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File: 1555025200534.jpg (72.2 KB, 275x183, 1554961009954.jpg)

No. 25207

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970

Last thread: >>>/m/22820

No. 25211

taehyung's wannabe art hoe shit is embarrassing. he does that while dressed head-to-toe in chanel.

No. 25212

if they're so alternative, why not support actual indie/alternative brands?

No. 25213

Are you an army?

Anyway there's a photo of Wonyoung sitting at 150 upvotes at r/kpics (which is basically r/kpopfap-lite for the uninformed). Disgusted but unsurprised.

No. 25214

Please do not make me go looking for it.

No. 25215

A bit late to the party but I doubt Yunjin is hapa. If she was they’d market the fuck out of that, especially if she’s half white.

No. 25216

File: 1555027056639.png (1.3 MB, 1324x1238, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 4.56…)

Screenshot as proof. Also out of a disgusting sense of curiosity, I searched up her name on that subreddit at it returned at least a couple dozen more results. Male K-pop fans really are pedos.

No. 25217

File: 1555027111233.jpeg (74.1 KB, 750x735, 1A6837BA-7F77-476F-98FA-2D89B4…)

what type injury is this caused by? looks like a cigarette burn or some people say that and it does i think
but what are other explanation ?

Sorry for my bad English

No. 25218

File: 1555027154013.png (31.37 KB, 1156x180, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 4.58…)

Comment I came across on one of those posts.

No. 25219

>born 2004

Hooooly fuck

No. 25220

File: 1555027579486.jpeg (143.75 KB, 867x1300, C9D918BC-EAA8-4EE9-AC8E-A862CF…)

I feel bad for Eunbi, how does it feel to be surrounded by fetuses?

No. 25221

File: 1555027769120.png (889.82 KB, 1616x1384, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 5.08…)

Excuse the shitty crop but that comment is…ick.

No. 25222

Not trying to sound like a pedo-chan but she's so naturally pretty with good proportions. Then I found out she's part Taiwanese which explains why she looks nothing like average Koreans. Even Jeon Ji Hyun is said to be part Chinese, and there's more 'visual' Korean celebrities who are said to not be full Korean yet they're supposedly also the 'faces' of Korea.


No. 25223

That's true. She still looks mixed to me though. she could be like Gyuri, who someone mentioned at the end of the previous thread, fully korean but with non korean features. Or have some other non korean ancestry down the line that's only a very small portion of her background and gave her recessive features.

No. 25224

Honestly sounds like some tinfoil shit. Feel free to correct me but Taiwanese people and Korean people are both East Asians so wouldn't they be pretty similar genetically? So her being Taiwanese wouldn't make her look "less Korean" if you get what I'm saying.

No. 25226

the thread picture is tiny and boring…

No. 25227

Farmers are xenophobic against Koreans due to weabooness. See that one anon who claimed all korean twice members are ''hideous'' and horse teethed momo is a goddess.

No. 25228

Jungkook with weird injuries again?
I'm starting to think he does parkour or goes to some weird whore houses lol

No. 25229

That might be from cupping. It’s popular in Korea.

No. 25230

File: 1555030194972.jpg (112.87 KB, 1024x768, pktq5jNvaF1y3rjcpo2_1280.jpg)

It looks like a burn, but I think it's too large to be from a cigarette.

No. 25231

How on earth are they supposed to be exactly similar? That sound so ridiculous. Different places vary in looks
Idk about the weeaboos but I assumed most people were basing it off what koreans usually look like, without all the makeup, editing and surgery.

Also momo is ugly who the hell would say otherwise? Lmao

No. 25232

Regular japanese women don't look like perfect airbrushed 10/10 either yet this board loves to act like they are much more beautiful than korean women. If anything korean women are pitiful due to the extreme amount of discrimination and abuse they face.

No. 25233

Agreed. But I'll try to remember it doesn't matter as long as the thread content is good

No. 25234

File: 1555030846309.jpg (70.96 KB, 1000x500, sljpg.jpg)

No. 25235

not on the elbow like that. normally on its on the back also its bigger mark then this

maybe……sometimes cigarette burns are big
maybe fireworks from stage ?? it’s older pic too

No. 25236

I never said anything about japanese women so idk what your point was. Also how are korean women discriminated and abused more than other asian women? They all seem to have it bad

No. 25237

>born 1995
I'm the same age as her, my sister and her friends are Wonyoung's age and I have to treat them like literal babies because of how immature 14-year-old kids still are. It must be super awkward for her, who thought this was a good idea?
Do they live together in a dorm? If yes, god knows how often the younger ones cry because of homesickness etc (and the older ones or the managers have to act as their mommies)… Anybody who stans this industry must be retarded and completely lacking of any empathy

No. 25238

File: 1555031965897.png (106.69 KB, 769x460, https___s3-ap-northeast-1.amaz…)

No. 25239

omg 5 points difference. japanese women have it good!

No. 25241

I hope you're being sarcastic. Otherwise you just sound like a butthurt koreaboo

No. 25242

highlighting the fact that korean women face more discrimination than other women in developed nations makes you a koreaboo? are you swarmed by ads forcing you to undergo plastic surgery in japan or anywhere else? it's quite ironical how you all react considering there are dozens of threads of weaboos talking about how they lived, studied, dated etc in japan

No. 25244

No. 25245

Can anyone upload it to hooktube for us non US farmers? It's blocked.

No. 25246

No. 25247

j hope looks so beyond busted in that thumbnail, i bet he is the first to bail out due to the big ugly

No. 25248

Sulli's a lolcow but I'm here for her pissing off old conservatives.

No. 25249

Eunbi is considered the "group mom" if I recall correctly. I wouldn't be surprised if they consider her more of a nanny. She's mostly shilled for looking similar to rv's irene, but she has actual talent, can dance and sing, so she's one of the few members who deserves to be there. I was surprised that she was in the final group, considering the netizen reaction to trainees on produce 48 (the survival show that formed the group) who were older than like, I don't know, 18-20, they were bashing older trainees and praising younger ones.

There were a lot of girls in the first top 20 ranking who were adults but they seemingly booted them all out of the final group with possibly rigged votes bc mnet knew the underage girls and cutesier music would bring in bank.

>Lee Kaeun: 1994

>Miyazaki Miho: 1993
>Takeuchi Miyu: 1996
>Shiroma Miru: 1997

these girls all ranked in the top 10 of the top 20 in the second to last voting period prior to the final episode of produce 48 and somehow plummeted in the last episode to all rank under rank 13, so tbh I wouldn't be surprised if the girls, especially the Japanese 48group girls who were born in the early-mid 90s were ousted from the votes on purpose because of their age, im surprised even Sakura (1998) is allowed in the group, by korean standards she's practically a granny, it's probs only because the netizens like her. Sakura is cute physically but a deadweight member talent wise, but at least she's better than dead fish eyed Hyewon who doesn't deserve to be in izone at all

No. 25250

You're right. Unless that anon was referring to Aboriginal Taiwanese (which jwy isn't part of), then there's not much difference cause the modern Taiwanese are basically Han Chinese.

No. 25251

Black/pink go right before diplo at Coachella which means there will be a bunch of EDM fans at their 1 hour set

No. 25252

So are Koreans technically han chinese?

No. 25254

No. Koreans are Koreans. Modern Taiwanese are Han Chinese that migrated from mainland China. Aboriginal Taiwanese look like South East Asians.

No. 25255

And i mean it in the sense that even though there are differences between Korean and Chinese features, they are very similar cause they're both East Asians. Idk if you're that anon or not but saying that Wonyoung gives off a different ethnic vibe doesn't really make sense to me cause I wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at her features alone. Unless she's full Taiwanese (Chinese) like Tzuyu.

No. 25256

Still doesn't work for me.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was really the case. Their obsession with youth is sickening.

No. 25257

stop derailing about race, retards. it doesn't matter.

No. 25258

>but she has actual talent, can dance and sing, so she's one of the few members who deserves to be there

Debateable. She doesn’t really stand out in any of those areas compared to the average idol. Many trainees who ranked lower outshone her throughout the show.

However I agree with you on those other four idols being discriminated because of their age. As said before, the guy behind the PD101 outed himself as a creepy, superficial pedo when he compared his show to healthy porn (since many of the contestants are underage). No doubt that the show’s rigged so that the IZONE members were picked based on their looks + youth first and foremost (with a couple of odd picks thrown in there based on potential backlash from having solely talentless models).

I recall that one post from the industry insider saying that Mnet pimps out trainees that have participated in their shows/are under labels associated with them—selling them to sponsors for a price. Given what’s been leaked from a notoriously private industry, I find that 100% believeable. Disturbing to think that Wonyoung has been through more than just seeing comments from older male fans sexualizing her.

No. 25259

We were just having a civil discussion before people like you derailed the thread by complaining about everything

No. 25263

File: 1555041178128.png (197.21 KB, 1246x1074, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 8.52…)

Looks like we have another company desperately pandering to ARMYs

No. 25264

No. 25265

Think it's a bit of a stretch to call him a woman hater just from that clip. You sound as bad as Korean netizens when they explode over an idol not smiling for half a second on screen. However, if Jin were a nugu idol from a girl group instead of a member from one of the most popular boy bands right now, this behavior would blow up into a controversy and his career would be over.

No. 25266

File: 1555041574103.png (24.1 KB, 524x262, armyikes.PNG)

In which armys seem to forget that SNL is a comedy show while also doing that whole "BTS' music saved my life!!" thing in one sitting.

No. 25267

This is so stupid. The show clearly told them to make a negative face as part of the joke- they all did it, or tried.

No. 25268

Delusional ARMYs can't accept that BTS really is nothing more than a group made by a corporation solely for profit. Also the run-on sentences + cringeworthy defending truly makes this a Tumblr post.

Anyway, I don't recall if BTS ever acknowledged Jimin wearing that Japanese bomb shirt. It feels like it was swept under the rug quickly enough and they're still as popular as ever. Still have no clue how they're promoted as this ~*wOke*~ group after that controversy + the Nazi fetishizing ones + the sexist lyrics ones + the one where Jimin refers to Jungkook as the Korean equivalent of the n-word.

No. 25269

The fact that his fans find the idea of him being disgusted by white women older than 16 cute is disturbing

No. 25272

File: 1555043774571.jpg (63.11 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20190411_233456.jpg)

Suga and Jhope look dead inside. Also why they are all dressed like the original version of Miami Vice?

No. 25273

because that's obviously the concept they're going for?

No. 25274

5'6 Emma Stone somehow being taller than 5'10 Jungkook…
Also, is poor baby cow Jimin's arm being touched by that disgusting old whitey?!

Why is it so funny and important to them that their Oppars show how annoyed they are and how much they hate being there? Is it supposed to be a sign of their superiority?
>Can we also talk about how dead inside namjoon is
>Tae too. Please save them
Save them from what? Getting public exposure in the country with the biggest music industry in the world? The same industry your uwu bois want to break through and get rich with?

No. 25275

This cap is useless to gauge height. All of them are clearly wearing insoles or heels. Jimin obviously isnt taller than jungkook and as tall as Emma lol

No. 25276

Ratmon claiming to be 1.81 is milky af. Why don't fans care about this???

No. 25277

Having to play a skit in a foreign country whose language they don't really understand must be so awkward. I almost feel bad. Almost. They really dunno how to act and it's really funny

No. 25279

why does new zealander jennie speak worse english than SEA lisa! her accent is falling apart like the ice glaciers wtf

No. 25280

samefag throwback to her trying to be superior to the glasses guy in knowing bros and having her ass handed to her

No. 25281

Oh my god this is terrible, they all look like they have some sort of social anxiety with the way they are fidgeting, I mean they weren't even supposed to have any reaction but even the way they're standing and their facial expressions are unbearable. The only one that didn't make me cringe that much was jungkook, he seemed a bit more natural and it seemed like he controlled his facial expressions better. Years of training my ass, they literally look like it's their first time on TV and Jin's lip fillers are atrocious they all look terrible from the surgeries they had.

In my opinion rapmon needed the surgery he was really fucking ugly before and he's still extremely ugly even after the PS but I think the plastic surgery was an improvement in his case. Jungkook needed the rhinoplasty and he looked nice but now they're doing more stuff to his face and he looks scarier and scarier, I'm afraid he'll shave his jaw or something because he's literally the only one in the whole group that looks somewhat nice. Jin is ugly as sin but he didn't need those lip fillers, he looks like flappy bird. Suga was pretty nice looking before and now he looks like shit because of the plastic surgery. J-hope is a plastic monster and that's really sad because he was definitely one of the better looking ones of the group. Jimin already had an odd looking face but surgery was also not needed in his case and it made him look worse. V has a punchable face and his facial expressions scream autism and I know he's got work done but they didn't fuck him up that badly yet. Why must South Korea fuck up perfectly average or fine looking faces? The whole point of plastic surgery is to make a person look better not botch them until they're unrecognizable. South Korea the capital of botched plastic surgery.

Sage for sperging

No. 25282

Nobody cares about mr. Iamverysmart, not even the people who "stan" him out of pity

No. 25285

Those two women's reactions was straight up cringe. Wtf. How much you wanna bet the lady in the striped shirt didn't even know who BTS was up until that point lmao

No. 25286

Did jhope get a new nose?

No. 25289

Lisa's english is getting better and Jennie's is worsening lmao

No. 25291

don't high humor armys have the brain capacity to understand that they are acting? they have no room to complain about being portrayed as crazy screaming fangirls when that's just what they are. literally watch any video of bts and armys start screeching at any breath they take.

No. 25292


No. 25293

Boring song. Boring MV.

No. 25295

amazing how they have just stagnated like this

how can anyone ever to listen to those overproduced robot vocals for more than one minute ffs

No. 25296

why don't koreans tear taehyung apart for his huge-head-small-shoulders combo i don't get

No. 25297

Apparently nct 127 is having another fucking comeback next month, a full album. Even their fans are sick of it at this point. That fandom has completely exploded with infighting.

No. 25298

this song sounds like it's desperate for US radio plays

No. 25299

meanwhile winwin is nowhere to be seen in 127 and dream&wayv have absolutely nothing to do as per usual

No. 25304

And I thought they couldn't go any lower than DNA

No. 25305

When will SM realize nobody cares about 127's noise? Having two English speakers and hiring American songwriters doesn't equal international success

No. 25306

Why does Suga sound like he's impersonating another rapper when he starts his verse? Something about that sounds so wrong

No. 25307

Ok idk who tf halsey is but can someone explain to me why she didn't sing at all except for some adlibs?

No. 25308

File: 1555065662257.jpg (64.04 KB, 579x596, D36jnkGX4AI5aiy.jpg)


No. 25309

U hasn't had a come back in a full year either and that's the only NCT sub unit with marketing potential in the west. What the fuck is SM doing?

And lul @ the 127fags who feel no empathy for the rest of the fandom because they actively made fun of wakey wakey instead of streaming it until they develop stockholm syndrome for that awful song. They're quickly approaching army levels of autism.

No. 25311

the uwahs sound exactly like gogobebe

No. 25314

At least he emotes, unlike his "hyungs

No. 25315

he sounds like he has a lisp? what happened?

No. 25316

BTS said they don't want to lose their korean identity and make songs in English but yet they invited Halsey for a song where she didn't even sing just to have her name attached to them

No. 25317

Their recent songs were bad, what are they going to fill a whole album with? If they finally realized the whole unit concept isn't going to work, they chose the wrong unit to promote as if it's a separate group.

No. 25318

so cringy and autotuned. who's going to tell bighit that bts aren't 16 anymore

No. 25321

He doesn’t fit with a lot of the pop music they’re trying to make and it’s obvious.

No. 25322

Anyway this new BTS album was so goddamn boring. I can’t even name a single good song or verse that caught my attention like I could in the last few albums. Not one. All the songs seem to blend into each other.

They’ve done it. They’ve reached peak bland.

No. 25323

i think he got veneers. his teeth look off

No. 25324

Also. I wonder if any fan as ever actually given them their genuine critique as a listener? Because it seems like any less than “this is the best” is “hate.”

No. 25325

Lolololol holy shit they really did. It looks so fucked, he didn’t need that.

No. 25328

File: 1555073909097.png (1014.16 KB, 750x1334, 7E8B5CF6-D25E-45D3-993A-41FBC7…)

Oh man

No. 25329

File: 1555074003162.png (4.76 KB, 364x90, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-12_1359…)

Muslim fans are something else

No. 25330

lol can't they just say that it's because they can't speak English and are afraid of flopping once they release those songs for the US audience

No. 25334

When you say nct U which unit are you talking about? The seventh sense one or the boss one? Also how would they promote and tour with the nct u unit when it doesn't have some of the nct 127 members? Would they just have to sit everything out and do nothing? Lol that's actually funny to picture. Imagining all the fans screeching for haechan and maybe johnny and taeil

No. 25335

That stuff they say about Korean identity is a cope. They can barely speak English and know their US popularity is going to be short-lived, so it's an attempt to save face.

No. 25336

pics? the song sounds awful and their styling is horrid, again. it all gives off a really bad "hello fellow kids" vibe, i shuddered

No. 25337

Exactly. I think the only reason why they haven’t released an English song is because their pronunciation is really bad and it would be harder for them to rap in English.

No. 25338

File: 1555075565035.gif (1.07 MB, 540x216, tumblr_ppunfmPHkH1u1fc83o2_540…)

No. 25339

File: 1555075632360.gif (1.39 MB, 540x216, tumblr_ppunfmPHkH1u1fc83o4_540…)

No. 25341

i can't believe some anons on here think hes the best looking member

No. 25342

i've seen other people saying the same thing and checked out their album to see if it's really that boring and it is really that boring, i couldn't get through the entirety of any song. everything they've released for the last 2 years has been utter trash. their new album sounds like a cheap generic american pop rip off and 90% of the lyrics are in terribly pronounced english, i don't know how armys still fall for the "they are woke poc artists that don't need western validation!!" shit. i don't inherently have a problem with them trying to market to america but their nationalist denial and showing 0 effort to blend in american culture makes it ridiculous. if you want to be taken seriously in america as an artist show some effort to learn the fucking language, not being able to learn english for years makes them look extremely retarded.

No. 25343

suga looks and sounds like an old man

No. 25347

Even psy could speak better English despite his song becoming viral out of nowhere and he wasn't even aiming for US success.

No. 25348

i think he used to be, but feel bad for him now

No. 25349

It’s funny how Psy going viral was short lived by natural. Even after Gangnam style, he had 2 more relevant hits. Goes so show how fans mass streaming and getting radio plays will never match up to real play

No. 25351

I think he’s good looking but his styling and all the shit they do to him/he does to himself (veneers, weight loss/weight gain, possible jaw shave or fillers, etc) doesn’t do him any favours.

I’m curious about how he’ll look after enlistment when that shit can’t be done anymore.

inb4 fuck off ratmy

No. 25352

He wasn’t aiming for US success and that’s exactly why he got it.

No. 25353

File: 1555077075940.png (118.39 KB, 762x726, Capture.PNG)

lmao, hope you're happy anon

No. 25354

Are you that same suga-chan?
Lmaooooo thats too funny. Well she jinxed it

No. 25355

Why does SM keep pushing Flop 127 on people? Out of all the units NCT dream is the most popular and they sold way more albums than NCT 127 so why do they keep focusing on 127? Even NCT U had a more positive response (and better music imo) but SM completely forget about them and just continues to shill NCT 127 like they'll magically gain immense popularity… Lmao what even happened to WayV? Did SM ditch them too?

You're right and if you point that out all their fans want to cry "RaCiSm" but it's not. Why try and break into a foriegn market and not intergrate/learn English? It's the bare minimum BTS can do. Rap monster is bordering illiteracy and I mean him translating everything looks really tacky. They'll never be taken seriously as idols because of that and because of armies childish behavior.

Also how can armies not see BTS is really thirsty for Western validation? Their lyrics say otherwise.

You can tell every song after this is going to be extremely terrible and will result in a steady decline in their popularity. I already seen a few armies say the album was bad lol

No. 25357

I actually really liked Suga's solo album and think hes a good rapper but his verses in title tracks seemed off to me. This new song really highlights how offputting his new style is..

No. 25359

bts never had an international hit that people know of. all their numbers come from mass streaming armys, only armys and some people who are already into kpop know their songs. there isn't a single bts song that a normie would hear and be like "okay this is from bts". psy's songs were actual hits that even people that aren't into kpop heard of.

No. 25360

No, I’m not. There’s more than one.

No. 25361

It's because like the Anon mentioned above his rapping style and (just him in general) don't fit the music (and style) BTS is coming out with. Suga fit more into BTS early days when the group was rap/hip hop focused.

No. 25362

Oh yeah there's quite a few lol. I will never understand how some people could ever find suga handsome at any point but you do you I guess

No. 25363

I liked his solo too actually…it’s just so obvious that his natural style just doesn’t work with pop music. The kind that BH is going for.

Hold onto hope, they’ll hiatus soon enough. If he doesn’t turn into a hermit, he might put something good out.

No. 25364

bts' rappers don't really fit their new generic flower boy thing they are going for. i don't know if they still write their own verses but they sound so off.

No. 25365

And you do you, friend!

No. 25366


PSY studied in Berkeley, that's why his english wasn't that bad

No. 25367

rap line's solo stuff is better than anything bts has ever put out. they had full reign over their mixtapes, and it shows their true colors. it's a shame bh are forcing them into pop.

No. 25368

this is even worse than dna and idol lmao. did they really have to make an entire song pandering to armycels? i think some armys that aren't batshit insane might start to hit peak bts if they haven't gotten tired of their repetitiveness already.

No. 25369

How is this the same person? Holy shit

No. 25370

agreed, esp hope world and agust d are ok. jimin and v solo projects, on the other hand, are complete and utter trash and idk how bighit even let them release that lel

No. 25371

File: 1555078681311.jpeg (195.76 KB, 750x780, E94CE1FE-D67B-4257-A7D6-FCBB38…)

blinks are delusional.

No. 25373

yet jimin and v's boring solo shit is probably going to get an insane amount of attention just because armys think they are pure bawbiez

No. 25374

I know it's not all of BTS but RM, Jungkook, and (you can't even hear him but) Jimin collaborated with Steve Aoki on "Waste it on Me". All the lyrics are in English. Definitely not good, but it's English lol

No. 25376

their songs do have an insane amount of likes and listens on soundcloud, but it must be fake. i never heard anyone praise those two nooname singles, meanwhile hope world and august d are quite often mentioned

armys wanting to "protect jimin" is like onion saying "laineys crying". they use it for their own agenda. i even saw someone say that jimin cried because of bow with luv beaing leaked

No. 25378

…What? I'm talking about the unit as a whole, not any specific lineup. You're asking tard questions.

No. 25380

If they didn't try sucking America's dick so hard, I feel like the probably would be getting a bit more attention than they are now.
They're songs before were still pop but they were at least decent and each song sounded different
Now they make overly generic pop, that sounds like you've already heard it 100 times.
Nobody wants to hear the same music they can hear on the radio, in a different language.

No. 25382

Jimin looks like he's begging to be fucked in the butt by a big manly dude, how can any straight girl be attracted to that?

No. 25383

I'm just confused as to what exactly fans want when they say want nct u. Who's the unit consisted of? Because nobody needs Lucas's "rapping

No. 25384

ironically their songs were relatively more interesting when they were 16 kek

No. 25385

The members change from comeback to comeback, idiot.

No. 25386

i think their solo stans have been mass streaming their respective solo songs on soundcloud so that they can brag about how it's THEIR bias who is at top of soundcloud

No. 25387

This is awfully specific, Anon.

No. 25388

The picture came up in my mind and I hate that anon for it. Was that really necessary

No. 25393

But this song flopped and only Jungkook and RM were featured on it maybe because they have better English pronunciation than the others

No. 25394

the flower boy thing makes them all look gay but especially jimin acts very effeminate. i would think he was gay if he wasn't so obsessed with female attention.

No. 25396

>love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv
what the fuck did they even mean by that

No. 25399

Some anons were discussing that yujin girl earlier so I went and looked at her less edited/makeup/heavy contouring pictures and she looks pretty Korean/east asian actually. Man, makeup and editing does a lot to change people as we all know

No. 25400

Nta but I think theymre talking about how Suga literally sounds like a different person when he raps. His voice sounds so dissimilar from previous songs it’s incredibly jarring.

No. 25401

they replaced him with a lizard. thanks obama

No. 25402

These comments sound like people trying to impersonate delusional BlackPink fans but they’re actually from fans themselves kek

Aside from that where do you guys see the BTS members a decade or two from now. None of them are particularly talented so I don’t know if any of them will continue to be entertainers. Still they’re rich and popular enough at this point to retire comfortably or maybe start their own music companies in the future (and enslave another future generation).

No. 25403

Yeah that’s what I mean. He’s changing to try and fit into the song, into pop, but it just doesn’t work

No. 25405

I assume that the love that a boy has with something is the strongest form of love? I thought they ended their pandering love yourself trilogy and went on to persona. Again, nothing in the album seems to actually relate to the theme

No. 25406

Suga will be a likely producer, probably run a restaurant with his family or some shit
RM….also a producer or some shit.
J-Hope might be a choreographer…
Jin will try to do variety shows, don’t know if he’ll succeed. He can always go crying back to his family.

Fuck knows about the rest of them.

No. 25407

rm and suga will not be producers because they're not talented enough for it
v, jimin and jk will have random ost songs and other solo stuff
jin and jhope are absolutely irrelevant

No. 25408

They already hit rock bottom by collaborating with The Chainsmokers and it’s just been going downhill from here. Actually, they hit rock bottom by associating themselves with ROCKBOTTOM (which is a Korean group of hip hop artists known for churning out songs glamorizing rape fantasies). Haven’t heard them address that or The Chainsmokers being racist. So much for them beung woke kings.

No. 25409

Okay…you’re the boss. Go off.

No. 25410

I honoeslt don’t think V, Jungkook, or Jimin have great enough vocals to go solo as artists and stay popular. Maybe if they have enough autotune to help them out.

No. 25411

that doesn't matter because they have the most fans, that's why they'll do ost songs

No. 25412

Do you even know what a producer does.
Considering the state of pop music, you don’t need a whole lot of talent.

No. 25413

yes? they have to be able to create hits

No. 25414

That’s a really narrow view of the profession but ok lol.

No. 25415

well neither of them are a SOPHIE so…

No. 25416

Suga and J-Hope will produce music
Jin and propably RM will do variety shows
JK will go solo… well all of the maknae-line can go solo first successful, but not for a long time, because they lack talent.
V could go solo if he will go more alternative, if that makes sense. He never striked me as someone who fits in the whole pop-scene.
Jimin… no idea, tbh.
If I remember their time at Knowing Brothers, Jimin was not the most entertaining. None of them were, except for RM, who spoke the most and Jin, who hit the nerve of asian variety, I guess. The rest of them were not really entertaining enough to do shows constanly. But it is a long time since I saw anything from them, so maybe I´m wrong.

No. 25417


I know at least Suga has said that he has no interest about being in television so whether he’s entertaining or not doesn’t matter.

No. 25418

Very few people are SOPHIE lol

No. 25420

File: 1555089173200.gif (1.54 MB, 268x268, 151d7efd758ab87a454688638710.g…)

Is Jimin objectively the worst BTS member?
>ugly but thinks he's the shit
>isn't particularly talented in anything (even his strongest specialty of dancing)
>boring as hell on shows when he's not annoying.
>stupid enough to get into some notable controversies (like the Japanese bombing shirt and getting caught calling Jungkook a n-gger)
>has the most obsessive fans strangely enough

No. 25422

>>has the most obsessive fans strangely enough
I'd say those are Taekookers.

No. 25423

I'm not sure why everyone here hates Jimin so much tbh. Everyone seems alright with Jungkook and Jimin is just a downgraded version of him tbh. I dont think he's tragically ugly or untalanted though. Also as far as him being cocky, i thought his whole deal was being insecure? Call me what you want but I genuinely think the masisve hate towards him is insane
Inb4 "fuck off Jimin chan~

No. 25425

>Everyone seems alright with Jungkook and Jimin is just a downgraded version of him tbh.
How? Explain
Jungkook is just very much "invisible" and that's why he's less annoying.
Same for Jin, he has the same punchable face as Jimin and Ratmon, weak jaw and disgusting fat bj lips, but he's just not enough in the spotlight to always deserve our hate lol
If Jungkook started to pull faces like a whiny baby whenever on tv most farmers would shit on him more as well. Jimin's "insecurity" makes him extra unlikeable, since this only results in his stans kissing his ass even more.
There's nothing worse than a rich, sucessful and loved person, who drowns in self pity while being arrogant and smug as hell.

No. 25426


SM has their picture of what a popular boy band should be and that's why they push 127. But if they'd pushed Dream after First/Last then they would have blew up. Oh well it's over for them.

No. 25427

But…Jimin is untalented. He's not a very good singer at all. Really breathy, no technique and his voice is to shrill(?) I'm not sure if that's the word but his voice is not capable of doing the high notes he is given yet he continues for some Reason. (I know high notes are not an indicator of talent) He's a subpar vocalist and his dancing is okay.

No. 25428

Same fag as >>25427 but to be honest I think Jimin milks the whole "uwu soft insecure boi uwu" to get more attention from armies bc he is a huge attention seeker.. I don't think he is as insecure as he makes himself seem. But just my opinion.

No. 25429


Jimin is super insecure but he's also an attention whore and desperate for validation and that's a dangerous combo but I don't hate him like everyone else does here.

No. 25430

The way everyone forgot about blackpink….

No. 25431

I highly doubt Jimin is as insecure as he wants people to believe. In early days he was for sure, but at some point he overcame it, but realized how much people loved the image of the insecure boy. That is what makes him so unlikely for a lot of people who see through it.

No. 25435

v and rm are extremely irritating for many reasons but jimin is also high up there. the rest don't come off as annoying as them to me. i thought jin wasn't that insufferable but him getting offended over being criticized by someone younger is pathetic. i can't think of a particular thing suga or jungkook has done that striked me as scummy but they are pretentious.

No. 25436

Can you elaborate on Jin getting mad over criticism? Sounds milky.

No. 25437

nta but he got mad at v for criticizing/giving him advice during practice iirc

it’s on burn the stage

No. 25438

The way no one is anticipating Twice…

No. 25439

i've seen it posted here threads ago but basically v told jin to dance more quickly so that they won't mess up the entire choreography and jin got offended because he thought that v shouldn't be talking with an older person like that and they started arguing lol. they might have staged it up for the camera but these guys seriously getting offended over the age hierarchy shit wouldn't surprise me at the slightest, it just makes jin look really bad as an outsider. they don't even have a huge age gap.

No. 25440


to be fair jin's reaction is a typical reaction of someone older towards getting critiqued by someone younger in Korea. their sunbae/hoobae, age hierarchy culture is truly the definition of insanity.

No. 25441

it could be just due v being annoying to him and it was spinned that way

No. 25444

if his veneers have given him this lisp, that is sad. i don't know if he had one before but it was so blatant in this song

No. 25445

Something about Jimin's face freaks me out, and if I saw him in real life I'd be legitimately horrified.

No. 25446

it's the anorexia and contact lenses

No. 25447

i've never been a big jimin hater because i don't care about bts much but most of my dislike for him came from how he constantly looked like he was sulking whenever bts were outside of korea. it came off really nationalist and gross.

ironically he now seems to be the only one who can be bothered to smile when bts are doing american tv shows.

No. 25449

This is a 2018 article that I came across but I thought you guys would appreciate the rare honesty since this is still relevant. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/06/21/stop-pretending-k-pop-popular/

No. 25450

>constantly looked like he was sulking

I don’t understand that. I think he just has resting bitch face. Do people want him to smile all the time?

If he looks happier in Korea, it’s probably because he knows they’re the ones who can actually fuck up his career.

No. 25451

Read this awhile ago. Loved it.

No. 25452

Do you guys think bts new contract will last? I highly doubt they'll make it another 6 7 years, something's gotta give soon right?

No. 25453

depends on the cost it takes to end the contract i guess. it'll be like snsd, members are still technically in snsd but they don't do anything.

No. 25454

The way you talk like a twitter stan and should probably go back there…

No. 25455

File: 1555100300052.jpeg (432.4 KB, 2048x1365, 323FCFB9-1A02-4E8B-B9BF-44782B…)

jungkook is getting uglier

No. 25456

Can someone smart pinpoint what he did to his face? He obviously looks different but I'm retarded and dunno what he did. New nose job and a face lift or something?

No. 25457

I think he was just uncomfortable outside of Korea because he doesn't understand the language and obviously has to rely on people who do, plus cultural differences and what not. Very understandable considering his crippling insecurity (which, yeah you can outwardly come off as arrogant and douchey when you have a lot of self loathing, so many guys frequently do. It's absolutely pathetic and an unhealthy way of coping, but even I would feel incredibly insecure if I sang like that in the highest prolific K-Pop group) He probably feels more comfortable in foreign places now from how many times BTS has visited other countries, so he warmed up to it. The way the fans paint it as "Jimin hates white people haha!!!! Give me rts!" is truly something though.

No. 25458

He's starting to look like Jhope yikes

No. 25459

did bighit finally drop the pedobait schtick

No. 25460

I don't mean to be rude but you sound like an army masquerading as a lolcow user

No. 25461

he does seem like a nationalist though, everything indicates to him being one of those korean nationalists, which isnt even uncommon in korea. he's also from one of most the conservative regions, atomic bomb shirt, the list goes on. he probably dislikes or look down upon foreigners, maybe even specific nationalities.

No. 25462

nose job + not being styled to look 13 anymore

No. 25463

It's obvious Jimin Is a nationalist and doesn't care for his foriegn fans like he does Korean fans.. which is funny considering international fans are the reason BTS is so popular. IIRC there was a letter he wrote to his fans and he basically completely disregarded i-fans and i-armies just chalked it up as he was home sick uwu. He always goes on and on about how much he loves Korean armies and then throws in a quick "and our foriegn fans too" to satisfy them kek

No. 25464

I'm absolutely not an Army, but I'm not a huge BTS hater either. Kind of neutral (I don't like their music and I don't particularly like any of the members) and trying to look at things in a nuanced way instead of aiding in the echochamber mentality of either side.
After that shirt incident, I think it's safe to say there are actually strong nationalistic tendencies in him, though I think most Koreans share that point of view. I was trying to assess why he seemed to sulk in foreign countries before vs how he doesn't really anymore, and then ARMYs attempting to make it seem like a SJW thing when it definitely isn't.

No. 25465

how did they associate with this group rockbottom? ive never heard about that.

No. 25466

not to mention the way bts and most kpop groups like them treat their international fans. they go to tour abroad and can't stop talking about their loyul korean fanz, how much they miss them and want to go back home. if i was an i-fan paying a shit ton of money to see them i'd be annoyed at their ungratefulness

No. 25471

Man, why are people so utterly obsessed with these dudes? The song is really boring and they're not attractive at all which is weird bc these groups pretty much only exist to look nice… They all look deformed to me.

That being said something about their attitude is interesting. I haven't seen many MVs but in the ones I've seen they're usually grinning and they act like they're fucking around? I can see the appeal in that carefree energy, they have a boyish air to them which is perhaps why their crazy fans are prone to infantilizing them. I think a youthful vibe suits kpop's aesthetics more since everyone looks like toddlers and wears incredibly stupid outfits. Like it makes me more uncomfortable when people styled to look so young act sexy. Still don't like the music or their looks, though. Weird.

She looks more "expensive" bc the rest of the group is consistently styled to look dumpy in comparison like those ugly blonde hairdos.

Idk much about these dudes and do not watch interviews but Kristen Stewart was constantly accused of being a douchey person when in reality she has pretty serious anxiety + insecurity (and really shouldn't have been an actor considering she is camera shy). Maybe something like that is the case for some of these idols that look really upset around others. Totally not the right job for them in that case tbh. At any rate going ham on headcanon about why a celebrity acted the way they did is just kinda obsessive.

No. 25472

Chill anon, not everyone is an NCTzen like you

No. 25473

File: 1555101895060.jpeg (152.54 KB, 640x892, B34011D0-FE48-4453-851D-21AD66…)

Came across this Tumblr post. I know that Tumble gets triggered over the slightest things, but a supposedly woke group that’s okay with hanging out with guys that have songs about rape fantasies is kekworthy and hypocritical. Also excuse the shitty crop because I’m on my phone.


No. 25476

File: 1555102003769.jpeg (118.63 KB, 640x845, A7CD4F00-AF54-49B9-A1FA-AB2CD6…)

No. 25480

Ew, this is not Tumblrinas overreacting, this is genuinely gross. Do they not have any self-awareness or do they just not care about sexual abuse? It's so ironic when they are the n1 group twitter and tumblr like to play up as these sjw activists.

No. 25481

Jungkook’s psyche is gonna be fucked up years from now if it isn’t already. Some day he’s no longer gonna be this young entertainer worshipped for his looks. He’s gonna be burnt out and look like a middle-aged man as he approaches his late twenties—from the procedures and the stress.

No. 25482

aegyo-sal maybe?

No. 25483

it's usually interesting to watch people who grow up coddled by everyone around them starting to go batshit insane after losing that attention

No. 25486

i think we already told you once that you're fucked up. jungkook entered the industry when he was a wee kid

No. 25487


you sound like a salty westerner mad jimin is bursting your bubble of a perfect korean prince who wants to love and protect his ugly fat foreign fans

No. 25488


you sound like you just had an aneurysm.

No. 25489


he's got a weird face. he looks good from some angles and horrific from others. I really don't know why kpop stars don't just quit while they're ahead when it comes to surgery

No. 25490


isn't that most of kpop's future…?

No. 25491

They probably end up getting addicted to plastic surgery.

No. 25492

i can imagine they easily fall into slowly getting loads of little adjustments, until eventually their face is completely different

No. 25493

How did this thread become bts general in the span of a few hours

No. 25494

new MV lol

No. 25495

Jimin’s self conscious soft boy uwu act is annoying and scummy but I get a lot more annoyed by Jin. I’m surprised he’s not discussed more on here, but I guess it’s because he contributes so little that he can’t even be made fun of. It just triggers me that he literally can’t dance, can’t sing, doesn’t get along with the rest of the members or the staff, is ugly and arrogant, yet is still one of the most famous and richest people in Korea just by virtue of being in BTS. Even though everyone in BTS is way too famous in proportion to their negligible talent, at least the rest of then can do one thing semi-decently, and I feel bad that they have to carry around such a complete deadweight like Jin. V isn’t much better.

No. 25496

i know we all hate blackpink here but i think it's hilarious at the damage control certain fandoms are having because of their records to the point where they have to photoshop shit and straight up lie like kpop really is that serious to these people it's sad

No. 25497

positive post: jungkook's new hair is sexy

No. 25498

yeah this won't help them to get american gp's attention… and what is it with the outfits? can't believe i'm saying this but blackpink's comeback was more interesting than this

you're baiting but i can't believe they finally got rid of the bowl cuts. can't wait when they pick up another ugly hair trend

No. 25499

no she doesnt and sage goes into email field

No. 25501

Bts seems to always have one member with some kind of jacked up hairstyle or hair color. Didn't one of members of bts have a mullet?

No. 25502

What happened?

No. 25503

Remember how he got all pissy at that boy who critiqued him on how he cleaned the plane? Yeah, that's why i don't like him. His entitlement makes me sick.

No. 25505

File: 1555117000398.png (270.5 KB, 637x499, lol.png)

Kpop fans have an aversion to the idea of respecting themselves.

No. 25506

this is so cringy and try hard kek
i've already met a bunch of kpop fans and most are really ugly and socially stunted
some are really pretty tho or really young (bet the korean pervs love that)
so this nugu is showing some 12 year old bra i'm cackling

No. 25508

speaking of SOPHIE, is anyone here familiar with PC music/bubblegum bass? i feel like if that were to make it out of the underground and become successful in the west it would eliminate the need to listen to k-pop. the only reason it's even popular here right now is because hip-hop is dominant. bts became popular when one direction disbanded but i also think k-pop as a whole becoming popular was a matter of timing. it never crossed over in the early days because dance-pop was dominating here

No. 25509

no, kpop is popular because media for socially retarded young women and girls is a growing market. kpop is nothing without its fantasy packaging.

No. 25510

Which is a good thing
It really wouldn’t eliminate the need since the staple to kpop’s massive growth was it foreignness. People having yellow fever won’t die in the soon

No. 25511

Ugh I hate seeing videos like this. Didn't even watch it

No. 25512

Can't believe I'm saying this but I kinda miss exo's ballads lol. Not even a fan but i enjoy their music casually since they have actual competent singers. Their last decent music was in 2017. Don't roast me pls.

No. 25514

I can't believe I'm even sitting through the black pink performance at coachella but they sound so bad. It's amazing when kpop groups go overseas and are stripped of the things that help them perform "well" in korea and you can see just how bad they are.

Also Rose looks super nervous or tired or something. I'm surprised of all of them Jennie is the one that looks the happiest.

No. 25515

I was about to post about this. Jennie is the happiest and most energetic which is a surprise. Sham to see how bony Lisa looks though. I'm wondering if anyone will pass out lol.

No. 25517

I've never watched a Coachella performance today and my question is..is the crowd naturally just dead? No right,?

No. 25518

i would rather have them in the west than bts honestly

No. 25519

Wow Rose was a real bitch during the show correcting Lisa's English and screaming at Jennie at the end of the set. And passive aggressively introducing her as "Jennie Kim." Not to mention they all looked like they fought before going on stage.

Jennie screamed so much during the performance but at least she looked happy. Rose is so fake.

No. 25520

yes tbh nowadays if you aren't a MAJOR pop star/rapper or EDM dude the audience doesn't care

No. 25521

File: 1555134340722.jpg (20.87 KB, 220x371, 220px-Sik_K_birthday_Soap_(cro…)


No. 25522

They weren't at all good but at least they had energy this time. I preferred it to their boring ass artificial Korean performances

No. 25523

Man, #22? These threads burn through fast.

Anyway, I know I am super late, but everyone was saying Nana changed her face but… I really don't see it? Are there other pics/angles?
She just looks bloated to me, as if she is pregnant. But I doubt it's pregnancy (… I think), but she has looked bloated before. Maybe it's too much salt, I don't know.
In this fancam she looks like she has a rounder face too, imo.
I think that she makes too much bank in Japan and China to give up her face like that.

No. 25524


And her CM came after that, so this shows she didn't alter her face up to that point.

No. 25526

Yesterday i had a convo with an army about BP's vs BTS' listener counts on spotify and she was so much in denial, saying that BTS' listeners only decreased because they hadn't had a comeback yet after "Idol" and that BP's listeners are mostly casual listeners (non fans). She was confident that BTS' listeners would increase once their song with Halsey came out.

I'm not wking BP at all but their listeners increased 1 mil after their comeback while BTS' comeback was only yesterday yet they seem to be stuck at 7 mil and it keeps on decreasing. I swear I hate both groups equally, but BTS getting shittier every day is so entertaining. Even Army are getting bored of their shitty comeback (but still in denial). Can't wait til all hell breaks lose and BTS goes bankrupt. Can't wait for BP's turn too.

No. 25527

File: 1555135660813.jpg (56.23 KB, 1080x720, 57052410_137741523946370_39875…)

I'm not the anon who posted nana's pics but this one is taken from her instagram @jin_a_nana. There's been a significant change i think.

No. 25528

File: 1555135756693.jpg (35.25 KB, 451x679, images.jpeg.jpg)

When you compare it to this

No. 25529

Looks like she altered her beautiful squared jaw into something rounder, i don't think it suits her very well.

No. 25530

how the fuck do shitty blackpink and bts comebacks get so many views? there's no way 70 million people actually give a fuck about boy with luv.

No. 25531

Check the comments, fans are streaming the video nonstop on all the devices they can get their hands on.

Can't YouTube delete these false views somehow? I really want to know how many views they actually get. Is there a way of knowing this?

No. 25532

it would be like 1/10 of their current view count if it counted one view per ip

No. 25534

why does their looks matter anon lol ridiculous

No. 25537

excuse you he is worldwide handsome proven he is not a deadweight haven't you seen him announce it in every interview bts does get with the times

No. 25538

source pls

No. 25539


If this is true she’s clearly hangry

No. 25540

Nta but i think they mean they saw the performance live? Not sure though. Anyway all coachella performances were banned from youtube cause it contains copyright infrigements. I saw people reuploading them again and this is one with the best views (the rest are shitty fancam). It might also get banned though.

No. 25541

Also this if anyone is curious. Even there at coachella they couldn't get in sync.

No. 25542

Weird to see Jennie being all smiles during performances.
Now I'm kinda thinking that they only got an "album" to have more songs for coachella, especially since the songs they're promoting are loud and edm-heavy.

No. 25545

Yeah it's weird to see her actually wants to be on stage kek.

No. 25549

Rip to all twitter users here lol I bet it's all filled with stans pretending to be not know kpop and asking who certain members are, or stans hyping the shit out of Jennie for doing her actual job.

No. 25550

she would love to be at chella performing for superior white and western ppl that is for sure just because she looks like a SEA doesn't mean she actually likes performing for them kek

No. 25551

Does Jisoo have insecurities about her shoulders or her arms or something? I've noticed that she's always the most "conservatively" dressed one and she never gets off-shoulder clothes unlike the rest. I hope it's just the stylist's choice cause there's nothing wrong with her body.

No. 25555

What's with the hate? It's people like you who ruin this thread by complaining about literally anything

That's what i meant too. I never wk-ed her SEA features. Seriously what is it with you people? If anything, you should be questioning all those people who claimed to be watching BP live at Coachella.

No. 25556

File: 1555150320154.jpg (12.72 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Prob because she doesn't exactly suit the style and she looks old if she wears exposing outfits

No. 25558

Spotted the "muh superiority" anon
Learn how to sage retard

>I don't mean to be rude but you sound like an army masquerading as a lolcow user

>you sound like a salty westerner mad jimin is bursting your bubble of a perfect korean prince who wants to love and protect his ugly fat foreign fans

>you sound like you just had an aneurysm.

No. 25560

prolly her waist - her waist is the classic "refrigerator" waist that no one wants to have

No. 25561

But what do her arms have to do with her waist, I'm confused

No. 25562

she looks fine. i think it's because shes supposed to appeal to more conservative fans.

No. 25563


Just to be clear I only posted >>25460 the rest are not me and I forget to sage. Relax.

No. 25564

jisoo is the seohyun of blackpink

No. 25565

File: 1555160814370.jpeg (64.33 KB, 1024x768, D4BIzDXU4AEXXle.jpeg)

an army rented an internet cafe to stream their song. and they get their feefees hurt over youtube deleting their views lol

No. 25566

I hate kpop fans.

No. 25567


Jesus Christ do these people not have lives? I can't imagine someone taking a boy band this seriously unless they're 12. Armys are truly pathetic

No. 25568

File: 1555163653674.jpg (149.85 KB, 750x1039, D4BlLn9WAAAWFf4.jpg)

jennie… sweetie…

No. 25569

what is going on in jennie's blackpink area - this is why you don't wear leggings only

No. 25570

Why do kpop fans care so much about views? YouTube views are not a indicator of success and are virtually meaningless. Imagine wasting all your time and in this case Money to do something so reatrd like this. Yeesh..

No. 25571

its funny they think its an actual achievement too, like, okay? good for you for streaming on constantly on a pc, laptop, phone, tablet etc all day. how is that genuine indicator or popularity? they really need to find a better hobby

No. 25572

Loool I didn't see what you meant first. Pls someone save them from diplo. He's a misogynistic douche and gives me creep vibes.

No. 25574


I'm sure casual listeners are fine with BP because they're not actually popular or in the spotlight so they won't nitpick. Their music is just as shitty but right now they're not challenging or threatening anyone but another ugly Kpop group. The second BP starts to become big enough for the industry to really take notice and starts threatening big American stars, the gp will really take a good look at what they can actually do and start tearing the girls apart. BTS isn't in the enviable position of being in the spotlight as the one KPOP act actually attracting major attention and doing major things in America. It means more scrutiny will be on them. TBH Bighit chose the wrong song for them to come back with. Whereas BP is getting neutral to good reviews for their Coachella perf, BTS will be torn apart for running around in pink outfits. It's like their labels are trying to sabotage them and get them out of here fast. Either that or BTS have just truly lost the plot because their music and vibe has never been so off.

No. 25575

Here's what JK wrote yesterday on the fancafe:

13.04.2019 {12:17 PM KST}
✎ Thanks everyone. I'm so happy that everyone enjoyed our music video.The views amazed me. Tae hyung wants to take a selca with me and tweet it, i told him we'll only do that if we reach 100 million views in 24 hours."

These idols are egging their fans on to waste their time and energy streaming for meaningless views. They're probably desperate to stay on top and desperate to take back all the records, JK especially. Say whatever you want about V but V wanted to do a simple selca and JK wanted to use it as bait first. That's why I laugh at ppl who keep bringing up that JK would date a member of BP. He's too competitive and egotistical; he would never be able to be with a female idol threatening his career.

No. 25576

Literally ALL the Coachella tweets and comments are talking about Lisa. Oh no. YG won't like that

No. 25577


That's essentially what it is. Before BTS came back, some fans advised other fans to change their DPs to American pop stans and locals to fool people into thinking locals were checking out BTS's new song. So the whole "who is that with the ponytail?" etc is likely fake.

Jennie was trending world wide and I wonder how many of them caught that Jennie clearly picks and chooses which audiences are worthy of her energy. There were rumors about her being a bully 'banana' (white on the inside, yellow on the outside) in NZ when she was predebut (check old netizenbuzz circa 2013-2014) so that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 25578


hopefully diplo does for bp's career what he did for cl

No. 25579


Sad that no matter how hard Rose worked, still nobody seems to give a damn about her.

No wait, it's funny.

No. 25581

did he really write this omg what a cock

this reminds me of seulgi encouraging rv fans to stream their songs ad literally telling them to stream it till they get xxx views but no sauce sorry

No. 25582

These idols are shit. Encouraging pathetic behavior, unattainable "beauty" standards, horrible mindsets, etc.

No. 25583

honestly part of the problem is that the kpop boybands are too weird looking, plastic, childish, effeminate and identical for most Westerners. Those Greek TV hosts were only saying what a lot of people think. Whatever appeals to k-popper girls doesn't necessarily appeal to the wider audience. Like where does BTS fit in the western pop star or boy band aesthetic even among the most effeminate pop stars? They resemble end-stage plastic surgery MJ more than anything else

Compared with that BLACKPINK's aesthetic is pretty internationally viable (except the ghost skin, talentlessness and thinness)

No. 25584

You have a source for the parts where you said he doesn't get along with members or staff? Pls post if yes because it sounds milky

No. 25585

>Jennie clearly picks and chooses which audiences are worthy of her energy.
I can't tell if I completely agree with that or not since they haven't had that many performances but I do see her as an opportunist who likes to shine in front of the right people. I have the feeling that she gets bored with the Korean audience, unless it's a super special event or something that makes her shine individually.
She seems to like the celebrity life (fashion shows, photoshoots, etc.)more than being an actual singer.
But these are just my assumptions. And now she is actually energetic after the lazy thing, so…good for her.

No. 25586

They say shit like this but then they and armys get offended when they're called social media artists…
That just makes fans more obsessive. Is that really what they want?

No. 25587

Seohyun could hold a tune occasionally, jisoo has yet to do that

No. 25588

Yeah but western audiences are not as narrowingly lookist as Korean ones, BP just being pretty and skinny won't work in their favour for long because they'll have to show some talent or charisma sooner or later. BTS can brag about having writing credits in their songs and the whole "small company" sob story, black pink are the definition of a silver spoon group who've got even lesser going on for them than BTS.

That said both groups are terribly overrated and I am praying for Adele/Beyonce/Rihanna to release multiple songs this year so the world can remember what good music sounds like again

No. 25590

Back to important things: more chats have been revealed from the trash friends https://t.co/V4m7HzrijR?amp=1
They joked about foreign women and compared others to comfort women in this one.
I really hope that this opens the eyes of the hardcore koreaboos and fans but I sadly doubt it cause I saw a bunch of "cheer up" messages for jjy as I was going through twitter.

No. 25592

File: 1555171091473.jpeg (690.92 KB, 828x1243, 0E20FB77-DD64-466F-BBCA-82B521…)

I looked up the bp tag on insta and the first thing I see is Lisa’s rib cage and the fans make no mention of it

No. 25593

aside from showing how "big" a group is,I think streaming counts for wins on music shows in Korea,which is another "indicator" of success for fans

No. 25594

Do armys have a life??

No. 25595

you answered your own question with that video

No. 25596


WOW JK wrote this shit….? FUCK HIM. these idols really just are not worth people's time and energy. the current scandal proves that they're mostly assholes. the fact that JK would egg his fans on to be basically slaves for HIS achievements and clout proves idols see their fans as a means to an end and ATMs while pretending to care about them. All those songs about their fans are probably love songs they have to disguise as about their fans to keep them from going batshit. They are the ones that egg the fans on into having insanely terrible and possessive/obsessive mindsets then complain when the fans go wild when they get caught dating like what did you expect? Why is obsessiveness only a good thing when it works in your favor? At the same time you're fucking your girlfriend, you're encouraging your fans to give up their lives for your own personal satisfaction of breaking youtube records. Idols aint shit.

No. 25597


BTS really shot themselves in the foot by double downing on that Liberacci aesthetic for this comeback. Idk how SNL viewers will react. A ki if it backfires.

No. 25598


IA, the higher BP gets the more scrutiny will be on them. They better be prepared.

Taylor is releasing in two weeks and while she's not exactly talented she usually gets the gp's attention. Rihanna and Childish may be dropping something soon. Adele and Bey are definitely coming back this year. The last thing anyone wants is a damn Kpop summer, but it's hilarious to see Old Town Road smashing from some nobody + a hasbeen while Kpop groups, with all their hype and views, barely struggling to stay afloat for more than 2 weeks in the upper half of the Hot 100. There's a clear difference between what is internet hype and what is the general public actually listening to.

No. 25599


Lisa looked the best but she and Rose need to eat because seeing their ribs in performances is just offputting and sad. And Rose needed a better weave for Coachella because that thing looked like birds could lay eggs in it.

No. 25600

I don't understand why idols have to starve themselves if they supposedly train for hours and hours on end and on stage performing. Also why aren't more idols muscular? Dancing definitely strengthens leg muscles at least but all these female idols have very slim stick legs and stick arms kek.

No. 25601

I don't understand why idols have to starve themselves if they supposedly train for hours and hours on end and on stage performing. Also why aren't more idols muscular? Dancing definitely strengthens leg muscles at least but all these female idols have very slim stick legs and stick arms kek.

No. 25602

I don't understand why idols have to starve themselves if they supposedly train for hours and hours on end and on stage performing. Also why aren't more idols muscular? Dancing definitely strengthens leg muscles at least but all these female idols have very slim stick legs and stick arms kek.

No. 25603

I didn't watch the video but the thumbnail says enough. Wearing sneakers and a suit? Whose idea was that?

No. 25604

Has anybody actually seen this in fancafe? Because I'm pretty sure it's fake posts made by army to make people stream some more. There's posts like this about all the members on ig too

Inb4 ppl calling me army-chan, I'm all for bashing on idols for the bs they spout on a regular basis, but what's fake is fake

No. 25605

I kinda get the feeling that idols don't train as much as they say they do. Look how many shitty dancers there are. And for the amount of hours they supposedly train, something isn't adding up.

No. 25606

jungkook is such a shameless attention whore he would post himself getting gangbanged by his hyungiez for 100 million views in 1 day.

No. 25607

File: 1555174418589.png (10.98 KB, 354x98, wut.PNG)

I was watching a livestream of something completely unrelated…

No. 25608

The agencies give them a paltry food budget. Look at all the kpop diet videos. This crap would drive anyone insane with all the nutritional deficiencies. I remember Irene and Seulgi's daily diet consisting of 200 to 500kcal per day

No. 25609

Some idols end up getting fairly muscular legs (see Wendy and Joy from Red Velvet). Then Koreans call them fat and they starve themselves.

No. 25611

I searched for this on twitter because I wanted to see if there were any negative reactions to him saying something so lousy, and it is just a streambait tweet from an army


No. 25612


they starve and take shots that melt down their muscle tissue.

No. 25613

The delusional armyfags are policing the comments, making sure no one uses emojis, says the words stream or views, like wtf. I saw one comment where about 30 armyfags replied and demanded they delete the comment or the emojis immediately. I guess it freezes the view count or the view won't count. I have never in my life seen such a huge amount of crazy delusional people, imagine if they used all this so called power they have for something actually worth while?

No. 25614

why are the v and jungkook fag hags so obnoxious

No. 25615

if i gave two shits i would go and spam some good ol' emojis and "stream" just to piss these little ticks off istg

No. 25616

I went to check bc I couldn't believe it and apparently it's fake. Some Army using taekook shippers to stream because they know the 12 year-olds aren't interested in anything else. They're shameless lol

No. 25617

Good that you found this. Let's not post things without confirming it first. I absolutely cannot stand bts and the fandom but it's not fair to spread fake things like that.

No. 25619

This is some sick shit.
I am genuinely scared of Korean Male celebrities now. Bragging about how he drugged her and all that sick perverted shit he did to this woman. I hope all these assholes rot in prison, or get raped in prison. Maybe then they won't be bragging.

No. 25620

men are fucking disgusting. jjy is a scumbag and i don't even have a word for the retards who still want to cheer him up.

No. 25621

I can not even begin to understand how anyone could still be sympathetic towards these evil scumbags. They are the definition of trash, I just really don't get how they could give support and "hey, cheer up, your only a rapist sociopath,it's not so bad" messages.

No. 25622

K-pop fans' degeneracy knows no bounds.

No. 25623

The normies I know who either checked out Blackpink's Coachella performance live or on video out of curiosity cringed and left quickly. stan twitter can't save off key singing and unsynchronized dancing.

No. 25624

Why do people keep caping for celebrities? All the debauchery of the 1960s and 1970s should indicate what happens when especially young men have too much money and power. I remember reading that wyman guy's book from the Rolling Stones and he had sex with 'at least' 1,400 girls 'most of them underage' in his words. Anyone who thinks kpop men are different are truly delulu

No. 25625

ikr the gp of America doesn't fucking care for Kpop groups. Many of them come and go. I can't wait for the stars over here to release shit for them to be done with.

No. 25626

i bet there are more male idols with stds than you would think. their involvement with prostitutes seems extremely common.

No. 25627

>kpop boybands are too weird looking, plastic, childish, effeminate and identical for most Westerners
Exactly. Those of us old enough to remember the boy band craze in America will know how badly those men got shit on by the general public for being gay, when they didn't look nearly as feminine as BTS. We've come a long way but we still don't have a huge, openly gay pop star. Ironically, BTS's earlier attempts at more hip-hop influenced stuff, while dated, would have a better chance of catching here with the GP. BongHit have no idea what they're doing pushing BTS with this flower boy image.

No. 25628

that sort of tryhard hephap image would've made them actual clowns in US

No. 25630

I don't get why blinks were so excited at blackpink performing at Coachella when perfume (a jpop group) is performing there too and they don't have anywhere near as many fans as blackpink. I'm curious as to how perfume will do and how they'll be received actually

No. 25631

File: 1555182295455.png (1.93 MB, 2243x1121, 1555182214065.png)

Thought I saw lisa on personal cow thread

No. 25633

Perfume isn't exactly some unknown group. They've been one of the most popular Jpop groups for the last decade and have been doing US concerts since 2014. Their fans just don't rent out net cafes to get youtube views.

No. 25634

perfume are veterans and legends in their own right and shouldn't be compared to blunkpank

No. 25635

File: 1555182979430.png (353.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190413-211007.png)

No. 25636

Kpop fans think because South Korea is more Catholic and conservative it's free from the "degeneracy" in the West, when history has always proven that the more outwardly conservative and repressed a country is, the more degenerate it is in reality

No. 25637

He has no right to be talking about smell when he looks like he hasn't showered in 10 years

No. 25638

File: 1555183383348.gif (2.29 MB, 498x276, tenor.gif)

Topkek anon

No. 25639

they all need to get castrated.

No. 25640

they all deserve to be castrated

No. 25641


Kpop fans care more about western validation and that's what makes them easy targets for industry ppl exploiting the. BP is all hype but the gp doesn't care. But the hype can be lucrative in and of itself so the machine keeps rolling on.

No. 25642

is it just a feeling or is rape in these articles mentioned kind of lightly? women had been drugged and sodomized, yet the name of the article is 'they compared women to comfort women in texts'

No. 25643

True. It's just that they don't have as much hype and media play. But at least they have genuine fans
Because they like to cry about comfort women all the because of anti-japanese sentiment but they don't actually care about women at all. Bunch of hypocrites

No. 25644

This whole scandal has been taken lightly tbh. I don't know if it's because the people are too desensitised or…?
The victims don't want to speak out in public which is totally understandable but it would have made people realise how real people are affected here and hopefully guaranteed each one of them jail time.
I'm shocked by how slow and unprofessional this investigation has been so far and how the higher ups involved have been completely forgotten.

No. 25645

This is true but I've also noticed tumblr troon twitter and kpop twitter merging together. Constantly there are all the undertones implying that BTS, LOONA and whoever else are sooo brave, unproblematic and progressive because they are Asian and not anglo. And then all this crap springs up about BTS destroying toxic masculinity because of their eye shadow yaass queeens (as if that's even new in the West)

I remember all the shock at that father sexually assaulting his son segment on Hello Counselor and foreigners being unable to understand why Koreans weren't reacting with abject horror. These people either way have no idea about the severity of Korean social and political problems and just see the surface level glamour of the country

No. 25647

Where are the families of these victims!? If my daughter had been drugged, sodomized, and raped by one of these assholes I would have killed or at least tried to kill them!

No. 25649

Do female idols not get laid as much as the men? All I ever see is talk about male idols hooking up, it's annoying

No. 25650

Female idols would be slutshamed into oblivion if news of their sexual lives ever came out

No. 25652

>mocking comfort women

Lol Korean general public is going to lynch them

No. 25653

Seolhyun was shamed for such a long time after the pics of her going to Zico's house were released because people suspected it was a friends with benefits thing.

No. 25655

As somebody who's german, just ew
Why would any foreign women sleep with him?! He looks repulsive to non-korean standards

No. 25656

Honestly, the only female idol to come to mind is IU. She breaks the rule anon >>25650 mentioned because Koreans just wanna look away and pretend her nymphomania isn't there

No. 25657

True. Either they're not getting any, which is beyond depressing, or they are and keeping it well under wraps, which is impressive

No. 25658

her supposed nimphomania, anon. i havent seen anything but a blind item and her post sex selfie, i mean cmon

No. 25659

yeah and because most of her fans were male and only liked her because of her body she's not relevant anymore, sad.

No. 25660


Seohyun was one of SNSD’s best singers.

Jisoo’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard and Rose is even worse. Kpop singers nowadays are just painfully bad

No. 25661

And there was something else going on that made these incels think she was a feminist lol honestly, no matter how many job opportunities and other benefits you get as an it-girl in Korea, I'd never wanna be one. Imagine having these brainless, creepy, misogynistic men obsessing over your body and then burning pictures and shit of you cause you dare to live your life the way you want.

No. 25663

it makes it worse when you think about how young these it girls were when they got famous. like that girl from izone who's only 14 has all these older men obsessing over her. there's also that girl in itzy.

No. 25664

Iu is a nymphomaniac? Please elaborate I'm out of the loop on her

No. 25665

jisoo sounds like she has cotton balls in her mouth

No. 25666

It was discussed several threads ago. Basically what anon >>25658 described

No. 25667


Disgusting. I hope the become the new prison bitch.

No. 25668

Well that's what her diet consists of, so makes sense.

No. 25669

I knew a rabid born again Christian who was also a kpop fan. She was teaching herself korean to meet a korean man and she was convinced dating in Korea was “so much better” because they obviously never have sex or kiss until they’re married. I wonder if she ever found out the truth.

No. 25672

We don't actually know if this was written by JK himself or the company. Not wking him but it could have been arranged by the company to push stupid army to stream. Or it could have been both kek.

No. 25673

You know, if the rumours about her old facebook are true, it really sounds like she was a bully and a wild one at it.

No. 25674

I'm sure what they meant was jisoo is the conservative girl of the group like seohyun was

No. 25675

I went to every fan cafe translation twitter I know and this post nowhere to be found. It’s streambait by army for army.

Anon mentioned this above. Read the thread.

No. 25676

Is it just me or did armys go completely unhinged this comeback? I know a few adult armys and they've always seemed normal people but even they are now obsessed with the streaming bs, if I dare say something remotely negative about bts they immediately become defensive. I hope this is the peak of their cultist behaviour and they'll lose their interest soon

No. 25677

apparently from what I have seen, Koreans are feeling outraged because they mentioned “comfort women” in the chat and not bc they were misogynistic and racist to Chinese/german women… well priorities

No. 25678

Bingo. Some anons upthread got it wrong when they thought the Korean public wasn't outraged – of course they'll reeeee for comfort women, but not for anyone else.

No. 25679

I really hope this will be the last of BTS. TXT doesn't seem to be doing so well either (compared to Bigshit's expectation). Well then let's make it the last of BH as well.

No. 25680

Bighit really should've made a girl group, that would definitely draw fangirls' attention.

No. 25681

File: 1555203334078.jpg (392.48 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190414_075346.jpg)

Bighit posted this on twitter a day ago. There's nothing remotely interesting about this dude. He looks like a lesbian.

No. 25682

from what I hear they don't intend on making one, they're having US auditions and I'm pretty sure casting called for men only

No. 25684

i think they only have male trainees anyway

No. 25685

last one they had (glam) one of the members went to jail for blackmail so they're probably not gonna do that for a while

No. 25691

How? Are you one of the ">muh superior gen2 ggs" spergs?

No. 25695

No? All I'm saying is that a girl group from bighit would be more popular than teen copies of bts because stans would go crazy about bts potentially interacting with women.

No. 25696

plus imagine how many fangirls would want to audition at bh if they said they were looking for female trainees, it would definitely create a huge buzz for the company

No. 25701

Yeah, I also mentioned something similar in this post too >>25643

No. 25704

Wouldn't big hit making a girl group be a bad thing since they'll be under the same roof as BTS.. armies will probably reeeee about them even sharing the same air as BTS and probably send them mass hate. Also if bh starts accepting female trainees saesangs and crazy fans will try to join bh and probably end up ruining auditions altogether. It's just not a good idea.

No. 25705

File: 1555211455043.gif (2.17 MB, 174x320, download (2).gif)

No. 25709

The fuck's this, anon

No. 25710

Are they starving? Kek

No. 25711

More girls being starved and sleep deprived?

No. 25713

Why did you post two pictures of Lisa?

No. 25714

I find it gross that without fail they put the 14 year old in the shortest skirts.

No. 25717

damn sakura doesn't like that girl lmaoooo

No. 25718

wonyoung's legs have always been anachan tier but now they're looking even more anachan

is she actually as tall as they claim? i feel like they're all lying about their heights

No. 25725

It must be weird to be in a group with someone 7 years younger than her

No. 25726

File: 1555217316519.png (26.35 KB, 540x134, Screenshot_2019-04-13-23-44-45…)

There is a SNL thread in /tv/ right bow and the comments about BTS are hilarious.

No. 25727

They are so fucking cringey

No. 25728

this would explain why they get so much ps to look transbian

No. 25729

Kek she always sounds like her mouth is stuffed with something. Same with V.

No. 25730

v and jimin's hair look plastic

No. 25731

I do not understand the strategy with this shit. At least Blackpink is kind of pandering to their English speaking audience with the outfits and more English songs

No. 25732

do they really think anyone other than armys are going to watch boy with luv and be like yeah i gotta check this group out? bighit couldn't have chosen a more boring song. even fake love was somewhat cooler imo

No. 25733

I feel like they think pandering to twitter stans as much as possible is going to increase the US fanbase

No. 25734

File: 1555218954112.jpg (738.43 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190414-121417_You…)

I find this particular scene very cringey, ratmon looks like a cult leader

No. 25736

does their stylist hate Suga? he always has the grandpa clothes

No. 25737

suga hates suga judging by the jaw shave and hideous veneers he just got

No. 25738

I was watching the performance of BWL and my husband just started laughing uncontrollably, I was like yeah I know this is super cringe but what is so damn funny? He said they look like the "special" kids class at school and no one told them. Just out there jumping and screaming, lol. I died.
So that sums it up. My husband knows nothing about kpop or BTS and this was his first impression, and the first impression of many many more Americans tonight….

No. 25739

turns out v wasn't the only one in the spectrum

No. 25740

File: 1555221873564.jpg (250.82 KB, 1080x1073, IMG_20190414_020229.jpg)

Lmao it's started guys

No. 25741

File: 1555221951960.jpg (229.05 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_20190414_020252.jpg)

Sorry it's just too funny I need to post more

No. 25742

File: 1555221989291.jpg (130.59 KB, 1080x1056, IMG_20190414_020326.jpg)

No. 25743

Also, I can't remember if it was j hope or jimin, or all probably, but he was like, what the hell happened to their faces!!!

So yeah, basically BTS is winning the hearts and minds of all us regular ppl out here, kek.

No. 25744

lol not this fucking shit again. i wonder if armys genuinely buy into this and think these tweets are from total strangers?

No. 25745

File: 1555222226159.jpg (323.63 KB, 1080x1669, IMG_20190414_020353.jpg)

No. 25746

Squishy? Mushy? Babyboi?
How are these supposed to be compliments?
I'm sure suga just walks around all day waiting to be called a squishy baby, that'll get him girls.
Why don't they try that shit with some real life men, I'm sure they would be flattered

No. 25747

must be weirder to rank #1 or close to it for most of the show, have the most prominent domestic and international fanbase of all p48, and somehow lose to pedobait who mysteriously obtained thousands of extra votes

wonyoung being ranked #1 was rigged and nobody can tell me otherwise, sakura may not be talented but of all the p48 girls had the largest fanbase so her not making #1 seems like a cheat to make both a korean and blatantly underage girl the center instead of the adult japanese girl lmao

tbh if I were sakura I'd hate her too

No. 25748

File: 1555224248923.png (130.99 KB, 1288x1220, 1549991073201.png)


It's so sad these pathetic idiots are stil trying to pull off that shit.

No. 25749

Not this shit about BTS being woke feminist kings again. They are so transparently corporate and performatively woke to anyone but ARMYs.

No. 25750

Has this been Photoshopped to imtentionally look bad? If that’s not the case and Jungkook actually posted this thinking that he looks cute, then it’s clear that all of the undeserved validation he’s gotten throughout his career is really getting to his head now.

No. 25751

They were ANGRY at blackpink's comeback doing so well and 90% of their obsessive streaming is to one-up BP. I can't find it now but there were a good amount of tweets hurling misogynistic abuse towards BP just for existing pretty much…..I don't like Black pink but some of the tweets were horrifying.

No. 25752

can anyone explain how boy with luv is unironically stomping all over toxic masculinity

No. 25753


>Do they grow this things en masse out of test tubes? The K-pop boys are also the same in the same ways. Why four, six or eight of the same thing. If they are going to look and sound identical to one another, wouldn't one just do fine? The solo acts are still just as profitable, so explain the need of clones?

Buahahaha! Love this comment, I'm sure this is how NCT was created.

No. 25754

File: 1555226865463.jpg (74.98 KB, 620x748, Army salt.JPG)

This isn't going to convince the general public that Kpop isn't a cult

Link to original tweet: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1117176065812623360

No. 25755

File: 1555227212722.jpg (155.96 KB, 1200x900, D4FwN6VU4AAv10i.jpg)

emma stone is 1.68 and is probably around 1.73 with these heels. bts don't look much taller than her. rm claims to be 1.81 mind you, this doesn't look like a 8-10 cm height difference to me

No. 25756

File: 1555227566857.png (35.92 KB, 540x293, Screenshot_2019-04-14-02-36-58…)


It's great that The Hollywood Repporter is being honest and doesn't gives a fuck.

Also ARMYs are retarded.

No. 25757

bts and armys can't take criticism for shit but what's new. the article doesn't even say anything that bad

No. 25758

This is a really bad picture to estimate height with tbh lol
They’re not standing up straight or even in a proper line

No. 25759

And this is just a bad picture in general. It looks warped. Even Emma looks fucked up

No. 25760

This choreography sucks. This song sucks. I could see a some people being a little impressed with BS&T or some shit but not this.

BigHit is fucking up.

No. 25761

am i tripping or does most of their choreography include moves that they have already used before? there's nothing impressive or new.

No. 25762

No. 25763

It wasn't photoshopped. It's from bts' official twitter kek.

No. 25764

Also note that every dude there was wearing insoles kek

No. 25765

You do realize that nearly every selfie/picture they post is heavily filtered and edited, right.
You must be aware of this.

No. 25766

Damn what a lame excuse for running out of ideas. Bts is done for good.

No. 25767

File: 1555231086687.jpg (348.03 KB, 1080x1440, 20190414_153712.jpg)

And even their fans say so. Is it true that they signed a contract for 8 more years though? At this point they should just retire to stop embarassing themselves.

No. 25768

File: 1555231180690.png (941.72 KB, 367x1592, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-14_0938…)

glo down of the century

No. 25769

Ugh yeah but I was replying to this

>Has this been Photoshopped to imtentionally look bad? If that’s not the case and Jungkook actually posted this thinking that he looks cute, then it’s clear that all of the undeserved validation he’s gotten throughout his career is really getting to his head now

No one but JK or bighit himself edited the pic and anon was asking if someone else edited it and i said no because it was posted on their official twitter. Ofc it has a filter but no one altered it to make it look bad, jk posted that ugly pic of himself thinking he was cute and all.

No. 25770

not to sound like a triggered sjw but back then they actually looked like normal asian guys. now they look extremely whitewashed and plastic

No. 25771

File: 1555231707130.jpg (31.2 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

That "old ratmon"'s pic is a lie. He looked like this back then. Not that he looks good now.

No. 25772

Imo they all looked scuffed before. The only one who looks worse now is jhope.

No. 25773

The Tumblr wave hit them hard. Jimin's arms look anachan tier, I feel kinda bad

No. 25774

poor boys

No. 25775

File: 1555232326944.jpg (63.57 KB, 683x1024, 819291fb1fd25497dd42e21a1b26d1…)

that pic is from their debut song, he was blonde for boys in luv

No. 25776

The blue haired one lost a whole ass jaw, how sad. He would look pretty good with a jaw. I don't understand why their beauty standards are the same for men and women. Why do both genders get turned into soft, pointy chinned toddlers?

No. 25777

I guess momoland is going down the weird/quirky path, otherwise no one would give a shit about them

No. 25778

File: 1555232821658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,47.21 KB, 452x678, images (4).jpeg)

This is gonna sound dumb but I actually think he gained a jaw? Pic related is what it looked like before kek

No. 25779

How does one gain a jaw though?

No. 25780

all these april 2019 comebacks are so bad and forgettable whew

No. 25786

File: 1555238353450.jpg (268.78 KB, 1022x783, Screenshot_20190414-122659_mh1…)

nice try kookie

No. 25787

Idk how do noses go from potato to pointy?

No. 25788



army-chan spotted kek

No. 25789

I was just about to say that…

No. 25790

can they stop treating this adult man as a fucking infant? it's really cringy.

No. 25791

File: 1555239066949.jpg (74.31 KB, 720x452, 00240359.jpg)

I think he got the lower part of his jaw shaved. He's rounder now.

No. 25792

File: 1555239143910.jpg (536.49 KB, 1462x770, 133025.jpg)

he can't be this stupid right

No. 25793

Bts just invented a new kind of stupidity

No. 25794

i swear they always give v the most obnoxious hair colors. before it was the tomato red and now this, it’s like they want to make him ugly on purpose.

maybe because a lot of people find him better-looking than jin and jungkook? kind of like with lisa.

No. 25795

No. 25796

Go away army chan

No. 25797

Anyone else finds izone' fandom name "wizones" very cringe inducing? It's not helping that most of them are creepy pedo men with yellow fever, and how they think they must protect iz*one at all costs (from everything but themselves). Very "wise" indeed.

No. 25798

no. most of them are korean men themselves

No. 25799

Ahh that makes sense

Aside from that, and the obvious nose job, what else do you think he had done? The fandom is always screaming about him being 100% natural, it's ridiculous

No. 25801

So it's okay if they're pedo as long as they're korean? Ok

No. 25803

"Maybe if you sat down and analyzed the lyrics you would comprehend what we do", "meaningful songs

No. 25804

wow get off your high horse. obviously the thing is that saying all fans of cutesy underage kpop girl groups are creepy white men is a fallacy. the ones keeping this industry alive is korean pedos

No. 25806

File: 1555243638839.png (253.4 KB, 820x859, 153-1537043_meme-emoji-discord…)

You can't tell me armys are going to pretend like this song is good. Maybe they're desensitized to awful music, but there's literally no wking this one

No. 25808

quality of the music doesn't matter as long as the lyrics vaguely imply something about sucking dick or whatever

No. 25809

i can't bear to hate watch the actual footage, because i already cringed to death during ellen

No. 25810

did bts really make a song about sucking dick

No. 25811

that's what armys are saying idk

No. 25812

anyone else has noticed red velvet is slowly morphing into f(x)? busy with ''individual activities'' with no come back in sight

No. 25813

File: 1555250141041.jpeg (163.19 KB, 828x1157, 8D08AC06-3D96-4CF3-B2F9-E77CE1…)

No. 25814

By saying "no" you're clearing all white creepy pedos with yellow fever from the scene though. I said "most of them", only because it's true. I never denied that korean pedos are alive and well.

No. 25815

When joy finally pulls a sulli, it will be over for them.

No. 25816

File: 1555250475737.gif (779.28 KB, 500x280, IMG_0016.GIF)

No. 25817

I'll be quoting something an anon said in the #17 thread

"Many armys need to be rounded up and launched into space

No. 25818

yeri will be the one who will go off the handle. i can't help but feel bad for wendy too. she went to korea hoping to become a singer and now it's clear she has been conditioned to be a perfect plastic princess. had she remained in canada, would she have felt the need to starve and alter her face so dramatically? probably not.

No. 25819

File: 1555251056189.jpg (250.27 KB, 1080x1440, 20190414_211010.jpg)

No. 25820

File: 1555251114021.jpeg (225.69 KB, 1124x1346, 132B07E7-F62E-4889-9930-5395AD…)

No. 25821

File: 1555251212703.jpeg (259.86 KB, 1124x1624, C166DB10-FF81-4D41-9AA5-DEC331…)

No. 25822

File: 1555251236579.jpeg (100.79 KB, 750x592, 3FAB4AB8-1F48-4291-BDD1-CE251E…)

this one has a kid.

No. 25823

File: 1555251328796.jpg (41.43 KB, 442x694, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

I heard her family is rich and that she was an outstanding student with many talents. If that's true and she had stayed in canada and lived a normal life she could probably be happier rn. She could literally become anything she wanted. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/893737wpp/red-velvets-wendy-wows-impressive-grades-language-ability-problematic-men

Ps. Not a wendy chan.

No. 25824

She should've gone solo. I'm sure she would have been more successful and more respected by the public if she did OST's and ballads. Then her looks wouldn't matter that much either.

No. 25825

passed out? what the fuck is wrong with these people.. you're not achieving anything. i've seen some comment with emojis under the boy with luv video and it had like 30 replies telling them to delete the emoji. armys went totally insane with this, i don't know why they keep pushing it. you know that they won't be able to pass their previous mass stream record after a point.

No. 25826

I hope they do tbh. Let the only ones with talent (wendy and seulgi) do solo activities.

No. 25827

Lol no he didn't. It's called puberty.

No. 25828

what puberty changes someone's entire jaw structure anon

No. 25829

It happens to men. Do you think men are born with square jaws? Or do you think every guy who matures got jaw implants?

No. 25830

Please go away.

No. 25831

apparently they produced this garbage themselves…

No. 25832

Army please turn your attention to issues in the world that matter. That amount of energy going toward a real issue could actually make a difference.

No. 25833

Who's going to buy their solo music…. Seulgi has some recognition so maybe she will do well but otherwise they're Amber and Luna 2.0

No. 25834

For your sake I hope this is sarcasm anon

No. 25835

Considering that Wendy's OST and collab sales are comparable to red velvet sales as a whole I think Wendy will do fine.

No. 25836

the jawline they already have sharpens up and the facial features become more prominent, their faces don't become an entirely different face. your oppars got ps, get over it.

No. 25837

This reminded me of an exact same dialog from some gross pedo glorifying film I was forced to watch in class where a boy says the same thing to his abuser. ARMYs just exhibit the wrong tone with everything

No. 25839

>They didn't eat, sleep, or bathe

The stankmy memes write themselves

No. 25840

File: 1555254055536.jpeg (25.46 KB, 474x167, 579283AD-9865-4129-9CD5-D0C0A9…)

so apparently armys spammed this while rosé was on live, their hatred for women is something else

No. 25842

Anon's ITT seem to forget that puberty and weight loss/weight gain do change your appearance to an extent, sure it won't change someone's nose shape, eye size, lip size, or give them a 'v' jawline, but it does make sense for a 23yo male to have a wider jawline than when they were 17.
And thin v-line jaws are part of Korea's beauty standard, no idol is going to get ps that does the opposite

No. 25843

Jhope looks bloated

No. 25844

why the fuck were they doing it? rose can see and actually understand what they are saying unlike their retarded boys who still can't understand english for shit after having been to america 9000 times.

No. 25846

where's the same hate towards halsey?

No. 25847

File: 1555254623967.png (1.97 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_04-14-11.07.26.png)

Whats the point of lying like this?

No. 25848

I think shes like a self-insert almost. A lot of comments praised her and called her cute.

No. 25849

File: 1555255057287.jpeg (173.59 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_621.jpeg)

No. 25850

Linking on an imageboard because there's 500 subtweets of armys and kpoppies sperging and self-cannibalizing after being called out. If anyone is feeling masochistic: https://twitter.com/PapCrave/status/1117112519393329153

>yall hear sumn?? im on holiday from work AND school and be eatin three meals a day but go off sis!! why yall antis finna so obsessed with us??

No. 25851

Or anons using SNOW filtered selfies and photoshopped official photoshoot pictures to accuse everyone of vline surgery.
But we shouldn't use logic, anon, or we'll be accused of being armys

No. 25852

god regrets humanity

No. 25853

I also assume they shat themselves then.

No. 25854

I wonder if BTS themselves are aware that their fans are doing all this dumb unhealthy shit for them..? They probably do and don't give anl shit kek

No. 25855

My friend pointed out how insensitive this song is to the current climate of things and the shit that has happened to those poor woman caused by seungri.

No. 25856

bts never ever acknowledged any shitty thing armys have done. they are such pussies when it comes to armys they would never speak up against anything they do. their artist/fan relationship is even more toxic than your typical fandom insanity.

No. 25857

I don't listen to their songs. Can you tell me why she thinks that?

No. 25859

Not the op but the song is about getting someone drunk and having sex so not super sensitive to all the date rape against passed out women. It makes sense in Korean culture to ignore the whole Seungri mess as much as possible though and I doubt any artists will address it, at least not in Kpop.

No. 25860

She pointed out to me the lyrics that armys claim to be genius lmao. The "Drink up…Fall in love with a crazy artist" "When the night comes mumble mumble mumble…tumble tumble tumble"

Idk I think she's reaching a bit but food for thought with everything that's been happening recently.

No. 25861

it could be retarded fandoms framing one another again

hahah great tldr

No. 25862

i read the lyrics after reading your post and couldn't find any allusions to sex, even when i was actively lookin for it

No. 25863

i might be wrong but looking it up some greek mythology word they used symbolizes a dick

No. 25864

emma in general is ugly and overrated so

No. 25865

Thryrsus is a sword- a pretentious way to say dick. Lots of other implications like tumble tumble. It isn’t so obvious that they might not have noticed.

No. 25869

File: 1555257865387.jpeg (179.97 KB, 1125x841, 487BF84C-720A-4854-AE98-EB9FED…)

armys are retarded but it’s so funny when other crazy fandoms think they’re any better. Exo is irrelevant now but in their prime exo-ls were just as insane, and Blinks were bragging about watching the new Blackpink MV on 7 different devices a few days ago. the lack of self awareness..

No. 25870

They think this makes other people believe that BTS is getting positive, new attention from locals (they’re not) and that flooding positive comments drowns out the negative (doesn’t change people’s minds, nice try) so their oppar won’t see.

No. 25871

>it could be retarded fandoms framing one another again
i’ve seen this theory float around but would fans really be willing to post something as horrific as that where they know their idol can see it, just to get back at another crazy fandom? are they really that deranged?

No. 25872

Idk. After reading the lyrics…this song seems more about just drinking and being a cocky little shit and then hating yourself for it. Just drinking and making music.

As for these lyrics
>When the night comes
>mumble mumble mumble
This is easily just a reference to slurring when drunk.
>When the night comes
>Tumble tumble tumble
And this is just about fucking falling all over yourself because you’re a drunk shit.

I don’t think every song about getting drunk is uh, automatically about date rape.

I could on and on deciphering lyrics in depth but I don’t think anyone here wants to see that.

No. 25873

To answer your question, yes.

No. 25874

so they didn't use bots… but they still used inauthentic tactics to cheat. thousands of fans streaming the song more than any human being would want to is still gaming the system. even if youtube didn't delete the views, why would scamming BTS to the top be an accomplishment? they should be happy about the genuine popularity they have managed to achieve.
furthermore, why youtube? everyone knows it's not a genuine indicator of an artist's popularity. katy perry notoriously bought views to make it seem like her most recent album didn't flop as hard as it did. one of the songs that previously held the 24 hour record was taylor swift's most hated single.

No. 25875

While Emma Stone certainly doesn't look her best in this pic, at least she seems genuine. It also highlights just how fake bts are: they constantly look as if they've got sticks up their asses. How can anybody be delusional enough to not see just how fake their expressions and reactions always are? One would think that they'd be better actors after years of korean pr training.

No. 25876

And Jin looks like a mix between a grandpa and a turtle, simply old and creepy

No. 25878

It’s Korean pr training that makes them shit lol

No. 25879

Their faces are enormous compared to hers.

No. 25880

these blokes morphed into the fakeboi seven

No. 25881

yes, especially girl group fandoms

No. 25882

File: 1555261724397.jpg (195 KB, 1080x1122, IMG_20190414_020409.jpg)

No. 25883

no it's laxatives that makes them shit

No. 25884

so bts snl appearance got them superrrr low ratings lmfao the ratmy's should've stayed home and watched them on tv if they wated to show people they have actual american gp power

No. 25885

the only new attention they're getting is from people who'd like to join a cult like this and obsess over something popular


>The April 13 telecast of Saturday Night Live, with host Emma Stone and musical guest BTS, averaged a 3.9 Live+Same Day household rating in the metered markets, and a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating in the markets with local people meters. That was down from SNL’s episode last week hosted by Kit Harington with musical guest Sara Bareilles (4.4, 1.7). Last night’s show hit a season low in meter-market households and tied a demo season low in people-meter markers. The numbers, which are not unusual for SNL this time a year, also represent a near series low (HH) and tied for a series low (18-49).

No. 25886

Will kpop in general ever stop with the bowl cuts? I don't listen to kpop at all but I see their photos and god all male groups always look so stupid in their different variations of bowl cuts

No. 25887


Sounds like a rejected NCT 127 track. Why are these two still a thing they are both untalented and ugly looking..

No. 25888

I think this demonstrates that their popularity isn’t so much in the US as it is in other Asian countries.
Less people watched this episode, which means they either actively avoided this episode, didn’t care about the guests or the guests previously were more popular.
Either way, it’s just becoming more and more evident that their supposed “conquering of the US” is smoke and mirrors and a rabid fan base, rather than actual recognition from the general public.

No. 25889

File: 1555263744252.png (138.17 KB, 500x522, IMG_0018.PNG)

Your post reminds me of this

No. 25890

File: 1555264111496.gif (408.78 KB, 473x377, 2lJs.gif)

She was so pretty in the Happiness video and now she looks so fucking weird. Like her teeth don't fit her jawbone.

No. 25891

And armies don't seem to understand that. They think them using 20 devices to stream their mvs , spamming BTS everywhere and companies/journalist etc milking armies by writing articles to gain clicks = immense popularity and it doesn't. The general public does not care about BTS

No. 25893

The Grammys put them at the very last to keep armys watching all the way through but that didn't bring the huge increase they hoped - it was just an extra 100,000 tuning in from last year's, which is nothing.

Awards shows are going to think twice before inviting BTS in 2020 if this keeps happening - the only gains they made so far are a lot of loud, stinky armys

No. 25894

why do international onces have such a hard on for momo like the twice subreddit is almost always filled with momo posts and any random momo post will get way more upvotes than any other member's like i just wanna understand her power

No. 25895

Oh my god, they must feel awful. Jesus Christ I feel bad for them.

No. 25896

Don't be, they'll get over it and go back to being cocky shits real soon

No. 25897

they have 16275637 million views thanks to streaming tho, don't worry

No. 25899

File: 1555266013384.png (777.01 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_2019-04-14-14-17-49…)

I'm curious to see what they say

No. 25900

IS this a self post? I do wanna see what they say tho

No. 25902

omg lol

No. 25903

I actually saw these exact posts floating around and thought the same thing, they must be pretending. The pink one that day was the horse face dude I think so it makes no sense at all lel.

No. 25904

File: 1555270671908.png (27 KB, 830x201, 1555270527539.png)


No. 25905

File: 1555270789850.jpeg (149.09 KB, 750x712, C84B710C-C737-4675-A71D-29757A…)

Blinks keeps sharing this photo and no one points out Lisa’s scarily skinny arm.

No. 25906

i think momo is supposed to be the sexy member of twice so maybe that's why

No. 25907

She got a jawshave
Her jaw was fine before, she just happened to follow the same v-line jaw trend that all the kpop girls and guys do. It's sad, lots of idols looked better with their natural jawlines, pointy anime chins just don't look real on actualized human beings. There's nothing inherently wrong with having a more squared jaw, as humans do, the likelihood of having a naturally triangular jaw is, well impossible, pointy, maybe, but not shaped like a straight V. Koreans really need to let the v line jaw trend die.

No. 25908

small faces are supposed to be the beauty standard, but it seems like all these procedures and fillers only serve to make people's faces seem more round and bloated than before

No. 25909

File: 1555271606805.jpg (149.41 KB, 811x878, Rats.JPG)

Ratmys are truly a plague…..let it go and accept that not everyone will like your oppas' shitty music

No. 25910

File: 1555271855729.jpg (110.16 KB, 776x455, Good fucking god.JPG)

"We're not a cult we swear!

No. 25912

kek that hand hover

No. 25913

"If you don't mind me asking, may I know what your favourite bands or genres are? I'll try to recommend some tracks that you may sway towards compared to their other title tracks." why do ratmys think bts have something for everyone? they really dont. people dont like boy bands, just give it up already

"they come from a small company, struggled with debt" so? doesnt every kpop group have debt? even from bigger companies

No. 25914

>"they come from a small company, struggled with debt" so? doesnt every kpop group have debt? even from bigger companies
armys delusion in regards to both bts and other groups is something else. bts are not victims and what that person described is basically a staple for most kpop groups. some didn’t even have a “small room to share” because they were literally homeless.

No. 25915

they have as much privilege as any group from the big 3, this underdog narrative hasn't been relevant for years now.

No. 25920

The thing is, her jaw wasn't even big or square-y. She had a perfect oval face shape.

No. 25927

File: 1555281743881.jpg (92.44 KB, 573x763, 88.JPG)

So Leslie Jones complimented Emma Stone on Twitter and the reply section is filled with shitmys going "what about BTS???????"


No. 25929

theres plenty of people digging for some kind of BTS drama too like "so who wasn't nice hmm spill the tea"
the desperation

No. 25930

Am I missing something? I dug through the replies and I didn't see anyone say anything like that? All the armies are just really pointing out Suga and V's appearance in the background. But I'm on mobile so maybe some replies didn't load.

No. 25931

File: 1555282995178.png (51.99 KB, 621x418, twt.PNG)

not much of what anon said, but more tweets fishing for drama. This one's the only one directly asking about her and BTS

No. 25932

File: 1555283012984.jpg (168.18 KB, 801x1200, DWLSXUyUMAAkysn.jpg)

it's because a lot of them have flat heads and the bowlcut gives the illusion of having a rounder head, at least when it's done properly.

No. 25933

File: 1555283018754.png (13.06 KB, 632x110, twt2.PNG)

No. 25934

File: 1555283076585.png (15.21 KB, 636x127, twt3.PNG)

and of course, a couple ARMYs making this move

No. 25935

His head is weirdly shaped. Honestly Jin looks like he's two chromosomes shy of having down syndrome

No. 25938

I think that is the hair- still fluffy and round to try to make his head look round like the stylists do but the back has “fallen.” Why are round backs of heads prized? Very picky beauty standards! Plus they pick what they don’t have to crave.

No. 25942

The JUST had a comeback not even a full month ago

All these Kpop groups are truly afraid of being irrelevant holy shit.

No. 25943

Their last comeback was near the end of November.

SM will probably pull another crazy "___ bad boy" knockoff soon.

No. 25944

She's not outstanding kek.

Go to a private school and only have most of you electives in music and little to none in science and math and you would get straight As too.

No. 25945

Yikes, as someone who liked Oh My Girl's Banana Monkey Allergy this is too infantile even for me. I feel like I'm watching the Wiggles

No. 25946

Yeah and they soon be in the same boat as f(x) once SM debuts their new girl group

No. 25947

File: 1555288029476.jpeg (164.32 KB, 750x1015, 6758459B-8D57-43DE-B799-B9CAFB…)

I feel confident that below pic related might have been a joke but go off army

No. 25948

File: 1555288056046.jpeg (66.92 KB, 750x343, 2F3EC517-3862-4A39-AC58-4472C7…)

No. 25950

Banana Chacha isn't a comeback–it's a song for a kid's show.

It is pretty weird for a group that was forced to wear the most ill-fitting, booty shorts for fan service is doing a kids' song though.

No. 25951

I remember seeing a article where a korean designer was saying she wanted koreans to embrace the way they really look and stop going after features they don't normally have, and said she wishes koreans would accept their flat faces, monolid eyes, and not perfectly white skin. She seemed pretty annoyed and upset at korea's crazy unrealistic beauty standards (for men and women.)

No. 25953

File: 1555289286698.jpg (41.68 KB, 640x480, x70fj9d91op21.jpg)

Posted on r/kpop as an April Fools meme but nice that there's at least some self-awareness

No. 25956

File: 1555289979910.png (1.37 MB, 1268x1436, Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 5.57…)

Surprised this hasn't been shared yet but K E K

ARMYs now have to pick between their desperation for American celebrity recognition versus everything Cardi B stands for.


No. 25957

this happens almost every time bts collabs with a western artist. armys complain about bts working with someone problematic but still support it once it drops. I'd be surprised if she actually goes through with it.

No. 25958


he seems to love it

No. 25959

Cardi is worse than both Nicki and especially worse than Halsey. literally admitted to raping people, ratmys shouldn't want BTS' name coming out of her mouth even in the name of "american validation" oof

No. 25960

Yeah, BTS is already too established at this point that any controversy that hits them doesn't make much much of a dent in their reputation.

Exactly but I'v seen some comments about how BTS could benefit from collaborating from a "real hip-hop artist" or whatever. I don't doubt that ARMYs will just make excuses and move on if BTS actually hit up Cardi B.

No. 25962

i mean… she isn't going to say "no" on camera when she knows their fans are retarded LOL

No. 25963

No. 25965

gay rights were honestly a misstep. i don't like the economic power they hold on women in pop music.

No. 25966

Thanks for the nightmares anon

No. 25967

can he put some pants on? sick of seeing this fag with his ass out all the time

No. 25970

>They're so adorable.
Kek, Jin's the same age as her, they just act like uwu retards.
Just look at her face, it's obvious that she just doesn't want to seem rude or face backlash.

No. 25971

>Jin's the same age as her
Wew, I had no idea she was that young. That's a rough 26.

No. 25973

File: 1555294947851.jpg (8.59 KB, 94x186, IMG_20190415_042226.jpg)


No. 25977

This, get them out of makeup ads and shit too

No. 25979

halsey had like 4 miscarriages and suffers from endometriosis. stop being angry that your oppas are breathing near a pretty woman, ratmy

No. 25980

This is so uncomfortable and awkward, imagine being the person filming him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he troons out in a few years.

No. 25981


anon was talking about cardi b not halsey, pay attention and stop being retarded

No. 25982

imagine stanning halshit

No. 25984

why does this term annoy me so much

No. 25985

They meant cardi, I think?

No. 25986

imagine going on lolcow dot com and pretending to be a bts anti while simultaneously knowing every thing about them… you ain't slick armys

No. 25987

this is an anonymous message board. at least reply to things that are relevant to your accusations.

No. 25988

Halsey is 24, I'm surprised people can't get the math right

No. 25989

I've heard armys talk about how V seems miserable in the group and the group dynamic is off around him…like they don't include him and just really tolerate him and he looks like he's over it. Can anyone confirm this

No. 25990

I was talking about cardi b but fuck halsey and her miscarriages too kek

No. 25993

it's just armys trying to victimize him. they might have some beef behind the scenes idk but v isn't getting treated less than anyone, they noticed that his plastic yaoi face is extremely marketable to their audience so they always keep pushing him forward despite being a horrible singer, i don't know what they're on about.

No. 26001

i honestly hope he won't. i find him annoying but he's like the very few of males who don't think they are an actual woman for liking makeup and being feminine.
not going to be surprised if woke gay king rap monster comes out as some weird tumblr gender after his career starts to die though

No. 26005

If he's getting left out of the group, its probably his own choice too. He doesn't seem to spend too much time with them outside of business.
The other members tend to post pics of going out to dinner with each other or mention in videos different things they go out an do with each other. V only seems to hang out with idols from other groups on his down time.

The least liked is probably Jin, the only other member who interacts with him is ratmon. They probably all hate having to carry his dead weight around.

No. 26007

yes, he's barely in anything and when he is he's just standing there. he hasn't completely tapped out because he joined in on suga's vlive a couple months ago for some fanservice

No. 26008

We need to bring back bullying and homophobia

Forget collabs, I hope she feuds with them. If anyone isn't scared of armys it'd be Cardi B

No. 26009

File: 1555306516883.png (45.45 KB, 533x745, pitchfork.png)

Pitchfork's review for BTS came out https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/bts-map-of-the-soul-persona/ I'm surprised they managed to score lower than blackpink lmao. at least the writer pointed out how boring the album is even though the last paragraph made me rme.

No. 26010

I hope the review writer goes of Twitter for a few days now….his/her mentions about to be a mess

No. 26013

They're still being too nice but that's a good start.

No. 26015

it's a pretty fair review for such a mediocre album. not everything they release is going to be praised to hell. armys need to grow up and learn how to take criticism

No. 26016

File: 1555312397776.jpeg (47.76 KB, 540x382, 5BD95A1A-915E-4476-A675-377F08…)


the absolute state of this thread

No. 26017

The replies on Twitter are already about how the author is “applying Western standards” to the album in his review.

I would also like to mention that I believe the reviewer himself is Korean and I don’t think they have any idea.

No. 26019

tfw you are so annoying even your own bandmates can't stand your existence

No. 26022

Jin's part in this song is so minimal that I almost feel bad for him kek Bighit really must hate him

No. 26029

File: 1555325534637.jpg (457.78 KB, 1080x1671, 20190415_101532.jpg)

kek, "the album being made for fans" doesn't stop songs being boring and shit. if you you have to be a fan to "get it" and you can't enjoy it as an outsider it's a bad album

No. 26030

File: 1555325541219.jpeg (235.89 KB, 750x728, B402F80B-392F-433F-89A5-185EED…)

the amount of hate blinks and army throw each other’s way is ridiculous.

No. 26032

Ratmys used to have this fight with exo fans but now both sides have been quiet cause exo has become irrelevant lol.
Someone tell them to chill tf out; there's enough room for shitty kpop groups in America.

No. 26033

>It is pretty weird for a group that was forced to wear the most ill-fitting, booty shorts for fan service is doing a kids' song though.

Snsd did the same thing 8 years ago. They didn't have an official MV but their outfits (for promotional purpose) weren't so kid friendly, or so I thought.

No. 26034

File: 1555326813711.png (70.34 KB, 590x343, bl0nk.PNG)

some ARMYs are angry, apparently he may be a blink which is definitely the only reason he would give this album a mediocre review.

No. 26035

File: 1555326979565.jpg (461.93 KB, 1080x1579, 20190415_181356.jpg)

There's a movement of korean women going against their beauty standards, it's called "escape the corset". Not sure how it is actually doing though.

No. 26039

File: 1555332463140.jpg (202.93 KB, 837x769, 20190415_144806.jpg)

He looks so weird

No. 26040

Whoa Squidward is that you?

No. 26041

No. 26046

File: 1555334590089.jpg (17.84 KB, 400x400, K3OH9PcP_400x400.jpg)

No. 26048

That's not a person, that's a nose with some extra skin attached to it.

No. 26049

File: 1555336124501.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

why haven't the woke proud poc kings who don't need western validation bts have never collaborated with another korean artist for a song in their album yet latched onto the first mainstream american artists for singles when they got the change

No. 26053

It is indeed something to think about…..what could be the reason? Hmm……

No. 26054

Who the fuck is that?

No. 26057

Who is dressed like that?

No. 26058

They don't care about Western validation at all and just want to spread awareness about Korean music but they keep collaborating with popular Western artists and completely ignore the opportunity to feature another Korean artist on their songs, even though that would be a great opportunity to share the wealth and introduce people to more Korean talent… It is a mystery why…

No. 26060

Bangchan from Stray Kids

No. 26061


Somebody should ask armies if BTS aren't do desperate for Western validation why do they keep collabing with Western artists and not any Korean ones I really wanna hear what they say kek

No. 26064

and the american artists they've collaborated with are extremely mainstream people like the chainsmokers, nicki minaj and halsey, people whose names would get them attention.

No. 26065

Why haven't they given him a new nose?

Obviously no Korean artist is on the same level of woke as BTS

No. 26073

>Obviously no Korean artist is on the same level of woke as BTS
but rape apologist nicki minaj sure is!

No. 26074

FOR FANS…. to buy in truckloads because they don’t care about the quality of the music

No. 26076

File: 1555340663394.jpeg (139.55 KB, 750x353, 8475AF8E-2B6F-498F-907B-06CBC4…)

> it’s too deep
> you have to go through ALL albums to understand the depth
what a convenient “depth” indeed

No. 26077

its not a damn movie, its music. what are they talking about?

No. 26078

artists can have a storyline throughout their albums but they can still keep that up while making decent songs people can enjoy without knowing about the story. what is it that's soooo deep about any of the songs in their new album that needs a background knowledge anyway?

No. 26079

To spread "south Korea" as a brand

No. 26080

If your songs are only enjoyable when consumed as one enormous mass then you've made a lot of weak shitty songs.

No. 26084

> Korean music
I doubt that kpop, with a large amount of random English and US-charts influences, is the best choice for Korean music representation.
If I were Korean I wouldn't want BTS to represent my country tbh, but their strategy seems to work there cause they're being showered with praise.
And to me that awareness thing is just a convenient excuse because they know they'll gain even more support from their prideful country.

No. 26085

File: 1555342273215.png (502.19 KB, 1125x2436, 1D74C704-6916-41D7-808F-4C6125…)

lol i preferred the hollywood reporter article which made the same point that applies to most kpop

https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bts-map-soul-persona-is-a-tasty-snack-leaves-a-bitter-aftertaste-1201863 (this was talked about upthread but idk if it was linked)

No. 26087

yes korean tween pop is too deep for the average pleb

No. 26088

but they are? bts are ambassadors for korean tourism and have been honoured by the government for spreading "south korean culture

No. 26090

its not the best choice but it was created by the government to do exactly that…

No. 26092

Lol now they're going for gatekeeping.
They must think they're in the Elizabethan era where they're the highly educated upper class that can understand art and the rest of us are peasants.

No. 26094

kpop in it's current form being a representation of korea is almost insulting. it makes them money but most people don't actually take it seriously. they take up on any american trend and don't come up with anything original, hold such unrealistic and self-hating beauty standards such as skin bleaching and double eyelid surgery, so many idols are unhealthily thin, adult men and women in their 20s act like infants, there is so much dirt going on behind the scenes, is this really what they want to be known for?

No. 26096

welcome to capitalism, baby. it doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it makes obscene amounts of money.

No. 26098

Robust bones have a slimming effect in some ways. Take away the support and there's nothing to stop sagging and bloating. You end up with Madonna's current face

No. 26105


She's right you know

No. 26111

>Just drinking and making music.
Maybe that's why each album sounds worse than the last. They just go into the studio wasted and think everything sounds good.
I mean some of them do seem to have drinking problems (mainly Jimin)

No. 26117

I thought most blinks were armys? It’s weird seeing them fight I thought it was one obnoxious fandom lol

No. 26120

Here comes the ARMYs like
> Hey @author, you need to listen to the album and then watch the music videos to appreciate the artistry. They are such geniuses and have so many hidden metaphors!
> Listen to the album 4 more times or how ever many times until you develop Stockholm Syndrome while flicking your bean to pics of Jimin!
> ur a blckpnk stan nd ur transphobic and albist and we r cancelling u. u r homophobic nd our bts kings r advocates of gay rights so they want nothing to do w u. disgusting.
> hey armys, don’t mind the review from the blckpnk stan, he’s homophobic, transphobic, albist and racist. he’s cancelled.

No. 26121

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand BTS […]

No. 26122

I keep thinking about this whenever I read one of those army posts lol someone should make a bts version of it.

No. 26123


No. 26126


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand BTS albums. The storyline is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rap Monster's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these songs, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike BTS truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the depth in RM's existential catchphrase "I'm a beat that pussy like you never ever felt before," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as BTS's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Jimin tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for my future kpop bf eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.(emoji)

No. 26127

can army lurkers give one example of an actually well-written and deep bts song? i'm not even judging, i'm genuinely curious.

No. 26128

Not a BTS stan but honestly the closest you can probably get without an elaborate story/far fetching is probably N.O and that's really on the nose in terms of lyrics so

No. 26130

Only literal preteens buy into the boy group music being deep and well-written meme. I doubt many if any of our army lurkers do.

No. 26131

do koreans actually give a shit about BTS? or do they just like them because they're giving south korea a good look and it strokes their ego

No. 26132

File: 1555353539061.png (35.36 KB, 608x256, i.png)

I read the so much praised lyrics to Dionysus and it's just them comparing themselves to gods? tf is deep about this? I've read translations of songs by other korean artists and many of them use wordplay and cultural references, it's not that hard


No. 26133

i kinda like the beat but their autotuned voices are bad and the lyrics aren't anything mindblowing, it's just simple wordplay and references. it's not as marketable but that sound fits them more than the generic pop/edm sound imo.

No. 26134

Nobody listened to them until their international fan base increased around 2015/16. Even then their music wasn't really popular in Korea.
Knowing how prevalent lookism is in Korea, I'm pretty sure they'd be called ugly and whatnot if they weren't so popular cause even the most attractive idols get hate… but yeah by now they've probably gained a lot of Korean fans but a lot of people really just are proud that they get positive international attention.

No. 26135

Koreans only like BTS because they are bringing attention to Korea. Koreans in general don't even care for or about K-pop.

No. 26136

If anything BTS comparing themselves to God's show egotistical and Narcissistic they truly are. Which is not something to be proud of. Also "bass goes like dum dum dum"…my grandma can come up with something better than that and she's dead.

No. 26137

File: 1555355244801.png (458.17 KB, 605x707, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 20.0…)

Do they have to make EVERYTHING about Kpop though?

No. 26138

…they are obnoxious. people who actually have to stand these kpop stans irl are saints.

No. 26140

Its pop music, with the sole purpose of making the most money possible, none of it's well written or deep.
They honestly peaked in 2015/2016 when their music was actually listenable and their music videos were aesthetically pleasing.

No. 26141

Jesus I had to find out about this through a kpop meme.

No. 26144

they used to have lyrics like wow! going to school and getting a good job doesn't make people happy! like who tf cares? nothing revolutionary about that. if they praised stalin in the next verse i'd be interested.

No. 26147

My best friend is Korean and apparently over there they're best known for being "the kpop group that got popular in the west." They're also apparently really popular with kids in elementary school.

No. 26148

File: 1555359215777.png (2.84 KB, 404x57, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-15_2109…)

yg on suicide watch

No. 26150

I like some of the lines in Serendipity and Singularity. But honestly those are probably the only two songs that don't make me cringe when I read the lyrics.
To be fair, I'm not sure if someone who doesn't know Korean could judge if a Korean song is well-written or not, just by going off of translations.

No. 26152

You're probably right to a certain degree but plenty of Koreans have said that K-pop lyrics are cheesy and basic… Just all around nothing special. Anyway with lyrics like " you gonna finna catch me" you can easily tell the song is shit even if you don't understand Korean.

No. 26153

File: 1555360677812.jpeg (406.51 KB, 750x1096, 2C7B6C68-EAC1-4804-A42D-772A56…)

koreaboo joining in and celebrating armys degeneracy.

they’re really living up to their name, aren’t they.

No. 26154

File: 1555361128373.jpg (12.52 KB, 275x275, 1533084229931.jpg)

> Jhope masturbating
> Who is BTS is a Dom or Sub
> Walks in on your masturbating
> Members react to you moaning

Good grapes, what is even the appeal in crap like this?!

No. 26155

File: 1555361264090.png (237.62 KB, 385x779, Capture.png)

>Go to quoted profile so see how badly Army's are attacking him
>See this
Truly, every kpop fan is scum

No. 26156

File: 1555361392309.jpeg (319.45 KB, 750x846, BC88F6B8-F38F-41DA-8C9B-55CC2D…)

koreaboos using notre dame to joke and promote their shitty idols

No. 26157

I really wonder what makes these young people so insensitive, even if it's just to troll.

No. 26158

Maybe Bapsae? It's commentary on how young people fit into society- not the deepest ever but deeper than "lets get drunk and party, also we're Gods now". Has a bit more of their early hip hop sound than the flower boy stuff they're doing now.

No. 26159

Armys and blinks turned on each other after the possibility of BP surpassing their oppas' YouTube views became a reality

No. 26160

There was actually a note going around on ARMYs instagram stories, it was a checklist of view milestones to break in order to get the records back from BP. Kind of pathetic really.

No. 26161

Kinda Reminds me of the Jaehyun x you abusive dad au story I found. I noticed A lot of people who write those Tumblr stories write a bunch about xyz idol finding out "you" self harm and it just weirds me out. I don't really mind fanfiction to a degree but who in their right mind fantasizes about a kpop idol discovering you're self harming?

No. 26162

Ngl these edgy jokes are kinda amusing. I saw one about Christchurch that made me lol, it didn't get posted on here though.

No. 26163

That Link Park Jay Z collab was fucking sick though. I still listen to it sometimes.

No. 26164

Go Go maybe

No. 26165

>go go
please not that abomination

No. 26167

Not necessarily critical because I don't know a TON about K-pop but I feel like Sunmi is the only idol that is actually an artist and uses the pop medium as an art form the way that certain Western pop stars have done. Are there any others that ACTUALLY write their own music and control the art direction for their videos? I don't mean the ones that barely contribute enough to get writing and production credits.

No. 26168

another girl from the wondergirls (group sunmi used to be in) is now producing her own solo projects under the name ha:tfelt. As far as i know the music and concepts are mostly under her own control

No. 26169

I want to say Mamamoo are pretty good for that as well

No. 26170

tomorrow seems to be the only bts track like that, but suga's mixtape and ratmon's first one were pretty "deep

No. 26171

Bang Yongguk cowrote some b.a.p songs, idk how much, and some of their song are 'deep' and reflected his personal beliefs
The stuff he's doing on his own now is genuinely meaningful, imo

No. 26172

Late but I just came across this Rose cover of a Halsey song. Wonder if Halsey might hit up BlackPink in the future and further built clout among K-pop songs. Also Rose sounds awful and manages to make a somewhat bland song sound even duller.

No. 26173

Elementary school KEK

What do Korean teenagers and young adults listen to? I'm genuinely curious what's actually popular over there. Like K-pop is a niche genre in the west, so is it mainstream in sk?

No. 26174

Epik high is another one I can think of.

No. 26176

Suga's mixtape he released under his other stage name Agust D

No. 26177

Everytime I see this boy I want to throw up

No. 26178

The Koreans that I know only brag about BTS to stroke their "Korea so superior" ego. That is all.
Also to make money off of non-Korean retards.

No. 26179

I laugh everytime is see how popular Lisa is around the world. It must piss off so many Koreans that an "inferior SEA" surpasses them in the talent and personality. The funny thing is, it isn't that hard to do when it comes to Korean idols.

I'm not stanning Blackpink, I hate them all but it's obvious Lisa is the least fake.

No. 26181

I always wonder how the other members of Blackpink feel about Lisa's popularity. Tinfoil but sometimes I get the impression that they are at least jealous of her maybe slightly because of how they treat her. It's questionable at best.

No. 26182

She looks different and that is probably a huge part of it. Jennie looks quite unique too but she's so lethargic and talentless so then you have Lisa that stands out. The other two girls literally look identical.

No. 26183

No. 26184

lol this, i was in honor society and everything, I literally have that same President's Education Awards Program certificate that she has, and now i'm a college dropout that lives with my parents lmao k-12 achievement really means nothing. the fact that her parents are rich is the part that actually matters.

No. 26186

This is taking the whole horoscope meme a bit far lol

No. 26187

I think Lisa also looking a bit different from the typical K-pop idol might have helped her attract the more loyal and obsessive teen fangirls rather than male fans who'll thirst and leave for the next pretty-faced it girl. She's not intimidatingly pretty going by Korean beauty standards, but still has some striking features (with big eyes, big nose, thick lips like Doyeon and Nana Komatsu if I were to compare). Huge generalization but from what I've seen, Lisa definitely seems to be the least popular among male fans even though it's clear that she has a huge fanbase.

No. 26188

SEA fans have proven to be the most dedicated and active part of kpop fandoms.

No. 26189

I also thought her being SEA also has to do with it. However, I'm thinking about SEA members of other groups (like BamBam, Sorn, Minnie) and they usually don't have as much favoritism/support in their respective groups as much as Lisa does in BlackPink. Those other members are also form popular groups as well, so that's kinda why I speculate that Lisa's popularity goes beyond her just being SEA and grabbing SEA fans by association.

No. 26191

got7 and clc are not popular. (g)i-dle is popular, but not nearly as big as blackpink is. blackpink is also from one of the big 3 companies. there is no thai member in red velvet or twice. i think her popularity comes from her being in yg and also being pretty (thanks to nose job).

No. 26192

K-pop was absolutely massive in Korea from 2008 to 2012. Songs from that era regularly passed the five million sales mark, which meant a huge amount of people into music.
But since 2013 sales have shrunk a LOT, the biggest songs get about one million now. K-pop is still important as a cultural/advertising force but I don't think average people are checking for it as much now and the audience is getting younger. The tweenification and wota-type shit that you get from groups fanbases is indicative of this.
Also ballads are a lot more important to Koreans than they are to k-pop fans.

No. 26193

those boring coffee shop songs and gay western music like coldplay

No. 26194

Not op but got7 is really popular in Korea. More well known than CLC and gidle for sure. Gidle is a group whose name and debut song are known but koreans dont really know their songs. Im sure the foreign members are popular in their respective countries, but theyre not gaining a lot from it in korea

No. 26195

how was it deep? it was just typical sad boy whining. nothing profound there.

No. 26196


Lisa barely has a personality off stage except cute little girl like the other fakes, but she has the best stage presence, the smallest face, the best proportions (she and Rose are around the same height but Rose's proportions and massive head are just tragic) and is the self-insert of SEA girls everywhere. I'll bet the others are jealous especially Jennie who was likely promised the keys to the kingdom by YG.

No. 26197

File: 1555380186908.jpg (392.61 KB, 1498x2048, IMG_20190416_040213.jpg)

What a fag hag

No. 26198

File: 1555381209384.jpg (222.33 KB, 508x759, “행복을_나눠요”_..._보아,_얼굴만큼_예쁜_마음_B…)

BoA has morphed into Irene. The jaw shave was a mistake

No. 26199

Yikes. This is the fate of most k-celebs/idols and probably lots of everyday Koreans too (they get the same surgery celebs do)

No. 26200

That outfit Tiffany is wearing looks awful. Also I hope she's not taking a photo with a drag queen just for woke points/to be provocative now that she's out of SM's dungeon.

Now that Tiffany's trying to be a solo artist and is barely staying afloat, it really shows how much of her star power came from being in a popular girl group.

No. 26202

File: 1555382208321.jpg (32.92 KB, 478x480, 98d00aeb25066850a07b8ec73dc7b3…)

Speaking of Irene I'll never understand what exactly she has had done to her face. She looked more like Wendy as a child than she looked like her current face

No. 26203

File: 1555382562765.jpg (207.3 KB, 960x960, D4MiahtW4AAKKse.jpg)

Look like the standard K-pop combo of eye tweaking + nose job + messing with the jaw shape. She was already pretty to begin with and is lucky that her face has gotten her so far.

Anyway, here's a recent photo of Go Yujin (a K-pop trainee from PD48) and I'm hoping that her nose job isn't permanent.

No. 26204

File: 1555382802550.jpg (86.89 KB, 682x1024, IMG_20190416_044620.jpg)

Why is this girl's face so stiff?

No. 26205

literally nugu

No. 26208

I cant tell whether that is fillers or not but it looks weird.

No. 26209

File: 1555383066926.jpg (131.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Plastic surgery. Hyewon used to look noticeably different years ago as shown in >pic related Another case that proves that enough plastic surgery and good marketing can turn anyone into a K-pop star.

Go Yujin was a somewhat popular contestant on PD48 but I assume you didn't follow it.

No. 26212

she wasn't even ugly before, korean beauty standars are so stupid

No. 26214

she has a fuckton of face filler :( it looks so bad idgi

No. 26215

File: 1555385026144.jpg (79.82 KB, 959x959, 56242960_2366109867042302_8095…)

this side of sana's face is so weird. countdown to jaw shave.

No. 26216

Her cheeks are reaching Jhope levels

No. 26217

Is this tzuyu? They bleached the hell out of her. Looks like yeri

No. 26218

i think it's suzy

No. 26219

Dahyun is seriously so average-looking. No one would think she's an idol if she weren't a TWICE member all of these years.

No. 26221

She's one of the few idols who is actually fair skinned though

No. 26222

no it's tzuyu lol
she has a nice body shape

No. 26224

Bambam is pretty popular in Thailand now I think.
Anyway, YG has a more favourable reputation among SEA Kpop fans plus BP has a girl crush image so no wonder Lisa is popular - Big 3 influence does go a long way sometimes

No. 26225

So she's proof that fair skin doesn't automatically make someone pretty I guess

No. 26231

halsey follows rosé on ig iirc

No. 26232

ughhh sm's mindsssss they literally filmed toilet-yoochun in a bathroom for their ebut mv sm is a dam future teller istg

No. 26233

Someone posted the christchurch meme here, it said if only they had stayed at home to watch loona (i forgot) then they wouldn't have gotten shot…

No. 26234

You forgot about BoA

No. 26235

pretty sure exid and got7 produce their own music

No. 26238

GOT7 music is so shit they should probably leave the producing to other musicians

No. 26239

None of the bp grils seem to have personality of any kind, but i think that losa being all smiley all the time makes her seem more approchable than the others

No. 26242

Each time when I think their music can't get worse they come back with an even shittier song. Their songs are all over the place and they're just so bad.
But I find them way more "authentic" than bts or exo, at least from what I saw when they were rookies. An army friend gave me shit for that, saying they're a bunch of racists and homophobes. I wish I had the receipts of all of bts' antics back then.

No. 26247

LMAO anon

No. 26249

No, I'm not talking about the one that git posted here. It was sort of like that though.

No. 26250

File: 1555418415089.jpg (301.71 KB, 1080x835, 20190416_144023.jpg)


No. 26251

cringy at most

No. 26252

i don't get how straight male idols' cringy attempts at fanservice gets these fujos going. like everything they do is just painfully awkward.

No. 26253

File: 1555422766463.jpeg (5.89 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

They literally pull any ugly kid off the street and give them a new plastic face and dress them u like dolls

No. 26254

File: 1555422847593.jpeg (4.55 KB, 183x275, images (2).jpeg)

This is him now

No. 26255

what's his name, anon?

No. 26258

>get jaw shaven because according to your country's beauty standards jaws are ugly and mannish
>end up with an actually mannish long face

No. 26259

My god…

Natural ugly > creepy melted plastic face

No. 26260

I saw their BuzzFeed videos and they have good personalities, a shame their music doesn't match

No. 26261

Anon how could you judge someone's personality from a couple of videos? At least say behavior or something
Idk I just saw his pics somewhere

No. 26262

File: 1555426676291.png (989.4 KB, 947x641, dahyun.png)

lmao men are soooooo fucking mediocre. Any horse face with a small frame can be remodelled into some androgynous/neoteneous flower boy uwu.
Dahyun is getting heat in this thread but compared with most pre-surgery koreans she looks good

No. 26263

google tells me its mingi from some nugu group called ateez

No. 26264

Everyone in that group is so freakishly plastic. It's like they took pictures of anime and manga boys to their surgeon

No. 26265

Samefag, it's like that with every kpop group but ateez just took the step a bit farther. Lmao it'll be fun to see what they look like in 5 years.

No. 26266

File: 1555427351824.jpg (68.78 KB, 640x800, 2-Seonghwa-1-640x800.jpg)

what do you expect when half of them say their role models are BTS lol seonghwa even has thar freaky eye thing jimin has

No. 26267

do jimin and his carbon copies really think these contacts don't make them look uncanny valley

No. 26279

File: 1555428334419.jpg (885.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190416-112329.jpg)


But seriously stop. Just stop with this

No. 26280

File: 1555428483196.jpg (84.98 KB, 520x900, 20190414_1555252162_45633500_1…)

That's the most positive response to an idol I've ever seen. I bet SM is really profiting of YG's scandals.

Also, Shindong has a BMI of 35 now kek

No. 26281

the halo effect is also probably because minho looks like a normal man and not like g dragon/jonghyun/rat monster/all of the rest of them

No. 26282

The aryan blonde hair blue eyes contacts combo stylist give These idols is so FUCKing ugly. Nothing wrong with blonde hair and blue eyes but their hair always washed out, damaged and dry looking and the contacts are never a normal shade of blue. It looks freaky and bad.

No. 26283

That remodelling part is so fucking true…and they actually manage to get a good amount of fan girls, regardless of how unattractive and otherwise mediocre they might be.
Girls need to love themselves and raise their standards from the ground.
Also, I might be a huge minority but I find dahyun kinda cute. I'm glad she didn't do anything with her eyes; I find them charming.

No. 26285

how is he allowed to be like that when most female idols are forced to skip meals

No. 26288

I think she's one of the cuter Twice members, maybe it's the smile, I don't know.
Jeongyeon is pretty ugly yet she gets shilled everywhere, I don't understand.

No. 26290

People were saying that SM didnt debut him to be an idol singer per se but to be some sort of variety show personality but then the whole super junior rotation thing didn't work out because fans were against it. I don't know how true that is but keep in mind that they are a trainee-leftover group. Even sm deemed them as hopeless.

No. 26291

It's because her older sister is pretty (she's an actress who almost made it into Red Velvet) so Twice fans think she'd just be as pretty, for some reason

No. 26292

Minho hasn't really offended anyone, plus the Marine Corps is said to be the toughest branch of the Korean armed forces so anyone choosing to go there voluntarily gets extra favour with the public.

No. 26293

tiffany gives me the "yall need to stan rupaul qweens and dats the mfuckin tea!!!!" type vibes

No. 26294

File: 1555431668601.png (260.05 KB, 720x378, IMG_0460.PNG)

I didn't know this before but I just googled her and they look nothing like each other

No. 26295

are they trying to appeal to the international public? why are the most plastic and ugly looking groups popular with international fans idgi

No. 26297

It's because she's (was?) the "tomboy" member, so fangirls stan the hell out of her and call her "oppa

No. 26298

My friend was talking about a video on YT about Kpop and how Korea has extremely few decent-paying job opportunities and young people feel pressured to go into the idol industry and nitpicking their mutilated faces is laughing at the victim in a way.

I don't know shit about the job market and income in Korea. Is there truth to this or did my friend get tricked into watching a stan video?

No. 26299

The sister clearly took all the pretty genes

No. 26300

I don't know how any one could find those freaks "good looking". They look so gross to me (along with almost all kpop idols.) Maybe weebs like it because it's like seeing a "real life anime guy." I'll stick to anime thanks

No. 26302

NCT is not that popular though

No. 26303

Sort of. It's more the parents pushing their kid as a meal ticket typically. Also much of the time the surgery is chosen and scheduled by the agency specifically not the idol - so there is an element of blackmail because saying no means quitting the company. But a lot of the surgeries are voluntary too.
Also tons of idols come from rich families (Umji, Sorn, etc.) so…

No. 26308

File: 1555438062336.jpg (190.72 KB, 969x1481, IMG_20190416_140522.jpg)

What is up with this guys jaw? Seriously I don't know how people find this guy attractive

No. 26311

Is that Yuta or Taeyong?

No. 26316


No. 26319

File: 1555440682253.jpg (39.6 KB, 630x945, SMROOKIES-image-smrookies-3620…)

Ah, thanks. Did he get a jaw shave or something? His fans insist he is all natural but that jaw came out of nowhere and it looks weird. Could it be weight loss?

Pic related it's him during his smrookie days.

No. 26320

That is definitely the result of surgery. In what world do people naturally have that? He must've gotten surgery when he was still just a normal trainee (he was a trainee for a few years before smrookies.) Smrookies is a program for the trainees they choose for debut. Also I think he got more than jaw work

No. 26322

Some international fans will stan anything with a dick, I don't get why they act superior to K-fans in this regard

SM's quest to mangle faces until they find the perfect Jaejoong clone will never not be funny

No. 26323

He has an underbite. No one gets surgery to get an underbite.

No. 26329

I lived in Japan for a bit and my friend who works for the Fukushima government has been to Korea 30+ times. He said SK has the highest suicide rate and 60% of it is elderly people, because kids leave them in the countryside for work or study in the city and don’t send money back or visit them. The retirement/social security system there is bad and the kids have to study so hard to get any good job. He said there would be busses taking kids from cram school at 11pm and there were TVs on them that displayed practice math questions. I would believe what your friend said.

No. 26330

Not a stan video. Things are honestly terrible.
There are news reports and various documentaries online.
They don’t call it Hell Joseon for no reason.

No. 26331

They are honestly pretty entertaining and I remember keeping up with them till 2016. GOT7 is lucky to have Jackson since he brings in the most attention to them, but even he suffers from shitty music. It’s unfortunate because they probably could’ve been what BTS is if they hadn’t come out with Just Right and Hard Carry

No. 26337

Don't they kinda have the same problems there too?

No. 26338

They have a high suicide rate too but it’s not amongst the elderly I think. I was volunteering for a tourism association in a very small town and yeah I was one of only two people 25 and under living there afaik. Maybe two more worked there but lived elsewhere. Everyone just goes to be salarymen in the cities.

No. 26345

I wonder if any of them get depressed after they get forced to undergo these terrible surgeries by their companies or maybe they feel better because they fit south korea's absurd and unrealistic beauty standards. He was seriously handsome and cute before but now he looks like an alien

No. 26348

>the best proportions
I think Lisa is okay but she doesn't have the best proportions in Blackpink, Jennie does. Lisa has huge shoulders which look even larger with her small face. This thread needs to stop circlejerking around her so much, she's as lame as the others and does the same cutesy fake shit but for some reason you believe its real when she does it

No. 26350

Ugh tell me about it, still bitter over what sm did to Yuta (although xenophobia had a big part to play in that one)

No. 26352

I'm pretty sure there are some salty seafags itt behind the lisa circlejerking. Posts like >>26179 scream it.

No. 26354

File: 1555464359307.jpg (85.95 KB, 720x586, e57bb50c5c57517169535685c99d2f…)

Not the anon you're replying to but I agree with Lisa having the best proportions amongst the other girls in the group. She has long limbs and her figure is more modelesque and she also has long legs which is not that common amongst asians, I'm not sure about SEA asians but it's not common amongst east asians for sure. Jennie is quite stubby looking.

No. 26356

wow that dress lisa's wearing is a fucking mistake

No. 26359

File: 1555468337168.jpg (132.33 KB, 1900x1266, jennie.jpg)

it doesn't matter what your proportions look like if you have no ass

No. 26360

Lol anon what does ass have to do with proportions. I swear first it was with Hwasa and now Jennie.

No. 26361

File: 1555469450107.gif (2.91 MB, 540x220, tumblr_pq33oqabc01tizu4so3_540…)

haaha irenes being autistic again lol!!11

No. 26362

File: 1555469509478.gif (2.88 MB, 540x220, tumblr_pq33oqabc01tizu4so1_540…)


No. 26363

Twice and their side profiles are absolutely horrendous, that includes Tzuyu as well.

No. 26364


Why does hardly any kpop group look well together? They're always wearing clothes that clash when they stand next to each other, like they're not a uniformed group and have no one style. BTS is always a victim of this too, they're always wearing totally different things that look hideous and makes them look so awkward with each other.

No. 26365

At least Hwasa has thighs that don't look entirely emaciated. By korean standards she's probably one of the few idols who has wide thighs.

Wasn't she fatshamed into oblivion at first by knetz and now they support her for some reason? What made them do a complete 180 on hwasas proportions?

No. 26366

I was watching a Jpop VS Kpop video and all of the korean comments were basically “omg how dare you compare kpop to shitty jpop” which surprised me.
Wasn’t Kpop based off of Jpop in the first place?

No. 26367

I don't blame them. Jpop has been trash for well over a decade now.

No. 26368


Yes yes halsey and rm are bffs
And the girl with jimin is just a staff member LOL

No. 26369

i think she already has a boyfriend. i wouldn't be surprised at the slightest over these pseudo intellectuals dating tho. and wtf is jimin doing with that girl lol

No. 26373

no, they like her body, they don't like her face

No. 26375

What’s the whole woke intellectual RM meme? All I know about him is that he’s supposedly smart, and regarding wokeness I only recall the BTS twitter account unfollowing Kanye during the dragon energy trump exodus.

No. 26377

I don't understand why Koreans are so surprised whenever one of their men turn out to be a sexual predator when they foster this culture of objectifying women down to their body parts.

No. 26380

he's the tumblr sjw who believes in 78 genders type and allegedly did well in high school. he makes terribly worded fake woke speeches to pander to their aiden fans. he said racist and sexist things in the past but he's suddenly an equalist king now.

No. 26384

Kpop can be trashy too. Also still doesn't change the fact that kpop is based of it

No. 26385

Wouldn't be surprised if that girl in the back is his girlfriend

No. 26386

They aren’t calling it trash, they’re putting it down purely because it’s Japanese. Even though their stuff was based on jpop to begin with.
The Japanese commenters were all “Aww I like kpop but this video introduced me to some cool Japanese groups for me to support” while the Korean comments are “REE HOW DARE YOU COMPARE US TO JAPAN WE’RE OBVIOUSLY BETTER THIS IS DISGUSTING” and it’s kind of weird to read.

No. 26387

File: 1555478773904.jpg (33.73 KB, 1021x120, Capture.JPG)

No. 26388

Fuuuuuck nooooo he was the one I liked since his image was different from the rest in the early days and I relate with ugly people

No. 26389

File: 1555478901197.jpg (150.43 KB, 919x498, Capture.JPG)

Do they just spit out talking points like cultists every time? The whole thread is infested with ratmys

No. 26390

Are you sure they aren't doing that because it's literal dogshit? Kpop has never been as bad as post 2008 Jpop. Going by your logic, maybe the only reason Japanese comments disagreed was because it was Japanese kek. Nationalism from both sides.

No. 26391

1 in 13 people who go to sk do it because of bts? how do they know?? even if it's real, it's probably because most of these people fly out to stalk them lol

No. 26393

File: 1555480169445.png (51.88 KB, 623x396, kk.png)

Are they told to pretend they aren't starving?

No. 26394

typically when idols make a point to mention how ~i eats so much and theze r my favorite foods uWu~, they are indeed lying

No. 26395

It would be kek worthy if wonyoung sued her company later for making her starve causing long term health damage. It's so damn sketchy. Doesn't Korea have laws against exploitative child labour anyway?

No. 26398

The survival show P48 itself had trainees whose companies forced them to starve, according to a video a former contestant on the show (she didn't place highly, but she was on it for at least a few eps which amounts to a couple months), some of her friends on the show were given extreme dietary restrictions by their companies, and she would secretly bring them food.

No. 26401

Why has Reddit been infiltrated with bts shit so much? I thought it's dominated by incels.

No. 26404

the rats infected everywhere on the fucking internet

No. 26407

>implying most armys aren’t incels

No. 26437

>Yes yes halsey and rm are bffs
>And the girl with jimin is just a staff member LOL

Who cares what they are. The video has no milk and even if they were fucking, so what? We aren't crazy korean 12yolds that think dating constitutes as a scandal

No. 26440

skinny groups aren’t necessarily starving the same way someone would if they did no exercise. think of the amount of calories they’re burning, they should be able to afford to eat a lot more food when they’re actively rehearsing and performing, but they still eat less than the average student their age in korea. i don’t doubt that a skeletal idol ate a whole chicken (that’s a specific one fans go to a lot to prove they eat) but that’s probably all they ate that day when they burn enough calories to easily eat 3 healthy, smallish meals and still be borderline uderweight. there’s just zero attention put to how nutrition works so you have idols eating 900 calories of nothing but sweet potatoes, chicken breast and boiled eggs and then dancing for hours if it’s near a comeback. a lot of them look super skinny in an mv and then fill out a bit 2 months later, and part of it is obviously them trying to look thinner on camera but part is also them just not eating more (or eating junk food) to counteract burning hundreds more calories

No. 26442

their resemblance to incels with their misogyny and delusions is concerning. i personally know an ex kboo who completely got tired of boy groups and gay shipping after getting a boyfriend lol

No. 26443

They do that with everything Japanese. I remember seeing a few korean videos on a Japanese movie and the people in the comments kept going on on how their movies are much better, and that Japanese movies are made for dogs. Then I saw one Korean commenter telling them to shut the fuck up because that's not true, and Korean movies are heavily based off Japanese movies so you sound retarded.

I've also seen a ton of Koreans that like jpop, and arashi is pretty known there so….just sounds like stupid angry internet users

No. 26447

I used to semi follow them when they came out and were doing all their retro themed music and she was bashed a ton for both her face and her body. I honestly felt pretty bad for her. She performed fine on stage but she seemed really insecure and awkward especially compared to the other members. They called Wheein the "maknae" despite being a few months older and IIRC it was to not draw further attention and thus bashing to Hwasa. They were a small-time group and they've always had a pretty solid fan base but I'm surprised they got so big.
For some reason even back then when she seemed so insecure, there were a ton of English comments talking about how confident she was and how badass etc she was for it. Then at some point in time she made this complete 180 and became some kind of minor it-girl and I have no idea when or how that happened. Good for her though.

No. 26448

File: 1555502665458.jpg (228.77 KB, 1080x1386, IMG_20190417_074733.jpg)

No. 26450

Lul at how all the groups listed except for 127 have either 1 or 2 albums and a couple singles at most, yet they have 4 full albums, 7 singles, excessive shilling, and nonstop promotion including a fuck ton of promotion in Japan (Noteworthy because artists/companies like to pander extra hard to JP for the sole purpose of increasing album sales since buying physical is still a thing there. Even western arists do it.) and still haven't hit a million.

No. 26451

Hwasa really has thick skin. She even mentioned how people petitioned against her debut or something because of her looks. She's really confident in herself and the things she does. That's why she wore that controversial outfit despite knowing the backlash she'll receive. It seems to me that mamamoo and especially her don't really give a damn about these online comments and keep on doing these things that they get criticized for, which in turn causes more hate cause those people want them to "reflect" and act all sorry.

No. 26452

They're still messing with their health and there's good amounts of evidence to show that extreme diets (which is what these are) are horrible for you if you just yo-yo around.

That and they're obviously fainting constantly.

No. 26458

The comments are so sad lmao
>>Everyone loves bts and wants to be their friend it's true friendship def not pr
>>Any girl seen with oppa is staff noona it can't possibly be anything else their baby boys are pure virgins

No. 26459

what's up with male idols saying they're into older women, or "noona's" when asked about their types? Is it cause they're older and thus make better cash cows or is it a trend among South Korean young men to have an older gf? Cause I honestly don't buy it.

No. 26461

they are doing it to pander to rich nuwunaz because they make better cashcows than teens fangirls. most of these fansite owners and sasaengs are around 27-40, and older than the idol they stalk. all that childlike pedobait shit is really popular so i think it's the more preferred thing. and you always see male idols after military getting caught with models half their age. ew

No. 26463

Don't listen to that anon, noona relationships are a trend. "Noona" was a word that didn't have as much of a sexual connotation as it does now.

No. 26465

Eugh, I was speculating about the appeal of the childlike behavior from male idols earlier but didn't know the female fans were much older. Now I feel gross, I thought they were acting youthful to reach a youthful audience like a retard. Or idk, trigger something maternal.

No. 26467

File: 1555518885882.png (187.7 KB, 606x545, lol.png)

No. 26468

this man looks like an unwashed creep

No. 26469

both male and female idols acting childlike is meant to pander to older fans and also seem friendly to younger fans. i would say that it is especially imposed on women. men are way too into girls doing aegyo, people don't care as much about male idols not being pure innocent babies but female idols get a lot of shit for it.

No. 26471

What kinda bullshit is this? They really thought it was smart to go to a fan signing event with a camera team and ask them directly about plastic surgery?
They didn't research shit about kpop otherwise they would've known how stupid this idea is.

No. 26473

Oh that's that new group where the japanese tomboy is the most popular one. But wtf is that guy doing? Did he seriously think he'd get answers? Lmao

No. 26474

To get sugar mommas

No. 26475

I’m all for shitting on K-pop and the industry but that guy really was being a creep lacking self-awareness. Think he was trying to bait but failed. Did he really expect any straightforward/open answers from them?

No. 26476

File: 1555524712101.jpeg (309.85 KB, 1440x1064, AB7FF929-DEDF-41D1-9EA8-778721…)

ARMYs might be a minority on the site but they’re loud and annoying nonetheless—like incels.

Anyway, I was thinking about how harcore fans of whatever get tattoo of shit they’re into (which is a bad idea 99% of the time imo) and how there are probably BTS ones out there. Was right. I just can’t see these aging well as some of these fans hit their late twenties and are interacting more with the world outside of a K-pop bubble.

No. 26477

Almost a million albums sold and yet they bring lesser profit to SM than old ass grandpas Super Junior (and that's likely not going to change seeing how their American concert venues are half-empty)….whoever called them the Jeb Bush of SM a couple threads back was spot-on

Also those sales are largely due to Winwin's Chinese fans who buy 100k copies each; with Winwin effectively out of 127 we'll see exactly how much their latest comeback sells

No. 26478

File: 1555525211317.jpeg (48.82 KB, 528x960, 2565577B-6A27-47E5-9881-431681…)

Like imagine having to explain this to employers future partners.
>”Hey Anon, what’s that tattoo of?”
>”Oh, it’s supposed to be of a teen Korean pop boyband who I used to obsessively froth my mouth and specifically of one member who I’ve never even met.

No. 26479

Holy shit just get that shit on a bracelet, or a T-shirt. I know that isn’t sincere enough for them though. Anything to outdo other fans.

No. 26480

>made funnier since their official logo is now different

No. 26483

some girl i know is planning to get her third bts related tattoo. one of it is a bts lyric in korean on her arm and it looks extremely kbooish. the other one is bts' silhouettes on her arm. she's in her early 20s and will probably get tired of them in maximum 2 years. it's sad.

No. 26485

These are at least somewhat tame if you grow out of the phase, it's essentially just 'cute' characters.

>>26478 >>26483
Shit like this tho

No. 26487

File: 1555528649297.jpg (33.48 KB, 480x360, IMG_0027.JPG)

All this tattoo talk reminds of cl's ex who got her name in Korean tattooed on his wrist. He was even in their mv for gotta be you and nobody knew until a few years ago.
I feel like back then idols were much better at hiding relationships. Did dispatch exist back then?

No. 26489

i don't care about some creep journalist harassing women about plastic surgery and scandals, if he honestly believes kpop is a corrupt industry (which it is) why does he think they'd be able to answer those questions in public? sounds like he wanted to be a white savior of the poor oppressed mindless asian women. gross.

No. 26490

File: 1555529876635.jpeg (15.71 KB, 400x400, D4X-e05XoAA4KVz.jpeg)

What exactly are they doing to this guy's face? The fact that it's hard to tell but it's there makes it all the more disturbing

No. 26491

but how is this being autistic?

No. 26493

i remember seeing him as a normal guy in his 20s but they've started to fuck his face up within the last year and i also can't tell what the fuck happened, he just looks different. rip

No. 26494

it looks like he just uses a lot of chemical skin peeling products, it gives your face that weird bloated plastic look if you use tem with frequency.

source: sused those for acne scars 10+ years

No. 26495

File: 1555530832490.jpeg (299.72 KB, 1024x1456, 748836FA-879A-49C0-8200-DC35CB…)

This guy is so hard to look at. Easily on end the most unattractive idols out there

No. 26496

Looks like skin bleaching

No. 26502

His cheekbones look about ready to pop out…not in a good way. Makes the lower half of his face look caved in yikes

No. 26503

Feel a little bad for J-hope (but not a lot since he probably so much clout and money from being in BTS). He used to look p normal/kinda cute before that plastic surgery procedures turned him into a real life caricature. He’s also the only member that doesn’t really seem like an asshole in some way (or overtly so) but gets overlooked cuz of his face.

No. 26505

There's also his fake smiley personality. Tbh I think he's very neurotic and insecure

No. 26506

Honestly a good 90% of idols are neurotic and insecure, it's not just him and Jimincel

No. 26511

File: 1555535941602.png (87.78 KB, 606x777, IMG_0480.PNG)

Don't know if this necessarily belongs here but he did a lot of shoots with idols. He was the one with the lolita concepts that people criticised.

No. 26512

File: 1555536381297.jpg (29.26 KB, 472x590, IMG_0028.JPG)

One of his more controversial photos for those who don't know him

No. 26513

Oh yeah how's their concert selling out? I was wondering about that lol

No. 26514

File: 1555536857130.gif (909.79 KB, 500x385, 1ce1826649f052ae3072f1c3805f64…)

Personally I like how he looks. But I understand all the comments his appearance gets on here.
I really wonder what caused him to get all that ps considering how attractive he was to begin with.

Also he's easily the least douchey/conceited member of bts imo and I'd love to see evidence that suggests otherwise

No. 26515

I think almost all of his surgery was done predebut. His family has money and his sister looks like a gangnam unnie

No. 26517

File: 1555537803005.jpg (92.48 KB, 791x1064, CNvYtUIUAAAQcxD.jpg)

His family has money? I remember him talking about his mom working two jobs to help pay for his dance lessons so I assumed they weren't very well off. But that would make sense if he got ps done a long time ago and it's just aging really poorly.
His sister does look very plastic as well though

No. 26519

Is this old news? I remember that he was already sentenced for being a molester

No. 26520

No. 26521

File: 1555540104916.jpeg (53.12 KB, 576x708, D4NZrRVW4AAJ3VG.jpeg)

Armies got this real estate guy fired for this tweet he made.

Like to articles if you wanna read more about it. : https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5cb62e0ae4b0ffefe3b85a59/amp

I fail to see how this is racist though? Then again I'm not Asian so I'm not to sure..

No. 26526

this gif is revolting, fam

No. 26530

Wasn’t this girl mad that they changed their logo?
I remember someone being mad about it…

No. 26531

He’s not a real journalist…is he? If he is, he’s incredibly bad at his job.

No. 26532

Unattainable standards for idols/Korean gp, plus his company.

Beenzino rejected an offer to be in BTS because Ban Shit PD wanted him get a jaw shave.
Said it in one of his songs, forget which one.
Wish Suga had followed him out, but I have a tinfoil theory as to why he didn’t.

No. 26533

This shit should be under spoiler. He is so difficult to look at sorry anon. I really cant see it.

No. 26534

sorry but it is kind of racist imo and i'm not even a sjw
they may dress like little kids but it's wrong to generalize all asian men as weaklings
it also pisses me off when they lump all asian ppl together like they're all the same
however i also know armies don't really care about racism they only have yellow fever
this guy losing his job is a little bit extreme but at least the crazy bitches didn't kill him or worse

No. 26535

tinfoil for us anon, I'm intrigued

No. 26536

What's your theory anon ?

No. 26537

Share the tinfoil girl.

No. 26538

RIP Hello Venus. I feel particularly bad because they basically got whored out(image wise) despite some of the members expressing discomfort with the concepts. How long before members speak out about abuse?


No. 26539


Okay but I don’t think you’ll like it because it kind of paints him in a sympathic light. I’ll be back after I find my evidence again.

No. 26542

Yeah you're definitely right lmao look at this shit >>26359 we've been through how shitty Jennie and her flat ass are for ages but whenever someone brings up how boring and equally shit Lisa is SEAspergs lash out

No. 26543

I don't see why that gif is so bad. It's a bit older and I genuinely think he looks better there than he has recently.
But I guess that's just me

No. 26544

if your face looks like a plastic mask, its just not attractive anon

No. 26545

Not surprised
If it walks and talks like a creep it probably is a creep

No. 26546

his body is somehow worse than his face

No. 26548

Ngl I don’t really feel bad for him. He brought race into a discussion about them lip syncing, it doesn’t even make sense. Also I’m tired of men judging boy bands just because they attract teen girl audiences.

No. 26549

i feel like it's one thing pointing out scummy behaviour, shitty music, creepy PS etc. in a thread like this, but it's another thing to get salty about asian men as a whole (especially bemoaning how asian women are attracted to them lmao)

No. 26552

The line "are asian women even attracted to their own men" sounds like something said by men who use /pol/ and fetishize asian women. no sympathy for him at all, he got fired because he said racist shit not because he doesn't lie BTS.

No. 26553


Nothing particularly milky, just sort of armchairing/tinfoiling a bit.

>tl;dr a suga-chan is sad and tinfoils

Was a fan in the early days, paid attention to them then because I thought at least 3 of them had semi-genuine personalities and still had hope for nugu groups to be different. Anyway, I think partly why he stayed because his mom is sick and he’s a depressed motherfucker who hates himself.

In an early song, Moving On, he writes this:

>Ever since I was born

>I counted the days for my first move
>I remember why I had to move
>The machine in my mom’s heart and the big scar

Some people think that he was born by c-section but if the above translation is correct, and the machine is IN his mom’s heart, then she might have heart problems. A pacemaker or something. Mentioned once in an old album review that his mom was very sick after he was born and had to have surgery. Fast forward a few years, his parents opened a restaurant in like 2017 only to close a year later because of “health problems.”

He’s mentioned before that when he was young, he lived with grandmother for awhile. Has also stated that he grew up in a poor family and I think his mom being ill was the reason. If only his father was working then that probably wasn’t enough to support all of them. Also, mom sick, dad working probably an inhumane amount of hours for pennies…yeah. I think this probably scared the shit out of him as a kid. Stuff like that leaves a mark.

In a radio interview after debut, (think it was with a SuJu member) he says his parents once threw away all his music shit because his grades weren’t good enough for them. In another radio interview, he said his parents didn’t approve of him wanting to be involved in music. Rough quote, "My parents were very much against me becoming a rapper so to make me reconsider, they hit me and we fought, and things like this…so I made music like this.”

In a Halloween vlive, he mentions that his father is the scariest thing to him. And then quickly changes the subject. A few quotes:
>”He’s scarier than ghosts.”
>Gets asked by ratmon to imitate his dad
>”If I did an imitation of him, they wouldn’t be able to air this. So I can’t do that.”
>subject change

So he’s used to abuse by now, and probably thinks everything is his fault.

Another thing:
He originally just wanted to be producer, but being in an ~idol training program~, he had to dance.

>”Suddenly they made me dance. They made me dance. They didn't let me leave the dorms for 3 years because they wanted me to practice.”
>rest of the members confirm that they didn’t have a lot of freedom
>idol mill (we should all know how those go)

One of their early reality shows (Rookie King, the ep where they stand on top of the BigHit building and yell about things that piss them off)
>"3 years ago there is someone who made a huge lie to me…Bang PD-nim”
>well known that BTS was originally supposed a hip hop group
>says Bang Shit told him “there's no need for choreography, just rhythm will do. You just have to work hard at rap.”
>also states that this took place before Suga signed a contract
>Suga says he feels “cheated”

He’s already talked about his anxiety multiple times and he’s said before that he’s very susceptible to others opinions etc. So literally all he loves is making music, poor family, sick mom, abusive dad, family generally not at all supportive of his shit, would obviously give up a lot to do what he loves. Perfect candidate for manipulation.

Something I’ve noticed that he says a lot is something like, you have to do the things you don’t want to do in order to do the things that you want to do, or whatever, I forget the exact phrasing but that’s the gist of it. Apparently a very common sentiment in Korea, said in particular to students and young people in shitty environments to essentially justify bad treatment.

Sorry for long post. Will post links to these things if anyone wants them.

No. 26555

lmao @ believing a single word a kpop idol, who has gone through daily training to learn what to say and when to say it, says

No. 26556

Weather or not he grow up poor, he was definitely worried about money and lack of it when he was ~20.
He's also mentioned when that when he was a trainee, he would frequently buy lottery tickets, which is something a lot of poor people since it's cheap and can give you a decent amount of money in return.
He also said in his trainee days, he tried to hide a shoulder injury he got from a part time job from the company, because he didn't want them to let him go.

His desperation for money, along with BangPD telling him bts was going to be something completely different probably did cause him to be exploited to some degree.
I'm sure it happens quite a bit in the industry, along side rich kids who want fame buying their way in.

No. 26557

Also, forgot to mention was recently drunk and watched that shit bt21 stuff where they make up their little origin stories for the characters.
Jin’s character comes a wealthy family (like him) and Suga’s was something like, his character’s grandpa got sick and couldn’t work, so his character and his characters friends “went off to get help.”
So his mom is sick, he’s poor, early on he realizes that he likes music, also realizes that you can make a lot of that sweet cash money making music if you’re good at it, sick mom and poor family will never have to worry, better (in his mind) than getting a boring Samsung job because passion and possibly more room to actually advance in that world than the corporate shtick. Etc.

No. 26558

I wonder if he regrets it now that Bts is mega huge and all the spotlight is on him. He already seems to not want to interact to anything that’s tied to kpop.

No. 26559

bighit was really a pathetically small company when BTS started out and BTS got away with a lot of shit when they were nugus that anyone from a bigger company wouldn't have gotten away with. those cringey songs RM released like "expensive girl", and i remember namjoon at some khiphop event rapping about being "sexy like a pornstar". compared to their stanitized g-rated content now, they were atleast a little unfiltered in their early days, i wouldn't say its all lies.

No. 26560

he has idol friends

No. 26561

Little genuine moments slip out, anon, if you know where and how to look for it. Look at all that shit about Seungri. It was all there, little hints. Bigger hints.

No one can keep a up lie about their entire backstory for long. He would’ve contradicted himself by now but I don’t think he has.

No. 26562

Uh, yeah, it’s networking. He likes music, he wants to do it, loves producing. How do you continue doing that? Contacts.

Plus, he is in the industry, probably trained alongside a few of them. Of course he’s going to have idol friends.

No. 26563

ah yes he's friends with kang daniel because he trained alongside him

No. 26564

Would say it’s more accurate that he doesn’t like fan service and all that bullshit content they have to put out. Probably wants to just hermit with his MIDI equipment.

No. 26565

Did you miss the part where I said contacts and networking.

No. 26566

why would they call each other friends if it's just for networking? suga-chans be braindead.

No. 26568

Yup. Hundreds of desperate kids in idol mills.

No. 26569

>khiphop event
Kek that was the event b-free told them that wearing makeup made them faggots and that just because they rap didn't make their music hiphop

No. 26570

lol anon they're still human beings….you're making it sound like they're androids, or like test-tube babies that were born in bighit's basement. they had lives and shit before they joined groups. not even a kpopfag you're just being illogical lol

No. 26571

Nta but my god, you're a retarded person

No. 26574

i hate to say it but i feel bad for them. b-free is such a douche, as if his wannabe black korean ass has anymore rights to rap music than bts does. they're all just copying black people.

No. 26575

He was proved right by how BTS turned out though lmao

No. 26576

Yeah, that’s the biggest disappointment as an early fan lol

No. 26577

Armyfags have invaded the thread. I'm out

No. 26578

File: 1555554276986.png (147.71 KB, 675x653, bbh100.png)

kek despite breaking the 24 hour youtube record, blackpink chart outside the top 40. ready for it to freefall next week. k-pop fans really need to get their shit together and realize that youtube is a useless metric.

No. 26579

Top 40 is based on radio play which is never going to happen for Asians.

No. 26580


He honestly looks 45 years old

No. 26582

File: 1555555700262.png (145.26 KB, 284x534, 1554227431322.png)

the last 10 posts are just straight up amino-tier army sperging

No. 26583

When will kpop fans realize that it doesn't matter how many views a video gets if the views are all coming from the same, comparatively small, group of people? I wish there was a way to see how many unique viewers a video on YT has so I could see the true amount of people watching all of the BTS/BP videos that fans are obsessively watching over and over. Don't they get that when it's just fans raising the number inorganically, the view count doesn't actually mean anything at all?

I honestly feel like it's just a way for BTS and BP fans to compete over who has the most free time on their hands at this point. Seems like a tie. Do other group fans do this?

No. 26584

Yeah, other groups do this. Then they complain when YT takes their views away. IBS and BP just have louder fan bases right now.

No. 26585

i could see an asian-american breaking through and getting some radio play, like joji or somebody. the language barrier just won't budge for anything that isn't spanish.

No. 26586



No. 26588

lol'd at that typo

No. 26589

it helps that joji is half white and predominantly known by a western audience for his filthy frank phase so he already has past recognition to back him up when most asian-americans or asian-westerners are nugus in their own countries and the industry doesn't really give them fair representation

to be fair if I had to give one kpop artist who is trying even tho she's still not that well known props would have to go to Tiffany, she's getting more PR and doesn't look entirely cringey, she's also way more Americanized than most kpop stars and seems more comfortable in America while she didn't ever seem as comfortable in Korea. She got a shitton of hate in Korea so it made sense for her to go back to the US anyway

No. 26590


No. 26591

Repulsive. I doubt he'll ever get any but I'd unironically rather listen to K-shit than that garbage.

Speaking of garbage, fuck him too. For even bothering to review that album and for existing.

No. 26593

Wow I was expecting a harsher score from him. Can't blame him for not wanting to face the ARMY hoard. and ARTV already talked about how he thought BTS had the worst fandom and how he thought in general kpop fandoms were garbage

No. 26595

he compared suga (or "shoega") to pitbull. dead

No. 26596

well that is how suga is pronounced in korean lol

No. 26597

File: 1555560901529.jpg (269.27 KB, 1080x683, IMG_20190418_000839.jpg)

Wow this is one of the only times the host looks more freaky than the idols

No. 26599

ugh the pc culture with armys is vomit inducing. how is this racism? they make racism sound like a joke. these sjws wouldn't do anything if it was about asian women but when it's about poor azn menz bts uwu they get a man fired. hypocrites

No. 26600

File: 1555561823712.jpeg (45.33 KB, 408x570, 76508649-5FC3-488C-B8ED-70CBEC…)

Aside from the scene kid hair cut, J-hope really looked alright before the surgeries and Tumblr fakeboi styling. He even looked better than Jimin despite Jimin being the dancing member revered for his looks (for reasons that still don’t make sense to me).

No. 26601

melon always goes too easy on bts. i'm glad that he didn't suck them off like he did in his other bts review tho, he criticized suga and rap monster's weak performance.

No. 26602

>these sjws wouldn't do anything if it was about asian women
??? yes they would

No. 26603

they are constantly mad at female idols for existing. they only care about xenophobia when they can use it to victimize muh so oppressed bts.

No. 26607

Wait… these cartoon characters are BTS related? I saw a lot of merch with them on yesstyle and considered buying bc it's cute. Shit, avoided that mistake.

No. 26608

anon just admitting to shopping on yesstyle makes you no better than bts fans, just buy what you think is cute lol

No. 26609

Why the fuck would I be ashamed of buying cosmetics on an e-commerce website?

No. 26615

File: 1555581309749.jpeg (76.96 KB, 750x849, A00297B4-7656-4A7B-9994-648338…)

Someone in the idol boys thread keeps trying to push Lucas as good looking but all I can think of is how much of frog he looks like.

No. 26616

I feel bad for them too tbh. Their company went for the sexy concept as an attempt to get attention and gave them cheap mv for "wiggle wiggle" in which they had to twerk in tiny shorts.

No. 26617

The Lucas-chans have been around for awhile. If he didn’t have nice arm muscles they wouldn’t give a shit about him.

No. 26618

File: 1555588798685.jpg (5.96 KB, 218x218, Lucas look alike.jpg)

The image that pops up into my mind is "fish" but frog works too lol.

Someone is also always posting that kid from wayv, but when I see him all I can think of are donkeys

No. 26620

File: 1555591310580.jpeg (41.58 KB, 251x350, 8C90F2D4-17FC-4B9C-8817-FE8D8A…)

>Someone is also always posting that kid from wayv, but when I see him all I can think of are donkeys
he looks like a tim burton character

No. 26622

I wouldn't be surprised if only three people were in that "cute kpop boys" thread, spamming with Lucas, Yuta and Suga.
Why isn't it closed anyway? I mean, if they like them it's okay but jesus, stop spamming, we don't need to see that.

No. 26623

File: 1555594254481.png (515.05 KB, 631x670, 083JF.png)

Wtf is wrong with that dude's face? He looks like he as an illness that prevent him from gaining weight and his hair looks like a bad hairpiece.

No. 26624

shameless asswipes lipsycing prerecorded vocals

those loose pants are showing me stuff that i don't wanna see

also v got stuff done to his face that we can't even pretend he has good looks now ew

No. 26625

also this has to be the weakest piss ass choreography bts have ever done >>26624

No. 26629

File: 1555594983656.png (408.34 KB, 596x607, 83YRH9NF37D.png)

Wtf did he do to his face lmao, he looks deformed.

No. 26630

Can they get a normal styling for fucking once without colored hair and lenses and those ugly clothes. Less is more.

No. 26631

Lmao nct on gma today

No. 26632

Idg what they're trying to do with this grandpa look, is it supposed to be sexy? Their stans will eat up everything obviously but still

No. 26633

Even rapline is lip-syncing tragic

No. 26634

File: 1555598088529.jpg (128.74 KB, 838x389, PIn1H-19PIs.jpg)

The circlejerk in the comment section, jesus christ, do armys themselves come there to praise themselves for the bare minimum?

Also they're so fucking dramatic, not only their poor babies have suffered but apparently their whole fandom endured incredible pain until BTS finally got acknowledged by the US.

No. 26635

It's called the "idol boy spam thread." Also the other day someone was spamming reptile jimincel lmao

No. 26636

>looks like he as an illness that prevent him from gaining weight
maybe he should’ve joined blackpink instead

No. 26637

was the emulating of old choreo intentional then? I can't quite tell

No. 26638

lazy ass choreo and no attempt to sing live. but don't criticize them guys, or jimin will get anxious!! they practice 59 hours a day!!

No. 26639

do prerecorded vocals still come up on those mr removed videos? I looked one up for this performance and the vocals show up, but it is visually apparent that they're missing some words while singing??

No. 26640

File: 1555601337500.jpg (244.96 KB, 1080x693, IMG_20190418_001805.jpg)

So I saw this pic on my explore page and a some of the comments made me cringe so hard

No. 26641

File: 1555601359126.jpg (64.69 KB, 1080x376, IMG_20190418_112650.jpg)

Like this

No. 26642

I think they do. I'm pretty sure MR removed videos remove the actual track, so any vocals that aren't part of the official song's release will remain. Don't quote me on that though

No. 26643

they're probably noticing the creepy person taking pictures of these two from afar as well

No. 26644

who the fuck cares it is all an excuse for recycling old shit anyway

No. 26645

jimin gets so hung up ver the smallest things it is so sad my uwu boy must get hung up everytime he sees himself nude :(

No. 26646

who tf are they

No. 26648

NCT's Yuta and Jaehyun.

No. 26649

i checked the edgy bts song's performance to see if they actually tried to hit the high notes and they didn't even bother to sing any part of the song live lmao i don't know what i expected

No. 26650

File: 1555603300264.png (397.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-04-18-03-02-32…)

I'm surprised nobody is talking about Yoochun or Hwang Hana here. He is a drug addict who turned his ex fiance into a drug addict again. I don't wanna shit up the thread with 50 screenshots so I'll tl;dr the whole ordeal.

Hwang Hana is Yoochun's ex fiancee who is being investigated for drugs. She says that she started using drugs/meth again because Yoochun kept trying to persuade her and then forced her too. Yoochun held a press conference and denied all claims but police found CCTV footage of him buying drugs. He said he was picking up the package or whatever for Hwang Hana and didn't Know what was inside. He's also being accused of destroying evidence because he bleached his hair and got a body wax.

Then onto top of that, H posted something on Instagram and people think it's about Yoochun. (Pic related) is the most milky part of her post.

Links: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jyj-park-yoochun-police-house-raid/



No. 26651

Obviously you do not understand that "oh my my my, love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv" is extremely deep literary genius. Only the really top minds of our century could ever grasp them.

No. 26652

File: 1555604681808.png (110.16 KB, 603x773, IMG_0528.PNG)

Cause the public is done with him long time ago and everyone's focused on the burning sun scandal.
Speaking of which, a victim has come forward and revealed that she was basically gang raped by five of the group chat members.
The netizenbuzz article doesn't provide any translations but I found a comment that provided a link to the full interview https://dailynaver.blogspot.com/2019/04/a-woman-alleges-she-was-gang-rped-by-5.html?m=1

No. 26653


Pisses me off because he was looking really good for a few years but this year he started looking like leeteuk

I wonder if these idols are forced to get surgery or if they ask for it themselves

No. 26654

Not sure which performance this is, but here’s the MR removed.

If these guys can actually sing, then these dumb songs aren’t showing any of that.

No. 26655

if they ruin him bts will have nothing left

No. 26656

Sometimes as part of their contact and sometimes “optional.”

No. 26658

Wow he actually got fillers for his nasolabial folds. I'm surprised it took him this long.

No. 26660

MR removed for this performance >>26624

No. 26661

Why would you use the over-autotuned version for lipsyncing - we all know there's no way they could sound like that ever.

Also the cringy facial expressions

No. 26662

it's like his cheeks has slid down kek

No. 26664

lets never let anyone forget about this

No. 26665

This was snl lol

No. 26666

they sound like this nightmare fuel when they actually try to sing. v and jimin's attempts at singing are nsfl

No. 26667

Where is their goddamn vocal coach

No. 26668

When idols sound like shit live fans use that thinly veiled " oh dancing and singing is hard " excuse but what's there excuse now? BTS is literally just standing there and they sound like absolute garbage. Talent really doesn't matter anymore.

No. 26669

Didn't they use some dumb excuse anyway? Something about not having prepared/not realising the key would be differnet

No. 26670

I lost it when V started "singing". No wonder ratmys were so sensitive and insecure at that time and lashed out on momoland.

No. 26671

why shoud bighit invest in vocal coaching when their brainless retarded fans will buy their albums (several versions of it) and attend their concerts regardless of how shit they are?

No. 26672

For the last time, Yuta-chan: fuck off back to the idol spam thread. No1fuckingcurr about that ugly, talentless motherfucker but you for some bizarre reason. Stop tryingtto spam him here every chance you get, it's so goddamn annoying.

No. 26673

They seems like they’re straining for all of it, Jin looks so tense. imo they need better/more vocal training, even if it’s just to save their vocal chords from being damaged

No. 26674

Yeah…actually training your artistés would be the professional thing to do.

Sorry to BigHit, I forgot where I was for a moment. I’ll show myself out.

No. 26675

File: 1555611057734.jpeg (125.17 KB, 1024x1024, 45ED753B-9284-4582-9945-7C7958…)

Fixed it for you

No. 26676

nta but I'm pretty sure NCT fans saying cringy shit is relevant to this thread actually. Relax.

No. 26677

the not-so-hidden conflict between armys and nctfags on this thread is pretty funny

No. 26678

Sometimes it's very obviously the same nctfag doing it every time. It always feels like they're trying to pass their thirst posting off as milk.

No. 26680

at this rate they'll make her star in a porn film soon enough. it's blatant they give her much more revealing outfits than her groupmates

No. 26681

No, it was about the comment. I wanted to avoid posting the picture, but then nobody would know what the comment was talking about

No. 26686

Lol this came up in my feed and its so weird to see a kpop video where people look reasonably human. RIP uee's jaw

No. 26687

afaik she said they still haven't been paid, is it because they're in the trainee debt? their company is so sketchy

No. 26688

Ok please don't burn me at the stake for this, but I just have to point out that NCT127 did much better than BP or BTS on GMA. Ok there, I said it

No. 26689

and it gets worse, jimin's singing is especially offensive to me

No. 26690

Yes, Jimin's voice is like nails on a chalk board. I actually think I would prefer the nails on the chalkboard

No. 26691

True. Their new song sounded like noisey, bootleg exo tho.

No. 26692

he gets worse and worse the more he sings, first it was that fake love live and now this, in fact, he always sings like shit but his fans try to avoid any mention of it, i bet he has zero vocal training, same with jin, he literally didn't even sing at all.

No. 26693

small companies always give the shortest clothes to their girlgroups… i wonder why

No. 26694

Me too, I thought it sounded very old kpop style. Which might attract some fans but I just don't know why SM would choose to give them that song. It sounds like an Exo reject

No. 26695

where are her safety shorts, this must feel demeaning

No. 26696

okay like jimin and jin sing horribly but why does v always sound SO shitty? he's literally tone deaf i'm speechless, do they have any self-awareness?

No. 26697

It's funny until that one army who I think is a suga-chan comes and replies to almost anyone here who criticizes or nitpicks bts stuff, and she won't stop going on defense mode. It's irritating as hell.

No. 26698

Hahaha, my 6 year old daughter just asked me if they were trying to do a singing bad challenge! Kids will tell the truth always

No. 26699

her dancing is really stiff, i think she actually does feel really uncomfortable

No. 26700

Yeah their song sounded terrible. Also the"old Kpop"is just really old outdated trashy western music, but I guess that's still the case even now lol.

No. 26701

She's basically bottomless. The stylist might as well just give her only a shirt to wear. What the hell are they thinking? I hope she's above 18 at least.
Don't these girls' parents look at their daughters' performances? How can they be ok with this ffs…

No. 26702

File: 1555615055952.png (890.64 KB, 1033x675, Screenshot (107).png)

Tbf the bar was low, it's difficult to be any uglier than BTS or less talented than BP lol
I still can't help but think that their "fans" were bought, most of foreign kpop fans are poc (pre)teens, so why would the NCT fanbase suddenly consist of white adult women?

No. 26703

File: 1555615296725.jpg (78.47 KB, 482x896, Yeonwoo.JPG)

Because all the Kpop fans are either streaming BTS or are at Blackpink's concert. SM has no chance of taking any fans from them seeing how dedicated Armys and blinks are.

This looks extremely uncomfortable to move in, much less dance

No. 26704

Omg anon don't you know??? V has perfect pitch

No. 26705

They must have the middle aged white married housewife demo covered. Maybe that's their true target audience…

No. 26706

Not so much bought as GMA gave banners to their regular audience who had no idea what was going on.

No. 26707

This is high key embarrassing. I wonder how they felt when they saw random middle aged people being hired to act as fans.

No. 26708

Those people seriously look confused and just like dissatisfied with their life choices, lol

No. 26709

The whole promotion in us is so fucking cringy, they're trying to invite fans to meet them in certain places in the cities of their tour? I wish they'd just stop

No. 26710

You can even see the red marks the shorts have left on her waist. These stylists are mostly female, don't they feel any sort of sympathy for these girls?

No. 26711

Like they're actually gonna just hang out with the fans or something. Yeah right, I bet that will go great

No. 26712

Poor girl, look at the red dents in her stomach… It's a miracle that we don't see idols puking more often, I couldn't handle wearing something this tight for a second.

Seems like nct fans are just as annoying as ratmys…
>not into kpop but the pink hair guy can ruin my life
over 600 likes

No. 26713

This pic had me laughing my ass off, some of them look like they realized this wasn't worth the money "oh shit what did I get myself into" "what on earth is this fuckery"
I know right? But fans are so fucking stupid they get excited and buy into anything.

Also does anyone know how their "tour" is selling out? Are they mostly empty?

No. 26714

he basically just screams most of the time, it hurts my ears and the way he fakes his ~deep husky voice~, so annoying it just sounds like white noise or something

No. 26715

>Also does anyone know how their "tour" is selling out?
Seen a few tweets that say the only stop that completely sold out is Atlanta, all the bigger venues have tons of seats left.

No. 26716

I saw somewhere the LA show sold out quick, and Atlanta, I'm not sure about the rest

No. 26718

everything about this song is atrocious, just the first half is awful wtf i never cared about them but now that i hear this noisy trash it's obvious why they flopped so hard

No. 26719

File: 1555617040418.jpg (94.64 KB, 583x804, NCT.JPG)

No. 26720

lmfao L

No. 26721

Atlanta, huh. Damn do they really have that many black fans? Lmao but the fact that everywhere else has tons of empty seats is no suprise
Fuck I realized I should've said this when I posted the picture
I feel you. That song is straight up trash

No. 26722

I can't find the tweet but someone took a video of the Vancouver arena ticketing and atleast half the seats were available.

As overrated as Red Velvet is, they sold out all their American venues at least, including 9,000 in Toronto alone.

The Atlanta venue is just really small (around 2800-3000) so it sold out fast. They're struggling to sell out venues over 5000….SM is just setting them up to get clowned now

No. 26723

I just saw the same video ahahaha this is fucking hilarious

No. 26724

i hate the way kpop groups can get away with shitty outdated music just because their fans shill it as good music. its the same with that blackpink's song "kill this love", it's just a 2010 2ne1 reject but nobody can say shit or kpopfags will lose it.

No. 26725

>that one anon with a self admitted 7gb folder of kpop boy pics
>reeing at april fool ratmon spammer to get out of their thread
>stanning someone named hendery ever
>utahchan trying to push utah as /ourguy/ when jimincel already elicits visceral disgust from the average farmer
the real cows were the cows we became along the way

No. 26727

File: 1555619325684.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1440396566359.png)

>utahchan trying to push utah as /ourguy/ when jimincel already elicits visceral disgust from the average farmer
this will never not be the most embarrassing shit. imagine convincing yourself you want to fuck someone that unattractive just because you're obsessed with le superior nihonjin cock.

No. 26728

File: 1555619393848.gif (18.68 MB, 640x360, IMG_0034.GIF)

Lol I feel bad for posting this but the posts remind me of this gif

No. 26729

I feel like the rap line is significantly better than the vocal line. BigHit should have stuck to their first idea : a hiphop group would have been much more interesting.
Btw, what do you anons think about Jungkook's singing ? I don't really know how to feel about it.

No. 26730

He’s just as bad as the rest of his group, but he hasn’t gotten any parts that would show of how bad he truly is in years.

No. 26731

His voice is the most tolerable one to me. He likes to sing in a very breathy voice which is either a stylistic choice or a way of avoiding notes he can't hit. If he learns proper technique he might be a passable singer cause he actually has a pleasant vocal color imo.

No. 26733

Hopefully this will entirely end him once and for all

No. 26734

jungkook's singing is just meh, not too good not too bad, just meh, that's the reason his voice isn't as bad as jimincel's, because it's really plain and standard, but that's exactly why he could improve if he just had some vocal training but that shit won't happen anyway