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File: 1639169624081.jpg (135.07 KB, 600x488, A-5825775-1563198450-4446.jpeg…)

No. 173389

A thread for posting WOMEN ONLY indie artists and musicians you feel need more recognition or just like.

>Post examples of their work and if needed a brief description.

>Any type of art is welcomed.
>This isn't a milk thread, you can go to the "Indie Band Cows General"

No. 173390

I've never done a thread before so I hope this is good enough.

No. 173394

File: 1639171886446.jpg (81.95 KB, 800x600, lingua_ignota.jpg)

Thank you anon for choosing queen Lingua as thread pic. I won't be able to contribute to the thread a lot, but I'm excited to hear everyone recommendations

No. 173398

Imma move up the thread by posting "Tricot"
They're a japanese mathrock band composed of 3 women and 1 moid drummer, they uploaded this new song just 2 weeks ago.

No. 173405

Eivor Palsdottir. She's Faroese and I'm not sure how to describe her music or if it counts as Nordic folk music but it's really unique.

No. 173425

No. 173491

I love La Chica, this is her most famous song but her whole discography is great

I really liked this anon, thank you!

No. 173535

No. 173536

I feel Tierra Whack is extremely underrated, but feeling her new songs.

No. 174225

I need to get around to her new EP, her only song I really enjoy is unemployed though

No. 174227

it makes me so happy to know we have a few Lingua Ignota fans dotted around the farms. what is everyone's favourite songs of hers? by album if you like

I want to recommend the album 'Tender' by Allison Lorenzen. she's incredibly underrated, I found out about her through the band Midwife. She's not very well known and deserves more recognition. I've been listening to Tender nonestop since it released

No. 174235

File: 1639775678894.jpg (114.27 KB, 1200x900, 6046.jpg)

From "All Bitches Die" "Woe to All" was my favourite. And from "Caligula" "Do You Doubt me Traitor". I just recently found out about her after the whole Daughters disgusting outing and I am so invested in her and hoping she never stops making music.

No. 174249

>after the whole Daughters disgusting outing
The what

No. 174251

saged for ot but Lingua accused Daughter's front man Alexis Marshall of sexual/emotional/physical abuse. She made an "Impact Statement" which is 10 pages long, it was so hard to read.



No. 174252

This is the reason why I made this thread, I don't wanna keep consuming moid made art so I can later feel like shit for supporting them because they are predators.

No. 174253

She writes about all the horrible things he has done to her, and even at the end she says she wants him to heal, to become better… she's too good for this world and I don't know why I ever thought Marshall was cool. There is no "cool crazy artists" they're just moids literally screaming at us about their depravity. Thanks for posting

No. 174296

is she suing the shit out of him? please tell me she's suing the shit out of him and leaves him penniless. i hope she can nail him in criminal court, but civil cases are easier on these assault and abuse cases and these men care just as much about their coin as they do their freedom.

No. 174309

>this isn't a milk thread
maybe move on to the Indie Band Cows thread, it's already been discussed there a few days ago

No. 174496

File: 1639916388176.jpeg (77.4 KB, 508x603, 3ACFE67B-E7B2-4E97-9ABD-8B7CEF…)

Emma Ruth Rundle is amazing and I could write an essay about her.

No. 174497

This will forever be my favorite performance of hers. I watch it at least once per day. It’s brilliant.

No. 174880

loving the suggestions so far, i will post some of mine
>Squirrel Flower
ranges from indie folk with a country vibe to straight up mitski
>Lucy Rose
indie folk, usually melancholic with a nostalgic tone
folk-journal rock, unique voice
>Snail Mail
indie mellow rock, openly lesbian
>Anna Burch
indie pop, mellow, more upbeat, easy listening
>Angel Olsen
indie country/pop. came out as lesbian this year
New-wave/synth pop, married lesbian artist
indie rock, typically upbeat, has a kind of early 2000s sound

No. 175160

anon I love emma. I first discovered her after she released some heavy ocean and that album helped get me through some shit. she's incredible. I love everything she's done, recently been listening to her older work in marriages. how do you like engine of hell? it took me a few listens but now I love it. I've had razor's edge stuck in my head for days

No. 175435

No. 175495

I absolutely love this, thank you so much for sharing anon! I ended up adding this and ‘I’m on Top’ to my music library. Do you have any more electronica/dance recommendations?

I really like Kelly Lee Owens, Inner Song was one of my favourite albums if 2020.

No. 175497

Same anon, also want to recommend Merissa Nadler. Her most recent album gives me murder ballard vibes

No. 175646

Late reply, but I'm glad to see a fellow fan! She's not as appreciated as I would like her to be. A big amount of her fanbase is male and they tend to do this very male thing of mythologizing any female performer – so Emma is this totally extremely vulnerable and fragile sexc witch kween, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with those things, it does feel like her music is being minimized somehow, by dressing it into this very trope-y custom that almost makes a condescending mockery of it. You'll notice the same thing around other women in this sphere: Lingua Ignota, King Woman, Marissa Nadler. I'll never forget when I read in an interview that a guy came up to Marissa Nadler after a show and told her, "You're not as ethereal as I thought you would be live." Like she owes to us to be some ethereal dark elf queen going about her day in perpetual black and white stop motion, not a woman who shits and eats. I mean yes, lots of these performers took part-take in certain witchy, slightly trope-y aesthetics, reinforcing a certain image (looking at ya, Chelsea Wolfe), but it does get annoying how far this mythologizing goes, and how it dehumanizes the performer often times.

That was a long, unintended rant. Anyway, glad to see a fellow Emma fan, and although I did not take kindly to that idea that I might not hear Emma's wash of guitars and signture roar on Engine of Hell, I love the album. The Company and Razor's Edge are my favorites. I saw that she divorced her husband and got sober before she released it, so I suspected that here would be some real heavy shit on his album. And my rant aside, I'm glad that she has a largely male fanbase, though, I hate when we isolate female musicians – I don't want these girls to be at the women's sub-section, I want them at the forefront of festivals with everybody listening to them. The men, the women, the children, even the stray cats.

From Some Heavy Ocean, Some Heavy Ocean, Shadows of My Name, Savage Saint, and Living With the Black Dog are My Favorites. Electric Guitar: One is amazing, and the Ecstasy in Thinking of Final Exists is my favorite – she put it in my head to start learning music and making instrumentals. As time goes by, I find that Marked for Death is my favorite work of hers, as it endures well against my tastes, and from that album I like Marked for Death, Protection, Medusa, and Heaven, which is what I would recommend if any ERR novice is reading this and wants a getaway to her music. On Dark Houses was good, but I like her other work better. She also released an album with Thou, and after all these months, I am still awed by Killing Floor, a relentless, marching beat of a song. She also did some stuff with Chelsea Wolfe and her ex-husband, but recently I discovered that she did some work on a project called the Headless Prince of Zolpidem. It's surprisingly obscure, but what caught my eye is one song, called "John, I see." In Heaven (off of Marked for Death), at the end of the song, she keeps singing, "John, I can see fire / I can see your work, and the flames grow higher." This is apparently the same John, but summoned again in another song, and it's very Emma but also very not. It's this electronic, dark wave thing, which is surprised me by being an ear worm, although I don't listen to that kind of stuff because I find they're mostly preoccupied with empty aural ~~~DaRk WavE~~~ aesthetics, and for that kind of stuff the novelty wears off after a while. Doesn't give you much to bite back into, but this one does.

What do you like from her work with Marriages? I haven't listened to it much, unfortunately.

No. 175867

Chelsea Wolfe. Her music is really dark, it's like a mix of folk, metal and goth. I don't like it very much but I'm posting her here in case someone who might like her hasn't heard of her yet!

No. 175887

Nice nonnie, thank you for the discovery!

No. 175958

File: 1640640497310.jpg (625.68 KB, 1700x1600, topsters2.jpg)

GATHER AROUND! I made a music chart for this thread, based on it and based on what I've seen other nonnies listening to in other nooks and crannies of this site. It's a bit disorganized and I'm probably going to organize better later, but there is a row missing at the botton. Anybody has any reccs of similar sounds/themes? I'd the overall theme of this chart, or this space's music taste as a whole, is somewhat troubled and incredibly creative.

No. 175967

File: 1640643174233.jpg (1.31 MB, 2560x2800, sammus-Levi-Mandel-161118-12.j…)

I thought I wasn't into rap my whole life, and then I realized it's actually just that I vastly prefer female rappers, lol. I don't know that much, but some of my favorites are Dai Burger, Leikeli47 (might not be considered indie anymore? but I love her insistence on wearing her ski mask everywhere), Sa-Roc, and Sammus. Sammus (picrel) also has a STEM doctorate, which is insane

No. 175972

i'm glad to see so many li fans here

err is an artist i've listened to a handful of times but seeing you talk about her is making me want to listen more seriously

i could talk about holly herndon all day. this album PROTO is worth the listen

No. 175974

Big shout out to vid related for underground female rapper

No. 175984

This is so nice nonny! thank you for making it, imma check them out.

No. 175989

I think Dry by PJ Harvey would fit right in here

No. 176148

there are some great choices here! I could've made something similar myself, definitely gonna check out the ones I'm unfamiliar with (which is not many!) big fan of a lot of these artists (especially ERR, king woman, lingua ignota), love to see lisa germano especially! if you like that specific cult of luna album you could add any of julie christmases other work like battle of mice, made out of babies or her solo work 'the bad wife'!

I recommend the album 'do not let me off the cliff' by cloud rat. their song thrust was my most played song on my spotify wrapped for 2021. I think johanna warren could fit in here too.

No. 176151

I don't really know much about the fanbase of anyone I listen to, I basically just listen and don't engage with anyone else lol so it's interesting to hear your take on emma and others like her! I really enjoyed your comment

for me, from SHO I enjoy shadows of my name, haunted houses, arms I know so well and living with the black dog best, but honestly it's one of my favourite albums so the whole thing is perfect to me. I have to admit I've not given electric guitar: one the listens it deserves since it doesn't have vocals. I do enjoy goteborg though! that's amazing that she inspired your own music. for me, on marked for death, my favourites have to be hand of god and real big sky. I agree with you about on dark horses, I felt like such a bad fan lol but it didn't take me like her previous work had. that said, I still enjoy it. I think my favourite would be light song. I loved her work with thou! I had ancestral recall on repeat for days. are you a fan of thou? I adore 'inconsolable'. my favourite with emma is the valley. I think the only song I know of hers with chelsea is anhedonia, which didn't really strike me unfortunately. never checked out the headless prince of zolpidem! had heard of it though. that's so interesting, I'd wondered who this John person was. I will have to look into it

as for marriages, I'm not super familiar with it but I would recommend the songs binge and southern eye. they're my favourites. both very heavy. now I'm torn between listening to marriages and engine of hell again. so nice to speak to another emma fan, especially one who is clearly such a big fan

No. 176258

This is beautiful

No. 176295

Desertshore is better than Chelsea Girl

No. 176409

I love Thou, anon! I've heard of them before I started listening to Emma, but once she did the collab I started listening to them more. Funnily enough Inconsolable is my favorite too! As someone who wasn't really into scream-ish male vocals in metal, I found that piece of work the most accessible and the most fun, and after listening to Fallow State and the Unspeakable Oath I loved all their other stuff.

No. 176414

You're welcome, it's quite fun.

That's actually a perfect choice, anon. We're on the same wavelength. I wanted to put a PJ Harvey album on there but I wasn't sure which one to choose, plus she's pretty well-known so I decided to go for other artists.

Lisa Germano, Lisa Germano, I fucking love her. I am so glad to see another fan in the wild – if you'd only understand how far and long I started search for sisterhood, you wouldn't believe. I sincerely believe that Lisa Germano is the artist; nothing quite sounds like her. Sure, there are similar iterations, a few comparisons, but once you look at the fact her work came out in the early nineties, you realize all of the comparisons came later, and she was – unfairly obscure, it doesn't sit well with me how unknown she is – O.G. I was actually kind of confused whether to put Geek the Girl, or Happiness, or Excerpts from a Love Circus. I decided on Geek because it has all of her distinct qualities in it, but on top of that, at times it hints at some experimental touches here and there. It's also a loose concept album about a undoubtedly female protagonist with very female issues; insecurities and image issues and trauma, and there are like three songs on that record about being the victim of sexual assault. Sexy Little Girl Princess is a genius song, and the title itself never fails to make me smile in a n ironic manner, since it calls the swarms of women infantilizing themselves for others' pleasure. I love how she twists her voice into this infanitile, perverse tone, especially consideirng the lyrics: "Run love, undone baby / Run along, little girl unto mommy / Sexy little girl princess / Say you loved it." And then Cancer of Everything comes along with its amazing dissonant violin and Lisa's sardonic tone, and it's song about female narcissism and her own BPDish tendencies, about she hurts herself and exports her own to trauma for attention but she doesn't care anyway: "Just wait and see how much attention I get". Lisa said the album is about a girl who's stuck, who's not growing, and she keeps going around in the same self-destructive cycle until the final track. I know for a lot of listeners that final track is comforting, because after being hurt by sexual assault she's still hopeful that a man will break the cycle for her, will save her and bring her unto a brighter road, but for me I just hear someone who's never going to break that cycle of self-harm anyway because of toxic dependency, of outsourcing one's responsibility for own's self. I understand the need to outsource it to a man, it's comforting and easy, and freedom is scary because of it's a 3-in-1 deal that comes with boundless optionality and loneliness, but I can never help but hear the sadness in her singing, "Far away from here, I could do about anything." Just a change of circumstance and environment, and just how many of us have wished for that? But I think we know that we'll always be that wherever we go, blues are always the same.

As for Julie Christmas - I love the Bad Wife! I've heard of Battle of Mice but haven't listened to them much yet. Will prolly add her too.

I love both equally, but I've always thought Chelsea Girl is better entrance to Nico; Desertshore is beautiful as well, but it's kind of inaccessible. I'm going to add Desertshore though since she was more involved in that red; Nico hated Chelsea girls, cried when she heard it for the first time, and despised the flutes. And she didn't have a big contribution in that record as well, Jackson Brown wrote most of the songs and the producers didn't even listen to a word she said. Still, one of my favorite records.

No. 176418

Thanks for reminding me I need to listen to Geek The Girl. Why the title though? Is it supposed to mean something like a female weirdo?

No. 176542

File: 1640960725687.jpg (75.02 KB, 600x600, geek.jpg)

Kind of? It's a very, very loose concept album, about a female weirdo, you might say. It's really beautiful though aside from its lyrical subject matter. Apparently it was recorded in Lisa's basement and it has these beautiful guitar arpeggios and dark violins and slightly ominous baroque instrumentation in-between songs, and overall it has this very airy aural shimmer to it, like indie rock borne through gentle wind.

No. 176547

Thank you! I just saw a scrote take on the album and I want to neck myself
>What I love about this album is it really straddles that line that's present in female fantasies - does Red Riding Hood secretly want to get gobbled up by the big bad wolf? And how far could she go along with that until the reality gets too unpleasant for her.
>I mean 'Cry Wolf' and 'Sexy Little Princess' are sexy songs, they have to be otherwise it wouldn't work. So the listener is forced to be complicit in that. Are you getting a little turned on by these encounters and Lisa's innocent voice?
>That's why it's one of the bravest albums I've ever heard, it really forces you into that uncomfortable place. What's even better is it never gets too heavy, there's a morbid humour operating in there too.

No. 176601

Ah that's fair! Yeah, for me, I felt the opposite. I disliked Chelsea Girls and couldn't get into it, but Desertshore I liked from the get go. The fact that Nico hated it probably contributed to my opinion as well.

No. 176615

Tara Timberman AKA Metal Mother.
I love her whole pagan jazz EP.

No. 176936

can someone recommend some rock (or rock adjacent) stuff pleaseee or something with a good dancey beat?

No. 176950

Miserable - Loverboy / Dog Days
Lush - Gala
Curve - The Way of Curve

The most dance-y would be Curve, I think. These are albums, if you want standout songs then here:

Miserable - Gasoline
Lush - De-luxe
Curve - Chinese Burn OR Fait Accompli

Not female but Is This It by the Strokes is my go-to rock dancey album. Nothing like dancing to Hard to Explain. My standard dance record is Night Sketches by Papooz. It’s so fun.

No. 177936

I really liked Miserable's stuff, thank you! It's just what I was looking for.

No. 177939

samefag but also I guess I discovered I like shoegaze! but I did some googling and can't seem to find any more female artists in that genre even tho I know there must be more out there… if anyone knows more pls drop them here it's so hard to find women who write their own music

No. 178706

I found this today and thought it was really catchy. Anyone have another song or band like this?

No. 178785

the big Moon are so cool, I miss that 2010 brit rock vibe

No. 180927

very late but i would suggest minuit machine and Kælan Mikla

No. 181077

I love everything about Okay Kaya but particularly love her music videos. This is so beautiful and I wish it was on spotify.

No. 181164

No. 181526

I don't know if Lucia Cifarelli counts as "indie artists" because she is in KMFDM but I love her so I will post her. I love her album, its feeling is way different from KMFDM, more relaxed, like a car drive at night. And she is so beautiful.
Very nice
Very cool. I don't know anything to recommend but if you find more like this please share again

No. 182317

bumping to share a new indie folk artist I found. I love her nerdy aesthetic and she needs more love

No. 182390

Recently discovered Orla Gartland

No. 182399

hell yeah I love orla so much

No. 182404

this goes hard

No. 182405

No. 182406

I liked it. Post something better then, genuinely. I'm looking for new music by women.

No. 182408

lol who shit in your cereal?

No. 185280

I wanted to thank you nonnie for posting this because I'm now a Holly Herndon fan kek! I've listened to almost all of her work and it is all absolutely amazing and beautiful. She put so much thoughts into her creative process, I loved listening to this conference about her process! I encourage any anons who likes experimental electronic music and abstract art to give her a try. She is so smart,I love her so much and I will now stop sperging

No. 185281

samefag but here is some additional song from her

No. 185283

No. 185318

i'm the anon who posted her originally and hearing you say this unironically made my day. i have obsessively watched/read everything i can about her so i'm glad to see that you enjoyed this conference as well! she has such an incredible and refreshing mind and is genuinely pioneering the experimental electronic field. the attached track gives me goose bumps every single time

No. 185322

samefagging as well and i'll stop the continued holly herndon sperg after this track, i just have never been able to talk about her anywhere so i'm in my happy place right now

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