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File: 1648517565158.jpg (261.19 KB, 772x1145, Disney-Twisted-Wonderland-game…)

No. 192988

>Twisted Wonderland is an adventure rpg-style mobile game created by Disney Japan and published by Aniplex. Characters are inspired by Disney villains from various franchises (and they're hot).Concept, main story, and character designs are by Yana Toboso (Original creator of "Black Butler").

Has anyone played it yet? It came out in english pretty recently.

No. 192995

Is a thread just for this game OK? I don't play it but I know it's already discussed in the mobage thread

No. 192998

Anon, kingdom hearts is 100x cringier than anything and it's wildly successful

No. 193000

File: 1648522386011.gif (408.85 KB, 540x316, tumblr_f1c42dc15263eb3a0ed03da…)

the mobage thread is dead except for when people are infighting in it



No. 193001

>the mobage thread is dead except for when people are infighting in it
Well I sure hope this thread doesn't devolve into infighting between fujos and yumejos
I like the Ursula guy the most but the Scar and Hades ones are hot too

No. 193036

the mc is male, there's nothing to argue about

No. 193322

Cope, seethe, pump your fake dick kek
Can't wait for the tears when the anime comes out when Yana herself said the canon mc is neutral, the player itself

No. 193750

Are there really no fans of this in here? my friend loves this game

No. 193752

It's not available in my country yet, im not sure when it will be available for people in eu but i will definitely try it out when its available for me.

No. 193756

File: 1648767395784.png (Spoiler Image, 609.83 KB, 800x1200, illust_94945087_20220331_03123…)

I love it too! nothing to add to that though kek. but I saw a lewd AceDeu doujin on pixiv yesterday, ha.

Take your own advice, dude… NRC is an all boys school. the "mc is really neutral uwu" is pure lip service to shut you spergs up. you need some major suspension of disbelief while playing the game to rationalize an f!mc as it is and the anime won't be able to handle it the same way it does. it's truly bizarre how adamant you are on the subject, and you're the only one too. do you play the game?

No. 193758

File: 1648767529320.png (1.97 MB, 1649x1649, 1648767514320.png)

And Malleus looks cute with a ponytail

No. 193879

Another April, another set of back to back Ruggies. I am so pleased.

No. 194107

File: 1648868685291.png (835.73 KB, 1920x1080, Card_Ruggie_SSR_Outdoor_Wear.p…)

No. 194112

You can't really call someone a sperg and then post weird random porn in the same breath, the MC is a piece of fucking cardboard who cares

No. 194131

File: 1648878278420.jpg (49.56 KB, 512x512, edbe5e2b6dada676deb9b1d2b69426…)

I hate this tranny looking faggot. I used to be neutral about him but he acts like he's so much better and mature than everyone despite being a massive fag. He also forces his faggotry on Epel who clearly doesn't want anything to do with his genderspecial shit, he's racist too for scolding him for speaking his harmless dialect, essentially changing what's charming about him. Just because Epel looks like a trap doesn't mean he has to be a fag like you too, Vil.

No. 194134

the underage twstfags on twitter, etc. aren't a fraction as obsessed with projecting gender shit onto characters, yume vs fujo drama, headcannoning character sexualities, and now canceling the bishie-fied villains for problematic behavior as anyone on lolcow. why is /m/ such a shithole? stfu and look at cute anime boys

No. 194138

>racist too for scolding him for speaking his harmless dialect
kek what

No. 194142

you're the one who is sperging now, as i said the mc is canonically male in the manga (designed by yana) and the light novel (created by the game scenario writer) and heavily implied to be one in the game (see their reaction to epel and deuce's fear of talking with women) so yeah he will be one in the anime too

No. 194173

File: 1648900160515.jpeg (47.47 KB, 500x663, 00B1EE51-4F2D-44C4-B7EA-750A18…)

He’s literally a villian and he just cares about his appearance obsessively, hey, it’s almost as if he was created based on a character that does that.

No. 194188

The queen is way more beautiful than snow white and her mirror is a lying bitch, there, I said it'

No. 194205

kek now that you say this, even in the game neige/boy snow white looks super bland

No. 194228

File: 1648927393819.jpg (34.16 KB, 371x279, 6ca2fa47fac7b06b5d6a80c3dabc17…)

he's very cute like a tween kpop idol but not beautiful like vil

No. 213573

I had to soft-necro this thread because of the twst-sperging in the husbando thread. Nona if you are still here I just wanna say you are the funniest bitch on the planet

No. 245611

Necro-ing this thread to say that you're hilarious and based. Especially in the current event, this asshole serves nothing and acts like he's better than everybody for it.

No. 245647

File: 1665221873269.jpg (183.32 KB, 1186x1186, 20221007_094829.jpg)

Vil is a terf ally and epel deserves the beatings, kys.

No. 245668

>kms after finding this thread thread when it's already dead

kek nonna i say the same shit as jokes but i also hate vil for being so stuck up and his momager attitude in the pomefiore chapter. But then he'll say/do something really nice and my conviction wavers.

No. 248880

In what world is Vil a terf ally? Dude would probably troon out as a GNC nonbinary he/they celeb if he existed IRL and all the genderspecials would fawn over him on Tumblr.

Anyways… what event do you nonnies think will be next? I'm expecting a while of filler, but hopefully the silk event will come soon so that I can pull for SSR Jamil.

No. 248885

Reread the pomfiore arc, idiot. Half of it was about his interests and being GNC not making him any less of a man. He also hates ugly people and people who make excuses for their loser behavior, both of which are inherently transphobic takes kek.

>what event do you nonnies think will be next?

For november, endless halloween and chapter 6, then new years in december and apple boa and en anniversary in january. After that we'll get like tsumtsum and gala ortho. Don't expect to see jamil until like july 2023, that's a summer event.

No. 248945

Agree to disagree, I personally don't really mind.

Thanks for the more realostic perspective on event timelines… Honestly, I'm really looking forward to book 6. I've been holding off on actually reading the book due to promising to experience it with friends, but what I've read of post-book 6 Ortho truly sounds so sweet. I can't wait to have my heart broken by the Shroud family drama.

More time to save for silk Jamil is beyter since Sebek's birthday might run my funds dry in March.

Who/Which events are you looking forward to in March, Nonna?

No. 248946

*In general, not March. Sleepy, sorry.

No. 249024

Damn I thought this was gonna be an anime series not a game. I am already playing one gacha shit (FGO), two would be too much, that stuff is too time consuming for me.
I don't want to openly disagree because I haven't played it but "unrepentant asshole" sounds exactly like the character I might enjoy. Maybe this will get an anime/cartoon one day.

No. 249035

File: 1666268666786.gif (1.81 MB, 371x539, 1666268598210.gif)

Yeah I'm hyped for book 6 (and the guest room!) too. I stopped playing jp shortly before it came out and once they announced twst en I decided I'd just wait for it there, so happy they picked up the pace with releases compared to how jp used to be.

Outside union riddle and some event freebies, I'm most looking forward to the cards I mentioned unfortunately: both tsum cards, apple boa epel, and gala ortho all of whom have a high chance be released close together. The hot topic lilia card is another one I really want, and another that could end up coming early 2023 if they start releasing the club cards as soon as we get the guest room… At least silver is the last SSR I have my heart set on this year so I can save a little after that.

Twst is chill if you're ok with missing a bunch of SSRs and flunking exams. SR cards are always either event freebies or drop like crazy in the gacha and there are some super cute ones like ghost marriage lilia, beans day vil, a million halloween cards, etc.

No. 249077

Honestly, it's barely a game. I just do logins and mostly treat it like a VN. An anime is in the works if you want to hold out for that, though.
Vil isn't really coded as an unrepentant asshole character, we're just haters, kek. There are multiple other characters who do fit that bill though.

Yesss, hot topic Lilia! I'm largely looking forward to birthday cards in the near future, I'm glad that those are much easier to get your hands on.
The room is going to be so much fun when it drops! Also looking forward to what anniversary will have in store.
Pacingwise, I'm a little confused as to why we're moving so fast (not that I'm complaining)? I wonder if we'll get simultaneous releases eventually because at this rate we might catch up.

No. 249115

Jade is too cute in the new Vargas Camp event! His enthusiasm is full throttle for the mountains, I don't think I've ever seen him like this before. I loved his excited little spiel about smoking the fish.

No. 249208

File: 1666307511066.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_c95bf9e896bba8b500e7d98…)

Partially because they want to catch us up with jp, partially because jp was dry as hell in the first year+ due to covid and they want to skip the filler periods that chased a lot of players off. Jp adopted a more aggressive release schedule too this year with multiple new SSRs every month.

>I'm largely looking forward to birthday cards in the near future

I'm kinda indifferent to the union and birthday boy sets. There are a few I like and it's nice that they're easier to get but overall the styles don't appeal to me. The new ones are fucking adorable though!

No. 249399

how can I play this outside of the US?

No. 249405

File: 1666377225459.jpg (332.14 KB, 2048x1448, FcdfdwaagAE-i8n.jpg)

Probably have to download through QooApp or use an emulator. I have a friend in Europe playing this way.

Some of the union birthdays are hilarious, I think Azul's is one of the funniest cards in the game. In terms of beauty, though, I totally agree with you. Broomquet Birthday can't be beat.

Good to know that JP's schedule picked up, hadn't heard much since that dramatic dropoff of players during Book 5.

No. 249921

File: 1666537967436.jpg (81.4 KB, 654x837, 20221023_095128.jpg)

rapeable teenage anime frollo from hunchback of notre dame is a next level fever dream

No. 249945

That's a fan character, isn't it? And stop acting like a scrote, it's retarded.

No. 249947

File: 1666547756741.jpg (65.31 KB, 1015x568, 20221023_111014.jpg)

no, it isn't. and stop branding anything that triggers you as scrote behavior, its retarded.

No. 249949

File: 1666547935505.jpg (72.41 KB, 792x446, 20221023_112509.jpg)

malleus ssr that I was going to spoiler but not anymore

No. 249950

File: 1666547976491.jpg (43.83 KB, 617x342, 20221023_091626.jpg)

idia and azul are the other ssrs, book 7 announced

No. 249953

Okay rape-chan.

No. 249955

File: 1666549881005.jpg (167.02 KB, 855x1073, rape-kun.jpg)

that ok, best eel approves

No. 249958

Rape-chan I love you, I see you. I'm not into TWST but I agree this design is god tier!

No. 250059

Rape is scrote behavior, and so is not understanding that women would find it to be. Stay mad that you got clocked, though.

No. 250061

File: 1666578691288.jpg (877.8 KB, 1661x2048, 20221023_143735.jpg)

sorry anon but i have been a staunch advocate of the rape of anime frollo voiced by none other than saiki k for my entire life. my parents and grandparents did the same. its a part of me that will never change, one youre just going to have to accept.

No. 250062

File: 1666578781334.jpg (742.67 KB, 1964x2048, 20221023_111653.jpg)

afterwards i will allow him to kill malleus draconia as a treat

No. 250064

Yeah, at this point anon is just a baiting tranny or some moid, it's better to just ignore it.

No. 250065

File: 1666579031592.jpg (262.12 KB, 800x715, 20221023_160450.jpg)

thank you chuck e cheese
thank you yana toboso

I will not be silenced, this is the most excited ive been about something since 2014

No. 250070

I'm incredibly hyped for Book 7. I can't imagine the circumstances that would cause somebody with seemingly endless magical reserves to begin with to overblot.

Can overblot be purely emotional? That was the case for Leona, right?

I wonder how they'll manage to combat it, too… I haven't read any of Book 6 yet (waiting to enjoy it with friends when it drops on NA) so I'm definitely missing a lot of hints, but my mind is running wild with excitement.

That aside, I wonder if they're actually planning/able to catch up as some other anons in this thread have said. If they keep attempting to coincide seasonal events, they can't exactly go full steam ahead with even just the books, since the events definitely do take place in a chronology in relation to the events of the books. Ortho's writing in recent events can't exist without book 6 first.

No. 251628

So did anybody anticipate that Halloween 2 was next? This banner pace is horrible.

No. 251697

I dun see a lot of people surprised, it was kinda obvious from the moment they chose to end all the part one banners the night before halloween. part 2's story takes place right after part 1 at the same halloween party.

No. 252584

God I don't want to start another gacha but I always wanted a character and design like this.

How is the story for this game (for gacha standards)?

No. 253536

Very good. It's not incredibly deep or anything, but it's consistent and entertaining, and it has a lot of heart. You can feel the effort put into it

I wouldn't recommend starting just for Rollo. He's a nonplayable that was introduced as a character in the current event, and I doubt he's going to become something more than just another recurring nonplayable in the future.

No. 253830

am I imagining this or does the speech bubbles not align with caters spoken word

No. 253834

Thank you anon.
Might still give it a try though. There aren't many guy centered games, if I don't want to spend much time on it I can always just read the main story and see how it is.

No. 253835

File: 1667839675447.jpg (116.93 KB, 1310x1370, 20221026_004722.jpg)

time for a spot of rollo posting

No. 253836

File: 1667839705345.jpg (262.7 KB, 1244x1119, 20221030_225952.jpg)

No. 253837

File: 1667839745210.jpg (197.54 KB, 1280x1280, 20221030_231652.jpg)

No. 253839

File: 1667839808806.jpg (155.57 KB, 732x513, 20221028_180551.jpg)

No. 253841

File: 1667840097206.jpg (188.07 KB, 848x1167, 20221028_180752.jpg)


its great and easy to get into ♥ the gameplay is barebones which can be a good thing or a bad one depending on how you look at it. it takes an eternity for event cards to come back though…

No. 257705

File: 1669342136464.jpeg (240.95 KB, 1037x1678, 3B64E619-917D-4C74-B37B-E4C947…)

No. 259348

Nonas, who is your oshi and why? Do you have an OTP, or are you a yumejo? Who do you absolutely hate? Please, I would love to see what sort of a spread we have here on lolcow.

I’m a Jamil oshi. I love seeing a seething repressed (2D) boy. The Leona and Jamil scenes during book 5 had me howling. Pairings wise, dubcon Jamil and Kalim are just good. The set up is practically served to us on a silver platter. I also like Ruggie for his similar bitch boy position, but they’re definitely different flavors of character. I guess I don’t hate anyone, but Malleus is probably the most boring to me for whatever reason. I get that there’s supposed to be some sort of gap moe appeal but it’s just so… whatever.

No. 259443

I've just started book 4 and trying to get past the level cap so it's too early for me to form an opinion over most of the cast but I really love floyd, probably enough to consider him my oshi. I also love ruggie and Jack especially, some of Jack's scenes were so silly ngl but I'm a sucker for the tough guy tsundere archetype and this time is no different. I like all of them so far but if I had to pick a least favorite ; silver. He just didn't stand out to me, kinda bland imo.
No potential pairings caught my eye so far but I'd love to see Azul being pathetic and desperately clamoring for an uninterested party's attention because he somehow convinced himself he's unlovable and will die alone.

No. 259828

File: 1669916594616.png (844.97 KB, 1079x610, Screenshot_20221201_113308_Twi…)

rook bludgeoning leona with the yaoi paddle yet again uwu he invited himself to savanaclaw and made him watch movies with him for his birthday

No. 259902

File: 1669941838689.jpeg (50.21 KB, 416x332, F34D421E-8F81-4AE9-94D1-BF5EE3…)

My husbando is Rook Hunt, gosh I love him and his blunt bangs so much. I honestly can't hate anyone in the game, everyone is kind of cute in their own ways.
And when it comes to pairings, anything with Rook is great Except somehow Rook/Vil or Rook/Neige idk, it's weird, like he admires them because they're beautiful but I don't think he wants to fuck them Unlike Rook/Floyd, Rook/Ruggie and Rook/Leona because he seems to be more interested in them as people and not as objects of admiration (I know I'm a great mental gymnast).
Another ship I love is literally anyone from the heartslabyul dorm with Riddle, he's adorable and I want to see him being the ultimate short top. I know he probably spills his spaghetti at the first compliment or whatever but I think he would be a great unexpected top
And bringing out my old school fujo, yeah, I smoke crack everyday and I like my pairings being kind of unexpected, like Kalim/Jade/Floyd, Azul/Jamil, Vil/Cater, Jack/Vil and Sebek would look cute with Azul.
Posting one of my favorite fanarts of Rook, to sperg about it, I wish I could find more stuff of him wearing something like a plugsuit or just ridiculously tight clothes because I need this.

No. 259904

This is hot.

No. 259905

File: 1669943091261.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.3 KB, 1698x2048, 20221201_113820.jpg)

have another

No. 259906

File: 1669943186280.jpg (678.95 KB, 1448x2048, 20221201_113817.jpg)

love hole men…holy men…

No. 259936

Kalim/jade/floyd holy fuck anon same, after all their interactions in book 4 and not to mention Floyd's buddy bonus effect with kalim its impossible not to acknowledge it'd be an interesting pairing. I've seen kalim paired with the leeches individually but I'm a sucker for them both, sucks there isn't much content for them though

No. 259996

Vil/Cater has such a good appeal!! And I normally hate “nice” pairings but Jack/Vil is a really great set up.

I feel like Riddle could only manage to top someone with absolutely no hope of ever attaining top energy such as Azul, for example kek. I agree with you on the appeal of a short stack top though. I think this just has to do with my perception of current Riddle. He definitely has room to grow into it more.

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