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No. 164379

>what is pokemon showdown?
Pokemon Showdown is an online way to play pokemon battles with others. You can chose a random team from gen 1 to the current gen. The way to battle is completely anonymous.
>How to play
Go to https://play.pokemonshowdown.com and chose a random name that does not tie to your social media or real name. If you are bored and feel like battling other anons, post the name you chose, as long as someone else is active in the thread at the same time as you, you can invite someone to play.
>What if I want to keep my score?
Pokemon showdown doesn't save your emails or socials in order to make it 100% anonymous. You can however keep your score if you click "register" and the name you chose will be forever yours. As per lolcow rules though, it's recommended to just chose a new random name whenever you want to play to keep it from namefagging.
>Can we make a tournament?
Only if enough anons want to join.

No. 164383

File: 1634274971891.png (170.99 KB, 403x359, imagen_2021-10-15_001631.png)

My nickname over there is ehhhhokay (I think) does anyone want to play? I used to play this a lot

No. 164384

I love this game! I always forget the new gen pokemon typs & especially fairy matchups though

No. 164610

File: 1634385642725.jpg (63.17 KB, 564x1002, 12e59e4c2cb7ba48a2eccd6ae95ae0…)

i remember about this game every few years. it's so fun to play tho i used to be much better at it few gens ago when i could still recognize each pokemon kek

>Can we make a tournament?

oooh that would be amazing! i hope there will be a lot of willing nonas pipe dream kek

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