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File: 1648056547601.jpg (224.34 KB, 1928x1080, Typical_Punjabis.jpg)

No. 191612

a thread to discuss the interesting and or funny ways foreign media is dubbed and localized in your country

No. 191615

I can't speak for other countries but localization is still a thing here, most stuff is dubbed into Urdu, However there are certain quirks in Localization that somewhat amuse me
One of the most common quirks is that whenever there is a "southern/cowboy" character, he is given a Northern Punjabi accent to signify his ruralness, and some times flat out references to Texas were changed to Punjab

Punjabi dubs also do accent variation but only Punjabi's they can distinguish between them

No. 191618

Old arabic dubs of anime also dubbed the opening songs and they were crazy good. (It's a shame their mic quality was kinda bad) Vidrel is probably the most famous example. The singer, Rasha Rizk, did most of them and she's adored by all arab speaking kids of my generation

No. 191619

Some argue the french dubbing of Homer Simpson is either equal or superior to the original. Interestingly, the voice actor happens to be married to Marge's voice actress

No. 191620

The Dragon Ball Z opening dub sounds like a military anthem or something it slaps

No. 191623

I'm not Arab but I'm familiar with these songs, I actually use these songs for a prank, I'll have my parents or religious relatives listen to them and tell them they are Islamic songs and they believe it, meanwhile its some opening of a football anime
one my aunts actually cried listening to this, thinking it was some deep Islamic song

No. 191625

File: 1648058594580.png (205.7 KB, 640x427, scream_cat.png)

anon noooo how could you that to a song about a girl singing to her mother?

No. 191628

here in Pakistan, everything in arabic is considered Islamic for most people

No. 191671

Nonny if I wasn't on mobile/had giant ass fucking elephant fingers I would link the Batman Animated cartoon arabic opening because it FUCKING SLAPS! nonnies reading this seriously youtube it rn its so good!

No. 191672

A lot of 70s, 80s and early 90s anime were dubbed in French long ago when the trend was to make everything more French and less "vulgar" so we have absolute turds like Ken le Survivant (Hokuto no Ken) or Nicky Larson (City Hunter) which are basically official parodies at this point. In City Hunter, Ryo is a slut and goes to love hotels to have sex with random women all the time, and this was changed to him going to vegetarian or vegan restaurants because that's more family friendly kek. The shitty puns in Ken le Survivant are so awful they go back to being masterpieces, because Hokuto sounds like "au couteau" so there are too many knife related puns to count. Everytime you'd see the Tokyo Tower anywhere it'd be changed to be the Eiffel Tower in dialogs too. We also had access to some stuff that are only known in France and Italy like Juliette je t'aime or Jeanne et Serge (no offense but it'll always be better than Haikyuu).

By the way, I watched a shit ton of anime on a channel called Mangas in the 2000s and for some reason whenever an anime was old enough to have a French opening and a French ending they'd randomly alternate between Japanese and French openings and endings. Like on every Saturday they'd air five episodes of one anime in a row that were already aired during weekdays and you'd see the Japanese opening of Ranma 1/2 for three episodes, then the French opening for the fourth episode, and then the Japanese opening again.

I've seen people argue whether the French dub or the Québécois dub is the best a lot years ago, and both French and French speaking Canadians were arguing over this. I should check the Québécois dub someday.

No. 191673

File: 1648068247132.jpg (36.01 KB, 480x480, edd8936953fb6143f4e02a0d1c9504…)

I was just thinking about this today. I don't mind localization when it's about local idioms and expressions, as long as it keeps the general meaning. But I absolute hate it when they try to insert stuff like my country's TV shows or whatever as a reference inside anime or american tv shows. You're telling me this character named Sakura Daiwajin, that goes to Futsuunashiritsu High School, in Inaka city - Japan appeared on my latam country local late night show and everyone else in her school knows cause they watch it everyday? It just completely ruins the immersion for me, I don't know how some translators justify it. Just say she appeared on a late night show period, you don't have to "localize" it. Viewers are not this dumb. No, she's not eating <local latam snack>, she's not watching <local latam show>, she doesn't like <local latam artist>.
Yes I'm salty.

No. 191674

Fuck yeah I'd been thinking of making a dub/translation/localization thread on some imageboard to complain about dubs. Thanks!
I'm not going to make a big post right now, but usually what bothers me the most about our dubs (and even foreign ones, when I know the language) is not so much the voice acting as it is the translation. They often making very obvious mistakes, or word things in a way that makes me think "no one says that in real life". What makes me seethe the most is when they don't put effort into localizing songs, I have re-adapted song lyrics a few times because the official translated lyrics either don't make sense or are too boring and lose a lot of the original's meaning.

They say the same thing about the Latin American Spanish Homer too. I think it's just massive bias though.

>A lot of 70s, 80s and early 90s anime were dubbed in French long ago when the trend was to make everything more French and less "vulgar" so we have absolute turds like Ken le Survivant (Hokuto no Ken) or Nicky Larson (City Hunter) which are basically official parodies at this point. In City Hunter, Ryo is a slut and goes to love hotels to have sex with random women all the time, and this was changed to him going to vegetarian or vegan restaurants because that's more family friendly kek. The shitty puns in Ken le Survivant are so awful they go back to being masterpieces, because Hokuto sounds like "au couteau" so there are too many knife related puns to count

That sounds so funny, I should watch them
>whenever an anime was old enough to have a French opening and a French ending they'd randomly alternate between Japanese and French openings and endings.
Well, I've seen official anime subs alternate between English translation and Japanese lyrics in romaji for the OPs and EDs. Maybe that's similar? Or maybe they think it would be a waste to not show any of the two?
>I've seen people argue whether the French dub or the Québécois dub is the best a lot years ago, and both French and French speaking Canadians were arguing over this.
I thought it was a unique phenomenon between Hispanic America and Spain, kek

No. 191676

i think sometimes it can be super funny. for example the german crunchyroll subs for osomatsu-san have one character accuse another of having to work as a cashier at aldi for the rest of his life because cashiers at aldi were looked down on for the longest time in germany (and often they still are)

No. 191678

>Or maybe they think it would be a waste to not show any of the two?
I think it's none of this because this was always kind of random. I think the channel just gave no fuck whatsoever. But weirdly enough even if they aired French dubs for the vast majority of anime it was uncensored: even if the dub changed stuff deemed too inappropriate for small kids (because retards at TF1 thought Hokuto no Ken was for small kids apparently) the channel Mangas kept scenes that were cut when they were aired on other channels. And honestly, most French openings and endings were garbage, except for Cat's Eyes of course, which was, is and will always be iconic.

No. 191679

Forgot to say, sorry for samefagging, but the French translation of the Gintama manga is good from what I've read so far, I'll never forget how they translated ojiisan and MADAO with "beauf", it works even better than the original because of how insulting and accurate it is.

Pokemon gen 1 and 2 localizations are pretty good too, it was very obvious the translators were replaced since gen 3 just based on the pokemon's names and I thought I was just imagining things but I read an interview with the guy who translated/localized gen 1 and 2 games and it confirmed that. Tortank>>>>>>>>>Blastoid, fuck you if you disagree you're wrong.

I'm very curious about Ace Attorney 4 by the way. In Japanese Klavier (or Kyoya in the original) is a Japanese guy who studied abroad in the USA and since he's a Jrock singer and guitarist he sometimes speaks Engrish (inspired by Jrock songs), from what I've seen it seems kind of natural. I played the game in French with Klavier speaking Franglais because he's a French guy who stayed a long time in the UK which isn't out of place either, you'll hear people use English words sometimes when they have brain farts and forget a word in French if they speak both languages, or in a professional setting you'll see and hear English words in French sentences often, sometimes for no reasons. But he's named Konrad, which is a super normal German name, not even Alsaciens are called Conrad or Konrad. But in English, Klavier is an American speaking English with random German words and it feels so out of place to me. The localizer said she was inspired by Tokio Hotel and Rammstein's popularity in the US but it's just not comparable imo. I get why it's hard to make a choice here though. Which languages does Klavier speak in other translations? I want to know. I will also never forgive Klavier for that godawful Jhnny Hlyday reference, fuck the French translator just for that.

No. 191681

This reminds me of my personal search for the anime I remembered watching 30 seconds of on french television when I was about 10 yo (from 2:10 to 2:40 on the vid)
Excel Saga isn't that famous and that particular sequence isn't very representative of the show, so it took me about 5 years of watching very various anime to find it again, but it was well worth it as the french dub is incredible
BTW the original had japanese VA saying the english lines with a japanese accent, so they remade them with french VA with an adequate french accent

No. 191682

Anything airing on Canal + during the early 2000s had great dubs, they were the exceptions though. No need to talk about FMA (at least the 15 years old MC sounds like a teenage boy and not like a 40 years old smoker like in the American dub, no offense), and GTO felt like the voice actors were really into it.

No. 191684

Do you know if the original version had some similar local joke or something else that was basically untranslatable? The point of translation is transferring the source text's meaning to another language, whether you use the exact same words or not. If there was a joke in Japanese that was pretty much impossible to translate into Spanish because no one here would understand the reference or that kind of humor, the translators have to get creative and look for a similar joke that has a similar effect on the target audience, even if that means that said joke wouldn't make sense in that setting.
However, I do know that some LatAm Spanish dubs have had many unnecessary jokes of that sort when the originals had no jokes or had jokes that should've been translated directly. Sometimes it ends up changing a character's personality, for example Jake in Adventure Time. People fucking loved him in that dub, but he practically became a different character, so I disapprove of it in that case. James from Pokemon is another one that comes to mind, but I actually don't mind it since the Pokemon anime is obviously not meant to be that serious and it's for children, and James doesn't appear that different from the English dub (which is what the LatAm translation is based on), so even if the dub jokes are stupid and random I find them funny, they're not meant to make sense. That might be part of why Jake's VA was forced to stop using the funny voice, because AT got more serious and with an actual plot instead of the seemingly "lol so random ecks dee" comedy cartoon it appeared to be at first, plus maybe AT wouldn't have been that popular here if Jake sounded more serious in the dub from the beginning. But that kind of treatment (inserting references for humor) might also mean that the studio in charge of localizing a series doesn't take the source material seriously.

Yes, this is what I'm talking about. Sometimes even if those jokes don't make that much sense in a particular setting, they can enhance a funny scene.

No. 191747

another quirks, If a character is supposed to be "dignified" and well mannered, they are given what's called a pure urdu style of speaking, Its a type of Urdu that only exists in books, its very rare for someone to speak like that in real life
The vast majority of Pakistani's don't speak Urdu as a first language, so almost all of us have accents and influences from foreign languages

No. 191751

I used to remember Animax airing english dubs of fmab, black butler and k-on. But the dubbing company weren't from western companies such as sentai and funimation and rarely were there any clips of it in youtube when I tried to rewatch some scenes years ago.

I'm bias and romanticizes my memories watching the dub but I prefer the animax version of the anime mentioned than what the general fans have been exposed to.

No. 191752

No. 191754

No. 191897

>SVU's use of "they/them" pronouns was translated as "elle" in Spanish
I'm not sure if it's a good translation or not. "Elle" had to be created as a gender-neutral pronoun in Spanish, but "they" already existed in English and has been used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun for centuries(?).
But I suppose in this case it's fine since both are meant to be fake woke enby shit.

No. 191902

You had to be there.

No. 191903

I stopped watching at 0:13, what the fuck is this?

No. 191907

File: 1648151855566.jpeg (191.2 KB, 1000x1422, 735AF6F9-2E2D-4F9C-A6D0-15F912…)

It’s the actual American theme song for Saint Seiya. I unironically love it and when it was on tv I’d listen to it and then change the channel kek. Like sailor moon it was dubbed by based DIC.

No. 191909

Frenchfags unite

No. 191910

File: 1648154017527.jpg (41.6 KB, 277x260, 1455728369346.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me of this atrocity. I hate you.

No. 191917

I raise you Canada’s version

No. 191920

Kek with the Bowling For Soup I could’ve sworn it was an AMV.

No. 191941

Anyone heard of the british dub of urusei yastura?

No. 191942

Yeah girl I remember watching it on YouTube like a 1000 years ago

No. 191986

File: 1648177131096.jpg (20.23 KB, 400x307, 692053597.jpg)

Is this really what Algerians consider the holy grail of anime ?

No. 192024

Yes, but they usually don't watch the French dub now. Friendly reminder that Vegeta and Piccolo are Algerian because they're tsundere!!1!

No. 192355

I'm watching the portuguese dub of sailor moon lately and the dub quality is so trashy but in a fun way kek

No. 192545

File: 1648381169472.jpg (102.83 KB, 720x522, 1441975419-11535842-5522036949…)

I thought only Vegeta was algerian and Piccolo was black (which makes him not algerian) but there seems to exist opposite doctrines in the french DBZ lore

No. 192820

wait do Algerians watch anime in French of Arabic ? an Algerain anon on fujochan claimed most anime was watched in French and french translated Shounen and Oteme volumes were sold in stores

No. 192830

Yeah I'm the one who asked her that. I said Algerian DBZ fanboys don't watch the French dub because I'm in France and the ones I know are Algerians born and raised in France. They're usually you 'ng enough to have watched the anime in Japanese, unless they watched the VHS when they were very young like I did (more like my mom was binge watching Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball and happened to make us watch that my my sisters and I were in kindergarten).

Check the video about anime characters being algerians by Lechefotaku on Youtube, you'll see that male African American weebs and French-Algerian male weebs have the exact same mindset and headcanons and discussions. Thank fucking god they don't share a language or 99% of internet discussions would be about who's stronger between Naruto and Goku.

No. 192839

I don't understand how anyone would want their race to be headcannoned as namekians, their a race of all male asexuals without sex male organs

No. 192840

Anon, you are implying that they payed attention to the story in the first place, which is where you're wrong. They just want to watch or read that shit for the fight scenes and will shamelessly tell to you to skip DB if they have the opportunity of recommending you DBZ.

No. 192846

a lot of people in the maghreb speak french as a second language, and there's also plenty of algerians living in rance. french dubs and subs are readily available so it's easier than looking for arabic translations; especially since arabic has a tonne of dialects that aren't always mutually intelligible

No. 192851

I fucking LOVED the mexican phrases that Jake the dog used to say in the latinoamerican dub i felt bad when i knew they removed it because of my country or something :(
Shrek too, it's so boring in English but i
find some of the random dialogue in spanish funny despite not even being a joke(:()

No. 192873

Tbh I can understand why they changed Jake's VA's performance from that angle, since afaik the Adventure Time dub is broadcast to the entirety of Hispanic America. While it could be weird for plot reasons, in Mexico Jake would still be funny to a lot of people, but in other countries, there would be more people who would get annoyed.
I like Shrek and have always liked the dub a lot, even during my "mexicanisms in dubs are cringe" phase.

No. 192879

what's mexican shrek like ? cause in the Urdu dub Shrek and later all the other ogres had pashtun accents
I'm posting vidrel so that you might understand what the usual accents sound like typically to most urdu speakers, I don't know if non-urdu speakers could hear a substantial difference

No. 192882

Here's the video I was talking about, the guy lists the anime characters that are the most likely to be Algerian (but not seriously), as anon said, it's the exact same shit as when Black American weebs say that Piccolo is also a Black guy.

No. 192902

File: 1648493441792.jpeg (87.25 KB, 588x500, E4ECA559-8BBA-43A6-B60E-37D3A1…)

Mexican Jake was annoying, but Mexican shrek was great, same as Mexican kid’s next door, they somehow were kind of nice, specially One and Two, the Mexican accent suited them. But I cringed a lot whenever someone called Four a “Güerito” like, come on, that was utter cringe.

No. 194964

are you talking about Jake from adventure time ?

No. 194971

File: 1649177432948.jpeg (24.92 KB, 250x250, D319C2A1-7766-41E1-BF9C-2422FB…)

No. 194973

So convenient that this thread was bumped today. Last night I was thinking about Nigel Uno's Mexican dub. Like, isn't he supposed to be British? But in LatAm Spanish his Mexican accent is the most noticeable, I think. I'm not sure how to feel about that, because he was funny after all.

No. 195136

wouldn't a Spanish accent make more sense for him though

No. 196615

File: 1649684028017.png (64.95 KB, 603x580, R2D2.png)

LatAM nonna's why didn't you tell us this

No. 196644

I thought everyone knew that.

No. 196662

Yes!! But they NEVER do that. I can't think of a single example of a British or stereotypically British-sounding character being dubbed in LatAm with a Spanish accent. It's such a good idea, it sucks when a British character's voice's original charm is completely dilluted because they're given the same accent as every other character.

Not everyone here likes it though. tbh I think it's pretty stupid.

No. 204272

Remember when they just used to put random American 2000's rock songs in anime soundtracks? Silverchair and Alice in Chains in Street Fighter II, Less Than Jake in Digimon, Lord Slug and Cooler's Revenge being filled with shit like Disturbed and Drowning Pool.

No. 204287

Any other Hispanic American nonnies here love what they did with the Ed Edd n Eddy dub? It's so stupid it's super funny

No. 204289

The french dub actually changed the names of most of the cast. R2D2 became D2R2, C3PO became Z6PO, Darth Vader Dark Vador, Han Solo Yan Solo, Star Wars the Stars War (guerre des étoiles) and Chewbacca/Chewie Chictaba/Chico. Then by episode 5 they reverted half the names, then by episode 1 they pretended nothing had happened and everyone got their english name back

No. 204295

Good to know they didn't only butcher anime kek

No. 204301

there was that one movie with Adam Sandler where they give the little girl a spaniard accent but she has a british one in english idk if that's what you mean

No. 204707

What was even the point of that? KEK

No. 209013

Latam dub dragon ball songs > Japanese dragon ball songs

No. 209015

oh it's just usual frenchtard bullshit

No. 209022

Yes, that is what I meant. Do you think it worked? Because in theory it should have a similar effect to British accents in American media.

LatAm dub superiority

No. 209047

I know this is necro but I vividly remember being a kid watching pokemon and being very confused at the triangle donuts with a black thing on them kek

No. 209051

i think it was fitting

No. 209111

I loved this dub as a child, the voice for Shinichi/Jimmy was just really attractive. Apparently, there are plans for them to dub the rest of the series but I sincerely doubt it.

No. 209276

File: 1653628836901.jpg (438.85 KB, 640x3304, 2SAU-kN5-lDO6XRtro9jNQbOgqc4M7…)

Reminds me of the way movie titles are translated in French. As a poutine I always found it strange.

No. 209303

The french version is supposed to make the gist of the movie understandable to a french audience (who won't understand "silver linings", but will understand "happiness") while indicating that the movie is american. Fortunately that tends to disappear, as english is more and more understood here
Likewise, european french find it weird that québécois are under legal obligation to translate everything in the movie titles. That leads to, for instance, the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to be billed as "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" in France and "Docteur Strange dans le multivers de la folie" in Québec (at least they didn't translate "Strange")

No. 209360

Yeah but why not translate it in French? Like in Québec The Hangover is Lendemain de Veille, why is it translated to Very Bad Trip instead of how an hangover would be called in France? Every time I've asked a French person they always found it weird too when they started thinking about it. I can't think about another country that does this. I do agree with you on Quebec having to translate all the words even when it doesn't make sense.

No. 209394

English sounds cool and exotic to French people I guess? And American and British movies tend to have a better reputation than French ones that aren't oscar bait so I'm sure it's just a marketing thing. I don't know, I'm French and I'd rather have original titles or French titles, not some weird in-between like what we sometimes have.

No. 209395

Samefagging but kek I didn't read your post. Strange is the guy's family name, it can't be translated. Unless maybe the translators lost their shit and decided to go full 80s and 90s and make every name more French like they did with anime and Japanese video games but that's not a thing anymore now.

No. 209430

>why not translate it in French?
The exact reasons of course depend on each translator's personal reasons, but the most sensible one would be to show that the movie is american. American movies are much more appealing to a teenager/young male adult audience, as they usually have a bigger budget and are often of better quality than french movies, at least for comedies, romantic and action movies (the three genres shown on your picture). Dramas and movies aimed for an older audience would then tend to have their titles translated in french to look more "serious". If The Hangover was translated in "Gueule de bois" in France, it would instantly sound like a french comedy, which, believe me, wouldn't be appealing at all to the target audience. A perfect example would be Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) translated into "Tucker et Dale fightent le mal" ("fightent" isn't a french word, it's just the english word conjugated as a french verb). This franglais (a mix of french and english) is here to show that the film is 1) american 2) not that serious and for younger audiences, hence exciting
>Strange is the guy's family name, it can't be translated
Yes, I know

No. 209477

Sane people can tell a movie is American by seeing the clearly American actor names on the poster. I can see it not working when people are just mentioning the movie in a casual conversation, but that's not a problem in all other countries. I swear that baguette logic makes me lose my shit all the time

No. 209490

A lot of people learn about new movies through word of mouth though. And making a title easier to pronounce greatly helps too. Very bad trip is a bit easier to pronounce and write for French speakers than Hangover, and "very" and "bad" are words you learn as a little kid at school so it's easy to guess the meaning of the title instead of looking it up in a dictionary. It's a bunch of very small things but these things greatly influence people. As for American comedy movies in French, even the dub can completely change the vibe of a movie despite the dialogs not being modified at all. I watched Tropic Thunder not long ago and found it funny, but the trailer with the French dub made me want to die from cringe unrironically. It felt the same as these parody trailers at the beginning of the movie.

No. 209493

movie titles are translated here and nobody has a problem with distinguishing American from local ones, even by a word of mouth. Isn't internet the main source of movie info now anyway? The French logic is completely incomprehensible to me kek

No. 209501

These marketing methods made perfect sense before the internet, it just stayed like this afterwards. And it's known that the movie industry in France can barely keep up and makes trash, they're retarded so I guess that's why.

No. 209503

I binged watched the original dcmk series this year and I absolutely adore it its just a shame its so fucking long

No. 209504

File: 1653743257762.jpg (261.59 KB, 800x1200, 2791-1-cover-fi-1553855379-199…)

That's even more stupid than the thing we do in Finland where they just leave the English title (bc "hurr durr burger language cooler than our language") but slap on some retarded sub-title like in picrel.

In a land that has 6 months of winter and hundreds of words for different kinds of snow and cold weather, what's the point of leaving the English title on a fucking kids' movie, half of the audience of which doesn't speak a word of English? Also "huurteinen" is a word one would use to describe a cold beer, so one more giant failure there.

No. 209603

All of the quoted examples were from 10 years ago, the trend of translating english titles in simpler english titles has since completely stopped

No. 224667

File: 1658845495956.png (739.58 KB, 1280x585, tumblr_oq5rniam7g1tb2c9jo7_r1_…)

I'm bringing back this thread just because we've been talking about localization a little bit in another thread. I remembered something: I went to Japan Expo just a few weeks ago, Yusuke Kozaki, a character designer who worked on games like FE Awakening and Fates, Pokemon Go and No More Heroes was here and answering questions from fans, and someone asked something about Xander's design in FE Fates (pic related) at some point. Kozaki and his interpreter took at least 5 minutes of using google to know what the fuck the guy was asking because Xander's name in Japanese is Marks or Marx, and when Kozaki and the interpreter saw that they found super fucking weird and laughed. I wonder what the other devs for FE Fates think about that game's localization in the West, given how terrible it is.

No. 224684

DBZ is a treasure trove of shitty dubs, I feel for anybody who had to grow up with this shit.

No. 224689

>no one adds in dumb meme references that will be outdated in six months
It's even worse, they tend to be way outdated when the games get released because of how long it takes to translate/localize everything, market the games, code the new text within the games, etc. They fucking put a "rawr means I love you in dinosaur xD" joke in FE Fates to replace a normal, emotional dialog between a parent and a child and the game was released in 2016 in the west. At this point it's not even outdated anymore, it's a fucking ancient, cursed relic. At least in my country they don't fuck with anime and manga because the translators translate from Japanese to the target language with no obstacles, meanwhile the JRPGs I like are butchered by Americans, and then the European localizers work on the English text to cut costs or to respect deadlines I assume.

No. 224707

File: 1658857771527.jpg (41.75 KB, 300x227, 300px-Beastwarsmaxgroup.jpg)

Beast Wars, alongside with Beast Machines, Animated, Prime and Cyberverse were given the "Ghost Stories gag dub" treatment in Japan by Yoshikazu Iwanami.

An excerpt from TFWiki:

"Super Lifeform Transformers: Beast Wars Metals (超生命体トランスフォーマー ビーストウォーズメタルス, Chō Seimeitai Transformers Beast Wars Metals) aired in 1999, consisting of the North American season 2 and 3 episodes. While Beast Wars had been fairly judicious in its self-referential humor, even in its last stretch of episodes, Beast Wars Metals was an unrestrained self-parody, constantly breaking the fourth wall and demonstrating awareness of its own status as a TV series.

Ad libbing was cranked to the max and many characters received major personality adjustments to reflect the aggressively comedic nature of the series. Depth Charge became a goofy old man who enjoyed singing fishing songs while transforming, for example, and Rampage spoke with the rough-and-tumble dialect of a Japanese street punk. The show was unrelentingly self-aware, regularly acknowledging the camera, the TV channel and, in one of the more obnoxious gags, Rattrap would constantly smell what the audience was eating (making remarks to the effect of, "Oh, that's Sato-san's curry" as he sniffed). For good or ill the show proved a shot in the arm for the franchise, and this success catapulted Iwanami into a brand mainstay. Iwanami's dubbing style has become synonymous with imported Transformers cartoons in Japan, and he continues to voice direct most series to this day, all with the same heavily "punched up" direction."

No. 224736

When you say "Western" you mean American, right?

No. 224748

nta but that statement works for video games because you'll get the original Japanese voice acting, the American dub with the same 3 voice actors every single time, and the American dub will be the default for America as a whole and Europe.

No. 225783

Whoa there. I'm Mexican too, but let's not brag too much about our dubs, because they're not perfect either.

No. 229182

File: 1660159326415.jpg (847.68 KB, 1978x2104, f20bfb059d1150c091cf921221463f…)

No idea if this rant is suited for the otome games thread or this one, but I need to get this off my chest either way. I hate the translation for Hakuouki Kyoto Winds/Edo Blossoms. I did read the interview with one of the translators, where they talked about making Chizuru a more proactive protagonist because that way she'd be more likeable for a western audience, and this doesn't save anything, makes it worse even and considering she's still paraded around as useless in the fandom, it was completely unnecessary, too. My best friend only ever played the English version got a completely wrong impression of some of the characters to the point it ruined them for her due to the liberties taken. When she showed me what she meant, after I was confused when she called some character an complete asshole that she couldn't understand how I could love, I legit first thought the screenshot she presented me was some kind of shitpost taken from tumblr. I then played an route in English, and some parts are so bad, I'm convinced the translator had an active hate boner for Okita (whose route I did, but maybe it's like that for every character). And not only that, some parts were even translated flat out wrong, as in–the opposite of what was said. It luckily wasn't anything choice specific (like it was in Taisho Alice, I heard?), but immersion breaking is still something it was. I heard of some translators just running the script through a translator and then simply polishing the grammar afterwards, and I'm pretty sure that's what happened with EB at least…
Some examples:
What it was translated as: "I never thought I'd let anyone ever see me cry aside from Kondou…"
What it actually says: "I didn't think there'd be another person besides Kondou[-san] that'd cry for my sake…"
After dry-eyed Okita comforts crying Chizuru.
What it was translated as: "Sheesh, I thought I was in better shape than that, but I feel like crap. Yamazaki, you didn't even drink the Water of Life. How the hell did you make it outta there?"
What it actually says: "To keep running with wounds like this… Yamazaki[-kun], you didn't even drink the Water of Life, you sure you aren't overdoing it?"
After the fight which Okita and Chizuru fled unscathed from, but Yamazaki got shot in multiple times.
What it was translated as: "Hey, little sister? Chizuru."
What it actually said: "[-an]… Chizuru[-chan]!"
After Chizuru had a flashback from her childhood and Okita, who is not her older brother, wakes her up. That's actually the one that makes me think EB is mechanically translated.
What it was translated as: "Let's drop it."
What it actually said: "Could you tell me about it?"
After Chizuru had her inhibitions telling Okita about her flashback. lol.
I think I could rant about the Hakuouki localization forever, and I'm glad to see at least that I'm not the only one complaining about it when I google around for a bit.

No. 229187

Thank you for the info, nonnie. I've been wanting to try these games for a long time… these kinds of localisations should be illegal

No. 229191

Oh, is that why the writing is so shitty compared to the first game ? I couldn't keep up with Kyoto Winds because of how poorly formulated everything was, the average fanfiction is more pleasing to read.

No. 229198

I bought the games on sales long ago but barely played them. I'm not surprised at all. American localizers for visual novels seem to be the same ones as for JRPGs from what I've seen and they love changing things to the point of fanfiction because they think that if they like these changes, everyone in the West will love these changes too. Maybe I should start pirating games to play them in Japanese, that would be a great excuse to go back to practicing again. Did you play the games in Japanese legally or did you pirate the games?

No. 229203

File: 1660163610616.png (54.41 KB, 500x387, 1533748785846.png)

>where they talked about making Chizuru a more proactive protagonist because that way she'd be more likeable for a western audience, and this doesn't save anything, makes it worse even
Samefagging to add that I will never understand why translators do that shit where they change a main character's personality and attitude to appeal to the west (aka, to Americans) even though the rewritten dialogs completely contradicts the story and make the characters just straight up inconsistent and way more unlikable. My best example is from FE Fates, where they made Marx/Xander a prince charming heroic figure in the localization who has daddy issues but is willing to stop his father's evil actions, whereas in the original he's a anti-hero who will never, ever try to act against his father because of his plot related issues with his father, his upbringing, his own responsibilities as the heir of the throne towards his family and his country's citizens, etc. So in the original, whenever the villain, his dad, will say he'll do something fucked up and evil he goes along with it and shuts the fuck up in fear of being formally executed by said villain, but in the localization he's always like "no dad that's wrong, killing is bad uwu" and "I will stop my father, he's a bad person! I don't have daddy issues btw!" while killing innocent people by his father's orders. They removed some lines that made him more morally ambiguous or traumatized by his past because that's not marketable for 10 years old apparently (the game was rated for 15 or 16 years old and above in Japan btw), and they added a shit ton of lines to make him seem more heroic except the end result was that a lot of people thought he was a huge unlikable hypocrite.

I also remember shit like this done in FF games until FF10. Which is why male western fans will endlessly shit on Tidus for being optimistic and cheerful, and not an edgy, emo guy like Cloud and Squall seemed to be in the translated FF7 and FF8. I wish I had screenshots of that scene where Tifa says in JP something like "don't jinx us!" to Barrett and "will you stop acting like a retard and climb" in English, I'd say it's a great way to explain how localizers love to slightly but very noticeably change characters.

No. 229259

Damn, I've been wanting to play them. I don't know enough Japanese/don't have enough time to attempt to understand every single line (like I've done with some VNs) so I was thinking of playing the localizations.
>I think I could rant about the Hakuouki localization forever, and I'm glad to see at least that I'm not the only one complaining about it when I google around for a bit.
Well, that explains it. Aksys doesn't really give a shit about the otome audience, they just want to milk money out of us so they put in the bare minimum effort into their localizations. Although from what I've heard, they've been improving since then.

>is that why the writing is so shitty compared to the first game
There's another game? If so I might play that one if the translation isn't too bad. Hakuoki game releases are confusing to me lol. But apparently the first game was localized by Idea Factory themselves so that's why the writing quality is better as you say.

No. 252384

Remember when dubs just used to put random American rock/metal songs in anime soundtracks? Silverchair and Alice in Chains in Street Fighter II, Less Than Jake in Digimon, the DBZ movies being filled with shit like Disturbed and Drowning Pool.

No. 270564

No. 270757

2 channels I found that post the official dubbed versions of songs

No. 270758

No. 271353

No. 271380

Nigel and I were constantly curious to know why Gears of War fans were 9/10 times Mexicans and last night we decided to actually research it. This is one of the few video games that has a Mexican Spanish dub. Incredible.

No. 272081

Didn't know this had so many dubbed versions

No. 272095

The way Americans marketed DBZ as this hardcore edgy show will never stop making me laugh.

No. 272097

tbf the American Dub of DBZ was based on the LatAM script, I have heard that Arabic and Spanish dubs tend to make Shonen dubs more macho and edgy

No. 287584

Japanese and Arabic honestly go quite well together.

No. 287585

Like really well

No. 287714

Lion King in (Egyptian) Arabic will always be elite.

Erwin’s Arabic VA is so good, he conveys more emotion compared to his animation which I rarely see with Arabic dubs but also maybe it works so well since he’s a military commander barking at the corps in Arabic. The moment other characters speak it sounds off? This has always bothered me with Arabic dubs, it sounds so awkward since they’re speaking in MSA.

No. 287720

The Arabic lyrics are so powerful, honestly during that time every Arabic anime opening went above and beyond.
I remember the opening more then the anime itself

No. 287721

The 90’s hunterxhunter OP in Arabic is also another very iconic one but for the 2011 version for some reason it’s not as good, apparently the anime studio wanted the openings to be similar to the Japanese version.

No. 287722

Here’s the one that every single Arab that watched Spacetoon will probably recognize

No. 287726

so MSA is a style of Arabic that only exists in textboots and no one actually speaks like that IRL?

No. 287729

best anime intro of all time. so beautiful it still brings tears to my eyes! original kaze no uta can't compare at all, i was shocked when i first heard it kek

No. 287734

an Arab nonna mentions that shonen dubs always turn the series hypermacho, is this true?

No. 287911

I did not expect a ballade for a shounen opening but I haven't watched the 90's hxh so i can't say whenever it fits the show or not. This song is beautiful though

No. 287916

Never expected to see Spacetoon mentioned here

No. 304662

Russian Zira sounded so raw.

No. 305328

One thing I hate is American companies insisting on making anime dubs for every show. Who even would want to watch a dub for some night-time CGDCT seasonal anime or a niche sports show? This shit only takes space on DVD releases (and no, I'd rather pirate than replace my DVDs with Blu-ray trash).

No. 305368

Plenty of niche animes get dubs (not just in English but in other languages too). There’s always going to be an audience that wants to watch things in their own language and American dubbing companies have the cash to meet that demand. Not sure why you’re upset at it being an option, or at it ‘taking up space’ on a DVD. What would you want to be included on the DVD instead of the dub?

No. 305503

Visual quality suffers with all the dub trash crammed in.

No. 305524

Sounds very hardcore kek. I always loved my country's version of My Lullaby too. Her voice sounds both scary and warm, and iirc it's the only version where the last part is sang (in the original and the others she kinda just talks at the end). Some of the lines have a bit of a religious influence (using terms like "hosanna" and "manna"). It's most likely done to make the rhyme, but at the same time it seems like she's praying for revenge before going to war.

No. 316334

No. 316363

What's up with the FFXVI English localization? I heard that a bunch of things have been changed but it's not for the sake of censorship at all because Square-Enix had the balls to tell Saudia Arabia to get fucked and that they wouldn't remove or change scenes about a canon gay couple. I'm talking about a lot of small things that give very different vibes to the audience like knowing that Dion and Terrence aren't just lovers, they're also childhood friends or how some characters will reply to each other with more sarcasm or enthusiasm depending on the language. I'd love to play it but in my first language and if it's like FFXIV (because it's the same guy localizing both in English) and FFVII remake then the localization in my language should be more accurate.

No. 321950

No. 321951

No. 322994

No. 323783

As awful as the Yugioh Dub was, Kaiba's dub was absolutely perfect and hilarious.

No. 323784

No. 323785

No. 323786

No. 323787

No. 324287

This is genuinely beautiful.

No. 328952

I am fascinated by the English localization of Japanese media that are adaptions of American/British works, like the Zorro anime. These were pulp novels written in the early 1900s and are usually set somewhere around the mid-1800s in the far west. There was an anime adaptation and later an English localization. Now English and Japanese are so different from each other, and there will always be a certain dept that neither side may not fully grasp. This includes accents, dialects, and cultural understandings.

No. 332453

No. 332946

No. 334092

File: 1699466651166.jpeg (244.37 KB, 675x2702, yPqlhXy.jpeg)

No. 334469

File: 1699591672632.png (2.83 MB, 1109x1004, 1DRv4JP.png)

No. 336341

No. 339426

I honestly prefer the russain berserk dub both to the original and the english dub, mostly because griffith sounds so much more manly and eloquent at least to my ears

No. 339483

Never forget that italian is a fictional language.
For the nonas who don't get it: they're all official dubs but the second one became a meme because we have this moid that tries so hard to assault scripts to make them sound intellectual to the point of surpassing italian grammar and human logic.

No. 339487

I can't not mention how good Light's italian VA is, it's a popular opinion here but i don't know how this version sounds to foreigners.
Personally, him and Near VA's were the ones i can't forget and whenever i happen to hear them in other media i feel like rewatching Death Note.

No. 339507

He sounds exactly what I imagined Italian would sound like.

No. 339521

When I see cannarsi being mentioned all I can think about is his "dio bestia" in the Mononoke dub kek. For non-italian anons, that would mean "beast god" but in italian it's a frequently used blasphemy word. He could have used literally any synonym of "god" to make it sound different and more serious but nope. And anon's right, he uses italian words but keeps the japanese grammar structure, so you can imagine how bad it sounds, it's like using english words with japanese grammar.

No. 339566

so it sounds like the old speed racer dubs?

No. 339567

>assault scripts to make them sound intellectual
Honestly fitting for an anime that pretends to be intellectual kel

No. 339568

Kek* goddammit
I love Italian and started learning it slowly but Light going "bon giorno" made me laugh. I'm so sorry.

No. 339585

Veneto Mononoke my beloved
nta but this Speed Racer dub and the Sailor Moon's DiC dub should be national treasures, idk about Cannarsi's reasoning behind his atrocities but it's so hilarious when he tries to pull archaic words and phrases as if they belong in a normal conversation

No. 339607

File: 1701630998589.jpg (48.55 KB, 1201x395, FB_IMG_1561283884203.jpg)

The funny thing about Cannarsi is that his early translations~localizations like Street Figther Victory were fine. Not perfect, but not what we know him for.
We don't know exactly what made him degenerate further. I remember as a kid I found some of Howl's Moving Castle's italian dialogue weird but the voice direction was still good so I did not mind.
But then after watching Kiki's Delivery Service and laughing out loud at the movies when they aired his Laputa dub it was undeniable he actively ruins anything he touches and he's just a weird weeb nepo baby. He also has gone on record that trying to be as close as possible to the japanese script and keeping the japanese language structure is the only good way to localize content. He's the dream of anti-censorship fuckers but they don't know just how shit they'd have it if they got what they wanted.

He's also quite a cow and filled forums with incel shit in the early 2000s.

No. 339608

File: 1701631042805.jpg (56.54 KB, 744x805, FB_IMG_1561283984949.jpg)

More OT Cannarsi cow shit

No. 341028

Italian dubbing seems like a rabbit hole.

No. 341060

File: 1702219261619.png (564.67 KB, 730x724, Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 15.34…)

Wow, thank you for informing us about this cow. I always had an elevated view of Italian dubbing based on their anime intros, but now I know that they are indeed worse than our dubbers.

Swe nona here. Our stuff was bargain bin cartoons that were bought super cheaply by small, independent, probably very nepo and possibly artisto ppl to make a quick buck on dubbing them and selling them to rental stores and the like (Other Scandi nonas pls correct me if I'm wrong).

For reference, dubs here are done for the benefit of children who cannot read. That is it. If it's intended for anyone over reading age, it used to be that it wouldn't be dubbed. (In later years this has changed and people have refused to let their kids watch those shows as a result). Even some cartoons were not dubbed, to deter younger children from watching. When Simpsons was first broadcast, it was dubbed, and parents complained that it could be mistaken for a kids' show, so it is no longer dubbed.

picrel is a show of deep, deep significance to Japan. It is like Batman is to the US, a superhero story re-made again and again for each generation. It's for children.

For a long time, one of the few ways you could watch the 1980's version legally in a non-JP country was via VHS tapes released by a Swedish porno company.

One single mysterious man with a far-too polished accent dubbed every single character, from the baby to the females to the hero.

He made multiple grammar mistakes, so he pronounced the words like a native Swede but had a very uncanny vibe.

Similar-sounding but distinct words would also get mixed up. For example, 'restoration' was used in place of 'restaurant' when the latter was very obviously implied.

The episode titles had names that sounded like google translate, stuff like 'The Flying Manure Saucer' 'Never let the battle-tanks be' and 'Bells of love, ring tomorrow!'.

The episode 'The Phantom Fürer' had an actual plot about one girl being a clone whose internal organs were meant to help Hitler being resurrected, complete with Swastikas and 'Seig Heil', all dutifully translated into Swedish.

There was also copious swearing. 'Shit', 'Fuck', 'Hell' being thrown around, whereas this would be unheard of in a dubbed cartoon.

No. 341064

Kek. I used to watch these on cartoon network when they aired and i loved them. The dubs are insane

No. 341073

Watched Doctor Who with an English friend and it made me look up our local dub of it, and not only does everyone sound terrible, but our is like the only localization I found that changed the actual title from Doctor Who. Most don't even touch it, or translate it literally like the Russian Doktor Kto, but for some reason the Hungarian decided to make it "Who are you, doctor?". Whenever I saw that on the TV infoguide as a kid, I thought it was just another detective show.

No. 341350

My God, I had no idea he was this much of an incel pedo faggot. No wonder he got so much into his retarded way of translating because "muh japanese and muh original meaning". I'm glad so many people shit on his works (rightfully so) and I'll be sure to avoid every work he puts his slimy cum-covered hands on, though I'm sad he keeps getting jobs despite being completely incompetent and ruining otherwise decent movies.
>Howl's Moving Castle
I remember seeing it in italian but the dialogues didn't sound like him at all. Maybe there's two dubs? I know that's the case with Spirited Away, luckily I always saw the one with the superior non-Cannarsi dub.

No. 343941

No. 343960

>I remember seeing it in italian but the dialogues didn't sound like him at all.
It's actually him but back when he was still relatively normal. "Brava bimba" is a line that lives rent free in my head since the end of times. He just got worse with time and it's super evident when you listen to his early works for Yamato Video.
The fact is, Italian dubs generally tend to be good, it's just this Cannarsi guy that writes awful scripts.
In fact his works tend to give people intense whiplash because the voices are well acted and emotional but the characters spout some of the most pompous, tryhard and insanely written lines. It's hard to convey if you're not italian, but basically the main example people give about his work is that it sounds like amazing voices reading a highschooler's latin-to-italian direct translation (a type of excercise that is common to teens who have study latin, aka "versione di latino").

No. 344119

File: 1703204540448.png (400.25 KB, 669x502, image_2023-12-22_042308292.png)

im surprised no one here has talked about the doremi censorship in arabic lol

No. 344151

There's a whole shirtless moid and naked woman's back in the background. kek

No. 344207

File: 1703252124495.png (701.16 KB, 1200x752, Hamtaro.png)

>doremi censorship
Nоnny, that's Hamtaro…

No. 344570

today i found out im apparently retarded, but on the topic of hamtaro i think the arabic opening song is really cute despite what people say

No. 346379

If I'm not mistaken, they usually take 4kids censored and cut out dubs and then censor and cut out even more in their own dub.

No. 350986

No. 354338

(Vivzie outside containment)

No. 354850

No. 359835

No. 387458

No. 388835

File: 1717452675456.mp4 (6.42 MB, 854x452, V8TwMNC.mp4)

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