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No. 210623

I noticed the documentary thread never got revived after this board got wiped, so I'm remaking it here.

Attached, a new moid documentary exposing trannies etc. Curious about everyone's thoughts.

No. 210624

Not going to watch it, I absolutely despise Matt Walsh and there's no way in hell I'm paying for a Daily Wire subscription. I bet all the interesting parts are in the trailer anyway. It definitely feels like one of those trailers that gives away the entire thing.

No. 210629

I never heard of him before I saw the trailer, but he gives off a typical smug Ben Shapiro vibe.
The shit about puberty blockers interests me the most because there’s absolutely no way healthy kids should be receiving that.
I doubt he’ll make any kind of connection to pharmaceutical industry in the US—which basically enables these practices so they can profit. I also wonder if the documentary will even talk about mental illness.

No. 210641

Matt Walsh is basically like if Ben Shapiro got brain damage, woke up from a nap and took Benadryl. I find him insufferable and not even entertaining in an ironic way like Benny. I'm not gonna bother watching, it's not like it's hard to dismantle tranny logic. I hope this movie might peak more normies though.

No. 210651

>paying for media
i’ll torrent it tomorrow when it drops nonny and report back with a summary

No. 210653

I wish this kind of doc wasn’t made by a man, particularly one who is definitely not a champion of feminism. but we’ve come to a point where women are literally silenced by trannies (men) bc they’re too afraid to speak against what’s happening for fear of irl repercussions so a man (walsh) has to swoop in an make this doc to…. save women?

it’s really ironic in a way and feels like we’ve regressed, or maybe we never progressed in the first place and men were always in control of the discussion and debate over our womanhood.

No. 210797

Was just going to say that. A documentary about women but made a man? That's an instant hell no for me.

No. 210813

Thanks, nonna. If I was interested, I’d definitely pirate it. I’m just in disbelief that anybody would pay for a subscription service to watch this.

No. 211917

I posted about these in the TV thread before because I didn't know if it were necessary to recreate the documentary thread just for my comments. But anyway. I liked Wild Wild Country a lot. I said the cutesy old Indian woman turned out to be a James Bond villain before finishing the whole series but she's even worse than I thought. Seriously, she talks like she actually believes in that cult thing even now. Same for her lawyer but he seemed more brainwashed and nostalgic than actively harmful like her. That whole thing was crazy.

I was disappointed in the social dilemma. I thought it'd be more factual and detailed, but it had all these skits with fictional characters being more retarded than average and looking like they're about to shit in their pants because their mom took their phones away for dinner, that was a waste of time. I liked that one, on the same topic. Arte tends to have interesting stuff, if you understand German or French.

The documentary about Abercrombie and Fitch was very interesting, I knew a lot of things already because of the news and my own research for a university assignment on marketing, but hearing what previous employees have to say on the company added a lot of context and made everything make so much more sense. The brand wasn't available in my country until like 2010 or 2012 I think so for a long time it was kind of a status symbol/souvenir for the rich kids at my schools who went to the US for holidays with their rich parents so seeing the perspective of Americans on the brand was fun.

No. 226213

File: 1659437180126.png (544.06 KB, 1152x400, mhmoti.png)

Just finished watching picrel on Netflix and it's just so baffling to me how all this bloated uggo did was setting up a website for revenge porn and he was revered, had women line up to have sex with him, and long term girlfriend on top of that. Like, how the hell? Charlotte was brave as hell to go against him despite all the threats, and for so long even after solving her daughters immediate issue.

No. 227645

I know this is not new (it's from 2013) but the last doc I watched was the anti-texting-&-driving thing by Werner Herzog

weird little short film psa documentary but it had me sobbing. it's honestly too much lol

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