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No. 30296

Basically if it's not anime but still animated, post it here

>Your favorite cartoons

>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion

No. 30297

File: 1557023013889.jpg (702.35 KB, 4000x2250, shera.jpg)

I feel like She-Ra was actually pretty good for all the criticism it received.

No. 30298

Beavis and Butthead, Mission Hill, King of the Hill, Home Movies, Xavier Renegade Angel, The Boondocks, Tom Goes to the Mayor, all really great animated western shows tbh lmfao

No. 30300

Invader Zim, Gravity falls, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and Wander over Yonder are my favorites

No. 30303

Flapjack was the best

No. 30304

No. 30308

File: 1557026943939.jpg (243.42 KB, 1280x1923, 1030669-rockcosml01hr.jpg)

Catching up on some of the ones I missed as a kid. Next ones will be Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ren and Stimpy since they seem to be quite acclaimed.

No. 30316

File: 1557043169074.jpg (38.73 KB, 300x400, {3E617BCB-BEC3-47D0-97C1-7AF3D…)

6teen was the shit imo, even with the weirdly abundant innuendos and garbage animation style

No. 30320

I loved 6teen. It also made me realize that it filled a niche that western TV lacks nowadays which is teenage slice of life.

No. 30322

File: 1557044869562.jpg (52.59 KB, 625x415, 2-5465-1402014824-8_dblbig.jpg)

I'm waiting for the day Hulu or Netflix puts up Recess. I'd love to binge it in order and get some nice nostalgia. That's number one on my binge dream list but it'd also be awesome to see Weekenders or Totally Spies again too. I know could find them online but I'd love to see them through again with ease on my TV.

No. 30326

File: 1557046860220.jpg (25.52 KB, 711x400, Daria_1412976756283.jpg)

it's kind of edgy but i love Daria

No. 30338

I love Daria too, tentatively excited about the reboot.

No. 30362

File: 1557078294309.png (1.5 MB, 1280x708, Aqua_Teen_house.png)

I think it's just me, but for some random reason I like Aqua teen hunger force's backgrounds. I also find the cheap art style charming in a way.

Im binge watching the show right now.

No. 30376

In terms of TV animation my favorite are
Cartoon Network: PPG, EENE, Flapjack, Regular Show, and Clarence.
Adult Swim: Superjail, Moral Orel, 12 oz Mouse.
Nick: Invader Zim
Disney: Wander Over Yonder
Fox: King of the Hill, Simpsons, BTAS.

>What are you watching right now?

Last two cartoons I watched are actually Cartoon/Live action hybrids. I watched Coonskin, which was fantastic I love Bakshi and it was a pretty funny Blaxsplotation film. I also watched The Wall, which was okay, but I think the better way to experience the music is through the album, the movie is missing tracks and has Final Cut stuff thrown into it.

Next thing I plan to watch is either Heavy Metal or Allegro no Troppo. I'm in the mood for more musical themed animated movies, Wall didn't have quite as much animation as I was expecting. I mean what it did have was great, but I want the whole thing to be animated. I've anyone has any movies similar that fit the bill please recommend them. I've seen Fantasia/Make Mine Music/ect all the Disney ones.

No. 30405

Rock & Rule (Ring of Power), might be something you'd enjoy.

No. 30470

File: 1557131615753.gif (5.97 MB, 700x394, bb.gif)

i love bob's burger

No. 30495

File: 1557143544328.jpg (41.31 KB, 900x506, hilda.jpg)

Love Hilda, it's very calming

No. 30523

Never heard of this before, looking at the images and plot summary it does look like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for the rec anon!

No. 30551

I am sorry but
the bear things look like flying sperm and it's unsettling

No. 30561

If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life I think it would be athf.

No. 30588

File: 1557176327546.jpg (245.48 KB, 1440x600, eu-tangled-series-news-feature…)

The Tangled series is super comfy to me. I adore the setting and the characters and some of the episode lessons are real shit while still being lighthearted and kid friendly. Huge fan of the movie and this show.

A coworker recommended Miraculous Ladybug so I'm going to start watching it eventually

No. 30589

File: 1557176406901.jpg (444.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16-9.jpg)

This show was refreshing when it came out.

No. 30665

File: 1557226074300.jpg (33.8 KB, 711x480, img13.jpg)

Me too, anon, it's both hilarious and comfy.

I never appreciated Home Movies when I was a kid but now I actually love it.

No. 30670

File: 1557230860726.jpg (50.49 KB, 750x641, ul895025gap11.jpg)

I wonder if the new unrelated bird cartoon with same art stile is any good? Anyone watch it?

No. 30716

i looooved it anon, 100% recommend

No. 30717

this is “tuca & bertie” on netflix btw (sorry forgot to sage)

No. 30726

I still like Bojack Horseman and I'm not sure where all the backlash has come from. It has problems but I don't think it's bad by any stretch. Was it just over-hyped?

No. 30733

I read an article that some of the creators of Graviry Falls got hired to work together on an adult cartoon on Netflix. Ngl I'm pretty excited!

No. 30786

File: 1557319966038.png (249.88 KB, 620x440, tuca-and-bertie-netflix-season…)

I watched the first two episodes last night. I'm really loving it so far. Tuca and Bertie have a really wholesome and realistic female friendship, which is weird because they are both strange bird people.

No. 30835

I assume we can post European cartoons too?
Currently I'm hyped for 'I lost my body' the concept looks cool, but I'm not so sure about the animation company. They've mostly done no name kids shows (shurkin school,zig and sharko, Floopaloo). the company is also trying out 3-D animation for the film, most of there work looks adobe flash-y.

I bet the film will be at least decent

No. 30839

There was backlash? I know there will be critics, but I mostly seen people liking the show. I think the only hype relating to it before release was if the show was in any way connected to Bojack.

No. 30898

Ehh I'm one of the people who doesn't like it. Besides the intentionally unlikable main character I just didn't find it engaging seemed to have lots of low-brow comedy. Personally as someone who struggles with depression I thought the main character was unrealistic and behaved more like a caricature of what someone has been told people behave like. Hearing it praised as a serious adult cartoon that tackles tough issues is frustrating.
I only watched through half of the first season though before I dropped it so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've been told it gets better in later seasons but I haven't really wanted to continue.

No. 31282

This is all western animation you need.

No. 31328

I loved Home Movies so much when it aired on tv. it was so wacky, but somehow wholesome. reminded me when i pretended to make movies with my little sis in the 90s.

No. 31807

Just got around to watching this last night and I came to say thank you! Fun film, with tons of great character acting, I loved how expressive and animated everyone was. Surprised I'd never heard of it before this thread, it seems like something that would have a larger following.

No. 31818

Bojack Horseman shifts gears dramatically at episode 8; it's probably worth watching a few more episodes to see if your opinion changes.

No. 31823

I'm glad you enjoyed it anon! I had never heard of it before and found it by chance on YouTube one day while watching animated shorts from the 70's-80's.

No. 31831

Does RWBY suck now?

No. 31908

Bunny malony was a cute show.

No. 32662

let's not forget how it started

btw was the deathstrike cameo the best looking episode or what?

No. 32832

File: 1558600861880.jpeg (166.04 KB, 750x743, 901E4EEF-04D9-40F4-BA73-B9C095…)

No. 33179

thanks anon, this will be my next 'do

No. 33250

File: 1558917639946.jpg (83.12 KB, 780x439, download (1).jpg)

I tried liking hot streets, but its aqua team hunger force without what made it funny. Surreal low budget slock with nothing of value.

No. 33536

i started watching this a few days ago and it's a good time. thanks for introducing me to it!

No. 33667

MaoMao looks OK. It gives me strong puss in boots vibes mixed with 80's cartoons. It's be nice if the designs were a bit more creative. (You can't tell the purposelessly cute characters from the edgy ones) Also the animation so far looks really bad. In another clip he fights with a dragon it just looks weird.

No. 33694

You’re right. To me it looks like every character was designed, drawn and animated by a different person. It’s a shame because the backgrounds are really pretty and I think MaoMao’s design and animation is pleasant.

No. 34385

File: 1559707078193.png (848.73 KB, 1080x658, spongebob.png)

So now that Stephen Hillenburg has passed Nick is going to target Spongebob for cashgrabs.

No. 34413

They've been sitting on an untapped goldmine for almost 20 years now. There's no reason why they wouldn't.

No. 34461

>untapped goldmine
Wat. They ringed this show dry years ago.

No. 34502

Spongebob ran for the last two generations ago. I remember that shit in jr high and even if they 'brough it back' the kids today would never latch on as some of us did to the original series

No. 34511

That's what they said about Teen Titans before Teen Titans GO as well.

No. 35104

File: 1560121846990.jpeg (10.23 KB, 343x147, images.jpeg)

Pergatony is good passable for a tv show you can watch online for free. The side characters are pretty funny, though the shows interpretation of death feels like a rip off of family guys version. The worst part of the show though is the main character. He's the embodiment of an incel (refuses to fix his problems and he hates his co-workers not because they're evil, but out of jealousy). The show would be a lot better is he never existed

No. 36610

Thank you so much for this recommendation, anon! I watched a bit of it on a rainy day and it made me smile. It's such a warm show and so full of adventure. I love it.

No. 36666

Older post, but I just finished watching season one of this and it’s great. It has a lot of really meaningful moments, and is quite hilarious at times. Better than Bojack imo.

No. 36946

This probably would've been one of the greatest animated shows if it wasn't cancelled.

No. 37015

It really was an example of 'good show, bad time'. The show would be amazing in todays culture. A 'mystery space theater 300'-Esq reboot would be awesome.

No. 39351

How do people feel in general about more recent cartoons?
I'm constantly surrounded by jaded people who hate the more laidback and softer cartoons like craig of the creek, summer camp island, OK KO etc etc

I miss shows that were more slice of life but still had interesting settings that made you interested in seeing the characters face new challenges.

No. 39397

Honestly, I think a lot of kid's shows that are made now are also made with adults in mind because the creator is usually thinking of what they would like to watch/have watched as a kid. Of course, "kid's shows" in this context meaning those with a target audience of like 12-17 or something. Personally, I like all of the ones you mentioned plus Regular Show, Clarence, Over the Garden Wall, We Bare Bears, and The Amazing World of Gumball. I kind of prefer the cartoons that exist now over the ones I grew up with.

No. 39434

> I think a lot of kid's shows that are made now are also made with adults in mind because the creator is usually thinking of what they would like to watch/have watched as a kid

Cartoons have always been made with that in mind.

No. 39451

I feel like some shows were made solely for the enjoyment of children. But because the creators weren't children, it ended up being terrible.

Top of my head, shitty shows during the mid-late 00s like Fanboy and ChumChum.
Never have I experienced a more disgusting cartoon.

No. 40930

Trailers out. I feel mixed

No. 40941

File: 1563593275533.jpg (32.5 KB, 312x445, 51YZpLUPBqL._SY445_.jpg)


I´ve read the comic, its brutal, he really nailed the personality type of toxic fandom males and is kinda more depressing that funny.

Also , pic related is another great show that died too fast.

My favorite now is the Venture Bros.

>Cartoons have always been made with that in mind.

Well, not always anon, 80s cartoons were all braindead and made based on random already existing toylines only really meant for kids.

No. 41022

Mission Hill was an awesome show. I remember seeing it as a teen during it's time on Adult swim.

No. 41551

The villain is stylized really dumb, has guaranteed redemption and reformation by the end of the movie literally written all over its design.
I remember when adversaries on this show actually seemed mysterious and legitimately threatening.

No. 41553

I really like this show too because it was female-focused and the issues on it were a lot more relatable for the fact.
You should've seem some male YT reviews sperg about how they couldn't "relate" to this show because of it. Poor babbies had to have the shoe on the other foot for a change.

Unfortunately, Netflix recently announced they're canceling this show. So there will be no season 2.

No. 41556

File: 1564112759444.jpg (21.96 KB, 182x268, MV5BZTQxOTJlNDQtNTY3NC00ZjI3LW…)

anyone else a fan of ok k.o? its one of my favorites, the 3rd season came out within the past couple of months. personally i think it has a really nice art style and color palette. its oddly relaxing to me

No. 41564

I love OK KO!
It's a genuinely funny and nice show imo
The Sonic cameo was fun

No. 41642

who is your favorite character anon? i really love enid and carol

No. 41644

the grim adventures of billy and mandy is easily one of my faves. last year i found out that someone uploaded full seasons on youtube and i would literally fall asleep listening to it and wake up laughing because the jokes and voice acting is so funny. I especially love the background music from season 1 and im sad they changed it afterwards. My only gripe i've ever had with it as a kid was just how disgusting it could be especially during later seasons. Im talking stomach churning. But it will always have a special place in my dead heart. Season 3 and onward it just got funnier and funnier which usually the opposite happens. It was also funny watching it as an adult and relating to grim and realizing just how shitty billy and especially mandy treated him for no reason lmfao!! Especially season 1 mandy was such a little shit haha

No. 41645

This show was golden. Holds up so well.

No. 41647

same anon I also want to talk about totally spies. I remember it would come on right after toonami and later miguzi on CN and I loved the heck out of it. 3 pretty girls kicking ass AND they changed their outfits every episode? sign me tf up! I seriously thought my high school would be like that not realizing they were rich af and from beverly hills lol. I tried rewatching it as an adult but honestly the first 3 seasons were perfect to me but the later seasons i feel like became increasingly more childish which was a shame because they were in college by that time. They need to remake the show for young adults that would be dope…but highly unlikely. I love this thread btw i feel myself spamming the fuck out of it so let me stop lol

No. 41648

File: 1564168959761.jpg (22.99 KB, 400x300, tumblr_pq7qd1oIBj1spv3rk_540.j…)

Chowder was my favorite show

No. 42797

File: 1564940233252.png (23.55 KB, 1103x242, oh ok.PNG)

Facebook made some cartoons that nobodys heard about.

No. 42975

I remember this show. It was pretty good, crazy how a lot of good shows from back then got cancelled because they didn't do well with viewers (like Freaks and Geeks).

No. 43036

File: 1565047289514.jpg (481.58 KB, 1000x563, twelve-forever-cropped.jpg)

I haven't finished it yet but so far I'm disappointed. I loved the pilot and was so excited for the series to be picked up, all I got was shitty flash animation and boring plots with none of the charm or humour the original had.

No. 43055

martin mystery never got any hype but is great. follows the same 'wow school kids but actually secret agents' formula of totally spies (marathon made them both) but has supernatural shit going on too

No. 43864

File: 1565388363723.jpg (134.61 KB, 684x1000, MV5BODMyNGMxZGEtY2RiZS00YTViLW…)

Is gud

No. 43871

I remember this! Wasnt this the same creator/animator as Totally spies??

No. 44054

File: 1565544350503.jpg (212.04 KB, 960x1440, p15590010_b_v8_aw.jpg)

Summer Camp Island is really cute. I caught myself binging it. I get that not everyone will be a fan of the art style, but I enjoy the characters and their interactions with some magic thrown in.

No. 44079


I still wanna give that show a chance and watch a few episodes or something. I really liked the buttwitch character

No. 44173

Tried it yesterday. It was okay…I liked the music and the idea but it was a bit too childish for me? And this is coming from someone who's a fan of most cartoons, even the childish ones.

No. 44650

Binge watched this today and came here to talk about it lol.
I only watched it for Buttwitch since her character appeals to my simple brain in every way, otherwise I'll admit I most likely wouldn't have picked it up. It kind of has a discount AT vibe (which was discounted Flapjack anyway, which was just discounted SpangeBeeb) which is okay if you're easily entertained.
I'm hoping if there is a second season they'll further explore the humans getting stuck on Endless/other islands and the backstories of some of the islanders if any are ex-humans.

Overall the themes are heavyhanded but it is a kids show so. shrug.

No. 44856

File: 1565995990245.jpg (194.03 KB, 1024x1260, there_is_no_return_by_anisakic…)

Damn. Over the Garden Wall really is as good as its hyped to be. I'm enjoying every second and I don't want it to end.

No. 44879

File: 1566009442597.gif (803.3 KB, 400x226, 23859859.gif)

That's my favorite. I rewatch it every fall.
It's haunting and nostalgic to me in a way I can't really put my finger on, and surprisingly dark for a tv cartoon.

No. 44932

Goodnight sweet prince
I also liked the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, it was a bit different and more gross but it worked

No. 44937

File: 1566059779707.jpg (93.41 KB, 1136x640, clerks.jpg)

Has anyone else seen the Clerks animated series? Only had 6 episodes.

No. 44945

File: 1566063997487.png (300.02 KB, 696x364, ZIM.PNG)

Glad to hear you're enjoying it anon! I absolutely love the beast's design. Might just binge watch the entire thing again.

Just recently watched the new Invader Zim movie on Netflix and it's fantastic. The animation and colors are beautiful. The humor is still the same but strangely holds up.

No. 44955

>recently watched the new Invader Zim movie on Netflix and it's fantastic
Thank God. I've avoided it so far because I was afraid it would be shit and ruin all my nostalgic memories. I think I'll rewatch the series, then watch this. I just love Zim so much. He's always been one of my favorite characters in animation, likely due to his being incompetent, yet very confident. Endearing to my heart.

No. 44962

the animated series was actually my introduction to the movies and i'll have a nostalgic love for it.


same with enter the florbus!! i loved invader zim when i was growing up and was super worried of the humor being lost on me because i'm older, but there were genuine moments when i was laughing aloud (like dib's first reveal and the opening anime-style.)

No. 44969

Mission Hill was great, gotta be the animated show I would love to see return the most. Unless you count Futurama… even if the later series wasn't well received I still enjoyed it.

I had it on VHS haha.

No. 45011

File: 1566126700579.jpg (555.81 KB, 2700x1800, rocko_poster_dated.jpg)

I was scared of the movie being shit at first because of the switched art styles (characters edges seemed to be smoothed out and the color palette for backgrounds was a bit off) and the fact I thought it would be a direct adoption of the comic (which I hated), but I came out decently surprised. The character interactions are still great and though Im not The biggest fan of zims humor I found it funny. The biggest flaw of the movie though imo, was its biggest strength (not much of a spoiler, but general plot structure) In the end it just felt like a really long invader zim episode. Nothing about the characters changed, nothing was resolved, and at the end of the movie everything just resets like its preparing for a new episode to start. If you're looking for a satisfying conclusion, stuff like zim finally winning/losing or Dib proving to his dad aliens are real, you might not like the movie Also the tallest ship is still really obvious CGI and the tallest felt kind of shoehorned in the movie to me
Anyhow did you like the rocko special. All the /co/ threads devolve into debates over transgenderism. I watched it, but since I didn't watch rocko when I was younger I guess I don't get it.

No. 45065

I liked the Rocko special. It had some nice commentary about change and same humor as the original. Not the most spectacular thing, but fun if you grew up watching the show. Felt very true to itself.

No. 47394

File: 1567478251894.png (Spoiler Image, 717.84 KB, 1125x1080, 1567469875790.png)

I know it's not really popular here, but did anyone catch the Steven Universe movie finale?
I didn't think it was too bad. It just lent a better closure than the series finale did. I started watching this show when I was in grad school, and back then it was just a wholesome break from stress.

I thought it was gearing up to be unrelatable juvenile again but I didn't expect that 6,000 year ghosted best friend story that hit way, way too close to home.

No. 47414

The animation was pretty good overall and Bismuth was there which is all what i wanted, Steg was cool af too.

I also related a lot to Spinel's backstory, and unlike most villains in SU, she actually deserved her redemption imo and i felt really, really bad for her (also, i didn't thought i could hate PD more but)

No. 47758

God, she’s adorable and I feel bad for her. The movie was alright, I try not to think about it so much and I’m just glad we got an hour’s worth of on-model animation. I thought it was great when she punched Steven in the face and said you can’t sing everything better. I wish she went back to her old appearance because those big doe eyes and her space buns are too cute.

No. 47773

I thought it was great. There was way too many songs though and only like 3 of them were good. I had a laugh at the fans trying to act like the crewniverse was the one responsible for the Other Friends animation that's actually fluid and good. Turns out, the Japanese animator who helped out in the series before came back for the movie so it was most likely him since it matches his style.

I love Spinel so much tho. I actually kept saying "aw" at the end because I was so happy for her. She's so cute

No. 47890

I knew it. Isn’t it Yoh Yoshinari? I’m a big fan of his and I can spot his smoke/flame effects a mile away but I wasn’t sure about that part because Spinel is so 30’s rubberhose. There’s something about the way that segment was animated, if it wasn’t his work then they definitely got another specialist in because none of the usual team animate like that. Feels like they actual animated along key frames for once. I don’t think it’s the man who animated White Diamond and Steven dance fusing his two halves back together.

No. 47903

I’ll correct myself, it was Takafumi Hori.

No. 47983

File: 1567733522714.jpg (137.31 KB, 1024x576, florpus.jpg)

i was never an Invader Zim fan before but I decided to watch Enter the Florpus on Netflix and I was blown away (currently watching the series). i absolutely loved it! the animation was fantastic, the color palettes were very cool, the jokes made me laugh and it was overall fairly written and everything felt like it was resolved properly. it felt like watching a very long episode.

i'm currently binging IZ for the first time ever. i do wish i'd been one of those longtime fans who enjoyed the movie as a second coming, but anything's good i guess.

No. 47992

Hell yeah, this show is absolutely hilarious and fun!

No. 48005

I really want to love IZ again but the voice actors were dicks to me when I met them at a convention once and to this day it leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I feel like I'm supporting them when I watch their stuff.

No. 48027

Story time anon

No. 48072

File: 1567793215619.gif (1016.68 KB, 500x375, gir.gif)

Come on, don't leave us hanging

No. 48130

the story about the creator of this show being openly a pedophile is batshit crazy

No. 48133

what? source pls

No. 48172


Seen this pop up in Reddit and 4chan and now here. But these posts are from 2010 ffs. Why is the truth about her popping up now?

No. 48210

Jesus fucking Christ those are disgusting. How is she not canceled yet???

No. 48211


because 14 yr old boys and gross men are probably fapping to it.

No. 48216

She is or will be, I’ve seen quite a few posts calling her out and exposing her.

No. 48250

she was supposedly fired before the show aired… for harassment towards fellow staff members from what I heard… so you could say that she was already cancelled by her own production team

but socially cancelled not quite yet, she's getting there tho

No. 48315

Considering the voice talent, I think Steg’s scene was just one huge dose of author appeal. I get what they were going for in that sequence where Pearl gets her memories back, with the groovy sexy rock music and acid trip visuals, but that was executed pretty poorly. If I were a kid I’d be like "wtf is this where the fun" and lol no one can deny what it looks like: two lumpy fat dudes merge into a rockstar bara who’s ‘so cool’ he makes the lesbian starry eyed and shakes her whole world back together. He looks like he smells like sweat and hotdog water and they should have used that screentime for something else.

This is supposed to be a movie and yet there’s like three times where gems fuse and the silhouette is horribly tweened, not to mention Spinel’s gem turning upside down. Come on, if you care enough to want a Japanese animator to do your fight scenes couldn’t you pay consistent quality to those few frames which are the focus of the screen? This wouldn’t happen at all in a better production.

No. 48329

holy shit, this is disgusting. if this were a man, he would have been cancelled immediately. this is really creepy shit.

No. 48335

Is SU worth watching if I find the tumblr SJW art style and design annoying af?
I find the whole mess with Rose/Pink Diamond interesting, but I hate how ugly the characters look and I am afraid that the plot will be very sjw/tumblr…

No. 48339

just give it 3 episodes
there's a bunch of filler, so I'm sure if you ask around you can find a list of episodes that are purely plot

No. 48346

the filler isn't worth watching at all but the plot heavy episodes are okay. ending is disappointing.

No. 48364

It’s actually not obnoxiously tumblry but it’s a mediocre show at best, why suffer through it for the ‘good parts’ when you can watch a show of consistently higher quality? Imo most of it is filler and the pacing to get to the plot important parts is frustrating, plus they can never decide how serious they’re being and how much of the comedy is straight slap stick or self aware. No villain is ever really a threat, they all get talked out of being bad because ‘they’re just sad and hurting!’ and the show even acknowledges this as a "joke" but still does it anyway. Imagine a show that wants to poke fun at the power of love and friendship but they also want to do it completely straight? I’m salty 3 out of 4 Diamonds have ugly sausage lips when they would look more appropriately goddess like with some mature lipstick.

No. 48385

Just watch the plot-heavy episodes you won't miss anything important if you completely ignore the filler, is not really tumblr-tier (to the point actual sjw's hate SU because it's representation it's mediocre) but brace yourself for shameless favoritism and blatant self-inserting from some of the writers including the creator of the series herself, you should avoid filler especially because there are literal prank episodes that bamboozle people into thinking something cool will happen because the titles of those episodes are misleading.

No. 48405

>but brace yourself for shameless favoritism and blatant self-inserting from some of the writers including the creator of the series herself

Nepotism on western cartoons is insane right now, i am personally very tired of how it is always the same little group of creators blowing each other horns or how it turns out they are all dating or longtime friends or related. All the teams are inbred, their affiliations and shilling are blatant. I wish there was more variety and openness towards more diversity of talent, styles and ideas but a lot of the sjw bigotry that keeps new influences out comes from within the industry, fueled by those same creators that got too influential and turned these companies into shut tight cocoons. I used to like Rebecca Sugar, by now i am so sick of her, i wish she were replaced, her stuff gets cringier and cringier.

The cal arts meme is a bit misguided because not all of them went to cal arts and the idiosincratic style is not really a thing from the school but from a social clique that is employed right now, but it is still kinda valid as an umbrella term for all this seemingly samey cartoons made by pretty much the same branches of people.

No. 48575

File: 1567999674168.gif (452.42 KB, 166x178, tenor.gif)

Tbh I always got that vibe from them. In the commentary they've done on Invader Zim episodes, they do come off a bit strange.
I can't necessarily blame them though since I've heard of them having very strange experiences with nutty Invader Zim fans. Like, one of them talked about how when he was signing an autograph for a fan and the fan then proceeded to bite his hand. Hell, even Jhonen used to get sexually harassed at panels because his fans are fucking nuts.

I have to agree.
Glad I wasn't the only one noticing a pattern in the credits of some cartoons.

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File: 1568432623143.png (129.46 KB, 382x421, Eye.PNG.png)

12oz Mouse is absolutely hilarious to me although I'd get why some people consider it shit.

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