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No. 30296

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion

No. 30297

File: 1557023013889.jpg (702.35 KB, 4000x2250, shera.jpg)

I feel like She-Ra was actually pretty good for all the criticism it received.

No. 30298

Beavis and Butthead, Mission Hill, King of the Hill, Home Movies, Xavier Renegade Angel, The Boondocks, Tom Goes to the Mayor, all really great animated western shows tbh lmfao

No. 30300

Invader Zim, Gravity falls, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and Wander over Yonder are my favorites

No. 30303

Flapjack was the best

No. 30304

No. 30308

File: 1557026943939.jpg (243.42 KB, 1280x1923, 1030669-rockcosml01hr.jpg)

Catching up on some of the ones I missed as a kid. Next ones will be Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ren and Stimpy since they seem to be quite acclaimed.

No. 30316

File: 1557043169074.jpg (38.73 KB, 300x400, {3E617BCB-BEC3-47D0-97C1-7AF3D…)

6teen was the shit imo, even with the weirdly abundant innuendos and garbage animation style

No. 30320

I loved 6teen. It also made me realize that it filled a niche that western TV lacks nowadays which is teenage slice of life.

No. 30322

File: 1557044869562.jpg (52.59 KB, 625x415, 2-5465-1402014824-8_dblbig.jpg)

I'm waiting for the day Hulu or Netflix puts up Recess. I'd love to binge it in order and get some nice nostalgia. That's number one on my binge dream list but it'd also be awesome to see Weekenders or Totally Spies again too. I know could find them online but I'd love to see them through again with ease on my TV.

No. 30326

File: 1557046860220.jpg (25.52 KB, 711x400, Daria_1412976756283.jpg)

it's kind of edgy but i love Daria

No. 30338

I love Daria too, tentatively excited about the reboot.

No. 30362

File: 1557078294309.png (1.5 MB, 1280x708, Aqua_Teen_house.png)

I think it's just me, but for some random reason I like Aqua teen hunger force's backgrounds. I also find the cheap art style charming in a way.

Im binge watching the show right now.

No. 30376

In terms of TV animation my favorite are
Cartoon Network: PPG, EENE, Flapjack, Regular Show, and Clarence.
Adult Swim: Superjail, Moral Orel, 12 oz Mouse.
Nick: Invader Zim
Disney: Wander Over Yonder
Fox: King of the Hill, Simpsons, BTAS.

>What are you watching right now?

Last two cartoons I watched are actually Cartoon/Live action hybrids. I watched Coonskin, which was fantastic I love Bakshi and it was a pretty funny Blaxsplotation film. I also watched The Wall, which was okay, but I think the better way to experience the music is through the album, the movie is missing tracks and has Final Cut stuff thrown into it.

Next thing I plan to watch is either Heavy Metal or Allegro no Troppo. I'm in the mood for more musical themed animated movies, Wall didn't have quite as much animation as I was expecting. I mean what it did have was great, but I want the whole thing to be animated. I've anyone has any movies similar that fit the bill please recommend them. I've seen Fantasia/Make Mine Music/ect all the Disney ones.

No. 30405

Rock & Rule (Ring of Power), might be something you'd enjoy.

No. 30470

File: 1557131615753.gif (5.97 MB, 700x394, bb.gif)

i love bob's burger

No. 30495

File: 1557143544328.jpg (41.31 KB, 900x506, hilda.jpg)

Love Hilda, it's very calming

No. 30523

Never heard of this before, looking at the images and plot summary it does look like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for the rec anon!

No. 30551

I am sorry but
the bear things look like flying sperm and it's unsettling

No. 30561

If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life I think it would be athf.

No. 30588

File: 1557176327546.jpg (245.48 KB, 1440x600, eu-tangled-series-news-feature…)

The Tangled series is super comfy to me. I adore the setting and the characters and some of the episode lessons are real shit while still being lighthearted and kid friendly. Huge fan of the movie and this show.

A coworker recommended Miraculous Ladybug so I'm going to start watching it eventually

No. 30589

File: 1557176406901.jpg (444.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16-9.jpg)

This show was refreshing when it came out.

No. 30665

File: 1557226074300.jpg (33.8 KB, 711x480, img13.jpg)

Me too, anon, it's both hilarious and comfy.

I never appreciated Home Movies when I was a kid but now I actually love it.

No. 30670

File: 1557230860726.jpg (50.49 KB, 750x641, ul895025gap11.jpg)

I wonder if the new unrelated bird cartoon with same art stile is any good? Anyone watch it?

No. 30716

i looooved it anon, 100% recommend

No. 30717

this is “tuca & bertie” on netflix btw (sorry forgot to sage)

No. 30726

I still like Bojack Horseman and I'm not sure where all the backlash has come from. It has problems but I don't think it's bad by any stretch. Was it just over-hyped?

No. 30733

I read an article that some of the creators of Graviry Falls got hired to work together on an adult cartoon on Netflix. Ngl I'm pretty excited!

No. 30786

File: 1557319966038.png (249.88 KB, 620x440, tuca-and-bertie-netflix-season…)

I watched the first two episodes last night. I'm really loving it so far. Tuca and Bertie have a really wholesome and realistic female friendship, which is weird because they are both strange bird people.

No. 30835

I assume we can post European cartoons too?
Currently I'm hyped for 'I lost my body' the concept looks cool, but I'm not so sure about the animation company. They've mostly done no name kids shows (shurkin school,zig and sharko, Floopaloo). the company is also trying out 3-D animation for the film, most of there work looks adobe flash-y.

I bet the film will be at least decent

No. 30839

There was backlash? I know there will be critics, but I mostly seen people liking the show. I think the only hype relating to it before release was if the show was in any way connected to Bojack.

No. 30898

Ehh I'm one of the people who doesn't like it. Besides the intentionally unlikable main character I just didn't find it engaging seemed to have lots of low-brow comedy. Personally as someone who struggles with depression I thought the main character was unrealistic and behaved more like a caricature of what someone has been told people behave like. Hearing it praised as a serious adult cartoon that tackles tough issues is frustrating.
I only watched through half of the first season though before I dropped it so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've been told it gets better in later seasons but I haven't really wanted to continue.

No. 31282

This is all western animation you need.

No. 31328

I loved Home Movies so much when it aired on tv. it was so wacky, but somehow wholesome. reminded me when i pretended to make movies with my little sis in the 90s.

No. 31807

Just got around to watching this last night and I came to say thank you! Fun film, with tons of great character acting, I loved how expressive and animated everyone was. Surprised I'd never heard of it before this thread, it seems like something that would have a larger following.

No. 31818

Bojack Horseman shifts gears dramatically at episode 8; it's probably worth watching a few more episodes to see if your opinion changes.

No. 31823

I'm glad you enjoyed it anon! I had never heard of it before and found it by chance on YouTube one day while watching animated shorts from the 70's-80's.

No. 31831

Does RWBY suck now?

No. 31908

Bunny malony was a cute show.

No. 32662

let's not forget how it started

btw was the deathstrike cameo the best looking episode or what?

No. 32832

File: 1558600861880.jpeg (166.04 KB, 750x743, 901E4EEF-04D9-40F4-BA73-B9C095…)

No. 33179

thanks anon, this will be my next 'do

No. 33250

File: 1558917639946.jpg (83.12 KB, 780x439, download (1).jpg)

I tried liking hot streets, but its aqua team hunger force without what made it funny. Surreal low budget slock with nothing of value.

No. 33536

i started watching this a few days ago and it's a good time. thanks for introducing me to it!

No. 33667

MaoMao looks OK. It gives me strong puss in boots vibes mixed with 80's cartoons. It's be nice if the designs were a bit more creative. (You can't tell the purposelessly cute characters from the edgy ones) Also the animation so far looks really bad. In another clip he fights with a dragon it just looks weird.

No. 33694

You’re right. To me it looks like every character was designed, drawn and animated by a different person. It’s a shame because the backgrounds are really pretty and I think MaoMao’s design and animation is pleasant.

No. 34385

File: 1559707078193.png (848.73 KB, 1080x658, spongebob.png)

So now that Stephen Hillenburg has passed Nick is going to target Spongebob for cashgrabs.

No. 34413

They've been sitting on an untapped goldmine for almost 20 years now. There's no reason why they wouldn't.

No. 34461

>untapped goldmine
Wat. They ringed this show dry years ago.

No. 34502

Spongebob ran for the last two generations ago. I remember that shit in jr high and even if they 'brough it back' the kids today would never latch on as some of us did to the original series

No. 34511

That's what they said about Teen Titans before Teen Titans GO as well.

No. 35104

File: 1560121846990.jpeg (10.23 KB, 343x147, images.jpeg)

Pergatony is good passable for a tv show you can watch online for free. The side characters are pretty funny, though the shows interpretation of death feels like a rip off of family guys version. The worst part of the show though is the main character. He's the embodiment of an incel (refuses to fix his problems and he hates his co-workers not because they're evil, but out of jealousy). The show would be a lot better is he never existed

No. 36610

Thank you so much for this recommendation, anon! I watched a bit of it on a rainy day and it made me smile. It's such a warm show and so full of adventure. I love it.

No. 36666

Older post, but I just finished watching season one of this and it’s great. It has a lot of really meaningful moments, and is quite hilarious at times. Better than Bojack imo.

No. 36946

This probably would've been one of the greatest animated shows if it wasn't cancelled.

No. 37015

It really was an example of 'good show, bad time'. The show would be amazing in todays culture. A 'mystery space theater 300'-Esq reboot would be awesome.

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