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File: 1623518977541.jpg (15.54 KB, 220x330, 220px-Ootp076.jpg)

No. 147982

For fictional characters touted as attractive, whether by the fandom or by the source material itself, that you personally find unattractive. This is NOT the thread for anons to focus on the characters' overall personalities or the way they were written, that's what the character hate thread is for ( >>>/m/109651 ).

No. 147984

>inb4 Kylo Ren

Good thread idea, anon!

No. 147986

Perfect thread pic - I don't get what the HP fandom see in an old, greasy man who loves to bully children.

No. 147987

Not a Snape fan, but tbf a lot of people that is into him was into the book version, where he's like in his 30s. So it would be more akin to a goff hot teacher or whatever.

No. 147989

Snape is literally the opposite of "shilled as attractive". He's described as having "sallow skin, a large, hooked nose, and yellow, uneven teeth". pretty sure they said his hair was greasy too at one point.

No. 147991

He is described as unattractive in the books as >>147989
says. Snape hotness is made up by fans for some reason.

No. 147992

he is shilled as attractive by the fandom, which does count in this thread

No. 147996

File: 1623525575919.png (79.57 KB, 242x616, Katsuki_Bakugou_Ecole_Uniforme…)

He is shilled as attractive because of his portrayal by Alan Rickman who appealed to goth sensibilities without most of his book counterpart's flaws. He looked clean and not creepy, just kinda weird, and I'm pretty certain the scene where he protects the trio from Lupin only happens in the movie. Snape's fans were probably dime a dozen before the release of the first movie.

Anyway, back on topic, picrel. It overlaps with characters you hate, but I find this motherfucker so unappealing on every level (everybody looks like a retard in MHA tho).

No. 147997

Is this official art? Idk anything about MHA but why is his torso so long? He looks like a centipede

No. 147999

File: 1623526587866.png (678.42 KB, 707x1312, tumblr_ou84ri7VQ81wt1op1o1_128…)

His torso is normal, it's just that his pants sag kek

No. 148002

I had a friend that stanned Snape real hard even before the first movie came out. I'm pretty sure Rowling unintentionally made him a prefect bait for girls who love villians who are ~just misanderstood uwu~ and want to fix them.

No. 148009

>He is shilled as attractive because of his portrayal by Alan Rickman
love that i read this as alan rickman portraying bakugou in some weird bnha live action tv show. thanks for the mental image, nonny.

No. 148014

File: 1623530497028.jpg (61.8 KB, 820x500, Supernatural-seizoen-16-scaled…)

All three of them. Years ago I used to like a certain message board that was mostly female-oriented and people there were hornyposting about those guys all the fucking time. I didn't get the hype, but decided to check the show out anyway and literally couldn't get into it because I lost patience for those boring doughy white guy faces SO fast.

No. 148018

Rowling has shamelessly written about her ideal Husbando in the Corman strike series and so Its definitely not Snape, I just think it just kinda happened
Book Snape was Canonically ugly and creepy and while Alan Rickman isn't a Hunk by any means, he played Snape with a unique attitude and finesse that was kinda attractive

No. 148020

I'd say it's because Alan Rickman while not attractive was pretty charismatic. He was a great actor, stood out in his scenes and a lot of people liked the character he portrayed. You can often see people crushing on kinda ugly but charismatic actors.

No. 148021

File: 1623533124506.gif (2.27 MB, 540x511, tumblr_176f9b9663c8ca890d8cc3d…)

I don't get the hype about this pikachu twink

No. 148023

Thank you, anon. These dudes were so boring and mild aesthetically. I'm not attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch at all but at least he has a unique appeal and plays as a mysterious douchebag in Sherlock so it was at least interesting. I also tried to get into the Supernatural but it was so boring. I seriously never understood how it caught on so much.

No. 148024

File: 1623534476584.jpg (166.41 KB, 800x1032, Jared_Padalecki_(35444305903).…)

Misha and Jensen Ackles are both generic looking dudes and even I'm not into them but I will fight you if you insult my Husbansdo Sam

No. 148028

I'm afraid I will anon. You could park a bus on that fivehead. He looks like a wrinkly fetus with that squished up face.

No. 148036

>everybody looks like a retard in MHA tho
based, i dont get why does anyone want to fuck that or the ugly kid with green hair
kek she shat so bad on Draco's fangirls for that reason. I really think she did everything she could to make Snape seem evil and repulsive so that his redemption would shock as much as possible

No. 148042

bnha's designs make the hs charas look too childish, I would've felt gross sexualizing them back when I was into the series as a woman in my 20s. but the designs overall are pretty chunky and unappealing to look at on most of the characters, mainly the men

No. 148048

Because he's quite literally retarded sometimes, he's relatable to a lot of fans of the show

No. 148049

File: 1623562237737.jpg (168.94 KB, 1200x800, SH3_Ep2rel_5.0.jpg)

I'm glad you brought up Sherlock because these two are the epitome of this thread for me. They're ugly enough individually, but what gets me is the shipping. Girls ACTUALLY want to see these geriatric uggos fuck, and write fanfic about it! They are repulsive enough on their own, together they are absolutely vomit inducing.

And you're dragging my boy Jensen rn but can you honestly say he is more offensive looking than these two? I'll take a boring but conventionally handsome guy over ~unique~ hideous old men any day. There are no prizes for pretending to be above basic white men.

No. 148065

File: 1623580150885.jpg (59.14 KB, 480x641, hannibal-3.jpg)

I don't get it.

No. 148073

File: 1623586499831.png (610.82 KB, 500x625, 60BFCC14-1D72-4B6C-8450-E34848…)

maybe not in his styling for hannibal but i think he does look pretty good looking in general

No. 148075

File: 1623587795130.jpeg (99.66 KB, 800x800, tumblr_789f78dec31334a3ec7a559…)

I can't agree on snape being ugly or that he's ever been shilled as attractive… but Draco? Eugh. He seems more fitting to what >>148002 described (the fangirl 'i can change him' appeal) than Snape. I don't see the appeal of his character nor Tom Felton

No. 148076

Agreed anon, I find him just under Cumberbatch tier weird looking and ugly tbh. I really do not get it.
He was an adorable kid in the first two movies, but he grew up to be so ugly kek

No. 148077

My personal appeal is that he is an amazing actor

No. 148080

Thanks, I wanted to post him but was too lazy.
>Draco remains a person of dubious morality in the seven published books, and I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character,” writes Rowling, with a nod to the actor Tom Felton, “who plays Draco brilliantly in the films and, ironically, is about the nicest person you could meet”.
>“Draco,” writes Rowling, “has all the dark glamour of the anti-hero; girls are very apt to romanticise such people. All of this left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold common sense on ardent readers’ daydreams, as I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice and that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.”
What doesn't make sense is that in a later part of the quote, Rowling does say that there was a better and more tolerant person in Draco after all, so she contradicts herself. But I also never got why fangirls got all starry-eyed for the wizard nazi child, even though it was true that he's been brainwashed by his family.

No. 148082

i feel like a lot of girls are drawn to the bad boy type, and if you go off the descriptions of draco in the books you could easily draw him to be quite attractive in fanart. i think the main thing is is that there are a lot of harry potter fans who have consumed a lot of fandom theories and fanfiction and haven’t read the books in a long time so they’ve built a fanon version of everything that had happened, and a version of harry potter that is completely removed from the source material. i myself reread the series a while ago and i was shocked about how much stuff i had completely forgot about and how sometimes the characterizations of characters in fanfiction that seemed in character to me actually were grossly out of character lol.

plus he is a white boy the same age as harry with a rivalry going on so it’s prime shipping material. it’s funny that ron/harry is not a popular ship. if there’s one thing you can praise jkr for is that she wrote a very good friendship dynamic to the point where it feels kinda wrong and weird to ship them lol

as for tom felton i think he has aged atrociously and i can’t believe he’s making an income off all his fans on tiktok. he was in one major film franchise and has done nothing of note since but people still like him and are willing to give him money.

No. 148083

File: 1623590611521.jpeg (857.63 KB, 828x1231, 6D173FAB-9A73-4194-9D8F-861DAE…)

when i was 13 i read a lot of johnlock fanfiction but i always envisioned them to look different and younger in my head.

hannibal and will have a sexier middle aged man dynamic lol

No. 148099

File: 1623600014354.jpg (97.63 KB, 800x600, a4747580-a52e-4dd7-a208-98a140…)

>it’s funny that ron/harry is not a popular ship. if there’s one thing you can praise jkr for is that she wrote a very good friendship dynamic to the point where it feels kinda wrong and weird to ship them lol
That may be a factor but I also think its maybe due to the fact that Rupert grint is just well ugly, he was an ugly boy, an ugly teen and is a ugly man
he's not even average or mediocre looking he's just ugly and nothing can be done to fix that, like he's so fucking ugly that people would ship dobby with Harry cause Rupert grint is uglier then a House elf, he's so ugly that people would ship Hermione with the boy who caller her a in-universe racial hair rather then him, he's just so fucking ugly

No. 148101

Why any adult would ship any of these ugly kids together is beyond me.

No. 148104

I wouldn’t say Rupert Grint is ugly. Just kinda average. Tom Felton is definitely better looking though,

No. 148108


tom felton changed so much between the 2nd and the 3rd movie i thought they changed the actor kek

No. 148118

I don't imagine any of the actors when I read fanfic, so the fact that I don't ship Ron with anyone is a testament to his ugly personality too. The guy is just too insecure to be attractive.

No. 148120

it's because red headed men don't deserve love

No. 148134

File: 1623628187439.jpeg (34.28 KB, 737x416, images (5).jpeg)

She's supposedly this bombshell but she's just so plain

No. 148139

File: 1623636927199.jpg (80.42 KB, 371x268, Sebastian_Stan_as_Bucky_Barnes…)

i hate him so much

No. 148140

i dont like him as hannibal AT ALL but i find him attractive in other roles/as a person

No. 148141

I don't get why girls go gaga over him either. Meh actor meh character, feels like his popularity is driven by gayshippers. part of me wished he'd just stayed dead kek

No. 148154

I always thought the point they were making was that an unremarkable looking woman has the status of a 10/10 bombshell in a nerd community where women are scarce. She's still hotter than the dudes

No. 148157

God thank you. they’re so ugly, tho I hear Lizarddick Cucumberbitch is actually a nice dude. Martin Freeman is a gross scrote and I’m sick of seeing his pug ugly face in my (non-Sherlock) fandom.

No. 148158

File: 1623649443994.jpeg (1007.06 KB, 1170x1171, 4D68C7D7-5A55-4A39-B030-50D593…)

Gay ship with a popular character, if he had little to no closeness with Cap he’d have an eighth of the popularity.
Marvel fujos make my brain melt, man, the amount of uguu gay bottom uke kawaii over this frankly mediocre looking dude (and total womanizer??)…they gotta be in one of those alternate universes or something

No. 148162

>Lizarddick Cucumberbitch is actually a nice dude
Nah sis.

No. 148182

File: 1623676319565.jpg (61.49 KB, 1004x600, hans-landa-christopher-waltz-i…)

No. 148191

he's just too boring

No. 148197

he was so cute in nbc's kings but then it was all downhill from there
pretty much all of the marvel actors have already "hit the wall" imo, nothing more sad than seeing a teen say RDJ is hot as >>148158 was saying

No. 148198

samefagging to add it cant just be the characters that ppl are thirsting after because they honestly seem interchangeable. all marvel characters just say snarky line, have angst over personal conflict, rinse & repeat. i don't get it

No. 148212

He was gorgeous in Kings, and I found him attractive in the first Captain America when he was clean shaven and in uniform. As always, beards and age ruin men's looks.

No. 148253

File: 1623725019893.jpg (78.85 KB, 776x1254, 634.ChuckBass.GG1.mh.120612.jp…)

No. 148256

I had the hots for him as a teen but I think if I rewatched now I'd probably hate him 1000x more

No. 148363

File: 1623780199924.jpg (88.42 KB, 800x554, Val.jpg)

People who find him hot, explain. He looks like he's suffering a mild allergic reaction and I hate his hair.

No. 148421

File: 1623798538660.png (5.08 MB, 3220x3135, Link_(Smash_Bros._3DS_Wii_U).p…)

Never understood why so many people have him as their husbando, he either looks like a kid or just plain retarded imo.

No. 148424

It baffled me how many girls swooned over him when he literally tried to rape a 14 year old in the very first episode

No. 148492


No. 148493

File: 1623827685850.jpg (32.9 KB, 480x479, mv5bmjmwmdi3mzg0m15bml5banbnxk…)

im sorry he looks like grumpy cat i don't understand his hype

No. 148502

File: 1623832735382.png (7.49 KB, 860x680, 588-5881657_original-legend-of…)

I mean he also looks like this, safe to say fans imagine whatever face they find appealing on him. He's not a real person, his appearance isn't set in stone provided the hair and colouring is right.

No. 148511

Now that you said he looks like grumpy cat I find him cute

No. 148614

File: 1623907680993.jpg (127.81 KB, 800x599, benadryl cucumber.jpg)

this is probably a low hanging fruit, but…

No. 148615


oop and someone already posted it

No. 148631

File: 1623912850428.jpg (168.43 KB, 1280x720, 000C0Z1CIQ6OXL79-C125-F4.jpg)

Alright, I'm going to say it. I don't find this character attractive in the slightest and it weirds me out how many normies fell for this coomer meme. She's just a standard T&A bait, but big. The only nice thing about her design is the dress but it's basically stolen from an old photo.

No. 148637

File: 1623915316276.jpg (22.31 KB, 312x400, uvj2ajef3c.jpg)

i'm sure he's nice, though.

based. her face reminds me of jeff the killer.

No. 148643

File: 1623919255158.jpg (189.42 KB, 1000x1200, 565b381661007d0564d3be211ace37…)

My god they're all so ugly. While we're at it, all the niggas on Vampire Diaries too. White women got off to this???

No. 148644

The only reason people are into her is because giant and T&A, there's literally nothing more to it

No. 148646

File: 1623919713384.jpg (49.13 KB, 620x413, loki-tv-show-ddb01c2.jpg)


No. 148647

I'm into her because you don't really see sexy, mature, non animu looking women in video games a lot. Like her features aren't just a small button nose, perfect skin, huge eyes and plump lips like every other coomer bait. She looks like an actual older woman.

No. 148648

>The only nice thing about her design is the dress but it's basically stolen from an old photo.
what are references

No. 148650

He's so incredibly ugly, I don't understand why anyone finds him even remotely attractive. Loki's design is already god awful and it just emphasizes his ugly features even more. I'll even take alien face bendersnatch over this gremlin any day

No. 148651

File: 1623921504966.jpg (115.32 KB, 875x1000, True-blood-bill-compton-stephe…)

AYRT, I really don't know. I'm white and I feel like I'm about to fall in a coma when I look at them. Also, this ugly fucker from True Blood deserves a honorable mention
I get that, it's the people who push the constant "big mommy milkers uwu, step on me" type kinkshit on her that I find obnoxious. I like mature female characters too, but I don't like when they're given giant tits to draw in coomer audience, like it's the only way an older woman could be ever considered attractive
What I meant is that her outfit doesn't even get points for originality imo. Designing a cool 30s inspired dress from scratch is one thing, lifting a dress straight from a photo and adding a flower brooch is another. It's just so bland to me.

No. 148653

I agree, I found him attractive in the Avengers era but I can't see it at all now, I suppose tumblr hivemind at the time was too convincing.

No. 148664

No. 148670

File: 1623930743403.jpeg (29.23 KB, 250x141, 180E12F0-E76A-43A3-8B2C-6E529A…)

Link has such an autistic smirk on his face all the time, probably explains the people who love him as a video game character. His face gives me CWC sperg smugness

No. 148671

Agree anon, people think sexualizing something that’s barely seen in the media like “hot old women” means that they’re making progress in something, like no you’re being just as degraded like the female jailbait passive side characters they make for these games.

No. 148673

I thought I was going to dislike Lady D from the trailers but it wound up being the opposite. I think they actually made all the villains in Village too likable compared to the other Re games.

>600k+ views

No. 148677

The fact that the chick in the thumbnail has the same CWC smirk makes me laugh.

No. 148684


I mean I guess he's cute but isn't he 16 at most? I find a little creepy to find women in their 20s lusting over him

No. 148687

They do that??? God, that character looks so artificially bland AND is underage. Peak shit taste. I wouldn't be attracted to that 'handsome kid uwu' even if I were his age.
Thanks, I will never unsee it now

No. 148690

File: 1623942558328.png (100.11 KB, 784x387, te1047.png)

Oh it's even worse, apparently he's 13-14….

No. 148692

I don't think it's progress, it's a fucking video game, it's just nice to see a different type of character once in a while.

No. 148693

Probably unpopular opinion, but when it comes to fictional characters, it's better that women find him attractive rather than misogynistic scrotes, or even worse, monsters who will torture and rape them. That shit is too fucking common.

No. 148695

File: 1623945180913.jpg (29.74 KB, 640x558, imwetx7vvll21.jpg)

looks too flamboyant for my liking

No. 148699

File: 1623946683125.jpeg (96.63 KB, 1280x720, mWHFwUhotDVkZrFrCrt46m.jpeg)

I would say Zelda in some incarnations too

No. 148701

kek he looks like onceler here

No. 148718

>Hisoka the canon pedo

Yeah idk, he‘s an ok character but everyone who ships or stans him has some serious issues

No. 148721

I never understood his appeal, he's the most generic looking man ever. When he was blowing up on Tumblr during the early 2010s he was easily the most bland looking one out of all the actors everyone was fangirling over kek. Also he isn't a very good actor tbh, I watched that movie he was in The Deep Blue Sea and laughed aloud several times because he was so fucking dramatic and loud for no reason, he tried to come off as serious but it was so cringy.

No. 148743

While I don't care for Cucumberpatch I can't stand Martin Freeman, he looks like a tiny wet dog and his acting triggers something in me. I hated the Hobbit movies 50% because of him.

No. 148748

I don't stan him in any capacity, but he looked and acted great in Only Lovers Left Alive

No. 148757

File: 1623965306597.jpeg (367.76 KB, 2000x2400, 85E583CA-DA44-4533-A530-443346…)

Zoomers have taste just as shitty as anyone else

No. 148766

While Alan Rickman was hot in other roles, I never got the Snape hype. Especially since he’s supposed to be disgusting looking in the books. Movie Snape looks average at best with a shitty haircut.
Kek. I always thought he looked like Tommy
Wiseau as Loki.

No. 148770

File: 1623967979443.jpg (77.98 KB, 864x568, art18_film_only_lovers_left_al…)

This is true. I never expected to be into him but I was for the duration of that movie, I think it's more the character than his actual face though.

No. 148771

File: 1623969245865.png (413.41 KB, 853x480, kji.png)

shaggy was better

No. 148773

File: 1623969980454.jpeg (259.83 KB, 640x358, EE9F0AB1-6C96-4B72-B69D-6D4094…)

the whole cast of game of thrones but especially the popular male characters, so thankful we're past the days of this worthless coomer franchise. how can a show be so packed with explicit scenes and still completely lack sexual appeal? unbelievable

No. 148777

File: 1623970981529.jpg (94.04 KB, 1400x700, Resident-Evil-Village-Lady-Dim…)

agree. i love lady dimitrescu's design. i'm actually surprised retards fanned over her solely because BIG BOOBA, because i'm all here for the massively tall creepy monster mama. it made me really happy to see an older woman with visible wrinkles on her face be shown as this beautiful and attractive character. the fandom around her def sucks tho

No. 148778

a bunch of ugly inbred-looking men fucking other ugly inbred-looking women? seems historically accurate at least

No. 148780

I think the styling (hair, clothes, whatever) fit him and he was looking attractive in that movie

No. 148781

File: 1623971949990.jpg (51.76 KB, 1180x663, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_53…)

Never understood the hype over him

No. 148806


His body is amazing though

No. 148826

i dont find him very attractive as a person, he's kind of generic, but when he's this sleazy scummy 80s dbag with a mullet and mommy issues i cannot control myself

No. 148834

A woman of culture I see

No. 148851

Same, Martin’s not only a chihuahua man but a creepy douche, should have picked some relatively unknown actor instead. Hate the Sherlockfags praising his listless performance

No. 148889

File: 1624022679966.jpg (192.86 KB, 469x600, 1623816456482.jpg)

I really don't get it. Nothing about him screams good looking to me

No. 148911

File: 1624028284823.png (248.27 KB, 400x400, OxNmWqnK_400x400.png)

Me neither, if they wanted to go for the "sexy older woman" look they could have made her look like meryl streep/jessica lange because to me demitrescu looks like a man
Also speaking of RE, I really don't like the way Leon looks in the RE2 remake. RE4's Leon is best Leon

No. 148914

generic white bread attractiveness. chris evans is for people who steam their vegetables and watch friends

No. 148922

He looks cute there too but I agree he is the finest in RE4.
I really hope they don't fuck up his hotness in the RE4 remake.

No. 149012

File: 1624076333167.png (1010.59 KB, 900x1830, RE6_Leon_(China).png)

re6 was his peak

No. 149015


No. 149027

File: 1624085029483.jpg (279.14 KB, 1080x1920, Character_Kaeya_Card.jpg)

I really don't get how people can simp over Genshin Impact characters, they are do generic and you've all seen them somewhere else before, I posted picrel but I could have chosen literally any other guy. I guess if you're 13 and it's the first time you see an anime character I get it, but I've seen a lot of 25-30 year old lose their shot over them.

No. 149035

I think his design is too busy. But at the core tan skin + long hair + eye patch really does it for me. Diluc on the other hand is boring.

No. 149036

>RE4's Leon is best Leon

No. 149129

File: 1624158112760.jpg (61.22 KB, 720x884, 1582720334319.jpg)

He looks like he has bad breath

No. 149194

Crazy that even "hot" adam driver is fugly

No. 149541

File: 1624467229845.jpg (37.73 KB, 473x329, 41c0670e2ee631618feec3adf7d7e0…)

None of the characters in these games are attractive (not just the ones pictured), you nonnies are just yellow fever weebs

No. 149543

Shut up.

No. 149544

you have it opposite

No. 149545

anon…have u actually played these games

No. 149549

You have a fetish for deformed goblin men

No. 149550

But have you played the games?

No. 149553

Anon please idgaf about yakuza I wasn't replying to that

No. 149558

dmc is a game series

No. 149560

Personality provides a huge context for these games regardless they’re still hot.

No. 149568

And that specific iteration of the character in question was only in 1 game… don't be dumb

No. 149577

anon should still play the damn game before criticizing kek

No. 149582

do fred fangirls actually exist?

i agree with your sentiment but something about her face reminds me of margaret palermo and i can't unsee it

No. 149605

File: 1624495286557.jpeg (139.47 KB, 1280x1536, C04E352E-96F0-42A1-8D5F-DE8973…)


No. 149606

I did, retard. sheesh.

No. 149627

File: 1624507069557.jpg (143.52 KB, 925x684, 56019f7c600b959ca2fe6d1d6f6f19…)

I'm a big Tolkien faggot and love the LotRs films. I know the Hobbit trilogy was just a cash grab, so they had to throw in "attractive" dwarves. But these two. I can get Kili, though he's not my type. But Fili is literally so fucking ugly. He fits in with the rest of the unattractive dwarves.
Take that back. I think it's because nazi uniforms were designed to be attractive. I never hear about his characters in his other films being shilled as attractive

No. 149656

>her face reminds me of margaret palermo
So THAT's who she was reminding me of, omg

No. 149662

I hate Kili so much, he sticks out like a sore thumb with that pretty boy face when all the other dwarves are ugly (as they should be, because they're fucking dwarves)
The romance was already shoe horned in last minute, and to make sure it's happening to the ONE dwarf in the entire universe who looks pretty and non-dwarf like just negates any "love is blind" message it might have had. Did a short scrote self insert himself as Kili to feel better about being tiny????
Sorry for sperging lmao

No. 149665

I can't bring myself to see them as attractive in any role tbh, dwarf is always a dwarf. Tiny smol men trying to give "the sexy gaze" is just hilarious to me. Yes I know they are not REALLY swarves but come on, imagine that little shit smizing at you from knee level lmao

No. 149676

Imagine how close his face would be to your pussy when he stands close to you
Bow chica bow wow

No. 149741

File: 1624568904251.jpg (232.95 KB, 535x740, bnwycyvgqtcodirnfgugaithtawtph…)

Kek. I hate Tauriel so much. I've read tenth Walker OCs with way more depth and research behind them. Arwen is canonically the youngest elf in middle earth at nearly 3,000 years old during the third age. Then they make tauriel 600 years old? Nah, fuck off with that shit.

But yeah, I don't get the attraction to a tiny manlet no matter how pretty his face is. All the fujos who cosplayed him and thorin in 2012… worse fake facial hair than the iron man cosplays. Picrel

No. 149746

I always found it weird in Disney/Nickelodeon shows how the “mean girl” character was supposed to be hot but they would always cast someone significantly less attractive than the lead

No. 149823

File: 1624617569215.jpg (66.89 KB, 442x600, geralt-rivia-from-the-witcher.…)

No. 149827

I think someone similar to Mads would fit better.

Henry in general makes me feel uncomfortable whenever I look at him; I feel like as if there's something creepy or dangerous about him. Other than that he reminds me of Lego dolls kek

No. 149828

File: 1624621205585.jpg (50.7 KB, 1280x720, Wiedźmin-Netflix-serial-Żebrow…)

Mads was a popular fancasting and I agreed with it. He was of the right age and had the right look for the role ("ugly" yet handsome). I liked Michał Żebrowski as Geralt more than Cavill, even if the tv series was lacking in many departments (really not sure if Netflix Witcher is better though. Sure, it has a better budget, but that's pretty much all it has going for it). Cavill looks like a Ken doll, not a rugged warrior who has lived too long and seen too much.

No. 149841

I'm always so pissed when I see him pop up anywhere online, plus his behaviour with younger women just ruined it all for me

No. 149848

I despise any male character with long, white or light blonde hair with dark brows/beard. It's the brooding white male character in fantasy form.

No. 149877

agreed and it just makes them look like bottle blondes

No. 149891

The actor himself looks good but the wig is horrible, I hate it. It's so obvious it's a wig. The hair here >>149828 looks less terrible.

No. 149894

Lmao the wig was one of the better done things in that show, trust me

No. 149943

probably totally coincidentally, they went with whatever was cheaper. weird they didn't just put mop on Geralt's head. Though I also feel bad, it wasn't possible to make The Witcher TV series or even a movie back then in Poland. At least Polish Yennefer > Netflix one (in terms of looks and ovrall vibe - even if she also wasn't perfect)

No. 150132

File: 1624778554001.jpg (46.79 KB, 350x450, download (1).jpg)

I realize HIMYM is not to be taken seriously but it's impossible to pretend this guy could ever get that much pussy

No. 150133

I mean he sorta tricked hundreds of women into sleeping with him

No. 150167

That kind of thing is usually denoting misplaced confidence. Natural beauty comes to the humble girl, the overbearing queen bee has to posture to make up for being less grand in her biology.

No. 150315

File: 1624901841258.gif (802.97 KB, 409x230, emo 40yo elf twink.gif)

kek, instantly thought of picrel

No. 152027

File: 1626103172885.jpg (661.9 KB, 1000x563, teen_wolf_derek.jpg)

He looked so disgusting and greasy all the time, never understood what people saw in him. Like bruh, he is not attractive.

No. 152059

File: 1626131176815.jpg (244.2 KB, 694x1062, robb s.jpg)

No. 152096

There were literally zero good looking men in GoT (except maybe Jason Momoa and that's mostly by virtue of the other ones being so ugly) and my tinfoil is that they did it on purpose, so an average flabby neckbeard fan would have easier time self-inserting next to the attractive actresses.

No. 152136

You're genuinely on the money, anon. I feel like all of their attractiveness is literally just bouncing off of the rest of the male cast. You either get ridiculously ugly actors, middle-aged dudebros, or clearly not straight but mediocre men. So they're marginally more appealing in comparison to the rest of them.
But in that 'we have to hit that single white female bracket w/out making the male fans self-conscious and uninsertable' kinda way.

I love Jason Momoa a lot but even he hits his own niche bracket in the male casting. Women still love him but its excusable as to why.

No. 152193

File: 1626213694667.jpg (376.37 KB, 1920x1080, this is a 10 in denmark.jpg)

>middle-aged dudebros

It's okay, anon, you're allowed to say Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

No. 152197

Kek! Please have mercy on my sides anon!

No. 152202

I thought Tywin was hot but that's just because I have a thing for old guys, I'm pretty much on the minority.

No. 152218

What are you guys on about, this guy is the only good looking guy in GoT the heck

No. 152221

File: 1626227325497.jpeg (81.65 KB, 967x623, 27A021BA-B1DB-47BB-BFA7-4FEA9D…)

I was just about to bring up Tormund, but then I realized I had better see him sans beard
Not bad but he looks like Human Beast from Beauty and the Beast though

No. 152234

Jorah and Tywin looked good to me, though they are quite old.

No. 152256

Not saying that's necessarily you, anons, but I've seen a suspicious amount of young women gushing over old men in that show. Like, please, don't allow hollyweird to condition you into buying the "men age like wine" idiocy. You deserve to have actual hot young men in your media and you don't need to take whatever scraps they throw at you.
I didn't meant to go too hard on Jason Momoa, he's a fine specimen but even he was kinda meh compared to what he usually looks like. GoT was clearly not made with women in mind.

No. 152262

Ntayrt but I like both Jorah and Tywin in GoT while also liking a lot of younger guys from other media. Maybe it's because they were (to me) the only decent looking men in the show. Irl though I don't think I'd ever date a moid that's 6+ years older than me, let alone old enough to be my granddad. But I can see some girls getting memed into a geriatric fetish irl too.

No. 152266

I'm not into hot young men because I find them bland as fuck (I'm not attracted to 99,9% of men anyway), but I would not date an old guy either, I'm not getting memed by Hollywood, I'm old enough to know what I want lol.

No. 152276

Charles Dance has also done some nature documentaries, only reason I liked him is that he has great voice.

No. 152281

I'm a lesbian first of all. I don't think anyone should date someone way older than them regardless of circumstance. What I do think is Jorah and Tywin both have cool bone structure and are good looking men for their age with good posture. Certainly better looking than the rest of the males on that show.

No. 152335

I like looking at him but he gives such Clark Kent period piece vibes

No. 152349

File: 1626305987859.jpeg (16.54 KB, 720x360, FEC95834-018A-46EC-85E7-231036…)

he looked like the james charles meme in roblox form

No. 152430

Leave Hivju alone…

No. 152621

No. 153245

File: 1626982224231.png (228.15 KB, 360x360, Legolas_-_in_Two_Towers.PNG.pn…)

Just doesn't do anything to me, bleh

No. 153246

File: 1626983003050.jpg (461.11 KB, 1024x768, Alucard_of_Symphony_of_the_Nig…)

He is very pretty but he has no sex appeal whatsoever. I don't get why fans swoon over him. Dude is also wearing 1000 layers, to make sure no lustful humans touch him unlike in that awful american cartoon

No. 153247

Orlando Bloom is decent enough for me, but idk why they picked one of the darkest Brit guys to play a Nordic elf. He just looks so awkward with that pasted on platinum wig and obvious blue contacts. Were there no other blonde blue eyed pretty boys to play him at the time?

No. 153249

File: 1626984429306.jpg (51.75 KB, 700x394, Vampire-hunter-d-background-10…)

>no sex appeal
What? That's a Grade A certified alabaster beefcake. The kind that could crush you like a bug, but holds you like a baby bird. We don't need to see under his layers to know that he's a sex god. We also don't need scenes of intimacy to know he's slicker than black ice. Probably hung as fuck, too. Impervious to shrinking in the cold. Also, he fucking loves his wife. How is that not sexy? I could only see you disagreeing about the appeal if you aren't really into the 'brooding anime vampire husbando with long hair' types. A lot of the characters like that, that I can recall, weren't trying to be sexy. They just come off that way due to the way they carry themselves and treat women. He kind of reminds me of D actually, just prettier and different color palettes. Maybe I'm just autistic for anime vampires and it's all projection KEK

No. 153256

File: 1626987161838.jpg (65.08 KB, 1024x1024, OIP.ukWGgjALHkH39GTHF36t4AHaHa…)

>slicker than black ice
Have you actually played Symphony of the night? Poor guy just wants to kill his evil dad and go to sleep again. He looks like a cool warrior but seems like a hurt teenager inside. I feel more motherly towards him than anything.
>Also, he fucking loves his wife.
His what?

Richter is the sexy one for me. Nice eyebrows, tight trousers, loves his wife.

No. 153265

i hate how they made him and thranduil bottle blondes with huge ol' dark brows. totally ridiculous
then again none of jackson's elves save arwen were hot enough imo

No. 153272

File: 1627002017679.jpg (706.48 KB, 3600x2395, ustv-the-walking-dead-daryl-an…)

I don't think Daryl Dixon is downright ugly, but the amount of people saying he's too hot and good looking to be in a relationship with his fellow actress on the show, even though both actors are at similar age and she's by far more attractive than him confuses me.

No. 153276

File: 1627005243367.gif (3.05 MB, 652x360, be59b13976a7a2dc7ffedcec38dd13…)

A-Anon I-

No. 153377

This fucker needs a haircut and a wash first of all…

No. 153411

Men who purposefully look ugly disgust me, the worst case being Ed Sheeran.

No. 156238

File: 1629183903301.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1476, trash.png)

Trap characters are just boobless chicks with dicks.

No. 156254

kill yourself

No. 156259

Traps and trapfags first

No. 156340

stop sperging about traps in every fucking thread of this board you aspie newfag. Can you believe it? it's as if trying too hard to integrate would actually make you stand out?? holy shit

No. 156716

Traps and femboys are shit and ugly. Deal with it.

No. 156720

ignore, the obsession gives me the impression that anon is in denial about having a fetish for them or some shit teebee H

No. 156721

File: 1629392295420.png (630.79 KB, 1280x1895, tumblr_p520lcuRmK1s25mzvo1_128…)

Nah I preferred pretty boys, bishounens and twinks. Traps and femboys makes me want to punch them in the face and kick their Schrodinger's dick.

No. 161880

File: 1632673639364.jpg (117.33 KB, 1280x720, N3ukr4EHcFAjmQLtcUrnQR.jpg)

Another anon said he looks like what incels think women find attractive and she was right. He's hideous and his body is repulsive unless you're a homosexual man, or a gayden I guess…

No. 161889

I like Kiryu as a character but I have to agree. Looks wise he absolutely reeks of scrote wish fulfillment - extremely bland and generic, especially compared to perfection that is Majima. Scrotes would never understand.

No. 161890

>perfection that is Majima
LOL not really. They're both ugly as sin, and while I do prefer Majima's body a little, they both look dehydrated.

No. 161893

t.woman of no culture

No. 161894

Not everyone has to find your ugly jap husbandos attractive, Aiden, get over it

No. 161895

I heard some farmers say it's his personality that makes him hot

No. 161896

aw, leave my boy alone anon. In all seriousness though, I get what you're saying. Pretty much all characters in Yakuza games are kinda ugly to varying degrees but in Majima's case it adds to the unconventional charm, while Kiryu does absolutely nothing for me.
Sorry, them's the facts

No. 161912

The only bad thing about Kiryu is that they gave him literally 0 ass.
Regular Majima is ugly as fuck and looks stinky. Exception is Yakuza 0 Majima, where he looks like he showers and grooms himself and also doesn't act like a complete psycho.

No. 181909

File: 1643280304511.jpeg (80.45 KB, 640x960, 65.jpeg)

he looks like a lizard to me idgi. tbh i feel this way about most 'bishounen'..just eerie looking

No. 301919

A hot take: people liked him because of his voice, not his face.

No. 301930

File: 1686601339940.png (57.73 KB, 377x1041, 85BD5E25-A706-4109-B300-0C8C36…)

I can understand other versions of Link, but his BOTW/TOTK model is just so unattractive to me. He looks like a stocky manlet to me, not like an ethereal elven twink. Everyone draws him like 30% more dainty and beautiful in fanart and I feel everyone thinks that version of Link is attractive, and not the one actually in the game.

No. 301935

I finally started playing botw and thought the exact same thing, he's not ugly, but the stockiness is not particularly attractive. I had a massive crush on twilight princess link as a kid but the botw one does nothing for me

No. 301938

File: 1686603339125.jpeg (76.74 KB, 760x964, 3D86961A-AD3D-471B-9920-C52FA5…)

OOT link will always be the sexiest.

No. 301940

Sadly, I agree with you. They gave him child-bearing hips and odd proportions in general. Unfocused-looking eyes and weird lips, too. Adult OOT Link and TP Link remain the best looking, imo.

No. 302131

why is his head so big

No. 302232

I think he looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 304453

File: 1687597874945.jpg (47.18 KB, 1280x720, miguel-spider-man-2099.jpg)

miguel o'hara from spiderverse
i just don't get it, i feel gaslighted by the fact that soooo many people consider him so attractive. this feels like a repeat of lady dimitrescu, just because he's "beefy" and "daddy" and western animation and it fans have a huge hate boner against twinks

No. 304455

File: 1687598225958.jpg (72.51 KB, 697x668, miguel.jpg)

samefag look at this stupid dorito body

No. 304457

why is his arse so square?

No. 304458

Extremely unpopular opinion but I always thought Link looked kinda retarded no matter the version.

No. 304459

Any genshitoid character

No. 304470

I’m in a weird boat where I think his face in your picture looks nice but in fanart he looks fugly

No. 304473

I've seen some western weirdo otaku use the phrase "safe horny" to describe that phenomenon for both characters and as much as I hate them, I definitely see it. I have no opinion on that character though, your post just reminded me of that.

No. 304476

>safe horny
that sort of makes sense actually, any character who looks physically older than 35, maybe he has kids, very tall, beefy and mature. the kind of character where people can't call you a pedo, a basic coomer or twink chaser

No. 304489

Every single "person" who unironically uses that term is a furry and/or a lolisho fan. To stay on topic I too have no strong opinion on Miguel but I do like that sexualisation of unambiguously male characters is getting more and more traction.

No. 304516

File: 1687637309677.png (208.25 KB, 951x899, loid comp.png)

why does he look like that?

No. 304521

I've read that the author was forced by his editor to make the male main character handsome for the girls in the audience, but don't quote me on that

No. 304540

>>304521 I can't bear to like Spy × Family as it feels like a souless cashgrab series for the author.

No. 304543

File: 1687650214056.png (25.79 KB, 777x633, No one likes my real passions.…)

>Spy × Family as it feels like a souless cashgrab series
It's because it is. The author doesn't even likes spies and the only reason that the manga is as successful is because of his editor. Nobody liked his low rated works from before Spy x Family and decided on serializing the work because he's in need of easy money. He's in a similar situation as the manga author of detective Conan.

No. 304566

No wonder I never had any interest in it. I feel like most of the people who claim are fans of it are lying just to seem more like a weeb than they really are.

No. 304576

This is just so funny to me idk why. Spy x Family almost felt like a psyop with how popular and shilled it got all of a sudden, I could believe something like Kimetsu no Yaiba, but never this one.
Tinfoil, maybe this series is also Japanese breeder propaganda

No. 304592

I know this is an extremely late reply and off topic, but I would like to know what these nonnies were smoking to think a character from a then 7-8 year old children’s cartoon was being shilled as attractive by 20+ year old women, when most of of the people writing fanfics for this show were and still are children.
I’m so glad this was mentioned because the entire artstyle of BOTW and now TOTK is so much uglier and makes Link look like a potato gremlin

No. 304603

Ever seen the concept art for BOTW? The style ingame is far better than the horrors that lie within the artbook

No. 304633

I've only seen the troon artwork

No. 304635

Good thing I haven't checked their accounts then.

No. 304650

What kind of opposite-world dimension do you live in where people pretend to be weebs? It sounds hilarious

No. 304661

This has been a thing forever, anon. How old are you?

No. 304665

Too old, apparently? How long ago did being a weeb become something worth pretending instead of something you were viciously mocked for?

No. 304666

File: 1687723041341.jpg (117.78 KB, 760x964, 202306251552577org.jpg)

NTA but since the 2010s at least kek

No. 304667

I’m not sure the exact year, but once TikTok got really popular, weebs became less mocked (at least online, they still tend to get mocked offline)

No. 304669

tbh i very clearly remember people making fun of kim for this lol

No. 304744

File: 1687748387152.jpg (185.71 KB, 962x960, jaimelannister.jpg)

He has a terminally autistic face and haircut. Mannerisms are also autistic.

No. 304756

agreed. he wad supposed to be very good looking with bright green eyes and golden curls in the book but this ain't it
(then again they dropped the ball on targaryens too)

No. 304965

I think he’s hot but he has a really bad haircut in the pic that you posted. Plus Jaime is an obvious autist so you’re right there.

No. 304987

Kek yes he (book Jaime) is a classic husbando of mine and the best way to appreciate him is to embrace the autism, with show Jaime that's harder. He was at his most cringe iirc in season 4 like vidrel.

No. 305015

File: 1687847642028.png (76.4 KB, 700x1082, melissa-yabumoto-jigenwater-by…)

I like Jigen as a character, but I don't find him attractive. I think his big hat throws me off.

No. 305092

After SAO got popular. My friends and me actually divide between pre- and post-SAO weebs.

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