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File: 1545906219001.gif (8.04 MB, 300x545, aim.gif)

No. 21336

Discuss internet communities you grew up with or spent a lot of time on. Some off the top of my head: (but not limited to)
>MSN Messenger

No. 21337

File: 1545906536154.gif (135.39 KB, 550x400, hauntedwoods_2004_01.gif)

I think the biggest for me was Neopets. I spent SO many years on Neopets, starting as a kid and continuing on probably past the age it was acceptable. Occasionally I still try and remember my login info for any of my many accounts for nostalgia's sake, but of course I lied about my birthday so I can never get in.

No. 21338

World of Warcraft

I sunk so many hours of my life into that game and I don't regret a second of it.

>tfw will never enter Westfall again for the first time

No. 21339

File: 1545907722739.jpg (80.12 KB, 500x500, avatars-000078131455-ds87lg-t5…)

all my good high school memories are of maple story lol

No. 21340

I spent a fuck load of time play Gunz the duel and Gunbound. My favourite vehicle was the a.sate so everytime I got those damn special ones my younger self would explode in excitement. Its a pity all these games are pay to win. I suppose there would be no other way to keep them going.

No. 21341

File: 1545908736380.png (94.69 KB, 323x734, gaia.png)

Gaia Online….oof. I still remember having to beg my parents to buy me a few of the monthly exclusive items. I also remember one of my poor-er friends in high school saving up money and mailing bills/coins to Gaia to pay for a monthly item. That was (and still is) wild to me at the time. Makes me feel sad to think about in retrospect.

No. 21342

I spent a lot of time on those weeb freeforums where everyone had Naruto/Furuba/Bleach avatars and banners. They were cringy even back then, but overall they were pretty comfy communities.

No. 21343

I got my first "real" taste of what the internet truly was when my big brother would show me funny videos he found on Newgrounds. Before that I had only really used a computer at school. He also showed me how to use ms paint and I remember being so shocked that you could draw on a computer. I would spend hours just drawing cute cats. I wish I still had those pics…

Livejournal and Deviantart were my shit though when I got a little older. The party posts on LJ <3 I Also used to go on Photobucket every day for new pics of fandoms I was in.

No. 21344

>blogging on Xanga
>gaming on Newgrounds
>Habbo Hotel
>profile on MySpace, then on Bebo
>YouTube when it first came out, incredible having music on demand without downloading

No. 21345

Running a gore blog when I was an edgy jr. high student on Tumblr and pokemon dream world

No. 21346

mocospace’s emo chat. There used to be only one and it was so hard to get in and then they made 3 and then it started dying. My middle and high school years are defined by chatting

No. 21347

Omg xanga..I forgot all about it. Before that I remember something called bloop diary existing. I feel so old.

No. 21348

File: 1545916923801.png (2.2 MB, 1242x2208, 2E564577-C74D-41ED-832F-6C0B5F…)

Samefag, but for curiosities sake I went to bloopdiary. It’s stuck in time.

No. 21349

File: 1545920212731.jpg (46.36 KB, 480x371, icq6.jpg)

any eurofags remember icq? i think i stopped using it once i got facebook

No. 21350

I was a bwaby on habbo hotel. Now I think back it was creepy and I was probably talking to 50 year old men.

Also anyone remember a site called mydeardiary or something. One of the first sites I went on, when I was a kid I used to write these weird fake stories about my life on there and everyone would believe them.

No. 21351

Inklink!!! I wish more than anything I could still play. Also the fall out boy messages boards a long long time ago, pretty sure Pete wentz leaked his own nudes on there

No. 21352

File: 1545921004203.jpg (118.88 KB, 500x311, 3821132667_028510b9d2_z.jpg)

Cartoon doll Emporium (CDE). I loved the website I was on it for years. The site is still up but they closed down the online community so the only thing you can do now is play the shitty ass games on there. Totes made my childhood

No. 21353

ashamedly, i still play neopets. i still find some aspects of it pretty fun, it has that "grind to meet your goals" appeal, as well as the nostalgia factor. i spend nowhere near as much time on it as i used to, though, and the place is pretty fucking dead now, it's kinda sad considering how many users it once had.

No. 21354

i remember roleplaying as edward elric's girlfriend on quizilla.

No. 21355

i loved habbo! i played it non-stop for years. i remember scamming people and getting married.

this is embarrassing, but in 2010 i was 14 and spent an entire summer on /b/ because i wanted to impress my crush (who i met online) who was a /b/tard. i don't think he ever found out/cared about it.

No. 21356

I posted a lot of regrettable things on /b/ in 2010 when I too, was 14. I also played hank constantly in like 2009.

No. 21357

/b/ is so different now, its kinda weird

No. 21358

Club penguin. I loved it and trolled a lot of people on it. Made it a lot funnier seeing a qt penguin spout nazi stuff.
Or habo hotel with the pool is closed.

I was a kid and spent a lot of time on /b/ lol

Also, chatting via msn live and having myspace.

No. 21359

If it makes you feel any better, I've been there too. Trying to impress dumb boys by frequenting /b/ while underage. I think I ended up moving more towards /cgl/ in that time luckily. I'm too scared to go to /b/ these days, I assume it's just angry incels posting gore.

No. 21360

File: 1545939855072.png (127.18 KB, 1266x687, tumblr_oiq295HWNS1s1vxfao1_128…)

I would still play if I could get my old accounts back. There's something so cozy about it to me, but I really fell off when they started doing all the clothes and accessories and things that cost real money. That took a lot of the fun out of it.

No. 21361

Lol I don't know why that second comment is so funny to me

No. 21362

I actually just switched back to ICQ on my phone because Skype sucks now. Hearing the notification sound is super nostalgic haha. I'm not from Europe but I used it to talk to Euro friends I met on Myspace. I actually met my current partner on Myspace in like 2006 and we finally met a few years ago and have been together ever since. It's kind of embarrassing in a way because he's the only person left in my life that remembers how fucking CRINGE I was back then lol. Blame it on being a teenager I guess.

Did anyone here use the Linkin Park Community (LPC) website? Back in the day you could have a profile and write blog posts. I had a lot of friends on there and one girl from Finland even became my penpal. But nobody seems to remember what it used to be like!

No. 21363

One of my favourite childhood memories was my mom finding these paranormal websites with horrible early 2000s layouts that she'd look at with me for hours before bed. I follow a blog that posts screenshots of them now for the nostalgia factor. I also have good memories of playing dress up games after school and on weekends, although I wasn't allowed to play ones with male characters just in case they were inappropriate (overprotective mom lol).

The first site I had an account on was fanfiction, then deviantart. I used to write angsty horrible stories about an embarrassingly un-angsty series. It was surprising to revisit them recently to see I got reviews on the unfinished ones just last year.
For dA, did anyone else jump on that trend of having your dA friends listed as "family" in your description? They'd ask to be there then you'd give them and lolRANDUM xD description next to their icon. Sometimes I track down old friends from there but don't think I'll ever reconnect since it might be too weird.

Oddly didn't get into imageboards until I was 16 in 2013, so I don't count that as nostalgic. Even then I only used Tohno-chan of all places.

No. 21364

File: 1545940726958.gif (8.98 KB, 100x150, 18_0_years.gif)

my neopet account is legal lol

No. 21365

5 years ago isn't nostalgia. Late 90s early 2000s Internet best Internet

No. 21366

when did someone mention 5 years ago?

No. 21367

File: 1545941931296.jpg (12.33 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

YTMND was my shit. I used to spend hours browsing that website.

No. 21368

do you have a link to the blog with the paranormal screenshots? I used to love those kinds of sites!

No. 21369

File: 1545942881541.png (235.48 KB, 985x732, f040619a9081b2a9571c3d6cd38f37…)

I think about Quizilla constantly tbh. I would go there daily and write and read horrible fanfics that I thought were the absolute best ever. If it was alive today I would be posting garbage lemon reader x character fanfics LMAO god I miss lemon/lime bring it back

No. 21370

File: 1545942975111.jpg (29.97 KB, 320x240, kupika.com.jpg)

kupika anyone??? i was super active between 20082010 and then just stopped using it when it ended up filled with spam but it was scene kid/emo and weeb heaven and had its own little oekaki community. it was so basic looking but i moved over there from the neopets forums. turns out there was a pedo on the website called Oroboros who interacted and PMed with loads of the young girls on the website but yeah i remember it was kinda niche but it had a strong community for a little while

No. 21371

Ugh I just tried to look this up a couple of months ago. I'm sad I loved this place.

No. 21372

Here you go! They luckily weren't affected by the purge.
This is also "old" ~aesthetic~ internet stuff general.

I was the only one who mentioned 5 years ago and I even made a dislaimer that it wasn't really nostalgic lol.

No. 21373

File: 1545944098680.png (287.38 KB, 726x493, picture-262.png)

Did anyone else ever use this chatroom site called xat? Used to talk to my club penguin forum friends for hours on this thing when I was 8-9. I'm surprised it still exists.

No. 21374

Thanks anon!

No. 21375

File: 1545945489269.jpeg (121.02 KB, 372x372, 15E102E7-5522-4CFE-956F-663A0E…)

yahoo messenger will always have a place in my heart

No. 21376

oh dear good how did I ever forget about this

No. 21377

File: 1545946060410.png (249.73 KB, 624x768, comuter nostalgia.png)


No. 21378

No. 21379

omg i remember using this to talk to myself a lot when i was a kid. my parents used to use it to talk between home and work, before texting on smartphones was a thing. i would read their messages and send them those animated voiced emotes and stuff too. my dad and i would just click on them and imitate them and laugh. i still remember a ton of them.

>it's ten o'clock, do you know where your brain is?

>do us all a favor and unplug your computer NOW.

and who can forget the happy tree friends emotes.

No. 21380

I miss xanga so bad and im so annoyed that its basically all gone.

No. 21381

Oh shit my nigga. What up, you had to have god hands to play that game.

No. 21382

otakuzone, yaoihaven, and gaia. i roleplayed a lot on oz and drrr.com
i regret missing out on neopets and club penguin

No. 21383


No. 21384

I was lucky enough to start using the internet around 2001/2002, so communities were small and fun. I used yahoo chat/cheetachat and AIM mainly. I got a livejournal and connected with friends. Man, i really do miss it all. I still keep in touch with some people and we've all grown up together, which is cool.

I just feel like FB doesn't have the same connection that LJ had, especially the comms there. I met a lot of people through AIM that i ended up friends with irl years later. The internet with so young.

No. 21385

gaiaonline was my life as a preteen. it was such an innocent time and appealed to my innate weebiness. people treated me with so much respect just because I had a few of those pay to win items (like the edgelord scarf).

that all changed when I found 4chan through a link on the gaia forums. IIRC, it was in someone's signature? it was in 2005-6 and after that I was pretty much ruined. any innocence I had was totally lost as I frequented /b/ most of all. I even participated in a few of the stupid habbo hotel raids. eventually I moved on to /v/ which also ruined my perception of video games but at least I wasn't being exposed to gore and dead animals constantly (which at the time, didn't bother me, but now 10 years later bothers me a whole fucking lot).

never got into neopets or anything, the majority of my time was spent on gaia, deviantart and 4chan, and assorted other forums. but once I got a boyfriend in 2008 my time on these sites tapered off and I was hardly online anymore. when we broke up and I did start using the internet more, I stopped going to 4chan except for /adv/ and /r9k/ occasionally. but 4chan had lost its edginess once I was an adult.

No. 21386

File: 1545963743554.jpg (108.16 KB, 1280x631, atoc33aj1d311.jpg)

addictinggames.com, bloons tower defense was my jam.

No. 21387

Dress up games (Roiworld was my shit), Barbie/Bratz/Polly Pocket games, Adventure Quest, and Room Escape Games were some of the big staples for me when I was a kid. Also pretty much any flash game aggregate website – I have fond memories of getting an entire computer lab of eleven-year-olds to play some horror games on BubbleBox when I was in sixth grade, and getting in trouble when they all started screaming at the jump scares.


Much like >>21343 my first "real" taste of the internet was watching funny videos with my brothers on Newgrounds when I was ten. Before that I only ever played offline computer games on our family's pc. Shorts to Wear Pants To, LazyMuffin, Attack of the Evil TV, etc. were some of the first things I watched on the internet.

>Gaia Online

I still have my account that I started ten years ago. Every couple years I'd get embarrased of my posts/art and delete them, and I wish I never had. I'd love to look at my old playlists and read my old stories. I'm a chronic deleter unfortunately and always delete shit. Same with my deviantart, my old Fanfic.net account, etc. I have a ton of Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider fanfic that's been lost to the void.

You just reminded me of all the times me and my mom would watch shitty low-res "real ghost" videos on youtube together when I was around ten. I'd insist that they didn't scare me, then later that night my mom would find me laying wide awake in bed, still insisting that I wasn't scared lol.

No. 21388

File: 1545970774007.png (165.17 KB, 1109x599, 117.png)

No. 21389

File: 1545976836221.png (353.49 KB, 758x580, captcha.png)

NP seems like a huge mess now. Tried to look up some of my old accounts and it wouldn't even let me do that without registering an account. Then once I did that I had to do captcha EVERY single time I tried to search for something. Plus it's got a christmas themed mouse and christmas flash music in the background of the website….what?


No. 21390

I was trying to remember how this site was called to look it up but I couldn't.i would like to go back and remember the cringy stuff i was reading.rip quizilla

No. 21391

Play FKiss Dolls
Winmx to download music and chat
AOL anime mailing lists

No. 21392

File: 1545981042007.png (343.91 KB, 1351x663, irc.png)

(random pic from google)

No. 21393


Omg anon, thank you for the nostalgia trip - that second link has a gif downpage from anime web turnpike that I had completely forgotten about until now.

Oldie here, and I remember starting my fandom and internet days on e-mail lists and fan sites. Started with free sites like Geocities, then most of the best ones started getting their own domains. Utena.net was my jam.

No. 21394

Yes! I miss dollz/pixel art communities so much. Mini room makers, too.

No. 21395

I used to love dragonball z when I was a kid so I remember going to all to these dbz fansites, one of them was Temple O Trunks

No. 21396

Me and my best friend used to write A7X and MCR fanfic on that site. Was so sad when it all got deleted. I was a pervy weirdo at that age lmao

No. 21397

Samefag but does anyone remember VampireFreaks? Used to love browsing members on there, so many awesome hairstyles.

No. 21398

Around 98-99, when it first exploded in the US, I was all about Pokémon. I was ~13. I used to visit all kinds of shitty old websites with GameShark "codes" and shit. I'd read tons of fanfics and fanart and even submitted my own. There were so many shitty little xpages, geocities, angelfire websites related to pokemon back then and I could never get enough. Eventually I landed in probably my first real forum called TRHQ (TRHQnext? I think? I have a bad time finding anything about it 20 years later) It was a lot of fun.

There were sub forums for other anime and fanart and that's how I ultimately got into all that Japanese crap that I still love today.

Another internet nostalgia thing for me will always be AOL, like the actual web client with the built in browser and "you've got mail!" email. I used to go in the chatrooms as an adolescent girl, and now I just shudder thinking of what kinds of creeps I was probably talking with on a regular basis.

No. 21399

File: 1546196515985.jpg (2.47 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20181230_105816251.j…)

Omg anon I thought I was the only one who remembers the crappy paranormal websites of yore. I remember one in particular had like 3 videos on a white background and I would get so creeped out by myself in the dark watching them. Some of the photos are still v famous and I get a lil nostalgia kick whenever I see them. This would've been circa 2000 probably? Give or take a year or two

I wish I could find that site again

Edit: I just read your other posts and you linked tumblr kek nevermind

Anyone else play the Cartoon Network Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort games? I can still remember how it sounded when the characters walked! Reminds me of being like 8 amd playing this with my best friend in our swimsuits going back and forth between swimming and this. Ahhhh memories

No. 21400

Me too.
I remember going to some goten shrine and finding out the creator of the page lived in my state.
I also used to read 'lemon fics'
I remember getting off to a fanfic of Turles raping bardock or vegeta or some shit.
12 year old me was cringey as fuck.

No. 21401

>that edit
lol. Are you just anti-tumbleweed? I was still originally talking about looking at those early 2000s html homecooked paranormal passion websites, that tungle just posts screenshots they find of similar sites either through digging/the wayback machine. Things I'm admittedly too lazy to do.

Mom and I looked at them around 2005-2009-ish though so perhaps things were very different even then. Sorry to disappoint.

No. 21402

File: 1546197222015.jpg (247.11 KB, 1400x800, ROSE-Online-Mobile-classes.jpg)


I get super nostalgic and sad that MMOs each have their heyday and would last perhaps a summer before people got bored or the game was ruined by greed. I wish they were all just universalised into one big meta world.

I would go back and play my first MMO Rose Online but they've blocked access from anyone in Europe.

No. 21403

File: 1546201205209.png (564.31 KB, 590x608, disney.png)

I was more of a disney gal myself

No. 21404

File: 1546201745408.png (857.88 KB, 750x908, 2018-12-31 07_28_00-bakura.png)

>tfw you will never again stumble across a geocities-hosted anime character shrine with a Linkin Park midi playing in the background

No. 21405

the lizzie mcguire game was my life

No. 21406

File: 1546202051683.png (488.23 KB, 600x665, a40.png)

>tfw spent 200+ real dollary doos of my parents money on gaiaonline
>get permabanned for dumb shit

No. 21407

wow anon, the happy tree friends things were the best. this whole playlist is bringing back so many memories: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0E700035987701DD

No. 21408

File: 1546202848602.gif (210.89 KB, 300x400, giphy.gif)

I also loved meez lmfao

No. 21409

not gonna lie, i fucking lived for that. it was stupid and a complete waste of time but it was great

No. 21410

anyone remember foamy the squirrel? my parents were hard core christians growing up so I had to find ways to act out, like looking up stupid edgy shit like salad fingers and foamy flash videos

No. 21411

I always think of the “stigmata” episode haha. I used to love Foamy! Recently rewatched the salad fingers series and was sooo horrified. How was I not freaked out about that as a tween?

No. 21412

I spent way too much time browsing the IMDB boards. For nearly a decade it was my go-to site when I was bored, it never took me long to find something interesting, funny, or just plain batshit. I especially liked visiting the Fight Club board (because of the sheer amount of stupid shit in there) and the ones for niche/artsy movies. I'm still sad they got shut down.

No. 21413

File: 1546206785948.jpeg (73.88 KB, 422x454, 569a45a8b689f.jpeg)

Fellow Neopets vet here.

You can get rid of any holiday theme by going to your account settings and turning the theme option back to default.
If you install ad blocker it gets rid of the constant captchas, downside is you're not able to look at userlookups or things like that. But everything else is still usable.
Advent calendar season is my favorite because it's a lot of easy neopoints and it's fun to see what the team gives away.
I started replaying with my old account (2004) back in 2012. I've managed to paint all my pets all the colors I wanted as a kid so nowadays I can focus on the actual content. I'm not super serious, but I do like collecting and having things to show off.

I started playing old school runescape again since last week when I found out they have it for mobile. I still prefer playing on a desktop.
I've been quest grinding so if any one of you needs a partner to finish that damn shield of arrav quest I'm all in

No. 21414

File: 1546209500277.png (454.06 KB, 719x486, screenshot_lg_02.png)

I spent most of my afternoons on Habbo Hotel. I probably spent more time posting in the forums than being in the hotel itself. I made quite a few friends on those forums. I tried logging back into my old account but then I remember I was banned until 2030 or something and finding out that every country's hotel merged into one. So sad

No. 21415

damn this prompted me to check out my old gaia guild. i spent a lot of time there when i was 15-17, we were a pretty active and tight-knit group. it's crazy that it's over 10 years later and people still post occasionally to update everyone on how they're doing. some members ended up getting married to each other! i might cry that was too wholesome.

No. 21416

File: 1546212034073.jpeg (208.48 KB, 584x365, download.jpeg)

Fuck, props anon, you nailed that description.

I always hated these things when I was younger because all the ~pRePs~ used them on AIM. (Also it took a lot of google image surfing to find these. Did these things have a name?)

No. 21417

File: 1546212315204.jpg (350.89 KB, 564x423, virtual_magic_kingdom__1.jpg)

im probably the only one here but i spent my junior high years playing virtual magic kingdom until it closed in late 2008 i think. there wasn't really much to do other than make friends and be bitchy to those with less "rares" than you.
i have fond memories of it, my best friend would come over and play it every single day with me. she died in 2013 so it brings a smile to my face thinking about all the hilarious times we had, even getting ip banned for 3 months for trolling too much once.

No. 21418

File: 1546212468838.jpg (119.12 KB, 468x226, cb_alldolls.jpg)

eLouai candybar!

No. 21419

File: 1546213144831.png (125.56 KB, 1138x514, Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 4.35…)

That's so sweet anon! It's nice to hear about when people make real connections like that. It makes those silly internet communities feel less trivial.

I still have friends I met on deviantART/Oekakis back in the day that I've never met in person but have remained in contact with over the years. Oekakis to devART to AIM to Myspace to Facebook to Tumblr and Instagram over 13+ years.

Speaking of which, anyone else part of the Titans Go Oekaki back in the day? I really miss the Oekaki community.

No. 21420


Holy shit, TGN! I never drew but I LOVED the oekaki, there are some artists I STILL follow that I discovered there.

Did you spend any time on the forum? I was SUPER active on it. I still remember racing from the TV to the computer to post in episode threads. I think I still have all of Haunted memorized.

No. 21421

I played VMK until it closed though I discovered the game kinda late. it was really great though. someone rebooted the game a few years ago but there was so much drama involved.

No. 21422

File: 1546213960335.jpg (130.14 KB, 500x397, 1750526838_3c45921d1a.jpg)

Did any farmers play Millsberry when they were young? I used to love customizing my avatar and decorating my house. It's long gone now and I can't find any online games that are similar. I wish I could play just for nostalgia's sake.

No. 21423

Def not the only one, actually I remember myself and some farmers were talking about it in a similar thread about a year ago, and we all met up on the MyVMK reboot. I had some great memories there too. I used to scam the "bay.bee"s lol

I feel like the hotel was never the same after the merge. I was part of Habbo Canada which was a really cozy and small community back in the day. I liked how it was common to run into friends and people you know just browsing through rooms

No. 21424

aha oh fuck.
i tried myvmk a bit but was pretty empty and it lost my interest fast. the forums seemed pretty cliquey which made me lol. what was the drama involved?

No. 21425

e-dolls, cartoon dolls, blinkie dolls etc

i remember being friends with this uber religious jewish/christian girl(her mom practiced judaism and was jewish but converted to christianity iirc when she married the girls father and they went to a christian church) and we got on the computer in the living room and one of those doll websites was the only website we could access and even then her mom was coming over creeping around making sure there was nothing "inappropriate"

candy palace or doll palace or something
i made the mistake of googling that once though and unfortunately it seems there are a ton of practically CP or "kid modeling" websites with those search terms so i havent googled it in forever

No. 21426

i do remember this! the look of the avatar brings it back to memory. i would have forgotten this completely if you hadn't brought it up, thanks anon

No. 21427

File: 1546216896484.jpg (104.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I played this and my mom played it as well lol, somehow she was more into it than I was.

No. 21428

I don't remember the full details but before myvmk opened it was originally called openvmk and ran by two people named nick and amy. after openvmk opened there some mod name grace said that amy put a virus into the game so nick fired amy. then amy put out some statement saying that it was a lie and for the most part everyone believed her so amy just made myvmk while nick closed openvmk for good. most of the drama on myvmk seems like it's over Amy and the staff members behavior. I don't get how the game has so much drama when there aren't that many people playing it but eh.

No. 21429

i found a drama/confession tumblr for myvmk in the last hour.
these people sound pretty unstable, i guess its a given for being so invested in a bootleg disney game lmao

No. 21430


I REALLY miss the IMDB boards and there isn’t a good replacement for them. I tried some subreddits but they all suck. No ones gets into the super discussions like IMDB did. I also felt like everyone was pretty friendly there. :(

No. 21431


Agreed, anon. It was really the only place left to discuss stupid minutia in films for those who cared. I loved the artsy film boards.

And yes, filled with mostly friendly and thoughtful folks so long as you weren't on any actor's page (is he gay?!?!?!!!) or a newly released film's board that attracted all the trolls.

No. 21432

ahhhh! i loved those so much. i was huge into pixel art was was insanely immersed in the community. i styled my pixel art after candybar.

No. 21433

File: 1546229613593.gif (5.83 KB, 370x329, freeppp.gif)

Anyone here from pre-www days? When the internet was pretty much Usenet, MUDs, and listservs, and image files were encoded in binary?


A piece of my soul died with them.

No. 21434

File: 1546230632895.png (222.01 KB, 525x263, 525px-Pebbles_Quarry_Adventure…)

did anyone go on postopia.com?

No. 21435

File: 1546232215926.jpg (79.91 KB, 1024x709, Winmxscreenshot.JPG)

did anyone ever use winmx chatrooms? it was a p2p program but i used it almost exclusively for anime chatrooms.

No. 21436

I used to hang out on chatango a lot back when I went through my edgy teen phase. I don't know what it's like now since I haven't been in a long time but when I used it, it was full of other edgelords and roleplayer weebs. I also spent time taking anime character quizes on quizilla and an ungodly amount of time on fanfiction.net. I had a really weird obsession with Tales of Symphonia so most of my fanfiction consumption consisted of that. I had a gaia account for a few years but abandoned it. I don't think I even have the email I used to sign up for it anymore.

No. 21437

im a little old for that but my little brother used to play that damn waffle game and the sound effects still get stuck in my head from time to time

No. 21438

File: 1546238070471.jpg (24.45 KB, 384x384, hackerman.jpg)

Dang, was Gaia pretty ban-happy back in the day? I got permabanned too because I bought a rare item from someone who had apparently stolen it from a hacked account
>you have an item from an account that was hacked
>you must be involved in the ~HACK~ even though you paid for it!!!!

No. 21439

File: 1546239265741.gif (28.14 KB, 199x158, 42b.gif)

This layout triggered a long buried memory of the vague fandom trivia site Pocket Bishounen. I have no doubt there is also an entire page of bishies this person caught.

No. 21440

I used to spend way too much time on sites like lelola and the sonic foundation.
Also xanga and lj. I got so into customizing my blogs. I roleplayed the shit out of all sorts of characters on xanga.

No. 21441

File: 1546240338384.jpeg (12.35 KB, 337x150, download.jpeg)

Webrings! How 90% of the time they were dead links lol

No. 21442

Chatango is still very much around! The stream sites I've frequented in the past few years all use it as the site chatbox.

No. 21443

I still find myself playing that Ice cream factory game, Solitaire or Pyramids on Neopets every now and then. I never gave a shit about the lore or the story or anything but the games were fun and offered a nice challenge. I stopped playing around the time (maybe 2006?) they introduced NeoCash and changed the sprites to those ugly ass ones they have now in order to enable customization clothing. It was such a fucking joke, the paint brushes were special because you could change the sprite but now they'd all look like shit so there's no point in getting one. It was impossible to get nice looking clothes for free too, you were stuck with the cheap looking freebie ones and those neocash items were pretty damn expensive. Like 15-20 dollars for a shirt? Even on a microtransaction level that's ridiculous.

oh hell yes pocket bishounen and pocket bishoujo, I used to get all my husbandos and waifus and stick them to my homepage back in like.. 2001-2003. For anons who don't know, in order to catch the character you had to answer 3-5 questions about them on their catching page and if you got them right, it would redirect you to the page where you could get the embed code for the character. I still remember one of my favourites having some answer wrong and being so pissed off about it because I couldn't catch them until I tried every combination possible.

No. 21444

File: 1546251205644.gif (7.25 KB, 150x150, moehog_darigan_baby.gif)

Gdi, this thread has caused my 426th Neopets relapse. I wish I could quit you. My dumb monkey brain is filled with so much useless neopets info from the bajillion hours I spent playing as a kid.

What were your dream pets when you were young? For some reason I was obsessed with the idea of getting a Darigan Moehog, which is v ugly in retrospect.

Yeah, it's a goddamn mess at this point. It seems like there are so many obvious solutions to make the website less of a disaster.

I don't understand why they don't give people the option to switch between the new and old style for those who want it. I have backgrounds on my pets but no other customization, so I have no use for the "new" designs. Apparently the reason the site is so slow and broken with all the captchas is to prevent people from doing massive scans to find abandoned accounts to steal and sell. There's a market for UC pets that people pay real money for. If they gave people the option to chose the style it would remove the need for that market, basically killing 2 of their many birds with one stone.

And the birthday verification is so dumb, every one of my friends I played with lied about their bday when they started their accounts. I know I'm not the only adult who tried to login to their first account just for fun nostalgia's sake, but it's absolutely impossible between the fake birthday and the totally dead email address I used as a kid. They could have hooked those sad nostalgic adults (me) into playing again, and there would probably be less abandoned accounts for people to try and steal if it wasn't such a nightmare to try and login.

Alright, that's enough sperging about np for now.

No. 21445

File: 1546268607258.png (66.43 KB, 512x384, 9D4704D0-68F1-44C0-9D87-B24319…)

The palace was amazing to me when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I don’t think it’s that well known, sadly.

No. 21446

I used to love pageants. I still remember preps, then uni, then des dolls.

No. 21447

Isn't vampirefreaks still active

No. 21448

File: 1546270318467.jpg (38 KB, 500x380, blogisketch50ftwoman.jpg)

Not anti-tumblr at all, sorry if it came off that way. I was more scoffing at myself bc I was wayyy off thinking we were talking about the same sites! Bc Tumblr didn't come around till much later. Sorry for the confusion and sounding like a bitch

The really shitty ones that we're referring to must've been angelfire or something lol
Your mom is super cool and that sounds like a good memory btw!!

My first introduction into discussion forums online was PBnation through my big brother. Then SomethingAwful forums. :regdate '07: Anyone remember iSketch? Shoutout to my first ~online bf~ at age 12 whose self-chosen screen name was anonymous. I find that hilarious in the current days of chan and anons. Kek

I used to be really good at iSketch although now that I'm grown I can admit I learned the word lists haha. But people would get creative in "advanced" rooms where everyone knew all the possible answers from playing so much. Drawing out multiple pcs for compound words, using puns, etc. I can still remember exactly how the song sounded on the loading screen. Haven't thought of this in a while thanks thread!

No. 21449

Yeah they were called Dollz. Their creator actually wrote a piece on how she created them and how they evolved. It's a fun read for anyone who's into internet nostalgia

No. 21450

I loved isketch when I was younger and specifically bought a tablet to draw for that game. The memories wow

No. 21451

File: 1546277968219.jpg (24.32 KB, 376x255, planet_ten_wb.jpg)

There used to be this old game you needed Shockwave to play called Planet 10 where you got to make a planet, choose it's atmosphere and orbit and stuff then see if life grows on it or it crashes into the sun or something. It was great.

No. 21452

File: 1546282840123.png (92.77 KB, 700x916, EB878159-9821-42B9-8AAD-345A9D…)

I miss the fuck out of anime web turnpike. It was glorious finding a proto anime wiki as a young weeb. The best was being able to listen to the opening and closing songs (almost impossible back then without owning the OST) over and over and reading character trivia. I memorized every little info about Rurouni Kenshin and Gundam Wig Characters characters.

No. 21453

I miss my boutique on Girlsense so much :( It even got featured on the main page once, it was a huge moment for me. Too bad the website was shut down just months after I signed up. God, I really miss those times.

No. 21454

omg I totally remember this game

There seemed like there were so many cool flash games that were educational but they're all gone now. I remember using my dad's laptop satellite internet card (it was a card that let you get internet anywhere that you plugged into a laptop) during a road trip and then going on the BBC website to play their edutainment games. I feel like they're all gone now because those would be so fun to play again.

No. 21455

i was on there daily omg

No. 21456

Omg me too! Bless my father for shelling out $80 for a Wacom Bamboo tablet that I barely used

No. 21457

im pretty sure most of the people who got so famous on VF arent even goth anymore tbh theyve moved on to other subcultures

not gonna lie im thankful to the site for introducing me to the birthday massacre though because they're the nicest band even still to this day

No. 21458

NTA but I REALLY wanted a cybunny, just any cybunny. My dumb ass always forgot to log in on Cybunny day so it never happened. I liked the fairy and baby brushes the most.

No. 21459

File: 1546296891111.png (389.87 KB, 2416x1102, trsrockin.png)

I remember spending a lot of time on this site TRsRockin which talked about Missingno and other Pokemon glitches. There was also a section for cosplay and fanfiction and that was the first time I encountered those as a young weeb.
It's still archived here: http://catfish.it.cx/trsrockin/trsrockin.com/
Girlsense was my life! That's awesome that you got featured, 10 year old me would have lost my shit.

No. 21460

File: 1546301956913.png (423.64 KB, 1440x1663, Screenshot_2018-12-31-18-18-22…)

Holy shit this website… I was obsessed with glitches and bootleg toys for a long time. I think TRsRockin was in my bookmarks toolbar lol
Along with David Wonn's Unique
Video Game Glitches.

No. 21461

Same anon same. Shitty geocities anime fan sites and that tripod sailor moon chatroom ugh

Yeah I had that realization a few months ago, what’s more shocking is that I still remember my login info after 18 years

No. 21462

Does anyone else remember sites like the Orange Slice BBS, and other sorta….early 2000s forums that weren't exactly themed but gathered together young/teen girls who were super into web design, pixel art, and stuff like that? All I can find is this dead version of one of the mod's websites: http://www.candied.net/index0.html

It's funny, there really was this whole world of girls who were super into coding and web design and we really had our own world. I had to grow up to realize those were "boy" things. There were some really talented girls there too, with some fantastic looking sites.

No. 21463

Can we talk about old trends? I remember a lot from Livejournal

-usernames with a shitton of underscores, like _________stardustgirl
-so many icon trends! Tiny unreadable text, that moment when everyone stopped using a 1px border around them, when everything went from piled-on textures to HD interestingly cropped color-saturated screen shots, blue exclusion layers
-making sure your interests had a ton of unclickable ones because you were the ONLY person with that particular interest
-So many fic challenges! 15 minute fics, one-sentence fics, song challenges…
-Fandom cartoonists that have been totally forgotten but were briefly HUGE. Wizzart, that mspaint HP one, and there was a Potterpuff thing? And iharthdarth, which I kinda still think those Vader's Little Princess books ripped off.

No. 21464

i miss 2001 barbie.com

No. 21465

File: 1546346245891.jpg (74.22 KB, 705x547, polly.jpg)


If you scroll down, you can see shots of the old Barbie.com games. Sadly the links do not work anymore but it's still a fun trip down memory lane.

I was always annoyed by Polly Pocket's face, she looked so smug IMHO lol

No. 21466


Having to get a code.

>making sure your interests had a ton of unclickable ones because you were the ONLY person with that particular interest


In the same vein, starting communities based on obscure interests.

My LJ is still up, but all of the images beyond the first few pages are broken because my friend's server died and he didn't have a backup running hisss.

No. 21467

File: 1546353827703.png (75.22 KB, 800x346, bye tribe.png)

Tribe.net, anyone?

[goes to check account]

Holy shit!

No. 21468

I loooved pocket bishonen!!! I collected everyone from Weiss, especially. It was such a silly, but fun website. I used to display some of my badges on my livejournal or geocities site.

No. 21469

I remember LJ comms where you can make little icons of what you loved and display it on your main page. hahaha

Also, i totally did the underscore thing, especially back on yahoo chat.

No. 21470

No. 21471

I went into the sailormoon chat rooms and I had a dbzmail account.
I would spend hours in there larping as pikachu and meeting people and generally being a cringy kid.
I was groomed by a pedo on there at 12 and he started talking to me on msn. I used to make naked videos for him with the webcam and my parents found them and sent me to a therapist and it was the most embarrassing and saddest thing ever because I thought he was my boyfriend at the time.

No. 21472

I spent most of my youth on Quizilla and wrote a lot of shitty fanfiction and "quizzes" related to whatever anime I was into. I read a lot of wwyff/wwffy quizzes by nietono-no-shana and I think a user called galaxa13/purple529? I was way too into it. I also loved Pixie Hollow but that was short lived. I wish they'd bring it back. I was kinda into Neopets but it wasn't as fun as wasting time writing a story on Quizilla, which was so buggy that half the struggle was just trying to post the damn thing without it freezing and deleting it.

No. 21473

If that's the case maybe I'll give it another go. Would probably take a new account though given I got my old chatango account at 12 and yeah there's a lot of cringy things attached to it, username and all. I still keep in contact with some friends I made on it and it's kinda cute.

I wrote lots of horrible fanficstions too. Luckily I was too scared to publish them so they only circulated amongst IRL friends who were into the same anime as me. Sometimes when I feel up to it and want a kick of nostalgia, I give writing a go again and let friends read it for good old times. Makes me wonder if my favorite stories are still up on ff.net. Knowing teenage me, it's all probably poorly written angst.

No. 21474

That's so cute and wholesome! I had a similar experience with my old online friends too.

Does anyone else find it harder to make sane online friends now? The internet was smaller back then but the weeby friends I made were still mellow and well adjusted. The people I meet now seem to hide their craziness until shit hits the fan. Maybe I'm just getting old.

No. 21475

I really hate how everything is so centralized.
I hate Discord especially. Give me forums and small independent chatrooms back.

No. 21476

The pedo thing happened to me too, exactly like you I thought he was my boyfriend. Thank god your parents stepped in. The internet can be such a dangerous place, I do miss MSN tho, loved it

No. 21477


No. 21478

damn girl I was a gore blogger too on tumblr when I was 13-16. I wonder if we knew some of the same people, I was involved with a few of the older Chilean dudes and they groomed the fuck out of me and ruined my mental state completely for a long time. I think it was a unique community and I have fond memories but I hate myself for talking to the dudes in it.

No. 21479

Oh man, I remember reading my first lemon fanfic…it was Soul Eater and I had to read all my fanfictions on fanfiction.net with my DS internet browser.

No. 21480

I loved CDE!!! I went on and off for years and one day I went to visit and they had shut it down. I was devastated!

No. 21481

Yes! I was waiting patiently for someone to reply to me! Were you a well known user or just a lurker?

No. 21482

File: 1546525432720.jpg (302.68 KB, 414x497, poupeegirls.jpg)


Poupée girl ughhh

miss this stuff alot

No. 21483

File: 1546525707008.jpeg (511.49 KB, 1280x800, EDE28864-045C-4A03-AA8A-EACB99…)


No. 21484

Fuck I remember getting on my moms ass about getting a membership everyday until she finally paid for it using her hard earned money. Worth every penny though. Stopped using it around the time it became shit and the quality controllers were getting lazy and not fixing basic shit like your ID being some random user. Spent a stupid amount of time on there trying to get a le fantage boyfriend. Too bad it shut down it was like 70% of my childhood down the drain, probably for the best though.

No. 21485

File: 1546526921751.jpeg (41.83 KB, 365x273, 7E4A39B7-A406-4063-B481-2A72BF…)

>ywn play be 12 playing free realms while listening to Taylor Swift again

No. 21486

File: 1546528029005.jpg (47.36 KB, 640x407, 7e3b7a5bafcb0fa8e8dfe3ea6aca91…)

Muniz Online was the shit back then, no mmo ever matched my experience there.

No. 21487

File: 1546534253747.png (55.53 KB, 400x300, F686F911-76EC-4E74-921C-B22816…)

Anyone used to take those random “which character from XYZ are you” quiz on theotaku.com? Most of the quiz results were super obvious, but some were pretty elaborate. Sorry for shitty pic.

No. 21488

File: 1546538694263.jpeg (389.12 KB, 600x800, C7F89F89-470B-4E6D-9CCE-10E60E…)

Do any of you guys still go on mabi???

No. 21489

Not since it turned into a "who has the rarest, biggest wings" contest. Fucking awful.

No. 21490

I wish they made an actual sequel to this game

No. 21491

Yeah vindictus was way too dungeon crawly without enough of the open world aspect.

No. 21492

File: 1546553918732.png (300.78 KB, 799x542, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.14…)

I was obsessed with Kiddonet up until late elementary school, when I started playing neopets and Gaia. I still log into my Gaia account to get the daily prizes, but I feel like the community is dead and there are way too many items. Throw in the fact that you have to use real money to buy the cool stuff and it doesn't even seem worth the time to quest anymore.
I don't have a screencap, but I loved bored.com as well. They had a couple of quizzes, dollmakers, and links to music/rain sounds.

i loved the eLouai dolls! I always thought they were so much cuter than the more popular dolls you could make elsewhere

No. 21493

File: 1546555600742.jpg (545.95 KB, 632x407, MABIFIODH.jpg)


I've played hundreds and hundreds of MMOs and nothing comes close to Mabinogi.

just ignore the posers that waste their money and play the actual game because IT'S AMAZING and complex and goes on FOREVER.

No. 21494

Guys I swear neopets said they were coming out with another app game in the fall and it never happened and now I'm pissed because I'm too depressed to get into playing exclusively the broken site but I want to. (But being depressed triggers wanting to play it to begin with lol) So I came to this thread
I miss the habitarium, neohomes, keyquest, and even the petpet rpg game thing.
It feels empty just doing the dailies.

No. 21495

I used to draw on OekakiCentral everyday for years. Got super butt hurt when an art I took like 8+ hours on got deleted from the Main Hall. Good times

No. 21496

File: 1546573440757.png (25.48 KB, 187x216, sadness.PNG)

Me too. I'm even tired of RSing and amassing excessive neopoints.

No. 21497

Holy shit anon, I just got smacked hard with nostalgia! I used to wake up really early during the summer when I was like 8 or 9 and play it until my mom could wake up and kick me off the computer lol good times, ty for the reminder

No. 21498

File: 1546576043539.jpg (251.19 KB, 960x1280, bestbrowser.jpg)

>Reading m-rated yaoi fanfiction with the DSi web browser

I can feel the 2009 through the screen.

No. 21499

I remember! I used to love browsing and creating special little "web shrines" for various characters or shows in the late 90s, then things started getting really pretty in the early 2000s when css really started to gain traction. Cute dainty backgrounds and icons, ugh you just don't really see stuff like that anymore unless you're really looking. I miss it so much.

Also, it's not boys only! I actually work as a front end developer / web designer now in my 30s.

No. 21500

Holy fuck, I came in here to mention Slice. I was pretty active there at the beginning of my "internet career" and some of the popular users on there were absolutely horrible people lmao. I was stalked and harassed by a bunch of them on multiple online platforms for years because I butted heads with some well liked weeaboo chick in a chat. I stumbled on the IG of one of them about 5 yrs ago and that whole crowd is still hardcore into Kpop and shit and they've all gotten fat so lol. The girl who ran the BBS (Lissy? I think she later changed her name to something else?) was generally pretty nice but people were so nasty about her behind her back, including some of her mods/admins.
I wound up being a mod at a similar forum around that time but can't remember for the life of me what it was called.

No. 21501

Also wanted to add- I definitely got super into coding because of that whole crowd which has been really helpful over the years. I had my own domain at one point and a bunch of ~affiliates and pixel art adoptions and shit.

No. 21502

Web design and web developing actually were quite female-oriented things in the early 2000's, boys were usually more focused on programming computer programs and games. I made a ton of website layouts as a hobby in the 2000's and ended up becoming a front end developer when I grew up. It's a shame personal web sites aren't a thing anymore because it's what gave a lot of us the first push towards the tech field. Now girls just don't seem to have a sandbox where to play around with code or be motivated by things such as making their own cute website.

No. 21503

So cool that you were able to turn it into a job! In Jr High I managed to get some of my friends to pay me to build sites for them on freewebs/geocities. I was so excited when I finally learned how to use frames and image mapping.
I keep hoping that the era of personal websites will come back eventually now that there is a big push to get girls interested in STEM but with social media being a thing I don't see it happening…but even MySpace and LJ were customizable with HTML back in the day. I'm putting together my "professional" website for networking purposes right now and it's still so tempting to make a cutesy custom cursor, make the scrollbar pink, embed an annoying midi…

No. 21504

File: 1546816449634.png (1.22 MB, 1254x1080, np.png)

tbh I think Neopets would go under before they successfully put out a working app, they barely have a working website. I got back into it again recently and I'm still always surprised at how little the website has advanced and how out of touch they are. I think that's why it keeps dragging me back though, it's comforting that it looks/works the same way it did when I first started playing 15+ years ago. But I agree, even coming back now after ~5 years since my last hiatus, I'm already out of things to do except blow a bunch of np on new pets. The r/Neopets community seems cool. I was pretty deep in the Tumblr Neopets community last time, maybe I'll try and get back in there.

we should be neofriends
also please give me RS tips I've always been terrible at it

No. 21505

File: 1546816740291.jpg (41.21 KB, 600x473, PtKcxduKkTBUiIGEvb5kf2eogPLyRE…)

Ah man, that takes me back. I remember being so excited to check my Myspace on my Wii. I just read my SasuNaru M-rated yaoi fanfics on the family computer at 3 am instead.

No. 21506

They update such random things though, which blows my mind! They updated some of the neoworld maps. But other things that are actually needed are untouched. I don't think it would be too hard to repair some broken coding for some things or whatever but I don't have experience in that. I was able to play through ghoul hunters but I know it can be glitchy. But it was at least fun and meaningful because of the prizes and np! And restocking is easy nowadays because the site is dead LOL. It all gets boring after a while though, cause then I'm like, well, can't update my neohome, can't do this/that, only getting np towards the pets I guess. Then once you have the pets you want, what else is there? The battledome, I guess. I like the neopets reddit too. I go there to look for any updates before the actual site.

No. 21507

>tfw cant stay up until 4am/wake up at 6am to rp your yaoi ocs with your online friends on your own proboards site.

im still friends on fb with the two people who i spent several years of my free time with. we are all too busy to get together again to write stuff anymore. feels bad.

No. 21508

File: 1546833599394.jpg (28.19 KB, 540x540, sadcat.jpg)

>itt everyone remembers what it was like to have friends

Really though, why was it that much easier to make friends back then? Or am I just imagining that? It seems like it was so easy to be a part of a specific online community and make (lifelong) friends. Why does that seem so impossible now? I feel like the closest thing now to that same niche community experience is lolcow, sadly enough.

No. 21509

because we were young and involved in fandoms?

No. 21510

Right, but there's still plenty of media I love that I would consider myself a huge fan of. But I guess I'm saying do those kind of niche fan communities still exist? Places like Tumblr or Twitter or devART or Reddit are all pretty broad "gathering places", even the subreddits.

No. 21511

You're right, that kind of more "intimate" niche fandom/general interest social networking doesn't really exist anymore in the same way it used to. Small communities like fan sites and forums are basically dead. I still regularly talk with people I met on forumS and on LJ almost 20 years ago but I haven't really made any new internet friends in a while as I find a lot of the more "open" communities on social media overwhelming.
I really miss AIM tbh. What is a good substitute? I was using it until it shut down and usually just text people now but it's not the same.

No. 21512

I never made real friends but I met so many guys though myspace. It's bizarre looking back on it, but it was totally normal to add random strangers you thought were cute, I can't believe my ass was bold enough to ever do it when these days I balk at using tinder.

No. 21513

i know exactly what you mean. even in a lot of online games now you can have 50 ppl standing in a group and not a single person saying anything in public chat. could have something to do with the culture shifting to be so hostile but idk. seems like a lot of people are ready to just jump and attack others for any justification they can come up with for it.

i think so many people have been traumatized by online backlash
that they're too scared to try to make friends anymore, or they're just so fed up they cant be bothered to deal with the toxic environment. i know in my case, after so many times ive felt like part of a group or in a friendship, suddenly there would be some emotional manipulation going on where i was constantly on eggshells around everyone and trying hard to apologize and do what everyone wanted in order to be happy and still wound up ostracized anyway. so im too paranoid to try again. its terrifying to go from that point of feeling accepted and safe and like you have friends to suddenly not knowing what it was you did to ruin it all and i just never want to experience that again so i avoid talking to people and making new friends.

No. 21514

I have at least two Neopets accounts that I can't remember the login info for and no longer have access to the emails (or even remember the emails) they're linked to.

I still visit GaiaOnline. I have a Gwee plushie from when they released RL merch, and a tshirt from when they did the Zurg plot back in 2006.

Anyone else remember the days of creating RP names for Yahoo!Chats and browsing the chats to find an RP to jump in on? I also RPed in AOL chats. I later wound up migrating to LiveJournal (and DeadJournal, and uJournal) for RPing.

I'm not imagining a blogging site called pita, right? Please tell me someone else had a pita.

No. 21515

Wow, yeah I've definitely experienced that. The anonymity of the internet combined with how easy it makes it to compartmentalize friendships and interactions really feeds right into that kind of gang mentality that can make it scary to reach out. The rise of call out culture has made it so much worse too…not to say there aren't valid reasons to call someone out but back when I used tumblr I'd run into multiple posts on my feed a week "calling out" someone as abusive for ignoring someone online, making fun of someone's Homestuck OC or drawing a "problematic" Steven Universe ship or some other banal shit.

No. 21516

i think being younger also has something to do with it. i was more willing to jump into conversation or a new rp, or pm someone on a forum that i wanted to rp with because i had a lack of self control and was a bold weirdo. some of those stuck though and thats how i found my friends.
now, as an adult, it seems a bit rude and pushy to try and do something like that. coupled with anxiety, i just never talk to anyone new.

No. 21517

No. 21518

This is honestly the biggest thing for me, too. I currently have some mutuals on multiple platforms who I'm sure I could start a conversation with about our shared interest but I'm too shy and lazy. Even as a nervous kid I was eager to make friends so jumped at the opportunity when given access to the net. Now it's just…less exciting I guess.

No. 21519

File: 1546888206605.png (59.41 KB, 250x150, air-faerie-1.png)

did anyone spend time on the neopian writers board on neopets, there was a bizarre amount of drama happening back in the mid-2000s.

this has a good summary https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=The%20NW

it's kind of weird to think this was all back in 2006, it's so hazy to me

No. 21520

>However, as the wars died down, a figure re emerged.
>His name was Hobbit.
>Unlike Vaspim, Hobbit had real wit and skill, raining death upon the "lessers", as he called him. He accumulated many followers, and eventually, the inevitable happened.
>Hobbit and Vaspim collided.
>The war was incredible, and after it was over, both sides claimed victory.
>However, the winner was clear.


"Hobbit" was definitely the person who wrote this cringy entry.

No. 21521

File: 1546896697870.png (38.08 KB, 243x431, large_ICQ_7.7_skins_gallery_.p…)

Ahhhhhh ICQ, aka a/s/l, wanna cyber, and how to gain a back entry into peoples computers all in one easy program.

No. 21522

File: 1546898729112.png (216.25 KB, 1440x900, Kekos.png)

Oh, man, did any of you anons use to play Boombang? It was very similar to Habbo, just way more cartoony. You had to pick a character from the ones in pic related and you could then change its colors. You could also make your own island and decorate it with all kinds of cool stuff. The official rooms were really great, too! Every character had its own set of animations you could use (crying, laughter, and you could also fart and spit for some reason lmao). It used to be very popular in Spain and South America, even having some ads on TV at some point!

God, I miss it SO much. It shut down a few years ago and it made me so sad when I found out. Apparently it was because it wasn't making enough money… It had so much potential though. I hope they bring it back eventually :(

No. 21523

File: 1546898980508.jpg (147.29 KB, 1024x768, upper.0.jpg)


Here's one of the official rooms!

No. 21524

That's so cute! It kinda reminds me of Pucca + Habbo.

No. 21525

File: 1546996783965.jpeg (122.34 KB, 760x428, E915441C-2766-4C4F-89A1-F41872…)

Did anyone played AQ??i remember kids at my school would play the fuck out of this game

No. 21526

File: 1547000492753.jpg (78.68 KB, 728x402, kim_possible_card_clash-1.jpg)

IDK if anyone remembers it, but there used to be a site called sailormoon.com that you could sign up for an actual email on it and it had forums and a chatroom that I used to spend hours on. Pretty sure I talked to pedos on it, but it was a fun experience, although now the site and email no longer work.

I have a lot of fond memories of Gaia Online, but ohhhhh god it was an embarrassing time on there (my perception of relationships got fucked up on there and it was a hard lesson to learn for little me). I also remember Tektek.org and deeply wish that the Dream Avatar system hadn't been taken down because when Gaia implemented their own version it was never the same. Fond(er) memories of spending hours on it while listening to the Windows Music Player's Radio or watching sparse subbed anime on Youtube before copyright strikes were a big deal.

I also used Neopets early on, but I kept forgetting to take care of my Neopets… and MSN Messenger was a trip. Last I used it, it was through use of a browser. Stopped using it after personal drama outside of the nostalgic phase though.

I think the Palace was the first chatroom I ever laid eyes on. It was also what got my mom into the idea that any and all internet pages were danger zones. I was also a big fan of doll sites like >>21425 or Doll Palace in >>21352, every once in a while I still hit up TDP and play the games there. I remember saving outfits for my Yahoo avatar but never used the messenger much.

Disney sites were also my shit, but I'll be damned if I didn't spend a whole evening on that Kim Possible card game (pictured)

No. 21527

TekTek's creator opened their own Avatar site, Recolor. That said, I really miss the Dream Avatar Creator, too. Gaia's system is still shit, unsurprisingly.

No. 21528

I've actually used Recolor in recent times, but it doesn't quite fit the bill somehow. It does do better with being able to change the color of the clothes you pick out, but I didn't stick with it long, and even then, I think my account got deleted after I was gone a while.

No. 21529

File: 1547012715135.png (32.84 KB, 189x308, selfy3.png)

did anyone play tinierme? i used to talk with my friends and dress up my avatar for hours. it shut down in 2012 and it was the worst day of my young life. the dress up website with all the items is still up if anyone's interested http://www.dreamself.me

No. 21530

i played this! i was sad that it shut down but i found out that these assets are purchasable assets and some facebook game company bought them and made a knockoff lineplay. i kind of played it it's sort of okay.

No. 21531

File: 1547019331402.jpeg (149.33 KB, 540x525, CFDF99D5-25BF-4348-BFB1-AF95CA…)

Oh shit anon I had thae pixie and so many stupid items. I remember listing after the omfg hat and so much gd drama oh wow

No. 21532

did anyone else play dizzywood?

No. 21533

YES this was my shit

No. 21534

File: 1547050371124.jpg (59.9 KB, 643x362, 643x0w.jpg)

So y'all just gunna sit here and not bring up Poptropica at all? I remember playing this in middle school omg

No. 21535

File: 1547051978277.gif (4.84 MB, 300x176, 7112312f2740574723b9118b3ac357…)

>tfw you see the word "TekTek" and all your repressed Gaia memories come flooding back

No. 21536

Do any of you anons remember the site that was based on cereal mascots? You could design your character, have yard sales, play cereal themed minigames (cinnamon toast crunch pachinko was one of them)?

No. 21537

File: 1547054864880.jpg (46.89 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

This was one of the few games that my school didn't block. I always tried to make my character look as edgy as possible lmao. I honestly forgot about this place, thank you anon.

Are you talking about millsberry? I briefly played it but last I saw, it doesn't exist anymore!

No. 21538

Anyone itt feel sad about missing out on sites that were popular back in the day? Not before your time or anything, but you were distracted by another site or aomething.
I personally feel sad about missing out on gaia and livejournal. Not through any fault of my own (my mother restricted socializing site usage) I was stuck on deviantart and recall friends who also had fun over there.
Also wish I partook in oekaki when it was popular.

No. 21539

DeviantArt was the shit though. That’s where I was in the early-mid 2000’s.

No. 21540


Sometimes. Gaia seemed pretty epic but I had fun with what I was doing at the time. I really miss old DA! There was a really nice sense of community in the earlier days. I also remember loving the drama that would happen. Sometimes it was admins getting out of hand, sometimes it was popular DA artists breaking up/cheating on each other and writing journals about it.

No. 21541

File: 1547064896236.jpeg (40.96 KB, 500x334, sub-buzz-7891-1531270616-1.png…)

MyScene was the best

No. 21542

File: 1547065235700.png (237.98 KB, 752x506, BritneySpears-1429110804.png)

Also, old official band/singer sites. I remember sending fan mail to Hilary Duff and Britney Spears lol and I joined so many fan clubs

No. 21543

My best friend in elementary and middle school was obsessed with Britney. We made email addresses on @britneyspearsmail.com and she begged her for a backstage ticket in badly written English

No. 21544

File: 1547065837963.png (150.38 KB, 800x344, HilaryDuff-1429111042.png)

I actually entered a contest to go to a hilary duff concert and have a meet and greet with her and i won lol. happiest moment of my life tbh

No. 21545

File: 1547066068800.gif (26.13 KB, 592x354, SiSSYFIGHT-My-First-Times.gif)

Did anyone play sissyfight? I loved this in the early 2000s

No. 21546

did anyone else spend a shit ton of time hanging around varrock square on runescape? i met tons of friends through that, a couple i still talk to.

No. 21547

R.I.P Quizilla. I remember that me and my friend got really mad when Teen-Nick took over and they charnged the whole layout and imposed rules against Lemons lol

No. 21548

omg I had completely forgotten about MyScene! I had the dolls and everything

No. 21549

File: 1547077025927.jpg (196.67 KB, 800x534, MS.jpg)

I met so many amazing friends on this game and my now husband through MS. I wish this game was still going strong :'( I miss how social it was too.

No. 21550

>meeting your husband on maplestory
That's adorable.

No. 21551

MS2 sucks big dick too, my friend tried to get me to play and it's aaaaawful!

No. 21552

File: 1547084003587.jpg (324.68 KB, 764x605, trollz.jpg)

I used to play so many flash games on fetchfido. The site still exists and is basically a time warp into the early 2000s.

Also does anyone else remember trollz.com?

No. 21553

I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO MENTION TROLLZ! I thought I had some kind of fever dream and it wasn’t actually a computer game.

No. 21554

File: 1547089241027.jpeg (54.72 KB, 420x342, 8808F16A-DF61-4FAF-903F-EA1220…)

kind of a deep cut but did anyone else have a mweor account? it was a pet site very similar to flight rising and i made so many friends on there in my early early teens. i haven’t been on there in years but it was the best thing ever for weird kids who were obsessed with the warrior cat books like i was, lmao.

No. 21555

I used to make quizzes on quizilla! I loved taking all of the "which (insert movie/tv show) character are you?" Quizzes and embedding the results in my LJ.

No. 21556

File: 1547091028138.jpg (31.8 KB, 425x250, dims.jpg)

I used to play this one flash game, Whirled, and all of a sudden it wasn't profitable, and it disappeared.
Anyone who could draw or use flash could make avatars, furniture, etc.

No. 21557


I loved Myscene. Thank you for bringing back memories!

No. 21558

File: 1547139191298.jpeg (57.17 KB, 400x250, 136925C6-2767-4EFE-8D84-1F491C…)

Millsberry was my JAM. I was so upset when I found out it had closed without me knowing. I never really got hardcore into neopets and club penguin because I just was never into taking care virtual animals, but creating a new person was the best part. It was an escape for me to create an alter ego. >>21422 is pretty much what my person looked like, but more goth. I was that kind of kid when I was 11.

I spy GirlSense (source of that game)! It was basically a better Stardoll where you could actually modify clothes instead of just decorating them, and the dolls were slightly uncanny valley but in a cute, 2000s way. I loved it because it was mostly free, whereas you have to pay out the wazoo for Stardoll. I remember creating the ugliest clothes and thinking they were the hottest shit (lime green dress with pink boa trim comes to mind). Also so many Disney tie-ins, pic related. If anyone forgot that Camp Rock was a thing, here is your reminder.

No. 21559

anyone remember wonderland online? I wasted so many hours wonder what the fuck i had to do when i was 6.

No. 21560

I miss livejournal and the kind of community culture it had. :c nothing will ever be the same. I always felt like lj was real and authentic. Now a days, people either dont post anything personal online if they do, it's always sone cheesey persona to get sponsored by companies.

No. 21561

Was it the anime-style turn based online game where you woke up on North Island? That used to be my shit for a while too

No. 21562

File: 1548038665557.jpg (438.29 KB, 768x702, gaia.jpg)

I fucked HARD with gaiaonline. All my little weeb school friends were on it too…so much drama stemming from thinly-veiled rants about each other in our public journals lol

No. 21563

I miss old Maple Story so much, Nexon killed it with dumb classes and cash shops.

No. 21564

>takes 50 years to get to level 200.
Seriously that game had the slowest level up system of any game I've ever played. I'd rather level to 300 in rs.

No. 21565

Anyone remember the old forum/game called minimatch on Cartoon Network's site back in the early 2000s, god I missed that.

No. 21566

File: 1548043992967.png (172.6 KB, 299x685, icons.png)

was anyone else into collecting and making ~~icons~~ on sites like livejournal and xanga in early 2000s? that's how I got into photoshopping and graphic design shit. here's a ss of my old icon blog…

No. 21567

I still google "[x thing] icons livejournal" to find icons for my social media

No. 21568

File: 1548054308080.jpg (359.76 KB, 1680x1050, flyff.jpg)

anyone else here play flyff ? this particular shitty MMO was my shit in the mid-2000s. i still wonder about the friends i made in this game

No. 21569

File: 1548058517031.jpg (123.47 KB, 1024x768, ign.jpg)

I used to spend so much time on ignboards back in the early 2000's. It was/is(?) a video game discussion site but back then most people would just hang out in the Community threads. It looks like profiles that haven't logged in since 2003 have been wiped which is too bad because god I'd love to look back on that cringe

No. 21570

File: 1548058892160.jpg (73.67 KB, 640x426, BetaDay1Picture1.jpg)

I used to pretend to be one of those "bay.bee's" (in my defense I was like 9) and that shit got weird as fuck. This one "mummy" tried to simulate breastfeeding through chat and I noped out of there as fast as I could.

Do you guys remember the trainwreck of a game VFK was (or is? I think it still exists). It came out IMMEDIATELY after VMK closed trying to piggyback off of VMK's success but it was nowhere near as fun or aesthetically pleasing (pic related) and it glitched out a lot. There was also a lot of really strange things regarding the company who ran the game, they had member packs that kids could buy to be considered VIP in game that included irl items like a ~handcrafted boomerang carved by actual aboriginal australians~ and a "special" t shirt among other things but I don't ever remember people recieving them. I also feel like there were some really weird shirtless pics of the main developer, Fred, going around but I can't find much on it because most of the fansites for it are gone.

No. 21571

lol yes I did that too

I used to spend so much time on Gamefaqs.

No. 21572

i remember flyff! i had so much fun on that game. i was that one class that could buff everyone else, and people would always harass me for buffs, and i remember grinding for HOURS just to get some fancy expensive broomstick so i could fly around to places quicker.

i tried to play that game again but it was just way too shitty with an overly complicated HUD. feels like i spent a good deal of my childhood on that game. thank you for the memories anon!!

No. 21573

I did, It was one of the first MMOs I ever played back in 2005 or 2006. I had SO much fun with it, when I had my cute ass mage girl and ran around in the city seeing other players, it was the first time I had experienced anything like that. The whole game was a a ridiculous grindfest though, you could barely make it to level 20 before you hit the wall and it started to get even harder to actually proceed. I eventually stopped when they nerfed the entire game with some patch that changed the whole skill system.

The flying thing was awesome though and I wish more MMOs utilized it.

No. 21574

File: 1548062208806.png (229.63 KB, 874x740, 1539625188799.png)

Slightly later era than most of this stuff but did anyone play Spineworld? Kind of in a similar vein with habbo hotel but had a really cute aesthetic and worldbuilding.

No. 21575

for a short amount of time a friend got me into ponystars, but then we moved onto mydivadoll during our scene phases in middle school. i remember being quite known on there and made many friends that i still talked to for a handful of years after the site shut down. there was a uk version called ohmydollz and eventually they made a us version of the same name to replace mdd, but it wasnt the same. those days were fun, but i remember being caught in my lies and involved in a lot of drama lmao. decided to delete everyone that knew me from there on my fb sometime during high school. tried to separate myself from my past as much as possible lmao

No. 21576

File: 1548070941698.jpg (251.18 KB, 1276x716, teen_titans_battle_blitz.jpg)

Shit anon, I nostalgia'd hard at just this screenshot. RIP Quizilla
Wish it could come back to life but it probably wouldn't be the same (especially with the newer generations and their batshit crazy fandoms)

Yeah I feel like they were responsible for killing it.

One thing I miss now is Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Battle Blitz fighting game. Use to be a beast with Starfire and Jinx
Also loved the Powerpuff Girl's Pillow fight. Would play that on my school's computer after school when I was kid.

No. 21577

Yes! I think it's actually still hosted but is a ghost land. It still looks exactly the same.

No. 21578

File: 1548078673393.jpg (363.39 KB, 1280x1024, Wonderland-Online-wallpaper.jp…)

yes it was partner

No. 21579

>cartoon network's ppg game
Oh boy those are some memories. I lost all of my account progress on the cartoon network site, possibly because websites in 99 were shit but most probably just because I was a dumb kid that didn't understand anything, and I had a sobbing fit for so long that my parents had to convince me to take a holiday from the internet. It happened with a few normal CD games too, and I literally went into mourning when my neopets species was changed for a short while during an event or something.
I wish I could go back and take myself to a child psychologist and see what the deal was with that.

No. 21580

I had accounts at greatest journal, deadjournal (got an invite through the aol goth board), livejournal, xanga, and myspace. I was a weird kid with a lot of time on my hands..

No. 21581

I started posting on the aol teen goth board around 2003, and even met a person from that board 8 years later. I regret that lol.

No. 21582

Were they at least who they said they were?

What actually went down on death journal, just literally the same thing?

No. 21583

Don't think that's so weird, I use to cry when my brother would let his pikmin die lol.
As a kid, it's expected to cry over dumbshit like that and it's still pretty common (just look up kid rage quits on youtube)

No. 21584

File: 1548130122788.jpg (104.88 KB, 600x450, piczo.jpg)

Did anyone use Piczo?

No. 21585

Oh my god, bless u sweet anon. I have been trying to remember the name of this site forever!

No. 21586

File: 1548134674716.gif (117.36 KB, 300x273, 9348684765.gif)

I kinda miss those shitty amateur websites about ghosts, UFOs and the paranormal.

As a child I couldn't get enough of this stuff, even though sometimes I got so scared I had to stop browsing and went hiding into my bed too freaked out to do anything lmao
Later I was a poster on my countries' version of allmystery. It was a bizarre place, I remember messaging with a woman that claimed to be in contact with an egyptian goddess and a teenage boy that pretended to be an irl wizard. At one point admin had a breakdown when he was "possessed by a demon" or something. He shut down the whole board and admin would ban random users and post announcements that went like "the cards told me to ban X. Farewell X!". It was a wild ride.
I'm not sure what happened after that because I too got banned but it seems like it just went back to normal after some time. The forum still exists but is split into a million subforums that are mostly dead but there are still people posting. It seems frozen in time and the layout never changed. There's an ot megathread buried somewhere that was apparently opened by me and still shows my old username as op but you can't click on it. I think it's the last piece of legacy of 14-year-old me on the internet and I am thankful for that lol

No. 21587

Is anyone else really horrified by how little (or in some cases nothing at all) of all those old websites is actually archived? All the work put into them, all the uniqueness, creativity, information, thoughts and close communities, gone forever without a trace. How will we look at the "old internet" in a few centuries with only the most popular websites and our memories left to guess how it was back then? It's not like you can find good hints on google nowadays without going through 30+ pages of clickbait articles, spam websites and shops. I imagine it will become even worse in the future. With that, will it even be possible to accurately document the early internet years other than making broad statements? There is so many lost and the few remaining pieces are hard to find. And I know it's hard tinfoiling, but that also sounds like the perfect breeding ground to rewrite history.

No. 21588

YES you inspired me to check an old email and I had 8 websites. None are saved on the Wayback Machine. It's really upsetting because I know I'll never get to see them again now.

No. 21589

>How will we look at the "old internet" in a few centuries

Centuries? I would imagine by then the difference between "old internet" and 2019 internet probably won't be much.

Have you ever poked around https://archive.org/web/ ? There's enough backed up there, imo. Yes, a lot has been lost but I believe we have enough snapshots built up to form a good picture.

No. 21590

I suddently got nostalgic over MSN and looked it up and found out a guy has been maintaining it and there are people who still use it.Only one version is currently usable and i had to try dozens of times to log in.The same guy also somewhat maintains the classic skype since it's getting worse and worse with each update.his site is here


damn i miss MSN and it's 4th wall breaking animations,the nudge,being able to draw,the customization abilities and whatever you could do there

No. 21591

nudging was great. truly a feature that should be implemented in ALL messengers, now and forever.

No. 21592

File: 1548539115820.png (450.42 KB, 1097x1711, A76861BA-809C-4A10-ACAC-F38150…)

Oh wow. I haven’t thought about this for years. The original drag-and-drop website builder. Honestly, for as shit as that site was in practice, it was actually amazing in concept. Total creativity allowed.
I guess I’m slightly upset that nothing got saved, but not too upset. My websites were awful, cringy fan sites.

Pic related: Quizilla anyone? It was great until it got bought out and went to shit. Hours of my life spent on making and taking quizzes about everything, more than a few “rawr XD”s spotted. Also the trashy emo poetry and stories. I wish the sitemasters had maintained it better, since by the end it was so glitchy that we were all basically begging for it to die.

No. 21593

omfg yes I remember those games, where you had to find and trade items with different characters I spent hours playing all 4 games in one day.

No. 21594

Quizilla made up quite a bit of my middle school life. I would spend time taking the most generic quizzes ever from "Which element are you?" to "Who's your Death Note boyfriend"? Also there was some dreaded visual kei guy x reader fanfic I read on there. God, this takes me back. I'm actually glad those days are gone.

No. 21595

Quizilla was my childhood. I spent so much time writing quizzes and fanfics lmao. I loved the quizzes that were like "What do the naruto/bleach/etc characters think of you?".w A very cringy part of my life, but they were good memories. I kind of wish I saved everything, but I didn't know it was being shut down.

No. 21596

File: 1548649117208.jpg (120.44 KB, 500x500, d27iksn-d254fdbd-20a4-499c-9a1…)

These "blend" graphics (usually of female celebrities) on deviantart around 2010-2011. In retrospect I think a lot of them are hideous but I remember having fun making them.

No. 21597

File: 1548655253746.jpg (218.33 KB, 1024x683, 16263378214_5961df5db9_b.jpg)

lol this was the standard type of edit used in banners for every single celebrity "fanlisting" page in existence

i love how creative you used to have to be online

No. 21598

I downloaded this to check but Microsoft deleted my hotmail account during the merge with outlook. Are you still able to see your old contacts or even conversations? My first conversations with my boyfriend were over MSN, it's actually depressing that I've lost them forever.

No. 21599


unfortunately no.this can only be used as a way to chat with people by making an account on the escargot account this guy uses since microsoft has shut down all their servers having anything to do with windows live/msn.

however,I read somewhere that chat logs are stored in the computer anyway so you could look for them if you still use the same computer and you got your files from all those years ago

No. 21600

Ah okay, now I don't feel so bad about losing the account. I actually did keep the computer but someone took it recently to "test" something. I'm raging I let him do that now. It's a computer we got over a decade ago lol.

No. 21601

Awww yes I ran multiple fanlistings! Had them all listed at TFL.net or whatever it was called

No. 21602

File: 1548778772580.jpg (364.71 KB, 724x474, Cameron-s-World-2-geocities-it…)


Found this little gem! This is old internet in full view.

Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages (1994–2009).

No. 21603

File: 1548779997751.png (6.54 KB, 161x211, index.png)

>''Hi guys Habbo admin here enter your username and pw in the guest book and U will get 1000000 coins k thxx bye!'' insert stretched out, low quality picture of Frank

I was a scamming bitch

No. 21604

>that default avatar with the rags
i'm triggered

No. 21605

omg me too!

No. 21606

File: 1548781065386.gif (5.95 KB, 150x150, uni_christmas_baby.gif)

Yeah, I remember doing something similar when my first neopets (with my precious Christmas Uni) account was "hacked". And by "hacked" I mean someone on AIM told me if I gave them my login info they would put a Baby pb in my account for me, lmao. I remember having a giant crying fit when I couldn't login and my Dad just being like
>??!?? I don't understand what's happening right now or how to fix it

In retrospect I don't remember how I got that account back. I remember sending them an email but I was a dumb idiot kid so I'm not sure how that would have worked. Maybe my Dad sent a real grown-up email on my behalf or something.

No. 21607

File: 1548782402497.png (33.06 KB, 256x256, untitled_51.png)

Real Question though, sound off: how many of us feel like we met/talked to pedos online as a kid? I assume it was a pretty common experience, especially reading through this thread.

I remember chatting with quite a few adults/older people (men and women) I met through "kids" websites like Neopets or Gaia. In retrospect those people shouldn't have been as interested in being friends to some dumb kid as they were, but I don't remember anyone ever asking me for pics or anything weird like that. I think I gained a pretty good instinct for creepiness pretty quickly (probably because we had so many "internet stranger danger" PSAs and shit).

(OT but I know "To Catch a Predator" became a dumb 4chan meme but I fucking loved that show and I have seen every episode. I remember thinking "I look young for my age, I could totally be one of those decoy girls in the house!" when I was younger lmao. Wish they'd bring shit like that back.)

(Also in retrospect, how fucked up was "Pedobear" as basically the mascot of /b/? Jesus christ.)

No. 21608

We had a thread about this and in it is tons of stories of anons' pedo experiences online. Look through the catalog.

No. 21609

I definitely did. I was into fandom chat rooms and messageboards and I made a few friends through those. One friend was a 30 year old guy, while I was 10-12 through our friendship. He'd constantly tell me how "mature" I was (I wasn't) and how I was an old soul and all the usual shit. Eventually he got mad at me and broke off our friendship when I said I didn't think child porn was OK lol.

No. 21610

Tons of times. When I was an elementary schooler I remember finding out that I got the most people talking to me on AIM chatrooms if I said I was 15-16 years old. Later on Gaia I remember 35 year olds who knew I was in middle school telling me explicit things they wanted to do to me and thinking it was normal until I got older and realized how horrific it was. As a teenager posting innocuous jfashion pictures of myself I had multiple adult men tell me they had folders of my pictures saved. It's actually horrible how many kids are growing up exposed to this type of stuff and often way worse than what I experienced. The DDLG shit that's now on Tumblr has probably exacerbated the problem tenfold by making teenage girls think that pedophilia is something cute and fun and sugar daddies are goalz. So in that aspect I guess I'm lucky my childhood back then was mostly just Neopets, things like that, and the worse environments that now exist came later.

No. 21611

When I was a teen I used to play dress up games on this website called dressupmix. the website is still up but they used to have a good chat system that I used and met a ton of people on.

oh those were the days. now its a bit dead and the chat is gone.

No. 21612

Honestly? None. I rarely ever talked back to strangers in private DMs. The one time I've ever been asked for explicit pictures/been talked to sexually on the internet by a rando was on Facebook. Some fucking Paki dude. I was like 21 at the time though, so it wasn't a pedo thing. I'm not sure if I was careful as a kid or just lucky.

No. 21613

File: 1548794594144.png (124.27 KB, 370x238, Chooseacharacter.png)

THIS. cartoonnetwork had the best flash games! johnny bravo's flapjack flipout and cartoon cartoon summer resort. FUCK!! you just took me BACK

No. 21614

File: 1548794764238.jpg (42.75 KB, 420x332, 148607c16b2c0c1052d4ad284e640b…)

does anyone remember millsberry???? that game was my whole entire life. You got to dress up, buy a house, decorate the house and do yard sales. It was so good. I remember joining computer club just so my friends and I could play it after school. I'm still upset that it no longer exists.

No. 21615

Ephebophiles, definitely. When I was 16 I played WoW and got into a big raid guild where I was hit on by adult men in their 20's-30's. They knew I was 16 too. But I was super flattered by their attention because I was a dorky loser IRL who'd never had a boyfriend so I was super receptive to it. But it went way too far with the guild leader. He was 30-ish, and flirted with me a lot and eventually asked for my nudes, which I gave him because I was an idiot, and we even cammed on MSN with me topless and him jerking off.

Looking back I'm so thoroughly fucking disgusted with both myself and him and completely humiliated by the thought that underage nudes of me are out there.

No. 21616

If I did talk to someone masquerading as a fellow kid on websites like Neopets, then they did a damn good job hiding it because I never knew. Then again, I never really gave out my personal info on most kiddie websites like that anyway.

I did, however, fuck up royally in chatrooms. Like AIM chatrooms. In them I pretended to be older/more mature than I actually was for the validation and attention. I remember being freaked out the first time I 'cybered' with someone. I remember some of the first dick pics I ever received when I was like 14. As I got older, I bought a webcam and had a few relationships with a couple creeps but nothing too damaging by that point, because the one smart thing my parents did was not allow me a computer in my room nor a webcam until I was 17.

I think it all started because my childhood best friend got heavily involved with chatrooms and webcamming really young. We went from playing video games and pretending together during sleepovers to me just hanging out in the background bored because all she wanted to do was video chat with strangers she 'knew' online for hours. She wrote a lot about them in her journals and you'd think the relationships were as serious as irl ones. Plenty of them were older men relative to our age.
I remember being jealous of her because these men would give her all sorts of validation and attention because she was thin and 'ethnic,' to quote. They always told her she was mature for her age, smart for her age (even though she wasn't much booksmart), and above all–hot.
It made me really insecure and I wanted a dumb boy harem of my own, but didn't really have the means, and to be fair even if I had a webcam I would've still been hesitant anyway because I considered myself an ugly fat tomboy until I hit high school.

Maybe all the early exposure to sex didn't do me a lot of favors for all the irl trouble I got into with boys later on, but that's about it thankfully. Some farmers here have really fucked up stories about abusive pedos they met online that make me shudder.

Don't be too disgusted with yourself anon. These grown men know exactly what they're doing when they try to flatter and court someone 15 years their junior. They know most prepubescent and teenage girls are vulnerable for attention specifically because so many are awkward, lonely, and isolated. You may think it's partially your fault but it's really not, it's just elaborate manipulation where they preyed upon your insecurities.

No. 21617

i definitely talked to 18+ goths on myspace and vampire freak chatrooms and never lied about my age and they'd still cyber with me and talk about shit NO adult should be discussing with a child

i shudder now when i think about it

No. 21618

i met a couple on gaia when i was 11-12, but they didn't pretend to be kids and they knew how old i was
one of them asked me for pictures of my feet and sent me art of my avatar nude
a couple tried to asterisk roleplay with me, but i thought that was lame even at that age

No. 21619

File: 1548807224890.png (463.9 KB, 436x537, ick.png)

there was a thread about this last year. i played runescape and i was a kid who didn't know any better so of course a lot of creepy men befriended me bc i was open about how i was a 13 y/o girl, then a 15 y/o girl, etc. have a lot of stories of creeps trying to ask me if i was horny/ever masturbated/wanted to cyber, etc. i always turned them down or just said no, but when i got a phone i became an attention seeking little thot for a few months, before deleting everything bc i realized how cringey and embarrassing it was to be seeking attention from neckbeards playing fucking runescape. luckily never did anything too regrettable though, never got involved with any. guys gave me a lot of gp though lol. how retarded is that? i would sit in clan chats and friend chats and give them my instagram name… i was 15 and wanted validation i guess? i cringe recalling the guys who would call me jailbait and "id tap that", thinking it was hot i was underaged, etc. i haven't told any people irl that i've done stuff like that bc it's so embarrassing and gross that i did that, even though it was only for a while and i learned to stop really quickly.

No. 21620

I talked to a lot of creepy dudes, in public chats and people I met in forums through AIM or online games. I never thought much about it except at some points were they would make me feel uncomfortable but I knew better than to give people my address or give them pics. The worst is when we would roleplay and they would get sexual and I would just go along because I didn't know what to do or I would just quit. The only good thing is that I never mantained any friendships or anything long with those people.

Thinking back it was disgusting but when you're young it doesn't seem that bad and you think you're mature enough to handle it. But the whole experience at least worries me enough that if I had a daughter I would definitely have a talk with her about using the internet.

Also I got to see something happening with an older woman and younger boy. There was a woman who was in her late 20's early 30's in the Anime community I frequented (this was early 2000's) and who I was friends with and talked regularly when I was a kid (she was semi popular, had a webpage and even did fics) and she was in a relationship with a 13-14 year old boy. I recall how she would tell me that she kept things platonic with him (not sure how true that was) and that she would wait till he was 18 to meet him. I was like 10 and knew an older person with a younger person wasn't acceptable but I stupidly thought it was romantic that they would wait for each other. I also rarely talked with the guy, and mostly knew about him through her.

Thinking about it again it's super creepy and weird especially now that I'm nearing the age she was at that point, teens are like babies to me and they're usually not that interesting to talk to so I can't see what the hell was going through her mind.

No. 21621

Does anyone else miss those meme dances? I'm talking things like Carameldansen and Caipirinha, Ievan Polka, it felt like they were everywhere (at least if you were a weeb) but now it's like they never existed. This goes to everything in the thread but it's like all this content is in a strange middle ground where it's not important or useful enough to archive like a data hoarder but we know they're culture (of a sort) and we'd miss it if they were gone.

No. 21622

Depends on your definition. There are definitely memes of dances floating out there anon, but let's face it. They're no longer in the scope of our interests so we don't take notice of them. Fortnite doesn't excite me, but people still meme those emote dances to death. It's one of the newer ones that come to my head when I think about dance memes anyway.

No. 21623

I talked to plenty. I have so many stories it's insane. There was a time where I really wanted to be one of those undercover bait people, but I wasn't sure how to do it.

No. 21624

lol I definitely don’t mean Fortnite, that’s completely past my time and way too recent. When I think of the ones I mentioned I think of things around 2008 and animation things that probably came from Nico Nico Douga. They’d be so popular most anime at the time would have their own version of Carameldansen by whoever wanted to animate it. It’s not like people draw Deku or Boruto doing a Fortnite dance these days (or maybe they do? I don’t know, I don’t keep up with it)

No. 21625

You got a link through that? I can't find it. Unless it wasn't on this board or didn't include the word pedo in the post.

No. 21626


ntayrt but i think they mean this one


No. 21627

>now it's like they never existed
I liked those "x shakes cola" meme videos but a ton of them got taken down because of copyright for the song. Sucks because I don't care enough to save those sorts of videos but also I'd like to look at them every now and again.

No. 21628

>Look through the catalog
I couldn't find it either after searching a couple of different phrases, so just for future reference either link it or be less of an asshole about it. Also if this is the thread you're talking about >>21626 being groomed by a child predator is vastly more dramatic than "think I met a pedo on neopets back in the day lol, weren't old online communities crazy?", which I think is more what >>21607 had in mind given the context of the thread

No. 21629

Thanks anon!

Yeaaaah or at least include the subject of the thread or something. I'm happy to go searching for a thread but I didn't expect it to be called "Online child grooming

No. 21630

>telling you there's a thread on something specifically asked for is being an asshole about it
Wow you're a bit sensitive aren't you

No. 21631

Yessss, I was on Orange Slice back in the day! Such a huge part of my tween years.

No. 21632

It's totally normal to be directed to the catalog, she just let anon know she remembered there was a thread about it and to look for it, she didn't insult anyone

>groomed by a child predator is vastly more dramatic than "think I met a pedo on neopets"

I disagree, just because you got lucky and didn't actually meet any escalation doesn't make an adult sending kids gold and calling them mature any less of a grooming behavior.
I think the >>303056 thread is best suited for tales of creeps on msn and runescape even if it's "less dramatic", whereas this thread is more about nostalgic feelings

No. 21633

Hope you guys don't mind the bump, but I was enjoying this thread and wanted to join in. I think my first internet exposure was in the mid 90's through a couple of chat rooms at a friends house. I got my own computer around 98 or so and would go to AOL messageboards and chatrooms sometimes. After that, once I got into high school, I really started getting into music, especially metal music, so my interests shifted towards band sites and forums for bands. I remember the Ozzy/Ozzfest messageboards were hosted by Sony on the same page as all their other band messageboards, so you could use a dropdown menu and raid other boards, which people periodically did.

Then I found the Metal Sludge site, and read all through it and hung out on it's messageboard for years. It tended to be a bit too hair metal oriented for my taste, but people there would get in some pretty funny flamewars, and there were some pretty good troll personas there, that existed just to give people hell.

I remember the next places I congregated were Something Awful, when it was still actually relevant, and the Relapse Records official messageboard. I used to browse the site for bands and merch, and the forum too. The forum was pretty fun because it's something a record label would probably never allow today, even a smaller one. It was basically 4chan before 4chan combined with Something Awful type photoshops. People had resident shitposting punchingbags they'd photoshop the hell out of, talk about all sorts of weird bands, dumb Sucide Girls types who would try to shill their nudes there, which usually was met with people scrollbombing their threads with scatporn, arguments over veganism and political crap, raiding other messageboards. Basically all of the proto-4chan shit.

Then I found 4chan either in 2006 or 2007 because some knucklehead tried to hotlink a gif from 4chan, and all you got was the 4chan.org gif. So I was curious, checked it out, and sadly, have been there since. Boy, sometimes I sure do miss the goofy days of Epic Fail Guy.

No. 21634

I used the majority of my time in online games.
Pixie hollow
Club penguin
Ameba Pico

No. 21635

No. 21636

Personally I’m so happy my myspace teenage years are finally erased from atleast google searches

No. 21637

About time they explained what was up. The videos from a group I was in have been down for years and I was hoping they would be restored so I could download them, it's sad to know they're gone forever.
On the other hand my cringey personal account that I'm locked out of is still intact

No. 23322


Same I would go back on there sometimes and play some of their games heck I would even have dreams that online community is still alive and that they changed the front page of their layout to the pink and blue theme again but more updated man that site used to been the shit…

No. 23367

File: 1554214649788.png (114.38 KB, 374x600, 53df9cbb46a88177a974c9d6d09a74…)

i loved cde so much! i got my first online friends there and started drawing digitally more or less so I could draw other's avis for money kek, i was really into the whole item hoarding but the avis were so cute, how could you not! really wanted the face of img related but never got it. also not to brag but i won the item designing contest twice, i was so proud haha

No. 23640

I loved Mweor!! I was also a weirdo Warrior Cats kid lol

No. 24041

File: 1554540602902.png (84.34 KB, 482x449, msgplus.png)

MSN Messenger was such a versatile little thing. It was probably the first messenger that allowed you to really customize your space with a pretty sizable avatar, name, emoticons, a status message and even your own font. We used to have group discussions and each one of us would use a different color font so the discussions were much easier to follow. The drawing feature was my absolute favourite, and fucking with my friends by playing the sounds you could upload was hilarious. I really, really miss the custom emoticon feature, thank god it's included with Slack.

It was a sad day when Messenger finally went down and took a lot of great features down with it. Skype was a piece of shit from day one.

No. 24291

Were you guys a well-known user? I kinda was lol I'm just curious

No. 24293

YUP. I still remember his name too. His name was Bill. and he would ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS start the conversation off as "Hey anon it's bill from scottland! How are you?". He was fucking creepy as shit. Couldn't tell ya where we met but we talked on MSN messenger. He was… 40-ish I think. His icon was his face or someones face I suppose. We never webcammed but he would give me pictures of his dick (even though I repeatedly told him not to) or he would get overly sexual for no reason and usually when he got that way I would just stop replying and he would be like " :( anon where'd you go!" and I would tell him he's making me uncomfortable and he would say sorry and go back to normal. He was WEIRD as shit and I wouldn't be surprised if he was arrested or something irl. I finally blocked him because he was telling me about how hard his dick was or some shit. But I feel like if I had my own computer at the time (this computer was in the living room so everyone could actually use it) I probably wouldn't have blocked him. I think I was just scared my mom was going to find out. I think maybe a year ago I went through my old emails (I still use the same email all these years later) and saw an email from him and I googled the email to see if anything came up and it didn't. Eh maybe he's dead.

No. 24304

I'm >>23367, I wasn't like mega popular but I became a part of a small clique over the summer of 2012? or 13. not in direct contact with any of them anymore but I still lowkey stalk the group's fakeboi on tumblr. on that note, do you recall how there used to be all these popular "boys" with like obviously fake pics of some hawt scene guys or justin bieber look alikes yet everyone seemed to buy it??
honestly I'm sad I didn't know it was being deleted, would've saved all my cringy comments and blogs lol

No. 24372

File: 1554657445671.jpg (142.63 KB, 500x283, 4177697734_b3e4e83986_z.jpg)

this was my jam, even if i met quite a few creeps on there

No. 24574

>>groups fake boi
Y-You….Ima throw out a name blink twice if you know it lmaoo. Does the person's name start with a R? if so I totally know who you're talking about and I totally know which clique you're referring if so I was part of the same group. This is wild if we're talking about the same thing.

No. 24575

Also YEAH LMFAO everyone got their pictures off of vampire freaks

No. 24596

File: 1554748196429.jpg (191.81 KB, 800x600, gsm.jpg)

any eurofags that remembers gosupermodel??? it was sooo goood until they decided you had to PAY to log in and have an acc.
i used to be "known" on that site but went into theboycot when they decided to demand money lmao - then everyone migrated to virtualpopstar (still exists but i got banned lmao)

No. 24607

Holy fuck, yes. I remember roleplaying at the Bayou getting food served. And going to peoples "rooms" or whatever and pretending to be their daughter.

I played when I was like 10-12. Loved that shit.

No. 24608

File: 1554752867996.jpg (123.56 KB, 660x430, 15-3-28_rruffrruffarfwoof.jpg)

Speaking of Disney "mmo's"… anybody play this gem?

No. 24613

>>24608 fuck yeah! German anon here. I loved that game to death. But at some point my parents refused to pay anymore for the subscription.

No. 24614

Do you remember panfu? I loved that shit.

No. 24618

Holy shit yes! Swedish anon here and literally EVERYONE played gosupermodel. There was this huge drama between me and a girl in school so she somehow got into my account and deleted everything I had. Truly a traumatic experience

No. 24643

honestly I can't recall her cde username for the life of me but she went by Max. actually I think it could've been robespierre? her current tumblr is rockcitynosebleed. iirc she was one of the few "boys" that didn't catfish with rando pics but rather took the approach of having a hat (a fuzzy lion one) and fringe cover half the face kek. she was sorta popular for these long ass rambly blog entries?? how weird though if we really were in the same circles kek internet's small huh

No. 24644

Awe shit nope not the same group haha. I thought you were talking about this group of edgy bitches. The girl went by Ronnie and she was apparently an ana-chan. But that group also had a fakeboi who went by Rae (go figure)

No. 24645

File: 1554768065258.png (735.7 KB, 1237x824, Ttown.png)

when i figured out how to sync my tamagotchi, this site was so fun

No. 24646

aw too bad. like every fake boi had it's own group haha. I think I do vaguely remember a user with Rae in username but just by seeing those marketplace blogs about that goddamn overpriced and coveted hair (long and wavy with side part, later got remixed to hell and back thru the treasure box) or the pirate hat. why was the pirate hat so legendary even? I had it for a bit and I felt like the hottest shit ever kek

No. 24647

I have NO idea how half of the 'most have' items were so popular. Most of them were ugly as shit lol. I had the pirate hat and I actually liked it I felt like it went with everything haha. I couldn't tell ya her username to save my life. But I'm just it had Rae in it lol. Were you part of the wave who made like cde facebooks and stuff? I was kek

No. 24648

it did feel like it went with everything! what sort of delusion were we on haha.
no, I only discovered them like a day ago after nostalgia fueled googling and finding cde secrets or whatever with some juicy admin drama. what was your page about?

No. 24657

I totally forgot about slice! I was a mod on there and I was a huge asshole. Sorry anon, I was 12 and on a power trip.

No. 24668

It was just a regular facebook just with cde people on it instead of irl friends etc. People basically made ones to talk shit about other people. It was easier that way cause obviously they couldn't ban you for something you said on a different platform. I was way too lazy to actually make a new facebook so I just used my cde fb as my personal one now lol obviously with my avatars deleted and irl friends added etc.
>>admin drama
The best artist/admin got booted because he drew hentai and I'm sad to say that I was one of the people shaming him for it. Honestly looking back his shit wasn't even that bad and whatever he did on his own time was his own business its not like it was lolicon or anything. After they fired him the quality and creativity of the items went ALLLL the way down and I feel like I helped make that happen.

No. 24687


ah lol! i was friends with most of the designers on the danish one and me and all my friends used to sit for hours at each other's big ass home computers and take turns logging in. i used to hp rp so much there and make weird oc's and get into heated debates, ah i miss the forums.

No. 24739

I spent a majority of my time in the AOL chats…anyone remember "Red Dragon Inn"? I used to RP as a Angel Sanctuary character named "Belial" (totes muh OC). I dedicated a whole angelfire site to her and I bet if I read it after all these years I'd cringe into a ball. It distracted me from the bad things happening in my life at that time.

No. 24772

Anybody remember uhh.. matmice? Or something similar? It allowed you to make your own website "page" and add in different widgets. I had a page called xOx_pinktoxic_xOx that became popular and it was the highlight of my pre-teen internet years haha

No. 24880

File: 1554871843042.jpg (172.04 KB, 1280x800, screen-1.jpg)

Damn was I the only person who was obsessed with ourWorld and downWorld.

No. 24881

File: 1554871909267.jpg (166.37 KB, 800x524, 4e41ab5ba3192.jpg)

also pic related

No. 24882

Sorry for samefagging but i'm also surprised that nobody has also mentioned Wizard101 or Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

No. 25044


i was obsessed with ourworld until the day my fb account got banned and i lost my avatar…

No. 25331

File: 1555074116799.png (24.31 KB, 294x383, GW294H383.png)

anyone remember chatango? it used to be all over anime sites and shit. i used it to roleplay as a kid, used to be an active user but started avoiding it cuz of the pedos using it

No. 25404

I thought chatango was still a thing

No. 25448

I still use chatango, it's handy for streamsites.

No. 28985

this is so embarrassing but I used to use moshi monsters for so long

No. 35187

Found early 00s lolcow: http://www.losers.org
A lot of links are still accessible through the wayback machine.

No. 35191

File: 1560186714979.jpg (706.26 KB, 1080x3957, cap.jpg)

What's up with random words being in all caps? everyone types exactly the same. was someone samefagging?

No. 35258

Do any of these e-hangouts still exist, I'm looking for a place to meet new e-friends. I tried Gaia again but it seems kind of kill.

No. 41193

File: 1563862004134.png (91.65 KB, 443x336, forumotion_com.png)

Went down the rabbithole tonight… did anybody else used to create phpBB forums with their friends? I remember anyone could make one and it was so fun to the design the graphics like the forum banner and choose the colour scheme. I made a ton of these with my friends from club penguin.

No. 42034

Aw, I miss MSN so much. I remember the unofficial add on called MSN+ that put in a lot of new features like sound clips and commands. Like, you could type a command to start a Pokemon battle and it was a lot of fun saying whatever dumb shit we wanted like "Godzilla! Use giant dildo smasher!" and it would roll a random damage result.

Also it was SUCH cancer when you had one person who had emotes that replaced letters, I couldn’t read anything from them when every H was placed by some dancing, flaming hot .gif. And the games! MSN had built in minigames that weren’t very good. But knowing Microsoft I wonder if they were harvesting our data or if it was the thing they put effort into that wasn’t some kind of spyware.

No. 42655

File: 1564819821743.png (19.76 KB, 694x84, Screenshot2.png)

>Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
God, I never played but all I can think of is bleedman. Didn't he turn out to be a pedo? Didn't FusionFall basically rip off his character designs? Also, tried to google him and this shit is the funniest thing I've read in a long time
>Mandy from Billy & Mandy did 9/11

>Do any of these e-hangouts still exist, I'm looking for a place to meet new e-friends. I tried Gaia again but it seems kind of kill.
I think we're all lookin for that anon. We're all so lonely. Also surprised Gaia's still kickin tbh.

No. 42660


Found a bunch of those old Nick.com Clickamajigs. You'll have to get an swf player to run them if you don't have one. I used to play these with my brothers all the time when I was in elementary school.

No. 43651

File: 1565240531350.png (678.92 KB, 1228x768, screen-shot-2011-01-24-at-15-0…)

I remember he used to draw on celebrities' images with that white paint tool as well.

No. 43653

Idk if he’d go after a real child but he’s definitely into lolicon and drew some himself. I mean come on, for years his DeviantArt ID pic is his own drawing of himself as a ‘goofy’ cartoon drooling and sneaking up on a little girl character (pink, pigtails and a lollipop) with the text "danger! Keep away from children!" next to it.

No. 43656

I used to love these. thanks for the link!

No. 43736

File: 1565305907089.jpg (237.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I wasted many hours on Nitrome as a kid.

No. 43762

File: 1565317089851.jpg (98.85 KB, 800x600, miss bimbo.jpg)

Anyone recall Miss Bimbo and the shitstorm it caused roughly ~10 years ago?
I remember ending up not liking it because it was really hard to earn bimbo points or whatever to purchase clothes. The last thing I recall was some stupid purse clutter game whose prompt insult was "You silly bimbo!" Lel. I didn't even dare venture onto the forums because it was super aggressive, for a game about bimbo dolls anyway.

No. 43763

this is almost exactly the same game as https://www.ma-bimbo.com (in english it's https://www.likeafashionista.com)

No. 43777

OMG yes this game. I totally forgot about it. I loved it. I was big into this one, TinierMe and Club Penguin. Also Poptropica, but that's not really the same.

I can't believe they closed it down, that sucks.

No. 43778

ToonTown always scared me as a kid, for some reason.

No. 43807

File: 1565350046545.png (207.48 KB, 1024x768, Iscribble.png)

iScribble is literally the reason I'm a digital artist today. I'm so bummed it's gone. I tried drawpile, but it just wasn't the same.

I would literally be on iScribble all day when I was 12. iScribble is why I made a deviantArt account, and why I asked for a graphics tablet for Christmas.

No. 43829

Pixel boards were so sick. This made me get my first tablet too but I hated it and at that point could already draw with a mouse so I never touched it too much and stuck to traditional.

No. 44880

File: 1566009636413.png (5.98 MB, 2846x1649, Meyan_Jungle.png)

I didn't think anyone remembered Spineworld!! Wow! The thing that I miss the most from Spineworld was the music and the artstyle. I miss drinking sproing in the bar under the apartments

No. 44884

Good times, I remember some people would just troll the rooms, coming in and erasing or scribbling over peoples drawings and then leaving lol

No. 44913

Anyone play dizzywood and trickster online? I loved those games as a kid. Then dizzywood changed art styles and trickster died

No. 46021

File: 1566778522733.png (334.9 KB, 720x584, vr8fhkK.png)

Tamatalk anyone? A girl from school introduced me in 6th grade because I wore a Tamagotchi on my lanyard lmao. A fleeting interest but I stayed for the chatroom community, and got smoked out for posting moody fanfiction in the forums because it was considered off topic lmao. 2006-2009 were my glory days

No. 48500

I fucking loved Habbo. Played it for years, made an internet friend when I was 10 I still talk to occasionaly now over ten years later.

I tried logging in again recently but you can't log in with just your username anymore and I have no clue what e-mailaddress is linked to my oldest account. The helpdesk refused to help me get my account back which is honestly shocking considering how few players are online anymore, you'd think they'd grasp every chance to get a player back.

No. 48584

File: 1568003722127.png (3.77 MB, 2000x1708, Untitled.png)

Am I really the only one who grew up making pixel dolls on ThePalace? It was the coolest thing in the 90's/early 2000's.

No. 48585

File: 1568004169322.png (59.53 KB, 450x394, Untitled.png)

Little girls would hold beauty pageants where they would create outfits for their avatars with player made clothes. Sometimes they'd make roleplaying rooms where they played games like "family" or "hospital". Good times, good times.

No. 48608

File: 1568008344284.png (30.52 KB, 728x376, Untitled.png)

It's amusing to think Neopets drama fueled Urban Dictionary entries like this one with tags like "shit sandwich" and "faggot".


No. 48616

shit i was obsessed with tamatalk in my preteen years, i made some of the best friendships of my life on there but lost touch unfortunately

No. 48642

I don't know ThePalace but I remember pixels beings a big thing! I remember MSN groups or wegpages (whatever is was) where people would make "pixel adoption pages". You could like request to adopt a certain pixel in the guestbook and whoever ran the page would "give" it to you. And then it was your job to "feed" it and earn money to "buy" stuff for it.

Does anyone remember that? I feel like it was only around for a short amount of time.

No. 48644

File: 1568019996480.jpeg (72.22 KB, 759x421, EFF7757A-53B1-4E64-98E1-A9FFE7…)

Yes this was the shit!

Do you all remember My Scene? I think it had to do with Barbie It was the start to my internet addiction kek

No. 48665

i only remember reading how outrageous and bad for girls was to have a doll characterised as a bimbo.i think a way to earn points included sending SMS or something

No. 48666

i was reading this crappy site for a long while and idek why the fuck i did it

No. 48689

File: 1568040013909.jpg (128.2 KB, 1240x700, GunZ-The-Duel.jpg)

Used to play this and Mu online so much. Wonder if other anons remember it

The game was a third person shooter with swords, it was really fun but everyone cheated and used exploits since the game was super buggy. A lot of game breaking bugs even became legitimate techniques and stuff, i feel ashamed of wasting so many hours on this shitty game smh.

No. 48743

File: 1568058271951.png (14.99 KB, 270x318, Untitled.png)

Like DragonCave? That's still around btw. https://dragcave.net/

ThePalace had adoption centers where people would put on fox avatars and get adopted by people in human avatars. There were also rooms where wolfaboos larped as wolves. That program had so much versatility… shame nobody uses it anymore, even though it still exists.

No. 48752

File: 1568059705127.png (130.06 KB, 514x384, Untitled.png)

ThePalace had so many autistic little cliques. There were the Preps (12 year old girls playing Barbies on the internet), the goths (edgy 12 year old girls who shat on the preps), the juggalos, the weeaboos, the furries who larped as animals, little boys who larped as super saiyans, normal adults who were there just to chat.. it was a lot like a pixel version of Second Life.

ThePalace was poorly monitored, so even though there were moderators kids got exposed to all sorts of gross stuff. Swearing was allowed, goths would create gore avatars about killing preps, horny middle aged men would make avatars with giant dicks leaking cum or slutty naked ladies. I got linked to meatspin and goatse there back in the day, and I remember little girls using nearly naked avatars created by the horny guys thinking they were just fashionable. There were rooms for people to advertise their Palaces but they were the online equivalent of the walls of public bathroom stalls, they were always full of poop, gore or other offensive stuff. The moderators couldn't verify who dropped what where, so no one got punished.

No. 48754

Any other edgelords used EncyclopediaDramatica and 4chan's /i/ board?

A lot of them still exist but have almost no activity.

No. 48768

Mfw character postures are that of the virgin.

I'm still thinking about GaiaOnline's forums. I was on GD mostly which had nudes "leaked" like every other week. People popular in the forum were called "Prommies" and nearly everyone put their selfies in their sigs. Weird place…

No. 48794

God I miss that bullshit. From 12-14 I fuckin lived on the GD. Prommies and regs were such a big deal.
Member Sith Lord Ali?

No. 48813

my dad and i sing this song on road trips

i used to spend tons on time on newgrounds. that, and the cartoons on tv at that time inspired me to become an animator. i used macromedia flash 8 until 2014. flash 4 lyfe

i used to use quizilla just for the silly quizzes. i never got the whole "fanfiction on a quiz website" thing.

No. 48830

File: 1568073751705.jpg (123.07 KB, 790x460, ctybeAb.jpg)

I used to go on 321teenchat and another chatroom I don't remember the name of.

My friend and I would both "~cyber~" with guys/men/who knows. Always said 16/f or 17/f when we were definitely still in elementary school

Also I did it by myself sometimes too lol

No. 48918

Blanking on Ali, I don't remember the names of any of the people tbh. I remember this one guy who had a lumberjack aesthetic and drew simple cartoony things. All the girls wanted his hipster dick and he was super scummy behind closed doors.

Damn, I wonder if there are more farmers here who were also in GD that don't have shitty memories like I do. I wanna go back and recall those times.

No. 48938

No, they where just webpages or groups ran by kids. The pixels where all stolen from google. Idk it might have been really super niche if no one knows what I'm talking about lol

>Also it was SUCH cancer when you had one person who had emotes that replaced letters, I couldn’t read anything from them when every H was placed by some dancing, flaming hot .gif


No. 48943

Remember teens4christ?

No. 48944

I never played MyScene. I was exclusively a ThePalace kid for multiple reasons.

It was so damn easy to troll people there. Usernames weren't registered so you could steal people's usernames while they were away and do things like break up with their e-girlfriend or convince everyone they had a gross fetish. There was a lot of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NUT STEEL going on with avatars since they were all player made and easy to edit, so it was always a hoot to steal people's creations with print screen or custom programs and watch them panic. Some programs let you drop props invisibly so you could go to a peaceful room, drop swastikas everywhere and watch the room's owner kick out everyone one by one as he tried to figure out who was the spammer. TP taught me how to troll and I'll always miss the days when the internet was the wild west.

No. 48952

Who remembers Tribalwars?

No. 48984

I'm honestly so glad I got to grow up with the early days of the internet

No. 48988

The palace was my shit and I still think fondly back on the memories.

No. 49016

File: 1568171625274.png (70.73 KB, 750x682, Untitled.png)

Urbandictionary is good for looking at drama from the distant past. Here's an entry from 2004 from someone complaining about how "neopets has gone to shit".

No. 49018

Me too, seriously. I've met up with 2 people irl I met on tamatalk lol. I still have some tt people on facebook. Finding the image of the welcome screen gave me warm fuzzies.

No. 49075

I miss older web page design, the ones where you'd have the content in a column in the middle of the page and huge borders. It's kind of ugly but my eyes can focus better vs today's flat UI they insist on using for everything. The internet is so young who knows if design trends will wrap around like fashion?
WHy is it always Memphis? I'm not even from the US.
I checked and it's not gone, it looks like they massively rebranded. I wonder if my own logins worked, I had like 4 accounts

No. 49084

every day i miss msn messenger … it really was the perfect chat program and i've so many memories of doing dumb shit w my friend on there, ahhh, yeah trolling was fun 10 years ago.

No. 49100

In chronological order:
MySpace Punk Forum
/mu/ (4chan)
/leftpol/ (8ch)

I'm 30, and now I'm not really a regular anywhere. I got burnt out on the political stuff real quick because of how crazy some of the really far left people on the leftist boards are. I still love music, but at some point I got tired of just talking about the same bands over and over again, while no one there cares about basically the non-rock, more folk music I've been getting into.

No. 49708

File: 1568479429966.gif (14.68 KB, 518x329, 71720410038d6bacc57e63c6ef3a21…)

Same! Somewhere in the depths of my old hard drives is a plethora of saved and made 100x100 icons. I remember teaching myself how to make them thanks to LJ tutorials, Photoshop and a free gif program (giphy?).

Even though I wasn't social I loved playing MapleStory. My ex and I would play it together and the aesthetic was just so damn cute! I tried going back to it a few times (and gave MS2 a go) but it just seems like a pay-to-win environment now. Not only that but after a certain level your progression pretty much grinds to a halt and it takes fOrEvVeR to level again.

Re: MSN and Yahoo! Chat, I'm sure it's been said but I miss the days when there was a disconnect from the online world and real life, if that makes any sense. Almost everything connecting back to you through FB and Google and shit gives me the heebs and makes me paranoid. Not only that but I would go online to get AWAY from the people I knew irl.

On the flip side, those usernames gave me flashbacks.

No. 51525

File: 1569187082344.jpg (164.06 KB, 1024x768, au.jpg)


No. 51526

File: 1569187141420.jpg (98.95 KB, 960x720, Audition.jpg)

Highkey missing Audition. Almost got disowned for stealing money to go to net cafes kek

No. 51726

File: 1569252504057.jpeg (150.11 KB, 930x720, 66636C12-26B4-4AF5-9FFF-E20767…)

Does anyone remember sites like DollieCrave where it had an endless amount of avatars, MySpace themes and graphics, as well as signatures for forums? I miss the customization social media used to have. MySpace was exactly that… MY space. Facebook feels too corporate and boring. Even msn messenger had cool customization like uploading images for your own chat background. Uploading your own emojis or animated mini avatars used as an emoji. For awhile I liked tumblr because it brought back that customized personal feel but then the site turned to shit lmao. I learned a lot about html back which was fun. Even YouTube used to let you have your own personal background on your channel and the comment section was popular on your profile. Every mainstream platform is so bland now and it’s depressing.

No. 51881


Holy shit, anon. I had one of my first e-bfs in this game. He would never login so I would get sad that we couldn't level up to get the fancy couple rings. The actual gameplay itself was fun, though. I wouldn't mind playing it again.

No. 67195

File: 1576149900378.png (109.44 KB, 696x296, Screenshot_2019-11-11-07-35-36…)

I've been locked out of my fb account for "real name verification" for a while now. I want to continue archiving events in my life, so I have returned to lj. I'm mad postin' like it's 2005!

The site has made a lot of improvements since I last used it (no more having to host images off-site and manually coding entries). It runs on the slow side, but not feeling surveiled and exploited by Zuck&Co is liberating and worth the lag.

I'm sad to find so many of my old friends' journals purged of entries or deleted altogether, though.

No. 67787

File: 1576471232198.png (296.41 KB, 726x485, ADE06C2E-08C7-41B7-A282-A808F6…)

No idea now where I’d find these chat rooms, usually on some forum, but I’d go on xat chat and cyber with randoms. I’d cyber with guys on Omegle too and sometimes flash. Ended up chatting online with somebody who had ~100k followers on tumblr during the early days of tumblr, they ended up getting exposed for chatting with ppl who were underage years later

No. 67804

i discovered my old youtube channel filled with runescape AMVs and i wanna die.

No. 68016

I have no clue what 7 year old me was doing on Xat. That was a moment for me. I never really understood what was going on in any of the chat rooms because all the people in them were older than me. I remember the profiles everyone had though, I wish I could see my profile.

No. 68205

File: 1576787611581.png (195.33 KB, 1280x800, 177288_377707655651220_1907105…)

I'm Swedish and used to breed ugly mspaint animals all day as well as roleplay on the forums. I'd watch the forum "celebs" write to each other from the sidelines LMAO

I miss all these animal sims.

No. 68746

was girlsgogames always filled with gross pregnancy/dentist games? or is it something new

No. 68769

File: 1577080480261.png (2.23 MB, 1006x2450, subeta.png)

God, the like “MS Paint Pets” websites were such a weird part of internet history. I was a huge Neopets kid but I remember seeing some of these other ones floating around. I remember like….a horse one? Not like magical animals or anything just literally you had internet horses and did horse related tasks on the website. I wanna say like….horseland or something? Anyone know what I'm talking about? (My rich best friend growing up was a real horse girl, I was too broke for that so I just tried to be an internet horse girl)

Did anyone ever get into Subeta? As someone who had been through Gaia and Neopets phases already, it seems like an ok averaging of the two. I got a little into it in high school because my 30 something year old manager at Game Stop was a furry and obsessed with it and I thought if I played she'd like me more (aka give me more hours). Ngl though, after years of Neopets I did find their pet designs/colors kind of refreshing. The avatars were pretty comparable to Gaia too I'd say.

No. 68770

It's elsagate stuff, a recent thing

No. 68793

Ponyisland? I remember when all the 30-40 year old women on there went onto a separate website to bitch about the admins and then the admins got divorced and now it's still going but they're basically mooching off free volunteers

No. 68834

File: 1577104463531.jpg (78.73 KB, 630x630, 2974912_0.jpg)

I loved neopets. I always wanted one of those pretty UC fairy or royal pets, but wasn't willing to put in the months to get into UC trading lol.

I checked back on the website recently, and it seems pretty dead. I think it's owned by some company that's really low on rescources and the whole site is broken af.

No. 68891

File: 1577122321256.jpg (162.49 KB, 824x855, stallet111.jpg)

I didn't use djur.nu but stallet.se was my shit. At stallet.se you could create virtual pets but unlike other sites it wasn't that impressive. They weren't aesthetically pleasing at all (literally a brown circle on a ranch map) and unless you paid for a membership you couldn't afford more than one horse. Anyway, at some point in stallet.se history they introduced roleplay, gave it its own page and gave people the ability to create roleplays for people to join etc. Then shit kinda went down because creeps came out of the woodwork and started cybering with the kids, me included. I was 9 and I'm shocked that as far as I can see it didn't affect me, it just kinda happened and then I moved on.

No. 68913

I loved subeta! I thought the artwork for the different potion colors was so amazing and creative. And IIRC it was pretty easy to get “rich” pretty quickly, so all of my pets were super gorgeous.

No. 68953

I wish they would just even the playing field and finally convert the remaining UC pets OR make UC pets available again (which they've been very clear about they're not gonna do). Literally all people care about is getting a pet that has been "discontinued" for over a decade.

No. 69843

File: 1577646363263.png (145.77 KB, 450x281, frontpage.png)

I played Neopets to start with, but I played a lot of Marapets. It was more "cozy" than Neopets and though they had some obvious knock off designs from Neopets and had an option to buy things with real money I preferred it. It seemed to have more customization. They also had the option to dress up your own character avatar.

I remember going onto a wiki for pet sites and seeing a lot of similar sites made with a pet site maker that was available at the time(no idea of the name), and wanting to make my own for my friends to play. It never happened of course.

No. 69880

Taking a shot in the dark here but does anyone remember a web browser game similar to Runescape featuring vampires? I think it might have included werewolves, too. I only played it for 2 seconds because it got banned pretty quick in my household (thanks born again Christian dad) but I remember thinking it was so cool and have been trying to find it for years.

No. 69888

Come play runescape with me anon, they brought back the old school version and the vampire quest line got expanded

No. 69967

Reading this whole thread was really something! I got into Neopets in elementary school, and it was alright. lost interest though.

but on the side, there was a Neopets knockoff made by, supposedly, a teen boy (but people lie, so who knows, coulda been like 25). I had some fun on not neopets, and i went to some forum about these sorts of things. someone bashed on not neopets, and then the "teen boy" "creator" came along to say he totally didn't care about what was being said against him and his site.

so there was some weird dumb drama, but fun story writing and just goofin off.

side note, on neopets i pretended to be a boy, when someone asked if i was a boy and i told them no, they left. guess it was a pedo into boys and not girls haha. never got groomed or creeped on.

okay this is something several people know, but no one talks about as much as they should. fake users on the internet. idiotic youtube comments and almost 90% of the activity on reddit, and activity on imgur, comes from fake users.

they sign NDA'a, they're required to be logged on for their whole shift, they're not allowed to leave the website until their shift is over, and they have a shitposting quota. those redditors who argue with themselves but forget to switch accounts? those are paid fake users.

you can tell by looking at their posting history and retarded comment chains. they go for the huge subs, not the obscure ones. this is why you're not allowed to criticize retards online, because almost everyone on these sites is a retarded fake user.

i have fantastic memories of LJ, but even a big chunk of that userbase was fake, even before the bots came in.

person said that the way info on old websites and old internet is gone, paves the way for the rewriting of history… spot on.

imgur is full of retarded generated memes, for forum sliding. reddit is full of political shit for forum sliding. and the shills are there to make it all unusable, unreadable, and to harass any real users off the site.

today companies don't want real people using the sites. used to be different in the past. but that's changed now.

nostalgia serves a purpose.

No. 69998

I've never heard of anyone else going on Marapets! I had both neopets and marapets but I can't remember why I quit mara.

No. 70004

link it coward

No. 70096

this is shameful but i pretended to be emma watson on neopets lol

No. 70696

For whatever reason, I used to spend a lot of time on The N's website. I remember they had this game where you were in college? Had Habbo Hotel vibes. I also wasted way too many hours on Quizilla

No. 70762

File: 1578092850606.png (1.22 MB, 2910x1496, Screenshot 2020-01-03 at 23.05…)

does anyone remember girland.com? you could earn "girl points" and badges by participating in agony aunt forums, chatrooms and mini games and there was a leaderboard that would rank each member by the amount of gp they had. I want to do more research about who ran the site and what happened to it but there's so little information out there on it. I was obsessed with it, around the time of neopets (2000~).

No. 70845

South american here, this was so fun for me even though I wasn't able to understand internet at all. Anything similar to this that still functions??

This was the type of stuff that got me hyped as a kid. Everytime I turned my pc on, I was excited to see what great silly random things I would be able to find.

No. 70849

File: 1578130302587.jpeg (68.15 KB, 707x434, 8D84BC93-8DC5-4911-9F42-A89AAC…)

I loved Stardoll with all my heart when I was around 9~10. Played it so much that my parents even bought me the Superstar membership as a gift sometimes and I was extremely happy.
I loved that you could kinda paint the makeup on your avatar, mixing colors and stuff. It also kinda gave me the beginning of a fashion sense lol (I also remember that Sephora didn’t exist in my country at the time and I thought it was a store from the game, not a real one). I felt like I could express myself a lot through my avatar’s outfits.
I made a lot of friends there through the “clubs” you could create and participate in, they worked kinda like forums. I remember when the “party” feat was released and I was super hyped for it. Little me felt super social going at them. Also, even though my english wasn’t very good at the time, no one was rude to me there. Good times.

No. 70873

File: 1578148412832.jpg (105.55 KB, 801x598, Capture.JPG)


Replying to year old posts but I completely forgot about VMK even though I loved playing it back in middle school. Googled it and first result was the MyVMK private server, which seems to be dead but still running. Good for a short nostalgia trip though, sadly quests are bugged.

No. 70899

Are you also german, anon? stardoll was my shit and i wanted the premium stuff so bad! I was so lucky to make friends with this super nice girl who'd let me use her premium account from time to time..good memories..

No. 70901


stardoll still exists actually, although the community has been kind of dead for some time now.
you can go take a look if you wish.

No. 71150

File: 1578259318866.jpeg (422.92 KB, 1902x1019, 11994DE5-EDB6-411D-8E71-2DE567…)

I miss Crysandrea. I spent so much time on the forums when I was a cringy tween weeb. I have a folder full of pictures of old avatars.

No. 71341

Does anyone remember Freewebs? Anyone could create a basic free website. I don't know if it's still around but me and my friends in 5th grade created a Warrior Cats fan site and posted about our OCs and rped on the guestbook because either they didn't have forums or we didn't know how to set one up. Another mutual classmate found our freewebs site and posted profanity and slander about a teacher and that's how our entire grade got a lecture on cyber bullying.

I also posted a terrible fantasy story on my own site but only got 6 chapters in before deleting it all.

As for Neopets, I would frequent the writing forums a bit. I found a forum on another site that had regulars from there and I forget what I did, but the entire forum hazed me for making a small mistake (it was a smallish forum so maybe they did it to any newbie) and spammed about me being a creep/pedo. I was 12 at the time. Never went back to that one again. The art forums were also fun, I would take requests sometimes to draw mediocre art of other player's pets. Most of the art I did when I was younger was anthro art, mainly because I wanted to draw my neopets.

No. 71419

Freewebs is still a thing, but it’s just called webs now, without the “free” at the beginning.

No. 71468

File: 1578476961417.jpg (138.91 KB, 784x643, e-gurl.jpg)

Any greek anons (I know I'm not the only one here) used or at least remembers this cringy site? I wasn't posting as much as most people there and while I'm partly glad I can't access my old cringe anymore, I kinda miss it because I spend a lot time there simply reading what other people said

(pic is from wayback machine since I can't find a proper picture and the image search is populated with current e-girls kek)

No. 71518

man that takes me back…spent my early teens lurking and getting my sex ed in that site lol, i even met irl with a girl from my town through the site

its cringe but i also get weird nostalgia from e-girl even though i never posted much either

No. 71850

oh no, I’m not! I just got this pic because it was the only one I could find in a ok resolution lmao
aw that’s cute of her! I used to be very afraid of my account being stolen and stuff lmao so I never did anything like that

I logged in to see if I could resurrect my account and it worked! I didn’t have time to play a bit with it yet, but maybe I will
The kinda sad thing is that a lot of the site seems pretty dead, as you said… not only the community but actual stuff like the hairstyles for your avatar, for example, still are exactly the same since always…
Even the dress up games don’t have many new dolls and they were supposedly the focus of the site???

No. 75522

File: 1581679140248.png (704.52 KB, 783x778, oceanUP.png)

Randomly remembered oceanUP which I used to browse back in the day reading about teen celebrities and shit and decided to look it upand found out it got ubruptly replaced by some site about tech and gadgets.

It's weird since the site was archived up to August but hadn't updated since June.Then there are a few archives at the end of the year showing the new content.It doesn't look like it was maintained and updated well lately and probably they decided to give it up yet there was nothing about them "saying goodbye" like may other sites have over the years

Man it was a different time…

No. 75563

File: 1581703593262.jpeg (13.39 KB, 225x225, 085EB408-4D54-4453-B6F2-FB7189…)

Am I the only one who's had experience with Chatzy? Hellhole, but fun in a way.

No. 75565

File: 1581707582013.jpeg (137.56 KB, 768x432, 30ec3974cc43ea25735fb2cb49fc17…)

Does anyone remember playing on Roblox as a kid? I wasted so much of my childhood on it, especially spending it all on roleplaying Warrior Cats.

No. 75567

File: 1581708672564.png (1.39 MB, 2000x767, zEPPELiNNN.png)

Girl, a lot of people still play it as an adult.
I NEED Zeppelin Battle as a standalone game though. I NEED it so bad. Or the Pirate Cove map.
Also, my first Roblox was the logger tycoon and it sucks but it's my nostalgia, especially chopping down the big tree? Yiss….

No. 75594

any homestar runnerfags here?

happy vamlumtimes day

No. 76292

File: 1582308255177.gif (109.54 KB, 300x216, tumblr_mrcxq2s1nl1sr308yo4_400…)

Godammit anon, I literally cannot go a single Valentine's Day without hearing
in my head all goddamn day, my entire life it feels. Glad I'm not the only one.

No. 76297

Apparently Neopets is getting a show.

No. 76363

Huh, if this ends up actually happening it'll be weird to see the neopets fully animated as opposed to the janky flash animation they use on the site

No. 77237

File: 1582916822784.png (142.8 KB, 2058x586, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.00…)

does anyone know about this?


also i really really wish millsberry was still a thing. i remember being heartbroken when it shut down. then the pfgoldfish site with goldfish games. the suite life of zach and cody elevator type game. the AIM mmo with miis

No. 77260

omfg i made so many friendships on iscribble. love that site. spent hours on it.

No. 77277

There are people who just heard about this? I thought it was common knowledge that when Neopets received funding from one of the investors he wanted to add Scientology-inspired content to the website to indoctrinate kids into the religion. The original creators (named Donna and Adam iirc?) fought pretty hard against this and managed to cancel some really shady terms. One of them had a Q&A session on Reddit some years ago and talked about this when someone brought up the scientology rumor. The article you linked seems to explain this in detail but yeah it's true to an extent. They didn't "run" the company per se, but Neopets had investors and stakeholders who were really into Scientology and wanted to push it. It didn't really show on the website though.

No. 77287

No. 77340

File: 1582949485098.png (641.24 KB, 1261x606, Picture-18.png)

Does anyone remember omgpop? It used to be called iminlikewithyou as far as I remember. It had so many fun games, but then that zynga company bought it only to close it soon after.

No. 77874


Coming back a year later to say I found the videos I was talking about!!!!! The music is soooo nostalgic and creepy to me still. Ahhh, memories. This channel has them all posted if anyone else is interested.

I'm so pumped to have found these!

No. 86063

I remember freewebs! I also remember Piczo, Tripod and Angelfire

No. 86209

File: 1587903014039.jpeg (57.47 KB, 467x216, DC53AB59-115E-48FC-822A-9D2FA5…)

I spent so much time on the old yahoo answers when I was like 12 or 13. I even got a badge, I forgot what they were called, but it was basically to show that you’re an expert in that field because you got a lot of best answers. I hanged out at the baby names, pets - other, and horoscope section. There were many other regulars in some of them who I loved seeing. I remember I always refreshed to be the first one to answer a question so that I would be at the top. I also had these people do most of my homework for me. I also had several emails and would give myself stars through my multiple accounts lol

No. 86212

I used to go on a site that was similar to Yahoo Answers, except it was in my native language. Most people there were young, and the quality of the questions/answers was what you would expect. I would music, humour and conversation sections, but sometimes I would venture in the other sections and post ironic answers if the questions were dumb. The site even had a few lolcows, just like every site.

No. 86213

I visit the […] sections*

No. 86240

I had two accounts and would always frequent the adolescent section… and I was decently ranked in the community back then too. I was weirdly proud of my contributions and answers to asinine questions.

No. 86267

I used to spend so many hours playing Alaplaya Audition when I was a kid. I always felt jealous of the people with cool and amazing character designs because as far as I remember, you had to spend actual money to buy clothes for your character (?)
Either way, it's a huge nostalgic thing for me.

No. 86268

Also, this fucking game. I was so sad when they updated it and made it look so fucking weird. Even tried to log back into my old account but it seems like they discontinued the game and the servers because even though it's still up, it's pretty dead and you cannot log in nor register.
I'd also post Wizard101 but I don't wanna clog up this thread.

No. 86276

Holy shit I loved this game! I was 12-13. The music was really good and I had my first e-boyfriend and we would grind the cute little couple/ring system and mini-game garden they had…
Then we broke up and I played a boy character and catfished girls and realized I was gay. Anyway. Good game, fun times.

No. 86281

I used to troll the religion & spirituality section during the Atheism phase of 2010-2011

No. 86283

File: 1587975423080.gif (11.87 KB, 92x87, 82e92df4-vi.gif)

This was inspired by a post in /ot but who remembers these blinkies? I loved these things so much, they used to be everywhere. I taught myself how to use photoediting software just to make these things lol. They seem really sparse on the internet now though, it's like the early to mid 2000's are just disappearing

No. 86284

File: 1587975537075.gif (17.24 KB, 335x228, dfe3abaf88f990fb1f7466b32bb089…)

No. 86290

File: 1587982968318.gif (25.99 KB, 253x140, D3HyhSI.gif)


Facebook and social media sites that followed killed blinkies, pixels etc.

As a kid I taught myself some HTML along with learning to animate cute graphics in photoship so I could make all kinds of this shit and then would give make free avatars/sigs/graphics for people that requested them.

Out of modern popular social media sites, only Tumblr lets you customize your blog, but it's pretty much dead too.

No. 86304

File: 1587984957523.gif (7.79 KB, 150x150, unnamed.gif)

did any of you guys see that website that people would advertise their UFA pets to whoever made the best application? you basically edited the page of one of your pets and turned it into an adoption application where you would have to impress the owner enough for them to choose you. Some people would do a page with amazing digital art, a whole bio and backstory, and amazing layout for the page. I didn't know how to do any of that so i never got any that i wanted. I remember once taking a photo of my bad pencil drawing for an application but i knew i wasn't going to stand a chance.

Neopets flunked after they converted all of the pets into the same ass boring design no matter what they wore or how they were painted. in the UC design, each paint completely transformed them, and their expressions were very different, the new ones only slightly changed their facial expression. They should have just found other ways to make money besides shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 86312

tbh I stopped playing neopets when I realized the only thing that matters on there is owning a type of pet that hasn't been available for creation in over a literal decade.

No. 86315

File: 1587992313623.jpg (153.71 KB, 965x598, lookbook.jpg)

Old fashion blogs and Lookbook.nu adjacents, they feel so much more genuine than instagram and styles felt less samey, it feels like on instagram everyone is a copy of eachother down to their faces sighh, fashion used to be so fun in the mid 2000s.

No. 86316

Yeah, I feel the same way. I feel like no one has their own style or taste anymore, everyone just does the same thing they see everyone else do in their circles.

No. 86330

File: 1587997408757.gif (197.79 KB, 396x400, unnamed.gif)


No. 86333

I keep finding old blogs for reviews of products or clothing I didn't know of and I'm always sad to see they're dead now. The individuality of today is null compared to when people had their own pages.

No. 86381

Agreeed, I've been feeling mad nostaglia for lookbook lately. Instagram is garbage for finding good inspiration (it's garbage in general tbh)

No. 89890

i remember being introduced to xat.com by older kids on club penguin but i can't find my old account and my groupchat has been deleted. SAD

No. 99829

File: 1595234326099.jpg (24.95 KB, 300x207, 300px-CokeStudios_screenshot.j…)

my coke. played it for a few months before it shut down. i think it was better than habbo

No. 99849

The jumpscare at the end traumatized me as a kid

No. 100894

wow, i haven’t heard someone else mention coke music / my coke in so long….. i miss that game. definitely better than habbo hotel. i just really liked collecting stuff and furnishing my room

No. 101608

File: 1596055723366.jpg (63.91 KB, 640x388, simsse.jpg)

fuck yeah, this was my life as a kid

i don't know why but i'm convinced a lot of the old gSm users are farmers now. there was so much drama. i remember i was permabanned for trolling multiple times and had to use tor bowser to make new accounts. i was so sad when the site shut down and i really miss these type of female only sites in general.

any other swedes remember thesims.se? i will never stop mourning the old school sims community

No. 101610

File: 1596056714488.jpg (192.78 KB, 1280x1280, ec494d363ee9e20e02f80edc5ccda4…)

Did anyone else play Webkinz? I remember you only needed to buy a pet to get an account, now you need a membership for everything on that site.

No. 101630

I remember spending so much of my time just hanging out on my chemical romance’s Facebook page in like 2012ish
There were so many other kids on there it seems so abstract now

No. 101642

omg this game!!! i remember it, wasnt it only for americans though? i never had a chance to play since im canadian but i was addicted to habbo as a kid. was the stuff on coke free or did you have to pay real money?

No. 101643

yep! i visit once a year just to see if anything has changed. i think its sad now because im not sure kids are even into webkinz nowadays. my favourite mini games on there were the tournament games like the fashion show or the cooking competition.

No. 101664

Yes! I remember being good at the fashion show against other players. I don't think kids these days have any interest in Webkinz, since they stopped making the plush toys for a long time and the new trendy stuff for kids is on Tik Tok. It's a shame, when Webkinz didn't have the membership limitations, it was a fun website.

No. 101701

File: 1596102107381.png (204.86 KB, 730x394, screen-shot-2014-01-19-at-13-3…)

Anyone else heavily into stardoll around 2008ish?
I had an account in 'secret' (although my parents probably knew, they were big into parental control software) that i would pay for using my pay as you go phone.
One summer I managed to get recognition as a 'popular' on the site, sometimes if i google my old user name I can still find old blogposts talking about me and my activity on the site which is wild.

No. 101704

I miss old stardoll so badly. I wonder how many active users it gets at the moment. I log on every now and then but don't end up doing much

No. 101706

Wow, summer of 2008? Wonder if we were at any of the same guestbook parties.

Honestly, last I checked there seemed to be a bunch? Mostly a different set, our 2006-2009 US/UK cohort didn't stick around. Mainly young girls from Eastern Europe posting.

No. 101715

I used to write fanfiction on stardoll in those group things those were the days

No. 101716

No way! Yeah we might have met online then that’s so crazy, I used to hang around the fashion club boards religiously as well as playing admin on the emo boards, what a power trip

No. 101728

I loved role playing on stardoll groups! I didn’t go to a normal high school so getting to play pretend was such an outlet

No. 101782

File: 1596157061562.jpg (126.87 KB, 1280x720, wp.jpg)

Anyone else go on wittprofiles.com back in the day?

No. 101785

File: 1596158373650.jpg (47.81 KB, 750x443, petsoc.jpg)

I used to play Pet Society on something called "Bebo", that was where I got my dopamine fix as a 10-year-old

No. 101789

The mills berry screenshots reminded me, Does anyone know the name of that one game where you had to care for a pair of lips with legs? I know it sounds strange but it was a game that was advertised on a cereal or snack. I don’t remember which but I recall you could feed it.

No. 101792

i used an animal crossing forum from like..2005-2008, its called animalcrossingcommunity.com. there was a girl who was a mod who i really looked up to there, she was soooo sweet. i had a lot of fun on that site! i'd visit peoples towns in ac:ww on the nds, and people would visit my town as well. wish i'd kept up with some of those people honestly

No. 101799

I loved it so much, I played it in Facebook, it was kind of the reason why I had Facebook as a teen, I’m still kind of salty about it shutting down like that one cool mining/adventure/rpg game.

No. 102042

We lived the same life. I also used to use the little drawing feature on there to send little videos to people by coloring over the screen and making a new drawing over and over. Wish I could see any of that stuff now.

No. 102044

I played this game once when I was a kid and was unable to remember the name of it for the life of me. Thank you anon

No. 102050

Oh shit I spent soooo much time playing this game, I was really into it and my aunt and her friend were big fans too, it seemed to be really popular with aunties for some reason. They had multiple facebook profiles each to collect more money. My aunt's friend even spent lots of real money on the game and sent me gifts, we were all pissed of course when the game was shut down, but can you imagine spending tons of money on a game and it being shut down for no reason? I played restaurant city a lot too, my brother and aunt were into it too. I filled my restaurant with unicorns and rainbows and had waterfall wallpaper kek it was so tacky.

No. 102099

File: 1596304264379.png (5.35 KB, 285x278, logo_white_large_transparent c…)

I'm surprised no one's mentioned IMVU yet. I used to play this quite a bit around 08-09. My freshman year of high school there was big drama in our friend group because one of my friend's boyfriend had his avatar kissing another friend's avatar kek

I was into trying to dress up my avatar but didn't like actually chatting on there.

No. 102400

godddamn thank you for being in this thread even if it's a year later, this website was so critical in my hacked club penguin days and trading that chat currency for the clout effects was an experience

No. 102413

File: 1596439288233.gif (334.01 KB, 377x400, 94d7b864770c839979297c23b573b0…)

kek yes.

No. 102415

File: 1596439840896.png (15.84 KB, 120x150, gaia.png)

This thread always makes me think about gaia

No. 102417

File: 1596440425758.gif (686.7 KB, 329x400, ZVOWDic.gif)

No. 102427

Pretty sure there's only a 0,000000001% chance of anyone else recognising this, since I can find almost nothing about it online, but me and some friends (German) used to spend an ungodly amount of time on a Czech (I think) game/community called Kamelclub/CoolCamels back in 2002-2004 or so.
It was such a huge part of my life back then but I barely remember the mechanics of the game. I only remember that you had your camel farm and your camels, you had to feed them or they'd die and the currency was dates. Oh, and you could open caravans and write newsletter to the members (which we made a huge deal of, of course).
We were obsessed and even got into fights and drama about it. Wild times.

No. 102432

File: 1596459690342.png (1.87 MB, 1056x988, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.54…)

I have so many of these that I searched for forever. DEEP childhood games.

1) not really online but it was a game called Dream Life

No. 102433

File: 1596459719815.png (1.03 MB, 1314x896, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.55…)

2) the polly pocket website

No. 102434

File: 1596459759066.png (2.11 MB, 1332x1004, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.55…)

3) zoombinis

No. 102435

File: 1596459833462.png (1.49 MB, 1278x728, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.57…)

4) nancy drew and the curse of blackmoore manor (I also played that horse ranch one but was too young/stupid to ever beat either lol)

No. 102436

File: 1596459854199.png (1.49 MB, 1274x730, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.59…)

5) pajama sam

No. 102437

File: 1596460249871.png (948.7 KB, 1170x638, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.08…)

6) poptropica

No. 102438

File: 1596460288307.png (1.72 MB, 1196x898, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.11…)

7) yoville (I played on fb)

No. 102439

File: 1596460443805.png (1.4 MB, 1168x804, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.14…)

8) petz (absolute fever dream)

No. 102440

File: 1596460709007.png (1.41 MB, 1242x702, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.17…)

9) the online cyberchase game

No. 102442

No. 102451

File: 1596472934774.jpg (421.49 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20200803-114118_Fir…)

Did anyone frequent sailor moon fan pages back in the day? I loved reading about all the otaku senshi members made for the board.

No. 102564

I still think about how you could yeet the dogs and cats across the screen after picking them up and watch them tumble through the air. Weird fucking game.

No. 102569

i loved petz!!
weird or not, i'd still play the hell out of it now if i had the chance.

No. 102571

same! I feel like I have my old disk for it somewhere but it wouldn't be compatible with my current computer

No. 102585

HAHAHA yep you'd grab them by the scruff and they'd look at you with their big sad eyes and then YEET

No. 102608

File: 1596566756161.jpg (45.37 KB, 573x404, 1 new game diddle cheese react…)

Did anyone here used to go on Diddl? (Might've been more of an Western EU thing since Diddl's from Germany originally) I spend so much time on the website chatting, collecting collectible cards and playing games (like pic related). Diddl was massive in my country in the mid 2000's. Unfortunately I can't find any screenshots of the (old) website.

I'm really sad that my childhood internet is disappearing.

No. 102615

File: 1596574462164.png (1.09 MB, 479x1196, tamatown.png)

I used to spend hours on this, especially in the "music studio" making music. Tamatown was my shit

No. 102621

Here in France a lot of girls used to buy Diddl merchandises just to collect them, especially the scented letters, I had no idea there was even a website like that though.

No. 102623

you'll be hard-pressed to find english-speaking anons who frequented a children's website with a name that sounds like "diddle" considering it's slang for fucking

No. 102627

I have only browsed the local website and salivated at the merch. Mimihopps was my fave. A year ago I went on a huge nostalgia trip and purchased a few plushies of her as well as stationery. I still adore her design!
Never realized how sketchy the brand name is to English speakers lol. Maybe that's why it was only popular in Europe.

No. 102703

german anon here, oh god! Those scented blocks.. they were soooo expensive, but smelled so good. holy hell memory lane

No. 102711

CoolCamels! I'd completely forgotten it. I was never a super active player of it though. It was one of those many virtual pet sites that I played for like a month.

No. 102729

Omy my sister and i loved Diddle as children! We bought so many plushies and other merchandise we also had a subscription from the magazine.

No. 102732

not super old but tinychat…tinychat anyone 9 years ago i used to stay up 24/7 just for any kind of interaction. sucks being an only child. came across some legit pedos too. it sucked but the serotonin from the attention made me stupid and acted reckless on it. didn't even consider how fucked it was for a 2x~ year old to prey on a freshman in high school online.

No. 102760

File: 1596674203557.jpg (437.41 KB, 1024x768, wHo0b5Z.jpg)

High school I lived and breathed this free mmo called Rohan Blood Feud. I remember just living for a couple of the designs and songs.

No. 102761

File: 1596675092200.png (103.5 KB, 810x659, o.png)

i was obsessed with the cute designs

No. 102786

File: 1596705315526.jpeg (72.23 KB, 600x312, 4773C789-898D-4C62-83B9-5BA218…)

I loved gosupermodel. I had membership but my model got hacked right before it went pay to play so I quit playing.

My bff at the time would try to get into the same photoshoot game, and so we could place first and second and get the most money. There were also these trading cards you could collect to get outfits and we would buy them and then sold the ones we already had. It was srs business.

No. 102787

File: 1596705716319.jpeg (82.06 KB, 500x500, B0599418-F222-4DEF-B3B0-05C67B…)

Then there was also littlest petshop VIP, which I guess was similar to webkinz. You had to buy a plush and then got a code to use the site. I had this one

No. 102812

Does anyone remember Quotev?

No. 102815

I completely forgot about it! I used to read fanfic there all the time

No. 102836

yesss. did anyone also use quizilla?

No. 102840

That's what half my livejournal entries were.

No. 102851

I was obsessed with IMVU! I used to go into group chats and role play there. Oh man, what a time. Remember you could buy actual poses and emotes for sex stuff?

No. 102976

omg i completely forgot

No. 103186

File: 1596917519319.jpg (27.24 KB, 412x450, 51NXlWmzGcL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

Nta, but I found this guy while looking for toys to donate. I remember going on the website as well, but I lost interest and went to Webkinz instead.

No. 103721

File: 1597227576395.jpeg (67.25 KB, 310x248, FA13E907-D5F0-4D58-A53E-32C8EB…)

Oh, I never expected to find anyone who remembers it! Where are you from, if I may ask? Kinda interested to know if this was just a East and Central European thing (even though probably barely anyone knew about it even here, idk).

I used to collect and trade Diddl merch and I hung out on the website a lot and there were a lot of cool features even though I barely remember them. I remember there being a Diddl chatbot who I was really rude to.

No. 103723


omg anon did you trade diddl-papers (or whatever the different notepads were called), too? it was such a huge deal at our elementary school. felt like we werde dealers lmao. still have a folder full with them

No. 103727

Yeah, I’m from Germany and we used to trade them at elementary school. I loved it, the way different papers had different values and you were hot shit if you had some rare or “vintage” ones. I’ve moved a lot so I don’t have the folder anymore, but I’ve kept a few of my favourites!

No. 103837

File: 1597273378145.jpeg (56.74 KB, 327x445, BE69A064-0792-4AB7-9912-E31FD2…)

kind of OT but I love diddl, I still have lots of notepads and some plushes. I also have this PC game. I wonder if it will ever have a resurgence in popularity like Moomin?

No. 103948

File: 1597339049236.jpg (476.84 KB, 1682x2437, ab574ccd59c9442a257b5613b90b40…)

ooh I hope it will have a resurgence some day, I mean look at this, the illustrations are nothing short of wholesome.

No. 104775

File: 1597690648776.jpg (353.28 KB, 441x770, sakura_s_pixel_id_by_camifortu…)

I miss old DA so much. Pixel IDs, the ugly emojis (idk what they were called), the Stupid Fox and Death Note comics, etc etc.

I don't know if it's just me, but I get the feeling people weren't such ~art experts~ back then. Now I feel like every 16 year old kid with a twitter account is able to do extremely complex and detailed drawings with perfect color, lighting and anatomy like it's nothing lmao. Or maybe I'm just getting kinda old and too stagnant with my own art, haha.

No. 104778

File: 1597692482483.jpg (74.32 KB, 780x780, pimboli.jpg)

Ahh, these bring back memories. I remember everyone at some point had something with these characters and everyone was drawing them. I had a small Pimboli bear plushie and the material he was made of was just the most pleasant thing to touch ever.

No. 104786

File: 1597695610311.jpg (187.66 KB, 1024x768, diddl.jpg)

OMG I remember these! Owned so many notebooks and shit with these mice on them.

There was also a similar franchise with like… I wanna say two beige colored lovers? They were a bit more humanoid (don't remember what animal they were or if they were even animals rather than a fantasy race) but in a pretty similar art style to this on tons of stationery. Anyone know what I'm referring to?

No. 104794

File: 1597698552239.jpg (285.7 KB, 800x600, howrse-ss3[1].jpg)

i used to be obsessed with this horse SIM game called howrse. I'd just take care of horses all day long.

No. 104825

File: 1597718870849.jpg (41.11 KB, 756x469, xivio-site.jpg)

I swear like 5 people played this game. I was mainly a habbo player but someone on habbo told me to sign up for Xivio. It was a super small community and I used pictures of my aunt (who was only 10 yrs older than me and smoking hot) and catfished everyone. I went by Muffin.

No. 104830

Did anyone here also got catfished by "celebrities" in Neopets? I remember there would be many Rupert Grints and Daniel Radcliffe's going around

No. 104831

File: 1597722658585.png (334.46 KB, 1061x664, pengspace.png)

Was that the one where you could share quotes and format them how you like with html? I remember a site like that but the name is totally lost on me.

Ayrt and still here. I remember there was also a social media site called Ning which was basically Myspace for club penguin users. There were a lot of club penguin blogspots and cheat forums too, a lot of them made by kids just messing around. And xat rooms of course. The club penguin community was pretty fun back then as a kid.

No. 104835

File: 1597723956673.png (269.72 KB, 897x646, glittergraphics.png)

I used to go to glitter-graphics.com to download them. Can't believe this site is still up with the exact same layout it had back then.

No. 105066

holy shit me too anon, i had totally forgotten about this.

anyone else who collected bellasara cards and went on the website? i think you could register your cards there or something

No. 105067

My parents wouldn’t buy me the cards so I used to go on the website and did as much as possible without buying any

No. 105076

File: 1597864102615.jpg (162.58 KB, 591x842, Cajus_art.jpg)

Yeah, I have a bunch of cards, I loved to take care of my horses, especially the one water horse I had and the few pegasus, they had different stables from the ordinary horses. And the games were nice too. I checked on the website last year and it was still up, but when I tried to check it again this year it was gone and it says they're working on a new game.
Which was your favorite horse? My favorite was this one cause he had the water stable and a cute merman on the card lmao

No. 105571

File: 1598185269505.jpg (33.3 KB, 800x800, f6ec6bc0ae6b8676cb2e6f41bd0960…)

Pucca maybe? that's the only thing I can think of

No. 105573

or some series of Nici

No. 105590

I loved playing Miniclip and FreeOnlineGames games. Club Penguin was my life from age 9 to 12.

Also WTF happened to DeviantArt. It used to look so good.

No. 105591

Oh maaan, I would hang out on YA so much. I loved their avatar maker. I also used to go back to my old questions and vote it as best answer because that would immediately make it best answer if it was old enough.

No. 105596

Quizilla was my shit, I made cringe vkei quizzes on there that did quite well!

No. 105868

File: 1598465153556.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, cac8064e609b19e29d97f6ed3a4b62…)

Anyone still plays gaia online? Im so lonely here huuu…

No. 105891

I once tried playing that like a decade ago and got bullied off the website within a day for not understanding how any of it worked lol

No. 105899

i buy items in color schemes i collect still and do their jigsaw puzzles. don't change avi that often, like every two weeks.

No. 105915

File: 1598485920405.jpg (600.41 KB, 540x415, rZ4b5OC.jpg)

I used to play the shit out of this card Inuyasha game on adultswim

No. 105916

I was obsessed with this game lol

No. 105918

File: 1598488089905.jpeg (78.19 KB, 652x510, 99C56451-0E08-459B-8C8A-B416CC…)

I was so addicted to this game my mom had to put a timer on the computer. Comfy feels playing this all day during summer

No. 105929

Nope, neither. They were beige or light brown colored and wore human clothing

No. 105931

I discovered 4chan through there from a fanart posting thread and never really went back.

No. 105938

Used to be this game on cartoon network website…you could play as dexter, Johnny bravo, Powerpuff girls, etc…can't remember the point it was kinda like a maze/level thing and maybe you had to collect something? Used to be so obsessed with that game I would play it at school during computer class. And if anyone else remembers Shockwave…you could play this game called Tamale Loco, or the one I think called Cookie Boy (can i have another cookie please?!) And i am pretty sure you snuck into jails and your character was a small boy child…but what you ate wasn't cookies it was doughnuts lmfao. Oh good times…

No. 105955

Did anyone else play tons of games on Nitrome? I started on Miniclip but I noticed all the best games were taken from nitrome, like Bad Ice Cream, In the Dog House, Fat Cat (I still haven't cleared it and believe me I tried), Twin Shot.
I also played a game where you're Laika the dog and you land on some planet to rescue trapped puppies, but I can't find anything about it anymore. I think Laika had a laser cannon on her back.

No. 105984

I totally remembered that cartoonnetwork game and included this link to a youtuber who plays the flash game. It was called Summer Resort? You also reminded me of Cookie Boy! I have lots of memories playing those games, thanks!

No. 105997

Omg I remember this game! I never understood how it worked or what exactly the goal was besides finding weird items. I'm esl so I couldn't read the English nor did we have cartoonnetwork, so all the characters were super weird to me. Me and my sister would play it for hours regardless. Fun memories, I would've never ever thought of this again had you not posted it here.

No. 105999

Nitrome games were so fun! Me and my best friend would play the two player ones for hours

No. 106056

I played the hell out of that game! It made zero sense but it was so fun

No. 108527

I miss old old old Disney dot com games like the little mermaid one

No. 108533

File: 1600597373560.jpg (84.14 KB, 1114x626, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

When flash is no longer supported after this year, does that mean all the flashgames from out childhoods become completely defunct?

I used to play these Barbie games a lot.

No. 108538

File: 1600600164026.jpg (230.86 KB, 1627x954, 68d76f250d92f9683940965866ada7…)

did anyone else play msp?

No. 108559

This just gave me flashbacks to circa 2004, an old macbook making whirring noises while I'm manically dressing up horses/dogs/babies on barbie.com, holy shit

No. 108569

arent you too young to be on lolcow

No. 108574


There’s a group called Flash Game Archive that’s trying to preserve them. You can go to their website and search to see if they have a particular game yet. If they don’t you can download a version of their app and add it yourself. It’s a bit of a hassle but worth it if you want to remember a particular flash game in the future.

No. 108578

I do sometimes and i'm pathetic

No. 108597

File: 1600679177742.png (192.46 KB, 340x588, amz.png)

Any other users of Aftermathzone.com?
It was an early 2000s shitty Neopets type site. I was obsessed with it.

No. 108601

File: 1600685284030.jpg (70.46 KB, 800x450, XsfTaCVvWqWQCsb-800x450-noPad.…)


Omg yes those Barbie games were the best. I also loved Bratz, Polly Pocket and MyScene, I have so many good memories of me at my dad's house playing the dress up games on that huge old white computer in the study while sipping on my orange juice lol.

Do you remember BarbieGirls.com? I was so upset when that shut down. I even had my mum get me membership so I could buy all the cool furniture and clothes, I felt so smug because it was a big deal at the time lol. The game where you designed your own fashions and sold them at the store was the fucking bomb. I'm still sad I can't seem to find it anywhere online

No. 108624

File: 1600713733146.gif (94.19 KB, 1200x675, m648edzlgkgsmnlegg5t.gif)

Uhm, sewiously.

No. 109533

File: 1601465126689.jpg (237.37 KB, 460x300, d25ke2q-5a5409b0-ad2a-49d7-af4…)

Who else used to make "blends" of celebs like picrelated, and icons and such. This is a throwback to 2008-2009. I used to collect all kinds of backgrounds and textures and brushes and such and share them with online friends.

When you search for blends now nothing comes up. Is this not a thing anymore or do people still edit celeb pics just not in this specific style and don't call it blends anymore? It makes me sad because a lot of these are actually really pretty.

No. 109534

File: 1601465196332.jpg (207.35 KB, 444x329, d245nhc-66076956-cda4-4737-ac7…)

No. 109538


I didn't know they had that name.I just called them "wallpapers" as I usually searched ones big enough to have as wallpapers.
I fell out of liking this type of edit years ago but yea I do feel they aren't as popular as they used to

No. 109539

I'm playing old maplestory on a private server (mapleroyals) but it's too lonely.
farmerchans pls join me, they will have that old awesome halloween event soon

No. 109542

I remember doing these in 2011/12 for profile pics for my rp character on a little forum. My best friend at the time was so good at editing these, I have to find mine again. Very fond memories.

No. 109544

File: 1601470531315.png (71.61 KB, 581x378, datingsim.png)

I remembered I used to play the shit out of dating sims on dA,especially the ones by the person pic rel who drew them with a mouse but yet there was something nice and charming about them.And considering how they were made,they had depth to them.Or at least that's what I remember I was like 12 kek

No. 109562

File: 1601482783362.png (20.73 KB, 900x364, Screenshot_2020-09-30 Piczo.pn…)

These and 100x100 got me into Photoshop back in the day. I loved finding different brushes, fonts and textures to play with! It was a calming hobby and one I truly miss.

Same. With a little patience and time into HTML so many sites (pic related) were entirely customizable, not just having six colour choices for borders and maybe the option for a different font.

> I miss the days when there was a disconnect from the online world and real life
100% this. I hate the paranoia of everything you do on online potentially getting back to virtually (heh) everyone in your life. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN IN USING FACEBOOK/GOOGLE? Noooooooo I don't want to share everything about myself and how I waste my time ty

No. 109568

File: 1601487097391.jpg (368.82 KB, 1026x763, Untitled.jpg)

i used to use furcadia solely for animal rp. didn't have a fursona, just wolf/lion/horse/dinosaur/other animal characters and i would mess around in the "dreams". the client looks so ugly and dated now but back then it was the shit.

No. 109623

File: 1601549477855.jpeg (143.46 KB, 1280x720, 07BB56B9-8D4C-403C-8613-D8E20C…)

Zwinky, baby

Also I was that kid who was obsessed with Naruto… and I loved this random site that was based around the series and had a chat room and little games to play. Honestly don’t know how I found it and probably will never ever find it again, but I was obsessed.

No. 109703

My brother would delete Zwinky whenever I downloaded it, I was so pissed! LET ME HAVE MY SHITTY CURSOURS AND ZWINKY GODDAMNIT

No. 109808

File: 1601695156939.png (533.49 KB, 1410x552, spelaffe.PNG)

Maybe euros like me remember this site, everyone in my age range used to play games on there, i always used to play every single game on there. I might visit this site again because it gave me such good memories. I really miss that part of my childhood.

No. 109929

Anyone else miss drawr? I found out its gone way too late and can't find all the artists i liked. fuck it was perfect smh. I loved watching the process. they made a new version thing for pixiv but seemed worse. i wonder if theres any way to view drawr again and find the artists but idk if it would be glitchy on an archive and also it had flash

No. 109930

File: 1601798427142.png (188.96 KB, 500x400, 496E84D0-20D5-4E02-9271-503850…)

Forgot pic oops rest in peace. some of the art was so good

No. 110134

File: 1601948000851.png (254.32 KB, 540x450, Wheels-2.png)

Gah I'm so nostalgic for old Webkinz events. I can't find any pics of it but does anyone remember when they used to host events in the fall/winter that had these animated leaves and snowflakes that floated across the screen & if you clicked them you could get special items? I loved that level of interaction for stuff like that. I'm not really sure what the fall of Webkinz was, it was crazy successful in the mid 2000s to the point where all I asked for Christmas or birthdays were webkinz and had like 20+ of them. I logged in a few years ago (still remembered my username somehow) and everything's different, now there's a lot more stuff you have unlock through extra paid memberships. I also think they purged a lot of accounts if they haven't added new pets in a recent amount of time. Which I get but there were accounts where people spent a lot of real money to have the stuff they wanted that's seemingly lost now because they haven't used it in years.

No. 110136

Aww, fucking RIP. I looked into it and apparently all accounts were nuked if you didn't log in by September 30th last year. I tried searching for my account but I'm pretty sure its gone. I wish I would have known, I don't think I would have started playing again but I would have loved to archive some of my rooms/pet names. Pouring one out for my lost buddies x

No. 110138

File: 1601951921739.png (855.81 KB, 978x628, Screenshot_2020-10-05 Key Ques…)

Not super nostalgic and ik Neopets has been mentioned a few times but did anyone play Key Quest when it was up and running? The game was oftentimes shotty connecting players but really fun when it ran properly.

No. 110161

File: 1601961866644.jpg (159.44 KB, 575x432, neogarden-grow.jpg)

It constantly froze on my computer which would make 8 year old me really angry sometimes, especially when the mini games like pic related would freeze. Also really frustrating when people would quit the game right before they were about to lose, even if they got at least the silver key.

No. 110167

YES. I loved keyquest and even had a couple KQ plushies with the code for the in-game character piece. It was also laggy on our super old PC. While I was frozen other players would be close to finishing that flower minigame, especially if they got the placement right to water both flowers lmao

No. 110194

File: 1601988093048.png (21.13 KB, 900x330, yahoo-logo-900x330.png)

Anyone else here used Yahoo Messenger? I remember first signing up for a yahoo account at 9 to chat with my classmates, obviously we were all lying about our ages. I later made more accounts, because I was never satisfied with the username, each of them was than the previous and always obnoxious weeb shit.

Yahoo also had an avatar creation service, pretty much a glorified dress up game. I would spend so much time constantly trying to make my avi the baddest bitch. I would dramatically change it at least once a week and girls would always praise each other on their cute avatars and give each other style tips.

Remember Yahoo Answers? That place was insane and, unlike Quora, didn't require you to sign up with your full name. One time someone asked a question related to the Sims and I gave a very detailed and thought out answer that my ESL ass spent a lot to compose, then got pissed that it wasn't even chosen as Best Answer.

No. 110195


*each of the was more retarded than the previous

No. 110198

This is suuuuper specific, but did anyone play this little game? Basically what you had to do was build your island in a specific order and you'd end up with a really cool island. Every little step was accompanied with a cute animation. I spent hours upon hours trying to figure out the correct sequence as a kid

No. 110203

I loved those! The GROW series; I still play them, they're made by a guy called On Nakayama on his site called Eyemaze (it's under maintainance right now since it crashed) he's a japanese guy who has heart problems. I hope he's fine

No. 110217

Reposting from ot because I’m a tard:

does anyone remember those games with the ugly anime-ish but maybe chinese character with pink hair, her name was maybe su? They had all kinds of odd games like mixing potions to make a surprise character, and a hairstyle game where you can use curlers to make the hair super curly idk kek

Can’t attach pic because I don’t know any of the names

No. 110218

Oh my gosh anon I know what you're talking about! My sister and I used to play those all the time. I liked the potion and dress up ones, I think there may have been a pet one too? I always pretty much made the same style lol

No. 110221

Oh sweet you found it! Looks like you can still play too, thanks anon!

No. 110224

File: 1602011437300.png (101.06 KB, 300x186, 300px-Purble_Place_title_scree…)

Do any of you anons remember Purble Place?

No. 110226

Heres the other one I used to play. I always tried to make the ugliest characters I could

No. 110227

Oh my god anon you’ve awoken a deep memory

No. 110228

You're welcome

No. 110236

Stop the cake game tho. My hungry ass played that for hours straight

No. 110257

I swear the cakes look tasty af

No. 110296

Not to brag but my yahoo nickname looked like this
Buzz! Buzz! Bitch

No. 110298


I miss BUZZ! spamming all my friends lol they would always hate me so much for that

No. 110304

File: 1602077138976.png (182.76 KB, 640x480, aEkPbnE.png)

Oh my god anon I used to play furcadia too! I was a really young kid when I started playing, I would make my own dreams and I just spent hours learning the dragonspeak coding and messing in the dream editor so that you could be different feral animals in my dream lmfao.
I remember there was some kind of help system where some moderator would help you if you were stuck with coding? That was pretty cool.
Unfortunately though, as a kid I went on the 18+ dreams too, just out of curiosity, and I found yiffy high school which baffled and slightly traumatized me. That was pretty much like my first exposure to sexual content. In hindsight its kind of horrific how easy it was to access sexual content as a really young kid. Like yeah there were warnings but when you're a kid playing a colorful animal game you don't really expect that kind of stuff I guess?
Anyways the normal dreams were very fun, I remember some kind of wolf/dog adoption center that had all these minigames, that was p cool.

No. 110380

Does anyone remember an old purple website that had the theme of a wizard school? This was before Harry Potter. There were cute pixel sprites and you had your own 'room'/dorm in the school. I remember there were potions but not much else. It was the cutest website ever but I've looked all over the internet for clues - to no avail. I can't remember the name.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

It wasn't >>110218 unfortunately :(

This has been bothering me for years. Please tell me there's another human being out there who has visited this same site. It's torturing me.

No. 110382

I miss the early internet. Take me back.

We ruled the internet, too. Blinkies :*(

Palace was the best. I'd give anything to go back to the days where it took 1 hr 45m to dl a Ja Rule song lmao

No. 110391

blogpost incoming…

does anyone remember a group on neopets….the name of the group is escaping me…but they were mainly girls and they found fake profiles on the boards and the main girls were "Buffy" and "Kaz" been thinking about them a lot lately

I remember seeing Buffy at a Green Day Concert in 2005 and being really excited about it
another girl who i do not remember had curly hair and she had pictures with a spoon on her head….i know this is so random

they were like the fake police or something…please help lmao

No. 110392


ANON….i spent HOURS………

No. 111162

File: 1602295510534.jpg (79.81 KB, 800x590, 107.jpg)

Anyone else remember Bella Sara and also sorry for being horse girl on main

No. 111170

I was on xivio too for ages, deleted my first sperg but I think I remember you lol. Only vaguely but i was hella annoying on there and too young but got Jr.
I still miss some of the people that was my first internet community

No. 111175

File: 1602303636849.jpg (37.38 KB, 484x371, 1 (1383).jpg)

>but I get the feeling people weren't such ~art experts~ back then
Well, not everyone had instant access to the internet and fancy touch screen computer phones. Even the most popular artists in 2005 were usually well known for fanime artwork with ugly gradients and off putting photoshop watercolor filters. Nowadays I think most kids use paint tool sai(?)

No. 111188

File: 1602316755660.jpeg (52.72 KB, 520x240, 3616B7E3-53F3-4BF5-8BCC-3E5404…)

did anyone else play swords and sandals? i used to put all my skill points on charisma so i could kill a bitch with a taunt kek

No. 111189

Im still active what is your username?

No. 111214

File: 1602345662309.jpg (4.93 KB, 200x200, interactive-buddy.jpg)

Whomst else used to take great sadistic pleasure in mistreating this little thing?

No. 111238

i always felt too bad to hurt him

No. 111264

I do, and I miss the old anime fan pages in general. WMV format short clips, downloadable midis and shit bitrate MP3s that took forever to download. Badly photoshopped desktop wallpapers, gifs and all that. My favourite was always the fan art section. Back then DA was a mess to navigate and not that popular yet so your best resource for art was all the popular fan websites. Most of them were kindergarten skill level and traced from official art but whenever I saw an actually talented artist it made me gasp in awe. I still remember a lot of those fan arts from those times and how they amazed me, nowadays everyone rushes to crank out billions of pieces to get the sweet social media clout and is able to share it at a much faster pace so fan art has become disposable. You see it and then forget about it.

That crisp oekaki-esque art style with old video game type aesthetics will forever be my jam. It's so nostalgic and I never managed to master it in my teens. I was endlessly jealous of people who could pull such clean lines with a 1px pencil brush.

No. 112254

File: 1603107369196.png (597.56 KB, 1000x628, Halloween_Party_2008_Coffee_Sh…)

Now that Halloween is approaching I'm really missing Club Penguin, it was always the time I'd be looking forward to the most

No. 112660

This game was so fucking litty. I loved sucking at pvp.

No. 112661

No. 112690

File: 1603378485143.png (2.44 MB, 3774x2385, Pizza_Parlor_July_2018.png)

I remember in the Pizza Parlor some people would pretend to be the manager and some would be the servers. As a kid I treated my "shift" as a server like an actual job and took it extremely seriously kek

No. 112704

yes! it´s even om mobile now, just as shitty as ever!

No. 112723

File: 1603410941336.png (52.47 KB, 661x351, hitler.png)

No. 112724

I'll never forget that Baby Krissy laugh. Damn I loved the grocery shopping part so much.

No. 112742

File: 1603432643081.png (380.51 KB, 908x566, AA5E040E-349F-40D4-A4F4-A4555A…)

please tell me someone remembers this site!! i used to play it everyday and then one day i tried to login and it was fucking gone…had me pissed smh

No. 112743

Please don't oh my god you guys are giving me flashbacks

Honestly, all the games on barbie.com, myscene.com and the polly pocket website were bomb. I remember there was some sort of function on the barbie website where you could customize and play music on a virtual ipod.

Speaking of, does anyone remember AOL girl's games? There was one with a pretty big user base, and in it you basically ran your own fashion boutique that other people could visit and buy clothes from, and you could design your own clothes and storefront. I sadly don't remember what it was called, but it was so fun, and when AOL announced they were shutting it down people went crazy. I really wish I could remember the name.
I was so upset too, beca ut se I had just figured out how to use one of the design tools to shade my clothes and was convinced I would become one of the top players in the fashion world.

No. 112882

File: 1603550081149.jpg (815.9 KB, 1280x960, bb.jpg)

build a bearville anyone? i loved this website but i was sad about never being a vip (you had to buy the physical bear at a store for a vip code). so one day when my older sister got one (she was like 17??) i was jealous and convinced myself that she was "too old" for a toy bear so i stole the bear & entered the access code for a free vip account. i felt sooooo bad but i told myself it was a necessary evil lmfaooooo

No. 112921

File: 1603577600116.jpeg (52.52 KB, 600x360, 74BF65A1-906B-4C7F-9198-8B8C6B…)

I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned ITT but I loved the myscene games like the nail polish/art and the room decor games.

No. 112922

Baby KRISSY oh my god sweet nostalgia

No. 113053

File: 1603750464041.gif (22.59 KB, 296x246, tumblr_n8dj3iIZy51qf8p0to1_400…)

I miss gURL, I remember doing their quizzes all the time

No. 113054

File: 1603750535614.jpg (35.03 KB, 400x234, Kiddonet.jpg)

sorry samefag but does anyone remember the website kiddonet?

No. 113056


omg! i used to spend ages on those stories that you could personalize, daydreaming about various scenarios with my crushes. this is a real cringey throwback, all the fantasizing in during my childhood killed any potential romantic streak for the future lol.

No. 113062

File: 1603754892689.png (53.9 KB, 250x385, tumblr_psn7o2OJGX1r8scyto4_r1_…)

yesss anon. I distinctly remember having a crush on this cartoon lmao

No. 113106

File: 1603783652405.png (191.48 KB, 656x378, jinxxxnnmixxx.png)

The jinx and minx games. Truly a staple of girlsgogames.

No. 113124

omg this gave me soo much nostalgia thanks anon! i dont recall if it was a jinx and minx game but i would spend hours on that one game where you could play smoke on the water haha

No. 113499

You like Y2K stuff? Did you play Bounce on your mom’s nokia tho?

No. 113551

Played it years ago on my friend's phone in class and we argue a lot because she wants her phone back and I wanted to finish the level kek.

No. 113608

File: 1604091282248.jpeg (236.93 KB, 809x809, E6BB87BC-4D7D-4C54-B720-A48916…)

Did anyone else play pandanda obsessively? It was a knock off of club penguin but I always liked it better. I felt like there was more to do and explore for some reason. The avatars were red pandas (except you could be any color) the game closed in 2012 and I was too old to be playing it but I always waited around hoping that the site would revive itself somehow. It closed due to financial problems. I remember it being really lively with tons of events.

No. 114095

File: 1604514733893.png (1.29 MB, 1831x273, pacthesis.PNG)

did anyone ever play these anime dating sim games by pacthesis on DA? I loved these and thought her art was so good. Looking at it now though, it's kind of terrible. She's making a webtoon these days and idk what to think of it.
Yes! I remember that ice cream shop so vividly kek. I got banned bc I gave someone my password.

No. 114099

File: 1604516660454.png (291.65 KB, 873x536, 3785684.png)

Yes! I hate that it has a reputation for being "shitty club penguin" because I honestly think it had better artwork. Like the furniture items literally adjusted size to fit the perspective in the treehouses, and they let you have dragons as pets. I like that there were games you could play without leaving the room, like fishing and scavenger hunts. It felt sort of like a hybrid of Animal Crossing and Club Penguin. For some reason I have vivid memories of the music in the dance club and the music in the clothing shop.

No. 116446

File: 1606445982925.png (28.94 KB, 492x457, Dz5QQPtXQAAdaNb.png)

i love old cel-shaded hard pixel oekaki art so fucking much

No. 116447

File: 1606446036100.gif (19.47 KB, 396x570, dgte0-48de14cb-c427-4464-8798-…)

anyone remember chaka on neopets? i wanted to draw like her SO bad

No. 116457

you should post more of it anon i like it too but i'd have no idea how to search for it

No. 116496

omg what a blast from the past anon. Yes, they were pretty cheesy and with bland art, but for middle/high school me who barely had any otome games to play they were all I had similar to a dating sim other than the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side games lol

No. 116560

File: 1606519872017.png (15.67 KB, 300x300, 2DE64E6C-5301-4915-A608-B48585…)

anon same! I used to be so obsessed with this art style. I remember saving endless oekaki fanart as a kid, great memories honestly. Especially miss all the old independent sites japanese artists would make to display their art, back when you would have to click each “X” off the sidebar and a new image would show up. Anyone else remember that? Am I the only one lol

pic related, I loooved this artist

No. 116561

late 90s early 00s was was where anime eye style peaked I feel like. Didn't matter how simplistic or heavily done. They all had such style.

No. 116564

File: 1606522433852.jpeg (78.68 KB, 600x480, 167CD4FD-15DC-4350-8A9C-DC71C3…)

aww this is such a cute pic of sasuke, i feel like i'm 9 years old again. i loved this artist as well, but i feel like i only knew them from google images and those "amvs" that were just wmm fanart compilations.

now i'm just nostalgic for sns in general. i spent every night on fanfiction.net and youtube obsessing over this ship!!! picrel was my wallpaper until my older brother made fun of me for it, kek.

No. 116579

File: 1606528930873.png (7.21 KB, 400x200, 49E7302C-8751-4CA4-82CD-DA2826…)

Agreed. Artists definitely overdo it these days. Attached is another example from the same artist; the eyes are drawn very differently from Sasuke above but the stylization is still pretty cool. I think back in the early 2000’s artists were just comfortable in playing with these abstracted eye shapes, nowadays everyone wants to capture the classic anime look

No. 116581

With you all the way anon, sasunaru was also my childhood otp. I spent sooo many hours collecting pictures of them and watching amvs lmao. I think a lot of this art is still good now that I’m looking back on nostalgia lane. They’re still a cute pairing imo

Maybe tmi/ot but the first times I ever got off to porn was reading naruto doujinshis online as a kid, I cant help but wonder if it helped enhance my gender dysphoria. I always wanted to look/be like uke Naruto although its kinda sad to admit lol

No. 116628

There was this Japanese oekaki site I frequented around 2005 or 06 that had some really amazing artists. I would scour it for any otps of mine, though I couldn't read Japanese at all. Seems so cringe looking back, tbh.

No. 116667

a month late but i remember!! Was it like a chatroom type of game? I remember walking to the hair salon and shit like that it was super fun

No. 116705

File: 1606615139230.jpg (61.53 KB, 350x500, d8nj4i-51fe66a0-1f1a-4d6c-afb4…)

did anyone here frequent neoartists?? it started off as a neopets fan oekaki and forum and then evolved into its own community and i had some of the best times there between the ages of 11 and 15. the website has sadly been gone now for maybe 10 years since the oekaki died and the forum became overrun by spam bots but i miss it dearly every day. it introduced me to digital art and tablets and i probably wouldn't be as good at art had i not discovered this place

pic related. i tried finding art of the websites mascot which was a blue squid named betty but wasn't able to so instead here is one of the archived arts that i remember drooling over when i was 12

No. 116773

File: 1606665599862.jpg (64.94 KB, 400x300, gamedogz35.jpg)

God this thread refreshed so many memories and nostalgia. I used to play the Dogz games. I downloaded specific breeds and made a dreamfire page where people could download my coveted bloodlines. I also participated in the weird dog shows and shit. It also made me nostalgic for webrings lol.

No. 116862

File: 1606760747192.png (42.92 KB, 350x350, Dz5QQP2XcAAdNjm.png)

it's not easy to find anymore unless you remember old site names, and a lot of those old sites are dead.

No. 116877

Is this bara Chan? I used to oekaki and get shit on or my pics removed bc I don’t draw with clean lines like that and had a sketchy unfinished looking style. I still do. Beyond that it was a good time though. I remember loish frequented the one I was at, I loved her stuff

No. 116889

File: 1606791846531.jpg (54.53 KB, 350x350, DsqIAd6VAAA8-po.jpg)

No. 116893

I loved the music from this game

No. 116895

Aw man, I lived on a Digimon Oekaki board in the early 2000s. I can't remember the name but it was pretty popular. It was hosted on a Japanese site.

>>116560 >>116862 >>116889 killer nostalgia, I miss this type of art.

No. 116902

this activated a memory I forgot I had. I miss this style!

No. 116906

any tips on how to recreate this style? I would love to try it, i guess it looks cell shaded(?)

No. 116915

Omg i loved Bella Sara so much as a kid! I remembe trying to find online codes to get those super cool horses. I also remember this game on the website where you had your own character but the game was super laggy and i could barely play it.

No. 116963

literally just mspaint. don't use any antialiasing. you do have to cel shade it. i used to draw like this all the time (not as good, i just loved oekaki-style coloring where you had to blend every individual shade)

No. 116967

File: 1606881345824.png (137.53 KB, 500x434, ripinternet.png)

I just OD'd on nostalgia via this website. They also have that pixely neopets art for all the neofags.

No. 116986

File: 1606911634128.jpg (3.18 KB, 91x145, pl23.jpg)

fantastic find anon. i just spent like an hour going through every page.
all the old cartoon dolls gave me big feels. This one especially.
this bitch was my favorite when i was 11 & my mom wouldn't let me dress goth.

No. 116989

File: 1606912022958.png (79.08 KB, 850x436, krissy.PNG)

No. 116991

Bless you anon.

No. 116993

It uses flash player which is discontinued some time this month so not long left to relive this one.

No. 116997

File: 1606914764164.png (259.26 KB, 587x633, orisinal.PNG)

Does anyone remember this website?
lots of cute old flash games, probably gonna be gone too after this month.

No. 116998

I remember it!! My favorite one was the rabbit jumping on the bells

No. 117038

File: 1606949022313.png (524.58 KB, 1069x343, _1.png)

this website also has those my scene games too!

No. 117080

File: 1607004791416.gif (5.2 KB, 66x165, moogear5.gif)

I found board-tan. banner time

No. 117665

File: 1607437923838.png (224.42 KB, 329x373, image_2020-12-08_153148.png)

I recently found the glory that is Petz 5 (Dogz specifically) and I'm so obsessed with breeding weird mutts. The community is still alive, albeit small, even though the game is from 2000 and quite, er, visually dated (I find it charming)

I just got transported ten years back in time

No. 117666

holy fuck, I still have my old log in too. brings me back.

No. 117679

Gaiaonline aged 10, I quit after only a few months bcos everyone was so frickin boring. Thankfully no pedo experiences, only party poopers and shit writers. I used gaia as a cover to cybersex, as puberty kicked in early one summer kek. Most guys (or girls?) were incapable of keeping an actual erotic story going. All you'd get is we bang. I finally found someone worth engaging, but he wrecked it pretty early on. I was role-playing as an erotic dancer, and at one point she puts a cigarette out on her tits and asks him to lick the ash off (I thought that was edgy and hot kek) the guy was absolutely fucking outraged. He broke character to endlessly lecture me about the dangers of smoking lmao. I apologised and tried to get back on track, but he said I had killed his libido and quit replying, so I logged out and never came back.

No. 117792

File: 1607566039335.gif (1.71 KB, 50x50, av-default.gif)

I was on there too! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, even though I was an annoying ass little kid (slightly younger than your age range). It played a huge part in my development with art as well, I don't know where I would be if I hadn't found that community.

The closest thing I could find to the logo was this avatar. There are also a couple fanarts of her if you search on dA. Such a shame almost everything seems to be lost.

No. 117913

I only got to play the Dogz demo as well as the Oddball demo, but I grew up playing the Catz and check them on every few years

No. 117918

File: 1607632119990.png (1.53 MB, 1514x952, Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 3.30…)

did anyone play the adventures of bleeposaurus on the nickelodeon website in 2004

No. 118055

File: 1607720141894.jpeg (49.46 KB, 345x350, 3E717B88-5C1B-4136-86DE-6BE123…)

Anyone here played Ragnarok Online? I loved this game so much and especially around Christmas time I get really nostalgic because I remember the Xmas events and taking part in it every day ♥ I even got to know one of my ex bf through that game. My favorite class was Priest, I used to go hunt all the dark monsters with my Heal and Holy attacks

No. 118073

Anon I used to be crazy about Ragnarok Online in the 00's, I'm so sad the game's pretty much dead sans some old players who find the game nostalgic. But it still gets new content released all the time almost 20 years later so it's astounding how well it's stood against the test of time. I still love the OST and listening to it brings a lot of good, warm memories back. I met so many friends (some of them are still around!) through this game, it forced you to socialize quite a bit to actually advance.

I used to play Priest a lot too, but mostly mained Sniper for DPS. I was so addicted to playing it that I ended up getting amazing gear that annihilated pretty much anything on my way. I should really pick this game up again someday. I hope it continues on to live on for another two decades.

No. 118136

Wow anon I’m glad you had similar experience with this game! I also want to pick up play it for the nostalgia. I saw it’s available on steam do you know if it makes more sense to play on a different server? (Exp rates etc) I need to at least listen to the OST I’m sure it’s gonna make me cry haha

No. 119064

was anyone on whuddleworld here?
also fuck remember elouai and all the cutesy pixel websites from hushstar? most if not all of them are dead now but all those girls were friends and did cute pixel art together. I found one of them on deviantart (vintagel0u) today and memories flowed back

No. 122016

I'm low-key ashamed to most this but I remember when I was younger I would go to this website that had games, sorta like girls go games ,but the games were weirdly sexual but not pornographic. I think it was trying to attract kids. Most of the games had a cartoony 2D art style and ,in hindsight, seem elsagate-esque. I remember a game where the objective was to ruin a girl's time at a party by interacting with things, like a point-and-click adventure game, but 'ruining her day' included finding ways to expose her, like having water fall on her so her clothes would be see-through

Another game was about taking photos of women in their underwear with your camera. One level was at the beach, another level was at a mall. I remember at the mall there was a merry-go-round and a girl would get her underwear would get exposed as she would ride it. There was a woman on a trampoline who would get exposed whilst jumping and a son tugging at his mom's skirt to get her attention, which pulled her skirt down, which she promptly pulled up

I also had a papa's cupcakeria. The games probably don't work anymore because flash died. At the time, I didn't know that it was sexual or weird cuz I was a kid

No. 122060

There truly is no place a man wouldn't go to ruin a young girl's childhood (especially for their own pleasure). I'm sorry you were exposed to that.

No. 122076

>papa's cupcakeria
what is this? I googled and it looks like a tame, tho ugly game…

No. 122092

File: 1610674200152.jpg (50.95 KB, 480x480, 2977289-papa's burgeria 6.jpg)

Papa's [x]-eria is just a series of games where you own a type of restaurant (pizza, burger, cupcake, etc) and have to fulfill orders on time. I remember in middle school me and my friend would ask to "go to the computer lab to work on our assignments" everyday and play these games for the entire hour kek.

No. 122110

Don't feel too weird about it lots of people grew up playing fucked up things on Newgrounds just because they found it. You just unearthed a deep memory of a Japanese site I used to frequent that was filled with lolicon flash games that weren't quite pornographic but I still knew I shouldn't show my parents so I memorised part of the URL instead of bookmarking it because I wanted to play all the games. Give kids anything interactive and brightly coloured and they will want to play with it.

No. 123638

File: 1611566881765.jpg (285.32 KB, 600x452, powerbabe.jpg)

This might have been for euros only iirc

No. 127501

I remember going on dates in the pizza parlor w/ my many penguin bfs LMAO
those were the days.

No. 127504

File: 1613154703436.png (136.96 KB, 332x283, wtf.png)

you unlocked a memory that I used to play those "take pictures" games as well. and some "secret kissing" games. when i look at girlsgogames nowadays (even before flash died) it has so many balatantly creepy or disturbing games and i can't help but wonder whether i would have played those as well. fuck the disgusting adults making these games targeted at children (screencap is some i found on the front page just now).

No. 127524

One of the few things I remember from this game was playing with my friend and standing right there by the piano and she saw somebody names Spyrockgirl and she was like OMG SPYRO??? and I told her dude it's spy rock girl! And then she was so disappointed. I miss playing with her so much. She always told me which card she picked in the card game so I would win and get the achievement or whatever.

No. 129933

The Newbie Chat on Neopets is the only place I can shitpost in peace

No. 129938

The NC is an actual wild west kek
I can't believe they let the threads that spelled

up yesterday. Is that place moderated at all?

No. 130136

File: 1614595011625.jpeg (135.04 KB, 640x480, F1664878-619D-4F00-9132-D51F54…)

anyone else play jojos fashion show?? it was so much fun the jfashion and goth stuff was so great. this, peggle (which i still play to this day trying to collect every award), virtual villagers and virtual families was my shit. tried the app version of virtual villagers a couple of years ago but it could't compare.

No. 130161

File: 1614601267043.jpg (113.81 KB, 600x600, punipunipon.jpg)

This is a really specific memory but do any former DeviantArt anons remember the kawaii artists community in the early 2010s?

It was full of drama over the same copying allegations only because all their art styles were essentially the same. They also always had the same weeby usernames and it just felt as if they were skinwalking each other. Big names back then were Punipunipon (who was later chased away for tracing her art), Lolihime-sama/Hinausa and Melodeiia.

A lot of the old blogs with detailed info on drama/gossip are surprisingly still alive/archived!
https://kawaii-history.tumblr.com/ (seems to have been retired)

No. 130177

> hinaus/a is mentioned in 1st link
I am interested if there is something milky about her, because even though she still draws cutesy stuff, she whines on twitter every chance she gets and acts like a ~ loli ~.

No. 130179

I remembered this game which I used to play with my friends, it was great (there were multiple versions). So I went looking if I could still play it somehow and found this https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/
Not all games are available to play but there's over 70000 of them, including the one I was looking for!

No. 130184

File: 1614612819071.jpg (923.21 KB, 2000x2600, d4hfsbc-1bbc2e09-1280-4331-b3f…)

This wasn't actually that long time ago, but remember when Youtube channels used to look like this? People would post their own templates on Deviantart. Some people even had RP accounts on Youtube, where they would just roleplay on the comment sections of RP channels! Did any of you do this?

No. 130190

KEK I had no idea she's still active on Twitter seemingly the same person as she was so many years ago in the past.

She was mostly accused of tracing and copying in her artwork yet would make a huge fuss if anyone had the smallest signs of copying hers, faked an ED, was frequently passive aggressive instead of handling things like an adult, and aired dirty laundry in public journals whenever she had a falling out with friends. She overall had an overly confident, conscending bitchy vibe to her that made each drama saga she started so entertaining to watch.

It's been so long that I can't fully remember but most of her old milk can be found here with her previous handle

No. 130195

Never heard of punipunipon before, but it's shocking how even now when you look at Himes DA and other art sites she still heavily copies this person. Weird stuff.

No. 132759

dude yes, but i was into amv youtube. we still had these themes tho. god i miss that era so much.

it angers me to no end how modern social media has completely stripped personality out of profiles. it's like, no fun allowed.
the only place u can still truly customize. a place for yourself is what, tumblr? neocities?

No. 132792

lmao thanks for bringing this up i was trying to remember this persons name the other day.

No. 135937

File: 1617906738097.gif (89.79 KB, 500x500, 994a9a42ae81d2e974b8520a791afb…)

No. 135965


Wow, this photo is a trip.

No. 140529

File: 1620118208510.png (335.77 KB, 422x413, moreshit.PNG)

Pretty amazing that as dead as this site is nowadays you'll still find rogue they/themsies runoff from Tumblrland attempting to gatekeep someplace else.



Deadass have never seen such seething. No wonder this site went down the shitter lmao

No. 140530

File: 1620118498209.png (121.86 KB, 270x523, unknown (1).png)

Great job Mercurio and Ceeshnia! You totally showed those big meanie cheaters in runway that totally exist on a dead dressup game what for!!

No. 141437

File: 1620799021052.png (237.38 KB, 500x364, game_00209l.png)

A memory of this game was triggered today at random. I recall this game so fondly, because I would always feel represented by the angel girl. Realising this now is humorous, as I resemble her more currently than I ever did when I actually played the game. I suppose I always knew instinctively what my true style was. To this day media with an angelxdemon trope enchants me. Quaint!

No. 141458

File: 1620807541336.jpeg (64.03 KB, 400x268, 13B2181B-AB62-43A4-947D-685038…)

Any burgers remember that weird dairy queen game

No. 141460

File: 1620807773381.png (445.91 KB, 862x633, 266372BB-0C73-445F-ADE0-DCA633…)

also gusher's redo your room was my jam. I spent a lot of my childhood playing varyingly obscure games online but I'm glad millsberry was big enough to get mentioned in this thread already.

No. 146916

File: 1622823401285.jpeg (97.07 KB, 640x339, DE2C86E7-D1A3-4C04-A133-A53135…)

Anyone else remember Nickelodeon’s MMO? I would go into this room dressed as a catgirl and just spam “MEOW” lmfaoo

No. 146932

File: 1622829459451.jpg (21.03 KB, 300x307, help_miez.jpg)

Anon this is actually a Hungarian online game, that is still alive and well in Hungary, making millions of revenue in a year. It's called Teve Club (meaning Camel Club). It's not that popular now, but it used to be pretty big here, there was even a monthly magazine of it (I have one of it somewhere). I played it, but got bored of it pretty quickly, so my camels died like flies. It was also heavily monetized, so there wasn't anyting fun to do without spending money.

No. 146933

Omg I remember loving the electric guitar music that would play when the devil was ruining the angel's progress. Oh and then my Christian mom walked in on me playing this game and got mad at me for "looking at devilish stuff", then she grounded me. Good times, kek

No. 146977

Damn I need help finding two nostalgic things from my past. Please help nonnies.

1. First was a web series about an octopus that was a chef, it was comedic and he usually had several accidents during the course of the cooking show. And I think you could also play around like a game? I think he was orange.

2. A flash game, fairly long were you traveled to different planets in the solar system. I aced a test because I remembered all of the planets from that game lol. I unfortunately can't even remember how the protagonist looked, I think it had puzzles?

No. 146979

Found the first one! It was called Tako the Octopus.

No. 147092

omg i used to rp as lily potter on yahoo! answers… and i got into this whole group of people who RPed… fun times

quizilla was my og creative expression outlet. i found my first account there (uniquefreakgirl) on internet archive and i'm so glad it's archived somewhere.

No. 147093

guys i was a management game hoe – celtic village, yoda camper, that hotel one where you plan analyse manage organize. that's my thing yo!

No. 147180

…Google Plus and iFunny. I want to be iDead.

No. 147194

File: 1623022562213.jpeg (188.12 KB, 1187x750, D92C60FB-20A8-4E42-A2C7-9B4755…)

This was my haunt. I still hear the music in my head sometimes.

No. 147201

devilish hairdresser…hell yeah

No. 147216

File: 1623040999180.jpeg (431.35 KB, 1055x1621, 7738EAFC-A201-4A22-8479-5DEA35…)

Does anyone know the name of this?

No. 147223

File: 1623045838887.jpg (405.44 KB, 866x650, 47389_5728.jpg)

larping as a scrote in order to avoid creeps…

No. 147228

I used to do that on Ragnarok Online.

No. 147235

File: 1623056549648.jpg (38.5 KB, 400x300, Searchandlearnadventuresscreen…)

Not internet technically but did anyone else play this Sesamestreet videogame as a kid? I swear the intromusic haunts me to do this day

No. 147995

idk if anyone remembers this,but once i stumbled upon a website that was about anorexia and there was a text in a book or something that anorexia was the person writing on this site and she was called ana or something
i never had an eating disorder and this creeped me out even tho it wasnt anything scary in particular and never saw it again.i remember it looking kinda interesting tho so i wonder if any anon has seen it

No. 148186

used to play a lot of gaiaonline, the minishops forum (where people would buy and sell stuff like blinkies) was the shit.

this was when I was older, but does anyone remember tegaki.e? It was like a revival of oekaki. I used to love following roleplays and the drama roleplay groups would get onto there.

No. 148222

I used to love neopets, chatting on the boards with my friends for hours and rping on the rp boards. I remember I once got one of my intros posted on a "bad characters" board and being so upset lol. To be fair it was terrible, I quit rping shortly after that.

Runescape and AdventureQuest were great too, but I never had a sub 'cause we were poor and my mom could only pay for either mine or my brothers sub.

If I remember right vaspim went on to become a pretty popular tumblr user, then got called out for sexually harassing underage girls/sending pics of his dick to them, lol.

No. 148289

I remember prank call videos used to be a huge genre on youtube. They even had sites that had pre-made scripts you could play on the phone.

No. 148297

God I remember watching this on newgrounds at school in like 2004-2004

No. 148298

*2003-2004 my bad

No. 148356

I haven’t lived through the “days” of those times but I remember coming across that site 1-2 years ago through something similar: tegaki.pipa.jp

No. 157156

I think I saw that on funnyjunk back in 2004 or 2005.

No. 157161

the only things i could remember was the bitching and the chorus of this song you could pick as bgm

No. 163007

oh my god anon the same exact thing happened to ME but with VMK

I was telling everyone I was going to fight her but word spread around and a teacher intervened and told me I cannot in fact fight her.

No. 164255

File: 1634181749314.jpeg (90.87 KB, 500x625, star-wars-darth-vader-sense.jp…)

These black border "memes" and this Darth Vader picture in particular.

No. 164256

File: 1634181935835.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.4 KB, 736x588, e1eb9a22ccb4e16ac078ba27806bf7…)

A similar one, I hated seeing this one but it was popular

No. 164257

Games on the Garfield website. For the Scary Scavenger Hunt game, I always screwed up the part where the spiders acted as music notes.

No. 164262

File: 1634185371701.jpeg (29.48 KB, 492x572, images (45).jpeg)

Kek these were called motifakes (from fake motivational posters) and as a kid I really liked them for some reason, especially when there were motifake tunnels, but they are so unfunny as an adult. And often really sexist as well but what it's new.
Weird to see it kinda making a comeback, it's still unfunny though.

No. 166011

lol i know where you got this pic from… its whirled.club anon

No. 286763

was tempted to reinstall imvu recently, i recall having fun being a furry on there. never actually became a furry for real but i thought it was so cool at the time keklmao

No. 286814

File: 1680268575752.jpg (106.6 KB, 1169x530, oekaki.jpg)

i used to stalk this site

No. 286820

I just learned this thread existed and noticed this post, GOD how I loved the Scavenger's Hunt game when I was in elementary school

No. 286943

I remember this site too! I never felt good enough to actually draw on it though.
I got a little excited thinking it was still alive, but it was just half broken ghost pages.

No. 287001

I was too autistic to talk to people so despite getting a PC with internet in 1997 or so I didn't talk to anybody before 2007 in a forum and then 4chan, so the only communities I was actually part of were some old now gone anime forum and /a/. I miss old 4chan though. Later that year I also started posting art on DA.
I still miss the angelfire fan shrines and the likes that I spent so much time searching and skimming over in my search of fan art since 1998 or so. And some old alien related conspiracy forums I read as well as the old RPG maker era. Spent like two years with nothing but working on some apocalyptical/political RPG I thought up.

No. 287007

File: 1680380202720.jpg (101.06 KB, 650x650, dag0xv-70be7485-aa23-459a-9235…)

fortunately some art still exists

No. 287008

File: 1680380356385.jpg (45.06 KB, 330x490, ddu23v-01169bd7-251b-47ec-98db…)

oekaki art makes me so nostalgic

No. 306798

i miss otakuzone. there were rp groups for fujoshi (yaoi rp in a highschool or whatever) and the sense of community haunts me to this day. i'd write the cheesiest, most enjoyable wattpad tier romance between my anime boy and another girlie's anime boy then we'd vent about tough it was to be an autistic, isolated child in school (never in those terms, but yes). in 2023 we wouldn't be able to write out yaoi we'd be trooning ourselves and arguing about flags lol

i regret never meeting up with any of those girls. i hope they're doing okay now

No. 306799

actually i wonder why the internet switched from avatar-based sites (gaia, neopets, tinier me) to social media.

No. 306800

Normies and narcs, mostly

No. 306801

A lot of the focus started on be on people's offline lives and the monetization/corporatization of the internet. Corporations came in, figured out that they could get grannies online and give them ad clicks, and the rest is history

No. 306806

File: 1688594323726.jpg (70.45 KB, 156x220, avi.jpg)

>>306798 OMG I LOVED Otakuzone when I was a teenager! I mostly enjoyed making forum signatures and posting my art there and interacting with other users. Most of my teen internet years were spent on there until it collapsed in 2013. Dressing up my avatar in the cute items that the users themselves created gave me a high like no other. I will admit that I used to exploit the hell out of their gold and gifting system so I could get rare items tho kek

No. 306834

you sound based. my avatar always looked broke because i couldn't into the economy.

No. 306871

File: 1688630696162.jpg (172 KB, 1024x683, 28665_BTH012214889_IMG_07_0000…)

Child p in General Book Thread. Bumping.

No. 358362

File: 1708862044202.jpg (121.96 KB, 640x480, nude.jpg)

Has anyone noticed how much has disappeared from the internet? Even a lot of stuff from only a decade to 15 years ago has been lost. One of my favourite things from the old(er) internet were personal blogs, and I used to follow a lot of fashion/lifestyle blogs. In the late 00s/early 10s it was a thing for girls on those blogs to make "style books", collages in a notebook made from pictures you selected and cut by hand from fashion magazines that despicted your personal style. All those blogs and pictures of those collages have nearly completely disappeared without a trace, can't find anything when googling it. Same thing with old pixel dollz and pixel adoption websites and msn groups, almost all gone.

But most of all I just miss personal blogs from the late 00s and early 10s. Blogs about fashion and beauty and photography, you know shitty tumblr-tier pictures girls took of their outfits and posted it online with some bits about their day. I miss that era so much. We'll never have that again even if some sort of revival happened.

No. 358363

Anyone remember the Yeti sports flash games, especially the gore version where you play baseball with the heads of penguins? We used to play that in the mid 2000s in high school and I showed that to my younger sisters and cousins during the summer holidays. We could spend hours playing those flash games.

No. 358447

File: 1708898896889.jpg (499.49 KB, 1024x938, 256ce258129331.5a0a81e47a287.j…)

Might be a long shot but does anyone else remember SanrioTown? This was my shit as an 11/12 year old before I moved onto other forums and sites like Gaia. Especially because Sanrio characters were virtually unknown in my country at the time. I just found out it's officially fully dead as of last year, pouring one out for my ancient @hellokitty.com email address.

No. 358458

I totally agree. Google is so covered in ads and “suggestions” that I now struggle to find anything unless I am very specific with my language. Maybe trying a filter for the date will help. I have a lot of websites I remember in my mind but simply can’t find any more

No. 358511

File: 1708949492443.png (49.94 KB, 512x384, unnamed.png)

I wasn't very active with my blog but I miss darkdiary although I'm sure the atmosphere is absolutely not the same. It still works, weirdly enough, but you can't see any posts unless you sign in, and ofc I don't remember login and password and have no access to my old email. But you can't register either! I wanted to find a few old blogs I used to check in 2007-2010. It's a site for russian-speaking alt people kek. There were local cows, troll accounts, creepy fetishists, pretentious graphomaniacs, but some cool people too. It was pretty misogynistic in overall though. I probably couldn't stand it now haha but I'm still a bit nostalgic for chaos and good bits.

No. 358622

File: 1708984321424.png (302.19 KB, 600x346, 600px-Blossom_Bungalow_Large.p…)

this thread makes me realize how old I am and how much I miss the old internet. also does anyone remember pixie hollow? it was one of the websites that was my go to place when I was a kid

No. 358626

Oh my god YES. Pixie Hollow was (still is) my favorite game ever when I was a child and if it hand't died you bet I would be 24/7 in there. Everything about it was perfect I've always loved the disney fairies it's such a shame it died… I hope when I die I go to Pixie Hollow.

No. 359385

File: 1709245819511.jpg (107.56 KB, 651x638, eb09e292c553fc237fca0a6f786155…)

Did anyone else use Sketchfu? I loved doing drawing roleplays on here

No. 359393

yes completely. I used to spend hoooourrsss on lookbook.nu. i remembered it existed a couple of months ago and it was a graveyard but still running, although I just checked and it's finally gone.
I'm so sad I never backed up my old tumblr blog too.

When these things were at their peak, we really assumed everything on the internet was 'forever', now we know better maybe the culture will shift towards backing things up more?

No. 359396

Seeing these were what led to me finding Encyclopedia Dramatica, memorising all the memes and culture of 4chan, actually visiting 4chan, then years later looking up old lolcows and finding this place, and wasting 5 years here. Thanks Demotivational Posters for making me a terf and connecting me with other internet-poisoned women kek

No. 360559

File: 1709754764269.png (28.78 KB, 357x277, vampire's curse island.png)

Looking through this thread, I realized I wasn't old enough to experience most of these sites and/or not online at the time since I had very limited internet access. But anyways ~ I miss Poptropica. It's still here but nothing like it was before. It took a real hit since Flash died and they've been working to bring back the islands. They've also locked the good islands behind their membership which is shit of them. I want to go back to being a kid and playing the vampire island so I could talk about it at lunch the next day.

No. 360562

I was the right age for this (maybe on the older end though) but I never played it because I thought the art style was ugly.

No. 360588

Damn, I miss poptropica a lot. I remember bring introduced to it by a childhood friend and I would play it for hours

No. 365931

File: 1711566477115.jpeg (7.63 KB, 480x360, onetruemedia.jpeg)

This is obscure but I used to use this site when I was 9 and didn't know how to use editing software for youtube. The logo would always play in front of videos that used this site. It brings me such a hit of nostalgia.

No. 366529

anyone else remember the old toonami flash games cartoon network used to host on their site back in the early 2000s? there was a sailor moon one that i enjoyed playing but my internet connection could barely handle it kek

No. 366534

i loved poptropica! i'm from europe and it wasn't a very known game here until one of my classmates showed it to us in class and i remember me and my friend laughing so hard at the little weird people running around. i went home and i was so into it for a really long time, i had to rely on youtube videos though since i didn't speak well enough english to understand what to do half the time lol. ah i just got really happy thinking about that time now.

No. 370864

Damn, I was very active online as a kid. I had a lot of fun using MSN and browsing Myspace. I didn't join Facebook until 2009 because I hated the idea of not having a customisable profile. My Habbo account was banned for participating in the pool raids. I loved playing flash games and dressing up my avatars in games like Meez and ourWorld. I was a very prolific poster in the clubs on Stardoll. Animal-Lovers and FashionClub, and then the clubs we migrated to after the admin put their foot down. Every day I got home from school and logged into Stardoll. Page 1 of the discussion board always had topics listed as "active 1 minute ago". I was a little shit stirrer but so were many of the other girls. There were a few moids but they were gay. I don't think any of us really thought about the fact that anyone could read our posts, and there were hundreds of lurkers. We all shared information about our lives and many of us shared photos of ourselves, and went on cam in tinychat. Still, no scrotes ever bothered us and we were left to our own devices. I remember a thing I would play sometimes called "girlisland" or something, it was a website where you could make a very basic avatar and walk around a forested map and chat. The graphics were comparable to OSRS. The internet used to give me so much dopamine.

No. 371104

File: 1713222535834.jpg (24.76 KB, 380x120, ratemydrawings.jpg)

I loved sketchfu and ratemydrawings mostly for the replays. Makes me sad thinking of all the drawings that are lost now.

No. 372174

I'm happy to see people list things I know.

I was absolutely obsessed with quiz websites for a long time. Buzzfeed is horribly bloated and isn't the same.

I also loved Club Penguin and probably got put on several lists for abbreviating it to CP.

Does anyone remember GirlsGoGames? I loved it. It still exists, but it's horrible now.

Nickelodeon also had a feature where you could make your own profile and house. I told people I lived in a houseboat. Once my dad saw that in my profile and made me change it.

No. 372176

I loved GirlsGoGames. I'm so sad that literally all my favorite games don't work anymore because they all ran on flash.

No. 386899

I dont think it's obscure? I've seen this in front of a lot of older youtube videos.

No. 398905

Playing neopets in 2024, living my 9 year old dream of being able to follow along with a plot story. Wishing all you NeoNonnas a happy void plot arc. I know OGs are upset that extremely valuable items are in this plots prize rotation but I'm very excited to get my hands of the Wand of Dark Faerie since I'm about halfway to Illusens Staff.

No. 398906

The original GirlsGoGames was amazing. I loved the three mascots and used to have headcanons about them, especially since there was an amazing room decorating game where you could insert them and essentially play dolls kek. Does anyone remember the Japanese game where you had to score a harem of boys by shooting lasers at them? I was fucking UNRIVALLED at that lmao

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