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No. 190380

thread for comic books, et cetera - DC, marvel, whatever you like (picrel is red hood). not a purist, so feel free to talk about movie/game adaptions as well, as long as it's related to source material.

what comics have you been reading/have read? do u think the recent trend of superhero movies is good for the industry? DC or marvel (with minimal infighting)?

No. 190387

File: 1647633659807.png (694.71 KB, 1200x755, 1635852123-2.png)

just found this webcomic, it's right in the beginning and i really like it so far since i like franco belgian slice of life/realistic, autobiographical comics in general


No. 190389

(sorry if this was supposed to be just american comics thread though i just wanted to link that comic here)

No. 190394

whatever comics is fine!

No. 190397

that's pretty cool actually, ill check it out. TBH apart from the little prince i didnt even know there were french language comics…or picture books in that case

No. 190402

france and belgia have a big comic industry. asterix and tintin are huge examples, they're called bande dessinée. third largest comic festival in the world is held in france, called angoulême international comics festival

No. 190425

File: 1647637483480.gif (1.33 MB, 550x300, tintin.gif)

i forgot that they use tintin as french language resources, at least in europe. how much french i actually learned from it is by the by. also barbapapa haha

No. 190428

File: 1647638253960.jpg (80.18 KB, 300x325, GastonLagaffe_1121[1].jpg)

There's also the Smurfs and Valerian, just to name 2 of the latest and most internationally successful movie adaptations

Biggest drama in franco-belgian comic industry right now is that they're rebooting Gaston Lagaffe
For those who don't know, usually european comics, just like manga, die when their original (and unique) writer die, but under what seems to be american comics' influence more and more get a reboot. Sometimes it's a complete tone change (Spirou), sometimes it's as close to the original as possible (Astérix). Some see it as another money grubbing scheme by greedy editors, some think of it as an occasion to get new stories

No. 190437

was the old thread.

No. 190447

File: 1647641776327.jpg (56.73 KB, 400x534, Valerian-vu-par-Shingouzlooz-I…)

Just barging in to say you reminded me that I found out about Valerian thanks to the French/Japanese anime long ago, with the French voice acting which was pretty ok imo, although I missed some episodes on TV. I was shocked when I heard about the live action movie later and saw that Valerian was turned into a rat-faced twink and Laureline was blonde in that one, I didn't even want to see that one just for that.

When Space Dandy was announced and trailers started being posted on Youtube it also vaguely reminded me of the anime but they're actually very different since Valerian et Laureline follow a specific plot while Space Dandy is very episodic. Maybe I should check out the actual comics someday.

I read a lot of French and Belgian comics as a kid but don't remember all the details. I kept reading way more manga than anything else later because they were easier to read in the right order at the library, some American and European comics series were always borrowed by others before I could borrow them so I kinda gave up. Here's what I could recommend based on my vague memories:
>Corto Maltese. Here's my conspiracy theory: Jotaro was probably based on Corto, not just because of the character design but also because Jotaro later gets a PhD related to marine fauna
>Yoko Tsuno was great, I liked the stories taking place on earth more than the ones taking place in space for some reason
>read Spirou if you want, don't even touch le petit Spirou though, it might as well be unrelated, it's trash. Same shit with Titeuf, it's fucking shit for horny teenage boys with a shitty sense of humor
>Lucky Luke is good, the cartoon was also pretty good
>I've heard Martin Mystère is actually a comics before it was adapted into a cartoon, and in that one, Martina and Diana are love interests instead of being siblings, which explains A LOT. I never read that one, I really should just because I'm curious.
>Lou was a cute about a middle school girl and her mom who write novels at first, then it turned into a boring "coming out of age" story that took itself too seriously. As a comparison, imagine if you were reading Azumanga Daioh for the funny jokes and suddenly everyone is starting to question their lives and their future and they get a serious love interest
>Le collège invisible was ok, I read it in middle school. Was a bit too fanservicey sometimes, you'd sometimes think you're reading some shonen shit
>Mélusine is great, read it. You have to, it's iconic.
>I read the two first volumes of Freak Squeele and liked it a lot but it was so popular at the library I couldn't continue reading the next books. Maybe I should buy them someday.
>A bunch of people told me to read Last Man but I'm super confused as to what it is about. It has a cartoon that has a very good reputation too, it's fairly recent.
>I remember when Pink Diary was first released, people called it a "manfra", as in a French manga, which is a really embarrassing name. It was also marketed as drawn and written by the Totally Spies and Martin Mystère character designer. Big mistake because it's not the same vibe AT ALL, half of the character have severe mental issues, it's about high schoolers with love triangles and bullying but none of the funny scenes from your typical shojo manga

No. 190477

File: 1647647201524.jpg (633.47 KB, 870x1217, 1590_couv[1].jpg)

Last Man is a sort of imitation of shonen mangas (there's a fighting tournament) made partly by Bastien Vivès, who was the hottest writer/drawer about 10 years ago and who's a big fan of the Street Fighter games. There's a lot of references to fighting games and tournament anime in it with some twists. It's decent if you like action movies and cool moms. It's not to be confused with the brian k vaughan comic Y the last man

My absolutely favorite french comics is De Cape et de Crocs, which is an adventure comic in a world where Molière plays are mixed with Cyrano de Bergerac and about every french de cape et d'épée novels. The heroes are an anthropomorphized wolf and fox (and their kind rabbit companion, Eusèbe), about everyone else is human. Dialogues in it are the best you can find in the medium (poems and bons mots everywhere), which sadly makes it a nearly untranslatable series that requires extensive knowledge of french lit (roughly native french high school level) to be fully appreciated

No. 190481

right, sorry! newfag so pls forgive my ignorance.

No. 190509

File: 1647664755104.jpg (688.31 KB, 1400x1906, 911pnNPxMSL.jpg)

I love capeshit as much as the next nerd but I also love that we're kicking this off w/ different comics. As long as we're talking European, let me introduce Beautiful Darkness, one of my favorite horror comics ever. Basically the Borrowers, except (not really a spoiler, it's revealed in the first ten pages, but still) the adorable little pixie people live inside and around the decaying corpse of a little girl. Gets really Lord of the Fliesish.

Not everything they've worked on is this dark, but the art team, Kerascoet (who I think are a husband and wife duo), do amazing work in general. They're such good cartoonists, but also capable of incredible painterly realism.

No. 190563

Someone else read it!
It really was one of the best horror stories I've read. It's not even gory, it just showcases the naive cruelty of fairies against the sheer cruelty of nature, but it made me more squeamish than any horror movie ever managed to

No. 190712

There's two of us!!! Ugh, yes, there's something purely uneasy about it. What do you think about the human guy who lives in the shack and maybe killed the little girl? I've literally never been able to talk to anyone about this book, so maybe that's me making a crazy assumption, but that's how I've always read it. still not sure what I think about the fact that the dead girl and our lead pixie have the same name

No. 190732

nta but i have read it too and honestly the guy in the cottage kind of ruined it for me because i started thinking about him being some pedophile murderer who killed the girl and the story became way too depressing for me

No. 190802

Yeah that's definitely what I think happened. I mean, her corpse was in the woods for a reason
Maybe it's her ghOooOoooOst

No. 191635

File: 1648059351896.jpg (1.07 MB, 1280x1966, RCO021[1].jpg)

Does anyone else here love a writer so much they trudge through tens of issues of mediocre comics just to get to the part where they start writing? I did this at least twice for Alan Moore (Swamp Thing and WildC.A.T.s )

No. 191638

How do you feel about Lost Girls?

No. 191641

It had a weird tone to it, mainly because Alan Moore isn't skilled at writing what some would call porn and others erotica, so it felt more like a commentary on erotic stories rather than the well written erotic story I'd have expected

No. 192484

lol, yes, also for Swamp Thing. I just couldn't take all…..the…..ellipses….after a while. I think Moore deserves his legend status, but he can get a little high on his own supply, and also cannot write women to save his fucking life. I've always found the "feud" he has w/ Morrison hilarious for that reason tbh, can't they both bond over their inability to write women who aren't weirdly dickmatized

No. 192549

Well at least Alan Moore tried to correct his ways with Promethea, while Morrison…

No. 192609

lol, yeah. God, Wonder Woman Earth One makes me want to rip my hair out, and I actually love Morrison. I'm a comics retailer, and I literally don't think I've ever sold one copy – the Morrison fans don't bother with it because they know it's a lesser work, and I would rather die than recommend it to a woman.

No. 192895

>I'm a comics retailer
Oh yeah? I'm a bit out of touch with the most recent comics, what's selling right now?

No. 192933

Depends on the store, of course – for ref, we've worked hard to establish ourselves as a "comics are a medium, not a genre" place, and that's pretty much how people perceive us, though we do definitely sell superhero stuff. Things are still a little slow from covid, so I find myself thinking of "stuff that's been big over the last 2-3 years" rather than "stuff that's big LITERALLY THIS WEEK," but let's see….Harleen, Something is Killing the Children, anything Tom King, shonen biggies like Demon Slayer/My Hero Academia, Invincible (never a guarantee that a show/movie will move comics, but it is here), HoXPoX and some of the ensuing titles, a truly gargantuan number of kids/YA ogns of all genres, the big Image and Vertigo trades (Saga, Sex Crims, WicDiv, Die did pretty well, Sandman, Y). Definitely haven't gotten as many new titles lately in floppies, but we're hoping that'll change. Tbh floppies haven't made up most of our profit in a long time, but I'd like some new series to read. Lots of big titles ended riiiight before covid, and there's still a bit of vacuum.

No. 207589

File: 1652979043836.png (2.65 MB, 1600x1596, nattbarn1.png)

This thread is pretty dead but I'll post anyway. I just read a Swedish comic called Nattbarn by Hanna Gustavsson (I don't think there's English translation, but a short film based on it was apparently made in 2017). It's about this awkward 14-year-old girl called Iggy who listens to metal and browses shitty social media sites. I have to say it's really relatable (sadly and embarrassingly also the part that she's a huge fujo coomer and that she gets groomed by some gross old dude - that was me irl like 100%). It sent me straight back to teenage memories and I had a couple hearty keks as well.

Also I love the fact that Iggy and her friend are drawn in such a non-coomery way, it really reflects the awkwardness of being a teenager. Warms my heart.

No. 207604

I saw this at the library few months ago, and considered reading it but then I forgot. Thanks for reminding me nonna

No. 207749

This sounds kind of cute. Where did you get a copy? Is it available online?

No. 208325

Sorry for the late reply, but I actually read it at a local library. At least googling for the images I used in post didn't bring up any online versions.

No. 208677

This might belong in the writing/books threads but oh well. Have any anons tried making their own comics? On my course we have to make one, I have a loose plot but I'm finding it hard to come up with a middle part, I have some what okay characters and a vague idea of an ending. I'm bad at developing stories and this is my first time doing a longer than 5 panel comic but I really like the idea I have and have been wanting to make it for awhile. I can share the plot if any anons want to know more or help me think of stuff

No. 208742

Sure what's the number of pages, the plot, and what's happening on each page?

No. 215852

File: 1655753185083.jpg (681.74 KB, 1280x1629, 1e26OvV.jpg)

This guy is so unnecessary to me he feels like such a forced character in what is already a bloated family/group. I don't understand why his creators insisted on pushing Duke as a bat character. If anything he really would have benefited from being his own character but DC and Marvel are allergic to creating new IPs that aren't connected to big names.
I don't even think most of his fans actually read his comics outside of the batfamily webtoon comic which somewhat alters his personality into generic mush even more which is surprising considering his lack of personality and character in the comics.

No. 215854

File: 1655753411650.jpg (127.02 KB, 1080x711, 131msTO.jpg)

He's destined to be left out of the batfamily and every time it happens his fans rile up and accuse the writers of being racist.

I heard the "Making Comics" book by Scott McCloud is really good for anyone that wants to write comics. I know this is really late but in case anyone else is interested.

No. 220343

I didn't know Tales of the Black Freighter had been competently animated!

No. 220345

I dislike the 'Batfamily' as a concept. Anything beyond Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl can get tae fuck. Damian Wayne was a mistake and it was all downhill from there.

No. 226113

I like Damien but not as a direct member of the family. And now there's a bajillion of them nobody recognizes and will be used as cannon fodder the next time Joker needs to kill minor characters.

I feel like there's cool stories you can make about Bruce's weird test tube rape baby but just shoving him in a Robin costume only goes so far

No. 226117

File: 1659396852399.jpg (90.31 KB, 530x728, Satania Kerascoet and Fabien V…)

omg happy to see i'm not alone! i love french graphic novels, from kerascoet i also recommend 'beauty' and 'satania', both have really gorgeous art and interesting stories.

i've recently also got into the work of timothe le boucher, both 'the days that disappear' and 'the patient' really stuck with me.

have any of you comic nonnies read anything by tillie walden? i LOVE her art and the fact that her stories are almost 100% just female characters lmao

No. 226136

This art is so cute! Especially Cassandra in the background.

No. 226500

File: 1659541057881.jpg (1.05 MB, 1683x2560, A1TeUcJMxYL.jpg)

I find it hilarious how Morrison claimed to have read feminist literature in order to write wonder woman earth one. I understand that he's trying to bring elements from the golden age, which fail since he's a degen moid. Why couldn't he be normal about her comic? I'm somewhat annoyed that Wondy was supposed to have a all stars comic but it got cancelled since the artist was also the writer and it took way too long as a result.

No. 226505

File: 1659542102703.jpg (255.33 KB, 701x942, BabsDick_9_5c6249154d1dc4.9653…)

I agree nonnie, but DC comics have to bend to twitterfags that scream 'x-phobic' and whatever every time they demand something (cough cough, the sad tale of batgirl comics). Daiman should have just been his own character without being related to Bruce and others, but Batman remains to be the only character that carries the DC franchise it seems.

No. 226510

Most of Damian's character relies on him being Bruce's son you take that away and you don't have Damian. There are other characters that don't need to be part of the batfam like Duke/the signal, flamebird (batwoman's sidekick), that blue haired girl Snyder introduced. Other characters like the huntress should breakaway and I really hate it when writers push Black Canary into Gotham or pretend like she's part of the batfam.
Not related but why does Barbara have piercings here?
I really don't understand why writers don't put as much effort into other characters the same way they put effort into batman/batfam. I was resistant to read batman comics for a while until I started picking up a few of his classics. It's so much better than other characters.

No. 226516

I'm guessing it was libfem literature.
She looks fucking hot on that cover though, too bad a moid drew it

No. 226539

File: 1659549090981.jpg (152.5 KB, 451x418, sensation-comics_05.jpg)

for her golden age version its honestly accurate characterization, the creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston was a degen moid, really into BDSM and bondage and had a poly relationship with himself, his wife and one of his students, in fact he created wonder woman specifically to "indoctrinate" children, like he believed women were superior to men, because they were "tender, submissive and peace-loving" he also wanted to expose children to his kinks

>One of the purposes of these bondage depictions was to induce eroticism in readers as a part of what he called "sex love training." Through his Wonder Woman comics, he aimed to condition readers to becoming more readily accepting of loving submission to loving authorities rather than being so assertive with their own destructive egos.

>"The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound… Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society… Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element"
>Physical and mental submission appears again and again throughout Marston's comics work, with Wonder Woman and her criminal opponents frequently being tied up (or otherwise restrained), and her Amazonian sisters engaging in frequent wrestling and bondage play

No. 226551

File: 1659551397337.jpg (522.14 KB, 970x1864, Es.jpg)

Also as a mythological/history nerd I hate him even more cause he single handily misinformed almost the entirety of the world(from normies to feminists of all waves) about the Amazons and Ares, The Amazons in the Greek myths were the daughters of ares and he was a devoted and loving father who was always stuck up for the amazons from the other Gods(going as far to Murder a son of Poseidon for the sake of his daughter, even thought that was a huge taboo in Greek society to murder one's kin), The Amazons themselves were pure warriors who fought for the thrill of battle, Marston changed all that, he made Aphrodite the creator of the Amazons and Ares was presented as the main enemy of the Amazonians who wants to destroy them and also portrayed him as a rapist who forced himself on hippolyta(who is his daughter in Greek mythology) and he turned the Amazons from a fierce warrior society into his personal bondage fetish society

No. 226559

Most likely since Morrison is now a themlet which doesn't surprise me. I wish he stuck as this weird guy that didn't care about gender and clearly was on a ton of drugs

No. 226566

Marston sounds like such an outlier how was he allowed to write comics?
I'm unfortunately aware of the highly questionable stuff in golden age wonder woman
I feel like female characters in comics aren't allowed to exist to be cool or have interesting stories they're created with a ton of agenda in mind or as derivates.
I don't think it's necessary a bad thing to change some aspects of mythology for a comic book but Ares being the big bad guy is to be expected but was Martson the reason why Ares is thought of as automatically evil?
If not Ares then he probably would have chosen Hades.

No. 226567

>single handedly misinformed almost the entirety of the world
Yeah I don't think almost the entire population of the world gives a shit about Wonder Woman's take on Greek mythology.
Anyway the way he tries to philosophically pathologize his stupid fetish just makes me think that a lot of male philosophers and "thinkers" literally just were trying to excuse some kind of fetish. It isn't that deep, Marston!

No. 226591

Ares is the most boring god of the entire greek pantheon. His two biggest achievements were being caught having sex with Aphrodite and killing Halirrhothius. He probably caught that guy by surprise because he's not even a good fighter, as during the Trojan War a mere mortal wounds him (a god) so bad he has to run away. He tried to attack Athena later and got knocked out in a single strike as she hit him with a rock, making him perhaps the only male character of the entire mythology ever defeated by a woman in physical combat. Choosing to be as close to the original characterization as possible would have been a massive mistake for the writers

No. 226644

I like Marvel's take on Ares, where he's this posturing, sexist lout who spends most of his time moping over not being as strong or well liked by the other gods as Hercules, but at the same time, he's a really loving dad to his son Phobos, even if he struggles to connect with him from time to time.

No. 226995

File: 1659635136252.jpg (118.6 KB, 1024x768, role-of-women-l.jpg)

those myths are all from Athenians, in all versions of Athenian myths Ares is portrayed as Cowardly. Uncivilized and Brutish. however he was the main god for other Greek city states(such as the Spartans) however we only have mostly the Athenian versions of Greek myths and that is now the main source, with other greek city states only having fragmentary sources of their myhts

No. 227070

>he was the main god for other Greek city states(such as the Spartans)
He wasn't, what's your source?
In regard to your pic I'll state right now that whatever statement made on Spartan women only concern the 5 to 10% of women that were citizens, the status of all others is unknown, but helot women, who were the majority of the women, were probably treated worse than cattle

No. 232825

File: 1661204394172.jpg (41.6 KB, 500x659, 45bc77e99e873c40149deaa6bfc813…)

thoughts on Jaime Hernandez?

No. 232830

I love love and rockets although I haven't been keeping up with his new work. Hopey is a great character

also his linework is just super appealing

No. 240601

File: 1663682535086.jpeg (92.56 KB, 768x960, 4BC92E00-DD76-4DFA-B08D-4AEC8A…)

No. 250183


Ok, so I was never much into Spidey comics but decided to give it a try with Nick Spencer run. It was solid shit and I loved it, but recent comics by Wells is a steaming pile of shit and vomit. Like it so bad, from writing to art to all that fuckery with MJ, it so awful. What's wrong with Spider-man? It's Marvel flagship comic series but it has such a streak of mid to bad comics. With Batman, you usually have some solid talent working on it at any time, but Marvel it seems doesn't give a fuck about its most popular hero. Slott's run seems to be not very popular, 90s stuff aged very poorly, there is no much gopd minis. Can some spiderfags redpill me on the state of his books?

No. 250185

>What's wrong with Spider-man?
the fact he hasn't been allowed to mature or grow as a characters for 50 years now, he's perpetually in his early 20's, struggling with rent and a bachelor, the 616 status quo kills any potential he can have

No. 250189

I like Peter growing as a character but I don't like MJ and don't want Peter marrying her. I know, I know my take is retarded. But she is just so fucking boring, even Lois and Iris are more compelling and interesting as non-super love interests.

No. 250206

either way I just him to be anything other then a finically struggling 20-something

No. 250208

>tfw no boomer spiderman living in the suburbs and complaining about the passing of rent control laws

No. 250214

Isn't a big appeal of Spider-Man is the fact he is a young and kinda down on his luck superhero? Where he should grow past that? I feel like he would not be the same.

No. 250282

Reading the same types of stories over and over again is boring especially with the same character. Comic book characters should evolve in fact the most memorable and iconic ones do since they end up with a variety of different themes and are very complex.

No. 250293

Late but I'll answer. The art and writing is great but at the same time scrotish, if that makes sense. Same comment for his brother's writing. Rather amazing how they're some of the best-written comic ladies to me but at the same time I can tell they were written by guys kek. I am a fan, though. Typical problem in comics really.

No. 250294

I agree with you about MJ and have never figured out who I'd want Peter to be with tbh

No. 250302

I feel like Peter should mature as a character and maybe settle down and have a family and become a mentor for other spider characters. Kinda like Barry for Wally and other Wally. Besides, we have Miles right there who can be a young Spider-man. I honestly don't know why Marvel execs want to keep the status quo, since people who watch movies with high-school Spidie don't read comics and comic readers are already sick with this bullshit.
I shipped him with Felicia kek (and Daredevil kek).

No. 250310

ayrt Yeah I remember liking him with Black Cat and also that scientist woman he found annoying from the 90s cartoon. When I think about it now she looks like Felicia just with huge glasses. Daredevil sounds pretty interesting too tbh

No. 250328

They did have peter grow up and get married, and comic readers hated it. He then sacrificed his marriage to the devil

No. 250421

Fans are ok with that, it's the marvel editorial who hates Peter and MJ being together.

No. 250823

I thought the entire economic model of american comics was precisely based on not making the characters grow up (unlike manga)

No. 252622

File: 1667443893318.jpg (219.25 KB, 624x960, tumblr_51bb7a1fe02483455f2aeea…)

Crush v Lobo was such a mixed bag for me. I loved the art style, but certain parts of the story felt "twitter-ry"for me, especially that one scene of Crush at the comedy club. Ending felt a bit flat for me.

No. 252739

File: 1667474094293.jpg (146.15 KB, 827x1280, 889da89cd910ecf02d5e755c822d8e…)

Late as fuck but HARD agree. I am so disillusioned by the big 2 comics companies now in part because of shit like this. I'm a big Red Hood fan (or rather, a fan of his potential) but the fact he is just stuck to the 'bat family', as well as shitty writers cripples him as a character. IMO he should be an ANTAGONIST they haven't earned his character progression.

Some of my other issues with big 2 is the fucking movie tie-ins and constant fucking retcons. Moon Knight right now is being DESTROYED by his crossover events and current runs. Moon Knight vs the Avengers bastardised his character and ruins his tradition of having mostly sparing crossovers. On retcons, I cant blame new fans for being intimidated by big 2, they're fucking shit shows. It's not that I think we should never retcon…but it is frustrating as fuck to watch great stories be ruined by lesser writers, character progression and deaths are always reversed, the only variable is if it'll happen in 2 weeks or 2 years.

Anywho, I've taken a break from big 2 and started reading more indie comic, Love and Rockets albeit a bit coomer is great, I wanna get the anniversary edition but its like more than 400 AU

No. 252744

I loved that comic series as a young teenager. Especially the separate Luba book.

No. 252746

File: 1667476666687.jpg (393.43 KB, 1920x1080, batfam.jpg)


Fans were def not the ones that pushed for it, it's the most hated spider-man storyline ever.
> I'm a big Red Hood fan (or rather, a fan of his potential) but the fact he is just stuck to the 'bat family', as well as shitty writers cripples him as a character. IMO he should be an ANTAGONIST they haven't earned his character progression.
It's so weird to see DC pandering to Red Hood fangirls and not the fanboys especially with that batfamily webtoon. I totally agree with you I wish he had stayed as an antagonist for a bit, he works best as that anyway.
I don't mind batfamily or the concept of a superhero family like the superfamily, wonder family, arrow family but it just has to be done in a good way with interesting characters that bounce off of each other it's the reason I like Damian because his of his relationship with Dick Grayson you can't have that with the other Robins it won't be the same
But I'm tired of the bajillion new characters they introduce it's clear that most fans don't really care about and makes it hard to have stories with high stakes because there's no way that editorial will allow any of them to die since each character has die-hard fans.

No. 252748

File: 1667476793547.jpg (37.36 KB, 259x370, Strangers_in_Paradise_Pocket_B…)

Does anyone else remember this book series?

No. 252757

File: 1667478967333.jpg (563.67 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_20200807_220514.jpg)

Cant's into superhero stuff so I ignore the related comics and movies

Currently reading We only find them when they are Dead, We ride Titans, Once and Future and Kill Lock. All pretty damn good. Once and Future is maybe a bit trashy, but the art is top tier, I find skeletons and armors hot and the premise of an evil racist King Arthur that comes back as a lich to turn reality into his own story (and get rid of all Anglo-Saxons) is hilarious.

A huge fan of We only find them when they are Dead (has everything I love, a great, artsy look, space mysticism, tons of mysteries, politics, beautiful color schemes and even a gay character and his god husbando) and Kill Lock (love dark stories about alien robots and one of them is a fucking templar that talks in German font).
Sadly these types of series are too niche so I never find anybody to talk about it. But if you like uncommon narratives and bizarre art styles you should give them a try.

No. 253225

i feel the same way. i don't even bother with gilbert's stuff because the way he draws women is so grotesque. locas has been a great inspiration to me in terms of its art style, and i like the characters for the most part, but certain arcs were just terrible, like when maggie got basically kidnapped by some random dude twice her age in penny's mansion and then "seduced" him and almost ran away with him or when hopey fucked tex and got pregnant with his child and then miscarried. what the hell was up with that

No. 260612

File: 1670173871963.png (1.08 MB, 630x777, Aline Kominsky-Crumb.png)

RIP Aline Kominsky-Crumb

No. 264544

File: 1671388784058.jpg (867.98 KB, 1368x2000, meghan-hetrick-ww-clr-sm.jp.jp…)

what are some good Wonder woman stories written by women ?

No. 265781

Wondering doesn't have much good and acclaimed runs except Rucka and Wolfman, so I don't know of the rest is any good. Although Gail Simone wrote some of the books, and she is pretty solid author, although I don't see her stuff on any top stories ever lists, so idk. Also Wilson (of Ms. Marvel fame) wrote WW through 2018 and then some, so check this out top. Not sure if it's any good, but her Ms. Marvel surely was great.
Also Alex de Campi (a very prolific female writer, who amongst other wrote Bad Girls) also did a very short run on WW.
But in all seriousness, WW is generally pretty meh, outside of Rucka and Wolfman (and the later is not liked by all anyway, although I think his run is kino), so you better find some good stories somewhere else.

No. 265890

File: 1672494103410.jpeg (63.7 KB, 391x500, 09B30CC6-BDF9-4646-9343-434FA2…)

I didn’t know how to break it to the anon that WW doesn’t have a lot of good stories in the first place let alone good stories written by women.
There’s Wonder Woman Earth: Historia by Kelly Sue DeConnick (she made Carol Captain Marvel) I didn’t check it out and haven’t heard anything about it.
Wonder Girl by Joëlle Jones was interesting because but idk if you’d be interested in it.

No. 265891

File: 1672494273218.jpeg (207.76 KB, 1200x675, 02B82157-BE3D-419D-93C3-9B46E1…)

the new wonder girl/yara Flor takes place outside of the Greek Amazons since she’s Brazilian

No. 288247

File: 1680933359467.jpg (1.1 MB, 1952x3000, Dick.jpg)

what a slut

No. 288359

>Although Gail Simone wrote some of the books, and she is pretty solid author, although I don't see her stuff on any top stories ever lists
I disagree. I feel like I see her arcs included in best of lists pretty regularly.
The Circle by Gail Simone. (Her whole run actually)
Wonder Woman The True Amazon by Jill Thompson.
I'm about to pick up and read the Becky Cloonan run, actually. I've been seeing it around and finally thought it looked interesting enough to get into (right as it's ending, ain't that always the way.)

No. 288364

File: 1680962396555.jpg (383.14 KB, 800x1075, Ms._magazine_Cover_-_Fall_2007…)

OT but Wonder Women has always been fascinating to me, She's literally one guys fetish(incorporated with his obvious bondage fetish and his pseudointellectuals views of society) WW as a concept should not work but due to to circumstances she's been pushed as feminist heroine for all women and feminists themselves essentially appropriated her and made her a symbol of women's empowerment.

No. 294759

File: 1683491085180.jpg (547.63 KB, 1200x1653, RCO019_1466143579.jpg)

I finished reading this comic series called Les Nombrils (The Bellybuttons in english). To give it a good summary, it's about a girl in a toxic friendship (also kind of a satire of high school movies). It goes as you'd expect, but takes some interesting turns at the end. Only problem is how the writing of the women sometimes feels 'scrotish'

No. 294767

I forgot it exists, I read some of the books in middle or high school. How does the story end?

No. 294783

it was funny when it was just a slice ofnlife about girls being mean but it ended up being totally ridiculous with the attempted murder and the guy secretly being a homicidal sociopath or some bullshit. like that was totally out of left field

No. 294916

I think Vicky falls in love with another girl, but because she was in denial, the girl Vicky likes moves on, there's a guy who attempts murder, and this one guy accuses Karine of framing him for getting arrested for weed possession, except that she was actually the person who accidentally put weed in his car. The only person who realizes Karine was guilty was Albin, but he decides to keep it a secret and Karine doesn't suffer any consequences its surprisingly intense

No. 294918

Huh? Why do silly comedic French comics I was into in middle school always turn into super serious shit like this at some point? Reminds me of Lou and how it was just about a teenage girl and her single in silly, funny scenes and then it got dramatic for no reason very suddenly.

No. 300373

File: 1685863787927.jpg (455.92 KB, 1066x1600, RCO053_1554773347.jpg)

I happened upon Naughty Bits by Roberta Gregory and I'm very surprised I haven't heard about it earlier. The first issue has women biting off a man's dick and shitting on his head because he was defending Crumb, and there's a very negative character (Midge) whose inner dialogue made me feel much less guilty about my everyday thoughts. This was written in the 90s-00s but basically nothing changed, huge recommendation from me

No. 300375

File: 1685864994178.png (Spoiler Image, 333.2 KB, 1031x1600, RCO005_1568256417.png)

Looked up the author .
>Gregory was born in Los Angeles, California, to Disney comics writer and artist Bob Gregory.[9][6]
>In 1971, she began college at California State University, Long Beach, where she was exposed to the feminist movement and comic influences such as Nanny Goat Productions members Joyce Farmer and Lyn Chevli. She contributed to her college humor paper until 1974, when she began her own Feminist Funnies.[6]
>She moved to Seattle, Washington in 1989, where she resides to this day with her long-term partner, author Bruce B. Taylor. Though she chooses not to use labels with regards to her sexuality, Gregory is a long time participant in bisexual newsletter North Bi Northwest and other LGBTQ organizations.[19]
so nepobaby and a spicy straight.
>The first issue has women biting off a man's dick and shitting on his head because he was defending Crumb
you could have mentioned this part as well, If someone told me this was some moid's femdom fetish comic I would believe it.

No. 300410

She's more famous than her dad and became successful on her own, but I commend the effort on trying to shit on an indie author who did more for feminism than you ever will

No. 300444

Nonna I half read the first issue of her comic, she goes to whole food gets mad at the price, we see a full page of her masturbating and then responding to a "back page ad" then doing on a date and then fucking an ugly manlet, how is that "feminism"?

No. 300519

File: 1685925929432.jpg (21.27 KB, 200x260, 64032743071327.jpg)

this comic was kinda mediocre in story but the MC stuck with me for years. She's like the archetypal goth in my head


No. 300525

> we see a full page of her masturbating
i didn't realize women masturbating and depicting it is somehow antifeminist, holy shit lol

No. 300536

Nta but:
> Anon says: masturbation isn't feminist.
> You: Are you saying masturbation is antifeminist?
It's not either or, don't be purposefully obtuse just because you enjoy the comics, retard.

No. 300621

i have never heard of this woman and her comics before this thread. there is multiple people posting on this site you fucking schizophrenic

No. 301186

I forgot about comics for a while but now I feel like going on a binge read of all the goodies! Gonna read the classics, cause I've already forgot the plot of most of them. Starting with Vertigo titles, primary Y:The Last Man and The Preacher. Than so.e Punisher MAX. I just love me some Ennis lol. Than I gonna move on to Image stuff. Any good recs of the recent stuff? Preferably completed.
Also, dunno about what nonnies love here (I see some euro comics and indies), but do you feel like you can't be bothered to read capes? I follow some ongoing here and there (FF and Moon Knight is so good) but otherwise keeping up with what's going on in Marvel and DC is so tiresome. I don't buy comics but still even if I'm reading it for free, I can't be bothered with following multiple events and crossovers. And I say it as someone who loves capes. But now I'm indie only.

No. 301187

I forgot about comics for a while but now I feel like going on a binge read of all the goodies! Gonna read the classics, cause I've already forgot the plot of most of them. Starting with Vertigo titles, primary Y:The Last Man and The Preacher. Than so.e Punisher MAX. I just love me some Ennis lol. Than I gonna move on to Image stuff. Any good recs of the recent stuff? Preferably completed.
Also, dunno about what nonnies love here (I see some euro comics and indies), but do you feel like you can't be bothered to read capes? I follow some ongoing here and there (FF and Moon Knight is so good) but otherwise keeping up with what's going on in Marvel and DC is so tiresome. I don't buy comics but still even if I'm reading it for free, I can't be bothered with following multiple events and crossovers. And I say it as someone who loves capes. But now I'm indie only.

No. 306906

File: 1688655904950.jpg (791.78 KB, 1000x1986, wonder woman recs.jpg)

No. 307342

File: 1688821551761.png (632.97 KB, 950x534, tumblr_e86c43112e165cd7b8.png)

No. 308885

File: 1689603325851.jpg (266.67 KB, 750x881, FlPjgiIWQAMGs3P.jpg)

Can anyone recommend something similar to The Eternaut and Mort Cinder? I want read more B&W comics and those two were sooo good.
I already read 2000AD classics like Judge Dredd and Rogue Trouper on top of that. Just love how crisp and pretty the inks are, so if there is a digital HD version somewhere out there, it's a big plus too.

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