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No. 279517

Didnt see one on the catalog so i might as well make one myself. Discuss female made media, how female creators are treated in the industry, being a woman creator etc. Please stop cancelling Lauren's projects fucking hollywood.

No. 279518

Havent played this yet, saw it on a YT vide. But it was made by an all-woman creative team and it recently got a fan translation.

No. 279528

This is such a cute idea! I'll be back to lurk lol

No. 279543

File: 1677721106729.png (121.31 KB, 258x382, American_Psycho.png)

No. 279562

Literally would have been such a garbage movie if a man was in charge. I read the book too and it was funny but only because I’d seen the movie, if I went in cold on the book I probably would have dropped it at the first cultural commentary essay from the protagonist. Actually I gave the book way too much credit because the movie was good.

No. 279563

File: 1677729526460.jpg (41.35 KB, 960x540, Uncharted-2-Improved-Artificia…)

the first 3 games were directed by Amy Hennig (4 was good too though)

No. 279569

File: 1677732466321.jpg (2.5 MB, 1200x5095, yhe4qxy4x8091.jpg)

Pretty much the entire early western gaming Industry was pioneered by women, specifically point and click and adventure game genres

Source article: https://www.ai-bees.io/articles/maru-nihoniho-brilliant-game-developer-bringing-cognitive-therapy-with-maori-culture

No. 279570

unironically one of my favorite movies, bateman is so fucking funny

No. 279665

The main character was such a loser that it became hilarious. I'm glad I watched it a few months ago. I've vaguely heard that the original book was written by a gay man but maybe I got things confused with Fight Club.

No. 279704

It was written by a gay man who is super up his own ass.
Not to derail but one time on his podcast Bret Easton Ellis said the girls on Epstein's island acted like they were happy to be there at the time (according to his 'friend' who went to the island), and the girls who were now grown and appearing in court crying did not seem like the same girls and what was the real truth then? Which was such a nasty and stupid thing to say but it seems like he didn't get any real backlash over it. It's all I think about now when he comes up.

No. 279707

>gay man who is super up his own ass
So a regular gay man then

No. 279715

File: 1677789818325.png (241.59 KB, 303x375, AVT_Hiromu-Arakawa_3504.png)

I love that the most critically acclaimed manga/anime series of all time was written by a woman. You can always tell by how respectfully she writes the female characters and has a keen sense of family dynamics without some weird fucked up psuedo-incest. You just know if this series was written by a man, he would make Al Ed's retarded lolicon younger sister. The character design is also amazing. It's one of the few shonen manga that doesn't suffer from same-face, generic designs, or ridiculous fanservice. Everyone looks unique.

No. 279716

If it weren't for the rest of your post and the picture I would have thought you were talking about Rumiko Takahashi.

No. 279720

File: 1677792289858.jpg (25.17 KB, 225x350, 463875.jpg)

The Mushishi author is also a woman. It's easily one of the best anime adaptations created to this date. Zero scroty shit or fanservice, just a genuinely good story.

No. 279722

File: 1677792677421.jpg (147.04 KB, 700x1100, 6c724c360741917e674a5c2c472413…)

Fullmetal alchemist's existence completely changed me as a person. When i first started reading it was a time where i had strong internalized misogyny due to being active on male-dominated websites heavily, typical of the easily influenced middle schooler i was. I was also a huge weeaboo, and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood quickly became my favorite anime (half of that was probably because my horny hormonal brain thought that ed was hot kek) and to this day, as an adult it's probably my favorite anime too, albeit i love both versions equally now. Then, i somehow stumbled that the creator is a woman and how overjoyed i was can't be conveyed in words. It blew my mind that arguably the most critically acclaimed anime of all time was created by a woman, and no one cared, people just loved the story. She's what made me want to write and realize that women can write beautifully written things, which sounds fucked on paper but you have to remember i was a middle schooler and the majority of anime i consumed was made by men, it feels like female mangaka are hardly represented today still, even if it has improved.

No. 279742

i hatehow i have tried to watch this several times and always get bored

No. 279768

I agree because your picrel is pointing to the superior version of FMA without all the weird coom and trad stuff in it

No. 279946

Which version? Brotherhood is closer to the manga, but watching it it feels like they expected viewers to have already seen the 2003 show so the early pacing is dreadful and the show's kind of a slog until they get past the retreaded material.

No. 279953

why do you think there is such a big disparity between japan and the rest of the world regarding female creators? I can think of several female authors for manga, both for a female target audience to a more male audience, but most western female creators normally just write stuff targetted at girls or they are politispergs.

No. 279955

Some things I would guess, but I’m not an expert
>Japanese women initially drew comics for girls magazines or worked as assistants to male artists drawing shoujo manga, which gave them some leverage into transitioning into going professional
>In Japan magazine circulation was a really big deal and manga magazines for boys and girls exploded because the publishers wanted to cash in on them
>Japan did not have the same restrictions in comic publication as Americans did when the Comics Code Authority existed, and the latter is one of the reasons why comics for girls sorta died out in the US
>Although being a manga artist was discouraged a lot, women would draw doujinshi or work in groups to sell them at events like comiket before men started getting pissed off about it

So if we look back at shoujo manga existing in the 60s and 70s, Japanese girls had a few decades of content being produced for them

No. 279958

I don't think there's a big disparity except in comics.

No. 279989

File: 1677919902421.jpg (18.42 KB, 247x234, 32743.jpg)

They left out Jane Jensen, she created the Gabriel Knight games in the 90s and also worked on some Sierra games as well

No. 286396

File: 1680069044299.jpg (101.53 KB, 595x1080, comic120.jpg)

Katie Tiedritch and Awkward Zombie are honestly huge inspirations to me even if the comics feel kinda past their prime now. I followed her art religiously as a kid when I first discovered her on deviantart and her style was a big influence to me, and it's so cool that she still makes comics to this day and is a rocket scientist irl iirc. She's the STEAM queen of my heart. I love the way she draws herself as unkept and boyish but still a girl, it feels so relatable to how I often percieved myself as a kid.

No. 286397

Yes! I loved her for those same reasons. She's so cool

No. 286722

this is a great list that definitely inspired me to research some of these women since there where some I haven't heard of. But I would be careful with the phrase "the first video game" since what counts as the first video game is debatable
>Roberta Williams
I have so much respect for her and her impact but it does rub me the wrong way that she has said she doesn't like being called a "female video game designer". I understand that she would rather be praised for her work rather than her sex but this is an industry that is notoriously discriminatory towards women so of course we want to celebrate women who made it in this industry. It just seems dismissive towards the misogyny in the video game industry. She has said that she has never faced discrimination while working with Sierra game and while I'm extremely happy to her that it is also important to note she is the co-founder of Sierra entertainment and the other co-founder is her husband so of course her male coworkers had some respect for her. That doesn't erase all that she has done for video games but I think it might explain why she doesn't relate to other women in the industry

No. 286739

>But I would be careful with the phrase "the first video game" since what counts as the first video game is debatable
Yeah you're not the only one to have noticed that lol >>282708

No. 321302

File: 1694669138572.jpeg (55.38 KB, 361x478, IMG_0257.jpeg)

Series like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are definitely made with young boys in mind as the primary demographic, but this thread seems to also be for celebrating female creators themselves. So I want to make it better known how extraordinary it is that a woman like Yasuko Kobayashi was able to make it in the tokusatsu as one of THE most influential tokusatsu writers of the Heisei era.
Her Sentai series Shinienger is still considered to this day by many fans to be one of if not the best seasons of Super Sentai, while seasons like Go-busters and ToQger are deeply beloved by their respective fanbases. On the side of Kamen Rider, all three of her main series entries (Ryuki, Den-O, and OOOs) have been some of the most profitable and fondly remembered seasons of Kamen Rider in addition to being entries that notably shaped the direction of the franchise as a whole in the Heisei era. When Amazon began their reboot seasons of Kamen Rider, she was the writer called in to do the first reboot, for Amazons.
The range in her work is incredible too, with ToQger and Den-O posing some of the lightest, feel-good seasons of their respective fanbases. Meanwhile, entries like Ryuki and Amazons are considered some of the darkest. Across the board, though, she consistently delivers a heartfelt narrative.
By nature, tokusatsu tends to be a genre in which writers for major franchises come and go frequently with each passing year. It's not uncommon for a writer to write on one season and not be called back for another, and even two seasons under the belt is notable enough to be remembered as a frequent contributor– for her to have written so many seasons as a lead writer (not that her numerous contributions as an episode writer should go unrecognized), is something truly noteworthy.
Nowadays, though, she isn't found much in tokusatsu writing… Although that makes sense, as it's undoubtable that she's raking in the cash as the woman in charge of series composition for the JoJo anime, as well as lead writer for many of its seasons.
This isn't all to say she's the ONLY notable female contributor to tokusatsu, but her contributions in spearheading positions dating back to times when the industry was even more male-dominated that it is today, are to be appreciated. And the specific shows she's written will always have a special place in my heart as thr seasons that got me into the genre (many inadverdently, her seasons are just frequently recommended as not only some of the best, but also as excellent entry points to their franchises).
Thanks for the chance to sperg!

No. 321303

I had no idea that Suikoden was written by a woman! Makes me much more interested in checking the series out…

No. 321402

File: 1694722606170.jpg (49.41 KB, 840x480, Mother-TVN.jpg)

Mother (2018), Korean series, Drama.
The screenwriter credited for all episodes is a woman named Chung Seo-kyung. The main cast focuses on female characters. The basic plot description is:
>A temporary teacher at an elementary school realizes that one of her students is being abused at home by her family. She makes an impulsive decision to kidnap the child and attempts to become her mother.
I liked this series a lot and thought it was well done overall. The main relationship that grows between the teacher and her (technically kidnapped) student is very touching. There are additional relationship dynamics shown between the girl and her mother; the teacher, her sisters, their mother; and between their mother and the rescued girl later in the series. The child actor for Kim Hye-na in particular does such a superb job.
The subject matter is heavy, so do avoid if you get triggered by domestic violence. The first few episodes are the harshest in regards to that.
This is a remake of the original Japanese 2010 series. I haven't seen the original and can not speak to its quality.

No. 321405

somewhat related, its kinda wild how despite horrendously sexist SK is, it has some really good shows with female characters and many times written by men.

No. 322380

Wow I love this. This image makes me want to girlboss and slay and not give up on my goals of making it in the industry.

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