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File: 1684162395642.png (2.74 MB, 1988x862, art styles you like.png)

No. 296553

Opposite from >>>/m/291015
Post artstyles you do like!
>Juan Jimenez
Beautiful fantasy illustrations. I love how strong his women looks and his choice of more ''earth-like'' color palettes and attention to detail, specially on weaponery and machinery.
I like the shape design and color on his illustrations. Unlike other illustrators of the time his stuff feels more modern. Draws hot guys too.
>Kaneoya Sachiko
certified lc artist. I love her creativity and how she uses the strong saturated color palettes to enhance the weirdness and chaos of her illustrations. I also love the influence of old movie posters and comics.

No. 296557

Looks like a typical female artist's inspiration collage kek. Based.
What I like about Kaneoya's style is how trippy but subtly depressing it is. Perhaps depressing is not the word, but you can probably guess what I'm trying to say.
To be honest I preferred her older traditional art instead of her more recent digital coloring. But this an interesting choice too.

No. 296566

File: 1684164093552.png (3.49 MB, 1896x1494, aruurara.png)

sadly my other tastes are very scroteish but i wasnt going to put them on the OP, obviously. Pic rel, i love aruurara. Even if i am not a furry i love his colors, rendering style and figure drawing skills. I also love watching him draw on twitch, i have all his VODS saved and they are fun to learn from.

No. 296572

Those old school gays had more womanly sensibilities >>241704
kinda based

No. 296585

File: 1684166867395.jpg (106.89 KB, 600x800, ffbio03.jpg)

maybe the bar is extremely low nowadays, but before, men in media used to be hot as fuck. You can look at a pre 90s cartoons/piece of art and the male characters were as hot as the female ones. Then the 90s came and john k and his shitty ass style propagated through animation and art and thus became the era of ''hot vuluptuos woman and goofy ah fat ugly male'' that's still a cancer to this day. I guess that's what happens when the artist is an ugly low self-steem male, unlike older artist who took care of themselves. Pic rel my artist husando Frazetta.

No. 296600

I really hate this generalization because goofy looking characters have been paired with hot ones as far back as the Middle Ages probably even further. You have to have a really narrow understanding of art have that POV

No. 296613

File: 1684169294976.jpg (296.44 KB, 3840x2160, wallpaperflare.com_wallpaper.j…)

Shingo Tamagawa. I love the way he draws eyes and noses, particularly how dynamic and full they are (unlike most animus where they're flat as hell).

No. 296614

Puparia is so good. Just look at the guy/girl character design, their expressions with the eye movements and that stunning background. Truly an inspiration.

No. 296619

File: 1684170662591.png (14.29 KB, 382x322, 1592108921738.png)

any more recs for artists that draw faces like that? one i really like is kishi torajiro, love how he draws faces. It's really hard to find a good balance between detail and uncannyness

No. 296625

File: 1684172636190.jpg (162.09 KB, 914x710, vampire hunterd.jpg)

yoshiaki kawajiri art is absolutely beautiful and his designs are very appealing to me (also i love leila kek). its so nice seeing grown women being drawn as women and not moe blobs

No. 296626

File: 1684172720068.jpeg (28.32 KB, 537x571, images (1).jpeg)

Jun Tsukasa probably fits the bill, he draws faces in a really roundish way like picrel, the way he draws noses is pretty similiar too. Be warned though as the guy is the typical Japanese coomer artist so some of his stuff is pretty fanservicey.

Picrel is one of his non-coomer work.

No. 296638

OT but kek you can tell her draws porn just by looking at this pic

No. 296647

That movie was gorgeous, and the character designs were a big part of it.

No. 296651

File: 1684187877111.png (1.58 MB, 3283x1550, 9387247865.png)

Aubrey Beardsley

No. 296652

File: 1684187948826.jpg (660.2 KB, 2400x1650, la-beale-isoud-at-joyous-gard-…)

No. 296675

File: 1684200437761.jpeg (69.8 KB, 554x554, images (2).jpeg)

Cartoon Saloon! Every movie they've shown is great but my absolute favorite art-wise is Wolfwalkers, the character designs show the strength of each character and I love how the female characters don't have same-face (or body!) syndrome (Robyn is tall and her features are sharper while Mebh is short and "rounder").

Another thing I love are the backgrounds, they look straight out of a picture book! And they also tend to portray them as flat and isometric which is unique and quirky to me.

No. 296679

File: 1684204733884.png (174.84 KB, 936x935, Cromwell.png)

I love that the villain is literally just Oliver Cromwell.

No. 296704

File: 1684224572552.jpg (299.38 KB, 1383x957, Sheilah Beckett.jpg)

No. 296713

File: 1684239168366.jpg (50.3 KB, 610x466, b40852fe5ce6143a42d695bb467601…)

all of Theodore kittlesens art, i want a animated movie in his style so bad. its so dreamy and cozy.

No. 296727

File: 1684247645501.jpg (586.37 KB, 2048x2048, 20230516_163403.jpg)

Karin Osono i love her wide ass cats and her color schemes are so inspiring

No. 296741

File: 1684255633678.jpg (127.82 KB, 700x1027, ce04d60f0b4fd0f30802ca773557ce…)

Anything shoujo/josei up to like the 2000's, after they got boring with the exception of specific artists.

No. 296781

File: 1684276674524.png (101.84 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_na4e0cde941tnx3hao1_128…)

I love this artist's works but she deleted her blog and shops and I can't find her anywhere anymore!!! If I knew this would happen I would've saved all her works to my phone bc they are so lovely to me. The saturated colors, heavy stylization, the energy of the pieces etc are like crack to me.

Some of the urls she went by are kup-jal, a5hura, sadtitty, n4yza. She made a shitton of Naruto fanart! Where are you miss, ily!!!!! I checked twitter, redbubble, etsy, society6, but I can only find her gumroad that has ONE zine on it, and she produced dozensssss of pieces.

No. 296785

oh fuck this is giving me a huge blast of nostalgia. did she also draw animal crossing gijinkas? i was obsessed with an artist who had such a similar style and i think i have their art stored away on some photobucket.

No. 296789

File: 1684279602550.jpg (529.42 KB, 1000x1340, tumblr_970f441bf5383cdda429eca…)

Maybe someone like @hagushka. Posting them here feels right because I love their style so much!

No. 296790

no clue but probably not, I never saw her post them and I remember going through her art posts way before she deleted. I love AC too tho, what's your artist's name?

No. 296792

File: 1684281222192.jpeg (706.34 KB, 2048x1536, DYWF-G6U8AAStzq.jpeg)

always remember to save EVERYTHING. Artists are mentally ill and prone to pruning everything in a fit of rage.
here is an artist i love that deleted everything too, thankfully i saved almost everything

No. 296799

File: 1684283878301.png (2.9 MB, 2700x1351, showa-mecha.png)

Late 1970's / early 1980's Sunrise Studios mecha anime have such nice artstyles.
It's like looking at a pug photo from 1910 where you can see many of the modern pug features but not to the detrimental extreme of the modern breed, except for modern moe anime.

It's cutesy and 'moe' but the characters have a lot less sameface syndrome and actual noses.

No. 296803

I love this art style! And similar ones from that era not limited to Sunrise

No. 296804

File: 1684288098454.jpg (160.82 KB, 893x1200, EEx5WrPXsAEtnGJ.jpg)

went back to her tumblr today to see if her older stuff was still up and it looks like she finally purged that account into the ground, too. sigh.
my pic doesn't properly portray just how incredible her art is, but it's the only one i bothered to keep on my phone. her pencil work and inks were just so good! god. i don't think i've seen a piece of art since that's resonated with me like hers did. she must have been classically trained at least and it was a travesty imo she never garnered a larger following online. the fucking talent!
anyway, i hope wherever she is, she's living her best life and getting her hands on all the Onpu merch she can reasonably afford.

No. 296808

No. 296809

who's are the artists? yeah, you did mentioned they deleted everything but i'll like to see more of their art.

No. 296811

File: 1684291925916.jpeg (21.36 KB, 340x430, Cat.jpeg)

I love cozy vintage art, especially of fluffy cats and animals relaxing and being cute

No. 296821

File: 1684297608738.png (615.89 KB, 1440x2048, FZzOpyfWAAEvgRr.png)

Love Ryoko Kui. One of the few mangakas I know of that don't copypaste the characters' bodies and faces, sprinkle wacky hairstyles on them to cover the sameness of the art and call it a day.

No. 296829

File: 1684302391198.jpg (32.31 KB, 450x682, whitefoxclub.jpg)

I've kinda lost this artist and cant find their current art but I loved their rendering so much. also Want to know what brush they use badly. I remember reading their comics which maybe got cancelled? I wish I saved everything of theirs most art of theirs is deleted now (especially the comics)

No. 296858

I love her art too! She's called Isobel Kelly and can be found on Twitter with that name, Instagram (isobeljkelly) and DeviantArt as IJKelly. She's still active, though she's not drawing her comic anymore I think.

No. 296882

File: 1684337479559.jpg (62.8 KB, 446x618, IMG-20220616-WA0009.jpg)

I really like African figure art

No. 296884

File: 1684337641068.jpeg (33.41 KB, 452x678, Yiwm6um.jpeg)

No. 296886

File: 1684337771786.jpg (48.45 KB, 500x500, 4e06d763a0b17c99fe7b2950920cd4…)

No. 296887

File: 1684337946475.jpg (51.49 KB, 552x698, 599ab90846a0a88f6dac63bf287987…)

No. 296889

Omg thank you nonnie! I could kiss you rn ♡

No. 296898

sorry nonna, that 3rd one just looks like "good" TIF art. like not completely assaulting to the eyes, but boring to look at.

No. 296957

TIFs wish they could be her and her male character at the same time. They're cheap imitators.

No. 297478

File: 1684568022323.jpg (314.72 KB, 1940x1415, 90469818_p5.jpg)

i am in love with mgong520's artstyle. I fucking adore everything about her art and it makes me a bit jelly we are the same age. I have never seen art so full of energy, its so well rendered and painted, and with only very few values she manages to make such good pieces. If you are an artist check her art in a scale of greys, it's amazing how she managed to capture the form with so few values, its mind blowing. I wish she had stuck with her older style though, i dont like her new painterly style as much.

No. 297479

>i dont like her new painterly style as much
I've just checked her gallery once, but me neither. I feel it's visually "weak" compared to her old style.

No. 297480

File: 1684568637684.jpg (235.15 KB, 1306x2048, 7773925.jpg)

same! dont get me wrong, it's gorgeous. But i feel like something is lacking, maybe someone more intelligent and observant than me can put it into words. Before it was easier to read from the thumbnail alone, now the brushstrokes feel too messy and i am not a huge fan of the new color palette either.

No. 297488

It feels very lightweight, somehow. Perhaps the problem is that her new style doesn't have a lot of contrast anymore. (And also that her lines are very thin or non-existent, but maybe that's just me)
Look at the lighting in >>297478
and in >>297480
It's now much more subtle instead of being the main attraction of the picture (like in her old style). It makes her new art look sort of incomplete, like a WIP. The minimal lighting causes pale skin (usually, faces) to become the focal point and everything else just blends together in the background.

And I'm looking at it with greyscale turned on in my phone display settings so I'm pretty sure that's what's going on. It's not bad art per se, it's just a stylistic choice, but I wish all her new art wasn't like this

No. 297493

how old is she? personally I really love her new style but I can see why some may not like it, I also prefer her new subject matters a lot more, her way of shading is so gorgeous to me it looks so simple but it isn’t and the way she chooses color is just amazing.

No. 297495

i think she's 22-23, according to a post i saw in 2020 of a cake with a 19 on it. I am jealous because we are almost the same age lol

No. 297535

File: 1684586035799.jpg (433.98 KB, 1280x1818, cover.jpg)

N+C peaked with DMMD.

No. 297537

Gay jesus will resurrect again and smite these tiktoks fags from ruining dm amen.

No. 297555

File: 1684591606859.jpg (120.55 KB, 474x761, a65cb90d7dc15d7ae80229e45c3b82…)

Whatever this is

No. 297568

File: 1684597577430.jpeg (46.74 KB, 512x304, D226364A-E9AC-4BC7-8A59-8AC20C…)

I love Akihiko Yoshida’s work

No. 297570

KEK why did you choose that photo lmao he looks so scared kek

No. 297597

Who is the illustrator for Dmmd? Google says it's the same guy who illustrated the manga, but that can't be right, it looks too different.

No. 297599

It's on VNDB ffs.

No. 297613

File: 1684609258739.jpg (259.01 KB, 1280x904, tumblr_niu37mOjkH1r3nhn5o5_128…)

No. 297618

I know it's a woman, I just didn't want to name her (Honyalala) because I wanted that anon to look it up for herself

No. 297625

Kek please this is a thread about posting artists whose artstyle you like, as in mentioning them by name. You don't need to be an autist about sauce, this isn't 4chan.

No. 297639

I’m sorry it was so funny to me

No. 297644

Yeah I guess you're right. I guess I just woke up cranky, sorry.

No. 297648

I looove this style so much. The shadow work adds so much depth to faces and makes it look like they exist in a 3d space. Those "scratch lines"(I don't know what to call them) adds to those dimensions too. I also love how lips are drawn in old gundam lol I can't describe why I find them appealing but the managed to make them simple and stylized while still keeping them expressive and avoiding the moeblob-stock-expression trap. It's been years since I saw Gundam 79 but I remember the characters looking different too and where inspired by different nationalities.I also remember that I liked how the drew bodies where drawn but can't remember why I did lol maybe because I have a thing for uniforms? but I think it was the body language didn't feel stiff to me even though the animation wasn't the best at times. I forgot how I used to be so in love with this style so thank you nona for reminding meI'm not to fond of the action genre (and I remember that there was some weird stuff with the newtype thing?) so I actually never finished it but maybe I should give it another shot since I liked the atmosphere and how it dealt with the horrors of war plus the artstyle is pure eyecandy

No. 297674

it's still an retarded thing to do. Imagine if we had more looksmatches

No. 297678

File: 1684634343692.jpeg (208.82 KB, 1400x1000, 4Inte1B.jpeg)

i really like the look of the 80s dnd cartoon. I think western animation peaked with this artstyle.

No. 297902

File: 1684729503515.jpg (572.51 KB, 1920x1268, greg-rutkowski-monsters-of-the…)

the only concept artist that doesnt bore me to death

No. 297975

the western anime look

No. 298184

File: 1684861095025.png (650.38 KB, 850x1167, skeb211.png)

say what you want about her, but funamusea is my absolute beloved. she does cute horror style so well and i really wish these western arg artists would take note.

No. 298321

File: 1684942197217.jpg (144.22 KB, 769x569, tumblr_e22877dadeb445c4b1cb35f…)

Absolutely love the work of Errol le Cain, he mostly illustrated fairy tales from 60s - 80s.

No. 298900

File: 1685157174680.jpg (294.74 KB, 1149x852, samura_toume.jpg)

I really like Samura Hiroaki and Toume Kei, they were in the manga club at the same university so I guess they shared a lot of influences and/or influenced each other.

No. 298977

File: 1685193152334.jpg (443.9 KB, 2048x1449, 1670706071652802.jpg)

I really liked the character designs in Key the Metal Idol.

No. 298979

She's a girl? That makes me really happy

No. 298980

File: 1685193525462.jpg (75.89 KB, 900x780, tumblr_9f5dea509b4e4729b31702f…)

Remaster never.

No. 299380

File: 1685345163025.jpg (172.46 KB, 1200x900, DvP3fERVYAE3qDn.jpg)

No. 299381

File: 1685345279938.jpg (201.37 KB, 1007x1200, DvoUPQZVsAAwXR5.jpg)

No. 299438

File: 1685381281777.jpg (203.29 KB, 736x1164, ddde29c718f54cd0851c91a35714c1…)

No. 299439

File: 1685381396443.jpg (118.66 KB, 457x640, 947ff158ecf33e7490e960bcfa2ea5…)

No. 299440

File: 1685382037519.jpg (109.38 KB, 800x868, 6a00d8341c464853ef0278804fbd3c…)

Tove Jansson is great. I especially like her rendition of Alice in Wonderland, makes the book by that pedoscrote more enjoyable to me.

No. 299507

File: 1685409545495.jpg (86.1 KB, 479x680, 4817c59cf025a2fd65855dbf87888a…)

I love kotteri they motivate me to draw beautiful men

No. 299512

File: 1685409765229.jpg (32.97 KB, 564x303, 599770fa6a723aa94b3720f78a25e9…)

Kotteri also makes jojo fanart. I want to draw expressions like this

No. 299517

File: 1685411182130.png (212.68 KB, 1280x1353, tumblr_faf4aaabe63d4960be2d262…)


I love the way this artist renders thier work. It makes them feel almost like a colorized marble statue. Speaking of color, the color palate for thier work really compliments the rendering. Also they draw a bunch of monsters, which I love!

No. 299524

Why was that other post deleted?
I love Kotteri's style so much. Shame she deleted her old stuff. It was so dynamic, cute, cartoony and fun to look at.

No. 299525

File: 1685413414721.jpg (108.47 KB, 483x863, bc9e7bc6b2ff56969fa93432fdb58d…)

She also has Golden Kamuy fanart. She's beyond based

No. 299559

She also deleted her tumblr account, I followed her there in 2015 or 2016 before deleting my own account and it was full of Jojo fanart and Mad Max Fury Road fanart. I like her work with her OCs, it's called Veil. No idea if there's a fan translation but if you read Japanese you can read it on twitter, I personally buy the volumes that are translated in my country because they're between an artbook and a regular manga. Many pages are just illustrations.

No. 299575

File: 1685454676025.jpg (286.29 KB, 690x1038, 1c51e1f1bc8aa229dc2b5cdecb62e0…)

Her art has an interesting variety.

No. 299576

File: 1685454816234.jpg (280.64 KB, 735x964, 60f7939a7f4727de6e1771ef599a6d…)

Yoshitaka Amano

No. 299586

File: 1685469052466.jpg (97.12 KB, 720x1056, jansson_tove.jpg)

The winter moomin stories were always my favorite, I love how the cold and the darkness is drawn so simply but so effectively.

No. 299633

File: 1685493650788.jpg (68.99 KB, 700x805, __sora_heartless_and_shadow_ki…)

I love this type of art style and coloring. There is a cozy feeling to it with how little colors are used and no flashy shit here and there.
I remembered I wanted to draw/color like this artist when I was a kid kek

No. 299658

File: 1685512640179.png (2.7 MB, 1920x2160, RDR.png)

Ramdaram/rrr001222 has a pretty neat art style that looks cute, cool and aesthetically pleasing. I love her choice of colors and how simple-looking she draws her/other characters yet they still look different from each other and telling their personalities. She also makes really cool animations too.

No. 299665

Ramdaram is a girl? I thought they were a guy because of their voice.

No. 299676

The wiki page and says female and I always believe it's a woman since there's no scroteshit in her art. Also what voice?

No. 299758

File: 1685560703868.png (107.9 KB, 1070x1255, 1588640715.meloki_posty.png)

I've loved this artist, melskopt/skoptzy, for like 10 years now. They hardly post but I'm still obsessed with the lines, perspectives, and how fluid everything feels.

No. 299762

File: 1685560880638.jpg (60.28 KB, 1200x353, DZc6pwxUMAE8suD.jpg)

666pigeon and their flexibility and different styles inspires me. Truly breaks down that whole thing about needing to find your one "style."

No. 299775

File: 1685562730064.jpg (3.5 MB, 7675x5393, cyberpunk.jpg)

I like the colour use in Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

No. 299807

File: 1685592660826.jpg (91 KB, 735x760, 71ff55504b9c25fc8d91eadd9e8b5e…)

A lot of people in the hate thread really didn't like overly cute/"moe" styles of anime art but I'm pretty fond of that style. Kiyohiko Azuma is one of my favorites (picrel). I think some art styles can be pretty bland or coomerish but others I really enjoy.

No. 299808

File: 1685593055384.jpg (637.35 KB, 1600x2243, 20230601_001430.jpg)

More of his art, this one is a color illustration. He also did Yotsuba to, which has a lot of really nice and cute illustrations. I guess his faces do tend to have that cutesy sameness that a lot of anime suffers from, but I still like it.

No. 299809

Even though this might qualify as moe (and I'm usually a huge moe hater), this art style has always been very cute and pleasant to look at and it doesn't give weird sexual vibes.

No. 299891

File: 1685623061200.jpg (522.43 KB, 1200x1633, Yoriyuki-Ikegami-0.jpg)

Yoriyuki Ikegami

No. 299906

File: 1685627728336.jpg (154 KB, 900x1155, Dante.full.2805397.jpg)

I like these kind of artworks where the line work are incomplete

No. 299907

Yeah she's amazing

No. 300321

File: 1685839920454.jpg (347.36 KB, 2371x2493, [21-02-06] 1358110714490097666…)

too bad her proportions are hideous

No. 300537

Looks very korean

No. 300970

File: 1686134240042.jpg (121.7 KB, 800x560, minako024.jpg)

I love Narita Minako. Her style is the epitome of 80s sovl. To this day i dont think any other shoujo artist can top her. Her boys are all so cute too, and diverse. I have no idea how she manages to do all the patterns and stuff on her artbook. I wish her artbooks were scanned somewhere.

No. 300971

File: 1686134558710.jpg (329.09 KB, 1091x1460, tumblr_ns0ayuKaU51rhsx15o6_128…)

her colors are so vibrant

No. 300972

File: 1686134639832.jpg (595.74 KB, 1280x1831, tumblr_nkimc6P5p21sdbgg3o1_128…)

And i also love her clothing choices. We need to bully men into dressing like this again.

No. 300975

File: 1686135138519.jpg (305.63 KB, 1280x1206, tumblr_ns0ayuKaU51rhsx15o4_128…)

No. 301069

I've seen this image a hundred times and I always thought it was CLAMP for some reason

No. 302579

File: 1686898575780.jpg (737.03 KB, 1588x2302, DxpQZABV4AA_5qk.jpg orig.jpg)

No. 313339

File: 1691431493408.png (314.97 KB, 576x552, gummibears.png)

Good anthro designs.

No. 313350

all I can associate this aesthetic with now is severe autism

No. 313358

File: 1691439952299.png (717.36 KB, 693x640, mb3damfxgky91.png)

Fist of the North Star and early Jojo style.
This would have been one of my other choices. I recently mentioned that movie elsewhere. I adore the way women have looked like in many oldschool anime, but this style in particular is one a whole other level. And the men look noble and handsome.

I think that one of the main things I am craving are characters that look adult. Not only is it better for story purposes, personally I am just not into teens so they do nothing for me. Need elegant or badass adult women and big beefy or gloomy men lmao.

No. 313690

File: 1691571569660.jpg (782.41 KB, 1920x1080, Clipboard01.jpg)

I love Rinko Kurosawa's style.

No. 315671

File: 1692319009897.png (1.39 MB, 1125x1600, 665a3db8-6bec-47ac-8c8a-8542cd…)

I like the vintage vibe in Yama Wayama's art.

No. 315692

I'm so glad a scanlator picked this up, I've been enjoying it

No. 316020

File: 1692447827525.jpg (1.06 MB, 1628x2274, 1565118544177.jpg)

I like 90s anime and its style. Big eyes, hairdos, saturated colours, filters did not exist, sharp edges.

No. 316027

File: 1692448669059.png (513.56 KB, 720x581, a.png)

Some children's books art styles are adorable

No. 316374

File: 1692562558997.png (471.05 KB, 457x900, d6z6esd-5833b493-3445-464b-a51…)

I remember discovering doubleleaf's art more than a decade earlier and falling in love with everything. It's nice to see she's still active years later.

No. 316379

File: 1692563711298.png (1.09 MB, 1521x871, gobeur.png)

Your post reminded me of gobeur, I used to love her art but she got obsessed with some youtubers and things were never the same since that. She goes by epsee now and she is still extremely talented, but it's not what it used to be.

No. 316387

File: 1692565008303.png (578.91 KB, 868x852, reficul.png)

I really like old deep-sea prisoner's art style, it is very recognisable, has its own quirks and would be great for animation (maybe I'm just saying that because it reminds me of Panty & Stocking), her modern style reminds me of pug breeding, because it is so exaggerated, seeing sprites of new characters in wadanohara's reboot was just jarring

No. 316397

love her art what are her socials?

No. 316405

kek nonna, she used to go by gobeur, the images I posted are from her gobeur era, she had a deviantart a tumblr and a personal blog, but most are deactivated or she deleted the old drawings so you can only find a few reposted. She goes by epsee or epseelutely now, but she deleted a lot of her old drawings. I think around 2014 she got heavily into Markiplier and Game grumps and slowly changed her style to what she has now. She is the artist of that game grumps game, the daddy dating game.

No. 320278

File: 1694188980255.png (275.23 KB, 639x414, 98456.png)

There was a girl I used to be friends/mutuals with back in 2013-2018, her little splatoon kirby drawings always cheered me up. I still think they're cute today, they're pretty basic and don't have anything special going on, but I like the colors and softness.
She simply left one day, I wonder where is she… I hope she's doing fine now, she had too many things going thru her head back then.

No. 320299

File: 1694200214231.jpg (152.72 KB, 1200x784, DUN_DAGM_178_1912-001.jpg)

Riders of the Sidhe, by John Duncan. His art is a mixture of religious/pagan/fairytale and I can't help but be reminded of tapestries when I see them. Fairytale illustration has birthed some of the most talented traditional artists imo.

No. 320752

File: 1694438878033.png (108.41 KB, 385x466, jiurberu.png)

I wish I could find this artist's art, or where she went, or anything at all on her. I could only find an fc2 blog that she posted to that had mostly broken images, and some posts that had been reblogged before she deactivated. In general I miss this style that everyone on 2013 Tumblr used to have, it was simple yet colorful and full of life… reminds me of better times. It kind of sucks feeling so nostalgic for something that was so niche, and that was so poorly archived.

No. 334919

File: 1699726136092.png (921.97 KB, 1280x782, tumblr_1baed393a88fc3df783b785…)

I just discovered this artist who does fashion illustrations of One Piece characters, moebiusxxx. Her work is almost too elevated for the fandom. I love the color palettes, the simple and elegant lines, and the shading on different types of fabrics and leather.

No. 334920

File: 1699726169612.jpg (359.46 KB, 1280x1563, tumblr_pa0c3bVEOj1ur18tso3_128…)

No. 335315

File: 1699861098683.jpg (505.13 KB, 1500x978, yande.re 223591 sample thores_…)

Any of Thores' work is my favorite. She got the hands of gods to make such small details elaborate and beautiful.

No. 335317

File: 1699861262725.png (809.84 KB, 756x540, dc190ae3-24e2-458b-8124-56bd78…)

And watercolor work of the Macross concept art. Don't know who the artist is though.

No. 335335

File: 1699869973405.jpg (164.32 KB, 2000x1200, e0fc30ba0de293348238f6a613277e…)

Morishima Akiko. I love the way she draws girls, and the way she depicts lesbian relationships in her art.

No. 335352

File: 1699887236317.jpg (149.93 KB, 800x529, melvin duffy.jpg)

i'm biased kek and this is probably a bit dull but I'm a sucker for aussie landscape art, especially anything Heidelberg School-adjacent. love impressionism and love me a big fuck-off gumtree and some livestock. the hazy, dusty look is such a vibe to me

No. 335356

File: 1699892493305.png (1.45 MB, 2000x2000, casin0s.png)

It may be cringe, but I really miss her artworks. She deleted all her accounts and sold off most of her characters.
I wish there was more archived.

No. 335361

File: 1699895274965.png (1.53 MB, 2232x1600, hatoyama.png)

Ikuko Hatoyama. I like how precise and delicate her linework is. Her color illustrations of pretty guys are to die for

Yes! I like that her characters seem soft and plump but not gooey/inflated in certain areas. Her faces are just adorable. She's great

No. 335363

I was just thinking about her yesterday. She left over inappropriate jokes with minors over discord iirc but enough time should've passed to make a new account by now. Or maybe her style just changed and I can't recognize it

No. 335364

She made bank with adoptables though damn. I remember her closed species called Mingnyans had a collab with Dainties and the things sold for a lot, like 2000k each. She was good with colors.

No. 335371

File: 1699900362298.png (2.4 MB, 3011x3907, caliga monroe.png)

Her current account is nicooo on toyhouse. Her style and designs seem to shift drastically according to her interests, so all she draws now are cookie-cutter bishonen men. I miss the old style, the colorful animals were really unique.
can't stand the amount of watermarks people that buy her characters put into the images

No. 335372

Damn, that's kind of sad, I miss her colorful pieces. Now it's really just designs in an empty space and from what I'm seeing they aren't even that interesting anymore

No. 335425

File: 1699923624079.jpg (394.11 KB, 1238x1534, tsutomu-nihei3.jpg)

i love any artstyle thats super grungy and sketchy, idk how to describe it well but stuff like tsutomu nihei's art…

No. 340459

File: 1701981199816.png (14.51 MB, 3026x4227, jinx88kc.png)

My absolute favourite artist is @jinx88kc. I'm simply enamoured with his line work and bright colour palettes. And his work has this very cute-yet-cool charm to it that I really like.

Also, blogpost, but I always thought this person was a woman, yet I just found out it's a male and I'm actually heartbroken.

No. 340461

>I always thought this person was a woman
the moment you said his I was just about to reply with this, I didn't see that coming

No. 340462

This MUST be a tif or a fag.

No. 340464

"Transgeners" must be a funny spelling of tranny. It's a woman lmao

No. 340466

File: 1701981712221.png (200.87 KB, 963x453, give me tomotaka.png)

I got the info from here and a few google translated Japanese articles. There must be a mistake, no?

No. 340468

That says transceivers…

No. 340486

I never thought about it until this, but I always just assumed they were a woman too. I think it's the color palette, you make it black and white and it could go either way

No. 340491

>"I love the transceivers"
>must be a weird way to spell transgenders
you are retarded. it's a man.

No. 340507

Idk this artist but I could not find a Japanese source stating the gender.

No. 340511

After some scrolling I found a timelapse of her painting. She's a woman.

No. 340515

File: 1701990916684.jpg (60.02 KB, 1080x771, ajourneybytinayu.jpg)

Bless you, nonna! I don't use Twitter, so I never even saw this. You don't know how relieved I am to see that the person I've adored for years is not actually a man, kek. I feel so stupid now, though.

So as to not derail the thread any further with this post, I'll share another artist whose style I love, Tina Yu! Keeping this saged because I don't know if this counts, since she's a sculptor, but you can always tell when something was done by her, so maybe it does count.

No. 340830

I absolutely love Tina Yu, I watch her sculptures on youtube when I'm feeling down.

No. 342938

File: 1702789111452.jpg (171.44 KB, 736x920, 1000006298.jpg)

I'm not sure if Baar is a guy or a girl but I love their art. I've always preferred art that looks more 'raw' if that makes sense, especially with the influx of the overpolished generic anime style.

No. 343843

File: 1703107927821.png (2.56 MB, 1280x1724, image_2023-12-21_012213486.png)

my favourite is yoshitoshi abe, his dark style, blurry texture and urban feel (may as well have to do with the fact he was a graffiti artist at first) always click with me as it washes this weird melancholic/nostalgic feel over me

No. 343885

You might like some pieces from Junko Mizuno. Her art was pretty famous in the early 00s, though she is obsessed in drawing naked women which is sometimes annoying and almost pornlike.

No. 344186

File: 1703238582122.jpg (174.37 KB, 773x1000, DwgInQDV4AAjoec.jpg)

I do like the way she draws characters, but I'm not much of a fan of her more psychedelic pieces, i.e. most of her work, since I prefer a more structural style with clean forms. Ty for the rec, tho!

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