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No. 191506

Want to rant about characters you hate? Post them here!

No. 191534

File: 1648021013526.jpg (37.22 KB, 400x400, alistair.jpg)

I guess I don't hate him, but alistair from dragon age kinda pissed me off

No. 191537

I don’t think these threads need to be called temporary anymore it’s been over a month

No. 191540

this, we clearly aren't getting old /m/ back

No. 191594

File: 1648049227612.jpg (15.57 KB, 580x330, armamando mendoza.jpg)

I fucking hate this asshole for treating Betty like garbage for so long
(Betty la Fea is a guilty pleasure of mine because despite hating "working class woman falls in love with her rich and powerful piece of shit boss and they get married at the end" plots, I still like the series)

No. 191600

File: 1648050804770.jpg (15.25 KB, 640x359, zaheer.jpg)

This flying tard

No. 191677

File: 1648068984222.jpeg (40.87 KB, 738x415, images - 2022-03-23T234826.742…)

Hate this dude. Such a wish fullfillment character for moids, ooga booga I'm so powerful and I fuck all the women. He is like the self-insert isekai protagonist of gaming. On top of being a charisma void he doesn't even have the looks to save himself. I hate him even when he is played by the barely legal fetishist Cavill.

No. 191750

File: 1648092524135.gif (1.87 MB, 640x358, F43D8690-814C-43B7-BD9E-F02293…)

this ugly, annoying fucker. I can’t like the series solely because of him. even at the point where he supposedly gets better, I still hate him. I’m sick of loud, “pervy” characters.

No. 191780

He ruined my enjoyment of the series too, also he is mostly useless and gets his moment of glory out of nowhere with zero buildup and reward (like most of the final arc). This kind of character feels so outdated and it's very surprising that a woman wrote him like that, and I genuinely don't get all the fangirls he has.

No. 191901

File: 1648148860975.jpg (28.32 KB, 674x540, FB_IMG_1648095335172.jpg)

Every single moid in this series sucks but every line is an iconic wigsnatcher, thanks for reminding me it's time for my annual rewatch.

No. 192348

File: 1648310655608.png (659.62 KB, 500x800, Hyakunosuke_Ogata.png)

Am I the only person here who hates this motherfucker?

No. 192350

It's him and Inosuke for me. They both made the series seriously less enjoyable but even then at least Inosuke has moments where he can be interesting, whereas blonde bitch only ever stfu's when he screams himself into fainting.
I especially hate them because they completelly fuck up the tone of the series, I watched the movie a couple months ago and it was so weird because Tanjiro and Rengoku's mindspace had the people that they liked and it was supposed to be this deep thing but then blond bitch and Inosuke's were just a gag? Also when Rengoku died, his corpse was literally still on screen and they were already running around and criying in a super loud way that came of as kinda comic relief attemp but it was just annoying because this was supposed to be a serious moment and they won't even give us 5 seconds to actually process a moment that is supposed to be serious.
I haven't watched the second season yet but those two alone make Demon Slayer feel like capeshit for weebs for me.

No. 192365

No. 194820

File: 1649121594688.jpeg (21.24 KB, 201x251, 155DFC73-4353-410F-83E0-9371F3…)

Why did they make the lesbian ugly and insufferable

No. 194868

Yeah you are

No. 194882

>his fans are what made me hate him lmfao
kek shit like this is why I disregard most fandom interactions, I just want to see nice content for the characters I like I don’t want fandom shit to taint my enjoyment of a series. But good that you two found each other lol maybe you can bond over this itt

No. 194922

File: 1649164841714.jpg (29.22 KB, 308x250, Wendy.jpg)

I LOATHE her so much. She's played so damn well though I gotta give kudos to that

No. 194935

idk what she's like but cute imo as a les

No. 196030

File: 1649470678128.png (1.9 MB, 1085x1355, Character_Hate_Chart.png)

Posted this on the previous thread but made some changes.

Characters from left to right:
>Slutty coomer mascot of high quality official-looking porn animations and coomers making gross memes out of them.
Felix Argyle
Hideri Kanzaki
>Hate all trap characters in general but these three the most. Annoying waifubait cookie cutter "draw a girl call it a boy" with the personality and voice of an anime moeblob girl that plagued and tarnished anime boys. Their coomer fans are obnoxious and shit out the same repetitive unfunny girl with penis memes and gross sissy porn even one's that look like child grooming. They will get super offended if you hate traps or call them dickgirls/futas/trannies and will shove their fetish in everyone's throat to feel validated.
>Literally trans Bowser but make him into a big titty anime waifu. The whole Super Crown fad is just an autistic fetish for turning things into slutty waifus with a Princess Peach base.
>Stupid slutty gijinka of a virus that's currently relevant today which killed thousands of people. Yeah totally sexy and edgy.
Hana Uzaki
>"Draw a shota and slap big titties on her." Super annoying and stupid shirt. Coomers defended her that's she's a petite woman with huge knockers but never admit that she looks like a child.
>Same case with Uzaki. "Draw a loli and slap big titties on her."
>Slutty big titty bimbo and a creepy predator towards a young boy. Fucking disgusting and disturbing. Not funny at all.
Female Terry Bogard
>Ruined Terry Bogard by genderswapping him in this one shitty fanservice game into a slut with skimpy clothes and zero muscles looking nothing like the original character. Such cowards.
>The most sexualized Animal Crossing villager along with Isabelle and is further sexualized because of the Zone animation porn. Disgusting unfunny meme. Ankha should be the one deserving hate, not Raymond.
Switch Dog
>"Haha video game console looks like derpy dog but let's make it sexy." Absolute cringe.
Himiko Toga
>Coomerbait weird yandere girl that's obsessed with Deku. Probably NTR fetish with Ochako. Gets naked when her transformation quirk wears off.
Minoru Mineta
>Annoying perverted useless crybaby. Also stupid diaper costume. I hope he dies.
Umaru Doma
>In her outdoor mode, people around her see her as the most beautiful and perfect girl but in her indoor mode, she's actually an annoying lazy bratty piece of shit that throws tantrums at her brother who in which deserves better since he works, takes care of her and keeps a roof over their heads.
Marin Kitagawa
>Manic pixie dream girl. Don't know much about her other than she wants to cosplay but I hate seeing this slut everywhere and her shitty scrote anime. Probably behaves like a dumb blonde. Pick mes love and relate to her.
Kirino Kousaka
>Similar to Umaru but is a total tsundere bitch that like eroge games and treats her brother like shit even when there's an incestuous thing going on between them. Like wtf.
Lady Dimitrescu
>"Big dommy mommy milkers!!" Hate seeing this bitch everywhere and her annoying horny fans. Also shit game.
>Total bitch even towards her sister and slutty outfit with exposed legs and thighs like she's wearing nothing at all under that dress.
Samsung Sam
>Virtual assistant that looks like a pick me and of course will have plethoras of porn of her. As a Samsung user I demand a male version.

No. 196035


No. 196037

I hate how coomers have absolutely ruined Ankha. In the old games she was just another villager with a cool theme and a unique character design but now she's this sex symbol for this generation's batch of degenerate scrotes, so frustrating. I wish coomers would keep their greasy hands off all AC characters, but since AC's really gone mainstream with New Horizons there's really no turning back.

No. 196039

This is the 'Opinion Discarded' profile pic bingo sheet I need.

No. 196042


No. 196043

Same nonnie. She was one of my original villagers when I first started new leaf and she was always my favorite. To see what moids have done to her shouldn't be such a surprise but I'm still constantly amazed by their autism.

No. 196044

File: 1649475622458.jpeg (52.02 KB, 880x660, 30A06E42-256E-4296-B671-BDADD2…)

star trek coomer, had an open relationship with the hottest women onboard the enterprise. deanna was too good for him and i hate his stupid fucking face. beta to picard

No. 196057

Terry Bogard already looked like that in that one Capcom vs SNK game iirc. There's that Darkstalkers vampire guy who has an attack that can genderbend male characters and make the already female characters just "cuter" I think, to weaken them and drink their blood. It's just that the spinoff you're talking about is another type of fanservice but they just reused an alreadye existing design for Terry.

No. 196061

lol I hate him too, he'd hump anything with a pulse. I think he was cute in the first season but after that he grew that ugly beard and got fatter every season.

No. 196066

any crybaby/weak/loser/pervy male protags ie isekai (especially if all the girls love him)
Subaru, Rimuru, Iruma, etc
any orbiters of the above
that green guy from Re:Zero, Rem, that pink guy from Iruma, etc.
any male that’s supposed to be as pretty/prettier than a girl
Felix, Alstofo?, Miyamura
any depraved homosexual/bisexual/sinisterly feminine type male character (fujoshi shit)

I hate any character the narrative pushes too hard for you to be impressed by

No. 196071

>any male that’s supposed to be as pretty/prettier than a girl
Based. It's so unrealistic that it takes me out of a story.

No. 196116

it’s such a weird fetishy thing that it never belongs, I’m tired of having this kink forced everywhere

No. 196136

File: 1649516224631.jpg (62.35 KB, 433x433, 81d2177471cc2780f222dc3a26ffa4…)

>Immature to a point that she has no control on her own life
>Obsessed with men, falls for any guy she sees
>Self-centered and spoiled
>A cheater
>Never learns
>Generally dumb
>Uses others
>A leech
>Constantly relies on others (giving nothing back)
>Delusional pickmesha

No. 196138

I don't remember any reason why she's the way she is. It's not like she has some backstory explaining why she would feel compelled to be constantly horny and suck everyone's dick 24/7. She doesn't even seem all that fun to hang out with as a friend either, when I think about it too, I've been rereading the manga recently and sometimes I wonder if Nana got attached to Hachi the same way some random people feel pity and love for severely mentally disabled but harmless people like down syndrome patients. The only good thing about her is that she's stylish.

No. 196139

>dumb bitch who didn't use protection when having sex with a rock star
She's the worst tbh

No. 196142

You also forgot that what makes her a cheater is that she started dating Nobu without breaking up with Takumi, and she was such a pussy that everytime she saw Takumi to tell him she wanted to break up with him not only she was shaking and crying like a bitch because she's retarded, but she was literally jumping on his dick instead. Why? Could this be a fear of abandonment? She's bad at saying no due to some bad experiences or even trauma before? No, it's just because she's obsessed with dick. And all of this happens right after she got cheated on and dumped.

No. 196143

She also moved out of Nana's apartment. That scene when she wouldn't let her into the bedroom was so heartbreaking. Nobody deserved much better. Hachi ruined a lot

No. 196144

She also dated married men.

No. 196146

And she pretended to be the victim in that case and every single time anything went wrong with any guy she ever dated.

No. 196154

No. 196166

She is why I've never managed to get into Nana, having her as a main character was so exhausting I dropped it at like 10 chapters.

No. 196217

She always annoyed me as well, I was waiting all the time for her to become cool lika nana at least a bit but nothing ever happened in that direction. in retrospect, if the story had focused more on her relationship with nana in terms of character development she would have become way more likeable but instead it was all about latching onto guy after guy without learning anything. someone correct me if I’m wrong, I never finished reading it because I got bored with this eventually

No. 196303

>I never finished reading it
Nobody did nonna.

No. 196981

File: 1649810896810.png (1006.81 KB, 1080x1632, no_more....png)

I fucking hate everything about traps/femboys and their annoying horny fans. This shit appeals to trannies and straight/bicurious scrotes that wanted extra spicy girls with a dick fetish. They're ruining cute 2D/fictional boys especially on /cm/ and /y/ when they already have /d/ and this /femgen/ I keep seeing on the ads. Truly spoiled and gluttonous of them to seek validation and invading male focus spaces for their flat chest dickgirls as boys and I refused to believe that bs since they're drawn as your generic anime moeblob but boobless with a dick slapped on or a Schrodinger's dick. Androgynous pretty boys that still held masculinity or are recognizable as boys like Narancia or Kurapika are ok and passable. Guys crossdressing are ok too but I hate it when characters like Link and Cloud are drawn off-model or as hyper feminine sissies as if their muscles have been reduced and sometimes with child-birthing hips. I just want to Thanos snapped all of them out from existence.

No. 196992

File: 1649817127320.png (217.56 KB, 1200x1532, SU Pink Diamond.png)

Just everything Pink Diamond done to everyone(well except the other diamonds, they're just as bad) is fucked up and did more harm than good. Characters who got screwed over by her can't even get rightfully upset at her without the show and her super fans pulling out the "well if it wasn't for her, there would be no Earth or Steven etc". Rebecca couldn't even do a good job calling PD out or show how she really is a "good gray moral" character. I know that the other Diamonds treated her like trash and that sucks but even after Greg talked to her about respect, it still showed that she was selfish aka so long you give PD whatever she wants then she'll "care" about you. Plus not a big fan of her design at all, her moon base mural looks better.

No. 197015

literally any "ara ara fu fu onee-san" trope character

No. 197034

t. someone who got cucked for a twink

No. 197044

honestly such an ugly design, doesn't look regal at all, she looks like a fucking clown. Maybe that is what they were aiming for kek

No. 197046

i agree, femboys are revolting and i hate how they've gained a sudden popularity boom in the past few years. a man can never, ever look like that.

No. 197052

File: 1649859222580.jpg (17.5 KB, 475x489, CE6bTSwUUAATcfD.jpg)

I'm rewatching Mad Men and I'm about to start season 5, the worst season because it focuses entirely too much on Matthew Weiner's boner for Megan. Literally feels like the characters stop what they're doing to pontificate about how perfect and wonderful this horse faced MPDG is kek

No. 197053

File: 1649859600472.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1614, F6B4FBD9-0D1B-42E7-B4C5-BA1D65…)

this piece of shit bitch i wish she had been tortured to death like some other characters that were less deserving of it but OF COURSE she got her happy ending when good-hearted characters either died or were left in the dark abt the characters who died in the climax. literal serial killer who murdered innocents acting like a poor uwu baby bc daddy was mean to her a few times and she’s a victim don’t u see!!! also dexter falling in love out of nowhere after seasons presenting him as a complicated psychopath incapable of romantic affection ruined his character and fucked up the final seasons completely, fuck hannah mckay a billion times over i hope her death prior to new blood was slow and torturous

any eDgY creator’s pet who does despicable shit but is treated like a preshus innocent victim and never has to pay for what they’ve done gets my blood boiling. she also reminded me a lot of karla homolka who sadly is real and out there happy and free, which i think is part of the reason why i hate this bitch so much.

No. 197054

File: 1649860294188.jpg (27.79 KB, 360x360, IronMan-EndgameProfile.jpg)

This shit head. I absolutely despise this tard and I will never be swayed by Starkfags. I was so happy when his bitch-ass died and it brought me genuine glee that his avenger teammates seemed like they didn't even care (especially Rhodey and Pepper kek they all hated him). I'm glad they took the time to establish that he had PTSD in his second movie and I wish they kept it in his other appearances because I would have loved if this attention-whore were to spaz out due to being triggered by flying aliens and some teammate has to talk him down from passing out due to hyperventilation kekkkk

No. 197060

Yeah I think that was what they were going for that she's the clown of the four diamonds(though it kinda fits her for who she always was) but even still. Messed up that she(and Pearl) stole that one Rose Quartz's looks and the show had the nerve to show that as Pink Diamond "changing herself for the better".

No. 197070

Hating a character simply because they’re sexualized by the fandom is pretty stupid, nonnie.

No. 197071

All these characters (aside from Ankha) suck ass anyway.

No. 197084

Even one's that are actually sexualized from their source material and some to the point of becoming """memes"""? Yeah no they're still shit.

No. 197089

I like him a lot in his own movies, but in the crossover ones he's just too much… there, I don't know how to say it. Sure, RDJ is an excellent actor and Tony Stark is a fun character but he hijacked the first two Spiderman MCU movies and Civil War was all about his daddy issues which are kind of interesting, especially when you take into account Howard's scenes in Agent Carter and how gay Howard was for Steve, which means that Tony finding his father and Steve annoying as fuck was 100% understandable, but it felt more like an Avengers movie than anything else. And your post reminded me of one fucked up tumblr post I found years ago that I found hilarious, I wish I had screenshots. It was about how Tony is basically the equivalent of a "strong female character" because he's a drama queen, has depression and has daddy issues, I hate MCU fangirls on tumblr so much kek

No. 197147

Holy shit nonna you just unlocked some buried rage within me. I hated this bitch so much. Don is absolutely a piece of shit, don't get me wrong, but I wish that he had left her at that diner in S5.

No. 197216

File: 1649919470771.png (172.44 KB, 792x1291, Heshikiri-1.png)

I don't hate him, more like I don't care about him at all, but I don't get why he's the ultimate yumejo husbando when his design and personality are so bland.

No. 197262

Fair enough. I was mostly talking about Ankha anyway.
Did you post about her in the previous threads or was that someone else?

No. 197264

File: 1649947004456.jpeg (200.28 KB, 982x552, E6649FC3-82A0-4ECE-8684-1250D4…)

I more recent hatred for this one since he’s from ER. He’s not even a character who is fun to hate, he’s just awful and annoying to boot. Glad I don’t have to deal with him for too long.

No. 197276

>I don't get why he's the ultimate yumejo husbando
Not really my husbando, but I guess extra subservience to the saniwa. Plus, him fussing over everything was super cute in the anime.

No. 197277

I don't think he is that hot either but it's probably his obsessive loyality that get other women going.

No. 197278

Kek posted at the same time
Yeah I enjoy all the femdom art that is made of him

No. 197286

File: 1649950686840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.56 KB, 850x1305, __female_saniwa_and_heshikiri_…)

ha yeah, made me smile.
I do too KEK. The only interesting thing about his design is that it makes him look kinda like a butler

No. 197311

He gave me a potion last night but i dont even want to do his quest.

No. 197315

OP here, thanks for the replies, it definitely doesn't embody what I like so that's why I don't get it.

No. 199940

File: 1650760695025.png (164.47 KB, 285x343, 1579651340808.png)

she just like me fr

No. 200022

File: 1650794285440.png (1.93 KB, 156x140, ugly bitch.png)

This bitch. I hate her ugly design, I hate her "wehhh i'm just an anxious widdle weeb scientist" schtick, I hate that she gets away with traumatising so many people and keeping them away from their families because she's just "an anxious widdle wesbian uwu" god how did none of the other monsters beat the shit out of her ugly face when they found out what her stupidity did to their family members? She gets away with shit that would be classed as crimes against humanity irl while Asriel/Flowey, who while he did fucked up things became the way he did through no fault of his own, gets far more harshly punished. But no, this disgusting dino bitch gets to date a woman far out of her league (because any woman is for her) and get a happy ending with zero consequences. Insufferable.

No. 200028

this. i remember reading a thing where toby said alphys was originally meant to be a guy but changed it for whatever cop out reason, literally everyone would hate her more if she was a dude, literal incel retard tier "i just wanted to feel like the cool helpful friend side character uwu" she still just as cringe as a girl. ily anon, ive yet to find anyone who hates alphys as much as me so thank you

No. 200031

I had to quit playing for a while when she showed up because the design is so butt fucking ugly and the constant interruptions to the gameplay aren’t endearing, they’re annoying, her personality is shit tumblrite tier.

No. 200068

>gets far more harshly punished
I'm still not over how unfair and sad Asriel/Flowey's ending was. He was just a naive kid who liked shitra too much.

No. 200074

File: 1650818390993.jpg (84.23 KB, 952x1000, 6pK7Z3K.jpg)

Has no personality to speak of other than being op, wants to bone her genocidal maniac stepbro, has no ambitions or motives other than being with him and is a bland character overall

No. 200076

i hate all undertale/deltarune designs fr, the only ones i don't despise are the skeletons because they're pretty generic skeletons but everything else makes me instantly pissed off from how shit it all looks and the fact it has a massive fandom for some reason

No. 205214

File: 1652235856203.jpg (42.59 KB, 720x710, lcu742aa3bn61.jpg)

They're popular amongst moids who are afraid/have no luck with women or are into corruption with forced feminization. Trapfags are fucking insufferable pretending to be gay for liking "guys" who don't look, sound, or behave like guys.

No. 205245

I just can’t hate her though. She’s so imperfect but in the same way realistic. I feel like I know girls like this irl. No backbone, craving validation from men.

No. 205254

I can't stand women like that irl either actually. That's why she's so annoying. I sometimes wish I could be one of the characters in this manga just so I could slap some sense into her and leave.

No. 216014

File: 1655827639794.jpg (108.47 KB, 720x720, maxresdefault-1678.jpg)

Anyone who watched the breakfast club on cytube with us know why he's so insufferable

No. 216037

No. 216041

I want more loser girl characters like her.

No. 216045

File: 1655834576209.jpg (207.43 KB, 992x1403, e8ea6139482eb601eda52de4da2c53…)

>a whiney, immature and insufferable character
>exists just to bring boob fanservice on the table and create a retarded 'unrequited love' drama
>no personality outside of being wet of her own stepbrother and having nothing but revealing boob armor
>one of the pickmesha animu girls like Marin from Dress-Up Darling
I used to read SAO light novel after the first season of the anime came out back when I was a teen, I am glad that -eventually- the writer actually ended up writing something nice (alicization arc despite the most blantly retarded 'plot twist' excuse, but whatever') I dropped it many years ago, but she is still one of my most hated anime characters, just like Hachi from Nana.

No. 218505

File: 1656742941839.jpg (30.35 KB, 333x500, punchable .jpg)

I know this is low hanging fruit but I can't even express how much I despise this turbosperg

No. 218604

File: 1656778109439.jpg (64.16 KB, 1280x720, Silco-TFT.jpg)

I hate this ugly fucker so much. I wanted to see more development for sevika and the other interesting female side characters but instead had to sit through this edgy assholes shit.

No. 218613

>tfw browsing this thread, seeing if any nonas hate your favorite character

No. 218614

I'm not familiar with the games, isn't he not even a character that exist in them? Be happy he dies at the end kek

I don't know a lot of the other ones but please don't hate the Switch dog and Ankha for what the coomers did to them, they're innocent

No. 218616

I don't play LoL but a lot of characters in the show aren't in the game. I think that's actually for the better considering how bad riot is at developing characters.

No. 221068

>any depraved homosexual/bisexual/sinisterly feminine type male character (fujoshi shit)
literally Tsukiyama from TG. I find him creepy as fuck.

No. 221077

There's also that one clown character from Hunter Hunter.

No. 221109

File: 1657630847762.jpg (45.72 KB, 736x821, 528fd1c6c7e74f6746299db748b604…)

I hate her cringy one liners and I especially hate how the fandom babys/worships her. (Well, what do I expect from a bunch of impressionable teens watching this shit show.)

No. 221110

File: 1657631353916.jpg (59.38 KB, 780x438, intro-1641949036.jpg)

Samefag. I also hate this fucking pussy self insert faggot. I've never been so annoyed by an anime protag like this.

No. 221116

File: 1657632694806.png (134.85 KB, 270x367, Catra.png)

Nu-Catra, without a doubt.

She literally abused Adora from teenhood to adulthood, yet she gets a half-assed redemption arc that's basically just Noelle Stevenson's little sob story of how Molly cucked her for god knows what.

Oh, and they ripped a scene from Revolutionary Girl Utena's last episode for the series finale, and it went out like a poorly written shipfic out of spite.

No. 221118

she has such a classic bully mean girl face

No. 221119

ntayrt but she looks similar to my ex friend that was completely toxic to me kek

No. 221126

ew I hated the unnecessary scene were he and the blue haired girl are suddenly standing in water and had some shipbaity drama moment for some godforsaken reason so much. Just why.

No. 221217

File: 1657655490566.jpg (61.97 KB, 1400x700, 5juytx927oz71.jpg)

overrated piece of shit mediocre moids both. but especially iroh

No. 222570

File: 1658067196143.png (390.09 KB, 750x750, shitske.png)

He's got the most tragic backstory and he is right for wanting to destroy the government and change the system, but holy shit, this faggot is totally insufferable

No. 222572

File: 1658067315943.jpg (70.79 KB, 736x736, hinata.jpg)

I also hate Hinata for having no other personality trait besides wanting Naruto's cock, despite being privileged enough to try and change the slavery system in her clan. Pathetic and embarassing character. Her design is cute, though

No. 222822

full agree tbf most of kishimotos characters absolutely suck. Sasuke is a onedimensional edgelord who could have been an interesting edgy character if written by a better author but he isnt, Hinatas writing is just pure misogyny and I fucking hate Naruto as well he can go screech at sasuke for eternity or choke on some ramen for all I care.

No. 222992

File: 1658184375519.jpeg (169.32 KB, 1125x1549, C88A710E-2295-4A6A-B629-6FEC3B…)

Thanks Togashi, I hate it

No. 224173

File: 1658629922331.jpg (30.41 KB, 400x400, near.jpg)

L if he had zero charisma

No. 224189

File: 1658634553198.png (Spoiler Image, 219.97 KB, 648x380, tumblr_inline_o4cw080UuU1rv87v…)

Incoming rant, I'll probably get shit for saying this but I feel it's either first-time readers, young girls, or pickmes that hate Hachi. Maturing is realizing how realistic/normal she was, while simultaneously being more critical of Nana O. I also feel that Reira and even Sachiko fit your description of Hachi better, at least Hachi does grow while it feels like Reira never learned from her mistakes and doesn't grow up past high school. Not to mention Sachiko has zero excuse for sleeping with a taken man (also I hate her uwu look), and even instigates it, while at least Hachi was underage and arguably groomed by a 30 something married man who likes high schoolers. I'm currently rereading it so details might be hazy
>Immature to a point that she has no control on her own life/Generally dumb/Obsessed with men
She had an idealistic view of life, probably from being a country girl raised like any straight girl to get married and have kids as ultimate goal. She goes from being immature with no control on her life thanks to this idealistic/superficial view of love, to ultimately sacrificing what she wants for what she truly believed to be best for the people she cared about. I feel most people forget that the reader is a third party and is omniscient, so we know that Hachi deciding to leave Nobu for Takumi so Nobu doesn't have to give up his dream of being a rockstar won't work out in the end. Hachi, and us in real life, only know what is tangible to us and even if we make decisions out of true selflessness, they might not work out or be seen to others in that way. Also by falling into Takumi's trap(nest) she gives up whatever control she would have going forward to ensure that happiness for others, Nana O even says you better be happy or all of this will be for nothing. Also Takumi was manipulative as fuck, aside from sleeping with a rockstar I don't think Hachi would have caught feelings for Takumi if not for him taking advantage of her kindness/insecurities
>Uses others
Maybe emotionally at the beginning with Shouji (who was a shit from the start iirc), but Nana O progressively gets worse with this instead, using Nobu and abusing his feelings to regain control over Hachi. Not to mention just Nana O to Yasu. Really everyone in NANA is worse than Hachi for this (Takumi?? Hello??)
>Constantly relies on others (giving nothing back)/A leech
Again, I feel she breaks away from relying on Jun after Shouji, and even Nana O a bit, she isolates herself after getting knocked up by Takumi. Also, Takumi got her pregnant, and >>196139 is a prime example of scrote logic applied to a normal real life situation, aside from the pill, how is it her fault for not using protection? It is constantly mentioned in the manga Takumi hates protection, and Takumi isn't the kind of guy to take no lightly, and like irl I'm pretty sure many straight/bi girls here can relate to the fact that if a man doesn't want to use protection, he'll find a way not to or just won't tell you. Reading that again as an adult made me feel bad for Hachi after experiencing that myself (I was on the pill however). Lost the plot a bit but Hachi gives back her positivity and hope to others when she has none for herself (she often feels empty like at the editing job), she does try her best, her best just is just realistically crap in the situations she's in (a normal boring girl friends with rockstars)
>Self-centred/spoiled/a cheater
Hachi's best friend supported her cheating boyfriend under the guise of being adults. Reira is a pedo and sleeps with Hachi's husband Takumi knowing that fact. She chose Takumi over Nobu for Nobu's sake, while Nobu didn't even jump to choose Hachi and her kid like Takumi did, he hesitated.
>Delusional pickmesha
You say this when Nana O embodies the meme "she's literallly me" and has an overall pickme/nlog attitude at times.

picrel is my least favourite, Reira, pedo cheating ass that only thinks about herself and is too dumb to consider the consequences of her actions even making Ren's death about her and quitting every time Takumi doesn't give her what she wants Sachiko is a close second but only in NANA, not in general

No. 224196

no. i hate hachi because she triggers me. i can't stand women like that who drag others into their self-destruction. growing up with those types of women fucked me up and i don't have any energy left to try to understand them

No. 224199

I haven’t watched this show but I know the basic plot line from reading wiki and all. Apparently it’s mentioned that she lost her virginity at 14 to A FORTY YEAR OLD and it’s treated as a cool thing? Also it mentions that she sleeps with a lot of older dudes despite being a minor. I know that sort of shit happens in real life but it’s still fucking gross and the fact that Sam Levinson is writing all this makes it worse. Mark my words, he’s going to get Me Too’d in about five years.

No. 224203

File: 1658638640402.png (774.92 KB, 999x697, jim halpert.png)

A few days ago in /ot/ someone mentioned hating this piece of shit for many, many reasons and I couldn't agree more.

No. 224223

I started rereading Nana a few months and honestly, I found Hachi more annoying and stupid now than when I was reading the manga for the first time in middle and high school before it went on hiatus. She takes so many bad decisions that I will never relate to, I guess because most women in my family have had problems with men cheating on them, treating them like maids, being verbally and physically abusive, dumping them because the guy's parents wouldn't approve of a interracial relationship, so I have zero tolerance for bullshit after seeing that. When reading shojo manga now I go "I wouldn't have done that girl get your shit together" more often than I used to. But it's what makes rereading Nana so interesting. I 100% agree with you on Sachiko and Reira. I didn't think twice about her relationship with Shin when I was a teenager because I'm used to weird age gap relationships around me, and I remember a high school classmate who was living aloneat 15 years old with her 20 years old bf so I thought Reira and Shin's age gap wasn't that strange, but now with more hindsight she disgusts me. If Shin were my son I would have dragged Reira by the hair and beat her up in as soon as I saw her. I wish Nana actually punched Shouji and Sachiko like they deserve. I remember thinking Junko was a cool, mature friend to Hachi but I didn't remember her supporting Shouji being a cheating piece of shit so when I saw that recently I had no clue why Hachi decided to still stay in contact with her after that. This was blatantly disrespectful.

No. 224250

Why are you being so defensive over a fictional character? Is she your "waifu"?

No. 224252

nta but while I find Hachi infuriating at times I have to admit she's well written and I understand why people like her a lot.

No. 224299

I agree with everything you said, Nonna.

My hated character is, in fact, Reira.

No. 224301

you missed the point

No. 224518

File: 1658768340717.png (270.1 KB, 335x472, Yui_Komori.png)

Not hate exactly, but damn this bitch is retarded. Not even minding the stockholm syndrome, she's generally just fucking stupid.
>LI asks her a reasonable question that has a reasonable answer
>Yui instead chooses to be flustered and evasive, making them upset
>LI asks her to do something for her own safety
>Yui repeatedly ignores them, making them upset
>LI is having issues and could use some emotional support
>Yui either refuses to or gets her own bright ideas on how to make them feel better (it doesn't make them feel better)
It keeps happening
I'll excuse her in the routes where she's being bullied, but what excuse does she have in the sequel routes where the LI is merely concerned about her and she just keeps acting like a dumb fuckin flounder for no reason whatsoever?

No. 224529

File: 1658770752925.png (376.62 KB, 463x610, 2021032721355300-55d8a18c4a0e4…)

these fucking eyes.
also her.

No. 224552

File: 1658775067847.jpg (57.86 KB, 764x430, genshin-impact-traveler.jpg)

ugly overrated boring cardboards

No. 224644

what was the point?

No. 224910

So basically every character in Genshin?

No. 225969

File: 1659337982390.jpeg (398.75 KB, 597x882, B38E8683-2795-4CFD-A897-044670…)

This freaking man child. If you've watched Desperate Housewives you know exactly who he is. I rewatched it a while back and I absolutely cannot stand how he is as a husband.

No. 226008

Oh man, he was always a little annoying and making Lynette's life more difficult but after the episodes with his other kid and when they open that pizzeria which I don't remember much but I remember it making me so frustrated with this guy, it just went so much worse I couldn't sympathize with him anymore, he feels like he came straight out of some sad reddit post about a miserable marriage. I get why Lynette didn't divorce his ass when they have so many kids but at the same time I just get so angry, like, Lynette why didn't you divorce his sorry ass?

No. 226013

Ayrt, right?! There is a long list of reasons I hate him: whining like a child when things didn't go his way, making her have so many kids and manipulating her to give up her career while he tried to avoid doing the grunt work of raising the kids, dragging her and the family into fulfilling some midlife crisis of his, and it just goes on. Lynette should have left him when she had the chance. All he seemed to do was make her life that much harder and I truly believe her love was wasted on him. Really irks me whenever someone tries to defend him and tries to say something like he's the fun dad, she's just a nagging wife. And sadly, I feel like the show really managed to portray that image in its heyday but when I rewatched, it got to the point I couldn't stand him onscreen.

No. 226018

I started hating him after he started wanting to have botox and other PS because "his friend told him so" or whatever, i felt so horrible for Lynette. She really has to take care of everyone but herself. He seemed so damn selfish with all of his "ideas" that Lynette had to sacrifice her energy and time on.

No. 226023

Right? He was incredibly selfish. Lynette definitely wasn't a perfect person and had her moments, but she got saddled with so much unnecessary baggage as his wife and the mother of his kids I hated him for it. He could have become a competent husband and father and helped her out but it didn't seem like he ever wanted to improve.

No. 226026

File: 1659366510801.jpg (226.44 KB, 1194x1523, lori-grimes-the-walking-dead.j…)

I was so happy when this bitch died, what a horrible horrible character. A pick me full of internalized misogyny who uses and gaslights everyone, including her very own husband and kid

No. 226028

she was a shit person, but I don't think she counts as a pick-me

No. 226042

she felt she was above every other woman in the camp cause her husband and son were fighters. She slept with her man's best friend after 1 month (even if you think he's dead, what kind of love is that?). She told Andrea she was useless and "tanning" on the top of the RV cause she wanted to keep watch instead of doing laundry (didn't mind skipping chores when she was too busy getting fucked in the woods though) I can keep going

No. 226047

File: 1659374998496.png (420.77 KB, 1024x576, 1654899048081.png)

stomps humanity in the name of friendship

No. 226048

File: 1659375163345.jpeg (25.7 KB, 493x485, 1617002351612.jpeg)

queen of the pick me's who has the blood of billions on her hands but nobody cares because she's portrayed as a little girl

No. 226102

File: 1659392224004.jpeg (166.42 KB, 461x697, 4B16FE2D-A94D-4494-A804-B1C1B3…)

I know this is an easy target but I don't think this guy's been brought up. Annoying as hell, so is the show but he truly sucks.

No. 226128

File: 1659399064731.png (477.98 KB, 787x526, luke.PNG)

His personality sucks and lost all appeal when he cut his hair.

No. 226135

>lost all appeal when he cut his hair.
I can't argue that. The game got objectively worse after that scene too.

No. 226178

I know this is a 3 month-old post, but another major problem was that the narrative never knew if she was a child, teenager, or adult. It led to an unappealing design and character. If she looked as old as Rose Quartz with tired eyes and less tutu, and the design seen here was only temporary, she would have more fans honestly. There's some interesting things she did that don't get talked about much because she just looks like a (wo?)manchild. None of the other gems had this problem of not looking like an adult other than Spinel.

No. 226204

File: 1659432487247.png (146.14 KB, 269x380, 18db3da7b74ac148a01d7d5e4af0b5…)

Gigabased and also fuck this tranny-looking self-insert. The manga was ruined because of the author's troon-like fantasies.

No. 226210

Please do nonna, I don't need convincing but I love hearing people rant about the characters they hate kek

No. 226215

Wasn't the point of Pink Diamond that she was pretty childish?

No. 226229

File: 1659446799142.png (389.87 KB, 703x771, 1613921733806.png)

'luv me marley
'ate the island devils
simple as.

No. 226235

This series always had garbage characters but it turned down to shit pretty quickly in the final arc.

The author is such a degenerate moid who wanted apocalypse porn and shitty MCU-tier interactions at the same time. Granted, nobody is that vocal about the ending save for a few Erencels, Mikasatards and Armintroons.

No. 226239

File: 1659450146357.png (781.88 KB, 797x697, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 10.2…)

my ex made me watch this anime with him and i hated every second of it. i genuinely dont understand how its supposed to be romantic when it reeks of fanservice and was made for men to enjoy.

No. 226253

The Rose Diamond thing was really jarring to me because Rose up until that point was portrayed entirely in an adult way. Not only is she Steven's mother and coded as a mother figure to everyone ("Your Mother And Mine" is an actual episode title and the whole episode is about Garnet's take on Rose's rebellion), but she's also desired by so many characters in the main cast that it's a whole plot between Greg and Pearl. Coding her "true" form as childlike three seasons after we saw her perform "What Can I Do For You" just felt wrong.

No. 226283

Floch should have been either Jean or Connie, to drive more dramatic storytelling. Before Floch became a professional Eeren dick rider, he was a literal who side character.
pieck is the most rational character imo, save for the little kids. I like how she was never on that cringy power of friendship shit
also she's soooo cute and doesn't look like a basic anime girl

No. 226303

as you wish: make people do errands for her, risking their lives for her own little groceries even though she can perfectly go by herself, hides her pregnancy to her husband then proceeds to yell at him in the following 10 min cause he "doesn't tell her everything", doesn't even have the decency to tell him after that, he has to discover it by himself when he sees abortion pills. Proceeds to throw them up cause she wants to keep the baby during a fuckin ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE while already having a child to take care of. She then dies and everyone else has to deal with a newborn while they're already struggling with tons of issues. Tells the guy she cheated on her husband with to get lost and leave her alone cause her husband came back even though this guy is his bestfriend and the reason why both her and her son are still alive. Ofc hides the fact she cheated until wayy later. Keeps making selfish and stupid decisions that puts a burden on her family and others

No. 226304

I was so excited by the title and the first few pages of the manga, thinking, hoping it was about the creation of actual hina dolls. But no. It's just another cheap low effort fan service rom com. The technical aspects to the cosplay could have been interesting too, but again it's all dashed by the same shitty fan service tropes we've seen again and again. How do people not get bored of it?

No. 226420

File: 1659517845441.jpg (252.23 KB, 1891x1891, 7e94adb40231639ce1da76a5d67879…)

not hate per se, he's very bland and incompetent but his shills are even worse.
plus he's no longer an emo

No. 226442

File: 1659524150010.jpg (67.31 KB, 640x360, w5ik2hcduz-tumb.jpg)

Total waste of time and energy. It was obvious from the get-go that they were only there as fanservice for retards that couldn't get enough trolls. The story would've been better without them, and I've skipped the Meenahbound flashes on every reread.

inb4 "REEE they're meant to be useless meme characters! If something is shit on purpose, you can't complain that it's shit!"

No. 226443

Their only redeemable purpose was to be cool new designs people could make fanart of. Everything else was shit and ruined the Ancestors' dark backstory.

No. 226465

you could remove 90% of the trolls from homestuck and it would be better. like, all the trolls. most of them were severely obnoxious and did nothing to push the story forward.

No. 226685

I was so interested in Mituna, there were some references to events involving him that got me super curious and were never explained.

No. 227660

File: 1659776810456.jpg (112.93 KB, 688x803, miranjo.jpg)

This bitch ruined the whole show for me.
I mean this show had some red flags, the healing mechanic being a deux ex machina. And Bouji being able to just have full conversations with people without using sign language. If he'd been able to just talk to Kage then it would be perfect.

This cunt ruined the lives of thousands of people yet gets to be the queen because some retarded kid with mommy issues falls in love with her. Get the fuck out of here.
I would even give it a pass if she resurrected and lived to atone her sins then lived as the king's advisor or some shit.

No. 227661

File: 1659778049651.jpg (17.22 KB, 680x383, 20220806_111700.jpg)

Continuing the AOTrash thread, this ugly retarded pickme cunt with daddy issues right here. Not only the author loves to show how much of a sociopath she is, but she still gets a happy end with 0 consequences from her actions and that's all because the tranny lookalike self-insert of the author likes her. Literally zero-appeal save for the autistic pickme self-inserters and coomers with a foot/ass/giantess fetish.

No. 227672

same, and Kurloz was involved somehow too? honestly I wish Hussie would just give us stories that would just close the plot holes in existing story instead of abandoning project and giving it to some trannies with their shitty fetish fanfics

No. 227793

How in the hell is she a pickme

No. 227892

File: 1659870562032.jpeg (226.95 KB, 466x708, B8E00FF3-C554-4BB0-AFE8-3DF7B5…)

I'm watching HIMYM for the first time ever, not sure how I feel about it but I disliked this guy almost immediately.

Also did not know this show had a laugh track so gradually getting more and more put off it

No. 228604

This. The whole thing with her and Pearl is twice as creepy now (from the show to the amount of fanart from both fans and Rebecca herself) with knowing that Rose was really a childlike diamond who was Pearl's owner who then pretends to love Pearl (with that the show tried to make Rose Diamond as a "Bi" icon when she was messing with nothing but human dudes with Pearl kept as her ever now and then side chick).

No. 229256

File: 1660185215047.png (711.89 KB, 1600x1262, Juice_yellow.png)

Juice from 17776. I don't hate him but whenever he starts going off on his lolsorandom popular tumblr post spergs I start to tune out. Thought maybe I would warm up to him over the course of the story; nope, still annoying as fuck. Started the sequel and ofc "LOLSORANDOMXD YOU MADE ME DROP MAH
'MAGINARY SKETTY!!" like ugh.

No. 229273

File: 1660188300139.png (120.28 KB, 350x285, Urumi_Kanazki.png)

Been watching GTO lately and I hate this insufferable bitch. A complicated troublemaker genius.

No. 229325

>Not Onizuka himself who would gladly sell your nudes and sex tapes for revenge when you're wronging him

No. 229490

File: 1660236764907.jpg (71.27 KB, 800x450, My-Hero-Academia.jpg)

I don't hate any of the characters themselves, I just hate that every single 1-A girl's personality can be boiled down to "cute/nice"

The only one with even a LITTLE bit of edge is Tsuyu with her brutal honesty. Even the "edgy" punk girl is nice, and MHA fans eat it up. It's sad.

No. 229557

I want to dislike Onizuka but he's just weirdly hot and kinda funny.

No. 229573

I couldn't enjoy GTO because of Onizuka, I know he was meant to be the "quirky pervert who really cares about his students deep down" trope but he just came across as a creep too often for me to ever like him. I liked him a little better in the prequel manga since that at least gets rid of the weird teacher/student shit

No. 230151

File: 1660346611225.jpg (37.61 KB, 931x523, Ousama-Ranking-01-25.jpg)

This guy too. The motherfucker was willing to sacrifice his family, not once but twice, just for strength. They both deserve to suffer

No. 230212

File: 1660365491712.jpg (37.38 KB, 350x490, f6f511f65ea0ed0c9a487e0b05ad3f…)

Even the way he speaks aggravates me.

No. 230225

File: 1660369910475.png (468.67 KB, 865x509, anai.png)

For me, it's him.

No. 230238

Nta but I hate every Genshin character. Their designs look like absolute ass. What look are they even going for with the costume design?

No. 230243

File: 1660371854140.jpeg (455.87 KB, 750x382, 1E4DE03E-E71C-4D24-AF64-2A6B6C…)

I’m sorry but I hate the way all the characters from Jojo look. The style is just so ugly to me, I don’t understand how people can look past it, let alone find it appealing.

No. 230263

That's what makes it charming.

No. 230267

it's okay to have bad taste nonita

No. 230282

There isn't just one style, given how long the series is. I love JJBA but couldn't continue part 8, the art looked a bit too bad for me at some point.

No. 230334

I dropped part 8 midway as it became too unbearable, the art was obnoxious and there was basically no plot, hated it so much.

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