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No. 233370

discuss the books, the hbo series & spinoffs, media amd fan content

No. 233378

File: 1661370610896.png (508.71 KB, 640x640, unnamed.png)

so excluding House of the Dragon there are at at least five other Game of Thrones TV shows in development
>A Jon Snow TV show
>The Sea Snake (about the "voyages" i.e OC adventures of Corlys Velaryon)
>Ten Thousand Ships (about Princess Nymeria of the Rhoynar and her conquest of Dorne and her three husbands one of whom was a young boy)
>The Hedge Knight (about the adventures of Dunk and Egg)
>The Golden Empire (an animated show about Yi Ti)

and some more undisclosed animated shows

No. 233384

File: 1661371633701.png (126.87 KB, 507x437, NljDSgq.png)

As a ASoIF book fan who refused to watch a single episode of the series against the global hype, learning of its horrid conclusion was somehow incredibly satisfying

No. 233391

I mean I'm also a bookfag but I only got into the books due to the series

No. 233393

File: 1661373173825.png (565.52 KB, 960x549, Nymeria and Mors.png)

reposting from the TV thread, so I really don't care for any of these adaptions except for Dunk and Egg and Nymeria's one and I pray They don't fuck it up cause Nymeria's conquest of Dorne is my favorite bit of world building and history from ASoIF, like House Martell wasn't established by Nymeria it already existed before the Rhoynar even came, they were a midsized power who worked with the Rhoynar who had superior technological advantages and more soldiers to conqueror Drone together, basically both Nymeria and Mors Martell(her first husband) were using each other and their people's to get what they wanted, ever her marriage with the teenage boy Davos Dayne(her third and last husband who would later be her consort and bodyguard) was political and got the stony dornishmen to support her side

No. 233408

>Jon Snow spinoff
Why? What's left to tell about his story? Drogon should've killed him

No. 233409

I'm surprised HBO is still milking this show. Are normies and book readers really interested in wasting their time whatching these series, after the final season fiasco?

No. 233416

apparently enough so that the hbo max crashed when that new show was released (from what I've read)

No. 233425

File: 1661380302317.jpeg (12.91 KB, 414x275, images - 2022-08-25T012528.014…)

I haven't read the books, I enjoyed the first seasons of GoT but I hate the new show. The costumes look so ridiculous for me. In the OG show Westeros looked like it was inspired by Europeans sure but in a more fantastical setting and much more vague. The costumes now look very English, specifically Tudor period. I also hate Matt Smith's ugly face. It feels so uninspired and looks bland.

Do any nonnas have hope?

No. 233441

i and the other book readers i know susually hated GoT
also lol at a jon snow show, he literally is the most boring cardboard cutout of a character in the whole series. i guess normies like to project onto him tho

No. 233442

>those eyebrows again
it's such a dumb nitpick but i fucking hate when pale and blond characters (or albino like the Targs from ASOIAF) have dark eyebrows. i know blond people can have dark eyebrows, but it just reeks laziness from the production and/or copying the current beauty standards of thick and dark eyebrows (laziness again)

No. 233443

me too omg! i thought i was the only one with an irrational hatred for this
tbh im v v glad i stuck to the books and didn't watch the series. the books have their flaws but they're genuinely good imo. so many fascinating characters (not jon)
it's hard to choose but my fave is asha greyjoy

No. 233455

File: 1661388686262.jpg (322.32 KB, 1280x905, blackwater.jpg)

feel like pure shit just want her back x

No. 233486

File: 1661398816945.jpg (105.19 KB, 940x470, Aegon the Conqueror - William …)

>The costumes look so ridiculous for me. In the OG show Westeros looked like it was inspired by Europeans sure but in a more fantastical setting and much more vague. The costumes now look very English
that's a weird complaint cause like the central basis of Westeros's worldbuilding is based on English history
>First Men = indigenous Indo-European/Celtic peoples
>The Andals are an obvious stand-in for the Angles, who w/ Saxons & Jutes settle the islands in the 5th-6th cent CE.
>And then, as in England, the central civilization changing event is the last conquest. Targaryen Conquest represents the Norman Conquest of 1066

No. 233491

Anon GOT is a fantasy retelling of The Wars of the Roses,

No. 233519


Nonas just because it is based on a certain historical event doesn't mean you have to adapt all of those aesthetics and add nothing on your own. GoT has already established great fashion elements, it is undoubtedly inspired by our world but it doesn't make you feel like you're watching a period drama. It is unique enough to be its own thing in that world. These costumes look like they were made for our world and not GoT world. I only picked out Daemon's helmet as something unique which is supposed to be on the nose ugly anyways. I also don't feel like this is supposed to the 200 years before. If we are supposed to be bound by only facts and be realistic it makes no sense that the inbred Targeryens are regarded as extremely beautiful while Hapsburg shows that inbreds produce ugly offsprings. Is it really that unreasonable to ask a fantasy setting to be its own thing when they have already successfully done it once? It feels like there is no love in it and they just did this show because "Durr GoT popular"

No. 233543

He is extremely popular among TV show only/normies and Kit Harrington is apparently a nice guy, he is so fucking boring but I can see why people latched onto him.

No. 233567

File: 1661435879419.jpg (103.11 KB, 736x920, cdeb047fc79139e618298a7f06f41b…)

Cersei is so awful she 180's to being based; she only "loved" Jaime because he was a reflection of what she wished to be, so sex with him was more masturbation than anything else (the only ethical way to fuck men) and absolutely humiliated Tywin, the most powerful man in the realm, by simply existing. She is the ultimate girlboss/gatekeep/gaslight queen, Rhaeneyra can eat her heart out.
I wonder which brother will kill her? On one hand, we have Tyrion, who actively wants her dead, and on the other, we have the more poetic choice of Jaime. I'm more inclined to say Jaime because in my prediction (f)A(k)egon is going to storm King's Landing first, and I don't know if Cersei will have the hubris to free to Casterly Rock

Also, what's everyone's favorite theories/predictions?? Mine is Euron was a failed student of Blood Raven and that's why he curses the god's so fervently, and he's going to "wed the kraken with the dragon" by forcing them to make and steal their Cthulhu offspring by warging into it. It sounds insane but the fact that George RR Martin is super into Lovecraft and the fact that Cthulhu literally is just a kraken and dragon makes this all but confirmed in my mind. He'll also somehow be responsible for the Horn of Jormund being blown and the wall finally collapsing.

No. 233570

I am not a cersei stan(I have my own issues with them in how they literally whitewash her actions) but I disagree with your take, while her romantic relationship with Jamie is always fluctuating, there's no denying that she genuinely loves her children(for better or worse) and I think she loves/envies Jamie a similar way, not as a lover but as a sister, a sister who is simply jealous of both the social and physical advantages that come with being born male

No. 233571

For me it's Sansa, she grew on me and I love her current arc. Asha is one of my faves too.

No. 233577

i'm with you, i dont care about budget constraints or 'trying to stay unified with the original show' or any other fucking stupid excuses for how lame and cheap and boring the costumes in the new show are. westeros fashion hasn't changed in 200 fucking years except everybody's wig got cheaper and rattier? it looks like they gave a fashion school intern $200 and an hour to adapt some leftover elizabethan dresses into the greco-roman inspired style of the first show. it's bad it's lazy and it's cheap and everyone's hair looks dry and shitty.

No. 233606

It'll never explicitly say that she only loved him because she saw him as an idealized version of herself, but she does state many times (as if George is trying to hammer in this point) that she sees him as the male version of herself, that if she got her way and was a man she would be Jaime. There's also the fact that despite being in a romantic relationship with him since childhood, she was eager to marry Rhaegar, which imo shows that her love for him was never real love in any fashion. That also adds to why Jaime needs to free himself from her, because she is such an overbearing aspect of his life that he never got to form a real personality of his own (I mean, Tywin and the collective scorn for killing Mad Aerys is also a reason, but I think Cersei was truly the most suffocating factor). She does love her children a lot, and its probably her only positive trait.

No. 233629

File: 1661450923903.png (27.56 KB, 589x155, Cersei on Brienne.png)

>that she sees him as the male version of herself, that if she got her way and was a man she would be Jaime
that's the thing, she think if she was a man she'd be like Jamie, but when she meets brienne(a woman on par with Jamie as a warrior) she considers her an "ugly creature" and an "abomination", she has no respect for women who want to learn to fight and challenge the system and the ironic part is that she all the traits she despises in men, she's a glutton and a hedonist, If she was born she would not be like a Jamie, a strong and powerful warrior she'd be more like how robert was near the end of his life

No. 233670

Imagine thinking a self-hating woman who allows men to abuse other women is based

No. 233673

I have literally never understood why people "stan" her, she's the most self hating and misogynistic woman in the entire series, she has contempt for men but she seems to truly hate other women

No. 233674

i like her bc she's very entertaining to read. i don't mind characters being terrible people as long as they're fun to read and cersei delivers. she's one of my faves precisely bc she's mean and nasty and a trainwreck

No. 233678

AYRT, she's frustrated over the lack of agency or power that her gender affords her in that world, and internalizes the misogyny around her. She laments the lack of control in her own life, and undeniably the only way to have power or agency in this world is to be a man. She will also btfo of any man when she has the opportunity, however. She looks down on men, saying multiple times she'd be better than them if she had the cock (aka if she had the power). All of her hatred toward being female stems from her position, from the fact that all her life men have only ever valued her for her appearance, so of course she's going to fixate on others' appearance and chimp out at Margaery. It's insecurity. When she has a real female friend that she can connect with, she gives her all her trust and admiration. She seriously cherished Merryweather, and I couldn't but be happy seeing her having even a semi-functional relationship with another woman minus the scene when she rapes her, but that was again a shade of her trauma from being raped herself. Not justifying it by any means, it was one of the more moidier moments, but it still isn't comparable to any other moment of rape in the series. Cersei's character is a case study of the toxicity of internalized misogyny from being objectified and oppressed her entire life. This doesn't make her a good or even mildly good person by any means, but I find that aspect of her tragic. Look how she treats Sansa, constantly telling her how bleak life for a woman really is; because she envies that innocence and therefore selfishly wants to destroy it. Her hatred toward her gender is purely a hatred toward being powerless and rendered into a mere pretty object to be traded around, which she projects as misogyny. She is a product of the men around her, and I'm not about to totally admonish her for conditions she could never hope to change.

>>233629 But didn't Cersei herself try and learn to fight? I vaguely remember something about her dressing in Jaime's armor to learn to fight? Or she asks Tywin straight up to join Jaime in his training? I think it's another bitter reflection of her envy insert green eyes joke here. I think if she was a man she'd probably share a lot of similarities with Maegor the Cruel than Robert personally, but her cruelty could be the overcompensating for her lack of power, so if she was a man who's to say she'd still have those tendencies? But the best part about this book is the complexities that allow us to have diverging opinions!

>>233673 I don't stan her, my above comment was lighthearted fun, but I appreciate the complexity and tragedy of her character. Plus it is undeniably satisfying when she talks down to the men around her. While the quality of other character chapters tended to dip depending on the book, a Cersei chapter was always an interesting one, no matter which book.

No. 233681

I think she's funny and I enjoy her banter but I kinda cringe seeing people defend her awful actions and blame it solely on misogyny, every female character has gone through the same shit cerise has and they aren't even half as petty and self hating as her

No. 233687

Remember the part of the book where she fingers that woman and makes her cum

No. 233697

File: 1661470344385.jpg (22.47 KB, 407x266, euron's sexy ship.jpg)

Do you nonas have any favorite ships? I'll share mine if you share yours And which pairings do you hate and why?

No. 233699

Honestly, the comparison of Cersei and Daenerys is so interesting. You have wo powerful women who had horrible things happen to them, and both respond to their trauma in completely different ways. Cersei, becomes jaded and misogynistic, thinking all women are naturally weak, powerless - because she, herself has been treated as weak and powerless. When she has just a inch of power, she does whatever she can to maintain it…losing everything cares about in the process, her family, her lover and her even her own children(the only things she's truly ever cared about)
Daenerys, is sold as a child bride to a warlord, raped every night, and slowly succumbs to stockholm syndrome in order to survive. When he dies and she gains her dragons, she vows to help people, to ensure they will not be sold into slavery themselves. At the same time, she wants nothing more than to go to Westeros, a country she's never been to, because that is her kingdom, she conquers these slave cities, rescuing people, she amasses an army of people who grateful to her, believe her to be their savior, following her anywhere. She leaves each city, in ruin, gaining her armies and leaving. When she finally claims the last, she basically fucks off and leaves her ex-lover in charge of all four cities, with no government, no replacement of economy (it was slave base) - with nothing to replace it, she may have freed these people, but she has also doomed them - what is stopping another country, another group of powerful people to show up, and claim it for themselves? those thoughts don't cross Daenerys's mind, all she cares about is reclaiming the glory of her house….she starts out with great intentions, but with the more power she amasses, the more she loses sight of her goals

No. 233707

i'm going to get shit for this (and with reason, it is a very problematic ship) but Sandor/Sansa. After all the shit they have been through i would be over the moon if they could be the SheWolf Queen in the North with her Hound by her side.
I also liked Jaime/Brienne (and the actors had chemistry between them) but their storylines in later seasons smoothered my interest.

i loved jon/ygritte, both book and series, and i hated jon/dany. i don't know if it's the actors fault, but i can't even imagine the book versions of these characters interacting. the chemistry is not nonexistent, is fucking negative.
i also despise RL because rhaegar is a shit moid in general and should have been smoothered in the crib. i honestly hate him more than Robert.

No. 233713

I agree with you about everything. Sandor/Sansa and Jaime/Brinne are my favorite pairings. I guess I'm a sucker for the Beauty and the Beast trope. And it's a crackship, but I like Daenerys/Sansa, I hate how the show made them rivals. I dislike Jon/Dany because it degraded her character.

No. 233715

I've always been a deranged Theon/Robb stan.

No. 233723

Besides misogyny, I blame Sophie Turner's acting for how much hate Sansa gets. I find the character so much more likeable in the books.

No. 233730

i will respectfully disagree with you. i think the hate she gets is mostly fuelled by blind misogyny.

No. 233732

I agree. I think Sophie Turner was honestly perfectly cast as Sansa. Especially in the first season she really captured how immature (for lack of a better word) Sansa was especially re: Joffrey. In the later few seasons, Sophie was given absolute shit to work with and it showed. The showrunners just did not know what to do with Sansa, she did so many cringey out of character things it drove me insane. I cant wait to see how book!Sansa's story wraps up.

No. 233737

i think the fandom has changed a bunch over the last 10 years and sansa doesn't get as much hate as she used to. sometimes i think people hate her as a reaction to some of her crazier fans, like the jon/sansa shippers who swear grrm is planning it as his book endgame and hate dany and arya.

No. 233750


(jonsa sperg incoming)

NAYRT but isn't that the point of fandom though? Everyone's gonna theorize and ship and write metas after waiting decades for these books. Other ships in asoiaf live with less scrutiny. Sansan, though problematic, is arguably her most popular pairing among fans. I don't think any ship in this fandom is squeaky clean though.

Some don't like jonsa because they don't think Sansa's worthy of the hero they project onto. Others don't like jonsa because it gets in the way of jonerys or jonrya. Both ships have similarly dedicated fanbases, except they're not considered crazy for creating metas/gifs/fanfic. People tend to think Sansa is less important because she can't wield a sword or ride a dragon, of course she can't get with GRRM's self insert!

inb4 "you sound like a jonsa" yes. I am riding the clownsa train so of course take my words with a grain of salt, but I think the hate for it is still rooted in misogyny at least to some degree.

No. 233769

I am so sick and tired of this disney tier extended universe. Make something original for change.
Since I read the fire and blood book, doubt I will even check out the new series. How can you "colourblind cast" an inbred family with very prominent and plot important features.
Also the wigs SUCK.

No. 233796

I’m so glad you nonnas were brave enough to say it because I love SanSan. I love it so much. I rarely care much about ships, but for some reason this one got me good. Beauty and the Beast is exactly right. I have to attach this old MV I’m reminded of. Also
>they could be the SheWolf Queen in the North with her Hound by her side.
If GRRM doesn’t give us this, I will riot. Another thing, even though Sandor’s interactions with Arya are cute, I kind of got annoyed with them overshadowing his interactions with Sansa. I can’t wait for them to be together again.

No. 233811

File: 1661509960038.jpg (33.33 KB, 300x580, BB.jpg)

they aren't targs though, they are supposed to be members of House Velaryo, another Valyrian family that managed to survive the doom, but they weren't dragonlords like the Targeryens and were mainly a minor naval power/merchants, also plenty of targs have mixed Westerosi's, there have been dark skinned and dark haired Targeryens one was even crown prince, most of the main cast in HotD had westerosi moms

No. 233840

File: 1661526409500.png (31.2 KB, 586x222, Jorah.png)

hoo hoo, I sold people into slavery so I could buy expensive gifts for my teenage bride that I literally won in a tournament, I am the victim here"
fuck Jorah

No. 233851

i hate jonsa because jon is the most biring character. jacks shit to do with misogyny.
this exactly. valyrian looks are very plot relevant so it sucks that they went for bottle blonde party city wigs
my fave theory (no spoiler bc it's pre canon events) is that the defiance of Duskendale was a set up bc there were several actors who had an interest in fucking with aerys and destabilising the targaryen rule

No. 233873

1. The wigs are nasty as fuck. NASTY.

2. Why did they put a fart noise over the sound of a guy being castrated. I know the shot was of his butt but that was a very weird choice.

No. 233884

BASED. Ser Jorah is so fucking creepy and unsympathetic. Why should I feel bad for him because he threw everything away for a girl far out of his league? And he's doing it again?? I hope he becomes a shell of himself and dies for Danny sooner rather than later.

No. 233889

File: 1661541407138.png (1.91 MB, 1280x905, tumblr_prttu4r78i1qdts75o1_128…)

I really don't think Dany wants to rule. Her conquests were more motivated by altruism than ambition, which is why she targeted the slave cities. I think she's just copying her brother's desires because she's heard it all her life. The blood of the dragon must rule. But when Dany sits back and actually wonders what she wants, she always sees that house with the red door in Braavos. She wants a home. A family. Stability. Which is why she's flocked to these people that need her so soon after losing her child. It's been heavily hinted at that Bran is the endgame king so I think Dany will give up the goals of her brother and find her own version of the house with the red door. Maybe somewhere in Dorne, where lemon trees are abundant. It's that or she dies in battle, but I REALLY hope not, because every other woman in this story dies, and Dany desires the stability and family she so clearly longs for.

No. 233890

File: 1661541460927.png (657.96 KB, 600x776, 48016B61-512A-4023-9813-D9D32D…)

Dany falling for this guys is the biggest thing that takes out of the story. I just don’t get it. They have no chemistry and his description is so goofy.

No. 233891

Could be worse I ship Reek and Ramsay.

No. 233892

Not to mention she could have just made him her paramour, so the issue with "love or duty" didn't make any sense.

No. 233914

Heh same

No. 233917

I don’t think Cersei actually loves her kids. When I watched the show, I thought that. They made it her only redeeming and sympathetic trait. But when I read the book and got to know what’s going on inside her head, she just sees her kids as pawns. She only cares about them when they are serving her interest and she doesn’t really want what is best for them. Basically the same with how she truly feels about Jamie.

No. 234288

she seems to love them (especially Joffrey) only as an extension of herself. She has some sort of love for them but it's narcissistic and highly conditional. She's horribly abusive to Tommen bc he's not like joff. (and i say this as someone who likes her as a character)

Tbh I think Cersei, rather than Dany, is being set up to be the true Mad Queen. The parallels woth Aerys are evident especially if you look at Aerys's own trajectory as detailed in WoIaF. And it would be sheer dramatic irony if Jaime had to again kill a mad monarch to save KL, only this time it's someone he loves

No. 234359

I love how devoted Jamie is to Cersei, especially how he has only ever been with her, despite being so handsome and famous. He would do anything for her and she threw that all away.

No. 234430

Jorah is the only character improved in the show

No. 234451

I like Cersei but this is something that annoys me a lot about her. Jaime was one of the few moids in Westeros who was a genuine catch and she never even fully realized it. I wonder how he would react if he ever found out she fucked Taena?

I don't like Jonsa because it originates from the show but the fans refuse to acknowledge this and would sooner do mental gymnastics and claim it's GRRM's ultimate endgame. I like Sansa, she's one of my favorite POV characters, don't care for Jon.

No. 234475


Honestly, this is refreshing to me because often I come across the opposite. I totally respect it.

My interest in them was piqued because of the show but I've seen content that predates it, though it seems like it was a small group.

No. 234515

I read GRRM ships Jon and Arya.

No. 234519

same. I’ve read the books back when it aired but didnt want to soil my idea of how everything looks even if the adaption may have some good moments. Seeing what a trainwreck the last season must have been I’m glad I didnt start to watch it kek. Also I heard that there were several rape scenes added to the series that weren’t in the book, can anyone more into it confirm this? sucks if true. Shame its been so long since I read everything I want to sperg about it itt, maybe I have to give it a go again since I really enjoyed it. >>233737 Its sad that so many people hated on sansa when the series is full of truly despicable adult characters they could hate on instead, so good to hear that its not as much nowadays.
Will the last book ever be finished? My initial plan was to wait with the reread until its complete but I guess that’s pointless. I don’t even know what happens in the last season I just assumed it must have been really really bad from the reactions.

No. 234579

Jamie rapes Cersei In front of their dad’s dead body. I don’t think he did that in the books, but I have a hard time keeping the two straight. Sansa is also raped by Ramsay in the show because they decided she should replace Jeyne.

No. 234591

People hyping Daemon up is so weird to me. Like I'm all for simping to hot evil guys, but I've seen men doing it unironically. Maybe I'm disgusted because I'm a book reader, but even from these 2 episodes you can see the darkness in him and how much lower he will fall with time, I want to see his supporters' reactions then.

No. 234626

File: 1661799849511.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.3 KB, 613x408, Stepstones-Crabs-House-of-the-…)

I feel the same, I don't feel intimidated by Daemon. He feels more like a petulant child than a calculating, confident grown man. Maybe I just wasn't paying good enough attention, but why did Daemon steal the egg and lie to Visary? To provoke him? Into doing what? In the book he stole the egg because Mysaria was actually pregnant, and will he never be sent back to Runestone? I really want to meet Rhea Royce in all her armor and see them being cold and bitter to each other.
And why didn't Visary marry Laena? Just marry her and send her back to Driftmark until she's 16-18. Visary says he doesn't even feel a need to marry, so waiting wouldn't be a problem for him. It doesn't seem like Otto manipulated him enough at the point of successfully pushing him toward love instead of duty. The pressure was clearly greater on the former. Last complaint, but I really hope they don't try and imply that Alicent actually loves him. She didn't in the books her dying words were about King Jaehaerys and they have given us no scenes to endear him to Alicent, especially not in any sort of romantic light.

That being said, I can not wait for Craghas Crabfeeder, he looks soooooo good (and apparently has greyscale it looks like?)

No. 234635

yeah the jaime cersei sex in the books was consensual, the got scrotes jsut had to make it rape for no reason
there as a lot of added rape yeah. like in the books sansa has never even met ramsay, it's a decoy girl that was wed to him and all the abuse is offscreen
the books have scrotey moments but the gratuitous rape scenes outta nowhere were a show addition

No. 234642

File: 1661803642629.png (2.85 MB, 1920x1080, LgMq4DO.png)

Nonnies, did you enjoy the second episode? I liked the new episode a lot more than the first one because it didn't have any shitty porn. Bless. I like the new intro a lot even though it was obvious it would be similar to a GoT one, but it looks a bit more stylish to me. Excited for more dragons and Rahenyera. I am a casual watcher, but my best friend loves books. I feel bad that I am just a casual watcher, at least for now. GoT felt too male gaze-y to me to keep me interested, it had too many rape scenes on top of that, but HoD at least has cute dragons to look forward to.

No. 234661

I guess he didn't want to wait. Also the pressure on him was pretty heavy, they tried to rush him. Viserys was never quick to make his own decisions, so the second time he did he caused new problems and he directly fell into the Otto's clutches.

Yeah, Daemon wants his brother's attention.
It looks like we won't see Rhea. Ever. If they wanted to, they would have Viserys sending Daemon to the Vale after he tried to steal the egg, but they didn't mention it. They went straight to the Stepstones wars.

No. 234695

Speaking of dragons, does anyone else get pissed off at how GRRM writes animals? I know it sounds weird, but to me he makes all the animal characters unlikeable. They come off as mindless and aggressive most of the time but then suddenly are supposed to have human-level intelligence when the plot calls for it. There were so many opportunities for him to write cute moments between Dany and her dragons or the Starks and their dire wolves.

No. 234741

he's supposed to be based off Cesare Borgia and come across as a dashing rouge who does what he thinks is right without any hesitation, but instead he's just an old anglo in a bad wig

No. 234835

They cast Rachel Redford as her, so I’m sure we’ll see Rhea eventually.

No. 234836

Yeah. Matt Smith isn’t nearly attractive enough for this role imo.

No. 234852

Really?! I hope it won't be only in a casket!

No. 234889

File: 1661871562398.png (Spoiler Image,233.2 KB, 276x306, royce.png)

Oh wait is that her?

No. 235435

File: 1662039386384.jpg (239.06 KB, 1280x1493, T X R.jpg)

edgelord contrarian taste, here's an actual OTP

No. 235455

In his first draft for the book, Arya was meant to be older and closer to Jon's age and they were meant to be in love. He doesn't still ship them but remnants of the original draft are still there I guess, in the sense that Jon and Arya have a very close sibling relationship.

No. 235572

Theon deserves better.

No. 235613

I read the books when I was much younger and my autism never allowed me to watch the show. I think these ones are made and targeted towards normies, I've seen a few irls of mine post about them on instagram

No. 235642

>are book readers really interested in wasting their time whatching these series
>final season
Last 4 seasons of GoT were shit.

No. 235752

GRRM himself is part of the milking. He probably acknowledges at least to himself that Winds may well never come out but he's greedy and wants more money off the back of ASOIAF.

No. 236291

File: 1662349679299.png (279.57 KB, 743x764, cursed.png)

nonas if you had to choose: jaime/brienne or jaime/cersei?

No. 236297

Are you all forgetting that Jamie and Cersei are siblings, their relationship is literally a crime against the gods of their world and gross asf

No. 236311

Neither honestly. Cersei doesn’t deserved Jamie, but I also really like Jamie and Brienne as friends. I think making them romantic would kind of ruin that.
But if I HAD to choose: show Cersei and book Brienne.
I like the taboo/forbidden love of it and how they were “born for each other”. Kind of like an extreme “childhood best friends to soulmates” thing.

No. 236322

Too much rape and incest. If someone were to make a list of episode to avoid maybe I’d watch it?

No. 236325

Kek anon that'd be like every other episode you'd miss tho

No. 236328

You wouldn't even be able to watch the first episode. It's just not the series for you.

No. 236339

Yes because a lot of the normies didn't get into it until it was popular so now they are trying to get hipster status on next shows

No. 236356

Do I need to read the books before watching the new TV show?

No. 236383

jaime/cersei is better bc they're both hot messes. brienne's too cool
who the fuck cares? they're not real and it's an entertaining relationship to read/watch

No. 236387

You can watch this video, it doesn't have spoilers.
He also makes video-explanation after each episode. Very good channel.

No. 236390

File: 1662391687948.jpg (359.15 KB, 800x1069, winterfell_by_bubug.jpg)

Ugh yes, I am a total sucker for SanSan, I'm not one to care much about ships otherwise either. Beauty and the Beast stories really get to me though. The Beauty and the Beast TV series from the 80's was what gave GRRM the time and money to write ASOIAF, and I think he's been working that into his novels in SanSan as a nod to that. I'll be so upset if SanSan doesn't get more attention in the books. Pic is art by bubug on deviant art btw, she has a whole bunch of SanSan pieces.

It was definitely blind misogyny. Sorry for the sperg, but I remember Sansa first got a lot of hate because too many blamed her for the deaths of Mycah, Lady, and Ned, even though Joffrey and Cersei were far more responsible for these things.
They also dumbed down Sansa's character, giving Arya some of her more intelligent moments from the books. Arya literally says she an NLOG (season 2, some scene with Tywin). If Sansa fans brought this up, moid Arya fans would deny it.
Then there was straight up misogyny from Jon, Bran, and Rickon fans. Sansa, in the eyes of Westeros, was heir to the North. Jon is ineligible to inherit the realm, Bran/Rickon were believed dead. Multiple major houses were vying for Sansa's hand (including Tywin for his son!) for this reason. So many fans still denied her political worth because they could not bear the idea of a woman being the heir to the North because "she didn't deserve it." The showrunners went with the "Sansa has no worth" angle in Season 5 and that's the point where fans, looking back at it all, see where the show really started to fall apart.
What really changed the Sansa hate though, ironically it was Arya. The showrunners absolutely made Arya into so much of a Mary Sue and an NLOG that even Arya fans were getting pissed about it by the end. I knew multiple moid Arya and Jon fans who actually started to wake up to this after a particular scene in season 8, they finally listened to us Sansa stans after that. The actual end and mistreatment of Dany's character was the ultimate icing on the cake to all this. The Sansa hate has mostly disappeared now.

ily nonnie, this is exactly what Dany wants and I want it so bad for her too. Red Door analysis on her character always hits me so hard. The dragon lady deserves to grow old in peace after she finds the house with the red door.

No. 236500

Why would anyone read ASOIAF or any related media if they hate fictional incest so much? GRRM probably has a fetish for it himself

No. 236528

>>That being said, I can not wait for Craghas Crabfeeder, he looks soooooo good (and apparently has greyscale it looks like?)
Wow, he didn't even get any lines before dying kek I haven't read the books (really want to!) but can book anons say if he had a bigger role there? Just curious. Sorry to this anon who got excited to see more of him. The war ending felt so anticlimactic, Daemon just ran in as bait like an idiot but still won? Idk it felt weird, especially time skipping already. We saw basically none of the war.

No. 236548

Lmao Craghas actually ended up being the least interesting part of that episode for me. He has even fewer details in the books. The Triarchy (which consists of Myr, Lys and Tyrosh) is still around, they just hired Craghas to fight their war, so it doesn't end with his death, I believe they just freed the Stone Steps. If they keep following the book we will see more of this war, with bigger consequences.

No. 236561

More of nonas fav fan arts in this thread please I am here for it just as much as the chatting

No. 236635

File: 1662479037820.jpg (428.17 KB, 787x1200, 0711280.jpg)

No. 236636

File: 1662479138662.jpg (305.13 KB, 998x998, 8711280.jpg)

No. 237914

File: 1662833067767.png (1.53 MB, 978x846, rr.png)

as a history-sperg, its actually pretty funny seeing how many plot points and characters George copied verbatim from real life historical events and figures
The Targaryens are basically the Normans, Robert's rebellion was the Tudor seizure of the Throne and Robert was an ambulation of both Edward the 4th and Henry and the 8th(bith started out at tall, handsome and popular and became fat and lazy the longer his reign went on)
Towton and Tewkesbury are sort of history's version of the Trident, with Towton being the battle that made Edward IV the king, and Tewkesbury the battle that definitively sealed it after Henry VI briefly regained the throne (something that didn't happen in ASOIAF), with Henry VI's heir being killed in battle the way Rhaegar was.
George was kind of flighty and spoiled, sort of like Renly. He made a marriage pact with the Nevilles, the way Renly did with the Tyrells. And eventually, Richard, like Stannis, is the one who is supposed to have killed or overseen the murder of George. Stannis, like Richard, did a lot of work behind the scenes that he felt went unrewarded. Richard, like Stannis, spent the last part of Edward's reign in self-imposed exile in York, the way Stannis left for Dragonstone. Like Stannis and Cersei, Richard and Elizabeth Wydeville became adversaries after Edward's death, with Elizabeth losing her brother and one of her sons to summary execution.
Edward IV's children also had their legitimacy questioned by Richard the way Stannis questioned Robert's kids'. In this case, because Edward had agreed to marry a woman before he married Elizabeth Wydeville, the Wydeville marriage was illegitimate and the royal kids were bastards. Like Myrcella, Elizabeth of York, Edward's daughter, became a marriage pawn. Like Edward V, Joffrey was murdered and his uncle blamed (only it was Tyrion and not Stannis).
(Cersei and Joffrey are interesting because they actually seem to each be drawn from multiple characters: Elizabeth Wydeville and Margaret of Anjou for Cersei, and Edward V and Edward of Westminster for Joffrey. Margaret was ferocious, hands-on and very aggressive about her son's rights, and there were claims that Edward of Westminster was not Henry VI's son. Edward of Westminster who was allegedly a cruel boy who liked to have knights beheaded(likely Yorkist propaganda).

No. 238558

File: 1663036622154.jpg (118.96 KB, 714x534, manpainjimmy.jpg)

If you could choose any ASOIAF character as your husbando or wifey who would it be and why? For me it's Jaime

No. 238579

No. 238603

Brienne of Tarth or Theon Greyjoy

No. 238607

oops forgot to say why, so to be honest im watching the show for the first time alongside house of the dragon. Im up to season 3 in the first show and all eps in HOTD.

Brienne because she is so loyal and strong and I love her a lot. Theon because…of the opposite really. I love his character and the way he is stuck in his head about what to do and I just want to take him away from it and make him feel better.

No. 238614

Really hated the new episode of HOTD. Everyone is so hung up about how wrong it was for Rhaenyra to get Criston Cole to sleep with her since she is his boss when she was literally groomed by her uncle and Alicent was literally assaulted. But the dude is totally the victim in this.

No. 238626

Sandor. I love him so much. He’s so big and strong and mean, but deep down he would love me immensely and I would have him wrapped around my finger. I want him to cry into my chest while I stroke his long dark hair, kiss his scars, and tell him everything will be okay.

No. 238633

Asha Greyjoy. based pirate gf

No. 238682

The Martell prince that was played by Pascal. I always liked him, even before the show, because his main motivation is avenging his sister and her children, and i always felt their deaths (and lives) were forgotten by everyone. Their deaths are also the main reason i fucking hate rhaegar.
It may be a silly reason to like a character, but i like men that genuinely love and care for the women in their family.

No. 238701

File: 1663080105351.jpg (73.71 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-7d0065f22342b3ab13cf…)

>Everyone is so hung up about how wrong it was for Rhaenyra to get Criston Cole to sleep with her
Right? Where in that scene did she coerce him? It was 100% mutual, she never pressured him in any way, and she's a fucking 18-year-old princess, she has no concept of abusive power dynamics.

Compare the sex scene between Rhaenyra and Criston to an actual borderline rape scene with Alicent. It was meant as a comparison between Rhaenyra getting to sow her royal oats and have fun while Alicent, the ever dutiful daughter, had to grin and bare sex with a scabby dude her father's age.

Ramsay was a guilty pleasure character, but Sandor and Quentyn are my favorites. >>238626 perfectly put why Sandor is best guy, but I think Quentyn deserves an honorable mention. I liked how determined he was, how he keeps trying to fulfill the mission his father gave him, even to the point of dying to try and win Dany's hand in marriage. Him being stoic and shy, yet having this Sansa-esque view of the world was cute.

No. 238737

File: 1663089238071.png (377.41 KB, 432x469, euron.PNG)

I know, I KNOW, there's something wrong with me but book Euron (not show Euron) is just so awful and fucked up and interesting. Can't help it.

No. 238791

Right, the moids on reddit are crying about it as if it's not their first fetish. And Criston never actually looked like he didn't want it, he just felt bad for breaking his oath. He even takes charge and laughs during the scene.

No. 239000

They cry on reddit about anything, I saw a thread complaining that Rhaneyra treated Amos badly and she was unfair to him. They're so dumb.

No. 240022

Thoughts on episode 5? Beside Criston being delusional.

No. 240039

Criston broke my emersion in the show. As if any man would be so upset about getting laid. Oh boo hoo, your oath. And even if he was upset about breaking his oath (he could have declined the princess to begin with, she didn't force him, just another man not taking responsibility for his own actions), you'd think his self preservation instincts would kick in and, ya know, not tell Alicent about it. He literally asked for death, what a fucking idiot, who would do that? Could have kept his mouth shut. We have literally only seen men be whores in this show and then the one dude Rhaenyra picks just happens to not be down? Also I felt bad for Laenor. Both of them thought their arrangement was perfect and it ended horribly. Also the next episode is a time skip and it felt like they showed a bit to much in the sneak peek tbh.

No. 240143

Criston was such a pick-me this episode. It felt as if he completely lost all of his braincells after episode 3. And him killing Laenors bf was totally stupid and unwarranted.

No. 240150

Genuinely hate cristen now, he’s a fucking idiot. And honestly we got zero build up to make us believe that he would be so hurt over “breaking his oath” or whatever.

They should’ve introduced us to him as a do good who has never questioned the order of the realm, or whatever. This just fees out of left field

No. 240151

Alicent entering during the king’s speech would have been far more impactful if there was a dress code to appear in the Targaryen and valeryon colors for the wedding week. That way she would have been the only one at the feast in her family’s colors.

Knowing the impact colors will have in allegiances later on makes me feel like they fumbled the significance of that scene. It should’ve represented the beginning of her intent to get her son seated as king.

No. 240157

Here's the thing, criston is the son of a steward from a minor irrelevant house who are basically one step above regular peasants, a big part of his character is that he genuinely believes all of the BS about honor, chivalry and tradition, more so then any other character, his worldview is based entirely on arbitrary tradition that he doesn't question

No. 240170

oh i totally get that, but we see enough characters in the series that come from similar backgrounds that care little for maintaining an oath if it means they get what they want at the end of the day. i just feel like it’s better storytelling to make us feel like this was an potential outcome of them fucking. The ramifications would have felt more compelling and thrilling as a viewer if we knew how much shit she could be getting into fucking him.

No. 240175

I genuinely hate Daemon now. He is the scrotes power fantasy likeable anti-hero guy they oh so love to project themselves onto. And he killed Rhea (who reminded me of the Greyjoy pirate girl) just because she saw right through his bullshit. Typical scrote shit

No. 240184

I didn't like it. Number of plot holes was remarkable today I don't even know where to start. I'm glad we saw Laena but that wasn't enough.
It's hard to be on team Black when you hate Daemon and Rhaenyra. Ok, gray characters are cool, but that's just too… much.

No. 240265

Me too. I wasn't even that opposed the incest at the start because I know it was coming, and him annoying his brother was kinda funny but he's so unnerving in the last two episodes… dude, it's not your beautiful and proud wife's fault you can't get hard. Bitch. Plus the both of them, Rhaenyra and Daemon, are shown at least in the book to have cared about and loved other people so I just don't like the whole oh they must be together that the show and the media around it promote. Maybe the age difference is really jarring too between the actors and now that we will get Emma and they will get some more development besides Daemon's grooming I will start liking them again, who knows.

No. 240268

Its the casting that ruined him, Daemon is supposed to reckless, charming, violent, vain and handsome, you don't get that feel with matt smith, he just can't play a hot-blooded dashing rouge

No. 240395

fucking this. I'd go as far as to say he's actively bad. when he was calling out to the crabfeeder while riding caraxes, he just speaks the line. he doesn't shout, it's not emphatic, there's zero emotion.. He's going for a silent thunder, but all we can see is silnt.

also ofc the one canonically hot male character is literally portrayed by the ugliest man alive.

No. 240427

I’ve never read the source material, but I could tell by the way Matt Smith as Daemon was presented, his character trope was supposed to be this super attractive bad boy. Unfortunately, you’re right, Matt Smith is just too fucking ugly. Idk who I would’ve preferred, but there HAS to be a hotter moid actor out there that could’ve done Daemon’s character justice.

No. 240432

coupling how he is being portrayed to be this male power fantasy character with cristin cole’s reaction in the feast..it’s all coming off incelish.

No. 240451

File: 1663638290906.jpg (36.88 KB, 588x420, targaryans.jpg)

They should have brought back Harry Lloyd to play Daemon. The actor is older now and he could have used a different voice, different mannerisms, and a different wig to believably play another character, distinguished enough from the one he played before. It's not beyond reason for two from the same family line could look so similar either. He was awesome at playing the scumbag Targaryan while still making the character sexy as hell.
Matt Smith is hideous, has zero sex appeal, and makes Daemon come off as an incel.

No. 240473

Not trying to gotcha or anything nonnie, since I'm usually a mean man/villain fan, but don't people usually say mean men/villains get away with what they do because they're played by attractive actors? Isn't Daemon being ugly good?

I'm not invested in the show, I was just curious to see this crop up on the front page because yeah, Harry Lloyd was really good as Viserys. Completely messed up.
I'm a Jonsa too, lolcow is the only website where I would admit that. I like Jon as a Byronic hero, and I like the Beauty and Beast themes in Sansa's story. There's no way the Lady of Winterfell/possible Queen in the North could marry someone lowborn or without lands, so I don't really understand endgame Sansan because it's just not a ship appropriate to the setting (and I love ships like Sansan usually).
Jon or Aegon (whom Arianne will probably marry) are the only acceptable suitors, if she marries at all. (See the Ashford theory, or the Pact of Ice and Fire that states a Stark must marry a Targaryen fostered in Winterfell. It's yet to be fulfilled).

No. 240476

matter, but well that’s the point we’re going for nonna.. what’s the point of portraying the bad boy that “gets away with it” (like they’re trying to portray in the show) when he doesn’t fit the bill charisma wise? it’s not playing out right.

we don’t need to be convinced of his wrongs being wrong, his looks won’t sway us on that. but the eye candy part is inherent to the true bad boy trope. otherwise he’s just another self serving political recluse. Daemon is meant to embody charm, and right now matt smith is failing miserably at that.

No. 240478

I see what you mean, thank you for re-explaining for the slow ones.
I think my dislike of Daemon and Rhaenyra (for spoilery reasons) sort of made me lean towards understanding Matt Smith's casting more, because I do like the ugly man (who is morally ugly) paired with the dashing bad boy persona. It's the sort of visual conflict I enjoy with GRRM, e.g. with Jaime (handsome but a complicated, even bad man).

That is, I'm not expecting the true bad boy trope to be played straight at all in a GRRM production, but since it's Hot D you can argue it's not really his to begin with.

No. 240511

File: 1663649423959.jpeg (185.62 KB, 824x663, 2FDF54FA-ED48-4FA2-B7C4-959D56…)

I hate him so much it’s honestly unreal, and I feel like 90% of my hate is because he is played by Matt Smith who is quite literally the ugliest most deformed looking man I have ever seen, he looks like he escaped from the miocene epoch. Everyone stop the search for the missing link because we have found him. I don’t comprehend how a man could be so ugly and the bar for mens looks is already in hell, but he managed to somehow sink lower. I don’t know how i’m supposed to suspend my disbelief enough to see this as a man who is wanted and admired by many women, somehow the dragons and magic in this show are more realistic than anyone wanting to fuck Matt Smith despite him having money and power. Aside from his looks he’s a fucking piece of shit pedo and i’m so mad he killed Rhea she was barely in the show but I wanted to see more of her because she seemed like a really cool character, I hope he fucking suffers in the upcoming episodes I need him to have a worse death than anyone on the show previously.

No. 240545

It feels like the art of subtlety is gone. The impact of Alicent disrupting the speech (it felt so out of place btw, her actresses persona is so non-threatening they should've left the green reveal for the time jump) is ruined by "did the green colour is actually significant, we need to tell you its significant" instead of placing a similar line earlier in the show instead of hamfisting it in. It all feels so oversimplified, the dialogue, the characters motives. How does Sir Criston manage to beat a guy's face in in front of like 50 people from royal houses and there's no fuss about it? Alicent just so happens to be there before Cristen commits sepuku because muh honour? I feel like if it was directed a bit better even the badly written plot lines would be more believable. I hope it improves in the second half of the season as they're probably rushing these events.

No. 240551

It feels there's half the dialogue of GOT, but it's probably only because of the different sources. I like that it's not as crass.
I feel like even if it has its faults I will watch it all. There's nothing else that scratches the spot like it. They could make it less dark though, as in the literal lighting because I can't see much.

No. 240632

>he looks like he escaped from the miocene epoch
HAHAHA nona that's brilliant, I'm going to remember that one.

No. 240776

And yet, people are THIRSTING over him on Twitter and TikTok.

No. 240821

File: 1663733099360.jpg (459.3 KB, 1252x1244, too hot to sit a horse.jpg)

I loved the books and was obsessed with the show when it aired but I haven't seen any HOTD yet. Is it worth it? I'm mainly a Jaime husbandofag and want TWOW more than anything.

No. 240822

This one scene, not an exaggeration, is better than the entirety of HOTD thus far

No. 240853

It's pretty meh. The fact that I decided to watch fucking Rick and Morty over HOTD as my Sunday show two weeks in a row should tell you enough. I want to enjoy it but there are some glaring issues that make it less than enjoyable. The two big ones for me are Daemon's god awful casting and the fact that the show feels like it's speeding to get to something, but we're kinda skipping some important shit here.

No. 240861

I liked some episodes a lot but they do seem to be hit and miss. I liked the last two episodes a lot though despite the previous one gaving nsfw scenes. I think now the show is about to become actually interesting.

No. 240881

please tell me you’re joking nonna I don’t want to believe this

No. 240904

Yeah it's true. They're ready to forgive him everything now, and I think that's a fuck up on the writers and Goerge's side. Aegon the Older will at least be pretty, Daemon and Aemond both look like goblins.

No. 241081

Rhea was only in the show for less than 5 minutes but she already shot to my top favorite characters. We've heard Daemon shit talk his "ugly" wife for several episodes and then we see that cool lady. As soon as Daemon rolled up standing in his edgelord little black cloak I knew it was over. At least Rhea got one last jab at his (possible?) impotency before dying. Daemon is irredeemable to me now. I will never understand anyone who thirsts for him or acts like he's just a "bad boy/antihero." I know they probably will, but if they ship Rhaenyra/Daemon like it's nbd I'm going to lose any sympathy. Girl, if he does that to his wife how do you know he won't if you become inconvenient?

Also Criston is an idiot. I thought he was just a naive fool but now he's also just irredeemable.

No. 241083

Adding to add that imo the main group of characters I actually like and/or want to succeed are the Valeryons. Corlys is a cool old man who seems to appreciate justice and to have his family survive. Rhaenys has (seemingly) gotten over her bitterness of being passed over for the throne but still strives to influence things with her husband. Laena is pretty, and though we don't get much of her she seems wise about things. And Laenor…poor fucking guy. I knew it wouldn't happen, but I was rooting for Rhaenyra and Laenor to be a platonic dragon riding battle couple with lovers on the side. But this isn't that show.

No. 241092

Wouldn't Sandor become landowning if his brother dies? House Clegane is pretty high up there for Lannister bannermen. I'm a SanSan coping hard.

No. 241094

Also *If Gregor dies again. Not sure if a zombie can be head of a house anyways lol

No. 241114

my fucking thoughts exactly. the bad boy/anti-hero trope has been completely ruined by kylo stans and serial killer fanatics. The bad boy trope is meant to subvert our expectations, have a troubled past, yet not completely irredeemable, and be able to demonstrate an obvious suppressed desire to extend kindness while also thinking he is incapable of it, despite his actions. The Bad Boy gives roughly, but bare minimum he still gives. The bad boy trope is GREAT when used correctly, but now blue haired fucking bitches who love horrible men are boosting incel male power fantasy characters as the bad boy archtype.

I fucking hate how a trope that was honestly geared toward women is completely being ruined. Fuck him.

speaking of what i mentioned before, i am an shameful SanSan stan, but in a not creepy way i swear. Sandor IS the bad boy trope done well, i just wish he was actually portrayed by a handsome man with a scar. He was meant to be a phantom of the opera kind of deformed imo, half his face is bad but the other half is hot.

No. 241122

I actually really liked Rory McCann's portrayal of him, but maybe that's because I watched the show before I read the books.

No. 241126

oh don't get me wrong, i lovveed rory, but if I'm being critical in a "girls deserve hot guy characters too" kind of way, I would've preferred a different younger guy. I mean The Hound was literally 27 years old when we meet him in the books, which Rory is nowhere near.

No. 241135

That's very true. I like looking at all the fanart of book Sandor. He's perfect in every interpretation.

No. 241442

Which characters do you think would be the biggest terfs or the most vocally opposed to troonism? Besides the obvious like Tywin, Randyll Tarly etc To be honest I can see Sansa peaking very hard

No. 241453

>She found his massive shoulder with her hand. “He was no true woman,” she whispered to him.
>The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back, away from him, but he caught her arm. “No,” he growled at her, “no, little bird, he was no true woman.”

No. 241950

Sansa, Asha Greyjoy and Brienne are probably the most feminist. Cersei is too much of a misogynist and Arya too much of a pick-me. Not sure about Daenerys.

No. 241955

>Arya is a pick me
Nta i don't want to infight but why?

No. 241978

File: 1664052515062.jpg (258.78 KB, 1222x1280, tumblr_50e16cd99b3e466ad9864af…)

>Asha Greyjoy
I agree with Sansa and definitely Brienne, but from my memory, Asha is pretty alright with the idea of salt wives and general Ironborn rape traditions. I think the most feminist is probably Arianne and the Sand Snakes.

No. 241983

arya doesn't read like a pick-me, but i could see her become an aiden in current year

No. 241986

File: 1664053517566.png (16.97 KB, 1080x86, Screenshot 1.png)

Arianne is self serving and not the least bit feminist, she was open to the idea of becoming the wife of Viserys and is willing to sell out [spoiler]her entire family and kingdom to get with young griff, so she could become queen of westeros[/spolier] its the reason why Viserys /Arianne is still a fairly popular ship

No. 242044

Isn't Brienne a bit of a Pickme for Jaime? Don't want to start a fight, she is my favorite character but Jaime is a huge jerk (that I still like), kek.

I got somewhat through the books and I actually stopped when I saw a lot of the story beats of the last season of the show. Do you guys think Martin will actually follow them in the final books or no?

No. 242067

What does it even mean to be a pickme anymore? Brienne had a crush on Jaime but she didn't change for him, didn't do anything very specific to get him to like her, and didn't consider herself better that other women

No. 242078

DA I think Jaime/Brienne is a terrible/boring ship but I don't think Brienne is a pickme at all. Ironically a lot of ASOIAF fans in the social media wokesphere seem to be pickmes for Jaime, both women and mostly straight men. It's not as if Jaime is going to come to life and date whoever defends him the hardest but some people hilariously act otherwise

No. 242411

File: 1664157220183.jpg (46.73 KB, 560x844, a9d16a7dba07c20f29b23deda1217f…)

>Do you guys think Martin will actually follow them in the final books or no?
I don't remember if it was D&D who said this or George RR Himself but it's been said that it will diverge, and only one thing has been confirmed Bran being the endgame king. I think Jon's parentage was also soft confirmed to be the same. George has said his writing changes a lot so even if at the time that was his initial endgame, he likely changed it inadvertently. There are clear future ideas D&D stole like the bells driving Dany mad from the JonCon story, so there will probably be parallels from the show, just executed much, much better.

No. 242462

bless you anon. i think this thread is the only place on the internet where i can find all of my intersecting media ideals.

No. 242581

I can definitely see Alicent hating troons

No. 242585

File: 1664209769029.jpg (84.77 KB, 1200x675, wiuehfihfueifrhu.jpg)

Thoughts on the new episode? I like the new actors far better than their younger selves and thought the show feels a bit more cohesive now. The Aegon jacking off shit was so gross and unnecessary though.

No. 242590

I think the actress for Rhaenyra really does favor the younger one, but I didn’t think the one for Alicent was even somewhat similar to the one that played her younger self. She has a whole different vibe.

No. 242594

everyone keeps saying this, but I'd like to think that it's due to the fact that she's been stuck in her head of lies and paranoia for so long that she's been warped into a completely different person. In the books she was far worse and honestly, different too. Like in the books it's insinuated that she slept around as well.

No. 242609

I think they're going a little bit too fast. I would have liked to know Harwin and Laena better.
But I did like that they didn't make Daemon kill Harwin. I would not have liked that since I already can barely stand him.

No. 242612

I think the jacking off was supposed to be icky, showing what a degenerate egoistic little shit he is

No. 242618

File: 1664217543286.jpg (31.19 KB, 300x420, AEGON_III.jpg)

I have no intention to watch the series but has Aegon(Rhaenyra's and Daemon's son) appeared yet, he's my favorite Targ king and both my husbando and sonfu, I don't wanna see him ruined

No. 242620

No, thanks for spoilers

No. 242622

Criston Cole gets more and more insufferable each episode. It was very satisfying to see Harwin punch him in the face. Bitch is seething every second bc Rhaenyra dgaf about him anymore. Looks like that little shit Aegon is the new Joffrey. Team Blacks all the way I guess

No. 242632

I mean its already been spoiled though

No. 242637

I know they play a way bigger part in the story, but Aegon and Aemond's and even Helaena characters and (original) ambitions are well defined while Rhaenyra's kids are… Just there. I guess the sme goes for the twin girls. All I've gathered is that Jace already knows they might be bastards and that one of the twins is being neglected by her father for not having a dragons. But maybe we will discover more about them all, after all they're a bit younger.

No. 242724

File: 1664240629672.jpg (53.47 KB, 929x619, FdOWyorWAAIDgEu.jpg)

Love this creepy bug girl. Justice for Helaena.

No. 242744

Do you nonas think there are many parallels between Criston Cole and Jaime?

No. 242937

I was confused about who she was at first but then I remembered she was Helaena. As soemone who also wants pet giant millipedes, she's cool.

I didn't care too much about Harwin since we literally barely knew him. I did cheer him on for giving Cole a taste of his own medicine with the face punching. His brother (still don't know his name) is gearing up to be the main punchable villain. Even Alicent was like "dude wtf."

No. 244397

Someone else said it too, but I really don’t like how HoD feels like it’s on super fast forward. The pacing of the story is way off.

No. 244442

I think today's episode was better in that actually. At least it's clear that everything happened in a day or two.
I think part of the trouble is the lack of detail the original has… they don't want to create new material so they stick to that, but it makes them go fast.

No. 244460

"I should've been there!" - Laenor who is never there

No. 244470

that's the issue with adapting Lore/In-universe history, in the books and extended canon we don't get a single POV from any of these characters featured, we just learn what they did and popular perceptions of their personalities, that said when the actual Dance of Dragons begins I think the show will really get good and start being more like GoT

No. 244527

File: 1664811248720.png (312.51 KB, 596x582, Screenshot.png)

so these are the actors playing jace and baela in the final time-skip, they look like moderately populars tik-tokers

No. 244529

I don't see it but okay…

No. 244544

the more I think about it, the more certain I am that a story that requires several time skips is probably not the best story to tell.

I wish they had chosen an Aegon i the conqueror series, so that we could get into the beginnings of each of the great houses.

No. 244573

what I dislike most about HoTD is that its very clear with the way the show's set up, that the blacks side will be portrayed as being unequivocally "good" while the greens will be the designated bad guys, in the books it was more nuanced both sides were human beings who were pushed to the point of utter madness and hatred when their children got involved, by making Alison into cersei 2.0 and giving Daemon more heroic characterization they have taken away that nuisance

No. 244583

The dude playing jace looks like that guy from euphoria

No. 244588

Kinda weird how all of the scrotes have moved on from idealizing Stannis to idealizing Aemond.

No. 244614

What do they even have in common? Being the brother of a drunk sex addict?

No. 244651

File: 1664842315871.jpeg (473.08 KB, 828x1037, C1905C5C-5872-4488-B140-BFA57C…)

Is anyone else thrown off by the casting for older Alicent? She looks the same age as the previous actress

No. 244652

they’re both insane abusive scrotes and men love that

No. 244655

nah, young Alicent was prettier.

No. 244657

relatable, same thing happened for me with the last of us videogame, knowing the fans of the series absolutely hated last of us 2 and the remake of the first one does make me happy.

No. 244658

I think they are both beautiful but they don’t look alike at all and older alicent just looks way too young

No. 244660

i thought the tranny blonde.

No. 244681

File: 1664848364607.gif (1.76 MB, 540x343, tumblr_2b48e44b1d8a0ef3bc94834…)

I'm fucking piiiiiiiissed that they didn't cast THIS guy as Daemon instead of ugly Matt Smith.

No. 244690

File: 1664858019540.jpg (55.85 KB, 561x746, tumblr_7854b8386a8c36ccad2faef…)

Agreed, I find him so damn attractive and Daemon doesn't do it for me at all. Even if he's a rage-filled scrote lol, though it seems like he's being written as multifaceted instead of just a boring psychopath for the sake of it. Can't wat for him to kill his uncle at the Godseye

No. 244694

I don't watch the show, but what is this character or actors name?

No. 244695

don't know the actors name but the character is called Aemond one-eye, he's meant to be a parallel to Daemon, both are rash and impulsive bad boys, but unlike Matt Smith he actually looks the part

No. 244697

They look almost identical though… I'll give him that he has eyebrows, though

No. 244793

He looks like a character from the yakuza games kek

No. 244804

File: 1664909918672.jpg (45.46 KB, 620x413, Ewan-Mitchell-Aemond-Targaryen…)

I haven't watched the episode yet but you mean this is hot? He's right on par with Matt Smith if not uglier imo.

No. 244806

Actor is Ewan Mitchell from The Last Kingdom

No. 244808

He's definitely not hot and I deserve to be clowned for it lol, maybe it's the brows + ability to actually emote that make him more appealing than Matt Smith to me.

No. 244830

He does carry the wig better. Or he just got a nicer one

No. 244957

I actually think they're humanizing them better. Alicent got married even younger, her dad is a dick who hits her son, Aemond I think will be more than a simple psycho, and Helaena was always likable. Criston and Larys do bring it down but they're not really part of the family. They balanced the Blacks by making Daemon an absentee father for the twins and his grooming. Rhaenyra will eventually fuck up. At some point. I don't know, I saw many people being sympathetic towards Alicent and Aemond and calling out Daemon and Rhaenyra for being selfish and making Rhaenys think she had lost both children.

No. 244967

NTA, maybe it's just me but I don't think anyone deserves to be clowned on for liking some actor that someone else doesn't consider attractive

No. 244978

How much time are they skipping? He looks the same age as Daemon. I know people rag on the show for the male actors staying the same while the women get changed. But if I see old Aemond and same old Matt Smith on screen it's going to break my immersion a lot. Dude doesn't age at all in 20-some years?

Same. I think he's got strong features and looks distinctive but he's not my type. But that doesn't mean I think he's ugly.

No. 244979

Rhaenys and Corlys are the people I honestly feel for the most here. They've been basically supporting their family this whole season, helping out in a battle in the stepstones, and lost their only children (well, one but they PROBABLY don't know about Laenor). I hope Rhaena and Baela don't meet tragedy, but this is a GOT spinoff.

No. 244988

File: 1664978553700.jpg (182.4 KB, 945x1415, 03.jpg)

same with Alicent, in the book her motivations seemed to solely driven by desire for power and she really had no characterization except as a cersei parallel, in the show you get where her frustrations seem to be coming from her, her resentment of rhaenyra who got to fuck around with the hottest guys in westeros while she forced to be with a disgusting rotting old man and was never allowed to complain or show discomfort

No. 245150

I really like that sentiment nona. Ultimately it's moids and their 'she looks and acts like a child but is 700 years old' waifus that are the most deserving of being clowned on anyway lol.

No. 245180

I think both Alicent and Rhaenyra parallel Cersei in their own ways, but I've also noticed a lot of Sansa fans preferring Alicent while a lot of Dany fans prefer Rhaenyra

No. 245306

File: 1665088112007.png (2.18 MB, 1391x926, rhae.png)

New episode stills! She looks so good in black.

No. 245307

File: 1665088142430.jpg (117.46 KB, 1580x1104, tpapcxgk67s91.jpg)

'Strong boys' speech

No. 245339

good to see they included the habsburg jaw since they are basically the irl targaryens >>245306
she’s so beautiful

No. 245402

Definitely ugly hot. Apparently the actor is only 20, how am I supposed to believe that that's a zoomer?

No. 245417

His age isn't known and he was in The Last Kingdom for at least 3 years. I think Aemond is meant to be 20 (?) and his actor is probably near to late 20s. Compare the two green brothers to the actor who plays Jace who was actually born in 2004 and you'll see. It was probably intentional

No. 245436

File: 1665147542406.jpg (37.26 KB, 736x485, 6f40241c14.jpg)

the wildest thing for me is the fact that the actor playing him was born in 2002, he's just 20 years old, he looks 32

No. 245494

File: 1665165806672.jpeg (153.83 KB, 1197x1197, Fee5dywWYAAUKCQ.jpeg)

I love the dress.

No. 245600

File: 1665198978816.png (2.26 MB, 1061x848, ewan.png)

It's so hard to find definitive info about his age anywhere. He was in the movie Fire in 2015 and definitely doesn't look like he's only 13, so I'm tempted to think he's mid-to-late-20s.

No. 245601

File: 1665199047941.jpg (76.61 KB, 300x450, MV5BMjA0MTc2NDUtNjFiMi00ODJjLW…)

Samefag, he's definitely gotten handsomer with age (even without the Targ wig).

No. 245833

the costuming might be better then thrones already

No. 245905

File: 1665341708920.jpg (222.51 KB, 2048x1358, 606ffb929491e__880.jpg)

he's hot to me and that's all that matters

No. 245925

ok so does daemon have a portrait of dorian grey thing going on, how old is he even supposed to be now? he was 20-ish when he and rhaenyra had the encounter in the brothel and now she's 32 with grown ass children and his hair hasn't even gotten thinner? he's really going to look 40 years old this entire series and i'm supposed to ignore that?

No. 245929

Appreciate you nonny. So excited to see him fuck shit up in tonight's episode.

No. 246001

File: 1665374793961.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1920x1080, vizzy t.png)

Sad ep tonight :(

No. 246067

Might have shed some tears when he talked to Rhaenyra for the first time in 6 years.

No. 246267

File: 1665463640464.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x1270, House_Of_The_Dragon_Aegon_Epis…)

this mf looks like bam margera

No. 246577

File: 1665545784036.jpg (336.01 KB, 1669x2048, ohnolancel.jpg)

I'm curious how anon's favorite ASOIAF characters compare to their favorite HOTD characters and if there are any sort of trends. I haven't seen HOTD yet and haven't read F&B but my favorite characters in ASOIAF are Jaime, Cersei, Sansa and Theon. If you want to indulge my autism please reply with

>favorite asoiaf characters

>least fav asoiaf characters
>favorite hotd characters
>least fav hotd characters
>any favorite or hated pairings from either

No. 246659

Ooh, fun! Anon, you should probably watch HOTD. I don't think it can compare to the books in the amount of characters or storylines, but I think it's doing what it's meant to do well.
>jaime, brienne, cersei, dany and arya
>jon… he hasn't done anything he's just boring, all the serial rapists
>rhaenyra, aemond, alicent
>daemon. I have a love-hate relationship with Viserys as I think he's written well but the war is his fault
The pairings, meh, I'll read some fanfiction and then get depressed thinking about canon, so I haven't managed to get too much attached.

No. 246771

The green team consists of a bunch of bitter incels. Cole is the prime example of a bitter and crazy ex, Alicent is a jealous karen who wants Rhaenyras attention at all costs and Larys is a creepy yandere for Alicent who just doesn't get that he will always stay in the friendzone because she is gay. Aegon is a lost cause and Aemond is basically a highschool revenge fantasy for people who got bullied by the popular kids kek

No. 246795

please go back to tumblr

No. 246800

File: 1665589383710.jpg (523.11 KB, 3715x1717, NYEjJt2wHpAwJpDW.jpg)

so like can we all agree Helaena is autistic like i think we can all agree on that, I'm saying this as a fellow autist

No. 246839

she’s incredibly autistic and i love it tbh

No. 246840

It feels very deliberate, as also Viserys' lego collection, to give them a character that they lacked in the original history book. She's cute and pure.

No. 246844

Honestly, I had my some doubts about racebending the Velaryons. but making the Velaryon's black created some incredible comedy, the sheer comedy of Rhaenyra holding up the the two whitest children in history saying they're not bastards

No. 246890

i know they weren't necessarily dark skinned in the books/original narrative, but GRRM confirmed that the subc-continent of valyria had people of varying skin tones but all with mostly platinum blonde/white hair and purple eyes. which makes sense since it's was huge and heavily populated before the doom. feels less like a retcon in that way. Plus, it looks pretty cool and definitely helps with the wildness of their birth fathers kek

No. 246915

File: 1665604085232.png (632.7 KB, 601x596, smirks.png)

>catelyn, rickon, sansa, young griff, manderlys
>darkstar, tyrion and cersei, littlefinger
>tully lads, luke, jace, rhaenys, helaena, gaemon and his moms, viserys
>aemond, cole, daemon, borros, larys
>i liked daemon/laena, val/jon, jace/helaena and other crack ships

i see some patterns here

No. 247222

File: 1665691055226.jpg (519.42 KB, 2379x1714, VqHy1pWWQl81A0RR.jpg)


No. 247247

File: 1665704181383.jpg (187.89 KB, 1279x1280, tumblr_1b0d6219e0472806b0eecad…)

The way he's so gentle and affectionate with his mother and protective of his (possibly autistic) sister. The one (1) war criminal I want to marry

No. 247258

File: 1665709644631.jpg (421.56 KB, 2000x3000, the stacy stride.jpg)

Based purely on entertainment value OR being well-written/likeability
>favorite asoiaf characters
Wyman Manderly, Sansa, Little finger, Varys, Cersei, Tyrian, Tywin, Jaime, Penny, Dany, Reek, Brienne, Tormund (har!), all Martells (primarily Oberyn), Victarion, Euron, Roose, Gregor, Sandor, Barristan, Robert Baratheon, Ned, Nimble Dick, Podrick, Bram, Stanis, Davos, Lewyn, and Catelyn
Based purely on the lack of entertainment value OR general dislikeability, accidental or purposeful.
>least fav asoiaf characters
Jorah (gross), Theon (he's Theon), Melisandre (not her fault really, just frustrating seeing her get stuff wrong), Janos and Alister (obviously), Jon (boring), Bran (boring), Renly (fuck that smug prick), Joffery, Ramsay (his relationship with his Reeks are the only interesting thing about him in the books), Stanis's wife, Oakheart (he abandoned Sansa), any and all Frey's (purely by virtue of being Frey's), Lem, and Biter because his existence was reasonably creepy
>favorite hotd characters
The show only? Beesbury, Rhea, and Vhagar are the best characters. Alicent and Otto are great. Viserys's actor was amazing. Corlys and Rhaenys are the only characters that feel wholely good, but I'm team green.
>least fav hotd characters
Criston. Show Daemon. Aegon and Aemond in the future, but otherwise no strong feelings either way with the rest.
>any favorite or hated pairings from either
Dany and Jon for most hated and (aged up) Sansa and Sandor for favorite.

No. 247266

Being as Velaryons and Summerlanders were both seafarers, it would make sense if they intermarried. But yeah I doubt George went for this to be original canon (being as it was always mentioned if someone wasn't white), but it helps fill out the world better and makes the parentage of the children even more glaringly against Rhaenyra (since Aemma was half Arryn and had dark hair herself, the dark hair was loosely plausible).

No. 247268

File: 1665713525599.jpg (37.75 KB, 600x646, js.jpg)

is it bad if i find the thought of this pairing interesting as a messed up alternate universe thing? it feels a bit like a cross between sansan and sanrion to me

No. 247280

This is interesting and tbh i like it. Cersei would be livid.

No. 247312

He should have married Helaena not Aegon. The curse of second sons I guess

No. 247326

starting to notice a lot of sansan or even just sansa fans in here, i love it.

No. 247366

I’m probably the only one here who finds Matt smith hot as daemon

No. 247368

Jon,Arya,Sam,Oberyn Martell
Rhaenyra,Daemon,Jace (kinda),Corlys,Rhaenys
Viserys,Otto,Criston Cole

No. 247756

>Brienne, Sansa, Cersei, Catelyn, Tyrion
>JON, Bran (boring), Davos (even more boring), Littlefinger, Jorah
>Alicent, Rhaenyra, Aemond, Laena, Helaena, Viserys in a "I want to study you like a bug" way
>Daemon, Criston, Otto, Aegon
I don't really care much about pairings, GoT doesn't lend itself well to romantic notions for me lol.
Sansa is a huge favorite for me, it made me so mad that people hated her for being naive. That's the whole tragedy of the thing! Stupid fuckers.

No. 248039

They just HAD to make a woman get sexually exploited???? Why is alicent an eternal victim Jesus, they love seeing woman suffer idk what I expected

No. 248062

I know, the scene with Larys was fucking disgusting.
I loved the scene with Rhaenys on her dragon tho when she had her armor on (I don't know how she managed to go to the dragon pit, put the armor on in time and then also climb on her dragon she literally did that in like 5 minutes). Rhaenys is the only one who is the rightful heir to the throne and I wish she would've said dracarys and burned all of their asses

No. 248063

No. 248065

what are you on about, she has literally no supporters(other maybe her husband) but he's dead and so she really has no chance in hell

No. 248068

File: 1666024827296.png (314.01 KB, 1078x1574, FfELmBbX0AAzTwY.png)

I think he looks kinda hot when he's in armor but his regular scenes are just awkward and I think 99% of it is cause of the awful wig they have him wearing, that goes for most of the adult targ males, they all have awful wigs that look clearly fake, I don't get how they got the right look for Harry Lloyd all the way back season GoT in 1 but managed to fuck it up a decade later

No. 248072

i just hate this dude's retarded mouth shape, sorry it's so punchable

No. 248087

File: 1666031332494.jpg (76.87 KB, 1201x1600, 05ac4.jpg)

We didn’t even get a single kiss between Harwin and rhaenyra but we had to sit and watch Larys jerk off to Alicents feet, WTF

No. 248095

File: 1666032868418.jpg (40.84 KB, 762x844, yBf451BIFu3e.jpg)

The Hightowers are so ridiculous, Alicent KNOWS Aegon is an awful person and would be an awful king, hell fucking Aegon knows he'd be an awful king and yet she still pushes him to it because of her grudge against Rhaenyra, also surprised no one's talking about how Aegon left his bastard son to fend for himself in a child fighting pit

No. 248145

I'm sorry but am I meant to cry or feel particularly bad about Luke dying? Rhaenyra's kids aren't given a personality or interests so I'm not really attached. They'll probably show some next episode but byee
Honestly the show really comes off as Black-biased (which was GRRM's preference anyways) and it ends up making me like the Greens more for it, even though at the start I tended towards the Blacks. I'll admit I'm contrarian at times but I also think they're more interesting. The throne isn't relevant, it's a curse and plot device to see characters unravel.

No. 248148

>The throne isn't relevant, it's a curse and plot device to see characters unravel.
Despite him being an asshole rapist, I love the fact that Aegon is self aware enough to acknowledge that he's not suited to rule at all, I find it refreshing in a way

No. 248149

no, he just uggy.

that’s what’s fucking annoying, Aegon HIMSELF points out that viserys hated him! Also, his last words weren’t even close to something she could misconstrue. he says “last we spoke” and then “the prince that was promised” none of which really point to her aegon, and he even mentions a previous convo they clearly never had.

she is willfully believing it’s his dying wish, but i wish the show made it more obvious that she’s aware of her own delusion.

No. 248150

literally, like is it surgery? something seems fake

No. 248151

I hated Rhaenys' scene. It was so so bad. Akin to a Marvel movie almost.

No. 248156

File: 1666047032159.jpeg (151.02 KB, 1170x1145, C4D5476A-AC52-4B01-A484-67E769…)

omg thank you, like i kinda like it on principle of the greens taking a “loss” but that’s about it. it did feel marvel esque.

I did like that our girl halaena was right though

No. 248157

File: 1666047414979.jpeg (486.75 KB, 1242x1834, 05A44F8D-62EF-46A3-A6F2-81CE2A…)

ofc a fucking pick-me ass bitch producer wrote the foot fetish scene. a fucking woman wrote it. they chose to give us non-canonical development to a random character that we’ve barely seen in two episodes at the violation of one of the main female leads.

>gives a man with a club foot a foot fetish

nothing about that is ingenious or innovative, it’s actually embarrassingly on the nose and borderline offensive to some probably.

No. 248161

They're treating the dragons as GoT did, but there's a difference between one woman handling three lone dragons and like fifteen dragon riders being around. It's also just fanservice

No. 248208

File: 1666067220403.jpg (35.98 KB, 497x512, 27448dec604122efc4657be3d7405a…)

Its really not that complicated, alicent, otto and criston all want aegon on the throne, not cause they think he'd be a better a king or that he deserve to rule by birthright, but cause all their own goals can only be accomplished with aegon on the throne, otto is the second son who stands to inherit nothing and this is the only path for him to gain absolute power, alicent genuinely seems to believe she could "guide" aegon from behind the scenes and rule in his name at times(like the pick-me she is) and criston is bitter that rhaenyra rejected him 20 years ago
its supposed to be the point of no return for both sides, there can be no negations or calls for peace after the death of a child

No. 248210

Bitch excuse me? So not only did I have to watch yet another man on this show jerk his pathetic dick, and not only did he have a foot fetish about it, but these bitches are saying he has a foot fetish because of his clubfoot? I want to die.
I don't mind it tbh, if there's dragons involved then I wanna see 'em and they better be doing cool shit.

No. 248230

I was sitting here, confused why everyone was mentioning Luke dying when I didn't recall that at all. Then I looked it up and apparently the trailer reveals that? And I haven't read the books yet (want to, no time at the moment) so I don't have that context. I skipped the trailer this week simply BECAUSE they've been revealing too much footage so there is no point kek I feel like they've been spoiling their own show with the sneak peeks which is so dumb. They've revealed major plot points in these things several times now. The people running this are stupid.

No. 248242

I'm sorry but Alicent in the book and show are very different. They stripped her of some evil agency but that also means she's not really a pick-me (a term used just for disliked women anyway in no regards to the original definition) so honestly in the show she's convinced she's doing the right thing.

No. 248284

while its true they changed her character, her end motivation remains the same, she wants aegon on the throne hoping she could control westeros from behind the scenes, knowing aegon doesn't give a shit about ruling

No. 248285

unpopular opinion but luke and jace were and are both bullying cunts and i look forward to seeing luke get killed by aemond next ep. wish they’d spare the poor dragon tho. i think i read that jace got killed by soldiers in the book?

praying rapist aegon gets a nasty death i hate him so much, that scene where they showed one of his illegitimate children being forced to live in that hellhole made me sick to my stomach. disgusting rapist piece of shit.

No. 248286

they did one practical joke when they were kids, also aegon took part in it

No. 248287

the brat cost him an eye in a 4-against-1 bc aemond claimed a dragon and it chose him. he didn’t steal it, he had every right to do what he did. and yeah, like i said i want aegon dead too but in a significantly more painful manner given how much of a disgusting monster he is.

anyway aemond x helaena should’ve been married instead of aegon and helaena.

No. 248295

File: 1666102472050.jpg (79.15 KB, 619x469, aegon ii.jpg)

well you'd be happy to know he gets crushed during a dragon duel, gets horrifically burned, loses the ability to walk, his injuries were so bad that he was unable to have any sexual satisfaction, and he spent the last three years of his in horrible pain and agony that drove him mad

No. 248300

yay! that makes me happy, thank you for sharing nona

No. 248303

File: 1666104733332.jpg (800.28 KB, 3097x3334, я что-то натворила.jpg)

MY BABIES I love them

No. 248315

Aemond deserved to lose the eye. He suddenly became a smug bastard who wanted everyone to feel the pain they gave him a la school shooter vibes. Wah wah they bullied me, let me try to crush their skull with a rock? He was literally trying to kill them. The boys were just defending themselves when they took his eye, he got off lucky. Honestly, I have no one to root for in HotD. I think almost everyone is a POS, at least with their show depictions. But I think it has more to do with bad writing, bad pacing, and bad acting. I only like Halaena, I hope she makes it out of this unscathed.

No. 248317

I agree and will feel bad only because of the sad music. Isn't Jace meant to go to winterfell? We're stuck with him for a long time I hope he grows a personality.

No. 248319

Listen, if someone took my eye out leaving me with a disability for the rest of my life AND goes unscathed with no repercussions for mutilating me, I think I'd hold a grudge too. Aemond's father didn't even defend him or care for him while he immediately denied the Stong allegations of his grandsons. How was a man meant to end up normal from it all

No. 248324

Kek, why does Aemond look like some Adam Driver depictions?
Nice art though.

No. 248340

>The boys were just defending themselves
they attacked him first, acting smug isn’t an invitation nor justification for those little crotchgoblins to attack him when he expressed no intention to harm them first. he didn’t pick up the rock until after jace had already drawn his knife.

yeah he has a school shooter vibe as an adult bc of the childhood bullying, no that doesn’t mean the brat who maimed another child deserves to get away unscathed. an eye for an eye. i just feel bad for the poor dragon.

no one points out how shitty viserys was, he was a shit father who spoiled rhaenyra way too much while completely neglecting his other children. newsflash: yes they aren’t your precious first wife’s (whom you let die a horrible torturous death by childbirth) children, no that doesn’t mean you should act like they don’t exist and let rhaenyra’s kids literally maim one of them with no repercussions.

No. 248343

Aemond and Aegon need to die violent deaths. And then Halaena goes to live faraway with her bugs, living happily alone. That would be perfect kek

No. 248406

File: 1666116178009.jpeg (211.76 KB, 828x1248, F6EEB07A-804C-4A5F-A086-EADFCB…)

has anyone noticed how shitty the hotd twitter fandom is? like one account literally posted a photo of alicent being martial raped and thought it was funny. Like I don’t care if you’re against the greens or not but this is disgusting.

No. 248408

HOTD fandom on twitter are just normie redditors with unfunny jokes, really. I only look at HOTD tumblr tag for edits and memes here and there. Twitter was overtaken by ridiculous redditors for an incredibly long time now.

No. 248438

File: 1666122129680.png (989.79 KB, 728x1077, 88270.png)

>You will never be a real Velaryon. You have no Valyrian white gold hair, you have no Summer Islander ebony skin, you have no dreadsof Driftmark. You are a Strong man created by infidelity and debauchery into a crude bastardization of Essosi perfection.
>All the “legitimization” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back the court mocks you. Corlys is disgusted and ashamed every time he looks at you, your uncles laugh at your first men appearance while toasting you in their cups.
>Nobles are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to pick out bastards with incredible efficiency. Even Valyrian bastards who “pass” look uncanny and unimbred to a highborn. Your brown hair is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to ascend to the iron throne after your mothers death, you'll be impaled on it once it senses your baseborn blood.
>You will never be king or lord of Driftmark. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
>Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll go to your dragon and speak dracarys and plunge into the cold abyss. Your mother and stepfather will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your natural surname, Waters, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a bastard is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a family tree that marks you as unmistakably baseborn.
>This is your fate. This is what Rhaenyra chose. There is no turning back.

No. 248447

It's always "insert characters from the blacks* SLAY" or "cole and alicent petty bitches" with them euphoria reaction pics and 300k likes… honestly it's bad when tumblr is the more reasonable place.
Kek, I love this pasta, especially the
>Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to pick out bastards with incredible efficiency. Even Valyrian bastards who “pass” look uncanny and unimbred to a highborn. Your brown hair is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to ascend to the iron throne after your mothers death, you'll be impaled on it once it senses your baseborn blood.

No. 248468

Not a pedo, but young Aemond was really cute and attractive, I miss him.

The Hedge Knight would be really good, but the fat man promised like 12 short novels and only delivered 3. A series would get the late GOT treatment. My wish would be for a two novels per season type of adaptation.

No. 248472

File: 1666127872911.webm (145.32 KB, 1280x720, 1Q1f7ikjg8IU13l1.webm)

he was a cute and the scenes with his mom were really sweet,some degens unironically ship them though

No. 248532

are you ok? he came in name calling them hard and being a piece of shit, right after those girls lost their mother ofc to them it was like he stole it to rub it in their faces.

based nonna!

No. 248537

File: 1666150407016.png (177.41 KB, 645x524, Screenshot 52.png)

>It's always "insert characters from the blacks* SLAY" or "cole and alicent petty bitches" with them euphoria reaction pics and 300k likes
this was literally the third post when I searched HoTD on twitter

No. 248558

File: 1666159842969.jpg (531.42 KB, 1915x2043, sh.jpg)

so to sum it up this pick me(Sara Hess)

>completely cut out Rhaenyra and harwin's relationship

>cut scenes of daemon comforting his daughters
>defended aegon ii being a rapist
>added the cum feet scene because "feminism"
>changed laena's death to be more "feminist"
>thought It would be "feminist" to have Rhaenys come out of the ground and kill people for nothing
>said Rhaenys didnt kill the greens cause it wasn't her war when her grandaughters and husband are involved

No. 248614

them being butthurt about him “stealing” a dragon that wasn’t even theirs is no excuse to physically assault and literally draw a knife on another child. shit talk from a stupid angry bullied kid doesn’t justify maiming him. hope lucerys has a painful death and jacaerys even more so, not just bc they’re spoiled little shits who never have to deal with the consequences of their actions but also bc of the retarded fans who cheered when it happened and think they’re just innocent widdle victims uwu

No. 248628

File: 1666181075637.jpg (239.18 KB, 1930x661, SK4ZlwNO5UyDEZcb.jpg)

three other significant changes Sara Hess made to the story on behalf of her brand of liberal feminism

>she took away alicent's agency in the story, having her blindly follow otto's commands from from the start without question and making the entire usurpation planned by otto and the men of the council

>Rhaenyra was supposed to have gained some weight around this period(cause she's in her late 30's and had 6 pregnancies) but the writers removed that trait about her, cause she believed it was maester bias made to make rhaenyra look bad
>chanaged Laena's death cause she thought dying in childbirth was a not "badass enough"

No. 248651

this idiot REALLY hates women huh. rapist aegon apologist, foot fetish scene, god forbid a middle-aged woman gain weight after 6 pregnancies, dying in childbirth apparently means the woman is a weakling… i’d expect all this from an incel man, NOT a woman who claims to be a feminist. eat shit, fuck off and stop ruining the show. if you can’t respect the source material you have no business working on a show based on it anyway.

No. 248691

File: 1666198053214.jpg (648.6 KB, 1080x2900, FzY99A.jpg)

It is more offensive that she calls herself a feminist, I think her idea of feminism is just a female character that has "yess queen" moments, just like rhaenys in ep 9. idk about you all but characters like Margaery, Cersei, Arya, they were the definition of feminist characters. There are way more qualities that make a woman powerful. its like neither she neither understands the source material and how to write compelling female characters
also this BS

No. 248703

also the in universe author who wrote that Rhaenyra put on weight wrote that because he was shocked that she was chubby and "old" but still beloved by her former suitors!! THAT was the misogyny, not “sometimes women don’t lose baby weight”, like i don’t want any of the actors to be replaced and I wouldn't have even cared, I'm angry that they tried to pretend this was somehow subversive and feminist

No. 248858

>defended aegon ii being a rapist
I haven't been reading all the articles, but where did she say this? Not that I doubt you, I just wanted to read it.
I'm not too angry about not doing the weight gain, honestly. Any time i think of weight gain in tv shows, I think of the disastrous fat Apollo from season three of Battlestar Galactica.

No. 248876

>but where did she say this?
right here >>248691

No. 248877

I'm blind and retarded. Thanks.

No. 249054

File: 1666272573479.jpg (42.4 KB, 540x400, green council.jpg)

whether it was solely sara hess or not, the writers took Alicent's most powerful moment: the green council meeting and instead made her seem clueless about the aegon usurpation, that 3 eps before she was basically the leader of AND made her a victim of sexual assault and sexual persuasion… how can any woman watch that and be okay with it, if only non-book readers knew how frenetic is post-viserys death & the green council in the books and how alicent deals with it, I don’t like alicent but no one can deny that shit really shows how SHE was the leader of that team instead they decided to make her unaware meek daddy's girl

No. 249116

tbh, it seems like they're trying to make the viewer not hate alicent and to show she's more a product of 'powerful men' controlling the narrative or some shit. I'm sad because I was very excited to see book alicent instead of this ultimate evil/ultimate good thing they're going for. Maybe it's to 'subvert our expectations' lol in later seasons?

No. 249420

spoilers for episode 10 since it got leaked and i decided to watch it. those writers seriously made aemond killing luke an accident? are you fucking kidding me? i wanted evil aemond.

No. 249578

Non book reader here. I can buy that it was an accident because it would've been beyond stupid on his part to kill Lucerys during the negotiation phase of the takeover, but why would Arryx just fly back to Vhagar to flamethrower her in the face? It makes no sense. Not sure why Daemon chokeslammed Rhaenyra directly after her stillbirth because she was considering a peaceful option. He's not a great guy but it feels very out of character. The agency is being taken away from all the characters, Alicent, Rhaenyra, Aemond. No villainous characters, just accidents and misunderstandings leading to a civil war. It started out promising but is becoming a GOT season 8 shitshow again.

No. 249580

File: 1666446720159.jpg (52.19 KB, 568x448, geriatricvhagar.jpg)

Found this amusing. Everything makes more sense if Vhagar is just a senile old bat.

No. 249581

I'd say since ep 6 it has felt like that all the main characters(especially the female characters) have lost agency and are just simply reacting to the world and letting the side characters lead to plot while they follow

No. 250080

this. the accident approach is kind of pathetic. we want to see MOTIVES. also, i think they’re trying to retcon the idea that dragons are “very loyal to their riders” since King Viserys earlier in the season made a comment about dragons and their loyalties:

"The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They're a power man should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. If we don't mind our own histories, it will do the same to us."

I guess for the asoiaf/GOT present cast to think that dragons are always “loyal to their riders” is pretty much just a trusted myth since they hadn’t seen any for decades until Danny? Like HOTD is pretty much populated with people who explicitly understand the nature of dragons, which is why we see Luke tell Arrax “listen, be calm” before they start riding away from storms end. he knows his dragon is young and inexperienced. i still hate this though tbh, idek.

No. 250092

It's like they're afraid the audience is too puerile to appreciate the drama between these two going at it without being able to root for the "good guys" who can do no wrong. They're putting way too much effort into making them sympathetic, I don't care to root for either one of them or the other, it's about the human drama.

No. 250187

Exactly, I even think it would be incredibly doable to still include sympathetic characters too by balancing out unforgiveable characters on both side. but tbh i just want to see people be genuinely venomous my god

i just hope rhaenyra becomes ruthless next season.

No. 250188

I think after the children get murdered the plot will really get going

No. 250434

File: 1666707571659.jpg (56.74 KB, 962x925, H4.jpg)

the writers attempts at creating "OC girlboss" moments just end up producing massive character inconsistencies in the plot, the fact rhaenys said this and then proceeds to just do what her husband wants is stupid, like each of her moves were always so calculated in the past, since the very beginning and now she's instantly on rhaenyra's side

No. 250514

GRRM's self insert is Tyrion, so she technically got with him already.

I don't hate Jonsa, but holy shit, is Jon the most boring character in the books (I didn't watch the series because I hated most of the casting). I don't understand Sansan, tho, it used to be the biggest ship in ASOIAF before the show but now there are thankfully tons of better Sansa ships (many of them questionable, lol).

No. 250518

File: 1666732154480.png (7.15 MB, 2000x2400, image.png)

>GRRM's self insert is Tyrion
I really don't fucking see that it all, Martin's actual self insert is just very obvious

No. 250569

hasnt he said that his self insert was varys? since when did he say it was tyrion?

No. 250583

Martin's self-important self-insert = Tyrion
Martin's pathetic male self-insert = Sam (He wrote a character whose's arc is about getting a rape/incest victim to fuck his "fat pink mast".)

No. 250601

Sam and Jon would be more interesting characters if they were secretly gay for each other and fucking. I like Tyrion btw but he's way too dark to be a realistic GRRM self insert, GRRM just seems to speak through his character sometimes because he's his favourite

No. 250616

>wanting graphic depictions of a fat moid having sex
like I get shipping two hot guys, but this is brain rot asf

No. 250623

sam is hella gay even without my fujo glasses on

No. 250624

you suffer from porn addiction, I get it

No. 250803

Friendly reminder that most of shows that are in development never actually get filmed.

No. 251152

You were booed for this but I hate the wall/north of the wall chapters so fucking much that I would be down for this just for the added human drama. Fuck Jon let's see him struggle with his gayness for Samwell Tarly of all people on top of everything else kekkk

No. 251502

File: 1667096144021.png (636.42 KB, 606x780, a.png)

Thanks nona, I feel the same way. It's hard to understand why Jon is such a popular fandom bicycle (except for the fact that he's supposed to be relatively good looking I guess?) when he's so fucking boring. At least other fandom bike characters like Jaime and Sansa are interesting. Semi related but as someone who hasn't watched HOTD yet I feel like the Eyepatch Legolas husbandofagging has somehow gotten to me. How is it that he looks cute to me in picrel?

No. 251582

File: 1667138074120.jpg (300.19 KB, 1317x700, karstarks-strongs-baratheons.j…)

I find it funny how often GRRM repeats certain traits for various families, like the baratheons, the brackens. the strongs and the karstarks are all pretty much share the same distinct physical traits, all four families are described as being tall and strong with black hair and being quick to anger

No. 252553

just saw a tiktok that said "stanning sansa is a terf flag" and tbh i feel more emboldened in my love for her. but also imagine thinking you're in the right for hating an abused little girl who survived all odds, i fucking hate these idiots

No. 252729

That makes me love her even more. Fuckers really tell on themselves, women who relate to or want the best for abused women must be terfs, of course. Sansa in general is a great litmus test character tbh, gauging people’s thoughts on her is the easiest and subtlest way I have of figuring out if people are shitty towards women. For the people I meet who are familiar with GOT anyways.

No. 252881

I SINCERELY hope we see a more ruthless and powerful Alicent in the next season. The show did give her memorable moments (the green dress entrance, her "do keep trying" line to Ser Laenor, each and every time she bitch slapped Aegon), but I still can't forgive how they completely took away her agency in the green council episode and made her completely unaware of the small council's scheming when it was her who ran the show in the books.

My biggest hope is that they're waiting for certain events in the 2nd season that will completely change her outlook, harden her resolve, and make her lose whatever sympathy she had for Rhaenyra (book readers can guess what I'm referring to) but even that is uncertain to me with the whole libfem bs that Sara Hess is doing with her character.

I also find it very funny how they changed her to make her more "sympathetic" in the show but Redditors and normie Twitter fans still hated her. If they're gonna hate her either way I'd rather see them hate on an Alicent that's much closer to her book counterpart.

No. 252892

File: 1667515491395.jpg (80.15 KB, 612x981, 8eccab6666b1483efaac19fda55a3f…)

>Sansa in general is a great litmus test character tbh, gauging people’s thoughts on her is the easiest and subtlest way I have of figuring out if people are shitty towards women.

This is very true. I've had men try to bitch me out for saying she was the most realistic character in the series and that I enjoyed her chapters much, much more than Aryas and some of Danys.

No. 252896

Reading this thread makes me so glad I never got into this series. Really dodged a bullet when I chose to get into Black Sails instead.

No. 252935

>stanning sansa is a terf flag

It sure is! Modern AU Sansa would peak extremely hard and have to maybe hide it behind courtesy fir a while

No. 252951

I feel like I need to rematch the series but I don't think I have the time these days. There is never enough time to binge things, for me anyway. But I remember hating Sansa when I watched it as it was airing kek but that was years ago and I wanna give it all another run through. I want to give all characters another fair chance. I feel like my overall opinion of everything, especially with knowledge of how it ends, would probably be very different. I can't believe it came out 12 years ago, that feels like a lifetime ago! I hadn't even peaked yet. I do feel like I should read all the books first, though. Which requires even more free time I don't have! Damn it.

No. 253089

it IS an amazing litmus test, it also helps distinguish whether or not they have shitty media literacy. So many people simply hate her because she's not arya, since arya = tomboy = badass. I always have to tell people, if you reversed their situations, arya would die within days. She couldn't handle court politics, just like how sansa probably wouldn't survive in the wild. They both have strengths that can be recognized without diminishing the other.

No. 253216

I liked his blonde wig especially when they went short in the latter half…

No. 253220

the guy playing aemond was definitely picked for his hapsburg jaw

No. 253307

i cant decide if aemonds actor is kinda cute or absolutely hideous

No. 253520

I think most people like him because his character is a Bad Boy kek, not really cause of how he looks, sort of the same with how some fans are with Daemon. I haven't watched much but cutest for me so far is Alicent, I just wish she was shown as more of a schemer

No. 254466

idk why i’m surprised since we can’t have anything, but i’m pissed to find out Sophie Turner is a shit person who sided with abusers like depp or shia and makes fun of Meghan Markle and other women on her public instagram??? she literally makes fun of her kids too, wtf is wrong with her? I love sansa and now whenever i see old GoT clips i’ll be reminded that her actress is an annoying pick me.

No. 255799

File: 1668701963974.jpg (849.18 KB, 1080x3703, 0v.jpg)

This got pretty popular on GoT twitter, Thoughts?

No. 255876

i don't understand why this person thinks this was lost on all of us? No shit, the show version of alicent is the quintessential example of a woman having to work within societal limitations. We get that. But who the fuck wants to watch what we literally can look outside our windows to see?

And her having autonomy or decisiveness =/= masculinity. She represents the establishment and conformity, which acts as a perfect foil for rhaenyra, and are elements that are baked in feminine societal structures. Decisiveness is not the opposite of femininity. Both Sansa and (show) Alicent are women whose lives are often dictated by the likes of men, but they are not reacting within those systems similarly at all. girlboss vs damsel is not a 1 to 1 equation.

Making her decisive in her actions would not be removing any "realistic" internal/external conflicts she would have as a woman. Subtle ambition would be a better writing decision, but they don't know how to do that. And while yes, many noblewomen were repressed in antiquity, it's a huge modern reinterpretation to think that there weren't women ruling with a "gentle" hand over their sons and shaping them (and therefore the world) in their own vision.

We do not need to see alicent get taken advantage of sexually to understand the limitations she has as a women. In fact, it's lazy to use those typical literary tricks. Soft power! Show Alicent should've been a noblewoman with SOFT. POWER.

No. 255905

My thing with alicent is that yes she is an example of women who had no option but conforming and yes she is a victim.
But why is it every I see commentary on alicent it ends with something along the lines of "you have no media literacy"? I've seen this on sm and here kek.
I have read/watched plenty of female characters who are abusive as well as victims of a system who were compelling and i loved how they were written. I loved cersei because she was compelling and entertaining to follow. Alicent just gives me indifference.
People who turn liking alicent or rhaenyra into either a political spectrum or a measure of intellect are so annoying. Whichever character you choose to like GRRM incest book is not a reflection of your psyche.

No. 255908

Same here. Not much of a live action fan and the first episode bored me the books work much better so I never finished episode 1 or watched the rest.

No. 256067

Grrm will probably bite it before he finishes the series so I have taken to reading asoiaf fanfiction. Brienne/Jaime ship is rather popular and I actually quite like it as well (there's also hints in canon that they may end up together) One gripe I do have with this pairing in fanfiction is that authors seem to struggle to write this particular ship dynamic well. I guess it is hard to write a relationship where you can't just make the guy instantly fall for the girl because of her beauty.

Noticed lot and lots of AUs for this ship, where they don't seem to be able wrap their head around a celibate virgin adult woman. Always writing Brienne's character into some miserable situationship/drunken hookup with a random guy or Ser Hyle (?) for whatever reason.

No. 259009

Jaime/Brienne is probably one of my least favorite ASOIAF ships and I don't think it would be so well liked if Jaime wasn't hot and a fandom bicycle kek. I think GRRM himself likes it and I'm sure they'll at least have sex at some point in the books but the weird fixation on Brienne being a virgin and the overall good girl/bad boy dynamic make me really dislike it. Brienne isn't one of my favorite characters either but as a GNC woman myself it's true that she deserves better than a man who's obsessed with and will probably die with his sister.

No. 259012

Got my aunt Fire and Blood for Christmas. It already came and I’m waiting to get the rest of my presents so I can finally wrap it. But I keep looking through it. Maybe I should ask to borrow it sometime next year.

Also getting through HOTD finally. I like it but Episode 3 was pretty boring save for the last 15 mins

No. 260239

I should rewatch hotd because I feel like the first and second part of the show switched my interests and understanding of the characters. Like I like the greens now even though they're kind of pathetic and I went from being entertained by Daemon to despising him… Even though he was never a good person, he did laugh at his dead nephew. Rhaenyra too feels like a completely different character? Honestly it might just be wonky writing and the authors having different ideas.

No. 260448

Old post but I just finished HOTD and it's so funny how right you are. Based terf Alicent also what are the odds Aemond would call some moid a tranny to his face? Then poor Alicent would get the worst of the backlash

No. 260828

File: 1670205947222.jpg (137.05 KB, 1024x1444, that's prince sexy to you.jpg)

Jaimelover here to take back every doubt I had about HOTD. I'm obsessed with this non literal motherfucker now. Say what you like about me having basic taste in moids but there's just something about him… and his mom

No. 260892

File: 1670226128040.png (320.91 KB, 540x736, 1670226056171.png)

I have seen way to many people casually admit to being momson fags cause of these two

No. 260938

File: 1670249704713.jpg (27.53 KB, 278x475, 163.jpg)

quick review of a book from my dad's bookshelf
Young boy gets a handjob by an older lady after nearly drowning.
Years later he's a boring man with a wife and a shitty job, decides to leave it all because of midlife crisis, and then meets the older lady's daughter, who looks exactly like her, and starts a relationship with her.
Then he dies from the most horrible cancer because he lived his entire life devoid of authenticity.

No. 260940

Wrong thread, nonny

No. 261154

It appeals to me more than Aemond/Helaena

No. 261167

can I ask why ?

No. 261176

Kek same I hate that ship

No. 261415

Because there's no evidence for or real canon content to support Aemond/Helaena (please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't read F&B yet) but it's become popular with the twitter/tumblr crowd as a uwu softe incest ship that changes Aemond as a character imo. Aemond telling Aegon that if he was bethrothed to Helaena instead he'd "do his duty" isn't romantic, it reminds me of Stannis kek. But yeah I love Aemond as a character, I just prefer my ships to be spicier for lack of better word and find the whole Taylor Swift Hozier playlist she/they side of ASOIAF/HOTD fandom really annoying and tryhard

Let's be friends

No. 261448

I was asking what compels you to ship a mother and son

No. 261469

You and those like you quite literally are on the same level as pedo coomer moids and tifs. Dgaf about "BuT He'S an ADulT" or "My AU is that they arent related raises nerd lenses" its the same as the 100yr loli/shota argument. You are the reason womenkind cannot advance forward properly in this reality.

No. 261891

Harsh but I agree kek

No. 262412

None of this changes the fact that Aemond/Helaena seems like a boring pairing which is what the post you're replying to was about

No. 264126

File: 1671247059273.png (95.85 KB, 570x670, shamingtheworkers.png)

Some of the handmaiden copes I keep seeing about based ambiguous male swerf Aemond are hilarious

No. 270834

File: 1674238266590.jpg (74.69 KB, 800x450, rollo-vikings.jpg)

my orys baratheon headcanon

No. 270835

File: 1674238293056.jpg (153.25 KB, 800x1200, outlaw-king-more-images007-153…)

cregan stark

No. 270839

File: 1674239731755.png (222.09 KB, 489x755, ebb67yi10rn81.png)

"Rhaegar", by Denis Maznev

No. 270842

File: 1674241381058.jpeg (357.18 KB, 1850x1250, FgKBX40XoAEtwX3.jpeg)

>The Princess of Dorne: Lord Alyn meets Princess Alindra Martell
Painted by Martina Fačková for "Rise of the Dragon"

No. 271627

love this! thanks for posting

No. 287435

Team Black stans on Twitter are insufferable. I genuinely support Rhaenyra but these fuckers piss me off. Daemon is a gross groomer and Jace and Luke are brats. I hate how they try to portray them as “wholesome.”

No. 290816

File: 1681932903466.jpg (36.66 KB, 828x759, FgLfIfrXgAEDYen.jpg)

Funny how it's the character who hates whoring around that's been made into the fandom bicycle Love that for him tbh

No. 290873

File: 1681947940472.png (304.8 KB, 706x914, aerys.png)

mfw still waiting for fire & blood part II/twow

No. 290900

Same with Jaime, I don't think he's ever even kissed a woman besides his twin kek yet but he's maybe the biggest fandom bike besides Sansa. Maybe the Jaime fan to Aemond fan pipeline is real after all?

No. 290902

can't speak for the show but yeah it's book canon at least that jaime hasn't touched anyone but cersei.
but most the fandom thinks cersei is bad for poor litle jaimey uwu and instead they ship him with whoever they think can fix him

No. 291345

File: 1682133650511.png (141.83 KB, 515x334, queer liberal feminist jaime r…)

I have a weak spot for toxic doomed relationships so I admit I like book Jaime/Cersei as a pairing kek. The show ending doesn't do much for me though. A lot of the fandom acts like Jaime has already redeemed himself by burning Cersei's letter and sending Brienne on her quest to find Sansa but we never really see him show remorse for his actions iirc, being a hot scrote and being angsty about your sister fucking other men does not a redemption arc make

No. 291346

This is beautiful, but it looks a lot like a painted-over photobash. Something about the lighting makes it feel that way. Still a cool piece of art, though.

No. 291540

ayrt and you're so right about everything. book jaime/cersei is such a hot mess of a pairing and that's what makes it so fascinating. brienne is nice and all but if you pay attention to jaime's thinking and motivations it's obvious he isn't headed for redemption.
tbh i love reading about toxic ass relationships and horrible characters so book j/c is perfect in that regard

No. 292174

File: 1682471202205.jpg (107.93 KB, 816x1045, 9.jpg)

women argue for jaime/brienne by saying stuff like jaime doesn't need to be fully good because brienne wants and chooses him anyway but then these same people try to force a redemption arc or act like one has already happened. i don't care much for brienne either (i prefer the pov lannisters including tyrion) but i never felt when reading that jaime fully respected her, some of their early interactions cut a bit as a gnc bi woman kek but he beheaded pia's rapist while calling himself goldenhand the just so i guess he's a libfem king (he/they) after all. i used to want my shippy endgame to be j/c having one last fuck and then dying together in a way that somehow involved valonqar!jaime, but after the corniness of the show ending i'd take something like cersei stabbing jaime and him dying from his wounds soon after. i just really want valonqar!jaime or at least i did when i thought twow had a chance of ever coming out

No. 292213

File: 1682478461277.gif (125.29 KB, 480x480, tumblr_p3l22aNIcQ1rby04wo1_500…)

jaime is def a libfem lmao. i love valonqar!jaime tbh; my theory is that grrm has been setting up cersei as the new mad queen. there's a shitload of parallels with aerys, especially with all the background info we got on aerys in the world of ice & fire.
i'm not saying this bc i hate cersei, actually she's one of my faves but i like it when she's horrible

No. 292226

Don't compare my husband to a libfem or wokebro, Jamie is well liked cause he's loyal that's it.
If he's loyal to shit evil sister who cheats on him then most readers think he'd be loyal to me as well

No. 292274

>my husband
>can't even spell his name right
jaime and his ~evil~ sister at least have an interesting dynamic unlike your self instert shite

No. 295207

File: 1683650464448.webm (96.05 KB, 268x320, Maegor.webm)

No. 295208

File: 1683650506100.webm (62.45 KB, 500x280, Maegor_2.webm)

No. 297833

File: 1684696080934.jpg (376.54 KB, 1100x1700, Aegon-Norman.jpg)

Aegon the Conqueror depicted as a Norman Ruler.

No. 315488

File: 1692243453712.png (250.3 KB, 548x710, philosophytube.png)

For fuck's sake.

No. 315493

why? can he even act? i thought he just made annoying youtube videos. also lmao the "lesbian" relationship

No. 315520

I didn't know he was in GoT

No. 315666

>She is speculated to be cast as Lady Sabitha Frey
kek, well, if it had to be any character.

No. 315951

Kek mte anon. I've already seen ASOIAF fandom people fancasting Hunter Schafer as Dany in the past so no doubt a lot of them will love it. I never minded the Velaryon casting either but this is truly pathetic and obvious pandering

No. 315965


1) He’s a terrible actor and a scene chewer
2) Hate it when any female character—but especially a female character who bucks gender norms—is transwashed
3) HotD is a shit show based on a shittier book. Toob’s casting is fitting in that sense.

No. 316054

Did they really erase a lesbian character with a tranny??

No. 316230

There's a certain subset of extremely pretentious ASOIAF fans who always have to make everything into a social commentary and don't know how to enjoy anything in a way that isn't performative and designed to make them look smart, gotta assume PT was cast based on that. I guess it might also explain part of why ambiguously kweer Rhaenyra and Alicent are a thing in HOTD

No. 323336

File: 1695616732640.jpg (240.42 KB, 1178x1542, zAfaixe.jpg)

No. 323362

File: 1695625331860.jpg (509.9 KB, 2622x3154, theriseofswolo.jpg)

No. 330851

File: 1698517954769.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, Jaehaera and Morghul.jpg)

No. 332300

File: 1698954666714.jpg (408.61 KB, 1125x1358, F7tCcntXcAETWd8.jpg)

Tag yourself, I'm Ride or Die for Catelyn Stark.

No. 332380

old asoiaf fan bordering on copium addict, not quite a dany extremist but close. never watched the show

No. 332393

File: 1698980609501.jpg (459.3 KB, 1252x1244, too hot to sit a horse.jpg)

pretty boy enthusiast but for jaime (probably don't fit the above jaime fan type cause i think he's a piece of shit and don't care about defending him, also braime is a terrible pairing). also a bit of a villain enjoyer

No. 338513

File: 1701134715479.png (10.85 MB, 4000x1875, we know no queen but the queen…)

New leak of original AFFC outline from 2003-2004 on Reddit. Supplying screencaps of the outline, but here's the link to the thread: https://old.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/18519cz/spoilers_extended_grrms_20032004_outline_for_affc/
Leaker claims it has 'flawless provenance', so it's likely actually GRRM's notes. Seems like a lot changed once AFFC was split in two, so don't cry into your sundae yet if Shadrich were your favourite character. He'll probably die though.

Transcription for page 1-2:
>Dany: Pretend it’s a horse. Face off in pit. No [?marry] - city. Battle scene. ‘I’m going home’. 1 Chapter
>Sam: Cut
>Jaime: Blackfish
>Prolog: No glass candles - Pate - Steals book. Death of dragons
>Brienne: End with Hound fight
>Davos: Barrowton Wedding. Davos to take recaptured Arya north. ‘Where you going’ - to a wedding
>Jon: ‘Yes, we’re going to lose.’ ‘I can get us the armor’. I can stay & look brave & you all die. ‘Val carries a message.’ Rattleshirt goes with.
>Cersei: Kettleblack: ‘Queen asked me to say that.’ ‘Osmund’ betrays her.
>Sansa: Divide chapter. LF: Cersei has overreached. She’ll soon be done.
>Dorne: Balon v Arys. End with Blood & Fire. Mountain missing teeth
>Kevan: Home to Casterly Rock. Ready for winter
>Tyrion: Witness to incest.
>Prince of Sorrows: Eases psychic pain?? Comfort? Prophecy? “Whorehouses” “Whores go everywhere.” Courage. Let it go or it will become you. Let them go - will not bring you peace. Pain will [?keep] you what you have to do.
Transcription for page 3:
>Arya: End with her first gift. 1. Joy of giving. 2. Mercy at the Gate. ④
>Tyrion: Cliffhanger with Dany? Captured by Ser Jorah? 1. The Sorrows. 2. Volantis. 3. The Sea. 4. Dany. ⑤
>Dany: Her marriage. 1. Fall of Astapor. 2. Siege of Meereen - Bloody Flux. 3. Climax - dragons loosed. 4. Marriage. ⑦
>Sansa: ?Old - Resolve to be SS[?Sansa Stark] & take north. 1. Tourney of Winged Knight. 2. Sweetrobin woos [or weds]. 3. News from W.H.[?White Harbor]. Kill the Mouse ④
>Jon: End with Hard Home.

'Sansa stays in the Vale' endgamers are coping and seething. I never expected to wake up to news like this, hadn't seen anybody post it yet. Almost as good as a TWOW release date. Hope I've done this properly, I've never made a post like this before.

No. 338525

>Tyrion: Witness to incest

pretty sure he's had many years of experience of that already

No. 338804

File: 1701273787355.png (257.12 KB, 1170x665, zLFe4TG.png)

No. 339689

What do you think of the new trailer for HOTD, anons?

No. 339836

It looks so unappealing lmao, just Rhaenyra and Alicent looking mildly sad. No sneak peaks of big battles (just some armies marching there and there) or dragon fights, no memorable quotes or character moments, nothing. Compare it to any season GOT trailer, they were all well edited and had some epicness to them. And it doesn't look like it will get bloody at all. I was looking forward to B&C at least, but there's only one short shot for now.

No. 341584

To be honest, Sara Hess was concerned about the next season and removed many things from the book that she felt were not feminist. like Rhaenyra being a bit fat and Alicent being more ambitious, so I don't know how she will handle the more dynamic female characters this season.

No. 343537

The only value the show has is white haired angsty characters for edits.
Change my mind

No. 347842

File: 1704956357447.jpg (30.3 KB, 564x564, f13067a843db133e0ae0a0d452d984…)

i tried to watch hotd but i couldn't stand the uncle and niece relationship and the uncle character was pretty cringy. i do love aemond's design tho, really cool, i found ewan mitchell hot, especially in this look. anyway my top 3 film targs are dany, maester aemon, and aemond.

No. 347843

He's so cute what the heck

No. 355156

File: 1707677681835.png (329.37 KB, 602x592, gJPFdkC.png)

I'm not a religious person, but I'm praying with all my heart that they don't fuck this up. I can't understate how much I'm personally invested in these three characters and how much I need their portrayal to be perfect. Also I can't even imagine the intense shipping wars this will cause.

No. 356200

File: 1707971647831.jpg (380.63 KB, 2048x1064, green yaoi.jpg)

nonas don't judge me but i think aegon/aemond is a cute pairing. if helaemond is allowed then green yaoi should be as well.

No. 356211

back to your containment zone.

No. 356213

nta but /m/ is our "containment zone" if you haven't noticed kek

No. 356214

I'm talking about the fujo thread and the fujo website.

No. 356218

so am I. go whine somewhere else.

No. 356265

>if helaemond is allowed
Well maybe it shouldn't then.

No. 356418

I hope the writers don’t try to make rhaenys and visenya be rivals with petty “jealous” shit over aegon.

No. 356691

it'll be like round 3 of dany vs sansa, sometimes known as "the war for jon's cock"

No. 356749

Dany and Sansa's conflict had way more substance than 'Jon's cock'.

No. 356923

what's your expectations for hotd s2? i'm not gonna watch s1 but i'll watch s2. also i just read bloodraven's description and dude is super edgy

No. 356999

I need them to slow down. I'm still petty that we barely spent time with characters that I really liked, like Laena and Lucerys. I was attached to them long before the show started and I just feel it's so unfair that they were introdued to the audience that probably doesn't care about them because they had like 3 scenes. Now I hope we will spend more time with other characters, especially since we're gonna get introduced to so many new.
>also i just read bloodraven's description and dude is super edgy
Kek, you should read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and see him in his edginess-glory then.

No. 364897

File: 1711192043472.png (1.07 MB, 750x931, hxyGGlz.png)

I still think she did nothing wrong.

No. 364908

Honestly, I can see her being a war criminal for burning innocent people but then again, isn't that jus war? Aegon conquered the Six Kingdoms with fire, Tywin slaughtered children in the name of Robert's Rebellion. It shouldn't be happening but it happened. Are we going to pretend the city and the realm wouldn't heal again, at some point? It would, it always does.

No. 364913

I've been thinking about selling my ASoIaF copies because they take some space on my shelf and lbh it'll never be finished, what's even the point anymore?

No. 364982

well it's your choice, still we can wait for the winds of winter

No. 365337

Aegon was not a good person or a rightful ruler, Tywin was clearly a ruthless monster. The difference is that Daenerys doesn't take accountability for her actions and thinks of herself as merciful hero who frees the world of the tyrants, even when she becomes the exact opposite.

No. 365341

New trailer of HOTD, sorry for shit quality. Why does everything about this show look so poor, you can say whatever you want about GOT, but it had great climatic trailers and well-done battle scenes most of the time. Here you can barely see any army, it's shot like it wants to avoid any pricey scenes besides the dragons. It severely lacks the magnificence the og had.

No. 365344

It has more common with the later seasons.

No. 372768

No. 372950

File: 1713821045868.jpeg (783.06 KB, 3048x2978, DQyEnXA.jpeg)

No. 380278

File: 1715486339314.jpg (104.13 KB, 640x567, when your gay bf is also your …)

Surely I can't be the only one here who kinda ships them

No. 391380

Thoughts on the Blackfyre's?

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