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File: 1630837638287.jpg (117.35 KB, 587x464, tumblr_p4v3o4fIzE1r19909o1_640…)

No. 159020

Characters that you don't necessarily dislike as they actually are in the source material, but hate the common fan portrayals of them. For characters you hate for the way they are in canon use this thread >>109651

No. 159151

File: 1630904723944.jpg (221.38 KB, 810x1200, 4mywousz8c811.jpg)

outdated but still triggers me when I randomly remember it exists

No. 159254

It's right.

No. 159403

what's wrong with it

No. 159406

File: 1631055979761.jpg (214.95 KB, 1200x546, Screen_Shot_2019_09_11_at_11.2…)

nta but canonically until the last movie Kylo Ren was manipulated and abused by his mentor Snoke. Not only that, but he also thought Luke was going to murder him in his sleep. Among other things. So he was kind at a point where he saw the jedi as being more treacherous and hypocritical than the sith in my interpretation at least
He was a character that began good, then turned evil but always struggled between being consistent with it (refusing to kill his mom, feeling a pull to the light, getting intrigued by Rey and wanting to teach her/refusing to kill her, etcetc)
But it ended up being retconned by the third movie anyway, it was kinda of "just palpatine" manipulating Kylo instead and having a Snoke army in his basement for some reason. Kylo Ren's character was butchered more by JJ Abrams than any fan interpretation imo lol

No. 159407

File: 1631056239557.jpg (582.15 KB, 1778x1000, Star-Wars-Galaxys-Edge-Stormtr…)

Oh and samefagging to add that Disney never cared about that trilogy and it's fans enough to ever do a gotcha take like that. They didn't care enough to hire writers to do a cohesive trilogy from day 1, they just trusted the directors to do whatever and went on to build the theme park and collect their money. But yeah, I'm going to that theme park anyway

No. 159408

holy shit fuck adam driver

No. 159409

I'm trying

No. 159418

I don’t understand where the “Link is trans” headcanon fans created

No. 159422

File: 1631067332647.jpeg (68.63 KB, 640x640, 52006FEC-B468-447D-9727-60AF9A…)

Because the Breath of the Wild link was created to be somewhat androgynous so everyone could self insert as him.
But of course, it was taken to the other shore and now enbies and trannies are trying to claim him as some “gender neutral icon” or some sort of “trans whatever the sex of the idiot into him wants to fetishize icon”
All tranny headcanons are utterly retarded and make no sense.
I felt like the first tranny cannon I’ve ever seen was Dipper being a tranny and it really made me hate trannies a lot, like, it’s so retarded.
I don’t mind people thinking that Mabel is desperate enough for attention to date Pacifica, but gender bending a character and making it a tranny for gender fandom points is honestly stupid and adds nothing to anything, even fanfics end up becoming a tranny wankfest instead of making the characters relatively interesting.
Also, I despise the “snufkin is trans” headcanon, it’s a guy with friends. A dumbass mistranslation doesn’t mean he’s a tranny.

No. 159426

Fans that have watched/read Welcome to the NHK and their entire takeaway from the message is "I need my own Misaki" are idiots and didn't understand how weak and lazy Sato was and how manipulative and passive aggressive Misaki was/is, depending on if you watched/read either the manga, anime, or novel. Sato improved when he finally took control of his life and had to survive on his own.

No. 159445

Misaki was the worst. I’ve read the novel and manga and didn’t she use him to feel better about herself ..? Sato was heavily depressed and mentally ill which made him vulnerable to her and everything else

No. 159449

File: 1631080727049.jpg (2.91 MB, 1536x11194, 08092021075747.jpg)

Thank you nona, glad I didn't see the replies earlier. Forever mad they left out the backstory from TFA, though to be fair, it's still clear that Snoke is manipulating Kylo - though without the information, it reads as a cult leader behavior.
Anyway have some sources (not all of them and also the first picture has a misinformation in regards to burning the temple down, it was also Snoke), also this meta is interesting
Imagine agreeing with Dobson fishing for good boi points and thinking that The Mouse is subtly flipping off the greasy fanboys with funko pop shelves lmfao

No. 159452

File: 1631083197367.png (666.92 KB, 1097x1280, she literally says someone's e…)

Everyone just projects their own personality onto her and other female protagonists.

No. 159454

File: 1631083655793.jpg (3.39 MB, 2448x3264, Z4RBFGv.jpg)

I hate how he's reduced to sexy mysterious sex god by the fandom despite being a far more complex tragic character. Also I despise the solavellan fandom

No. 159456

people thinking vanderwood from mystic messenger is canon nonbinary. i think its partially because the translator is dumb and used they/them for a reason i don't understand. but its obvious that hes a man and he cares about his appearance/fashion, has long hair and is a clean freak. another character, 707, calling him girly and addressing him as mrs for cleaning is a misogynistic joke but trannies take it too far and think he is literally saying vanderwood is a tranny too…

No. 159476

Thank you. I somewhat irrationally hated Solas for awhile because of the treatment and attention he gets from the fandom. He's such an interesting character otherwise. Solavellan fandom is trash and ruins all the Dragon Age fandom spaces with their sperging and spamming. If I have to hear one more time about how "Solavellan is totally the canon pairing!" I'll probably break and start sending hate mail.

No. 159479

I'm really fond of him and also romanced him, but I rather have his story arc concluded in a satisfiying way then have any romance content other than some dialog. The Solavellan fandom is still seething because we are getting a new protag in DA4 and know what, I'd love him to be a former lover of Mythal or some other god, just to see them cry about it.

No. 159510

I dislike how this take diminishes the theme of relational violence between women and I hate this trend of headcanoning the antagonist as a misunderstood lesbian, it feels like a very tired cliche.
And of course she would have to be a lesbian because what are even Bi girls.
Not even the comments are going along with this analysis.

No. 159517

This. I sometimes like their videos but it’s fine and realistic for some girls to just be the mega bitch character.

No. 159520

If I see another person calling bokukko characters trans or non binary I'm going to commit a crime.

No. 159596

File: 1631199629467.jpg (73.91 KB, 500x500, artworks-BqtrtfxTVgP6lpfF-VUzb…)

I'm basically echoing previous anons but I hate the troon side of the Dark Souls fandom that calls Gwyndolin an MtF. He is the classic trope of the "royal boy who was raised as a girl due to archaic sexism" and yet trannies are making him their kweer idol and they can be very nasty about it, I saw a dude get death threats on Tumblr because he made a harmless shitpost where he referred to Gwyndolin as a male. They go as far as accusing the devs of being evil transphobes because the third game of the franchise was more explicit with him disliking the crossdressing, nevermind the fact that the tranny headcanon is niche to the western fandom and even fucking TvTropes isn't on their side.
On the other side of the autistic coin I saw a fakeboi headcanoning him as a trans man, which makes even less sense.

No. 159599

Late to this, but I agree with you. I actually really enjoy doing the friendship arc with him; somehow at the end when he says "I'll always respect you" hits harder than the romance does. And the convo with him at thened of Trespasser feels ominous and dignified rather than teen fanfic angsty.

No. 159600

>the convo with him at the end* of Trespasser

No. 159602

Idk, fakeboi Gwyndolin makes more sense to me than mtf troon Gwyndolin. Like in your attached pic he has an obviously female body, so the headcanon that he was born a girl and wanted to be a boy, but his transphobic dad forced him to live as a girl makes more sense imo. Plus why would Gwyn force one of his children to become a tranny anyway, his family is fucked up as is.

I hold no strong opinions about Gwyndolin either way and I wouldn't care about this headcanoning shit at all but troons always get so nasty about it. Dogpiling you the moment you don't agree with them because fictional characters are serious business. On the fextralife wiki there were literal 400-word essay slapfights about Gwyndolin's gender at some point.

Fujos do this shit too, with their "you can't ship these characters in a het ship" bullshit, even if the characters aren't even canonically gay.

No. 159620

>They go as far as accusing the devs of being evil transphobes because
ah, so it's the same situation as with the Chihiro fag in DR and terf ally Naoto in Persona

No. 159621

File: 1631203614885.png (1.83 MB, 1000x765, 2nd_anniversary_art.png)

Every fucking fandom interpretation about every single one of the characters being some sort flavor of LGBT+. I hate all of them with a burning fucking passion, hate how it's a low hanging fruit for content, hate how many repetitive posts are made about sexuality headcanons. Seeing that retardation is tiring and seeps into spaces where it isn't needed. Like no, Midori didn't rape Shin, Shin never implied that, shut the fuck up. Q-taro is not gay, you're headcanoning that only because he reminds you of your vaguely racist white trash uncle and uwu you uncomfy. Alice is not trans just because you think that this one bit where he talked about how his parents tried to raise him femininely means exactly that he was born a woman. Your interpretations are paranoid as shit, your imagination is entirely dictated by the corporate capitalist landscape that is the LGBT+ craze, just shut the entire fuck up before getting angry at people who tell you straight up they don't want to deal with your shit.

No. 159623

He never acknowledged the alienage elves so I don't care about him.

No. 159626

File: 1631204086749.jpg (87.11 KB, 1272x663, based.JPG)

>On the fextralife wiki there were literal 400-word essay slapfights about Gwyndolin's gender at some point.
you aren't lying, the regulars were based as fuck tho

No. 159643

Kek, I'm pretty sure they also used to have a problem with some butthurt tranny coming on there who kept changing all the pronouns in the article to she/her and then complaining in the comment section that if they weren't willing to accept female pronouns for Gwyndolin, then the pronouns should at least be gender neutral

No. 159644

File: 1631206170980.png (3.23 MB, 2482x1299, SUWR0JR.png)

Won't comment on FFVIIR (as I think Tifa is a bit more independent there), but retards missing out on entire characterization of Aerith in the original FFVII to prop their pick-me waifu Tifa is insufferable. IDK how can you ignore that they contrast each other in every way. Cloud's "childhood friend" Tifa is physically strong, but psychologically weak. Aerith is the 'meet cute' squishy mage who looks frail, but takes no shit from anyone. And yet idiots have been portraying Aerith as some sugary damsel in distress, and an idiot to boot even though she's the one who came up with the Don Corneo plan, evaded Shinra for years etc. Would love to post screencaps comparing Aerith and Tifa's reactions to things happening, but FFVIIR makes it impossible to find content about the OG game.
I guess it's harder to ignore Aerith's actual personality when actually playing the game (and not relying on fandom hearsay, cause old game bad), not to mention one with hyperrealistic graphics and voice acting. This is the only reason why Aerith haters suddenly are like 'wtf I love Aerith now???', she's the same in both games. I don't care if someone prefers Tifa or Jessie, at least be intellectually honest enough to dislike the character for what she is and not what you claim her to be.

No. 159645

File: 1631206523477.jpeg (264.43 KB, 800x551, RNzkDOT.jpeg)

I know people may disagree with me and I respect that. But I hate when people insist the pyro is female. I don't mind the idea of him being actually female but I mind it when people point to the facts that he likes unicorns and rainbows and candy, has a purse in his locker and acts childish as evidence that he is a woman. First of all the fact that they think that's what makes a woman is cringe. And second of all he's a freakin nutjob, of course he acts weird, the point is that what he actually does and what he thinks he does are in extreme contrast, and what's more opposite to fire and murder than unicorns and rainbows.

No. 159647

Thank you, anon

No. 159650


No. 159653

didn't the pyro gender thing start from a misinterpretation anyway? iirc he was meant to be male but his initial description included the phrase "… if he even is a man at all" or something similar to imply that he might not even be human. some retards took it to mean "ZOMG DOES THAT MEAN PYRO IS A GURL?!!?" and valve found it funny and went along with it. at least they actually kept it as a joke and did not confirm the character as "nonbinary" or some shit.

No. 159658

Thank you anon

No. 159671

File: 1631214903051.jpg (884.22 KB, 1083x1058, perfect boy midori.jpg)

>Like no, Midori didn't rape Shin, Shin never implied that, shut the fuck up.
God I wish he did though.

No. 159695

File: 1631225502422.jpg (34.1 KB, 730x410, Lady-Dimitrescu-Sexy-Dominatri…)

When dumbasses make lingerie mods of her where they fuck up her original body shape and fat distribution and make her into a textureless, poreless, lifeless instagram fever dream. Yes she was curvy and thick, but the whole intrigue about her is that she's hyperrealistic, mature and strong looking. Basically the fandom interpretation of her physique is an embarrassment.
Goddamn moids have a terminal inability to process what they see and a complete lack of understanding when it comes to aesthetics or what makes something beautiful. Like yeah, keep making those mods, they're perfect proof why male hegemony in art and design is a joke taken way too far. Chemically castrate all men before letting them into arts.

No. 159697

File: 1631226105066.jpg (78.98 KB, 1092x753, 070e93716d9ad7b4ba9275d48a0016…)

This. Solas is by far the best and most interresting character from DA4 alongside being one of the most well written villain for me alongside Johan Liebert
Friendship arc is more polished because the Solas romance was added last minute. It's also why Solas romance has so little cinematics, so idk wtf the solavellan fandom is on when they say that it's the cannon romance.
>inb4 solavellan will in fact be part of the cannon world state because Patrick Weekes is a little bitch with no back bone who listen to the fandom too much

No. 159698

Holy shit, that is the face of absolute nightmares, burn it with fire.

No. 159702

I don't understand how can anyone prefer Tifa over Aerith

No. 159703

No. 159704

I'm loving the solavellan hate! I loved Solas as a character, I respected him so much and saw him as a mentor, gaining his friendship and respect was very rewarding, and him finally showing himself for who he was was a great storytelling moment.
I hate how solasmancers say that the only way to fully enjoy the story is to romance Solas. His romance was a last minute addition shut the fuck up
>Patrick Weekes is a little bitch
He really is, and not a great writer either, but I don't think Bioware would mess with people's world states, and a romance is too big a thing and too personal to make canon.

No. 159708

My shipper friend would kill me, but omg do i hate how people are so horny they have to make every single piece of media they interact with have a gay headcanon they can thirst over. It's an inherently female issue as well, men just want to fuck whatever character more or less as is and as themselves, and that's way less annoying since they don't insist actual canon doesn't exist

No. 159738

File: 1631249469739.jpg (25.68 KB, 432x322, EuWhfXxWQAA-GDd.jpg)

I'll be forever salty that the fandom collectively decided this dude was a BPD "uke" mess and that official art even started pandering to that shit. GW fandom was and still is so cringy it makes me embarrassed to like it so much.

No. 159740

I choose to say Pyro is female and the only reason for me is that scrotes are ugly and smell bad and Pyro is purposely ambiguous. I don't assume people are male if I'm given an option to speculate, that's all.

No. 159741

I just hate this trend of "the villain isn't actually the real villain he/she was the good one all along!!!" and it's always through some forced reinterpretation of every scene to make them seem better than they actually are. Sharpay can be mean and still be a fun character same with Regina George who has also gotten a few of those "she was the real victim!!" takes.

No. 159742

who is this?

No. 159744

File: 1631251727259.jpg (25.59 KB, 225x350, 337512.jpg)

Everyone makes him completely and utterly useless and I can't stand it

No. 159745

Duo Maxwell, from Gundam Wing. It's a great anime with a ton of strong women characters and pretty guys. But the fandom is absolute cancer and I swear no one who participates in it has actually watched the show, lol. It's not a big fandom anymore thank god.

No. 159752

I may be biased too, but it pisses me off that they ignore the extended game canon material when it shows the opposite of Tifa winning Cloud's heart. SE will probably never confirm that, but Aerith clearly has been the heroine of the game, the Rinoa to Tifa's Quistis. IDEK why people want Tifa to get with Cloud with whom she shares trauma, bad memories and who is treating her like shit before Aerith gets him to become kinder to the world and the people in it. Even then, they seem toxic to each other and Cloud still cares about Aerith more, even though she's in the lifestream. Also funny how Tifa instantly becomes a better characer whenever she interacts with anyone other than Cloud - Barret, Marlene, whatever.
If I said I prefer Aerith because she has big bobas and not flat chest like Tifa, I would be laughed at and considered delusional. But somehow it's fine to pin Aerith's good personality traits on Tifa and claim that you like her because she's an uplifting, streetsmart lady. Fucking yikes.
On a related note, hate people claiming Aerith never got over Zack and will join him in the Lifestream when all official material (including the games) show her stating the opposite lmfao AND appreciating Cloud's personality over Zack's manwhoring. Apparently you will forever be the property of your first bf, whether you like it or not.

No. 159753

I think the people who makes these desperate reaches are insecure about liking a villain or an overall mean character, because they think it gives off the impression that they like ""problematic"" characters. People project and identify way too much with fictional characters after all. So they're looking for an excuse and any flimsy reason as to why "actually they're weren't that bad" so they can feel better about themselves. I wish people could just like asshole characters and say yep they're terrible but I love them all the same.

Also very interesting thread idea OP

No. 159761

I respect this take, although I always thought pyro might be a woman because tf classic pyro is a woman.

No. 159776

God I can't wait to watch this bitch die again but in HD. Aerith sucks and so does Cloud

No. 159795

you may be out of luck, edgelord

No. 159862

God, I hate it too. His motivations and character arc are so interesting but fandom ignores all of that to focus on the focus solely on the fact that he's gay.

No. 161275

File: 1632254617096.jpg (85.94 KB, 245x314, FprBW5w.jpg)

I hate all the gender discussions related to the cookies, specially with Sorbet Shark Cookie.
>Ackchyually, Sorbet is nonbinary and uses They/Them pronouns.

Shut up, shut up, I don't want this cute character getting associated with genderspecials.

No. 161276

i still have no idea why cookie run has such a weird fandom. it's a cute game but somehow its western fanbase is the worst, like just enjoy the cookies without making them trans and gay or whatever. they're literal fucking cookies they're not humans wtf

No. 161278

It has a mostly fandom of overly online young girls and overly young girls these days are well you know…..

No. 161294

The way the comic was set up, I thought it was a chaotic alignment chart lmao

No. 161358

I don't know if this counts as a fandom thing, but omg can disney stop trying to give the villains tragic pasts that ruin their entire character. It's tacky

No. 161404

I should have expected this, but the tumblr fandom for Re-Animator is fucking weird. Like 80% FTMs.

No. 161408

Yeah as a fellow horror anon, it’s bizarre. Never thought they’d latch onto that one but guess it makes sense. Also people have been doing some weird shit lately regarding Saw characters.

No. 161411

Why Saw though, it's a very dumb franchise only edgy teenagers watched and the main serial killer is a terminally ill old man. I'd get it with something like Hellraiser and its BDSM demons, but fucking Saw… Do people have the hots for Jigsaw now?

No. 161438

File: 1632367068700.png (973.88 KB, 640x880, hesette.png)

I am partly glad that the Les Miserables "fandom" is big compared to, like, other big novels from centuries ago BUT at what cost? Most of the fans are tumblr genderspecials who draw ugly art, which isn't that awful, it can be sweet and endearing, BUT they insert their disgusting headcanons about Enjolras being a tranny or Cosette being a tranny indian girl (how tf do you find an indian girl in 19th century France????) or they put a huge amount of focus on Les Amis de l'ABC and reduce the beauty of the book to their revolutionary side characters who they can self insert into.
But what's worse is when they don't only focus on the revolutionary twinks, the worst part is when they take their degenerate, disgusting headcanons to the purest, most beautiful parts of the book and call Jean Valjean a fucking DILF. Valjean is NOT a DILF, you are not supposed to lewd him, to even say the word "f" OR ANY word related to the act of copulating next to his name, he's even more purer than a loli, lewding him is a sin as great as lewding Cosette, maybe more because even Cosette does disgusting things later on in the book (like kissing Marius)
Pic related. Guess who this character is supposed to be. Or don't, I doubt anyone in this imageboard has read the book (not trying to shit on anyone, its just hard to find people who have read it and are as autistic as I am about a 1200-page novel). But this character is meant to be Cosette, the brunette (at least they got that right!) daughter of prostitute with a heart of gold, Fantine. Here she is pictured as… Fat, hairy and as a MtF. Not even a FtM, which would make a bit more sense in a modern AU in which Cosette grows up as isolated as she did and finds refuge online, no, they had to turn the little abused exploited girl into a fucking fat hairy guy wearing a cringe fucking ACAB shirt and those nasty fucking tennis skirts trannies wear to larp as women. I am disgusted. They don't understand sacred things.
And I'm not even going to start on the AUs where Javert and Valjean do… Unbecoming things. Something neither of them ever did with a woman, much less with a man.

No. 161449

>more purer than a loli
>using the word lewding
you don't belong here

No. 161465

File: 1632388544271.png (535.17 KB, 512x724, S076_Stage2.png)

She's not trans you fucking pieces of shit, and neither is Caenis for that matter.

No. 161478

File: 1632400167934.jpg (22.13 KB, 470x230, fujobrainrot.jpg)

While I agree with most of your post
>you are not supposed to lewd him
I did, i do and i will.

No. 161484

>Guess who this character is supposed to be. Or don't, I doubt anyone in this imageboard has read the book
Are you kidding, your post gave it away. Also you don't have to read the book to know the characters, as you are aware there are million film adaptations
based, keep fighting the good fight

No. 161501

File: 1632408917212.jpg (105.87 KB, 1068x1068, 82d1d0b56bb4ffadfb70ab620eba5d…)

Funny for like the first five minutes, but of course the queerios and kinktards had to run Goromi into the fucking ground and now we even have people saying Majima is "actually gay/trans-coded" when he's just a crazy-acting man who is bihet at most.

Also I really don't like how some people insist Ichiban is actually biracial when the game makes it clear that his parents are both Japanese and that's not his natural hair texture. Especially considering the foreign and even Asian non-Japanese characters.

No. 161509

They should have changed Caenis' sex in one of the ascensions. But it's too much to ask for smart ideas from them.

No. 161522

What the fuck, since Yakuza he was portrayed as a dangerous nutcase, not a tranny. WTF. If you want to apply SJW ideas to his character, it's more on point to criticize how he's a ~bad representation~ of mentally ill people or something

No. 161541

Wtf? He dresses up to pretend to be a hostess just to bother Kiryu— literally word for word in the game. Have they even played Y0?

As for Ichiban that’s stupid. His hair was a running gag because he grew up in the 80s and went to prison and by the time he’s released no one in Shinkuju knew how to do a perm at that point. Why are gender specials playing these games….

No. 161547

Then again I've also seen people calling Makoto his beard so…
>Why are gender specials playing these games….
Because most of them are still fujo weebs at heart.

No. 161554

>Have they even played Y0?
No. I haven't either but whenever I see the same shit applied to other Japanese video game characters these people just watched half of a very incomplete playthrough on youtube and checked some pages on wikipedia.

No. 161625

I can think of two quite big reasons men do.

No. 161684

File: 1632506451231.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 677x4983, screencapture-4ugk-tumblr-post…)

>I Like Tifa Because She Has Great Personality, Not Like The Dumb Pink Slut
Also scrotes:
(FYI, it's what tumblr shown me as a preview of the FFVIIR tag)

No. 161690

File: 1632512118865.jpg (44.45 KB, 886x229, xnjRAAJ.jpg)

I think it is because kinnies often get attracted to franchises with larger casts of characters, since they can project into them, and get salty over others not guessing their headcanons.

I find this comment in particular pretty funny because Sorbet is based on the Little Mermaid, kek

No. 161744

File: 1632546519159.jpg (103.67 KB, 1000x1000, oreo-original-ciastka-kakaowe-…)

>which cookie (…) is coded after different poc?

No. 161811

Belated but couldn't agree more, even as someone who doesn't mind Solavellan. Some of the fans are just insufferable especially with the whole "tragic romance" angle at the end of the DLC. I found their parting scene so overwrought it became funny.

No. 162390

One of my least fave thing female characters are weak and/or don't really do anything in a series, but people will talk about how badass and tough she is in fandom content. It gets to the point that ppl genuinely believe that she could kick everyone's ass

I totally get that people WANT strong female characters, but at that point, I wish they would stop pretending and go consume content that has actually well written female characters

No. 162392

samefagging because just remembered how I dislike when fandom will say a ship, usually m/f, is problematic for xyz, whether it actually is or isn't, but if it's gay then it's totally healthy and sexy

I'm all for shipping who you want but it's so annoying seeing people have double standards. Worse when ppl will try to pick fights about ships out of nowhere while shipping something even more problematic than the ship they don't like

No. 162410

File: 1632989554870.jpg (105.6 KB, 1200x800, pokemon_teams.0.jpg)

the pokemon GO fandom decided that Spark is a bumbling bafoon just because he's the one male character or some shit, I just find it so annoying. I swear it's the "hufflepuffs are goofy losers" all over again just because he happens to wear yellow. If anything he should be the "slytherin" one because he believes the strength of a pokemon comes from when they're hatched, aka " they're just born better" kek

No. 162550

I think it's just because he looks like Owain a lot and people justs started projecting Owain's personality on him. Kozaki does draw characters with very similar designs from time to time.

No. 162679

Late but Majima should have just been gay, too bad Sega are just too cowardly and homophobic for that.
MajiMako was horribly written and detrimental to both characters, cry about it.

No. 162863

At least her ship got written at all. Cope and seethe

No. 162944

I've seen people use this argument against gay ships too, as long as it gets in the way of their own gay OTP (always in the name of "good LGBT representation").
When a problematic ship is popular enough people will go incredible lengths to defend it and explain how it actually isn't toxic at all, and then call out other shippers because the characters they ship yelled at each other this one time. People online learned they can't make you feel bad for enjoying something they don't, so now they have to resort to moral superiority to gang up on people. You can thank purity culture for that, kek

No. 170774

File: 1637483683963.gif (246.05 KB, 296x249, fbe2253839658eeee28b38693a456b…)

Since there's a lot of trans fanon hate here, might as well post Mettaton here too. I know that he originated as a ghost and are referred as they/them in the game but Mettaton is referred as he/him. So he's a guy right? He's never female, has tits or pussy in the first place. Is because he's flamboyant and somewhat feminine looking? Also all his cuntboy porn is gross too.

No. 170784

I fucking hate mettaton, he ruined the whole game for me (and I already was on edge because I hate alphys too)

No. 170859

Tf you're talking about. He's the one of the best parts of the game. Also Alphys is a sweetie and relatable. Git gud.

No. 171346

I like Mettaton but Alphys is probably my most hated character in gaming, I will never not be annoyed that they're recycling her personality for deltarune with the deer cunt.

No. 171356

Alphys was the most insufferable character lol

No. 171357

I've mentioned this somewhere before (the bad art thread maybe?) But if Mettaton is meant to be trans (he's not but let's just assume for the sake of argumentation), the messages being sent through his story don't exactly jibe with the TRA narrative. He abandons his family so he can trick the government into making his friend the royal scientist, all so he can get a human-like body. Then, after he embarrasses and betrays her, Alphys still finishes his new body! At the end of the story, he realizes how selfish he was and returns to his family. In the credits, he's shown using his box form again. Basically the story portrays his quest for a human body (which is motivated mainly by a desire to be a celebrity, not because he hated being a ghost) as selfish, and his arc is completed at the end when he realizes his family is more important. In real life, the trans community encourages people to cut off their families and even congratulates it.

As far as fans go, it's pretty obvious what's happening here. TiFujoshis think he's hot and want to skinwalk him. That's 99% of why characters get headcanoned as FtM.

No. 171362

the tumblr-fication of succession characters is pissing me off so bad

No. 171392

What they doing to them girl? Making them kweer? Soft uwu boys?

No. 171426

File: 1637866289498.jpeg (46.15 KB, 455x674, 21977E02-FE3A-4C08-AFA1-1004C9…)

Just started Tiger King 2 last night and it reconfirmed for me 1) I hate Amerifats and 2) you have to be fucking retarded to genuinely believe Carole Baskin killed Don Lewis. Even in the first series as soon as they mentioned that he had a Cessna he would fly back and forth to Costa Rica and go low to avoid the radars it was obvious he was involved in some shady shit. Either he crashed on the way or he got on the wrong side of a gang and is rotting in a banana plantation somewhere. Carole knows he’s dead but if she confirms that the park and cats will be seized as the proceeds of whatever crimes her husband was committing.
The absolute peak of the misogynistic hypocrisy is the fact that people want Carole to answer for a death that she’s never legally been tied to, meanwhile Joe got his two husbands hooked on drugs and basically kept them shut in at the park, resulting in one of them killing himself at 23. Where are the flag wavers calling for justice for Travis Maldonado? Disgraceful.

No. 171428

Fucking shit wrong thread

No. 171435

you can still delete it and repost elsewhere anon lmao there's time

No. 171460

yep basically. but interestingly enough shiv doesn’t get the same treatment and is kind of demonized. hmm i wonder why that could be.

also people are genuinely surprised about greg’s lack of moral compass because they thought he was like this class revolutionary or something even though from day one he’s been an opportunist and product of nepotism

No. 171558


honestly? this belongs here

No. 171565

lmao mte nonnie I hate the fandom interpretation of Carole

No. 171566

I don’t know anon, as a stupid idiot I kind of like the representation.

No. 171925

trafalgar law isn’t a play boy and people only say that cause the marketing team decided he was gonna be the host club one to sell shit cause he’s popular. Even in the spin off gag manga they make him a loser

No. 171985

File: 1638214637652.png (14.5 KB, 608x928, 230123654.png)

I hate how people treat Chara as an innocent and misunderstood character. We don't even know if your reason for hating humanity is valid. People blame the player for his actions, as if we were the ones who chose Chara to act like a dick when he was alive.

No. 172004

File: 1638221446317.png (274.26 KB, 362x362, Bild_2021-11-29_222605.png)

this is for the ffxiv fags itt but i absolutely hate the fanbase misinterpreting G'raha Tia as some soft bean, skinny submissive ass twink or straight up as some helpless child when he's actually one of the most brilliant minds to appear in the story. Not going to go into spoiler territories but god, they saw him having some cute quirks and made it his entire character.

No. 172019

I find him incredibly irritating but agree. I feel like the writers also leaned into that at a point and I don’t understand the point of having him doing all he did just for both fans and (in my opinion) the writers to reduce him to a WoL obsessed fanboy. I hope things change/return to how they were when he first appeared because he was the most tolerable then, but I don’t know how well that would go over with fans.

No. 331693

File: 1698772118965.gif (1.63 MB, 498x221, jackpot-devil-may-cry.gif)

What the fuck is wrong with people? What's with the obsession of sticking Dante and Vergil together all the time? Why Dante was quiet in dmc2? Because he missed Vergil. Why Dante went back to his dmc3 dickhead persona in dmc4? Because Nero reminded him of Vergil. Why Dante was whatever he was in anime? Because killing Vergil in dmc1 made him depressed. Why Dante was so pathetically miserable in dmc5? No Vergil no fun. I don't get it. Why they keep seeing Dante as some depressed loser, always missing his psychotic brother? If anything dmc1 Dante was supposed to be obsessed with his mother more than Shitgil. That's still pretty pathetic but as if being a brocon is any better kek. Saving Trish in dmc1 was said in side materials that it made Dante feel the joy of living once again. But nooooo, Dante still sad because Vergil died! Please cry! Ironically, the "momma boy" aspect of him also vanished since dmc3 and got replaced with Vergilwank, the fucking game where Vergil had his "official" personality. Vergil is a shit character and should've stayed dead. No I don't care about that self-pity manga vision of v about him

No. 331750

I know this is old but, ah yes, a series where bigfoot, a floating yellow triangle from another dimension, Monika from DDLC, a bear with many heads, literal zombies, mermaids and other supernatural beings exist and yet they focus on how unrealistic it is that two identical twins are the same sex. Do they think the target audience could spell "sesquizygotic"?
>Dipper isn't his real name.
Yes, it's mason. Do nicknames not exist anymore?
>Wears a shirt to the pool
Girl he hasn't even gone through puberty yet, are you implying he has boobs and wears a binder for it under his shirt? Also, shirts in pools aren't uncommon. Grunkle Stan also wore a shirt to the pool. Is he trans too?
>Is insecure about his voice
>Gets upset when he has to do "girly" stuff
>He gets upset when he's not called a man in multiple episodes
He wants a deeper voice to impress Wendy and he's a typical insecure teenager (tween?), plus that's such a common reaction from teenage boys when they're not manly enough. They obviously didn't see how violent and offended moids get when they do something "girly" and how they call each other gay all the time as an insult. Plus, in the end of the episode where he was trying to prove his masculinity, he realized it's better to just be himself.
>He's always liked the name Tyrone (a male sounding name)

No. 331804

File: 1698801641390.jpg (268.62 KB, 1807x2048, a7b9c0aee653cdb0ef189ef6578c3d…)

Seriously, Chara is objectively a bad person even if it is the player's fault for monster-killing like in the Genocide Route because it's still Chara that makes the choice to destroy the entire in-game world, which kills Frisk (a separate character) in the process. You start the Genocide Run, but it's Chara that makes the choice to finish it. Fans of this game always miss this because they want to believe that Chara is just some misunderstood, abused person. But if they used their heads, they should realize that if the player is to blame for the Genocide ending, Chara shares that fault too.

No. 331873

File: 1698834955215.jpg (212.11 KB, 1280x720, bl.jpg)

i bitched about them in the video game thread but their fans have a massive holier-than-thou complex. they all hate each other, have been groomed since birth to die for their king, every female character's support is about how their shitty dads are trying to sell them off. they're fine as indiivdual characters but as a group, they represent the ''found family'' trope in its most obnoxious form

No. 331880

All the things you're complaining about is because Trish is considered Hideki Kamiya's character so none of the current writers feel like making her important to not piss him off or make her too OOC. Even though Kamiya doesn't seem to really care as long as the games are good. I wonder how the series would have been if DMC2 didn't happen and wasn't developed behind Kamiya's back.

>but their fans have a massive holier-than-thou complex
All FE3H are retarded in general, best thing to do is to never interact with the fanbase online. This also applies to all the other characters and not just these ones. And to the other Fire Emblem games. When 3H got released and everyone debated over Edelgard being a piece of shit or a cute waifu who did nothing wrong (she's the villain for sure) or Dimitri being sexist ("he doesn't just kill women, he MURDERS them") or Claude being bisexual or queerbait (because god forbid a man wears earrings I guess) I got so fed up I stopped interacting with fandoms in general kek.

No. 331891

File: 1698837971775.png (27.36 KB, 1509x167, 090716.png)

metrosexual claude making people seethe is funny kek.

No. 331893

kek what the fuck did I just read?!

No. 331927

File: 1698852295631.jpg (109.64 KB, 1280x720, dante getting bitchslapped.jpg)

I didn't really focus on Trish. Should've worded it better. I meant the "dead Vergil sad Dante" is a thing dmctards love to include everytime they write an essay/analysis/personal thought when talking about the brothers on tumblr/reddit and Dante's "mommy issue" is about game's writing. The former isn't supposed to be confirmed but it's also not surprising fans headcanon like that since after dmc1 Dante was consistently portrayed as some lazy, unmotivated and apathetic clown if the problem doesn't relate to Vergi- I mean his family matters. I hate the fuck out of this headcanon because I think it undermines the hopeful ending of dmc1 and unfairly makes Dante more pathetic. Even worse, such headcanon still exists because it's somewhat supported by shit writting in post dmc1 games and side materials (anime, dmc5 prequel novel, visions of v…)

>Trish is considered Hideki Kamiya's character so none of the current writers feel like making her important to not piss him off or make her too OOC.

Dante and Vergil are also Kamiya's characters, didn't stop Itsuno making them what they are nowadays. Even Trish's shred of innocence in dmc1 also disappeared and replaced with superficial girlboss attitude in newer games. Dante since dmc3 never once seen thinking about his mother anymore, despite her death was originally his reason to become a demon hunter: to take revenge on demons. Eva was only mentioned in dmc5 because her death related to Vergil's pathetic tantrum "Nooooooo I want mommy to save me!". They don't respect Kamiya that much as you think. Mommy issue is problematic but obsession with your sibling is good! See how much people are happy and clapping when Dante and Vergil fighting like manchildren in hell! Who fucking cares Vergil genocided an entire city out of his seething with Dante, amirite!

No. 332052

File: 1698882656763.jpg (69.7 KB, 313x725, 575876984684654.jpg)

The fandom is completely filled with these takes that excuse everything Astarion does or says. Oh no, he isn't bad bad, he is just confused and traumatized! ffs he isn't some misunderstood character, he can be evil and sadistic while simultaneously being a victim to someone else. In the artbook it's stated that he was corrupt and power hungry before turning, if they needed confirmation that Astarion wasn't a saint before Cazador, it doesn't mean he deserved to be tortured, but it shows he isn't just being mean as a result to his trauma. Sometimes he is mean simply because he wants to. Unironically think he would hate people babying him and treating him like he is some sort of retard that can't differentiate between good and bad. picrel is mild compared to some other things I've read, but I refuse to deep dive into reddit just to get a sc.

No. 332122

why does this have 21k notes

No. 332196

Wrong. Edelgard is a hero and did nothing wrong.

No. 332223

Ok Hubert.

No. 335281

File: 1699851129672.jpg (140.59 KB, 1080x774, 70e32998cfd826192ab25acb66c497…)

while I liked The Batman, I hate what its likely forever possibly done to the riddler in every fandom space, it seems he will forever be perceived as redditor Incel and also a personal trans idol tons of touch starved bl addicted aydens aspire to be.

No. 335290

File: 1699852211862.jpg (62.23 KB, 780x438, riddler.jpg)

Anon, it's the Batman franchise. There are like a trillion interpretations of the characters due to the nature of the franchise always rebooting itself. I honestly hate all movie adaptations of Batman because i hate tacticool gritty shit. Batman should stay as a cartoon/comic.

No. 335299

You might like the Joel Schumacher Batman movies, they're colorful and cheesy comic book style fun

No. 335300

i've watched them. they are okay, but not good. I will always prefeer the comics and animated adaptations, plust they become batshit(heh) insane at times, like that crossover with TMNT. Him giving robin/batman nipple plates because he's a faggot and then trying to justify it by saying it was a reference to roman statues was hilarious though

No. 335379

File: 1699904426910.jpg (29.62 KB, 640x480, 1694833626379.jpg)

>omg he's a hecking disaster bisexual

No. 335382

who is seriously saying that about this old ass forgotten show lmfao

No. 335383

some tupbrlinas are into it now, especially tifs raised in religious households

No. 335397

they're actually defending and/or woobifying Clay now? like yeah he's a good character but way to watch moral orel wrong
as if "bisexual" moids aren't the worst ones you'll ever have the displeasure of meeting

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