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File: 1624085702664.png (67.72 KB, 277x579, Endeavor_Anime_Profile.png)

No. 149028

How about this? Something different.

No. 149029

I don't personally care about Endeavor that much but I didn't hate him like the rest of the fandom when I was into MHA, and I know he's massively contentious in the fandom as well, so he gets to be the mascot.

No. 149031

File: 1624086723624.jpg (130.41 KB, 676x1200, 53ea74af47a6329fa05367fd866ca9…)

No. 149032

File: 1624086892746.gif (11.66 KB, 650x450, B0277C5D-037B-4E38-9750-F5D8DA…)

i still think she was interesting.

No. 149033

These types of threads are so redundant. Go make a Hero Aca gen, we can use more title specific threads.

No. 149034

Both of them are insanely popular. Just maybe not with NA sjw children.

No. 149038

We don't need retard central thread either. Go simp for Bakuggo on twitter

No. 149069

File: 1624120904320.jpg (34.71 KB, 640x480, Orochimaru4.jpg)

this hoe

No. 149076

File: 1624123551416.png (1.4 MB, 1000x1250, e4f11be25c36b8545cf6cd2462e25c…)

It's 50% my love of villains and 50% thirst for the actor

No. 149077

Loved him before it was popular kek.

No. 149078

but this isn't a mha thread

No. 149079

same lol, i already stanned him back when everyone still made oreo and michael jackson jokes about him

No. 149085

File: 1624131116622.jpeg (42.89 KB, 512x451, F477CB84-133E-4F57-ABA7-C96B08…)

I know he’s annoying, but I loved him so much. Pretty sure he’s probably the least favorite of the fandom, but I wouldn’t know for sure. Soul Eater has been over for a while and idk if the “fandom” even exists anymore.

No. 149087

best girl

No. 149088

He's baybee. I love dumb characters and I always thought he was really funny

No. 149089


No. 149091

idk how people can hate him when he is so endearing

No. 149092

i love her too. i love that she's mean and selfish and fragile. vriska haters are always people who got bullied in school and aren't over it

No. 149094

not a sjw but i personally hated jotaro because he was a total rude jackass to his nice mom for no reason and had no redeemable qualities to me in his arc, he always happened to just show up and save the day but still be an unlikeable ass. however i liked him more in part 6 where we got to see he does have compassion.

No. 149096

File: 1624135342049.jpg (213.25 KB, 632x960, 7789914-namor_the_best_defense…)

I don't think it's necessarily hate, but a lot of people just look at Namor and think "edgy Aquaman" (even though Namor was created first) but I think he's an interesting character. I think his unrequited love for Susan is compelling, idk.

No. 149097

File: 1624136845838.png (513.1 KB, 711x1759, Yukari_Takeba_render.png)

This one isn't that deep, I think only men and pickmes hated her because she wasn't "uwu mc-kun~" right off the bat

No. 149100

She's one of the best Persona characters imo.

No. 149101

I hated her for having annoying voice in the English version and acting like movie Hermione. Anyway I didn't play long, Persona wasn,'t a game series for me (hated the calendar forcing the boss on you wether you are ready or not, the dungeons and turn based fights sucked too).

No. 149102

File: 1624139063014.gif (974.7 KB, 435x290, ThirdSimplisticHalcyon-size_re…)

He had some funny one-liners that actually made me laugh. Not sure why everyone hated him so seriously, he was quite an over the top villain.

No. 149105

File: 1624140899146.jpg (20.54 KB, 400x400, YS2e96x-_400x400.jpg)

i don't understand why so many REfags hated him. he's a great character.

No. 149108

File: 1624142155030.jpeg (144.62 KB, 768x726, 5133388E-59DD-42D7-9E7F-3D5EF3…)

They did her so dirty with this fugly design, she deserves so much better.

No. 149110

File: 1624143875090.jpg (46.79 KB, 822x579, sdfghjn.JPG)

out of all of the plot issues in death notes, I don't understand why he is so hated

No. 149116

I know right, he was basically just doing his job when he could’ve possibly been doing other shit like a new theory for something or building some neat lego sets.
I think everyone who hates him is seething because they wanted their emo husbando to solve the mystery and be the winner.

No. 149121

Probably the part where he tortured and raped a beloved main character? Anyways I can already tell this thread is going to be funny. A sadistic rapist and a shitty abusive anime dad who gets a redemption arc, lol.

No. 149122

>everyone just hates him because he’s a bargain value version of L
Isn’t that obvious? I hate all the detectives but it I feel like it’s not hard to understand why readers or watchers would especially dislike Near.

No. 149126

you realize it's possible to like a character without condoning or excusing their actions right

No. 149128

Yeah, obviously. Villains and antagonists are popular. I genuinely don't know why anyone would like a necrophiliac, rapist, who hunts women for sport and feeds babies to dogs though. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

No. 149136

again, you can like a character without condoning or liking their actions if they were a real person

No. 149137

File: 1624166929667.png (194.21 KB, 360x450, Emily_Davis_Profile.png)

i thought she was entertaining

No. 149140

File: 1624169385575.jpeg (26.45 KB, 450x410, A8F36259-CE23-49B5-9D87-3E6A7F…)

I love Kyubey and how cute he is. Just wanna pick him up and snuggle in.

No. 149141

File: 1624170063576.png (372.34 KB, 426x519, 7340320948754.png)

I've enjoyed a few "so bad they're good" characters. As >>149136 said I would never like them in real life and in fact would actively wish them dead, but they made for villains you could really get behind hating. Take this asshat. He has absolutely no positive qualities, he's a sadist, general rapist and child rapist. But some part of me was always waiting with baited breath to see what other horrendous shit he'd come up with and it was extremely satisfying to finally see him get wrecked.

Sometimes I appreciate a morally grey, "I could support them in another timeline" sort of villain, and sometimes I just want to see an unrepentant shit bag.

No. 149144

The reality is, villains are often the most enjoyable to watch/read about. They drive conflict so when they come on screen, you know shit's gonna go down and you will be entertained. And because they aren't necessarily good or likeable, a good writer usually compensates by giving them charisma, intelligence, good looks etc to ensure the audience still enjoys their presence. It's not a surprise when people like a character regardless of the awful shit they do.

No. 149145

honestly he was just kind of boring and cringe imo. it felt really forced that he had to be WORSE than joffrey and it felt like the show grinded to a halt when he popped up. guess he did do a great job of chewing the scenery to bits, all eyes on him

No. 149146

File: 1624172427989.jpeg (175.24 KB, 660x644, 0E70BADE-3561-467D-9203-870C20…)

Fans really like to hate these two guys a lot. I don’t get the vitriol because I fucking hate this anime, but they’re easily the best part of it. They’re not morally corrupt pieces of shit heroes or some other bullshit, they’re just villains. I hope whatever their goals are in this shitty series, they succeed.

No. 149147

File: 1624172721651.jpeg (280.41 KB, 943x1280, BF8A6FD1-9176-462C-A3B4-3124BB…)

I used to hate her and later came to accept she’s one of the most based characters in the whole show. It’s a shame Bisco didn’t have the chance to flesh her out more in the manga.

No. 149151

The only interesting main characters in the whole shit series

No. 149154

He was entertaining to watch because he was a piece of shit. He was so over the top evil it was funny to me. And there wasn't much interesting going on in the show at the time he appeared, so at least he made story move a bit.
You act like I said I want to date this guy kek

No. 149159

File: 1624181757501.jpg (79.07 KB, 850x667, 7b2600c10f.jpg)

quess did nothing wrong, all the men in her life were just deranged
P3 portable had such better social links

No. 149163

Really? I'm not super into BNHA fandom but everywhere I've seen it these two, esp the one on the right, seemed to be well liked, just as any hot villain always is

No. 149166

Can't stand BNHA but both are popular, especially Dabi. Don't know what anon is talking about.

No. 149168

care to elaborate on why you like her now? i'm kinda curious. maybe it'll change my opinion on her as well

No. 149169

File: 1624190268050.jpeg (42.13 KB, 740x370, 733BF5DA-BAFD-433F-8BC9-72B932…)

atayrt, popular doesn’t mean they’re not hated. Threadpic as another example, or hisoka, or griffith, etc. Even a judgement based on the scope of what’s well liked on lolcow is enough to fill in the “everyone else” part of the thread topic.

Narutards love to hate her but she’s one of my favorite characters through and through.

No. 149175

File: 1624191889167.gif (882.64 KB, 420x315, 259B9379-660E-4CEE-A5D1-51549C…)

In the manga she doesn’t get nearly as much spotlight despite Bisco initially wishing for it, so a lot of her actions in the anime were originally enacted by Tamaki. When I’d seen this, I was glad it was her and not him or another character. My view of her eventually shifted to seeing her as a character that ultimately wasn’t supposed to be there, but she got to be anyways. So she became more like a fangirl who got her chance to be in her husbando’s anime. It made her actions a lot more tolerable. She’s still retarded, but this ret-conning of her purpose made her seem like a fun, meta extra who just gets to enjoy herself. I also love when anime have regular nerdy otaku-type characters, and Renge is a big one. The other characters don’t thoroughly hate her too, which makes their interactions easier to enjoy. She’s just a fun and retarded highschooler who acts a lot more like her age than the rest of the cast. She can still come off as obnoxious and annoying, but nostalgia makes all those embarrassing cringe parts of the anime charming anyways. There’s some self-insert projecting logic in it as well, I wasn’t as bad as Renge but it would have been funny if I had her additional courage to be as brazenly cringe at 15 kek. And she isn’t without her merits; Renge is very smart, and caring in her own ways. Overall she’s one of Ouran’s most important female characters because of the anime, and even if she and the rest aren’t explicitly the best of friends, I appreciate her character and the scenarios she brings to their situation.

In my opinion as far as the anime goes, Renge is more interesting and entertaining than both Mori and Honey.

No. 149178

File: 1624195473865.jpg (143 KB, 1024x575, Untitled185.jpg)

Um Ackshully its called hebephilia and it's a natural facet of male sexuality

No. 149179

It's a fucking pedo clown, anon.

No. 149188

It's weird because every man I've met who has played Persona 3 had Yukari as their best girl, but most men online seem to dislike her. Guess my male friends just have good taste.

No. 149189

By Allah I will beat you with my shoe

No. 149190

File: 1624208240907.jpeg (91.9 KB, 481x680, 3297AFF9-0901-49BF-89DF-C121DB…)

Gaslight Gatekeeper Girlboss

No. 149196

File: 1624214324282.png (181.69 KB, 452x888, Hana_Uzaki.png)

I want to hang out with big titty autistic /ot/ shitposter

No. 149198

I absolutely hated her in the answer but also back when i played it i was 13 and a nlog so im not sure what my opinion of her would be now.
What do you like about her?

No. 149203

File: 1624215806491.jpg (202.43 KB, 640x1102, gendo-profile.jpg)

not love but found him slightly more redeemable than yui tbh

No. 149206

Woah it's almost like the game is made by coomers or something

No. 149225

I like that he took his wife's last name

No. 149233

how is he more redeemable than Yui? Have you missed the subtext of his relationship with Rei?

No. 149236

Excuse me, what did Yui do that was so irredeemable?
I loved it when she bit his head off in EoE, good for her

No. 149241

uh yeah, obviously he is lol. the whole point of this thread is characters you like that others hate, so it's not gonna be full of virtuous and ~unproblematic~ characters

No. 149242

God I wish she'd put a collar on me

No. 149261

One of my favourite moments. What a queen. This thread is making me feel like I'm on /a/.

No. 149271

I've never watched this anime but I've never understood why out of all the anime girls she was the one where people lost their shit over. From what I've heard the show is pretty harmless and while her design is a bit retarded it's not offensive either.

No. 149288

File: 1624281480167.jpg (274.12 KB, 1508x2010, iia7u8ozr3i11.jpg)

Michael from Lost. I think people are way too harsh on him. People say he was so annoying the way he called out his son's name and worried about him, but I mean that's such a stupid shallow reason imo. Any decent parent would be concerned and scared shitless about their kid if they were lost all alone somewhere. I liked his character and thought he was an interesting addition to the show. And yes without spoilers I can see why people would be turned off him after he did what he did near the end of season two, but I feel like, again, people blow it up to such big proportions when there are arguably worse things other characters from Lost have done. Ben, anyone? (even though i love that crazy guy as well)

No. 149291

File: 1624282253288.png (1019.44 KB, 629x812, Episode_three_kenny.png)

I know he can be a hardheaded dumbass but tbh that's what I like about him. I always make AJs middle name Kenny too. "Alvin Lee" sounds much better but Kenny did a lot for AJ.

No. 149293

Oh I love Kenny. I loved duck too, he was so funny to me

No. 149296

>being pedo is facet of male sexuality

No. 149302

Having to shoot Duck fucking destroyed me. He was a lovable retard, just like his father. :(

No. 149305

Because she teases the MC for being a loner constantly, she's not a pushover doormat like most anime girls so of course she's a "bitch" by their standards.

No. 149310

I meant wokesters, they kept saying she was pedo bait and that this kind of anime is the downfall of civilization.

No. 149329

File: 1624298588846.gif (877.95 KB, 600x333, 313.gif)

Ayrt, the camera leers at her at times so I get that it seems coomerish. She and the male MC get into random suggestive situations, but it's always a clown on the MC, making him look like a perv to other people when something innocent is going on. She's a university student so I don't get the pedo complaints, she's not like the thousand year loli shit trope, besides being slightly autistic she looks and behaves like a woman her age. She teases the MC but they end up finding things they have in common and having a good time. Like >>149305 and >>149310 mentioned she's hated by both scrotes and wokesters but I think she's fun. I also like her sense of style, her outfits are simple and cute.

No. 149332

I haven’t watched this anime, but most of the screenshots I’ve seen, she’s actually in clothes that cover up her huge tits rather than have them hanging out all the time (like in most anime that depict large breasted women.)

No. 149336

File: 1624300825315.jpeg (81.27 KB, 564x957, D4536139-1DEE-49CA-BAC9-F28F47…)

Say 'woof'

No. 149348

File: 1624306683614.jpeg (150.54 KB, 728x1036, A3B59D23-E6C8-47E2-AE7A-4A2174…)

I’m sorry. I’m weak to mean tsundere yakuza men. also MC kinda deserved it. I mean he punched his little sister and expected to be forgiven bc she was a groupie

No. 149349

May I ask for the sauce dear anon?

No. 149350

File: 1624308409682.jpg (70.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This too! In a lot of anime a woman with big tits is either a mega horny sex goddess who is always bursting out of her clothing, or a ditzy retard who is always bursting out of her clothing, or a shy mopey crybaby who only covers up because she hates her body (and often ends up bursting out of her clothing at some point anyway). Most of the time Uzaki's chest is fully covered. There is an episode where Uzaki goes to the beach and she wears a bikini. She notices people reacting to her chest size and is visibly uncomfortable, and her breast gets accidentally grabbed during a blindfolded game. It's a lame fanservice-y episode that any anime fan has probably seen some iteration of a hundred times. Yet she doesn't turn into an infantilized blubbering suicidal retard who wants to chop her tits off, and she doesn't just let herself get slobbered on either. She's a big breasted young woman faced with objectification at the beach, and she reacts in a believable way. She's a strong personality that is sometimes made vulnerable by the way people treat her. The show isn't a masterpiece as most of the other characters are pretty one-note, but out of all the anime characters to be up in arms about I just can't get behind the hate. I genuinely like her and could see myself being friends with her irl if she existed.

No. 149356

Asa to Yoru no Uta by Harada! It’s BL also trigger warning I guess for rape,blackmail, manipulation ect

No. 149357

Anon, please, nobody that read Yoru to Asa disliked the yakuza for raping that piece of shit.

No. 149361

This makes me feel better anon. Bc whenever I try to find fans they shit on the yakuza guy so much. I wish every coomer had the same punishment he delivered

No. 149394

File: 1624348806187.jpg (74.87 KB, 602x803, main-qimg-8090f98b03e57448f5eb…)

She's based and did nothing wrong

No. 149407

>She's a big breasted young woman faced with objectification at the beach, and she reacts in a believable way. She's a strong personality that is sometimes made vulnerable by the way people treat her.
you should write for animefeminist

No. 149415

File: 1624374107475.jpg (64.3 KB, 500x709, JeuneMortarion.jpg)

I just like gaunt characters with big scythes, and his demon prince miniature is super cool looking (I know nobody cares about WH40K here but I still wanna sperg).

No. 149439

File: 1624386545726.jpg (301.5 KB, 1440x1080, isthere.jpg)

Best doctor after Bones. I liked her and Worf having tea and reading poetry. Also the woman who played her was in TOS and waaay fucking prettier in the role of Miranda.

No. 149440

Based and kennypilled. Absolutely loved him in season 2. Kinda understood why some would, hate him, but never understood why it was to the degree it was.

No. 149448

File: 1624392497766.jpg (27.88 KB, 578x433, thatbitch.jpg)

So long as we're talking about Trek, this bitch. She's awful and I love her.

No. 149455

File: 1624397288646.jpg (458.35 KB, 1024x768, image-er-36133305-1024-768.jpg)

a lot of ppl thought she was a bitch but she's based

No. 149459

I do think a lot of the criticism against him is legit but I do think he was one of the more interesting villains in Game of Thrones. With that said, they really Disneyfied him in the show. He's WAY worse in the books.

No. 149477

Yeah way grosser in both looks and actions.

No. 149697

File: 1624548419758.jpeg (183.6 KB, 750x1102, 8D137E37-94C5-46B2-A4CC-DF444D…)

Everything went wrong for her constantly, twice as much as any other character so no wonder she was mental.

No. 149698

I love crazy bitches, what can I say?

No. 149699

File: 1624548605402.jpeg (142.21 KB, 1000x563, 785A597A-C357-4588-AD68-DF9434…)

Forgot my image like a retard

No. 149711

do ppl really hate her though?

also today I learned about ddlc plus thank you anon

No. 149715

File: 1624560080898.png (457.76 KB, 842x595, 9F6F7D9F-1FF2-48EA-B507-2249B6…)

Morgana and Teddie from persona, I just think they’re so cute and funny!

No. 149717

Honestly, I vastly prefer Near and Mello over L, I always like to see rival characters join together to complete a goal. It was also interesting how on some level L respected Light and viewed him as being close to the same level as him while Near just told Light that he’s a crazy serial killer, wrecking his huge ego.

No. 149735

No problem and a fair few people do she did push her friends to an hero after all, though does it really count if they’re not people?

No. 149767

If she were a man she'd be loved the way House is

No. 149772

File: 1624587679284.jpg (315.48 KB, 1200x1200, joan-rivers-gettyimages-987266…)

that's kind of an unfair comparison, it'd been like 20 years plus she had godawful 80's hair weighing her down

anyway i think joan rivers from earth wasn't as bad as everyone thought she was, she was just a relic of a time when shock comedy was trendy and wasn't meant to be taken seriously

No. 149791

File: 1624599868181.gif (2.23 MB, 540x260, tumblr_pg4mvjzFVc1x7cpsxo1_540…)

arthur frederick >>

No. 149792

File: 1624600220104.jpg (137.6 KB, 1252x1252, mC2kSRQ.jpg)

I prefer him over Yuno, but I guess I just have a soft spot for these kind of protagonists.

No. 149806

I can’t say I wouldn’t understand if people hate him, but I’m still surprised. He was the most sane character in the entire freakshow.

No. 149851

ppl don't hate monika she's the most popular of the 4

No. 149858

Think it mostly came from the fact he was a weak crybaby 90% of the time which didn't match the energy of the crazy cast, I still don't ultimately mind him though. If I was thrust into that situation I'd be a scared bitch as well.

No. 150813

She doesn't belong in this thread. Most people love her. Stupid anon TBH!

No. 156260

File: 1629190754493.jpeg (240.63 KB, 2048x2048, EUxekaUU0AE6YId.jpeg)

Raymond got lots of love at first but later hate grew down the line because of how immensely popular he is which lead to people to scam and sell him at ridiculous prices plus the mass amount of maid crossdressing fanart. I laughed at the hate for this smug business cat from shitposts, to those that want to kill him, remove him out of the game, to an anti-Raymond account on Twitter. For me I absolutely love his design and how cute he is and that will never change though I'm disappointed that he and the newer villagers still don't have amiibo cards or any amiibo data.

No. 156261

File: 1629191055576.png (1.32 MB, 1024x768, EUAIokuXsAIAzeR.png)

Sorry I just want to post this image

No. 156268

I hated this hipster yuppie cat from the moment I saw him, glad I'm not alone anymore

No. 156313

File: 1629211846050.jpeg (56.24 KB, 549x421, ACFBC17E-9DE3-48C5-B530-F80595…)

Based lunatic

No. 156323

File: 1629216365778.jpg (479.4 KB, 3300x2475, 0y8w9vo7yh451.jpg)

Haha I like it every time I see this.

He looks more like a businessman/salaryman than a hipster.

No. 156324

Great taste, I love them too.

No. 156332

File: 1629221672336.jpg (34.41 KB, 314x500, 51PF CxkNLL.jpg)

>He looks more like a businessman/salaryman than a hipster
yeah, that's why I called him a hipster yuppie lol

No. 163015

File: 1633487767779.png (1.12 MB, 2388x1713, triangle-2020-05-27T135410.149…)

People that hate Raymond are scrotes that get annoyed when seeing cute/handsome/hot boys being showered with love and popularity by fangirls and fujoshis and have a hatred towards BL/yaoi. Except for traps because its a drawn girl being call a boy which moids like that shit. Probably also faps to Isabelle and Ankha and is a waifufag.

No. 163031

Are you the anon who admitted to baiting fujos? lol
You are probably right about scrotes hating on Raymond because he's popular among women, but some women hate him because he's oversaturated and ugly lol. Anyway in canon he's a fucking cat, not a bishonen or a BL character. The world of sexualising AC villagers doesn't shock me (people coom to anything, no matter how degenerate), but I cannot say that I understand it

No. 163088

Fuck yeah

No. 163121

File: 1633549415866.jpeg (106.95 KB, 1200x1204, ERTpZKiW4AEvbkq.jpeg)

>Are you the anon who admitted to baiting fujos?
I know don't know who you're referring to but no?

>some women hate him because he's oversaturated and ugly lol.

Haven't seen any women hating on Raymond other than scrotes. Not sure what you meant by oversaturated and ugly but Raymond's design isn't too crazy or bland/boring like half of the Animal Crossing villagers. Scrotes seethed and are so pissed off of seeing him that they have to make hate/abuse/cringe content of him and making him unattractive as possible.

>Anyway in canon he's a fucking cat, not a bishonen or a BL character.

It's like saying Ankha is cat, not a femdom queen or Isabelle is a dog, not a sex serving secretary. It's Raymond's aesthetics and design that make girls so fond of him (cat, businessman, suit, glasses, blonde hair, heterochromia eyes, etc.) Just looking at him makes me think of Joseph Oda who is indeed pretty handsome. Even when Raymond is drawn in a non-chibi full human figure, he does make an attractive anthro cat. Must have started with Baron Humbert von Hikkingen. Plus the whole maid crossdressing thing fueled that attraction towards him since some girls are into guys crossdressing in cute clothes.

No. 163132

that's a lot of words to say you get off to a cat

No. 163135

i can't stop laughing, that picture is so ridiculous. imagine getting off to that cartoony face.

No. 163137

>It's like saying Ankha is cat, not a femdom queen or Isabelle is a dog, not a sex serving secretary
What the fuck. I'll be honest, I do not watch anthro/sexualised content of AC villagers so I am mostly unaware of the fandom portrayals. How can people sexualize those characters??? I miss the times of OG AC cause I had no idea about this autistic degeneracy.
As mentioned above, I hate this stupid cat (and I'm not a scrote) and making the characters sexual, but I'm conflicted, as I hope scrotes seethe some more kek

No. 163146

>t's like saying Ankha is cat, not a femdom queen or Isabelle is a dog, not a sex serving secretary.
but ankha is a cat and isabelle is a dog? they were literally meant to be cute animals, not whatever degenerate fantasies furfreaks projected on them. get help.

No. 163162

File: 1633579409103.jpeg (87.27 KB, 769x1311, EUWrTH4UYAE0r61.jpeg)

Tbh I don't find many male anthro animal characters that attractive even Nick Wilde does nothing to me. They're either too cartoony/silly-looking or appeal to gay furries/bara. Raymond fits the girl/fujoshi spectrum.

Ngl he's pretty handsome in that pic. At least there are some artists that draw him pretty well.

Scrotes ruined everything with porn mostly towards female characters that have no sex appeal or are underaged. Even searching a certain character can have lewd content pop right up unintentionally and don't get me started with that whole Zone Ankha "meme" that's been trending lately. Shit's annoying, unfunny and cringey. Don't look it up.

No. 163165

he's not handsome or hot he's a fucking cat. begone furfag

No. 163166

Is this how lesbians and asexuals are?

No. 163171

Most bihets also don't get sexually aroused by a cat drawing

No. 163174

*A male anthro cat drawing
Has been for Ankha for the longest time. Longer than Raymond and is still currently to this day. Also not really into girls.

No. 163176

File: 1633585702798.jpeg (40.02 KB, 1080x607, AE5C3FED-D2DC-4F3D-9796-0FA801…)

I was with you until you wanted to fuck the cat, I just think Raymond is really cute.

No. 163178

File: 1633589328669.jpeg (290.73 KB, 1182x1241, ET-P4TaU0AAX2fH.jpeg)

I do find him cute too but I can't deny that he does look handsome when he's drawn as a full anthro in a certain way or in a non-chibi art style. Bishie gijinkas as well. I don't think I would be considered a furry since most male anthro animal characters aren't that attractively appealing to me since the Baron from The Cats Return. I hate to think that the furry degeneracy coming from scrotes are rubbing on me since they have characters like Lola Bunny, Rouge the Bat, Krystal, etc. Sorry for being cringe.

No. 163179

it's a fucking cat. get help

No. 163180

File: 1633594571840.jpeg (373.28 KB, 1395x2048, EUH64mOUMAAGZ6I.jpeg)

You already said that for the second time. I know that. He's an anthro cat.

No. 163187

I say it again: most bihets aren't getting hot and bothered over a cat, anthro or not. Not being into Raymond or whatever furry shit doesn't mean that you are an asexual or a lesbian. Enjoy your fictional cat, but don't say that either everyone is like that or they cannot appreciate men/husbandos.
Yes I know it may have been a joke, but claiming that being horny for Raymond is some universal straight experience rubbed me the wrong way lol

No. 163190

File: 1633597945401.png (548.16 KB, 346x1735, Yuki_Mishima.png)

Ugh I love him so much but it seems like a lot of the fandom dislikes him. I wish he was more popular to get more fanart or something, he's so cute to me.

No. 163191

Now I'm confused

No. 163197

>he’s pretty handsome

yea nothing sexier than an overly detailed body and a cartoony round cat head. so hot.

No. 163206

File: 1633618454235.jpeg (385.12 KB, 857x1260, EUMkZ_YU8AAPc8h.jpeg)

I don't know what to say but you just can't see it or aren't open minded about it to the point of sounding like a broken record and constant shaming. Seems like you never have a fictional crush even if it's as weird as an anthro character. It is taboo if a girl as an attraction towards one but totally normal for guys? Like I totally understand the appeal of Ankha and Isabelle for them and I'm seeing it the same with Raymond as well.

No. 163207

I simply do not understand being attracted to cartoon animals. I feel so uncomfortable

No. 163208

this is so upsetting i just do not get why anyone would wanna fuck a cat

No. 163209

Damn the furries walk among us, even on lolcow.

No. 163210

i'm sorry that i'm not open-minded enough to want to fuck an anthro-cat character. i had a crush on scar from lion king when i was 6 but i'm also not a child anymore.

no one thinks it's normal for guys to want to fuck ankha and isabelle, either.

No. 163211

There's more than one pf us and yeah we're shaming you because being attracted to animals is gross and wrong.
If you think kinkshaming is bad uwu you're probably on the wrong website, this isn't exactly sex posi central. yiff in hell

No. 163212

ok, read those again:
>he's not handsome or hot he's a fucking cat.
>Is this how lesbians and asexuals are?

No. 163216

File: 1633622980312.jpeg (72.34 KB, 947x663, 5C6A4875-1D3E-4086-9E53-C5E9C0…)

if you anons are going to like the furry Justin Hammer at least like the real Justin Hammer

No. 163226

I don’t even know animal crossing that much, but justin hammer came to my mind instantly when seeing the business cat character.
he’s the best part of Im2, but it’s rockwell so no surprise here, that guy elevates even the shittiest of movies just by being there.
I hope those rumors of him being in the upcoming Armor wars are true.

No. 163227

He's a fantastic actor, it's a pity he doesn't have a whole lot of lead roles.

No. 163229

he’s not a traditional leading man imo, his best roles are when he’s co-starring and interacting with someone else. even in moon, where he interacts with himself basically.
but he’s a great actor and charismatic as fuck. I’m glad he finally got the oscar.

No. 163230

File: 1633626209678.jpeg (354.79 KB, 2032x2048, ERn_i-8UEAAOo-W.jpeg)

I blame it on scrote furries and feeling conflicted for being a hypocrite.

At least you're honest about yourself. Thank you. I too had my first fictional animal crush as kid which was Sonic. It's kinda embarrassing.

>no one thinks it's normal for guys to want to fuck ankha and isabelle, either.

I can agree with this though most guys have always been such coomers.

Oh whoops, I assumed that you're a lesbian or an asexual that you can't see the appeal of Raymond in a fangirl's/fujoshi's eyes not even with an open mind.

Oh yeah I remembered this Marvel character. He and Raymond do have similar looks haha.(avatar-fagging)

No. 163233

File: 1633626649127.jpg (54.22 KB, 581x1079, 0aa02d49d9604ee9463ce8d54ba651…)

And I felt weird for finding this guy attractive. This is the maximum amount of cat/guy mix I can understand someone crushing on.

No. 163239

File: 1633628830025.jpeg (95.48 KB, 750x1000, 1B7A6C2F-62E9-45D0-B079-59F1EA…)

I hate this character trope so much. The series would’ve been better off without him.

No. 163240

Why would you feel weird for this? This is clearly just a human husbando with cat ears and tail.

No. 163245

Wrong thread anon >>>/m/109651

No. 163247

It's a catboy who wants to be your house cat.

No. 163250

Nothing wrong with that, he's like 95% man and 5% cat.

No. 163254

Oops, no idea why I thought this one was that one. Thanks.

No. 163256

Well thanks for giving me and my catboy your blessing nona, kek

No. 163302

Is moon worth seeing? Everyone shat on it, but I'm mildly curious

No. 163346

It is. The premise is nothing miraculous, the twist is not really a twist, but it’s a well made sci-fi, great cinematography, very old school and an Oscar worthy performance from Rockwell. It has its flaws, but overall watchable and enjoyable

No. 164503

I still wanna fuck him

No. 164533

File: 1634335492423.jpeg (985.13 KB, 1280x1600, E9CC2F87-56A1-4B93-AD48-EE4FB4…)

Lmao why is there a Raymond army AU I am so confused by Raymond fucker anon

Anyways this is mine. People on tumblr can’t stand this man but I liked him and his crazy side quest ending.

No. 164595

she did the whole "cranky genius doctor with a cane" thing first and she did it best. House could never.

No. 165173

File: 1634612274527.png (650.09 KB, 1008x569, 1576216733036.png)

No. 168372

File: 1635949405767.png (270.36 KB, 554x996, jerry-smith-png-6.png)

I like how he makes everyone seethe

No. 168384

A truly unpopular opinion.

No. 168385

He’s funny af

No. 168433

Main reason I like Endeavor is because I want him to fuck me.

No. 168468

File: 1636013370113.jpg (237.2 KB, 1270x1560, 3302114_100225.jpg)

she was the most realistic character in the cast, her dynamic and chemistry with kyouko was great and had a very emotional arc
also i'm a sucker for stories about unrequited love lol i understand why people dislike her, but i enjoyed the way she was written, she acted like an actual flawed teenager

No. 168473

I like him too!

No. 168491

You’re right, I actually didn’t dislike her while watching the series, she was a great character, specially with the whole heartbreak thing, lots of people, even though they’re not teenagers, feel hopeless after being rejected, just like how Sayaka felt.
I guess scrotes don’t like her because she was in love with a guy and not an uwu pwure waifu who doesn’t know what is it like to like someone and who never wanted even to hold hands with a guy.

No. 168505

Agree she is realistic but having grown from that stage, it was fucking annoying to see her fuck up her life for some dude that dgaf at all (wait, I was never that bad, but close enough). I also couldn't relate to her spergout upon finding her life is in the gem or something ("How can I love him with my body like this???"), it was poorly presented. Her brand of melodramatic teenage girl didn't connect with me and I cannot stand her. The only scene I liked her in was when she fucked those scrotes up lol. I guess I haven't paid enough attention to her relationship with Kyouko beyond her willing to go out together with Sayaka

No. 168515

>it was fucking annoying to see her fuck up her life for some dude
Vent thread incarnate

No. 168523

I feel like adding that there wasn't much more to Sayaka than her retarded crush. I wish that she was less of a goody-two-shoes and asked Kyubey to make Kyosuke fall in love with her. Watching out the fallout would be interesting to say the least. You know it wouldn't end good for anyone, starting with Sayaka feeling guilty for brainwashing the dude into loving her

No. 168537

I love him too nonnie lmao

No. 168983

I think it'd be more unique if she asked the rat to make her forget her crush and she does forget him BUT plot twist, her feelings are still there and they're just for nobody in particular and it tortures her anyway. She can't remember who it is that made her feel that way but the feelings remain… What will she do?

No. 171745

File: 1638058810295.jpg (59.89 KB, 1280x720, RA.jpg)

he did nothing wrong, and I am willing to die on that hill

No. 171754

File: 1638064043320.png (246.68 KB, 720x540, vlcsnap-2021-09-11-04h56m02s15…)

absolutely irredeemable and completely unrepentant. extra as fuck. has great hair. i have to stan

No. 171768

File: 1638071509370.png (321.53 KB, 796x647, where-is-christine-quinn-from-…)

Christine on Selling Sunset. She has the most interesting personality. I think the show would be boring without her. I know it's reality TV but it's mostly fake so I consider them characters.

No. 171775

Jerry actually gets some of the funniest lines in the show

No. 171910

I liked him until Horicuck retconned his story. Why is that guy against anything interesting?

No. 171911

File: 1638144274654.jpeg (139.88 KB, 775x890, 2136547896.jpeg)

Kishimoto ruined her in the end, but I still love her

No. 171912

I dunno who he is but I wanna scratch him on the sideburns like a cat

No. 171914

Yeah, she really turned into a submissive, trad waifu, cuckqueen and I hate it.

No. 171937

File: 1638169121385.jpg (244.08 KB, 2048x1691, 3267cba038b0f750fcf613ea23f670…)

I like Alphys because she's pretty cute and relatable. I just feel that loser girls deserve more love since most female characters are flawless.

No. 171938

File: 1638169827014.jpg (15.59 KB, 315x283, Alphys.jpg)

I understand why people might find her constant notifications annoying, but I feel like people who hate her don't understand what the story is trying to say with her character.

She bit off way more than she could chew at the encouragement of Mettaton (who was basically using her for his robot body) and because she wanted to impress her crush. After everything went to hell, she was desperate to be accepted and liked by the human because she felt she'd already ruined things with everyone else. It was manipulative, sure, but it didn't come from a place of malice. I think that's part of why Mettaton helped her with the ruse– I think on some level, he felt bad for putting her in that position to start with, but betrayed her at the end when he realized humanity was at stake.

I don't know, she's not my favorite character in the story, but I can't bring myself to hate her.

No. 171939

I was typing up the above post and only saw yours when I refreshed, rip. Didn't mean to post the same character right after someone else did lmao

No. 171942

No worries Nonny! Didn't think there would be a coincidence for the same character though I'm glad to see another person who understands Alphys. She's a troubled wreck and doesn't deserve the hate.

No. 171948

Not an Alphys fan, but curious about you guys' dissections onto her character other than the fanon "Alphys did nothing wrong my angel uwu" and the whole cutesy lesbian shipping.
There's one I especially like that Alphys uses her procrastination on binge watch anime and being a huge weeb to make up her guilt in the failed monster experiments Asgore assigned to her
I thought it was interesting that Undertale characters can have two sides of a coin of their character, but they can't be 100% innocent nor 100% evil either. Therefore I see neither Wholesome nor Edgy fandom's interpretation of them sit well for me.
Bit of a rant yeah I just like how Toby managed to pull that off in one game before the fans become really, really weird lol.

No. 171962

I agree nonnie

No. 171979

File: 1638213135394.gif (5.63 KB, 360x448, Flowey.gif)

I didn't know Alphys is hated. I'd love to be her friend. I really relate to her struggles and interests. While we're talking about Undertale, I really love this asshole. It's no fair he'll have to spend the rest of his life alone trapped as a flower.

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