? The English name reflects that so I thought it was supposed to be about those values at first, but the actual Korean name is something like “Secret of the Angel” which doesn’t imply that nuance. Idk, I’ll be surprised if we ever reach a point in the plot when Jugyeong accepts herself without makeup.

No. 86155

I don't see any other reason for the protagonist to be ugly if isn't to teach that beauty isn't everything. The author is so shitty that she can't really convey that. Maybe it's because Jugyeong is 'not like the other girls'?

No. 86170

Do you really think the author intends of the webcomic to be anything but a self insert diary ideal fantasy version of her life?

No. 86186

File: 1587884842582.jpg (35.57 KB, 465x581, 68657b43f5b7376216134339889719…)

Ngl I'm pretty surprised that she hasn't gotten called out by netizens for all of her surgeries and shoop yet. Her shoop isn't even consistent or good like her arm in >>81301.

The story was never about self-acceptance, it was always just a self-insert fanfic for the author. There's not a single point in the story where Jugyeong doesn't consider herself fat and ugly even when she has makeup on. The goddess-type characters are even more exaggerated and "perfect" (by the author's standards).
>when you wanna give her birthgiving hips AND huge thigh gap, so you have no choice but to also give her a 6 inch wide vag

No. 86187

File: 1587885119762.jpg (454.5 KB, 789x789, 30590245_357822834727376_44264…)

My favorite photo of hers is the one where she shooped herself to be the same height as a doorframe.

No. 86196

Her hips look like they were drawn by a beginner Sakimichan copycat.

No. 86238

Honestly my problem with True Beauty is not the self-insert character or whatever. It's just so blatantly obvious the author started drawing the comic without a clear, set storyline. The story's wandering and aimless, she's just filling in the blanks as she goes of the rough plotlines she has in her head and you can tell.

No. 86241

the author's a cow kek, she should have her own thread

a lot of webtoons are like that, they become garbage along the way

No. 86244

this looks like a women in one pice oh my god

No. 86254

Muted" has beautiful art and actual substance. Can't wait for it to return.

No. 86256

Of course they'll milk this cash cow….why am I not surprised(newfag)

No. 86383

Ive been hanging out on canvas more lately, reading work by smaller artists. Honestly a lot of them are much better than the featured shit. Its all love triangles and cliffhangers, most of the art are 3d import and 0 charisma and personality at this point. Im trying to support artists on canvas and look through it more instead of obsessing over featured artists. If we actually want good content we have to look for it and actually support it, guys.

No. 86384

It's really furstrating having to look for actual good content through kids work lol

No. 86385

I stopped reading canvas toons because it always goes on of three ways:
-the webtoon gets featured so they disappear for months and when it finally reboots you just have to wait weeks or months before they finally get through the part that you already read on canvas before

-they rarely update so you forget what the story even was about when it finally updates or the update pattern is very irregular

-midway through the story they stop updating all together, 9/10 times without letting the audience know why.

I just stick with featured webtoons now

No. 86388

it's teenage girls fault that crap like Lore Olympus and True Beauty keep getting featured

No. 86392

are there any actual good webtoons which aren't romance? I remember when I was really into manga and webtoons first started to become a thing, it was exciting because they were shiny and new! But then I never read a webtoon which wasn't
1. A good premise but lost momentum after a few chapters, or
2. Terrible from the start.
By good I mean good storyline with a proper arc, good characters and good/decent art.

No. 86393

Bastard (same author as Home Sweet Home)

No. 86400

Annarasumana is great but it doesn’t look good on webtoon, there’s a scanlated version that should be read instead because it has the correct formatting.

No. 86401


No. 86403

File: 1588114693956.png (2.43 MB, 1796x1132, comparison.png)

Sage for old, but i genuinely prefer Wolfsbane's art over most of the popular Webtoons on the top list. Even if the bodies and faces are wonky some times they're dynamic and at least its not traced 3d anime models, with sterile, boring 3d backgrounds like you'd see in most of the comics mentioned in this thread.
Also, the fact that its traditional watercolor helps a lot. The transitions between panels are pretty good too.

No. 86445

thanks for the recs.

No. 86497

I like vagabondage, it has a really small following but the art is ubeatable

No. 86508

Holy Shit, I read it and the art is just so good. I hope the artist doesnt ghost this project and leave True Beauty on top.

No. 86537

the poor English makes it a really awkward read

No. 86579

Yeah its really sad because the art is stunning

No. 86762

File: 1588442042482.jpg (48.8 KB, 640x640, mB8zxFd.jpg)

The author of Killstagram draws some of the ugliest faces I've in a while on webtoon

No. 86763

File: 1588442080741.jpg (302.76 KB, 600x400, DpxGuJs.jpg)

No. 86812

File: 1588474631276.jpg (3.19 MB, 3660x3072, 20200503_104512.jpg)

I guess the main thing that always bugged me in lore olympus when i first started reading lore olympus is that hades became this insufferable emotionally weak simp rather than the stern, calm and collected leader figure but i guess i raised my standards to high and this is rachel's version…

Also, how come the comic forgot to address that hades and persephonie met before but he doesnt remember anything about the encounter? It could be addressed soon but its been awhile since that chapter

No. 86813

File: 1588474863463.jpg (101.68 KB, 430x430, 20200503_105705.jpg)

Also, another thing that bothered me is that persephonie is training to be a sacred virgin yet she always dresses like a goddamn hooker

No. 86827

File: 1588483407394.jpg (118.22 KB, 569x711, xOhq0AX.jpg)

wonky eye aside but can she draw any other fucking female? I had to reread this because I legit just thought it was Persephone. Like I'm not that bothered by disney or anime same faces cause they tend to be different enough in mannerisms and styles that you can tell who is who. But come on she's even the same fucking shade as her.

No. 86828

she has blue stains tho

No. 86839

Like that makes it any better. Alot of her fans even thought it was persephone and admits she looks near identical and she is

No. 87042

im absolutely sick of LO, both of my friends like it and constantly sperg about it when its just boring cliche romance with shitty wonky art and sameface characters. I seriously just dont get the appeal.

No. 87061

I don't read LO but I'm a big Ancient Greece sperg and my understanding is that Hades is the most reasonable, level-headed male deity. He's the god of judgement, and is actually kinder than either of his brothers. Also everyone seems to forget that Persephone is Hades' niece lol

People only characterize him as evil/scheming because "hell" has been mistranslated as "Hades" in the Bible. Like yeah he tricked Persephone into eating pomegranate seeds, but at least he didn't turn into a goose and rape someone.

No. 87065

I think there's a difference between making a likable Hades and making a Hades that has a stutter because his daddy ate him and no one else seemed to suffer from this. Also, his personality flip from tolerable likable to dumb puppy cause woman who cares seems to be based on fan input from chapter to chapter.

Setting it up so the audience feels he was a better choice than Zeus when it came to Hera is even worse cause Hera is not innocent or nearly only benevolent at all, which seems to be her current portrayl.

Really, some of the personality points she becomes fixated on overusing seem random based on how her fans react to certain characters.

Ares is likable after like 2 chapters and only after fans calling him a soft boi but Apollo is a complete tool?? Really?

No. 87072

I hate how rachel did apollo dirty and the fans sperging about how much they hate him just annoys the living hell outta me so when he appears on a chapter or on a post on insta i just rather not read the comments

Ares had promise at first and does seem to care about persephone but i think he just became a joke now?

No. 87074

File: 1588556220410.jpg (75.28 KB, 1000x678, gmMGirt.jpg)

Personally I like Plunderworld's take on mythos it's fun and lighthearted and is woefully under appreciated on webtoon. Plus you know the art is far superior to the soap opera of pastel smudge. I mean Persephone actually has character beyond "Uwu so innocent

No. 87091

Cool im gonna check it out plus isnt this the same guy that made Harleen?

No. 87094

File: 1588566750857.jpg (205.79 KB, 1280x517, h8Md0we.jpg)

By his wife they share an art style more or less with slight variations. This is one of the scenes without word bubbles. She has so much better designs than LO yet a massively lower viewcount. Also it's Punderworld, gonna blame brain fart for including an L in my previous post.

No. 87095

I see. Im in chapter 5 now and atleast the designs have alot more variety and consistency compared to LO, im not sure about hades design yet but im sure ill get used to it

No. 87099

Why does the punderworld comments keeps getting dislikes? I get the feeling its the lore olympus fags downvoting cuz ooooh have any other comic about hades and persephone is basically a crime

No. 87100

Seconding Punderworld!! It's a much more interesting and nuanced portrayal of Greek mythos and you can actually understand why Hades and Persephone fell for each other. Demeter's overprotectiveness is also explored much better.

No. 87103

File: 1588572018958.png (138.11 KB, 720x753, 20200504_135715.png)

Same fag. These toxic lore olympus stans, i guess your not allowed to like apollo, i like this version of him cuz he was portrayed in a better light

No. 87104

Because it has good art and understanding of the mythos while putting their own flair on it. LO is a trashy 50 shades fanfic with pastel coloring so it appeals to the lowest common denominator of readers. None of it has any connection to greek mythos besides a "I read tumblr posts about it!" I mean my god she made Apollo a god whose wiki says " he is harmony, reason and moderation personified, a perfect blend of physical superiority and moral virtue" into a fucking rapist.

No. 87115

There is a canvas series that started like a month ago, its called Good Guys. I saw the artist promoting her idea on Tik Tok and She seems consistent so far but, we'll see? I guess. Im a bit skeptical because she is kind of young but it might be something?

No. 87116

Well Apollo's kinda rapey, remember the Daphne story ? But then again, Greek gods are pretty terrible, and that's their thing, they are intense and know no boundary. In that regard LO is super disappointing : gods seem like sensible people and the drama is always pretty mild, so it's super boring compared to actual mythology. The story would be a lot better if gods were as cruel as they canonically are, and showcasing the relationship between humans and gods could really help that (think of the Athena/Arachne story for example, or how the Trojan war started because of Aphrodite's ego) - and it would give the author the opportunity to mention other myths.

No. 87119

Didnt he get struck by cupids arrow? Idk correct me if im wrong

No. 87120

No, you're right, Apollo tried to forbid Cupid from using a bow and arrows, and as a revenge Cupid struck Apollo and Daphne so that he would fall in love with her and she would dislike him. So you're right, Apollo isn't really guilty in this situation, I'm sorry for my imprecision.
What I was trying to say is that Greek gods aren't good (though Apollo is a lot better than, say, Zeus) and depicting them as "normal" people is just super frustrating.

No. 87127

Its ok anon

Making them normal makes them more relAtaBLE

No. 87128

File: 1588584323983.png (7.44 MB, 1242x2208, CE5E86F2-75AA-4DC7-91AF-3DF8A6…)

Ive checked it out and the first chapter was difficult to get through because it looked messy and insecure. One of the comments complained about how the text is too close together and she said she will pay attention to that. but it feels like she is figuring it out

No. 87130

I know I'm replying pretty late but "Kids are all right" is a good slice of life, the pacing is like peanuts comic.

No. 87131

I subbed, kind of interested to see what she will do with the story, she placed it into the superhero genre. But I swear if this turns into any kind of love triangle situation Im giving up on canvas

No. 87133

File: 1588587934662.jpg (140.79 KB, 603x850, 87b8ddb161346965a5971e7b3b2a44…)

You know what someone should do (if it hasn't been done already?) Write a comic that's a parody of reality shows like Big Brother where all the gods live together in a big house and start drama. Because that's honestly what Greek gods are like. Most of them are shallow, catty hedonists. I mean jfc the Trojan war happened because Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite had a fight about who was prettiest, and many of the male gods are just frat guys who bone everything that moves.

Basically ancient Greeks' explanation for why shitty things happen was basically "the gods are a bunch stupid assholes.

No. 87135

File: 1588588683800.png (7.96 MB, 1242x2208, 679BDCBD-815E-49C4-BF4E-FC1010…)


Well it’s a mess definitely but still better than half the shit that’s been popular lately. I feel bad that she has so little subscribers though it really could be an interesting webtoon.

No. 87192

It sounds like a fun idea but given LO is a trashy soap opera anyone who made it would be accused of copying
Yea I was about to say essentially Appolo wasn't in control and made to act against his will. Which makes the LO take even worse cause we know what her 'cliffhanger' will be. Apollo 'rapes' Daphne gets caught and likens her to Persephone. So she can metoo him.

No. 87260

I seriously dont know why rachel chose apollo to be the villain when theres alot more shittier gods

Why not zeus Or something? He couldve disguised as someone else and then raped her. Plus hes hades brother that could stir up some real drama idk thats my 2 cents

No. 87262

Exactly. Didn't Zeus also had sex with Persephone at some point? His own daughter?

I'm getting real tired of the whole Persephone and Hades myth, there's so much more to explore - but ppl'd rather have a basic ass romance cliche

Percy Jackson is miles better than this shit

No. 87285

There's a screengrab of her admitting that he was the easiest to make a villain cause jock trope. I can't find it but it's on her twitter somewhere. Really, lazy writing was he reasoning from the beginning.

Also I just saw she basically legit just drew Daphne as Persephone but with elf ears??? Why is she a water nymph and pink?? Why is she ignoring so much Greek canon all the gd time???

No. 87287

File: 1588670049163.png (927.03 KB, 720x1197, 20200505_171354.png)

jfc…that dumb ass reasoning. Hate hope lazy daphne design is

Also literally everyone except the people who dont worship her thinks perse is a sweet cinnamon roll uwu. Pic attached sums it up plus this is one of the earlier chaps so its just cemented in everyones minds

No. 87288

File: 1588670214824.png (800.58 KB, 720x1235, 20200505_171416.png)

everyones reasoning if they dont worship the almighty persephone

No. 87290

Rachael has the same hairstyle as Persephone

No. 87291

Shes a self insert

No. 87299

I know this is an autistic nitpick but I really don't like the typeface she chose for the dialogue. I don't think it gels with her art style.

No. 87305

All her male characters look so ugly. Idk how ppl gush over them

No. 87306

Anons,do you want to find actual good webtoons to read and support or keep bitching about LO like Rachel cares and is going to change anything about it.

No. 87315

anons can talk about anything they want. LO is ugly, cringey, and popular, all the traits of a cow comic, so it fits here. if you don't like it, introduce a new topic.

No. 87344

She earns 100k-150k a year form this, I wouldn't mind it this was just any other popular webcomic but I do envy how much money she earns from this generic 50 shades light and inaccurate trash comic

No. 87357

I think you replied to the wrong person lol

No. 87378

That's implying she doesn't fuck up and piss off her fans she's rather self absorbed as is.

No. 87383

File: 1588718940410.jpeg (396.62 KB, 828x888, D53701DD-62BD-4F74-807B-4BE126…)

I never realized how much the top Webtoon authors make until I saw the TB author’s Instagram. Her living space in Seoul is huge, she dresses in luxury, and she regularly donates large amounts to charity.

Is it the people buying coins to read stories in advance that pays so much? I know that non-canvas authors have money deals with Webtoon but I didn’t expect them to be worth a whole living and more.

No. 87404

i think the true beauty author was born into money. she said something about her father working a big-shot job.

No. 87427

I was gonna say that too. It's super obvious she's a typical rich Asian

No. 87437

She’s a chaebol’s daughter. She got all of those crazy expensive plastic surgeries and body contouring procedures before she even started working on TB.

No. 87450

heh, well anons were discussing before why TB out of all things got a drama-deal, but it isn't too far fetched to say her rich father and his connections were probably at least partially responsible for that, is it?

No. 87457

I really hope the drama flops. I've never seen a story so devoid of moral lessons

No. 87551

Wow this is so much better! It's more atmospheric and memorable than LO. The characters are very unique and consistent and I actually like this Persephone. She actually has a personality and doesn't need to be shoved down our throats for us to like her.

No. 87579

File: 1588825507549.png (529.75 KB, 529x757, CTC.png)

Has anyone else read Countdown to Countdown? I've been following it since before the reboot, and honestly the new plot still feels a bit weird compared to the previous one, and I kinda miss the one-panel art. Anyways, it looks like the comic is heading the right way, and i'm genuinely excited to see how everything turns out. Thoughts?

No. 87659

Isn't Persephone a self insert to boot? This is just screaming at people for not liking her "Uwu sooo innocent." hooker baby insert. I'm guessing she'd love to dress like a ho too.

No. 87735

File: 1588914879761.png (184.3 KB, 555x676, 20200508_125725.png)

Persephone is Definitly a self insert

This is how she draws herself

No. 87948

File: 1589104453837.jpeg (406.95 KB, 690x1000, 30641.jpeg)

I found a webtoon that sadly isn't on the American LINE/Naver webtoon app but I really wish it was picked up for an official translation. It's called The Man who Cleans Up Make-up and I wish that it was picked up since it seems that it's what True Beauty is trying to be.

No. 87958

I just binge read the entirety of it and it's so insightful in terms of their makeup and photography commentary. You can tell the creator genuinely has something to say instead of living out a fantasy like True Beauty.
Not only that, but the "mean girl" characters are just handled so much better and tastefully.

No. 87973

Are there a lot of comics not available on the English version?

No. 87982

File: 1589141527626.jpg (25.62 KB, 350x469, sadistic-beauty-19532.jpg)



Mostly the risqué ones with heavy sexual undertones/content

And the good korean comics lol

No. 87985

oh god, Sadistic Beauty. It was okay-ish at first but then it turned into a rape shitshow to the point that i had to stop reading it because the bad outweighed the good

No. 87988

my male friend loves this comic and used to send me screenshots like with the character getting pegged and i just wanted to die

No. 87998


was checking this out on a whim yesterday morning. laughably bad. my boyfriend started narrating the pale guy's voice as michael jackson and we had a good chuckle. Jokes aside, the story seems like it's written by a 12 year old's first attempt at a webcomic. No realism and the way every character acts is a bit grating, especially the police officer and the random whiteknight that is actually the real stalker? just. what.

No. 88004

I really can't tell if this was written by a porn sick male, no woman can be that cum-brained and degenerate

No. 88021

File: 1589169869035.png (1.34 MB, 1022x1230, 617810_1585685702764.png)


Woman writer and the main character seems to be as self insert, you would be surprised about how degenerate female coomers can get.

No. 88022

I like it, tbh. The art is nice and there is a fair amount of male fanservice. Don't care much for the femdom aspect of it but it's interesting to see a sort of inversion of roles?
The rape scene was really out of place and unnecessary though, kind of weird how they brushed over it too.

No. 88033

I used to love this webtoon up until it turned into nothing but a rapey soap opera.

I found the english translation on some website and it seems so promising! Thanks a lot.

No. 88093

>The rape scene was really out of place and unnecessary though, kind of weird how they brushed over it too.

What happened? The latest chapters haven't been translated into english have they?

I think it's clearly very female-gazey.

No. 88095

File: 1589220157503.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1068x905, deleteme.PNG)

The teacher(MC's ex) gets raped by the MC's old friend who is a maledom and is pretty broken up about it, goes to the MC for comfort and they end up dating again.

Yeah, it's very female-gazey. To be fair the protagonist and her female love interest get a lot of screen-time too.

No. 88096

Thing is, Cha Eun Woo isnt the norm for koreans. By korean standards he's close to ideal as represented by the web comic. But yeah, he wouldn't cut it among a typical western audience. I can understand why people wouldn't find him attractive.

No. 88103

File: 1589226247105.png (Spoiler Image,427.82 KB, 499x782, holyshit.png)

You're forgetting the scene where the main girl abuses the same guy too

No. 88134

i just wish LO would get discontinued already. I hate the shitty cliche romance, i hate the art even more, and the fans are such tards. Just make it end already

No. 88135

how do people LIKE this shit??? its so fucking unappealing to look at

No. 88145

I will never understand kink-fags who get off on this shit

No. 88161

Sadism is the whole point of the story, why are you reading it?

No. 88174

where were you able to read this one? I feel like the random webtoons I'll see floating around that I'm actually interested in are always on sites where it's stuck behind a weird paywall where only certain episodes are available certain days, and I hate sites that use like "coins" currency because it just seems like too much of a hassle to figure out and i forget about/ give up on reading the comic entirely

No. 88175

I found it on 1stkissmanga

No. 88191

What really bothers me is how the protagonist acts like the cringy tops in yaoi, like is that even a woman
Also knowing my sub male friend jerks off to this turned me off completely

No. 88196

not who you're asking but for me it was the original relationship. i thought that maybe the main girl was just an ass and not an actual rapist. also i guess i took for granted that they'd have a healthy relationship where consent is a thing

No. 88217

File: 1589301563286.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.17 KB, 640x1385, za0uy4vhwxx41.jpg)

Well i dont agree with it being discontinued but i do agree with the rest

Also spoilers. Theres this huge update…well i like that hades got mad at persephone for the 1st time. as for the other major thing im just gonna avoid the fandom cuz i dont wanna lose braincells from all their screeching

No. 88233

To be fair I think in this scene, she does this to him because he hit her. They have a really toxic relationship.

No. 88293

Do you know where to find the English translation?

No. 89033

File: 1589585088272.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1125x1699, 580B6090-DD3C-4800-B7AC-B101B2…)


Wolfsbane was so fucking good

No. 89040

Alright, we get that you like wolfsbane's shitty Tumblr watercolor style. You can stop posting about it now.

No. 89074

i genuinely like the art but stop fucking selfposting and get a fucking life. sorry you get so little traction on webtoon that you have to resort to posting your milquetoaste shit here, go to gumroad or some shit. it's a bad look, dude.

No. 89267

File: 1589710462202.jpg (403.14 KB, 1200x1200, a2915314284_10.jpg)

I can't believe no one has mentioned this webtoon before considering it has 10mil followers and how incredibly cheesy and cliche it is. The art's very pretty though.

No. 89292

I've stopped reading all of the romance webtoons I've been following. Siren's Lament, Eggnoid, Age Matters, Let's Play, True Beauty, Sub Zero. I've just gotten bored of em for some reason.

I think the only one I ever finished was the one where the boy was like Frankenstein and he slowly became human or something? I forgot the name.

No. 89318

i've been wanting to write and draw a webtoon for awhile now, but always end up convincing myself that it'll run to shit like most of them do. does anyone here have any experience in writing a comic or webtoon? I have a basic story and character design plotted out, but I feel like most webtoons get killed in their shit execution. I have good art but that isn't likely to cut it. should i even attempt to make one if i'm not confident it will even be good?

No. 89323

My advice is that if you're primarily an artist, get a writer to help you with the storyboarding/writing side of it. All of my favorite comics and manga were written by a team of two. Even if most of the ideas come from you, it's good to have someone to help you with execution.

No. 89335

File: 1589756786174.jpg (91.34 KB, 804x660, 111111.jpg)

I was reading Gremory Land around the time chapter 2 was out and kept up. It has decent art and i like the horror elements. But now the comments are spammed with people shipping the stereotypical bully joke with the femme boy character and suddenly in the new chapter, the bully jock is a closet homo into the femme boy. I hate this shit so much. Just focus on horror, because this aint it. I would be okay if it was told better, but it is so clique and boring. His older work with Melvina's Therapy is such a better read.

Why do so many webtoon artists pander like this now?

No. 89387

Because uwu yaoi and fujoshis

No. 89428

(new to lolcow so sorry if I'm doing this wrong)

Does anyone feel like I Love Yoo has really gone downhill?

I could have sworn it was released under the "Romance" genre, but now it's under "Drama" as if the author recently realized we're 100 chapters in with no romance whatsoever.

It's clearly poised as a love triangle, but Shin-Ae has no chemistry with either suitor, and actually has more chemistry with the 5th wheel (whatever the blond german dude's name is.) It feels like every week is filler crap with someone being angry and no advancement in the plot.

Anyways I think it's time for me to drop it. I'm a sucker for romances but this ain't it.

No. 89429

File: 1589777221539.jpg (108.79 KB, 803x1171, sameface.jpg)

I've kept up with Sub Zero so far and I really want to like it but is anyone else as distracted as hell by the sameface syndrome? The author can draw 1 face and 1 facial expression at like 3 different angles. I don't think I can keep reading it anymore, it becomes more and more glaringly obvious the more characters are introduced.

No. 89446

(it's alright anon you're doing great)

imo I was never really into I Love Yoo since it felt like a standard kdrama plot, but everyone hypes it out to be "unique" and "fresh" so I read a few chapters. Shin Ae reminds me of a stereotypical notlikeothergirls lolsorandom self-insert protagonist and the plot feels like it's progressing at snail's pace. it goes on for so many chapters and it feels like it has a lot to say about nothing.

A lot of people like the fact that Shin Ae is from a poor background and that it's a refreshing take because it deals with the hardships of being working class, but I feel like Annarasumanara handled that a lot better.

No. 89454


Tbh, I went in expecting a silly K-drama romance, and I would have been happy if it delivered on that, but it's been more or less devoid of romance so far, and it seems like the author is backpedaling by changing the genre to "drama" 100+ chapters in.

Loved Annarasumanara, wish I could find more Webtoons of that caliber. I am definitely sick of the "I eat pizza and don't wear makeup, one of the boiz!!!1!" trope. I don't like the idea that the best female characters are supposed to be the ones that don't act female.

No. 89464

I dropped it a while ago because I felt there was just no real direction in the story and there was nothing really happening.

But when I read it I didn't mind it didn't have much romance, the typical one girl two guys love triangle is so fucking boring and I don't think this webtoon would've made it more interesting than usual.

No. 89466

Sometimes being an "old" (anyone above high school aged) person on the internet sucks. This is the only place I've seen where people were free to criticize webtoons, considering most of the app is dominated by 10-14 year olds who will blindly worship whatever half-baked content is put out every single week.

It feels like webtoon authors can do whatever they want, because my one old person piece of constructive criticism will be drowned out by 10,000 weekly comments of "omg I SHIP it I can't even I—" and "ashjkfdk reading this during AP English, hope my teacher doesn't catch me! Like if you agree!"

I really enjoy the app, I love the convenience of free comics on my phone, but presumably the good "mature" comics are buried somewhere within the app. Some of these authors are making 6 figures and need to do better.

No. 89490

File: 1589798232558.jpg (25.17 KB, 283x484, wtf.jpg)

I don't expect anything from LO but it still manages to let me down lmao. What the actual hell is going on here…

No. 89494


Their kiss was too rushed tbh

No. 89498

Whats wrong with her body? Why do people even like it…

No. 89609

I just checked our Lore Olympus. Don't mind the art as much as I hate the writing. It might have been a deliberate choice on Rachel's part, but I highly doubt it.

Twilight and 50 Shades had really bad writing as well and also managed to target a similar kind of audience with an amalgamation of emotion and horniness. Seems these kinds of stories keep getting rehashed every few years or so, they are extremely lucrative.

No. 89646

did the artist forget how to draw arms because the elbow on her left arm looks dislocated

No. 89685

File: 1589840992911.jpg (129.79 KB, 436x436, 3.jpg)

I don't think I've seen anyone mention Lord Have Mercy. It's still fairly new, and has a bit slow plot/upload schedule, but I enjoy the retro-styled artwork quite a bit! Seems to be leaning more on the light fluffy side of romance but we'll see.

No. 89736

File: 1589854655527.png (408.4 KB, 646x686, bigjo.png)

Big jo was a pretty cute comic at first but then it became so irritating that i had to drop it. The art is fine (except the first few chapter with the different art style for some reason) but then the author started recycling some panels so much it became apparent that quality was no longer valued. Especially when the plot went down the drain with the 'odd couples' thing.

No. 89821

I love the art style, too. It's adorable.

No. 89825

File: 1589867957331.png (464.15 KB, 666x720, dreamconstellation.png)

holy shit anon ty so much for recommending this one.
I wish i had a shy demon bf too lmao

No. 90005

it was irritating from the start tbh

No. 90014

i mean yeah, but at least it was readable

No. 90025

File: 1589914385056.gif (8.6 KB, 250x380, 07C9A4B7-ED8A-4980-BC1B-5A6F8F…)

damn if I was a nun I'd ditch god for this hunk too

though the blush placement is kind of annoying

No. 90038

I binge-read Unordinary these past few days and it was enjoyable, although I think the author wanted to have drama/conflict and an antihero, and it fell into the trap of making everyone unlikable. Has anyone read it? What's your opinion on it? (I know this is an imageboard but i didn't save a good panel, i wasn't thinking of posting here sigh)

No. 90056

No. 90316

File: 1589949963973.jpg (301.2 KB, 1600x2430, 5.jpg)

I don't know if yaoi is looked down upon in this thread but I'd recommend Novae if you like pretty boys in pretty historical backdrops with supernatural elements.

No. 90325

thanks, anon

No. 90522

read it last year. it was cute, but found the romance was a bit rushed and the plot was going a bit slow. might reread if something is actually happening in the story

No. 90865

sounds like you're talking about Winter Woods? that one was one of the only ones I completed that I wasn't let down by lol, was very pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking it

I haven't read any webtoons in a long time but I still get emails from updates for Siren's Lament/ Yumi's Cells/ Cheese in the trap etc (too lazy to unsub from all the emails lol) and it's crazy to me how long and drawn out some of these webtoons get. I'm too scared to pick up any of the still ongoing ones I abandoned because I know by the time I get to the hundredth episode the story will be awful and/or slow paced

No. 90890

It surprises me how many of Webtoon's romance authors are middle aged women who are married and sometimes have children. I thought the type of people who write YA romances where a boring, average girl trips onto some high level dick was written by single women in their twenties, not moms or ladies about to hit menopause.

No. 90912

File: 1590051926504.png (1.94 MB, 828x1792, 5244AAF4-3C7B-436B-9F1B-742AA9…)

This got posted in a beauty group I’m in as a pic for attention for a circle lens thread

>find your inner beauty

Kek ok.

No. 90920

My issue with true beauty is that the main character really doesn't have much "inner beauty". I don't understand what the point of the story is, it's essentially just those "don't judge" or "i used to be so beautiful" tiktok challenges

No. 90924

It's not exactly a surprise that most authors who write YA especially accompanied with romance are older than their target demographics and most often than not do so since it's an easy cash grab. That, and they likely wrote the book to visual their fantasy.

No. 90926

What is this!?

No. 90943


tbh i like the plot of subzero so i can get through the art mistakes, i just wanna know wtf is wronf with cloveee

No. 90981

It's basically some women writing mary sue fantasies to probably escape their lives through writing/drawing. It isnt shocking at all.

No. 91005

it's a shallow tale of vapid projection upon a mountain of more inane, vapid projection

No. 91140

I'm still keeping up with Yumi's Cells. I'm kind of shocked that I'm still invested after nearly 500 chapters! But to be fair, the chapters are very very short, and we've been following years of Yumi's life.

Would recommend for people who want a pretty wholesome slice-of-life/romance about a career woman who matures and finds herself. I swear it's not as long as it seems, you can probably get through like 100 chapters in an hour.

Sometimes I like the cheesy twee pre-teen webtoons too, but does anyone have any other recommendations for something more grounded and mature?

No. 91274

File: 1590109018158.png (755.17 KB, 720x881, 20200522_085141.png)

Why is it that if anyone says any critiscm or anything mildly negative towards persephone the goddess of hookers the fans will immediately put their pitch forks up and reeeeeeee at you for even THINKING anything that isnt praise for this candy colored bitch

No. 91286

People like it cuz she dummy thicc apparently

No. 91288


She's an uwu soft anxiety bean that Lore Olympus's younger audience will project on.

No. 91660

Legit question here - Where are the comics for women who aren't pussies

No. 91667

Interestingly enough lore olympics is ranked FIRST and true beauty second in most popular by age group for females in their 10's, 20's AND 30's. (these are all separate categories)

No. 91668

This webtoon has been posted before upthread but I’m nta who recommended it the first time — it’s called Metaphorical Her and I think it’s pretty cool and mature

No. 91800

Seconded, kek

No. 92148

File: 1590388462599.png (94.45 KB, 909x930, Untitled.png)

Something that bothers me about a lot of webtoon romances is how solipsistic and low key man hating it is. These feminist authors make comics about their self-inserts who want everything, but have nothing to offer. And on top of that some of them are making 6 figures indulging other married women and young sjws in this delusion. The male love interest never really feels like a man. Just a mouthpiece for them to talk about how stunning and brave they are. I'm sick of it.

No. 92158

YES! I agree 100%. The female protagonists are all so bland, boring and egotistical, while the male interests are this weird one-dimensional caricature of what a 14 year think the perfect man should be and look like.

No. 92165

Agreed. If they're self-inserts were actually stunning and brave, they'd be with those men IRL but they're not. Most of these women are with simps because they can't take criticism and they're only capable of writing about first world problems, so that's why they fantasize about these rich, handsome, and powerful men.

But the weirdest thing is that they're not content with being taken care of by high status men. They want to control them. These webtoon authors don't write realistic male characters because they don't care about understanding the male perspective. That's why they write stories completely in service of the female protagonist.

It's all about how special she is because the love interest chooses her over every other slut who wants to sleep with him. He's violent and more than happy to inflict violence upon anyone who's a threat to her. He can't even get an internal monologues about himself. It's written just to inflate her already massive ego.

But there's something kind of dark about this beyond being turned on by violent men and wanting to wield their power. There's deep seeded insecurity rooted in all of this.

Why control a powerful man instead of letting him take the reigns? Because they don't trust men. Either they subconsciously know they don't have anything to offer or they're damaged. A lot of feminists have weak/passive/emotionally neglectful fathers and it's no coincidence that most of them are unattractive and have been rejected by average men.

They act out of control because most men in their lives have been permissive of their toxic behavior, so how could they trust strong men to stick around or benefit them? Any man worth his salt would leave.

Instead of bettering themselves and increasing their odds of getting their dream man and keeping him, they would rather cope with their horniness and lack of male attention with these self-indulgent romance stories. Since they're getting paid and flooded with praise from young, impressionable fans and permissive cat ladies/karens, there's not much incentive for them to change.

And that's why I've written this essay. I'm frustrated and I want to finally get romance comics about strong women who are willing to better themselves and respect men. Not man-hating fap material about privileged woman who want to sit on their ass all day and be coddled, while simultaneously having everything handed to them.

No. 92168

i mean, tbf anon, romance media aimed at men does the exact same thing, if not worse. i don't see the problem in some wish fullfilment now and then

No. 92172

>Why control a powerful man instead of letting him take the reigns?

Uuh where is option 3, a mutual relationship where no one controls the other? Your post make it seem that you think a romance is manhating unless the man is in charge.

No. 92179

I don't get the strong reactions to these comics? They're low quality but also inoffensive, and I this site in general has exaggerated reactions over bland things.

No. 92180

you sound like shuwu

No. 92191

My only issue is that most, if not all, of the romance webtoobs are bland and boring and uncreative. Who cares if they are low key man hating. You sound mad these women are making money off of it, but i do think that they should be interesting and creative. If anything, it's just guilty of being generic as hell and mary-sueish.

No. 92194

that's something out of someone's control but the author's especially on a platform where everyone can publish their first draft, without editors and beta readers and criticism (pre-publish). The readers are also new to the webtoon scene or not have read stories (good ones) to bring comparison or reference to the ones you're complaining about. Also, a lot of stories are like those you talked about because people like those plots and characters and wanted their own version of it despite not having any differences with each other but the names, places, and etc.

Also, it gets views, traffic and fans, and also income.

No. 92195

I mean you want to read something for free with weekly updates and no barrier to entry. You get what you pay for.

No. 92294

Has anyone been keeping up with Webtoon Greenlight? The ones I'm most interested in right now are When Jasy Whistles and Madame Outlaw.

And at the end of the day, tbh, I've accepted that Webtoon is more of a platform aimed toward young teens, and most of the content is going to be somewhat simplistic and repetitive. I just use Webtoon so I have something to look at for 15 minutes in bed before I fall asleep. I would love authors to push the envelope more often but I suppose that's not very profitable on an app aimed toward 13 year olds looking for a quick serotonin fix.

No. 92295

I can put up with a lot of different tropes, but there is one I'm getting sick of, I don't know what to call it, torture porn?

I've been noticing a lot of webtoons, especially Asian translated ones, about high schoolers or middle schoolers who are brutally bullied. Like, chapters and chapters straight of them being beaten up, stepped on, yelled at, so on, by literally every person in their life - all of their classmates, their teachers, their coaches. At some point, it doesn't seem to serve a narrative purpose, it's more just there for shock value.

Has anyone else noticed this? #Killstagram is one example, Random Chat is another. I suppose this is popular because teens find this thrilling and taboo? It just gets kind of boring and annoying after some point.

No. 92298

You won't find that in webtoons. Maybe some josei manga.

No. 92306

File: 1590441735109.jpeg (72.19 KB, 782x714, 9763E728-7CC4-4C1C-8A9E-218FFA…)

No. 92308


I'm not sexist so of course I don't think romance comics written by man hating feminists should dominate the market. It's not just sexist towards men through. These stories are misogynistic. Women don't need to be coddled or lied to or given special privileges. When comics are dominated by feminists, of course it's going to get tiresome trying to find something worth reading when you enjoy the medium.

No. 92309

What's an example of a mainstream romance story aimed at men that is misogynistic? I'll concede to your point the day I see an openly anti-feminist man getting paid to write low-key woman hating stuff on Webtoons.

And my problem isn't with wish fulfillment. It's wish fulfillment starring detestable/boring protagonists that I have an issue with. Webtoons is flooded with these sort of characters.

No. 92312


lmfao the bitterness

No. 92315


What a bizarre rant.

So men get to watch porn where ugly middle-aged men get their pick of stunning, surgically-altered 18 year old girls who are happy to be choked, tied up, spit on, have cum in their eyes, and anal… But women can't enjoy a little wish-fulfillment where a cute girl gets with a cute guy and have a cute romance?

I consider myself pretty feminist but I really don't find webtoons that "problematic" at all, especially considering the lack of violence and nudity on the platform. Silly cheesy wish-fulfillment romance novels or movies have been around for decades and shockingly, the human race and marriage and teen girls and whatever have been doing just fine. This is just another case of people demonizing pleasures meant for women (romance novels, magazines, soap opera TV's, fashion, makeup, sex not meant for procreation, ringing the devil's doorbell.) Find something else to whine about.

No. 92318

I had a phase where I ate those kinds of stories up, still have a thing for them, especially stories about bullying. Japanese manga and dramas about bullying are more interesting because they are so dramatic, western stories are too tame in comparison. It's probably not a shocker to anyone that I was bullied badly in hs.

I feel these stories give teens an opportunity to idk commiserate? Like hey this protag's life is as shitty as I'm feeling, so I'm not alone.

No. 92319

I actually think porn is damaging for both men and women (and you can find plenty that cater to both btw), so not sure what you're getting at.

Webtoons is problematic because it rehashes the Twilight/50 Shades of Gray formula to death. The fact that those "romance" stories are some of the best selling books of all time is troubling. I think feminism has really damaged women if you look at how depression rates have skyrocketed for women since it's inception.

I actually like women, so I don't want a future where they destroy themselves more than ever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92320

enjoy your ban baby

No. 92321

If you're going to criticize Webtoon authors for not being able to take criticism, don't be a pussy when someone criticizes your ideology.

No. 92325


Oh yes, depression rates have increased for women because of feminism and romance Webtoons. Not for any other myriad of reasons, like… mental health/depression not being seen as a real thing until a few years ago thus skewing data, people spending time inside of traffic jams and stuffy offices instead of doing outdoor labor, modern day stresses like $100,000+ student loan debts and nuclear warfare.

It was women getting the right to vote and the ability to publish romance novels that made them depressed.


No. 92334

Ahah romantic fantasy machine goes brrrrr

No. 92335


I think you're oversimplifying. Of course women are depressed about having to work 40+ hrs a week and pursuing worthless degrees. Who told them they'd be happier if they did that? You think women in the past were more depressed raising their family and chilling at home than today's feminists who are actively trying to cancel anything that offends them? And nuclear warfare isn't impacting people as a whole on a domestic level so not sure why you're bringing that up. We're more likely to die during our commute to work than a nuke from North Korea.

Webtoons is problematic, but it's not the problem. It's only a reflection/symptom of a much more complex issue.

No. 92338

File: 1590451247020.jpg (6.09 KB, 120x120, 1492043224600.jpg)

How did we go from cliche and boring Webtoons to modern day feminism

No. 92342


"Ugh feminists are so damn sensitive, trying to cancel everything that offends them! Btw can we cancel those fun little comics meant for kids, the one with a pink Persephone especially offends me REEEEEE (not triggered btw haha)"

Aaaaanyways can we go back to talking about Webtoons instead of whining about how voting rights and education are the harbinger of womankind's downfall or whatever? Thanks.

No. 92353

the same author wrote Duty After School and it's really good. the characters actually act like people, the plot is great, and the art is good and consistent

begone scrotum

No. 92355

>What's an example of a mainstream romance story aimed at men that is misogynistic?
Almost every harem anime/manga. It has the exact same problems with bland protagonists and Twilight-like writing too.

No. 92358


Harem anime/manga isn't mainstream. Fifty Shades of Gray is the best selling book of ALL time. Anime and manga in general is considered degenerate or fringe by the average person even in Japan. I don't like harem stories aimed at otaku either but it's not comparable to the popularity of Twilight stories.

No. 92370


You know what story is 100x more popular than 50 Shades, Twilight, Lore Olympus, and whatever else you want to talk about?

Gangbang porn, barely legal porn, anal porn, threesome porn, rape porn, pee porn, scat porn, whatever you consider "degenerate."

For every 1 15 year old girl who watches Twilight once a year there's probably 100+ adult men jerking it to 10+ daily porn videos.

Anyhow, your opinions are stupid, and this is a thread for discussing good/bad webtoons, not crying about feminism and how webtoon is the downfall of civilization. If harem manga isn't mainstream, neither is Webtoon. Move on queen.

No. 92377

You can't even quantify an amount yet you're claiming that literal shit porn is more popular and acceptable than Twilight. Ok queen. And I'm still talking about Webtoons. It's run by feminists so naturally I'm going to bring up feminism. You're getting triggered over literally nothing. And I thought the 14 year olds on Webtoons were pussies.

No. 92378

File: 1590462819854.jpg (157.95 KB, 609x647, 20200526_060714.jpg)

So anyway, what's your favorite character archetypes in webtoons/webcomics?
I like when authors have an androgynous female characters that can look both feminine + masculine.

No. 92394

File: 1590470688220.jpg (3.16 MB, 3015x3744, 20200526_131517.jpg)

I am baffled at how much rachel regressed in terms of art. This artstyle imo is a THOUSAND TIMES BETTER than what we ended up getting. Plus its interesting seeing persephone having this stern and mature gaze rather than the mary sue uwu cinnamon roll hooker baby doll shit and having a bit more varied color choices rather than the boring thing we got

Lore olympus is trash but this artstyle is charming and less wonky looking atleast

No. 92426

at some point people here were talking about Light Years Away or whatever the name was, that webtoon that was really similar to LO

it had one page up at that point but now it's unavailable, can't help but wonder if salty LO fans gave it a bad welcome

No. 92435

Should i read Lore Olympus? I just read you anons shitting on it a lot

No. 92436

What do you guys think about the entries for the short story contest? I feel bad for the smaller artists getting absolutely slammed in the subscription number by big instagram artists that decided to participate

No. 92437

I dont think so? The creator said she removed it cuz she wanted to change or figure out the story. Cmon only 1 chapter in and you gave up. She nuked her other quIRKY comic too
I wouldnt recommend it but its your choice

No. 92438

What does wish fulfillment fantasies have to do with feminism? I'm honestly so confused. Is every isekai male mc harem writer a feminist? Obviously people like low brow pandering shit.

Nope, it's legitimately awful. I would rather read True Beauty instead.

No. 92440

It’s a big yikes. Instagram artists that have many followers could put out a webtoon any time and get subs from their instagram while for smaller artists this is supposed to be an opportunity to gain exposure. It’s really kind of fucked up how selfish instagram artists are.

No. 92444

try it and decide for yourself if you think it´s worth reading.

I´ve not looked at the entries, but didn´t the rules state that small artists have equal chances to artists with large followings?

it's kind of selfish in a way but at the same time, if I were that instagram artist I'd take every opportunity for more exposure or whatever they get out of that contest too. I don't think it's unreasonable they take this chance to get further ahead. It's not an charity for the uwu poor deprived small artists.

No. 92445

30% comes from the audience engagement I would think this includes the number of subs, webtoon made this contest to find their new cash cows after all

No. 92446

I’ve been browsing the entries just to support artists that I feel like would do a much better job as comic artists on webtoons than what we have right now.

No. 92459

Doubt it. The artists Instagram comments is full of nothing but praise, and she has a huge following too. She just legitimately does not know how to tell a story without relying on the aesthetic nostalgia factor.

No. 92530

I've seen a bit of criticism for Let's Play on here but I actually find it to be one of the better popular romance Webtoons right now.

Obviously it's not perfect, but I like how it's less cliche than I expected - I thought Marshall and Sam would be the OTP, but there's barely been any romance between them so far. I like how there's several ships between several characters, not just Sam x everyone. It's not that plot-heavy but I find the drama to be more believable than Lore Olympus, True Beauty, or the other top romance webtoons. I think the art style is pleasant enough and not obnoxiously anime-esque.

Everyone's criticisms are legitimate but I thought I'd offer some praise, too.

No. 92531

Does anyone have cute webtoons to recommend ? I've read Little Rain and Choco Latte recently and I really like them.
I'm not necessarily looking for romance, just something cute that makes you feel good

No. 92532

File: 1590522154179.jpg (36.99 KB, 350x502, 9d4af0648bbd87b8d1a123ac87ec61…)

It's not cute but I'm digging I want to be you, Just for a day. It's up to chap 19 on other sites, but Webtoons is giving it a go.

No. 92559

It's not the wish fulfillment that's an issue. It's the way the female
protagonist and the male love interests are written. And it's possible that some authors of isekai harems are feminist in a way. Often times the women in those stories treat men really poorly. Female domination is a common trope in anime/manga. But at least with those stories the MC is OP so he at least has that going for him. Even if it's unrealistic it makes more sense than stories where the MC has nothing to offer but still gets a harem or hot love interest anyway.(ban evasion)

No. 92565

I dropped Let´s Play because I just got too much second hand embarrassment from reading it

Dream constellation! The art is slightly peculiar imo but it´s unique and has it´s charm. The story is really cute and wholesome.

No. 92566

Dude, why are you so obsessed with feminism ? These webtoons are literally just fantasies about unconditional love where the female MC is bland enough for anyone to project onto. How are isekai male MCs better ?
Also, femdom is a male fantasy, it has nothing to do with feminism.
And overall, romance webtoons are not feminist or men-hating, they're just supposed to make the reader feel good by projecting. If the characters don't have a personality, it's because the author is lazy or just bad, that's all.

No. 92567

stop responding to scrots, just report

No. 92614

None of the webtoon romance heroines are useless, they're all pretty, young, and skinny (despite the narrative of "ughh I'm so dull and mousy :/" they're all drawn attractively.) Pretty, young, and skinny was all men valued women for in the ~pre feminist utopia~ where women didn't have college degrees or own property, so uhhh, I don't know what all these incels find so "useless" about them. What more do you want out of women and webtoon heroines? (Oh wait, don't answer, you're banned ;) )

No. 92661

File: 1590546209282.jpeg (71.74 KB, 466x659, images (7).jpeg)

Same anon that posted this. I did some digging and found this
This is rachels other comic "the doctor foxglove show"

Im just blown away at how better the art is. The character designs are a bit more varied and consistent than LO but its still kinda wonky at times. I always had the impression that rachel always had juvenile art by looking at the original deleted lore olympus and the 1st few chapters of it, from the wierd faces (noses and mouths especially), wierd and almost broken poses and general inconsistency but i was wrong. I also assumed that she cant draw old people and other designs apart from her generic male and female types, she can its just that she stopped trying when she can get way with it and get paid. As for the premise itself…its interesting but this only has 3 chapters so i cant say much about it. I said it once i'll say it again she regressed imo

No. 92665

File: 1590547029637.jpg (4.71 MB, 3072x3400, 20200527_100549.jpg)

The main character is kinda…pretentious tho understandable cuz sexISM

From the pic here really put me off tho. She apparntly fucked over this guys eye and continued to insult him for no reason other than shes annoyed that shes not allowed to practice doctor stuff with the other guys which btw she wasnt allowed cuz she fucked over the other guy i mentioned then cries about it like a little bitch when she gets put in her place

Theres also this persephone and apollo dynamic going so yeah we know now where she got that idea in LO (in the og LO apollo was her abusive boyfriend or something so hades and persephone just cheat on theyre partners i guess)

No. 92676

Sage for old but as someone who's been active in the Percy Jackson fandom for long time, there was a period of them when the fandom was mostly dead while Lore Olympus was alive and kicking, and every single time PJO fans posted about the gods specific to our canon, Lore Olympus fans would flood the comments with "Oh, but that's not the ~canon~ Greek mythology unlike Lore Olympus!! Rachel Smythe did so much research!!"

I'm sick of people sperging about canon Greek mythology when in reality it is basically just a fanfiction compilation, especially LO and classical Hades fans.

Punderworld is a blessing. I wish Punderworld had blown up instead of Lore Olympus, because the creator genuinely seems to care about telling a story in a fresh and fun way

No. 92677

Punderworld deserves so much more. Theres really not much greek lore in LO at all. Take out all the names and nothing will change much

No. 92681

I'm just going to say it… I really like Lore Olympus's art, maybe it's because I'm an uneducated dingbat about art, but I like the bright colors and how stylized it is. The plot is unnecessarily draggy but eh, I've come to expect that from webtoons, where authors are presumably paid per chapter. I'm probably going to keep reading it for the next 300 chapters or however long it goes on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe I'm a fool, but I'm too far in and I'm going to keep going.

No. 92688

Well it can look pretty damn good when she actually tries but its still inconsistent as hell since the 1st chapter

No. 92694

File: 1590559433758.png (360.29 KB, 720x1117, 20200527_135218.png)

Ava's demon is now on webtoon for some reason

Atleast its not as frustrating to read now with her dumb 1 panel layout but it does feel like an excuse not to update her comic (despite having a huge fanbase and popularity already so i see no real reason to branch out) since early december(funny enough this webtoon happened around october) but i'll give her some slack since shes been working on the comic nonstop for 3 years i think since her last long hiatus


If your updated on the website the whole 8 years of story shes been working on happens in a span of 2 FUCKING DAYS. Michelle really fucked herself over with the layout

No. 92700


I really liked the art of LO too. It's always been more or less wonky and inconsistent but eh, I can somewhat look past that. You only look at one image for a short time when reading it anyway.

What really puts me off is how Persephone is such a blatant self-insert. It would be fine, but when I saw a pic of the author and realized she even looks like Persie, I really lost all interest. Like lol I'm not gonna spend coins on her literal fanfic of herself, starring her damn self with that pixie cut and pouty face.

No. 92701

File: 1590565106165.jpg (2.16 MB, 4096x2406, 20200527_153623.jpg)

Old but still egregious

Rachel. How.

No. 92705

File: 1590567064191.png (84.01 KB, 763x418, Cattura1.PNG)

I still read Let's Play too but I can't get over how dumb the "Broken Heart Syndrome" thing is. She could have just chosen a non-cringy more likely disease. Also i remember, in the last Q&A someone asked the artist "has your original couple changed?" and she said nope. Obviosuly it's not established that endgame for her are Marshall and Sam but pretty guessable imho.

No. 92731

File: 1590573189296.jpg (255.64 KB, 713x1267, IMG_20200527_124910.jpg)

anyone know what happened to the author of The World Where I Belong?

I remember reading their work around the last time it got updated and the lack of social media presence for over a year or so along with the webtoon's nature makes me think of the worst case scenario..

No. 92832

File: 1590611478200.jpg (1.22 MB, 900x1233, Rogier_van_der_Weyden_-_Portra…)

Persephone is clearly an attempt at a sexed up and idealized version of herself. It's kind of embarrassing that she thinks dressing like a smol uwu hooker bean makes her sexy and irresistible to men.

The Persephone on the left reminds me of those paintings from the 1400's of ladies with plucked hairlines kek.

No. 92842

Thank you to the anons who reccomended Dream Constellation and Vampire Boyfriend! Are there any other comics with a similar cozy feel ppl would recommend?

No. 93323

File: 1590689359159.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1800, tumblr_poh4d12JzP1sljzvto1_128…)

I've been reading this Webtoon called Crumbs and the style is pretty Tumblr-ish but it's pretty decent imo. At least the protagonists are a bit different from the average.

No. 93436

File: 1590698479885.jpeg (699.46 KB, 828x1454, 40682283-D8DF-48A7-9B76-73F69E…)

TB fans are nuts. LOL wtf is this.

No. 93513

File: 1590714651199.png (133.68 KB, 355x570, 1.png)

Why tf is killstagram so popular. wtf. the art is mediocre at best and the story isn't even that good to make someone overlook it. Is there something i'm missing?

No. 93535


I've kept up with True Beauty so far (don't hate me plz) but what I don't understand is, is this dude wearing makeup too? I always thought he was wearing makeup because he has bright red lips and stenciled in eyebrows, yet he also looked like this after his shower? Is that how the author thinks men look, or is this going to be a plot twist later on?

No. 93548

I don't remember the earlier chapters that well but I'm pretty sure he is shown putting it on

No. 93558

File: 1590730610093.png (2.51 MB, 1971x1845, 16.png)

I've been reading some of the Webtoons Greenlight comics, but I already hate the most recent one based on this promo picture alone. It screams "quirky random humor XD lolz so random!! Glittery man and lamb-chicken!1" I thought we left this in 2009.

No. 93562

Maybe A Good Day To Be A Dog and Refund High School? Both are romances in school settings but A Good Day To Be A Dog is about a romance between teachers while Refund High is between students. Both are cheesy, particularly A Good Day To Be A Dog, but still pretty cozy.

I haven't kept up with TB but iirc they don't ever mention him wearing makeup. Suho is supposed to be a ~natural beauty~ but doesn't have stained lips and stencil brows though.

No. 93582

I 100% believe some webtoons have connections or pay to be advertised more

No. 93583

I remember he wore make up and was into fashion

No. 93585

The k-pop guy wears liptint, I believe the girl even bought him liptint before and did his make-up. I'm not sure about other items. Suho doesn't wear make-up iirc

No. 93589

Honestly anon, even though it has shit art I got pretty invested. It's pretty entertaining and I actually like the way the creepy guy was drawn. I thought I'd only read a chapter or 2 to see how bad it would be, but what do you know, I'm keeping up with it. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

No. 93624

I just read the entire thing. Its actually terrible and embarrasing if you ask me
I even saw people criticize (albeit, lightly) it in the comments which is pretty rare in webtoon

No. 93680

Wish fulfillment but not really (the comic side-eyes its own protagonist a bit but you can still imagine being rich and popular like her) and an interesting high stakes mystery. The threat of being stalked via social media is relatable. I only read a bit because I was curious and I can see why it's popular.

No. 93821

really? I can get why LO is popular. I can get why TB is popular. But Killstagram? The art is seriously, seriously ugly and wonky (LO for all it's criticism here doesn't compare to it). The story reads like a bad parody. The protagonist is unlikeable. Literally the only thing there is to like about it is the killer's design that's somewhat interesting. I dropped it after a few chapters because it was that bad, and that is saying something considering I keep up with LO and TB.

No. 93953

can anyone recommend something similar to this? doesn't necessarily even need to be a webtoon, i just want some cute romance to read

No. 93976

It has the wish fulfillment of TB with an edgy murder mystery plot, which sounds like a winning combo for most Webtoon readers. On that note, most English language Webtoon readers are in middle school/high school, so there’s your answer for why the plot is immature.

No. 94037

a lot of the webtoons that are originally from Naver are heavily pushed by the webtoon team. It makes sense since Naver owns Line and of course they want to push what ever makes the big buck in Korea even if an American audience finds it mediocre.

He's naturally~ that way anon, he only uses the makeup to enhance his look uwu.
If it's not obvious, I hate this comic.

No. 94053

File: 1590886269375.jpg (230.06 KB, 450x609, 20200531_035126.jpg)


Lonely, Lonely Fireflies is very cute, simple romance manhwa. I say simple because the characters aren't fleshed out at this point of the story, but they might develop later.

Inso's Law
Although I have yet to see anything romantic happening, the friendship is written pretty well. It can be too reverse-harem esque sometime… enjoyable nonetheless.

If you don't mind older female younger male romance, you might enjoy Que Sera, Sera and Four Years Apart.

No. 94072

File: 1590910612513.jpeg (495.57 KB, 1125x1182, 61BC55A8-F0B5-4783-8254-FC3B7C…)

No matter how fancy her 3D model rendering is the artwork still looks so bland and lazy compared to it

No. 94074

ghad, the background looks terrible. i always have issues with webtoons concerning their background especially in modern setting, cause some comics really don't try to modify the 3d buildings or things and just leave it as it is. Can't they simply trace over it and implement their style so it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb?

and you're right, anon. the character looks half-finished. like it lacks details.

No. 94078

Damn, she could have added a few shadows on the character at least

No. 94080

File: 1590923240415.jpg (41.18 KB, 391x631, oof.jpg)


Fuck I hate this trend of drawing super uguu kawaii boys with super pink ombre lips. Yah I know it's a thing irl in Korea, but holy shit. At least TB does it well. Lost In Translation is the worst example. I actually enjoyed the first part of the story (before the reboot airing now) but the art has just gotten so bad I can't enjoy it.

No. 94097

thank you! I'll give them a shot

No. 94106

File: 1590937851714.jpeg (255.54 KB, 750x409, 0C6104C6-ABFA-40F4-A992-A15C6B…)

has anyone read the fan made webtoon of mystic messenger? haven’t read it myself, i really loved the game but didn’t like the self insert aspect of it and the webtoon seems like the person who made it based the MC off themselves and they’re writing a fanfiction rather than using the default one from the game lol. really love the art and seeing the characters again though

what do you guys think about it if you’ve read it? is it worth paying for?

No. 94129

imagine the front view… nightmare fuel

No. 94131

File: 1590960597763.png (1.15 MB, 899x1517, 11.png)

oh god this webtoon. i really needed a laugh lmao the art is so wonky. All of these are from the same chapter btw.

No. 94138

what did they even think making it. I can't stop laughing

No. 94141

at least they're consistent on making them look fugly lol

No. 94143


lmao these exact panels contributed to me stopping reading the comic at all. Shame, since I like the story idea.
Are there any other webtoons that in any way tap into the darker side of idol culture and manufacturing? I'd really be interested, but haven't found any.

No. 94219

File: 1591020409281.jpg (122.02 KB, 1200x600, aJT85Ev.jpg)

I've been reading the reboot of Lone and I really like it so far. It's fantasy/action for anyone interested.

No. 94323

File: 1591066770851.jpg (220.2 KB, 633x960, 16.jpg)

I know some people have been asking for really cute/cozy webtoons. Brass & Sass is an adorable romance about high schoolers in band class who actually act like high schoolers (unlike most webtoons where they act like miniature adults.) It's not really groundbreaking or anything, it still has some of the same old webtoon romance tropes, but it's a cute read and I think the art is nice!

No. 94334

Any suggestions on smaller webtoon canvas series? I want to support the smaller ones.

No. 94356

not from me- whenever I follow a canvas webtoon they either reboot as a featured webtoon or sooner or later stop updating. I stick with features webtoons now.

No. 94370

started this today, very fluffy and the art is so cute, ty for the rec

No. 94383

File: 1591143536069.jpg (63.64 KB, 540x540, 19.jpg)

I know Wolfman of Wulvershire was briefly mentioned earlier in this thread. The artwork is a little wonky the first few chapters, being oddly geometric and angular, but I think it's settling into a much better place a few chapters in. I do appreciate that the artwork is kind of unique and stylized.

Can't say much on the plot since we aren't that far in yet, but I do feel mystery/romance is a genre I haven't seen much of in webtoon, plus I appreciate that the characters are actual adults. I have high hopes for this one.

No. 94433

File: 1591173493963.png (1.18 MB, 1125x2001, 0758E31A-52C6-472F-8365-0504EF…)

You should read cursed princess club. All time favorite comic on that hell app. The story and art are so adorable and the protagonist has flaws, definitely not a self insert or Mary Sue. Also it's funny and quirky

No. 94435

CPC is the only webcomic I will ever read, it's so great… Only webcomic I've ever enjoyed

No. 94447

>plus I appreciate that the characters are actual adults.

yesss hard agree!

No. 94456

I'm looking for this webtoon I read a long tine ago. It was a slice of life comic about three girls navigating their young adult life. I remember one of them worked at an cafe. The artstyle was really cute. It's a finished webtoon and I don't know if it was canvas or not. I'm pretty sure their names were foreign (Korean iirc). Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I've been searching but I can't find it!

No. 94470

that sounds like the stories of those around me. if not it might be the year we turned 29

No. 94498

is snotgirl worth reading anymore? it started strong but the storyline got so murky

No. 94528

I've read the whole thing in one day and couldn't wait for more. I'm glad you posted it here anon! Besides the wonderful storyline, I also like its humor. It's such a good read 11/10 would recommend. Plus, the art is cute!

No. 94529

the stories of those around me, that's it! I thought it was slice of life but apparantly it's romance, probably why I couldn't find it. Thanks a lot!

No. 94699

am i the only one who finds unO boring? honestly, it's the webtoon equivalent of eastenders or some shit lol

No. 94821

Theres this really good video addressing the problems of some of the problems in some webtoons its super long tho

No. 94853

I really enjoyed this. He touches on Let's Play and True Beauty, and then spends the majority of the video talking about Lore Olympus. I haven't read let's play (it looks awful though). I agree with him about true beauty, because it starts off trying to be part of the movement against beauty standards but ultimately has nothing to say. Theres a few salty LO fans trying to justify the comic's dodgy messaging by saying greek gods are meant to be exaggerated…

No. 94918

I really like Hues of Solitude! The first story is finished. It's about this girl who crashlands onto a strange planet and manages to make radio contact with a boy who she becomes friends with, who keeps her company while she tries to figure out how to get off the planet. I love the little background creatures.

The next story is still ongoing and updates are pretty slow, but it's about a woman defying the laws of her city and stealing supplies to bring to a place affected by drought. Lots of organic worldbuilding which I love

No. 94958

why is this two fucking hours long, what the hell

No. 94978

The video is a bit long, but it's pretty good and on point. I think the porn that Rachel draws should have played a bigger role on his argument, though.

No. 95014

Yea i think he dangled on the age gap thing for too long and the arguments he made about that were mostly the same

No. 95019

File: 1591519044523.jpg (69.91 KB, 347x738, whatanauraindeed.jpg)

…this can't be a real panel from the Markiplier self-insert comic, right? Looks so fucking bad. The dude apparently has the aura of a cross-eyed, retarded lion.

I read hues of solitude a good while ago, really enjoyed it too.

No. 95036

File: 1591522158856.jpg (659.78 KB, 1080x2058, Screenshot_20200607-172153_Sam…)

The quality is shit and the story is shittier.(newfag)

No. 95290

File: 1591650316195.jpg (145.52 KB, 585x900, Issue_15_var.jpg)

Just got caught up on snotgirl and I enjoyed the most recent comics a lot. Definitely thought it was worth reading but there is a supernatural element that you might not be into. Guess it's a matter of opinion but I'd say check it out.

No. 95303

I caught up since my first post and the plotline still makes no sense lol

No. 95331

The only thing good about Snotgirl is the art.

No. 95708

top Webtoon authors make 80000$+ dollars per month the CEO boasted

No. 95712

can I ask why you dislike it ?

No. 95747

File: 1592001907072.png (506.08 KB, 795x705, unordinary.png)

absolute nitpick, but why does her hair look like that. the colors look so ugly together. it's like someone tried to bleach dyed hair and ended up blotchy

No. 95753

>wonky face and bad anatomy
is the hair your only issue? kek

No. 95755

File: 1592007086976.gif (100 KB, 220x220, DCD6BD01-FC21-443B-9FD6-03B180…)

She's following in the footsteps of our queen, Jhudora

No. 95775

I know top authors make bank from coin sales and whatnot but this figure still sounds highly inflated. The only webtoon that I could see making this much is True Beauty since it has both a huge Korean and international fan base and with that many fans spending $2 USD a week, it’s more plausible, but still a stretch.

No. 95776

File: 1592034941912.png (1.03 MB, 719x752, 20200613_155227.png)

From the recent chapter. This level of chin is inexcusable

No. 95788

I tried so hard to like LO, but the uwu smol baby prostitute self-insert and that fugly style made it impossible for me to continue…

No. 95806

lol I was just about to post this same panel. Looks so fucking bad.

No. 95853

you just unlocked memories I didn't know I had

No. 95870

File: 1592100307967.jpg (484.96 KB, 1080x1413, IMG_20200614_100118.jpg)

The newest episode of LO reads like an edgy teen trying to write an "iNSaNe" character for the first time.

No. 95910

Sage for old and ot but as a long time fan of this artist, it genuinely pisses me off that she keeps introducing new webtoons and characters only to delete them without warning after a few thousand of us have already subscribed. I thought Light Years Away would be different, since she made a DTIYS with one of the characters, but nope. That got nuked too because she didn't know what the plot was. At this point, it feels like she just wants to create something that people will make fanart of and doesn't have anything worthwhile to tell. Not to be salty or anything though because I like her art and designs a lot but the least she could've done was put up a public explanation for deleting her comics instead of letting us scroll through the comments to find out. I'm still going to support her art but I don't think I'd be interested in checking out any of her future webtoons anymore

No. 95929

File: 1592140008274.png (1.66 MB, 720x1225, 20200614_210229.png)

It genuinely pisses me off too. I cant say that im a big fan but i absolutely hate it when artist do this for clout and then delete it without warning. She really didnt have to delete both of her comics but i guess she got embarassed because she didnt think it through. I dont understand why people dont mention how dumb that is

Yeah the portrayal reminds me of my edgy ocs when i was 13 but it could be exagerrated cuz its being told by the 3 "baddies" but if it is true then thats just super dumb and a complete 180° on her character

No. 95934

The author wanted us to view her as this "evil badass queen" since that chapter with the tape that shows her future as Hades wife… however, she never developed her character to end up as badass queen. So using the flashback and "it was already in her personality" seems lazy and a cop-out from writing an actual character's development.

No. 95945

Currently reading "Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain" and really liking it. Artwork is lovely and I'm fond of seeing the douchey guys get emotionally raked over the coals by the heroine, who's also pretty endearing.
Shame it has a limited number of chapters and a smaller amount translated but I guess it only started this year.

No. 95962

I am completely lost on what's happening w Kore in LO

I think I'm gonna drop it, I don't have high standards for webtoons but LO is a mess and boring

No. 95969

who is the artist? can't find any mention of it here

No. 95991

what the hell is even going on in LO?

No. 96006


No. 96115

Just read it Anon, really like it. Do you recommend anything similar to it? Especially the angst

No. 96194

File: 1592329108800.jpeg (135.11 KB, 1200x351, 37753037-7885-4DE0-BEDB-5521AE…)

All of them look like exact copies of each other but with different colors.

No. 96239

File: 1592390114109.jpg (4.6 MB, 4096x3072, 20200617_182214.jpg)

Who else is bothered whenever LO does these wacky ass faces in a middle of a serious moment?

For me personally it takes me out of the scene plus its annoying and comes off as trying too hard

No. 96243


Sometimes I just don't care how ugly people draw. It's good if the story is good- but god, just try drawing different things, characters can't be copies of each other, it means to me that the author know shit about drawing and it's automatically cancelled for me.
In Poland we have this "manga" author - even her fans can't tell apart her characters.

No. 96251

LOL. upon seeing this image I immediately thought this was Dress Up Games Thread

Priceless. you didnt have to blur the dialogue out. it's clearly: YUOU WANNA KNOW HOW I GOT THESE SCARS?!@?!?

No. 96264

fellow polanon here, who are you talking about?

No. 96279

File: 1592412833886.png (441.09 KB, 1158x367, noname-tile.png)

lol I didn't even blur it out, it was like that. Apparently the character was so anxious in the situation he didn't concentrate on what was being said, or something. Honestly can't blame him, I'd be anxious as fuck with a maw like that too.

Went to check the newer chapters and idk I think the quality is better save for a weird ass face here and there like in pic related. Their lips don't look so chapped either anymore.

No. 96285

>i think the quality is better
sure thing anon

No. 96296

File: 1592429266335.jpg (46.17 KB, 1080x525, FB_IMG_1592429075760.jpg)

I'm talking about Kattlett. I didn't check her work in a while (2 years), so I just looked her up and she did kinda improve, I'll give her that.
Pic related- those are two different characters, it's not a drill

No. 96382

They look so ugly i cannot

No. 96385

obviously I picked ones that don't look good at all. I still hate the art lmao but it isn't AS bad as a while ago.

No. 96466

File: 1592528946586.png (1.04 MB, 792x1186, Screenshot_20200618-180319.png)

AntixStalker is so confusing to me? It's a romance but it doesn't even feel like it's trying to go in that direction and the art is so strange? It reminds me of LT

No. 96549

Unordinary is so bad in terms of pacing. It's just drawn out, and all the characters are extreme arseholes. We see two episodes of John walking before something ACTUALLY happens. Uru-chan needs to keep up. More problems: John just lashes out at everybody (and the fans still worship him), Sera a bland block of cheese, Arselo just is an arse, and everyone is clueless to the nth degree

No. 96606

File: 1592639252241.png (626.5 KB, 774x530, mermaid.PNG)

Am I the only one who can't stand the webtoon format (compared to full page layouts)? It just feels so cramped and awkward. The only one I've ever been able to get into is The Gyeongseong Mermaid, just because the art is so pretty

No. 96611

File: 1592642860885.jpg (422.96 KB, 1080x1366, IMG_20200620_141856.jpg)

Not to be nitpicky or anything but there's just something that just feels off about Midnight Poppy Land. I'm not sure what it is, but something about it just feels so unnatural? Like a hazy fever dream instead of something that's actively happening? The art is objectively good and the writing is alright but I just can't place my finger on why it feels so uncanny.

No. 96615

this belongs in the bad art thread

No. 96632

File: 1592658176839.jpg (47.81 KB, 480x425, bojo.jpg)

What do you think about "Weak Hero"
I really like the story and characters, but art is kinda not in my taste.

No. 96640

I feel like the reason midnight in poppy land feels uncanny is because the main females face is always off center a bit, plus almost every background is a photo just put through a filter to look like it was drawn. The art style is the main reason I couldn’t get into it because it always felt off.

No. 96642

I thiiink it has something to do with how the head of the girl looks like that of a child but she has giant boobs but she's also wearing a top with a kid's pattern on it. Also the body looks really weird in that particular drawing. I dropped it when it went from canvas to featured for that reason, it does feel very uncanny.

What does everyone think of Muted? I really liked it initially but now it's just kind of meh and I'm not sure why

No. 96644

File: 1592673723371.png (3.52 MB, 1038x1443, lols.PNG)

Young blood's main protag is a generic mary sue. The author is apparently rewriting the story so I hope they change her character. Also the author gets salty whenever somebody comments that her character looks like Ariana grande lol.

No. 96654

omg her EAR and TIT
>objectively good art

No. 96667

It feels like the bar is so low for webtoon art that I should really just go for it and make one lol

No. 96668

Big agree, I might drop this one because the sameface is way too distracting. I also hate how the artist only knows how to draw faces at like 3 exact angles.

Hell, even the male and female characters look pretty similar. The protagonist and main romantic interest (forgot everyone's names) could be passed off as siblings.

No. 96792

Not to mention that the plot and characters are straight off ripped from Lore Olympus.

>main heroine is a Mary Sue with pink hair who dresses like a child prostitute

>body of main character is constantly oversexualized
>lives together with side kick friend
>love at first sight
>main guy is dark & brooding
>unrequited love, other chick is obsessed with main guy
>the main characters meet again at a party

The author even put a Hades & Persephone spin off at Chapter 4…

This is so cheap, why can't authors on webtoon make original and interesting plots and characters?

No. 96796

those are all really common tropes and overused cliches. it's not like LO invented all that shit

No. 96896

what do you all think of lumine anons

No. 96915

>>96896 i like it, really cute and funny.

No. 96917

File: 1592941917085.jpg (56.02 KB, 540x540, bojo.jpg)

Why no one posted Tower of God yet?
It is one of the most popular webtoons.

No. 96924

maybe ankns are not into korean battle shonen? I tried to read this and had a bad time tbh

No. 96935

It's kinda shitty that she deleted her earlier Webtoon to build hype for Light Years Away but still ended up deleting LYA anyway. It could be because of her anxiety, though.

Nitpick but I don't like how the entire Webtoon has chromatic aberration filter over it. It strains my eyes and I feel like it's a cheap cop-out for an ~aesthetic~ effect. Otherwise it's pretty inoffensive and the art is nice.

I think most anons here tend to overlook action-oriented Webtoons. Understandable though, Webtoon scrolling format paired with motion blur makes it nauseating to read. I think action works better in the traditional comic format.

No. 96938

It’s the best webtoon, hope author recovers :((:()

No. 96989

>>96915 i like it too, but the comment section annoys me,and the chapters are too short. it's very sweet anon

No. 96994

File: 1593006564477.jpg (131.94 KB, 780x581, img_2071.jpg)

What I find weird about webtoons is a lot of them draw teenage/early twenties girls with an unrealistic and kinda sexualised body type (True Beauty is just the first that came to mind, the convenience store one is another big one). Like huge boobs, tiny waist, thigh gap. Which is weird because webtoons are aimed at girls. Like if we compare them to old shojo manga, even girls who are supposed to be beautiful still have an essentially realistic body type (relatively).

No. 96999

I at least like that in Lore Olympus Persephone is a bit soft and squishy despite having an hourglass figure.

Afaik, the girl's body in True Beauty is just the Korean beauty standard - girls are expected to be like 90 lbs but somehow also have giant hips and boobs. In kpop irl, female idols do crap like eat only 800 calories a day then wear hip and boob padding once they lose any curve to them. Its screwed up.

No. 97020

File: 1593019285326.jpg (172.88 KB, 999x1509, 7544504bde3e779f04e5a84be50544…)

i like this comic a lot, it's one of the best narrative-wise on webtoon and has a really unique world design and aesthetic. it's the one comic on the site that has an actual grown up story, with deep characters and a worthwhile plot.

that being said…the pacing is genuinely torturous at times. the author tries to make you care about side characters and plots way to much. he disrupts a perfectly paced chapter with ramblings on psychological themes that air on the side of cringe. i stopped reading for A YEAR and binged on the hundreds of episodes only to find myself at the point of having to wait another few months so i don't have to deal with the short, meaningless episodes before another major plot point happens.

No. 97026

what's the title?

No. 97028

The fuck? Judging from the design, I didn't even know the main character was a suppose to be a teen. I've never read it, so I thought she was in her mid/late twenties. The author's standards are so warped lmao.

No. 97045

space boy

No. 97056

File: 1593041957841.png (1.16 MB, 818x1062, realistic beauty standards.png)

Jugyeong is supposed to have a chopstick body according to the author. Pic related is what she considers curvy, which is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not surprised, though, since the author also got body shaping surgery and photoshops like crazy on top of her surgeries.

No. 97057


The author looks like a blow up sex doll if I’m honest and the characters are no better

No. 97064

I hate how the webtoons stans are always like "omg!! The author looks like jungyeon irl!!1!"

Uh duh, she has a toxic beauty standard that she draws her characters in, and shoops herself to hell and back to fit. She didn't come out of the womb looking like that.

No. 97068

File: 1593054835235.jpg (341.16 KB, 800x1127, Ea4vDmdXgAE8-0w.jpg)

Anyone heard of "The girl that can't get a girlfriend"? i randomly found the artist on dynasty scans and honestly fell in love with her work! she's very good at drawing handsome women and i find her pretty funny too.

No. 97069

She admitted she uses herself as a reference for Jugyeon and draws Jugyeon to look like her shooped features. Yaongyi's real name is Lim Jukyung, which sounds extremely similar to Lim Jugyeon. It's pathetic for someone who's 29 to be writing a self-insert comic where she's a college freshman dating kpop oppas.

No. 97074

Hypothetically speaking, how much money do you think someone could pick up from writing a stereotypical straight romance slice of life especially if it gets extremely poppular on webtoons?

I’m in the process of writing a lesbian webtoon with a black mc, but I’m just so curious about what would happen if you catered HARD to webtoon’s main demographic.

No. 97079

kinda looks like shit

No. 97112

Her stuff ended up on my timeline on twitter and I absolutely love her!! I love her art, and it's great to find lesbian stories written by an actual lesbian.

No. 97137

File: 1593120031635.jpeg (611.08 KB, 1242x1275, 3349F83E-FB84-4E26-8BE8-AF91AA…)

you’d think they’d pick better advertisements for their services. this is just one of the many i’ve gotten on Facebook and they’re all badly drawn with bad proportions AND plots.

No. 97138

The Boxer is fine

No. 97145

File: 1593124964237.jpg (85.64 KB, 850x638, 0sazcndx8b351.jpg)

Bakugou is that you?

Why do ppl read webtoons, the art is the same as mangas but the plot is so much worse

No. 97151

the art looks like those shitty "western manga" that were published–where the artist is some american weeb who has never learned anatomy.

almost all the comments on the add were "bakugou???

No. 97166

That for sure is Bakugou villain version, but I don't think we should judge shounen manhwa after 10 chapters. It's all just gettin started.

No. 97167

I don't see problem with anathomy there.

No. 97182

File: 1593161377010.png (650.18 KB, 1310x525, Screenshot_1.png)

so this is probably the worst Webtoon Canvas series I've seen featured yet

No. 97183

>trans flag
> I wanna be a uwu anime girl!!! owo
I am laffing

No. 97187

Thank you for mentioning this, i started reading it just now and i love it! It reminds me a bit of "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" which i also really liked

No. 97265

File: 1593224983997.jpg (22.16 KB, 960x534, K8XhsEb.jpg)


Look, I'm usually very tolerant with the LGBTSOMETHING stuff, but this… Oh boi… this has to be a parody, there's no way someone came up with this idea and thought this was okay. Thanks anon, I am going to read this thing for the laughs.

No. 97277

This series pisses me off so much, you think the eventual message the story wants is: "inner beauty, love yourself etc etc" but the MC is so fucking shallow.

The moment I dropped was when another girl gained weight and MC was like "oof she fat now, I'm gonna avoid her, how embarrassing"

I hope the MC gets the worst fucking bad end, she's a "not like other girls" stereotype

No. 97313

>giant tits
>tiny waist
>giant hips

I'm honestly shocked this wasnt drawn/written by a man

No. 97333

File: 1593276288744.png (284.41 KB, 647x543, yea.png)

Seconded. This is seriously amazingly cute and funny and a little too relatable? I've never related this hard to a webcomic protagonist before.

No. 97345

lurked on the artist's Twitter and it's a MtF who regularly uses r/egg_irl and has a kawaii anime girl as personal avatar so yeah, it's serious.

I started reading it for laughs and it's literally about a boy whose sister gives him a kawaii uguu makeover and he suddenly decides to transition to "be a cute anime girl" and make his life less shitty. It's absolutely awful even on a so bad it's good way and I can't believe it got popular enough to deserve a banner

No. 97457

File: 1593366002269.png (Spoiler Image,990.13 KB, 1624x1300, rami.png)

What do you think about Gremory Land in it's current state?
Sorry for poor quality pic.

No. 97466

I am not too sure what to think of it… I had bigger hopes for it tbh, but given the author’s “style” I kind of knew it wouldn’t happen. I kind of dislike how much he tries to make so much social commentary on an abundance of things? I don’t know got to properly say it, but I dislike how he tries almost too hard to push that society’s harmful ideas are the blame for everything I guess. It’s one of the one only horror webtoons with decent art that doesn’t have alien looking characters though, so I am sticking to it until the bitter end…
What about you anon? What did you think of it?

No. 97476

I really like the story and art style, tho I liked black and white in Melvina more. Our main cast is pretty nice exept for Jax and triangle bitch. I hope it will only get better.

No. 97481

File: 1593384642477.png (479.33 KB, 841x584, Screenshot_2020-06-28 the girl…)

Shit, this hits close to home.

No. 97485

oh!! I love her comics!! They're so good and she captures everything so well.
Especially the wanting to be androgynous and wanting to date other androgynous women part.

No. 97500

I think the black and white worked pretty well for Melvina, but the color is more suited for Gremory. It goes with the park theme and set the ambiance. I would love to go to a park like that, minus the killer attractions of course lol.

I kind of want to stop reading for a while since the chapters feel so short sometimes though! l In a good way, but still. I really wanna see how it will end.. Do you think glasses chick that died first is still alive? At first everyone on the comments was convinced of it, but it seems she has been forgotten now lol. I agree with you on the triangle bitch though! Can't wait for her actions to bite her in the ass sometime soon.

No. 97516

I just read this, it's amazing!

No. 97532

I think you can be right about colours. She might be.

No. 97538

I can't find it on dynasty scans. Anybody got a link?

No. 97566

No. 97578

Thanks anon, apparently I'm fucking stupid

No. 97599

I loved Melvina's therapy, but so far I'm not entirely thrilled by this story yet.
The tunnel part with Bruno genuinely scared me though, so I'm not dropping the story yet.
I agree with this post. Something about this story is a bit… off? I feel like Melvina's therapy had similar themes of targeting society issues, but it was more subtle? I hope this series gets better. I think this cast drags it down a bit.
So far I only care about Bruno and the blonde girl.
I think glasses chick is alive. The way she died was so sudden and forgotten about, it reminds me of junko from dangan ronpa

No. 97635

Ooh, the reason why you can't it on dynasty-scans is because they removed it, her request.

No. 97687

Looking for the name of a webtoon that I somehow lost track of. It had colorful art, female protag who ends up working in a whimsical, Spirited Away-esque establishment. Maybe a bank? There is a brown guy with cat qualities, I think ears and a tail with yellow eyes. That was the primary love interest back when I started reading it. That's all I remember.

No. 97688

Oh also I called it a webtoon but it was probably hosted on a different site, derp.

No. 97780

True Beauty is getting a drama with Cha Eunwoo as Lee Suho. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this shitshow.

No. 97790

I hope we will be able to talk about it and shit on it in this thread lmao

No. 97799

Sock Goblin ?

No. 97851

Yikes. Such a shitty mediocre mary sue comic is getting a live action? I'm definitely looking forward to shitting on it on lolcow though

No. 97874

I noticed this trope with Asian media, too. It's always, "A really beautiful girl is bullied by people because she's beautiful. Often times, there is a main antagonist female bully that gangs up on her, has her killed and/or raped by her male friend(s)"
Two examples of this are the RPG Misao, and the Creepypasta comic I Eat Pasta for Breakfast.
I've seen it in more things than just those two, but I can't remember them. It's this weird fantasy where everyone hates you "because you're so beautiful", and issues like rape are just tossed around. And of course, it always takes place in a school setting.

No. 97876

File: 1593660085974.png (758.74 KB, 704x620, killstigram.PNG)

I think the cause of the art being so weird is the author's heavy usage of 3D models. They're fine to use, especially for backgrounds, but when they become a crutch it shows.

No. 97896

File: 1593673642299.png (331.45 KB, 800x419, 56A456F7-77E6-41B9-97CA-CCA5F3…)

Looks like Jugyeong will most likely be played by Moon Ga Young in the True Beauty drama.
I’m kind of surprised, tbh. I thought they were going to aim for a 100% idol-actor cast since Cha Eunwoo was already cast for Suho. She’s not really what I envisioned Jugyeong would look like irl either.

No. 97900

How are they going to make her ugly when she's not wearing make up exactly? If they take out that part of the story or pretend that she's ugly when she's not it's going to be even more of a shitshow

No. 97901

File: 1593679605448.png (221.66 KB, 560x458, Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 00.4…)

No. 97946

File: 1593721966385.jpg (37 KB, 500x500, yuna.jpg)

Park Yoona has also been cast as Sujin (the mean girl) in the TB drama

Probably with (ironically) more makeup. I wouldn't be surprised if they took out the part where she's ugly and instead made it so she's just plain without makeup.

No. 97984

It sucks compared to Melvina's Therapy and i'm highly disappointed. It feels so disjointed and i'm worried the creator is gonna try to pander with the LGBT/SJW community.

No. 97985

the creator has a really bad habit of trying excuse a person's flaws and toxic behavior because MUH CHILDHOOD.

In Melvina's therapy; the serial killer who butchered all the parents and left the kids alive had the worst reveal. Ziggy killed everyone's parents because his own abused him? it was so random.. and nothing ever came from it. they still acted like it was sad he killed himself. what the fuck

And now with Gremory Land, we have Bruno, who seems to be a closet gay, but acts super homophobic and toxic because muh childhood. It's exhausting

No. 98001

File: 1593759702775.jpg (13.18 KB, 225x225, bruno.jpg)


No. 98116

File: 1593876338605.jpg (60.57 KB, 798x638, thistoiletwad.jpg)

Sorry, not Bruno! I meant this dude. Haha, my apologies, anon.

No. 98138

Lol, great image choice!

Yes.. He really tries to push that agenda in his works. It was already there in Melvina’s therapy, but it’s even pushed more in this one.

No. 98151


I think what makes it feel forced/bad is that we know nothing of these characters other than their sexuality. I don't mind tropes that fall into this category of "struggles with LGBT life".
But what makes this case feel bad is that Rami and the jock guy (i dont remember their names) have no character outside of being gay (and having a small penis for the jock I guess?).
The jock guy is killed before we get to know anything more about him, with each chapter only being dedicated to how he was a bully. If he's such an asshole, why is Rami and the other characters friends with him? It feels really weird and I think it's just difficult to differentiate each character before they die bc we're shown the bare minimum to them

No. 98154

>If he's such an asshole, why are the others friends with him

That's honestly a really good point! He made these characters try to fit these weird tropes and doesn't do any real character development with them. Both Bekka and Jax are killed off really early on so why would i care about them at all? It's really poor writing compared to Melvina's therapy, where he really only focused on two real main protags at once, so it was more fleshed out. I'm still gonna continue reading Gremory land, but it's definitely disappointing in comparison.

No. 98211

we can't be sure they really died

No. 98291

Not saged for important question. Can we post there others webcomics, which are not on Webtoon?

No. 98302

>>98291 i dont think so. it says webtoons and shows the app logo.

No. 98311

File: 1594068731080.jpg (172.51 KB, 760x1300, asd.jpg)

Ok I finally read The Sock Monster (aka Socks Goblin) and I'm kinda seething at the stupid "side stories" post-epilogue because there's really no content between the main couple. They kiss on the cheek once, get engaged OFF SCREEN, and get married and have a child OFF SCREEN. I wanted Lala and Sujin's relationship to be elaborated upon in the side stories since the main comic ends at the point where they confess their feelings.

But no, we get to follow sujin's dumb loli sister and her weird relationship with the adult shopkeep REEEE

No. 98322

File: 1594074210292.png (854.87 KB, 960x960, 55961890_1411757752364047_4473…)

Anons, what are your opinions on "DON'T HATE"?

No. 98327

haven't heard about it but that shit ugly as hell

No. 98332

File: 1594081192250.jpg (36.79 KB, 350x489, nice-to-meet-you-51214.jpg)

What do you anons think of Nice To Meet You? I think it's a cute webtoon but the main girl gets really annoying at times, especially when it's tried to pass off as "kawaii, ditzy klutz!! uwu".

No. 98337

I avoid romance Webtoons. Most of them get to the front page through teen girls' views, and they're not exactly the pinnacle of quality judgement.

No. 98365

Is this art a joke?

No. 98381

Just read the first 5 chapters. Does MC fuck the orca later on? The story so far is weird and the jokes fall flat

No. 98408

There's already webcomics that aren't on Line Webtoon in this thread.

No. 98461

not yet

No. 98499

if it's like other dramas, they'll just give her fucked up hair lol

what a joke

No. 98665

Huge tinfoil but True Beauty's author only wrote the webcomic to get it adapted into a tv drama so she could meet male idols. She's a talented artist (and shit writer) who saw the live action adaptation success turnover rate of other webtoons (Cheese in the Trap, Gangnam Beauty, Extraordinary You) that were made into drama adaptations and sought to take advantage of that. Being thirsty for some male idol dick, she figured that she would write a character that could only be played by Cha Eunwoo in order to get close to (or fuck) the hottest male idol. That attempt isn't a total long shot because she's a good looking girl herself.

I don't think my theory is that far fetched if you consider that she's a huge idol fan and you look at how many webtoons were announced/made in just 2019 alone.
Link here: https://www.kpopmap.com/23-dramas-of-2019-based-on-webtoon/

No. 98666

she seems like a chaebol so if she really wanted to she could just arrange some time of meet up.

I don't think the webcomic authors have much say in which actors they want either. The CITT drama is notoriously known for going against the author's wishes, which led to a movie adaptation with different actors.

No. 98734

File: 1594383095706.jpg (21.51 KB, 256x400, bruno.jpg)

Do you know Suicide Boy, anons?

No. 98736

I feel like the author loves making seemingly wholesome moments but then backtracks and makes them really depressing.

I love it.

No. 98776

I liked it at first but it runs into the same issue as watamote. ie do you progress the story with character development or just recycle the same shit

No. 98793

sperg alert but holy shit i love hooni. idk i just wanna spoil him

No. 99122

this series was really sweet and made me cry

No. 99126

File: 1594691297083.png (132.35 KB, 400x400, Untitled-1.png)

Of course. A depressed cutie.

No. 99199

Anyone reading Clinic of Horrors? It's got a bit of an edgy tone but overall I like the concept of treating those with horror symptoms as well as the world just generally sucking ass. But I'm wondering if Webtoons is using it to roll out a new ad system as a few times it's required me to watch a mobile game ad before going to the comic.

No. 99332

think i'm ending my relationship with heartstopper here. i'm bored of teenage romances ;__;(emoticon)

No. 99726

File: 1595166633817.jpg (297.26 KB, 1067x1485, Anomaly alliance.jpg)

Can popular social media artists stop pulling Webtoons out of their ass for just one minute? I feel like every time I see an artist on Instagram or Twitter, they're asking their fans if they should make a Webtoon even when they have no story to tell. They don't even try to shoot for a slice of life. They pull a random ass plot out of absolutely nowhere and their existing fanbase just eats it up. It drowns out Canvas creators who genuinely have a story to tell.

Pic related is Anomaly Alliance made by megikarp on Instagram, which is actually slightly higher tier than the usual.

No. 100069

File: 1595346661474.jpg (433.1 KB, 1080x1789, Four.jpg)

What does everyone think of The Four Of Them? Everyone's been hyping it up to be the most realistic and relatable Webtoon, but I could never get past chapter ten. The protags are so unlikeable and act more like middle schoolers than high schoolers.

No. 100386

I think it's pretty cute overall anon, you should give it another chance, the protagonists get more likable, especially the sister.

No. 100604

what's up with the text and dialogue. it reads like robots trying to imitate human conversation, with the barely expressive faces and clunky interactions. also, no upper case? did the author try to speedrun the production or something by writing it as fast as she could in mspaint with the default font? it looks so lazy

No. 100808

I dropped it months ago. I thought the characters where annoying and the story overall boring. Didn't know they were supposed to be highschoolers.

Is there anything WORTH reading that also updates regularly?

No. 100821

File: 1595682651647.jpg (405.2 KB, 1048x1854, IMG_20200725_210832.jpg)

Not the anon you replied to, but I've been reading The Red King lately and I really like it. Plus, the art looks polished and vibrant.

No. 102455

File: 1596475747705.jpg (27.99 KB, 435x239, 88178882b21534b9bd1302a3752ea5…)

Any recommendations for a decent romance webtoon? I'm following I Love Yoo and Edith but I'm so dissappointed in both of them. I read A Good Day to be a Dog and Untouchable and found them decent, but I disliked Cheese in the Trap and Days of Hana

I started a few ones on Canvas that looked promising but they always end up rebooting after barely starting, I find that so annoying

No. 102490

I think my ID is Gangnam Beauty is a pretty balanced romance

No. 102496

File: 1596490727382.jpg (74.19 KB, 540x540, 04_EC9E91ED9288EC8381EC84B8_mo…)

Anybody read Moon You? It's about a guy trapped on the moon alone after missing the ride home, and then seeing earth explode. I really enjoyed it. Art might take getting used to, though, I personally like it.


Duty After School is also a good one, I read it 2 years ago and still think about the ending from time to time, it really fucked me up.


No. 102567

I just started reading Love Doesn’t Talk and it seems ok so far. It’s more manga-y than other webtoons and is about high schoolers though. Refund High is also a school webtoon but has a cute romantic subplot.

No. 103912

What do you anons think of Canvas Webtoons in general?

Imo they're a great opportunity for small creators to get out there, but Webtoon Canvas is way too saturated with Canvas Webtoons nowadays, with artists creating Webtoons that aren't actually Webtoons and are just some old art compilations, or a bunch of scribbles they didn't want to post on socials.

It's frustrating because I want to support smaller creators but all I can find is "Webtoon diary of a smol artist #394773".

No. 104423

Sage for old, but source? I'd like to read it for myself kek.

No. 104720

File: 1597667165082.png (537.69 KB, 718x839, 20200817_202427.png)

What are your thoughts on the recent lore olympus updates?

also wtf is up with the lower half of the paper bag and why is there a piece of bread hanging???

No. 104724

why is his left elbow longer and pointier? smh it's such an easy fix and they couldn't even do it.

No. 104730

I just found this vid about LO

No. 104774

File: 1597689661150.jpg (134.15 KB, 640x698, 3f6ea0ea1df10a8efe0bd70c13045a…)

A lot of her perspective mirrors my own and I have similar reservations about the content being directed at a young (teens - early 20s) audience.

I enjoy Lore Olympus, but I'm almost in my 30s now. It's easy for me to understand Persephone/Hades is shallow, overidealistic and inappropriate. But I can acknowledge all that and suspend my real world outlook to enjoy it as the fluff it is.

What's "problematic" is that while the author repeatedly has her own characters say, "This is wrong, the age gap is wrong, he's her boss so there's a power imbalance, they don't really know each other," it ultimately all falls on deaf ears because ~destiny~. In a mythological story, sure whatever. But this specifically portrays several of the gods including Persephone as teenagers, is being marketed to teenagers, and lord knows they will feel it excuses the same in reality. "Oh he's 30 years older than me? He's my boss? He's already in a relationship but ogling me? All this just means he loves me sooo much and is able to overlook all that!"

I bought into this myself so it hits close to home. Was in a relationship with a massive age gap and didn't see anything wrong with it because LURVE - spoiler, it didn't last and I wasted many years of my life supporting a grown ass man when I should have been out having fun and being a kid, because that's exactly what I was. Part of the reason I thought everything was fine was because media like this said age doesn't matter, even if everyone around you says it's weird and inappropriate, you're in love so it's fine! But nah. Adults getting involved with children is manipulative and creepy as fuck and I wish more media expressed that rather than "love conquers all." Because sadly, impressionable children believe and get hurt because of it.

No. 104787


I initially had some respect for the author on how she was handling the sexual assault plotline but now it's like "ooh will anyone find out?? what will happen?!?!" and multiple cliffhangers with no real conclusion they just exist to keep you reading (or to fast pass) which I think is pretty fucking gross to use it like that

No. 104819

Thanks for your input anon. I'm sorry about what happened to you, and hope you're doing better.

In any case, Lore Olympus reads like a thinly veiled ddlg fantasy but wrapped up in a package of ~true love~ and complex characters.

The fans justify the large age gap and power dynamics by saying it already existed in Greek mythology, and if Rachel changes that aspect, then it won't be the same story anymore, but why did Rachel choose that to be the one thing she kept in? She changed literally everything other than the age gap, and the assault plot is really only there to bring the ship together and create unnecessary tension.

It's so tactless and distasteful. Hades and Persephone don't have a healthy romantic relationship, they view each other exclusively sexually, with a heavy focus on each others' bodies, but because Lore Olympus repeatedly tells us (not shows us) that they were meant to be, and that they make each other happy, the young fans eat it all up. It's so transparent.

Sage for sperg.

No. 104965

File: 1597797771852.jpg (256.28 KB, 1080x1578, Edith.jpg)

Normally I don't mind 3D backgrounds in Webtoons, as jarring as they are, because I understand that creators have a deadline to meet and need to cut corners.

That being said, at least Webtoons like Let's Play and I Love Yoo look like they put some effort into meshing characters with the environment.

The latest chapters of Edith have been so… Lazy.

No. 105041

I wanted to mention how bad the 3d background are in edith

I prefer badly drawn backgrounds over 3d ones

No. 105051

File: 1597851945065.jpg (388.84 KB, 1221x1796, tumblr_p1kuorHJDP1snx7t2o6_128…)

Killing Stalking suffered from the 3D backgrounds too. I remember during the xmas and holiday chapters, everything was literally MS painted into the background and it was so jarring that it was hard to finish the chapter.

No. 105054

File: 1597853343998.png (291.15 KB, 997x621, syg7i87339s11.png)

There's no denying that these look uncanny as hell but I think what makes the backgrounds in Edith especially bad is the fact that the lineart of the characters is loose and the proportions are cartoony, so the realistic 3D backgrounds just stand out horribly.

Though I remember someone on Reddit talking about one panel of Killing Stalking that consisted of a single 3D model of a remote,front and centre with no shading or effort put into it. Pic related.

No. 105141

File: 1597911210148.png (337.6 KB, 717x840, 20200820_161016.png)

No. 105202

I recently read blood bank (completed series) which was cheesy but cute. Dont use your brain kind of BL. Right now I'm really into kingsmaker season 2. I find the characters more compelling after the time skip/their mature look is way better. Would definitely recommend

No. 105249

File: 1597950015142.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

Ok, this takes the cake. This is so lazy

No. 105251

Maybe post some pics? this is an imageboard

No. 105377

File: 1598029141571.jpg (435.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2020-08-21-18-56-46…)

I… What is this…

No. 105379

File: 1598029750882.png (404.03 KB, 782x817, Issue1.png)

To Love Your Enemy, a new Thursday webtoon, is pretty fun. The art style is similar to True Beauty (but better imo). The characters actually look different from each other and they're a lot more expressive.

Yeonhee, the MC, comparatively has an interesting backstory that isn't "I was nerdy and bullied in middle/high school for being different" and it isn't forgotten about in favor of the shipping.

Also if cheating and looking ahead on Naver is any indication, it gets into
a fake dating plot and I'm a sucker for that shit

No. 105442

File: 1598062139160.png (1.7 MB, 1242x2208, 6B1CEEEB-8020-4C8D-9D03-F2B7EE…)

Gremory Land is changing things up a bit it seems
How does anyone feel about the main cast all dying (with no closure on Bruno or the blonde girl), and this new cast of characters? Does anyone else feel going in the same path as Melvinas Therapy? I’m actually getting pretty hyped about this comic now, wondering how it’ll change

No. 105460

File: 1598089036218.jpg (113.77 KB, 1000x501, the_missing_o_12325.jpg)

Title of the webtoon is "The Missing O"

Sex can be amazing, not to mention ecstasy inducingly mind-blowing. And Eunsung knows that because 7 years ago, she had good sex (an understatement). She felt the universe crack open to show her its secrets. Too bad she hasn't had a decent orgasm since. It's been a long journey, but everyone knows, before you get to "P," you have to go through "O."

It's quite a funny webtoon, I like the quirky and loud personnality of the main girl, plus the male MC is hot. The art is wonky at first, but you can see the improvement throughout the story. Yeah, quite a fun read at first, but I have absolutely no interest for the two other couples. You have a lesbian couple which kinda comes out of nowhere (the way they catch feelings for each other is barely showed, they just fuck and oh, they fall in love. Plus, one of the girl had a boyfriend before, and it is never implied that she is somewhat attracted to girls. You feel like the lesbian romance was just introduced to add diversity, and nothing else, no depth, the two characters barely had interactions, and then the autor just paired them up)

Then the degenerate femdom sub relationship where the girl (Okjae) is quite selfish and abusive.

If you just wanna put your brain aside and just watch smut with clichéd romance, read it, but don't dwell too much on it if you want a solid plot.

No. 105467

Does anyone know that webtoons about a normal lady crossing paths with tall dark skin handsome guy? It’s been advertised on YouTube a few times but I never caught it’s name.

No. 105482

File: 1598109129965.jpg (29.77 KB, 360x450, MPL.jpg)

Is it Midnight Poppy Land? That's the first one that comes to mind considering how hard Webtoon keeps pushing it. It's been brought up in the thread before.

No. 105483

I understand the need to make Canvas available to everyone so anybody can publish their comics but I wish they would at least filter copyrighted stuff and take down shit like this that only clutters the site

No. 105508

File: 1598134997591.jpg (419.95 KB, 1078x1063, Screenshot_20200822-182340_Gal…)

about halfway caught up with devil #4 and am actually really enjoying it. mc suffers from some standard webtoon pitfalls (super smart and "pretty" underneath it all but has a tragic life situation, etc) but lord the art is nice, also 4 and 313 a cute

No. 105565

File: 1598179210888.jpg (232.8 KB, 1000x1400, 2---img_or19062010_0002.jpg)

I started Yumi's Cells despite it being long as shit thanks to anons in this thread recommending it and I like it except for its shitty portrayal of women. Every single female character is desperate for a dude and hates on every woman that gets close to their LI, including the protagonist. No wonder the comic is written by a dude

Also I second >>96606 in their recommendation, it's a very good webtoon (only available through fan translations though) even if I'm sure it will end up on tragedy for everyone involved LOL

No. 105582

File: 1598193930745.jpg (329.88 KB, 720x720, 20200823_114116.jpg)

I just started this webtoon called "Soara Academy", I think it's a re-upload or something like that.
I find the concept and art style very cute, the main character isn't exactly likeable to me, but there are very few episodes so…
"Welcome to a world where humans have bird characteristics. Follow Tony, an ostentatious budgie (parakeet) as he enters the school of his dreams, Soara Academy. Born with a rare trait, he finds himself being avoided by his peers. But that alone won’t stop him from finding true friendship and joining a flock! A light-hearted story full of birdyful romance, rivalry, and bird puns…

No. 106299

File: 1598795225736.png (316.17 KB, 800x665, 86278811_484581512183457_81747…)

I feel like I Love Yoo is starting to become like the Rick And Morty of Webtoons in terms of its fanbase.

Point out any issues with its pacing and lack of direction and you'll be met with fans who claim that it's because the Webtoon is too complex for shallow people to understand. Some fans are even calling it a "class drama on par with Bong Joon-Ho".

Quimchee keeps setting up so many different plotlines and never giving any resolution, and chapters on end are just characters brooding about life sucking.

Shin-Ae is a passive and static protagonist who never grows or changes outside her r/notlikeothergirls personality, but fans claim it's a realistic depiction of childhood trauma affecting real life relationships.

The fans hype it up for its extremely subtle symbolism that's literally a signboard behind a character that reads "poor actor".

I enjoy it, but it annoys me that fans make it more sophisticated than it actually is.

No. 106684

Same with unordinary

No. 106700

Unordinary pisses me off so much. Where the hell are the adults while these schoolkids are kicking the shit outta each other? Who the hell allowed this court system shit do they ever attend class. Why the fuck is John on par with a serial killer and not in jail.

No. 106704

The art looks quite nice, where does one read this? I couldn't find it on the actual webtoon site.

No. 106705

I tried so hard to get into I Love Yoo because I enjoy the art and the design of the protagonist. I just can't stand her or the plot though and agree with everything you said. I only got through a few chapters tho, should I continue for the art?

No. 106716

There’s a song called Moon U too, it’s in the nasa moon playlist or something. And i also really like duty after school. The ending is amazing

No. 106754

wait, you mean that kpop song?

No. 106819

There are some moments that are funny or clever, but most of it is just shoving into your face how much of a victim Shin-Ae is. If you don't enjoy her as a protagonist, it gets really fucking annoying.

No. 106868

I really liked the first couple of chapters of I Love Yoo where it was this silly drama-romance love triangle between two brothers. But then it just got really depressing and it was like, everyone being sad all the time, with no romance?

Am I insane, or when I Love Yoo first came out it was tagged as "romance," but now the "romance" tag is gone?

I just felt bamboozled because it definitely sets itself up as a romance then all the romance disappears.

No. 106873

It just drags on going nowhere.

No. 106905

Apparently it was always intended to be a drama Webtoon but Webtoon refused to let it be under anything other than romance, according to the creator…

Which is bs because why the fuck would Webtoon want to police the genre if the creator was insistent it was drama in the first place? It doesn't make any sense and sounds like a lame excuse to justify inconsistency.

No. 106913

it was never good, the first couple of chapters are "I'm not like OTHER girls" syndrome

No. 106920

that's why I could never get into it. She's such a typical "not like other girls" yet multiple guys fall for her? Like I can ignore some degree of that but it was too much in I Love Yoo

No. 106924

File: 1599281761599.jpg (147.17 KB, 960x640, original.jpg)

I agree, that excuse makes no sense to me. I feel like the author intended it to be a romance but had a change of heart halfway through. You can't tell me the first 30 chapters or so weren't setting it up to be a romance slice-of-life with some drama sprinkled in.

Come on, look at this artwork. It screams "love triangle." But when I dropped it at 150 chapters in or so it seemed like there was no romance and just long chapters of people getting drunk and yelling at each other.

No. 106934

I read it on Mangago!

No. 106957

Nah it does make sense, romance is the most popular genre on webtoon. Categorizing it as romance baits (more) people into reading it and by extension, spending money on it.

Not saying the creator couldn't be lying, but I don't doubt that webtoon forces/encourages original-creators to do certain things that are in webtoon's best interest and not neccersarily the creator's.

No. 106964

File: 1599309637848.jpg (108.87 KB, 1080x734, Quim.jpg)

Well the author is like that irl so I'm not surprised

No. 107026

Romance and drama aren't mutually exclusive. Even if Webtoon forced Quimchee to make it romance, it still would have retained dramatic elements if she really intended it to be drama. Instead, it was a romantic comedy with minor drama elements for the first few chapters, then did a heel turn into pure drama, and she has the audacity to blame readers for "misinterpreting" the comic.

She writes Shin-ae the way she sees herself – everyone else is to blame for her problems.

No. 107044

You nailed it, it certainly didn't start as a romance drama at all.

No. 107490

File: 1599696791072.jpg (130.5 KB, 225x350, unlucky-mansion.jpg)

Any recommendations for a webtoon with art style and/or romantic dynamic similar to Unlucky Mansion? Things I like about it are
>adult characters, not set in high school
>assertive and frank female protagonist, not shy or a virgin beta
>enemies to lovers
>slow burn romance
>seemingly mean love interest who is actually a blushing sweetie
>side characters are not annoying and have unique dynamics with each other

I'd love to read season 3 of Unlucky Mansion but currently the artist took it all off every platform and only published it to the french webtoon site for some reason. Can't even find the raws for season 3 anymore, I was gonna read along with the unofficial translator's transcripts but the raws are gone…

No. 107516

File: 1599705355490.jpeg (43.76 KB, 466x658, 159.jpeg)

Does anyone read die wonder?

The art stysle is really beautiful but it updates once a month and the story does not seem that interesting yet

No. 107520

I really dislike the MC but the other characters are quite enjoyable. It took a while for #4 to get to that blushing sweetie stage that I love from the masc character so I'm hella feeling it now. Also 313 and Mika are definitely gonna happen, I've known from the start!!

No. 107871

File: 1599982616424.png (699.79 KB, 800x600, bed62740f8923e65f7bedb4bd3ea6e…)

This author seems to have 2 romance webtoons with same-facey cute women with ugly, big-nosed men. (Webtoons are "In Security" and "Youve Gotta Be Kitten Me") Admittedly, ive only read a few chapters, but the "hot wife ugly husband" trope always triggered me a little. All of their instagram work seems to have the same theme.

Also one of the comics is about a guy who adopts a cat woman off the street and she wears a collar but they fall in cutesy uwu love with kind of oof BDSM themes, but uh… we'll get into that another day.

No. 107872

They're not even drawn in the same art style, ffs. I was shocked to find out that the artist is a woman, given that she draws a ton of cheesecake with her female characters while the males look like a happy merchant ran into a glass door. She's got a husband (who she calls "Mr. Husband, cringe) so she's not doing it because she's a lesbian. Maybe she's just one of those basic artists who can only draw instagram pretty girls. Or she's a pickme who pairs up hot women with ugly soys so male readers don't feel threatened.

Just once I'd like to see an ugly chick with a hot guy. I feel like that could make for a funny story.

No. 107880

Ahh that looks really nice… but I don't read webtoons than only update once a month. I forget what the story was about and I find that authors who update very little often drop their work at some point

No. 107881

That’s artist definitely has some kind of nose kink

No. 107905

I find it hard to read even weekly updated comics tbh. I much prefer to binge a completed series.

Currently reading
>To Love Your Enemy
>Nice to Meet You
>Devil #4
>Cheese in the Trap (chipping away at it with 2 chapters a day through the daily pass)

Wanna finish Unlucky Mansion but it's only on the French webtoon for some reason. Hope it gets an official English translation.

No. 107917

File: 1600037506597.png (365.34 KB, 500x500, thumbnail.png)

Imagine only being able to draw one (1) male face and you choose "long hexagonal horse face with thicc nose"

On the artist's instagram she says she likes drawing "hunky dudes and cute gals" so I guess this is her ideal man.

No. 107934

File: 1600067078865.jpg (331.51 KB, 1080x1889, Kandf.jpg)

Anons what are your thoughts on Krueger And Faust? It's a CANVAS Webtoon with 160k subs and a few million views despite only having 12 episodes, but so far nothing about it stands out. If anything, it pisses me off. The plot is "normal girl gets thrown into a wacky world of supernatural creatures and a hot guy is head over heels for her" and the art style feels so wrong in that the faces are realistic yet everything else is amateur.

No. 107937

File: 1600071067375.jpg (7.75 KB, 225x225, un.jpg)

There's a small series on webtoon called "unknown caller" which is 3 horror stories with interactive elements.The stories aren't too unique but the interactive aspect is cool

No. 107941

God, the wikihow artstyle bothers me so much.

No. 108125

Do you anons have any completed webtoons to recommend?

No. 108140

what genre luv

No. 108371

Slice of life, romance or drama would be great. Thank you for answering <3

No. 108373

File: 1600413389754.jpg (31.79 KB, 436x436, 6aabf15f4b8bd9765c0f43cdcc1e8d…)

Has anyone read this (Age Matters)? I read a few chapters a while ago but it always appears on the banner at the top of the app.

It's a love story with a "tsundere" type male, except while tsunderes are supposed to have a cute side, he seemed to be straight up asshole the entire 30 chapters or so I read. Not attractive in the slightest.

Also, same face syndrome. The lead couple literally has the same face. This is one of my least favorite art tropes (looking at you, Subzero.)

No. 108374

File: 1600413556964.jpg (31.2 KB, 350x349, annarasumanara_1186.jpg)

Not anon, but i think everyone should read Annarasumanara at least once. Its like… a melancholic drama with hints of romance, i guess? It has a mysterious and beautiful story. A reasonably short read too. Check it out!

No. 108378


I keep up with it even tho the story is kinda basic most of the time.There's supposed to be more reveals and stuff happening this season.

I binged it a while ago so I don't remember how Daniel acted all the time but he finally confessed lol

I hate the same face syndrome too.And the art at times is borderline derpy

No. 108380

I second this!

No. 108395

- Good Day to Be A Dog
- Yumi's Cells
- Love Deficiency
- Que Sera Sera
- Shall we Have Dinner
- Unlucky Mansion

No. 108401

I love this one so much, i like the main character too

No. 108419

my fav completed romance is untouchable. bastard is a good thriller and drama. also have high regards for annarasumanara and it's a good day to be a dog like the anons below. a good fantasy romance is winter woods!

No. 108429

File: 1600482362565.png (116.17 KB, 540x327, otp.png)

I've already sperged about Unlucky Mansion but I wanted to ask if you were able to read season 3. I can't find an English translation.

No. 108467

Yes, but unfortunately it is because it was fan translated in my native language…

I hope you do find English translation for it anon

No. 108474

File: 1600531917885.png (1.17 MB, 1156x1684, fdg.png)

I spent the whole day yesterday reading Cursed Princess Club, the opinions in this thread about it are polarized but I love it so much, the jokes are a bit childish and everything turns out well for the main character which I understand why everyone might not like but I love it, when I read a story, I just want everyone to be happy in the end.
I tried to read this but it was so boring and I couldn't get over the fact that it's literally Jotaro and Princess Bloom

No. 108495

kms, i just wanna finish but manga sites these days are big pussies who give in to dmca takedowns

No. 108509

File: 1600571739330.png (1.28 MB, 842x1154, Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 23.1…)

Wait Where the Shooting Star Has Fallen" english scanlation has been updated on Mangadex! I really love the art style, hope the artist can start working on it again if she's recovered from her injury already.

No. 108510

File: 1600572102312.png (2.11 MB, 1514x1036, Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 23.2…)

Just so pretty omfg

No. 108571

Anyone else here tired of I love yoo? I used to be a huge fan but after like 3 years of the author constantly going on hiatus without explanation and no consistency, and the plot going downhill imo I’m probably not reading anymore, that is if quimchee ever does start updating again

No. 108582

I binged it a few months ago and I loved it at first but the slow pacing and constant breaks do get frustrating, i can't imagine for someone who started reading it from the start. I know it's the author's work and she can go on how many long breaks she wants but no one can deny that it's frustrating to witness… I also hate how it's only been 3 months in the manhwa.

No. 108586

i've explicitly chosen to avoid it until it's either complete or dropped kek.

No. 108637

Yea that’s it exactly, the pacing is sooooo slow. Like it’s been so long and I don’t feel like anything interesting has happened, I know quimchee said the story was slow burn but at this point the wick isn’t even on fire, at this point I think she’ll either soon end up quitting or selling the story to another artist on webtoon maybe

No. 108655

File: 1600747019621.png (748.39 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20200921-214114~2.p…)

I'm fucking excited that The Man That Cleans Makeup is finally picked up for official translations in English. Here's to hoping the comments to won't devolve into ship wars and constant comparisons to True Beauty.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels this way, I feel bad since Quimchee takes the breaks due to medical reasons (or at least that was the excuse for the first hiatus) but with a team of hired artists doing most of the heavy lifting for her (she hired someone to do the line art and color while she gave them rough first draft sketches to make the final draft) she doesn't really have an excuse to fall so behind.

No. 108665

>Like it’s been so long and I don’t feel like anything interesting has happened
This, literally nothing happens. I dropped it.

Does anyone else here read Hardcore Levelling Warrior and find it difficult to keep track of everything that's going on? It's a shame because I really liked the first season but now it's just endless battling and a lot of confusion for me.

No. 108667

File: 1600767144120.jpg (139.03 KB, 1200x721, EBj0PObU4AEXlW8.jpg)

samefag, also I want to recommend The Wolfman of Wulvershire for anyone who wants to read a webtoon with adult characters instead of highschoolers for a change. It's refreshing. It's in the genre mystery (and secondarily romance imo)

>Lady Carina would rather be single forever than become any man’s baby-factory. So when she shows up at the Duke of Wulvershire's annual Spring Fling wine and dine, it’s a shock to everyone — but not more shocking than the ensuing series of murders! Will Carina make it out alive, and, more importantly, will she find herself a hunky husband?

No. 108676

The male characters all have the same face lol

No. 108678

File: 1600786307555.jpeg (370.07 KB, 2048x2048, ECq6Jz0WwAAxYPv.jpeg)

>but with a team of hired artists doing most of the heavy lifting for her (she hired someone to do the line art and color while she gave them rough first draft sketches to make the final draft) she doesn't really have an excuse to fall so behind.
>pic related

No. 108683

So many comic artists are insufferably lazy. Nobody is so sick that they can't even stick to the smallest form of routine. Fuck her.

No. 108694

seconding this. wouldn't recomment it exactly for the art, but it's really entertaining, and even though i found Carina to be a bit annoying in the beginning she grew on me.

No. 108698

Wowwwww. Where is this from? I never followed her socials
The art is so cute!!!

No. 108703

Yeah the art's a bit skewed sometimes for sure, I hope the artist approves over time.

No. 108733

omfg if i was an inker i would quit on the spot, what garbage lmao

No. 108753

I feel like you would get flamed if you'd post something like this on any social media but I actually really agree with you. I can't stand the laziness. Don't even try to make a comic if you know you can't be consistent. Either do something well or don't do it at all. I never start manhwas or mangas where I know the author does this because it annoys me to no end.

No. 108755

I agree too
A lot of artists act like the job is sO difFicuLt but they’re drawing and writing not working in the coal mines
But yea you’d get attacked if you said that outright, webtoon fans are vicious to defend their favs

No. 108757

Animation and video games don't let artists get away with being lazy pieces of shit but comics are the one few "pro" artist avenues where you can be irresponsible and not get any flack.

No. 108764

Mentioned how lazy Quim seemed once in a group of Webcomic creators and got flamed because my own upload schedule is erratic lmfao

Why do people think featured Webtoon creators are these small nobody artists who are doing this for passion and can't be held accountable? If you're getting paid to put out comics, you should fucking put out comics. It's different from hobbyists like me who don't have much time on their hands due to work but still want to make a comic. This is their fucking job. They get paid salaries for this and they still wanna play the "it's so hard guys!!!1" card

Same with Twitterfags who scream oppression once you so much as say something negative about Rachel Smythe because apparently she's a small indie creator and can't be held to professional standards. Yeah, and her work is on fucking Times Square. Think that warrants a little criticism at least

No. 108771

ntayrt but it's from this post in her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/B1g10OZHNWN/?igshid=1sh0mn3q72fg9

to me Quimchee is just lazy, I don't say she doesn't have medical issues but I believe she just became disenchanted with the comic, either because she doesn't know what to do with the story or because the fandom annoyed her to no end, probably both

No. 108794

File: 1600867032293.jpg (694.34 KB, 1080x1934, Wolfsbane.jpg)

I know Wolfsbane's got a bad rep in the thread because of the vendetta/selfposting, but I saw that it was only 26 episodes long and decided to give it a shot.

Overall, I actually enjoyed it. The art is wonky for sure, but I've always been a fan of looser styles so I don't quite mind it as much. The Tumblr faces bother me, though but not enough to detract from the overall experience. I really like how they set up scenes and compose their panels, since I've become so jaded with stiff and flat perspectives in popular Webtoons. It's very creative and interesting to see.

I can't say I'm a big fan of the characters but the lore is pretty cool. If any of you anons don't mind the bad anatomy and Tumblr style, (as well as giving vendetta/selfpost anon the attention they want), it's pretty good to read as a quick binge kind of series.

No. 108795

I read this a while back and holy shit it I hated every second of it. The jokes are something only a 10 year old would find funny and the characters are annoying as fuck. The main character (that girl with purple hair) is insufferable.

Tried the cat girl comic too but it was really fucking disturbing lol

No. 108812

Do these comicbook artists not fucking plan their stories? You don't need an extremely detailed blueprint but you should know where you're trying to take the story, at least roughly. Course-correction or a change in conclusion do happen but to have no plan and just fizzle out? These people need writing training.

No. 108817

Any recommendations for finished enemies to lovers webtoons? It's my favorite trope and I haven't read many webtoons before.

No. 108839

This is a problem with most Webtoons tbh. It's what happens when you let people who are artists first and storytellers second become the face of digital comics.

No. 108845

Yea maybe it is disenchantment, after that first hiatus I got the impression she doesn’t really care about the story or fans. Most authors have the decency to write a note for the fans who make it possible for them to have a career in comics. And considering that her story has always been “oh instead of being a nurse I became a webtoon artist” like how did she even manage the workload in college?

No. 108868

File: 1600917432805.jpeg (68.52 KB, 350x543, 2BD19AD4-7468-4058-A07F-E39CB5…)

Anyone know when White Blood is gonna be picked up by the english webtoon site? It’s been picked up in indonesian for webtoons ugh so why not english. I cant find any eng translation for the newer chapters.

No. 108886

What's it about? It looks nice

No. 109204

File: 1601206954033.png (854.72 KB, 600x860, 42780.png)

Just started reading The remarried empress. There's only a few chapters (English) chapters online so far but I like it and the art's gorgeous.

No. 109221

Anyone else here used to read to webtoons but feels like they've outgrown them?

No. 109232

The writing is often really, really bad. I want to like more webtoons but most fall so flat. I think they excel at slice of life but do big plots poorly. They need to start hiring real writers and stick to only the art parts for better results.

No. 109238

If you read comments you'd see the userbase is about 13 years old. Poor writing is simply not an issue for Webtoon bc no one cares or knows better

No. 109309

I remembered liking Cheese In the Trap a long time ago…
but when I tried to read it again recently I just cannot for the life of me follow the plot. Also too much love triangle/square/etc…I guess that’s why I liked it better as a teen.

No. 109338

A little bit. Like other's said, there's a lot of bad writing (and inconsistent art) that I no longer tolerate unlike when I was younger. But I also feel like I've reached a point where I've read so many stories in general that at the core a lot of plots are just the same thing with slightly different circumstances and it bores me. For example how many lovetriangle stories in a high school setting have I read? Too many. There's few things that really spark my interest anymore. I do still read webtoons but very few and I'm far more picky with what I read.

>most webtoons fall flat
It's funny but I used to not mind this at all if it meant I got to enjoy the webtoon for a longer time or I hardly noticed. >>109238 is right about no one caring or knowing better.

No. 109615

How’s everyone who’s reading feel about the direction of LUFF? I’m really confused about where the arechanga’s going with the storyline

No. 109718

Just started Lore Olympus even though the art is kinda ugly. Does the artist stop drawing pinup poses for every frame that has Persephone? It's like every time she's in a panel she is sticking her ass out and doing the (eye emoji) (lip emoji) (eye emoji) face.

No. 109724

Anon what are you talking about? Persephone is an empowered feminist taking charge of her sexuality! Who cares that she's made out to be a soft uwu baby who doesn't know what sex is? She has sexual agency! /s

In all seriousness anon, hope you enjoy the shitshow. Everything about Lore Olympus is dumpster fire and it's only entertaining in the sense that you're just desperately trying to comprehend how a professional featured comic can be so painfully below amateur

No. 109751

File: 1601657549737.jpg (25.5 KB, 1200x630, uwu.jpg)

Always a permutation of this stupid thot face i stg.

Did the artist have assistants from the get go? The art style is incredibly inconsistent and I'm on like chapter 6. I like some of the shape design but things morph way too much in every other panel. Also a lot of the characters look the same, no wonder she color-coded them like in Hercules.

No. 109817

wait why the fuck is there straight up rape in this wtf????? outta left field

No. 109819

Oh cool she's a teenager to boot. I fucking hate that I liked Hades' characterization enough that I stuck around till now. I'm gonna drop it here.

No. 109826

File: 1601716265386.png (1.03 MB, 720x1230, 20201003_164355.png)

Killstagram was discussed here before and its legit the worst webtoon ive read so far, I read it ironically but still. Its so bad that even the readers openly acknowledge it in the comments, theres literally no breaks for the character and if there is it always alludes that something bad is gonna happen, its just exhausting to read and at this point its just torture porn

No. 109832

File: 1601719626978.png (192.79 KB, 356x347, 20201003_180221.png)

I find it wierd that LO have no elderly or bearded characters aside from a few no named mortals its pretty wierd considering alot of greek god statues have beards n shit

pic is from her old webtoon

No. 109834


No. 109848

No. 110154

File: 1601959532233.png (2.54 MB, 1190x1314, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 00.4…)

this feels like a shitpost

No. 110155

??? you mean this isn't an edit?

No. 110159

File: 1601961376307.jpg (556.09 KB, 1080x1383, 20201006_011653.jpg)

So I was browsing a meme app not too long ago and I always get ads for this terrible-looking "beast" webcomic, usually the ads are pretty basic but today I got this ad and I had myself a hardy kek.

On another note the majority of webtoons I've been coming across lately (this one included) come across as poorly-written sad excuses for the creator to self insert herself into a world of sexy anime guys, and I can't distinguish any romance webtoons from the others. And the female leads that aren't blatant self inserts are the exact same breed of cookie cutter "uwu, h-hello I'm a shy, sweet little girl trapped in a strange world and I need a savior but I'm also a perfect badass pretty fighter gal! Did I mention every guy loves me?" It's part of the reason I hate the romance genre, every female lead is the same, including fucking Lore Olympus.

No. 110160

it is not lmao

No. 110163

what's the name of this comic?

No. 110170

File: 1601964917335.png (193.87 KB, 300x406, PenguinBatman.png)

Ah yes, the Penguin. My favorite Greek god.

No. 110172

Oh hey is this the one where the dumbass protagonist gets kidnapped by a cheetah man and then gets impregnated by a snake man and then lays eggs? If it is read further anon it's gold lmao

No. 110175

Is that the weird snake oviposition comic that they keep advertising all over Youtube? I've never read it but the art looks like absolute crap. The snakes look like an eight year old drew them.

No. 110187

Perhaps I’ve read this, and perhaps the snake has two penises and is named Curtis.

No. 110263

why is his head always so fucking big? is there a reason or is it just bad anatomy?

No. 110268

Awful, awful anatomy. The male characters' noses are also always huge and hooked as shit from the side but small and straight from the front. It's an extremely ugly art style when it comes to profiles for some reason. I like the idea of it (colors, shape language, character designs especially when they have mood swings) but these profiles I never really got used to.

No. 110271

I will say Ares looks really cool. His entrance scene made him look quite unhinged, he embodies wrath really well. I also love the way Hecate looks. Wish there was more Athena, she is just a background character which is odd considering how relevant of a goddess she was. Hera was a surprise hit with me as I did not expect to like her but ended up really enjoying her chapters. Hades is endearing for the most part but the age gap is too slimy for me to completely root for him. I liked him most with Hera as a pairing.

No. 110292

I just tried to read a completed series and it requires daily pass to read after couple of episodes. Fuck that's so annoying on a completed series with shitty English translations.

No. 110311

I'm reading through one right now. It's completed so at least I know when I'll be done with it. The English translation is quite shitty and the story has stagnated but I'm reading 2 chapters a day like a peasant…

No. 110323

File: 1602092007292.jpg (238.81 KB, 1080x1331, IMG_20201007_193459.jpg)

imagine being so lazy you use a 3D model instead of drawing a laptop

No. 110371

File: 1602128759509.png (115.44 KB, 300x300, ugh.png)

mfw Devil Number 4 publishes another chapter about boring yaoi side characters for the 3rd week in a row


No. 110375

Does anybody have any recs for any with the pretty, historical asia aesthetic? My standards aren’t very high as I really enjoyed the ridiculous My Bf is A Monk thing and read it twice

No. 110376

The Queen/Generation's Queen Ling https://mangadex.org/title/33474/the-queen

No. 110989

i hope whoever was doing the unofficial translations continues, its a pain waiting for this to catch up

No. 111037

I’m really curious what webtoon’s creator contracts look like. Another week and ily’s still on hiatus

No. 111038

Devil number 4 was promising in the beginning but it’s gone so downhill imo

No. 111040

The main couple finally start getting close and we're blueballed for side characters one of whom is literally already DEAD for weeks. Make it make sense…

No. 111042

Are they paid monthly? Feels like we getting scammed by Quim lmfao

Never got into Devil No. 4 because I couldn't fucking stand the main girl. Hanna or something? She's got such an empty husk of a personality that I deadass can't even remember her name or what she looks like

No. 111044

Me neither tbh but I don't know any of their names Especially Korean names completely miss me. I don't like her at all but I like the devil guy and the angel lady. Other devil guy that's clearly gonna end up with the angel lady is also cool.

No. 111172

File: 1602302434341.png (1.02 MB, 720x1181, 20201010_120136.png)

Ediths art srsly gets worse and worse but this takes the cake for me

No. 111173


How odd. You'd think they at least do what is common with mangaka: trace or put a convincing filter over it

No. 111176

File: 1602303803990.jpg (3.56 MB, 4096x3072, 20201010_121152.jpg)

Ares was cool until he became a joke kinda wish he had more plot relevance and wore the uniform more often

And hades is an absolute simp and it just bothers me alot i also got annoyed in a recent chap when eros said that persephone didnt have any friends and the classmates didnt like her and he just gave this scowl. You cant force ppl to like you doesnt help that its also partly his fault why they dont like her

No. 111181

god the art degraded so bad since the first few chapters. paycheck must be fat.

Does it bother anyone else that some of the american webtoons like Edith, I Love Yoo, and Midnight Poppy Land have such vague settings that are a fictional mix of America and korea/japan. The authors are clearly weebs influenced by east asian media but they make no attempt at being accurate in any way so i feel like there's a slight disconnect to the characters. It's also cringey.

No. 111183

Yeah, Ares' first appearance as an ominous but cool character has all but evaporated, he's just a weird sex joke now. I was hoping they were going to go someplace with him detecting Persephone's rage towards Apollo but nope, Hera gets to solve that one instead.

As for Hades, I do find it appealing that he's a brooding dork who worries about Persephone's boundaries and tries to give her support in a way that is respectful but attentive. He's a very safe character in my mind, unlike others in his social standing (Christian Grey comes to mind). He could be depicted as a rapey psycho who just wants to control Persephone the wide-eyed secretary but that isn't what he's about at all. I still hate their age gap tbh but I try to ignore it.

No. 111195

Ares being a distant manipulator and low-key a war general was SUCH a good concept and I hate that Smythe threw it all out the window for the sake of him being one of the many god's horny over Persephone and an overused pegging joke. In fact, the entirety of Lore Olympus is needlessly, tastelesly crass and sexual. Did Smythe really need to dedicate a whole ass chapter showing how Persephone gets turned on? Do we really need all these shots of Persephone's tits and ass? Do we really need to hear which sex positions Hades imagines Persephone in? When LO first dropped on Naver, the Korean crowd was flaming it alive for it's unnecessary sexual-ness, and the rating was considerably low for a while, but I guess LWT did damage control and now it's back to normal.

No. 111198

Wow i didnt know what bothered me until you finally said it anon, i think this is a common thing with alot of comics tbh
Fr tho i thought they were gonna utilize ares for that, im still hoping that it could still happen.

oooh i didnt know the korean crowds reaction to LO was like that, can you pls elaborate anon?

No. 111200

I'm ayrt. According to a blog I follow, the Korean version of Lore Olympus is very badly translated. Not in terms of it's grammar but the type of ideas Smythe wants to express doesn't gel well once you switch languages. Many K-netizens allegedly criticised the poor storytelling and overly sexual nature of the comic. It's not that they were against the sexual nature in itself, just that it was absolutely unnecessary ("Why are there so many shots of Persephone changing clothes/in lingerie? Why do they talk about her tits and ass so much when it's not even relevant to the story? Why do the male god's keep talking about how much they want to fuck her?"). The rating was around 9.26 I think, which was lower than all the other comics on the site. But because LWT couldn't stand seeing their "global hit" crash and burn, some strings were pulled (either the American fans rating it or LWT itself) and now it's at 9.78. It's hilarious because K-netizens are obviously not interested in LO. I had to scroll through so many pages of featured comics before finding LO, which is nowhere near the top like on Line.

No. 111211

I Love Yoo especially bothers me because Yeong-Gi is a Korean name, but Kousuke and Hirahara are Japanese names. Yeong-Gi ain't even Korean. He's Irish if I'm not mistaken. It's such an amalgamation of East Asian aesthetics with American everything elses that I just can't get into it. (That and Quimchee's shitty random humor. Istg I can't even watch interviews with her because of the time she grabbed the mic just to burp into it. The humor in the comic is equally shit.)

No. 111212

Well said anon. The way the artist portrays Persephone is so voyeuristic which is hilarious considering she is the protagonist whose sexual agency we are meant to root for. Except, the way she is framed is constantly from the point of view of absolute leering. It could be meta commentary of course but the execution does not seem self-aware to me so I think it's just that the creator simply doesn't know how to draw a woman outside of pinup poses. Coomer media rots the brain, even for women.

Tbh the subject matter is not an easy one to keep non-degen. The Greek Pantheon is littered with sexual deviancy so depicting it without any of that would seem strange, so I actually think the debauchery is probably the one thing that makes sense. I think premise-wise there are things there that should work together in theory

>the art style is hypersexualized

>gods are horny and weird
>Persephone is a fertility goddess raised chaste by a helicopter parent who probably watches Girl Defined
>P tries to live that life but is incredibly horny
>P moves to Olympus to liberate herself
>She meets horny gods and learns about different ways to live one's life
>There is a gloomy dude who's into her but is too timid to make a move

I think where it falls apart is making this a monogamous romance story. Persephone and Hades' trajectories are somewhat conflicting. Hades starts out with a FWB (and implied flings besides the one long term fuckbuddy) wants to be monogamous/exclusive. Persephone on the other hand is in an even stricter form of sexual boundary, she is committed to never even having sex in the first place. P's arc doesn't make sense to me as "from virgin to wife" because it's not a satisfying ending for a forced chastity beginning. She is going to go from being a virgin to marrying her first bf at 19. How depressing. I think the satisfying ending would actually have Persephone grow out of Hades and leave him behind to be her own person. Obviously it's not where the story is going though.

Idk, is the theme "be a good wife"??

No. 111213

Another way I could concede to the PersephonexHades endgame is if she would just date some other people before ending up with him at the end. But no, so far her only non-Hades sexual experience is getting raped by Apollo and being groomed by Ares.

No. 111263

Rachel admitted that one of the reasons she posted LO on Webtoon instead of searching for a traditional publisher is because "print companies hate feminist stories about women exploring their sexuality". She has so much porn on her Patreon that it's obvious the whole HxP thing is just jerkoff fodder.

No. 111284

LO isn't even about Persephone exploring her sexuality, at least up until now. She has done almost no exploring. It's more about Minthe's jealousy than it is about Perse's sexual journey, that's how little that shit has been explored.

No. 111288

"The Reaper and The Waiting" on Canvas is good. My only complaint is that too many panels are showing off the landscape rather than the characters and their expressions (I want to know what's going on between them gdi), but I think it works out for the aesthetic.

No. 111377

Oh god

No. 111384

erm… what the fuck?

No. 111386


No. 111390

It’s the way she pronounced Persephone For me

No. 111411

GOD WHY??? this chicks vocal delivery is just—-

Great now im reminded that LO is gonna get an animated tv show

No. 111422

The Freaking Romance trailer is equally cringe kek

No. 111424

Wait this was real and not some cringe tik tok take?

No. 111426

This is really good. Thanks anon!

No. 111455

That is how that name is pronounced in the Anglosphere.

No. 111497

File: 1602526175197.png (682.04 KB, 720x1198, 20201013_015643.png)

Ok theres this thing that i wanna point out but correct me if im wrong. Even tho rachel said that she took out the incest stuff in lore olympus, i think she forgot to clean up a bit. You see, zeus is hades brother, hera is married to zeus and demeter is heras sister


God, its funny too, i think rachel realized this error so she changed it so she and demeter are no longer sisters, it was even blatantly stated at some points in the comic! I swear to god, picture above said "I miss my sisters" her sister obviously being demeter and hestia but in her wiki it says "unknown sisters" now haha. If anyone noticed this or remembers the sisters thing pls let me know, i could be wrong but i REALLY dont think so. LO just got 100 times more creepier

Oh and ares is technically her cousin

No. 111499

File: 1602527274790.jpg (86.04 KB, 535x960, tumblr_0be25427eb1e2d359e32de0…)

Looks like you're right

No. 111504

How to unsee Anon?

No. 111512

Taking out the incest is such a stupid move imo. If you're gonna do Greek gods then you have to just roll with the gross sex shit. I don't see the point in using these characters if you don't want them to act like themselves.

Make up your own squeaky clean mythology if you need it to be PC.

No. 111516


It's weird because I really liked this actress in Euphoria and it nails more the look of a teenager Persephone rather than the slutty looking midget that she is in the comic, but the direction in these "trailers" are a mess and this in particular is cringe as fuck.

No. 111517

I don't understand why she changed everything except for the large age gap. Then again Hades is based off of Mads Mikkelsen who she's horny for, so I'm not really that surprised.

No. 111528

There's already tons of incest in Greek mythology. I doubt she could have taken it all out, like Hera being Zeus' sister for example. I think Aphrodite is the only one that doesn't have incest in her lol

No. 111533

File: 1602556192042.jpeg (53.65 KB, 548x559, images (5).jpeg)

Ok this pic from reddit is actually what made me realize that hades is STILL persephones uncle. Same anon the pointed out the fact btw

Its funny how ppl are in denial and never even acknowledges the possibility in the comments and the pic itself. I saw someone said the zeus is her uncle but somehow missed hades? hmm….

No. 111534

No he's not? Demeters only siblings on this are Hera and Hestia. Either way, it's not an issue considering it's Greek myths.

No. 111535

File: 1602556819923.jpg (68.07 KB, 1080x465, 20201013_094129.jpg)

Please stay away from Adam Driver plz.

No. 111536

man who cares since we all know the og greek gods were incestuous as fuck. honest it would be better if she left it instead of hiding her mistake. I get it, most people would rather not think about that. but lol this slip-up doesn't matter if you ignore it. it doesn't matter to the plot but these bitches made a chart. personally I dont care about the (not real) incest since everybody knows the greeks gave no fucks. Thats just what you're dealing with

No. 111537

He's ugly. Not even ugly cute. They can have him.

No. 111538

I have to disagree here because his skill are too good for the poor writing in lore olympus.

No. 111539

Sage for doubleposting I mean acting skill.

No. 111540

Oh so THAT's why Athena was in Hestia's bedroom in that one shot. Also I wanna see more of Nyx, she's the best.

No. 111545

Im just gonna let you figure it out, ok

No. 111550

If you're saying he's her uncle because Hera is married to Zeus, that's still not her uncle lmao.

No. 111555

File: 1602560791783.png (828.88 KB, 720x1032, 20201013_014358.png)

Ok but if it wasnt an issue then why did rachel changed heras sisters then?

Ares however is her blood relative

No. 111559

There is no blood relation between Hades and Persephone as per that family tree. Are you high? Then again, they wouldn't be related even if Hera and Demeter were sisters.

Not sure why she decided to change it. Maybe she decided to make the women not related at all for some future fling she's planning between some of them. Also Ares is not her blood relative because as per that family tree anon posted upthread, Hera and Demeter are no longer siblings thus Ares and Perse aren't cousins. Hell, it looks like Demeter didn't even birth Persephone in Lore Olympus, she "Created" her. Nobody is related to Persephone apparently.

Not sure if you know but Hades, Hera, Zeus, Demeter, etc. all those oldfags were siblings in the original myths so it's all turboincest. They're Cronus and Rhea's children. Hence, Hades is originally Persephone's uncle.

No. 111572

God this art is so fucking ugly. Anyone could do way better. Im surprised this shitty garbage is popular. Actually, I'm not.

No. 111661

Old comment, but can someone explain how she's sensitive about criticism?

No. 111662

Why is Webtoon's marketing so awful lately? They're really pandering hard to the tweens huh

No. 111677

I also don't get it. It's like they try to sell Mature games to Teenager or Kids.

No. 111679

God i hate girls thats sound like this, this whole thing comes off like a shitty highschoolers video

No. 111680

File: 1602681707909.jpg (72.03 KB, 1080x517, Lmao.jpg)

It makes sense I guess from a marketing perspective since they want to rake in the views, but considering the content of Lore Olympus, it just feels like pandering.

LO stans and Rachel excuse the crassness and debauchery of the Webtoon by saying it's meant for mature audiences and teens aren't supposed to read it, but is it really the case if it's continuously being marketed to teens?

The fact that Lore Olympus got nominated for an Eisner makes my blood boil. Thank God it didn't win or I'd have lost all hope in humanity.

Sharing this comment from the video because I thought it was funny kek

No. 111685

I wish i could read LO just to understand what it's all about but i just can't stand it oh my god. The art is awful, the plot seems boring and the protagonist seems unsufferable

No. 111687

The story isn't quite mature enough theme-wise to be marketed to adults imo. It's only "not for teens" in that the comic is very horny. If I were a marketer I wouldn't try to sell it to anyone over 20 either, it's just a juvenile story.

No. 111698

> It's only "not for teens" in that the comic is very horny.
Have you met any teens? Kek

No. 111703

that is why i put in quotation marks. teens are horny and people sell horny shit to them but it is done under the pretense that it's not for them.

No. 111707

There's a new webtoon from the creator of Lookism called Viral Hit and it's about fighting in school again.
It's pretty boring and unrealistic cuz there's no way videos about fighting'd get that many views in Korea

No. 111992

Oh God

No. 112002

Idk which is worse…

No. 112010

File: 1602950475932.jpg (25.36 KB, 274x578, We5Tyl0.jpg)

Because I read LO this Hades and Persephone Ficlets was recommended to me. It starts with their version of the story going into short stories. It's it's amazing how basic knowledge of the mythos and common sense goes a long way. This author who I believe is Vietnamese changes it up that Hera and sisters are adopted and Persephone was a created from clay child. There's still the 'uncle aspect' but it's played as a gag not to be taken seriously. This is their little AU short that of course the LO cult attacked them multiple times for daring to even breathe on the subject matter.

No. 112067

Oh really? What did the LO fags say?

No. 112068

File: 1602988263463.jpg (1022.19 KB, 1258x2156, m7Dwll1.jpg)

The usual how dare anyone even think of doing anything similar to Rachael. This is their note after being attacked. You'd think Webtoons would do something about their star's fandom going at creators on their platform. As this is not the first as creator of Punderworld had to also declare peace. Yet I never see Miss self insert say shit about her shitty fans being shitty.

No. 112069

the LO fags are seriously the worst fandom on webtoon. On Instagram they attacked a rape survivor because she said she hated how the comic portrayed rape, and they constantly talk over actual Greek people and pagans because Rachel read the Illiad once and therefore knows better than everyone else

Not to mention anytime you bring up any criticism they resort to Netflix Cuties logic ie "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A WOMAN TALKING ABOUT SEXUALITY??!!". I'm surprised how much Twitfags love LO and defend it to death considering the culture there

No. 112073

>talk over pagans


No. 112076

No. 112079

I feel like the same people who worship LO probably screech about Disney's version being inaccurate. But funnily even with their changes to the tale the Ficlets author is the most true to the main story. They address Persephone's absence in the real world causing winter to spread through earth and have the pomegranate but as Hades giving it as a compromise after both were in love rather than tricking her. It's a bit messy with passing I'll admit but this is due to them having their comics published in their home country and contract wise having to only share certain amounts on webtoons. Which is more than I can say for Miss has severe daddy issues being shoved down everyone's throat by the platform. I still can't get over the fact she states Hades stopped maturing at 50 100s of years ago and Persephone just turned 20 this season. Like there's dating older guys and then there's LO.

No. 112087

No. 112093

File: 1603011915396.jpg (2.97 MB, 2910x3536, 20201018_170216.jpg)

Zeus maybe a hypocrite but atleast hes right about one thing.

Hades is a simp for Persephone

I kekd reading this chap
Anon, which chapter is this? I wanna see the comment section

No. 112095

File: 1603012241516.jpg (3.3 MB, 3072x2768, 20201018_171310.jpg)

The pinocchio noses this chapter tho

No. 112099

is this thing supposed to be attractive? because damn

No. 112101

File: 1603021453286.png (4.52 MB, 3000x3000, 1603021394348.png)

You're forgetting how off-model Poseidon is. These panels were almost consecutive

Nobody's coming at you for not drawing the exact same face, Rachel. It's because you can't fucking remember what your own character looks like

No. 112107

File: 1603029378121.jpeg (36.08 KB, 739x415, images (1).jpeg)

No. 112128

The shading by his mouth makes it look like he has a tumor.

How the hell do you forget your character's features he's already just green Zeus. How hard is it to just go "fishy ears on green Zeus.

No. 112201

Anon, I picked it up because I was bored and wow you were really spot on. I really liked the fashion in this webtoon, specially what the MC and the blonde guy that stays with the femdom girl wear. The art also gets a lot better too.
Tho, I really can't stand Okjae at all, I actually was a bit invested in her relationship with Areum at first bc I thought he was a cute himbo and she would mellow down a bit but wow I'm on chapter 62 already and she just is a heartless bitch, huh? It's funny that she was so hurt by that other guy but is doing so much worse with Areum.
The lesbian relationship has 0 chemistry and I just skim read that. And the main relationship is pretty good, I even liked how the author made out the love triangle in it.
Pretty good fluff, anon, thanks for the rec!!

No. 112223

His ears are pointedly only fishy when he is excited in some way. They're shown to "pop out" in several frames when he's reacting to something. As for how the profile doesn't look like the same face as the front view, that's just the artist being bad.

No. 112224

File: 1603087718604.jpg (67.21 KB, 677x602, 5fb2039zcrq51.jpg)

Anon has a point but they chose a very bad example

No. 112262

kek Lookism is awful, the last 100 chapters are a fever dream. He keeps coming up with weird plots, it should be on the fantasy category lmao. When I read all the Eli storyline I laughed so much, it was so awful. You can clearly see the character wasn't supposed to be THAT and he just changed it like a switch randomly to get the story going/as a plot twist